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The careful and responsible management of something that is considered worth caring for and preserving.

Stewardship | 2017/18






Our mission is to ensure that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community.

We develop global citizens who shape their world through independence, empathy, creativity and critical thinking.





WE ARE : Protected, safe and secure Motivated and engaged Responsible and honest Kind and compassionate Balanced and fulfilled

WE ARE : Rigorous Inquisitive and creative Collaborative and confident communicators Critical, reflective thinkers Passionate, resourceful and resilient

WE ARE : Committed to integrity Active volunteers Diverse and inclusive Ethical and informed Empowered by our interculturalism Inspired to improve global sustainability Respectful contributors to digital and local communities

Disclaimer: All information correct at time of going to print, January 2018


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The careful and responsible management of something that is considered worth caring for and preserving. Stewardship embodies the caretaking of this, which includes the responsibility of planning, managing and protecting its resources to ensure sustainable development.


FOREWORD As the Chairman of the Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board and the Bangkok Patana School Board, I am pleased to present our Stewardship 2017/18 book. This is a report on our responsibilities as caretakers of this more than 60-year old, not-for-profit organisation. As stewards of this organisation, the Board and Management act on our core values. A firm commitment to our Guiding Statements enhances our community-minded environment and British international culture. Our focus on Well-being considers the individual and the collective well-being of our community. It means we provide learning environments that encourage students to push their limits, while developing the rigour to pursue their passions. Valuing global citizenship means that Bangkok Patana takes pride in being a good international citizen and our students also have opportunities to positively connect with communities beyond the school. At Bangkok Patana we leverage our experience with the adoption of leading-edge practices in order to ensure all our students obtain their best possible outcomes and do so in a happy and safe environment. Bangkok Patana is at the forefront of education not just in the classroom but also in our operations. Although our ten-year master plan was completed last year, we continue to upgrade our campus so that it is as good as it can be for current students and so that it will be ready for future generations of learners to benefit from as well. Our enviable reputation is built upon our cutting-edge facilities and exceptional people, combined with an inherent drive for excellence across every aspect of school life.


The past year has been busy and rewarding as we continued to cement our reputation as a world-renowned, leading international school. For this I thank all of you for the effort and dedication you impart to Bangkok Patana School.

Dr Tej Bunnag, Chairman


The school is demonstrating how an educational institution with a distinguished history, steeped in the best British traditions, can remain at the forefront of international education while remaining true to its fundamental mission.

CIS Report, April 2017


HERITAGE Bangkok Patana School was established 60 years ago, in the garden playhouse of the founder, Rosamund Stuetzel. She had a vision to keep families together while ensuring that the children were able to attain an education equivalent to one that could be gained in the UK. Over the last 60 years that vision has continued to develop and has seen the school expand from its original 28 students through three campuses to the existing site where we now provide an education for over 2,200 students. The underlying principles remain the same and are reflected in the school’s Guiding Statements, which place an importance on community, diversity and focus on enabling every student to fulfil their potential. The school’s name is a combination of the city in which is it located and the Thai word for “development”, which embeds the founder’s original intention of having a school in Bangkok which would continually develop to meet the needs of its students - an organisation that would never simply rest on its laurels.


100 years ago the idea of education was to turn a person into a wage earner in the shortest possible time. Now we know that we must help people to develop their inherited talents to the highest level to make them happy and useful members of the community. Nicola Queckett Former Teacher and Principal, 1961 - 1970



As the oldest British international school in Thailand, we are proud to embody the best of British values with an international outlook. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and progressive. From Nursery to Year 11, it links to the English National Curriculum with assessments taking place at key points. We are committed to the rigour of a British education and emphasise hard work, integrity, strong moral principles and fairness. We provide diverse opportunities for our students to explore new areas and discover their passions. Our strong pastoral system supports student well-being and allows them to fulfil their potential.


We are a truly international school with a very diverse student body. We develop global citizens; world perspectives are woven throughout the curriculum and extra-curricular programmes. We embrace the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile and students complete the IB Diploma Programme in their last two years at school. Our values of being diverse and inclusive, and empowered by our inter-culturalism make us proud to be part of this caring British international community. We are proud to see our students develop into respectful contributors to local and global communities.

Rosamund Stuetzel

MILESTONES 1957 - 2018 50’s






Rosamund Stuetzel establishes the PNEU (Parents’ National Education Union) School to give expatriate children a British education in Bangkok.

The school grows to 110 students and moves from Sathorn Road to Soi Ngam Dupli.

With the assistance of the British Embassy and the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation (DTEC), under the Prime Minister’s Office, the school is formally recognised. The British Ambassador becomes the school’s patron and a Board of Governors is established; The school gets its new name: Bangkok Patana School.

To manage its rapid expansion, the school moves from Soi Ngam Dupli to new purpose-built premises on Soi Navin. The first official Sports Day at school.

90’s 1992 The Secondary School is established with the enrolment increasing to 820 students.


