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P&L Group, Ltd of IL Advisory Board of Directors Pam McElvane, MBA, MA CEO & Publisher Diversity MBA Board Chair James Taylor, PhD SVP, Chief Diversity & Learning Officer UPMC Vice Chair Neddy Perez Head of Campus Recruiting & Talent Acquisition TIAA Andrew Lee, PhD. Chief Diversity Officer WellStar Health System Angela Roseboro Chief Diversity Officer Drop Box Angela Talton Sr. Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer Nielsen Cynthia Washington Executive Director Institute for Diversity, AHA Celeste Warren Chief Diversity Officer MERCK Donald Fan Senior Director, Culture, & Inclusion Wal-Mart Stores Eugene Kelly World Wide Vice President of Workplace & Global Initiatives Colgate-Palmolive Fernando Little AVP Human Resources ATRIUM Grant Clark VP Director of Diversity JLL Americas Patricia Arredondo, Ed.D Arredondo Advisory Group Rich Robles Director of Diversity & Inclusion Novant Health System Sheila Morgan CEO & President Chicago Minority Supplier Diversity Council Steve Humerickhouse Executive Director St. Thomas University 4 |


Every year, it seems to get more competitive to be chosen to be among Diversity MBA’s rising (or already risen – there are four CEOs) stars who have yet to enter their fifth decade of life. We have our annual list complete with job titles, companies and brief bios. And we once again have advice, tips guidance and assorted nuggets of wisdom from selected awardees.

INSIGHT FROM TOP 100 LEADERS...................................14 We got a chance to speak with our Top 100 Leaders to gain insight on their individual life stories, careers and what factors affect their success.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE................ 66 Sexual harassment has been an issue in the work environment for many years. Although there are many policies and procedures in place for reporting, investigating, and resolving sexual harassment complaints, sexual harassment prevention is the best cure.

INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP.................................................... 68 Inclusion is important to harness the power of diversity within any organization. Inclusion comes in various forms, and people prefer to be included in different ways based on personal preference and work ethic. Here are 20 different kinds of inclusion based upon the 10 different needs that employees have - 5 extrinsic and 5 intrinsic.

DIVERSITY CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS..........................72 30 Years Powering the Future

BOOTCAMP TRAINING SERIES..........................................74 TOP 100 INDEX.................................................................... 79 This is a preview section of what we are putting together for the winter (November 2018 Top 100 Leadership) issue. The honorees below are from the classes of 2017 to 2013. Listed in alphabetical order by first name, captures some of the preview highlights we want to share so you can visualize what is coming later this year.

UNIVERSITY INDEX OF TOP 100...................................... 90 This is a list of universities that our 2013-2017 Top 100 honorees attended for their advanced degrees and/or certifications. This list represents an extensive range of academic institutions across the globe that our honorees attended. Look out for the complete list (past 13 years of honorees) coming in November 2018!

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From the Publisher

Celebrating Excellence While Setting the Stage


I am simply amazed how fast time moves not waiting for a single instance of lag time. I also know that if we want to make changes in our in our lives both personal and professional we better do it quickly and intentionally. Here at Diversity MBA we want to share a different story, reposition currently what we are doing so that we can maximize all of our resources increase our trajectory even further past GO.

With that being said, we are now launching a new edition of our Top 100 issue. This is a preview issue of what is to come this fall. Diversity MBA has spent the last decade celebrating both emerging and executive leaders for their outstanding contribution to work and the community as well as achieving advanced degrees and certifications. This group of leaders is second to none. Our class of 2017 is featured in this issue recognizing these individuals across disciplines and industries. It is only befitting that we congratulate them once again with all of the esteem excellence they represent. Their leadership stories will provide a great source of inspiration so enjoy. What’s new in this? The Look, The Feel and The Content. Henceforward, we will be referencing the Diversity MBA Top 100 under 50 as the Diversity MBA 100 issue. We have captured demographics from the past 5 years of the DMBA Top 100 to share with our readers a guide of successful connections and resources. Our intent is to continue to recognize this group through enhancing their network, providing them more exposure on a global scale, track their progress so we can continue to celebrate their achievements.

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So you will find in this preview issue a directory of 500 leaders that we have once celebrated and will continue to recognize. I desire in this world of connectivity is to enhance their exposure by providing audiences opportunities to engage these leaders. We are also giving a shout out to the universities and colleges these leaders attended. Our intent is to acknowledge the education institutions so that anyone that sees this issue will be exposed to the many different type of institutions that are graduating exceptional talent. Could this be a source for branding and promotion for colleges perhaps? The bigger agenda is sharing a broader scope of engagement and resource. So what else are we doing in this issue? We are not abandoning our continued development of good leadership content. So you will find the leadership toolkit as the continued great resource as Dr. Ashton speaks out about sexual harassment in the workplace. Suri Surinder provides insights on continuing to develop as leaders, and finally DMBA inclusive leadership index (ILI) highlights the top competencies for leaders that companies are paying attention to and looking for in their leaders. Our partners are also important to us. See the highlights from the Workplace Inclusion forum and Disability Matters conferences. We value supporting organizations that are making a difference by bringing audiences together great connection and engagement. Finally, I invite you to participate in the Diversity MBA 2018 National Business Leaders Conference on September 19th and 20th in Chicago. The theme is: Together, Towards, Tomorrow; featuring keynote: Vivica A. Fox, actor, author and TV host. Hope to see you soon. Pamela A. McElvane CEO & Publisher Diversity MBA Magazine

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Alexis Alfred was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She currently works at the Chicago Tribune. Alfred has a bachelor’s degree in film and Interactive Media from Saint Augustine’s University and a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from American University. Dr. Deborah Ashton, Chief Psychologist for Diversity MBA, has over 25 years of cross-industry experience in human resources and D&I, including healthcare and global Fortune 500 experience. Dr. Ashton earned her B.A. in psychology from Clarke College, and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and public practice from Harvard University. At Harvard, she studied with Dr. Chester ‘Chet’ Pierce, who coined the term “microaggression”. Dr. Ashton completed a postdoctoral internship at Harvard Medical School. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, in three states. Dr. Ashton specializes in organizational psychology, developing an inclusive workplace and mitigating implicit bias. Steve Humerickhouse is the executive director of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, a diversity and inclusion resource hub housed at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Humerickhouse has been with The Forum for sixteen years. During that time, he has expanded The Forum from a one-day local conference to a global presence. He is an active freelance instrumental and vocal performer in the Twin Cities. His board service includes the board of advisors for Diversity MBA Magazine and the board of directors of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. He is the father of Katie and grandfather of Alexis, Avery, Landon and Selena.

10 |

Suri Surinder is Founder and CEO of CTR Factor. His research, teaching and consulting in these roles is based on a long and successful business career spanning 27 years and 27 assignments as an executive, consultant, board member, author, entrepreneur and professor. Mr. Surinder’s experience spans multiple industries, including telecom, banking, energy, transportation, retail, city government, non-profit, and healthcare at companies like Pfizer, Verizon, McKinsey, Centurylink, Capital One, Barclays, Fidelity, Best Buy, Wellpoint, Chase, NYC Department of Transportation, ALPFA, and Con Edison. Mr. Surinder holds a BS in Civil Engineering, an MS in Structural Engineering, and an MBA in Marketing. Nadine O. Vogel is the CEO of Sprinboard Consulting LLC, a global company working with national and multicultural corporations around the world to successfully mainstream disability in the global workforce, workplace, and marketplace. She is the author of DIVE IN: Sprinboard into the Profitability, Productivity, and Potential of the Special Needs Workforce, a highly acclaimed must-read business book. She is a regular contributor to the Profiles in Diversity MBA Magazine, Diversity Journal, and Diversity Executive Magazine. Vogel received her MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA.

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Top 100 Under 50

Insight from Top 100 Leaders What advice would you offer to developing and emerging leaders to leverage mentoring and coaching relationships?


What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role? While at Purdue University, I had an opportunity to study Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy with a concentration in advertising and political science. I had many aspirations of working as a lobbyist, an attorney or public relations professional. About two years after graduating in 2010, I had an opportunity to participate in Burrell Communications internship program as an engagement marketing intern working on the McDonald’s account. This moment was quite pivotal because it was my first internship within an advertising agency. It was also the first time I saw a unique and mission-driven set of people who looked just like me - African Americans with passion for brands and advertising. It keeps me excited and honored to be one of the very few diverse professionals working within the industry. Working within the industry also confirms that people of color deserve the opportunity to have a place in what we do best: Inspire, cultivate and set trends.

12 |

To every young professional or senior level professional, I encourage you to pursue everything you have in mind and identify mentors and/or coaches along the way. When you place your faith first and ask for answers along your journey to confirm if what you are doing is right, you will be successful in everything you set your mind to. A mentor and/or coach can provide the stimulated feedback you need to accomplish goals and avoid risks they may have experienced in the past. Many mentors and coaches have a wealth of knowledge, and as emerging leaders we must maintain a level of openness to learn, listen and establish understanding for what we’re being advised to pursue. What type of risks have you taken in your career, and how did they prepare you for the unexpected? Before joining We Are Unlimited, I worked as a Project Manager & Co-Chair for Global Culture & Inclusion at FCB Chicago. It was a wonderful time at FCB and I will forever cherish my moment within the agency. While working on several diversity initiatives within FCB, I set out to explore opportunities internally that would give me an opportunity to deliver these initiatives on a full-time basis. When this opportunity was not available, I did not get discouraged, because I loved working there and I had a strong passion for diversity and inclusion. In early 2016, the opportunity to lead diversity and inclusion for a new, yet adversely unique agency, morphed into a great challenge filled with exciting possibilities. This gave me a window of opportunity to do what I love, making workplaces more inclusive, organizationally successful and driven by human beliefs, ideology and craft. 

top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50


Many corporations are now going through transformations and economic challenges; what leadership challenges are you facing in your organization/company and in your industry?

What type of risks have you taken in your career, and how did they prepare you for the unexpected?

We are facing a nationwide driver shortage and it’s affecting how we will keep a long term and sustainable initiative to keep our products flowing through the supply chain at a reasonable cost. We understand the generational gap that we have with our drivers and we are looking for creative ways to attract Generation X and Millennials to our driver pool. We offer great benefits and our drivers go back home safe every day.

During my first year of completing the MBA program at Northwestern-Kellogg, I changed jobs, moved from Knoxville to Chicago, adopted a new citizenship and found out I was pregnant – all within the span of two months. Having my son and graduating three months after, while working full time, has been one of the most challenging and rewarding periods in my life. Going through so many changes in a short period of time has made me stronger and resilient. I have changed as I am more insightful when making decisions, I accept feedback more openly and I am more confident. I embrace change and welcome every bit of it.

What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role? During my first Manager role in the USA, I was involved and held responsible to implement a global freight visibility tool with one freight forwarder across several countries: USA, India, China, Germany and England. It was a very demanding project. Every country had their own agendas, but I needed to work with the similarities and find synergies across the supply chain. This was not easy as I was traveling all over the world, but the face-to-face meetings helped me break down silos and communicate better across cultures to find a common ground and provide supply chain visibility across the globe. It was a very successful project as it was truly a global team effort.

14 |

What advice would you offer to developing and emerging leaders to leverage mentoring and coaching relationships? Have a defined agenda and a clear goal or question; be specific. As time is very valuable, be proactive and engaging with your mentor. Same business etiquette needs to be followed with your coaching relationships.

top100 UNDER 50

 

’          AVAILABLE IN TEN CITIES IN 2018-19! Atlanta / Chicago / Dallas Houston / McLean / Miami Minneapolis / New York City San Francisco / D.C./ Mclean


 


 


 



      Media Sponsor:   

Visit to learn more. HACE is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Latino professionals. Through education, access, and professional development, we help Latinos succeed in every phase of their careers.

Top 100 Under 50


Many corporations are now going through transformations and economic challenges; what leadership challenges are you facing in your organization/company and in your industry? Since launching our 2021 Global Business Strategy in March 2017, we’ve embarked on a plan to transform our business to be agile, purpose-driven and consumer and retail-centric, while also continuing to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout our global operations. This effort is no small task, particularly as we balance the larger, macroeconomic forces at work the bounds of our industry blurring, consumer behavior changing at a rapid pace, and new business models and technologies disrupting global retail. But we’re confident that with our new multi-year strategy and our desire to be the employer of choice within the retail industry, we are positioned for future success.   What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role? Earlier in my career, I served 8 years in the US Army and Army Reserves, spending some of that time deployed in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. I supported the Army’s supply, logistics and maintenance functions, and worked closely with global suppliers, vendors and peers. One of my assignments was working with the NATO coalition forces on a variety of projects. This experience taught me how to work collaboratively toward a common goal with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  I regularly rely on those experiences today in my global leadership role at VF.

16 |

What type of risks have you taken in your career, and how did they prepare you for the unexpected? A mentor once shared some advice with me: focus on breath AND depth in developing my career. I took that advice to heart, and made some calculated moves that challenged me in ways that helped me grow and develop during my career. For example, after many years of working within supply chain and operations, I made a career switch to the field of HR and talent acquisition. I had no recruiting experience, yet I was challenged and tested in new ways, learning from my peers and colleagues who supported me along the way. This transition ultimately gave me the confidence to bounce between HR and general manager roles for the following decade. This experience helped me develop into the leader I am today, and also taught me to expect the unexpected and embrace change. What advice would you offer to developing and emerging leaders to leverage mentoring and coaching relationships? I am a true believer that each of us is responsible for our own career journey; there is no one, ideal path. Opportunities will often present themselves, and we are responsible for making the best decision. However, one of the key elements of this approach is being mindful of the colleagues who will join you during your journey. Investing in others and their development is equally as important as focusing on your personal upward mobility. You’ve probably heard the adage, ‘you are only as strong as the team you surround yourself with.’ I couldn’t agree more. I recommend that all emerging leaders mentor someone throughout their career. Give honest and candid feedback. Encourage them to leverage you as a mentor. These relationships take work, but both you and your mentee will benefit in the long run.

top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role? I benefited the most in terms of preparation for leadership in projects that put me in a “stretch” situation, allowing me to play a role coordinating and guiding business partners from across the organization outside of my standard day-to-day duties. Examples include a company-wide employee engagement initiative and serving as co-chair for a representativebased management steering committee. These groups offered diverse viewpoints of how activities impacted the organization at large, allowing increased understanding and insight into my own position. MARGARET TRIETSCH MBA SR. DIRECTOR, CONTENT STRATEGY AND DELIVERY HEALTH CARE SERVICE CORPORATION UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON

Many corporations are now going through transformations and economic challenges; what leadership challenges are you facing in your organization/company and in your industry? The health care and health insurance industries are at the center of national attention. There is intense focus on improving affordability and delivering quality care and increasing competition from disruptive players. More than ever, this requires leadership to stay informed on the quickly changing landscape, be able to identify actions and activities that are delivering on objectives, and quickly adapt and change course as needed. Additionally, with the increasing move to technical solutions, digital competency is no longer relegated to the realm of information technology; it’s now an imperative that all leaders have an understanding of and passion for digital solutions.

top100 UNDER 50

What type of risks have you taken in your career, and how did they prepare you for the unexpected? I took a risk by pushing deeper into a digital communications space before our area was quite ready for it, becoming an advocate for the increased use of technology and evangelist for online communication and collaboration tools. This helped prepare me for the unexpected by forcing me to stay educated and aware of current state and future opportunities in order to deliver against my recommendations. What advice would you offer to developing and emerging leaders to leverage mentoring and coaching relationships? As an emerging leader, we strike a balancing act. We’re beginning to be recognized as an expert in our space, but still also need to rely on the expertise and experience of others. My advice would be to be bold – don’t be afraid to ask those above you to provide direction and counsel. You have been placed in your position for a reason, and others want to help develop you. At the same time, be confident – if others are beginning to come to you and seeing you as a mentor, believe in yourself and offer coaching and guidance. This opportunity can also shine a light on where you can benefit from additional development. | 17

Top 100 Under 50

What type of risks have you taken in your career, and how did they prepare you for the unexpected?


What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role? My personal and professional experiences positioned me for a global leadership role. In my personal life, both traveling in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America; and hosting international exchange students in my home over a 10-year period; exposed me to people from different backgrounds and made me curious about different cultures. That curiosity fuels my drive to work in global roles. Professionally, working as an employment attorney exposed me to varying laws from country to country, as well as various ways of doing business with others. This exposure helped me figure out how to navigate from country to country as the rules of engagement are different in each location.

