Bangkok Patana School Stewardship

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Protected, safe and secure

Motivated and engaged

Responsible and honest Kind, compassionate and respectful

Balanced and fulfilled


Our mission is to ensure that students of different nationalities grow to their full potential as independent learners in a caring British international community.




Rigorous, inquisitive and creative Collaborative and confident communicators

Critical, reflective thinkers

Resourceful and resilient


We develop global citizens who shape their world through independence, empathy, creativity and critical thinking.



Conscientious role models

Committed to integrity and equity

Diverse and inclusive

Ethical and informed

Active stewards of the environment and our communities

The careful and responsible management of something that is considered worth caring for and preserving. Stewardship embodies the caretaking of this, which includes the responsibility of planning, managing and protecting its resources to ensure sustainable development.

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Front Cover Art : Secondary Collaborative Mosaic.


Rosamund Stuetzel establishes the PNEU (Parents’ National Education Union) School to give expatriate children a British education in Bangkok


The school grows to 110 students and moves to Soi Ngam Dupli.


The school is formally registered, the British Ambassador consents to being the school's patron and a Board of Governors is established. The school gets its new name: Bangkok Patana School


To manage its rapid expansion, the school moves to new purpose-built premises on Soi Navin.

Sports Day at school.


The school moves from Soi Navin to its current location on Soi Lasalle. The enrolment is

The Secondary School is established with the enrolment increasing to 820 students. A new school logo is adopted.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu visits the school during this year.


The new Secondary School buildings are Chakri Sirindhorn. opened by Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Bangkok Patana wins an award from the Association of Siamese Architects for the design of its Secondary School

The Transport Department is established, bringing the service in-house and giving the school the ability to control cost and quality of service.

The Sports Complex, including the football pitches and tennis courts, is opened.


Bangkok Patana School and the school gets approval to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Santa arrives by helicopter! Enrolment is at over 1,000 students.Twenty-two students make Bangkok Patana School.

in Girls’ Swimming Spirit Day.


With a need for more student spaces, the hunt for another campus begins

The Parent and Teacher Group is established.

The Bangkok Patana School Foundation is established.


The TigerSharks Swim Club is formed. The Tennis Programme begins.

Bangkok Patana School receives the Prime Minister’s Export Award for the outstanding educational services it provides.

Edinburgh’s International Award after ascending Mt. Kinabalu Gold Award presentation in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The school gains accreditation from the European Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

BPS Net is built providing an in-house management and database backbone to manage our student services



The House system is introduced in Secondary School

The Gymnastics Club is founded, the pre-cursor to the Gymnastics Academy.

Ground breaking for the Sports Hall by HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The Building Patana Fund is launched.


The Sports Hall is opened by HRH Princess Chulabhorn giving Bangkok Patana a fabulous indoor sports facility.

The school goes wireless with the integration of Wi-Fi on campus

The Arts Centre is opened, featuring two theatres and specialised facilities for music, visual arts and drama.

The 1:1 Laptop programme is introduced for Secondary students. The school achieves the Bronze and Silver levels towards the Green Flag


Primary class sizes are reduced and the new Secondary Library opens in the space that was formerly the Auditorium.

The school is presented with the Prime Minister’s Export Award for the second time.

The Outdoor Classroom is opened.

TedEx is held by students at Bangkok Patana and the Conference Centre is opened.

Awarded the Design Mark from the Design and Technology Association in the UK in recognition of excellence in teaching


Two new extra-curricular academies added; Football and Dance.

Phase 1 of solar power completed; 2,160 panels on the rooftops of three buildings producing 702 KW

Solar panels installed on top of the Sports Hall, Humanities Building and Administration Building large scale solar arrays.


Senior Studies renovated and expanded.


Campus closes and school switches to full CSL online learning for 11 weeks due to COVID-19 pandemic. Awarded the Design and Technology Mark for Excellence.

Graduation is cancelled for the first time in the school's history due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic shuts the campus for part of Term2 and all of Term3 and students switch to CSL online Learning.

CIS re-accreditation received.


Bangkok Patana School receives an award from the Ministry of Labour for Excellence in Health and Safety.

The new Science Centre is opened by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

The completion of a new Nursery building and the renovation of the Foundation Stage and Year 3/4 marks the end of a 10-year master plan.

The Bangkok Patana 2041 project sees a student and teacher travel to Antarctica to raise awareness of the fragile nature of the continent. Most recent Council of International Schools accreditation completed.


Matt Mills, longest serving Head of School retires after serving 15 years.

Everest' 70 celebration, the school is addressed by Jamling Tenzing Norgay and Peter Hillary, sons of the first known Everest summiteers.

