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Friday 10th November 2017

Volume 20 Issue 11

We are inspired to improve global sustainability Cross Campus Principal, James Penstone asks ‘How are we doing with this school value?’

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SEASAC Volleyball Champions / Home of Praise Visit Nursery / CATs Corner 10/11/2017

Bangkok Patana School News

Bangkok Patana is a not-for-profit IB World School, accredited by CIS and NEASC


How are we doing with the following school value?

‘We are inspired to

improve global sustainability’

James Penstone, Cross Campus Principal


would say we passed a ‘tipping point’ about a year ago, so that the majority of our school community are now very much inspired to improve global sustainability. We have been having a conversation about how we can address the negative effects of disposable plastic for some years now. The video documentary which we made back in 2014 is still as relevant today as it was then. Our continued attention to this issue should come as no surprise. Firstly, we live in one of ‘The Big Five’; Thailand is one of the top five countries contributing the vast majority of plastic pollution in our oceans (along with China, The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam). Unlike air pollution, we can actually see the huge quantities of throwaway plastic pollution around us…everywhere, every day. The issue also seems to be gathering more and more worldwide attention each year. Just doing the rounds on the internet recently, there is a video with these shocking images of a floating island of plastic recently discovered some distance from the coast of Honduras. Realistically speaking, this country’s collective contributions to marine plastic pollution won’t significantly decline until there is some robust legislation to help achieve that aim. But this isn’t to say we can’t help work towards a ‘tipping point’ in the many communities to which we belong. There are two things we can do, and are doing.

1. Raise awareness of the issue so that people voluntarily change their habits This is why, for example, the Patana Marine Conservation Group and the Student Environmental Committee have been promoting the arrival of Bobo the Whale at our school. Under the Secondary Science Centre, we are currently hosting a huge art installation of a whale-structure which draws our attention to the issue in an instant. This project has been led by Jess Cummings and Annie Robertson from Year 12. We also


Bangkok Patana School News


covered the issue in the Key Stage 1 and 2 assemblies this week, and will revisit the issue with Secondary audiences after next week’s Residential Visits. With such awareness-raising we hope more people will be inspired to make small steps. When Annie researched the issue in preparation for Bobo’s visit, she decided to carry a reusable straw everywhere she goes as just one simple step. And as we all know, if we all took small steps like these for positive change, the effects would be profound.

2. Introduce changes within the school community to help us all make small steps. This is why in the last two years or so we have: • Removed plastic bottled water from the snack bars • Wrapped certain snacks in paper rather than plastic, or removed the wrapping altogether • Removed plastic drinking straws, pots and spoons from the canteens • Requested that residential t-shirts be delivered without individual wrapping • Removed individual milk plastic bottles from Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and the Secondary School • Replaced disposable plastic cutlery at large events such as parent conferences and staff meetings with small bamboo forks • Enhanced our recycling facilities, especially with the recycling facility at the front of school • Removed most plastic from the International Day Food Tasting Hall • Removed or significantly reduced disposable plastic bottles from large events such as the Fun Run and Fun Day Now there’s a lot more that we can still do. These are just small steps along a greater journey. But the motivation is definitely there. We really are inspired to improve global sustainability. And we can only do this by working together. With that in mind, I extend huge and sincere thanks to all the students working hard across the school to make these changes happen, my academic colleagues who are doing the same, and also the PTG. Special thanks to all the Business Staff supporting our efforts, and especially the Buildings and Grounds, Housekeeping, Food Services and Marketing teams.