A new school logo is adopted. A new school uniform is introduced and Bangkok Patana becomes the first school to offer polo shirts as an option for Secondary students. Archbishop Desmond Tutu visits the school during this year.




The school moves from Soi Navin to its current location on Soi Lasalle. The enrolment is 651 with 40 different nationalities represented.

The school’s enrolment is 650 students but with a need for more student spaces, the hunt for another campus begins. The Parent and Teacher Group is established. The Bangkok Patana School Foundation is established.

00’s 1993/94



The new Secondary School buildings are officially opened by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

The first (I)GCSE exams are taken at Bangkok Patana School and the school gets approval to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

The TigerSharks Swim Club is formed.

The new Science Laboratories are officially opened by Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Bangkok Patana wins an award from the Association of Siamese Architects for the design of its Secondary School. The Transport Department is established, bringing the service in-house and giving the school the ability to control cost and quality of service. The Sports Complex, including the football pitches and tennis courts, is opened.

Santa arrives by helicopter! Enrolment is at over 1,000 students. Twenty-two students make up the first-ever graduating class of Bangkok Patana School. The school’s first website is launched. The school wins its first SEASAC title in Girls’ Swimming. The school celebrates its first Tiger Spirit Day.

The Tennis Programme begins. Bangkok Patana School receives the Prime Minister’s Export Award for the outstanding educational services it provides. The first set of students receive their Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award after ascending Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo, it is the first ever Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award presentation in the Kingdom of Thailand. The master plan expansion gets under way; the school gains accreditation from the European Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. BPS Net is built providing an in-house management and database backbone to manage our student services.

00’s 2007/09/10 2003/04/06

The Sports Hall is opened by HRH Princess Chulabhorn giving Bangkok Patana a fabulous indoor sports facility.

The House system is introduced in Secondary School. The Gymnastics Club is founded, the pre-cursor to the Gymnastics Academy. Ground breaking for the Sports Hall by HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The Building Patana Fund is launched.

The school goes wireless with the integration of wifi on campus. The school becomes the custodian of its own licences, first held by DTEC and later transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Arts Centre is opened, featuring two theatres, one named after Founder Rosamund Stuetzel, and specialised facilities for music, visual arts and drama. The 1:1 Laptop programme is introduced for Secondary students. The school achieves the bronze and silver levels towards the Green Flag.



The Outdoor Classroom opens.

Class sizes in Primary School are reduced from a maximum of 25 to 22 students.

The school is presented with the Prime Minister’s Export Award for the second time.

A new Secondary Library opens doubling the learning and research environment.

TedEx is held by students at Bangkok Patana. The Conference Centre is opened to provide improved exam facillities and meeting spaces. Bangkok Patana School is awarded the Design Mark from the Design and Technology Association in the UK in recognition of excellence in our teaching of Design and Technology.




Bangkok Patana School receives an award from the Ministry of Labour for Excellence in Health and Safety.

The completion of a new Nursery building and the renovation of the Foundation Stage and Year 3/4, marks the end of a 10-year master plan.

The school has five extra-curricular academies: Gymnastics, Tennis, Swimming, Football, Dance and Drama.

The Bangkok Patana 2041 project sees a student and teacher travel to Antarctica to raise awareness of the fragile nature of the continent.

First phase of solar power completed.

The new Science Centre is opened by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The first children of an alumnus graduate.

Most recent Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation completed.


GOVERNANCE As a not-for-profit organisation we do not have shareholders; therefore, governance structure is even more important. It is the Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board members, the Committee and SubCommittee members and the management whose role is to ensure that the organisation is maintained and protected now and in the future. The Board consists of people with a balance of skills and experience, and with good relationships within the local community, in order to enable a proper and efficient supervision of the school’s operations and continued development in line with the school’s mission. In addition, to ensure that the Foundation is able to own land, at least half of the Board members are of Thai nationality.

At the Sub-Committee level, we ensure that members have a connection to the existing community in the school and the appropriate skills needed to serve on their respective Sub-Committee. The school operates on a self-perpetuating model for the appointment of members to the Board, Committees and Sub-Committees, and these appointments are overseen by the Nominations Committee and ratified by the Foundation Board. The Board, Committee and Sub-Committee members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their work.

Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board


School Executive Board

Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee

Chair: Richard Neville

Steering Committee

Chair: Anthony Blake

Human Resources Sub-Committee

Chair: Robert Lavichant

OFFICE OF THE FOUNDATION BOARD The Office of the Foundation Board coordinates communication between the organisation and the Board, Committees and Sub-Committees. It also plays an important role in helping to manage our relationship with the local community. Kulvadee Siribhadra, Director of the Office of the Foundation Board

