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Full Circle Songstress, fashion designer and mom Moonchild chats to Julia Rice in her most candid interview yet about her battle with bulimia, her highs and lows, and why authenticity rules


When trash is treasure Photographer Jono Wood and writer Oratile Mashazi tell the story of Joburg’s waste pickers


Not so abstract Julia Rice sat down with Candice Berman from the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery to chat about five local artists changing the way we see art


Vive la (Joburg) France Anne Dolinschek dons her beret to find out what Joburg’s unique French community has to offer


The main attraction Julia Rice chats to the guys behind The Attraction Academy, which helps men gain confidence to approach women and, in the process, create friendships





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Editor’s letter and contributor’s page Fashion EnRichEd Local fashion designer Rich Mnisi is inspired by film, music, art and nature. We showcase his latest artistic, contemporary and imaginative fashion collection Cool District Leafy, tree-lined streets, bustling malls, luxury hotels, tops schools and beautiful houses; Rosebank has it all, as Jo Buitendach found out Décor The Great In(Out)doors: Make the most of your home’s outdoor space, no matter the size or budget Food Al Fresco Kitchen cool JBar The Way You Like It Neat, on the rocks, a splash of water or a dash of soda, the way to drink whisky is still a mystery to many Local Travel 48 Hours in the 021, plus where to stay, eat and play Local Travel 48 Hours in the 031, plus where to stay, eat and play Travel Snippets Eat. Stay. Play International Travel Ski’s up: A top class skiing holiday in the French Alps

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was just trying to push through a particularly difficult bout of writer’s block when BAM! came three boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts through the door to celebrate the opening of its latest store in Sandton City. So thanks for the sugar and brain rush! If you recall I was talking about coffee in my last letter, and clearly someone high up in the coffee world must have been listening, because Motherland Coffee has come on board as our official office coffee fairies. The local company (because, yes we love local) has just opened a new branch in Parktown North. Not only do we have our luxury high-end watch supplement, 24H, for you

to covet, but we’ve also got our annual Garden Route Style supplement for you to browse through and plan your next summer holiday down the coast. Musician and fashion designer Moonchild Sanelly graces our cover and reveals to me, in her most candid interview yet, her eating disorder battle, growing up as an overprotected child and how her bright blue ‘moon mop’ has taken on a life of its own. Ever wondered about the guys who pull stacks of recycling on huge trolleys behind them every day? For our Photo Essay Jono Wood follows a few of these waste pickers as they live off one bag of recycling to the next, never quite sure where the day’s going to take them. Being our Arts & Culture issue, our Big Read covers five local fine artists all represented by the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery. French culture fundie Anne Dolinschek takes a journey through Joburg’s unique French community and the spotlight is on Rosebank in our Cool District feature. Spring has sprung, and with the warmer weather, comes more time outdoors. We focus on great outdoor spaces in Décor and dining Al Fresco in our food feature. Our JS Travel section, in partnership with Durban Tourism, Cape Town Tourism and Samsonite, features articles on Cape Town, Durban, local Travel Snippets and we’re off to the French Alps (we wish!) in international travel. As usual JList is jam-

packed with events, day trips in Gauteng, great art exhibitions over the next three months, cooking classes, pamper spots, where to spend a romantic night in town, tapas spots and more. Enjoy spring! It’s a wonderful time of year on the Highveld. Stay safe, until next time.

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Cover & cover feature Photographer Jurie studied fine art at Rhodes University. He says that the time spent with his dad developing film and printing black-andwhite photographs influenced his love for image-making. Jurie shot our amazing cover and cover feature with Moonchild. 12 |


Writer & blogger Pages 34 – 38 Anne’s need to put words on paper started as a young child. Her love affair with books and reading continued to blossom and this eventually led to Anne becoming a blogger and writer. For this issue she dipped into Joburg’s French culture.


Blogger Pages 68 & 69 Candice started her very popular lifestyle blog A Gorgeous Life in 2010. When she’s not working, Candice likes to spend her time eating, drinking and travelling. She wrote 48 Hours in the 021, her take on what to do in Cape Town over two days.

Editor’s picture Channay Harvey


Arts & Culture THE


says Moonchild as she walks into the restaurant for our interview. “I call my fans MoonBeams; if I speak to them directly it’s BooBeams; and I know your name, so you’re JuliaBeam.” Moonchild Sanelly (Sanelly is her first name) is used to heads turning when she walks into a room. “It’s because of my moon mop, it always turns heads. But I don’t care. I’m here to work, the rest is all just background noise,” she says. Moon (she tells me I can call her Moon for short) explains where her unique name originates from. “It comes from the word inyanga in Zulu, which means both moon and healer. My mom was a spiritual healer; she could see things and she dreamed things, so instead of being child of the healer, I decided to be child of the moon, aka Moonchild.” Growing up with her mom in Port Elizabeth, Moonchild was protected like a porcelain doll. “I was a very pretty child, and by six months I was already a catalogue model. I wasn’t allowed to clean anything in case my knees got dirty. I had to enter Miss Beautiful Legs, and they wouldn’t be beautiful if they were stained.” The rules at her grandmother’s house were completely different. “When I stayed with my Songstress, fashion designer grandmother, I’d have to wash my own shirt after school, no and mom Moonchild chats excuses. I’d hear my mom’s voice in my head telling me not to to Julia Rice in her most dirty my arms or wrists, so I used a brush to clean instead of my hands, hoping no one would catch me.” candid interview yet about “It was strict, but I was spoilt at the same time.” She remembers her battle with bulimia, her how her mom would scold her if she saw her walking behind her highs and lows, and why group of friends instead of next to them or in front of them. My authenticity rules mom said, “You never follow. You need to be in the same line as them heading for leadership, or people must follow you.” Despite the focus on beauty and pageants in her mom’s home, Moonchild had a healthy body image and really only looked at herself in a different light in matric. “I realised I was fat, I mean I wasn’t really fat, I was a size 34; however, I became obsessed and began exercising compulsively. I became bulimic when it hit me that I could still eat, so my family would be happy, and yet I wouldn’t put on weight, which made me happy. I’d eat and eat and eat, and then weigh myself, and then puke, and then weigh myself again. I got to a point where I’d carry Tropika bottles around with me and puke in them.” She was in a bad place. “My mom passed away when I was 17, and it was from then on that I didn’t care what anyone said or thought about me. The one person whose opinion I cared about wasn’t there anymore, and knowing she accepted me for who I was, was all I needed.” Moonchild ran away from home when she was 18 and moved to Durban where she studied fashion design as well as business in fashion at UKZN. However, she was bigger than Durban, and the City of Gold was where she wanted to be. “I moved to Joburg in 2010 because I wanted more than anything Durban could offer me. There was nothing that was going to stop me from doing what I came here for, and there was no way I was going to go back home and work in a clothing store styling mannequins. I’m more than that. I love the chase of Joburg and that feeling of slight uncomfortableness.” She was still struggling with bulimia all through university until she fell pregnant with her daughter at 21. Her moon mop: I needed to know all about it. “I wore red extensions for seven years and then I decided to shave it all off. I didn’t want to be like anyone else. Two days before my mom died, I told my cousin, 15 |

‘There’s going to be a drastic change in my life’ and I had a dream I changed my hair. Two days later, my mom died in a car accident. This was obviously the huge change I’d subconsciously dreamed about. When I moved to Joburg, I let my natural hair grow out, and then on a trip to PE, when I stopped off in Durban to pick up my daughter, Arti (her daughter is seven and her twins are three), a my friend of mine had wool in this exact colour and I knew then and there I had to have it; this was what I’d been looking for.” Growing up Moonchild always loved rag dolls, so it was kind of like bringing a rag doll to life, she says. One might say she’s gone full circle; from being treated like a doll growing up to now becoming a doll, but doing it her own way, with a bit of cheekiness and a whole lot of rebel. When I ask Moonchild when she’s happiest, her face lights up. “On stage. I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. I’m so completely in it, no matter if there are 10 people or 10,000. I’m like a superhero in charge of my destiny.” You’re so bright and bold and bubbly, do people see you as happy all the time, I ask. “I’m definitely not happy all the time; I just find it extremely difficult to express sad emotions. There aren’t many people who actually know me. I open up to people, but only on a surface level; there’s a lot of stuff I keep to myself. People sometimes take this as me being unapproachable, but it’s actually cos they’re just talking sh*t and I can’t deal with those pretentious types.” She talks about how in the next five years she’d like to be teaching Grade 11 and 12 kids how to sew. “So, whether they make it into varsity or not, at least they’ll have a skill they can use. I don’t know where I’d be without my sewing machine; I take it everywhere I go and it is my solace.” And in terms of her music, in her own words: “I want to f**k up the world musically.” Moonchild is keeping it real, so real, and is using her raw talent to 16 |

