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6050 HOLLIS STREET EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA 94608 tel: 510.654.3255 fa x: 510.654.3259 e-ma i l : w e b s i t e:





BantaDESIGN We design modern shelters for creative clients. With them we build large scale sculptures for living in that embrace the landscape and fulfill the needs and dreams of their residents. Spaces shaped by light, building envelopes crafted for energy efficiency, floor plans framed for flexibility, and iconic forms with sustainable materials. These are the hallmarks of our custom residential practice.

Radius B House, Tiburon, CA 4,500 sf New Construction The geometry for this luxury spec house in the Tiburon hills springs from a center point at the entry garden gate from which a perimeter radius forms the southern public elevation of the structure and a second radius forms the edge of an infinity pool. Rooms open to a view terrace to provide multiple loop circuits between inside and out. Spaces are arranged as a gallery of views with the axis of the living room directly aligned upon the center of the Golden Gate Bridge. Maple flooring, copper barrel roofing and flashing, mahogany framed windows and a washed stucco exterior complete a palette that is both warm and designed for the climate, reflecting a kind of romantic modernism.



Elements of Design Our passion is designing habitats that people love to call “home”. We dedicate ourselves to understanding our client’s individual and collective family agendas in order to draw our plans from an evolutionary mix of proven concepts and new ideas:

Clarity of Floorplan / Loop Circulation

Design for the Individual and the Family

Adaptability of Spaces

Connection to Gardens, Light & Air

• Passive & Active Energy Efficiency

Natural & Sustainable Materials

Simplicity of Form / Discipline in Details

XYZ House, Oakland, CA 5,000 sf New Construction: Rebuilding after the Oakland Hills Fire of 1991, we abstracted our client’s program into a type of Cartesian outcropping. Our design for the steep south-facing slope collected double height main living spaces and lower level bedrooms and art studio into a single, 4 story, vertical glass volume, flanked by two deep masonry service walls, and a stair tower, shaded by a flat, cantilevered roof and deck overhangs. An interior aluminum clad pod hosts all the water related rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry) while exterior seismic bracing angles across the main window facade to support the decks and roof above. A two-story library of the client’s art book collection is accessed from the entry balcony and main living area, finished with maple flooring.




Custom Residential Project Types we design:

Single Family Homes

Custom Additions

Individual Condominiums

Live / Work Spaces


and Custom Residential Interiors


New Ground-up Construction


and Adaptive Re-use of Existing Structures

XYZ House, Oakland, CA Partial concrete interior floors serve as an extension of the main deck into the living room to provide a fireplace hearth and thermal mass for passive solar heating. Through ventilation and shading allow for passive cooling. The thermal vent stairwell connecting all levels holds an airy stairway made of floating, solid maple treads supported by a steel beam structure and SS cable railings. The XYZ house was the first to rise from a hillside neighborhood entirely destroyed by the calamitous fire three years prior.



Matrix House, Stinson Beach, CA 3,000 sf New Construction Laid out along a north-south axis at one of the narrow lots in SeaDrift the Matrix house follows a strict plaid floorplan pattern to create two living space wings off an entry cylinder of curved glass windows and doors. Transparency from front to back provides views of both the canal and the lagoon. The wings wrap around outdoor lawn courtyards that face directly onto the canal waters for a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.


Professional Services We enable the agendas of ambitious clients who have a lot to accomplish in a short time. Our role is to expedite the arrival of move-in day by simplifying the steps that bring a project to life. Custom Residential Architectural Design Services: 1) Concept & Best Fit Studies / Programming In-depth Programming, Master Planning, Concept Studies 2) Schematics, Planning & Entitlement Approvals Schematic Design Options & Code Compliance Neighborhood Outreach, Planning Approvals 3) Design Development Spatial, Structural, Envelope and Home Systems Refinement LEED, Greenpoint & Alternative Energy Design Daylighting, Sunshading, Natural Ventilation Design Consultant Coordination: Structural, Civil, MEP, Landscape, Furniture Furnishings, Finishes & Equipment / Art & Color 4) Construction Documents / Building & Agency Permits Construction Document Production, Value Engineering Revisions General & Sub-Contractor Bid Support, Building Permit Applications 5) Construction Phase Support Project Site Meetings & Reports, RFI’s, Clarifications / Coord. w Client

Close-out, Certificate of Occupancy, Move-in, Post Occupancy Coord.