Nominations Committee

Chair: Laura Stamp

Finance Sub-Committee

Chair: Craig White

Internal Audit Committee

Chair: Predee Daochai

Marketing and Development Sub-Committee

Chair: Philip Suradejvibul


Steering Committee

Chair: Dr Tej Bunnag

Chair: Anthony Blake

Laura Stamp

Sui Lin Comer

M L Pariyada Diskul

Robert Lavichant

Ariane Rodel-Stuetzel

Richard Neville

Anthony Blake

Philip Suradejvibul

Craig White

Craig White

Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee Chair: Richard Neville Michael Tang Poranant Senisrisant John Anderson Piyavit Chiangpradit

Matthew Mills Andrew Gordon

Nominations Committee

Finance Sub-Committee

Kulvadee Siribhadra

Chair: Laura Stamp

Chair: Craig White

Dr Surapee Sorajjakool

M L Pariyada Diskul

Pornpimol Charoen

Internal Audit Committee

John Thompson Adithep Vanabriksha Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn

Human Resources Sub-Committee Chair: Robert Lavichant Sui Lin Comer Mana Lohatepanont Wynn Pakdeejit Tiziana Sucharitkul

Marketing and Development Sub-Committee Chair: Philip Suradejvibul Romeo Romei Irma Go Elise Meleisea

Chair: Predee Daochai Ariane Rodel-Stuetzel Threekwan Bunnag Karma Rana


FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBERS 2017/18 Dr Tej Bunnag Chairman Educated at Malvern College and the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, Dr Tej has been Ambassador of Thailand to the USA, France, the United Nations and China. He also served as the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2001. Formerly Advisor to the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary, Dr Tej has been Chairman of the Foundation Board since 2005. Dr Tej’s daughter graduated from Bangkok Patana in 2003.


Craig White Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee Craig began his career building telecommunications software and joined his first Internet start-up in 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa - from surfing the waves to surfing the Internet. Craig has lived in Asia for 20 years and has been building Internet businesses in Asia and beyond since then. He started his career in Thailand in 1999 and was the CEO of and the Managing Director of Internet KSC. He is a permanent resident of the Kingdom of Thailand and, in addition to his passion for his work, is an active volunteer at Bangkok Patana School where he has two children. Craig also acts in an advisory role for a number of start-ups in the Region.

Laura Stamp Vice Chairperson, Chair of the Nominations Committee

Ariane Rodel-Stuetzel Member of the Internal Audit Committee

Laura Stamp has been involved with the school for over 30 years, on the Board of Governors and then on the Foundation Board, when it was formed in 1988. She has been involved in Bangkok Patana’s transformation since it was a school of 300 students. The ideal of ‘a complete student’ is the driving force of Laura’s involvement on the Board. She has had four children attend Bangkok Patana and now has one grandchild enrolled in the school.

As the daughter of Mrs Rosamund Stuetzel, Khun Ariane is keen to perpetuate her mother’s vision through her membership on the Foundation Board. It was the necessity of sending Khun Ariane to school abroad that propelled her mother to found Bangkok Patana School. Khun Ariane has been actively involved with the school for many years.

Kajit Habanananda Vice Chairperson Khun Kajit’s career has spanned the military, commerce and industry. He had for many years been involved in the International Association of Lions Clubs, including holding the office of International President. He has several grandchildren who have attended Bangkok Patana and five are still at the school.

Anthony Blake Secretary and Chair of the Steering Committee Anthony Blake is the Chief Operating Officer of an equity hedge fund. He has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry with roles encompassing accounting, investment banking, financial advisory and asset management. Anthony is a chartered accountant having commenced his career with Deloitte. He worked with UBS investment bank for more than 19 years and was a Managing Director. He has two children at the school.

ML Pariyada Diskul Member of the Nominations Committee Khun Parry has been involved with Bangkok Patana School for almost 30 years, initially as a parent and Thai Representative, then as School Manager and eventually as Executive Director, before her retirement in 2005. Khun Parry has been a Foundation Board member since its establishment in 1989 and is still actively involved with the Foundation Board. She is also involved in many charitable foundations for children’s education and underprivileged people. She is currently the Secretary to the Minister of Education and plays a key role in Thailand’s education reform. Khun Parry’s two sons are proud Bangkok Patana alumni.

Predee Daochai Chair of the Internal Audit Committee

Richard Neville Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee

Khun Predee graduated from the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampagne with a degree in Comparative Law. He has worked at Kasikorn Bank PCL as a President and a member of the Board of Directors and Risk Management Committee. He is a Director at Muangthai Group Holding Co., Ltd. and a Chairman in several Kasikorn Bank subsidiaries. His two children are Bangkok Patana alumni.

Richard Neville graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada. Following completion of his MBA at the University of Western Ontario, he held a variety of senior management roles across Asia in investment banking, fund management, private equity and the management of hospitality and consumer brands in both private and listed companies. He is currently a director at Siam Knight Fund Management Securities Co., Ltd. and has two children currently at Bangkok Patana and two who have already graduated.