Photographs Jurie Potgieter

Cover Profile

make it big. “I don’t want it to be about the amount of followers I have on social media. I must be popular because I can actually do it and because I’m flipping talented. Authenticity rules. Eventually, people are drawn to authenticity. I refuse to do anything, and be anything but.” And then she adds, “Just because you’ve signed doesn’t mean you’ve made it. Don’t relax. I will make CDs, hand them out for free in the townships, and you will know me whether you like it or not.” When it comes to her music, she’ll write about everything. “Laser beams, sh*ts about to fly, jealous girls, abusive relationships, pet spiders. I’m serious but I get bored with people who write seriously. I’m witty while always addressing serious stuff. I write about sex and I always say to the haters out there, ‘Just because I love it doesn’t mean I’m promiscuous. Own your sexuality, have pride’.” On her style, Moonchild says she’s inspired by animation and superheroes. “Sex and cartoons, that’s me.” She’s unapologetic for who she is and it’s amazing to see. “Know your power, own your power, and don’t apologise for being powerful. I’m finally in a safe space. I’ve been running away for so long, and I don’t need to anymore. When you do ‘you’, it will never be a job to wake up in the morning.”

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When trash is treasure At the bottom of Joburg’s CBD, a transit hub for new foreigners to the city, recyclers are beginning their day’s work of collecting and sorting materials to exchange for cash at the local depot Words Oratile Mashazi Photographs Jono Wood


he sun has barely crept into the sky and there’s activity everywhere. On a mission to tell the stories of the people clearing the city’s waste, Jono and I, after some trial and error, are eventually directed to a crew of Zimbabwean waste pickers. They’ve come to Joburg for the money and economic opportunities, so scarce in their home country. “I had a different idea of what I would be doing in Johannesburg but this work means I can feed myself, pay rent and send money back home,” says Carlos. Social contract is everywhere so

18 |

there’s companionship and camaraderie to be found even on the hard streets of Joburg’s inner city. These men, all from various parts of Zim, work together to make ends meet and share their burdens and lives together in South Africa. Carlos shares a bachelor flat with two others and they scour the city streets together every morning and afternoon. We run through the streets with them, racing through Jeppestown and Maboneng to the depot where they sell their goods. We wait outside the depot in the sun, chatting, laughing and smoking. And in these

Photo Essay

moments we could be anywhere in Africa, on a lunch break, young, enjoying the warmth of winter and camaraderie. Carlos takes us to his apartment a few days later and the whole crew comes through to talk and just be together in this story, in this moment where their existence and contributions to

IN THE WASTE PICKER’S WORLD, TRASH CAN BE TREASURE; RECYCLERS HAVE FOUND EVERYTHING FROM IPADS TO OLD CELLPHONES IN PEOPLE’S WASTE the city are being observed and acknowledged. On one of the Highveld winter’s coldest mornings we travel to Sandton, to a park occupied by BaSotho recyclers. The park looks like a village, with clusters of shelters scattered around. A stream running through is used for water and there is a fire burning at the centre of one of the camps. These BaSotho have occupied this park for years, and they have come to South Africa for whatever work they can find. There is order and humour in this community. The living conditions are hard but we are welcomed and accommodated. And, as the city starts moving and its suburbs start spewing streams of cars, the recyclers begin their trail through them, going through the dustbins for recyclables while the residents wave and make way for them. In the waste picker’s world, trash can be treasure; recyclers have found everything from iPads to old cellphones in people’s waste. But Joburg, a land of opportunity for so many on the continent, presents serious problems as well; the xenophobia and difficulty in acquiring legal status leaves the recyclers vulnerable to harassment from state forces, with Johannes telling me that the police routinely 20 |

Photo Essay

Photo Essay

come to the park and burn their belongings, often destroying the few documents and possessions they have.

RECYCLING IS BIG BUSINESS AND WASTE PICKERS ON THE STREETS ARE AT THE TAIL END OF A MULTIBILLION RAND INDUSTRY “Life here is hard but the hardest part is the brutality from the police,” Johannes directs me to a charred tree trunk and says, “they were here last week trying to evict us but we won’t move, we have nowhere else to go anyways.”

Immigration is a complex issue; the political and economic circumstances in our neighbouring and landlocked countries compound this complexity. While the political situation in Zimbabwe has brought many of its citizens to South Africa, the Zimbabwean recyclers we encountered are mostly legal and are therefore able to avoid police harassment and find places to live. The BaSotho recyclers are escaping an underdeveloped economy, where many of them have not had the opportunity or resources to complete secondary schooling. This systemic poverty means they can’t afford the several hundred rand necessary to sustain a work permit in South Africa, leaving them vulnerable to violence from police and state apparatus. The

reality is that recycling is big business and the waste pickers on the streets are at the tail end of a multibillion rand industry. The demand for the waste comes from corporations looking to manufacture from the recycled products, meaning the recyclers can support their basic needs through this hustle. However, working on the streets takes a toll on the soul. This, along with the access to instant cash, results in some recyclers falling into addiction and crime. But, in friendship and community, a strategy for self-preservation manifests, so much so that some recyclers have plans to further their studies or save up to start a small business. This is the beautiful thing about Joburg: a person can dare to dream, and, for a lucky few, that dream manifests.

Organisations like the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) are working towards a ‘recyclingminded’ society. The pulp and paper manufacturing industry is a key sector in the South African economy. Importantly, it employs a workforce of more than 150,000 people across the value chain – from forestry to pulp and paper manufacturing to informal collectors. Clean-up South Africa and Recycle Week from 14 to 19 September encourages citizens countrywide to recycle as a means of preventing ‘treasured trash’ from taking up precious space in landfills and extending its usable life as a new product. GOLDEN RULES FOR RECYCLING • Get to know which paper products are recyclable and which are not. • Separate recyclables from wet waste. • Separate any non-paper packaging from paper or cardboard. • Keep paper clean and dry as this ensures a quality fibre for use in making new products. • Invest in or make a paper-only bin or box for easy sorting. | | 23


Arts & Culture THE


EnRichEd Local fashion designer Rich Mnisi is inspired by film, music, art and nature. Here, we showcase his latest artistic, contemporary and imaginative fashion collection 24 |

Fashion | 25


Fashion | 27

Big Read

Arts & Culture THE



Sometimes we just need to sit back, relax and take in an artwork. Because every now and then we need a bit of upliftment, escapism and hope. Julia Rice sat down with Candice Berman from the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery to chat about five local artists changing the way we see art


Big Read

After Church by John Vusi Mfupi

Cadbury Lunch Bar Commission 2016 by John Vusi Mfupi


ohn Vusi Mfupi couldn’t afford paint. But that was the last thing that was going to stop him from becoming an artist. Instead, he collected magazines and tore off tiny pieces of coloured paper to create collages. He’s now one of the country’s most iconic collage artists. “His quality of work has improved over time,” says Candice. “When I started working with him three years ago, I saw potential and thought ‘this is someone to watch out for’. There is such growth and dynamism in his pieces.” Towards the end of last year John began experimenting with the burnt paper collage technique. John’s work deals with South African content and scenes of daily living. The context of the subject matter and the media that he utilises feed into the meaning of his works. His work incorporates a key message in his use of recycled and raw media, and that is his belief in the notion that artworks can be created out of almost nothing, and traditional fine art materials aren’t always needed. John has taken part in a number of international exhibitions to date and the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery will represent him at the START Art Fair in London at the Saatchi Gallery from 15 to 18 September.