Matrix House, Stinson Beach, CA: A warm interior of paired trusses and fir ceiling shelter a granite hearth with a west facing view window at the mantle. The polished concrete floor provides an evenly distributed thermal mass throughout the house and is a perfect fit for the indoor/outdoor activities of a beach house overlooking Seadrift canal.


Select Clients We specialize in working with Clients who recognize the value that excellent design brings to everyday life: Francis (Private Developer) and Erin Collins: Matrix House, 3000 sf new construction, Stinson Beach, CA Linear A House, 4,000 sf new construction, Tiburon, CA Radius B House, 4,400 sf new construction, Tiburon, CA Hillside Solar Home, 5,000 sf new construction, Sonoma, CA John (Attorney) and Martha Cook: Snowshoe Cabin, 800 sf new construction, Soda Springs, CA Neil Gibson (retired): 30 Meadowhill Drive, 1,000 sf addition, Tiburon, CA Bob Fulmer and Helen Nicholas (co-CEO’s of Royal Coffee): Stone Villa, 5,500 sf renovation, Oakland Hills, CA Alec (CEO Exigen) and Galina Miloslavsky: Parallax House, 6,500 sf renovation, Hillsborough, CA Gregory (co-founder Genesys) and Lena Shenkman: Equinox House, 8,000 sf renovation and addition, Tiburon, CA




Flexibility & Follow-through What matters to you matters to us. Every project encounters unanticipated changes, budget adjustments, and re-arranged priorities. We respond with an adaptability to new conditions afforded us by the strength of our design vision. This responsiveness allows us to transform the unexpected into the advantageous. We work on the assumption that every design initiative requires dedicated follow-through in order to be faithfully rendered into the final product originally envisioned.

Hillside Community, Monterey Blvd. Row Homes, Oakland, CA New Construction, 18,000 sf. Creation of a new hillside community of 6 row homes at a steep view site in the Oakland Hills previously considered unbuildable. The detached houses have simple floorplans, built within tight budgets to provide maximum floor areas. The new neighborhood features homes with 2 car attached garages and front door foyers to the top floor main living room, kitchen and dining areas. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms occupy 2nd level down with an art studio / office / exercise room at the 3rd lower level. A curved glass balcony off the living room offers expansive views across SF Bay.






Renovations Renovating existing structures into modern living environments is one of our core skills. Older houses often have the built-in advantages of high-ceilinged spaces, generous floorplans, and fine detailing that favor the openness, natural daylighting, and refinement of today’s dwellings. In addition the recycling of adapted building envelopes with new interiors intrinsically creates a sustainable ecological alternative to building new structures. This spirit of efficiency runs through every aspect of our work where we can creatively update older systems into the service of contemporary solutions.

Equinox House, Tiburon, CA Renovation 8,000 sf. So named for the expansive views of sunrise to sunset at each equinox, a large Mediterranean style villa was transformed into a modern retreat optimizing views as works of art. A bead blasted stainless steel trellis sunscreen floats over the garage to shade new 2nd level bedrooms and provide a frame for their balconies.






Challenge & Experience There are no shortcuts to successful design conclusions. Only informed analysis as a basis for creative inspiration produces results of lasting value. Today’s challenges require attentive listening, open-minded ingenuity, and the initiative to act in order to make the most of what you have to work with. We have over three decades of successful collaboration with our clients transforming their complex programs, tight budgets and demanding construction timeframes into award winning works of residential architecture.

Equinox House, Tiburon CA Main Living Room: The original heaviness of the columns and window mullions is replaced with a series of double glazed assemblies, each with interior motorized retractable blinds, tilted to enhance sunshading and reduce interior reflections in the manner of an airport control tower. Each panel includes motor operated sections for ventilation and wing windows at each column to enhance transparency and reduce column width. Oak parquet has been replaced with wide plank, clear maple floors. The ceiling is finished with custom panels of fabric over insulation to absorb sound.




Interior Design Interior spaces can be rendered in a palette of sustainable materials with rich textures, organic finishes and subtle colors. These can serve as a canvas for the interior design that animates your residence: high quality hardware, creative fixtures, well designed furniture, evocative wall, floor and ceiling coverings, exceptional artwork, finely crafted cabinetry and beautiful appliances. The array of product choices for exterior and interior finishes is breathtaking and opportunity abounds for turning the everyday into the extraordinary.

Equinox House, Tiburon CA. Main Staircase: Frosted glass serves as a balustrade for the main interior stair, fabricated as a single steel unit. Cylindrical Glass Fireplace: warms the foyer as well as a library of curved frosted glass partitions attached to metal bookcases. Rustic Wood Shelf: a reversible slice of select poplar custom cut to serve as a front hall shelf for keys, mail and flowers. Master Bedroom: includes a floor to ceiling stainless steel mesh screen that slides opens to ensure privacy and to reveal built-in electronics cabinetry.