18 |

The biggest risk that I have taken in my career involves me continuously taking on job opportunities outside of my comfort zone.  For example, early in my career, I left my role as a litigator in the private practice of law to take on quasi-legal positions in the public sector.    Later in my career, I left the practice of law, completely, to take on a brand-new role in D&I management for a corporation.   Taking on different types of jobs and stepping into new industries and sectors without knowing exactly how to navigate, while risky and candidly frightening, prepared me to live in today’s “VUCA” world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). What advice would you offer to developing and emerging leaders to leverage mentoring and coaching relationships? My simple and straightforward piece of advice to emerging leaders is to build a personal Board of Mentors – a group of different people who you can call on for advice and guidance relating to all aspects of your life.   While you are likely to call on one mentor to navigate a particular issue, that mentor may not be equipped to help you navigate another issue.   Thus, a Board of Mentors will ensure that you always have someone in that network to call on.

top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role? It has been a rich and diverse journey. I started out in the industry as an intern, worked my way through software engineering and in different R&D roles -conceiving new products and algorithms. Today, I lead the engineering organization for the company. Each of these roles brought in a set of experiences and learning that have shaped me. As I took bigger leadership roles, I realized that success starts with building the right leadership team who are positive change agents. Investing in talent is key. The culture of listening to diverse points of view, accepting the differences in us plays a huge role in the success of a global organization.  ARUN RAMASWAMY, PHD CHIEF ENGINEER NIELSEN UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA

Many corporations are now going through transformations and economic challenges; what leadership challenges are you facing in your organization/company and in your industry? My company measures and generates insights about the global consumer- their media and purchase habits. As you can imagine, this industry is facing big changes and fragmentation in the ecosystem, some driven by changes in consumer habits, some by new non-traditional players in the value chain, and mostly by the advent of digital and the speed of change in technology. In many markets, our clients are going through disruptive changes themselves. These pose challenges at all levels. It is ever so important that we continue to differentiate ourselves with new innovative products. However, it is not just about tools and processes. It is about people fundamentally and changing the culture. We are doubling down on the communication around our mission, strategy, roadmap and training for our associates. We are well on our transformation journey with clear milestones.

top100 UNDER 50

What type of risks have you taken in your career, and how did they prepare you for the unexpected? I have taken a few risks in my career. Leaving a job with a well-defined role to jump into the startup world with so many unknowns was a step I took early on. That put me totally outside my comfort zone. I learned how to expand my comfort zone. After a few years at my current company, I took the leap from a pure R&D role to a much bigger product delivery role. That was totally new to me. I learned to balance the dual needs on an enterprise- how to be quick and innovative and at the same time ship products on time and quality. What advice would you offer to developing and emerging leaders to leverage mentoring and coaching relationships? I personally benefited from having a mentor early on. It was an invaluable experience. It helped me ease into the corporate world and helped me grow professionally. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to be a coach. The benefits are tremendous. It provides an opportunity for all participants to learn from each other’s experiences. At a professional level, you enhance your professional network and new opportunities open up. At a personal level, you will appreciate the art of listening, empathy and contemplation. I would encourage everyone to leverage the opportunity. Win-Win for all. | 19

Top 100 Under 50

Executive Leaders Abdul El-Sayed, MD Democratic Candidate For Governor of Michigan Columbia University


Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is a Democratic candidate for Governor in Michigan and was most recently the Health Commissioner for the City of Detroit. Abdul has a medical degree from Columbia University and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where he earned a doctorate in public health. He is a native Michigander who was born and raised in Metro Detroit. As a public health professor at Columbia University’s Department of Epidemiology, Abdul became an internationally recognized expert in health policy and health inequalities. Abdul became the youngest health official in a major American city when he was appointed to rebuild Detroit’s Health Department after it was privatized during the city’s bankruptcy. As Health Commissioner, under Abdul’s leadership, the Detroit Health Department became a state and national leader in public health innovation and environmental justice, in one of the fastest municipal public health turnarounds in American history.

Alejandro Galindo, MBA VP & President, Intensive Insulin Mgmt Diabetes Group Medtronic Indiana University Business School


Alejandro is Vice President and President of the Intensive Insulin Management (IIM) business unit within the Diabetes Group at Medtronic. He drives the development of innovations in insulin delivery and continuous glucose monitoring for patients with type 1 diabetes and intensively managed type 2 diabetes. He joined Medtronic after 20 years at General Electric, where he most recently served as General Manager, Emerging Markets, and Healthcare Systems. Alejandro was a recipient of the Medtronic’s Global Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement (GIDE) award in 2016 for his leadership in championing an inclusive work environment, rooted in living each day through inclusive actions and behaviors. He is also a member of the Hispanic/Latino Descent Network leadership team, Executive sponsor of the Medtronic Latino Cultures (MLCnet) Employee Resource Group, Board member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Los Angeles chapter, and Board Member of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF).

Andres Lombana, MBA General Manager Hoy Media (Part of the Chicago Tribune) Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University


Andres is a versatile media executive and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience. In 2003, he founded Mas Communications, a video production and Creative Services boutique that he transformed from a sole proprietorship to a national commercial and editorial content provider. He joined the Tribune Publishing Company with Hoy in 2014 and helped Hoy in the digital transformation by bringing social media and digital and video strategies that generated tangible revenues for Hoy clients. Under his leadership, his video team received 4 Emmy nominations and one Emmy award in 2015, the first of its kind for Hoy. Andres is a 2015 Executive MBA graduate from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. He has also served in the Architectural Preservation Commission of Evanston, The Associate Board of the Chicago YMCA, the board of Directors of NASHIMBA Chicago Chapter and Yung Chicago Artist (Louder Than A Bomb) board of Directors.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Anu Codaty, MBA VP, Business Development & Strategy Medtronic Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth


Anu Codaty serves as Vice President of Business Development & Strategy for Medtronic’s $12B RTG Pain Therapies unit. In this capacity, Anu is responsible for M&A transactions, Business Unit Strategy, and the development of Value-Based Healthcare Models. Codaty graduated from the Tuck School of Business at Darthmouth with High Distinction and is an Edward Tuck Scholar. She is a member of Medtronic’s Asian Descent Network Leadership Team where she helps shape strategies to inspire and foster a culture where Asian talent and leadership are leveraged, reflect the diversity of Medtronic customers and are catalysts for global business growth. Codaty is active in her local community as an advocate for youth across several focus areas. She serves on the nonprofit board of Teen Talk Sexuality Education and is a strategic advisor for Children’s HeartLink whose mission is to ensure sustainable cardiac care for children with heart disease.

Artika Tyner, Ed.D. Associate VP of Diversity and Inclusion University of St. Thomas


Dr. Artika R. Tyner is the Associate Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at St. Thomas University. She received her B.A. from Hamline University. Due to her passion for advocating for social justice and educational policy reform, she decided to pursue graduate studies at the University of St. Thomas. Tyner earned her Master of Public Policy and Leadership in order to gain tools for effecting social change through policy reform efforts. Later, inspired by the legacy of W.E.B. Dubois, she obtained a Doctorate in Leadership. Dr. Tyner provides leadership development and career coaching for young professionals. She has also developed leadership educational materials for K-12 students, college/graduate students, faith communities and nonprofits. She also teaches leadership coursework on ethics, critical reflection, and organizational development. Her research focuses on diversity/inclusion, community development, and civil rights. She serves as a global citizen by supporting education, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership initiatives in Africa.

Arun Ramaswamy, PhD Chief Engineer Nielsen University of Central Florida


top100 UNDER 50

Arun has been the Chief Engineer for Nielsen since 2001. As top inventor at Nielsen with 112 US patents, he has received the 2012 Chairman’s Award, the ARF Great Minds Award in 2010 and 2012, the Edison Innovation Award and the 2016 UCF Distinguished Alumnus Award. He has also received three Engineering and Technology Emmys from the National Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences. Arun is active with Employee Resource Groups, specially the Asian American Group. As a two-term coach, he mentors associates for Nielsen’s Diversity Leadership Network. Arun is on the Dean’s advisory board for the College of Engineering at UCF where he promotes diversity. He is also focused on driving diversity in his Global Engineering organization, where under his leadership they support and offer STEM activities for local schools, Emma Bowen Internships and Ph.D Fellowships. | 21

Top 100 Under 50

Brooke Story, MBA VP, Regional Sales, Great Lakes Restorative Therapies Group Medtronic Ross School of Business University of Michigan


Brooke has held a variety of commercial, strategic, and financial leadership roles at Medtronic for the past eleven years. She currently leads the $300M Great Lakes sales region for Medtronic’s Restorative Therapies Group portfolio of products that includes spine, brain and pain therapies. In addition to her business role, Brooke is a leader in the African Descent Network which is supporting increased management representation of African Descent talent at Medtronic through recruiting, engaging and developing talent. She is the executive sponsor of the National Black MBA professional organization in Medtronic and is actively involved in mentoring diverse talent across the organization. Brooke graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a degree in Industrial Engineering and she completed her MBA at the Ross School of Business in 2006.

Carlotta Roman, MHR, MPA Organizational Development Consultant, VW Group of America, Inc. Keller Grad Sch of Mgmt DeVry University


Carlotta Roman is an Organizational Development Consultant and has worked for over a decade in the financial services industry. Her professional background includes training, organizational development, employment assessments, career coaching and leadership. She is certified as a Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner, Crucial Conversations Instructor, and as an Instructional Designer/Developer. She serves as a board member on the Lake County Workforce Development Board and has previously served on the United Way of Lake County Board of Directors and Women’s Leadership Council of Lake County. She holds dual Masters in Human Resource Management and in Public Administration. Carlotta provides independent consulting through her business Collective Career Consulting, Her professional vision is to challenge leaders beyond their positional authority and power, instead to lead through value-driven leadership, positive influence and employee empowerment.

Chad Dreas, MBA Managing Director, Media Analytics Nielsen Wharton, University of Pennsylvania


Chad Dreas is the Managing Director of Nielsen Media Analytics. Prior to this role, Chad was SVP of Client Consulting, tasked with developing and executing innovative analytical solutions across Nielsen’s broad client portfolio. Chad is the executive sponsor of Nielsen’s Veterans Employee Resource Group, where he increases internal and external understanding of veteran’s skills and value in Corporate America. He is a personal coach for Nielsen’s Diverse Leadership Network, focusing on the development and retention of top diverse talent. Chad has also held client service roles supporting Hispanic media clients and promoting the importance of Hispanic consumers. Prior to Nielsen Chad worked at McKinsey and Company and served in the US Navy where he was a submarine officer and an Aide de Camp for the Deputy Commander Naval Forces Europe in London. Chad holds an MBA from Wharton and a BS from Vanderbilt University in Chemistry and Engineering Science.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Darrell Guy, JD VP, Associate General Counsel AT&T Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law


Darrell supports AT&T’s Regulatory and Legislative Affairs organization across twenty states comprising the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. His team handles regulatory matters pending before state public utility commissions and works with the company’s state and local government relations teams on legislative matters that impact AT&T’s interests. Previously, Darrell managed general litigation matters for AT&T’s Central region. Over his 17 years with AT&T, he has also supported Consumer and Business Sales teams, Wholesale operations and the company’s Global Marketing Organization. Darrell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University. Darrell has served on the Boards of Directors for Head Start of Greater Dallas and the T. Boone Pickens YMCA in Dallas, Texas.

DeAndre Hodo, EL Chief Operating Officer Jexet Technologies, LLC Colorado Technical University DeAndre Hodo is a detail-oriented and results-driven thought leader with a track record of achievement in Information Technology infrastructure, security, risk management, application development, business/process re-engineering, portfolio and change management, and financial accounting. Hodo is highly proficient in the management and development of technical staff as well as multimillion-dollar budgets, large-scale technology and applications projects. He has strong knowledge and understanding of new and emerging technologies and how they can be leveraged against existing business processes. Hodo has a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on Business Administration from Colorado Technical University. DEANDRE HODO, EL

Denise Barreto, EL Senior Managing Partner Relationships Matter Now, LLC Judson University


top100 UNDER 50

Entrepreneur, author and TEDx speaker Denise W. Barreto is a leading 21st Century voice on leadership and storytelling. With over 20 years of marketing experience across multiple industries, Denise is the founder and managing partner of Relationships Matter Now, LLC, a strategic business consultant firm based outside Chicago. Denise and her firm serves businesses of all sizes, nonprofit and government agencies who want to better leverage their relationships to grow their bottom line through strategic planning, organizational and leader development and inclusive leadership strategy. She is committed to serving her community and is serving an appointment to the Illinois Business Enterprise Program Council by former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. She also serves on the City of Evanston’s Parks and Recreation board and on the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For – Chicago Chapter board. | 23

Top 100 Under 50

Dianne McKeever, MS Chief Investment Officer Ides Capital Management LP New York University In 2015 when ­McKeever launched Ides Capital, she became the only woman running an activist hedge fund that’s shaking up U.S. companies. Shares of Boingo Wireless a provider of Wi-Fi hotspots have risen since McKeever revealed her campaign to amplify the company’s value in March of 2016. For Ides, the rewards have been even greater: Its investment has returned more than 55% since the firm began buying the stock in late 2015. McKeever has made corporate governance a pillar of her strategy, and in doing so she has become known as a champion of boardroom gender diversity. McKeever graduated college in 2001 with dual degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering at New York University and the Stevens Institute of Technology. DIANNE MCKEEVER, MS

Eboné Carrington, MPA Chief Executive Officer NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem New York University Eboné Carrington has been Chief Executive Officer of NYC Health + Hospitals/ Harlem at New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation since April 11, 2016. She is responsible for ensuring quality standards of care, increasing workforce engagement, expanding access, building community collaborations and providing an exceptional patient experience. She has a long personal history of involvement with Harlem Hospital where each of her parents worked for over 30 years. Carrington has a Bachelor’s in Business from Stony Brook University and an MPA from NYU.


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Esperanza Segarra, JD Partner Hinshaw & Culbertson University of Illinois College of Law


Esperanza joined Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in May 2010. She focuses her practice in complex commercial and civil litigation in the areas of banking litigation, labor and employment, mortgage brokerage litigation, securities litigation, director and officer liability, bankruptcy, receiverships and liquidations of insurance companies, residential and commercial landlord-tenant litigation, real property litigation, contract disputes, general commercial matters and corporate transactions. She also has an appellate practice and has substantial trial experience at both state and federal levels. Her clients have included the Florida Department of Financial Services, as Receiver, and White Mountain Insurance Company. Esperanza is a member of Ellesquire, a Miami networking group of professional women, primarily in the legal field and she is also the Co-Founder and President of Waves For Change Alliance, Inc., a nonprofit organization that galvanizes the global arts community to raise funds to help a person or other non-profit organizations in need.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Esteban Lopez, MD, MBA Texas CMO & Southwest Texas Market President Health Care Service Corp Michigan State University College of Human Medicine


Esteban López, MD, MBA serves as Chief Medical Officer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). Additionally, he holds the title of Market President of Southwest Texas, overseeing engagement in major metropolitan areas, such as Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, El Paso, the Rio Grande Valley and Corpus Christi. Dr. Lopez won the C-Suite Award from the San Antonio Business Journal in 2015. He serves as Chairman for The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is a board member for the Witte Museum and the Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council. Dr. López is dual board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and received his training at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, along with a Master’s in Business Administration from a combined program at the University of Texas at Dallas and UT Southwestern School of Medicine.

Esther Wildenburg, DDS President Bankcode University of Dentistry Amsterdam


In 2013, Esther became a licensed and certified trainer with BANKCODE, a U.S. based sales training company that was expanding in Europe. By the end of that year, she had become the number one salesperson in the world and was offered the position of International Sales Director for Europe. Using her advanced skills in sales, networking and leadership, coupled together with the power of the B.A.N.K.™ methodology, Esther was able to open several regions throughout Europe, and later Asia, Africa, Australia and the U.S.  In 2014 she was promoted to Vice President of Sales worldwide, and then President of the entire company. That same year, she won the award for being the number one Sales Person Worldwide with over $1M in sales, Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015, Inspired Leader award in 2016 and won the award of Innovator of the Year in 2017.

Fiona Tan, MS Senior Vice President, Engineering WalmartLabs Stanford University


Fiona Tan’s role is at the intersection of engineering, product innovation and technology strategy that powers WalmartLabs. Her team delivers the product roadmap and engineering capabilities for international businesses in the UK and Canada as well as Sam’s Club business in the US. In addition her team drives the technology strategy and operational excellence across WalmartLabs. She brings to WalmartLabs extensive global experience, having built and operated 2 offshore centers of excellence and managed large global teams. Tan is responsible for the definition, delivery execution and support of products for international markets. With extensive experience delivering mission-critical enterprise software and leading highly-effective global engineering organizations, she is also responsible for organizational and operational excellence across Walmart Labs.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Heather Kowalski, MBA Senior Vice President Comerica Bank University of Detroit Mercy Heather Kowalski is an accomplished member of the Comerica Bank team. She is currently the Senior Vice President for Comerica Bank. In this role, she’s charged with serving the lending needs about 40 major corporate clients in the Michigan, Wisconsin and Chicago areas. She oversees $2.5 billion in credit commitments loans, bonds and lines of credit while also supervising workers. Kowalski has a Master in Business Administration from University of Detroit Mercy.


Janice Jackson, Ed.D Chief Education Office Chicago Public Schools University of Illinois at Chicago


In Jackson’s current role as Chief Education Officer for Chicago Public Schools her position is to develop and lead the overall mission and vision for over 660 Chicago Public Schools. Along with other responsibilities, Jackson is responsible for the overall management of a $205 million operating budget used strategically to meet the goals of the entire academic arm of the school district. Jackson is also a founding principal of two new startup schools (small non-selective high school and a selective enrollment hybrid school) including facilities and operations management, building teacher’s instructional capacity, creating strategic visions, designing recruitment strategies, facilitating a safe and friendly environment, developing a model career and technical education, and fostering athletic and fine arts departments. Along With the completion of many academic achievements, Jackson also has a Doctor of Education for the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Jason Allen, JD Partner Foley & Lardner University of Wisconsin Law School


top100 UNDER 50

Jason Allen is a partner and business lawyer with Foley & Lardner LLP, where he is co-chair of the Energy Industry Team. His practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private equity, finance and corporate law with emphasis on both domestic and international energy transactions. He has been recognized for his legal work in numerous publications and was previously honored with Milwaukee’s “40 under 40” award. Mr. Allen is active in Foley’s efforts to recruit and retain diverse associates, including his roles on the Firm’s recruiting, pro bono and diversity committees and its African American affinity group. Mr. Allen contributes to the Milwaukee community, especially to those organizations that provide outreach to Milwaukee’s neediest youth and families, through his extensive non-profit Board efforts, including as director of the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Wisconsin Center District, Marquette University High School, Milwaukee School of Art & Design and SHARP Literacy. | 27

Top 100 Under 50

Juan Carlos Avila, MBA Managing Partner Toroso Investments Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management


Juan Carlos is Managing Partner at Toroso Investments, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm. He provides investment advisory and retirement plan advisory services to clients, which include high net worth individuals, business owners, public and private corporations, public sector entities, and not-for-profit entities and foundations. Carlos has 25 years of financial service industry experience. Prior to joining Toroso, he spent 3 years as a Senior Vice President with Mesirow Financial where he co-led an investment advisory practice. He also currently serves as Trustee for the Policeman’s Annuity & Benefit Fund of Chicago, Board Emeritus for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), Trustee for the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation (ILCHF) and a trustee for National Louis University. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and his Master’s in Business Administration Degree from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Julianne Galloway, MBA VP & Assistant Treasurer AT&T University of the Incarnate Word


Juli leads a team responsible for global cash management, debt issuance, risk hedging, and capital structure. She also has oversight of AT&T’s wholly owned captive insurance company and claims management programs. Previously Juli served in a variety of Human Resources and Finance roles, including VP-Workforce Transformation and Analytics to maximize the impact of people and programs at AT&T using data-driven insights to affect change, Executive Director-Training responsible for design, development, and delivery of AT&T’s award winning Leading with Distinction (LwD) and annual Officers’ Conference programs and Executive Director-Finance included financial planning, operational metrics reporting, and consolidation of financial results for multiple strategic business units. Juli is a mentor for AT&T Women of Finance Employee Network and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her professional degrees include a Masters in Business Administration and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation.

