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Bangla Times Year 03 n Issue 44


05 - 11 April 2013 n 22 - 28 ‰PÎ 1419 evsjv n 24-30 Rgv. Av. 1433 wnRix n 56 c„ôv

English Section

Page 31...

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‡`‡ki c«avb `ywU ivR‰bwZK ej‡qi c«”Qbœ mg_©‡bi welqwU c«Kvk¨ bv n‡jI ¯úóZ `…k¨gvb| Pj‡Q ‡KŠkj, cvëv ‡KŠk‡ji

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jsgv‡P©i mg_©‡b Mig c~e© jÛb

evsjv UvBgm wi‡cvU© : 6 GwcÖ‡ji jsgv‡P©i †XD G‡m †j‡M‡Q c~e© jÛ‡bI| ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi jsgvP©‡K mg_©b Rvwb‡q hy³ivR¨ 18 `‡ji D‡`¨v‡M 4 GwcÖj, e„n¯úwZevi c~e©jÛ‡bi AvjZve Avjx cvK© †_‡K GK wekvj i¨vwj †ei Kiv nq| i¨vwjc~e© mgv‡e‡k e³viv e‡jb, evsjv‡`‡ki gvbyl i³ w`‡q †`k ¯^vaxb K‡i‡Q, cÖ‡qvR‡b Avevi i³ w`‡q †`‡ki ¯^vaxbZv mve©‡fŠgZ¡ I

niZvj Kg©m~wPi| ‡Ljvi gv‡V GKw`‡K ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjvg, Ab¨w`‡K ‡m±i KgvÛvm© ‡dvivg I NvZK `vjvj wbg©~j KwgwUmn 25wU mvgvwRK-mvs¯‹…wZK msMVb Ges kvnev‡Mi MYRvMiY g c«Kvk¨ c«wZc¶| Z‡e cy‡iv Bm¨ywU‡K ‡K›`« K‡i ïiæ n‡q‡Q g~jZ ivR‰bwZK ‡Ljv| ‡cQb ‡_‡K `yB c«wZc¶‡K

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evsjv UvBgm wi‡cvU© : weª‡U‡bi Avw_©K g›`vi weªwUk‡`i g‡ZvB mgfv‡e ÿwZMÖ¯Í n‡”Qb BwgMÖ¨v›UivI| Avw_©K msKU †gvKv‡ejvq miKvi K…”QZv K‡i‡Q| Avi Gme cwiKíbvi myweavB KZ©b Kiv n‡q‡Q| d‡j mva‡bi bvbv cwiKíbv MÖnY AvIZvq ‡ewbwdUmn cÖvß A‡bK `wi`ª cwievi¸‡jv Av‡iv `wi`ª

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cÖeYZv Av‡iv †e‡o‡Q| g¨vb‡P÷vi BDwbf©vwmi GK M‡elYvq weªwUk‡`i `vb Kivi ms¯‹…wZ m¤ú‡K© BwZevPK Z_¨ > > 38 c„ôvq ...

n‡q DV‡Q| G Kvi‡Y Zviv eva¨ n‡”Q D”P-my‡` FY MÖn‡Y| †c‡W †jvb bv‡g G ai‡Yi †jvb wb‡q weªwUk wgwWqvq mv¤úªwZK mg‡q e¨vcK †jLv‡jwL Kiv n‡q‡Q| ejv n‡q‡Q, Gme F‡Y KL‡bv KL‡bv 4 nvRvi kZvsk ch©šÍ my` MÖnY Kiv n‡q _v‡K| †hgb AvR GKk cvDÛ †jvb wb‡j, Kvj cwi‡kva Ki‡Z n‡”Q 1k 10 cvDÛ| GB wn‡m‡e GKk cvDÛ F‡Y gv‡m > > 38 c„ôvq ...

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jÛb, 04 GwcÖj : UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm wbe©vnx †gqi jyrdzi ingvb‡K nZ¨vi ûgwK cÖ`vb Kiv n‡q‡Q GgbwUB AvksKv Ki‡Qb †gq‡ii NwbôR‡biv| GB AvksKvi †cÖwÿ‡Z ïiæ n‡q‡Q cywjwk Z`šÍI| NUbvi m~ÎcvZ mvgvwRK †hvMv‡hv‡Mi AvjvcPvwiZv‡K †K›`ª K‡i| Aek¨ gva¨g UzBUvi †bUIqv‡K© †jevi Zv‡`i UyBUvi evZ©v Avi e¨w³MZ > > 38 c„ôvq ... cvwU©i wZb kxl© †bZvi e¨w³MZ

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 02

ivR‰bwZK Aw¯’iZv

Pvi nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi AWŠvi nvwi‥q‥Q †cvkvK LvZ XvKv, 02 GwcĂ–j : ivR‰bwZK Aw¯’iZvPjgvb ivR‰bwZK Aw¯’iZvq cĂ–vq 4 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi (50 †KvwU Wjvi) iĂ&#x;vwb Av‥`k nvwi‥q‥Q ˆZwi †cvkvK LvZ| Gme AWŠv‥ii †ewkifvMB cĂ–wZ‥ekx fviZmn wf‥qZbvg I K‥¤^vwWqvq P‥j †M‥Q| GB Ae¯’vq Avi niZvj bv †`qvi Avn&evb Rvwb‥q‥Qb ˆZwi †cvkvK gvwjK‥`i msMVb wewRGgBG| Zv‥`i cĂż †_‥K ejv nq, †cvkvK wk‥íi eo †¾Zviv cĂ–wZeQi AWŠvi †b‥Mvwm‥qkb I AWŠvi †`qvi Rb¨ Zv‥`i cĂ–wZwbwa G‥`‥k cvVv‥jI Gev‥ii MĂ–xŽ§ †gĹ myg‥K mvg‥b †i‥L AWŠvi †`qvi Rb¨ G gyn~‥ZŠ Zviv cĂ–wZwbwa cvVv‥Z AbvMĂ–n cĂ–Kvk Ki‥Qb| eis Ă”wbivcĂ‹vRwbZĂ• KviY †`wL‥q AWŠvi †bqvi Rb¨ evsjv‥`kx †cvkvK mieivnKvix‥`i‥K Zv‥`i †nW‥KvqvUŠv‥i hvIqvi civgkŠ w`‥q‥Qb| MZ mĂ&#x;v‥n eya I e‌nÂŻĂşwZevi `y‌w`‥bi Uvbv niZvj PjvKv‥j ivwkqv †_‥K †cvkvK wk‥íi K‥qKRb †¾Zv XvKv G‥mI ĂŻaygvĂŽ niZv‥ji Kvi‥Y wegvb e›`i †_‥KB ÂŻ^‥`‥k wd‥i hvb| †cvkvK wk‥í AWŠvi ¾‥gB Kg‥Q| Ab¨w`‥K Nb Nb niZv‥ji Kvi‥Y m¤úÖwZ G wk‥íi A‥bK D‥`¨vÂłvB mgy`Ă–c‥_ c‥Y¨i RvnvRxKiY Ki‥Z e¨_Š n‥q‥Qb| G‥`i g‥a¨ †KD †KD

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Free Student Service B1/B2/C1

ESOL with Citizenship

We arrange B1/B2/C1 (TOEIC/ City & Guilds/ Cambridge/BULATS/TOEFL) exams with lowest fees and the result in possible shortest time.

ESOL with citizenship entry level 1 for citizenship & entry level 3 for ILR (Entry level 3 is equivalent to B1) and A1 for spouse/partner visa with very low fees. (Result on the same day).


(Graduate work permit)

We help students for Tier-2 (Graduate work permit) only those who completed BA/BSc, MBA/MSc or BA/BSc top up, MBA/MSc top up from UK universities.


We also arrange ACCA (F1/F2/F3) and CIMA (C01 to C05) exams in our own centre with lowest fees. (Result on the same day).

A-trusted CAS: ÂŁ600 Highly trusted CAS: ÂŁ1000 University CAS: ÂŁ2500 CAS with work placement in highly trusted colleges. (OTHM and Health & Social Care

UK/EU Citizens Study Loan

We help UK/EU citizens for getting study loan and grants from Student Finance England and ensure admission to UKBA approved colleges in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Luton and Oxford.


B1/B2/ESOL in Bangladesh

We arrange B1/B2/C1 and ESOL exams in Dhaka and Sylhet centres. We bring students from Bangladesh with low tuition fees.

BA/BSc, MBA/MSc admission to universities in London campuses : BPP university, Anglia Ruskin University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Trinity Saint David University Top up under University of Wales, University of Sunderland , University of Ulster, Glyndwr University, University of Chester.

Talent Learning Academy (TLA) 232A Whitechapel Road (1st floor) London E1 1BJ Phone: 020 3305 6046 Mob: 07904805306/07852408064 E-mail:


Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 03

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 04

MYRvMiY g †f‡O †`Iqvi MYRvMiY g †f‡O †djvi c‡ÿ gZ AvIqvgx jx‡Mi AvnŸvb Rvbv‡jb Gikv`

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26 gvP© kvnev‡M MYRvMiY g‡Âi AvnŸvqK Wv. Bgivb GBP miKvi Zvi e³‡e¨ e‡jb, Ô`yt‡Li welq, Avgv‡`i `vwei e¨vcv‡i miKvi †Kv‡bv c`‡ÿc †bqwb| g‡b n‡”Q miKv‡ii UbK b‡owb, miKvi †Nvjv cvwb‡Z gvQ wkKv‡ii †Póv Ki‡Q, hv cÖKvivšÍ‡i MYgvby‡li `vwe‡K D‡cÿv Kivi kvwgj| G `vwe D‡cÿv K‡i miKvi †h ¯úa©v †`wL‡q‡Q, Zv bwRiwenxb|Õ Bgiv‡bi G e³‡e¨i cÖwZ `„wó AvKl©Y K‡i `‡ji cÖPvi m¤úv`K W. nvQvb gvngy`, m`m¨ Avãyi ingvb, mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K Av d g evnvDwÏb bvwQg e³e¨ iv‡Lb| Rev‡e †kL nvwmbv e‡jb, miKv‡ii ¯úa©v wb‡q cÖkœ †Zvjvi mvnm MYRvMiY g cvq †Kv_vq? Zv‡`i

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 05

GBPGmwm cixÿvi cÖ_gw`‡b Abycw¯’Z 9297 mvM‡i Rj`my¨i nvgjvq 30 †R‡j wbnZ cÖRb¥‡K aŸs‡mi g‡a¨ †dj‡eb bv : wkÿvgš¿x

XvKv, 02 GwcÖj : GBPGmwm I mggv‡bi cixÿvi cÖ_g w`‡bB cixÿv‡K‡›`Ö Abycw¯’Z wQj 9 nvRvi 297 Rb QvÎQvÎx| GKBm‡½ Am`ycvq Aej¤^‡bi `v‡q 33 Rb‡K ewn®‹vi Kiv n‡q‡Q| wkÿv gš¿Yvj‡qi wbqš¿YKÿ †_‡K Gme Z_¨ Rvbv‡bv nq| Abycw¯’Z cixÿv_©x‡`i g‡a¨ XvKv wkÿv †ev‡W©i 1 nvRvi 623 Rb, Kzwgjøv †ev‡W©i 841 Rb, h‡kvi †ev‡W©i 846 Rb, ivRkvnx †ev‡W©i 1 nvRvi 116 Rb, PÆMÖvg †ev‡W©i 697 Rb, wm‡jU †ev‡W©i 373 Rb, ewikvj †ev‡W©i 314 Rb, w`bvRcyi †ev‡W©i 663 Rb, gv`ivmv †ev‡W©i 1 nvRvi 504 Rb Ges KvwiMwi wkÿv †ev‡W©i 1 nvRvi 320 Rb i‡q‡Q| ewn®‹…Z cixÿv_©x‡`i g‡a¨ KvwiMwi †ev‡W©i 20 Rb, gv`ivmv †ev‡W©i 9 Rb, Kzwgjøv †ev‡W©i 2 Rb, wm‡jU †ev‡W©i 1 Rb Ges w`bvRcyi †ev‡W©i 1 Rb cixÿv_©x i‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K wkÿvgš¿x biæj Bmjvg bvwn` mKvj 10Uvq XvKv K‡j‡Ri GBPGmwm cixÿv‡K›`Ö cwi`k©b K‡ib| ÔniZvj w`‡q cixÿv evbPvj Kiv †Kv‡bv †`k‡cÖwg‡Ki jÿY bqÕ D‡jøL K‡i wZwb e‡jb, Gevi 10 jv‡LiI †ewk cixÿvq Ask wb‡”Q| GB cixÿv_©x‡`i fwel¨r GLvb †_‡K M‡o DV‡Q| G‡`i ˆZwi Kiv Avgv‡`i mevi g~j D‡Ïk¨ nIqv DwPZ| hviv cixÿvi mgq niZvj †`Iqvi K_v e‡j, Zviv

cÖK…Z †`k‡cÖwgK bq| Zviv fwel¨r cÖR‡b¥i mšÍvb‡`i Rb¨ evav m„wó Ki‡Q| bvbvfv‡e wech©‡qi gy‡L †V‡j w`‡”Q GB †e‡o DVv ZiæY cÖRb¥‡K| cixÿvi mgq niZvj w`‡q cixÿv_©x‡`i gvbwmK Pv‡ci g‡a¨ bv †dj‡Z ivR‰bwZK `j¸‡jvi cÖwZ AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q gš¿x e‡jb, †`‡ki fwelr cÖRb¥‡K aŸs‡mi g‡a¨ †dj‡eb bv| G mgq wkÿvgš¿x myôzfv‡e cixÿv cwiPvjbv Kivi Rb¨ mswkøó mevi cÖwZ AvnŸvb Rvbvb| GBPGmwm I mggv‡bi cixÿv PjvKv‡j ivR‰bwZK `j¸‡jv Kg©m~wP cvj‡b `vwqZ¡kxj n‡e e‡j Avkvev` e¨³ K‡i wZwb e‡jb, cixÿv_©xiv `jgZwbwe©‡k‡l mevi mšÍvb| wZwb bZzb cÖR‡b¥i M‡o IVvi †ÿ‡Î cÖwZeÜKZvg~jK †Kv‡bv Kg©m~wP bv †`Iqvi Rb¨ ivR‰bwZK `j¸‡jvi cÖwZ AveviI AvnŸvb Rvbvb|

wkÿvgš¿x XvKv K‡j‡Ri AwWUwiqvg I Pvi b¤^i M¨vjvwi‡Z cixÿv cwi`k©b Kv‡j e‡jb, †Q‡j-†g‡qiv nvwm gy‡L cixÿv w`‡”Q| Zv‡`i †Kv‡bv mgm¨v n‡”Q bv| Gi Av‡M gš¿x †K‡›`Öi evB‡i A‡cÿgvY AwffveK‡`i m‡½ K_v ej‡j Zviv cixÿvi mgq niZvj wb‡q Zv‡`i D‡Ø‡Mi K_v Rvbvb| G eQi GBPGmwm, Avwjg I KvwiMwii 10 jvL 12 nvRvi 581 Rb cixÿv_©x Ask wb‡”Q| Gi g‡a¨ 5 jvL 35 nvRvi 662 Rb QvÎ Ges 4 jvL 76 nvRvi 919 Rb QvÎx| AvUwU mvaviY †ev‡W©i Aax‡b GBPGmwm‡Z 8 jvL 23 nvRvi 241 cixÿv_©x Ask wb‡”Q| g`ivmvi Avwj‡g 88 nvRvi 779 Rb| G Qvov KvwiMwi †ev‡W©i Aax‡b 95 nvRvi 956 Ges wWAvBweG‡m 4 nvRvi 605 Rb cixÿv_©x Ask wb‡”Q|

XvKv, 2 GwcÖj : PÆM«v‡gi evukLvjxAv‡bvqviv I KyZyew`qv DcK~‡ji Mfxi mvM‡i Rj`my¨iv `yÕwU wdwks Uªjv‡ii AšÍZ 30 †R‡j gvwSgvjøv‡K wbg©gfv‡e Lyb K‡i mvM‡i fvwm‡q w`‡q‡Q e‡j Lei cvIqv †M‡Q| Gici Rj`my¨iv wdwks Uªjv‡i e¨vcK jyUcvU Pvwj‡q‡Q| cÖZ¨ÿ`k©x †R‡j m~‡Î G Lei Rvbv †M‡Q| †mvgevi we‡K‡j Ges MZ †iveevi mvM‡i gvQ wkKviiZ †R‡jiv mvM‡i nvZ cv evuav Ae¯’vq K‡qKRb †R‡ji jvk †`‡L cywj‡k Lei w`‡j cywjk mvM‡i AbymÜvb Pvwj‡q g½jevi ch©šÍ 16wU jvk D×vi K‡i‡Q e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb evukLvjx _vbvi Awdmvi BbPvR© Kvgiæj Bmjvg| wZwb Av‡iv Rvbvb, evukLvjx GjvKvi 30 Rb †R‡j weMZ 26 gvP© †_‡K wb‡LvuR wQj e‡j Avgv‡`i Kv‡Q Lei G‡m‡Q wKš‘ †KD _vbvq †Kv‡bv Awf‡hvM K‡ibwb| wZwb Av‡iv Rvbvb, Ô‡k‡LiwLj GjvKvi K‡qKRb gvwS Avgv‡K Rvwb‡q‡Qb, evukLvjx DcK~j †_‡K 50 wK‡jvwgUvi `~‡i Mfxi mvM‡i Rj`my¨iv 16 Rb †R‡j‡K †g‡i †d‡j‡Q| GB msev` ï‡b cywjk AbymÜvb Pvjv‡”Q mvM‡i| K·evRvi cywjk mycvi †gvnv¤§` Avhv` wgqv e‡j‡Qb, ÔAvwg ï‡bwQ evukLvjx DcK~‡ji cÖvq 50 wK‡jvwgUvi A`~‡i Mfxi mvM‡i Rj`my¨iv 16 Rb

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evukLvjx I Av‡bvqviv Rjmxgvq Rj`my¨iv e¨vcK jyUcvU Pvwj‡q‡Q Ges G‡Z A‡bK †R‡j cÖvY nvwi‡q‡Qb e‡j aviYv Kiv n‡”Q| wZwb Rvbvb, evukLvjx cywjk †ek KÕwU jvk D×vi K‡i‡Q| G w`‡K Rj`my¨ KZ©…K †R‡j‡`i wbg©gfv‡e nZ¨vi Lei †c‡q PÆM«v‡gi evukLvjxi †k‡LiLxj I †bvqvLvjxi Av‡jKRvÛvi P‡ii †R‡j cjøx¸‡jv‡Z GLb †kv‡Ki gvZg e…w× †c‡q‡Q|


with 20 hours work permit £2000 - £3000 London & Manchester Campus only University of Wales Swansea Metropolitan University University Glyndwr Glasgow Caledonian University Trinity Saint David

We arrange A1 / B1/ B2/C1/ ESOL Exams in London Manchester and Dhaka, Sylhet

We process student visa for USA, Canada & Germany Tier-2 Work permit for UK Bachelor & Masters Degree holder only

Phone: 020 3609 2148

Mobile : 079 4052 4435 / 079 8377 1979 Nearest Whitechaple tube station and opposite of Royal london Hospital

Highly Trusted CAS with Work Placement Anywhere in the UK

Only £1200/Full Fees

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 06

ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNv‡Zi m‡e©v”P kvw¯Í g…Zy¨`Ð `Ðwewa ms‡kva‡bi wm×všÍ

XvKv, 03 GwcÖj : ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNvZ †`qvi NUbvq m‡e©v”P kvw¯Í g…Zy¨`‡Ði weavb K‡i evsjv‡`k `Ðwewai mswkøó cvuPwU aviv Ges Z_¨ I †hvMv‡hvM cÖhyw³ AvBb ms‡kvab Kiv n‡”Q| eZ©gv‡b G ai‡bi wewfbœ Awf‡hv‡M m‡e©v”P `yB eQi Kviv`Ð I GK †KvwU UvKv ch©šÍ Rwigvbvi weavb i‡q‡Q| g½jevi GK msev` m‡¤§j‡b AvBbgš¿x kwdK Avn‡g` e‡jb, ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNvZKvix mevB‡K AvB‡bi AvIZvq G‡b m‡e©v”P kvw¯Í †`qv n‡e| G Rb¨ cÖPwjZ `Ðwewa ms‡kvab K‡i mvRv evov‡bvi wPšÍvfvebv Kiv n‡”Q| AvBb cÖwZgš¿x Kvgiæj Bmjvg Aek¨ Zvi wbR `߇i e‡j‡Qb, `Ðwewa ms‡kvab K‡i m‡e©v”P g…Zy¨`‡Ði weavb Kiv n‡e| GKB m‡¤§j‡b ¯^ivóªgš¿x gnxDÏxb Lvb AvjgMxi e‡j‡Qb, ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNvZ jv‡M Ggb Kv‡R hviv RwoZ n‡q‡Q ev n‡e, Zv‡`i weiæ‡× e¨e¯’v †bqv n‡e| G ai‡bi Aciv‡ai Awf‡hv‡M †_‡K GLb ch©šÍ wZb e¨w³‡K †M«dZvi Kiv n‡q‡Q Ges Zv‡`i weiæ‡× Z`šÍ n‡”Q| mwPevj‡q cve©Z¨ PÆM«vg welqK

gš¿Yvj‡qi m‡¤§jb K‡ÿ †hŠ_ msev` m‡¤§j‡b ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNvZ nvbvi wel‡q cÖPwjZ AvBb I mvRvi welq Zy‡j a‡i miKv‡ii Ae¯’vb e¨vL¨v Kiv nq| †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi WvKv 6 GwcÖ‡ji jsgv‡P©i Av‡M GB msev` m‡¤§jb Kiv nj| †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg a‡g©i AegvbbvKvix‡`i †M«dZvi I kvw¯Íi `vwe Ki‡Q| cÖm½Z. ÔZ_¨ I †hvMv‡hvM cÖhyw³ AvB‡bi 57 aviv Abyhvqx †Kv‡bv e¨w³ hw` B”QvK…Zfv‡e I‡qe mvB‡U ev Ab¨ †Kv‡bv web¨v‡m Ggb †Kv‡bv wKQy cÖKvk ev m¤úÖPvi K‡i, hv wg_¨v I Akøxj ev mswkøó Ae¯’v we‡ePbvq †KD co‡j, †`L‡j ev ïb‡j bxwZåó ev Amr n‡Z DØy× n‡Z cv‡i ev hv Øviv gvbnvwb N‡U, AvBbk…•Ljvi AebwZ N‡U ev NUvi m¤¢vebv m…wó nq, ivóª I e¨w³i fveg~wZ© ÿyYœ nq ev ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNvZ K‡i ev Ki‡Z cv‡i ev G ai‡bi Z_¨vw`i gva¨‡g †Kv‡bv e¨w³ ev msMV‡bi weiæ‡× D¯‹vwb cÖ`vb Kiv nq, Zvn‡j Zv Aciva n‡e| Avi G Aciva Ki‡j AbwaK 10 eQ‡ii Kviv`Ð Ges AbwaK GK †KvwU UvKv A_©`Ð n‡e|Õ ag©xq

cÖwZôvb AcweÎ Kivi wel‡q `Ðwewa‡Z `yB eQi mvRvi e¨e¯’v Av‡Q| m~Î Rvbvq, `Ðwewai 295 aviv g‡Z ag©xq cÖwZôvb AcweÎ Kiv, 295 (K) avivq ag© ev ag©xq wek¦v‡mi Aegvbbv Kiv, 296 avivq ag©xq mgv‡e‡k †Mvjgvj m…wó, 297 avivq mgvwa¯’v‡b AbwaKvi cÖ‡ek Ges 298 aviv Abyhvqx B”QvK…Zfv‡e ag©xq Abyf~wZ‡Z AvNvZ nvbvi Rb¨ kãmg~n BZ¨vw` D”PviY Kiv n‡j Zv Aciva e‡j MY¨ n‡e| we`¨gvb `Ðwewa‡Z Gme welq Aciva e‡j MY¨ Kiv n‡jI kvw¯Íi cwigvY m‡e©v”P `yB eQi Kviv`Ð ev A_©`Ð ev Dfq`‡Ði weavb i‡q‡Q| GLb Zv ms‡kvab K‡i g…Zy¨`‡Ði weavbmn A_©`Ð wbw`©ó K‡i †`qv n‡e| AvBbgš¿x e‡jb, hviv cweÎ Kvev kwi‡di wMjv‡di Qwe gvbeeÜb e‡j gvbyl‡K weåvšÍ K‡i‡Q, Zv‡`i weiæ‡×I kvw¯Íg~jK e¨e¯’v †bqv n‡e| G e¨vcv‡i ¯^ivóªgš¿x gnxDÏxb Lvb AvjgMxi I AvBb cÖwZgš¿x Kvgiæj Bmjvg e‡jb, †h cwÎKv GB Qwe‡K gvbeeÜb e‡j cÖPvi K‡i‡Q, Zv‡`i weiæ‡× e¨e¯’v wb‡Z XvKv †Rjv cÖkvmK‡K wb‡`©k †`qv n‡q‡Q|

wZb eøMvi †MÖdZvi 7 w`‡bi wigvÛ gÄyi

XvKv, 03 GwcÖj : Bmjvg ag© I gnvbex (m.)-†K wb‡q KU‚w³, Aegvbbv I DmKvwbg~jK gšÍe¨ Kivi Awf‡hv‡M wZb eøMvi‡K †MÖdZvi K‡i‡Q XvKv gnvbMi †Mv‡q›`v cywjk (wWwe)| †MÖdZviK…Ziv n‡jb gwkDi ingvb wecøe (eøMvi bvg : Avjøvgv kqZvb), iv‡mj cvi‡fR (eøMvi bvg : AcevK) I myeªZ ïf (eøMvi bvg : jvjy KmvB)| †Mv‡q›`viv Rvbvb, Bmjvg ag© wb‡q weZwK©Z †jLv‡jwL ev eøwMs‡qi Rb¨ Zv‡`i †MÖdZvi Kiv n‡q‡Q| Zv‡`i KvQ †_‡K j¨vcUc I †W¯‹Uc Kw¤úDUvi Rã Kiv n‡q‡Q| wRÁvmvev‡`i Rb¨ g½jevi Zv‡`i mvZw`‡bi wigv‡Û wb‡q‡Q cywjk| g½jevi †ejv mv‡o 11Uvi w`‡K XvKv gnvbMi cywj‡ki wgwWqv †m›Uv‡i GK msev` m‡¤§j‡b cywj‡ki Dc-Kwgkbvi (wWwm) †gvjøv bRiæj Bmjvg Rvbvb, †MÖdZviK…Z wZbRbB Ômvg‡nvq¨vi Bb eøMÕ wjL‡Zb| Z‡e wecøe ÔAvjøvgv kqZvbÕ bv‡g Ômvg‡nvq¨vi Bb eøMÕ Ges ÔAvgvi eøMÕ-G wjL‡Zb| wZwb e‡jb, mv¤úÖwZK mg‡q K‡qKRb eøMv‡ii Ici nvgjv nq| Gici †ek wKQy w`b a‡i B›Uvi‡b‡U Bmjvg ag©mn wewfbœ ag© wb‡q Kzrmv Ges Aegvbbv K‡i †jLv‡jwLi Ici bRi`vwi ïiæ K‡i †Mv‡q›`v cywjk| G wZbRb eøMv‡ii

†jLv¸‡jv AvBwmwU A¨v‡±i cwicš’x nIqvq †Mv‡q›`v cywj‡ki GKwU `j ivRavbxi cjvkx, †k‡i evsjvbM‡ii gwbcyixcvov I Bw›`iv †iv‡W †mvgevi ivZfi Awfhvb Pvwj‡q Zv‡`i †MÖdZvi K‡i| wZwb e‡jb, Zviv †hme eø‡M †jLv‡jwL Ki‡Zb †mme eø‡Mi KZ©…c‡ÿi weiæ‡×I e¨e¯’v †bqv n‡e| AvBwmwU A¨v‡±i 57 avivq ejv

Ges Avgvi eø‡M Ô†b‡gwmmÕ QÙbv‡g wjL‡Zb| iv‡mj cvi‡fR Avgvi eø‡M I mvg‡nvq¨viBb eø‡M ÔAcevKÕ QÙbv‡g wjL‡Zb Ges myeªZ ïf mvg‡nvq¨viBb eø‡M Ômv`v gy‡LvkÕ, Avgvi eø‡M ÔmyeªZ ïfÕ, bvMwiK eø‡M ÔAvRv`Õ Ges B‡÷kb eø‡M Ôjvjy KmvBÕ QÙbv‡g wjL‡Zb| wWwei AwZwi³ DcKwgkbvi gwkDi ingvb

Av‡Q, Ôag© wb‡q Ace¨vL¨v ev Kzrmv I AvcwËKi gšÍ‡e¨i Rb¨ m‡e©v”P kvw¯Í 10 eQi Kviv`Ð Ges GK †KvwU UvKv Rwigvbv| Dc-Kwgkbvi Rvbvb, GB wZb eøMvi †Kvb msMV‡bi m‡½ mswkøó bb| Z‡e cÖv_wgK wRÁvmvev‡` †MÖdZviK…Ziv Rvwb‡q‡Qb, Zviv bvw¯ÍK¨ev‡` wek¦vmx| Zv‡`i g‡a¨ wecøe †dmey‡K ÔAvjøvgv kqZvbÕ, mvg‡nvq¨viBb eø‡M ÔkqZvb bvMwiKÕ

Rvbvb, †MÖdZviK…Z wZbRb‡K 10 w`‡bi wigvÛ †P‡q Av`vj‡Z cvVv‡bv nq| wigvÛ ïbvwb †k‡l Av`vjZ cÖ‡Z¨K‡K mvZw`b K‡i wigvÛ gÄyi K‡i| †ndvR‡Z Bmjvgxi jsgvP©‡K †K›`Ö K‡i eøMvi‡`i †MÖdZvi Kiv n‡q‡Q wKbv mvsevw`K‡`i Ggb cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e bRiæj Bmjvg e‡jb, Gi m‡½ †ndvR‡Zi †Kvb m¤ú„³Zv †bB|

ACCA- Licensed CBE Centre CIMA- CBA Preferred Test Centre General English Course

New Branch Opportunities Available English Tests for

ESOL with Citizenship course A1 B1 B2 C1 & English test for ILR / Spouse/ Partner/ Naturalization / Citizenship Application

Why choose us ? ♦ Affordable fees ♦ Exam every week ♦ Result within short time

Bus : D3, D6, D8, 135


ESOL Center

Crown House (7th Floor) Linton Road, Barking, IG118HG Tel : 02085919113 Whitechapel Center :

Zaman Travels Limited 3rd Floor, 8 Davenant Street (opposite of East Lodon Mosque)

London E1 5NB Mob : 07940830941

Tel : 0207 0017676 Northern and Shell Tower, 4 Selsdon Way, Crossharbour, London E14 9GL Tel : 0207 0017676 II Email: II

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 07

wZb gv‡m ivR‰bwZK mwnsmZvq Lyb 171

XvKv, 02 GwcÖj : ivR‰bwZK mwnsmZvq †`‡k weMZ wZb gv‡m 171 Rb Lyb n‡q‡Qb| G mg‡q 230wU ivR‰bwZK mwnsmZvi NUbvq AvnZ n‡q‡Qb AviI 6 nvRvi 449 Rb| gvIjvbv †`jvIqvi †nvmvBb mvC`xi gvgjvi iv‡qi ci mwnsmZvq wbnZ n‡q‡Qb 137 Rb| wbnZ‡`i g‡a¨ RvgvqvZ-wkwe‡ii 44 Rb, cywjk 9 Rb, MÖvg cywjk 1 Rb, 3 Rb bvix, AvIqvgx jxM I weGbwci Kgx© I mg_©K 10 Rb Ges mvaviY gvbyl 70 Rb| GQvov †`‡ki 61 †Rjvq wn›`y m¤úÖ`v‡qi Ic‡i nvgjv n‡q‡Q| IB nvgjvq 420wU gw›`i, evwo I e¨emv cÖwZôv‡b fvsPzi I AwMœms‡hvM Kiv n‡q‡Q| AvBb mvwjk †K‡›`Öi ˆÎgvwmK gvbevwaKvi cÖwZ‡e`‡b G Z_¨ Rvbv‡bv nq| Ab¨w`‡K, gvbevwaKvi msMVb AwaKv‡ii gvP© gv‡mi cÖwZ‡e`‡b Rvbv‡bv nq, G gv‡m ivR‰bwZK

mwnsmZvq 75 Rb wbnZ Ges wZb nvRvi 55 Rb AvnZ n‡q‡Qb| AvIqvgx jx‡Mi 27 Ges weGbwci 10wU Af¨šÍixY msNv‡Zi NUbv N‡U‡Q| Gme msNv‡Z `yÕRb wbnZ I 479 Rb AvnZ n‡q‡Qb| AwaKvi Rvbvq, gvP© gv‡m weGbwc I Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgxi Wv‡K 29wU niZvj n‡q‡Q| Gi g‡a¨ †`ke¨vcx niZvj n‡q‡Q 9wU Ges AvÂwjK niZvj n‡q‡Q 20wU| niZv‡ji Av‡M I niZv‡ji w`b niZvj mg_©K‡`i nv‡Z hvbevnb fvsPzi I ev‡m Av¸b jvMv‡bvi NUbvq Ges niZvjwe‡ivax‡`i wewfbœ RvqMvq †evgv nvgjv, cywj‡ki nv‡Z wbixn gvbyl‡`i †MÖdZvi I niZv‡ji mgq †gvevBj †KvU© bvwg‡q mvRv †`qvi NUbvq D‡ØM cÖKvk K‡i‡Q msMVbwU| †`‡ki mvZ wefv‡M GKB mg‡q 68 evi 144 aviv Rvwi K‡i‡Q AvBb-k„sLjv

iÿvKvix evwnbx| †`ke¨vcx niZvj n‡q‡Q 14 w`b| ¯^Rb‡`i Awf‡hvM Abyhvqx AvBb-k„sLjv evwnbxi nv‡Z AcnƒZ n‡q‡Qb 9 Rb| Zv‡`i g‡a¨ 4 R‡bi jvk cvIqv †M‡jI Ab¨‡`i †Kvb nw`m †bB| AvBb-k„sLjv evwnbxi †ndvR‡Z gviv †M‡Qb AviI 96 Rb| wbnZ‡`i g‡a¨ i¨v‡ei µmdvqv‡i 4 Rb, cywj‡ki m‡½ e›`yKhy‡× 5 Rb, i¨ve I cywj‡ki wbh©vZ‡b 6 Rb, cywj‡ki ¸wj‡Z 39 Rb, i¨ve I cywj‡ki ¸wj‡Z 14 Rb, cywjk I wewRwei ¸wj‡Z 23 Rb Ges †hŠ_evwnbxi ¸wj‡Z 5 Rb gviv †M‡Qb| G mg‡q 1 Rb mvsevw`K Lyb n‡q‡Qb| 13 Rb ûgwKi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb| 95 Rb mvsevw`K wewfbœfv‡e wbh©vwZZ n‡q‡Qb| Kviv †ndvR‡Z 13 Rb, MYwcUzwb‡Z 34 Rb, weGmG‡di ¸wj‡Z I wbh©vZ‡b 8 Rb gviv †M‡Qb| GwmW mš¿v‡mi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb 6 Rb bvix| al©‡Yi wkKvi n‡q‡Q 296 Rb bvix| al©‡Yi ci nZ¨v Kiv n‡q‡Q 28 Rb bvix‡K| GKB Kvi‡Y AvZ¥nZ¨v K‡i‡Qb 4 Rb bvix| al©‡Yi †Póv Pvjv‡bv n‡q‡Q 66 Rb bvixi Ici| 24 Rb M„ncwiPvwiKv wbh©vZ‡bi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb| Zv‡`i g‡a¨ kvixwiK wbh©vZ‡bi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb 7 Rb| wbh©vZ‡bi ci gviv †M‡Qb 2 Rb| al©‡Yi ci nZ¨v Kiv n‡q‡Q 2 Rb‡K| 3 Rb AvZ¥nZ¨v K‡i‡Qb| †hŠZz‡Ki Kvi‡Y 79 Rb bvix wbh©vZ‡bi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb| kvixwiK wbh©vZ‡bi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb 35 Rb| Gwm‡W Sj‡m †`qv n‡q‡Q 1 Rb‡K| †hŠZz‡Ki Rb¨ nZ¨v Kiv n‡q‡Q 31 Rb bvix‡K| GKB Kvi‡Y AvZ¥nZ¨v K‡i‡Qb 10 Rb bvix| cvwievwiK wbh©vZ‡bi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb 93 Rb bvix| Zv‡`i g‡a¨ 46 Rb‡K nZ¨v Kiv n‡q‡Q| AvZ¥nZ¨v K‡i‡Qb 11 Rb bvix| eLv‡Ui nv‡Z †hŠb wbh©vZ‡bi wkKvi n‡q 6 Rb bvix AvZ¥nZ¨v K‡i‡Qb|

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XvKv, 03 GwcÖj : DËivi wbR Awdm K‡ÿ Lyb n‡q‡Qb evsjv‡`k †Uwjwfk‡bi K¨v‡givg¨vb kwn`yj Bmjvg (44)| g½jevi mKv‡j DËivi 10 b¤^i †m±‡ii 12 b¤^i †iv‡Wi 55 b¤^i feb¯’ wgwWqv wfkb bv‡gi cÖwZôv‡bi †fZi †_‡K

Kvi nv‡Z †i‡L †M‡jb? cywj‡ki DËiv wefv‡Mi wWwm wbmviæj Avwid Rvbvb, cÖv_wgKfv‡e Avgv‡`i aviYv bvixNwUZ †Kvb Kvi‡Y Lyb n‡q‡Qb kwn`yj| jvk D×v‡ii mgq Zvi nvZ-cv evuav wQj| kix‡i A‡bK¸‡jv QywiKvNvZ

cywjk Zvi jvk D×vi K‡i| wbn‡Zi †g‡q Rvnv½xibMi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi QvÎx mywß e‡jb, wewUwfi Ô‡cŠi`c©YÕ bv‡gi GKwU Abyôvb evbv‡Zb Zvi wcZv| Gi Av‡M wZwb gvBwUwfÕi Abyôvb evwb‡q‡Qb| evevi Abyôv‡b Avwg †cÖ‡R›Uvi wn‡m‡e KvR K‡iwQ| †h Awd‡m evev Lyb n‡q‡Qb †mLv‡b e‡mB wZwb Abyôv‡bi KvR Ki‡Zb| †mvgevi mKv‡j evevi m‡½ †kl K_v nq| weKv‡j †dvb K‡iI Zv‡K cvBwb| wejvc Ki‡Z Ki‡Z mywß e‡jb, Avgvi evev‡K hviv †g‡i‡Q Avjøvn Zv‡`i wePvi Ki‡e| G †`‡k Rxe‡bi †Kvb g~j¨ †bB| cÖwZw`b gvbyl gi‡Q| Gi †kl †Kv_vq? mywß e‡jb, Avgv‡K Avi †KD gv e‡j WvK‡e bv| evev‡K Qvov Avwg wKfv‡e evuP‡ev? evev Avgv‡`i‡K GwZg-Amnvq K‡i

Kiv n‡q‡Q| †K‡U †bqv n‡q‡Q cyiælv½| Avgiv Lywb‡`i wPwýZ K‡iwQ| wZwb Rvbvb, †mvgevi weKvj A_ev mܨvi w`‡K Zv‡K nZ¨v Kiv n‡q‡Q| wbn‡Zi kix‡i i³ RgvUevuav wQj| jvk c‡P hvIqvi Dcµg n‡qwQj| cywj‡ki mswkøó AwZwi³ Dc-Kwgkvi Kvgiæ¾vgvb e‡jb, Lywbiv wPwýZ| cywj‡ki mnKvix Kwgkbvi mvBdyjøv †gvnv¤§` bvwmi Rvbvb, Avgiv m‡›`nfvRb‡`i wel‡q †LvuR Lei wbw”Q| †h fe‡b Lyb n‡q‡Qb †m fe‡bi mevB‡K wRÁvmvev` Kiv n‡”Q| welqwU wb‡q wmAvBwW-I KvR Ki‡Q| cywjk Rvbvq, 3 iægwewkó wgwWqv wfk‡bi Awdm wQj kwn`y‡ji| IB cÖwZôv‡b 5 Rb Kg©Pvix| jvk D×v‡ii ci me Kg©Pvixi †gvevBj‡dvb eÜ cvIqv hvq|


wjM¨vj GWfvBR eø¨vKI‡qj mwjwmUi `ÿ I AwfÁ wjM¨vj GWfvBRvi Øviv Avcbv‡K m¤ú~Y© wd« civgk© w`‡”Q *| Avcbvi Gc‡q›U‡g›U eywKs w`‡Z Kj Kiæb - 0208 5224400

Avgiv AvBbMZ welq¸wj LyeB mn‡R mgvavb Kivi †Póv Kwi... Avgiv GUv eywS †h AvbBMZ e¨vcvi Rxe‡bi cÖwZwU †ÿ‡Î ¸iæZ¡c~Y©| Avi GB R‡b¨B eø¨vKI‡qj mwjwmUi Avcbv‡K me‡P‡q DbœZgv‡bi mvwf©m cÖ`v‡b Ges wjM¨vj mgm¨v mgvav‡b †Póvi †Kv‡bv ÎæwU iv‡L bv| Avgv‡`i m¤§vwbZ I LyeB AwfÁ AvBbRxexMY Avcbvi e¨w³MZ wKsev e¨emv msµvšÍ †h †Kv‡bv wel‡q mnR mgvav‡b me mgq Avcbvi cv‡k Av‡Qb| 0208 5224400 GB bv¤^v‡i Kj Kiæb Ges wd« wjM¨vj GWfvB‡Ri Rb¨ Gc‡q›U‡g›U eywKs w`b| A_ev Avgv‡`i ÷ªvU©‡dvW© Awd‡mi mivmwi †hvMv‡hvM Ki‡Z cv‡ib A: Blakewells, 65 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 4BQ T: 0208 5224400 I E: W: SH40C

cv‡m©vbvj jÕ

■ wmwfj ■ d¨vwgwj GÛ wW‡fvm© ■ Bwg‡MÖkb ■ cv‡m©vbvj BbRywi ■ AvevwmK gvwjKvbv cwieZ©b ■ AvevwmK gvwjKvbv / fvovwUqv ■ DBjm&

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Avgv‡`i mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb Avwmd †PŠayix GjGjwe (Abvm©) mwjwmUi gvneye Avn‡g` GjGjwe (Abvm©) mwjwmUi

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 08

jsgvP© kvwšÍc~Y© †nvK Avgiv e¨wZµg

Bangla Times n Year 03 Issue 46 Friday, 05 - 11 April 2013 Chairman and Editor in Chief A. T. U. Taj Rahman Acting Editor M Enam Uddin Managing Director Ahmed Nashir Adviser M A Hoque (Accountant) Executive Editor Saiyem Chowdhury Special Correspondent Muhammad Abdul Hye Ibne Safi Community News Editor Md. Imran Ahmed Senior Staff Reporter Munzer Ahmed Chowdhury Sylhet Bureau Chief Abu Taleb Murad Sports Correspondent Syed Mahfuz Ahmed Middle East Correspondant Mahabub Hasan Hridoy


Greater Manchester, Mary Street dukin field: Mizanur Rahman (Mizan), Oldham, Milne Street: Abidul Islam Arzu Birmingham: Syed Nasir Ahmed Luton, Biscot House: Shipon Rahman Newcastle: M A Zaman Arif Sunderland: Syed Musaddique Ahmed Surrey, Molesley Road: Mahbubul Hoque Surrey, Worplesdon Road, Gilgford: Mashuk Miah Ipswich, Colchester Road: Shetu Chowdhury US Correspodant: John Uddin Dhaka Correspondant: Monjur Ahmed Dhaka Office: House: 54 (4th Fl), Block: F, Road: 11, Banani, Dhaka Bangladesh,Tel: +8802 9891826, 9891837

Publish: Weekly Bangla Times

117 New Road (1st Floor), London E1 1HJ United Kingdom, Telephone : 0207 377 6553 Fax : 0207 377 0471 E-mail :

Avgv‡`i ivóª ÿgZvi cvjve`‡ji hvwš¿KZv mK‡ji Kv‡QB ¯úó| ¯^qswµqfv‡eB †hb Zv AvewZ©Z n‡”Q AvIqvgx jxM Avi weGbwci g‡a¨| RvZxq cvwU© i½g‡Â GKwU mgq Ae¯’vb Ki‡jI Gikv` weGbwc †bZv wRqvDi ingv‡bi gZ `j ¸Qv‡Z cv‡ibwb| Ab¨w`‡K Rvgvqv‡Zi ev¯ÍeZv wfbœ| G `j ¯^Y©jZvi gZ| G Wvj I Wvj a‡i †eu‡P _vK‡jI GKK ÿgZvq miKvi MVb Kivi gZ RbgZ G‡`i c‡ÿ ˆZwi nqwb| Ab¨w`‡K †`‡ki e…nr `yB `j AvIqvgx jxM I weGbwci †bZ…‡Z¡i wPšÍvq I Kv‡R

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 09

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 10

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 11

jsgv‡P© evav w`‡j jvMvZvi niZv‡ji jsgv‡P© evav †`qv n‡e bv -¯^ivóªgš¿x ûgwK †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi

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RvgvqvZ bvkKZv Ki‡Z cv‡i-G Rb¨ AvBb-k…sLjv evwnbx‡K AvBbvbyM m‡e©v”P e¨e¯’v Av‡iv‡ci wb‡`©k †`qv n‡q‡Q| ivRkvnxmn mviv‡`‡k RvgvqvZ-wkwei we‡ivax we‡kl Awfhvb cwiPvjbvi wb‡`©kbvI †`qv n‡q‡Q| wZwb e‡jb, †hfv‡e cywjk Kg©KZ©vi Ici AvµgY Kiv n‡q‡Q Zv †Kv‡bvfv‡eB †g‡b †bqv hvq bv| mviv‡`k †_‡K RvgvqvZ-wkwe‡ii g~j DrcvU‡bi wb‡`©k †`qv n‡q‡Q|


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Rvbvb, Kvh©vj‡qi cv‡k GK ivDÛ ¸wji AvjvgZ cvIqv †M‡Q| Kviv G NUbv NwU‡q‡Q Zv Z`šÍ Kiv n‡”Q| RwoZ‡`i wPwýZ K‡i †M«dZv‡ii †Póv Pj‡Q| XvKv gnvbMi cywj‡ki Dc-Kwgkbvi (wgwWqv) gvmy`yi ingvb Rvbvb, ¸wji NUbvwU †kvbvi ciB cywj‡ki D”Pc`¯’ Kg©KZ©viv NUbv¯’j cwi`k©b K‡i‡Qb| welqwU LwZ‡q †`Lv n‡”Q| ¸wji Lei †c‡q NUbv¯’‡j hvb weGbwci fvicÖvß gnvmwPe wgR©v dLiæj Bmjvg AvjgMxi| wZwb mvsevw`K‡`i e‡jb, G ¸wj MYZ‡š¿i weiæ‡×| GUv Akwbms‡KZ| wZwb cÖkœ †i‡L e‡jb, `ye©…Ëiv K~UbxwZK cvovq Kxfv‡e A¯¿ wb‡q XyKj? Gi gva¨‡g cÖgvY nq Lv‡j`v wRqvi ch©vß wbivcËv †bB| Avgiv DwØMœ I DrKwÉZ| ivZ 12Uvq G wi‡cvU© †jLvi mgq weGbwc †bZvKg©xiv ¸jkvb Kvh©vj‡qi mvg‡b Gi cÖwZev‡` we‡ÿvf wgwQj KiwQ‡jb|

c R hite TH AP W 15 92 46- DAY, N MO

About 50 Universities & Colleges will be attending on the fair. Meet your prospective institute representative directly, identify your future plan and complete your admission. Also student will get the access for Canada & Ireland Admission procedure Office Address: A H & Z Associates Limited (Helping people to find the way.........)