What are your small steps? 10/11/2017

Bangkok Patana School News


SEASAC Volleyball Champions James Thombs, Varsity Boys’ Volleyball Coach


ast weekend, the Varsity Boys’ Volleyball team travelled to Singapore for their SEASAC tournament hosted at UWC East, which marked the end of the volleyball season. Preparations for the tournament had been good but the team were at times dogged by inconsistency in their match performances. A strong line up of schools saw CDNIS, last year’s champions, and UWC East return this year with virtually unchanged teams. The boys began the tournament with a solid win against ISY before going down 3-1 to CDNIS. In both matches they showed moments of real quality, but could not maintain the high level of performance. The turning point of the whole weekend came in the third match of the day, they were 2-0 down to UWC East when they found their rhythm and began to play for each other with real heart and spirit, eventually winning the match 3-2, a fantastic comeback. Two more wins followed the next day and that gave them real momentum going into the semifinals. Awaiting them were the only 4

team they had failed to beat in pool play, CDNIS. From the moment the first point was played, the team came together to play their best volleyball of the season. All the skills they had been developing in training sessions really became an integral part of their game and they dominated the first two sets by playing dynamic attacking volleyball. CDNIS came fighting back to win the

“Their performance was the epitome of what sport should be about; a perfect blend of fierce competitiveness and heart with sportsmanship and respect.” third set, but the Bangkok Patana boys simply would not be defeated, eventually winning the match 3-1. Ahead lay UWC East, the home team and the favourites for the championship. The final was a continuation of the boys’ sublime form of the tournament. Driven on by a combative motivational team talk by captain Jevin, they never Bangkok Patana School News

really looked like losing the match. Three fantastic sets of Volleyball later, Bangkok Patana were crowned champions for the first time in a great many years with a lot of support from the crowd. The tournament Most Valuable Player awards went to captain Jevin, Abraham, Aeneas and Hans although every one of the players deserves recognition for their efforts and performances over the weekend. As a coach, I was incredibly proud of the boys for their terrific effort across the entire season and their outstanding determination at SEASAC. Their performance was the epitome of what sport should be about; a perfect blend of fierce competitiveness and heart with sportsmanship and respect. I would like to thank the parents for their continued support during the season and for the great welcome they gave the team on their return to Bangkok. Coach Champ was a great inspiration to the team during the season and Tim, who despite not being able to attend the tournament due to injury was an integral part of the team.


Home of Praise Visit Nursery Robine Johnson, Year 1 Teacher


n Thursday 2nd November, our Nursery opened their doors to visitors from Home of Praise, a preschool in Khlong Toey. As part of our focus on global citizenship, the Nursery invited the two and three-year olds to come and share our beautiful Nursery garden and benefit from the amazing resources that our lucky children use every day. A class of eager Year 1 children, who have been learning all about being global citizens in their curriculum enrichment lessons, met the Home of Praise children as they got off the buses. It was a great opportunity for the Year 1 children to practice being kind, caring and compassionate as they accompanied their younger friends from the front of school to the new Nursery building.

lucky to make new friends whilst they shared their environment. The Year 1 children returned at snack time, bringing books that they made before half term especially for the Home of Praise children. It was a lovely opportunity to sit and share the stories whilst eating snack. All of the books, plus books brought in from home, were donated to Home of Praise so that they can start to build a library. Soon enough, it was time to say goodbye. The Nursery and Home of Praise children were exhausted after such a busy morning. Luckily, Year 1 children carefully walked them back to their buses and made sure they were sat safely on the bus for the long trip back to Khlong Toey. From all reports, most children were asleep before they reached Sukhumvit Road!

Once inside the Nursery, the Home of Praise children happily played alongside the Bangkok Patana Nursery children, learning and discovering as they went. It was wonderful to see the children taking risks on the outdoor equipment, exploring their senses in the water and sand and making marks with chalk and gloop. The most wonderful moments were the shared learning experiences between the Nursery students and the Home of Praise children. The Nursery children felt very

Bangkok Patana Nursery and Foundation Stage are keen to invite the children from Home of Praise back again later this term as we continue our journey to becoming global citizens. Further up in the school, other Year groups are starting develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with the charities and foundations in our local community who do so much to help those around us who have so much less than us. These are exciting times!