Expand by Tamara James | 31

The Pianist by Nkhosinathi Thomas Ngulube Back in South Africa, Prof Jerome Loveland will be hosting a black tie art auction in September in which John is taking part. He and Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery have donated an artwork for auction to raise funds for the Surgeons for Little Lives Foundation. John was also recently commissioned by Lunch Bar via Plato Communications to create an artwork utilising their ‘upcycled’ Lunch Bar wrappers. He created a beautiful Johannesburg skyline with the sun setting over the city. Much of his work is about utilising that which is accessible and the process of recycling or upcycling materials in his media. He believes artworks do not necessarily need to be defined by traditional fine art materials. Artist and jazz musician Daniel ‘Stompie’ Selibe has mentored many young South African artists, including Nelson Makamo. “He’s a very humble, non-expectant artist,” says Candice. “He’s that kind of unsung hero of the art world, where a lot of artists profess to be politically tongue-in-cheek; they tend to do nothing with the gains they make, whereas Stompie expresses his art out of a love for art and a love for music.” Jazz is all about improvisation and spontaneity, and Stompie is translating that into his art. He often 32 |

uses sheet music as a canvas and then he improvises a jazz technique splattered on top of it. Stompie describes his work as a deconstruction and reconstruction of musical sounds and perceives his artwork as a means of creating music with all that he senses around him and as a means of expressing sounds from his inner being. Stompie comments on his work, “My art is an act of the soul, not the intellect. When we are dealing with sounds and visions, we are in the midst of the sacred self. We are involved with forces and energies larger than our own. We are engaged in a sacred transaction of which we know only a little, the shadow not the shape. We invoke the great creator when we invoke our own creativity and those creative forces have the power to alter lives, fulfill destinies and answer our dreams in our human lives.” The hustle and bustle of life in the city inspires Thomas Ngulube. He notes, “I stand in the middle of it and observe its crookedness, its beauty, its mysterious people from all over.” You’ll also find inspiration in his work from religious gospel stories and, in some instances, aspects of nature. This work, The Pianist, is iconic of Thomas’ style as he often utilises bright colours, integrating

Sheet Music Original by Daniel 'Stompie' Selibe

Big Read bold colours as the subject matter, which subtly create key elements in composition. In the process of allowing features found in each work to come together in a coherent formation, the subtle hint of subject matter is barely noticeable until one reads the title of the work. Thomas typically renders his subject matter in an abstract manner, with the title leaning into the idea of how one could interpret the work. He is known for his bold use of colour, abstract subject matter and loose technique. His style is very suggestive as opposed to literal.


Tamara James is quite an interesting photographer who uses her own body as a canvas. Tamara uses her own form. “She douses herself in black acrylic paint and the photos are taken from there. When you encounter her work, you see a very stark, black-and-white image, and at first it looks as if someone has splashed it onto the paper. Then you look again and realise it has actually been splashed onto a form. Her work blurs the line between fine art and photography. Her body is the canvas,” explains Candice. Roberto Vaccaro is a sculptor who uses primarily found materials. A lot of people use bronze, which is your typical material for sculpture, but he uses found metal and reconstructs images. Roberto frequents scrapyards and picks up things that perhaps look like a spine, or might look like a wing or a snout or a paw and from that he gets the element of the creature and builds onto it. What emerge out of this scrap, essentially, are huge, life-size, dramatic, bold beasts. One of his quirkiest pieces has to be an owl made out of an old typewriter sitting on a telephone pole. “What my artists have to offer is something fresh, new and engaging, without being politically painful, without being politically traumatic. We see so much violence in the news every day, so art should provide some sort of a haven. We should be able to engage with these things and not be bogged down by the reality in which we live. I see art as a redemptive thing,” Candice concludes. | 33

Arts & Culture THE


34 |


Vive la

(Joburg) France Although the Joburg French community isn’t a very large one, its zest for life and rich culture makes up for its size tenfold. French culture fundi Anne Dolinschek dons her beret to find out just what this unique community has to offer


oburg is a cosmopolitan city where people from all cultures and backgrounds live harmoniously side by side. The French community is one of these and is tightly knit. They mainly reside in the areas surrounding the French School, Lycée Jules Verne in Morningside. The school, one of two in South Africa, gives French speaking children the privilege of being taught in their mother tongue and learning about their heritage. From a young age they are given the opportunities to develop an appreciation for sport, dance, art and cooking – the last two very dear to the French. With less than 5,000 French people recorded living in Joburg and less than 8,000 in South Africa as a whole, it’s no wonder they are a close community. Alliance Française recognises this and organises over

50 cultural events yearly such as concerts, exhibitions, book launches, movie screenings and many more. It is also the main French book and DVD provider in South Africa. Food is very important to the French and only the best will do. When seeking out authentic food in the city, there is a handful of favourite restaurants that they frequent. Bistro Michel in the Blubird Shopping Centre, Bistro Vine in Parkhurst, Les Delices de France in Florida North and Chez Girard in Bryanston are all good picks when wanting to taste a bit of home. One thing became clear to me – the French love to have fun with friends, no matter where they are. They have a deep appreciation for life and celebrate it whenever they can. We can probably all learn from this. When invited around | 35

for a home-cooked meal, you are sure to be treated to rich and flavourful dishes such as boeuf bourguignon, bouillabaisse and cassoulet. Amid lively chatter, meals are generally paired with good wine and afterwards Cognac or Armagnac is served to end off the night. The French’s zest for life

FOOD IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE FRENCH AND ONLY THE BEST WILL DO. WHEN SEEKING OUT AUTHENTIC FOOD IN THE CITY, THERE IS A HANDFUL OF FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS is contagious, and, therefore, it only makes sense that there are quite a few festivals in Joburg dedicated to everything they value. The two most popular are La Fête de la Musique in June and Le Beaujolais Nouveau

36 |

OPENING PAGE Musicians at La Fête de la Musique in Melville THIS SPREAD Bastille Day celebrations at the Fourways Farmers Market and delicious baked goods at the Alliance Française

Experts’ choice of


whiskies. middleton barry crocket

R2 999

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R1 089.90per bottle


in November. Various French organisations such as Alliance Française and The French Institute of South Africa are integral in organising festivals such as these in order to bring the French community together. La Fête de la Musique was launched in 1982 and is held in over 100 countries worldwide. It usually takes place on 21 June annually to mark the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The festival came to South Africa in 2010 and is growing every year, with over 10,000 music lovers attending in Joburg this year. Le Beaujolais Nouveau is perfect for wine lovers and traditionally takes place on the third Thursday of November every year. It is a celebration of the arrival of the ‘earlyto-market wine’ that is produced in the vineyards of Beaujolais in the RhôneAlpes area. It also marks the end of a long year’s work for winemakers. This is one festival that is not to be missed! Strolling through the streets and markets at the weekends is another popular pastime for members of the community and they can be found eating, drinking and having fun at Arts on Main, Bryanston Organic Market or the Rosebank Rooftop Market on a regular basis. In addition to appreciating good food, wine and having a lust for life, the French also take great pride in their appearance. Their favourite shopping malls include Sandton City and Hyde Park Corner as they house some of the best European brands. The women in particular enjoy maintaining their stylish coiffure (hairstyles) and a sought-after salon is Ginger on 11th Street in Parkmore. The French community is growing in Joburg and they carry their culture wherever they go. Institutions such as Alliance Française and Les Frenchies are only two of many that ensure the community have regular outings, get-togethers and connect with each other. The best part is that you don’t have to be French to attend their events or get involved. Alliance Française also offers French classes and has the largest francophone library in the country, which is open to the public. Whether you are French or if you are into French culture, they will welcome you with open arms. FROM TOP More Bastille Day celebrations • The French School in Bryanston, Lycée Jules Verne • Steak Tartare at Bistro Michel • A musician performing at Le Delices de France