131 Whitechapel Road(1st floor) London, E1 1DT. M: 07828560202 M:07828523680. T:02073779630 E :

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 12

Avi gš¿x n‡eb bv gywnZ wnUwj‡÷ †kL nvwmbv

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 13

†kL nvwmbv n‡eb AšÍe©Z©x miKv‡ii cÖavb -bvwmg

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5000 A5 leaflets £99

XvKv, 02 GwcÖj : gvbeZvwe‡ivax Aciv‡ai `v‡q Awfhy³ RvgvqvZ †bZv Avãyj Kv‡`i †gvjøv KvivMv‡i gvwji KvR Ki‡Qb| 6 †deªæqvwi †_‡K KvivMvi KZ…©cÿ Zv‡K gvwji `vwqZ¡ †` †`q| hve¾xeb mvRv nIqvi ci †_‡K wZwb MvRxcy‡ii Kvwkgcyi KvivMv‡i Av‡Qb| 15 w`b ci ci Zvi ¯¿x, †g‡q, RvgvB I fvwZRv Zvi m‡½ MvRxcy‡ii Kvwkgcyi KvivMv‡i †`Lv Ki‡Z hvb| cÖvq AvavNÈv Zviv Kv‡`i †gvjøvi m‡½ †`Lv Kivi my‡hvM cvb| Kvwkgcyi KvivMv‡ii †Rjvi myfvl †Nvl Rvbvb, ÔKv‡`i †gvjøv‡K wb‡q Avgv‡`i †Kv‡bv mgm¨v †bB| wZwb Zvi ˆ`wb›`b KvR Kivi ci ag©xq Kv‡R mgq KvUvb| KvivMvi Kg©KZ©viv Rvbvb, Kv‡`i †gvjøv †mLvbKvi lvU †m‡j _v‡Kb| mvRv nIqvi ci wWwfkb Zz‡j †bIqvq wZwb mvaviY ew›`i g‡Zv Rxeb hvcb Ki‡Qb| †Rj KZ©…c‡ÿi wm×všÍvbyhvqx Zv‡K †`Iqv gvwji `vwqZ¡ wVK gZB cvjb K‡ib| evwK mgq Kv‡U wewfbœ eB c‡o| Kviviÿx Avi †Rj Kg©KZ©v‡`i m‡½ wZwb cÖ‡qvRb Qvov K_v e‡jb bv| †RjLvbvq hvIqvi Av‡MB Kv‡`i †gvjøvi evBcvm mvR©vwi Kiv nq| GQvovI i‡q‡Q Wvq‡ewUm, D”P i³Pvcmn bvbv †ivM| Z‡e me wg‡j †RjLvbvi Rxe‡bi m‡½ wZwb †gvUvgywU Lvc LvB‡q wb‡q‡Qb e‡j Rvbvq Kvivm~Î| 5 †deªæqvwi hve¾xeb mvRv nIqvi ci Kv‡`i †gvjøvi mvRv evov‡Z ivóªcÿ Ges Lvjvm †P‡q Avwcj K‡i‡Q Avmvwgcÿ| MZ †mvgevi Avwcj ïbvwb ïiæ nq| AvBb Abyhvqx `yB gv‡mi g‡a¨ Avwc‡ji wb®úwË n‡e|


1000 Business cards £70 Full colour both sided print on 400gsm board & matt laminated

KvivMv‡i gvwji KvR K‡i mgq KvUvb Kv‡`i †gvjøv

free delivery in the UK mainland

T & C Apply

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Full colour both sided print on130gsm gloss, included folding

Full colour single side print on 130gsm gloss

T-Shirt Print

Mug Print ber




Colour from 25p Black & white 4p

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[ eKOTA ]

XvKv, 01 GwcÖj : AvIqvgx jxM miKv‡ii Aax‡bB `kg RvZxq msm` wbe©vPb Abyôv‡bi cÖ¯ÍywZ wb‡Z ïiæ K‡i‡Q wbe©vPb Kwgkb (Bwm)| Pig ivR‰bwZK Aw¯’iZvi g‡a¨I AvMvgx b‡f¤^i-wW‡m¤^i‡K wbe©vP‡bi m¤¢ve¨ mgq a‡i G‡Mv‡”Q Kwgkb| †m Abyhvqx MYcÖwZwbwaZ¡ Av‡`k (AviwcI) ms‡kvab, wbe©vPbx mvgMÖx µq, msm`xq Avm‡bi mxgvbv web¨vm I ivR‰bwZK `‡ji wbeÜbmn hveZxq Kvh©µg cÖvq †kl ch©v‡q i‡q‡Q| wbe©vPbx AvB‡b AvBb-k„sLjv evwnbxi msÁvq m¤úÖwZ weGbwci †mbvevwnbx ivLvi cÖ¯ÍveI bvKP K‡i w`‡q‡Q Bwm| Z‡e wewkóRbiv `jxq miKv‡ii Aax‡b myôz wbe©vPb nIqvi wel‡q mskq cÖKvk K‡i‡Qb| †iveevi wbe©vPb Kwgkbvi †gvt kvn †bIqvR e‡jb, msweavb I

AvB‡b †hfv‡e Av‡Q †mfv‡eB wbe©vPb Kwgkb RvZxq wbe©vP‡bi cÖ¯ÍywZ wb‡”Q| †Kvb `j ev †Mvôxi ¯^v‡_© Kwgkb KvR Ki‡Q bv| RbM‡Yi †fv‡U Aeva I myôz wbe©vPb AbyôvbB wbe©vPb Kwgk‡bi GKgvÎ jÿ¨| kvn †bIqvR e‡jb, wbe©vP‡bi mgq msm` envj _vK‡jI Bwmi mgm¨v †bB| †Kbbv wbe©vPbx Kv‡R cÖavbgš¿x, gš¿x ev msm` m`m¨‡`i †Kvb ai‡bi cÖ‡UvKj †`qv n‡e bv| Gi d‡j wbe©vP‡b Zviv †Kvb cÖfve we¯Ívi Ki‡Z cvi‡eb bv| G wel‡q Av‡iK wbe©vPb Kwgkbvi †gvnv¤§` Avey nvwdRI GKB my‡i K_v e‡jb| wZwb e‡jb, msweav‡bi KvVv‡gv Abyhvqx AvMvgx msm` wbe©vPb Abyôv‡bi cÖ¯ÍywZ Pj‡Q| myôz wbe©vPb Abyôv‡b Bwm e×cwiKi| miKvi ev we‡ivax †Kvb

• Local & Overseas Student Admission Guidance • Student Visa • Complete Guidance For Visa • Admission To Highly Trusted College &Universities • Choosing The Course And Institution • Information on Different Course Levels • Financial Consultation • Bangladeshi Bank A/C Maintenance Document Provided

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193a Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DN Tel: 020 7247 2400 Mob: 07506 989 277 email:, web:

AKvZ‡i Rxeb w`‡q‡Qb, Zv‡`i Rb¨ Avgvi nƒ`q fvivµvšÍ Ges Zv‡`i knx` wn‡m‡e Keyj Kivi Rb¨ Avwg Avjøvni Kv‡Q †`vqv KiwQ| mvC`xi aviYv I `„pwek¦vm mywcÖg †Kv‡U©i Avwc‡j wb‡`©vl cÖgvwYZ n‡eb| mvC`x Avevi †KviAv‡bi gq`v‡b wd‡i hv‡eb| Gi Av‡M MZ mßvq AvšÍR©vwZK Aciva UªvBey¨bv‡ji Avmvwgc‡ÿi cÖavb AvBbRxex e¨vwi÷vi Ave`yi iv¾vK, ZvRyj Bmjvg I gwZDi ingvb AvK›` XvKv †K›`Öxq KvivMv‡i mvC`xi m‡½ mvÿvr K‡ib| `ycyi †cŠ‡b 12Uv †_‡K †mvqv GKUv ch©šÍ G mvÿv‡Zi mgq mvC`x Zvi AvBbRxex‡`i cwiev‡ii m`m¨‡`i m‡½ †hvMv‡hvM Ges Zvi g„Zz¨`‡Ði iv‡qi weiæ‡× Avwcj Kivi ZvwM` w`‡qwQ‡jb| XvKv †K›`Öxq KvivMv‡ii Kg©KZ©v Rvbvb, duvwmi †m‡j AvUK mvC`xi mvÿv‡Z ¯^Rb‡`i Kv‡Q ag©xqwelqK A‡bK K_v e‡j‡Qb| ZvQvov cvwievwiK Av‡jvPbvI K‡i‡Qb|

Bionic Solution

• South Thames College • Waltham Forest College • LSBF • BITE College • London School of Commerce


`jB Bwm‡K cÖfvweZ Ki‡Z cvi‡e bv| msweavb I AvBb Abyhvqx wbe©vPb m¤úbœ Kiv n‡e| mswkøó m~‡Î Rvbv hvq, Bwm eZ©gvb miKv‡ii Aax‡b wbe©vP‡bi cÖ¯ÍywZ ïiæ Kivq myweav n‡e ÿgZvmxb `‡ji| G Rb¨ GLb †_‡KB wmwfj I cywjk cÖkvmb‡K †X‡j mvRv‡”Q miKvi| wb‡R‡`i cQ‡›`i Kg©KZ©v‡`i †Rjv cÖkvmK, Dc‡Rjv wbe©vnx Kg©KZ©v, cywjk mycvi I _vbvi fvicÖvß Kg©KZ©vmn (Iwm) ¸iæZ¡c~Y© c‡` emv‡Z ïiæ K‡i‡Qb| GLb †_‡K weGbwci Av‡›`vjb mvgvj †`qvi cvkvcvwk wbe©vP‡bi P‚ovšÍ cÖ¯ÍywZ ïiæ Ki‡Z hv‡”Q AvIqvgx jxM| Ab¨w`‡K eZ©gvb mvsweavwbK KvVv‡gvi AvIZvq wbe©vPb Kivi cÖ¯ÍywZ GwM‡q Pj‡Q wbe©vPb Kwgk‡bi|

mywcÖg †Kv‡U© wb‡`©vl nIqvi Avkvev`x mvC`x

XvKv, 31 gvP© : GKvˇii gvbeZvwe‡ivax Aciv‡a g„Zz¨`ÐcÖvß Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgxi wmwbqi bv‡q‡e Avwgi †`jvIqvi †nvmvBb mvC`x †KviAv‡bi gq`v‡b hvIqvi Avkv e¨³ K‡i‡Qb| MZ ïµevi `ycy‡i ¯^Rb‡`i m‡½ mvÿv‡Z mvC`x GgbB Avkv e¨³ K‡ib| ¯^Rb‡`i wZwb e‡jb, mvC`x g„Zz¨i c‡ivqv K‡i bv| †`k, KziAvb Ges Bmjv‡gi Rb¨ wZwb nvwmgy‡L knx` n‡Z cÖ¯ÍyZ Av‡Qb| Rb¥ I g„Zz¨i gvwjK gnvb Avjøvn| wZwbB mewKQyi dqmvjv Ki‡eb e‡j mvC`x Rvbvb| wZwb Av‡iv e‡jb, mvivRxeb gvbyl‡K †KviAvb I Bmjv‡gi `vIqvZ w`‡q‡Qb| wZwb GLb kvnv`v‡Zi †MŠievwš^Z g„Zz¨ Pvb| kZvãxi wbK…óZg wg_¨v Lyb-al©Y I AwMœms‡hv‡Mi RNb¨Zg Acev` wb‡q wZwb gi‡Z Pvb bv| mvC`x Av‡iv e‡jb, Avwg wPwšÍZ ev wePwjZ bB| Avjøvn hv K‡ib, gvby‡li g½‡ji Rb¨B K‡i _v‡Kb| †KviAvb †cÖwgK mvaviY gvbyl †hfv‡e Avgvi Rb¨

Great Opportunity to study in London Our Services

10000 A4 Menu £299


wbe©vP‡b †mbv †gvZv‡q‡bi cÖ¯Íve bvKP Bwmi

Study & Work in Canada and Australia

Is this what you hope to Achieve • Permanent Residency in Canada Under a Skilled Worker Immigration Plan • A Work Visa • Study in Canada • Business Immigration • Canada Citizenship

CANADA AND AUSTRALIA CALLING Other Services • Free consultation service and legal advice to students • Tier – 2 Permit Offer


• Anglia Ruskin University • Cardiff Metropolitan University • University of Chester • Glyndwr University • University of Sunderland • West London University • East London University

2nd Floor, 26 New Road London E1 2AX Tel : 02072658587 Mobile : 07833438317 (Masum), 07788248929 (Sayed) Email :

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 14

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Coming Soon in East London

JA STIFFORD LAW SOLICITORS (JSL) working for justice

For more information please contact : Principal Solicitor CHOWDHURY MOHAMMED JINNAT ALI Mobile : 07846500614 Email

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 15

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 16

cywjk wK Av½yj Pyl‡e - cÖkœ ¯^ivóªgš¿xi ¯^ivóªgš¿xi cvuPevi dvuwm nIqv

XvKv, 30 gvP© : ¯^ivóªgš¿x W. gnxDÏxb Lvb AvjgMxi e‡j‡Qb, weGbwc-RvgvqvZ Av‡›`vj‡bi bv‡g ˆbivR¨ m…wó Ki‡j cywjk †Zv Avi Pyc K‡i e‡m _vK‡e bv| wZwb cÖkœ †i‡L e‡jb, cywj‡ki mvg‡b mvaviY gvbyl Lyb Kiv n‡j ZLb cywjk wK Av½yj Pyl‡e? gš¿x ïµevi `ycy‡i Pvu`cy‡ii KPyqv Dc‡Rjvi Avwjqv miKvwi cÖv_wgK we`¨vj‡qi bZyb fe‡bi wfwËcÖ¯Íi D‡b¥vP‡bi ci mvsevw`K‡`i Gme K_v e‡jb| †bZvKg©x‡`i wbg©~‡ji Rb¨ miKvi cywjk‡K ivR‰bwZK nvwZqvi wn‡m‡e e¨envi Ki‡QÐ we‡ivax `‡ji Ggb Awf‡hvM cÖm‡½ Rvb‡Z PvB‡j wZwb IB gšÍe¨ K‡ib| gš¿x e‡jb, mviv‡`‡k `vwe DV‡j RvgvqvZ-wkwei Aek¨B wbwl× n‡e| mviv‡`‡k mv¤úÖwZK

DwPZ - Kv‡`i wmwÏKx

nZ¨vKvÐ cÖm‡½ ¯^ivóªgš¿x e‡jb, Gme nZ¨vKv‡Ði `vqfvi Lv‡j`v wRqv I RvgvqvZ-wkwei‡KB wb‡Z n‡e| Gi Av‡M wfwËcÖ¯Íi D‡b¥vPb Abyôv‡b ¯^ivóªgš¿x e‡jb, ÔPvu‡`i g‡a¨ Qwe †i‡L GZ eo GKwU wg_¨v K_v e‡j †`‡ki g‡a¨ GZ¸‡jv †jvK Zviv gvij| Gi ÿwZc~iY †K †`‡e? Gi ÿwZc~iY we‡ivax`jxq

†bZv Lv‡j`v wRqv Avi Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgx‡K w`‡Z n‡e|Õ Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgx wbwl× Kiv cÖm‡½ ¯^ivóªgš¿x e‡jb, mviv‡`‡k `vwe DV‡j RvgvqvZ wbwl× Kiv n‡e| gš¿x KPyqv Dc‡Rjvi Avwjqv ¯‹yj feb wbg©vYKv‡Ri wfwËdjK D‡b¥vPb QvovI eRix‡Lvjv I wkecy‡i we`y¨r ms‡hv‡Mi D‡Øvab K‡ib|

XvKv, 30 gvP© : ¯^ivóªgš¿x gnxDÏxb Lvb AvjgMx‡ii cvuPevi dvuwm nIqv DwPZ e‡j gšÍe¨ K‡i‡Qb e½exi Kv‡`i wmwÏKx exiDËg| MvRxcy‡ii mLxcyi Dc‡Rjvi Kvj‡gNv Qj½v evRv‡ii GK Rbmfvq wZwb G gšÍe¨ K‡ib| mfvq e½exi Kv‡`i wmwÏKx e‡jb, ivRvKvi-Avj-e`i‡`i hw` GKevi dvuwm nq, Zvn‡j whwb ivRvKvi ˆZwi K‡i‡Qb Avgv‡`i eZ©gvb ¯^ivóªgš¿xi cvuPevi dvuwm nIqv DwPZ| wZwb ¯^ivóªgš¿x gnxDÏxb Lvb AvjgMxi‡K ÔcvwK¯ÍvwbÕ D‡jøL K‡i e‡jb, 1971 mv‡j Zvi ivóªcwZ wQ‡jb Bqvwnqvn, Avi Avgv‡`i ivóªcwZ wQ‡jb e½eÜy †kL gywRe| gnxDÏxb

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XvKv, 31 gvP© : ivwkqvq wbwg©Z 24wU AZ¨vaywbK ÔBqvKf‡jf BqvK 130Õ Rw½ wegvb †Kbvi cwiKíbv Ki‡Q evsjv‡`k| ivwkqvi ivóª wbqwš¿Z A¯¿ ißvwbKviK cÖwZôvb †iv‡mv‡ev‡iv‡b·‡cv‡U©i DccÖavb wf³i †Kvgvw`©‡bi eivZ w`‡q G Z_¨ Rvwb‡q‡Q AvšÍR©vwZK msev`gva¨g| cÖavbgš¿xi mv¤úÖwZK ivwkqv md‡ii mgq †`kwUi m‡½ ¯^vÿwiZ 100 †KvwU Wjv‡ii FYPzw³i AvIZvq G wegvb¸‡jv nvZe`j n‡e e‡j Rvbv †M‡Q| MZ Rvbyqvwi‡Z †kL nvwmbvi ivwkqv md‡ii mgq

evsjv‡`k‡K GB 100 †KvwU Wjvi FY cÖ`v‡bi cÖwZkÖæwZ †`b †`kwUi †cÖwm‡W›U cywZb| AZ¨vaywbK BqvK 130 wegvb¸‡jv g~jZ cÖwkÿY Rw½ wegvb wn‡m‡e e¨enƒZ n‡jI mn‡RB G‡K Kvh©Ki dvBUvi wegvb wn‡m‡e e¨envi Kiv hvq e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb we‡klÁiv| b¨v‡Uv †`k¸‡jv‡Z G wegvb¸‡jv‡K wg‡Zb wn‡m‡e AwfwnZ Kiv nq| gvj‡qwkqvq j¨vOKvB‡Z AbywôZ GKwU AvšÍR©vwZK A¯¿ I wegvb cÖ`k©bx‡Z Ask †bIqvi mgq wf³i †Kvgvw`©b AviI Rvbvb, ivwkqv †_‡K AviI hy×v¯¿

†Kbvi cwiKíbv Ki‡Q evsjv‡`k, Z‡e cwiKíbvi me‡P‡q ¸iæZ¡c~Y© Ask ÔBqvK 130Õ µq| PjwZ MÖx‡®§i †kl bvMv` Dfq c‡ÿi g‡a¨ G e¨vcv‡i Av‡jvPbv ïiæ n‡e e‡jI wZwb msev`gva¨g‡K Rvbvb| D‡jøL¨, iæk A¯¿ wbg©vZv cÖwZôvb BqvKf‡j‡fi cÖ¯ÍyZK…Z GB ÔBqvK 130Õ wegvb¸‡jv D”PÿgZvm¤úbœ eûgyLx e¨envi Dc‡hvMx †KŠkjMZ mvgwiK AvKvkhvb| Gi cvjøv 2 nvRvi wK‡jvwgUvi Ges GwU NÈvq m‡e©v”P 1 nvRvi 60 wK‡jvwgUvi MwZ‡e‡M Do‡Z cv‡i|

Get Free admission Advice for Universities & Publicly Funded Colleges from British Council (Education UK) & ICEF Certified Agent Counsellor.

Admission Going on @ University of East Anglia  University West of England  BPP University College (All Campuses) 

Glyndwr University London University of Ulster (London & Birmingham)  Anglia Ruskin University (All Campuses)  University of Bedfordshire  University of Sunderland  Trinity Saint David London  Glamorgan University  Cardiff Metropolitan University &  Publicly Funded Colleges  

Lvb AvjgMxi wQ‡jb ZrKvjxb cvwK¯Ív‡bi GwWwm| wZwb n‡jb eZ©gvb evsjv‡`‡ki ¯^ivóªgš¿x Avi Avwg njvg be¨ ivRvKvi, be¨ ejvi wK `iKvi wQj, ivRvKvi ej‡jB n‡Zv! G gv‡mi ïiæi w`‡K †`ke¨vcx cywj‡ki MYnZ¨v cÖm‡½ e½exi Kv‡`i wmwÏKx e‡jb, 170 Rb †jvK g‡i‡Q gvÎ 2 mßv‡n, ¯^vaxbZvi 43 eQ‡i gvÎ 2 mßv‡n GZ †jvK gviv hvIqvi BwZnvm †bB| 71 mv‡j 24 gv‡P©i Av‡M gvÎ 3kÕ †jvK gviv wM‡qwQj| wZwb e‡jb, iv¯Ívq wgwQj †ei Ki‡jB gvbyl‡K cvwLi gZ ¸wj Kiv nq| cvwK¯Ívb †mbvevwnbxI KLbI gmwR` jÿ¨ K‡i ¸wj Pvjvqwb-hv GB ¯^ivóªgš¿x K‡i‡Q|

we‡ivax `j Av‡›`vjb Ki‡Z Rv‡b bv gšÍe¨ K‡i e½exi Kv‡`i wmwÏKx e‡jb, Avgiv GKUv we‡ivax `j †c‡qwQ gvkvjøvn! wK K‡i Av‡›`vjb Ki‡Z nq Zviv ZvI Rv‡b bv| Kv‡`i wmwÏKx e‡jb, hZw`b Bmjvg _vK‡e ZZw`b Bmjvgx ivR‰bwZK `j _vK‡e| KviY me gymjgvbB Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgx K‡i bv, †`‡ki †KvwU †KvwU gymjgvb Bmjvwg Av‡›`vjb Ki‡Z Rv‡b| Avwg Ggwc, gš¿x nIqvi Rb¨ ivRbxwZ Kwi bv, Avwg gvby‡li cvnviv`vi n‡Z PvB| wZwb e‡jb, nvwmbv-Lv‡j`v AvuPj †c‡Z e‡m Av‡Q Avgvi MvgQv cvIqvi Rb¨| Avi nvwmbvi †h †KovB AvMvgx wbe©vP‡b †m 30 AvmbI cv‡e bv|

POPULAR COURSES Degree Foundation Programme BA, BSc (Hons) in all discipline 4 yrs, 3yrs, 2 yrs & 1yr (TOP-UP)

PGD with work placement MBA / MSc in all major disciplines for 1 year to 2 years Top-Up MBA, Part time MBA LLB (Hons), GDL, LLM, BPTC PhD & MPhil ACCA & CIMA programmes at universities BEng & MEng in EEE, Civil & Mechanical Engineering @ universities

We help with admission at UK Institutions, from Bangladesh, for your Relatives and Friends.

Unit - 106, E1 Business Centre 7 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU (Nearest tube Aldgate East)


T : 020 3167 4428 M: 075 9039 6484 079 6763 8338 TA/CO

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 17

weGbwc b_© I‡qó kvLvi cÖwZev` mfv AbywôZ

evsjv‡`k RvZxqZvev`x `j b_© I‡q÷ kvLvi D‡`¨v‡M mviv ‡`‡k we‡ivax `jxq †bZv Kgx©‡`i Dci nvgjv, gvgjv, nZ¨v I wbh©vZb weGbwc †Pqvicvm©b †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqvi Awd‡m ¸wj, AwePv‡i MYnZ¨v Ges ZË¡veavqK miKv‡ii c×wZ cybenv‡ji `vex‡Z GK wekvj cÖwZev` mfv MZ 1 GwcÖj †mvgevi K¨vg‡W‡bi IqvBGgwm KwgDwbwU †m›Uv‡i AbywôZ nq| b_©I‡q÷ weGbwci mfvcwZ kvwgg Avn‡g`-Gi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ Ges mvavib m¤úv`K Avãyj Iqvwn` I

mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K Gg G kwn‡`i †hŠ_ cwiPvjbvq AbywôZ cÖwZev` mfvq cÖavb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e e³e¨ iv‡Lb BD‡K weGbwc mv‡eK fvicÖvß mfvcwZ wgqv gwbiæj Avjg| cÖavb e³v wn‡m‡e e³e¨ iv‡Lb BD‡K weGbwc mv‡eK mvavib m¤úv`K e¨vwióvi GgG mvjvg| we‡kl AwZw_i e³e¨ iv‡Lb K¨vbvWv weGbwci mfvcwZ dqmj Avn‡g` †PŠayix, hy³ivR¨ weGbwci mv‡eK mn-mfvcwZ kvB¯Ív †PŠayix KzÏym, †ZŠgyQ Avjx, Avãyj nvwg` †PŠayix, kvn Av³vi †nv‡mb UzUzj, Avj-Lwjj †KviAvb wkÿv‡ev‡W©i †Pqvig¨vb ‡gŠjvbv e`iæj Avjg nvwgw`, K¨vg‡Wb kvnRvjvj Rv‡g gmwR‡`i †Pqvig¨vb Kvgvj wgqv, jÛb gnvbMi weGbwci mfvcwZ ZvRyj Bmjvg, BD‡K hye`‡ji wmwbqi mn-mfvcwZ gÄyi Avkivd Lvb, mvavib m¤úv`K Avãyj evwmZ ev`kv, hy³ivR¨ weGbwci mv‡eK †¯^”Qv‡meK m¤úv`K gywReyi ingvb gywRe, wKsµm Rv‡g gmwR‡`i fvBm †Pqvigvb AvdZveyi ingvb| mfvq cÖavb AwZw_ wgqv gwbiæj Avjg e‡jb, d¨vwm÷ AvIqvgx miKvi AvMvgx‡Z †Rvic~e©K ÿgZvq hvIqvi

Rb¨ we‡ivax `jxq †bZvKgx©‡`i Dci G‡Ki ci GK wg_¨v gvgjv nvgjv I wbh©vZb Pvwj‡q †`k‡K GKwU Îv‡mi ivR‡Z¡ Kv‡qg K‡i‡Q| AvIqvgx miKvi wm‡j‡Ui RbwcÖq †bZv Gg Bwjqvm Avjx‡K ¸g K‡i †bZ…Z¡ ïb¨ Ki‡Z Pvq| wKš‘ wm‡jUmn evsjv‡`‡ki RbMb AvMvgx wbe©vP‡b GB miKv‡ii d¨vwmevw` AvPi‡bi `uvZfv½v Reve w`‡q ‡eMg wRqvi †bZ…‡Z¡ BbkvAvjøvn ÿgZvq wb‡q Avm‡e| Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb wmwU weGbwci mfvcwZ

Avn‡g` Avjx, ‡MÖUvi jÛb weGbwc mn-mfvcwZ Kwig DwÏb, mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K kvgmyi ingvb gvnZve, Bwjqvm gyw³ cwil‡`i m`m¨ mwPe Wt gwReyi ingvb, †MÖUvi jÛb weGwci †bZv K`i DwÏb, hy³ivR¨ Rvmv‡mi mfvcwZ Avãym mvjvg, hy³ivR¨ QvÎ`‡ji mfvcwZ Rwmg DwÏb †mwjg, hy³ivR¨ kÖwgK`j mfvcwZ byiæj Bmjvg, Ijvgv `‡ji mfvcwZ gvIjvbv kvwgg †nv‡mb, wmwU weGbwci mnmfvcwZ Avãyj gvwjK KzwV, mvavib m¤úv`K †`‡jvqvi †nv‡mb, cÖfvlK AvLjvK Avng`, b_©I‡qj÷ weGbci `ßi m¤úv`K kvnevR Lvb, hy³ivR¨ hye`‡ji mn-mfvcwZ wUcy Avng`, wmwbqi hyM¥ m¤úv`K AvdRj †nv‡mb, wRqvDj Bmjvg wRqv, weGbwc cwjwm M‡elK AvwRgyj nK Lvb, †gŠjfxevRvi †cŠi QvÎ`‡ji mv‡eK mfvcwZ myjZvbyi ingvb ¯^cb, AvBbRxex †dviv‡gi †bZv GW‡fv‡KU mvBdzj Bmjvg, hy³ivR¨ QvÎ`‡ji hyM¥ m¤úv`K mvBdzj Bmjvg wgivR, mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K AvwZKzi ingvb, hy³ivR¨ hye`‡ji cÖPvi m¤úv`K evei ‡PŠayix, b_©I‡q÷ hye`‡ji AvnevqK †`‡jvqvi †nv‡mb w`jy, b_©I‡qó weGbwci †Kvlv`ÿ wmcy Avng`, hy³ivR¨

hye`‡ji m¤úv`K kvwgg ZvjyK`vi cÖgyL| mfvq Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb nvRx †mwjg Avng`, †gvt bvwn` Avng`, kvwgg Lvb, Avãyj Avnv`, gwbiæj nK, †gvt KgiæwÏb, KqQi wgqv, m¾v` wgqv, Avãyj Kvw`i, †MŠQ Lvb, mv¾v` nvwee, Lv‡j` †nv‡mb, dqRyj nK, kgQz wgqv, eLwZqvi DwÏb, dqRyi ingvb, Avjvj DwÏb, †mv‡nj Avng`, †Rvev‡qi †PŠaix, gvmyK wgqv, D¯Ívi Avjx, kvn Avjg, Avãyj nvB Adz, †mv‡qeyi ingvb, AvwRRyi ingvb, Rvjvj wgqv, Rqbvj Av‡e`xb kvnRvnvb, †mwjg Avng`, Gm Avi ‡PŠayix, GjvBm wgqv, bvRgyj Kwei, Avãym mwn`, wMqvm DwÏb, Rv‡e` Avng`, †mwjg Avng`, wUcy Avng` †iRv Avng`, †kL †gvt gbmyi, kvgmyi ingvb cÖg~L| mfvi ïiæ‡Z cweÎ †KviAvb †_‡K †ZjvIqvZ K‡ib weGbwc †bZv Ave`ym kwn`| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

71Gi civwRZ kw³ hy×vcivax‡`i euvPv‡Z ‡`ke¨vcx Rw½ nvgjvi gva¨‡g gyw³hy‡×i †PZbv‡K aŸsm Ki‡Z bZzb K‡i lohš¿ ïiæ K‡i‡Q| AvBb k„•Ljv evwnbxi Dci Avµgb, msL¨vjNy m¤úª`v‡qi Dci nvgjv I aŸskvZ¥K Kvh©Kjv‡ci gva¨‡g evsjv‡`k‡K GKwU Rw½iv‡óª cwiYZ Ki‡Z PvB‡Q| GB g~û‡_© cÖwZwU bvMwi‡Ki Cgvbx `vwqZ¡ Ackw³i weiæ‡× iæ‡L `vov‡bv| ¯^vaxbZv mve©‡fŠgZ¡ iÿvq ‡`k‡`ªvnx‡`i weiæ‡× 71Gi †PZbvq †`k ‡cÖwgK‡`i HK¨e× n‡Z n‡e| cÖRb¥71 I hy×vciva wePvi g Av‡qvwRZ ¯^vaxbZv w`e‡mi Av‡jvPbv mfvq e³viv GK_v e‡jb| MZ 27 gvP© mܨvq Bó jÛ‡bi evsjvUvD‡bi GK †ióz‡i‡›U Av‡qvwRZ ‡hŠ_ Av‡jvPbv mfvq e³viv hy×vcivax‡`i m‡ev©”P mvRv I †mB mv‡_ Acivax‡`i m¤ú` ev‡Rqv‡ßi `vex Rvbvb| cÖRb¥-71 BD‡Ki mfvcwZ

‘A Survial Guide for British Bangladeshi & Bangladeshi Students and Other category Immigrants’

- w_Iix †Uó †KvwPs

- THEORY TEST COACHING. - ESOL / Life in the UK. - A1, B1, B2, C1 / IELTS.

- dzW nvBwRb , †nj&_ GÛ †mdwU| - FOOD HYGINE - HEALTH AND SAFETY.

Avgiv 3 w`‡bi g‡a¨ ESOL / Life in the UK, THEORY TEST

Gi e¨e¯’v Kwi‡q _vwK|

RvZxq cvwU©i †Pqvig¨vb û‡mBb gynv¤§` Gikv‡`i ‡cÖm mwPe I RvZxq cvwU©i †cÖwmwWqvg m`m¨ ïbxj ïf ivq GK mswÿß md‡i m¤úªwZ jÛ‡b ‡cuŠ‡Q‡Qb| m¤ú~Y© e¨w³MZ mdi n‡jI wZwb `jxq †bZ…e„‡›`i mv‡_ gZwewbgq Ki‡eb| jÛ‡b Ae¯’vb Kv‡j Zuvi mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Ki‡Z n‡j RvZxq cvwU©i hyM¥ gnvmwPe I hy³ivR¨ RvZxq cvwU©i ‡Kv-AwW©‡bUi gynv¤§` †mwjg DwÏb A_ev hy³ivR¨ RvZxq cvwU©i mfvcwZ gywReyi ingv‡bi mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM

Ki‡Z Aby‡iva Kiv n‡h‡Q| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

hy×vcivax‡`i m‡ev©”P mvRv I m¤ú` ev‡Rqv‡ßi `vex


ïbxj ïf ivq jÛ‡b

mvwf©m mg~n t N‡ii †nj_& wi‡cvU© BD‡iv‡ci wfmv cÖ‡mwms

USA/Canada Student Visa Help University Admission SIA Door Power of Attorney No Visa, Passport Renew Bank Account Loan Mortgage.