Bangkok Patana School News


Parking, Drop Off and Pick Up: New Procedures and Information Dear Parents, We would like your help to ensure that the traffic management is working well for our community. The morning Drop Off is a crucial time for traffic and parking and we hope that with your help we can ease some of the difficulties. You may not be aware of the procedures for pick up and drop off and the parking regulations, and we would like to give you this information. DROP OFF AND PICK UP 1. Morning Drop Off: The morning is the busiest time for traffic into school and the drop-off zone gets very crowded. Please follow these procedures: a. Use Lane 1 for Drop Off. Vehicles cannot stop for longer than 30 seconds. No parking is available at the drop off area. Vehicles that stop for longer will be asked to move by the security guards. b. Lane 4 is only for vehicles that need to U-turn on Lasalle Road. 2. Afternoon Pick Up: a. Parents are allowed to stop and wait in the pick-up zone as early as 1.30pm only in Lanes 1 and 4. Cars stopped in this area, must have a person inside the car, who is capable of moving it. 3. Taxi Rank: Please do not pick up and drop off students from private vehicles at the taxi rank outside True Coffee. This makes it dangerous for people who are using taxis as they have to step into oncoming traffic in the second lane to get into their taxis. 4. Drop off is not allowed at Gate 7 (on Soi 39). GENERAL 5. Vehicles driven by Bangkok Patana families should have a parking sticker affixed to the left-hand side of the front windshield. If you do not have stickers for your cars, please download this form and return it to the front reception desk or email them to Our security guards will be looking for these stickers. 6. Please be cautious and courteous: Do not honk your horn or drive aggressively and be cautious when reversing. Always give way to pedestrians. 7. When exiting the vehicle, hold the hands of young children. Young children should not be moving around vehicles unaccompanied by an adult. 8. Follow the directions of the security team controlling the traffic. Our traffic procedures sometimes need to be adapted and only the security team has the authority to change traffic procedures. 9. Engines of parked cars cannot be left idling at school. PARKING 10. Nursery parents with a pink Bangkok Patana parking sticker can park in the area near the Nursery building and in the Foundation Stage parking lot in front of the Arts Centre. 11. Foundation Stage parents with a light blue Bangkok Patana parking sticker are allowed to park in the Foundation Stage parking lot in front of the Arts Centre.


Bangkok Patana School News


12. Year 1 to Year 13 parents can park at the Sports Complex and use the bridge to walk onto campus. Parking is available in front of the Arts Centre after 3.00pm only. Please note there is always plenty of parking available at the Sports Complex. Overall, we ask all drivers to be courteous to pedestrians and to other drivers, with special care taken to watch for students who are entering and exiting vehicles. Please share these procedures with your drivers as well. We hope these procedures are well explained and we will continue to monitor them and make adjustments. Do consider using the school Transport, which offers a door-to-door service and can save you the hassle of dealing with traffic and parking. If you have any questions please contact Khun Toon at Thanks in advance for your cooperation. This information is available in Thai here. Please share with your staff.

#74 Listening to Books in the car


’ve mentioned audiobooks several times in Taylor’s Tips before. Lately I have really been impressed with the Audible app and my family have been listening to more and more high quality children’s books. I do think the subscription giving you one audio book per month is good value and, to some extent, gives you that little nudge once a month to explore what’s available. In particular we’ve found listening to them in the car on the way to school our favourite. I was worried about the boys watching too many movies and cartoons and so discussed with them the idea of listening to a story every other day instead. They agreed, with a little persuasion, and now we often find ourselves so engrossed in the book we have to wait in the car park until the chapter ends. It’s been fascinating for me also, reliving some of the books I read as a child, reflecting on how differently I interpret them now as an adult and parent. Find out what book the class are reading in school as a class reader, or for older children, what genre or author they like, and see if there is an audio version available. In addition, our libraries have a vast selection of audio books available. Login to the Parents’ Gateway and navigate to the Parent section of ‘Our Libraries’. Use the Destiny Library Search to search for audiobooks as a keyword in our catalogue. Have a wonderful weekend. Brian Taylor Assistant Principal, Campus Curriculum Technology Integration