38 |

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CHRONICLES Leafy, tree-lined streets, bustling malls, luxury hotels, top schools and beautiful houses; Rosebank has it all, as Jo Buitendach found out

Motherland Coffee

Cool District

Arts & Culture THE


Circa Gallery


ating back to the early 1900s, the area has long been one of Joburg’s most charming suburbs. Over the last decade, though, Rosebank has been given a shot of cool and is now home to some of the city’s trendiest boutiques, galleries and coffee spots. Discover where to shop, eat, drink and play. THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION There is a touch of Americana invading Joburg and, if you want to experience it in all its star-spangled glory, a visit to Rosebank is a must. The newest kid on the block is international favourite Starbucks. Their Rosebank branch was the first to open in South Africa and is still generating large crowds of locals on a mission to get a strawberries and cream frappuccino or caramel macchiato. We love the earthy yet urban look of the store and most of the décor was created by local artisans, which is a total plus. Still feeling a bit peckish after your coffee, and in the mood for a sweet treat? Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is situated nearby and has an array of very sugary, very yummy doughnuts. From classics like the glazed iced or sugar-rolled, to the very over-the-top, gourmet peanut butter iced treat, sprinkled with chunks of iconic South African chocolate, the Lunch Bar. Starbucks, Corner Tyrwhitt and Cradock Avenue | Krispy Kreme, The Zone, 177 Oxford Road |

The Zone@Rosebank

GETTING IN THE ZONE Think of Rosebank and it is likely that The Zone pops into your head. As one of Joburg’s top shopping destinations, there is something to keep every member of the family | 41

Cool District

Everard Read Gallery

Hyatt Regency Johannesburg busy. After a visit to Cine Prestige, you will never want to watch a film any other way: private waiting lounge, snack menu, reclining seats and staff to cater to all your needs. Keeping with the movie theme, the latest craze to hit Rosebank is Maverick and Jane, your one-stop gourmet popcorn shop. Plain salted popcorn is so passé; rather try a yummy warm cone of salty olive oil and herb or, for those with a sweet tooth, the mouth-watering peppermint crisp flavour. Waiting for our coffee order at Motherland Coffee, we heard a regular call this cosy spot her “coffice” (get it? coffee+office=coffice). It’s relaxed, the staff are friendly, the coffee is delicious and it’s fair trade too. Hint: try the Dictator, an espresso, condensed milk and whipped cream extravaganza. For all the hip young things, an afterwork drink is essential, and there is nowhere better than News Café to start a fun night out. Have you heard that old saying “an ice cream a day keeps the doctor away”? Okay, so maybe it was an apple, but Pauls Homemade Ice Cream is so good you will want to eat it every day. And since

THERE IS A TOUCH OF AMERICANA INVADING JOBURG AND, IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT IN ALL ITS STAR-SPANGLED GLORY, A VISIT TO ROSEBANK IS A MUST it’s made with only the finest ingredients and contains no synthetic additives or chemicals, you can. Some retail therapy on the cards? Look no further than local design hero Thula Sindi’s luxurious Rosebank boutique. This fashion guru has dressed some of South Africa’s most beautiful women, including Jena Dover and Terry Pheto, shown collections around the world and won numerous accolades. Chiapas Eat Mexican is a fast, tasty and friendly food experience with a cafeteria-style line system. The Zone, 177 Oxford Road | Cine Prestige, The Zone| Maverick and Jane, The Zone |

Veuve Clicquot Signature Champagne Bar Motherland Coffee, The Zone | News Café, Shop No CO3, Standard Bank Building, The Zone| Pauls Homemade Ice Cream, Shop NM11, The Zone| Thula Sindi, Shop FF23, The Zone | Chiapas Eat Mexican, Shop FF24, The Zone FOR THE LITERATURE LOVERS Who doesn’t love a good book store/ coffee shop combo? The Exclusive Books at Rosebank Mall has it all. With a large selection of both cakes and books, this is the perfect place to idle away a lazy afternoon perched at the coffee bar. Exclusive Books, Shop C332&C333, Rosebank Mall | FIZZ AND BUBBLES A good glass of bubbly can make even the worst day just a little bit better. When it comes to sipping some fizz in Joburg, look no further than the Veuve Clicquot

Maverick and Jane | 43

Signature Champagne Bar, situated on the roof of the 54 on Bath Hotel. Veuve Clicquot Signature Champagne Bar, 54 on Bath, 54 Bath Avenue |

News Café

THE ART MILE The Circa Gallery is one of Joburg’s most iconic architectural landmarks; designed by StudioMAS, it is a masterpiece in itself. Showing some of the best in local contemporary art, the exhibitions change regularly, so it is always worth a visit. When you are done, pop across the road to one of our favourite art havens, Everard Read. The oldest commercial art gallery in Africa, it is over 100 years old, but still aims to show the finest in modern and contemporary art. And Rosebank is about to get a whole lot more exciting for art lovers and culture vultures. Well-known chef David Higgs will be opening a new restaurant, and upmarket residential spaces, showrooms and an art centre are all currently under construction. And an added bonus - the Anatomy Design Team will be opening a retail space, showcasing a selection of furniture and home ware. We can’t wait! Circa Gallery, 2 Jellicoe Avenue | Everard Read, 6 Jellicoe Avenue | Anatomy Design, Unit 4, Trumpet Building | (opening soon)


44 |







might as well call you ‘Google’ ‘cause you have everything I’m searching for,” is a pick up line you won’t hear at The Attraction Academy (thank goodness). When you think of attraction, seduction and pick up artistry, what comes to mind very clearly is Michael Douglas’s cheeky grin as uncle Wayne in the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. The typical playboy, so to speak, uncle Wayne teaches his nephew Connor everything he needs to know about seducing women. While the premise may be similar, the way it is done at The Attraction Academy is completely different. “What we do is less about pick up lines and more about engaging ways to start a conversation with the opposite sex. In fact, we don’t believe in pick up lines,” says Ryan from The Attraction Academy. Ryan and Josh started The Attraction Academy in 2011 after a life-changing mentorship from the world’s number one attraction coach, Adam Lyons. “When my first long-term girlfriend and I broke up, I started reading up on the art of attraction and seduction. I’ve always been the guy who just slots into the friend zone and, when I met Josh, he had similar goals to mine. We developed The Attraction Academy over seven years,” Ryan explains. “You get two types of guy,” says Ryan. “The ‘Natural’, who is able to approach women and develop attractions without any guidance, and the guy who is more introverted, who needs

Uncle Wayne from Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Supergirl & Robin from Movie 43 | 47


Speed dating

some assistance and guidance along the way.” Once signed up with The Attraction Academy, students attend a weekend-long workshop called The Master Class. “Here, men are taught about the inner and outer game,” explains Ryan. “The inner game is about the mental blocks that may be holding them back and the outer game is about tangible techniques that anyone can learn. In fact, attraction at its core has very little to do with external factors.” After The Master Class, students can attend a Boot Camp, which is another full weekend practical course. “During Boot Camp, we take the guys out into the field to bars, shopping centres, clubs, restaurants etc.” The men’s interaction with one another and the guidance doesn’t stop there. They start WhatsApp groups among themselves so they can bounce ideas off each other, share experiences and meet up to chat about their progress and life in general. “We also have an email group called The Wing Man Group 48 |


where students can share their concerns and ask questions,” says Ryan. “It’s not easy for guys to go out there and strike up conversations with women, so when they realise they aren’t the only ones struggling, and form friendships with guys over a common experience, it makes the whole thing a lot easier,” Ryan adds. “It’s not just about the women,” Ryan wants to make it clear. “Yes, we want guys to gain more confidence when it comes to meeting women, however it’s also about becoming confident in all life’s facets; work, sport, family etc.” According to former student, Richard, his whole perspective on life changed after he took The Attraction Academy Master Class. “I find it exhilarating that all I see now are opportunities - opportunities that, if taken, will amplify my life exponentially,” he says. And then there’s Danny, who says that as a direct result of the Master Class, he’s been able to initiate and maintain interesting conversations with women, and people in general.