Avgiv ‡i÷z‡i‡›U wewfbœ K¨vUMwi‡Z KvR w`‡q _vwK|

M¨vivw›U mnKv‡i IqvK© cviwgU Kwi‡q _vwK| WHITECHAPEL TRAINING CENTRE

228A Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BJ. T : 02073927623 M : 07446860165 / 07903797077

Avn‡g` b~iæj wUcyi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I hy×vciva wePvi g‡Âi †m‡µUvix G¨vW‡fv‡KU AvwbQzi ingvb Avwb‡Qi mÂvjbvq AbywôZ Av‡jvPbv

†nv‡mb, cÖRb¥-71 Gi mnmfvcwZ †kL `wei wgqv, mv‡eK Qv·bZv dLi DwÏb †PŠayix, e½eÜz cwil‡`i †m‡µUvix Avwjgy¾vgvb,

mfvq e³e¨ iv‡Lb hy×vciva wePvi g hy³ivR¨ kvLvi mfvcwZ mvsevw`K gwZqvi †PŠayix, wm‡jU Ggwm K‡j‡Ri mv‡eK wfwc CKevj ‡nv‡mb, mv‡eK wRGm AvRgj

KwgDwbwU †bZv Rvnvw½i Lvb, kvn AvZvDi ingvb, Bó jÛb AvIqvgxjx‡Mi mfvcwZ AvwRRyj nK, RvwKi †nv‡mb cÖgyL| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß


Avcbvi Bwg‡MÖkb mgm¨v hZ KwVbB †nvK bv †Kb, Avgiv mnR mgvavb w`‡q _vwK| Immigration to Canada & New Zealand Free Consultation - Immigration - Entry Clearance - Asylum - Human Rights Cases - Family Settlement - Home Office Same day Visa service - Housing Health Report for £100 - Power of Attorney - Marriage Visa / Dependant Visa - Sponsorship Declaration - British Citizenship

- Bwg‡MÖkb - Gw›Uª wK¬qv‡iÝ - GmvBjvg - wnDg¨vb ivBUm †KBm - †dwgwj †m‡Uj‡g›U - †nvg Awd‡mi GKw`‡b wfmv - nvDwRs †nj&_ wi‡cvU© - cvIqvi Ae GU©bx - †gwiR wfmv - ¯úÝi wWK¬v‡ikb - weªwUk wmwU‡Rbkxc

174 Cannon Street Road, London E1 2LH Tel : 0207 0011039 Fax : 0207 7900417 Mob : 07956837469 Email :

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 18

‡ndvR‡Z Bmjvg BD‡Ki gZwewbgq mfvq jsgvP© md‡ji AvnŸvb

MZ 2 GwcÖj c~e© jÛ‡b †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg BD‡Ki D‡`¨v‡M gyRvwn‡` wgjøvZ Avjøvgv Avng` kdx AvûZ jsgv‡P©i mg_©‡b Djvgv I m~ax‡`i wb‡q

GK gZwewbgq mfv AbywôZ nq| G‡Z Djvgv‡q †Kivg, wkÿvwe`, †ckvRxwe I mvsevvw`K I ms¯‹…wZ e¨w³Z¡Mb Dcw¯’Z n‡q AvMvgx 6 GwcÖj jsgv‡P©i cÖwZ mev©Z¥K mg_©b e¨³ K‡i AvMvgx 6 Gwc«j jsgvP© mdj Kivi Rb¨ †ZŠwn`x RbZvi cÖwZ Avnevb Rvbvb| ÔAvjøvni Dci AwePj Av¯’v I wek¦vm cyb:¯’vcbÕ, Avjøvn, ivmyj mvt, Bmjv‡gi AegvbbvKvix bvw¯ÍK-gyiZv` eøMvi‡`i kvw¯Í cÖ`vbmn 13 `dv `vex‡Z AvûZ AvMvgx 6 GwcÖ‡ji jsgvP© md‡ji AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q‡Qb ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjvg hy³iv‡R¨i ‡bZ…e…›`| MZ 3 gvP© eyaevi c~e©jÛb¯’ ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjvg Kvh©vj‡q AbywôZ mfvq ‡bZ…e…›` e‡jb, wek¦e‡iY¨ Bmjvgx wPšÍvwe`, gyRvwn‡` wgjøvZ Avjøvgv Avng` kdx ‡Kvb ivR‰bwZK `‡ji Rb¨ jsgvP© Kg©m~Px c«`vb K‡ibwb| wZwb ‡`‡ki ‡KvwU ‡KvwU Cgvb`v‡ii


ü`‡qi AvK…wZ‡K we‡k¦i Kv‡Q Rvwb‡q w`‡Z Ges Avjøvn Ges Zvui ivm~j (mvt) Gi kÎæ‡`i weiæ‡× KyiAvb ‡c«wgK‡`i Ae¯’vb Rvwb‡q w`‡Z G AvnŸvb

K‡i‡Qb| wewkó Av‡j‡gØxb ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjvg hy³iv‡R¨i AvnŸvqK I †LjvdZ gRwjm hy³ivR¨i mfvcwZ gvIjvbv Avãyj Kvw`i mv‡jn Gi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I wewkó Av‡j‡gØxb gydwZ gvIjvbv Avãyj gybZvwKg I Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡iv‡ci mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K gvIjvbv ‰mq` bvCg Avng‡`i cwiPvjbvq AbywôZ gZwewbgq mfvq e³e¨ iv‡Lb wewkó Av‡j‡gØxb †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg BD‡ivc Gi AvnevqK I Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡iv‡ci mfvcwZ Avjøvgv gydwZ kvn Q`i DwÏb, †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg BD‡ivc Gi cÖavb Dc‡`óv gvIjvbv kvqL AvmMi †nv‡mBb, Bmjvgx HK¨‡RvU BD‡Ki mfvcwZ I Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡iv‡ci ‡m‡µUvix gvIjvbv ïqvBe Avng`, wewkó Av‡j‡gØxb gvIjvbv gvngy`yj nvmvb, hy³ivR¨ weGbwci mv‡eK mvaviY m¤úv`K


GgG gvwjK, wewkó wk¶vwe`, ‡jd. K‡b©j (Ae.) ‰mq` Avjx Avng`, Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡Ki mfvcwZ gvIjvbv kvn †gvnv¤§` AvbvQ, ‡LjvdZ gRwjm BD‡Ki †m‡µUvix AvjnvR¡ Q`iæ¾vgvb Lvb, Bmjvgx HK¨‡RvU BD‡Ki †m‡µUvix gvIjvbv Qvw`Kzi ingvb, Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡Ki †m‡µUvix gvIjvbv ˆmq` Zvwgg Avng`, mvsevw`K ‡PŠayix ‡gvnv¤§` dviæK, Kwe Avey mywdqvb ‡PŠayix, gvIjvbv kvqL ‡gvRv‡¤§j nK, AvjnvR¡ kvgQy¾vgvb ‡PŠayix, ‡LjvdZ gRwjm BD‡Ki mn †m‡µUvix gvIjvbv kvn wgRvbyj nK, †LjvdZ gRwjm hy³ivR¨ †bZv gydwZ û‡QBb †gvnv¤§` myjZvb, Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡iv‡ci cÖPvi m¤úv`K nvwdR ûQvBb Avng`, weGbwc ‡bZv ‡Mvjvg ieŸvbx, e¨vwióvi Avey mv‡qg, ‡`Iqvb ‡gvKv‡Ïg ‡PŠayix, Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡Ki mn mfvcwZ gvIjvbv †njvj DwÏb, cÖPvi m¤úv`K gvIjvbv AvkdvKzi ingvb, †LjvdZ gRwjm hy³ivR¨ †bZv gvIjvbv Zvwq`yj Bmjvg, RwgqZzk kveve BD‡Ki mfvcwZ gvIjvbv bvwRi DwÏb, Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡iv‡ci †UªRvivi gvIjvbv gvmy`yj nvmvb, Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡Ki R‡q›U †m‡µUvix gvIjvbv Avng` gv`vwb, gvIjvbv gyCbyj nK †PŠayix, mvwnZ¨ I mvs¯‹…wZK welqK m¤úv`K gydwZ gvIjvbv ˆmq` wiqvR Avng`, gvIjvbv †bvdvBQ, gvIjvbv AvwbQyi ingvb, gvIjvbv Gbvgyj nK, gvIjvbv kwid Lvb, gvIjvbv ûgvqyb ikx`, gvIjvbv Avãyj gv‡jK, gvIjvbv mvgQyj Avjg, ‰mq` iwdKyj nK, ‰mq` ‡jBP wgqv, gvIjvbv wmivRyj Bmjvg, nvwdR gvIjvbv ‡gv¯ÍvK, mvsevw`K Avwgbyi ikx`, AvjnvR¡ ûgvqyb ‡iRv c«gyL| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

gvIjvbv Avkivd Avjx Avi †bB Bj‡dv‡W© emevmKvix weqvbxevRv‡ii evwm›`v K¡vix †gŠjvbv Avkivd Avjx Avi †bB| MZ 15 gvP© Iqvj_vg‡÷ªv DBcµm nvmcvZv‡j wZwb †kl wbtk¦vm Z¨vM K‡ib| wZwb `xN©w`b eva©K¨RwbZ †iv‡M fzMwQ‡jb| g„Z¨Kv‡j Zuvi eqm n‡qwQj 75 eQi| wZwb 5 †Q‡j GK Kb¨v I A‡bK AvZ¥xq ¯^Rb, ¸YMÖvnx ‡i‡L hvb| wZwb `xN©w`b AvwQiMÄ gv`ªvmvi wkÿKZv K‡i‡Qb| giû‡gi †`‡ki evox weqvbxevRv‡ii wZjcviv BDwbq‡bi AvwQiMÄ evRv‡i| mvßvwnK bZzb w`b wW‡i±i I RvZxq cvwU©i hyM¥ gnvmwPe †mwjg DwÏb Zuvi gvgv giûg

‡gŠjvbv Avkivd Avjxi iæ‡ni gvM‡divZ Kvgbvq mK‡ji †`vqv Kvgbv K‡i‡Qb| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

GAvBwUi wUPvm© †Uªwbs 8 I 9 GwcÖj

MZ 1 GwcÖj ‡mvgevi G‡mvwm‡qkb Ae BmjvwgK wUPvm© BD‡Ki wbe©vnx KwgwUi gvwmK mfv msMV‡bi `viæj D¤§vn Kvh©vj‡q †Pqvicvm©b gvIjvbv †njvj DwÏb Avng‡`i mfvcwZ‡Ë¡ I †m‡µUvix †Rbv‡ij gvIjvbv Avãyj nvB Lv‡bi cwiPvjbvq AbywôZ nq| †Uªwbs †m‡µUvix gvIjvbv †`jIqvi †nvmvB‡bi †ZjvIqv‡Zi gva¨‡g mKvj 10Uv ïiæ nIqv mfvq PwjZ GwcÖj gv‡mi 8 I 9 ZvwiL AvMvgx †mvg I g½jevi 2 w`b e¨vcx AbywôZe¨ wUPvm© †Uªwbs mdj Kivi e¨vcv‡i Av‡jvPbv, `vwqZ¡ e›Ub I e¨vcK Kg©m~Px MÖnY Kiv nq| cÖwZw`b mKvj 9Uv 30 wgwbU jÛb gymwjg †m›Uv‡ii 1g Zjvq D³ †Uªwbs ïiæ n‡q weKvj 3Uv 30 wgwb‡U jv‡Âi gva¨‡g †kl n‡e| 2 w`‡bi †Uªwbs †k‡l AskMÖnYKvix‡`i mvwU©wd‡KU


†`qv n‡e| †Uªwbs †cÖvMÖv‡g wewfbœ wel‡q †Uªwbs †`‡eb kvqL Avãyj KvBqyg, kvqL Avey mvwq`, Wt Avãyj nvB gy‡k©`, Wt Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`, Wt Avãyk kvKzi, nv‡dR gIjvbv mvgQzÏynv| Avkv Kiv hvq AskMÖnYKvixiv Bmjvgx wkÿv cÖ`v‡b Zv‡`i `ÿZv e„w× Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| ˆeV‡K mKj †nvg wUDUi I Bwfwbs gv`ªvmvi wkÿKe„›`‡K D³ †Uªwbs †cÖvMÖv‡g Ask MÖn‡Yi Avnevb Rvbv‡bv nq| mfvq Ab¨vb¨‡`i g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb gvIjvbv byiæj nK, gvIjvbv byiæj Bmjvg, gvIjvbv Aveyj nvmbvZ †PŠayix, gvIjvbv Avãyj Kwig, nv‡dR gvIjvbv Kvgiæ¾vgvb, K¡vix g‡bvqvi †nv‡mb, gvIjvbv mv‡jn Avng` f‚Bqv cÖg~L| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß


* 0% Commission on all properties ♦ Guaranteed High Rents

♦ 3-5 yrs Lease Agreement ♦ Advanced Rent Paid ♦ Professional Tenants ♦ Credit Checked & Vetted. ♦ Let your property fully managed

UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm, wbDnvg , evwK©s Ges †W‡Mbn¨vg cÖcvwU©R gvwjK‡`i Rb¨ 3-5 eQ‡ii Pzw³‡Z nvB †i‡›U Ni fvov w`‡q _vwK| cÖcvwU©R gvwjKiv AvRB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| wWGmGm U¨v‡b›U e¨wZZ

We are interested in 2, 3, 4,5 ,+or above Bedroom properties in any Borough of London. Essex and Kent.

Selling your properties in any borough, we now taking instructions. More info Call Ash on 07903026959 (24/7 ) 25 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, E2 0HU, 136 Palmerston Road, Walthamstow, E17 6PY.

T : 0208 981 8888 T : 0208 521 0004

Website :

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 19

avgvBj Mv‡bi RbK mvaK ivav ig‡bi wjLv mv‡dvK evsjv‡`kx †mvmvBwUi Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ Mv‡b D‡V G‡m‡Q MÖvgxY HwZn¨ I m„wó inm¨

mvaK ivav igb wQ‡jb mv‡g¨i Kwe, gvbeZvi Kwe, Zvi wjLv I Mv‡b D‡V G‡m‡Q MÖvgxY HwZn¨ I m„wó RM‡Zi inm¨| wZb nvRv‡iiI †ekx gigx Mv‡bi iPwqZv mvaK ivavigb m¤ú‡K©

Av‡iv †ekx M‡elbvi cÖ‡qvRb i‡q‡Q, jÛ‡b ivav igb Drm‡e e³viv GB AwfgZ e¨v³ K‡ib| e³viv e‡jb ÔÔfgi KBI wMqvÕÕ ev ÔÔfvB‡e ivav igb e‡jÕÕ fwbZvi R‡b¨ evsjv mvwn‡Z¨ wZwb Avjv`v ¯’vb K‡i wb‡q‡Qb| e³viv RMbœv_cy‡i ivav ig‡bi ˆcZ…K evoxwU D×vi K‡i ivav igb GKv‡Wgx cÖwZôvi `vex Rvbvb| MZ 31 gvP© jÛ‡bi P¨v‡bj AvB ‡Uwjwfk‡bi wgwUs iæ‡g ivav igb GKv‡Wgx BD‡K Av‡qvwRZ mfvq ivav ig‡bi Mvb I Zvi `k©b wb‡q e³e¨ iv‡Lb evsjv‡`‡k wbhy³ mv‡eK weªwUk nvB Kwgkbvi Av‡bvqvi †PŠayix, mvsevw`K M‡elK gwZqvi †PŠayix, P¨v‡bj AvB BD‡iv‡ci g¨v‡bwRs wW‡i±i †iRv Avng` dqmj †PŠayix †kv‡qe,

jÛb mdiiZ wPÎbvwqKv †ivwRbv, Avi wUwfi Dc¯’vcK †Mvjvg `¯ÍMxi wbkv`, UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm KvDw݇ji ¯úxKvi KvDwÝjvi ivwRe Avn‡g`, ‰ekvLx †gjv Uªv‡ói †Pqvig¨vb wmivR nK, ivav

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nvwdR Avjg eLZ, wRGjG †g¤^vi †gviv` †Kv‡ikx, KvDwÝjvi ivwbqv Lvb, ˆekvLx †gjv Uªv‡ói †Pqvig¨vb KwgDwbwU †bZv wmivR nK, e¨vemvqx cvi‡fR Avn‡g`, bvU¨Kvi bvRgyj eLZ gkû` cÖgyL| bvU¨Kvi gkû` eLZ bvRgyj mK‡ji mn‡hvMxZv Kvgbv K‡i e‡jb, Avgv‡`i KwgwDwbwUi mdjZv e¨_©Zv wb‡q Avgvi GB ÿz`ª cÖqvm, Z‡e K¨vbvix Iqvd© MÖæ‡ci ‡nW Ae KwgDwbwU G¨v‡dqvm© RvwKi Lv‡bi mn‡hvMxZv bv _vK‡j GZUzKz G¸‡bv Avgvi c‡ÿ m¤¢e wQjbv| B‡Zvc~‡e©I Avwg e„‡U‡b evsjv‡`k †_‡K co‡Z Avmv wkÿv_©x‡`i wb‡q Av‡iKwU †Uwjwdj¥ ˆZix Kwi hvBgy KB| Avcbv‡`i mK‡ji mn‡hvMxZv _vK‡j Av‡iv G¸‡Z cvi‡ev| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 20

wm‡j‡U RvgvZ †bZv‡`i evox‡Z Av¸b ‡gŠjfxevRvi wµ‡KU K¬ve jÛb -Gi AvZ¥cÖKvk †`qvi cÖwZev‡` jÛ‡b mfv

wkwe‡ii †K›`ªxq †bZv ‡`‡jvqvi †nv‡mb‡K †MÖdZvi I wm‡j‡Ui RvgvqvZ †bZv‡`i evox‡Z Av¸b †`qvi cÖwZev‡` jÛ‡b AvjZve Avjx cv‡K© wekvj mgv‡ek Ki‡Q wd«-gvIjvbv mvC`x †dWv‡ikb BD‡K| c~e© jÛ‡bi HwZnvwmK AvjZve Avjx cv‡K© AbywôZ mgv‡e‡k e³viv miKvi GK`jxq kvmb Kv‡q‡gi N„b¨ Ac‡Póv Pvjv‡”Q D‡jøL K‡i e³v e‡jb, Kw_Z MYZš¿ I ¯^vaxbZvi ¯^c‡ÿi kw³i †avqv Zz‡j †`‡k †h ivóªxq mš¿vm Pvjv‡”Q †`k †cÖwgK RbMY-Gi weiæ‡× AvR HK¨e×| e³viv e‡jb, evsjv‡`k Bmjvgx QvÎ wkwe‡ii †K›`ªxq mfvcwZ ‡`‡jvqvi ‡nv‡mb‡K †MÖdZv‡ii Zxeª wb›`v Rvwb‡q e‡jb, Bmjvgx QvÎ wkwe‡ii †K›`ªxq mfvcwZ‡K †MÖdZvi K‡i miKvi cÖgvY K‡i‡Q Zviv MYZ‡š¿ wek¦vm K‡i bv| ZvB QvÎ wkwe‡ii g‡Zv GKwU RbwcÖq msMV‡bi †bZv‡K †MÖdZvi I wigv‡Û wb‡q wbh©vZb Ki‡Q| 18 `jxq †RvU †bZv I Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgx BD‡iv‡ci mgš^qK e¨vwi÷vi Avey eKi †gvjøvi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I gvwng gRyg`v‡ii cwiPvjbvq cÖwZev` mgv‡e‡k e³e¨ iv‡Lb †mBf evsjv‡`k BD‡Ki †Pqvig¨vb e¨vwi÷vi bRiæj Bmjvg, wd« mvC`x †dWv‡ikb BD‡Ki †m‡µUvix AvLZvi †nv‡mb KvIQvi, gvIjvbv Avãyj gywbg ‡PŠayix, KwgwDwbwU

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g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb †gvt cv‡ej, wkcb, kvIb, wgkKvZ, mvMi wg_yb, Zbq, Zzwnb I Lv‡j` cÖg~L| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

KvwW©‡di g¨vbmb nvD‡m evsjv‡`‡ki RvZxq cZvKv D‡Ëvjb I ¯^vaxbZv w`em cvjb

e„‡U‡bi I‡qj‡mi ivRavbx KvwW©d KvDw›U KvDw݇ji D‡`¨v‡M MZ 26 gvP© gnvb ¯^vaxbZv I RvZxq w`em D`hvcb Dcj‡¶ HwZn¨evnx g¨vbmb nvD‡m evsjv‡`‡ki RvZxq cZvKv D‡Ëvjb, †mwgbvi I mvs¯‹…wZK Abyôv‡bi Av‡qvRb Kiv nq| KvwW©‡di jW© †gqi ivBU Abv‡iej †WwiK gMv©‡bi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I KvwW©d KvDw›U KvDwÝji Avjx Avng‡`i cwiPvjbvq AbywôZ mfvq cÖavb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb e„‡U‡b evsjv‡`‡ki nvB Kwgkbvi †gvt wgRviæj Kv‡qm| mvs¯‹…wZK c‡e© KvwW©d evsjv GKv‡Wwgi cwiPvjK gybxiv †PŠayixi e¨e¯’vcbvi becÖR‡b¥i mšÍv‡biv m½xZ cwi‡ekb K‡ib| Abyôv‡b hyeiv‡Ri gvwjK e¨emvqx Avbv

wgqvi c¶ †_‡K Lvevi cwi‡ekb Kiv nq| Abyôv‡b e„‡U‡bi ivbxi cÖwZwbwa jW© jy‡U‡b›U

Ws wcUvi †eK KvDwÝji bvB‡Rj nvIjm, KvDwÝji w`jIqvi Avjx, mvsevw`K gbmyi

Whitechapel College ‡mB 2005 mvj †_‡K GLb ch©šÍ Av‡Mi g‡ZvB Avcbv‡`i †mev w`‡q hv‡”Q|Õ

ESOL with Citizenship cixÿvi gvÎ 48 N›Uvi g‡a¨ mvwU©wd‡KU cvevi wbðqZv

GQvovI A1, B1, B2, C1 English Test Gi

Elizabeth College General English Health & Safety Food & Safety First Aid Training ESOL with Citizenship

( Certifiacate within 5 working days)

Evening English Courses Available

A1 for spouse / partner visa B1, B2, & C1 (City & Guilds)

Approved Centre

Door Supervisor (SIA)

Contact: Whitechapel College 67 Maryland Square, Stratford London E15 1HF Tel: 0208 555 3355

Whitechepel Branch

93-101 Greenfield Road, London E1 1EJ

(Just Behind East London Mosque)

Email: Web:

Avng` gwKm, mvsevw`K †gv¯Ídv mv‡jn wjUb, AvjnvR¡ Avãyj gwR`, Avwgbyi iwk`, w`jvei †nvmvBb, Avjx AvKei, Avbv wgqv, †kL Zvwni Djø¨v, GgG gvwjK, †Mvjvg gZz©Rv, Wt ˆmq` Avãyj jwZd, †gvt gywRe, nviæb ZvjyK`vi, w`jIqvi †PŠayix, G. †mwjg Avng`mn ivRbxwZwe`, e¨emvqx, mvsevw`K, KwgDwbwU †bZ…e„›`mn wecyj msL¨K cyiæl I gwnjv mn becÖR‡b¥i mšÍv‡biv Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb| cÖavb AwZw_i e³‡e¨ nvB Kwgkbvi wgRviæj Kv‡qm GB Av‡qvR‡bi Rb¨ jW© †gqi I KvDwÝji Avjx Avng`mn Dcw¯’Z mevB‡K ab¨ev` Rvwb‡q evsjv‡`‡ki gnvb ¯^vaxbZvi wewfbœ w`K Zz‡j a‡ib| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß


MZ eQi †_‡K Av‡iv eo cwim‡i ÷ªvU‡dvW© K¨v¤úvm †_‡K

†Kvm© Kwi‡q _vwK|

Avjg‡K mn-mfvcwZ, ‡Ljvayjv I P¨vwiwU welqK m¤úv`K †gvt Zvwgg


020 3689 7015


: : : +44(0)20 7622 2637 : 079 4043 8972

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 21

wm‡jU b¨vkbvj nvU© dvD‡Ûkb nvmcvZv‡ji Rb¨ dvÛ †iBm †mvqvbmx AvIqvgx jxM I hyejx‡Mi ¯^vaxbZv w`em cvwjZ Ki‡jv wewmGÕi b_© jÛb I nvW©‡dvW©kvqvi wiwRIb

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gywReyi ingvb, ˆmq` gywReyi ingvb, Avãyj gvwjK, †gvkvwn` wgqv, GgG Mdzi, †gv³vi Avjx, kvgmyj evwi, Avey mv‡j knx`, `yjv wgqv, †gvt Avjx nvmvb, AvKei Avjx, dzjix wgqv, wmivR DwÏb cÖgyL| cÖavb AwZw_i e³‡e¨ I‡qjm AvIqvgx jx‡Mi fvicÖvß mfvcwZ I Rvw÷m di evsjv‡`k †R‡bvmvBW 1971 Bb BD‡K K¨v‡¤úB‡bi Kb‡fbvi gbmyi Avng` gwKm e‡jb, 1971 Gi gyw³hy× †`wLwb wKš‘ AvR 2013 mv‡ji becÖR‡b¥i MYRvMiY Gi hy‡×i ˆmwbK wnmv‡e gyw³hy‡×i †PZbv‡K ey‡K jvjb K‡i KvR K‡i †h‡Z n‡e, GB ‡nvK gnvb ¯^vaxbZv w`e‡m Avgv‡`i `„ß kc_| mfvcwZi e³‡e¨ †mvqvbmx AvIqvgx jxM mfvcwZ AvjnvR¡ iwKe wgqv e½eÜzmn gnvb gyw³hy‡×i mKj knx`vb‡`i cÖwZ kª×v Rvwb‡q mfvi mgvwß †NvlYv Kiv nq| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß


Ph/Fx : 02077912492

Cell : 07850379433 ,07903765470


Pc : Pentium 4

2 GHz ,512 RAM 40GB HDD, DVD-ROM, 15" Monitor Key/Mouse

6 Months Warranty for RAM And HDD


mac installation £35





Operating System Format & Reload

Web Design £129 * Home Page * 5 Link Pages ,Logo * Contact / E-mail Form * Graphical / Flash banner design

Mobile Unlocking From


Any Latest Nokia (N8,E7,C5,C3,E5,X3....) Unlock Here Laptop Mother Board Replaced From Power Port Replaced From Laptop Screen Replaced From


£59 £30 £50

E- mail :

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 22

evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm wgWj¨vÛ kvLv c~b©MVb mv‡eK QvÎ`j †bZ…e„‡›`i Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ e¨vwióvi gvIjvbv e`iæj nK mfvcwZ, gvIjvbv gywneyi ingvb gvQzg mvaviY m¤úv`K

evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm wgWj¨vÛ kvLv c~b©MVb Dcj‡ÿ¨ gRwj‡m ïivi GK ˆeVK kvLv mfvcwZ e¨vwióvi gvIjvbv e`iæj n‡Ki mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I mvaviY m¤úv`K nvwdR gvIjvbv gywneyi ingvb gvQz‡gi cwiPvjbvq ¯’vbxq Rv‡gqv Bmjvwgqv wgjbvqZ‡b MZ 10 gvP© AbywôZ nq| ˆeV‡K Kg©m~Pxi g‡a¨ wQj KziAvb †ZjvIqvZ, kvLv wi‡cvU© †ck, kvLv c~Y©MVb, AwZw_e„‡›`i e³e¨, mfvcwZi e³e¨, Gn‡Zmve, †`vqv I †gvbvRvZ| ïiv ˆeV‡K cÖavb wbe©vPb Kwgkbvi wnmv‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb †K›`ªxq AvšÍR©vwZK welqK m¤úv`K I hy³iv‡R¨i mvaviY m¤úv`K gvIjvbv d‡qR Avng`, ˆeV‡K Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb hy³ivR¨ kvLvi mn mvaviY m¤úv`K gydwZ Qv‡jn Avng`, mvwnZ¨ I ms¯‹…wZ m¤úv`K nvwdR gvIjvbv Qv‡jn Avng` cÖgyL| cÖavb wbe©vPb Kwgkbvi Dcw¯’Z m`m¨‡`i gZvg‡Zi wfwˇZ e¨vwióvi gvIjvbv e`iæj nK‡K mfvcwZ, nvwdR gvIjvbv gwneyi ingvb gvQzg‡K mvaviY m¤úv`K, gvIjvbv gbRyiæj û`v‡K mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K K‡i 2013-14 mv‡ji Rb¨ 15 m`m¨ wewkó evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm wgWj¨vÛ kvLv c~bM©Vb Kiv nq| kvLvi Ab¨vb¨ `vwqZ¡kxjiv nj wmwbqi mn mfvcwZ gvIjvbv ˆmq` myjZvb gvngy`, gvIjvbv gynv¤§` Avng` †nvmvBb, gydwZ gvneyeyi ingvb, AvjnvR¡ Avãyi iwng mn mvaviY m¤úv`K gynv¤§` nvwdRyi ingvb, cÖPvi m¤úv`K

gvIjvbv d‡qR Avng`, evqZzj gvj m¤ú`vK AvjnvR¡ Aveyj Kvjvg, m`m¨ nvwdR gvIjvbv †bvgvb Avng`, gvIjvbv Avãyj nK Avwgbx, gvIjvbv mv‡n` Avng`, gvIjvbv Qv‡jn Avng`, AvjnvR¡ wejvj Avng`| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

‡`k cwiPvjbvq m¤úyb©iƒ‡c e¨_©, ¯^vaxbZv mve©‡fŠgZ¡ iÿvq Aÿg, MYZš¿ nZ¨vKvix, AvwacvZ¨ev`x‡`i Zv‡e`vi nvgjv gvgjv `~Yx©wZ‡Z wek¦ P¨vw¤úqvb, AvIqvgx Rv‡jg‡`i nvZ †_‡K †`‡ki gvbyl‡K iÿv Ki‡Z kwn` wRqvi myh©‰mwbKiv †`k‡bÎx †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqvi †bZ…‡Z¡ GK `dvi Av‡›`vj‡b mevB‡K gv‡V bvgv‡Z n‡e| evsjv‡`kx RvZxqZvev‡`i †PZbvq D¾xweZ n‡q gvwU I gvby‡li Kj¨v‡b ¯^vaxbZvi gnv †PZbvq knx` wRqvi ¯^-wbf©i evsjv‡`k Movi jovB‡q hy³iv‡R¨ emevmiZ mKj mv‡eK QvÎ`j †bZ…‡e„›`‡K Kuv‡a Kvua wgwj‡q mKj cÖKvi MÖæwcs Gi D‡aŸ© D‡V KvR Kivi `„p A½xKvi e¨³ Kiv nq| mv‡eK QvÎ`j dvD‡Ûkb BD‡Ki mgš^q Gg`v` †nv‡mb wUcyi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ †`Iqvb †gvvK‡Ïg †PŠayix wbqv‡Ri mÂvjbvq MZ 31 gvP© Kv¨vbbwóªU¯’ GK †ióz‡i‡›U Av‡qvwRZ Av‡jvPbv mfvq e³viv Dc‡iv³ e³e¨ iv‡Lb| hy³iv‡R¨ emevimZ evsjv‡`k RvZxqZvev`x QvÎ`‡ji Avwki `k‡Ki mv‡eK cwijwÿZ Z¨vMx Qv·bZv‡`i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb bmiæjøvn Lvb †Rvqv‡b`, kwidz¾vgvb Zcb, ZvRyj Bmjvg, AvwZKzi ingvb ‡PŠayix cvày, kwn`yj Bmjvg gvgyb, KqQi Avng`, Avwgbyi ingvb AvKivg,

wgmevûj Rvgvj †mv‡nj, †`‡jvqvi †nv‡mb w`cy, †gvZvnvi †nv‡mb wjUb, †njvj bvwmgy¾vgvb, Avãyj evwQZ ev`kv, RvwKi Avng` Kv‡eix, wbRvg DwÏb, GW‡fv‡KU Lwjjyi ingvb, GW‡fv‡KU Aveyj nvmbvZ, mv‡jn Avng` wRjvb, Gbvgyj nK Gby, cvi‡fR Avng`, †iŠkb Avng`, iwng DwÏb, mv¾v` Avjx, kvwnb Avng` bvwmi, kvgQzi ingvb gvnZve, mvC` Avng`, nvmvb Avn‡g` ivR, dqmj Avn‡g`, GRvR DwÏb, †mv‡nj Avng` mvw`K, Avkivd †nv‡mb mwd, ˆmq` †gv¯ÍvK Avng`, AvjgMxi †PŠayix, mvwR©b nvmvb, ûgvqyb Kwei cÖgyL| mfvq me©m¤§wZµ‡g mv‡eK QvÎ`j dvD‡Ûkb BD‡K bv‡g ‡dBmey‡K GKvD›U †Lvjv, jÛ‡bi wewfbœ KvDw›U‡Z Kb‡fbk‡bi gva¨‡g mgv‡ek Ges c½y I wbnZ mv‡eK QvÎ`j †bZv‡`i cwievi cwiRb‡K Avw_©Kfv‡e mnvqZv cÖ`v‡bi wm×všÍ M„nxZ nq| D‡jøL¨ †h, hy³iv‡R¨ Ae¯’vbiZ Avwki `k‡Ki mv‡eK QvÎ`j †bZ… e„›`‡K wb‡q RvxqZvev`x `j‡K mvwe©K mn‡hvMxZv cÖ`vb Kivi Rb¨ RvZxqZvev`x QvÎ`j dvD‡Ûkb BD‡K MVb Kiv nq| D³ msMV‡bi mv‡_ mv‡eK mKj QvÎ`j †bZ…e„›`‡K AšÍ©f‚³ nIqvi Rb¨ Avnevb Rvbv‡bv nq| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

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Avjû`v BmjvwgK †m›Uvi

566 Cable Street, London E1W 3HB Behind Troxy Hall

ZvwiL t 8 GwcÖj2013, †mvgevi mgq t weKvj 7 NwUKv

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gydwZ G iv¾vK - 07974248597 gvIjvbv Avãyj gvwjK - 07939493512 gvIjvbv dzRv‡qj Avng` bvRgyj - 07534007156

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 23

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†Kvm© mgvß K‡ib| 1985 mv‡ji 17 wW‡m¤^i c~e© jÛ‡bi Rv‡Mvbvix †m›Uv‡i AvDU wiP IqvK©vi wn‡m‡e Kg© Rxe‡b cÖ‡ek K‡ib wgbv ingvb| Gici 1986 mv‡j i‡qj jÛb nmwcUv‡j DB‡gb †nj_ GBW IqvK©vi wn‡m‡e KvR K‡ib, 1992 mv‡j jÛb eviv Ae UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm KvDw݇j cv_ †UªBbx wn‡m‡e †hvM`vb K‡ib µgvš^‡q UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm KvDw݇ji cvU©UvBg G‡óU Awdmvi, ciewZ©‡Z KwgDwbwU nvDwRs Gi nvDwRs Awdmvi wbhy³ nb 2009 mvj †_‡K UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm KvDw݇ji KwgDwbwU nvDwRs g¨v‡bRvi wn‡m‡e Kg©iZ Av‡Qb| Kg©Rxe‡bi cvkvcvwk GKvwaK mvgvwRK msMV‡bi mv‡_ RwoZ wgbv ingvb| 1993 mvj †_‡K †Uvix cvwU©i GKRb mwµq m`m¨ wgbv ingvb, cy‡iv bvg wgbv Qv‡eiv ingvb weevwnZ Rxe‡b wgbv ingvb wZb cyÎ I GK Kb¨v mšÍv‡bi Rbbx| Zvi ¯^vgx mv‡eK Qv·bZv wewkó ivRbxwZwe` MqvQzi ingvb MqvQ | ¯^vgx mšÍvb wb‡q wgbv ingvb emevm K‡ib †iWeªxR GjvKvq| wgbv ingvb mK‡ji †`vqv mn‡qvMxZv Kvgbv K‡i‡Qb| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

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kvnvRvjvj UvIqvi kvnRvjvj gvRvi †_‡K 2 wgwbU `yiZ¡

wm‡j‡Ui `iMv gnjøjøvq kvnRvjvj gvRv‡iii cv‡k Aew¯’Z

LAST FEW FLATS LEFT All The Morder Facilities Are Availabee In The Flats 1750 sq/ft 4 Bed 1730 sq/ft 3/4 Bed 1700 sq/ft 3/4 Bed 1660 sq/ft 3 Bed 1550 sq/ft 3 Bed 1480 sq/ft 3 Bed

3 London Office:

. q s / k 200T


eywKs Gi Rb¨ ‡hvMv‡hvM Kiæb -

Relax Property Service

7 Westport street London, E1 0RA

Sylhet Office:

M : 07930 574 787


27/2 Payra, Dorga Moholla, Sylhet T: 0821 722733 M: 01715 141383


K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 24

evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm evwg©snvg kvLv c~b©MVb giûg Avãyj KzÏym ¯§i‡Y †`vqv gvnwdj AbywôZ gvIjvbv iwk` Avng` mfvcwZ nvwdR ˆmq` wknve DwÏb mvaviY m¤úv`K

evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm evwg©snvg kvLv c~b©MVb Dcj‡ÿ gRwj‡m ïivi GK ˆeVK kvLv mfvcwZ gvIjvbv iwk` Avng‡`i mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I mvaviY m¤úv`K nvwdR ˆmq` wknve DÏx‡bi cwiPvjbvq MZ 10 gvP© Rv‡gqv KziAvwbqv wgjbvqZ‡b AbywôZ nq| ˆeV‡K Kg©m~Pxi g‡a¨ wQj KziAvb †ZjvIqvZ, kvLv wi‡cvU© †ck, kvLv c~Y©MVb, AwZw_e„‡›`i e³e¨, mfvcwZi e³e¨, Gn‡Zmve, †`vqv I †gvbvRvZ| ˆeV‡K cÖavb wbe©vPb Kwgkbvi wnmv‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm hy³iv‡R¨i mfvcwZ gvIjvbv †iRvDj nK| ˆeV‡K Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb hy³iv‡R¨i mn mvaviY m¤úv`K AvjnvR¡ gvIjvbv AvZvDi ingvb, mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K gvIjvbv nvwdR BKevj †nvmvBb,

evqZzj gvj m¤úv`K gvIjvbv bvwRg DwÏb cÖgyL| ˆeV‡K cÖavb wbe©vPb Kwgkbvi Dcw¯’Z ïiv m`m¨‡`i mv‡_ civgk© K‡i gvIjvbv iwk` Avng`‡K mfvcwZ, nvwdR ˆmq` wknve DwÏb‡K mvaviY m¤úv`K, gvIjvbv Kwei Avng`‡K mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K K‡i 16 m`m¨ wewkó 2013-14 mv‡ji Rb¨ evsjv‡`k †LjvdZ gRwjm evwg©snvg kvLv cyY©MVb Kiv nq| kvLvi Ab¨vb¨ `vwqZ¡kxjiv n‡jb wmwbqi mn mfvcwZ gvIjvbv Lv‡j` Avng`, BwÄwbqvi mvBdDÏxb, nvwdR gybQzi ivRv, mn mvaviY m¤úv`K AvjnvR¡ kvqLyj Bmjvg RvKvwiq¨v, cÖPvi m¤úv`K gvIjvbv Qv‡jn Avng` Lvb, evqZzj gvj m¤úv`K AvjnvR¡ wgRvb Avjx, m`m¨ gvIjvbv Rvgvj Avng`, gvIjvbv ˆmq` Rvwni wgqv, nvwdR

nvwdRyj nK, nvwdR Ave`yi ivwRK, †gvt Avãyi ingvb, †gvt kvn Avjg| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

QvZ‡Ki cÖexY e¨emvqx I mgvR †meK Ges mvsevw`K Ave`yj KvBq~‡gi wcZv giûg AvjnvR¡ Ave`yj KzÏym ¯§i‡Y hy³ivR¨¯’ QvZK cÖevmx‡`i D‡`¨v‡M GK mfv I †`vqv gvnwdj MZ 2 GwcÖj g½jevi c~e© jÛ‡bi DWnvg Mv‡W©b †m›Uv‡i AbywôZ nq| †MÖUvi QvZK cÖevmx mwgwZ BD‡Ki mfvcwZ e¨vwióvi dRjyj n‡Ki mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I wkÿK kvwnb Lv‡bi cwiPvjbvq mfvq cÖavb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Av‡jvPbvq Ask †bb UvIqvi n¨vg‡jU‡mi wbevnx© †gqi jyrdzi ingvb| we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Av‡jvPbvq Ask †bb mvßvwnK jÛb evsjvi m¤úv`K †K Gg Avey Zv‡ni †PŠayix, KvDwÝjvi †Mvjvg ieŸvbx, KvDwÝjvi gvBqyg wgqv, KwgDwbwU ‡bZv AvKZvi ‡nv‡mb, cÖv³b cywjk Awdmvi Avneve wgqv, KwgDwbwU ‡bZv gvóvi †gvkvnx` Avjx, mvßvwnK evsjv †cv‡ói cwiPvjK Kwe wknvey¾vgvb

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gwbiæj Avjg e‡jb, 1971 mv‡j knx` †cªwm‡W›U wRqvDi ingv‡bi †NvlYvq evsjvi gvbyl †`k iÿvq hy‡× †b‡gwQ‡jv| 30 jÿ gvby‡li cÖv‡Yi wewbg‡q Avgiv 9 gvm hy× K‡i ¯^vaxbZv AR©b K‡iwQjvg|

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e‡jb, Avjøvgv Avng` kdxi Av‡›`vjb †Kvb ivR‰bwZK Av‡›`vjb bq| miKvi †`kevmx‡K fzj eySv‡bvi †Póv Ki‡Q hvi cwibwZ n‡e fqven| cÖavb e³v wn‡m‡e

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 25

msev` m‡¤§j‡b cjK MÖæc GgwW gvneyeyj Avjg 50wU wek¦we`¨vjq I K‡j‡R mivmwi fwZ©i e¨ve¯’v evsjv‡`‡k cÖevmx‡`i GcvU©‡g›U µq weµq I G GBP GÛ †RW G‡mvwm‡q‡U‡mi D‡`¨v‡M wk¶v‡gjv 15 GwcÖj

evsjvUvBgm wi‡c©vU: AšÍZ 50wU BDwbfvwm©wU I K‡j‡R mivmwi fwZ©i my‡hvM wb‡q wk¶v‡gjvi Av‡qvRb K‡i‡Q G GBP GÛ †RW G‡mvwm‡q‡Um| AvMvgx 15 GwcÖj cye© jÛ‡b jÛb gymwjg †m›Uv‡ii 1g Zjvq

G wk¶v‡gjvi Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q| G‡Z Bsj¨v‡Ûi 50 wU BDwbfvwm©wU I K‡j‡Ri cÖwZwbwa Dcw¯’Z _vK‡eb e‡j Av‡qvRKiv Rvwb‡q‡Qb| MZ †mvgevi c~e© jÛ‡bi GKwU wgjbvqZ‡b Av‡qvwRZ msev` m‡¤§j‡b wjwLZ e³‡e¨ Gme K_v Rvbvb cÖwZôv‡bi wW‡i±i †Mvjvg gZyR©v| mvsevw`K‡`i wewfbœ cÖ‡kœi DËi †`b ‡Kv¤úvbxi gv‡K©wUs g¨v‡bRvi Rwniæj Bmjvg| msev` m‡¤§j‡b wjwLZ e³‡e¨ Rvbv‡bv nq,evsjv‡`kx KwgDwbwUi GKUv D‡jøL‡hvM¨ Ask G‡`‡k ÷z‡W›U wfmv wb‡q Av‡Q| GLv‡b Avmvi ci GKw`‡K BD‡Kwe-Gi evi evi iyj cwieZ©b K‡i‡Qb| Ggb ev¯ÍeZvq mwVK MvB‡WÝ Gi Afv‡e AwaKvsk ÷z‡W›U GLb gvbm¤§Z BÝwUwUD‡U fwZ© nIqv A_ev †Kvm© ‡kl Kivi my‡hvM †_‡K ewÂZ nq| msev` m‡¤§j‡b Rvbv‡bv nq, A‡bK

÷z‡W›U Kbmvjw›Us dvg© KbmvjwUs‡qi bv‡g wb¤§gv‡bi †KvqvwjwUi Bbw÷wUD‡U fwZ© Kwi‡q GKw`‡K †hgb ÷z‡W›U†K wec`Mvgx Ki‡Q Ab¨w`‡K we‡`‡ki ey‡K Avgv‡`i Ae¯’vb‡K ¤øvb Ki‡Q| 20112012 mv‡ji BD‡KweG wi‡cvU© Abyhvqx

†KejgvÎ 4% evsjv‡`kx ÷z‡W›U Zv‡`i †Kvm© KgwcøU Ki‡Z †c‡i‡Q| †hLv‡b BwÛqvb ÷z‡W›U 60 % KbwcøU K‡i‡Q| ‡Mvjvg gZyR©v Rvbvb ,GB mxgve×Zvi gvSLv‡b Avgiv AZ¨šÍ mZZv mv‡_ me©‡”Pv ‡ckv`vwiZ¡ wb‡q ÷z‡W›U‡`i‡K fwZ©i e‡›`ve¯Í K‡i w`w”Q | Avgiv me©`v ÷z‡W›U‡K wb‡Riv mivmwi A_ev ÷z‡W›U‡K cÖm‡cw±f Bbw÷wUD‡Ui mv‡_ mivmwi †`Lv Kwi‡q fwZ© Kwi‡q _vwK| wZwb e‡jb, Avgv‡`i †mevi GB avivevwnKZvi Avgiv Kgc‡¶ 50 wU BDwbfvwm©wU Ges K‡j‡R wb‡q Av‡qvRb Ki‡Z hvw”Q wk¶v †gjv | G‡Z Bsj¨v‡Ûi 50 wU BDwbfvwm©wU I K‡j‡Ri cÖwZwbwa Dcw¯’Z _vK‡eb| †gjvq AvMZ ÷z‡W›Uiv mivmwi wewfbœ BDwbfvwm©wUi wi‡cÖ‡Rb‡UwU‡`i mv‡_ mivmwi K_v ej‡Z cvi‡e I wk¶v cwiKíbv wb‡q GWfvBm wb‡q fwZ© n‡Z cvi‡e| cye©jÛ‡b B÷

jÛ‡bi gmwR‡`i Gj Gg wm n‡j AvMvgx 15 GwcÖj mKvj 11Uv †_‡K 6Uv ch©šÍ GB †gjv Pj‡e| msev` m‡b¥j‡b Av‡iv Rvbv‡bv nq,‡h‡nZz Avgv‡`i ÷z‡W›U†`i c‡¶ A‡bK †ekx wUDkb wd w`‡q BDwbfvwm©wU‡Z ev K‡j‡R fwZ© nIqv m¤¢e bq ZvB Avgiv A‡cÿvK…Z wKQzUv Kg wUDkb wdi myweav m¤^wjZ BDwbfvwm©wU ¸‡jv‡K ‡gjvq Avgš¿Y Rvwb‡qwQ| msev` m‡¤§j‡b AviI e³e¨ iv‡Lb †MÖUvi †bvqvLvjx G‡mvwm‡qk‡bi †m‡µUvix Gg G mvjvg nviyb, e¨vwióvi Av‡bvqvi †nv‡mb, e¨emvqx †gvnv¤§` Rvgvb| †gjvq Avgwš¿Z BDwbfvwm©wU¸‡jvi g‡a¨ D‡jøL‡hvM¨ n‡jv BDwbfvwm©wU Ae Avj÷vi, BDwbfvwm©wU Ae mvÛvij¨vÛ, BDwbfvwm©wU Ae wUªwbwU †m›U †WwfW, BDwbfvwm©wU Ae KvwW©d †g‡UªvcwjUvb, GjGmwm, GjGmweGd, GjGmwmAvB BZ¨vw`|


● Lowest Umrah Paceges


● We are Hajj Booking

with Discounts Now!