. Stewardship 2022/23 5


I am pleased to present the 2022/23 Stewardship book, which is a report on our responsibilities as caretakers of Bangkok Patana School.

We were determined to open our campus in August 2022 and offer our students an on-campus experience that was as normal as possible. We welcomed all our students and staff back on campus albeit with face masks. Within the first three months, we were able to drop most of the covid restrictions.

During the pandemic closures, we especially missed the vibrancy of our community and we were so pleased to welcome parents back onto campus. From parent workshops to coffee mornings and PTG activities, the support and engagement of our parents was wonderful.

We were also able to once again welcome visitors such as mental health advocate Dick Moore, educational consultant Tom Sherrington and authors Gail Clarke and Chart Korbijitti. We were able to share best practices at our school with Chulalongkorn University, the National Institute of Education in the Maldives, Kasetsart University and Prince Royal College in Chiang Mai. Community engagement programmes through the Foundation Board and our student clubs moved forward with renewed energy.

Our Business Department responded with verve swinging back into the hectic pace of Bangkok Patana School. As the calendar quickly filled up with events, the business teams sharpened their skills to service requests from all areas of school. The annual Christmas assembly was back after a threeyear hiatus, much to the delight of staff and students. Musical and drama performances also returned and we rounded out the year with a wonderful

Graduation celebration and end-of-year whole school assembly.

Amidst all this excitement, the community was very aware that each event would be the last one attended by Head of School, Matt Mills. At the end of the academic year, Matt retired leaving behind a 15-year legacy of dynamic leadership and strong student voice. He set a record as the longest serving head in our 66-year history. Matt was unconditional in his love for Bangkok Patana School. We wish Matt the very best and thank him sincerely his long-term service and dedication.

The role of the Foundation Board is to provide strategic direction, oversight and support for the school’s mission, vision and goals. The Board works collaboratively with the Head of School, administration and faculty to ensure the school’s success and sustainability. I would like to thank the Foundation Board members for volunteering their time and expertise.

Congratulations and thanks to you our community, for supporting Bangkok Patana School.


"It was clear in all our interactions with the community at Bangkok Patana School that the Guiding Statements are a living entity at the school. All the groups spoke to this and demonstrated how it shaped decision making and day to day interactions; whether this was a decision from the board around long-term investment, all the way down to individual support for a student. There is little doubt that Bangkok Patana School is delivering on its own promise.

"Council of International Schools (CIS) Re-Accreditation Report 2022



As a not-for-profit organisation we do not have shareholders, therefore governance structure is even more important. It is the Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board members, the Committee and Sub-Committee members and the management whose role is to ensure that the organisation is maintained and protected now and in the future.

The Board consists of a balance of people with the necessary skills and experience, and with good relations in the local community to enable the proper and efficient supervision of the school’s operations and continued development in line with the school’s mission. To ensure that the Foundation may own land, at least half of the Board members are of Thai

School Executive Board

At the School Executive Board, Committee and Sub-Committee level the members have a connection to the existing community in the school and the appropriate skills to serve on their respective Sub-Committees. The school operates on a self perpetuating model for appointments of members to the Board, Committees and Sub-Committees. These appointments are overseen by the Nominations Committee and ratified by the Foundation Board.

The Board, Committee and Sub-Committee members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation.

Bangkok Patana School Foundation Board

Steering Committee

Chair: Peter Burke

Nominations Committee

Chair: Laura Stamp

Internal Audit Committee

Chair: Predee Daochai

Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee

Chair: John S Anderson


Human Resources Sub-Committee

Chair: Joel Farnworth

Finance Sub-Committee

Chair: Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn

The Office of the Foundation Board coordinates communication between the organisation and the Board, Committees and Sub-Committees. It also plays an important role in helping to manage our relationship with the local community and authorities.

The Foundation Board should be commended for their ongoing commitment to the school and effectively utilising their professional skills and expertise in support of the school’s Guiding Statements.

Council of International Schools (CIS) Re-Accreditation Report 2022 " " Stewardship 2022/23 7


Tarisa Watanagase joined the Bank of Thailand in 1975 and was Governor between 2006 -2010. Her long career at the Bank encompassed responsibilities in all major areas. She played a pioneering role in modernising the country’s payment systems in the early 1990s, was instrumental in Thailand’s crisis resolution and the ensuing financial sector reforms after the 1997 Asian crisis and as the Governor, successfully steered the economy and the financial sector through the global financial crisis in 2008. Her past experiences included working for three years as an economist at the International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., as an independent assessor/ advisor/committee member in several IMF and World Bank programmes and committees and an advisor to a regional central bank. Currently, she is a member of the board/advisor to several public, private and non-profit organisations, both domestic and international, and two Thai universities. She received her B.A. (Econ) and M.A. (Econ) from Keio University. Tokyo, Ph.D. (Econ) from Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, and attended the Advanced Management Programme, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA.