LYNNE BLUMBERG INTERIORS Photograph Roger Bull Photography



home’s outdoor space should never be an afterthought, say Aurelio Cimato and Adriano Moroldo of Cimato|Moroldo Architects Inc. “The outdoors should always be an extension of the interior of the home; from the landscaping to the architecture, both spaces should speak to one another and flow.” They add that the décor of an outdoor space should be carefully considered, just as you carefully choose the décor for indoor spaces. Well-known interior designer Lynne Blumberg of Lynne Blumberg Interior Design agrees. “The latest trend in outdoor living is to bring the inside outside, and vice versa, to create landscapes that are both comfortable and beautiful.” Outdoor areas are not basic anymore; you can have a patio complete with small kitchen, pizza oven and dining area with special outdoor rugs. “Some gardens even boast meditation or exercise areas,” Lynne adds. Showering indoors? That’s boring. Lynne says outdoor showers are hugely popular and have become extremely sophisticated. She adds that where floor space is minimal, a vertical garden is an option. Lighting is a fabulous way to create a beautiful outdoor space. “LED lights hung in trees are exquisite, but can be quite expensive,” says Lynne. To cut costs, why not hang lanterns or fairy lights in trees or string them across the patio? “Placing floating candles in pools is magical and inexpensive.” If your budget allows, Lynne suggests hanging a chandelier for the perfect amount of drama. “Or, if you feel a chandelier isn’t for you, a bunch of hanging globes is bang on trend right now.” She adds that you should make sure its on a dimmer to create a soft ambience. In addition, Lynne says, “Edible herb, veggie and fruit gardens are all the rage, offering a fresh supply of ingredients. Water features, whether small stones bubbling with water or pots with smaller pots in them, also feature strongly, adding a whole new dimension to the garden.” What about colour? Fashionable colours for interiors this season are soft blues, salmon pinks and rose quartz. This colour scheme can be carried through to the outside. “By painting pots, buying scatter cushions or adding outdoor accessories in these on-trend colours, you will create a cohesive energy between the indoors and outdoors,” reveals Lynne. Lynne says a fabulous idea for creating the perfect outdoor space is to have a | 51


pergola made of wood or metal. “Just sitting under this, with bougainvillea branches in bloom hanging down through the slats, is exquisite.” Lynne’s top budget tips • Mirrors look amazing on an outside wall; they reflect the light and create a bigger space. This is great for a place without a garden. • Bring new life into old metal furniture with a lick of paint in hot cerise or soft aqua. • Create a dining room table using a pair of trestles topped with a sheet of glass or wood. • Retractable screens work as a shield against the midday sun and are perfect for small spaces as they can be wound back easily without automation.

We can't wait for some warm sunshine, floral notes of spring in the air and tasty, al fresco style dining to keep entertaining light, fresh and, most importantly, easy


Recipes & Styling Leila Saffarian Photography Graeme Wyllie

We’re so into the family

style trend of eating at the moment – platters, platters and a few more platters that look as gorgeous as they taste. Everyone is able to help themselves, the food and wine is passed around and the conversation flows. We came up with a few of the Joburg Style team’s favourite dishes – because sharing is caring. There’s a host of spring flavours that will keep you and your guests very, very happy.

Fresh basil, spring onions and salty peanuts can be added to the tomato mix

1. Crispy Noodle Cakes with Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Ingredients 4 tbsp (60ml) olive oil 500g ready cooked egg noodles ½ a tub plain cream cheese 150g smoked salmon Fresh dill, to serve Limes, to serve Freshly ground black pepper, to serve Method 1. Heat the olive oil in a large pan over a high heat. Add a small handful of noodles to the pan (creating a little nest). 2. Fry the noodle cakes for 2-3 minutes or until crisp and golden. Flip them over and repeat on the other side. Remove from the pan and place on absorbent kitchen paper. 3. Once cooled, place a teaspoon of cream cheese onto each noodle cake and top with a piece of smoked salmon. 4. Garnish with fresh dill, a squeeze of lime juice and some freshly ground black pepper. 56 |




Add a few chickpeas to the serving bowls for some added texture

2. Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta

Ingredients 3 tbsp (45ml) olive oil 8 slices of ciabatta, sliced in half 1 large garlic clove 150g assorted heirloom tomatoes, finely chopped A small handful of fresh coriander, finely chopped 4 tbsp (60ml) olive oil Juice of ½ a lime Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 100g feta cheese, crumbled Fresh herbs, to serve Method 1. Brush the olive oil onto the ciabatta slices. Place on a hot griddle pan and toast for 2-3 minutes. Allow to cool then rub each slice of toast with the garlic clove. 2. Place the chopped tomatoes, coriander, olive oil and lime juice in a bowl. Season well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix well. 3. Place the toast on a serving platter and spoon the tomatoes onto the bruschetta. 4. Top with crumbled feta, a final grinding of black pepper and scatter with fresh herbs.

3. Hummus

Ingredients 2 x tins chickpeas, rinsed and drained 4-6 tbsp tahini 2 small garlic cloves, peeled and roughly chopped 6-8 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp (45ml) hot water Juice of 1 small lemon A pinch of sea salt Olive oil, to serve Paprika, to serve Method 1. Add the chickpeas, tahini and garlic cloves into the bowl of a food

processor. Blitz for 1-2 minutes or until the chickpeas have created a coarse paste. 2. Slowly start adding the olive oil, followed by the hot water with the motor running until a smooth paste is formed (this can take a few minutes. Add extra olive oil and 1-2 tbsp of hot water if the paste is still a bit too thick). 3. Add the lemon juice and season with sea salt. (At this stage, adjust seasoning to your liking – you may prefer your hummus a bit more lemonflavoured). 4. Spoon into serving dishes, add a splash of olive oil and a pinch of paprika.

Toasted sesame seeds scattered onto the prawns before serving add a nutty element

4. Spicy Chorizo Prawns

Ingredients 2 tbsp (30ml) olive oil 1 small chorizo, sliced 1.5kg cooked and peeled prawns 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped A pinch of smoked paprika Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Juice of 1 lemon or 2 limes Fresh herbs, to garnish Crusty bread, to serve Method 1. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over a high heat. Add the chorizo and fry for 1-2 minutes to release the oils from the sausage. 2. Add the prawns and toss well in the chorizo oil. Add the garlic to the prawn mixture and fry for a further minute. 3. Add the smoked paprika and fry for a further 1-2 minutes. Season well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. 4. Add the lemon or lime juice to the prawns, toss well and spoon onto a serving platter. 5. Garnish with fresh herbs of your choice and serve with plenty of crusty bread. 58 |

4 5. Crispy Gnocchi Bites

Ingredients 4-6 tbsp olive oil 500g store bought gnocchi 100g freshly grated Parmesan Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper A drizzle of olive oil, to serve Fresh sage leaves, to serve Method 1. Heat the olive oil in a large non-stick frying pan over a high heat. Add the gnocchi to the pan.

2. Keep tossing the gnocchi every few minutes to prevent burning, and ensure all edges are crisp and golden (this will take about 15–20 minutes. Add a bit of extra olive oil to the pan if necessary). 3. Once crisp, golden and cooked through, remove the gnocchi from the pan and place on absorbent kitchen paper. 4. Place the gnocchi on a serving platter, scatter with grated Parmesan, season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, drizzle with olive oil and scatter with fresh sage leaves.


A drizzle of truffle oil would be a delicious and flavourful addition to this dish



KITCHEN COOL Keeping your kitchen swanky and your gadget and product needs sorted


Love it or hate it, an annual spring clean is absolutely necessary to ensure your home is clutter-free and looking its best. Pylones has taken the boring out of spring cleaning with its new range, including this fabulously quirky, and useful, Crumb Collector.