Threekwan Bunnag Member of the Internal Audit Committee

Philip Suradejvibul Chair of the Marketing and Development Sub-Committee

Khun Threekwan has retired after more than 20 years in investment banking. At present, he is an Independent Director and Audit Committee member in several listed companies. Khun Threekwan brings more than 10 years’ experience in internal audit to the Internal Audit Committee. His daughter is a former student of Bangkok Patana School.

Philip Suradejvibul brings with him more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing management, and is actively involved in the Bangkok Patana Alumni Association. His daughter attends Bangkok Patana School and he is an alumnus, having attended the Soi Navin campus in the 1970s.

Sui Lin Comer Member of the Human Resources Sub-Committee

Karma Rana Member of the Internal Audit Committee

A UK qualified solicitor, Sui Lin Comer has worked in several law firms in Thailand for nearly 25 years. She is currently Deputy Managing Partner of Rajah and Tann’s office in Thailand and specialises in employment and insurance law. She is a parent of one alumnus and one current student at Bangkok Patana and her husband is also an alumnus of the school.

Karma Rana has more than 25 years’ experience working in the higher education sector, in various positions and is currently the Institute Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in India and an MBA specialising in Management of Technology from AIT. He has a child currently studying at Bangkok Patana, with one having already graduated.

Robert Lavichant Chair of the Human Resources Sub-Commmittee Robert Lavichant is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years' experience of importing and distributing reputable brands in Thailand. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a BSc in Finance and has an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has three children attending Bangkok Patana School.


LETTER FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL I am proud to have led Bangkok Patana School for the last 11 years. During this period of stewardship there has been significant development in the organisation both in terms of Academics and Business. Although we completed the school’s Master Plan and the modernisation of all of the classroom areas in 2017, we continue to look at ways to improve. Being a not-for-profit organisation means that we are able to focus completely on making investments in staff, equipment and facilities to ensure that we have a great learning environment for our students. Our entire staff is dedicated to the Guiding Statements and making Bangkok Patana as good a school as it can be for the benefit of the students.


We are proudly non-selective as our mission, vision and school values drive us to welcome students of differing needs and ambitions as we delve deeper into what their individual potential looks like as they develop into global citizens in an ever-changing world. As a leading organisation, we are also conscious of our responsibility as a mentor and role model for other schools and we continually do this with a wide range of visitors across the year. We also give back to the greater community in many ways through charity initiatives largely driven by the students as well as donating those items we no longer need to local organisations who will benefit from them.

Matt Mills, Head of School

Academic Leadership Bangkok Patana is divided into the Primary and Secondary Schools bridged by the Cross Campus team, which share a common philosophy and adopt complementary teaching approaches. Head of School

Matthew G Mills Thai Director/Head of Thai Programme

Surapee Sorajjakool

Primary School

Cross Campus

Secondary School

Principal Jason Cooper

Cross Campus Principal Helen Thew

Principal Mick Smith

Assistant Principal, Learning and Curriculum Mark Verde

Assistant Principal, Cross Campus Technology Integrator Brian Taylor

Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Assessment Suzanne Lindley

Assistant Principal, Learning and Welfare Carol Battram

Assistant Principal, Extra-curricular Activities and Sport Cindy Adair Assistant Principal, Continued Professional Learning Katherine Hume

Assistant Principal, Student Welfare Lorna Conroy

OUR STUDENTS Our students benefit from being a part of a large, diverse and supportive community, which presents many opportunities to enhance their learning. Our Primary School children enjoy a 'neighbourhood' small-school environment within the larger community. They can feel confident and secure within their own purpose-built “home�, where their classrooms, collaborative learning spaces and playgrounds have

been specially designed for their Year group. In Primary, friendships are encouraged across the Year group through collaborative learning, ECAs and Residential Visits. In Secondary, our strong pastoral programme of tutor groups and Houses ensures that this continues, whilst students also have new opportunities to join communities of like-minded peers through the huge array of activities, teams and clubs available.

Student Enrolment Senior Studies : 253

Foundation Stage : 219

Key Stage 1 : 288

Key Stage 4 : 307

Boys 49%

Girls 51%

TOTAL 2,281 Number of Student Nationalities

Key Stage 3 : 522


Key Stage 2 : 692

Top Student Populations

Average Student Tenure in School (shown in years)


UK 16% North America 10% Continental Europe 14% India 8% Australia & New Zealand 6% Thailand 20%





9.8 9.1





























3,047 Number of alumni registered in our database

Alumni who attended events in 2017/18

Alumni visits to school in 2017/18

31 Number of countries where our registered alumni reside

Active Alumni by Type 13% Staff 6% Parents 14

81% Student

Patana formed the foundation of who I am as a person today, from my love for all things creative (I learned how to shoot and develop photos in Patana’s very first dark room) to my passion for sustainable living through Environmental Studies class. The diverse programming helped me to cultivate a mindset for entrepreneurship where I can pull together my various skill sets and become an effective leader.