Click here for the Canteen Menu 10/11/2017

Bangkok Patana School News


Parent Home Language Helper Initiative

Ondine Ullman, Primary Leader of Learning, Language Aquisition


t Bangkok Patana School, we are proud hosts to a learning community that includes members from over 60 different nationalities and with this, a vast range of languages and dialects. We believe it is essential to support the development of home languages (HOLA) and we equally value all languages as fundamental to supporting learning and strengthening our understanding of internationalism and global citizenship.With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to the Parent Home Language Helper (PHLH) Initiative, and ask for your support in helping this project to grow. The PHLH Initiative has been set up to help learners engage with and enjoy their home languages within our learning environment. The PHLH supports Bangkok Patana’s Mission, Vision and Values, particularly in the creation of learners who are ‘collaborative and confident communicators’, ‘diverse and inclusive’ and ‘empowered by our interculturalism’. The PHLH will help to create opportunities for learners to experience their home language within


their learning. The intention is not for curriculum to be delivered in the home language, but rather for HOLA to be used to help support reading, discussion and engagement with learning. This means that you could volunteer to use your HOLA to read a book with learners who speak the same language or to spend time in the learning environment exploring and discovering in your native tongue. You might share a story, play a game or help out with some baking or art, all the while using your HOLA to engage. We are looking for parents who would like to be Home Language Helpers in the Foundation and Key Stage 1, which is where this project will initially run. If you don’t have a child in these Year groups but would like to be involved, please do contact us as we’d be delighted to have you as part of the initiative. If you are interested in finding out more, please add your details here and we will contact you about a coffee morning where we will have the chance to explore the PHLH Initiative in more depth.

Bangkok Patana School News



Bangkok Patana School News


Grit. Determination. Strength. Skill. Raj Ladva, Climbing Tigers Coach


t Bangkok Patana School, these are all qualities that we aspire to develop in our students, from Foundation Stage all the way to Year 13. Our students have an immeasurable amount of ways in which to develop these lifelong skills, from drama to touch rugby. One of our newest facilities however, provides one of the best opportunities to develop these attributes and more. On the last day of school in 2015/16, Mr Mills gave myself and Ms Kirsten Bennett a challenge that we were pleased to receive. “Next year, get thinking about a new climbing wall.” Mr Mills smiled and walked away, leaving us grinning at one another and imagining the fantastic possibilities that lay before us. Over 12 months we planned, surveyed, interviewed and discussed ideas with students, coaches and a range of wall builders from around the world. We were extremely fortunate to have our very own climbing coach, Luke Soithongsuk, to lean on for advice. With his expert contributions we arrived at a design that was state of the art, giving our students a new experience and higher levels of challenge. The new climbing wall will be available to students not only in the climbing team or ECA, but to all students who climb in their PE lessons, from Year 5 all the way through to Year 13. The climbing wall is located on the mezzanine level in the Sports Hall and now comprises of 10 top-rope anchors, a dedicated traversing space and a dynamic bouldering area. These develop students problemsolving skills as well as encouraging them to be risk10

takers! The Climbing Tigers team will be competing on their home turf for the inaugural FOBISIA Climbing Tournament taking place in March 2018. Trials are underway at the moment and it is incredibly gratifying to see the level of enthusiasm from students eager to be part of something new. Our newest addition to the fantastic array of sport

facilities here at Bangkok Patana School is one that is open to all ages, genders and abilities. The beauty of climbing is that it is a sport for everyone, and with its inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, I have no doubt that interest will only continue to grow. Personally, I can’t wait to have a go at some of the challenging routes that Luke has set for us, and I know Miss Bennett can’t either! We are all very excited about seeing how much enjoyment and enthusiasm the students will get from our new climbing wall. Happy climbing!

Bangkok Patana School News


Opening Doors of Thinking Through GATEways O

Duncan Ferguson, Primary Leader of Extended Learning ur students were blown away after visiting NIST for GATEways workshops in October. A number of students from Bangkok Patana were invited to attend workshops provided by GATEways at NIST. GATEways is an Australian company that was established in 1994; they provide educational opportunities for highly able students. Students from Years 2 to 7 attended the workshops, 34 students on Tuesday and 38 on Wednesday. They were involved in at least one full day of learning, taking part in activities ranging from Earthquake Engineers to Mysteries of Mathematics. Each student took part in two different workshops. Some students had such a marvellous time that they signed up for the second day, as well. The workshops were creatively delivered. During Motion in the Ocean, Year 2 students learnt about how tides work and their impact on sea life. They even created their own miniature ocean. The same students then went on to become ‘Earthquake Engineers’ by constructing seismographs. Further opportunities for Year 2 on the second day comprised ‘Top Secret Diary Writing’ and a mathematics workshop based around Fairy Tales – they worked together to solve problems and save Rapunzel. Years 3 and 4 met an award10/11/2017