548a Coventry Road, Smallheath Birmingham B10 0UN

T : 012 1773 4999 F : 0121 773 7717

Booking for Umrah & Hajj 2013

All Airlines with Lowest Fare to your home countries. T : 020 8552 4666 F : 020 8552 1600

I cjK MÖæ‡ci ¯’vbxq cÖwZwbwa wewkó AvBwU Kbmvj‡U›U Aveyj nvmbvZ weUb|msev` m‡¤§j‡b gvneyeyj Avjg we`y¨r Rvbvb, cjK

G¨vcvU©‡g›U i‡q‡Q| GB cÖwZôvb MÖvn‡Ki cQ‡›`i G¨vcvU‡g›U µq, weµq I fvov cÖ`v‡bi e¨e¯’v K‡i w`‡Z cv‡i|gvneyeyj Avjg

B‡›UwiIi evsjv‡`‡k MZ 14 eQ‡i cÖvq 15 nvRvi G¨vcvU©‡g›U MÖvnK‡`i mš‘wó Abyhvqx B‡›UwiIi ‡W‡Kv‡ikb Ges 250 evmvi fvov e¨e¯’vcbvi KvRK‡i‡Qb| eZ©gv‡b Avevmb †mev cÖ`v‡bi j‡ÿ¨ XvKvq wewfbœ †jv‡K‡k‡b †Kv¤úvbxi bZyb Ges e¨eüZ 4500 wUi ‡ekx

Gm GBP ‡mvnvM, Lv‡j` cv‡fj, mvBdyj Bmjvg `y`y wgqv, cvi‡fR, bIgx, GgwW kwn`yj Bmjvg Rv‡n` c«gyL| c‡njv ‰ekv‡L w`be¨vcx ‡bqv wewfbœ Kg©m~Pxi g‡a¨ i‡q‡Q - ‰ekvLx i¨vjx, wgóvbœ weZiY, ‰ekvLx KbmvU©, wkï‡`i mvs¯‹…wZK c«wZ‡hvMxZv,

i¨v‡dj W«, HwZnvwmK cvšÍv Bwjkmn evOvjx ms¯‹… wZi aviK evnK bvbv ai‡Yi Av‡qvRb|eY©vX¨ GB Av‡qvR‡bi mvs¯‹…wZK Abyóv‡b Mvb MvB‡eb we‡jZi L¨vZbvgv wkíxe…›`| Avi GB cy‡iv AbyóvbwU BD‡KwewWwbDR WU Kg mivmwi m¤cÖPvwiZ n‡e|

Rvbvb,hy³iv‡R¨I Zviv e¨emv cÖmvwiZ Ki‡Z Pvb| MÖvnK we‡k¦i ‡h c«v‡šÍB _v‡Kb bv †Kb Zuviv MÖvn‡Ki cQ‡›`i G¨vcvU‡g›U µq,weµqI fvov cÖ`v‡bi e¨e¯’v K‡i fvovi UvKv msMÖn K‡i Avcbvi wbw`©ó GKvD‡›U Rgv w`‡q w`‡Z cv‡i| cjK MÖæc AZ¨šÍ ¯^í mvwf©m Pv‡R©i wewbg‡q `xN©w`b †_‡K wek¦¯’Zvi mv‡_ GB †mevwU cÖ`vb K‡i Avm‡Q| wZwb e‡jb, XvKvq ¸jkvb, ebvbx, evwiaviv, wWIGBPGm, DËiv, avbgwÛ, jvjgvwUqv ‡jv‡Kk‡b i‡q‡Q cQ›`bxq G¨vcvU©‡g›U| GB me †jv‡K‡k‡b 1200 eM©dyU - 4500 eM©dy‡Ui bZyb Ges e¨eüZ 4500 wUi ‡ekx G¨vcvU©‡g›U i‡q‡Q hvi g~j¨ 50 jvL †_‡K 8 †KvwU UvKv ch©šÍ| wZwb e‡jb, G¨vcvU©‡g›U weµq msµvšÍ Kv‡R I Avgiv AZ¨šÍ wek¦¯’Zvi mv‡_ †mev w`‡q _vwK| ‡Kvb cÖevmx hw` b¨vh¨g~‡j¨ Zuvi G¨vcvU©‡g›UwU weµq Ki‡ZPvb Zvn‡j G¨vcvU©‡g›UwUi weµqmsµvšÍ mgvavbI Avgiv w`‡Z cvwi| Avgv‡`i Kv‡Q i‡q‡Qb c«ev‡m emevmiZ c«vq j¶vwaK M«vnK,hv‡`i wb‡q Avgv‡`i GB hvÎv ïiæ|

AvjZve Avjx cv‡K© 14 GwcÖj ‰ekvLx Drme

evsjvUvBgm wi‡c©vU: evsjv UvD‡bi c«vY‡K›`« AvjZve Avjx cv‡K© AvMvgx 14 Gwc«j iweevi evOvjx‡`i Rb¨ Gevi ‰ekvLx Drm‡ei Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q| Av‡qvR‡b ‡hŠ_fv‡e i‡q‡Q Ôevsjv‡`kx ÷y‡W›Um BDwbqb BD‡K (weGmBD) Ges AbjvBb wbDR‡ccvi BD‡KwewWwbDR WU Kg|G Dc‡j¶¨ Av‡qvwRZ mfvq GB Z_¨ Rvbvb| ÷y‡W›U BDwbq‡bi c«wZôvZv AvZvDj­vn dviæ‡Ki cwiPvjbvq Drm‡ei we¯ÍvwiZ Kvh©µg Zy‡j a‡ib BD‡KwewWwbDR Gi m¤úv`K ‡mv‡qe Kexi| wewkó e¨emvqx gwbi Avn‡g‡`i mfvcwZ‡Z¡ G‡Z e³e¨ iv‡Lb ivwRe nvmvb, Gm G ¯^v¶i,

Holy Makkah Tours Ltd.


fvov e¨e¯’vq e¨wZµgx †mev w`‡Z PvB

evsjvUvBgm wi‡c©vU: Avevmb †mev gvby‡li †`vi‡Mvovq ‡cŠ‡Q w`‡Z hy³iv‡R¨ e¨emv cÖmvwiZ Ki‡Z Pvq cjKMªyc| 1999 mv‡j cÖwZôvi ci †_‡KB cjK MÖæc AZ¨šÍ mybv‡gi mv‡_ e¨emv cwiPvjbv K‡i Avm‡Q| gvby‡li Kv‡Q Avevmb †mev †cŠu‡Q †`evi j‡ÿ¨ cjK wiq¨vwjwU wjwg‡UW bv‡g GKwU A½ cÖwZôvb ïiæ K‡i|GB †mevi AvIZvq cjK MÖæc wek¦¯’Zvi mv‡_ G¨vcvU©‡g›U µq weµq I fvov †`evi †ÿ‡Î †mev w`‡q _v‡K| e¨vwZµgx GB †mev m¤ú‡K© e„wUk evsjv‡`kx‡`i AewnZ Ki‡Z MZ g½jevi c~e© jÛ‡bi †mvbviMuvI †ióy‡i‡›U evsjvwgwWqvi mv‡_ GK msev` m‡¤§j‡b wjwLZ e³‡e¨ Gme Z_¨ Rvbvb cjK MÖæ‡ci GgwW gvneyeyj Avjg we`y¨r| mvsevw`K ZvbwRi Avn‡g` iv‡m‡ji mÂvjbvq msev` m‡¤§j‡b e³e¨ iv‡Lb wgwWqvwjsK Gi GgwW gywReyi ingvb

Kari Md. Obaedullah Amini - 07946008570 Subah Bin-Nazir - 07760884773 II

UK Company. 91252615 VAT Rgister. 849166460

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 26

evwg©snv‡g †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi wekvj cªwZev` mgv‡ek

MZ 1 GwcÖj †mvgevi mܨv 7 Uvq hy³iv‡R¨i evwg©snv‡gi ¯’vbxq GKwU

Kvw`i mv‡jn, hy³ivR¨ Bmjvgx HK¨‡Rv‡Ui ‡m‡µUvix gvIjvbv

G‡KGg Avãyjøvn iwPZ Ôm‡PZbvÕi †gvoK D‡b¥vPb

bvw¯ÍK eøMvi‡`i dvuwm Ges MbnZ¨vi wePv‡ii `vwe‡K Av‡iv †Rviv‡jv Kivi Avnevb Rvbvb| AvMvgx 6 GwcÖ‡ji jsgvP© Kg©m~Px evbPvj Kivi Rb¨ miKvi wewfbœfv‡e cvqZviv Pvjv‡”Q| hw` jsgvP© Kg©m~Px‡Z miKvi ‡Kvb Ae¯’vq evav m„wó K‡i Zvn‡j Gi cwibvg LyeB fqven n‡e e‡j ‡bZ…e„›`iv g‡b K‡ib| Zviv e‡jb, †`‡ki gvbyl AvR wbivcËvnxbZvq f‚M‡Q| evsjv‡`‡ki PZzicv‡k AvR `~‡hv©M fqven AvKvi avib Ki‡Q| mg¯Í wKQz‡K cvk KvwU‡q miKvi †`‡ki Av‡jg Djvgv‡`i Dci wbh©vZb Ki‡Q hv †Kvb mf¨ †`‡k m¤¢e bq| Zviv RbM‡bi Rxeb hvÎv mnRKib Ki‡Z miKv‡ii cÖwZ Avnevb Rvbvb| Ab¨vb¨‡`i g‡a¨ Av‡iv Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb gvIjvbv GLjvQzi ingvb, nv‡dR gvIjvbv Avãyi ie, gvIjvbv Rvwgj Avng`, gvIjvbv GwUGg gyKviig nvmvb, gydwZ ZvRyj Bmjvg, Avãyj gywKZ AvRv`, gvIjvbv Avãyj gwZb, nv‡dR gvIjvbv ˆmq` Kwdj Avng`, ˆmq` Rg‡k` Avjx, kvdv‡qZ Avjx Lvb, e¨vwióvi Avãyjøvn gynv¤§` BmgvCj, gvIjvbv knx`yjøvn, gvIjvbv Lv‡j` Avng`, Lmiæ Lvb, ‰mq` Kwei Avng` cÖgyL| B‡gBj 19/9/12 14:20 Page 1 †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

n‡j evsjv‡`‡k †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi myqvBe Avng`, wewkó wUwf fvl¨Kvi 6 GwcÖ‡ji jsgv‡P©i mg_©‡b I Avjøvn AvRgj gvmiæi, K‡Y©j (Ae.) ˆmq` Ges gnvbex nhiZ gynv¤§` (mvt) Gi Avjx Avng`| AegvbbvKvix‡`i kvw¯Íi `vwe‡Z mfvq Ab¨vb¨‡`i g‡a¨ Av‡iv e³e¨ wgWj¨vÛm †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg iv‡Lb, gvIjvbv Avãyi ie, gvIjvbv evsjv‡`k-Gi wekvj mgv‡ek Avãyj nvwdR, gydwZ nv‡dR AbywôZ nq| nvexeyj Mvd&dvi, gvIjvbv Avãyj wgWj¨vÛm †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi nK, Aa¨vcK gvIjvbv mvB‡q` mfvcwZ gvIjvbv gCb Dwχbi kwn`yj evix, nvwdR gvIjvbv †Mvjvg mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I gvIjvbv Gbvgyj ieŸvbx, nv‡dR gvIjvbv nvweeyi nvmvb Qvex‡ii cwiPvjbvq cÖavb ingvb, ‡gvmv‡ÏK †nv‡mb gvwbK, AwZw_ wn‡m‡e e³e¨ iv‡Lb mgMÖ RvKvwiqv Avng`, Rvwgj Avng` BD‡iv‡c mvov RvMv‡bv BmjvwgK cÖgyL| Abyôv‡bi ïiæ‡Z evsjv‡`‡ki e¨w³Z¡ gydwZ kvn m`iDwÏb| cwiw¯’wZi Dci GKwU cÖvgvb¨wPÎ we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e e³e¨ iv‡Lb cÖ`©kb K‡ib AvjnvR¡ Avãyj gvwjK BD‡K weGbwci mv‡eK mfvcwZ cvi‡fR| Avãyj gvwjK, †LjvdZ gRwj‡mi e³viv evsjv‡`‡k 6 GwcÖ‡ji jsgvP© †K›`ªxq hyM¥ m¤úv`K I hy³iv‡R¨i mdj Ki‡Z †`kevmx‡K ‡hvM`vb MRP Advert newspaper with calendar 2012:Layout 1 mfvcwZ Aa¨vcK gvIjvbv Ave`yj K‡i miKv‡ii mg¯Í AcK©g I

†`k †cÖ‡gi †PZbv wfwËK Kve¨ Mªš’ Ôm‡PZbvÕ eB‡qi ‡gvoK D‡b¥vPb n‡jv MZ 31 gvP© iweevi c~e© jÛ‡bi wP‡ìªb GWy‡Kkb †m›Uv‡i| cÖRb¥ 71Ô hy³ivR¨ kvLvi m`m¨ mwPe G‡KGg Avãyjøvn iwPZ Kve¨ MÖ‡š’i †gvoK D‡b¥vPb K‡ib wewkó †jLK mvsevw`K Avãyj Mvd&dvi †PŠayix| G‡Z we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm KvDw݇ji w¯úKvi ivRxe Avn‡g`| mvsevw`K Avãyj Kvw`i gyiv‡`i cwiPvjbvq G mgq Kve¨ MÖš’wUi wewfbœ w`K Zz‡j a‡i Av‡iv e³e¨ iv‡Lb mvsevw`K kvnve DwÏb Avn‡g` †ejvj, QovKvi w`jy bv‡mi, mvsevw`K gym‡jn DwÏb, KvDwÝjvi Avqkv


50,000 A4 Menu from

£395 £85 £650

Bangladesh Money Transfer (UK) Limited evsjv‡`‡k UvKv cvVv‡bvi wek¦¯’ I wbf©i‡hvM¨ cÖwZôvb| Avgiv GK hyM a‡i ‰eac‡_ evsjv‡`‡ki Bmjvgx e¨vsK, DËiv e¨vsK I mvD_ B÷ e¨vs‡Ki †h †Kvb kvLvq Next Day Collection mn †h‡Kvb e¨vs‡K Avcbvi KóvwR©Z A_© wbivc‡` wek¦¯ÍZvi mwnZ cvwV‡q _vwK|

5000 A5 Leaflets

Leaflets printed on 115gsm gloss, full colour. (Excluding artwork & delivery)

Menus printed full colour on 115gsm gloss paper, A4 folded. (Excluding artwork & delivery)

Wall Calendars From

Desk Calendars From


Unit 4, 24 Thames Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0HZ T: 020 8507 3000 | F: 020 8507 3111 E: | W:

welq¸‡jv my›`ifv‡e Dc¯’vcb K‡i‡Qb Zvi k‡ãi gvayh© w`‡q| cÖev‡m Ae¯’vbiZ Kwe‡`i gv‡S G‡KGg Avãyjøvn Aby‡cÖiYv n‡q _ vK‡eb| Zvi g‡Zv mevB Kve¨MÖš’ cÖKv‡k D‡`¨vMx n‡j cÖev‡m mvwnZ¨PP©v bZyb w`MšÍ D‡b¥vwPZ n‡e e‡j Zviv e‡jb| †gvoK D‡b¥vPbKv‡j Kve¨MÖ‡š’i †jLK G‡KGg Avãyjøvn e‡jb, mevi mn‡hvwMZvi Kvi‡Y AvR‡Ki GB Kve¨MÖ‡š’i cÖKvkbv m¤¢e n‡q‡Q| AvMvgx‡Z mevi mn‡hvwMZv I Aby‡cÖiYv †c‡j GB ai‡Yi ev¯Íeag©x I Rxe‡bi Av‡jv‡K wfbœ welqe¯‘ wb‡q wj‡L hv‡ev| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

evsjv‡`k gvwb UªvÝdvi



†PŠayix, Kwe I mvs¯‹…wZK e¨w³Z¡ gwReyj nK gwb, KwgDwbwU e¨w³Z¡ gywReyi ingvb, eveyj †nv‡mb †gv¯Ídv wgqv, mvgQzj nK, mv‡`K Lvb, jyrdzi ingvb Qvqv`, Imgvb Mwb, Avãyj Kvw`i nvmbvZ mn cÖgyL| †gvoK D‡b¥vPbKv‡j Avãyj Mvddvi †PŠayix e‡jb, G‡KGg Avãyjøvn GKRb ¯^fve Kwe| `xN©w`b cÖev‡m _vKvi c‡iI †`‡ki K…wó I fvlvi mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM wew”Qbœ nbwb| Zvi Kwe ¯^fv‡ei m‡½ gy³wPšÍv I †`k †cÖg wg‡k‡Q| ZviB cÖKvk N‡U‡Q Ôm‡PZbvÕ Kve¨ MÖš’wU‡Z| e³viv e‡jb, G‡KGg AvãyjøvnGi MÖ‡š’ D‡V G‡m‡Q evsjv ms¯‹…wZi ev¯ÍewPÎ Ges eZ©gvb †cÖÿvc‡Ui

PIN- no. G Next Day Collection

Bmjvgx e¨vsK, DËiv e¨vsK I mvD_ Bó e¨vsK, Avj Avivdvn Bmjvgx e¨vsK -Gi gva¨‡g Avgiv UvKv cvwV‡q _vwK|

BMTBank BankDetails: Details: BMT SortCode: Code:20 2072 7291 91 Sort AccountNumber: Number:40226564 40226564 Account

We Provide the best Possible Service London to Dhaka Return £340 + tax London to Sylhet Return £380 + tax


‡`‡k †h‡Z n‡j myjf g~‡j¨ wegvbmn †h‡Kvb GqvijvB‡Ý wU‡KU cv‡eb GLv‡b


evsjv‡`k wegvb, KvZvi GqviI‡qR, Kz‡qZ Gqvi jvBÝ, mvDw`qv Gqvi jvBÝ, GwgivUm& mn Ab¨vb¨ Gqvi jvBÝ wU‡KU †c‡Z AvRB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|

01 JA N-

























10 11 12 13


14 15 16 17 18 19 20


21 22 23 24 25 26 27


28 29 30 31























11 12 13 14 15 16 17


18 19 20 21 22 23 24


25 26 27 28


T: 020 8507 3000 | M: 07958 766 448 | Unit 4, 24 Thames Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0HZ

World Wide Cargo Service DHL Service provided

GQvovI nR¡ Ges Dgiv cvj‡b Avgv‡`i †mev wbwð‡šÍ MÖnY Kiæb

nR¡ I Igivn eywKs Pj‡Q

* 4 star ‡nv‡Uj e¨e¯’v From 2900/= mvD`x Gqvi jvBÝ †hv‡M

UvKv cvVv‡Z, Gqvi wU‡KU †c‡Z A_ev Kv‡M©v ‡hv‡M gvjvgvj cvVv‡bvi Rb¨ AvRB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|

166 Cannon Street Road, London E1 2LH, UK T: 0207 702 8810, F: 0207 702 8860 E: JY19C


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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 27

wmgb dv‡bi Bmjvg MÖnb gymwjg bvg gynv¤§` mvjgvb ‡LjvdvZ gRwjm jÛb gnvbMixi mxivZ ‡mwgbvi 8 GwcÖj

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 28

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wm‡jU, 1 GwcÖj : wm‡j‡U Iwmmn Aa©kZvwaK cywjk m`‡m¨i weiæ‡× gvgjv K‡i‡Qb wek¦bv‡_ ¸wj‡Z wbnZ RvgvqvZ †bZv †Mvjvg ieŸvbxi wcZv gywneyi ingvb| MZ †iveevi wm‡j‡Ui wmwbqi RywWwkqvj g¨vwR‡÷ªU cÖ_g Av`vj‡Z wZwb G gvgjv `v‡qi K‡ib| gvgjvq gywneyi ingvb Rvbvb, Zvi †Q‡j Rvgvqv‡Zi Kg©x| 20‡k gvP© wek¦bv‡_i mvÏvg cøvRvq Rvgvqv‡Zi kvwšÍc~Y© wgwQ‡j Iwm Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv‡`i wb‡`©‡k ¸wj Pvjv‡bv nq| G mgq cywj‡ki GmAvB wRqvDwÏb D¾¡‡ji †Qvov ¸wj †Mvjvg ieŸvbxi gv_vq we× nq| c‡i Zv‡K nvmcvZv‡j Avbv n‡j Wv³vi g…Z †NvlYv K‡ib| gvgjvq wek¦bv_ _vbv cywj‡ki Iwm Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`, GmAvB wRqv DwÏb D¾¡j, Iwm Z`šÍ iƒcK Kygvi mvnv, GmAvB gvRnviæj Bmjvg, Kb‡÷ej Avey gymv, Kwei †nv‡mb, wUUy wmsn, †ZŠwdK, †gv¯ÍvK, Ave`yjøvn Avj gvgyb, kwid DwÏb, KvDQvi, K…ò †Mvcvjmn Aa©kZvwaK cywjk m`m¨‡K Avmvwg Kiv n‡q‡Q| Av`vjZ gvgjvwU Avg‡j wb‡q cywjk‡KB Z`‡šÍi wb‡`©k w`‡q‡Q|

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RvgvqvZ †bZv‡`i 6 wU evwo‡Z Av¸b w`‡q cywo‡q †`q ¯’vbxq †¯^”Qv‡meKjxM I hyejx‡Mi K¨vWvi cv½vm I AvdZve †nv‡mb Ges Zvi mn‡hvMxiv| Gici †_‡K GjvKvq D‡ËRbv weivR Ki‡Q| gnvbMi RwgqZ †bZ…e…‡›`i cwi`k©bt wm‡jU gnvbMi Rvgvqv‡Zi fvicÖvß Avgxi Wvt mv‡qd Avng`, bv‡q‡e Avgxi nvwdR Avãyj nvB nviæbmn RvgvqvZ †bZ…e…‡›`i evmv AvIqvgx K¨vWvi evwnbx KZ©…K R¡vwj‡q †`Iqvi Zxe« wb›`v Rvwb‡q wm‡jU gnvbMi RwgqZ †bZ…e…›` e‡j‡Qb, †Kvb mf¨ mgv‡R G ai‡Yi NUbv bwRi wenxb| G ai‡Yi b¨v°viRbK NUbvq cÖgvY K‡i-‡`‡k †Kvb miKvi I cÖkvmb †bB| RwgqZ †bZ…e…›` evmv-evox, e¨emvcÖwZôvb I knx` wgbvi mn wewfbœ ¯’vcbvq nvgjv, fvsPyi Ges R¡vjvI †cvovI hviv Ki‡Q Zv‡`i‡K †MÖdZvi Kivi †Rvi `vex Rvwb‡q e‡jb, Ab¨_vq wm‡j‡Ui kvwšÍc~Y© cwi‡ek web‡ói Rb¨ miKvi I cÖkvmb‡KB `vqfvi wb‡Z n‡e| MZ g½jevi we‡K‡j RvgvqvZ †bZ…e…‡›`i evmv¸‡jv cwi`k©‡b hvb Rwgq‡Z Djvgv‡q Bmjvg wm‡jU gnvbMi kvLvi mn-mfvcwZ wcÖwÝcvj gvIjvbv gvngy`yj nvmvb, mvaviY m¤úv`K nvwdR Avãyi ingvb wmwÏKx, hyM¥ mvaviY m¤úv`K gvIjvbv Avãyj gvwjK †PŠayix, mnmvaviY m¤úv`K gvIjvbv dviæK Avng`, gnvbMi RwgqZ †bZv gvIjvbv †Zvdv‡qj Avng` Dmgvbx, nvwdR kvnxbyj Bmjvg cÖgyL| -myÎ:‰`wbK wm‡j‡Ui WvK|

LTD weevn, Mv‡q njy`, Kbdv‡iÝ Ges ‡h †Kvb Abyôv‡b Avcbv‡`i †mevq Lvevi, KvUjvix, †W‡Kv‡ikbmn m¤ú~Y© mvwf©m w`‡q _vwK 96 Mile End Road, London E1 4UN

T: 020 7791 2730, M: 07939 260 058, 07985 129 452









FOX Training Academy is a trading style of ASK RT Consultants Ltd, Registered in England and Wales Co Reg. 07722180

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 29

wm‡j‡U Rvgvqv‡Zi 5 †bZvi evmvq ¸wj, Av¸b

wm‡jU, 1 GwcÖj : wkwei I QvÎjx‡Mi msN‡l© wm‡j‡U kxl© `yB RvgvqvZ †bZvi 5wU evmvq Av¸b w`‡q‡Q QvÎjxM| G mgq Dc`jxq †Kv›`‡ji Kvi‡Y GK QvÎjxM †bZvi evmvqI Av¸b †`qv n‡q‡Q| Av¸b w`‡q QvÎjxM †bZvKg©xiv A¯¿ DuwP‡q wgwQj K‡i| MZ †iveevi `ycy‡i wm‡jU bMixi dvwRjwP¯Í, cwðg cxignjøvq G NUbv N‡U| NUbvi mgq GKwU gv`ivmv I `yÕwU ¯‹y‡ji wkÿv_©xivI Aeiæ× n‡q c‡owQj| G NUbvi cÖwZev‡` wm‡j‡Ui Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgx g½jevi wm‡jU †Rjvq mKvjmܨv niZvj cvwjZ nq| Gw`‡K, NUbvi ci GjvKvq _g_‡g Ae¯’v weivR Kivq cywjk I i¨v‡ei cvkvcvwk †gvZv‡qb Kiv n‡q‡Q wewRwe| wm‡j‡Ui ivRbxwZwe`iv evmvevwo‡Z †`qv Av¸b‡K bwRi wenxb I ivR‰bwZK wkóvPvi ewn©f~Z e‡j D‡jøL K‡i‡Qb| ‡iveevi wQj †`ke¨vcx Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgxi we‡ÿvf| G Kvi‡Y mKvj †_‡K wm‡jU bMix‡ZB _g_‡g Ae¯’v weivR KiwQj| bMixi †gv‡o †gv‡o †gvZv‡qb Kiv nq cywjkI| GB Ae¯’vq `ycyi 12Uvi w`‡K wm‡jU bMixi `k©b †`Dix GjvKvq RvgvqvZ I wkweiKg©xiv wgwQj †ei K‡i| G mgq †gvUimvB‡Kj †hv‡M IB GjvKv w`‡q hvw”Q‡jb †¯^”Qv‡meK jxM †bZv Avßvi, cv½vkmn AviI K‡qKRb QvÎjxM †bZv| wgwQj †_‡K wkweiKg©xiv Zv‡`i avIqv K‡i| wkwe‡ii Kg©x‡`i avIqvi gy‡L †¯^”Qv‡meK jxM †bZv Avßve I

cv½vkmn K‡qKRb †gvUimvB‡Kj †i‡L cvwj‡q hvq| G mgq wkweiKg©xiv Avßv‡ei †gvUimvB‡K‡j Av¸b awi‡q †`q| Gw`‡K, NUbvi ciciB Avßv‡ei †bZ…Z¡vaxb QvÎjx‡Mi MÖæcwU IB GjvKvq G‡j wkwe‡ii m‡½ Zv‡`i avIqvcvëv avIqv nq| G mgq BUcvU‡Kj wb‡ÿ‡ci NUbv N‡U| NUbvi GK ch©v‡q wkwei Kg©xiv wcQy n‡U| IB mgq QvÎjx‡Mi Kg©xiv nvDwRs G‡÷U GjvKvq †ek K‡qK ivDÛ dvuKv ¸wj †Qv‡o| ¸wji k‡ã AvZ¼ †`Lv †`q GjvKvq| ¯’vbxq ¯‹y‡j I K‡j‡Ri cÖavb dUK eÜ K‡i †`qv nq| nvDwRs G‡÷U GjvKvq K‡qKRb cÖZ¨ÿ`k©x NUbvi ci Rvwb‡q‡Qb, wkwei avIqv K‡i †gvUimvB‡Kj R¡vwj‡q †`q| Gici QvÎjx‡Mi avIqvi gy‡L Zviv P‡j hvq| c‡i †¯^”Qv‡meKjxM †bZv Avßvemn K‡qKRb G‡m GjvKvq ¸wjel©Y K‡i| G mgq 50-60 Rb QvÎjxM Kg©x bMixi AwfRvZ GjvKv nvDwRs G‡÷‡Ui g~j Mwj‡Z wgwQj K‡i| Avi IB wgwQj bMixi cxi gnjøvq †cŠuQ‡j D‡ËRbv Qwo‡q c‡o| G mgq cv‡ki K‡qKwU †`vKvb †_‡K wb‡q hvIqv nq †K‡ivwmb| Avi K‡qKRb Kg©x evmvi †fZ‡i Xy‡K e¨vcK ZvÐe I fvOPyi Pvjvq| G mgq evmvi †fZ‡i _vKv gwnjv I wkïiv wPrKvi ïiæ K‡ib| Zv‡`i wPrKvi Avkcv‡ki †jvKRb Ae‡jvKb Ki‡jI Zviv GwM‡q Avmvi mvnm cvqwb| GKch©v‡q Zviv wm‡jU

gnvbMi Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgxi fvicÖvß Avgxi Wv. mv‡qd Avng`, bv‡q‡e Avgxi nvwdR Ave`yj nvB nviæb, RvgvqvZKg©x IwjDi I gywRey‡ii evmvq Av¸b awi‡q †`qv nq| GKwU GKwU

†ek K‡qKwU gv`ivmvi wkÿv_©xiv f‡q ZU¯’ nq| Dcw¯’Z _vKv AwffveKiv †h hvi g‡Zv wbivc` Avkª‡q Qy‡U hvb| A‡b‡KB cxi gnjøv I nvDwRs G‡÷U GjvKvq wewfbœ evmv-evwo‡Z Avkªq

K‡i Zviv cÖwZwU evmvi wmwUs iæ‡g Av¸b awi‡q †`q| wKQyÿ‡Yi g‡a¨ IB PviwU evmvi †fZi †_‡K Av¸‡bi †jwjnvb wkLv Do‡Z †`Lv hvq| evmvi †fZ‡i _vKv wkï I gwnjviv wPrKvi ïiæ K‡i| Zviv A‡b‡KB †kl ch©šÍ Av¸b wWw½‡q evB‡i Av‡m| IB PviwU evmvq Av¸b †`qvi ci Zviv QvÎjxM †bZv eyjey‡ji evmv‡ZI Av¸b awi‡q †`q| Av¸b aiv‡bvi ci QvÎjxM Kg©xiv RvgvqvZ I wkwe‡ii weiæ‡× †¤øvMvb w`‡Z _v‡K| G mgq Zv‡`i A‡b‡KiB nv‡Z wQj Av‡Mœqv¯¿| ¯’vbxq †jvKRb Rvbvq, QvÎjxM Kg©xiv cwðg cxi gnjøv GjvKvq bwRiwenxb ZvÐe Pvwj‡q‡Q| IB mgq nvDwRs G‡÷U I cxi gnjøvi †jvKRb cÖwZwU evmvi cÖavb dUK eÜ K‡i †`q| wm‡j‡Ui Avb›` ¯‹yjmn

†bb| Avi ¯‹y‡ji wkÿv_©xiv ¯‹y‡ji †fZ‡iB Aeiæ× n‡q c‡o| Zviv f‡q wPrKvi ïiæ K‡i| Gw`‡K, nvDwRs G‡÷U I cxi gnjøv GjvKvq cÖvq †`o NÈve¨vcx ZvÐe Pvjv‡bv n‡jI IB mgq cywjk Qy‡U hvqwb| Avi 5wU evmvq `vD `vD K‡i Av¸b R¡j‡jI `ªæZ dvqvi mvwf©m †mLv‡b Qy‡U hvqwb| Avi G Kvi‡Y dvqvi mvwf©‡mi †jvKRb †mLv‡b hvIqvi Av‡MB RvgvqvZ †bZv nvwdR Ave`yj nvB nviæb I QvÎjxM †bZv eyjey‡ji evmvi †ewkifvM Ask cy‡o hvq| hLb IB me evmvq Av¸b R¡jwQj ZLb IB me evwoi mvg‡b A‡Sv‡i wejvc KiwQ‡jb gwnjv I wkïiv| wKš‘ Zv‡`i mvšÍ¡bv †`qvi Rb¨ ZvrÿwYK †KD Qy‡U †h‡Z cv‡iwb| c‡i cywjk I dvqvi mvwf©‡mi †jvKRb †mLv‡b

British Airways

19 Days Package £1350 London to Jeddah 22 Jul 13 Jeddah to London 10 Aug 13 Package includes: * Ticket (British Airways) * Accommodation Makkah & Madina * Umrah Visa * Transport

5 Person Sharing First 7 days in Makkah Last 12 days in Madina

hvIqvi ci Avkcv‡ki †jvKRb Av‡m| 5 evmvq Av¸b †`qvi NUbvq cÖvq 5 †KvwU UvKvi gvjvgv‡ji ÿqÿwZ n‡q‡Q e‡j ¯’vbxq †jvKRb cÖv_wgKfv‡e aviYv Ki‡Q| Z‡e, RvgvqvZ †bZv nviæb I mv‡qd GKvwaK gvgjvq Avmvwg _vKvq Zviv K‡qK w`b a‡i evwo‡Z _vK‡Qb bv| Zv‡`i ¯¿x, mšÍvbmn AvZ¥xq¯^Rbiv evwo‡Z Ae¯’vb KiwQ‡jb| †ejv †cŠ‡b GKUvi w`‡K cywjk I i¨ve cwiw¯’wZ wbqš¿‡Y Av‡b| Z‡e _g_‡g Ae¯’v weivR Kivq ZvrÿwYK †mLv‡b cywjk, i¨v‡ei cvkvcvwk wewRwe †gvZv‡qb Kiv nq| RvgvqvZ †bZviv Rvwb‡q‡Qb, evmvevwo‡Z Av¸b †`qvi NUbvq wm‡j‡Ui RvgvqvZ Kg©xiv ÿyä| Zviv †Kvbfv‡eB G NUbv‡K †g‡b wb‡Z cvi‡Q bv| evmvevwo‡Z nvgjv QvovI e¨vcK jyUcvU I gwnjv‡`i jvwÃZ Kivi Awf‡hvM Zy‡j‡Q Zviv| Avi cywjk IBme mš¿vmxi cÖkªq w`‡q‡Q e‡jI `vwe K‡ib Zviv| Gw`‡K, weKv‡j wm‡jU gnvbMi Rvgvqv‡Z Bmjvgxi mnKvix †m‡µUvwi †Rbv‡ij †gv. dLiæj Bmjvg Rvwb‡q‡Qb, kxl© RvgvqvZ †bZv Wv. mv‡qd Avng` I nvwdR Ave`yj nvB nviæ‡bi evmvmn 5wU evmvq Av¸b †`qvi NUbvq AvMvgxKvj g½jevi wm‡j‡U mKvj-mܨv niZvj AvnŸvb Kiv n‡q‡Q| †KejgvÎ wm‡jU †Rjvi 12wU Dc‡Rjvq GB niZvj Kg©m~wP cvjb Kiv n‡q‡Q| Ab¨w`‡K, AvR †mvgevi G NUbvi cÖwZev‡` we‡ÿvf Kg©m~wPi Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q|

Gw`‡K cywjk Rvwb‡q‡Q, NUbvi ciciB wegvbe›`i _vbv cywjk †mLv‡b wM‡q cwiw¯’wZ ¯^vfvweK K‡i| Iwm dRj Rvbvb, Av¸‡b †ewk ÿqÿwZ nqwb| Zvi Av‡MB mewKQy ¯^vfvweK Kiv n‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K, IB GjvKvi RbcÖwZwbwa I gnvbMi weGbwci mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K †iRvDj nvmvb K‡qm †jv`x Rvbvb, evmv-evwo‡Z Av¸b †`qvi ms¯‹…wZ LyeB †e`bv`vqK| GB ms¯‹…wZi cwiYwZ n‡e fqven| †kl Lei cvIqv ch©šÍ mܨv ch©šÍ GjvKvi cwiw¯’wZ _g_‡g i‡q‡Q| `yB Mvwo wewRwe GjvKvq Unj w`‡”Q| cywjk i‡q‡Q †gvZv‡qb| RvgvqvZ †bZv I BDwc †Pqvig¨vb kvnvb AvUK: mwnsmZvi Avk¼vq MZKvj `ycy‡i wm‡j‡Ui †MvjvcMÄ Rvgvqv‡Zi mnKvix †m‡µUvwi †Rbv‡ij I dyjevox BDwbq‡bi †Pqvig¨vb Kvgiæj nvmvb kvnvb‡K †M«ßvi K‡i‡Q cywjk| MZKvj `ycy‡i Dc‡Rjv Kg‡cø‡·i †fZi †_‡K GKwU mfv †k‡l †ewi‡q Avmvi mgq cywjk Zv‡K †M«ßvi K‡i wb‡q hvq| cywjk Rvwb‡q‡Q, RvgvqvZ †bZv kvnv‡bi wei‡× bvkKZvi Awf‡hvM i‡q‡Q| †m QvÎwkwe‡ii mv‡eK †bZvI| wm‡j‡Ui bvkKZvi m‡½ Zvi m¤ú…³Zvi Awf‡hvM i‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K, NUbvi ciciB RvgvqvZ I wkwe‡ii Kg©xiv weÿyä n‡q I‡V| Zviv wm‡jU-RwKMÄ mo‡K e¨vwi‡KW †`q| G mgq IB mo‡K hvbevnb PjvPj eÜ n‡q hvq| c‡i cywjk G‡m cwiw¯’wZ ¯^vfvweK K‡i|myÎ:‰`wbK gvbeRwgb,ZvwiL 1 GwcÖj|

wm ‡j ‡U i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 30

wm‡j‡U AveviI weZwK©Z Kg©Kv‡Ð QvÎjxM wek¦bv‡_ wkïmn gv‡qi

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p 33 Page

Bangla Times Year 03 n Issue 46


05 - 11 April 2013

Derby fire deaths: Philpotts and Mosley jailed

A father convicted of killing six of his children in a fire at his Derby house has been jailed for life at Nottingham Crown Court. Mick Philpott, 56, was told he would serve a minimum of 15

humiliating, to keep him happy. “You put Michael Philpott above your children and as a result they have died.” The judge told Mosley, 46, he had “nothing to do” with Lisa Willis or

years in prison. He was convicted of manslaughter along with his wife Mairead and friend Paul Mosley, who were told they would serve half their 17-year sentences. Mrs Justice Thirlwall told Philpott he was “the driving force behind this shockingly dangerous enterprise”. The trial heard he plotted to set his house alight to frame his former mistress Lisa Willis, with whom he was fighting a custody battle over their children. If he gained custody, he hoped Miss Willis would return to live with him. The judge told Philpott in her sentencing remarks: “You could not stand the fact that she had crossed you. “You were determined to make sure she came back and you began to put together your plan.” The judge said the children were subjected to a terrifying ordeal. She said: “Their terror was the price they were going to pay for your callous selfishness. “In fact, they paid with their six young lives.” She told Philpott that he had “no moral compass”, adding: “Your guiding principle is what Mick Philpott wants he gets.” Philpott’s sister, Dawn Bestwick, shouted “Die, Mick, die” from the public gallery as he was taken down. The judge told Mairead Philpott, 32, she had been treated “as a skivvy or a slave” by her husband. She added: “As became clear during the trial you were prepared to go to any lengths, however

her children, yet was “prepared to go along with the plan and to join in with it to please your then friend, Michael Philpott”. The trial heard Philpott, his wife and his mistress had lived at the three-bedroom council house with 11 of their children until Miss Willis moved out in February 2012. Jade Philpott, 10, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, died on the morning of the fire on 11 May 2012. Mairead Philpott’s son from a previous relationship, 13-year-old Duwayne, died later in hospital. The court heard Mick Philpott considered him his son. Dawn Bestwick said outside court the sentences were a “victory” for the children who could now “rest in peace”. Det Supt Kate Meynell, of Derbyshire Police, said the Philpotts and Mosley had “lied throughout the investigation and court case”. “There were plenty of opportunities to admit their guilt but they never did and persisted with their denials. “This has been an incredibly tragic case to investigate and today’s sentences bring this difficult inquiry to a close.” Meanwhile, police have confirmed that they intend to “thoroughly” investigate an allegation Philpott raped a woman several years ago. She made the allegation after the death of Philpott’s children, but police decided to wait until the end of the manslaughter trial before investigating the complaint further. Source: BBC News online

440,000 families ‘will lose £16.90 a week’ in benefits double-whammy Almost 440,000 families will see their income cut by £16.90 a week as they are hit by both the “bedroom tax” and the changes to council tax benefit, according to research by the New Policy Institute. The cumulative impact of the welfare changes prompted a former Lib Dem minister, Sarah Teather, to urge the coalition to review its reforms. She said: “My concern is that some families are being targeted over and over again.” The MP for Brent Central added: “Hitting the same people repeatedly means it adds up to a very significant cut in income. I am not sure how they are supposed to manage, where they are supposed to live, or whether the government has looked at the cumulative impact.” Her warning came as the chief executive of a leading social housing provider warned some tenants were panicking as the reality of the bedroom tax began to bite. Research by the New Policy Institute reveals that of the 660,000 families hit by the bedroom tax, or spare room subsidy in ministers’ parlance, 440,000 will have their council tax discount reduced as well. It adds that, on average, this group will be £16.90 worse off a week. The three main reforms introduced this week are: • The replacement of council tax benefit by council tax support, estimated to cost 2.4 million families in England an average of £2.60 per week. The coalition says the council tax benefit bill rose by 50% under the last

government. • An under-occupation penalty (commonly known as the bedroom tax) is expected to cost 660,000 families an average of £14 per week. The government says 1.8 million people are on council house waiting lists.

families are already preparing to move out of the area. The NPI estimates that around 63% of families affected by one of the cuts are already in poverty. This rises to 67% for those affected by both council tax benefit and the bedroom

• An overall household benefit cap, set at £500 for a family with children, is expected to affect 56,000 households with an average cut of £93 per week. In addition there has been a below-inflation rise for those on tax credits and benefits. The NPI estimates a total of 1.3 million families will be affected by the lower-than-inflation benefit uprating, council tax changes and the bedroom tax. It said it had been impossible to calculate precisely which categories of people will also be hit by the absolute cap on housing benefit, due to be introduced later this month in four pilot areas and then phased in nationwide in the autumn. Teather says the benefit cap is the single reform that worries her most in her north London constituency, adding that larger

tax. In total 1.6 million families already in poverty – as officially defined by the government – now have to cope with further reductions in income. The NPI said: “Three-quarters of those affected are out of work. When their benefits are cut, they do not have other sources of income to fall back on. To someone receiving jobseeker’s allowance of £71.70 a week, even the smallest of these cuts (for council tax) represents a 3.5% drop in disposable income.” Just under two-thirds of families affected by the bedroom tax include a disabled adult. It has been argued that the bedroom tax is particularly unfair on disabled people who require adapted accommodation. While not all disabled people will require specialised

accommodation, the NPI says its figures suggests that the dilemma facing the disabled will not be uncommon. Meanwhile, the chief executive of social housing provider Riverside – which owns or runs more than 50,000 homes – has also warned of the fear felt by some of its 7,000 tenants affected by the bedroom tax. In an open letter to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, Carol Matthews warns that “most of those affected are precisely the people government should be helping ‘get on’ rather than ‘get out’”. Matthews goes on to say that those who will be worst hit are: “Families with teenage children who need their own bedrooms to enable them to study; fathers who have split from their partners and are trying to do the right thing by sharing responsibility for bringing up their children; grandparents who are helping their own children to work by providing low cost childcare for their grandchildren. “In addition there are the thousands of tenants who are now deemed to be able to share, when the reality is that they need to sleep in separate rooms as a result of disability or illness. “These are not minor exceptions that can be regulated away, or helped with small amounts of discretionary payments. Rather they illustrate that the line has been drawn in the wrong place.” Source: Thursday 4 April 2013

Only one in seven “working class”, according to LSE professor’s survey

Only one in seven people are “traditional working class”, according to a study coauthored by a London university professor. Professor Mike Savage, of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), has carried out research with Professor Fiona Devine which found the established model of three social classes has become “fragmented”. The research comprises an online Great British

Class Survey for the BBC, who said more than 160,000 took part, making it the largest every of its kind. With Prof Devine, of the University of Manchester, the LSE’s Prof Savage found the UK now comprises seven classes - from the “elite” to the “precariat”. Representing 15% of the population, the “precariat” earn just £8,000 after tax, have

average savings of £800, with fewer than one in 30 gaining a university education. And the UK’s “elite” - just 6% of the population - have savings of more than £140,000, extensive social contacts and education at top universities, according to the survey. More than 160,000 respondents took part in the survey, the largest ever of its kind in the UK, the BBC said.


Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 32

North Korea ‘moves mid-range missile’

North Korea has shifted a missile with “considerable range” to its east coast, South Korea’s foreign minister says. Kim Kwan-jin played down concerns that the missile could target the US mainland, and said the North’s intentions were not yet clear. Pyongyang earlier renewed threats of a nuclear strike against the US, though its missiles are not believed to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The US is responding to North Korea by moving missile defence shields to Guam. Meanwhile Russia said Pyongyang’s attempts to “violate decisions of the UN Security Council are categorically unacceptable”. “This radically complicates, if it doesn’t in practice shut off, the prospects for resuming six-party talks,” foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement on Thursday. The talks involving North and South Korea, the US, Russia, China and Japan were last held in late 2008. Japan said it was co-operating closely with the US and South Korea to monitor the North’s next move. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that although the rhetoric was “increasingly provocative”, Tokyo would “calmly” watch the situation. Government spokesman Yoshihide Suga earlier told reporters Japan was

braced for a “worst-case scenario”. The Pentagon said the shield on its Pacific island territory would be ready within weeks, adding to warships already sent to the area.

parliamentary defence committee meeting that the missile had “considerable range”. “The missile does not seem to be aimed at the US mainland. It could be

South Korean island and killed four people. But in recent weeks it has threatened nuclear strikes and attacks on specific targets in the US and South Korea.

The North has previously named Guam among a list of possible targets for attack that included Hawaii and the US mainland. Japanese and South Korea reports had suggested the missile being moved by the North was a long-range one with a capability of hitting the US west coast. However, experts believe the North’s most powerful rocket, which it testfired last December, has a range of 6,000km (3,700 miles) and can reach no further that Alaska. Kim Kwan-jin told MPs in a

aimed at test firing or military drills,” he said. Analysts have interpreted Mr Kim’s description as referring to the Musudan missile, estimated to have a range up to 4,000km. Guam would be within that range. The North is believed to have its main military research centres in the east. It has test-fired missiles from there before, and its three nuclear-weapons tests were carried out in the east. Despite its belligerent rhetoric, North Korea has not taken direct military action since 2010, when it shelled a

It has announced a formal declaration of war on the South, and pledged to reopen a mothballed nuclear reactor in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. In its latest statement, attributed to a military spokesman, the North appeared to refer to ongoing military exercises between the US and South Korea in which the US has flown nuclear-capable bombers over the South. The statement said the “everescalating US hostile policy towards the DPRK [North Korea] and its reckless

nuclear threat will be smashed”. It promised to use “cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means of the DPRK” and said the “merciless operation of its revolutionary armed forces in this regard has been finally examined and ratified”. The US Department of Defense said on Wednesday it would deploy the ballistic Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (Thaad) to Guam in the coming weeks. The Thaad system includes a truckmounted launcher and interceptor missiles. US officials recently also announced that the USS John McCain, a destroyer capable of intercepting missiles, had been positioned off the Korean peninsula. Some analysts say Pyongyang’s angry statements are of more concern than usual because it is unclear exactly what the North hopes to achieve. As well as the angry statements, the North has also shut down an emergency telephone line between Seoul and Pyongyang and stopped South Koreans from working at a joint industrial complex in the North. The Kaesong complex, one of the last remaining symbols of co-operation between the neighbours, is staffed mainly by North Koreans but funded and managed by South Korean firms. Source: BBC News online

EU warns Cameron over ‘knee-jerk xenophobia’

Brussels has launched a ferocious counterattack against David Cameron over immigration, saying his talk of benefit tourism and a something-for-nothing culture among EU migrants is unintelligent and risks stoking “knee-jerk xenophobia”. Responding to Cameron’s speech last week in which he pledged to restrict access to housing benefits and the NHS for those coming to the UK under EU free-movement rules, the European commissioner for employment, social affairs and inclusion, László Andor, told the Observer that his claims were misleading and very unfortunate. “There is a serious risk of pandering to knee-jerk xenophobia,” he said. “Blaming poor people or migrants for hardships at the time of economic crisis is not entirely unknown, but it is not intelligent politics in my view. “I think it would be more responsible to confront mistaken perceptions about immigration from other EU countries and so-called ‘benefit tourism’, and instead to explain the facts. “The reality is that migrants from other EU countries are very beneficial to the UK’s economy, notably because they help to address

skills shortages and pay more tax and social security contributions per head, and get fewer benefits, than UK workers; that free movement of workers is a key part of the EU’s single market; that hundreds of thousands of UK nationals work in other EU countries.” The hard-hitting response suggests Cameron, who pledged to tighten residency tests for migrants from the EU and the wider European Economic Area, is heading for a bruising confrontation with Brussels if and when he tries to secure agreement for such an approach with other member states. European law says that before EU citizens who are “not active in the labour market” become eligible for social security benefits, they have to pass a strict “habitual residence test” proving that they have a genuine link with the UK. Brussels says that the tests are stringent at all levels and that existing rules, agreed by the UK, prevent benefit tourism. The current tests are already the subject of legal disagreements between the UK government and the commission, which believes there are cases in which the UK is already breaching EU law. Former European commissioner

and Labour cabinet minister Lord Mandelson – now co-president of a cross-party campaign to promote a positive role for the UK in Europe called British Influence – also rejected the idea that citizens from EU states come here to “sponge”. “The truth is that Britain needed workers from other EU states when economic times were good, and we will probably need to attract them again,” Mandelson said. “This isn’t sponging, it’s contributing. And of course it’s two-way – roughly the same number of Brits went to work in other EU states.” In his speech, widely seen as a response to the rise of Ukip, Cameron said that “ending the something-for-nothing culture is something that needs to apply in the immigration system as well as in the welfare system”. He pledged that “by the end of this year and before the controls on Bulgarians and Romanians are lifted, we are going to strengthen the test that determines which migrants can access benefits”. He also said: “We’re going to give migrants from the EEA – from the European Economic Area – a very clear message. Just like British citizens, there is no absolute right to unemployment benefit. The clue

is in the title: jobseeker’s allowance is only available to those who are genuinely seeking a job.” Andor said the commission had asked the British government on many occasions for evidence to back its claims about benefit tourism by EU citizens but had received none. “The UK government has already been talking to us about so-called ‘benefit tourism’ for a couple of years, but whenever we have asked them for proof about the phenomenon they have

been unable to provide it, despite repeated requests.” He said fears of a surge in benefit tourism after restrictions on the entry of Romanians and Bulgarians are lifted in January were unfounded. “People come to the UK from other EU countries to work, not to claim benefits. And we do not expect this pattern to change after 1 January, from when Romanian and Bulgarian nationals will also be free to work anywhere in the EU. Terms such as a ‘something for nothing culture’ are

misleading and very unfortunate.” Studies have found that migrants from the 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004 - Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia - have been 60% less likely to receive benefits in this country than UK-born residents and are 58% less likely to live in social housing. Source: on Saturday 30 March 2013 21.02 GMT


UK to avoid triple dip recession, says BCC

The UK is set to avoid falling back into recession, according to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). The BCC believes a strong performance by Britain’s service industries during the first three months of the year has kept the economy growing. But a separate business survey suggests any recovery has not included the UK’s manufacturers. The Markit/CIPS manufacturing purchasing managers’ index suggests the sector continued to shrink last month. The index registered negative growth for the second month running, and output fell at its fastest rate since October. The decline was blamed on tough market conditions, subdued confidence and bad weather. “The onus is now on the far larger service sector to prevent the UK from slipping into a triple-dip recession,” said Rob Dobson, senior economist at Markit. The BCC’s survey, which included more than 7,000 firms, found that conditions for both the services and manufacturing sectors were improving, but the services sector saw some of the biggest improvements, with strong domestic sales and

exports. Services account for about three-quarters of the UK economy, while manufacturing makes up about a fifth of GDP. BCC chief economist David Kern said the results of its survey suggested the economy had grown in the first three months

(ONS) will give preliminary estimates of GDP growth for the first quarter later this month. Its figures show the economy shrank by 0.3% in the last three months of 2012. An economy is considered to be in recession if it contracts for two consecutive quarters.

of 2013. He said this was contrary to the picture of the economy being painted by official figures. “The survey reinforces our assessment that recent [official] gross domestic product figures have exaggerated the weakness of the UK economy and the volatility in output,” he said. “If an announcement of negative growth in the first quarter is misleadingly described as a triple-dip recession, confidence will again be damaged unnecessarily.” The Office for National Statistics

If the UK economy does contract in the first three months of the year, it will have fallen back into recession for the third time in five years. Manufacturing exports down The BCC says it expects the UK economy will record “positive but subdued growth” in 2013, but its director general John Longworth was keen to sound a note of caution. He said the survey overall suggested a “long and tortuous road to recovery”. “These results provide a glimpse of the as-yet-distant

sunlit uplands of recovery,” he said. “Businesses up and down the country are working hard to drive the economy, create jobs and export, but they cannot accelerate this process alone.” Manufacturers also said they needed help to ride out economic problems both at home and in key export markets in the eurozone. Lee Hopley, chief economist at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said falling demand for UK exports was a particular concern. “While manufacturers have made some good gains in nonEU markets over the past couple of years, the ongoing drag on orders from the eurozone is still significant and likely to impact on prospects over the coming months,” she said. Mixed signals over the future of the economy come ahead of the Bank of England’s latest decision - due on Thursday - on whether to take more action to try to boost the economy. Previous meetings of the bank’s Monetary Policy Committee have seen members divided on whether to extend the current programme of quantitative easing. Source: BBC News online

Mortgage rates ‘to fall First NRB bank starts journey further’ says Bank of England

Banks and building societies expect mortgage rates to fall further over the coming months, according to the Bank of England. In its credit conditions survey, the Bank said borrowing rates for

to fall further in coming months as funding costs continue to fall, mainly as a result of the Funding for Lending Scheme,” said Mark Harris of SPF private clients. “Those on the look out for a

homeowners fell in the first quarter of 2013, for the third quarter in a row. Lenders also predicted that rates will continue to go down over the next three months. The Bank said one reason was increased competition. Many lenders also reported that the government’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) was making it cheaper for them to borrow money, which in turn made it cheaper for customers to borrow from them. Under FLS, banks and building societies are given access to cheap money, only if they promise to pass it on to individuals and small businesses. “Lenders expect mortgage rates

cheap mortgage in coming months are therefore unlikely to be disappointed,” he said. The Bank reported that the rise in lending to those with smaller deposits (less than 25%) was “a little more marked”. However, a higher proportion of people were having loans rejected, as a result of their credit scores. But even though mortgage rates are getting cheaper, the number of people taking out loans has been falling. Earlier this week the Bank reported that the number of mortgage approvals for February was the lowest since September 2012. Source: BBC News online

A new Bangladeshi bank started its journey on Tuesday with an aim to attract more investment and remittances from non-resident Bangladeshis. Finance Minister AMA Muhith inaugurated the bank — NRB Commercial Bank Ltd — at a ceremony at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka. With its foray into the country’s banking system, the bank becomes the first one of its kind in the private sector and has been set up by 53 NRBs from eight countries. Muhith said he hopes the bank would not run after profits only, rather it would work for the development of the country and the economy. “So, sometimes it will have to invest in projects that might not bring higher returns.” Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman said the bank got its licence through due diligence and on the basis of its strong financial foundation. He said the bank has only got licence to open its headquarters. The central bank will continue to weigh its capacity before giving it the final licence, Rahman added. The governor also said more new banks have become necessary for the country, as its economy has been growing tremendously for

a decade, its exports and imports have gone up and remittance flow and foreign currency reserves have reached new milestones. “If we have more banks on sound financial footing, they will be able to finance big projects on their own,” the governor said. He said the new bank will have to work to take the banking services to the unbanked people in the rural areas, to the small and medium enterprises and the agriculture sector. Farasat Ali, chairman of the bank, said: “The bank will not only target higher dividends for its shareholders, it will also bring remittances through official channels.” “We will help the NRBs get loans on easy conditions so they can set up businesses in the country. We will also help them buy government bonds,” he said. Matia Chowdhury, agriculture minister; Abul Kalam Azad, cultural affairs minister; Nurul Amin, chairman of Association of Bankers Bangladesh; Nazrul Islam Mazumder, president of Bangladesh Association of Banks, and Shahid Reza, a director of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, also attended the event. Source:

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 33

Energy bills: When will they become clearer?

Two years ago the energy regulator, Ofgem, said energy firms must offer a simpler tariff structure. At that time it found 300 different tariffs were being advertised by energy companies. But instead of things getting simpler, they have become considerably more complex. In January this year, Ofgem identified no less than 900 tariffs available, which it said were “bamboozling” customers. With such a bewildering variety of options, it is perhaps not surprising that customers of SSE were vulnerable to mis-selling. So when will bills actually

not go far enough. Under the current proposals, firms will be able to use a standing charge and a single unit rate. But Which? believes that could still be too confusing, and wants comparisons to be made on the basis of the single rate only. It says the best way to compare would be for prices to be displayed per kilowatt-hour (kWh), the cost of using one kilowatt of power for an hour. “For this to happen the price of every tariff should be presented in a clear, consistent and simple way, through single unit prices like those for petrol and diesel,”

become clearer? Ofgem is currently consulting on a series of reforms, some of which will begin to take effect in the summer, probably around August. These relate to new standards of conduct, under which suppliers must treat customers fairly. The new standards will cover the way that energy contracts are marketed to customers. In February, Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan said: “We are now counting down to the most radical shake-up of the energy retail market since competition began.” But many other reforms will still not be in place until the end of the year, when customers may again be facing larger bills for electricity and gas. These changes will include: • a cap on the number of tariffs. Suppliers will only be allowed to offer eight (four for electricity and four for gas) • an end to multi-tier tariffs (e.g. the first 1,000 units at a higher rate) • a single unit rate to be advertised (quoted in pence per kilowatt-hour) • banning price increases during a fixed-term contract. By the start of 2014, bills will also have to show the cheapest tariff. Any customers on so-called “dead” tariffs (i.e. rates no longer promoted), will have to be transferred to the cheapest variable rate tariff. “Dead” tariffs are usually more expensive. But some consumer groups argue that Ofgem’s reforms do

said a spokesperson. In response to concerns about the timetable for reform, Ofgem said suppliers were already making changes in advance of the new rules. “They know they have to rebuild customer trust, and they are working to do that,” said a spokesman. Doorstep sales are already covered by licence conditions, but in practice all the suppliers have now decided to end doorstep selling, according to Ofgem. The Energy Bill, currently before parliament, should increase protection for consumers further. When it becomes law, it will force suppliers to move customers onto the cheapest tariff automatically. Energy companies will also have to tell customers if they could get a better deal on a different tariff from the same company. It will also extend Ofgem’s powers to third-party intermediaries, such as comparison websites. “Our aim is that consumers will get the best possible energy tariff - no tricks, no loopholes,” said Prime Minister David Cameron when the bill was introduced last autumn. “The bill will make sure that all energy customers are put on their supplier’s lowest variable rate unless they choose otherwise,” he said. In the meantime Ofgem has produced a number of factsheets to try to explain bills to customers. By Brian Milligan Personal Finance Reporter, BBC News


Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 34

NHS structure changes come into force

Government reforms of the NHS in England have come into force and health leaders warn of a tough year ahead. Monday marks the first day of the new structures.

GP-led groups have taken control of local budgets and a new board, NHS England, has started overseeing the day-today running of services. The NHS Confederation said the reforms represented a big opportunity but should not be seen as a “silver bullet” for the challenges ahead. Mike Farrar, chief executive of the confederation, which represents health managers, said the squeeze on finances and the need to rebuild public confidence after the Stafford Hospital scandal meant the NHS was facing a critical period. He said the reforms would bring clinical expertise to the fore of decision making, which would be a “huge asset”. But he warned: “We need to recognise the huge challenges facing the health service. New structures alone won’t enable us to tackle these challenges, and we should not see them as a silver bullet. “Those doing the day-job face major pressures in trying to keep the NHS’s head above water, while focusing on making the new world work.” The start of the new system comes nearly three years since the changes were put forward. The publication of the plans in the summer of 2010 sparked a long and, at times, damaging battle for the government to push through with its changes. Ministers even had to take the unprecedented step of halting the progress of the bill through Parliament amid criticism from medical bodies, academics and unions. In particular, concerns have been expressed about what many believe is a greater role for the private sector. Some have also questioned whether introducing such major changes - they have been dubbed the most radical overhaul since the NHS was created - at a time when money is so tight makes sense. But as the new bodies take up control - and the old organisations, including 152 primary care trusts, are scrapped - the government maintained the changes would put the NHS

on a firm footing for the 21st century. Health Minister Anna Soubry said: “The health service will improve, work smarter and, importantly, build an NHS that delivers high quality, compassionate care for patients.” But shadow health secretary Andy Burnham predicted the changes would have the opposite effect. “Far from letting ‘doctors decide’, ministers are forcing the medical profession to open up all NHS services to the market. “Hundreds of new private companies now risk fragmenting patient care when more integration is needed.” GP Catherine Briggs said she would welcome more control over how budgets are spent. “Because GPs have face-to-face contact with patients every day and because they know their patients and their communities really well,” she said. “That means they are really well-placed to be able to make decisions about how healthcare should be delivered best.” But GP John Hughes said he had reservations. “The GPs aren’t really free to do what they like with the money as a lot of people seem to think,” he said. “Most of the directions as to what happens to that money and what should be bought or commissioned locally is coming from the Department of Health.” Source: BBC News online

Should parents drug babies on long flights? Parents taking infants on long flights are turning to medication to help their children sleep. But is the practice safe - or a dangerous abuse of parental power? On a recent afternoon flight from Miami to Los Angeles, travellers were impressed with the three young children who slept most of the way and then played quietly. How sweet and well behaved they were, the passengers commented. But the woman sitting next to me was not buying it. “I think she drugged them,” she whispered, gesturing toward the mother watching a film as her children snoozed. Parents who medicate their babies and toddlers with allergy or cough medicine on long flights say it helps the children sleep in increasingly cramped planes and helps combat jetlag. It is a polarising topic on parenting blogs, with debates often turning nasty. On the Urban Baby website, which allows users to post anonymously, a typical post about how to occupy tots on long flights quickly grows heated: “Drug your spawn, please. For the love of GOD, anesthetize the little beast.” “Do people actually do that? That seems a bit extreme to me. Just looking to keep her occupied.” “Psychos who pop pills all day would drug their kids. Normal folks would never do that.” While the American Academy of Pediatrics says it never recommends sedating children on long flights, many parents say their paediatricians do quietly advise a bit of the allergy medicine

for a flight. But there are risks. “It’s not a good idea,” says Dr Daniel Frattarelli, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on drugs. Take the drug marketed in the US as Benadryl, diphenhydramine HCL (quite different from the product known as Benadryl in the UK,

from Australia to the US. She said the first eight hours of the flight were “agony” and that she used the medication as a last resort to help her three-year-old daughter sleep. “It actually has directions to use for travel,” she says. A dad from New Zealand with children ages five and two,

which is the drug cetirizine). “When using Benadryl to sedate, you are using it for its side effects rather than its therapeutic effect. It can be dangerous - especially in children under two. Kids have died from this.” Diphenhydramine HCL tends to concentrate in fluid around the brain in young children and can have unpredictable results in infants and toddlers, he says. “The last place you want something to go wrong is up in the air,” Frattarelli says. But parents who have successfully used allergy medicine to help children sleep swear by it, albeit in hushed tones. One mother of two who did not wish to be identified used the over-the-counter allergy and motion-sickness medicine Phenergan for a recent flight

both of whom often take 10-12hour flights, says he has used antihistamines to help his son sleep and that a doctor had recommended it. “It was a safe dose of a kids’ medicine, with side effect of sleepiness,” he says. “We only used the suggested dose for his weight. We don’t do this now, as our young kids travel well.” But Ben Adair, a father of two in Los Angeles, says the allergy medicine backfired the one time he tried it. “Our four-year-old was under the weather anyway, so we gave him some Benadryl to help him sleep through a couple flights,” he says. “But instead of sleeping, he turned into the groggy, zombie toddler - somewhere between asleep and awake and completely

Male bowel cancer on the increase, says Cancer Research UK

Bowel cancer rates among men have increased by more than a quarter in the last 35 years, a report has suggested. The Cancer Research UK study said this contrasted with a rise of just 6% in the rate for women over the same time. However, bowel cancer survival rates are improving with half of all patients living for at least 10 years after being diagnosed. It is not known why there should be such a large difference in the increase in rates between men and women. Rising rates of bowel cancer may be linked to obesity and diets high in red and processed meat and low in fibre, as well as the increasing age of the population. The disease is the second most

common cause of cancer death in the UK after lung cancer. Cases of bowel cancer for men have increased from 45 per

100,000 in 1975-77 to 58 per 100,000 in 2008-10, a rise of 29%. The figures for women were 35 per 100,000 rising to 37 per 100,000 in the same timescale. The age group with the biggest rise is those in their 60s and 70s, who experience 23,000 new cases a year.

Professor Matthew Seymour, of Leeds University, who is director of the National Cancer Research Network, said: “We know the risk of bowel cancer increases as we get older and, since we’re all living longer, it’s no surprise to see that the number of people getting the disease is rising. “But when we look at these figures and take people’s age into account, we still see that the risk of bowel cancer has gone up in men in the last 35 years. “It’s important to find out what’s behind the rise and what we can do about it. The figures are released to mark bowel cancer awareness month and the launch of a new campaign by the Bobby Moore

Fund charity. The Make Bobby Proud campaign aims to spread the word about the disease, especially among men involved in the football community. Stephanie Moore, whose footballer husband Bobby Moore died of bowel cancer in 1993, said it was encouraging that bowel cancer survival rates were improving. But she added: “However, it’s vital we continue to fund research to fight this disease as these new statistics show.” Dr Julie Sharp, senior science information manager at Cancer Research UK, said the charity’s researchers had played a “starring role” in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Source: BBC News online

miserable. “I felt terrible about it and won’t do it again.” Jo Andrews, a British mother of three who lives in Dubai, says she takes about three long flights a year with her children and buys them all new, small toys to unwrap on the plane and brings extra snacks and sticker books to keep them occupied. “I would never, ever drug my kids when they are young on a flight,” she says. “Imagine if there was an emergency on the plane. “They trust their parents unconditionally, and will do pretty much whatever we tell them is right or wrong. Well, taking any drugs without need is wrong.” My children’s paediatrician Dr Noosha Shaheedy says parents often ask about sedating babies on long-haul flights. She recommends against it. But she knows parents ignore that advice, and urges them to be careful with dosage and never to give a child medication for the first time in the air, as they do not know how the child will react. The sedate debate for parents grappling with the challenges of modern air travel might be relatively new, but parents have drugged their babies for generations to keep them quiet during more serious getaways. Syrians fleeing the violence in their country in recent months have been sedating their children to keep them quiet as they escape, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Some refugees fleeing warfare in Laos during the 1970s gave their babies opium to knock them out for the journey. “When families had to escape communist countries by running through jungles or crossing the Mekong River, the cry of a baby could mean death by gunfire for the entire travelling group,” says Leilani Chan, an actress and writer touring the US with Refugee Nation, a performance she created with her partner Ova Saopeng, a refugee from Laos. “Many would sedate their babies with a taste of opium. Often we hear this story with a chuckle obviously from refugee moms and dads whose children survived the escape. But indeed many children died from accidental overdose.” Chan and Saopeng have a young son and have never medicated him on flights. “I choose not to use a drug and let my toddler wander the aisles saying ‘hi’ to passengers. I figure if he is bugging people it’s better than having him screaming in his seat,” she wrote in an email. “I console myself with this perspective... bugging other passengers is a small deal in the larger scope of things.” By Regan Morris / BBC News, Los Angeles


Eurozone unemployment rate at record high

The rate of unemployment in the eurozone has hit a record high of 12%, official figures have shown. The number of people unemployed in the 17 member states rose by 33,000 during February, to hit 19.07 million, the statistics agency Eurostat said. The highest jobless rates were 26.4% in Greece, although this figure was from December, and 26.3% in Spain. Separately, figures confirmed a deterioration in the eurozone’s manufacturing sector in March. The lowest unemployment rates recorded by Eurostat were in Austria (4.8%) and Germany (5.4%), both unchanged from January. The overall unemployment rate for the eurozone in January was revised up from 11.9% to 12%. Across the 27 member states of the European Union, the unemployment rate rose to 10.9%, up from 10.8% the previous month. The fresh high in the unemployment rate “is further confirmation of the underlying weakness of the economy�, said

Jennifer McKeown at Capital Economics. “The rise in unemployment was the 22nd in a row, making this labour market downturn the most prolonged since the early

1990s.� Youth unemployment remains an area of particular concern, with 188,000 people aged under 25 joining the ranks of the unemployed in February. More than half the workforce in this age group are now out work in Spain and Greece, and almost a quarter out of a job across the eurozone as a whole. “I think under those circumstances you’re getting to the point at which social unrest is likely to mount, because basically the youngsters coming

out of school and universities just can’t find jobs,� Commerzbank’s Peter Dixon told the BBC. There was further gloomy news from the eurozone’s manufacturing sector, as a survey

indicated that manufacturing activity fell to a three-month low in March. The final Markit eurozone manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for March fell to 46.8, slightly higher than an initial estimate but below the 47.9 recorded in February. Any score below 50 indicates a contraction in the sector. Germany and the Republic of Ireland both fell back below 50, while the rate of decline accelerated in all other eurozone countries apart from France.

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The survey indicated that output and new orders fell across the eurozone, while job losses increased. “The surveys paint a very disappointing picture across the region,� said Markit’s chief economist Chris Williamson. “The manufacturing sector looks likely to have acted as a drag on the economy in the first quarter, with an acceleration in the rate of decline in March raising the risk that the downturn may also intensify in the second quarter.� The eurozone economy is currently in recession, having contracted for the past three consecutive quarters. Some economists expect to see a further contraction in the first three months of this year when growth estimates are published by Eurostat on 15 May, with a slow return to moderate growth expected later in the year. Analysts say that the short-term economic outlook remains bleak, given that many governments are cutting spending and raising taxes as they struggle to control high deficits and rising debt levels. Source: BBC News online

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 35

Berlusconi trial: ‘Ruby’ Karima Mahroug at Milan court

Dancer Karima El-Mahroug known as “Ruby Heartstealer� - has staged a protest outside a court in Italy to deny claims she was paid for having sex with former PM Silvio Berlusconi. “I’m not a prostitute. I’ve never had sex with Silvio Berlusconi,� she said in a statement read outside the court. She is upset over the Milan court’s decision not to hear her testimony in the case against the former PM. He denies paying for sex with her in 2010 when she was aged just 17. Having sex with a female who is under 18 is a crime in Italy. The billionaire media mogul is on trial in Milan on charges of paying for sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of power. He has admitted sending Ms Mahroug money, but insists the funds were

meant as a gift for friend in need. In what the BBC’s Alan Johnston in Rome described as an emotionally charged public statement on the court steps, Ms Mahroug said that she had not had a chance to tell the truth in relation to the allegations against her. She said that instead only things that she had told investigators before the trial have been taken into account during proceedings against Mr Berlusconi. “The press hurt me to hit Berlusconi,� she said. “I realise that it is an ongoing war against [him] and I have been involved. But I don’t want my life to be destroyed.� Moroccan-born Ms Mahroug complained that the judges’ decision not to allow her to testify in the case amounted to “psychological violence�.

Warning after Legal Aid changes

Solicitors have warned that people could start “taking the law into their own handsâ€? as changes to legal aid come into force and remove swathes of areas of law from its scope. The reforms to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (Laspo) come into immediate effect today as the Government moves to reduce its ÂŁ2.2 billion legal aid bill by ÂŁ350 million. Private family law, such as divorce and custody battles, personal injury cases, some employment and education law, immigration cases where the person is not detained and some debt, housing and benefit issues will all be impacted. Some law firms estimate the reforms will reduce the number of people who qualify for legal aid by 75%, meaning around 200,000 fewer cases, while barristers have warned the cuts are the biggest to civil legal aid since the system was introduced in 1949. The Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, warned that “people could start taking the law into their own hands as a result of an inability to seek justice following the Government’s civil legal aid cutsâ€?. Richard Miller, head of Legal Aid at the Law Society, said: “We have warned Government consistently that, as well as all the knock-on costs, the social consequences will be damaging to the whole of society, not just the vulnerable who will take the worst hit of all.â€? The Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, said “vulnerable people will sufferâ€? as a result of the changes. Maura McGowan QC, chair of the Bar Council, said: “As a result of Laspo, more people than ever before will find themselves going to court without legal representation. “It is not just the view of the Bar - the Judiciary, the broader legal profession and legal advice centres are all saying the same thing. “We are faced with a situation whereby access to justice is no longer being adequately funded and vulnerable

people will suffer.â€? The Bar Council has developed a guide, compiled by a range of specialist bar associations, including a number of QCs, which sets out how to find free or affordable help with a legal problem. It will be distributed to all MPs in England and Wales. Cases that will continue to receive funding include family law cases involving domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction issues, mental health cases, asylum and debt and housing matters where someone’s home is at immediate risk. The changes have prompted a raft of warnings from law firms across the country. The removal of legal aid for divorce cases will hit the UK’s poorest households almost three times harder than people in the richest parts of the country, according to research by family law firm Stephensons. The average cost of a divorce is ÂŁ1,300 or 9% of the average yearly income in Dwyfor Meirionnydd in North Wales, the UK constituency with the lowest average salary, Stephensons said. By contrast, ÂŁ1,300 is equal to just 3.3% of the average annual income in Westminster North, which has the UK’s highest average salary. Elsewhere, Quality Solicitors warned low-income parents may be left unable to afford necessary legal representation to secure contact rights with their children following divorce. And Hugh James Solicitors argued that the number of individuals taking divorce and children cases to court as ‘self representing litigants’ as a result of the withdrawal of aid could burden the courts with more “long-running and poorly organised casesâ€?. Malcolm Stevens, head of the family team at Hugh James, said: “As the circus around the Heather Mills Paul McCartney divorce illustrated, litigants in person can find it hard to restrain their emotions which can damage their cases as well as waste time.â€?


Affordable homes linked to future economic growth, says Boris Johnson Increasing London’s supply of affordable homes is “intrinsically linked to the future economic growth of the capital”, London Mayor Boris Johnson has said. Mr Johnson on Wednesday again called on the government to allow London to keep Stamp Duty Land Tax receipts generated by property sales in the capital, which would then to reinvested in house building and regeneration. He said: “Increasing the supply

of affordable homes in London is intrinsically linked to the future economic growth of the capital. “Without homes to live in the hard-working Londoners who keep this city thriving will be forced to move elsewhere taking with them their energy and drive. “While there is a growing momentum behind affordable housing delivery, we need to redouble our efforts, which is why I will continue to call on

Council worker on terror charge

A council worker today admitted having 300 computer discs of terrorist material in his car and home. London Borough of Hackney revenue officer Khalid Baqa, 48, had one of the discs in his office computer, the Old Bailey heard. Baqa, of Priory Road, Barking, east London, pleaded guilty to two offences of disseminating terrorist publications. A further seven offences of having material likely to be useful in terrorism were ordered to lie on file. Baqa was remanded in custody

for sentencing on April 26. The court heard the discs included al Qaida’s Inspire magazine, 39 Ways to Support and Participate in Jihad and 42 Ways to Support Jihad by Anwar al-Awlaki. The charges related to between April and July last year when Baqa was arrested in a sweep of suspects before the Olympics in east London. Andrew Hall QC, defending, said Baqa was storing the material for someone else but was reckless as to whether it would then be distributed.

government to give London all the tools and funding it needs to increase the supply of affordable homes in the capital.” According to the Mayor of

2011/12. A spokesperson for public spending pressure group the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “Many taxpayers will think some of these bills really take the biscuit. “If councillors want to cut the bill then ditching the bottled water and fancy finger food would be a good start.” Almost £1,500 was spent on tea and coffee for meetings, with thousands more being splurged on biscuits, fruit and other snacks. Other items charged to the expense account included 63 carafes of water and a £32 tray

The East London Mosque opened its doors to the public at the weekend to allow non-

of Danish pastries. More than £700 was spent on sandwiches and buffets for meetings, where sate chicken skewers appeared on the menu alongside sandwiches, wraps, quiches, falafel and other treats. A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets Council said: “Various meetings are held during the working day and evenings at which the Mayor and Cabinet Members meet with external visitors to whom appropriate hospitality is shown.” Source: eastlondonadvertiser.

Muslims to gain an insight into Islam. The Mosque, and neighbouring London Muslim Centre, is home to one of the largest Muslim congregations in Europe. Organised by the Islam Awareness Project, the open weekend aimed to offer an insight into how a Mosque functions, including through a viewing of live prayer gatherings. Speaking before the event, East

carbon emissions from 26,338 tonnes in 2010/11 to 22,101 tonnes in 2011/12. Cllr Shoaib Patel, the cabinet member for environment, transportation and crime,

The breakdown in relations between the Labour Party and Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman reached a new low when a former party manager tweeted he would “load the revolver” if he was a candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral election. After suggestions of a nomination were rebuffed, Rob Marchant tweeted: “Phew. If not I will load the revolver and we can all take turns.” He added: “Ah. [makes mental note to keep revolver well cleaned and oiled].”

said: “Redbridge has a strong commitment to cutting carbon and our ranking here shows our dedication to making the borough a greener place to live.” Over the last two years the council has targeted efficiency in heating and lighting, installing energy efficient LED technology, as well as offering financial assistance to schools, who

London Mosque’s executive director Dilowar Khan said: “We have an open door policy for guests and visitors from all religions and backgrounds, and want people to find out about Islam. “Even if they want to ask us about common misconceptions, we are happy to talk about them”, he added. Source: eastlondonadvertiser.

Mr Marchant said the tweets referred to self harm rather than assassination. Mr Rahman said police were investigating and declined to comment further. A police spokesperson said: “Police take all perceived threats of violence very seriously and are able to confirm that Tower Hamlets CID are investigating an allegation of crime arising from conversations on a social networking site.” No arrests have been made Source: eastlondonadvertiser. updated on Monday, April 1, 2013 12:55 PM

Bradford’s young chefs to meet hot competition in curry showdown Young chefs will be hoping they have the recipe for success in a nationwide curry cooking contest. Bradford College is once again leading the search for the UK’s best young curry cook, and organisers believe this year the competition will be hotter than ever. And it looks like Bradford is living up to its name as a curry capital, with youngsters from the district making up a massive two-thirds of the finalists. Among those tipped to impress are brother and sister Faris and Aisha Amin, who are competing in separate age categories.

Redbridge tops London carbon emission reduction rankings

Redbridge has topped the 2011/12 rankings for reducing its carbon emissions amongst London boroughs. The council has secured a 16 per cent cut in carbon dioxide emissions under the carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme . Newly released government figures show Redbridge reduced

Former Labour Party manager aims “revolver” tweets at Tower Hamlets Mayor

East London Mosque holds open weekend

Taxpayer billed for falafel and quiche served at Tower Hamlets town hall meetings

Falafel with yoghurt and mint dips, vegetarian quiches and plates of biscuits are among the delights served up at town hall meetings at the taxpayer’s expense, it has emerged. Halal, vegetarian and fish selections and bottled water were laid on at meetings hosted by Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman and his nine cabinet members during the last financial year. Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show a total of £4,300 was spent on refreshments for Mayor Rahman and his cabinet during

London’s office, up to 100,000 afforable homes will be delivered during Mr Johnson’s two terms. In 2012/13 10,092 homes were started in the capital, and the Mayor of London is on track to deliver a further 55,000 in the 2011/15 investment round, his office said. In the last financial year, just over £180million was invested across 12 London boroughs through the Decent Homes programme to bring existing stock up to standard with modern facilities and suitable insulation and heating. Source:

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 36

account for over 60 per cent of the council’s carbon emissions profile.. Since 2010, the council has reduced the number of children travelling to school by car to 27 per cent, saved over 102 tonnes of carbon across 10 schools and diverted 61.8 per cent of waste from landfills. Source:

The cook-off next Tuesday, aims to find up-and-coming, home-grown

talent and will see budding young chefs battle it out to impress a panel of critically-acclaimed judges to be crowned National Junior Curry Chef 2013. Curry may be the UK’s favourite dish, but there remains a shortage of chefs in Asian restaurants. The contest, hosted each year by Bradford College’s Department of Hospitality and Travel, was originally set up to highlight the shortage and tempt more youngsters into curry careers.

Now in its third year, the contest has also proved a record-breaker, with the world’s biggest bhaji and largest samosa being cooked up in the build-up to previous years’ competitions. Event organiser, Bradford College chef trainer Colin Burt, said: “It’s going to be a good final and the standard of food is going to be very high, from what we have seen in the semi-finals.” Fighting for the title of best curry cook aged 16 and under are six finalists, including four Queensbury School pupils – Aisha Amin, Tahreem Ahmed, Mewish Masood and Nikita Bartlett. Three young cooks will be competing against each other in the 18-andunder category, including Aisha’s brother Faris Amin, also from Queensbury School, and Bradford College student Connor Stowell. The panel of industry judges includes experts from Aagrah, Dragon Thai and Kiplings restaurants as well as last year’s winner, Habiba Khan. The cook-off will take place at the International Food and Travel Studio School in Thornton Road, Bradford.


Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 37

Cats be damned: social media and social responsibility By Jyoti Omi Chowdhury

‘IS YOUR country on the verge of a civil war?’ asked a meticulously dressed diplomat. I was confused for a second, thinking this person may have thought that I was from Kenya, or may be Somalia. Then I realised that she was asking me about Bangladesh. Her understated French accent did not blunt the dire insinuation of the question. So I took a deep breath and asked her calmly what gave her such an idea, as Bangladesh has long had a steady relationship with volatility without going overboard, without falling off into the abyss of a civil war. She simply replied, ‘Facebook.’ Apparently, according to Facebook, shoddy news outlets, former dictator turned ‘moustache’ model HM Ershad, and one reputable human rights organisation, that is, Bangladesh is on the verge of a civil war. I was surprised to learn this. In my idle time, I mimic the acrobatics of a Facebook addict and go through the posts that inhibit, coerce, bewilder and engulf my online time with videos that range from cute cats to political violence. In the past six weeks, I have seen a sharp drop in cat videos, proclamations of personal excellence, selfies in front of Hatirjheel; and a steady rise in talk of an impending civil war. The mood of the online mob has shifted, from trivial to toxic. They say we are on the verge of a civil war, (cats and data) be

damned! However, civil war does not just happen. There is a booming and ever-expanding research tradition in war theory about the causes of civil war. As civil wars have been so destructive these last three decades, they have garnered a lot of attention from war theorists. So when we hear of impending civil wars, we do not simply sit around and frown, we pull out our data sets, look at our predictive models, and dissect the common/necessary/sufficient conditions of this phenomenon. Civil war starts with a rebellion. So the emergence of a rebel group that has no vested interest in the status quo tends to be one of the major indicators of an impending civil war. A group of people disinterested in the system or against the prevailing order plays a role but requires some level of substantive influence (in the form of numbers or otherwise) to move a country from peace to civil war. The war theory concerning this matter stems from a structural understanding of nation-states. ‘Greed versus Grievances’ is what theorists like Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler suggest to explain how a civil war starts. While there are disagreements on the matter like any other science, it is still a foundational theory with much explanatory power. So a lot of the literature that has come out of the field came out using this explanatory model. With it, we are more able to understand and explain civil war than we were before, when war was viewed mostly as an interstate phenomenon as opposed to an intra-state incident.