An award-winning Australian design and the finest quality, Japanese, high carbon stainless steel are just two reasons why Füri® is the number one knife brand in Australia, as well as the knife of choice for chefs and cooks around the world. What truly raises Füri® above its competitors is its pioneering handle design. The iconic reverse wedge shape means that the handle locks into the hand for a safer grip, which helps reduce hand fatigue. All Füri® knives are extremely sharp for excellent cutting performance. This is achieved thanks to the cutting edges set at an angle of 17 degrees.


With a heritage of over 85 years, Stanley Rogers is a brand icon for quality craftsmanship and continues to be a leading specialist in contemporary cutlery today. Today, Stanley Rogers is the number one Australian brand in stainless steel cutlery. Prestige® will be presenting two classic cutlery designs, namely Baguette and Albany. 60 |

Smeg’s collection of small appliances is a continuation of its 1950s-style glamour theme, offering the colours, curves and character synonymous with the retro range. The Smeg Retro Stand Mixer is an absolute gem and an amazing kitchen addition. It has a 10-step variable speed with a soft start function, safety lock when the head is tilted up, a large capacity stainless steel bowl and anti-slip feet, to name but a few of its incredible features.


Beautifully stylish and easy to use, the NutriBullet Pro now boasts a powerful 900 watt motor, enabling even quicker and smoother NutriBlasts. “We’re emphatically in the age of consumer sovereignty,” says local MD Shan Romon, “so it makes sense that we’re able to satisfy the growing demand by offering a wider choice of colours and capacity.”



ut first a little bit of history… there once were two men: Beaumont Hankey and Hugh Bannister. Beaumont was a sophisticated socialite – a man of distinction with a flamboyant personality who loved to charm the aristocracy. In contrast, Hugh was an astute businessman, considered, exacting and a great complement to his more gregarious partner. And then, magic happened. This blend of charisma and acumen led to the creation of Hankey Bannister Blended Scotch Whisky, which still reflects the duality of its founders’ substance and style. Hankey Bannister’s captivating elegance and outstanding reputation has attracted a prestigious array of devotees down the centuries and its history is threaded through with a seal of royal approval. From Prince Regent William IV to George V – from whom it received a royal warrant – their inimitable blended Scotch whisky has moved in illustrious circles. Within such circles could be found the Dukes of Norfolk and Queensberry, while Hankey Bannister’s impeccable credentials also found favour with Winston Churchill and literary icon Evelyn Waugh. Long cherished by devotees, Hankey Bannister reflects an enduring blend of refinement and delicacy, yet is readily embraced by new generations of Scotch whisky lovers. So, centuries down the line, we’re still enjoying Hankey Bannister, even more so by creating cocktails out of this liquid gold. Here are some of our favourites: Travelling Hankey, Mr Hankey, The Bobby Bannister and The Simple Serve.

What defines a whisky trend? A whisky trend is consistent of behaviours or tendencies that consumers show in relation to whisky. These tendencies or behaviours can affect whisky based on categories, for example blended Scotch vs single malt, and they can affect whisky based on brands, for example Chivas Regal. What is the most popular way to drink whisky? • It varies from person to person. • A splash of water is, however, recommended because water opens up the flavours. • The most classic way to drink whisky is on the rocks. This dates back to when there was no ice and people would use cold pebbles to cool their whisky.


How does the way we drink whisky in South Africa differ to the way people drink it overseas? South Africans see whisky as a drink for all occasions; it is a drink enjoyed in the comfort of homes and when out with friends. We see it for badging purposes, especially in high energy spaces such as clubs, where it is consumed by the bottle. In other parts of the world, it is about their culture, especially in the UK. There’s a rich heritage behind it, I would imagine a more relaxed environment where gentlemen enjoy it neat.

ABONGILE KOLISI, CHIVAS REGAL BRAND AMBASSADOR What are the current whisky trends you’re seeing worldwide? And locally? The latest trend worldwide is the introduction of non-age statements by whisky houses. It is believed that in the near future all whiskies will be non-age statements and consumers will enjoy the whisky based on the quality of the whisky as opposed to age.

What is the most popular Chivas Regal whisky and why do you think this is? The Chivas 12 Year Old, due to the fact that it is the flagship of the Chivas Regal range. The newly launched Chivas Regal Extra is, however, gaining momentum and is popular among both men and women. It has a higher proportion of ex–sherry casks giving it the sweetness that appeals to women.



What are the latest whisky trends locally and worldwide? Bourbon is really flying at the moment. It has been predicted that by closer to 2020, bourbon sales will have | 63


overtaken Scotch malt whisky. Locally, whisky is really popular, especially the Japanese whisky – it is seeing a real high at the moment. In the US, craft distillers are doing really well and it seems as if a new distillery  is opening up every three seconds. I feel that different trends are happening in different countries as the  bourbon scene  hasn’t  quite  made its way locally yet, but I have a feeling in the next year or so bourbon will be very popular, especially rye whisky. What are some of the new whiskies on the market? Some of the new  whiskies that have made their way to our shores in the last month or so are the Ardbeg Dark Cove, The Glenmorangie Milsean and the Highland Park Ice, all of which are limited releases and very  desirable.


What’s the most popular way to drink whisky? And what is the ‘proper’ way to drink it? I presume that in warmer climates you would probably find that more people enjoy drinking their whisky over ice, while in cooler  climates people tend to drink it neat. I have always believed in drinking the spirit in its purest form to get the most flavour and enjoyment from my dram. As for the proper way to drink whisky, the answer is simple: drink it the way you like it. Especially if you have paid for it.

What is it about whisky that makes it so desirable? In an emerging market such as South Africa, whisky is seen as a status symbol, like your car or clothes. For me, personally, it is the mystery, the history, the tradition and that it is still made the same way as it has been for hundreds of years.  You have to have  patience  to produce a great whisky; there is no way to rush the process. Just think of what other product you might consume or use that took 12 years to produce, even your entry level whiskies take a  minimum  of three years to produce! As a whisky newbie, what whisky should you start with and why? The best thing to do if you are interested in starting your whisky journey is to get a few like-minded friends and start a whisky club. That way you can try many whiskies but not necessarily have to buy them all. Any quirky whisky facts you know off the top of your head? • In 1930, no fewer than 282,122 stills were discovered in the US. • To be called Scotch whisky, the spirit has to be made, matured and bottled in Scotland and be matured for no less than three years in oak barrels. • Scotch whisky contributes 25 percent of all British agricultural export.












Photograph Gallo Images/Getty Images/iStock


67 |

Cape Town Durban Travel Snippets The French Alps


48 HOURS I N THE 021 Two days in the life of well-known Capetonian blogger Candice Bresler from A Gorgeous Life


hile I count myself lucky to call Cape Town home, living in such a vibrant and cosmopolitan city comes with its own set of challenges, as we’re simply overwhelmed by choice. Keen to experience the city as the locals do? Join me for 48 hours in the city.

Day 1

8AM Capetonians take breakfast very, very seriously. Whether it’s simple avocado on toast, middle-Eastern inspired shakshuka or classic eggs Benedict, make sure you start your day on the right foot. TRUTH Coffee in town not only offers breakfasts that result in a queue out the door, but also, arguably, the best coffee in the city. Roasted on the premises, it is a great introduction to the Cape’s obsessive coffee culture. 10:30AM From the CBD, head over to Sea Point and the Promenade – an 11km pathway right along the coastline. Rent a bicycle from Upcycles and enjoy a leisurely ride, dodging the ocean spray as you go. Perfectly showcasing how the line between ‘tourist’ and ‘local’ blurs in the city, expect to be joined by families, runners, cyclists and enthusiastic dog-walkers. Good routes include heading 68 |

towards the Green Point Urban Park by the stadium, or even down to the V & A Waterfront. A game of putt-putt and a twirly-whirly ice cream cone are mandatory afterwards. 1PM Time for lunch. Hop back in your car and follow the road to Camps Bay. Known as a tourist hotspot, it is also exceptionally popular with locals – blame it on the pictureperfect, palm tree-lined beach and abundance of cocktails. There is also a fantastic selection of restaurants just waiting to be discovered. A favourite is Del Mar – modern Mexican food, overlooking the famous ‘strip’. 3:30PM Explore the centre of town. Whether it’s a stop on Lion’s Head to enjoy views across the city or a gentle meander around Table Mountain, you’ll soon notice we are an active bunch, with people wrapped in Lycra wherever you go. 6PM There are more restaurants in the centre of town than days in the year, however ASH, Mulberry & Prince and The Shortmarket Club are three that have recently opened and become instant hits with locals. If you’re not keen on booking beforehand, then have a look at Kloof Street House and El Burro Taqueria – both serve delicious, unfussy food.