Tarica Phung Navarro ‘97

Networking and working with and among a global team - this is something that I do with ease after attending an international school like Bangkok Patana. Managing my time and keeping organised was a skill I gained during IB and that really helped me at university. My experience at Bangkok Patana was full of moments where my teachers encouraged me to aim for more, because they saw potential I still wasn't aware of and this encouragement is something that still guides me.

Blandine West ‘13

LETTER FROM THE BUSINESS DIRECTOR Bangkok Patana is unique because of the inherent values that are held by all members of the School. Bangkok Patana is an organisation that, at its very core, strives to be the best it can in whatever it does for the benefit of its students. Unlike many other schools, Bangkok Patana believes that in order to deliver the best service, we need to have our own team of support staff who are able to be flexible in meeting the needs of the community. We have a dedicated team of business staff from gardeners, housekeepers, technicians, bus monitors, cooks and office staff who, every day, work to support our students.

I am proud of the more than 300 business staff that work behind the scenes every day to help deliver the Bangkok Patana experience. I am always aware, as are all the business staff, that we have a key role to ensure that the school continues to improve and develop for the benefit of our students. The stewardship of the organisation is also extremely important to ensure that the school is always able to meet its financial commitments, provide great staff and facilities and have sufficient reserves to buy the land that we currently lease as it becomes available.

The business staff are not at the forefront of the organisation, but they are the backbone that allows the academic staff and students to focus on education and learning.

I am pleased to have been involved in the developments over the last 14 years that have seen the school provide a leading educational environment for our students.

Andrew Gordon, Business Director

Business Leadership Business Director Andrew Gordon School Manager/Government Liaison, Pornpimol Charoen Financial Controller, Sompong Penglum Head of Admissions, Rachel Jones Head of Buildings and Grounds, Pasakorn Namdokmai Head of Development, Alumni and Marketing, Cheryl Rego Head of Human Resources, Nida Kiratisoothisathorn Head of Services, Sunantinee Hamilton Head of IS/IT, Boonchai Thippaya-archa



Business Headcount (Total: 317)

Total Head count Academic and Business Staff (Total: 631)





136 Building and Grounds

Academic (314) Business (317)

Academic Staff (Total: 314)



Director of the Foundation Board


Government Liaison/Health and Safety


Human Resources






Development, Alumni and Marketing






Subject Specialists

Primary Teachers

126 Secondary Teachers



Cross Campus


Head of School

Teacher Nationalities (Total 21)

Gender Profile (Academic Staff) Male (34%) Female (66%)

Gender Profile (Business Staff) Male (37%) Female (63%)











New Zealander












South African





















Recruited Positions Overall 81

Tenure More than 10 years of Service - 209 people 91



Business Between 5 and 10 years of Service - 119 people Academic


Academic 30


67 52


Less than 5 years of Service - 303 Academic

160 143



Developing our Staff from Within


Academic Staff



PhD 3%



Teachers 13%

Instructors 20%

5-day Staff 17%

Teaching Assistants 7%

Total Academic 13%

Total Business 13%

6-day Staff 9%

SERVICES We are unique amongst other international schools of similar size in Thailand in that we provide all of our student services in-house. We believe it enables us to control quality and be flexible enough to meet the needs of our community.

Food Services

Medical Units Whole School visits

Number of different dishes prepared each week 18


Number of people served in the canteen each day


Number of events catered each week




Secondary School visits

Staff visits



Number of school buses operated


Primary School visits


School Trips

Number of bus users

Number of daily routes



Number of school trips


Number of participants on trips


Number of flight tickets issued for school trips



School owned devices Device

Primary School

Secondary School

Cross Campus



Laptops 70





Desktops 92





Tablets 290








ChromeBooks 186


Type of services provided by IS/IT


Incidents (Report of a Problem) 307

Service Requests 140

Information Requests 69

Total IT Requests 1,587

Event Set Up 603

Total IT requests for students’ own devices) 415

One2One (Software installation


Software Development Requests 53

LAND AND FACILITIES Although the ten-year master plan was completed in 2016/17, we continue to upgrade and maintain the facilities. In 2017/18, 94 projects were completed, including:

• The addition of a mezzanine with

a parents viewing gallery in the Gymnasium with large windows added on corridor side to give extra viewing.

• Resurfacing of the Year 1/2 Playground and the Back Hard Court.

• Shading added on the Mini Tennis Courts and the 25m Pool.

• A drop off area for students added at the Sports Complex.

• First phase of a solar power project completed.

Type of Project

No of Projects

2017/18 Electrical 16 Fencing 2 Floor Surface Improvement


Furniture 14 Painting 10 Facility Upgrade


Plumbing 2 Roofing 6 Shading 6


Road Improvement


Traffic Improvement


Health & Safety


Energy Saving


Total 94

TOWARDS A GREENER FUTURE AT BANGKOK PATANA SCHOOL In 2017/18 Bangkok Patana School completed a large solar installation with 2,160 panels on the rooftops of three buildings, producing an incredible 702 kilowatts of power. The electricity produced not only powers the buildings on which they sit, but also provides electricity to other buildings nearby. Bangkok Patana originally installed solar panels onto the then new Science Centre in 2015 as an educational experiment. The 2017/18 project started as an idea instigated by the Student Environmental Committee and was executed thanks to the strong green commitment of school management. The school worked closely with the contractors to design and install the solar rooftops considering challenging issues such as surrounding shadows. Project leaders and engineers modelled the installation with students, imparting first hand understanding and knowledge. The installation uses solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, which makes Bangkok Patana a pioneer in renewable energies in Thailand and South East Asia.