The Greed versus Grievances model has been used as a jumping off point for many theorists either trying to prove its empirical assessment or to disprove it. However, if we look at the evidence on the ground, some of the major reasons why a country falls to civil war remain fairly consistent across the board. First and foremost, ethnic cleavages play a prominent role in starting a civil war. In cases like Bosnia and Rwanda, such cleavages ended up being the precursor to genocide and crimes against humanity. Poverty also plays a major role. It is consistently present in countries that eventually succumb to civil war. Ethnic identity and resource scarcity coupled together contribute to ideas of ethnic victimhood and fuel hatred of the other (religious, social, ethnic differences become amplified during this process). So countries that have severe identity issues like Pakistan and Iraq are always flirting with disintegration. Now, enough theory…how about Bangladesh? What does the projection data suggest? Are we on the verge of a civil war? Is Facebook right? And should we care if our friends in both high and low places think we are reaching a tipping point? Let me first confess that being Bangladeshi, I have a certain bias that is entrenched within my own psyche. I like curried eggs, cricket during the monsoon, and despite having no real religious attachment shut off the stereo when my father is praying. So obviously, part of me would never want to admit that we are reaching a

point of no return. So I was extra careful when I started looking at the data to see where we might stand in the progression of failed states. In the scientific circle we call it covering our behinds. Well, I am happy to report that we are nowhere near a civil war. After examining all the general indicators, from food security to small arms ownership, I find that the data suggests that we are firmly in the bosom of a volatile democracy, with most of the population heavily invested in the idea of Bangladesh. The economic indicators along with socio-political indicators suggest a period of upheaval, but not total collapse. Our history (despite being a small part of the projection models) also suggests that this system of ours has previously seen similar amounts of upheaval — and even state-sanctioned violence — without ever reaching a point of no return. So shall we all breathe a sigh of relief and ignore the media and social media which have been painting a picture of a country on the verge of a complete collapse, like Central African Republic or DR Congo? We should not. Despite general indicators, media and social media play a prominent role in instigating perceptions that may or may not be true. If we are lax in terms of rejecting myths, the myths start polluting the collective psyche to the point where people start believing the myths. So this constant barrage of civil war talk is not only factually wrong but also factually dangerous, and it serves vested interests that would rather have fear dictating our discourse than rational, transparent

thought. So to sum up, no, we are not having a civil war, stop suggesting we are, as that is not helpful, and you may very well start one with your myths and gossip. After all, this is the same country that had a religious riot in Ramu because some halfwits were told that someone insulted the prophet on Facebook. So I expect responsible people to do their job as in act responsibly because the irresponsible portion of our population has been consistently and predictably quite irresponsible. Back to the story with the diplomat, which ends with my telling her emphatically that we are not on the verge of a civil war. I said that as a matter of fact, with certainty, with no data to support it at that point. I knew the answer in my heart first and double-checked the data afterwards. Being sceptical about the information we receive will serve us well. We have been bamboozled enough by many a con artists who have seduced us with the grandeur and shortcuts of hatred and division, while promising clarity or purity. The time has come to question every little assumption that is being thrown at us, assumptions without data, without rational thought, assumptions that are product of blind acceptance of religious ‘purity’. If there was ever a time to rely on data, not hearsay, this would be it. Bring back the cats!, March 30. Jyoti Omi Chowdhury is a war theorist and a visiting researcher at the Center for Sustainable Development, Harvard University.

‘Life is becoming like the world of Islam’

Aalam-e-Islam is ironically Darul Harb today or area of conflict, thanks to the Muslim leaders sitting on Western laps with pacifiers in their mouths, writes

Saeed Naqvi

GOOD poetry sums up powerful emotions which people experience but cannot articulate. A friend in Pakistan has sent me a couplet which does open doors bringing in the light or, at least, providing relief from seemingly interminable suffocation. Ek lamha to miley Amn-o-sukoon ka yaa Rab. Zindagi Aalam e Islam hui jaati hai. (Not a moment of peace, Oh God, no serenity, no calm. Life is beginning to resemble the world of Islam) In other words the world of Islam, in its present condition, is to the poet Manzar Bhopali, an experience outside himself even though the poet is obviously a Muslim by birth. The couplet under review does not for a moment suggest that the poet is giving hints of a possible defection from his faith. He has simply separated himself from ‘Alam-e-Islam’ and placed himself at a vantage point to take a comprehensive look at it. It is then that he executes a remarkable simile.

‘The weariness, the fever and the fret’ was Keats’s description of “our condition’ which was in dismal contrast to the full throated music of the nightingale. Raghupati Sahai Firaq Gorakhpuri has a different simile for human suffering: Is daur mein zindagi bashar ki Beemar ki raat ho gaee hai. (Human life these days has become the endless night of a patient tossing and turning in high fever.) The fever is not the passing flu, but terminal tuberculosis common in Firaq’s youth. The image is not dissimilar to the ‘wariness, the fever and the fret’. But no poet in history has over held up ‘Aalam-e-Islam’ as the mirror to man’s existential hopelessness. My sense is that something new has been said in very simple words and to which the silent majority in the Muslim world would respond with thunderous applause. The verse contrives an exit route from a disagreeable reality, an entrapment in forced homogenisation. This has been imposed on Muslims by a lethal mixture of televised war, particularly the war on terror, possibly in unwitting implementation of Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations. I have grown in the knowledge that any talk of Muslim homogeneity in India is false: the Mapillas from Malabar are different from Labbais in Tamil Nadu

or Bengali Muslims. Language and local culture trump religious links. Inder Gujral as prime minister invited me to Bangladesh because he felt a Muslim in his entourage would go down

Globally the Islamic world is even more disparate — stretching from the Maghreb to Pakistan’s borders with India, then around the Indian Ocean to Southeast Asia. Also, North Africa to

well in a Muslim country. Never in my life have I felt more lonesome with my Islam. The Bengalis, on both sides, led by the late Nikhil Da, broke out in Tagore and Nazrul Islam, licking their fingers on ‘illich maach’ (hilsa fish), leaving a marginalised Muslim from Lucknow in the shadows. Gujral and I had momentarily forgotten an elementary truth: the very emergence of Bangladesh was the triumph of linguistic regionalism over Islam.

the nations along the Sahel. War and conflicts have been set up in most of these countries. I know all about colonialism, imperialism, capitalism’s greed, the do-or-die quest for mineral resources and strategic advantage. These interests cannot be defeated in the battlefield because Muslim monarchs and sundry leaders have sought shelter from their own people under the Western umbrella. Since these umbrellas are in tatters— witness Cyprus, Greece, Italy and others yet in denial, the wave of violence will

get more intense. Aalam-e-Islam is ironically Darul Harb today or area of conflict, thanks to the Muslim leaders sitting on Western laps with pacifiers in their mouths. A fight is being imposed on you. They know that you will be provoked one day and join the fight because of the injustices heaped on the ummah. But which ummah? Who from the great ummah is there to wipe the tears from the eyes of the little Rohingya children whose shacks were burnt in a fierce land grab which has been given an ethnic colour? As for Indian Muslims, the situation has changed radically. Before 9/11 it was our domestic quarrel, a family affair. Now the fingers on the levers of the machinery fighting what is sometimes a phantom war on terror are not always exclusively ours. This is one more way to keep India in the global loop. Damn the internally divisive consequences! Saeed Naqvi is senior Indian journalist, television commentator, interviewer, and a Distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. (The opinions in Weekly Bangla Times’ Opinion section are those of the author and are no reflection of the views of the newspaper or its owners.)

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 38 m‡¤§j‡b kvnevwM‡`i iæL‡Z wm‡j‡Ui QvÎ Rwgq‡Zi 313 Rb Ôkwn`x Kv‡djvÕ Avjøvgv kvqL Bgvgevwoi nv‡Z eqvZ M«nY K‡ib| jsgv‡P© cvwb I Lvevi †`‡eb Gikv` RvZxq cvwU©i †Pqvig¨vb mv‡eK ivóªcwZ û‡mBb gyn¤§` Gikv` e‡j‡Qb, ÔAvwg A†ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi bvw¯ÍK-gyiZv` we‡ivax †ZŠwn`x RbZvi jsgv‡P©i cÖwZ me©vZ¥K mg_©b Rvwb‡qwQ| RvZxq cvwU©i c¶ †_‡K Avgiv 40-50 nvRvi †ZŠwn`x RbZv‡K cvwb cvb Kiv‡bv I ïKbv Lvev‡ii e¨e¯’v K‡iwQ| GQvov jsgv‡P© AvMZ‡`i Rb¨ †mev †`IqviI e¨e¯’v K‡iwQ|Õ mv‡eK ivóªcwZ û‡mBb gyn¤§` Gikv`i Kv‡Q mvsevw`Kiv †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi jsgv‡P© Zvi f‚wgKv Kx Rvb‡Z PvB‡j wZwb Gme K_v e‡jb| RvZxq cvwU©i gnvmwPe G we Gg iyûj Avwgb nvIjv`vi Ggwci Kv‡Q †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi jsgv‡P© `‡ji KiYxq Kx Rvb‡Z PvB‡j wZwb e‡jb, Ô†ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi jsgv‡P© †ZŠwn`x RbZv XvKvq Avmvi ci RvZxq cvwU©i c¶ †_‡K Awfb›`b I ï‡f”Qv Rvbv‡bv n‡e|Õ wZwb e‡jbÑ Ô`‡ji †bZvKg©xiv Zv‡`i‡K DËiv, MveZjx, Ave`yjøvncyi, mv‡q`vev` I m`iNv‡U wgbv‡ij cvwb I wgwó cvwb cvb Kiv‡e|

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 39

hy³ivR¨ gyw³‡hv×v msm‡`i †MŠi‡ei 29 eQi

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Zvi msMV‡bi cÖwZ Av¯’vkxj AšÍZt Avwk Rb gyw³‡hv×v Qwo‡q-wQwU‡q Av‡Qb we‡j‡Z| Zviv c‡iv‡ÿ †nvK Avi cÖ‡Z¨‡ÿ †nvK, Aveyj Kv‡kg Lv‡bi †bZ…‡Z¡i cÖwZ Av¯Ívkxj| bvbv cÖwZK~jZv m‡Z¡I Kv‡kg Lv‡bi Kg©ZrciZv‡K mg_©b Ges mnvqZv w`‡q hv‡”Qb| Avi †mB kw³‡K cyuwR K‡iB Kv‡kg msMVbwUi Kvh©µg‡K GwM‡q wb‡q hv‡”Qb wbišÍi|

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Boishakhi Mela Sunday 12th May 2013 @ Victoria Park

w w w. b o i s h a k h i m e l a . o rg

Europe’s Biggest Open Air Festival with over 100,000 visitors Traders Opportunities Ȉ Stalls for arts, crafts, goods and information/promotion from £120 Ȉ Stalls for low risk foods from £300 Ȉ Large Marquee’s in the hot food/ restaurant zone start from as little as £600. Included is a portable cooker, fridge, tables and power supply

Trade Fair & Expo Ȉ Dedicated exhibition space that is accessible to our invited business partners and visitors Ȉ Opportunity to engage a captive audience to promote your products Ȉ Marquees start from £1,200 with table, chairs, power supply & one parking space provided

The deadline for receipt of completed applications is Saturday 20th April 2013 so don’t delay.

Grants for Community Groups The 2013 Boishakhi Mela procession will be one of the highlights of the Boishakhi Mela. Take part in a fun filled procession from Weavers Field to Victoria Park. Grants are available for community groups who wish to take part. The deadline for applications is Friday 12th April, limited availability, apply now!

For more information Visit: / Email: / Phone: 020 7377 5995

Av šÍ R©v wZ K m s ev `

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 40

`v‡g¯‹ wek¦we`¨vj‡q gU©vi ‡gvkvii‡di nvgjvq 15 wkÿv_©x wbnZ †`kZ¨v‡M wb‡lavÁv

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Kvh©vjq| Ô`¨ wmwiqvb AeRvi‡fUwi di wnDg¨vb ivBUmÕ GjvKvwU‡Z K‡qK ivDÛ gU©vi nvgjvi K_v Rvbv‡jI G e¨vcv‡i we¯ÍvwiZ wKQy e‡jwb| wmwiqvi ivRavbx‡Z miKvi Ges we‡`ªvnx‡`i g‡a¨ µgvMZ msNl© †e‡oB P‡j‡Q| mv¤úÖwZK mg‡q gU©vi nvgjv Zxeª AvKvi aviY K‡i‡Q| `v‡g‡¯‹i †K›`ª¯’‡j †mvgevi †_‡K Pjgvb gU©vi nvgjvq AšÍZ 5 Rb wbnZ n‡q‡Q| ZvQvov, e…n¯úwZev‡ii G nvgjvi Av‡M G mßv‡ni ïiæ‡Z wek¦we`¨vj‡qi AvBb Abyl‡`i Kv‡QI gU©vi nvgjv nq|

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we‡k¦i BwZnv‡mi me‡P‡q eo mvBevi nvgjv!

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wbDR †W¯‹, 01 GwcÖj : cvwK¯Ív‡bi A¨v‡evUvev‡` jywK‡q _vKv Imvgv web jv‡`b‡K †K nZ¨v K‡iwQj Zv wb‡q ïiæ n‡q‡Q bZzb Ø›Ø| eyaevi G m¤úwK©Z weZK©wU Avevi mvg‡b Av‡m| hy³ivóªwfwËK G‡¯‹vqvi g¨vMvwR‡b †deªæqvwi‡Z AÁvZ cwiP‡q GK e¨w³ `xN© mvÿvrKvi †`b| IB mvÿvrKv‡i wZwb wb‡R‡K jv‡`b e‡ai bvqK wn‡m‡e `vwe K‡ib| wZwb e‡jb, Avj Kvq`v cÖavb Imvgv web jv‡`‡bi gv_vq Avwg `yÕevi ¸wj Kwi| G‡ZB Zvi g„Zz¨ nq| 1 †g, 2011 mv‡j cwiPvwjZ gvwK©b †bwfwm‡ji Awfhvb m¤ú‡K© G e¨w³ AviI e‡jb, Avwg GKvB Imvgv web jv‡`‡bi A¨v‡evUvev‡`i fe‡bi Z…Zxq Zjvq cÖ‡ek Kwi Ges Zvi gv_vq ¸wj K‡i nZ¨v Kwi| wKš‘ wmGbG‡bi RvZxq wbivcËv we‡kølK wcUvi evi‡Rb G `vwe m¤ú~Y©fv‡e cÖZ¨vL¨vb K‡i‡Qb| evi‡R‡bi g‡Z, AÁvZ cwiP‡qi IB †bŠKgv‡Ûi hyw³ GK`gB ev‡bvqvU I AvR¸we| A¨v‡evUvev‡`i Awfhv‡b Ask †bqv 23 m`‡m¨i †bwf wm‡ji QqR‡bi mvÿvrKvi wb‡qwQ‡jb evi‡Rb| IB QqRb evi‡Rb‡K Rvbvq, wZbRb †bŠKgv‡Ûv me©cÖ_g fe‡bi †kl Zjvq D‡V hvq| hv‡`i g‡a¨ GKRb ï¨Uvi, GKRb wb‡`©k‡Ki K_v Rvbv †M‡Q| GGdwc|

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 41

‡Kvixq DcØx‡c hy‡×i `vgvgv

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n‡”Q Ges wbqš¿‡Yi evB‡i P‡j hv‡”Q| DËi †Kvwiqvi AvcwË m‡Ë¡I MZ 11 gvP© †_‡K †Kvixq DcØx‡c hy³iv‡óªi m‡½ †hŠ_ mvgwiK gnov ïiæ K‡i `wÿY †Kvwiqv| G‡Z wmD‡ji weiæ‡× †Kvixq DcØx‡c hy×weiwZi Awf‡hvM Av‡b wcqsBqs| Gici †_‡KB cÖvq cÖwZw`b `wÿY †Kvwiqv I hy³iv‡óªi mvgwiK ¯’vcbv¸‡jvq nvgjvi ûgwK w`‡”Q DËi †Kvwiqv| ûgwKi cvkvcvwk mk¯¿ evwnbx‡K m‡e©v”P mZK©ve¯’vqI †i‡L‡Q| me©‡kl hy³iv‡óªi wg‡mŠwi †_‡K `ywU w÷j_ †evgviæ wegvb nvRvi nvRvi gvBj GKUvbv D‡o G‡m †Kvixq DcØx‡c P°i †g‡i Avevi †`‡k wd‡i hvIqvq DËi †Kvwiqvq cy‡iv`¯Íyi hy×ven ˆZwi nq| Gi cÖwZwµqvq Gkxq I cÖkvšÍ gnvmvMixq A‡j _vKv hy³iv‡óªi GKvwaK mvgwiK ¯’vcbvi w`‡K cigvYy †evgv en‡b mÿg †ÿcYv¯¿ ZvK K‡i wb‡R‡`i kw³i Rvbvb †`q †`kwU| Gi Av‡M wmD‡ji m‡½ mvgwiK †hvMv‡hv‡Mi nUjvBb wew”Qbœ K‡i †`kwU| Gi c‡iI wmDj I IqvwksUb †hŠ_ mvgwiK gnov eÜ bv Kivq MZKvj cÖwZ‡ekxi weiæ‡× Ôhy×ve¯’vÕ m…wói Awf‡hvM Av‡b wcqsBqs|

wbDR †W¯‹, 02 GwcÖj : `wÿY †Kvwiqv e‡j‡Q, DËi †Kvwiqvi AvM«vmx AvPi‡Yi K‡Vvi Reve †`‡e Zviv| Zv‡`i Ici nvgjv Pvjv‡bv n‡j, Gi mgywPZ Reve †`‡e wmDj| †mvgevi †`kwUi cÖwZiÿv Kg©KZ©v‡`i m‡½ Av‡jvPbvKv‡j G cÖZ¨q e¨³ K‡ib †cÖwm‡W›U cvK© wRDb nvB| `yB †Kvwiqvi we‡iva‡K †K›`ª K‡i †Kvixq DcØx‡c hLb D‡ËRbv Zy‡½, wVK G mgqB cvK© GB cÖZ¨q e¨³ Ki‡jb| `wÿY †Kvwiqvi cÖwZiÿv Kg©KZ©v‡`i m‡½ AvjvcKv‡j †cÖwm‡W›U cvK© e‡jb, wcqsBqs‡qi ci ci †`Iqv nvgjvi ûgwK‡K wZwb ÔLye ¸iæ‡Z¡iÕ m‡½ †`L‡Qb| wZwb e‡jb, `wÿY †Kvwiqv Ges RbM‡Yi weiæ‡× †h‡Kv‡bv

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hy³iv‡óª Avg`vwb Kiv n‡e| 2015 mv‡ji GwcÖj †_‡K cÖwZeQi wba©vwiZ †KvUvq ewnwe©k¦ †_‡K Avav `ÿ kªwg‡Kiv hy³iv‡óª Avm‡Z cvi‡eb| wbg©vYKvR, †nv‡Uj-‡i‡¯Ívivu kªwgK, bvwm©s †nv‡gi †mevKg©xi g‡Zv Avav `ÿ 20 nvRvi Kg©x cÖ_g eQ‡i hy³iv‡óª cÖ‡ek Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| WweøD wfmvq Kg©m~wP ïiæ nIqvi wØZxq eQ‡i 35 nvRvi, Z…Zxq eQ‡i 55 nvRvi Ges PZy_© eQ‡i 75 nvRvi Kg©xi cÖ‡ek NU‡e hy³iv‡óª| P~ovšÍ c‡e© eQ‡i m‡e©v”P `yB jvL Avav `ÿ kªwgK G wfmvq hy³iv‡óª Avm‡Z cvi‡eb| Z‡e Af¨šÍixY PvKwi evRv‡i Kg©nxbZv e…w× †c‡j G wfmvi evwl©K †KvUv nªvm Kiv n‡e| WweøD wfmvq Avmv Avav `ÿ kªwg‡Kiv Zvu‡`i B”Qv Abyhvqx PvKwi`vZv cwieZ©b Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| GK eQi ci GB wfmvq Avmv Awfevmx kªwg‡Kiv wM«bKv‡W©i Rb¨ Av‡e`b Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| eZ©gv‡b †gŠmywg wfmvq eQ‡i m‡e©v”P 66 nvRvi kªwgK hy³iv‡óª G‡jI Zvuiv wM«bKv‡W©i Rb¨ Av‡e`b Kivi †hvM¨ bb Ges †gŠmywg KvR †k‡l Zvu‡`i ¯^‡`‡k wd‡i †h‡Z nq| wm‡bUi Pvj©m ïgvi Awfevmb ms¯‹vi AvBb wb‡q †kl gyn~‡Z©i mg‡SvZvq ga¨¯’Zv Ki‡Qb| GwcÖj gv‡mi wØZxq mßv‡nB Dfq `‡ji AvBbcÖ‡YZv, evwYR¨ I kªwgK cÖwZwbwa‡`i †hŠ_ msev` m‡¤§jb Kivi cÖ¯ÍywZ Pj‡Q|

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 42 e¨vsK¸‡jv fv‡jv Ki‡Q e‡j gšÍe¨ K‡ib A_©gš¿x| Gmgq Ab¨‡`i g‡a¨ K…wlgš¿x gwZqv †PŠayix, cÖavbgš¿xi †cÖm mwPe Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`, `ßiwenxb gš¿x myiwÄZ †mb¸ß, evsjv‡`k e¨vs‡Ki Mfb©i W. AvwZDi ingvb, †WcywU Mfb©i Gm †K myi †PŠayix, GbAviwe Kgvwk©qvj e¨vsK wjwg‡U‡Wi †Pqvig¨vb cÖ‡KŠkjx divQZ Avjx, e¨vs‡Ki e¨e¯’vcbv cwiPvjK (GgwW) I cÖavb wbe©vnx Kg©KZ©v (wmBI) †`Iqvb gywReyi ingvb, A¨v‡mvwm‡qkb Ae e¨vsKvm© evsjv‡`‡ki (Gwewe) mfvcwZ I Gbwmwm e¨vs‡Ki GgwW †gvnv¤§` byiæj Avwgb, evsjv‡`k A¨v‡mvwm‡qkb Ae e¨vsKm (weGwe) Gi †Pqvig¨vb I Gw·g e¨vs‡Ki †Pqvig¨vb bRiæj Bmjvg gRyg`vi, c~evjx e¨vs‡Ki GgwW †njvj Avng` †PŠayix, iæcvjx e¨vs‡Ki †Pqvig¨vb W. Avng` Avj Kexi, GdwewmwmAvB‡qi cwiPvjK G †K Gg kvwn` †iRv Ges GbAviwe Kgvwk©qvj e¨vs‡Ki D‡`¨v³vKg©KZ©v-Kg©Pvixmn wewfbœ e¨vs‡Ki GgwW I †Pqvig¨vb Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb| ï‡f”Qv e³‡e¨ GbAviwe Kgvwk©qvj e¨vs‡Ki †Pqvig¨vb cÖ‡KŠkjx divQZ Avjx e‡jb, cÖevmx‡`i cvVv‡bv ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªv mn‡R, Kg Li‡P I ¯^í mg‡q Avb‡Z KvR Ki‡e G e¨vsK| GKBm‡½ †`‡k cÖevmx‡`i wewb‡qvM‡KI cÖvavb¨ †`Iqv n‡e| cÖvavb¨ cv‡e mivmwi we‡`wk wewb‡qvM (GdwWAvB)| meyR e¨vswKs‡K gv_vq †i‡L cÖhyw³ wbf©i e¨vswKs e¨egvi gva¨‡g †`‡ki Dbœq‡b GbAviwe Kgvwk©qvj e¨vsK KvR K‡i hv‡e| cÖm½Z, bZzb 9wU e¨vs‡Ki g‡a¨ wØZxq wn‡m‡e AvbyôvwbK hvÎv ïiæ Kij GbAviwe Kgvwk©qvj e¨vsK| e¨vsKwU 1 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi mgcwigvY ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªv A_ivBRW K¨vwcUvj Ges 440 †KvwU 60 jvL UvKvi mgcwigvY ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªv †cBW-Avc K¨vwcUvj wb‡q hvÎv ïiæ Ki‡Q| Gi Av‡M MZ †mvgevi BDwbqb e¨vs‡Ki cÖavb Kvh©vj‡qi D‡Øvab Kiv nq|

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evsjv‡`‡ki gwš¿mfv c`Z¨vM Ki‡e 25 A‡±vei

_vK‡Q, †m‡ÿ‡Î AšÍe©Z©xKvjxb miKv‡ii `iKvi jvM‡e bv| eyaevi `ycy‡i RvZxq A_©‰bwZK cwil‡` (GbBwm) K‡qKRb msm`xq ¯’vqx KwgwUi cÖav‡bi m‡½ cÖvK ev‡RU Av‡jvPbvq AšÍe©Zx© miKvi wb‡q Gme gšÍe¨ D‡V Av‡m| Av‡jvPbvi welqe¯Íy cÖvK ev‡RU n‡jI ¯’vqx KwgwUi mfvcwZ‡`i e³‡e¨ cÖvavb¨ cvq mv¤úÖwZK ivR‰bwZK Aw¯’iZv, we‡kl K‡i †ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi m‡½ miKv‡ii mg‡SvZv Ges eøMvi‡`i †MÖdZvi cÖm½| G wel‡q miKv‡ii mgv‡jvPbvq gyLi n‡q‡Qb gnv‡Rv‡Ui kwiK `j¸‡jvi †bZvivI| we‡klZ IqvK©vm© cvwU©i mfvcwZ Ges wkÿv gš¿Yvjq m¤úwK©Z ¯’vqx KwgwUi mfvcwZ iv‡k` Lvb †gbb I AvIqvgx jx‡Mi Dc‡`óvgÐjxi m`m¨ †Zvdv‡qj Avn‡g`| AvMvgx 25 A‡±vei eZ©gvb gwš¿mfv c`Z¨vM Ki‡e Rvwb‡q A_©gš¿x e‡jb, 25 A‡±vei gwš¿mfv †f‡O †`qvi cieZ©x wZb gvm `kg RvZxq msm` wbe©vP‡bi Rb¨ cÖ¯ÍywZ wb‡Z n‡e| ZLb nq‡Zv ivóªcwZ cÖavbgš¿x‡K Aby‡iva Ki‡eb †h, Avcwb miKvi Ae¨vnZ ivLyb| ZLb cÖavbgš¿x nq Av‡Mi gwš¿mfv wb‡qB miKvi cwiPvjbv Ki‡eb A_ev bZzb gwš¿mfv MVb Ki‡eb| †mwU n‡e AšÍe©Z©x miKvi| Z‡e †kl‡gk GwU n‡e wKbv Rvwb bv, †`Lv hvK| G mgq wkí gš¿Yvjq m¤úwK©Z ¯’vqx KwgwUi mfvcwZ Ges AvIqvgx jx‡Mi Dc‡`óvgÐjxi m`m¨ †Zvdv‡qj Avn‡g` e‡jb, eZ©gvb msweavb Abyhvqx gwš¿mfv c`Z¨vM Ki‡jI msm‡`i †gqv` _vK‡e AvMvgx eQ‡ii 24 Rvbyqvwi ch©šÍ| Z‡e cÖevmx Kj¨vY gš¿Yvjq m¤úwK©Z ¯’vqx KwgwUi mfvcwZ Avwbmyj Bmjvg gvngy` A_©gš¿xi e³‡e¨i m‡½ wØgZ †cvlY K‡i e‡jb, †h‡nZz msweavb Abyhvqx 24 Rvbyqvwi ch©šÍ msm` envj _vK‡Q, †m‡ÿ‡Î AšÍe©Z©xKvjxb miKv‡ii †Kvb `iKvi n‡”Q bv|

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P‡j‡Qb, Zvu‡`iB GKRb evsjv‡`wk weÁvbx Rvgvj DÏxb| 2011 mv‡j hy³iv‡óªi †gwij¨vÛ A½iv‡R¨i ÔBb‡f›Ui Ae `¨ BqviÕ (el©‡miv D™¢veK) cyi¯‹vi †c‡q‡Qb wZwb| me‡P‡q Kvh©Ki †mŠi‡Kvl ev †mvjvi †mj D™¢ve‡bi Rb¨ G cyi¯‹vi cvb wZwb| Zvui †ckvMZ cwiPq n‡jv wZwb evwë‡gv‡ii Kwcb †÷U BDwbfvwm©wUi mn‡hvMx Aa¨vcK| AmsL¨ †mŠi‡Kv‡li mgš^‡q GKwU †mvjvi c¨v‡bj ˆZwi nq| Rvgvj DÏx‡bi †bZ…‡Z¡ GKwU ZiæY M‡elK `j we‡k¦i me‡P‡q †ewk Kvh©Ki †mvjvi †mj D™¢veb K‡i‡Q| †mŠi‡Kv‡li

Kvh©ÿgZv‡K Zviv 44 `kwgK 7-G DbœxZ K‡i‡Q| weL¨vZ †evwqs †Kv¤úvwbi †¯úK‡Uªvj¨ve 2009 mv‡j Kvh©KvwiZv Zy‡jwQj 41 `kwgK 6-G| 2010 mv‡jB Rvgvj DÏxb I Zvui `j G †iKW© †f‡O Kvh©KvwiZv 43 `kwgK 4 kZvs‡k †Zv‡j| Rvgvj DÏx‡biv 2012-Gi RyjvB gv‡m Av‡iK avc GwM‡q hvb| evwo‡Z e¨en~Z mvaviY †mvjvi c¨v‡b‡ji †mj¸‡jv 14 †_‡K 20 kZvsk Kvh©KvwiZvm¤úbœ nq| Rvgvj DÏxb Rvbvb, eZ©gvb †cÖÿvc‡U †mŠi‡Kv‡li Kvh©KvwiZv 50 kZvsk ch©šÍ Zyj‡Z cvi‡jB Zv GK wekvj mvdj¨ n‡e| †m j‡ÿ¨B KvR K‡i P‡j‡Qb Zvuiv| Kwcb †÷U BDwbfvwm©wUi b¨v‡bv cÖhyw³‡K‡›`ª GB M‡elYvi Kv‡R Rvgvj DÏxb‡K mnvqZv K‡i‡Qb Pvi wkÿv_©x| Zvuiv n‡jb Avwmd Avn‡g`, wRI Ub AvP©vi, cwc Av³vi I mybxj hv`e| Avwmd I cwc evsjv‡`wk es‡kv™¢~Z| Rvgvj DÏxb GB b¨v‡bv cÖhyw³‡K‡›`ªi cwiPvjK| gvwK©b †mbvevwnbxi Rb¨ iv‡Z †`Lvi Dc‡hvMx Pkgvq (bvBU wfkb MMjm) e¨envi‡hvM¨ †mŠi‡Kvl ˆZwii Rb¨ M‡elYvwU K‡iwQj Zvui `j| Rvgvj DÏxb Rvbv‡jb, †mŠi‡Kv‡li M‡elYv Zvuiv Pvwj‡q‡Qb Kw¤úDUviwmgy¨‡jk‡bi gva¨‡g| M‡elYvMv‡i nv‡ZKj‡g †mvjvi †mj ˆZwi K‡i †`‡Lbwb GL‡bv| †hUv †evwqs K‡i‡Q| Gi KviY b¨v‡bv cÖhyw³‡K‡›`ª GL‡bv †m ch©v‡qi myweav †bB| Z‡e GiB g‡a¨ hy³ivóª I A‡÷ªwjqvi GKvwaK wek¦we`¨vjq Zv‡`i DbœZ M‡elYvMv‡i G wb‡q KvR Kivi my‡hvM †`Iqvi K_v e‡j‡Q| hy³iv‡óªi gnvKvk Abyaveb‡K‡›`ªi (bvmv) weÁvbxivI Rvgvj DÏx‡bi D™¢ve‡bi cÖksmv K‡i‡Qb| †d¬vwiWvq bvmvi †K‡bwW †¯úm †m›Uvi †MvUv hy³ivóª †_‡K 30 Rb Aa¨vcK‡K Avgš¿Y K‡i †mŠikw³i e¨env‡ii wel‡q bZyb aviYv †`Iqvi AvnŸvb Rvwb‡qwQj| Rvgvj DÏxb wQ‡jb Zvu‡`i Ab¨Zg| mybxj hv`emn Kwc‡bi wkÿv_©xiv Zvui †bZ…‡Z¡ Ô‡mvjvi †mBjÕ bv‡g GKwU gnvKvkhv‡bi bKkv ˆZwi K‡ib| GwU bvmvi j¨vswj M‡elYvMv‡ii we‡klÁ‡`i Kv‡Q cÖkswmZ nq|

c~e© jÛ‡bi bvixiv mveavb!

NUbvi †cÖwÿ‡Z cywjk GB mZK©Zv Rvwi K‡i‡Q| c~e© jÛ‡bi evwm›`v‡`i nuvUvi Rb¨ GKwU RbwcÖq ¯’vb n‡”Q wi‡R›U K¨v‡b‡ji cv‡ki dzUcvZ| cÖwZw`b GB c_ w`‡q wecyj msL¨K gvbyl Pjv‡div K‡ib| Z‡e AvenvIqv Lvivc _vK‡j wKsev mܨvi mg‡q RvqMvwU bxie n‡q hvq| m¤úªwZ †h cuvPwU †hŠb nqivwbi NUbv N‡U‡Q me NUbvi wkKvi n‡q‡Qb GKv _vKv bvixiv| MZ 11 gvP© †_‡K 26 gv‡P©i g‡a¨ GB NUbv¸‡jv N‡U| wmAvBwW cywj‡ki GKRb gyLcvÎ GB wel‡q B÷ jÛb GWfvUvBRvi‡K e‡jb, cuvPwU AcÖxwZKi NUbvi PviwUB N‡U‡Q we‡Kj cuvPUv †_‡K ivZ AvUUvi g‡a¨| ‡KejgvÎ GKwU NUbv N‡U‡Q cÖKvk¨ w`ev‡jv‡K| wmAvBwWi H gyLcvÎ Av‡iv e‡jb, Avgiv ¯’vbxq evwm›`v‡`i we‡kl K‡i bvix‡`i mZK© K‡iwQ, Zviv †h‡bv wi‡R›U K¨v‡b‡ji cvk w`‡q nuvUvi ‡ÿ‡Î mZK©Zv Aej¤^b K‡ib| †hŠb wbh©vZ‡bi cÖ_g NUbvwU N‡U MZ 11 gvP© n¨vKwb GjvKvq Ges me©‡kl NUbvwU N‡U 26 gvP© BRwjsUb GjvKvq| G NUbvq 27 gvP© 31 eQi e‡qwm GKRb‡K †MÖdZvi K‡i cywjk c‡i Aek¨ †MÖdZviK…Z e¨w³wU Rvwgb jvf K‡ib|

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Zv‡iK ingv‡bi Igivn mdi msµvšÍ msev` evsjv UvBgm Zvi wbR¯^ m~‡Î Rvb‡Z cv‡i| ZLb ch©šÍ †`‡ki †Kv‡bv msev`cÎ GB wel‡q †Kv‡bv Z_¨ cvqwb| evsjv UvBgm Gi mswkøó cÖwZ‡e`K Zvi wbR¯^ GKvwaK wek¦¯Í m~‡Îi eivZ w`‡qB wi‡cv©UwU ˆZix K‡ib| wKš‘ Zv‡iK ingvb †h‡nZz hy³iv‡R¨ `xN©w`b Ae¯’vb Ki‡Qb,G Kvi‡Y msev`wU hy³ivR¨ weGbwci `vwqZ¡kxj †bZv‡`i DØ„wZ w`‡q Qvcv‡bv‡KB mgxwPb g‡b K‡i evsjvUvBgm m¤úv`Kxq wUg| MZ mßv‡n evsjv UvBgm cÖKv‡ki AvM gyn~Z© ch©šÍ A_©vr evsjvUvBgm cwÎKv QvcvLvbvq hvevi c~e© ch©šÍ msev`wUi e¨vcv‡i evsjvUvBgm Ux‡gi cÿ †_‡K Rvb‡Z PvIqv nq hy³ivR¨ weGbwci `vwqZ¡kxj †bZv‡`i mv‡_| G mgq `yB GKRb Qvov hy³ivR¨ weGbwci me kxl© †bZvi mv‡_B †dv‡b †hvMv‡hvM Kiv nq| wKš‘ hv‡`i mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Kiv nq,Zv‡`i mevB wQ‡jb Zv‡iK ingv‡bi †mŠw` Avie md‡ii e¨vcv‡i AÜKv‡i| Zv‡`i A‡b‡KB ZLb evsjvUvBgm †K Rvbvb, Zv‡iK ingvb jÛ‡b Ae¯’vb Ki‡Qb,wkMwMiB Zvi hy³iv‡R¨i evB‡i hvevi m¤¢vebv †bB| hy³ivR¨ weGbwci †bZ…e„‡›`i KvQ †_‡K †Kv‡bv iKg wbðqZv bv †c‡q †Mj mßv‡n msev`wU cÖKvk K‡iwb evsjvUvBgm| Aek¨ G cÖwZ‡e`‡Ki Kiv H wi‡cv©UwU MZ ïµevi evsjv‡`‡ki GKwU RvZxq msev`c‡Î Qvcv nq| Gw`‡K †`Lv hvq †h, hy³ivR¨ weGbwci †bZvKgx©iv Zv‡iK ingv‡bi †mŠw` mdi m¤ú‡K© wKQz bv Rvb‡jI G‡ÿ‡Î Zv‡`i †U°v w`‡q‡Qb †mŠw` Avie weGbwci †bZvKg©xiv| Zviv wVKB Zv‡iK ingv‡bi mdi m¤ú‡K© AeMZ wQ‡jb Ges †mŠw`‡Z Zv‡iK ingvb †cŠuQ‡j Zv‡K ¯^vMZ Rvbvb ¯’vbxq †bZvKgx©iv| Gw`‡K ‡mŠw` Avi‡e cweÎ Igivn nR cvjb K‡i‡Qb Zv‡iK ingvb| MZ eyaevi evsjv‡`k mgq ivZ 3Uvi w`‡K ¯^cwiev‡i wZwb Igivn cvjb K‡ib| wZwb cweÎ g°v kixd †_‡K wegvb‡hv‡M mivmwi g°vq hvb| Gmgq Zvi ¯¿x Wv: †RvevB`v ingvb I GKgvÎ Kb¨v RvBgv ingvb mn K‡qK AvZ¥xq m‡½ wQ‡jb| AvMvgx 7 GwcÖj †mŠw` Avie †_‡K Zv‡`i jÛ‡b †divi K_v i‡q‡Q| MZ mßv‡ni †k‡l Igivn cvj‡bi D‡Ï‡k¨ jÛb ‡_‡K i‡qj RW©vb GqvijvB‡Ýi GKwU wegv‡b †mŠw` Avi‡e hvb Zv‡iK ingvb| Avi md‡ii †MvcbxqZv iÿvq wU‡KUwUI Kiv nq AbjvB‡b|


Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 43

kÖwgK Avg`vwb Ki‡Z n‡e Pxb‡K!