Local Travel

Day 2

8AM Put on those walking shoes and head down to Newlands Forest for a wander. Enjoy the cool shade of the morning while taking in the pine-scented air and marvelling at the mountain in front of you. And yes, even as locals, we still marvel. Be responsible and be sure to take plenty of water, a warm jacket and cell phone. 10AM Time for brunch in the ‘burbs – or, not quite. There’s no escaping the Cape’s abundant wine culture. Steenberg Wine Estate in Tokai is only 20 minutes away, and apart from producing stellar wines, also makes the best brunch in the city. Start with a warm, honey-glazed brioche roll and a glass of their Chardonnay MCC, before moving on to their classic eggs Benedict, served with a side of pork belly bacon. 1PM We now head to the Kirstenbosch Food and Craft market, which takes place on the last Sunday of the month. It is filled with everything from secondhand books to local crafts and curios – and, of course, plenty of delicious food. 3PM Taking place from the end of November until the beginning of April, the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts feature a selection of local and international acts. Tickets include entrance to the garden, so you are able to wander through these world-famous gardens ahead of time. 7:30PM Head through to Hout Bay, just over Chapman’s Peak, to Tintswalo Atlantic. This luxury lodge, right on the water’s edge, is a secret even amongst locals. Pop down for sundowners and a view across the bay that very few have seen. Once the sun has set, head back to Hout Bay for dinner at one of the many restaurants – the calamari at the Chapmans Peak Hotel has a cult following.

ALSO CONSIDER THE CAPE TOWN FLOWER SHOW From 27 to 30 October you can look forward to a huge range of blossoming features at the Castle of Good Hope. WINDHOEK OKTOBERFEST A traditional Oktoberfest hosted by Namibia Breweries on 21 and 22 October at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville. SAY CHEESE! ARTISAN CHEESE FAIR The first Say Cheese! Artisan Cheese Fair, on 24 and 25 September, celebrates all things cheese at the Italian Club in Milnerton. | 69

Local Travel


Blue Views & South Beach Planet Bar

The Labia Theatre

Located in the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town’s grandiose establishment, Planet Bar combines Sex and the City-style chic with timeless elegance. Join the throng of well-heeled Capetonians for sundowner cocktails, or indulge in pre-dinner Champagne and cocktails. It offers a cocktail menu, a wide selection of bubbly and wines and an assortment of light meals and canapés.

After a couple of drinks at Planet Bar head to The Labia Theatre next door. The Labia was opened by Princess Labia in May 1949 as a theatre where plays could be performed. Today it‘s known as the oldest independant cinema in South Africa and caters to an alternative crowd of viewers. The highlights are the antique ticket booth, the small bistro where you can buy homemade chocolate biscuits or soups and the popcorn stall.


The Grand Daddy Hotel

The clock has struck tea in the Mother City, and we’ve got cake plans. Head to the original Melissa’s on Kloof Street for its prized carrot cake. You’ll find trendy locals tapping away on laptops, occasionally moseying over to the lunch buffet, a half-full mug of coffee by their side. Tuck into a large slice of carrot cake, washed down with Nutella hot chocolate.

70 |

If you really want to be in the thick of Cape Town nightlife, then you must stay at The Grand Daddy Hotel on Long Street. Its airstream rooftop trailer park  is legendary. The seven glinting, individually themed trailers take visitors on a fanciful, fuss-free journey. Celebrate the silver screen in an outdoor cinema, the Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema.

If you’re looking to spend the night in Cape Town, you can’t get much better than Camps Bay or Bakoven. Blue Views and South Beach offer a total of 29 five-star self-catering accommodation options, ranging from a studio apartment to a sevenbedroom villa, all in Camps Bay and Bakoven. All of the properties have access to a swimming pool and are located no further than 100m from either the secluded Bakoven beaches or the vibrant Camps Bay beachfront.


The location is a prime position at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town’s number one tourist attraction, and the food seems kind of secondary. And yet, it is anything but. Baía specialises in the finest seafood, the most delicious poultry, beef and venison and a renowned wine list with rare Cape vintage wines and imported liqueurs. It's the place to indulge in the best seafood platter in the Cape.


48 HOURS I N THE 031 Proud Durbanite Kirsty Bisset lets us know what she gets up to on the weekends in this beautiful beach city


hen people think of Durban, they think of beaches and laid-back personalities. But did you know there’s so much more to this ever-growing city than holidays and humidity? Voted one of the top 52 cities to visit by CNN, and one of the New7Wonders Cities of the world, it seems that Durban is quickly waking from its sleepy, holiday-town slumber. Here’s how to get the most out of Durban in 48 hours.

Day 1

5:30AM Like most Durbanites, get off to an early start with a 5am SUP paddle around Vetch’s Pier near uShaka Marine World. The reef teems with marine wildlife and the chance of interacting with dolphins is fairly high. Boards can be hired from Xpression on the Beach for R100 per hour. 7:30AM After an invigorating paddle, you’ll be craving some breakfast, so it’s off to the Boiler Room Cafe, located at the old Lion Match factory. I recommend the huevos rancheros, but make sure you check out the daily specials. 8:30AM No trip to Durban is complete without channeling your inner BFG at Mini Town. 9:30AM Durban is one of the world’s most culturally rich cities, bringing together a mix of British, Zulu and Indian influences. To really get a feel for the city’s vibrancy, I suggest taking a guided tour of the markets of Warwick Junction. Colourful, energetic and

vibrant, the daily trading all takes place under the watchful gaze of the incredible street art of Faith47. 11AM Durban is currently enjoying a sustained period of urban renewal. Projects such as Rivertown and Station Drive are seeing the inner city transformed into hubs of creativity, art and, yes, ‘hipsterism’. If Maboneng or Braam in Joburg are your vibe, then the Rivertown and Station Drive precincts are going to be your cup of handcrafted, organic, artisanal-brewed, lactose-free tea. 1PM It’s lunch time, so I highly recommend Republik in Durban North. Specialising in gourmet burgers, craft beer, boutique wine and hand-roasted coffee, Republik will fill that gap in the best way possible. 2PM One of the best ways to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon is exploring the spectacular Valley of a Thousand Hills. You can take a self-drive into the valley, or a guided tour with Street Scene Tours, but must-sees are the Indigo Skate Camp and Ohlange High School (which was co-founded by ANC founder John Dube and is the place where Madiba cast his first vote on 27 April 1994). 5PM Time to make your way back into town and, as dusk approaches, there’s no better way to see in the night than with a few drinks at Sidebar in the vibrant Florida Road. Aptly named, Sidebar is an extension of a popular Durban institution - Spiga. With a comprehensive mix of cocktails, craft beers,

shooters and wines on offer, a few drinks at Sidebar often result in a dinner of pizza or pasta brought in from Spiga. 7PM If you’re able to drag yourself away from Sidebar, then dinner at Spiga is a must. Delicious and affordable, Spiga is one of Durban’s most loved restaurants and the perfect place to top up before you head out. 10PM It’s Saturday night, and you came here to PARTY. Sure, Durban has a host of clubs that will match up to anything Joburg has to offer, but why not try something a bit different? My suggestion is to check out The Chairman on the Durban Point.’ The Chairman combines an old world cigar and jazz bar with the contemporary ambience and energy of a funk fusion lounge. 1AM No matter what time you decide to head home, no Saturday night is complete without a stopover at Johnny’s Roti in Sparks Road. Treat yourself to a chip and cheese roti with mutton gravy. You can thank me later.