Laura Stamp

Vice Chairperson, Chair of the Nominations Committee

Laura Stamp has been involved with the school for over 30 years, on the Board of Governors and then on the Foundation Board, when it was formed in 1988. She has been involved in Bangkok Patana’s transformation since it was a school of 300 students. The ideal of a complete student’ is the driving force of Laura’s involvement on the Board. She has had four children attend Bangkok Patana and now has three grandchildren enrolled in the school.

Kajit Habanananda Vice Chairperson

Khun Kajit’s career has spanned the military, commerce and industry. He had, for many years, been involved in the International Association of Lions Clubs, including holding the office of International President. He has several grandchildren who have attended Bangkok Patana and ten are still at the school.

Peter Burke

Secretary and Chair of the Steering Committee

Peter is a British national and is the managing partner of Axis Legal, a law firm based in Bangkok that specialises in M&A and provides corporate and commercial advice. Peter has lived in Thailand for over 25 years. He has Master’s degrees in Law from Georgetown University in the US and from the University of London. He has in the past participated on a number of external committees including being a member of the audit committee as well as the general committee of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club and has also been a committee member at Camillian Children’s Home in Lat Krabang. Peter is married and has two children who are currently attending Primary School at Bangkok Patana.

Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn

Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee

Khun Minnie has more than 20 years experience working in both management and financial advisory areas leading numerous advisory projects involving debt restructuring, refinancing, business turnaround, distressed M&A, and business transformation, covering a broad range of industries. She has advised on several formal insolvency administrations under Thai Bankruptcy Act and assisted the administrators and liquidators on major cross-border debt restructuring projects. She is a Partner at Deloitte Thailand and specialises in restructuring and value creation services. Her son is part of the Grad'23 cohort at Bangkok Patana.

ML Pariyada Diskul Member of the Nominations Committee

Khun Parry has been involved with Bangkok Patana School for over 30 years, initially as a parent and Thai Representative, then as School Manager and eventually as Executive Director, before her retirement in 2005. Khun Parry has been a Foundation Board member since its establishment in 1989 and is still actively involved with the Foundation Board. She is also involved in many charitable foundations for children’s education and the underprivileged. She was the Secretary to the Minister of Education and plays a key role in Thailand’s education reform. Khun Parry’s two sons are proud Bangkok Patana alumni.


Threekwan Bunnag

Member of the Internal Audit Committee

Khun Threekwan has retired after more than 20 years in investment banking. At present, he is an Independent Director and Audit Committee member in several listed companies. Khun Threekwan brings more than 10 years’ experience in internal audit to the Internal Audit Committee. His daughter is an alumnus of Bangkok Patana School.

Karma Rana

Member of the Internal Audit Committee

Karma Rana has more than 25 years’ experience working in the higher education sector, in various positions and is currently the Institute Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Trustees at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in India and an MBA specialising in Management of Technology from AIT. He has two children who have already graduated from Bangkok Patana School.

John S Anderson

Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Sub-committee

John Anderson graduated with an MSc with Distinction in Structural Engineering from Imperial College London. He earned an MBA from Deakin University and a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering (Hons) from the University of Adelaide. He has 30 years' experience working as a professional engineer on projects throughout South East Asia and Australia. John is a director with Meinhardt in Thailand and Managing Director of Meinhardt Myanmar. He currently has one child at Bangkok Patana School.

Stephen Golsby

Member of Nomination Committee

Steve Golsby is a UK citizen and permanent resident of Thailand. After university he pursued an international career in Marketing and General Management with Unilever. He first worked in Thailand in 1992 as Unilever Director for the Homecare and Personal Wash businesses. He joined Mead Johnson in 1997 leading the Asia business, and became International President in 2000. He was appointed Global CEO of the company from 2004 to 2013, moving to the US, and led its listing on the NYSE in 2009. Steve has sat on the Boards of Mead Johnson, Beam Inc and the RMA Group as a Non-Executive Director. He also sat on the Board of Tesco PLC, chairing its Remuneration Committee and is an Advisor to Bain and Company and Thai Union Group. He has three sons, all of whom attended Bangkok Patana School.