Indoor / Outdoor Connection Relating indoor space to outdoor environments is fundamental in our approach to residential design. Wherever possible we provide direct sight-lines and direct access from interior living spaces to exterior landscaped areas to allow each to become an extension of the other. This connection to gardens provides an essential link to the outside natural world and serves as a counterpoint to the man-made interior world. Outdoor landscapes provide breathing space for restoring the spirit and offer an open classroom for nature’s rich curriculum.

Equinox House, Tiburon CA. Indoor / Outdoor Flow: Multiple sliding glass doors, open to allow a free flow of travel between the interior and exterior living spaces. Interior Detailing: Curved glass door panels at the cylindrical breakfast nook lead to the patio while custom corner cabinetry and metal panel light/temperature controls reflect comprehensive interior detailing. Outdoor Living Room: Stone patio and lawn terraces extend the living areas to the exterior. A movable custom teak picnic table with 3 built-in hibachi grills hinges over to teak bench seating at the edge of the patio.




Complexity & Simplicity Complexity has become an anticipated element of the equation for building in the 21st Century. We are skilled at reconciling each project’s competing physical, regulatory, political, time, construction & financial constraints into simple design solutions. Achieving such simplicity typically requires mastering complexities of many types. By coordinating our design options early on with engineers, contractors and subs we consistently produce high levels of buildability, cost-effectiveness, and completeness of documentation for our custom residential projects.

Equinox House, Tiburon CA. Retractable Driveway Gate: A motor operated custom engineered and fabricated vertically retractable driveway gate rises from its underground housing with individual stainless steel posts to complete a 6’ minimalist barrier fence with side man-gate. Retractable Indoor Pool Cover: A motorized glass and stainless steel framed cover lowers across the indoor/ outdoor lap pool to create an additional 800 sf of usable floor area for the enclosed sky-lit entertainment room. Sliding glass doors at the corner open to create a column-less 3D view for the adjacent in-ground hot-tub.



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Authenticity & Originality Our point of departure is unreservedly modern. Above all, however, we strive to design homes that authentically reflect the sensibilities and dreams of their owners. We combine the familiar with the original. In this way our architecture is an evolutionary process that integrates the best of what has been proven to work before with the most promising of what we envision our clients aspire to. The key ingredients for successful design are geometry, daylight, and simplicity. We are partial to the familiarity of Euclidian geometry and to the gift of natural daylighting. Their arrangement in a simple composition that engages the landscape is the principal challenge we strive to meet.

Stone Villa, Oakland, CA, 5,500 sf Renovation. Set deep in the Oakland Hills, with naturally framed views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco, an old masonry villa built in the 1930’s was in need of major seismic renovation and a renewal of its living spaces without sacrificing its character and charm. The kitchen was entirely transformed to open to pantry and eating areas with a new supporting steel beam structure as well as new window wall over the sink, new concrete counters and a curved center island with new cherry wood cabinets and spot lighting. The front hillside courtyard offers a garden focal point for the front entry and kitchen nook.




Concept to Details We focus on creating strong interior design concepts for our residences that translate into clear circulation paths, inspiring kitchens and dining rooms, serene living rooms, flexible multipurpose rooms, and sheltering bedrooms (with plenty of closet space). Coordinated selections for furniture, hardware, controls, lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems, window coverings, floor, wall and ceiling systems and special equipment are the next stage of fulfilling design intent. We take pride in bringing this same attention to our tradition of detailing that celebrates innovative design, craftsmanship, and refined finishes. We believe the success of a residential design is reflected in the care dedicated to its architectural details, inside and out. DETAILS: Parallax House: a custom steel framed living room window, folded into a parallax plane that echoes the stand of noble Cypress beyond. Curved Credenza: custom sideboard designed for a curved wall in an abstracted composition of wood, glass and aluminum. Slab Fountain: water flows across a tilted granite plane carved with horizontal channels to catch sunlight throughout the day.