winning author who guided them to create a Pokemon picture book, they learnt about science and made their own air cannons and, on the second day, had their minds blown with mathematics tricks as well as learning to start and finish well-crafted stories. Years 5 and 6 were focused on Forensic Science and mathematics to investigate a missing agent, before moving on to playing with language for story writing. They also had the opportunity to learn about the Mysteries of Mathematics – hands-on activities to learn about Pi, solid shapes and quick mental maths tricks. The Year 7 workshops were science-based; students spent time in the laboratory using equipment to investigate “It was really fun and I learnt lots of things. I did the Maths and Science workshop and the key scientific concepts. literacy story writing.” Pippa, Year 5 Having attended on the second day, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the workshops “I thought the topics taught were interesting and it was a really great day.” Varit, Year 6 and seeing Bangkok Patana students engaged in critical “It was very good because I liked doing thinking and investigation. They experiments about currents. I loved making my were all fabulous ambassadors for our school, working well own seismograph out of wire, a pencil, foam and a cup.” Daniel, Year 2 in teams and individually in a fresh setting with new friends. The impact on the students after the event was also very apparent. Several days later, I saw a parent carrying an air cannon into school. We chatted briefly and she told me that her son was so proud that he wanted to share it with his classmates! I’m sure that they were blown away, too… Bangkok Patana School News


the m o r f t s The late

PTG English Conversation Corner



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Informal, friendly conversation sessions to assist non-English speaking parents

or parents with llimited English to communicate more easily within the school community.

Bangkok Patana School News

Parents that wish to join please email: Sessions will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 - 9:30am in the PTG Room.


Bangkok Patana attends Thailand’s National Gymnastics Championship B Will Preston, Gymnastics Coordinator

angkok Patana School attended Thailand’s National Gymnastics Competition for the first time, entering gymnasts into the Junior, Youth and Adult categories. At Junior Level, Bangkok Patana won both boys and girls over eight years category. Max Thompson took first place for the boys with Nathaniel Stuart taking third place. For the girls, Emily Cannon took first, Evelyn Cannon took second and Saira Sachdev came in third. Youth Level gymnast Roisin took eighth place on the vault and qualified for the final whilst Kaitlyn came ninth on the uneven bars. In the Adult Category, Amy Teigen came eighth overall in Thailand and fourth on the beam. Tim Van Dijk came eighth on the vault with a tsukahara and qualified for the finals, showing remarkable character and sportsmanship throughout the entire event. Thananuch (Password) Thepkanjana assisted as a student coach and helped reassure and pass on her knowledge to the competing gymnasts in the event. Bangkok Patana has now been formally invited to the National Testing where our top Thai Nationals have a chance to be picked for the Thailand National team and win a scholarship.

Term 2 2017/18 School Fee Invoices


nvoices for school fees for Term 2 2017/18 were sent to families/companies on Wednesday 1st November 2017. If you have not received your invoice please contact Accounting Department or email to accounts@ Please note that the due date for settlement is on Friday 1st December 2017 and payments received after this date will be subject to a late payment charge of 1% per month. Thank you, Accounting Department 10/11/2017

Bangkok Patana School News


CATs Corner Tania Leyland, Youth Club and Community Services Coordinator

Global Citizenship We Are Committed to integrity Active volunteers Diverse and inclusive Ethical and informed Empowered by our interculturalism Inspired to improve global sustainability


his is a very exciting time for the Youth and Community team. Students have been making connections between their CAT activities and their academic learning and there is clear evidence that they are developing the core values of our Mission and Vision Statement. In World Languages recently, there was a focus on ‘World Poverty Day’. Students looked at how their CAT activities address poverty in all of its forms.