Dr Mana Lohatepanont Member of Internal Audit Committee

Dr Mana is Managing Director and Senior Client Partner of Korn Ferry, overseeing Thailand and Vietnam. He works with clients in providing organisation and people solutions. With more than 30 years of consulting and HR line experience, his career includes country head of another major HR consulting firm and head of human resources of an integrated telecom conglomerate. He was formerly head of ASEAN and global ownership board member of Hay Group. He holds BA in Economics and BS in Electrical Engineering from Swarthmore College, and MSE and Ph.D. in Systems from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of Thailand Management Association and a graduate member of Thailand Institute of Directors. His son is a graduate of Bangkok Patana.

Predee Daochai

Chair of the Internal Audit Committee

Khun Predee graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Comparative Law. He has worked at Kasikorn Bank PCL as a President and a member of the Board of Directors and Risk Management Committee. He is a Director at Muangthai Group Holding Co., Ltd. and a Chairman in several Kasikorn Bank subsidiaries. His two children are Bangkok Patana alumni.

Tiziana Sucharitkul Foundation Board Member

Tiziana Sucharitkul is a co-managing partner of Tilleke & Gibbins. She is also director of the firm’s dispute resolution and litigation group in which she has worked for over 25 years. Tiziana is consistently ranked as one of Thailand’s leading dispute resolution lawyers by international law firm directories, and was named Asia-Pacific Disputes Star of the Year 2015 by Asialaw Profiles. She was also elected to the board of directors of Lex Mundi where she served on its executive committee for four years and of which she was chair from 2018 to 2019. Licensed to practice law in California, Tiziana holds a JD from the University of California, Hastings; an MA from the University of Virginia; and a BA from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. Tiziana is a regular international speaker on topics related to the advancement of women in senior leadership positions.

Stewardship 2022/23 9


School Executive Board

Chair: Dr Tarisa Watanagase

Laura Stamp

Peter Burke

Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn

ML Pariyada Diskul

Craig White

Pinkarn Vajrapana

Kulvadee Siribhadra

Patcharin Jingkaojai

Steering Committee

Chair: Peter Burke

Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn

John S Anderson

Joel Farnworth

Thitinan Kiatphaibool

John Thompson

Nominations Committee

Chair: Laura Stamp

Primary School


Sarah McCormack

Assistant Principal, Learning and Curriculum

Mark Verde

Assistant Principal, Learning and Welfare

Carol Battram

ML Pariyada Diskul

Stephen Golsby

Internal Audit Committee

Chair: Predee Daochai

Threekwan Bunnag

Karma Rana

Dr Mana Lohatepanont

Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee

Chair: John S Anderson

Michael Tang

Piyavit Chiangpradit

Jitas Sorasongkram

Finance Sub-Committee

Chair: Kamolwan Chunhagsikarn

John Thompson

Anthony Chang

Natcha Seehabutr

Sukhumarn Polcharoen

Human Resources Sub-Committee

Chair: Joel Farnworth

Thitinan Kiatphaibool

Chavapas Ongmahutmongkol

Head of School

Chris Sammons

Cross Campus

Cross Campus Principal

Helen Thew

Assistant Principal, Continued Professional Learning

Cindy Adair

Assistant Principal, Cross Campus Technology Integrator

Brian Taylor

Assistant Principal, Extra-curricular Activities and Sport

Alice Curwood

Secondary School


Matthew Seddon

Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Assessment

Luke Jones

Assistant Principal, Student Welfare

Lorna Conroy

Thai Director/Head of Thai Programme



Being the Head of School at Patana is about taking responsibility for values that truly matter: Well-Being, Learning and Global citizenship. Using these ideals to guide the decisions that are made on behalf of our community gives me pleasure and purpose aligned with my own personal beliefs of what young people need for life.

First off, there's well-being. Bangkok Patana is not just concerned about grades; the community cares about developing the heart and spirit too. Nurturing kind and compassionate responses to our own and others challenges in life enables us to become resilient and balanced individuals who can make a real difference in the world.

Learning is an endless adventure that is undertaken in classrooms, playgrounds, hallways and fields. It's not just about textbooks and exams, it's about igniting curiosity, acquiring and refining your toolkit to approach challenges. Bangkok Patana exists as the launchpad for dreams and ambitions, helping our young people become the best version of themselves.

Finally, global citizenship. Learning the skills to appreciate each other’s perspectives, to appreciate other ways of knowing and collaboration for resolving the inevitable tensions that arise in a world of scarcity. Understanding that we are connected by our shared humanity will lead to a future world where kindness, respect and peace come naturally.

Our commitment to these values isn't just a one-time thing. It's a promise the founders made in the original charter of our school and that our teams deliver every single day. This publication is a means of holding ourselves accountable to the impact we're making as both educators and learners. We don't shy away from reflection and growth; it's how we stay true to who we are and where we want to go.