Kara Bachman, MBA Chicago Sports Commission Executive Director Loyola University Chicago


Kara Bachman is the Executive director for The Chicago Sports Commission launched in October 2011 as a division within Choose Chicago, Inc. The CSC is focused on raising the sports profile of Chicago by aggressively marketing existing resources and targeting sporting events that will generate a positive economic impact on the community. She works with international sport federations, national governing bodies of sport, collegiate properties, professional leagues and teams, and other event owners to earn the privilege to host their events in Chicago, in conjunction with various venue partners and other stakeholders to build excitement, attract spectators and identify/build partnerships. Bachman has a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Environmental Geography from the Latin School of Chicago and a Masters in International Business and Finance from Loyola University Chicago.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Karyn O’Brien-Flannagan, PsyD Senior Director of Behavioral Health Novant Health, UVA Health System UCSF School of Medicine Dr. Karyn is an innovative and ambitious leader with in depth knowledge of behavioral health care operations and direct clinical patient care at all levels & proficiency of strategic planning, growth and development of services. She designed and led the $1.6m up-build of new outpatient practice location to expand service capabilities, expended services and opened a 2nd BH outpatient practice. She also designed $1.6m renovation for inpatient psychiatry unit to increase service functions, safety and quality of program. Partnered with DBHDS and VDH on formally recognizing a detox alternative service. Dr. Karyn is a community leader, liaison and advocate for BH with government leaders. She is a Board Member for Manassas City Schools Foundation. KARYN O’BRIEN-FLANNAGAN, PSYD

Kelly Chen, MPA Partner Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP The University of Texas at Austin


Kelly Chen is a partner at Munck, Wilson, Mandala, LLP and takes part in the complex litigation resolution group where she concentrates her practice in the areas of commercial and intellectual property litigation. She represents clients in a wide variety of technologies, including semiconductors, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. Chen’s legal accomplishments include serving as the lead associate on a trial team that obtained an $88 million-dollar verdict – the nation’s 16th largest jury verdict and 3rd largest in Texas – for patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, and tortious interference. Chen has a plethora of academic accomplishments and has also studied overseas at East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, China. She has a Juris Doctor Degree from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law and also a Master of Public Administration from The University of Texas at Austin.

Lottie Robertson, MBA Sr. Manager, Head of Supplier Diversity & Communications Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, LLC Wayne State University


top100 UNDER 50

Currently, Ms. Robertson is the Sr. Manager, Head of Supplier Diversity & Communications at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles where she manages a $6B Diversity Supplier Diversity program with responsibility for communications across the NAFTA, EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions. Lottie Robertson is an executive with 15 years of experience in strategic planning, supply management, diversity sourcing and project management in various industries. Lottie holds professional certificates in Project Management (PMP), Supply Management (CPSM) and Supplier Diversity (CPSD) and was honored as one of Crain’s Detroit Top 40 under 40 in 2016. Ms. Robertson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University and a Master of Business Administration, with an emphasis on Finance and Management from Wayne State University. | 29

Top 100 Under 50

Manoj Kumbhat, MBA, MS VP IT, Engineering and Applications Kimberly Clark Corporation West Virginia University


Manoj is a seasoned IT executive with 23 years of IT experience. Manoj is VP of Engineering and Applications and is responsible for delivering Kimberly Clark’s Digital transformation. His immediate priority is driving the Digital Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain and Global Business Services transformation agenda. Previously, Manoj was the Global CIO of HCL Technologies, a 7B+ Technology Services Company and was responsible for delivering Business Process Transformation, Enterprise Solutions, Technology Architecture and Infrastructure and Global Information Security. He is also a recipient of several awards related to business and CIO transformation receiving several CIO 100 awards and in addition, was on Customer advisory boards of Cisco and Avaya. Manoj has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA, both from the United States and is also American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) certified.

Mark Burrell, M.A. Senior Communications Analyst, General Dynamics Information Technologies American University


As Senior Communications Analyst for General Dynamics Information Technologies, Mark Burrell works to affect key stakeholders by planning, developing and implementing communications strategies worldwide with more than 19 years of public affairs, multimedia production and leadership experience. Burrell has a passion for using communication as a bridge to connect and help people. Through Synchronizing messages, collaborating with others, and visually exploring in high-stress environments fuels his desire to take on international communication problem sets in our ever-changing world. Burrell is also part of the U.S Army Reserves. He has gained over 19 years of public affairs, multimedia and leadership expertise over four combat deployments. He also trained and lead dozens of troops deployed to Italy, Germany, Peru, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Burrell has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Language and Literature from Louis and Clark College and a Masters of Arts in International Media from American University..

Martha Bergstedt, MBA Sr. Director of Strategic Sourcing Novant Health University of North Carolina, Charlotte


Martha Bergstedt joined Novant Health in 2007 and serves as the leader for the Strategic Sourcing and Contract Administration teams. She most recently served as director of sourcing for Novant Health clinical categories and prior to that, Bergstedt held the position of sourcing manager for various categories in the capital, services and clinical consumables areas for Novant Health. Before joining Novant Health, Bergstedt served as manager of supply chain and logistics at Ingersoll Rand in Davidson, NC. She led initiatives in standardization, process improvement and cost reduction. Bergstedt graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Purdue University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. In addition, she is the chair of the Cardiovascular Committee for MNS LLC (Medstar, Novant, Sentara) and a member of the Strategic Marketplace Intelligence group.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Meeta Huggins, MBA Chief Diversity Officer Ford Motor Company University of Windsor Meeta is responsible for leading development and implementation of Ford’s global diversity and inclusion strategy and talent acquisition operations– bringing diverse strengths, backgrounds and perspectives together to achieve business initiatives on a global basis. Meeta has been recognized in Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the “2016 Top Executives in Corporate Diversity” as well as “2017 Diversity Leaders” for Profiles in the Diversity Journal publication. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario.


Michele C. Meyer-Shipp, J.D Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Seton Hall University School of Law


Meyer-Shipp is the Diversity and inclusion thought leader, strategist and consultant for the Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. In this role, she is responsible for developing and promoting all diversity management practices across the firm, ensuring that the firm’s foundational principles of inclusiveness and diversity are reflected in its internal and external policies, work and practices. Her duties include creating and deploying D&I strategy, building out the infrastructure to support the strategy, and ensuring that the firm’s foundational principles of inclusiveness and diversity are reflected in all of its internal and external policies, work and practices. She closely collaborates with stakeholders across the firm to drive efforts forward. Meyer-Shipp has a Bachelor’s in Science from Rutgers and has a Doctorate of Law from Seton Hall University School of Law.

Michelle Brown, MBA Managing Director United Airlines University of Michigan Michelle Brown is an accomplished Strategic Marketing Professional with a proven track record leveraging consumer insights and CRM to optimize marketing investment and drive profitable revenue growth. She is a Results-focused MBA skilled in loyalty marketing, e-commerce, negotiations and team building. In her position as managing director at United Airlines she specializes in broad multi-channel marketing experience including database, direct response, email, direct mail and online. Brown has a Bachelor’s of Science from Duke University and a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Michigan.


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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Miguel Solis, MA President Latino Center for Leadership Development Harvard University Miguel Solis serves as the President of the Latino Center for Leadership Development (LatinoCLD) where he oversees the creation of programs and services. In this position he has had a proven record of success in team building, leadership and communication, developing and implementing strategic efforts and managing multiple projects with ambitious goals. Solis’ professional experiences include serving as a staff member on President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, an eighth grade U.S. history teacher, and a central staff member in Dallas ISD. Solis has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lamar University and a Masters of Education degree from Harvard University.


Mukund Kaushik, EL VP Information Technology Kimberly Clark Corporation National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India Mukund Kaushik Is responsible for sales and supply chain technologies at Kimberly Clark. Prior to joining Kimberly-Clark, Mukund spent over 14 years in the Information Systems Division of American Honda Motor. During his career at Honda, he was responsible for establishing the Enterprise Architecture Group that drove data and application integration between the different global Honda operating units for faster decision making, was responsible for establishing an integrated Identity mgmt. In 2012 while working at Honda, his team was awarded the Top 100 CIO Innovation Organization Award from the CIO Magazine for the implementation of a global integration fabric that enabled the seamless flow of information between globally distributed systems. He has a bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India. MUKUND KAUSHIK, EL

Nancy Harris, MA Chief Executive Officer Restart Consulting University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


top100 UNDER 50

Nancy Harris is a respected Leadership & Diversity Coach, Facilitator, and workplace reinventor. She helps leaders uncover talent opportunities that will deliver long-lasting, impactful business results. She has a wealth of experience in all things people-related and her passion and enthusiasm has led her to work in a wide range of industries and organizations including: BP, Accenture, Hillshire Brands, Pfizer, Motorola and Ford Motor Company. She is the co-founder of DisruptHR Chicago, on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Society for Human Resource Management and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. She holds a bachelor’s in Communications and a master’s in Labor and Employment Relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has certifications in Organizational Design, Hogan Personality Inventory, Situational Leadership and is a CTI trained Coach. | 33

Top 100 Under 50

Nick Sullivan, MHA VP, Neurosciences Novant Health University of NC


Nick Sullivan is a rising leader at Novant Health as well as in the healthcare industry. He is the Vice President of stroke and neurosciences and works tireless hours as an administrator to make Novant Health’s stroke and neurosciences department the best in the country. As a masters-graduate from University of North Carolina, he completed a yearlong administrative fellowship at Novant Health, where he learned about managing personnel and implementing clinical programs. Nick knows the importance of giving back. He attends First Assembly Christian Church and participates in charity services. He regularly stocks shelves for the food pantry and helps serve meals. He also participates in the men’s group ministries. Between his job as Vice President, serving on the boards for two health organizations, mentoring young men as a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Nick continues to focus his commitment to improve health services for patients and the community.

Olga Camargo, MA Managing Partner & Investment Manager TOROSO Investments LLC University of Illinois


Olga is Managing Partner at TOROSO Investments, LLC, a registered investment advisor firm. Olga provides investment advisory and retirement plan advisory services to clients that include: high net worth individuals, business owners, public and private corporations, public sector entities, and not-for-profit entities and foundations. Olga has received national recognition for her professional work as a retirement plan advisor as related to helping minority communities/workforce become retirement ready. She serves as an advocate for these communities and guides plan vendors to better serve them. Olga is frequently called upon by some of the fastest growing businesses and policymakers to provide her unique perspective. She also served on The Chicago Plan Commission; as Treasurer for the Chicago Cook Partnership Workforce Investment Board, and as Vice Chair for Instituto Del Progreso Latino.

Pam Wasserstein, JD CEO New York Media Harvard Law School Pam is currently the CEO of New York Media. Before taking on her current position she was also Co- Chair and head of Strategy for New York Media. Her late father, Bruce Wasserstein, purchased the company in 2004. As CEO, she has expanded its opinion and investigative teams, added its first Washington correspondent, and launched e-commerce site The Strategist and ad-supported culture and technology destination Select All. Wasserstein has a Bachelor of Arts from Howard University and a Doctor of Law from Harvard Law School.


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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Panissa Caldwell, MHA Director of Clinical Services Novant Health Pfeiffer University Panissa is the Novant Health Medical Group (NHMG) director of clinical services, with responsibilities including 473 outpatient locations, across three states, collaborating with leaders to improve clinical quality outcomes and steering quality improvement initiatives across the organization. She has 20 years of established success in healthcare, with a strong emphasis on quality, education, and process improvement. Panissa was chosen to present her collaborative work with the NHMG clinical education team at the 2017 AAACN national conference. She serves as a diversity and inclusion facilitator for Novant Health and is a co-leader of Novant Health African-American Business Resources Group. Panissa is a Registered Nurse, with a BS in Nursing, a master’s in health administration, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Healthcare Administration. PANISSA CALDWELL, MHA

Patricia Delgadillo, MBA SVP, Administration & CFO Envoy Air Inc. (American Airlines Group) Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California


Patricia Delgadillo currently serves on the Supervisory Committee for the American Airlines Federal Credit Union Board. Inspired by the strength of two important women in her life, her mother and grandmother, Patricia Delgadillo is now Senior Vice President - Administration and Chief Financial Officer at Envoy responsible for the financial, accounting, administrative and human resources functions. She joined Envoy in 2014 from American Airlines, where she served as Managing Director – Treasury, responsible for implementing corporate finance and banking strategies. Her role was key during American’s 2012 reorganization, completing its debt restructuring and raising new capital for the corporation. Patricia has an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College.

Dr. Paul Martin, MD Doctor, Specialties pediatrics  Northwestern Physicians Group Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine Dr. Paul Martin, MD is a pediatrics specialist in Chicago, IL and has been practicing for 24 years. Dr. Martin is affiliated with Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Martin graduated from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He completed his Residency at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University.


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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Prathibha Rajashekhar, MBA, MS VP, Data and Analytics - Global People Walmart Stores, Inc. Duke University Fuqua School of Business Prathibha Rajashekhar currently serves as Vice President for Data, Analytics, and Insights for Global People. Prathibha and her team are responsible for providing insights around human capital to enable the business to empower our associates to serve our customers better. Prathibha also serves on STEMconnector, collaborating with other companies to create a focus on STEM talent pipeline, jobs, and recruitment with an emphasis on diversity and women. Prathibha holds a Master of Computer Science degree from University of Mysore, India and a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University.


Dr. Ray Feaster, MD Hospitalist Medicine Service Line Leader Novant Health USC School of Medicine Dr. Ray Feaster is a Hospitalist for Novant Health Inpatient Care Specialists - Charlotte. She started her medical career in 2005 doing Hospitalist at McLeod Regional Medical Center. She has since continued her work in medicine by doing hospitalist. Feaster is part of many professional organizations such as American Medical Association American College of Physicians Society of Hospital Medicine. Feaster has a Bachelor’s of Science from Furman University and a Doctorate of Medicine from USC School of Medicine.


Reginald J. Miller, MBA, MS Senior Director, Global Inclusion & Diversity VF Corporation Webster University


Reginald J. Miller serves as the Senior Director of Global Inclusion and Diversity at VF Corporation where he directs, develops and operationalizes diversity and inclusion strategy with a focus on transformational change. Throughout his career, he has worked in a variety of different disciplines including supply chain, merchandising, project management. Prior to joining VF, Reggie served as Director, Diversity Strategy and Support, responsible for the D&I strategy, reporting, and consultation for all Walmart stores in the US. A US Army Veteran, he also served as a Supply Sergeant with deployments to Germany, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. Reggie holds a BS, Education HR Development and a MS, Education - Workforce Development from the University of Arkansas. He also holds an MBA from Webster University. He is married to his wife, Jennifer, and has three children: RJ II (6) and twin girls, Malia and Olivia (2).

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Roslind Blasingame-Buford, Phd President and CEO LINK Unlimited Scholars National-Louis University


Dr. Roslind Blasingame-Buford (Dr. Roz) serves as the President & CEO for LINK Unlimited Scholars, Chicago’s only college and career success program focused solely on economically disadvantaged African American youth. Dr. Roz is a trailblazer in youth development and education and serves as a national thought leader and change agent influencing college access, workforce development, restorative justice, and afterschool programming. She has received numerous commendations for her leadership and commitment to service and was Named as a “Leading Lady” by “O,” The Oprah Magazine; recognized as one of Chicago’s Emerging Leaders by the Community Renewal Society; recently elected into the Economic Club of Chicago and is a 2018 Fellow for Leadership Greater Chicago. Dr. Roz has earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, and Doctorate in Adult Education.