TOP have been busy in the lounge raising awareness of the ‘Walk For Freedom’. An event organised by the global anti trafficking organisation, A21. The previous Walk For Freedom record is around 400 people. We are hoping Bangkok can smash that record with its first ever walk this Saturday 11th November. If you would like to join us then aim to get to Lumphini Park for around 9am (the walk is due to start at 10am) wearing either an official T-shirt or your own black T-shirt. Even if you are unable to attend, please help us to spread awareness of #1300, the number to call if you are concerned about someone who may be trafficked.

Upcoming University Visits University / College

Savannah College for Art and Design (SCAD) Information Session Tokyo International University


Country Rep

US Japan

Keiko Takahashi

Bangkok Patana School News




Anantara Siam Hotel, Bangkok

11.11.17 14:15

Senior Studies, 2nd floor 20.11.17 09:15


Golf: The Eagle Cup DC Putt Sarajoti, Year 12


n Sunday, the Bangkok Patana Golf team had their first tournament of the year, The Eagle Cup. It was hosted by ASB at the Green Valley Country Club, and provided excellent experience for the Golf team ahead of their SEASAC competition at the end of the month. Even though we had a rough start to the season with the addition of harsh conditions of strong winds and rain, Tina (Under 15) placed third in her age group shooting an impressive 85 in her first competition at this age group. Password and Win also had a good tournament shooting below their respective handicap. Well done to all the golfers for participating in The Eagle Cup and welcome to a new year of competitive golf!


For more details about the Mahatma Ghandi play, Yugpurush see page 23 10/11/2017

Bangkok Patana School News


A M A Z I N G S P O R T I N G As Season 1 came to a close this past weekend, our Tigers made us proud as they competed in their end of season competitions, SEASAC P E R F O R M A N C E S B Y and O U R T I G E R S ! BISAC, showing off their hard work from throughout the season.

SEASAC results Varsity Girls’ Football

Varsity Boys’ Football 5th place MVP:

2nd place MVPs: Danielle Rotenberg, Daywe Macarthur, Laura Worthington

Kevin Wuethrich

Varsity Boys’ Volleball

Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

Champions, the first time in Bangkok Patana history! MVPs: Jevin Sakariya, Hanz Kim, Aeneas Compernol, Abraham Oviedo Rojas

4th place and recipients of the Sportsmanship award MVP: Moniqa Nielson

bisac results

Junior Varsity Boys’ Football

Junior Varsity Girls’ Football

2nd place

2nd place

Keep up

wi t h t h e ac t ion . . .


@bps_athletics _council



Tiger Sports Teams Bangkok Patana School News


bisac results


Junior Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

Junior Varsity Boys’ Volleyball


Under 13 Boys’ Basketball

3rd place

Under 15 Boys’ Basketball


2nd place

Under 13 Girls’ Basketball Champions

Under 15 Girls’ Touch Rugby 5th place

Under 15 Girls’ Basketball 6th place



19 Nov: Football Invitational @HIS 19 Nov: Golf Invitational @SHB 21 Nov: Under 13 and Under 15 Team Photos 22 Nov: Junior Varsity and Varsity Team Photos 23-27 Nov: Under 15 FOBISIA Games 23-25 Nov: Varsity Golf SEASAC @RIS 24-25 Nov: Varsity Cross Country SEASAC @UWCD 25 Nov: Varsity Golf SEASAC @RIS 01-02 Dec: Varsity Rugby/Touch tournament @ISB 01-02 Dec: Varsity Basketball Friendship @ISB 09 Dec: Under 13/Under 15 FOBISIA Tennis Invitational 10 Dec: Varsity Rugby/Touch Invitational @BPS 10/11/2017


13 Jan: Under 13 FOBISIA Athletics Tryouts 17 Jan: Under 13 FOBISIA Basketball and Football Tryouts 19 Jan: Junior Varsity Touch Rugby Friendship @ISB 20 Jan: Varsity BISAC Tennis Singles 20 Jan: Basketball and Touch Falcon Invitational @NIST 20-21 Jan: FOBISIA Swimming Championships 27 Jan: Varsity BISACs 27-28 Jan: FOBISIA Gymnastics 28 Jan: BIST Golf Invitational 02-04 Feb: Varsity SEASAC weekend 03-04 Feb: Under 13, Under 15 and Junior Varsity BISACs