FINANCIAL PRINCIPLES Throughout the over 60-year history of Bangkok Patana School, the Board has been conscious of the fact that as a not-for-profit organisation, it needs to be prudent with the management of our financial resources. The organisation needs to have sufficient funds to meet its operational needs, including the payment of salary and benefits, and also to meet the capital requirements, including land purchases, building construction and renovation, maintenance and debt repayment. As such, guidelines have been set that identify the purposes for which each type of income is allocated.

Funds Available for Land Purchase, Development, Maintenance and Repayments

Income Available to Fund Operations Tuition Fees


• Application Fees

• Entrance Fees

• EAL Fees

• Capital Assessment Fees

• ECA and Trip Fees

• Surplus from School Operations

• Canteen Fees

• Donations to the Annual Fund and Building Patana Campaign

• Transport Fees • School Shop Income

Entrance fees are designed to be the contribution of each new family to the land, buildings and other assets that exist at the time they join the school. Capital Assessment Fees are the termly fees paid by families and represent their ongoing contribution to the development of the land, buildings and other assets.


There is a seriousness of purpose and a deliberateness of action that permeates the school. The school is an efficient and effective institution of learning, in the best possible meaning of these words.


CIS Report, April 2017





77% Tuition Fee

62% Compensation cost

2% Capital Assessment Fee

1% Recruitment, Training and Development

5% Entrance Fee

7% Education and other activities

1% Other Fee Income 1% Donation Income 5% Transport Income


4% Transport Cost 2% Canteen cost 3% Utility Cost

3% Canteen Income

14% Depreciation cost

1% Sports Centre Income

6% Administration cost

2% ECA & Excursion Income

1% Financial Cost

3% Other Income





76% Tuition Fee

63% Compensation cost

3% Capital Assessment Fee

1% Recruitment, Training and Development

4% Entrance Fee

7% Education and other activities

1% Other Fee Income

5% Transport Cost

2% Donation Income 5% Transport Income 3% Canteen Income


2% Canteen cost 3% Utility Cost 13% Depreciation cost

1% Sports Centre Income

6% Administration cost

2% ECA & Excursion Income

1% Financial Cost

3% Other Income


31 July 2018 THB'000 (1)

31 July 2017 THB'000 (2)

Variance (1) - (2)





Cash at bank/ in hand

Reserve for land purchase




School fees receivable-net




Other current assets



































LONG-TERM LOANS- net of current portion

















Fee invoiced in advance

Current portion of long-term loan

Other current liabilities



*Note that as of 31st July 2018, included in the cash balance are school fees received in advance, which are used during Term 1 of the following academic year.

*Note that as of 31st July 2018, included in the cash balance are school fees received in advance, which are used during Term 1 of the following academic year.

ADVANCEMENT Bangkok Patana is dedicated to providing unique and enriching educational experiences to students, both in and outside the classroom. We have two programmes that help the school fund these experiences: the Building Patana Campaign and the Annual Fund. The Building Patana Campaign Since its inception The Building Patana Campaign has raised THB 121,529,191 which has directly supported the acceleration and enhancement of learning environments throughout the Primary and Secondary Schools. Contributions to the Building Patana Campaign are recognised through naming opportunities and plaques around the school and are eligible for a double tax deduction. In 2017/18, The Building Patana Campaign received contributions totalling THB 9,390,000, of which THB 510,000 came from sponsored seats in the Rosamund Stuetzel Theatre. On behalf of the entire Bangkok Patana Community, a heartfelt thank you goes to our generous contributors. The Annual Fund The Annual Fund is a yearly campaign that raises funds towards a single focus. In the past the focus has been on areas such as activities and projects that fulfill potential and support environmental initiatives. In 2017/18, the Annual Fund focused on initiatives and activities that supported Global Citizenship. In 2017/18, the Annual Fund raised THB 263,500.

Since 2004, the Annual Fund has provided funding for the following projects:

• Support to the Bangkok Patana 2041 campaign • Recycling facilities at the front of school and at the Snack Bars • 3D printers for Design and Technology • Outdoor play equipment across the Primary School • Resources for the Youth Club • Equipment for and improvements to the Outdoor Classroom including a new boat

• Solar panels for Secondary Science • Weather station resources

• Materials to build a Foundation Stage vegetable garden • Sundial outside the Sports Hall • Gymnastics equipment • Flexible staging blocks • Fitness room equipment • Art and Music resources • A Well-Being Centre in Primary School • Upgrades to the Outdoor Classroom including wifi and a solar panel • Robotics kits


COMMUNITY SUPPORT Student-Led Donations

Donations to Other Organisations

From as early as Foundation Stage, we try and instil a sense of community and charity in our students. Besides active participation with community groups, students raise funds to purchase items for the groups they support. Here are some of the projects students raised coompleted in 2017/18:

As a not-for-profit organisation, when we have items that still may be of use but we no longer need, we donate them to places that can benefit from them.