The journey is not ours alone. It's something we share with you – our current students, parents, educators, business staff, alumni and partners. You are part of the word we wish to weave. Your experiences and memories are threads that make us stronger, and your support fuels our mission. Here's the heartwarming part: our shared journey isn't about rewarding shareholders in a far-off place that are seeking return for returns sake. Bangkok Patana is proudly not for profit which means the resources generated in our community support the onward journey of our belief. A direct investment in humanity itself.

If you wish to keep this wonderful cycle going just reach out to our Foundation Office to find out more. Your involvement means we can keep spreading our values wider, touching more lives and making the world a better place. Patana is not just a school; we're a family united by simple and strong values. Well-Being, Learning and Global citizenship aren't just nice words on paper; they're the essence of who we are and who we're becoming.

Stewardship 2022/23 11


Our students benefit from being part of a large, diverse and supportive community, which presents many opportunities to enhance their learning. Our Primary School children enjoy a small-school environment within the larger community. They can feel confident and secure within their own purpose-built 'home', where their classrooms, collaborative learning spaces and playgrounds have been specially designed for their

Year group. In Primary, friendships are encouraged across the Year group through collaborative learning, ECAs and Residential Visits. In Secondary, our strong pastoral programme of tutor groups and Houses ensures that this continues, whilst students also have new opportunities to join communities of like-minded peers through the huge array of activities, teams and clubs available.

Student Enrolment Number of Student Nationalities Top Student Populations Average Student Tenure in School (shown in years) Thailand 20% UK 14% Continental Europe 13% North America 11% India 7% China 7% Australia & New Zealand 5% Foundation Stage: 244 Key Stage 1: 316 Key Stage 2: 688 Key Stage 3: 515 Key Stage 4: 317 Senior Studies: 254 N FS1 FS2 Y2 Y1 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 Y12 Y13 9.4 8.1 7.0 6.9 6.4 5.9 5.4 4.8 4.4 4.4 3.5 3.1 2.4 2.0 1.6 0.8 TOTAL 2,334 Primary: 1,248 Secondary: 1,086

Stewardship 2022/23 13


Number of alumni registered in our database


"Number of countries where registered alumni reside 40


145 99.4% 54% 6.9%

Coming back to Patana 16 years later brought back some incredible memories to share with my partner. The school buildings may have been upgraded, but the essence of what Patana is has stayed the same. The international culture, caring environment and focus on providing the best academic experience has stayed true to the school. I felt a warm welcome by the staff, allowing me to still feel part of the Patana community. I look forward to staying in touch and seeing how Patana continues to grow in the future.

"David Cohen, Alum, Year 2 - Year 6 (2002-2007)

Lalina (Nina) Paisarnsrisin Grad '12 spoke to Year 13 students about her Life After Patana. Nina attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles. She gained valuable experience by working for top fashion brands such as DKNY and Saturdays NYC in New York City. The Year 13 students were also introduced to the global Bangkok Patana Alumni Network. Delivery Rate Open Rate Click Open Rate
Alumni visits to school in 2022/23


I write this letter with a real sense of pride in the School and what was achieved over the year. The year has been one of opportunity and of opportunities realized.

We were able to open campus to the community and able to travel. The residential trips, the Duke of Edinburgh and travel to sports events both locally and internationally being very positive returns to life at school. Our on-campus community events were terrifically successful and special thanks is due to the PTG for an exceptional Patana Fun Day.

The School made excellent progress in the development of a long term infrastructure plan. Initial construction will begin in December 2023 and over the next few years we will see changes across campus that will impact all elements of our life here. The planned projects will follow principles of sustainability (healthy, efficient and environmental protective).

This year we say farewell to Mr Matt Mills and thank him for the quiet transformation of the school he has led. We wish him all happiness for his future.

Finally, on behalf of all the business team, thank you to all parents and the Foundation for your support throughout the year. We look forward to working together to ensure the best for our students and greater community.

Business Leadership

Business Director

Craig White

School Manager/Government Liaison

Patcharin Jingkaojai

Financial Controller

Sompong Penglum

Head of Admissions

Rachel Jones

Head of Development, Alumni and Marketing

Cheryl Rego

Head of Human Resources

Nida Kiratisoothisathorn

Head of IS/IT

Piraphol Phutayanon

Head of Buildings and Grounds

Prawit Sristit

Head of Services

Sunantinee Hamilton


We are unique amongst other international schools of similar size in Thailand in that we provide all of our student services in-house. We believe it enables us to control quality and be flexible enough to meet the needs of our community.