Construction & Move-in The construction phase is the moment of truth for your schedule, your budget, and the quality of your built residence. Working early with a General Contractor (GC) on a negotiated bid basis can result in a smooth, on-target construction process. Competitive bidding can deliver the lowest overall cost, but make sure the low bidder is also qualified in terms of experience, licensing, bonding capability, lien history, access to subcontractors, and client satisfaction. We excel during the construction phase in our collaboration with the GC for clarifications (RFI’s), change orders, problem-solving & trouble-shooting, completion of punch-list, and representation of our client’s interests. This same thoroughness extends to the move-in phase regarding proper installation and confirmation of performance for all systems, fixtures, finishes, equipment, and furnishings. Snowshoe Cabin, Soda Springs, CA 1,200 sf New Construction Vacation House. Set at the edge of a spectacular granite valley in the foothills of the Sierras the site is accessible only by cross country skis or snowshoe during the winter as the snow pack typically reaches 10 feet high. The 2nd level front door remains accessible during heavy snowfall and leads to the main double height living area overlooking expansive valley views through 2 story double glazed windows that provide passive solar heating. A wood-burning stove set on a granite hearth heats the entire house by generating rising hot air captured in a high, fan-activated duct that recirculates it to the first floor bunk room. During construction we averaged a minimum of 2 site visits per month to this remote location to help guide the contractor.




Our work has appeared in many local, nation-wide and international publications and has been recognized in the profession by numerous regional, state and national design awards programs.


Awards & Publications Stinson Beach Memorial

2013 Invited Competition Winner

Annie’s Homegrown

2011 LEED Gold Certification

Port of San Francisco Piers 19-21-23

2009 “City By Design” Panache Partners,LLC

Equinox House

2008 “1000X Architecture of the Americas” Verlaghaus Braun 2007 “Dream Homes” Panache Partners,LLC

Railroad Spur Blocks

2006 Multifamily Executive, design award 2006 Builder’s Choice design award 2005 East Bay Chapter AIA design award 2003 San Francisco Chapter AIA design award

The Essex on Lake Merritt

2003 East Bay Chapter AIA design award 2003 NAHB/ULI design award 2002 Gold Nugget design award

The Pocket Graffiti Lofts

2000 Western Awards Program design award 2000 Sunset Magazine 1999 “Old Structures: New Uses”

XYZ House

2001 “The House Book”, Phaidon Press Ltd., London & NewYork 1998 “Contemporary World Architecture”, Hugh Pearman Phaidon Press Ltd., London 1997 “San Francisco Houses after the Fire”, Peter Lloyd Ellipsis London Ltd.; Konemann Press, Koln 1997 “San Francisco Architecture”, Peter Lloyd Ellipsis London Ltd.; Konemann Press, Koln

Hollis Street Project 1997 1992 1990 1990 1989 1988

“San Francisco Architecture”, Peter Lloyd Builder’s Choice design award East Bay Chapter AIA design award Architectural Record Architecture Magazine California Council of the AIA design award

Tzintzuntzan Building

1997 “San Francisco Architecture”, Peter Lloyd Ellipsis London Ltd.; Konemann Press, Koln 1990 East Bay Chapter AIA design award

The Radius “B” House

1996 “California, The Art of the State”, Nancy Friedman, Harry Abrams Inc., New York 1992 Northern California House & Garden

Nelson Marine Headquarters Building 1990 East Bay Chapter AIA design award

Matrix Beach House

1992 Northern California House & Garden 1989 Western Awards Program, design award 1989 Sunset Magazine 1989 Architecture Magazine

Senator Alquist State Office Building (w Sol-Arc and ELS)

1983 Progressive Architecture Magazine 1983 Progressive Architecture Design Award 1980 Passive Solar Design Award, Commercial Category: International Solar Energy Society



BantaDESIGN Principals: BantaDESIGN is headed by a team of hands-on Principals with complementary skills and decades of experience managing a dedicated staff of architects, draftspersons, and researchers. The deep pool of talent our firm has to draw upon allows us to put together design teams precisely matched to the specific challenges of our clients’ projects. Devoted to excellence in both environmental design and service, the Principals comprise the central advantage our firm brings to our clients and their enterprises.

Philip Banta, AIA, Architect, Founder & Principal Consultant

Philip leads BantaDESIGN in design direction and delivery of professional services. Philip has received international, national and Bay Area recognition for his firm’s residential work. From his first home commissions in the East Bay to his larger projects in Tiburon he excels at assembling the best project teams for successful collaboration between clients, consultants, communities, and permitting agencies. He has been involved with all the firm’s award winning residential projects since its inception, including the Matrix House in Stinson Beach, the XYZ House in the Oakland Hills, and the Equinox House in Tiburon. Educated at Harvard University (BA mcl) and UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design (M Arch with honors) Philip has served as a lecturer at UC Berkeley and the University of Texas at Austin, and also as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Emeryville. His wife and four children are his renewable resource for creative inspiration. They reside in the coastal community of Stinson Beach.