Habitat for Humanity raised THB 250,000 towards a home build in Rayong through bake sales, talent contests, selling wrapping paper at Christmas time amongst other activities.

Project Smile raised THB 60,000 for cleft palate operations for Smile Thailand.

STOP tackles the issue of human trafficking and they were able to pay for reconstructive dental surgery for a young women who had been trafficked.

Patana Marine Conservation Group raised 10,000 baht to purchase an additional turtle tank and also built an additional artificial reef which was laid in the ocean off Pattaya.

Hand2Heart supports the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong through various activities but also decided to help with wardrobe items. Over Christmas they collected 70 pairs of shoes for children at the Centre. They also raised funds to be able to bring a group of children to Bangkok and take them to the Aquarium and then out for food.

Interact raised THB 20,000 baht that was used to buy learning materials for Glorious International School, whose pupils are children of asylum seekers.

RISE supports Place of Grace, a community centre in the Mahathai slum community of Bangna. They raised THB 35,000 through a silent auction to support a beach residential for the children as well as purchasing items for the Food Bank.

Pataroma is a social enterprise business. They sell fair trade Thai coffee beans at school. All profits go back to the Maeramit community in Chiang Rai to aid and stimulate agricultural development.

In Primary School, a large Christmas gift drive saw about 1,000 Christmas gift boxes with essentials donated for children in various community centres, daycares and schools.

Project Star funded a group of young adults to come to Fun Day.

PAWS funded the vaccination of dogs at a local shelter.


Used Assets Donation Bangkok Patana School and Bangkok Patana School Foundation have donated used assets to government authorities, schools in need and charitable organisations. These used assets include educational materials, textbooks, furniture and fittings and sports equipment. In 2017/18, we donated more than 7,000 items to 22 schools, education centres, charitable organisations and government agencies. Used Computer Donation Used computers and peripherals have been donated to various schools within the community and rural areas to support their teaching and learning, as well as to government sectors who are associated with the school and Foundation in order to build and maintain good relationships. In 2017/18, we donated 21 desktop computers, 6 laptops, 146 tablets, 14 projectors and 55 iPads to 50 different organisations (schools, government agencies and non-profit organisations).

Student Mentoring and Capacity Building

Organisational Mentoring and Capacity Building

Through the Community Action Teams (CAT) and the Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) programmes, students throughout the school lead activities to benefit those less privileged in the community or to raise awareness of issues. The students use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations to determine how to target their activities. These activities include:

As a leading educational institution in Thailand, we act as a mentor to groups of educational administrators and teachers who seek to learn and see the best practice in teaching and learning pedagogy as well as building facilities and systems that fully support our students’ needs in all area of activities.

Year 1 students hosted children from the Home of Praise in our Nursery.

In 2017/18, there were six groups of visitors:

STOP collaborated with A21, an organisation that helps to rescue victims of trafficking, to develop artwork and graphics to be used in their information campaigns.

Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University.

Food and Nutrition of Allied Health Science Faculty, Chulalongkorn University (two visits).

Ministry of Education Bangladesh – High School Mathematics.

National Institution of Education, Singapore and King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand Education Scholarship Recipients.

Patana Blood Drive in coordination with the Thai Red Cross collected 120 units of blood.

Patana Marine Conservation had four trips to collect plastic trash out of the ocean.

TechUP rebuilt three used laptops and donated them to the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

World Food Project held a master chef competition where competitors could only spend THB 200 on ingredients, which is the amount many poor families have for one day of food.

Amnesty Patana joined Amnesty Thailand in their Write for Rights postcard campaigns.

Project Star helps raise awareness of people with disabilities; they raised funds and brought impoverished physically challenged children to the Ploenchit Fair.

Interact gave a creative art workshop for the children at the Mercy Centre.

The Student Environmental Committee held Waste Less Weeks with a focus to reduce plastic waste from the Snack Bars at school. The trial resulted in the elimination of plastic cups and straws at our Snack Bars.

Once a month about 80 children from Mercy Centre are hosted at school with activities and a hot lunch.

Playing for Change visited the Klong Toey slums where they taught children music.

Right to Read collected books for Thomas House in Northern Thailand and also translated English books into Thai to help the teachers and students.

Interact brought in 100 students from a local secondary school and provided entertainment and lunch for them.

Our senior team members have accepted invitations as guest speakers, advisors and committee members at various forums to render continual support to the Thailand Education Reform Plan.