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 23 gvP© : 2011 mv‡j AbywôZ Av`gïgvwii wi‡cvU©wU MZ eQi cÖKvwkZ nevi ci Pg‡K hvq Pxb| G‡Z †`Lv †M‡Q we¯§qKi me RbmsL¨vMZ mgm¨vi gy‡LvgywL †`kwU| wi‡cvU© Abyhvqx, Px‡bi g~j f~wg‡Z †jvK i‡q‡Q 134 †KvwU| GwU †Kv‡bv mgm¨v bq| mgm¨v Ab¨ RvqMvq| RbmsL¨v cÖe…w×i nvi gvÎ k~b¨ `kwgK 57 kZvsk| MZ GK `k‡K GB nvi A‡a©‡K †b‡g G‡m‡Q| 2000 mv‡jI Zv wQ‡jv 1 `kgwK k~b¨ 7 kZvsk| GLv‡bB †kl bq, †gvU cÖRbb nv‡iI c‡o‡Q cÖej fvUvi Uvb| wUGdAvi (‡UvUvj dvU©vwjwU †iU) GLb 1 `kwgK 4, hv wKbv cÖwZ¯’vcb nv‡ii †P‡q A‡bK Kg| RbmsL¨v w¯’wZkxj ivLvi Rb¨ †gvU cÖRbb nvi cÖwZ¯’vcb nv‡ii av‡i-Kv‡Q _vKvUv Riæix| Kv‡RB Pg‡K bv wM‡q Dcvq †bB| RbmsL¨vi wbgœ cÖe…w×i Kvi‡Y Px‡b ey‡ov gvby‡li msL¨v †e‡o †M‡Q bvUKxqfv‡e| †gvU RbmsL¨vi 13 `kgwK 3 kZvsk lv‡UvaŸ©| A_P 2000 mv‡j Ggb †jvK wQ‡jv 10 `kwgK 3 kZvsk| GB nvi Ae¨vnZ _vK‡j 2030 mvj bvMv` 65-EaŸ© †jvKmsL¨v †cŠuQ‡e 24 †KvwU‡Z| Avi e…×-e…×v †e‡o †M‡j hv nIqvi ZvB n‡e| 2000 mv‡ji Ab~aŸ©-14 †jvKmsL¨v wQ‡jv 23 kZvsk| GLb Zv †b‡g G‡m‡Q 17 kZvs‡k| GB cÖeYZv Ae¨vnZ _vK‡j Kg©ÿg Rb‡Mvôxi Ici †evSv fwel¨‡Z Av‡iv evo‡e| e…× evev-gvÕi †`L-fv‡ji cvkvcvwk miKvi cwiPvwjZ †cbkb I ¯^v¯’¨‡mev c×wZ‡Z

w`‡q †h‡Z n‡e meiKg mg_©b| Px‡bi GK mšÍvb bxwZ A™¢yZ eqm web¨v‡mi mv‡_ mv‡_ Rb¥ w`‡q‡Q wj½MZ fvimvg¨nxbZv| †g‡q wkïi †P‡q A‡bK †ewk Rb¥ wb‡”Q †Q‡j wkï| Zv m‡Ë¡I GK mšÍvb bxwZi Kvi‡Y †g‡q wkï K‡g †M‡Q- Ggb hyw³

nIqvq wj½-wba©vwiZ Mf©cvZ NU‡Q GLb Anin| Avi G K_v ejvi cÖ‡qvRb c‡o bv †h, †g‡q å~Y nZ¨vi cÖeYZvB †ewk| bZyb Av`gïgvwii DcvË ej‡Q, AmyweavRbK cÖeYZv¸‡jv `~i nIqvi †Kvb jÿY †bB| eis cwiw¯’wZ w`b w`b Av‡iv RwUj n‡”Q|

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Px‡b 2011 mv‡j 100wU †g‡q wkïi wecix‡Z Rb¥ wb‡q‡Q 118wU †Q‡j wkï| 2010 mv‡j †Q‡j wkïi msL¨v Gi‡P‡q mvgvb¨ Kg wQ‡jv| Av`gïgvwii wi‡cvU© Px‡bi GK mšÍvb bxwZ‡K †V‡j w`‡q‡Q cÖej weZ‡K©i gy‡L| GKv‡WwgK †W‡gvMÖvdviiv (RbmsL¨vwe`) GLb mie| Zviv civgk© w`‡”Qb, bxwZ wkw_j Kivi| eªywKsmwmbûqv †m›Uvi di cvewjK cwjwmÕi Iqvs †ds

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Gme gy‡Li g‡a¨ bvix i‡q‡Qb 34 Rb| Aek¨ ZvwjKvq me wgwj‡q bvix i‡q‡Qb gvÎ 138 Rb| c„w_exi me‡P‡q abx kni¸‡jvi cÖm½ DV‡jB P‡j Av‡m jvL jvL Wjvi e¨‡qi cÖm½I| G †Zv †Mj kxl© abx e¨w³‡`i m¤ú‡`i weeiY| Gevi Avmv hvK we‡k¦i kxl© K‡qKwU abvU¨ ev abx kn‡ii cÖm‡½| m¤úÖwZ AbywôZ nq we‡k¦i me abx kn‡ii GKwU Rwic| G Rwi‡c I‡V G‡m‡Q kxl© 10 abvU¨ kn‡ii bvg| Rwi‡c mevi Dc‡ii ¯’v‡b i‡q‡Q Rvcv‡bi ivRavbx †UvwKI| †`kwUi ivRavbx Ggwb‡ZB cwiwPZ cÖhyw³i DrKl©Zvi kni wn‡m‡e| Rvbv †M‡Q, †UvwKI‡Z i‡q‡Q 27wU we‡kl kni, 23wU GjvKv, AvUwU MÖvg| AviI Av‡Q

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†ewk| Awek¦vm¨ n‡jI mZ¨ †h, Gwkqvi wØZxq ¯’v‡b i‡q‡Q nsKs‡qi †kqvievRvi| wkKv‡Mv nj hy³iv‡óªi Z…Zxq e„nËg kni| hvi AvqZb 509 eM©‡jvwgUv‡ii mvgvb¨ †ewk| 146 wewjqb gvwK©b Wivi Gi evwl©K wRwWwc| Gw`‡K c„w_exi me‡P‡q abx kn‡ii ZvwjKvq beg ¯’v‡b VuvB n‡q‡Q KvbvWvi U‡i‡›Uvi| Gi AvqZb cÖvq 632 eM©wK‡jvwgUvi| Avi †gvU RbmsL¨v 43 jv‡Li mvgvb¨ †ewk| GLvbKvi A_©bxwZ‡Z e¨vcK f‚wgKv cvjb K‡i hv‡”Q Mvwo, ch©Ub wkí, A_© cÖf…wZ| Avi abx kn‡ii ZvwjKvq `kg ¯’vb †c‡q‡Q †gw•‡Kv kni| we‡k¦i me‡P‡q Rbeûj kni¸‡jvi GKwU nj GwU| Gi AvqZb `yB nvRvi eM©wK‡jvwgUv‡ii mvgvb¨ †ewk| A_©bxwZ I ms¯‹…wZi †K›`Ö gv‡bB †gw•‡Kv kni| †Ljvi RM‡ZI Av‡Q abxi Lei| †MvjWUKg m¤úÖwZ cÖKvk K‡i‡Q 50 Rb abx dzUejv‡ii ZvwjKv| †mLv‡b Zv‡`i mw¤§wjZ m¤ú‡`i g~j¨ 1 `kwgK 7285 wewjqb cvDÛ| GwU cÖvq PviwU †`‡ki wRwWwci Zzjbvq †ewk| Rvbv †M‡Q, g¨vb‡P÷vi BDbvB‡UWI we‡k¦i Ab¨Zg abx K¬ve| Aek¨ `ybx©wZi AvkÖq wb‡qI †KD †KD e‡b †M‡Qb cÖPzi A_©-m¤ú‡`i gvwjK| A‡b‡K Av‡qi Ici Ki †`b bv, w`‡jI bvggvÎ| Rvbv †M‡Q, Px‡bi GK e¨w³ Kv‡jv UvKvq 192wU evwoi gvwjK| G¸‡jv µq Ki‡Z fzqv cwiPqcÎ e¨envi K‡i‡Qb e‡jI Awf‡hvM I‡V‡Q| G ai‡bi A‡bK PvÂj¨Ki NUbv gvbyl Rvb‡Z cv‡i 2012 mv‡j `ybx©wZ `g‡b Px‡bi bZzb †bZv wk wRswcs GmsµvšÍ `„p †NvlYv †`qvi ci| hvB †nvK, ZvwjKvi (abxi) kxl© e¨w³ivB †hb mn‡R we‡k¦i A_©‰bwZK Kg©KvÐ cwiPvjbv Ki‡Z cvi‡eb e‡j gšÍe¨ K‡i‡Qb A‡bK A_©bxwZwe`|


Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 44

evsjv‡`‡k wewb‡qvM evo‡Q bv, evo‡Q Kv‡iwÝ wiRvf©

XvKv, 30 gvP© : cÖevmx‡`i cvVv‡bv †iwgU¨v‡Ýi Dci fi K‡i mvgcÖwZK mg‡q †`‡ki ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªvi wiRvf© †ek kw³kvjx Ae¯’v‡b `vuwo‡q‡Q| †iwgU¨v‡Ýi cÖevn evo‡jI wewb‡qv‡Mi cwi‡ek bv _vKvq KvuPvgvj I g~jabx hš¿cvwZ Avg`vwb evo‡Q bv| d‡j wiRvf© evo‡Q| Wjv‡ii `vgI w¯’wZkxj n‡”Q| Z‡e wewb‡qvM bv evovq wiRv‡f©i mÂq Avkv †RvMv‡Z cvi‡Q bv| mswkøóiv ej‡Qb, eZ©gv‡b †`‡ki wiRvf© evo‡Q Zv BwZevPK| Z‡e Zvi mv‡_ Zvj wgwj‡q wewb‡qv‡Mi cÖmviZvI Avm‡Z n‡e| Ab¨_vq wiRv‡f©i mydj cvIqv hv‡e bv| †h nv‡i †`‡ki wiRvf© evo‡Q I Wjv‡ii `vg Kg‡Q Zv‡Z wewb‡qv‡Mi Rb¨ KvuPvgvj I g~jabx hš¿cvwZ Avg`vwb n‡j D‡`¨v³vivI jvfevb n‡Z cvi‡eb| Z‡e †`‡ki AeKvVv‡gv cwiw¯’wZ, R¡vjvwbi AcÖZyjZv I ivR‰bwZK Aw¯’iZvi we‡ePbvq wkí D‡`¨v³viv wewb‡qv‡M Avm‡Z cvi‡Qb bv| evsjv‡`k e¨vs‡Ki Z‡_¨ †`Lv †M‡Q, mvgcÖwZK mg‡q †K›`ªxq e¨vs‡Ki wiRv‡f© †iKW© cwigvY ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªv mÂq n‡q‡Q| gv‡P© wiRv‡f©i cwigvY `vuwo‡q‡Q GK nvRvi 410 †KvwU 50 jvL Wjv‡i| 2011 mv‡ji wW‡m¤^i †k‡l ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªvi wiRv‡f©i cwigvY wQj 963 †KvwU Wjvi| 2012 mv‡ji wW‡m¤^i †k‡l Zv cÖvq 300 †KvwU Wjvi ev kZKiv 32 fvM †e‡o hvq| PjwZ eQ‡ii Rvbyqvwi gv‡mi ïiæ‡Z wiRv‡f©i cwigvY †e‡o GK nvRvi 305 †KvwU Wjv‡i `vuovq| Avi gv‡P© wiRv‡f©i cwigvY GK nvRvi 410 †KvwU 50 jvL n‡q‡Q| †iwgU¨vÝ

cÖevn e…w×i cvkvcvwk wewb‡qvM cÖeYZv K‡g Avg`vwb e¨q K‡g hvIqvq G cwigvY wiRv‡f©i cwigvY †e‡o‡Q e‡j evsjv‡`k e¨vsK m~‡Î Rvbv †M‡Q| evsjv‡`k e¨vs‡Ki cwimsL¨v‡b †`Lv †M‡Q, MZ 2012 mv‡j cÖevmxiv GK nvRvi 417 †KvwU Wjvi †`‡k

wewb‡qv‡Mi cwi‡ek bv _vKvq KvuPvgvj I g~jabx hš¿cvwZ Avg`vwb K‡g hvIqv| Z‡_¨ †`Lv †M‡Q, PjwZ A_©eQ‡ii RyjvB-Rvbyqvwi mg‡q g~jabx hš¿cvwZi Avg`vwb‡Z Gjwm wb®úwËi nvi Av‡Mi eQ‡ii GKB mg‡qi Zyjbvq cÖvq mv‡o 22 kZvsk K‡g †M‡Q|

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gvbyl‡`i wgwWqvi gva¨‡g ¯^v¯’¨ m‡PZbZvi Dci ¸iæZ¡ w`‡q‡Q| KviY cvg A‡qj n‡”Q ¯^v¯’¨m¤§Z †Zj, hv gvby‡li ¯^v‡¯’¨i Rb¨ Dc‡hvMx| gvj‡qwkqvi cvg A‡qj c„w_exi wewfbœ †`‡k GLb Pvwn`v evo‡Q| Gi GKgvÎ KviY ¯^v¯’¨m¤§Z I wKQzUv g~j¨mnvqK| Z‡e gvj‡qwkqv cvg A‡qj KvDwÝj GLbI wewfbœ †`‡k †mwgbvi K‡i hv‡”Q| m¤úÖwZ iægvwbqv‡Z GB ai‡bi GKwU †mwgbvi AbywôZ n‡q‡Q| †h †mwgbv‡ii g~j D‡Ïk¨ wQj, cvg A‡qj e¨emvi m¤úÖmviY| GKB m‡½ wewfbœ †`‡k Zv‡`i cvgI‡qj evRviRvZ Kiv| G †ÿ‡Î gvj‡qwkqv cvg A‡qj KvDwÝj †ek mdjZv AR©b K‡i‡Q| d‡j 2011 mv‡j iægvwbqv‡Z 4 nvRvi 846 †gwUªK Ub cvg A‡qj idZvwb Ki‡Z mÿg n‡q‡Q| cvg A‡q‡ji e¨vcv‡i iægvwbqvi GKwU †Zj †Kv¤úvwbi gnvcwiPvjK †Lv` gvj‡qwkqvi wgwWqv‡K Rvwb‡q‡Q, Zviv GB cvg A‡qj †_‡K ch©vß cwigvY wiUvb© cv‡”Q| ïay ZvB bq, e¨emv-evwY‡R¨i †ÿ‡ÎI mdjZvi gyL †`L‡Q| iægvwbqv cvg A‡qj Avg`vwbi cwigvY w`b w`b evwo‡q w`‡”Q| Gi g~j KviY, †m‡`‡k GB cvg A‡q‡ji Pvwn`v evo‡Q| gvj‡qwkqvb cvg A‡qj KvDw݇ji Z_¨ Abyhvqx, wek¦evRv‡i µgk cvg A‡q‡ji Pvwn`v evo‡Q| PjwZ A_©eQ‡i wek¦e¨vcx GB cvg A‡q‡ji Pvwn`v e„w× †c‡q `uvwo‡q‡Q 3 `kwgK 7 wgwjqb Ub| Z‡e Gi †P‡q †ewk †RvMvb w`‡Z cviZ, hw` ch©vß †Z‡ji exR cvIqv †hZ| Z‡e G K_v mZ¨, wek¦ A_©‰bwZK g›`vi Kvi‡Y cvg A‡q‡ji e¨emv-evwYR¨ wKQzUv K‡g Avm‡Q| GiciI gvj‡qwkqv I B‡›`v‡bwkqv‡Z cvg A‡q‡ji gRy‡`i cwigvY m‡šÍvlRbK| BD‡iv‡c µW A‡q‡ji `vg wKQzUv c‡o †M‡Q| A_©vr cÖwZ Ub 10 †_‡K 20 Wjvi K‡g †M‡Q| Z‡e Pvwn`v Abycv‡Z GB µW A‡q‡ji `vg wKQzUv evo‡e e‡j Avkv Kiv n‡”Q| wek¦e¨vcx cvg A‡q‡ji Pvwn`v 3 `kwgK 7 wgwjqb Ub e„w× cv‡e e‡j Avfvm †`qv n‡q‡Q|

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 45

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iweDj Mj †U‡÷ `yB Bwbsm †L‡j PviwU DB‡KU wb‡jI †Pv‡Ui Kvi‡Y Kj‡¤^v †U÷ Avi †Ljv nqwb Zvi| Aveyj nvmvb `ywU †U‡÷ Pvi Bwbs‡m ej K‡i 4.03 M‡o 258 ivb w`‡q wb‡q‡Qb gvÎ wZbwU DB‡KU| me‡P‡q b¨°viRbK cvidig¨vÝ cvIqv †Mj †cmvi kvnv`v‡Zi KvQ †_‡K| Mj †U‡÷ 30 Ifvi ej K‡i 4.26 M‡o 128 ivb w`‡q wb‡q‡Qb gvÎ GKwU DB‡KU| Ggb Ad-cvidig¨v‡Ýi Rb¨ Kj‡¤^v

†U‡÷ ev` †`qv nq kvnv`vZ‡K| hw`I Iqvb‡W wmwi‡Ri †kl g¨v‡P I GKgvÎ wU †Uv‡qw›U g¨v‡P kvnv`vZ‡K †Ljv‡Z AveviI †`k †_‡K Dwo‡q †bqv nq| wKš‘ evieviB wbe©vPK‡`i nZvk K‡i‡Qb evsjv‡`k `‡ji G †cmvi| Iqvb‡W wmwiR Ry‡oI gykwdKevwnbxi

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wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : RgKv‡jv D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡bi ga¨ w`‡q MZKvj c`©v D‡V‡Q BwÛqvb wcÖwgqvi wj‡Mi (AvBwcGj) lô Avm‡ii| Av‡Mi Avmi¸‡jvi Zyjbvq 2 GwcÖj KjKvZvi më‡jK †÷wWqv‡g AvBwcGj 6-Gi D‡Øvabx Abyôvb A‡bKUvB e¨wZµg wQj| Gevi Av‡MB e¨wZµgx D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡bi Bw½Z w`‡qwQ‡jb ewjDW ZviKv kvniæL Lvb| Av‡jvi SjKvwb Ges cvidigvi‡`i ˆbcy‡Y¨ R‡g I‡V D‡Øvabx Abyôvb| D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡b Ask †bb †`wkwe‡`wk nvRv‡iv cvidigvi| ewjDW myiKvi wcÖZ‡gi my‡i cvidg© K‡ib 300 b…Z¨wkíx|

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wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : Bsj¨v‡Ûi Rvwm© Mv‡q AveviI gv‡V bvgvi m¤¢vebv Dwo‡q w`‡”Qb bv †WwfW †eKn¨vg| `j PvB‡j †`‡ki n‡q gv‡V bvg‡Z ivwR Av‡Qb mv‡eK Bsj¨vÛ AwabvqK| hy³iv‡óªi K¬ve GjG M¨vjvw·i cvU PzwK‡q G eQiB cvwo Rwg‡q‡Qb d«v‡Ý| wcGmwRi n‡q AveviI BD‡iv cÖwZØw›ØZvq wd‡i‡Qb| P¨vw¤úqÝ jx‡Mi †KvqvU©vi dvBbv‡ji cÖ_g †j‡M evm©vi wec‡ÿ gv‡V bvgvi Av‡M e‡j‡Qb, Bsj¨vÛ RvZxq `‡j †divi Avkv GLbI Qv‡obwb wZwb| `‡ji cÖ‡qvR‡b †KvP iq nRmb WvK‡j mvov †`‡eb wiqvj gvw`ª‡`i mv‡eK ZviKv, ÔBsj¨vÛ `j †_‡K Aemi bv †bqvi KviY¸‡jvi g‡a¨ Ab¨Zg njÐ Zviv hw` Avgv‡K

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wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : f³‡`i ïf Kvgbv I wPwKrmK‡`i AK¬všÍ cÖ‡Póvq A‡bKUvB my¯’ n‡q D‡V‡Qb wbDwRj¨v‡Ûi wµ‡KUvi †Rwm ivBWvi| †Kvgv †_‡K wd‡i GLb K_vI ej‡Z cvi‡Qb wZwb| µvB÷Pv‡P© GKwU ev‡ii evB‡i eyaevi b„ksm Avµg‡Yi wkKvi n‡q ¸iæZi AvnZ ivBWvi‡K nvmcvZv‡ji wbweo cwiPh©v †K‡›`Ö fwZ© Kiv‡bv nq| †Kvb ai‡bi K…wÎg h‡š¿i mnvqZv QvovB k¦vm-cÖk¦vm wb‡Z cvi‡Qb GLb I‡qwjsU‡bi ZviKv e¨vUmg¨vb| Z‡e †Kvgv Avi Ily‡ai aKj mvg‡j cy‡ivcywi my¯’ n‡Z j¤^v c_ cvwo w`‡Z n‡e ivBWvi‡K| wKDB e¨vUmg¨v‡bi g¨v‡bRvi A¨vib wK¬ ej‡jb, Ô†Rwmi Ae¯’vi wKQyUv DbœwZ n‡q‡Q| wZwb GLb †Kvgv †_‡K wd‡i‡Qb Ges K…wÎg hš¿ QvovB wbtk¦vm wb‡Z cvi‡Qb| †Rwm GLb mRvM, Avgv‡`i m‡½

cÖ P v‡iB cÖ m vi 117 New Road (1st & 2nd Floor) London E1 1HJ, UK Tel: 0207 377 6553 E:

K_vI e‡j‡Qb| Z‡e GLbI wPwKrmKiv †h Ilya w`‡q‡Qb Zvi cvk¦©cÖwZwµqv KvwU‡q DV‡Z mgq jvM‡e, †Kvgvi aKjI mvgjv‡Z n‡”Q Zv‡K|Õ ivBWv‡ii kvixwiK Ae¯’vi DbœwZ‡Z †ivgvwÂZ wK¬ e‡jb, Ô†Rwmi †m‡i IVvi cÖwµqv ïiæ n‡q‡Q| cy‡ivcywi my¯’ n‡Z †ek jovB Ki‡Z n‡e| wKš‘ Ae¯’v BwZevPK| Zv‡K mg_©b I fv‡jvevmv w`‡q evZ©v cvVv‡bvq AveviI mevB‡K AvšÍwiKfv‡e ab¨ev` Rvwb‡q‡Q Zvi cwievi|Õ Gw`‡K 28 eQi eqmx ivBWv‡ii Av‡ivM¨ Kvgbv K‡i‡Qb wµ‡KU we‡k¦i A‡b‡KB| wbDwRj¨vÛ `‡ji UzBUvi †c‡R ejv n‡q‡Q, Ôcy‡iv wbDwRj¨vÛ `‡ji fvebvRy‡o ïayB

†Rm|Õ A‡÷ªwjqvi mv‡eK †cmvi W¨vwg‡qb †d¬wgs UzBUv‡i wj‡L‡Qb, Ônvgjvi `ytmsev` †kvbvi ci †_‡KB Avgv‡`i wPšÍvq wbweo cwiPP©v †K‡›`Ö _vKv ivBWvi|Õ AvBwcG‡ji wmBI my›`i igb UzBUv‡i wj‡L‡Qb, Ô†Rwm ivBWvi AwZ `ªæZ †m‡i DV‡eb| Ck¦i wbðqB Zvi cwievi‡K kw³ `vb Ki‡eb|Õ wµ‡KU avivfvl¨Kvi nvl©v †fvM‡j wj‡L‡Qb, ÔIn! mwZ¨B GUv wµ‡K‡Ui Rb¨ `ytmsev`| ivBWv‡ii Lei ï‡b cÖ_‡gB Avgvi GKRb mnKg©x I eÜzi K_v g‡b n‡q‡Q|Õ I‡q÷ BwÛ‡Ri ZviKv e¨vUmg¨vb wµm †MBj wj‡L‡Qb, Ô†R‡mi Rb¨ cÖv_©bv| Avkv KiwQ `ªæZ my¯’ n‡q DV‡e †m|Õ

Px‡bi ev`¨wkíxivI D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡b Ask †bb| D‡Øvabx Abyôvb gvwZ‡q‡Qb kvniæL Lvb, K¨vUwibv KvBd I `xwcKv cvoy‡Kv‡bi g‡Zv ewjD‡Wi ZviKviv| msMx‡Z Av‡gwiKvb h©vcvi wcUeyj më‡j‡Ki g Kvuwc‡q‡Qb| Gev‡ii Avm‡ii D‡Øvab †NvlYv K‡ib cwðg evsjvi gyL¨gš¿x ggZv e¨vbvwR©| D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡b Gev‡ii Avm‡i Ask †bqv 9wU `‡ji AwabvqKiv Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb| ivR¯’vb iq¨vj‡mi gvwjK wkív †kwV I ivR Ky›`ªv, wKsm B‡j‡f‡bi gvwjK cÖxwZ wRbZv, KjKvZv bvBU ivBWv‡m©i gvwjK kvniæL Lvb I Rywn PvIjv D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡b †hvM †`b|

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wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : RvZxq `‡ji Rvwm© Mv‡q Zvi MociZv cvidig¨v‡Ý ÿzä eªvwRj f³iv| MZ mßv‡n ivwkqvi m‡½ eªvwR‡ji NvgSiv‡bv Wª‡qi ci `y‡qvaŸwb ïb‡Z n‡qwQj †bBgvi‡K| †`‡k wd‡i AveviI mg_©K‡`i †Zv‡ci gy‡L co‡jb wZwb| Gevi mv‡šÍvm mg_©K‡`i `y‡qvaŸwb nRg Ki‡jb †bBgvi| ciï mvIcvI‡jv ivR¨ P¨vw¤úqbwk‡ci g¨v‡P `yÕevi GwM‡q wM‡qI gwM wgwi‡gi m‡½ 2-2 †Mv‡j Wª K‡i‡Q mv‡šÍvm| `‡ji wb®úÖf cvidig¨v‡Ý ÿzä mg_©Kiv| `y‡qvaŸwb w`‡Z †bBgvi‡KI Qv‡obwb| Z‡e welqwU‡K mnRfv‡eB wb‡q‡Qb †bBgvi| e‡j‡Qb, Avwg Gme cvËv w`B bv| AvR hviv Acgvb Ki‡Q, Kvj ZvivB Avb›` Ki‡e| GUvB dzUej| GB Pv‡ci g‡a¨B Avcbv‡K †Lj‡Z n‡e| `y‡qvaŸwb ïb‡Z wKsev mgv‡jvwPZ n‡Z †KDB Pvq bv| we‡kl K‡i K¬v‡ei n‡q wb‡R‡K DRvo K‡i †`qvi ci| Avwg mv‡šÍvm‡K fv‡jvevwm| Avgiv wRZ‡Z Ges cÖkswmZ n‡Z PvB|Õ

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 46

c_ Lyu‡R mwb I‡cb †c‡q‡Q †Pjwm kviv‡cvfv‡K nvwi‡q †iKW© Mo‡jb †m‡ibv wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : nVvr K‡iB †hb fv‡M¨i PvKv Ny‡i †Mj cy‡ivcywi| †h ivdv‡qj †ewb‡ZR wb‡Ri PvKwi evuPv‡Z wngwkg Lvw”Q‡jb, †mB †ewb‡ZRB GLb Z… wßi †XKyi Zyj‡Qb| wcÖwgqvi wj‡Mi Avkv a~wjmvr n‡q‡Q Av‡MB, wKš‘ †gŠmygUv fv‡jvfv‡e †kl Kivi my‡hvM †Pjwmi mvg‡b| GdG Kvc I BD‡ivcv wj‡Mi Avkv †h GL‡bv †eu‡P Av‡Q! N‡ivqv wj‡M GLb Pv‡i †Pjwm| P¨vw¤úqbm wjM †Lj‡Z n‡j AšÍZ Pv‡ii †fZi _vK‡ZB n‡e| †ewb‡ZR AvcvZZ GUv wb‡q mš‘óB, Ô`viæY GKUv †gŠmyg n‡Z hv‡”Q GUv| AviI fv‡jv Aek¨ n‡Z cviZ| GLb cÖ_g Pv‡ii †fZi _vKvUvB Avgv‡`i jÿ¨|Õ MZ GdG Kv‡ci †kl Av‡U ciï BDbvB‡UW‡K nviv‡bvUvB †ewb‡Z‡Ri ¯^w¯Íi KviY, ÔBDbvB‡U‡Wi g‡Zv fv‡jv GKUv `‡ji wec‡ÿ Avgiv Lye †ewk my‡hvM cvBwb| ZvivI Lye Kg my‡hvMB †c‡qwQj| RqUv Avgv‡`iB cÖvc¨ wQj|Õ evievi `j cwieZ©b wb‡q hviv mgv‡jvPbv KiwQj, Zv‡`iI †hb GKnvZ wb‡jb, ÔAvcbv‡K fvimvg¨ iÿv Ki‡ZB n‡e| `yB †Ljvi (wcÖwgqvi wjM I GdG Kvc) g‡a¨ weiwZ wQj 48 NÈvi| Avgv‡`i `‡j GZ MfxiZv wQj bv|Õ

wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : †m‡ibv DBwjqvgm †iKW© lôev‡ii g‡Zv mwb I‡cb wR‡Z †iKW© eB‡q bvg Zyj‡jb kviv‡cvfv‡K nvwi‡q| we‡k¦i kxl© `yB †L‡jvqv‡oi g‡a¨ AbywôZ dvBbvjwU‡Z Av‡gwiKvb GB †Uwbm †L‡jvqvo 4-6, 6-3 I 6-0 †M‡g iæk Kb¨vi weiæ‡× Rqx nb| G wb‡q 48wU K¨vwiqvi

wk‡ivcv wRZ‡jb †m‡ibv| wZwb kviv‡cvfvi weiæ‡× †kl 10wU †M‡g Rqx nb| Uvbv GMvievi G K… wZZ¡ †`Lv‡jb wZwb| Aciw`‡K wek¦ i¨vswKs‡q wØZxq ¯’v‡b _vKv kviv‡cvfv Gi Av‡M me©‡kl GMviwU †Ljvq Ges `yB mßvn Av‡M BwÛqvb I‡qjm Uyb©v‡g‡›U wk‡ivcv wR‡ZwQ‡jb| wKš‘ wgqvwgi G cÖwZ‡hvwMZvq cÂgev‡ii g‡Zv dvBbvj †Lj‡jI GL‡bv Rqnxb _vK‡Z n‡jv Zv‡K| ‡m‡ibv G R‡qi ci wb‡Ri `… wó‡K †K¬ †KvU© †gŠmy‡gi w`‡K cÖmvwiZ K‡i‡Qb| AvR †mvgevi †_‡K Pvj©mU‡b d¨vwgwj mvK©j Kvc †Kv‡U© Mov‡bvi ga¨ w`‡q ïiæ n‡e †K¬ †KvU© †gŠmyg| ZvQvov †g gv‡mi †kl mßv‡n AbywôZ n‡e divwm I‡cb|

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wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : `wÿY Avwd«Kvq `y-`y‡Uv †iKW© M‡o‡Qb knx` Avwd«w`| Iqvb‡W‡Z cÖ_g e¨vUmg¨vb wn‡m‡e bvg wjwL‡q‡Qb 300 Q°vi gvBjdj‡K| Avi me‡P‡q †ewk ÔWvKÕ (k~b¨ iv‡b AvDU) cvIqv e¨vUmg¨vb‡`i ZvwjKvq wZwb GLb wØZxq ¯’v‡b| †kl Iqvb‡W‡Z 0 iv‡b AvDU nIqvUv wQj Zvui Iqvb‡W K¨vwiqv‡i 29Zg| ZvB 28 WvK wb‡q Iqvwmg AvKivg GLb Z…Zxq ¯’v‡b Avi 34 WvK wb‡q kx‡l© mbvr Rqmywiqv| Avwd«w`i Av‡iKUv j¾v cvuP g¨v‡Pi Iqvb‡W wmwi‡R †Kv‡bv DB‡KU bv cvIqv! ZvB cÖkœ D‡V‡Q Iqvb‡W `‡j Zvui RvqMv wb‡q| A_P †Lv` Avwd«w` g‡b K‡ib cvwK¯Ív‡bi Iqvb‡W `‡j Zvui RvqMv †bIqvi †KD †bB! cvwK¯Ívwb Bs‡iwR ˆ`wbK Ô`¨ WbÕ‡K †`Iqv mvÿvrKv‡i Rvbv‡jb, ÔAvgvi RvqMv †bIqvi †KD _vK‡j Aek¨B Aemi †be| Z‡e GB gyn~‡Z© †Zgb KvD‡K †`LwQ bv| A‡bK Av‡MB e‡jwQ Kv‡iv RvqMv AvU‡K ivLwQ

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 47

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wbDR †W¯‹, 03 GwcÖj : njy` Rvwm© Mv‡q Zv‡K †`Lv bv †M‡jI eªvwRj wek¦Kv‡c _vK‡Qb †ivbvi‡`v| kyay Av‡qvRK KwgwUi m`m¨ wn‡m‡eB bq, 2014 wek¦Kv‡c bZzb f‚wgKvq †`Lv hv‡e eªvwRjxq wKse`wšÍ‡K| Avm‡Q Ry‡bB wddv Kb‡dWv‡ikÝ Kv‡c eªvwR‡ji GKwU wUwf P¨v‡b‡j dzUej we‡klÁ wn‡m‡e Awf‡lK n‡e †ivbvj‡`vi| †i‡W †Møv‡Kv P¨v‡b‡ji GKwU Abyôv‡b †Ljvi we‡kølYx aviveY©bv †`‡eb Gj †d‡bv‡gbb| Kb‡dWv‡ikÝ Kv‡ci ci wek¦Kv‡cI wUwf cwÐZ wn‡m‡e †`Lv hv‡e wek¦Kvc BwZnv‡mi m‡e©v”P †Mvj`vZv‡K| Rxe‡bi bZzb Aa¨vq wb‡q †ivgvwÂZ †ivbvj‡`v e‡j‡Qb, ÔGUv Avgvi Rb¨ A‡bK eo m†vb|Õ

FZJzJS k´KfKhj xºqJ~ gJTPZ YJjJ, KkÅ~J\M, ßoJVuJA AfqJKhÇ

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†im †k‡l `k©K‡`i m‡½ gRvI K‡i‡Qb Avgy‡` ¯^fv‡ei †evë| wKš‘ c‡i Zv‡K GRb¨ c¯Ív‡Z n‡q‡Q| wdwbk jvBb ¯úk© K‡iB RyZv †Rvov Ly‡j `k©K‡`i w`‡K Qy‡o gv‡ib| †ev‡ëi RyZvi `Lj wb‡Z KvovKvwo c‡o hvq `k©K‡`i g‡a¨| wKQyÿY ci †evë Avwe®‹vi K‡i‡b Zß evjy‡Z Lvwj cv‡q nuvUv Am¤¢e| ZLb Zv‡K RyZvi Rb¨ Av‡qvRK‡`i Kv‡Q ab©v w`‡Z nq| 2016 wiI Awjw¤ú‡Ki mgq Avevi eªvwR‡j wdi‡eb †evë| MZ `ywU Awjw¤ú‡Ki g‡Zv wiI‡Z wÎgyKzU R‡qi j‡ÿ¨i K_v Rvwb‡q‡Qb| BbRywii SzuwK _vKvq js Rv‡¤ú cÖwZØw›ØZvi m¤¢vebv bvKP K‡i w`‡jb †evë|

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˝PhvL UJmJPrr k´Tíf ˝Jh KjPf V´Jo mJÄuJ~ IJxMj... IJoJPhr GKfyqmJyL KmKr~JjL, ßVJvf, TKuK\ nájJ, oV\ nájJ, nJf, oJZ, vJT-xK«, ÊaKT, Kyhu-YJajL, oJZ nájJ, ßZJa oJZ, xJfTzJr frTJrLxy ßhPvr UJmJPrr ˝Jh KjjÇ

†ev‡ëi eªvwRj Rq

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Zvn‡j †h‡Kv‡bv †U÷ †RZvB Avgv‡`i c‡ÿ m¤¢e| wec‡` Avi hvB †nvK, mgv‡jvPbvi AšÍZ Afve nq bv| Iqvn mevB‡K Av‡iKUy ‰ah©B ai‡Z ej‡Qb, ÔAvgvi g‡b Av‡Q hLb 1985-86 mv‡j cÖ_g `‡j Gjvg, ZLb R‡qi Af¨vmUv M‡o Zyj‡ZB K‡qK eQi mgq †j‡MwQj| 13 g¨vP †Ljvi ci †U÷ wR‡ZwQjvg, 26 †U‡÷i ci †c‡qwQjvg †mÂywi| ZvB Avgv‡`i AviI ‰ah© ai‡Z n‡e|Õ

KmP~, VJP~-yuMh, \jìKhj, ßxKojJr, ßk´xTjlJPr¿ xy ßp ßTJj kJKatPf IJorJ CjúfoJPjr UJmJr UMm To xoP~ xrmrJy TPr gJKTÇ

ßp ßTJj irPjr KoKaÄ IgmJ ßk´x TjlJPrP¿r \jq ßrÓáPrP≤r CkPr rP~PZ 40 IJxj KmKvÓ KoKaÄ ÀoÇ

68 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL Tel: 020 7377 6116


emyÜivq cøU wewµ XvKvi emyÜivq AwZ myjf g~‡j¨ 3 KvVv wewkó GKwU cøU wewµ Kiv nB‡e| cøU bs9577/we, eøK-Gb, b_© †dm| `vg Av‡jvPbv mv‡c‡ÿ| UvKvi ‡jb‡`b jÛ‡b Kiv hv‡e|

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 48

Restaurant for Sale

Good location at the hart of town. South Woodham ferres (Essex). 40 years open lease. 2 entrances, Greate opportunities for 2nd Business. we have entertainment licence open until 2am. Seating capacity upto 140.

†hvMv‡hvM t 07535135588

Please contact : 07932885927 / 07808821236

BwÛqvb †UKI‡q GÛ d«vBW wP‡Kb kc wewµ

BwÛqvb †UBKI‡q/‡ióz‡i›U wewµ Indian Take Away /Restaurant

Grays, Essex- G Aew¯’Z BwÛqvb †UKI‡q GÛ d«vBWwP‡Kb

wewµ n‡e| jÛb †_‡K gvÎ 20 wgwbU `yi‡Z¡ Aew¯’Z| †UKI‡q Ges d«vBWwP‡Kb Gi Avjv`v wK‡Pb i‡q‡Q| 18 eQ‡ii wjR i‡q‡Q| †i›U+‡iBU eQ‡i 13 nvRvi cvDÛ| ÷vd _vKvi Rb¨ 2 iæ‡gi d¬vU i‡q‡Q| e¨emv LyeB fv‡jv| g~j¨ Av‡jvPbv mv‡c‡ÿ| we¯ÍvwiZ Rvb‡Z AvMÖnx †µZviv †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|

‡gvevBj t 07850347684, 07946072143

RvqMv wewµ n‡e wm‡jU kn‡ii Uz‡Ki evRvi evBcvm Gi cv‡k, kni †_‡K 10 wgwbU `yi‡Z¡ m¤ú~Y© wb‡f©Rvj, 13 †Wwm‡gj RvqMv wewµ n‡e|

AvMÖnx ‡µZviv †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| 07410084964.

Restaurant for Sale Lease 20 years, wmwUs 100, Motorway- Gi cv‡k, With license, Air Condition, Kvi cvwK©s Gi mye¨e¯’v Ges Dc‡i _vKvi e¨e¯’v Av‡Q| †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb- 07804893314

iæg fvov †`Iqv n‡e cøv‡÷v MÖxY †MBP UªvwdK jvB‡Ui AwZ wbKUeZ©x wm‡½j iæg I Wvej iæ‡g d¨vwgwj I wKQz msL¨K mxU fvov †`Iqv n‡e| M¨vm wej, Kv‡i›U wej, B›Uvi‡bU cÖf„wZ my‡hvM myweav mn d¨vwgwji Rb¨ gvwmK fvov £340 I cÖwZ mx‡Ui Rb¨ mKj wejmn gvwmK fvov £160| we¯ÍvwiZ Rvb‡Z †hvMv‡hvM : 07985393656


Perivale, Middlesex UB6 8HN. 32 seats, 22 year open Lease, Rent: £13.000, No rate for small business, Very good location, business good. Price on Application.

Genuine buyers please contact : 07960-318-752 / 07715-445-820

‡KejgvÎ cwiPvjbvi Afv‡e 9 eQ‡ii I‡cb jxR mn wbDµm GjvKvq SE14  GKwU m¤úyb© Pvjy ‡UBKI‡q †ióz‡i›U Riæix wfwˇZ wewµ n‡e|e¨vemv LyeB fvj|`vg wÎk nvRvi cvDÛ(30,000)| (gyj¨ Av‡jvPbv mv‡c‡ÿ)| me©‡gvU ‡i›U eQ‡i 9300| ‡KejgvÎ AvMÖnx  cÖK…Z †µZvMb mZ¡i †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|`ªæZ †hvMv‡hv‡Mi Rb¨ we‡kl Qvo| Call: Mr Ali 07947561895  (11 am to 6 pm)

Masud School of Motoring 18 years experience instructor (ADI)Automatic driving tution. Guranteed pass scheme Intensive course Student and block booking discount Tower Hamlet,Hackney, Newhum,Greenwich area door to door service.

For booking please contact- M Hoque (B.Sc.)

(Ex high school teacher)

07958 495 838


PFC FOR SALE A PFC for sale at 249 Holloway Road, London N7 8HG. Interested customer please contact :

Mr. Foysol - 07944074258

BwÛqvb †UKI‡q wewµ INDIAN TAKEWAY FOR SALE Maldon Essex High Street, 18yars Open Lease, Rent-Raet-£115 PW, 25yars Old Runig Busines, One Bed Room Flat,Good Busines.

Contact Mr Abdul - 07958595156

WEDDING VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIAL SUMMER OFFERS. we have some fantastic Spring & Summer Wedding Photography Special Offers for you. Contact us :


INDIAN TAKEAWAY AND FRIED CHICKEN FOR SALE Indian Takeaway and Fried Chicken and Pizza in London e14 near Canary Wharf , Rent £21000, Rate £2000, 23 seats. Good weekly Buisness. 22 years lease remaining . £35000 worth equipment plus stock. Only serious buyers no time wasters. For more information contact :

Mr Bulbul- 07826526549

GROCERY SHOP FOR SALE E 7 G m¤úyb© Pvjy Ae¯’vq GKwU †MÖvmvix mc ‡KejgvÎ cwiPvjbvi Afv‡e wewµ n‡e|e¨vemv LyeB fvj,mßv‡n 6500-7500 ch©šÍ| Located next to Forest Gate Mosque.

Contact: Koyes 07932801819 / 07903562550

i‡qj wmwU‡Z cøU wewµ i‡qj wmwU‡Z †m±i-1 G, 10 ‡Wwm‡gj Gi GKwU cøU AvKl©bxq g~‡j¨ Riæix wfwˇZ weµq Kiv n‡e|

AvMÖnxiv †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb-



INDIAN TAKEAWAY FOR SALE Lease until 2020, Rent 8500. Rate 1,000. Hornchurch, Essex, very good business, central Location, quick sale, good parking fcilities. no accomodation.