Ryan Ramirez, MBA VP, IT Global Infrastructure Solutions Kimberly Clark Corporation University of NC, Greensboro


A 22-year veteran of global IT operations, Ryan Ramirez is currently Vice President IT, Global Infrastructure Solutions at Kimberly-Clark. Prior to assuming his current role, Ryan was Senior Director Global IT Operations with Avery Denison, a worldwide leader in adhesive technologies, display graphics and packaging materials. While there, his responsibilities included managing global operations and setting the IT infrastructure strategy. Prior to Avery Denison, Ryan held a variety of global IT leadership roles at VF Corporation, a leading manufacturer and retailer of brands such as North Face, Nautica, and Wrangler Jeans. Ryan holds a B.S. in Electronics System Engineering from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Stan Chia, MBA Chief Operating Officer Grubhub Emory University, Goizuetta Business School


top100 UNDER 50

Stan Chia serves as Chief Operating Officer at Grubhub. Stan’s responsibilities include operations infrastructure, business development, data operations, advanced analytics, general management of the local markets, and all aspects of Grubhub’s revenue, including corporate, restaurant and enterprise sales. Since joining the company in April 2015, he has helped grow Grubhub Delivery from five to nearly 70 markets. Prior to landing at Grubhub, Stan held multiple senior leadership roles at Amazon, Cisco and General Electric, running multibillion dollar P&Ls, as well as strategic supply chain organizations. While at Amazon, one of his accomplishments was the launch of the company’s first toy “pop-up store.” He is a member of the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Engineering Advisory Board and was named to Crain’s Chicago Business’ 40 Under 40 list in 2016. Stan holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Emory University. | 39

Top 100 Under 50

Dr. Stavonnie S.L. Patterson, MD Dermatologist Northwestern University Feinburg School of Medicine Dr. Stavonnie Patterson is a dermatologist in Chicago, Illinois and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She received her medical degree from Morehouse School of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years. She is one of 13 doctors at Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Medical Center and one of 93 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who specialize in Dermatology. Patterson graduated from Morehouse School of Medicine, completed her residencies in Dermatology from Duke University Hospital., and Residency Internal Medicine from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


Subarna Malakar, MBA VP, Global Diversity and Inclusion AHold Delhaize Temple University Fox School of Business


Subarna led corporate responsibility, sustainability and inclusion efforts for Thomson Reuters, Asia as the Head of Corporate Responsibly and Inclusion Asia. He also provided strategic direction to Sodexo’s eight Global Employee Resource Groups and the Cross-Market Diversity Council -- enabling Sodexo to operationalize diversity and inclusion. Under Subarna’s purview, Sodexo launched the Diversity Business Leadership Summit, a premier annual diversity event designed to extend the diversity and inclusion discipline to emerging and established leaders. His efforts resulted in several high-profile award wins for the organization including: the prestigious 2013 Catalyst Award, the European Diversity Award 2012, the Women in Leadership: China’s Most Friendly Employer 2012, and the Working Mums UK Employer of the Year Award, 2012. Subarna holds a Masters in Business Administration from Temple University, Fox School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland.

Tania DeSa, MBA CEO, Leadership & Diversity Trainer Desa Global Leadership Inc. ESADE Business School


Tania DeSa is CEO of Desa Global Leadership Inc, an international leadership training firm whose mission is to inspire professionals to find voice and visibility in corporate boardrooms, so they feel more fired up and get promoted at work. As a leadership trainer, Tania draws from intercultural experiences of traveling to 77+ countries and living, studying and working in Australia, Japan, Hungary, Spain, China and Switzerland. Tania has thrived in corporate sales and marketing management roles within the healthcare industry in such companies as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Medtronic, Ecolab, Johnson & Johnson and has led strategic discussions at the World Health Organization in Switzerland. She leads an Employee Resource Group Leadership Council Whereby Fortune 500 companies engage in quarterly diversity roundtables as part of her BOD role with nonprofit North American Association of Asian Professionals. She holds an International MBA from ESADE (Spain) and Peking University (China).

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Vilma Chan, MBA Market Diversity Leader  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP University of Chicago As Market Diversity Leader at  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP,  Vilma Chan leads all market efforts to drive diversity and inclusion strategy in the 3rd largest market in the country with 4100 partners & staff. She continually innovates, refines, and executes programs to enhance our ability to attract, retain and progress the staff and create an inclusive culture. Chan has a proven ability to lead diverse, cross-functional teams to strategize and implement creative, business solutions. She has over 25 years of professional experience in change management, leadership communications, problem solving, corporate strategy, diversity & inclusion, and project management. Chan has a Bachelor’s of Art from University of Illinois and a Master’s of Business from University of Chicago. VILMA  CHAN, MBA

Vinay Patel, JD CEO & Co-Founder One Financial Holdings Group, Inc New York University School of Law Vinay Patel is CEO & Co-Founder of One Financial Holdings Group, Inc. It is a laboratory that builds mobile technology products for retail financial services. One Financial Holdings Group, Inc offers Bee, a mobile application that allows users to access money, check deposit, setup direct deposit, deposit cash at various locations, pay bills, mail a check, and locate ATM to get cash. In this position, Patel has gained Expertise in blue-sky product development, strategy, operations, project management, modeling and analytics, market evaluation, and primary research. Patel has a Bachelor’s of Art from University of Chicago, a Master’s degree from New York University, and a Doctorate Degree from New York University School of Law. VINAY PATEL, JD

Vinisha Clark, MS VP, Global Enterprise Solutions AT&T Missouri University of Science & Technology


Vinisha Clark leads the Business Solutions & Sales Operations Organization for AT&T. This team leads client engagement, negotiations, contracting, proposal development and business sales operations. Vinisha began her telecommunications career in 1993 with Southwestern Bell Telephone as a Special Services Manager in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since then, she has held a variety of assignments in Sales, Customer Service, Network Operations, Regulatory and Marketing. Prior to joining Southwestern Bell Telephone, Vinisha was a manufacturing engineer for Oscar Mayer in Madison, Wisconsin. Vinisha is involved with the Webster Groves School District to help support the advancement of education in her community. She also serves on various Corporate and Technology Councils for the University of Missouri Science & Technology. She is an active advisor to several AT&T Employee Resource Groups and is involved with Kode with Klossy initiatives. She and her husband live in Webster Groves, Missouri with their two children.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Emerging Leaders Abigail Ramirez Market Researcher Analyst Atlantia Search Universidad Insurgentes, S.C. Abigail is currently a market researcher for Atlantia Search. She was also a commercial assistant at Management Risk at ANEMEX S.A. DE C.V. Abigail worked as a Spanish private tutor at Korean Eximbank.


Ana Petras, MA Director of Data Science Client Engagement Nielsen Wayne State University


Ana is a Director of Data Science Client Engagement at Nielsen. In this role, she is responsible for leading and supporting strategic initiatives involving product enhancements and innovations directly impacting Nielsen’s media clients across TV, audio and digital platforms. She focuses primarily on US Hispanic & Multicultural measurement and supports a variety of Spanish Language Media clients. Ana began her career at Nielsen in 2001 and has held several roles ranging from Senior Research Analyst to Research Director. In 2013, she served for a year as Data Science’s Business Leader for Latin America. Ana currently co-leads the Data sub-committee for Nielsen’s External Advisory Diversity Councils. Ana is a graduate of Nielsen’s Diverse Leadership Network and Women Leadership Program. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and resides in Tampa, FL with her family. Ana enjoys travelling abroad and exploring new places.

Annum Ghayas, MBA Financial Coordinator Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Wayne State University


Annum Ghayas is a Financial Coordinator at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She ensures alignment of financial results across the business and supports enterprise wide P&L reporting for Finance executive leadership. Ghayas serves on the leadership teams of several of Blue Cross’s Employee Resource Networks, showcasing her strong commitment to the community and inclusiveness. As a leader in the Multicultural Network, she led the organization of corporate-wide events, fostering cultural education within the workforce. Ghayas also was critical in helping to launch the South Asian Network, one of the company’s newest networks. Currently, she is a leader for the Young Professionals Network, fostering opportunities for professional development of employees across generations. Her work in this space is embodied in her service as a coordinator of the Finance Intern Program. Ghayas holds a bachelor’s degree in Business– Accounting, and an MBA in Finance from Wayne State University.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Belen Arellano, MBA Sales Team Lead, Associate Director The Clorox Company UCLA, Anderson School of Business


Belen Arellano is an Associate Director /Team Leader for The Clorox Company. She leads strategic planning for the nearly $1B portfolio. She has a solid history of delivering innovation solutions to consumers and communities. Belen contributed to the launch of ‘Gracias Mama’, a Clorox scholarship program for Latino students that won the 2012 PRWeek Multicultural Marketing Campaign of the Year, she won an internal innovation competition resulting in a $30M acquisition opportunity, and she also co- launched the Drink Up Partnership with the White House. Prior to Clorox, Arellano worked at Extreme Learning where she delivered technology based academic intervention programs to underperforming students. Arellano launched an eLearning offering which now serves thousands of students. Arellano earned her Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Computer Science from Princeton University and earned a MBA in Marketing from the UCLA Anderson School of Business.

Courtney Getum, MBA Expert (Senior Engagement Manager equivalent) McKinsey & Company Northwestern University, Kellogg Sch of Mgmt Courtney Getum is an Expert at Periscope by McKinsey; part of McKinsey & Company. His primary responsibilities involve managing client facing teams that discover strategic insights and scale them into sustainable capabilities for international Retail and CPG clients. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was a Senior Director at FTI Consulting in their Retail Performance Improvement team and a Senior Manager at Accenture. Courtney earned his B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of North Texas and his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management. Courtney is also a board member for the Collin County Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.


Darren Henry, MBA Dir. of Diversity Initiatives Purdue University, Krannert School of Mgmt Purdue University


top100 UNDER 50

Darren Henry is the Managing Director of the Dr. Cornell A. Bell Business Opportunity Program (BOP) at the Krannert School of Management (Purdue University), where he is responsible for the success of underrepresented students studying business. Multiple organizations recognized Mr. Henry for his work with students including the Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (2011 Sankofa Award), Channel 18 WLFI West Lafayette (2013 Local Trailblazer Award), INROADS, Inc. (2014 University Partner Award), the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis (2014 Emerging Leader Award), and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (2017 Diversity & Inclusion Video Series). Mr. Henry is Founder and CEO of The Pure Foundation, a nonprofit organization seeking to eliminate poverty in neighborhoods within his hometown, a board member for the Purdue Black Alumni Organization, a member of the National Black MBA Association, and mentors high school students with the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis. | 45

Top 100 Under 50

David Perez, DPT, MBA AVP of Operations, California MedOptions Inc. IE Business School David is currently AVP of Operations for MedOptions, the leading provider of behavioral health services, overseeing the California market. His experience is in leading and growing organizations and empowering providers to deliver exceptional care. His professional interests include contributing to the digital health revolution to positively transform healthcare. Healthcare is in a state of monumental change and as an accomplished healthcare executive David partners with organizations and individuals to help solve this challenge. David is also committed to mentoring future leaders and teams. He feels accountable to those just starting their journey in leadership and management. David’s educational background includes a BS in Biology from SFSU, a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University, and an MBA from IE Business School in Spain. DAVID PEREZ, DPT, MBA

Elsy Ocejo, MBA Senior Manager, Supply Chain Logistics Bimbo Bakeries USA Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Mgmt


Elsy Ocejo is the Senior Manager of Supply Chain and Logistics at Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU). She manages the timely, accurate and efficient movement of product through the supply chain by leading the efficient and effective operation of bakery shipping, distribution and sales center shipping in the west of the Midwest. She has extensive experience in domestic and global supply chain in China, India, Germany, England, Brazil and Mexico, managing logistics teams abroad, and trade compliance in US and Mexico. Elsy has been part of Transportation and Women’s Leadership Councils for Brunswick Boat Group, where she led the Be Your Best Champion Program that focuses on employee health and wellness. Elsy has served as the President, Board Member, Core Company and Associate Artist of Momentum Dance Lab, a non-profit modern dance organization. She earned an MBA at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business.

Emily Heintz, M.S. Associate Director Michigan Venture Capital Association Michigan State University


With a background in economic development, capital markets, and finance, Emily Heintz brings technical and practical expertise to her role as Associate Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association. Heintz supports Michigan’s vibrant venture capital community by developing the MVCA Research Report, planning educational and networking events, managing talent programs, and advocating for Michigan’s entrepreneurial community. Prior to joining the MVCA in 2013, Heintz was a Capital Markets Associate at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. She designed, implemented and managed the MEDC’s capital markets programs, including the 21st Century Investment Fund, Accelerator Funds, Venture Development Fund, EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, Urban Investment Program, and direct investments made in venture capital firms around the state. Heintz has both a Bachelors of Arts and Masters of Science in Accounting from the Michigan State University.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Florence M. Holland, Ed.D, MBA Lead Manager American Institute of CPAS Auburn University Florence Holland is a visionary leader, bridge builder, dedicated and hardworking professional with over 12 years of strategic planning and hands- on expertise in non-profit and education instructing secondary and post-secondary education students; serving as a diversity professional, securing resources, and implementing effective programs. Holland has a wellrounded academic background, with practical knowledge of and experience in change management and diversification. She has proven ability to develop solid working relationships with campus administrators, faculty and staff, the local community, and various stakeholders to foster stronger external and internal communications. Along with other educational achievements, Holland has obtained a Doctorate in Education from Argosy University as well as a Masters of Business Administration from Auburn University. FLORENCE M. HOLLAND, ED.D, MBA

Germaine Hunter, MBA Director-Sales Planning The Clorox Company University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Germaine Hunter is the Director- Sales Planning for the Specialty Products division at the Clorox Company. He provides customer strategy and trade marketing leadership to Clorox general managers and cross-functional business partners. At Clorox he has also worked in Strategic Planning and New Brand Development. Prior to Clorox, Germaine spent ten years at Procter and Gamble in a variety of sales and marketing roles. He has broad experience in sales management and is skilled at collaborating cross functionally. Germaine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Georgetown University and received a MBA in Marketing & Strategic Management from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. A passionate advocate for education issues, Germaine is a member of the Park Day School Board of Trustees, where he leads the Governance Committee. He also co-leads the Clorox African-American Employee Resource Group.

Gloria Marron, MS Director of Systems Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Polytechnic University of Madrid


top100 UNDER 50 | 47

Top 100 Under 50

Grant Clarke, MA VP, Director of Diversity and Inclusion JLL Columbia University Grant has over 10 years of experience in challenging norms and inspiring change. From social start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Grant has dedicated his work to ensure that the people who walk through the door are allowed to bring their whole selves to work. He currently oversees market-leading diversity and inclusion program for the Americas from strategy to JLL’s six employee resource groups. Grant’ has a Bachelor of Arts in Voice and Opera from Indiana University Bloomington as well as a Masters of Arts in Voice and Opera from Columbia University.


Guillermo Estrada, MBA Manufacturing Excellence Manager DIAGEO Lewis University Guillermo Estrada is an accomplished business leader offering a superior record of delivering powerful solutions to increase the effectiveness and viability of organizations and processes. He is focused on continuous organizational improvement through training and leading cross-functional teams to deliver superior performance. Estrada has a proven track record of success in challenging situations, enhanced by education at the United States Air Force Academy and career as a military officer. Estrada has a Bachelors in Science with a focus in Legal Studies form the United States Air Force Academy as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Lewis University.


Jasmine Dolfus, MS Sr. Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager Microsoft Central Michigan University


Business driven, ethics-oriented change agent with a dual skillset in Diversity and STEM. Jasmine possesses 15 years of professional and community experience. A D&I catalyst, program manager, and systems thinker, who is resilient and diplomatic. Her expertise includes Program Management, Learning Development, Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Relationship Building, Systems Engineering (SE), Adaptability, and Resourcefulness. PRISM International Certified Diversity Facilitator. Jasmine was recognized with Women of Excellence, Class of 2017 award by the Chicago Defender Newspaper, established global D&I strategy designed to drive leadership commitment and accountability, increase employee engagement, foster employee development, and build alliances with Executive Leadership, HR, Centers of Excellence (COEs), Diversity Councils, Affinity Groups, and external organizations. Jasmine is a City of Sterling Heights Ethnic Committee Board Member promoting Diversity and Inclusion within the city.

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top100 UNDER 50

vivica a. fox American actress, producer and television host.


Top 100 Under 50

Jasper Saunders, MA Senior Enterprise Product Management Georgetown University Jasper Saunders is an experienced Fortune 100, nationally recognized and award-winning IT Enterprise Business Professional with over a decade of proven success accountable for leading the big idea development, execution management of innovative and result-oriented achievements. While recognized as a Technology Evangelist and Change Agent designing and implementing technical solutions to deliver a strong ROI, Jasper’s leadership takes a dynamic role in the direction of a collaborative hands-on skill set that excels in driving projects through the entire cycle from strategy through idealization into superior execution and final launch. Jasper has expert knowledge in interactive product strategy, user experience, analytics, audience development expertise, including knowledge of product development practices that help him understand and translate content strategy into a creative product with client-facing experience and abilities. JASPER SAUNDERS, MA

Joseph Chen, MS Senior IT Business Relationship Manager The Clorox Company Northwestern University Kellogg Sch of Mgmt


Joseph is the Senior IT Account Leader for both the corporate R&D function and the $350M Professional Products business unit of The Clorox Company. Joe is responsible for overall IT engagement with executive leadership teams, business and IT strategic alignment, and IT investment prioritization and planning. Before joining Clorox, Joe held leadership roles at Kaiser Permanente, Abbott Laboratories, and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Joe earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He was awarded a full scholarship to pursue graduate studies at Northwestern University, where he received a M.S. degree in Accounting Information & Management. Joe’s transformative experience as an adoptive father inspired him to create an orphan care ministry at his local church and to serve on the Board of Directors for the Court Appointed Special Advocates program of Alameda County.