PARENT TEACHER GROUP (PTG) The PTG play an integral role in nurturing a link between the community and the organisation. Their purpose is to promote and assist the development of the school, to advance its interests and to foster the goodwill of parents, staff and students. PTG membership is automatically held by any parent or guardian with a child/children attending Bangkok Patana School and any staff member. The annual activities sponsored or organised by the PTG included Fun Day, sponsorship of the Fun Run, Newcomers’ Coffee Mornings, International Day, the Christmas Concert, Staff Appreciation and the Volunteers Thank You Breakfast. The PTG also made donations to student-led charity clubs from the Fun Day proceeds and presented each graduate of the Class of 2018 with a gift. In 2017/18 the PTG also sponsored three well-attended seminars/workshops: Parenting in a Digital World, Screenagers and a presentation by mental health guru Dick Moore. The PTG also runs the Tiger Shop which sells Tiger spirit clothing and accessories. In 2017/18 the shop was able to increase its sales to just under THB 1 million. The PTG funds its activities partially through a school budget but mostly by the income from activities such as Fun Day, the Christmas Concert and the Tiger Shop.

PTG Committee 2017/18


Chairperson: Melissa Golden

Communications Coordinator: Maayan Chorev

Newcomers Representative: Irma Leiler

Vice Chair: Vik Bhatnagar

Tiger Shop Manager: Janine Minchin

Events Coordinator: Erin Donahoe

Treasurer: Rapeepan (Pook) Sapayanon

Secondary Parents Represenatative: Laura McDonald

Secretary: Fiona Bertolli

Primary Parents Representative: Vibeke Herslov

Fun Day Coordinators: Apollo Chansrichawla and Vana Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya

Thai Liaison: Thitinan (Koi) Kiatphaibool

In 2017/18, the PTG introduced a number of new group activities to promote community and through these the PTG was able to connect with more parents than previously. These activities included:

Social Tennis

Social Running

International Day Coordinator: Katherine Johns

The PTG Singers

PTG English Conversation Corner

Tech Talks

Yoga classes

PTG Big Night Out

Tea and Talk Drop Ins


In 2017/18 we asked our students in a survey to tell us what is the best thing about being a student at Bangkok Patana. Here are some of the responses:

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I think the best part of being a student at Bangkok Patana School is that we have a big learning environment, so we can learn a variety of things. I love coming to school to learn and to play. The diverse culture, support, resources and interactions with staff and students are generally positive. The accessibility and availability of help whether it be academic or social is very valuable and unique to Bangkok Patana.


All of the teachers (especially at IB) listen to the students, take our feedback, always continuously try to improve, and go above and beyond to help us fulfill our potential. My teachers, mentors, and counsellors have made my time at Bangkok Patana a success.



The best thing about being a student at Bangkok Patana is the fact that we are being developed into the best learners by our teachers, friends and environment. Our environment is clean and green and teachers teach us how to keep our earth sustainable. We also have great resources to help with our learning as well as professionals coming to visit our school.


The large amount of opportunities available to really find yourself through creativity, sports or arts is extremely beneficial in the growth of our personalities and 'who we are'. But, I'd have to say the best thing about being a student at Bangkok Patana is probably the people you meet along the way to the end of the journey.





Patana is extremely well organised and very well run. All the teachers we have had so far have been fantastic and have brought out the best in my children and have inspired and encouraged them to grow in knowledge and confidence. The school may be very large but you have managed to make it feel small by having a supportive community spirit.



Bangkok Patana offers many areas for students to become involved, whether through sport, arts, community service, science, mathematics or MUN and the facilities are world class. The sense of community amongst Patana parents is very much encouraged and supportive. In addition, the students have the support and tools to reach their full potential.



We do not have experience with any other schools, but when comparing schools we were impressed by the fact that the school is run by a non-profit foundation where the welfare of the students and staff (not investors or shareholders) appear to be paramount.




Bangkok Patana gives a child an environment where he develops out of the box thinking and an opportunity to reach his creative potentials. It also teaches him to be compassionate and inclusive while maintaining his integrity. It gives him confidence and the courage to face the competitive world outside the school. Basically, Patana gives him an opportunity to become a well-developed individual all round.



You provide such a wealth of opportunity and a safe environment to try different things. My children have an amazing perspective of the world because of Patana, differences are celebrated, relationships cross language and cultural differences effortlessly, enriching their lives and making them more empathetic, understanding and I hope amazing adults.



The children are taught as individuals and the interest of each child are nurtured and developed. The whole school community welcomes new children and ensures they are happy and learning to their full potential. The staff really care about individual children and give time to each one. My children have had a very positive first year at Patana with wonderful opportunities available to them. They are very happy. Thank you


Thank you: Our community take active roles in the stewardship of this organisation. We would like to thank you for your dedication and support of our constant endeavour to make Bangkok Patana School the best it can be.

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Stewardship 2017/18  

A report on the care and management of Bangkok Patana School

Stewardship 2017/18  

A report on the care and management of Bangkok Patana School