Food Services

Medical Units




School Trips


119 222 303,300 3655 918
15,397 102
12 65
of school trips (day trip only)
of school buses operated Average number of noodle bowls served each day
of dishes served in a year (canteen and noodle)
School visits
School visits
of participants on trips Number of bus users Average number of people served in the canteen each day
School visits
of flight tickets issued for school trips Number of daily routes
number of different dishes prepared each week
293 Due to Covid restrictions during the 2022/23 academic year, some services were suspended or restricted. /13,832 2,865 /3,783 /9,387 /221,850 /187 /130 /1,343 /65 /832 /263 /15 /420 /0 *2021 /22 is shown in blue Stewardship 2022/23 15 SERVICES

Total Head Count Academic and Business Staff (Total: 654)*

Academic (337)

Academic Staff (Total: 337)

Business (317)


Gender Profile (Academic Staff)

Male (38%)

Female (62%)

Teacher Nationalities - Total 22

Gender Profile (Business Staff)

Male (37%)

*Does not include bus drivers and bus monitors

Female (63%)

Top Ten Nationalities

174 Primary 132 Secondary 30 Cross Campus 1 Head of School 24 Finance 6 Admissions 140 Building and Grounds
Director of the Foundation Board 3 Government Liaison/Health and Safety
Business Director's Office 9 Human Resources 13 IS/IT 11 Libraries 7 Development, Alumni and Marketing 69 Services 14 Secretarial 19 Subject Specialists Business Staff (Total: 317) * 1 *Does not include contract bus monitors and drivers British 199 Thai 15 Australian 5 Canadian 8 Irish United States 5 6 French New Zealand 5 6 Romanian 5 Chinese 5


330 225 Learning for Learners Academic Staff Business Staff TENURE AND TURNOVER Academic More than 10 years of service - 193 people Between 5 and 10 years of service - 178 people Less than 5 years of service - 283 people Academic Academic Business Business Business 86 107 84 94 164 119 External workshops/courses Number of Business staff attending two or more training sessions Number of courses taken by Business staff Total number of courses taken by academic staff Total number of courses and training sessions attended by business staff 129 56 201 169 Number of academic staff who completed their Master’s Degree in 2022/23 6 Percentage of academic staff with a Master’s Degree 25%
Stephanie Evans - MEd, SenD
Caroline Ferguson
Years Education
3. Sarah
- MA, Early
Performance Coaching
Justin Jempson - MSc,
5. Richard Molloy - MSc, Perfomance 6. Eleanor Richards - MEd
by category 2022/23
Stewardship 2022/23 17
Business Staff
Laptops 239 239 268 202 16 92 623 39 Desktops PC Tablets Mini PCs Chromebooks All in One Devices iPads iMacs School-owned devices Wacom Screens 23 MacBooks 6 IT DEPARTMENT Services provided by IT One2One (Software installation for students’ own devices) Software Development Requests Event Set Up Service Requests New IT Services 2021/22 2022/23 427 916 1,030 2020/21 500 1,340 255 201 1,012 396 390 2021/22 2022/23 2020/21 406 207 60 2021/22 2022/23 2020/21 129 18


In 2022/23 we continued to upgrade and maintain existing facilities. We completed 29 of these projects including:

• Replace floor finishings in Libraries

• Renovate the Year 1/2 Playground

• Renovate the School Shop

the Primary snack bar

• Replace the


In 2022/23 the Foundation Board approved a long term infrastructure plan which will upgrade our school facilities over the next ten years. Projects will begin in the 2023/24 academic year.

conditioning system
Maintenance of the counter weight system in the Theater / Arts Centre
Expand Parking area and the Lasalle 35/ 37 parking lot Floor Surface Improvement 5 Furniture 1 Facade Improvement 1 Facility Upgrade 13 Fencing 2 Road Improvement 2 Roofing 2 Health & Safety 1 Facilities Maintenance 2 Total 29
of Projects Type of Project Stewardship 2022/23 19


Throughout the over 60-year history of Bangkok Patana School, the Board has been conscious that as a not-for-profit organisation it needs to be prudent with the management of our financial resources.

The organisation needs to have sufficient funds to meet its operational needs, including the payment of salary and benefits, and also to meet the capital requirements, including land purchases, building construction and renovation, maintenance and debt repayment.

As such, guidelines have been set that identify the purposes for which each type of income is allocated.

Income Available to Fund Operations

• Tuition Fees

• Application Fees

• EAL Fees

• ECA and Excursion Fees

• Canteen Fees

• Transport Fees

• School Shop Income

• Sports Academy Income

"Overall, Bangkok Patana School has demonstrated that Governance and Leadership effectively understands its financial context and makes decisions to enhance the financial sustainability of the school…

Review of the school’s evidence related to audit, indicates that there are no discernable issues regarding the school’s financial stability and legal compliance.