Jovonna Palmer, MHR HR Manager Viacom Media Networks Lipscomb University


Jovonna is the Manager of Human Resources for Viacom Media Networks in Nashville, TN. She plays an active role in all HR functions including but not limited to overseeing the internship program, staffing/recruiting, wellness initiatives, employee relations, freelance management, and performance management. Prior to this role, she worked with Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, VA focusing in workers compensation and accident investigations. Currently, she volunteers as a college mentor with the Middle TN Society for Human Resource Management (MTSHRM), a member of the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC), and currently serving a one year Young Leaders Council (YLC) internship with the Nashville State Community College Foundation Executive Board. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Lipscomb University and is certified as a Rule 31 Civil Mediator.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Joyce Lee, MPA Dir, Employee Engagement VF Outdoor LLC, a division of VF Corporation CA State University of East Bay Joyce currently serves as the Director of Employee Engagement at VF Outdoor LLC. Joyce oversees the areas of employee engagement, D&I, community outreach/ partnership, benefits, leave of absence, workers’ compensation, and payroll administration. She is an advocate for fostering and sustaining an inclusive work environment that empowers all to achieve their highest potential. She is a founding member of two Employee Resources Groups, Never Stop Empowering and Women Empowerment Network, where she continues to serve as an ambassador/ board member. Joyce has served as a BID Advisory Board Member for the City of San Leandro LINKS Shuttle and a Board Member for the Monte Vista Association. She holds a BS degree in Biological Science and a Master in Public Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management from California State University of East Bay. JOYCE LEE, MPA

Julie Felix, MS Manager of Diversity & Inclusion Mesirow Financial DePaul University Julie Félix is the manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Mesirow Financial. In her role, she is responsible for planning and directing the overall activities and function of diversity and inclusion. Her responsibilities include recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, maintaining an inclusive work environment, improving cultural competency and aligning diversity and inclusion initiatives with business priorities. Prior to joining Mesirow Financial in 2015, Julie had seven years of global non-profit work experience in micro finance, education and hunger relief. She has traveled to over 25 countries and speaks Spanish fluently. Julie earned a BA from Saint Louis University and an MS from DePaul University. She holds a Professional Human Resources Certification and the Claritas certification from the CFA Institute. JULIE FELIX, MS

Juliette Buiter, MS Regional HRBP APAC Syngenta Tilburg University Juliette Buiter is currently the Regional Human Resources Business Partner of the Asia Pacific Region for Syngenta in Singapore. The Dutch native has lived in main places outside the Netherlands including France, United States and Switzerland. She would describe herself as polished, positive, enthusiastic, creative and both action and people oriented. Buiter has studied in many institutions around the world including Shanghai University, where she received a language certificate in Chinese Studies. She has a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Tilburg University.


top100 UNDER 50 | 53

Top 100 Under 50

Karen D. King, MBA Director, Int’l Regulatory Strategy Team Lead Shire California Lutheran University Karen D. King has 20 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry developing novel medicines for life-interrupting illnesses such as Leukemia, lung cancer, breast cancer, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, rare blood disorders, and lupus. She currently leads a team as an International Regulatory Strategy Director at Shire. She is also passionate about leadership and diversity and is currently serving on the board of Chicago Chapter of the National Black MBA as the financial secretary. She has previously chaired the Employee Engagement and Retention for the Black Business Network at Baxalta, where she worked on the launch of a mentoring program for the Black Business Network. She has also previously served as the Chair of Community Outreach for Amgen’s Black Employee Network and Chair of Abbvie’s Black Business Network. KAREN D. KING, MBA

Karimiah McKee, MBA Collaboration Consultant Burwood Group Colorado Technical University Karimiah McKee, known as Kari, is a Collaboration Consultant with Burwood Group Inc, a technology consulting firm and systems integrator. In her role, she delivers technology solutions and some pre-sales/design for clients. Prior to this role, Kari served as a Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems. There she was featured as one of the Presenters for the 2015 and 2016 Cisco Tech Days at the Donald E. Stephens Center. She has 17 years of technology experience across many industries. Using her leadership and industry passion, Kari served as a Technology Instructor for a regional college and is a Community Service advocate. She developed and still leads a STEM-focused Girl Scout Troop. Previously, she served on the ITT Technology Advisory Board and mentored H.S. students whom built the iRobot featured at MSI Chicago. Kari holds a B.S. CIS and MBA in Technology Management. KARIMIAH MCKEE, MBA

Kathy Bowman-Williams Director of Diversity and Inclusion Day Pitney LLP State University College, Buffalo Bowman-Williams is a member of the firm’s senior management team. She guides the further development and implementation of the firm’s strategic diversity and inclusion plan and serves as a key thought leader, ambassador and advocate on diversity, inclusion and equality, keeping diversity in the forefront of all of its initiatives. Kathy brings a wealth of experience to Day Pitney, ranging from strategy to execution. BowmanWilliams joins the firm from Morgan Stanley where she was the Vice President and Regional Diversity Officer. In her former position, she developed and oversaw the implementation of the financial company’s diversity initiatives. Previously, she also served as Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Verizon, where she established and directed an integrated global diversity strategy. KATHY BOWMAN-WILLIAMS

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Kellye Gordon, JD Senior Director of Ethics and Compliance VF Corporation Indiana University


Kellye Gordon found her passion in her work for VF Corporation. Trained as a lawyer, she serves as the Senior Director of Ethics and Compliance where she designs creative ways to help VF’s more than 60,000 employees understand how to follow complex compliance requirements while living their values in their everyday work. At VF, Kellye built the Fortune 500 Company’s Ethics and Compliance Program from scratch, rewriting the company’s Code of Conduct, expanding methods for employees to raise concerns and helping reduce retaliation concerns by more than 10 percentage points in three years. Prior to VF, Kellye lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, leading the Africa legal department of a global engine manufacturer and spending time supporting an NGO that cared for abandoned babies. She currently serves on the board of the local Boys and Girls Club and enjoys working with organizations whose mission is to empower women and children.

Lena McIntyre, MS Project Manager Nielsen Walden University Lena McIntyre is currently a Project Manager at The Nielsen Company where she has held successive technology roles for the past 5 years. As a PM at Nielsen, her responsibilities include IT governance, risk, and compliance activities. In her position, Lena’s priorities are to develop and improve Nielsen’s policy management, policy implementation, risk rating, risk acceptance, risk integration, remediation monitoring activities, regulatory compliance and auditing frameworks. Lena is passionate about diversity and professional development. She is a diversity leader, advocate, and contributor to the Employee Resource Group Program and Diversity & Inclusion Groups at Nielsen. She is also a mentor to numerous individuals, furthering Nielsen’s goal of recruiting and sustaining African-American talent within its middle management tiers. Lena McIntyre has a M.S from Walden University. LENA MCINTYRE, MS

Marcus Kellum, MPA Director of Beautification DeKalb County Government University of Phoenix Marcus Kellum is the Director of Beautification for Georgia’s most diverse county; DeKalb County. He and his staff of 150 employees provide quality service to a population of over 750,000 residents. In 2006, he appeared in Georgia Trend magazine’s “40 Under 40” which highlighted Georgia’s rising political and business stars, and he also appeared in Who’s Who in Black Atlanta as one who provides a role model of excellence. Marcus was the second African American elected to the board of the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement in its history, and he led several code enforcement programs in Georgia to receive national recognition such as the 2016 AACE Innovative Code Program. Marcus has a master’s degree in Management and Public Administration and a leadership certification from the University of Georgia. MARCUS KELLUM, MPA

top100 UNDER 50 | 55

Top 100 Under 50

Margaret Fillman, MBA Human Capital Senior Manager Barilla America DeVry University Keller Grad School of Management Margaret Fillman is a Human Resources Senior Manager at Barilla America. She is a leader and champion of internal and external D&I who encourages inclusion, flexible work and employees to achieve personal goals. Margaret is a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Society of Human Resources Management Certified Senior Professional. Prior to Barilla, Ms. Fillman served as the Human Resources Manager for Paradigm Health Systems, and Human Resources Specialist for Bell + Howell Imaging Components. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from Drake University and a Master of Business Administration with distinction from Keller Graduate School of Management. MARGARET FILLMAN, MBA

Margaret Trietsch, MBA Sr. Director, Content Strategy and Delivery Health Care Service Corporation University of Texas at Arlington


Margaret Trietsch is senior director of content strategy and delivery at Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC). As an expert communications strategist, she is responsible for content development for internal and external audiences, digital newsletter production and distribution, and corporate intranet. Throughout her 11-year tenure with HCSC, she has built a reputation for exceeding expectations, specializing in employee engagement, creative solutions and cross-organization collaboration. Leveraging more than 17 years of industry experience, Margaret is respected and recognized by her peers for providing counsel and expertise to utilize appropriate platforms, tools, technology, staff support, security and costeffectiveness to meet organizational needs. Margaret holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations from Texas Christian University and a master’s degree in business administration from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Meeta Yadava, MBE Managing Director BMO Private Bank BMO Private Bank Delhi University Meeta oversees a team of professionals dedicated to providing high net worth individuals, families and organizations, including closely-held and family-owned businesses, endowments and foundations, with a full range of wealth services as part of an overall personal wealth management strategy. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Laxmi Tara Public School in India. She was selected to Diversity MBA’s eleventh annual list of Top 100 under 50 Diverse Emerging Leaders for 2017.Meeta was named a BMO Private Bank Platinum Award Recipient in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Meeta earned a Bachelor of Commerce with honors in Business, Finance and Accounting from Hindu College, Delhi University in India. She also earned an MBE in Finance and Marketing from Delhi University in India. MEETA YADAVA, MBE

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Michael Salazar, M.S.E Chief Process Engineer Epstein Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology


Michael Salazar has over 15 years of experience in plant engineering from baking and food processing companies like M&M/Mars, Nestle, ARYZTA, Johnsonville, and Tyson Foods. He joined Epstein Engineering in 2016, and during his career he has demonstrated expertise at managing, designing and budgeting the installation of production and manufacturing lines, eliminating outdated equipment with new state of the art high speed automated systems, and reducing production waste. From Salazar’s plant engineering experience he has also authored several articles in industry trade publications like Baking and Snack Magazine. In addition to his management and design experience, he is also heavily involved in engineering industry groups including currently serving as the President of the Chicago Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Salazar has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Miranda Helmer, MBA Director of Research & Dev Specialty Division The Clorox Company Univ of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business Miranda Helmer is a Research & Development Director in the Specialty Division of The Clorox Company. She is the R&D leader on the Division’s Innovation Leadership Team, responsible for ensuring robust growth for a $1Bn+ portfolio. Helmer serves on the Business Leadership Teams for the Brita and Hidden Valley brands. Her staff of 45 scientists and engineers develops new products, packages, and processes. Before joining Clorox, Helmer held key positions in Sales & Marketing at Chevron and Research & Development at Frito-Lay. Helmer holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from Youngstown State University as well as a MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. MIRANDA HELMER, MBA

Molly M Herrmann - DHS Prevention and Training Specialist Wisconsin Department of Health Services Herrmann has many years of experience as a Prevention and Training Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides information on many different topics like Disease and Conditions, Health Care and Coverage and Prevention and Health living. In her role as Prevention and Training Specialist she is knowledgeable about topics surrounding violence prevention, along with mental and physical health.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Omar Vargas, MBA Senior Statistical Analyst Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University Omar Vargas served as Vice-President of Diversity & Inclusion while at Kellogg and raised the overall awareness of D&I during his time as a leader of the club. He has worked in several financial roles in the Food and Banking Industries. He is an active advisory board member at TWC Pre-Law Scholars Support Fund. Omar volunteered for a number of years with Habitat for Humanity International and served as treasurer of the Nebraska chapter of ALPFA Inc. – the largest Latino association for business professionals and students nationwide focusing on enhancing opportunities for Latinos while building leadership and career skills. Omar majored in Banking and Financial Markets from the University of Nebraska. He has an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. OMAR VARGAS, MBA

Ravyn Miller, MBA, MDiv Marketing Director Medtronic Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management


As a Marketing Director for Medtronic, Ravyn Miller derives passion from helping people live healthy lives and promoting health equity in communities. A selfless leader, Ravyn seeks opportunities to advocate on behalf of other people. As a member of Medtronic’s African Descent Network Leadership Team, she helps shape strategies aimed at creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees. She also serves as the company’s Campus Lead for the Owen School of Management. Outside of work, Ravyn volunteers as a youth mentor, serves lunch to homeless families and delivers “Welcome Kits” to homeless youth. Ravyn is a social justice minister, community volunteer, Baltimore Ravens fan and self-proclaimed “brunch enthusiast”. She has earned several awards, including Medtronic’s Marketing Excellence Award, which annually recognizes the company’s top 10 marketers. Ravyn graduated with a dual master’s in business and Divinity from Vanderbilt University.

Reem Seghairoun, MBA Director Analytics operation Program Manager, Retail and Consumer Analytics VF Corporation University of North Carolina at Greensboro Seghairoun is the director of analytics operations for VF Corporations. In this position working with Head of Global Analytics to build out the Analytic capabilities within VF Corporate and brand teams; helping the organization manage its global and business partner priorities; overseeing analytics programs; defining standards; measuring success; develop institutional skills and structures to sustain impact; inspiring and sustaining change at all levels of the organization. She is also the program manager for Retail and Customer. In this position she is a partner in developing VF’s analytical roadmap and future design. Seghairoun has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Toledo and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. REEM SEGHAIROUN, MBA

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Ryan Robertson, MBA Brand Director, Ciroc Diageo Xavier University


Ryan Robertson is a Brand Director at Diageo, responsible for leading new brand development/launches and US Multicultural Marketing. Previously, he served as the Brand Director for Cîroc Ultra-Premium Vodka, where he managed the strategic partnership and day-to-day relationship with Sean Combs. Prior to Diageo, Ryan was at the helm of the vitamin water brand at The Coca-Cola Company, spearheading the brand’s growth strategy, communications, equity, innovation, and entertainment partnerships. He has over 10 years’ experience in driving meaningful connections with consumers and building brands for companies like Procter & Gamble, Alberto Culver (now Unilever), and LG Electronics. Ryan was recently named to Brand Innovators Top 40 Under 40. He holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from The University of Tennessee and an MBA from Xavier University.

Sandhya Padmanabhan, MBA, MA Senior Brand Manager Johnnie Walker/ Diageo PLC Duke University


As Senior Brand Manager for Johnnie Walker, Sandhya Padmanabhan position includes Managing brand and innovation planning for Johnnie Walker US with $47MM A&P investment, delivering 1.8MM cases. She also is currently working on driving a 3-year innovation plan to push the boundaries of Scotch whisky through the launch of limited edition Blender’s Batch Triple Grain American Oak, Wine Cask Blend, and ongoing experimental blends. Padmanabhan also works with Diageo PLC, which is a Global leader in beverage alcohol with a collection of lifestyle brands including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, and Guinness. The products are sold in 180 countries. Padmanabhan has a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College, a Master of Arts from Columbia University and a Master of Business Administration from Duke University.

Sarah Jones, JD Dir, Government Affairs Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Nova Southeastern Univ-Shepard Broad Law Center


Sarah currently serves as Director of Government Affairs at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. In this role, she represents Horizon BCBSNJ before the New Jersey Legislature, various Federal departments and agencies, and provides the CEO and Senior Executives with policy analyses and position papers on healthcare reform. She is skilled in overseeing and turning around crisis situations and has a proven track record of operational excellence and community outreach. In 2016, Sarah was the recipient of the Essex County Women of Excellence Award and has been recognized by the New Jersey Labor Advisory Board. She has also been listed on PolitickerNJ’s “2016 Power List”, “40 Under 40 List” and named one of 50 Powerful Young Democrats in New Jersey by the State’s Young Democrats Black Caucus. Sarah earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Richard Stockton University, and received her J.D. from Nova Southeastern University.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Shannon Swiger, MBA Manager of Internal Communication Novant Health University of NC, Chapel Hill


Shannon Swiger leads patient safety and quality, diversity and inclusion, and nursing communications at Novant Health. Previously, Shannon worked as a senior communications specialist for Johns Hopkins Medicine, and as a public relations/marketing specialist for Novant Health. Shannon is passionate about improving the world around her. She’s a member of the Junior League of Nashville and the Sierra Club, and recently began volunteering with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. In January 2017, Shannon volunteered with Saha Global, where she traveled to Ghana and helped build a sustainable water business that serves 450 people. In March 2017, Shannon was one of 50 employees to receive Novant Health’s “Mark” award for demonstrating excellence in the organization’s values. Shannon received her B.A. in journalism, mass communication and political science from UNC at Chapel Hill and a M.B.A. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with concentrations in marketing and sustainability.

Shonna Brackett, MBA Director-Strategy, Innovation, and Commercialization, Jeanswear VF Corporation Wake Forest University


Shonna began her career in several project management capacities, with a primary focus in directing innovation projects through to commercialization. Prior to her tenure at VF, she worked with product development teams in RFID implementation, QR technology, mobile merchandising and other projects. Her work yielded ticketing solutions for retailers, suppliers and manufacturers throughout the world. Shonna has also developed and directs a process to evaluate potential initiatives to ensure continued strategic alignment. She has created and driven discipline, effective management reporting platforms and governance for the multiple strategies. Shonna provides enormous value with her business discipline in a multi-brand, multi-channel business in a time of rapid change and increasing demand from retailers and consumers for innovation. Shonna completed her BA at Southern Illinois University, and her MBA with an emphasis in international business at Wake Forest University.

Stefanie Garcia, MBA Program Manager Chicago Minority Supplier Diversity Council Northeastern Illinois University


Stefanie Garcia is a Program Manager for the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. As the program manager, Stefanie is responsible for the management of an Illinois Tollway Technical Assistance Center and development of new Chicago MSDC programs. Previously she enjoyed being a part of the Chicago MBDA center team as a procurement consultant. The Chicago MBDA center team assisted clients in 2016 with awarded contracts in excess of $75 million. Prior to joining the Center, Stefanie was a full-time bilingual (Spanish and English) flight attendant for United Airlines. Stefanie also worked as Director of Business Development for an MWBE, Multi-Products Distribution, Inc. In 2010, she received a B.A. in Sociology from Northeastern Illinois University. Stefanie decided to continue her studies at Northeastern and in 2017 finished an M.B.A. While in graduate school she earned a lifetime membership into Beta Gamma Sigma. An international honor society honoring excellence in business.