M : 0790 427 8044 / 01708 447 887

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 49

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 50

wek¦ WvDb wmb‡Wªvg w`em: WvDb wkï: cÖwZ‡ivaB GKgvÎ wPwKrmv

Avgvi Nwbô eÜyi †QvU fvB WvDb wmb‡Wªv‡g AvµvšÍ| I‡`i evmvq hZevi †MwQ, welv‡` gbUv f‡i †M‡Q| dyUdy‡U †Q‡jUvi †Pnvivq Kx gvqv! Av`i Ki‡j eyS‡Z cv‡i wKš‘ K_v ej‡Z cv‡i bv wVKg‡Zv| wb‡Ri cÖvZ¨wnK KvR¸‡jvI cv‡i bv| iex›`ª m½x‡Zi cÖwZ Ii Uvb A‡bK †ewk| K¨v‡mU †cøqviUv †Q‡o Mjv †gjvq| Ii wePvi eyw× †bB| gv‡S gv‡S N‡ii `iRv dvuKv †c‡jB QyU †`q ARvbvi c‡_| eÜy‡`i mvRv‡bv msmv‡i Ii Rb¨ nvnvKvi me mgq| KZ wPwKrmK‡K †`Lv‡bv n‡q‡Q BqËv †bB| wKš‘ mevi GK K_ vÐ Gi wPwKrmv †bB| WvDb wmb‡Wªvg Ggb GKwU †R‡bwUK †ivM, hvi GLb ch©šÍ wPwKrmv †bB| Avgv‡`i kix‡i 46wU †µv‡gv‡Rvg _v‡K, 23wU Av‡m gv I 23wU evevi KvQ †_‡K| wKš‘ `yf©vMv WvDb wkï‡`i †µv‡gv‡Rvg 46wUi cwie‡Z© _v‡K 47wU| G‡ZB N‡U me wecwË| 1861 mv‡j weªwUk wPwKrmK Rb jMWb WvDb me©cÖ_g G †ivMwU eY©bv K‡ib| 1959 mv‡j Wv. †Riwg wjwPDb Rvbvb, GwU 47wU †µv‡gv‡Rv‡gi dj| 2006 mvj †_‡K 21 gvP©‡K wek¦ WvDb wmb‡Wªvg w`em wn‡m‡e cvjb Kiv nq| Gi avivevwnKZvq G eQiI Zv cvwjZ n‡jv| hy³iv‡óª AvaywbK me my‡hvM-myweav _vKvi ciI cÖwZ eQi 6 nvRvi wkï WvDb wn‡m‡e Rb¥ †bq| Avgv‡`i †`‡k Gi mwVK cwimsL¨vb bv _vK‡jI Pj‡Z-wdi‡Z Ggb wkï ninv‡gkvB †`Lv hvq| WvDb wkï‡`i †`‡LB †Pbv hvq| G‡`i wPeyK

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wkïi Kvb e¨_v hLb SyuwKc~Y© nVvr Kvb e¨_v| Z‡e GKUy mw`©-Kvwk 2-3 w`b a‡iB wQj| Kvb e¨_vi GB mgm¨v cÖ_g †_‡KB Zxeª n‡Z cv‡i wKsev cÖ_‡g Aí n‡q µ‡gB evo‡Z cv‡i| A‡bK wkï-wK‡kv‡iiB G iKg Ae¯’v †`Lv †`q| Kvb e¨_vi GB mgm¨v Avµv‡šÍi Rb¨ SyuwKc~Y© n‡Z cv‡i e‡j GwU‡K †gwW‡Kj Bgvi‡RwÝ ev Riæwi wPwKrmv‡hvM¨ †ivM wn‡m‡e we‡ePbv Kiv nq| Kv‡bi GB Riæwi mgm¨v ga¨K‡Y©i Zxeª msµgY‡K wPwKrmvweÁv‡bi cwifvlvq e‡j A¨vwKDU mv‡cv‡iwUf IUvBwUm wgwWqv| mvaviYfv‡e wkïiv GB mgm¨vq †ewk AvµvšÍ n‡q _v‡K| evievi EaŸ© k¦vmbvwji cÖ`vnB n‡”Q GB Bb‡dKk‡bi Ab¨Zg KviY| AwaKvsk †ÿ‡ÎB EaŸ© k¦vmbvwji GB Bb‡dKkb fvBivmRwbZ msµg‡Yi Rb¨B n‡q _v‡K| †hme wkï Nb Nb mw`©-Kvwk‡Z †fv‡M Ges Ubwmj Ges GwWb‡q‡Wi (bvmv Mjwej ev b¨v‡mvd¨vwis‡mi Ubwmj) mgm¨v i‡q‡Q Zv‡`i g‡a¨B Gi cÖ‡Kvc †ewk| GB mgm¨vq ga¨K‡Y©i m‡½ EaŸ© k¦vmbvwji †hvMv‡hvM iÿvKvix GKwU bvwj n‡q

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 51

bvgv‡Ri mgqm~Px 05 GwcÖj, ïµevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 4:50 ‡hvni 1:08 AvQi 4:41 gvMwie 7:43 Gkv 9:00

RvgvZ 5:30 1:15 6:00 7:48 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:27

06 GwcÖj, kwbevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 4:48 ‡hvni 1:08 AvQi 4:42 gvMwie 7:45 Gkv 9:02

RvgvZ 5:30 1:30 6:00 7:50 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:25

07 GwcÖj, iweevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 4:45 ‡hvni 1:08 AvQi 4:43 gvMwie 7:47 Gkv 9:03

RvgvZ 5:30 1:30 6:00 7:52 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:23

08 GwcÖj, ‡mvgevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 4:43 ‡hvni 1:07 AvQi 4:43 gvMwie 7:49 Gkv 9:04

RvgvZ 5:15 1:30 6:15 7:54 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:21

09 GwcÖj, g½jevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 4:40 ‡hvni 1:07 AvQi 4:44 gvMwie 7:50 Gkv 9:06

RvgvZ 5:15 1:30 6:15 7:55 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:18

Iqv³ ïiæ 4:38 1:07 4:45 7:52 9:07

RvgvZ 5:15 1:30 6:15 7:57 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:16

11 GwcÖj, e„n¯úwZevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 4:35 ‡hvni 1:07 AvQi 4:46 gvMwie 7:54 Gkv 9:09

RvgvZ 5:15 1:30 6:15 7:59 9:30

m~‡h©v`q 6:14

10 GwcÖj, eyaevi dRi ‡hvni AvQi gvMwie Gkv

Bmjvgx weavb Abyhvqx we‡k¦i gymjgvb bvix-cyiæl weevne܇b Ave× nq| we‡qi wbqg Abyhvqx weevn gRwj‡m ¯¿xi cÖvc¨ †gvnivbv avh© Kiv nq| †KD †KD bM` cwi‡kva K‡ib| Ab¨iv ¯¿x‡K gbcÖvY w`‡q fv‡jvevm‡jI ¯¿xi b¨vh¨ `vwei cÖwZ D`vmxb| Zviv nq‡Zv Rv‡bb bv G D`vmxbZvi Kvi‡Y Zv‡`i Rb¨ nq‡Zv Rvnvbœv‡gi Av¸b A‡cÿv Ki‡Q| e‡ii Avw_©K Ae¯’vi Ici wbf©i K‡i †gvnivbv wba©viY Ki‡Z n‡e| †ewk KgI bq, Avevi gvÎvwZwi³I bq| A_©vr ga¨ cš’v Aej¤^b Ki‡Z n‡e| (ZvdwmiKziZwe; wbmv, 20 I 21 AvqvZ)| ¯¿x‡K ZvjvK w`‡jI Zvi b¨vh¨ `vwe c~iY Ki‡Z n‡e| ¯^vgx hw` wØZxq we‡q K‡i Zvn‡j cÖ_g ¯¿xi †gvnivbv Av‡MB cwi‡kva Ki‡Z n‡e| 1955 mv‡j XvKv nvB‡KvU© wm×všÍ w`‡q‡Qb, †gvnivbvi cwie‡Z© wnev wej GIqvR ZLbB ˆea n‡e hLb ¯¿x †KvbI cÖwZ`vb QvovB ¯^vgx‡K †gvnivbv `vb K‡i Ges c‡i ¯^vgx ¯¿xi `v‡bi GIqvR¯^iƒc †KvbI m¤úwË Avjv`vfv‡e `vb K‡ib| KviY GUv gymwjg AB‡b GKwU weï× wnev wej| nvw`‡m ewY©Z i‡q‡QÐ cuvP e¨w³i Ici Avjøvni †µva Aek¨¤¢vex| Zv‡`i g‡a¨ †gvnivbv Abv`vqx e¨w³ i‡q‡Q| GQvov ¯¿xi Ici AZ¨vPvix e¨w³I i‡q‡Q| Avgv‡`i †`‡k weev‡ni mgq ¯¿x‡K †`qv kvwo-Pzwo, MqbvMuvwUi g~j¨ eve` †`b‡gvni †_‡K Dmyj wn‡m‡e †K‡U ivLv nq| cÖK…Zc‡ÿ G¸‡jv we‡q‡Z †`qv Dcnvi ev Dc‡XŠKb, †`b‡gvni bq| myZivs G¸‡jvi g~j¨ †`b‡gvn‡ii †gvU UvKv †_‡K ev` †`qv hv‡e bv| 1961 mv‡ji cvwievwiK AvB‡bi 10bs aviv Abyhvqx gymwjg weev‡ni dj¯^iƒc †h A_© ev m¤úwË ¯^vgx Zvi ¯¿x‡K cÖ`vb K‡ib ev w`‡Z ¯^xKvi K‡ib †m A_© †`b‡gvni bv‡g cwiwPZ| Avcwb hw` †KvbI AvZ¥xq-¯^Rb wKsev Avcb fvB‡qi KvQ †_‡KI FY MÖnY K‡ib Zvn‡j Zv cwi‡kva Ki‡Z n‡e| †gvnivbvI GKwU AvBbMZ `vq| GwU cwi‡kva bv Ki‡j Avcbv‡K FYx _vK‡Z n‡e| †`b‡gvn‡ii m‡½ fiY‡cvl‡Yi †KvbI m¤úK© †bB myZivs †KD hw` e‡j †`b‡gvni nq‡Zv †`Bwb GZw`b KZ UvKv fiY‡cvlY eve` LiP K‡iwQ Zvi wK †KvbI wnmve Av‡Q? Zvn‡j †mwU fzj n‡e| †gvnivbvi cwigvY bvggvÎ n‡j Pj‡e bv| †gvnivbv Kgc‡ÿ 10 w`invg n‡Z n‡e| (eZ©gv‡b †mŠw` Avi‡ei gy`ªv w`invg bq) 10 w`invg‡K 52 †Zvjv iæcvi mgvb wn‡m‡e aiv n‡q‡Q| Z‡e m‡e©v”P KZ UvKv n‡e Zv wbw`©ó †bB| ivm~j (mv.) R‰bK e¨w³‡K †gvnivbv eve` †jvnvi AvswU n‡jI Avb‡Z e‡jb, Zv‡Z Aÿg n‡j ï×fv‡e †KviAvb wkÿv †`qvi K_v e‡jb| (gyËvdvK AvjvBn, wgkKvZ-3202)| ivm~j (mv.) e‡j‡Qb, weev‡ni me‡P‡q eo kZ© nj †gvni| (wgkKvZ kwid, nv-3143)| ivm~j (mv.)

e‡j‡Qb, †h e¨w³ †KvbI †g‡q‡K †gvnivbv †`qvi Iqv`vq we‡q K‡i‡Q wKš‘ †gvnivbv Av`vq Kivi Zvi B”Qv †bB, †m wKqvg‡Zi w`b Avjøvni mvg‡b wRbvKvixe¨wfPvix wn‡m‡e `uvov‡Z eva¨ n‡e| (gymbv‡` Avng`)| cweÎ †KviAvb kwi‡d Avjøvn e‡j‡Qb, †n bex (mv.) Avcbvi Rb¨ Avcbvi

PwiZv_© Kivi Rb¨ wKsev ¸ß †cÖ‡g wjß nIqvi Rb¨ bq| †h e¨w³ wek¦v‡mi wel‡q Awek¦vm K‡i Zvi kÖg wed‡j hv‡e Ges ciKv‡j †m ÿwZMÖ¯Í n‡e| Z‡e Av‡jgIjvgviv G e¨vcv‡i †mv”Pvi n‡Z cv‡ib| Zviv IqvR gvnwdj, Rygvi LyZev wKsev Ab¨ †KvbI `vIqvwZ †cÖvMÖv‡g cyiæl‡`i †gvnivbv

¯¿xi †gvnivbv Av`vq K‡i‡Qb Kx gwgbyj Bmjvg †gvjøv ¯¿xMY‡K nvjvj K‡iwQ| hv‡`i Avcwb †gvnivbv cÖ`vb K‡i‡Qb| ( Avj Avnhve-50) m~iv Avb

Av`v‡qi e¨vcv‡i Zv‡`i KZ©‡e¨i K_v g‡b Kwi‡q w`‡Z cv‡ib| G‡Z ¯¿xi cvkvcvwk ¯^vgxivB †ewk

†`b‡gvni avh© Kiv nq| ZvB mevi c‡ÿ bM` cwi‡kva Kiv m¤¢e nq bv| d‡j ¯^vgx‡K evmi iv‡ZB ¯¿xi Kv‡Q bwZ ¯^xKvi K‡i mgq wb‡Z nq ev gvd †P‡q wb‡Z nq| evmi iv‡Z †gvnivbv Av`vq KivUv fv‡jv n‡jI Avgv‡`i †`‡ki cwi‡cÖwÿ‡Z †bwZevPK cÖfve jÿ Kiv hvq| ag©xq wbqg Abyhvqx mvevwjKv n‡jB †g‡q‡K we‡q †`qv hvq| G †ÿ‡Î 15-16 eQ‡ii †g‡qI we‡qi †hvM¨| aiv hvK, 16 eQ‡ii GKwU †g‡q‡K we‡q †`qvi ci evmi iv‡ZB ¯^vgx Zv‡K †gvnivbv eve` 5 jvL UvKv w`‡jb| †g‡qwU G UvKv †Kv_vq ivL‡e? nq‡Zv evev ev fvB‡qi Kv‡Q; 18 eQ‡ii wb‡P nIqvq G UvKv e¨vs‡KI ivL‡Z cvi‡e bv| RwgI wKb‡Z cvi‡e bv| fvB ev evevi Kv‡Q ivLv m¤úwË fwel¨‡Z KZUzKz cv‡eb Zv cÖkœmv‡cÿ e¨vcvi| hw` 5 eQi ci ¯^vgx Zvi ¯¿xi bv‡g e¨vs‡K GKwU A¨vKvD›U K‡i †`b‡gvn‡ii UvKvUv wd•W K‡i iv‡Lb ev Zvi bv‡g †KvbI m¤úwË †i‡L †`b Zvn‡j †mwU AviI Kj¨vYKi n‡e| GQvov †`b‡gvn‡ii UvKv Av‡M cwi‡kva Ki‡j mvgvb¨ †KvbI Kvi‡Y SMov-weev` n‡j ¯^vgx †h †KvbI mgq ¯¿x‡K we`vq K‡i w`‡Z cv‡i| Avi †`b‡gvni evwK _vK‡j ¯^vgx evmi iv‡Z †`b‡gvni m¤ú~Y©fv‡e Av`vq Ki‡Z bv cvi‡j ¯¿xi AbygwZ mv‡c‡ÿ Zvi m‡½ ˆ`wnK †hvMvhvM iÿv Ki‡Z n‡e| we‡qi mgq †`b‡gvni wbw`©ó Kiv bv †M‡j A_ ev Kvweb Qvov we‡q n‡j GQvov ¯¿x c‡i †`b‡gvni `vwe Ki‡Z cvi‡e bv Ggb kZ© _vK‡jI †`b‡gvni wbw`©ó K‡i Zv Av`vq Ki‡Z n‡e| ¯¿x gviv †M‡jI ¯^vgx‡K †`b‡gvn‡ii UvKv cwi‡kva Ki‡Z n‡e| G †ÿ‡Î ¯¿xi DËivwaKvixiv †`b‡gvn‡ii A_© cv‡e| ¯¿xi †`b‡gvn‡ii Rb¨ DËivwaKvixiv gvgjvI Ki‡Z cv‡ib| ¯^vgx gviv †M‡jI ¯^vgxi m¤úwË †_‡K Zv Zvi DËivwaKvix‡`i w`‡Z n‡e| evsjv‡`‡ki bvix AwaKviev`xiv bvix‡`i mgAwaKvi Ges †KvbI †KvbI †ÿ‡Î cyiæ‡li †P‡q †ewk

Avgv‡`i †`‡k weev‡ni mgq ¯¿x‡K †`qv kvwo-Pzwo, MqbvMuvwUi g~j¨ eve` †`b‡gvni †_‡K Dmyj wn‡m‡e †K‡U ivLv nq| cÖK…Zc‡ÿ G¸‡jv we‡q‡Z †`qv Dcnvi ev Dc‡XŠKb, †`b‡gvni bq| myZivs G¸‡jvi g~j¨ †`b‡gvn‡ii †gvU UvKv †_‡K ev` †`qv hv‡e bv| wbmv‡Z ejv n‡q‡Q, †h e¨w³ ¯^vaxb gymjgvb bvix we‡q Kivi mvg_©¨ iv‡L bv, †m †Zvgv‡`i AwaKvifz³ gymwjg µxZ`vm‡`i we‡q Ki‡e| Avjøvn †Zvgv‡`i Cgvb m¤ú‡K© fv‡jvfv‡e ÁvZ i‡q‡Qb| gvwj‡Ki AbygwZµ‡g Zv‡`i we‡q Ki Ges Zv‡`i †gvnivbv `vb Ki| Ab¨ GK RvqMvq ejv n‡q‡Q, hLb †Zvgiv Zv‡`i †gvnivbv cÖ`vb Ki Zv‡`i ¯¿x Kivi Rb¨, Kvgbv-evmbv

jvfevb n‡eb| †Kbbv `ywbqvq Aw_©Kfve †KD wec‡` co‡j A‡b‡KB mvnv‡h¨i nvZ evwo‡q †`b| wKš‘ nvm‡ii KwVb w`‡b Avgv‡`i mvnvh¨ Kivi †KD _vK‡e bv| Avi ¯¿x hw` ¯^vgx‡K †¯^”Qvq gvd K‡i †`b Zvn‡j ¯^vgx G wec` †_‡K iÿv †c‡Z cv‡ib| Z‡e †Rvi K‡i ev †KŠk‡j gvd †bqv hv‡e bv| †gvnivbv Av`vq Kiv diR| Avgv‡`i mgv‡R A‡bK mgq e‡ii mvg‡_©¨i evB‡i

AwaKvi Av`v‡q m‡PZb| wKš‘ G welqwU †h‡nZz agx©q †m‡nZz Zviv G e¨vcv‡i gv_v Nvgvb bv| Zv‡`i K_v ev` w`‡jI Avjøvn I ciKv‡j wek¦vmx †bZv‡`iI inm¨gq bxieZv Avgv‡`i AevK K‡i| Avgiv †hb mevB ¯¿xi †gvnivbv msµvšÍ `vwe wgwU‡q ciKvjxb wec` †_‡K gyw³ †c‡Z cvwi, Avjøvn Avgv‡`i †m †ZŠwdK `vb Kiæb, Avwgb| †jLK : cÖfvlK I mvsevw`K

we †bv ` b

Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 52

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evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 29 gvP© : we‡qi wcwo‡Z em‡Z hv‡”Qb cvwK¯Ívb Z_v wek¦bw›`Z nvU©_ªe MvqK AvwZd Avmjvg| `xN©w`‡bi †cÖwgKv mviv fviIqvbvi m‡½ AvR wZwb we‡qe܇b Ave× n‡”Qb| RgKv‡jv Av‡qvR‡b †M‡jv eyaevi AvwZd I mvivi †g‡nw` Abyôvb n‡q‡Q| G Abyôv‡b cvwK¯Ív‡bi RbwcÖq ZviKviv msMxZ I b…Z¨ cwi‡ekb K‡i‡Qb| Gw`‡K AvR‡Ki we‡qi Abyôv‡b cvwK¯Ív‡bi ivRbxwZ I mvs¯‹…wZK A½‡bi wewkóRb‡`i Dcw¯’Z _vKvi K_v i‡q‡Q| BwZg‡a¨ †g‡nw` Abyôv‡bi Qwe wb‡Ri †dmeyK GKvD‡›U Avc‡jvW K‡i‡Qb AvwZd| †dmey‡K wb‡Ri we‡qi †NvlYv w`‡q AvwZd Avmjvg e‡jb, wcÖq eÜyiv, Avcbviv me mgqB ïfKvgbv wb‡q Avgvi cv‡k †_‡K‡Qb| AvR‡Ki GB ïfÿ‡Y Avcbv‡`i m‡½ Avgvi †g‡nw`i Qwe †kqvi bv K‡i cvijvg bv| Ae‡k‡l we‡q Ki‡Z hvw”Q Avwg| Avgvi Rxe‡bi GB eo w`bwU AvR Avcbv‡`i †`vqvq Avm‡Z P‡j‡Q| mevB †`vqv Ki‡eb Avgvi Rb¨| AvwZ‡di GB †NvlYvi wecix‡Z †dmey‡K Zvi nvRvi nvRvi f³‡`i ïfKvgbv Rgv c‡o‡Q| Gw`‡K Rvbv †M‡Q, †g‡nw` Abyôv‡b wb‡Ri RbwcÖq Mvb¸‡jv †M‡q‡Qb Ges Zvi m‡½ †b‡P‡QbI AvwZd|

ewjD‡W Zvi MvIqv wewfbœ RbwcÖq Mvb wZwb GLv‡b cvidig K‡ib| GK GK cwie‡kbvi mgq GK GK iKg †cvkvK wZwb c‡owQ‡jb| AvR we‡qi AvbyôvwbKZv m¤úbœ nIqvi c‡ii w`b A_©vr AvMvgxKvj jv‡nvi iq¨vj cvg K¬v‡e AbywôZ n‡e AvwZd I mvivi wiwmckb Abyôvb| D‡jøL¨, cvwK¯Ív‡b wb‡Ri e¨v‡Ûi gva¨‡g cÖ_gev‡ii g‡Zv RbwcÖqZv jvf K‡ib AvwZd| Gici ewjD‡W `y`©všÍ Awf‡lK nq Zvi| ci ci ewjD‡Wi †ek wKQy Qwe‡Z Mvb †M‡q mviv we‡k¦ e¨vcK RbwcÖqZv jvf K‡ib wZwb| me©‡kl PjwZ eQi ÔRqšÍ fvB wK jvf †÷vwiÕ Qwei †ek wKQy Mv‡b KÉ w`‡q‡Qb AvwZd, hv BwZg‡a¨ fvj RbwcÖqZv jvf K‡i‡Q|

mvjgv‡bi we‡q!

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 2 GwcÖj : mvjgvb Lv‡bi we‡q wb‡q ewjD‡W Kg Rj †Nvjv n‡jv bv| K¨vwiqv‡ii ïiæ‡Z msMxZv weRjvbx, †mvwg Avjx, kªx‡`ex, Zvici G‡K G‡K mg‡qi c_ †e‡q Hk¦h© Ny‡i GLb KvUwibvq w_Zy nIqv mvjgvb †cÖg K‡i‡Qb wVKB| wKš‘ we‡qi bvg gy‡L †bbwb| Z‡e Gevi bvwK mwZ¨B we‡qi wcuwo‡Z em‡Z P‡j‡Qb mvjøy wgqv| wKš‘ Zv wbR †`‡k bq| giæ‡`k `yevB‡q NU‡Z P‡j‡Q †mUv PjwZ gv‡mB| we‡qi cvÎxI bvwK `yevBi †g‡q| mgcÖwZ `yevB es‡kv™¢~Z fviZxq Awf‡bZv Kvgvj nvmvb Lvb Ii‡d †KAvi‡K GK UyBUvi evZ©vq mvjgv‡bi GB we‡qi Lei cÖKvk K‡i‡Qb| Z‡e Kvgv‡ji GK_v wVK KZUyKy mZ¨

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 21 gvP© : g…Zy¨ AvZ‡¼ w`b cvi Ki‡Qb A¯‹viRqx e…wUk Awf‡bÎx †KU DB݇jU| wegvb `yN©Ubvq Zvi g… Zy¨ n‡e e‡j Avk¼v Ki‡Qb| ZvB wZwb AvKvkc_ Gwo‡q Pj‡Qb| Rvbv †M‡Q, Av‡gwiKvq 9/11-Gi mš¿vmx wegvb nvgjvi ci †_‡K †KU †cø‡b Po‡Z fq cv‡”Qb| nvgjvi mßvnLv‡bK ci wZwb †g‡q wgqv‡K wb‡q GKwU wegv‡b D‡VwQ‡jb| †mLv‡b GK e¨w³ Zv‡K DMÖcš’x‡`i Avµg‡Yi

c‡i| WwgwbK Ggb GK cwiw¯’wZi gy‡LvgywL nq hvi Rb¨ †m †Kv‡bvfv‡eB cÖ¯ÍyZ wQj bv| Avi wm‡bgvi †kl PgKUv wm‡bgvUv †`Lvi A‡cÿv‡ZB †Zvjv _vK| Ab¨vb¨ c‡e©i g‡Zv wfb wW‡Rj, wWqv‡b iK Rbmb, UvBwim wMemb Ges cj IqvKvi AveviI GKm‡½ n‡”Qb| †mBm‡½ _vK‡Q MwZ Ges UvbUvb D‡ËRbvq ficyi ÔKvi Kª¨vkÕ| dv÷ wmwi‡Ri Gev‡ii ce©wUi m¤ú~Y© ïwUs n‡q‡Q Bsj¨v‡Û| A_©vr weªwUk‡`i iv¯Ívq G‡jvcv_vwo Mvwo QyUv‡eb Gev‡ii Ôdv÷ A¨vÛ `¨ wdDwiqvmÕ-Gi ZviKviv| bZyb AvKl©‡Yi g‡a¨ i‡q‡Q mv‡eK Ôwg•W gvk©vj AvU©Õ I ZviKv wRbv Kviv‡bvi Mø¨vgvivm Dcw¯’wZ| wm‡bgvwU Dc‡fvM Kivi Rb¨I f³‡`i A‡cÿv Ki‡Z n‡e †g gv‡mi 24 ZvwiL ch©šÍ| wRbv Kviv‡bvi wRbv M«¨vRy‡qkb K‡i‡Qb

jvm‡fMv‡mi wUªwbwU wµwðqvb nvB ¯‹yj †_‡K| QvÎRxeb ev‡¯‹Uej `‡ji wUg wjWvi wQ‡jb| fwjej I mdU ej †Lj‡ZI mgvb cvi`k©x wZwb| cieZ©x mg‡q †bfv`v wek¦we`¨vjq †_‡K g‡bvweÁv‡b D”PZi cov‡kvbv K‡ib| A¨v_‡jU wn‡m‡e eû cÖwZ‡hvwMZvq eo †L‡jvqvo‡`iI nvwi‡q‡Qb wZwb| Avi GB myev‡` 2008 mv‡j BGmwcGb g¨vMvwR‡b cÖ”Q‡`I Av‡mb †m‡ibv DBwjqvg‡mi m‡½| 2005 mv‡j cÖ_g jvm‡fMv‡mi cvuPRb bvix _vB dvBUvi‡K wb‡q Ôwis Mvj©mÕ bvgK GK wi‡qwjwU †kv‡Z AskMÖn‡Yi ga¨ w`‡q K¨v‡givi RM‡Z Zvi Avwef©ve| Gici wKQyw`b ÔWweøDWweøDBÕ‡Z Kyw¯Í K‡i‡Qb| me©‡kl †hvM †`b Av‡gwiKvb MøvwW‡qU‡i| Avi †mLv‡bB Zvi dvBU †`‡L Zv‡K wbe©vPb K‡ib cwiPvjK †mvWvievM©| 29 eQ‡i cv †`Iqv GB ZiæYxi nwjD‡W K¨vwiqvi ïiæ Zvi nvZ a‡iB| Zvi m¤ú‡K© †mvWvievM© e‡jb, ÔwUwf‡Z wRbv‡K †`‡L g‡b n‡q‡Q, Av‡i G †Zv bvix †Rgm eÛ, Z‡e Aek¨B wfbœgvÎvi| AviI GKUv K_v e‡j †bIqv cÖ‡qvRb, Ô‡nIq¨viÕ Qwe‡Z wRbvi Rb¨ †Kv‡bv ÷v›U Wvej KvR K‡iwb| me¸‡jv ÷v›U Ii wb‡RiB Kiv| †nIq¨vi cy‡ivUvB wRbvi GKK Qwe|Õ D‡jøL¨, Ôdv÷ A¨vÛ wdDwiqvmÕ-G wRbv GiKg A‡bK A¨vKkb i‡q‡Q, †h `…k¨¸‡jv‡Z †Kv‡bv ÷v›U e¨envi Kiv nqwb|

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 2 GwcÖj : GKwU Ry‡qjvwi weÁvc‡b †Lvjv‡gjv n‡q †cvR w`‡q‡Qb Ug µy‡Ri mv‡eK ¯¿x †KwU †nvgm| weÁvc‡bi `…‡k¨ wZwb wee¯¿ Ae¯’vq `yB nvZ w`‡q eÿ Ave…Z K‡i †i‡L‡Qb| G ai‡bi weZwK©Z †cvR †`qvq Zxeª †ÿvf cÖKvk K‡i‡Qb Ug µyR| wZwb e‡jb, †KwUi weZwK©Z weÁvc‡bi Kvi‡Y Zvi Rxe‡b †bwZevPK cÖfve co‡Q| B‡Zvg‡a¨B wZwb G wb‡q †ek K‡qKR‡bi Kv‡Q cÖ‡kœiI m¤§yLxb n‡q‡Qb| MZ eQ‡ii 29 Ryb Ug µyR

GLb ¸Äb Pj‡Q, mwZ¨B Kx Gevi †`‡ki Zver ZiæYxi gb †f‡O we‡`wkbxi m‡½B MvuUQov evua‡eb mvjgvb|

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evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹: Avgv‡`i g‡a¨ hviv †iwms I A¨vKkb Qwe cQ›` K‡ib, Zv‡`i Kv‡Q Lye wcÖq wm‡bgv Ôdv÷ A¨vÛ wdDwiqvmÕ| Ôdv÷ A¨vÛ wdDwiqvmÕ‡cÖgx‡`i Rb¨ myLei †h GKgvm c‡iB Avm‡Q GB wmwi‡Ri 6ô wmKy¨‡qjwU| wfb wW‡Rj, cj IqvKvi, RW©vbv weªD÷vi-GB wZb ZviKv wb‡qB gywf wnU| Zvi mv‡_ cÂg wmKy¨‡q‡j †hvM n‡q‡Qb Ô`¨ iKÕ| cÂgwUi Kvwnbx wQj gvwdqv I WªvM j‡W©i Mvwo Pywi‡K wb‡q| 130 wgwb‡Ui G QwewUi ev‡RU wQj mv‡o 12 †KvwU Wjvi| Avi G ch©šÍ wek¦e¨vcx Ôdv÷ dvBfÕ Avq K‡i‡Q cÖvq 61 †KvwU Wjvi| 5g c‡e©i †hLv‡b †kl wVK †mLvb †_‡KB ïiæ Kiv n‡q‡Q Gev‡ii wmKy¨‡qjwU| †Pwim gM©v‡bi †jLv Ges Rvw÷b wj‡bi cwiPvjbvq bZyb wm‡bgvwU‡Z bZyb †ek wKQy PgK ivLv n‡q‡Q| 2010 mv‡j cÖ_g Mvwoi †im w`‡q ïiæ nq Ôd¨v÷ A¨vÛ wdDwiqvmÕ-Gi c_Pjv| c…w_exi eo eo †`‡k GB Qwei ïU Kiv nq| Õdv÷ A¨vÛ wdDwiqvmÕ-Gi bZyb wmKy¨‡q‡j wµwgbvj †Wvwgwb‡Ki mvnvh¨ PvB‡Z Av‡m cywjk| kn‡i GKUv bZyb `j G‡m‡Q hviv Mvwo I UvKv-cqmv Pywi K‡i| Zv‡`i c×wZ A‡bK †ewk AvaywbK| cvkvcvwk Zviv e¨envi K‡i nvB w¯úW †iwmsKvi| Avi G Rb¨B Wwgwb‡Ki mvnvh¨ PvIqv| A‡bK kZ© †`Iqvi ci Ae‡k‡l Zviv mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z ivwR nq| wKš‘ †Ku‡Pv Lyo‡Z wM‡q mvc †ewo‡q

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K_v e‡j AvZ¼MÖ¯Í K‡i Zy‡jwQ‡jb| Gici †_‡KB `xN© GKhyM a‡i wZwb †cø‡b hvZvqvZ Kivi welqwU‡K Rxe‡bi Rb¨ SyuwKc~Y© e‡j g‡b Ki‡Qb| G cÖm‡½ †KU e‡jb, ÕAvwg hLb †cø‡b Pwo ZLb †gv‡UI wbwð‡šÍ _vK‡Z cvwi bv| eZ©gv‡b wewfbœ mg‡q wegvb `yN©Ubvi Le‡i Avgvi G AvZ¼Uv Av‡iv †ewk †e‡o †M‡Q|Õ Gw`‡K †K‡Ui †g‡q wgqv Rvbvb, gv‡qi g…Zy¨fxwZ w`b w`b †e‡oB Pj‡Q|

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Avi K‡e †kvaiv‡eb wjÛ‡m!

`yN©Ubvi Ke‡j c‡owQ‡jb wjÛ‡m| `yN©Ubvi mgq wb‡R Mvwo Pvjv‡jI cywj‡ki wRÁvmvev‡` welqwU †egvjyg A¯^xKvi K‡i e‡mb wZwb| cywj‡ki m‡½ wg_¨vPv‡ii Awf‡hv‡M c‡i gvgjv nq Zvui weiæ‡×| †mB gvgjvq m¤úÖwZ mvRv †c‡q‡Qb wjÛ‡m| wKš‘ mvRv cvIqvi ciI wZwb Av‡Mi g‡ZvB AmshZ Rxebhvcb Ki‡Qb| cvbkvjvq wM‡q g`¨cvb, cvwU©‡Z †g‡Z _vKv-GB wb‡qB Av‡Qb wZwb| evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 28 gvP© : Av`vj‡Zi GK Le‡i Rvwb‡q‡Q wUGgwR| G cÖm‡½ GK Av‡`‡k cv°v wZb gvm gv`Kvmw³ wjÛ‡mi Kv‡Qi GKwU m~Î Rvwb‡q‡Q, cybe©vmb †K‡›`ª GKiKg e›`xB _vK‡Z m¤úÖwZ †efviwj wnj‡mi GKwU cvbkvjvq n‡e wjÛ‡m †jvnvb‡K| G Qvov, GK g` cvb Ki‡Z †`Lv †M‡Q wjÛ‡m‡K| G gvm KwgDwbwU mvwf©m cÖ`vb Ges 18 gvm Qvov, mvb wW‡q‡Mvi d¬v• ˆbk K¬v‡e GK gvbwmK wPwKrmv †bIqvi Av‡`k †c‡q‡Qb eÜyi m‡½ ga¨iv‡Z nvwRi n‡qwQ‡jb wZwb| wZwb| GZ wKQyi ciI †_‡g †bB wjÛ‡mi †mLv‡bI GKB NUbv| Z‡e †KD hv‡Z ey‡bv Rxebhvcb| MZ eQ‡ii Ry‡b moK Zvui g`cv‡bi welqwU AvuP Ki‡Z bv cv‡i,

†m Rb¨ wZwb mZK© wQ‡jb| †Uwe‡ji Ici †Kv‡bv g‡`i †evZj bv †i‡L ïay Kv‡Pi Møv‡m Zv cwi‡ek‡bi Aby‡iva K‡ib wZwb| G Qvov, Kw_Z bZyb †cÖwgK Gwf †mœv Ges GK`j mv‡½vcv½ wb‡q mvšÍv gwbKvi GKwU ˆbkK¬v‡e cvwU©‡Z gvZ‡Z †`Lv †M‡Q nwjD‡Wi cÖe‡jg †mwj‡eªwU L¨vZ wjÛ‡m‡K| g~jZ, †cÖwg‡Ki e¨v‡Ûi cwi‡ekbv †`L‡Z wZwb †mLv‡b wM‡qwQ‡jb| Aí K‡qK w`b n‡jv †mœvi m‡½ Awfmv‡i †g‡Z‡Qb wjÛ‡m| ÔwmwU Ae `¨ mvbÕ e¨v‡Û wMUvi evRvb †mœv| wZb gvm gv`Kvmw³ wbivgq †K‡›`ª _vKvi Av‡`k †c‡jI wjÛ‡m wb‡R‡K gv`Kvm³ g‡b K‡ib bv e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb Zvui Kv‡Qi GK eÜy| wjÛ‡m gv`Kvmw³ †_‡K †ewi‡q Avmvi Rb¨ wPwKrmv †bIqvi cÖ‡qvRb Abyfe K‡ib bv e‡jI Rvbvb Zvui IB eÜy|

ˆekv‡L wkwi‡bi iwOjv XvKv, 2 GwcÖj : Pvi eQ‡iiI †ewk mgq †cwi‡q ÔcvÄvexIqvjvÕ L¨vZ MvwqKv wkwi‡bi GKK A¨vjevg cÖKvk n‡”Q| c‡njv ˆekvL‡K mvg‡b †i‡L †jRvi wfk‡bi e¨vbv‡i cÖKvk cv‡”Q Zuvi Z…Zxq GKK A¨vjevg ÔiwOjvÕ| G Dcj‡ÿ jÛb ‡_‡K †`‡k wd‡i‡Qb wkwib| GB A¨vjevg cÖm‡½ wZwb e‡jb, ÔiwOjv A¨vjev‡g †gvU Mvb _vK‡Q 12wU| Gi g‡a¨ 7wU Mvb msM…nxZ, 5wU †gŠwjK| Mvb¸‡jv †dvK, wein Ges Ava¨vwZ¥K avu‡Pi|Õ A¨vjev‡gi

Mvb¸‡jvi m½xZv‡qvRb K‡i‡Qb evàv gRyg`vi, dzqv` Avj gy³vw`i, nƒ`q Lvb, †iv‡gj Avjx, ivdv, i椧vb, BD‡iv‡c emevmiZ evsjv‡`kx mvwKe I fviZxq K¨v‡_b| Mvb¸‡jvi wk‡ivbvg ÔKijv bv †cÖg LuvwUÕ, Ô†Psiv PvweIqvjvÕ, Ôfv‡jvevmv fv‡jvjvMvÕ, Ô†mB KíbvÕ, Ôw`jnvivÕ, ÔLvRvÕ, Ôwgj‡bi ¯^vaÕ, ÔR¡vjvÕ, ÔGKw`b hvwe D‡oÕ, Ôgayi wcwiwZÕ, ÔKvjv PvbÕ (PÆMÖv‡gi

AvÂwjK) I Ôi‡Oi dzjÕ| D‡jøL¨, wkwi‡bi cÖ_g GKK ÔcvÄvexIqvjvÕ 2007 mv‡j cÖKvwkZ nq| Gici 2009 mv‡j Av‡m wØZxq GKK ÔgvZIqvjxÕ|

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 53

mvÿvrKvi : RxebUv bvU‡Ki m‡½ wg‡jwg‡k GKvKvi

XvKv, 23 gvP© : kwg©jx Avn‡g‡`i gyLveqe †Pv‡Li mvg‡b †f‡m DV‡jB LvwbK ci GKRb ggZvgqx gv‡qi PwiÎ ¯úó nq| Pjw”PÎ Avi bvU‡K gv‡qi Pwi‡Î Awfbq Ki‡Z Ki‡Z wZwb Ggb GKwU Ae¯’v‡b †cŠu‡Q †M‡Qb, †Kv‡bv wbg©vZv gv‡qi Pwi‡Îi K_v fve‡j ïiæ‡ZB kwg©jx Avn‡g‡`i wPšÍv Zvi fvebvq P‡j Av‡mb| Pvi hy‡MiI †ewk mgq a‡i Awfbq w`‡q wZwb gy» K‡i P‡j‡Qb `k©Kü`q| ¸Yx GB Awf‡bÎxi mvÿvrKvi wb‡q‡Q ‰`wbK Avgvi †`k| GLb †ekKÕwU avivevwnK bvU‡K Avcwb KvR Ki‡Qb| G eq‡m G‡mI GZ Kó K‡i Kxfv‡e KvR K‡ib? Avgvi g‡b nq Kx, wkígva¨‡g GKevi hviv KvR ïiæ Ki‡Z †c‡i‡Qb, Zv‡`i Rxe‡b K¬vwšÍ Kx Zv Zviv eyS‡Z Pvb bv, Rvb‡ZI Pvb bv| mwZ¨Kv‡ii wkíxiv g‡bi †fZi †_‡K KvR K‡ib| Zviv wb‡R‡K memgqB wkíPP©vi m‡½B RwoZ ivL‡Z fv‡jvev‡mb| nq‡Zv G Kvi‡YB A‡bK A‡bK KvR Kivi ciI Avgvi †fZi K¬vwšÍ Av‡m bv| †hgb G gyn~‡Z© Avgvi AwfbxZ †ekKÕwU avivevwnK bvUK wewfbœ P¨v‡b‡j cÖPvi n‡”Q| †hgb-‡jwWm dv÷©, cÖÁv cviwgZv, †PŠayix wfjv, DËivwaKvi, ¯^cœ¸‡jv †RvbvK †cvKvi g‡Zv, AÜKv‡ii Mvb-me bvU‡KiB wewfbœ wkwWDj Abyhvqx Avgv‡K ïwUs Ki‡Z nq| Avwg wb‡RI GKwU cwiKíbvi QK Gu‡KB KvR Kwi| †h Kvi‡Y ïwUs wb‡q KL‡bvB Avgv‡K †Kv‡bv mgm¨vq co‡Z nq bv| KviI KvQ †_‡KI †Kv‡bv Awf‡hvM †KD ïb‡Z cv‡e bv Avgvi m¤ú‡K©| mevB hw` cwiKíbv Abyhvqx KvR Ki‡Z cvi‡Zb, Zvn‡j AviI fv‡jv fv‡jv bvUK wbg©vY KivI m¤¢e n‡Zv| hZ`~i Rvwb Lye †QvU‡ejv †_‡KB Avcwb Awfb‡qi m‡½

RwoZ| †Zv †mB †QvU †_‡K Awfbq wb‡q †e‡o IVvi MíUv ïb‡Z PvB| KZBev n‡e ZLb Avgvi eqm! Lye †ewk n‡j Pvi| †mB GZUyKy eqm †_‡K Avwg Awfbq KiwQ| Avgvi evev

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n 22-28 ‰PÎ 1419 evsjv Bangla Times Year 03 n Issue 46 nTimes 05 - 11p April Bangla 052013 - 11 April 2013 p Page


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XvKv, 04 GwcÖj : gy`ªv cvPvi I mš¿v‡m A_©vqb cÖwZ‡iv‡a K‡Vvi Ae¯’v‡b hv‡”Q miKvi| GiB Ask wn‡m‡e wi‡qj G‡÷U A¨vÛ nvDwRs A¨v‡mvwm‡qkb Ae evsjv‡`k‡K (win¨ve) Zvi †µZvi me Z_¨ cvuP eQi msiÿY Ki‡Z n‡e| Zv Qvov evsjv‡`k e¨vsK ev RvZxq ivR¯^ †evW© (GbweAvi) win¨v‡ei †Kv‡bv †µZvi Z_¨ Rvb‡Z PvB‡j Zv Aek¨B Rvbv‡Z n‡e| Ry‡qjvwi cÖwZôvb I AvBbRxexmn wewfbœ Avw_©K LvZewnf©~Z cÖwZôvb¸‡jvi Kv‡q›U‡`i wewfbœ Z_¨I miKvi‡K Rvbv‡Z n‡e| Gme

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Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page 55

HELP US RAISE OVER ÂŁ50,000 We are running to raise funds to support disadvantaged orphans. Our donations will be given to Human Relief Foundation to deliver projects around the world KNGMA><HNKL>

Emdad Rahman F;> Running 10 kilometres in the BUPA London 10,000

Mohammed Ali Running 26.2 miles in the Virgin London Marathon






Bangla Times Year 03 n Issue 46 n 05 - 11 April 2013 n 22-28 ‰PÎ 1419 evsjv 48 Bangla Times p 05 - 11 April 2013 p Page46

07932 107 872 Avgiv e¨wZµg

University Public College Admission Special offer

Successful applicant will get 500 in/month international talktime for 12 months.

Any Problem To Get Admission ?

IELTS/PTE/TOEFL 2 weeks class £149, 4 weeks Class £249 with free CD & BOOKS

£2000-£2500 for University CAS, visa with work right for 3 and half years (Without IELTS/B2) £1500-£2000 for CAS of Highly trusted & public funded colleges


• Quick Offer Letter Within 3 Days • Working With 25 Universities/institutions. • Canada, Australia Student & Immigration Visa. • TOIEC Class + Exam .. Only £199 Only • Denmark, Sewden, Belguim Visa With Guarantee.

MBA with guaranteed work placement to multinational organisations (16 months) Assistance for Experience Solicitor Service

ACCA £2750 for 2 Years

SFS Consultancy

T/A solutions for success consultancy Ltd. Company house reg no -7850545

07912891016 II 07875171931 II 0208 432 2307 Head Office: 8 Greatorex St. ( Ground Floor) Whitechapel London E1 5NF ( Opposite London Muslim Centre) Branch Office: 408A Barking Road, Plaistow, London, E13 8HJ

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