Clay Fry, Architect, Principal Consultant

Clay’s inspiring leadership of collaborative teams fosters a meritocracy for design ideas and productivity in the service of the Client’s agenda. His forthright analysis of the pros and cons of any given solution provides a refreshingly efficient approach to reaching consensus that keeps his projects on track. Clay brings to BantaDESIGN over 20 years of experience with his former firm MBH Arch, where he served as the Principal in charge of his design studio that produced all of the firm’s residential work. In addition to his design talent he brings a keen technical perspective to his projects, first developed during his early tenure as a forensic architect with large insurance companies and at Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo where he received his Architecture degree. Clay leverages these professional skills with his proven effectiveness as a presenter of project design concepts to generate community and client consensus. Clay has two children, and lives with his wife in the East Bay town of Lafayette.


Norman Hooks, Architect, Principal Consultant

Norman provides tremendous depth of experience regarding outreach and engagement with communities for projects of all types. Norman has served as vice-chairman of the Oakland Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board and as a member of the Oakland Mayor’s Land-Use and Planning Task Force. Norman’s professional expertise is built on an extensive portfolio of adaptive re-use and historic preservation projects as well as residential renovations and additions in the Bay Area. Norman earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Hampton University, Virginia, and pursued post-graduate studies at the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley. Oakland has been his home for the last 20 years.

Izumi Masuda, Interior Design Architect, Principal Consultant

Izumi is well known for producing a timeless, modern interior design that focuses on the unification of interior with exterior spaces. She is working with BantaDESIGN after heading up the Interiors Department at MBH Arch for 15 years where she provided services to residential clients for new construction, renovations, and additions for single family homes and condominiums. She received her degree in Environmental Design, emphasis on Interior Architecture, from U.C. Davis, where she has served as a lecturer and instructor. She lives in the East Bay town of Walnut Creek.

Robert McGillis, AIA, Architect, Principal Consultant

Robert combines design talent and strong technical skills with a comprehensive code and permitting expertise critical to project success. His skillful management of approvals and budgets for BantaDESIGN projects consistently wins the respect of clients and building departments alike. Robert has served as principal architect and project manager for numerous residential projects, including current new home designs for clients with land in Yosemite National Park and Sonoma, CA. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with one year at the Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. Active in the East Bay community since his graduation, Robert lives with his wife and daughter in the Oakland hills.




Philosophy Architecture is an invitation to derive beauty from use. To this end we draw all our concepts through a geometry of interdependent relationships that place gardens at the heart of our work. With them we shape our designs into a frame for nature, one that celebrates the environment and sustains the human spirit.

Spirit Wall Path

Garden Equinox House Retreat: garden and fountain Outdoor deck frames a custom granite fountain resting on landscaped terraces overlooking Richardson Bay and the Marin Headlands beyond.



what our clients say: “We’ve built four homes with BantaDESIGN and they’ve completed one awardwinning design after another, all within our very tight budgets. They are the firm we turn to first for providing reliable, responsive and inspired architectural services. Their collaborative style and their creativity have produced wonderful places for us and our children to live in.” Francis & Erin Collins “Philip designed the perfect weekend vacation cabin for our family. The narrow footprint allowed us to preserve almost all of the trees on the site, and the flexibility of the three living levels provided excellent views, sleeping capacity for up to 10 people, and a passive solar interior. He visited the site many times during design and construction to help set the stage and guide our contractor. His dedication and talent created a place we love to escape to as often as possible.” John & Martha Cook “BantaDESIGN completely transformed our house into the modern, beautiful home we always wanted. The firm’s attention to detail is tireless, their courage to innovate is impressive, and they worked with us throughout as though we were their design partners. Their leadership and initiative through each phase of the design, construction and move-in process were particularly appreciated” Alec & Galina Miloslavsky “BantaDESIGN first designed our headquarters, then our café, and finally our house renovation in the Oakland Hills. They are a pleasure to work with, great listeners, and great chefs for all the different ingredients that go into making architecture designed for the client. They turned our 1930’s house into a modern, open and superbly functional home that added to the depth and charm of its original design. They have great taste, tremendous patience, and a true focus on excellence.” Bob Fulmer & Helen Nicholas 36

BantaDESIGN Evolutionary architecture shaping the built environment in ways that build the human spirit.

Nicasio Valley Estate: Landscaped performance circle and ceremonial steps.

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BentaDESIGN Custom Residential  
BentaDESIGN Custom Residential