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top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Under 50

Verne Perigord, MBA M&A Advisor PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP University of Illinois In the role as M & A Advisor Verne Perigod Serves as a finance effectiveness and merger integration consultant to private equity clients and large global corporations helping them realize operating effectiveness, synergies, and cost savings. Perigord has extensive experience assisting private equity clients through mergers and acquisitions, financial effectiveness consulting, operations improvement, new process implementation, and communications. He has significant local and international experience in various industries including media & entertainment, technology, automotive, industrial, and publishing. Perigord has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Acadia University and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Illinois. VERNE PERIGORD, MBA

Veronica S. Appleton, MA Assistant Director, Diversity & Inclusion, We Are Unlimited DePaul University


Author, Veronica S. Appleton currently serves as Assistant Director, Diversity & Inclusion for McDonald’s, We Are Unlimited advertising agency. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Communications and Organizational Communications at DePaul University. Veronica is also a multicultural children’s author and her debut book, Journey to Appleville, shares a tale of friendship and goal setting for all families. The book has received acclaim from FOX 32 Chicago news, WCIU-TV in Chicago, Story Monsters Ink Magazine and more. Veronica has received the Relationship Advocate Award from Chicago’s Perspective Charter Schools, received the Champion of Growth Award from Coalesce Chicago, named the 2017 Chicago Scholars 35 Under 35, and received a nomination for the 2016 Bill Sharp Award. Veronica completed her undergraduate education at Purdue University, graduate education at DePaul University and currently pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational behavior and leadership at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Yediel Melendez, MBA Maintenance Team Lead Diageo University of Phoenix In the role as Maintenance Team Lead for Diageo Melendez conducts regular team meetings, including effectively communicating organizational and policy changes. In this role he also provides performance feedback to team members via appraisals and other documentation. Melendez address performance issues, taking disciplinary action if required and promote positive employee relations through effective listening, conflict management and issue resolution. Melendez has a Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.


top100 UNDER 50 | 65

Inclusive Leadership

Sexual Harassment!

Echoing Resolve The Problems Before They Begin!

In 2013, I wrote an article on the 15th anniversary of the largest sexual harassment settlement in U.S. history. In 1998, Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America paid $34 million to more than 400 female employees and was required to provide mandatory sexual harassment prevention training. As we enter DEBORAH P. ASHTON, PH.D., 2018, 20 years after the CHIEF PSYCHOLOGIST biggest sexual harassment DIVERSITY MBA settlement, sexual harassment is still running rampant in pockets of the workplace across generations and across industries— from allegations against Silent Generation to Millennial men from politics in Washington, DC to the tech industry of Silicon Valley. The Larry Nassar trials and his 265 victims have emphasized the systemic nature of cultures that silences people who have been used as prey and provides fertile ground for predators. Hopefully, what appears to be a watershed event starting with the allegations against Harvey Weinstein will force companies, universities and organizations to prevent a climate that allows quid pro quo and a hostile work environment to flourish and power to go unchecked. Instead, let this be a new dawn of organizations creating inclusive, harassment free cultures that allow all to contribute to their full potential. And let’s dispel the myth that one contributor espoused on Fox News that quid pro quo only is able to flourish in glamourous industries, such as entertainment, media or politics, because ‘beautiful’ women would simply walk away if it were a feed store

66 |

in the middle of nowhere. As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with women who were in low paying jobs, who had been sexually harassed. Many did not simply walk away because they had to put food on the table and feed their children. They could not simply find another job because another job was not readily available. Power used to make oneself feel good by demeaning another person is an abusive use of power. Sexual harassment is an abuse of power—whether quid pro quo or a hostile work environment.Power is the ability to have impact on self or others. Power is neither good nor bad. To resolve the problem before it begins, you need to have an inclusive culture that develops and rewards servant leaders and not autocrats or fiefdoms with, individual lords of the manor. While it is important to have procedures in place for reporting, investigating, and resolving sexual harassment complaints, prevention is the best cure. Ford Motor Company had several sexual harassment lawsuits in the 1990s. Ford paid $22 million in settlements and implemented policies and procedures for addressing, investigating and resolving sexual harassment complaints. Despite the policies, the procedures, the investigations and the resolutions, over 25 years later, the president and chief executive of Ford, Jim Hackett, issued an open letter on December 21, 2017 stating, “I am sorry for any instance where a colleague was subjected to harassment or discriminatory conduct. On behalf of myself and the employees of Ford Motor Company, who condemn such behavior and regret any harassment as much as I do, I apologize. More importantly, I promise that we will learn from this and we will do better.” So I echo what I wrote five years ago, resolve the problems before they begin.

top100 UNDER 50

Inclusive Leadership

An inclusive culture engenders respect, belongingness, transparency and integrity. These values are not simply in a written document, but through management behavior. Management’s actions give credibility to the company’s values and policies. If management demonstrates that they want to know what the actual everyday culture and experiences are for all their employees through town halls, hotlines, etc., employees believe that they are respected; that work decisions and transactions are transparent; that employees are treated as valued individuals. Employees trust that they will be held accountable and rewarded fairly, i.e., they belong; and that integrity permeates the organization. When integrity is part of the DNA of the organization, employees know that regardless of the person’s rank or ability to be a ‘rain/moneymaker’, everyone in the organization must be respectful, transparent and contribute to a welcoming environment, so all can contribute to their full potential. No one is exempt from or above the explicit company values. How to best ensure an inclusive culture that employees trust as credible and respectful? Resolve the problems before they begin. 1. Both traditional leaders and a critical mass of leaders who traditionally have not been in positions of power are needed. A critical mass of women and a critical mass of non-dominant group members are needed to influence and sustain an inclusive culture. To obtain a critical mass, diverse talent needs to be represented on candidate slates; diverse talent needs to be groomed; and diverse talent needs to be seriously considered in the succession plans: a. Men and women b. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, American Indian, Mixed Origin/Race, etc.

top100 UNDER 50

c. Cross generational leadership d. In-country and ex pats 2. Nontraditional leaders are needed at the inception of critical strategies, policies and communications. 3. Leaders must appreciate the power and privilege of the dominant group because unabated power can be costly and prone to bully rule, favoritism, or a hostile environment. 4. Dominant group leaders and candidates must be open to ideas different from their own, and ensure women and non-dominant group colleagues’ ideas are given serious consideration. 5. If female and non-dominant group candidates linger in the “ready for advancement in two years” stage for more than three years, reassess the company’s climate. 6. Management actively listens to diverse perspectives. 7. Management strives to be aware of their biases and challenges others’ biases. Leaders dictate the climate. Leaders can cultivate a respectful and trusting environment and elicit employee engagement, synergy and innovation by being credible. Actions/behaviors speak louder than words. Finally, I applaud the silence breakers that took back their power and who understood that courage is muscling through the fear to speak out. And understanding that speaking out was no guarantee of being believed-- that they may have found themselves to be the 21st century ‘Anita Hill’. Hopefully, 2017 will be a watershed. Time will tell. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Policies, procedures, investigations and resolutions are the cure. An inclusive culture is the prevention. May we need not echo this sentiment, in 2023; five years from now. | 67

Inclusive Leadership

Fifty Shades of Gray May Work At Home, But We Need

Twenty Shades Of Inclusion At Work INTRODUCTION We hear a lot about inclusion, and how it is critical to harness the power of diversity. We know that diversity is being invited to the dance, and inclusion is being asked to dance. We realize that diversity is what we see, and inclusion is how we feel. We understand BY SURI SURINDER that diversity may be CEO, CTR FACTOR about counting heads, but inclusion is about making the heads count. We say to each other that diversity is the mix, and inclusion is making the mix work.  You just read 4 different ways to view the distinction between diversity and inclusion, and they all seem accurate and appropriate, right? Yet, when people are asked exactly what inclusion is, how we know it exists, and what forms it takes, many are hard-pressed to answer.  That is not surprising.  The reality is that inclusion is a nuanced concept. It comes in various forms, and people prefer to be included in different ways, depending upon whether they are extrinsically or intrinsically driven.  But, in all cases, inclusion involves feeling empowered, enabled, and encouraged to bring our whole selves to work because of feeling that our diverse needs are being met. 

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Here are 20 different kinds of inclusion based upon the 10 different needs that employees have - 5 extrinsic and 5 intrinsic.

EXTRINSIC NEEDS INDIVIDUAL NEEDS: Behavioral inclusion: How well are diverse leadership and execution styles leveraged Situational inclusion: How well are unique constraints and requirements that vary from person to person accommodated INSTITUTIONAL NEEDS: Infrastructural inclusion: How equally is everyone supported in terms of tools and resources to do their current jobs Professional inclusion: How equally is everyone supported by existing processes to enter the business, get appropriate roles within the business, and stay engaged IDENTITY NEEDS: Cultural inclusion: How well is every culture along every diversity dimension welcomed and integrated in the organization Social inclusion: How well is every person able to bond with other members of their own constituency and of other constituencies within the company INVOLVEMENT NEEDS: Affirmational inclusion: How well does everyone feel affirmed for being who they are and contributing value Attentional inclusion: How much quality attention does every individual get with their manager and skip level leader INCENTIVE NEEDS: Financial inclusion: How well is equal pay for equal work maintained in all parts of the organization Recognitional inclusion: How well is everyone rewarded for quality work, including bonuses, equity, and awards. 

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Inclusive Leadership

INTRINSIC NEEDS INFLUENCE NEEDS: Informational inclusion: How much relevant and appropriate information is provided transparently to employees as context for their efforts Decisional inclusion: How much input is solicited and used in making business decisions from downstream employees IMPACT NEEDS: Ideational inclusion: How well are innovative ideas from employees acted upon and converted to successful initiatives Consequential inclusion: How much flexibility do employees have to contribute to significant projects of consequence within different parts of the company INTERACTION NEEDS: Intellectual inclusion: How much do managers ask for and act on opinions and inputs from their team members Emotional inclusion: How emotionally connected are individuals on a team to each other and to their leader, as friends, colleagues and members of a work family INTENT NEEDS: Congruential inclusion: How strong is the alignment between the individual values of employees and the values of the business as a result of intentional linking Causal inclusion: What social and community causes that are dear to employees are supported visibly by the organization  IMPROVEMENT NEEDS: Developmental inclusion: How well are diverse learning needs met in order to enable professional growth Promotional inclusion: What processes and support mechanisms are in place to help every individual progress to positions of greater responsibility, impact and influence 

top100 UNDER 50

ASSESSMENT How well does your organization perform on meeting these 10 different needs through the 20 different forms of inclusion? Rate your organization on the frequency of occurrence of each of the 20 inclusion types using the following scale. 1 Rare 2 Occasional 3 Sometimes 4 Frequent 5 Consistent Based on the total score out of 100, here is the assessment scale for your organization in terms of being inclusive along all 20 dimensions: 20-35 Foundational 36-50 Developing 51-65 Average 66-80 Superior 80-100 Best in Class Also, check yourself on which 3 of these 10 needs are most important to you, and how your organization does in terms of the 6 forms of inclusion critical to meeting those specific needs. If your organization scores well on those forms of inclusion that matter the most to you, you are more likely to be engaged and effective at work.  Suri Surinder is CEO and co-founder of CTR Factor, Diversity MBA’s executive education and consulting partner, and the global head of the CTR Factor Leadership Institute under the Diversity MBA brand umbrella. He can be reached at and at 312-618-5739. | 69

Inclusive Leadership

2017 Leadership Competencies

Based on the 2017 Diversity MBA Inclusive Leadership Index (ILI), below is the percent of companies ranking the Top Leadership Competencies for Executives

Percent of companies Source: DMBA Inclusive Leadership Index (ILI) Companies now value cultural dexterity and change management has top leadership competencies. 100 percent of companies rank these competencies as their key leadership abilities.

Cultural Dexterity


Inclusive Leadership Change Management Team Empowerment


Results Orientation Communication Effectiveness Customer Intelligence


Conflict Management Vision


Emotional Intelligence

83 0 20 40 60 80 100 120

70 |

top100 UNDER 50

Diversity Conference Highlights

30 Years Powering the Future The Forum on Workplace Inclusion (FWI), the nation’s largest diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conference, celebrated 30 years of convening during the 2018 conference held on April 10-12 in downtown Minneapolis. And turning 30 proved to be a milestone year.

In a powerful opening address, FWI Executive Director Steve Humerickhouse opened the conference celebrating the record number of people assembled for the week, but he called attention to the missing voices. Humerickhouse characterized those voices as people who might not feel welcomed at a diversity conference and who react strongly to what they perceive as negative demographic change leaving them behind in a “zero sum game.” He challenged conference participants to ask questions that lead to solutions for this conundrum.

The theme, Power the Future, focused on looking ahead BY STEVE HUMERICKHOUSE, rather than only looking back. FWI EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR An increase of approximately 150 people over 2017, more than 1600 participants from 38 states, 14 countries, and six continents descended on the City’s convention center for three days of workshops, keynotes, exhibits, and community building events.

General session speakers included NBA star and social entrepreneur Earvin “Magic” Johnson and NPR reporter and The Race Card Project Founder Michele Norris. Johnson talked about his work in underserved communities and as a minority business owner; Norris focused on race in America and our role in discussing and confronting it.

In addition, The Forum featured more than 200 presenters delivering workshops ranging from full and half day options to 90, 60, and 20 minute versions, learning labs providing one on one hands on learning, and more than 475 individual diversity and inclusion coaching sessions across 80 organizations. Finally, the Marketplace of Ideas featured more than 75 exhibitors along with art installations, a wellness center, and meditation spaces.


top100 UNDER 50

General session panel discussions included the intersection of disability and technology and leading during crisis, featuring executives from Uber and Unilever (manufacture of Dove soap). The take away for the disability and tech discussion centered around the recruitment, retention, and development of people on the abilities spectrum. The leading during crisis session take away was about the role leadership plays in having tough but real conversations about DEI.


Diversity Conference Highlights


At a glittering 30th Annual Celebration Dinner, Shiza Shahid, co-founder of the Malala Fund (co-created with Pakistani high school student and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yosufzai), spoke of the difficult realities of females seeking education in countries where female education is not common by custom or law. Shahid was later joined on stage by Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, principle consultant with Cook Ross, who interviewed Shahid in a fireside chat format. The 2018 Winds of Change awards were also presented during the celebration dinner. Awardees included Fred Miller, founder of the Kaleel Jamison consulting firm, and the US Business Leadership Network, a disability rights organization. The Friend of the Forum recipient was Robby Gregg of Washington, DC. New this year was the Power the Future award, which was created to honor emerging leaders in the DEI space. The first recipient of the award was Joshua Love from Texas State University. The Forum serves as a convening hub for those seeking to grow their leadership and effectiveness in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion by engaging people, advancing ideas, and igniting change. Forum staff select presentations from hundreds of submissions each year, finding the very best and timeliest of those to present at the annual conference, in its webinar series, and other events throughout the year.

72 |


A NOTE FROM FWI While the conference has come and gone, our work in DEI this year is just beginning. We are committed to “powering the future” and encourage everyone to lead the charge with us. Visit us at and connect with us in whatever way you can. FWI offers an eclectic and extensive array of tools and resources all year round to help all DEI practitioners and learners lead the charge in diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. FWI will be publishing videos of 2018 conference general sessions and presentations for viewing by the general public in early June. Visit FWI’s for details. ABOUT FWI The Forum on Workplace Inclusion (FWI) is part of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The Office develops and articulates the institution’s goals around fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. For 30 years, FWI has served as a convening hub for those seeking to grow their leadership and effectiveness in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion by engaging people, advancing ideas, and igniting change.

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Diversity Conference Highlights

Top Ten Lessons Learned from Diversity MBAs

Recruitment Boot Camp Training Series

First, let me be clear, I am not boastful but grateful that I was given the vision two years ago to develop a series of diversity recruiting training that was delivered around the country in five cities. My vision was to design training for recruiters, diversity professionals, and hiring managers to have the opportunity to come together in a platform that allowed them to not only gain new insights but to learn from each other. It was the pain I was hearing repeatedly from companies saying that, “ we cannot find the diverse talent, the right talent, the qualified talent to fill our many available jobs.” As a result, for three years we captured data leveraging our Inclusive Diversity Index (survey) to learn exactly what are companies doing that is preventing them from hiring the talent they so desperately cannot find. For example, we asked questions to gather insights on who’s doing the hiring, if diversity and talent acquisition strategy was aligned with each other including the business, what resources are allocated to support diversity recruiting, and more. These insights allowed me to put together experts from both my team and companies to share current practices, best practices and next practices on recruiting in today’s environment. The icing on the cake are the DMBA partners that believe in my vision and supported the execution of the training. Thanks to Clorox, Ingersoll Rand, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, PNC Financial and Workplace Inclusion Forum for providing us the support for bringing my vision to life. Moreover, I thank the diversity and talent management corporate executives from Mercedes Benz, Porter Novelli, Novant Health, Clorox, Ingersoll Rand, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, PNC Financial, JLL Americas and TIAA. These experts were able to share insights on work they are currently doing as well as innovative strategies they are putting into practice. What did we learn from these live trainings around the country? Let me with share with you a few highlights shared with us.

top100 UNDER 50

TOP TEN INSIGHTS 1. The live trainings with various levels and disciplines in the same room was simply phenomenal, outstanding, exceptional, said many participants. 2. Receiving CEUs for the training is a bonus; we trained 500 participants in 5 cities. 3. Recruiters are having a difficult time influencing hiring managers to engage their qualified candidates because of their differences. 4. Expectations of hiring managers are unrealistic, so it is difficult to fill open positions with qualified diverse talent. 5. Many of the attendees agreed that bias exist prevalently in the talent acquisition processes and systems used to recruit diverse talent. 6. Without the support of leadership and resources, diverse slates are unrealistic to put into practice. 7. Job descriptions should be redesigned to capture essential functions and competencies, because the way they are used today encourages bias. 8. Recruiters do not receive enough training to support their current culture when trying to defeat inconsistencies and bias. 9. It is extremely difficult to hire diverse talent into rural geographic areas where there is no diversity; more access and connection to local diverse communities is necessary to achieve retention and attraction. 10. Brand alone is not enough to attract top diverse talent; the packages must be more inclusive. I could keep going on and on, but you can gain of sense of how valuable participating in this type of dialogue can encourage change. We learned so much and will be continuing to share and encourage organizations to support forums that allows for courageous conversations. We are already confirmed for five cities in 2019. Diversity MBA not only provides these trainings for the marketplace, but we customize for internal trainings for companies, regardless of size; and we will be offering courses in 2019 for virtual innovation labs. Companies that are interested in hosting a training, please contact | 73

Hosted By:

Diversity BOOTCAMP



HOST: STEVE HUMERICKHOUSE Executive Director, St. Thomas University/ Workplace Inclusion Forum

Neddy Perez Head of Diversity & Campus Recruiting, TIAA Best Practice on Leveraging Technology for Recruiting

Pam McElvane CEO, Diversity MBA, Big Data on the Recruiting Landscape

Grant Clark VP & Director of Diversity & Inclusion, JLL Enhancing Internal Platforms to Increase Recruiting

The second annual DMBA Diversity Recruiting BootCamp will provide an integrated platform for engagement in practical dialogue, assessment and training to enhance the recruiting lens of all participants. Innovative Best Practices will be learned and shared from the DMBA Original data gathered from the annual inclusive leadership index.