CIS Re-Accreditation Report 2022

Funds Available for Land Purchase, Development, Maintenance and Repayments

• Entrance Fees

• Capital Assessment Fees

• Surplus from School Operations

• Donations to the Annual Fund and Building Patana Campaign

Entrance fees are designed to be the contribution of each new family to the land, buildings and other assets that exist at the time they join the school.

Capital Assessment Fees are the termly fees paid by families and represent their ongoing contribution to the development of the land, buildings and other assets.

INCOME AND EXPENSES Stewardship 2022/23 21
Income Expenses




Cash and cash equivalents

Short-Term investment

School fees receivable-net

Other current assets

Fee invoiced in advance Current

*Note that cash balance includes school fees received in advance for use in Term 1 of the following academic year.

portion of long-term loan
TOTAL LIABILITIES TOTAL ACCUMULATED FUND TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVE, AND ACCUMULATED FUND 1,035,420 950,762 63,834 42,047 2,092,063 2,828,637 5,583 4,926,283 814,833 5,700 187,427 1,007,960 162,40068,506 1,238,866 3,687,417 4,926,283 873,920 849,625 75,172 36,520 1,835,237 2,944,400 6,009 4,785,646 826,218 6,400 211,405 1,044,023 206,80062,271 1,313,094 3,472,552 4,785,646 161,500 101,137 (11,338) 5,527 256,826 (115,763) (426) 140,637 (11,3585) (700) (23,978) (36,063) (44,400)6,235 (74,228) 214,865 140,637 31 July 2022 31 July 2023 Variance (1) - (2)
Other current liabilities
Certificate Long-term loans - net of current portion Retirement
THB Thousand 22


Bangkok Patana is dedicated to providing unique and enriching educational experiences to students, both in and outside the classroom. We have two programmes that help the school fund these experiences: the Building Patana Campaign and the Annual Fund.

The Building Patana Campaign

Since its inception, the Building Patana Campaign has raised THB 158,299,191 which has directly supported the acceleration and enhancement of learning environments throughout the Primary and Secondary Schools. Contributions to the Building Patana Campaign are recognised through naming opportunities and plaques around the school and are eligible for a double tax deduction.

In 2022/23, The Building Patana Campaign received contributions totalling THB 14,670,000 of which THB 665,000 came from sponsored seats in the Rosamund Stuetzel Theatre.

On behalf of the entire Bangkok Patana Community, a heartfelt thank you goes to our generous contributors.

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a yearly campaign that raises funds toward a single focus. In the past the focus has beeen on areas such as activities and projects that fulfill protential and support environment initiatives.

Since 2004, the Annual Fund has provided funding for the following projects:

• Support to the Bangkok Patana 2041 campaign

• Recycling facilities at the front of school and at the Snack Bars

• 3D printers for Design and Technology

• Outdoor play equipment across the Primary School

• Resources for the Youth Club

• Equipment for and improvements to the Outdoor Classroom including a boat

• Solar panels for Secondary Science

• Weather station resources

• Materials to build a Foundation Stage vegetable garden

• Sundial outside the Sports Hall

• Gymnastics equipment

• Flexible staging blocks

A Well-Being Centre in Primary School

Upgrades to the Outdoor Classroom including Wi-Fi and a solar panel

Robotics kits in Primary and Secondary School

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Mentoring and Capacity Building

Our Schools’ Vision and Values encourage our students and wider community to foster supportive relationships with external community organisations. Beyond being ‘conscientious role models’, we also engage in being ‘active stewards of the environment and our communities.’ Below are some of the projects that supported capacity building in 2022/23.

Some of the many Student Led Projects

• Year 1 students donated Thai story books to help Grapongdeang School enhance their library.

• Diabeone initiated a research paper on the epidemiologic study of experiences and perceptions of T1DM adolescents in Thailand together with Phramongkutklao Hospital.

• St-Art (Start at Art) supported young autistic artists under the care of the Austistic Thai Foundation to help them adapt their works to sustainable products and be able to gain financial value from their work.

• Senior students visited the Bangkok School for the Blind every Thursday in term time to help the students with their homework in Thai, Chinese, Mathematics and English.

• Amnesty Patana led a trip where they collaborated with refugees, planting vegetables together and sharing life stories. Their ‘Write for Rights’ campaign continued with 50 postcards being dispatched championing human rights and global empathy. Foundation Stage children collected nappies, milk powder and cleaning products for Home of Praise.

Organisation Led Projects

• Recognising that education can change lives, we collaborate with other educational institutions to share our best practices. In 2022/23 we hosted learning tours from Kasetsart University, Chulalongkorn University, Prince Royale School Chiangmai and a school from the Maldives.