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Additional Entry IGCSE Language exams Jen Peppard, Head of Secondary World Languages


t this time of year I get many inquiries about the possibility of entering for an IGCSE in a language which is studied outside of school. The answer to the question very often is yes! But there are some key things to think about. Language IGCSE’s come in two or even three levels, so it is important to ascertain at which level your child needs to enter. They are not available in every language and at every level – I can confirm that for you. The levels are: IGCSE Modern Foreign Language. This is the exam which most of our students sit after three to five years of study of a foreign language in school. IGCSE Second Language. This exam is not available in many languages, but it is aimed at unbalanced bilinguals – often children who are ‘native’ speakers but who have not studied in the target language IGCSE First Language. This is for children who are native speakers and who have studied their language in some depth. It is the equivalent to the English IGCSE which our students take in year 11. For many students it is good to have their home language, or a language studied outside of school validated by giving them a qualification to add to their CV. I do not recommend students below Year 9 taking these exams – they are designed to be taken by typically 14 – 17 year old students. Parents are billed for these exams in the normal way. We can only undertake an IGCSE MFL exam in a language other than those taught at school if parents can provide a suitably qualified person (not a family member) to undertake the oral exam. We cannot provide tutoring at school for children who wish to take additional entry language exams, but I can provide access to the relevant syllabus and past papers. Please do contact me at school ( if you are interested in your child being entered for one of these exams. Exam entries need to be made during early December, for the summer 2018 exam, but it is worth finding out what might be possible ahead of the deadline. This will also give you time to ensure suitable tutoring, if required, is in place in good time. I look forward to hearing from you, Jen Peppard Head of Faculty World Languages


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Transport Corner Weekly news from the Transport Department

Notice for Secondary parents/students:

Please note the following important information for all Secondary transport users for the week of Secondary Residential Visits, 13th - 17th November. Monday 13th: The school buses will collect students as usual, please cancel the bus if you are coming by private transport. Friday 17th: Afternoon buses for Secondary students have been cancelled. Parents should contact Transport if you wish your child to take a 2:30pm bus home on the 17th. Please Note: Only students in Years 12 and 13 can make changes to their Bus Schedules themselves. All other changes must be requested by parents/guardians. Year 11 and Year 13: Monday to Friday school transport will be operating as usual but as there are no ECAs this week your afternoon bus has been scheduled for 2:30 pm. Please contact Transport to change your bus according to your exam timetable or if you are making private transport arrangements to and/or from school. Please remember to plan ahead and email Transport in advance to make any changes, We would like to wish all Secondary students a wonderful week of Residential experiences.

Notice for Primary parents/students:

Due to the Secondary Residential Visits during the week Monday 13th - Friday 17th November, your child’s morning bus may be different for this week. Please note, you will only be contacted via email or SMS if it is necessary to amend your normal pick up time. Please inform your child that there may also be some changes to the afternoon buses if they take a 2:30pm, 3:30pm or 4:30pm bus home. You will not be notified of these changes in the afternoon as this may be different everyday due to student ECA selections. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding for the necessary changes during the Secondary Residential Visit week.

Contact Us

Direct phone: 02 785 2470 Email The office is staffed from 6:00am - 6:00pm Monday to Friday. 10/11/2017

Bangkok Patana School News


International Day 29th November

Come and join the

Great Canadians on Bangkok Patana International Day. Please contact us for T-shirt information. Ann – Caroline –

Cash donations welcomed Baking encouraged! Join us in the Food Hall


Bangkok Patana School News


International Day 29th November

Many thanks for your help and support, any questions please contact Sinead Horton at


Bangkok Patana School News




Bangkok Patana School News











ernational Women’s Teams Int 16 | s am Te ’s en M l na 8 Internatio ams 8 Local Teams | 8 Under 18 Te

For more info visit: |



Bangkok Patana School News




Bangkok Patana School News




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