Diversity BOOTCAMP

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HOST: EVONNE BENNETT Ingersoll Rand Director of Diversity & Inclusion Moderator: Diversity Best Practice Panel

Rich Robles Novant Health Director of Diversity Panel

Michelle Murphy VP Diversity & Inclusion and Global Talent Acquisition Ingersoll Rand Panel

Suri Surinder CEO, CTR Factor Next Practices in Attracting Minority Talent

Dr. Deborah Ashton DMBA-CTR Leadership Institute Head of Behavior Practice, Uncovering Bias in Talent Acquisition

Pam McElvane Diversity MBA CEO Big Data Segment: Best Practice Recruiting Trends

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Diversity BOOTCAMP

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HOST: MIRIAM LEWIS The Clorox Company Head of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Culture & Talent Acquisition: Winning Solution

Nadine Vogel Author & CEO, Springboard Consulting Accessing the Silent Talent

Pam McElvane CEO Diversity MBA, Big Data Segment: SkiNy on Recruiting; Best Practice Trends

Grant Clarke VP, Director of Diversity, JLL Case Study: Leveraging Internal Resources

Soon Mee Kim EVP & Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader Porter Novelli Panelist

Tamika Curry Smith Head of Diversity and Inclusion Mercedes-Benz USA Panelist

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Diversity BOOTCAMP

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KANSAS CITY MAY 30 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM



HOST: DR. ANDREA HENDRICKS Deputy Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Pam McElvane CEO, Diversity MBA Best Practice Trends in Recruiting

Suri Surinder CEO, CTR Factor Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

Dr. Deborah Ashton Head of Behavior Practice, CTR Leadership Institute Understanding the Behavior of Bias

The DMBA Diversity Recruiting BootCamp will provide an integrated platform for engagement in practical dialogue, assessment and training to enhance the recruiting lens of all participants. Innovative Best Practices will be learned and shared from the DMBA Original data gathered from the annual inclusive leadership index.


Top 100 Index

A New Resource To Track Leaders


e are so excited about bringing new ways to continue to recognize and acknowledge our Top 100 honorees over the past decade. This is a preview section of what we are putting together for the winter (November 2018 Top 100 Leadership) issue. The honorees below are from the classes of 2017 to 2013. Listed in alphabetical order by first name, captures some of the preview highlights we want to share so you can visualize what is coming later this year. Diversity MBA Top 100 under 50 Executive and Emerging leaders is the only list of its kind. While there are numerous Top 100 lists, our list requires an application process, the completion of advanced degrees and/or certifications, along with community service and outstanding career achievement. Our platform is integrated within our Top 100 organization’s leadership recognition platforms. On average our partners have supported this recognition platform for 5 years; they nominate their most celebrated executive and rising stars; most importantly they trust and support Diversity MBA with the celebration of these special individuals.

end of the day, it is prudent for Diversity MBA’s publishing platforms to promote these voices.

We have been encouraged for the past several years to find ways to continue to uplift our honorees; so now I believe we have discovered the secret sauce. We have launched the TOP 100 ON THE MOVE newsletter that will recognize the continued excellent work of leaders on a monthly basis. We will also add this section to our magazine. Additionally, we will be launching the Top 100 Blog that will feature executives speaking out on business issues they believe require attention. At the

We encourage our honorees to contact for any changes in industry or updates in credentials. We plan to share the full list from 2007 to 2018 in our winter 2018 issue. To further support branding and recognition, interested audiences can take advantage of our advertising promotions that will be offering exclusive discounts to honorees and their companies. Stay tuned and become a part of something special...

78 |

Take a walk through and peruse who you may know on our resource Top 100 index. We are not allowed to provide any of their personal contact information. However, if you want to connect with one of them I am sure you can find them on LinkedIn’s professional network. Our intent of the index is to further expose these leaders to the marketplace and other industry leaders seeking to connect with talented men and women.

top100 UNDER 50

Aaron Bruce Abdul El-Sayed Abhi Dhar Abhi Ingle Abigail Ramirez Ada Mahon Airica Steed Alberta Johnson Alberto Ortega Alejandro Badia Alejandro Galindo Alex Castaneda Alex Parker Alexander Lawrence Alyssa Pei Amina Harvey Amy Logue Ana Petras Andrea Almeida Mack Andrea Moody Andrea Nickel Andrea Siudara Andres Irlando Andres LaCambra Andres Lombana Andrew Lee Angel Lorente Angela Williams Angela Elbert Angela Foster-Woods Angela R. Schema Angela Roseboro Angelise Rouse Angleo Williams Ann Marie Wright Anna Natale-Pereira Anna DeShawn Anne Chow Annum Ghayas Anshu Prasad Antonio Fernรกndez Anu Codaty Anup Sharma Anuradha Hebbar April Griffith Arthur Miller Artika Tyner Arturo Nava Arun Ramaswamy Audra Davis

top100 UNDER 50

2016 X 2017 X 2014 X 2015 X 2017 X 2016 X 2014 X 2014 X 2014 X 2014 X 2017 X 2015 X 2014 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2014 X 2017 X 2015 X 2015 X 2015 X 2014 X 2014 X 2017 X 2017 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2013 X 2013 X 2016 X 2016 X 2016 X 2014 X 2013 X 2013 X 2017 X 2015 X 2015 X 2017 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2017 X 2016 X 2017 X 2016 X


Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Education African American X X Government Asian X Retail Asian X Consulting American Indian X Recruiting Hispanic X Financial Services Asian X Healthcare African American X Association Hispanic/African American X Manufacturing Hispanic X Healthcare Hispanic X Healthcare Hispanic X Consulting Hispanic X Technology African American X Education African American X Consulting Asian X Entrepreneur African American X Healthcare Asian X Consumer Services Hispanic X Consulting African American X Consulting African American X Consulting White X Transportation White X Telecommunications Hispanic X Phrama Hispanic X Media Hispanic X Healthcare Asian X Financial Services Hispanic X Legal African American X Financial Services White X Financial Services African American X Commercial Real Estate White X Healthcare African American Publishing African American X Non profit African American X Financial Services African American X Media Hispanic X Healthcare LGBT X Technology Asian X Healthcare Asian X Healthcare Asian X Healthcare LGBT X Healthcare Asian X Manufacturing Asian X Insurance Asian X Financial Services African American X Consulting Hispanic Education African American X Consulting Hispanic X Consumer Services Asian X Consulting African American X | 79




Barbara Fernandez Barbara McAllister-Whye Belen Arellano Benjamin R. Yrun Ostapuk Beth Sehgal Bill Frazier Braxton Sisco Brenda K. Herold Brian Agnew Brian Jackson Brian Tippens Bridget Hurd Brody Weichbrodt Brooke Story Bryan Chapman Byron Love Calvin Hung Camilo Echavarria Capt. Joseph Perez Carlotta Roman Caroline Tsai Carrie Shea Carter Lemrey Cesar A. Gonzalez Cesar Lostaunau Chad Dreas Charis Marquez Cheri Wilson Cheryl Atkinson Chris Lee Chris Louie Christina Alford Christopher Boulanger Cindi Evans Galvan Clarita Santos Claudio Noriega Courtney Getum Courtney Jones Cristina Henriquez Crystal Andrews Dan Cranshaw Dana R. Wright Danielle Alexander Darcy Brito Darrell Guy Darren Henry David Cardona David Carter David Johnson David Perez

2014 X 2014 X 2017 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2014 X 2014 X 2015 X 2014 X 2016 X 2016 X 2014 X 2017 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2014 X 2017 X 2015 X 2014 X 2014 X 2013 X 2016 X 2017 X 2014 X 2014 X 2015 X 2016 X 2015 X 2013 X 2015 X 2016 X 2015 X 2014 X 2017 X 2016 X 2015 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2014 X 2016 X 2017 X 2017 X 2015 X 2013 X 2016 X 2017 X

80 |


Hispanic African-Americanican Hispanic Hispanic White African-American LGBTQQ White African-American African-American African-American African-American Veteran African-American African-American African-American Asian Hispanic Hispanic African-American Asian White African-American Hispanic Hispanic White-Veteran White African-American White Asian Asian White African-American Hispanic Asian Hisp/Veteran African-American African-American Hispanic African-American African-American African-American African-American Hispanic African-American African-American Hispanic African-American African-American Asian-Hispanic

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Legal Technology X Consumer Services X Technology X Consulting X Insurance X X Consulting X X Technology X Healthcare X Retail X Technology X Healthcare X Legal X Healthcare X Retail X Nonprofit X Healthcare X Entrepreneur X Military X Transportation XX Healthcare X Consulting X Retail X Financial Services X Insurance X Consumer Services X Retail X Healthcare X Consulting X Consulting X PHARMA X Nonprofit X PHARMA X Manufacturing X Technology X Consulting X Consulting X Consumer Services X Technology X Pharma X Legal X Government X Healthcare X Insurance X Technology X Education X Technology X Technology X Entrepreneur X Healthcare X

top100 UNDER 50

Dayla Randolph Dean Martinez Dean Monnin DeAndre Hodo Debbie Cortez Deena Rembert-Neason Deepak Gupta Deidra Jenkins Deidra Merriwether Delia Moore Denise Barreto Derek Robinson Desiree Otkins Dianne McKeever Diego Gordillo Dolores Hernandez Douglas Bowles Dr. Daryl Williams Dr. Desiree Haynes Dr. Paul Martin Duane France Duriya M. Farooqui Dustin Angelo EbonĂŠ Carrington Edgar Delgado Edmond Chan Edward Jacobs Crawford Ellen Chube Ellie Boldenow Elsy Ocejo Emilene Leonard Emily Heintz Eric Conley Eric Simon Ericka Carmona-Vega Esperanza Segarra Esteban Lopez Esther Wildenberg Fabrizio Galvez Benvenutto Faris El Refaie Farrah Pepper Felipe Paez Fernando Diaz Fernando Little Fiona Tan Florence Holland Francesca Gino G. Patrick Griffin Gary Cao George Coleman Jr.

top100 UNDER 50

2014 X 2016 X 2014 X 2017 X 2014 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2015 X 2017 X 2016 X 2016 X 2017 X 2014 X 2013 X 2014 X 2013 X 2015 X 2016 X 2016 X 2013 X 2015 X 2017 X 2015 X 2014 X 2014 X 2013 X 2015 X 2017 X 2017 X 2017 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2017 X 2017 X 2017 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2015 X 2016 X 2017 X 2017 X 2013 X 2014 X 2015 X 2015 X


African-American Hispanic LGBTQQ African-American Hispanic African-American LGBTQ African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American White Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic African-American African-American African-American White-Veteran Hispanic Other African-American Hispanic Asian Veteran African-American White Hispanic African-American White African-American African-American Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic White Hispanic Other White Hispanic Hispanic African-American Asian African-American Hispanic African-American Asian African-American

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Healthcare X Consulting X Commercial Real Estate Technology Consulting Consumer Packaged Goods Retail Financial Services Retail Technology Consulting Healthcare X Government Finance X Financial Services Transportation Retail Manufacturing X Insurance X Healthcare X Healthcare Government Entrepreneur Healthcare Financial Services Telecommunications Financial Services Financial Services X Financial Services Consumer Packaged Goods X Education X Financial Services Healthcare Education Consulting Consulting X Healthcare X Financial Services X Financial Services Pharma Manufacturing X Financial Services X Government Healthcare Retail Association X Education X Healthcare Healthcare Military




X X X XX X X XX | 81

Germaine Hunter Gia Griffith Gil de las Alas Girish Rishi Gloria Marron Gloria Sinclair-Miller Gokul Varadharaj Grant Clarke-Crews Greg Hernandez Gregory Disher Guillermo Estrada Guru Gurushankar Gustav Magno Guy Mills Hardmon Williams III Hari Gopalkrishnan Harjot Singh Harris Ng Heather Holland Heather Kowalski Hector Torres Heidi Hattendorf Hemant Porwal Hozefa Lokhandwala Imran Akbar Ina Owens Indira Saladi J.T. Petherick Jaime Vazquez Jairo Fernando Perez James E. Taylor James Jordan Jr. James Meza III Jamie Barton Jamie Loftin Janet Smith-Hill Janice Jackson Jasmine Dolfus Jason Allen Jason Kim Jasper Saunders Jay Hedley Jeannie Roonie Jeff Yarvis Jeffrey Tovar JennĂŠ Johns Jenni Broyles Jennifer Nichols Jennifer Van Buskirk Jesse Martinez

2017 X 2013 X 2013 X 2013 X 2017 X 2014 X 2015 X 2017 X 2014 X 2015 X 2017 X 2016 X 2015 X 2014 X 2015 X 2013 X 2014 X 2015 X 2016 X 2017 X 2014 X 2015 X 2013 X 2015 X 2014 X 2016 X 2016 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2013 X 2015 X 2014 X 2015 X 2015 X 2013 X 2017 X 2017 X 2017 X 2014 X 2017 X 2014 X 2013 X 2015 X 2015 X 2016 X 2016 X 2016 X 2014 X 2013 X

82 |


African-American African-American Asian Asian Hispanic African-American Asian White-LGBTQQQ Hispanic African-American Hispanic Asian Hispanic African-American African-American Asian Asian Asian African-American White Hispanic White Pacific Islander Asian Asian African-American Asian Native American Indian Hispanic Hispanic African-American African-American Hispanic White Veteran White African-American African-American Asian African-American Asian African-American Veteran White White Hispanic African-American White African-American White Hispanic

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Consumer Packaged Goods Entrepreneur Consumer Packaged Goods Technology Pharma PHARMA Healthcare Commercial Real Estate PHARMA Government Consumer Packaged Goods Healthcare X Consumer Services Consumer Packaged Goods Legal Financial Services Financial Services Legal Consulting Financial Services Education X Technology Retail Entrepreneur X Technology Healthcare Consulting X Healthcare X Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Healthcare X Utility Technology X Entrepreneur Transportation Healthcare Education X Technology Legal X Legal X Education Consulting Government X Financial Services X Legal Healthcare Retail Entrepreneur Technology Government





top100 UNDER 50

Jessica Lochmann Jesus Palomino Echartea Jimmy Nguyen Johann Dudley John Abney John Peter Suarez John Rice John Suarez John Vu Jorge Corral Jose Bodipo-Memba Joseph Chen Joshua Gutstein Jovonna Palmer Joy Barua Joyce Lee Juan Carlos Avila Juan Jose Del Real Julianne Galloway Julie Hutcheson Stoss Julie Langdon Julie M. Felix Julie Parsons JulietteBuiter Kalyan Raman Kameka Brown Kamilah White Kara Bachman Karen D. King Karen Rubin Karimiah McKee Karlo Young Karyn O’Brien-Flannagan Kathryn Zhao Kathy Bowman-Williams Kathy Sterio Keith D. Terry Kekin Shah Kelly Chen Kelly King Kellye Gordon Kenard Gibbs Kenneth Battle Kevin Price Kinneil Coltman Kish Khemani Kristen Etheredge Kristie Spivey Kristin Beal Kristy K. Kelly

top100 UNDER 50

2015 X F 2013 X M 2015 X M 2016 X M 2016 X M 2013 X M 2015 X M 2015 X M 2013 X M 2013 X M 2016 X M 2017 X M 2013 X M 2017 X F 2015 X M 2017 X F 2017 X M 2013 X M 2017 X F 2014 X F 2013 X F 2017 X F 2013 X F 2016 X F 2014 X M 2016 X F 2016 X F 2017 X F 2017 X F 2014 X F 2017 X F 2015 X M 2017 X F 2014 X F 2017 X F 2014 X F 2013 X M 2014 X M 2017 X F 2014 X M 2017 X F 2013 X M 2014 X M 2015 X M 2016 X F 2014 X M 2015 X F 2016 X F 2015 X F 2014 X F

White Hispanic Asian Asian African-American Hispanic African-American Hispanic Asian Hispanic African-American Asian White African-American Asian Asian Hispanic Hispanic White Indian White African-American White White Asian African-American African-American White African-American White African-American African-American White Asian African-American White African-American Asian Asian Asian African-American African-American African-American African-American White Asian Caucasion African-American African-American White

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Manufacturing X Technology X Manufacturing X Consumer Services X Consumer Services X Retail X Manufacturing X Manufacturing X Healthcare X Consulting X Government X Consumer Packaged Goods X Nonprofit X Media X Manufacturing X Retail X Financial Services X Technology X Technology X Healthcare X Legal X Insurance X Acturial Fellow Insurance Entrepreneur X Consumer Services X Healthcare X Consumer Packaged Goods X Sports X Pharma X Consulting X Entrepreneur X Government X Healthcare X Financial Services X Legal X Manufacturing X Nonprofit X Manufacturing X Legal X Technology X Retail X Entrepreneur X Legal X Education X Healthcare X Consulting X Healthcare X Healthcare X Financial Services X Education X | 83