• Senior leaders in the school volunteer their time on boards:

• Kulvadee Siribhadra, Director of the Foundation Board Office serves on multiple boards for governmental and non-governmental organisations such as Bangna Youth Centre, Royal Thai Police (Metropolitan Police Division 5, Bangna Police Station), Bangna City Council, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Foundation, Pan Dao Foundation, Central Investigation Bureau Foundation, Pongploy Temple and Novices School and etc.

• The Head of School and Government Manager serve as ISAT Committee members.

• Some Business Heads of Department volunteer on boards and committees of foreign chambers of commerce.


Fundraising and Financial Support

The Primary School, Secondary School and the Foundation Board each support a host of projects for which funds are raised and financial support is provided.

Student Led Donations

Student led clubs and activities raised more than THB 3million in cash donations for various non-profit organisations and projects, including:

• The Primary and Secondary Schools raised THB 130,000 at Tiger Spirit Day to support the community of Nong Bua Lamphu build a new day care centre.

• The Primary School raised THB 105,800 for Operation Smile on Smile Day

• The Primary School provided THB 22,900 to Home of Praise for a water tank and filter system

• The Primary School donated THB 54,555 to Children of the Forest to build a solar-powered water pump to irrigate fields from the nearby river

Organisational Donations

The Bangkok Patana School Foundation board provides financial donations to support organisations throughout the country.

One of the primary objectives of the Foundation is to contribute to the well-being of and to provide support for the community. The Foundation Board Office plays a significant role in engaging with the community and providing support to those in need.

The Foundation Board Office actively engages with the local community and the broader districts to provide support to those in need. This involvement plays a crucial role in enhancing the School's and Foundation’s positive reputation and achieving essential favourable return for the needs of both the School and the Foundation.

Throughout the years, we have engaged in various events and initiatives organized by a large number of entities, including government bodies, schools, and organizations. Notable collaborators include the Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Bangna District, Royal Thai Police entities such as the Central Investigation Bureau, Immigration Bureau, Border Patrol Police, Metropolitan Police Division 5, and Bangna Police Administration Audit Committees. Additionally, we have partnered with institutions such as Pongploy Temple and Novices School, Bangna Youth Club, the Department of Social Development and Welfare, Reserves Training Center (Ror Dor), Ministry of Education, and numerous others.

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The PTG plays an integral role in nurturing a link between the community and the organisation. Its purpose is to promote and assist the development of the school, to advance its interests and to foster the goodwill of parents, staff and students. PTG membership is automatically held by any parent or guardian with a child/children attending Bangkok Patana School and any staff member.

A highlight for the PTG in 2022/23 was being able to welcome parents back onto campus. They did this very well and included those parents who had joined the school during August 2020 – January 2023 when parents were not allowed on campus.

In 2022/23, the PTG ran the full calendar of annual events as they did pre-pandemic. This was an incredible feat for a new committee, with many members who had not been in place before the pandemic. These activities included the PTG Big Night Out, Newcomers’ Coffee Mornings, International Day, Volunteers’ Thank You Breakfast, supporting at the Christmas Concert, Fun Day and coffee mornings for every Year group. This was in addition to the full timetable of weekly parent activities they offer such as Thai class, English class, Yoga, Cycling, Golf, Running club, Badminton. The list goes on!

The PTG funds most of its activities through income from the Tiger Shop, Fun Day, the Christmas Concert and other smaller activities.

The Tiger Shop is a vibrant spot in the school; aside from selling spirit gear, it also offers seasonal items for occasions such as Loy Krathong, Songkran and Christmas. The Tiger Shop also runs a programme where Secondary students get hands-on experience working in a retail environment, designing products and rolling out marketing promotions as part of their Community Engagement Activities.

PTG Committee 2022/23

Chairperson: Safy Rizk

Vice Chair and Cross Campus: William Wang


Rapeepan (Pook) Sapayanon

Secretary: Chris Huang

Thai Liaison: Soreda (So) Ratchadaporn Parinyanusorn

Communications Coordinator: Sneha Mathew

Tiger Shop Manager: Safy Rizk

Events Coordinator: Anchal Pathela

Secondary Parents Represenatative: Sharan Hora

Primary Parents Representative: Apollo Chansrichawla

Newcomers Representative: Chris Chan Ebrahim



Our community take active roles in the stewardship of this organisation. We would like to thank you for your dedication and suport of our constant endeavor to make Bangkok Patana School the best it can be.

Date of Production: January 2024. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of Bangkok Patana School

Stewardship 2022/23 27 Tel : +66 (0) 2785 2200 Bangkok Patana School is a not-for-profit IB World School, accredited by CIS.
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