Kyle Reyes Kwame Trotman Kyra Patterson Lacetti Fields Lakecia Gunter Lana Powers McKenna Larissa Williams-Staples Latonia Walker Latoya R. Conners Gray Latriece Watkins Laura Gurski Lauren Aplin Lauren S. Love-Wright Laurent Therivel Lawanda Rutledge Gordon Le Ondra Clark Harvey Lena McIntyre Leslie Davis Leslie Ferraro Leslie Parker Levoi Brown Linda L. Singh Lisa Lee Lisa Sanchez Lisette Martinez Lori Estiverne Lori Lee Lori Zumwinkle Lottie A. Robertson Lucino Sotelo Luis Moreno Lum Forfeke Mackenzie Phillips Manika Turnbull Manish H. Nasta Manoj Kumbhat Manuel Cuevas Marachel Knight Marc Washington Marcell A. Taylor Marcus Kellum Marcy Shinder Margaret Fillman Margaret Lapiz Margaret Trietsch Maria Garza-Lennon Maria Yue Mariana Monteiro Mark Burrell Mark Green

2015 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2013 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2015 X 2013 X 2015 X 2017 X 2014 X 2014 X 2015 X 2015 X 2013 X 2016 X 2016 X 2016 X 2014 X 2013 X 2014 X 2017 X 2015 X 2015 X 2014 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2017 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2013 X 2017 X 2014 X 2017 X 2014 X 2017 X 2013 X 2014 X 2016 X 2017 X 2015 X

84 |


Native/Hawaiian African-American African-American African-American African-American White African-American African-American African-American African-American White White African-American White/Veteran African-American African-American African-American African-American White African-American African-American African-American Asian Hispanic Hispanic African /White White White African-American Hispanic Hispanic African-American African-American African-American Asian Asian Hispanic African-American African-American African-American African-American White White Asian White Hispanic Asian Hispanic White-Veteran African-American

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Insurance X Telecommunications Consumer Packaged Goods Consulting Technology Financial Services Insurance Healthcare Insurance Retail X Consulting Consumer Packaged Goods Telecommunications Government Phrama X Entrepreneur X Consumer Services Legal X Entertainment Manufacturing Technology Consulting Consumer Packaged Goods Financial Services Healthcare Consulting Technology Consulting Transportation Consulting Financial Services Transportation Commercial Real Estate X Healthcare X Telecommunications Consumer Packaged Goods X Technology X Technology Financial Services Government X Government Consumer Services Consumer Packaged Goods Healthcare Healthcare Technology Hospitality Manufacturing X Military Entrepreneur





top100 UNDER 50

Marquis Parker Marsha Castro-Smith Martha Bergstedt Martin Rodgers Mary Donohue Mary Garcia Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi Maryclare T. Kenney Maureen Martin Maurice Mitchell Mavis Ferrao Mecca Sykes-Santana Meeta Huggins Meeta Yadava Mei-Ann Chen Melanie Glennon Melissa O’Neill Melissa Phipps Melissa Romig Melvin Fogle Meredith Morales MichaelParker Michael L. Bennett Michael Salazar Michael Sekoni Michele C. Meyer-Shipp Michele Vargas Michelle Brown Michelle Hoy-Watkins Michelle Kohanzo Michelle Peak MichellePrudhomme-Coleman Mickell Lowery Miguel Martinz Noguerol Miguel Solis Mike Camp Minni Marwaha Mira Mrcela Miranda Helmer Molly M Herrmann Mona Bijoor Muhammad Amir Mukund Kaushik Myriam Vidalon Nancy Harris Nemanja Babic Nerissa McGinn Nick Shyamani Nick Sullivan Nicole Husband

top100 UNDER 50

2014 X 2015 X 2017 X 2013 X 2015 X 2015 X 2013 X 2013 X 2014 X 2016 X 2014 X 2015 X 2017 X 2017 X 2014 X 2014 X 2014 X 2014 X 2013 X 2015 X 2015 X 2014 X 2013 X 2017 X 2014 X 2017 X 2016 X 2017 X 2013 X 2016 X 2013 X 2016 X 2014 X 2013 X 2017 X 2014 X 2015 X 2016 X 2017 X 2017 X 2015 X 2016 X 2017 X 2015 X 2017 X 2016 X 2015 X 2013 X 2017 X 2015 X


African-American Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic White Hispanic African-American White White African-American Indian Hispanic Asian Asian Asian LGBTQQ Hispanic White LGBTQQ African-American African-American African-American African-American Hispanic African-American African-American Hispanic African-American African-American White African-American African-American African-American Hispanic Hispanic Veteran Asian White White White Asian Asian Asian Hispanic African-American LGBTQ Asian Asian African-American African-American

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Consulting Healthcare Healthcare Consulting Entrepreneur X Legal Education X Transportation Healthcare Consumer Packaged Goods Hospitality Media X Transportation Financial Services Entertainment X Manufacturing Healthcare Healthcare X Transportation X Financial Services Technology Telecommunications Consumer Packaged Goods Association Insurance Insurance X Legal X Transportation Education X Retail Transportation X Education Transportation Technology Education Retail Technology Education Consumer Packaged Goods Public Health Technology Consumer Services Consumer Packaged Goods Technology Entrepreneur Consulting Consumer Services X Technology Healthcare Consumer Services X



X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X | 85

Nika White Nikita Mitchell Nisha Agarwal Norman Fleming Olga Camargo Olveen Carrasquillo Omar Vargas Opella Ernest Pam Wasserstein Panissa Caldwell Paola Gonzalez Patricia Aliaga Patricia Birdsong Patricia Delgadillo Paul Martin Pedro Caruso Penelope Prett Peter Nguyen Prasanna Gopalakrishnan Prathibha Rajashekhar Praveen Akkinepally Praveen Atreya Priscilla Tuan Puneet Mahajan Rachel Greene Rachel Stern Rachna Luthra Radhames Nova Rafael Diaz-Granados Rafael Rivera, Jr. Raquel Karls Rashรกanda Cook Ravyn Miller Ray Feaster Rebecca Boll Rebecca Roussell Rebecca Wing Reem Seghairoun Reggie Brown Reginald Cantave Reginald J. Miller Reginald Manning Remberto Del Real Renu Thomas Rhonda Robinson Ricardo Barragan Rich Smith Rishi Sikka Rita Johnson-Greene Robert Mueller

2016 X 2016 X 2016 X 2014 X 2017 X 2014 X 2017 X 2014 X 2017 X 2017 X 2016 X 2015 X 2015 X 2017 X 2017 X 2014 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2017 X 2015 X 2013 X 2015 X 2016 X 2013 X 2015 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2016 X 2013 X 2013 X 2017 X 2017 X 2015 X 2015 X 2013 X 2017 X 2015 X 2015 X 2017 X 2016 X 2016 X 2014 X 2013 X 2014 X 2014 X 2014 X 2015 X 2015 X

86 |


African-American African-American Asian African-American Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic African-American White African-American Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic White African-American Hispanic White Asian Asian Asian Asian Asian Asian Asian African-American White Asian Hispanic Hispanic Hispanic White African-American African-American African-American White African-American White Asian African-American African-American African-American African-American Hispanic Asian African-American African-American African-American Asian African-American White

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Non profit Telecommunications Government X Consumer Packaged Goods X Financial Services Education X Financial Services Insurance X Media X Healthcare Consumer Packaged Goods Financial Services Consumer Services Transportation Medical X Consulting Consulting Healthcare Financial Services Retail Healthcare Telecommunications Media Manufacturing Technology Retail X Consumer Services Nonprofit Healthcare X Legal X Entertainment Entrepreneur Healthcare Healthcare X Technology Consumer Packaged Goods Financial Services X Retail Consumer Packaged Goods Transportation Retail Education Financial Services Entertainment Healthcare Financial Services Healthcare X Healthcare X Healthcare Healthcare






top100 UNDER 50

Robert Reffkin 2015 X M RobertMancilla 2014 X M Robin Sircar 2016 X M Robyn Hamilton 2014 X F Rodahl Leong-Lyons 2013 X F Rodrigo Garcia 2014 X M Roshni Joshi 2015 X F Roslind Blasingame-Bufor 2017 X F Ruben Garcia Espejo 2015 X M Rudolph A. Johnson 2013 X M Ryan Parker 2015 X M Ryan Ramirez 2017 X M Ryan Robertson 2017 X M Sameer Gaur 2016 X M Sandhya Padmanabhan 2017 X F Sandra Washington 2016 X F Sandy Li 2016 X F Sanjay Gupta 2014 X M Sanjog Aul 2013 X M Sarah Jones 2017 X F Sarita Bhrat 2015 X F Sarita Rao 2016 X F Shaden Marzouk 2016 X F Shane Price 2015 X M Shannon Brice 2014 X F Shannon Swiger 2017 X F Shantel Davis 2013 X F Shaunte Mears-Watkins 2015 X F Shawntee Reed 2015 X F Shayna Cook 2013 X F Shelbourn Stevens 2014 X M Sheri Hawkins 2014 X F Sherrin Ross Ingram 2015 X F Shikha Kapoor 2016 X M Shilpa Banerjee 2015 X F Shlynn Rhodes 2015 X F Shoeb Sitafalwalla, MD 2016 X M Shonna Brackett 2017 X F Shuman Mitra 2016 X M Simone Morris 2013 X F Spiwe Pierce 2016 X F Sridhar Guduguntla 2014 X M Stacee Hasenbalg 2013 X F Stacey Beck 2013 X F Stacey deBrauwere 2013 X F Stacye McCall 2015 X F Stan Chia 2017 X M Stanley Roberts 2015 X M Stavonnie S.L. Patterson 2017 X F Stefanie Garcia 2017 X F

top100 UNDER 50

White Hispanic Asian African-America Pacific Islander Hispanic Veteran Asian African-America Hispanic African-America African-America Hispanic African-America Asian Asian African-America Asian Asian Indian African-America Asian Asian Asian African-America African-America White African-America African-America African-America White LGBTQQQ African-America African-America Asian Asian African-America Asian African-America Asian African-America African-America Asian/Indian White White Other African-America Asian African-America African-America Hispanic

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r Et hn ic ity

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Retail X Retail X Healthcare X Healthcare X Hospitality X Government X Retail X Media X Consulting X Nonprofit X Financial Services X Consumer Packaged Goods X Consumer Packaged Goods X Manufacturing X Consumer Packaged Goods X Government X Construction X Insurance X Entrepreneur X Insurance X Entrepreneur X Technology X Healthcare X Financial Services X Entrepreneur X Healthcare X Transportation X Consumer Packaged Goods X Retail X Legal X Healthcare X Financial Services X Consulting X Healthcare X Consumer Packaged Goods X Consumer Packaged Goods X Healthcare X Retail X Consumer Pkg Good X Consumer Packaged Goods X Entertainment X Technology X Financial Services X Consulting X Healthcare X Financial Services X Healthcare X Financial Services X Medical X Non Profit X | 87

Stephanie Bowers Stephanie Padilla Steve Cade Subarna Malakar Sudarshana Bhattacharyya Sujatha Chandrasekaran Susan Mullaney Suzanne Galvanek Suzanne Henricksen Suzzanne O’Quinn Sydney Dillard Talvis Love Tania DeSa Terone Harris Thaddeus Arroyo Therese McGuire Tiffany Hickerson Tiffany Masson Tita Forrest Todd R. Trotter Tom Aiello Tomas Leon Towanda Livingston Troy Nash Vasu Raja Verne Perigord Veronica Appleton Victoria Wright-Gibson Vidur Bhandari Vijay Murugappan Vikki Tam Vilma Chan Vinay Patel Vincent Torres Vincenza Cruz Vinisha Clark Virginia T.Snyder Wendy Race William Baas Wm. Jahmal Miller Xavier Corona Xavier Williams Yadav Nathwani Yang Chao Yediel Melendez Yvette Martinez-Wilson Yvonne Garcia

2016 X 2015 X 2016 X 2017 X 2016 X 2014 X 2013 X 2016 X 2015 X 2013 X 2013 X 2016 X 2017 X 2015 X 2013 X 2013 X 2016 X 2013 X 2014 X 2014 X 2013 X 2016 X 2016 X 2016 X 2013 X 2017 X 2017 X 2015 X 2013 X 2015 X 2014 X 2017 X 2017 X 2016 X 2014 X 2017 X 2014 X 2015 X 2016 X 2014 X 2014 X 2013 X 2016 X 2013 X 2017 X 2013 X 2013 X

88 |


African-America Hispanic African-America Asian Asian Asian White -LGBTQ White White African-America African-America African-America Asian African-America Hispanic African-America African-America White Asian Veteran White Hispanic African-America African-America Asian/Pacific Islander African-America African-America African-America Asian - LGBTQ Asian Asian Asian Asian Hispanic Other Asian Hispanic Other African-America/Veteran African-America Hispanic African-America Asian Asian African-America Hispanic Hispanic

Do ct or at e M as te rs Ce rt ifi ca tio n

In du st ry

Et hn ic ity

Ex ec ut iv e Em er gi ng G en de r

Cl as s

Fi rs t, La st

Top 100 Index

Non profit Education Legal X Retail Retail Retail Healthcare Technology Education Entrepreneur Education X Healthcare Entrepreneur Education Technology Entrepreneur Consulting Education X Phrama Healthcare X Military Non profit Government Legal X Transportation Consulting Media Entertainment Consulting Medical Consulting Consulting Entrepreneur X Technology Healthcare Technology Transportation Financial Services Telecommunications Government X Financial Services Technology Construction Entrepreneur Consumer Packaged Goods Consulting Financial Services


top100 UNDER 50

Top 100 Index

Recognizing Universities of DMBAs Top 100 First, I want to thank all of the colleges and universities that participate in nominating your faculty and alumni to be recognized in our Top 100 Executive and Emerging leaders. The list below is more than 200 college and universities where our Top 100 honorees graduated and received advanced degrees and certifications. The listing is in alphabetical order with no preference. However, it is important to note that every educational institution listed is accredited and in good standing. The purpose for us to acknowledge the education institutions is to encourage professionals to get an advanced degree

from a good program. It does not always have to be the most prestigious institution, but it should be a good one that provides a solid program. The DMBA Top 100 has graduated from the most prestigious ivy league programs to small regional programs and we celebrate them all. We also would like to invite college and universities to advertise in the upcoming winter issue to encourage professionals to look at your graduate programs. For more information on the promotion and discounts on advertising, contact

This is a list of universities that our 2013-2017 Top 100 honorees attended for their advanced degrees and/or certifications. The list represents an extensive range of academic institutions cross the globe. Look out for the complete list (past 13 years of honorees) coming in November 2018! American University Arizona State University Auburn University Baylor University Bellarmine University Benedictine University Boston University Butler University & Pepperdine Alliant Int’l University California State University of East Bay California State University of Hayward California Lutheran University California State University -Sacramento Cambridge College Capella University Carlos Albizu University Carnegie Mellon Case Western Reserve University Centenary College Central Michigan University Chaminade University of Honolulu Chicago School of Professional Psychology Christian Brothers University Clark Atlanta University College of State Scholastica Colorado Technical University Cornell University Creighton University DeGroote School of Business Delhi University

top100 UNDER 50

DePaul University Devry University Drexel University Duke University Engineering National Technological University ESADE Business School Fairleigh Dickinson University Florida A&M University Fundacao Getulio Vargas University Gardner Webb University Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia State University Goa Institute of Management Grand Valley State University H.B.T.I. Kanpur Harvard University Hawaii Pacific University Howard University Huntington University Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) INAOE in Puebla Mexico Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Indian Institute of Technology Indiana University Inter Amer. University Ithaca College Jacksonville University Jawaharial Nehru Vishvavidyalaya John Carroll University | 89

Top 100 Index John’s Hopkins University Keller University Kennesaw State University Lake Forest University Leipzig University Lipscomb University Louisiana State University Loyola University Loyola University of New Orleans McGill University Meredith College Michigan State University Missouri University of Science & Technology Monash University, Melbourne Australia Mount Mercy University National Institute of Technology, Kurkshetra, India National University New York University North Carolina State University Northeastern Illinois University Nova Southeastern University Ohio State University Pace University Penn State University Pepperdine University Pfeiffer University Purdue University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Roosevelt University Rosemont College San Diego State University Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa Seton Hall University Southern Methodist University Southwest University St. Joseph’s University St. Louis University Stanford University Stevens Institute of Technology Temple University Texas A&M University Texas Woman’s University The CA School of Professional Psychology University of Notre Dame University of Texas at Arlington Thomas More College Tilburg University Touro University International Troy State University Tulane University Union College University of Houston

90 |

University North Carolina - Greensboro University of Arkansas University of California at Davis University of California at Berkeley University of California at Los Angeles University of Central Florida University of Florida University of Hong Kong/Hong Kong Polytechnic University University of Ibadan,Nigeria University of Illinois at Chicago University of Iowa University of Maryland University of Massachusetts at Amherst University of Michigan University of Missouri University of Missouri-Kansas City University of Mumbai, Mumbai India University of North Carolina University of Notre Dame University of Oklahoma University of Oregon University of Pacific University of Pennsylvania University of Phoenix University of Pittsburgh University of Puerto Rico University of Rochester University of South Carolina University of South Florida University of Southern California University of St. Thomas University of Tampa University of Tennessee University of Texas at Austin University of Texas at El Paso University of the Incarnate Word University of Utah University of Windsor University of Wisconsin Universityersidad Adolfo Ibanez Virginia Tech Wake Forest University Walden University Washington University Wayne State University Webster University West Virginia University Wharton School of Business Widener University Xavier University

top100 UNDER 50

“First Republic has improved the financial health of our school.” THE HAMLIN SCHOOL

Cristina Casacuberta, Director of Finance and Operations (left) Wanda M. Holland Greene, Head of School (right)

(855) 886-4824

| | New York Stock Exchange symbol: FRC MEMBER FDIC AND EQUAL HOUSING LENDER

Profile for Bárbara Negrón, Graphic Designer

Diversity MBA Magazine – Top 100 Executive and Emerging Leaders  

Diversity MBA Magazine – Top 100 Executive and Emerging Leaders