Day 2

8AM After a very busy Saturday, I generally like to take it a bit easier on a Sunday by heading up the coast. One of my favourite ways to start my Sunday is with a delicious breakfast at Delish Sisters located at The Litchi Orchard in Salt Rock. My personal favourites are the zucchini fritters and the pecan-crusted French toast. After breakfast, take a walk around Litchi Orchard and maybe treat yourself to

Local Travel something from Yoli’s Artisanal Breads & Pastires or Scoop Hand Made Ice Cream. The brown bread ice cream is life-changing. 9AM OK, so I may have exaggerated the ‘chilled Sunday’ part. After breakfast why not head for Sugar Rush Park in Ballito? A haven for the kids, Sugar Rush includes a gymnastic and trampoline park and a playpen. 11AM The beauty of the KwaZulu-Natal north coast is staggering, and surprisingly underutilised. The beaches are pristine, offering a mix of golden sands, blue water and dramatic rock faces and features. I suggest spending some time exploring the rock pools and beaches of Chaka’s Rock and Thompson’s Bay. 1PM Where did the day go? You’ve just realised how hungry you are, so it’s off to Bel Punto in Umdloti. Located across the road from the beach, Bel Punto is one of Durban’s few true beach restaurants. Upmarket but not pretentious, Bel Punto is the kind of place where you can sit down for lunch and end up leaving after dinner. 4PM So, if today isn’t an eight-hour lunch at Bel Punto, consider taking a stroll along the Umhlanga Promenade, finishing up at The Oyster Box. One of my favourite places in Durban, I highly recommend making your way up to the Lighthouse Bar on the roof of the opulent hotel for sundowners. 7PM Your last stop for the weekend is Remo’s Fratelli on the corner of Lighthouse Road and Chartwell Drive in Umhlanga. A culinary treat, Remo’s is the perfect mix of incredible décor, scrumptious food and a vibrant energy. Order yourself a limoncello, and make sure you stick around until they play Mumford and Sons ‘I Will Wait’. Trust me.

ALSO CONSIDER KLOOF TO INCHANGA STEAM RAILWAY Every Sunday at 8:30am and 12:30pm the Umgeni Steam Railway departs from Kloof and chugs its way through to Inchanga Station. SA VS NEW ZEALAND Two giants of world rugby will be pitted against each other in the Durban’s Shark Tank – Kings Park – on 8 October. I HEART MARKET Taking place on the first Saturday of every month, the market features goods that are ‘handcrafted, homemade, locally designed, with a contemporary edge.’ | 73

Local Travel


Fairmont Zimbali Resort The world-class uShaka Marine World is a key attraction on Durban’s Golden Mile, offering a world of entertainment, excitement, fun and uniqueness. It offers dolphin and seal shows, penguin presentations, shark dives, ray feeds and much more. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy the water world of slides and pools at uShaka’s Wet ‘n Wild. Or enjoy a unique shopping experience while kids have fun at uShaka Kids World.

ESSENCE Festival

Long a summer tradition in New Orleans, ESSENCE Festival will be expanding to the international stage with the first ever ESSENCE Festival in Durban from 8 to 13 November. ESSENCE Durban will showcase international performers, world-famous speakers and local artists and experts. It will also pump up small businesses through empowerment seminars and career workshops.

Situated inside the exclusive Zimbali Coastal Estate, Fairmont Zimbali Resort is a tranquil retreat offering the utmost in stylish comfort and unrivalled service. The hotel provides guests with dining options on site or in Ballito. Savour afternoon tea at Dalchini or 31 Degrees while enjoying an uninterrupted sea view. Unwind at the Willow Stream Spa or enjoy an exhilarating workout at the Health Club. Kids are entertained at the Y-Univers Kids Club while parents enjoy a round of golf at Zimbali Country Club.

Suncoast Towers

Quarters Hotel

Max’s Lifestyle

uShaka Marine World

A chic hotel with direct access to the beach and close to Moses Mabida Stadium, the hotel offers spacious luxury rooms and the staff is accommodating and friendly. A visit to the Suncoast Spa is a must, and on Tuesday nights you can enjoy a curry buffet at the Jeera restaurant. The hotel has direct access to the Suncoast Casino.

74 |

Durban businessman and entrepreneur Robert Maingard converted four gracious Victorian homes on Florida Road into a luxury boutique hotel with immense charm and character. Inside is a subtle combination of modern sophistication and old-fashioned warmth. Numerous good restaurants can be found within easy walking distance.

One of Durban’s best restaurants with a traditional ‘Kasie’ (ethnic township location) culture. People from all walks of life, cultures and races, young and old come to enjoy the best service. Max’s Lifestyle started out as just a butchery and shisa nyama in a one-room shack near a stream, and was built in front of a former taxi rank in 2002.

Settle into the Rhythm of the Wilderness with

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Discover the joy of the

open air -

strap on your hiking boots ...

Didima Resort

Giant’s Castle Resort

Thendele Resort

Glide through warm seas, soak up hot sunshine on soft warm sand, dump your phone ...

Let the warm sea and hot sun remove your cares and stresses; treat yourself to a balmy break at one of our beach resorts. Only a few hours drive from Durban or Johannesburg. Go Wild and Make Reservation Now! Ezemvelo KZN your Wildlife

T: +27(0) 33 845 1000 E: Online booking:

wwww w w . .k kz nz wn i w l d il il f de .l ci of me . c o m

Ezemvelo KZN Ezemvelo KZNWildlife Wildlife

Conservation, Partnerships & Ecotourism

Travel Snippets

Eat. Play. Stay Robertson Wine on the River

The ultimate spring festival is taking place in the splendour of the Robertson Wine Valley on the banks of the Breede River at the Goudmyn Farm from 16 to 18 October. Wine tasting is the main attraction at this outdoor festival and visitors can look forward to more than 300 wines from over 40 wineries. There will also be cheese, olive, coffee, chocolate and nougat tastings. If you’re still hungry, you can buy delicious country fare at the food stalls, picnic along the river, check out the Robertson Farmers Market or have a lazy lunch at the Riverside Restaurant. STAY Galloway Guest House is a brand new, beautiful spot in the Robertson Wine Valley. Sip on a glass of local fine wine while enjoying stunning mountain sunsets.

Macufe Festival

Macufe, the 10-day Mangaung African Cultural Festival in Bloemfontein, showcases the cream of African and international talent. The Festival, from 1 to 9 October, features jazz, gospel, kwaito, hip hop, R&B, rock and classical music, as well as dance, drama, cabaret, musical theatre, poetry, fine art and traditional arts and crafts. First held in 1997 before an audience of 30,000, Macufe now attracts over 140,000 people from South Africa, Africa and the world. STAY De Oude Kraal Country Estate and Spa is a quaint, award-winning guesthouse situated 35km south of Bloemfontein on the N1.

Skateboarding World Championships

The annual international skateboarding competition will be held at the state-of-the-art  Kumba Skate Plaza during the Kimberley Diamond Cup (KDC) from 3 to 8 October. This year’s championships are expected to draw 300 of the best skateboarders from 60 countries. The KDC will also feature a free Festival Village with live music and dozens of local food and craft vendors as well as a Freestyle Motocross Exhibition. STAY With breathtaking views of an 18-hole golf course, Swanlake Luxury Accommodation is an idyllic escape.

Franschhoek Uncorked

Franschhoek Uncorked takes place over Heritage Day weekend from 24 to 25 September. You can farm hop from one participating winery to the next for a host of wine tastings and to stock up for the festive season. You’ll also have the opportunity to check out some of the art exhibitions around town. Furthermore, there will be live entertainment and children’s play areas. A weekend pass will grant you access to all wineries, a complimentary tasting glass and wine samplings. STAY Beautifully restored, the five-star The Last Word Franschhoek boutique hotel has been designed with sumptuous home comforts. | 77

Travel Snippets

Magoebaskloof Spring Festival

At the annual Magoebaskloof Spring Festival, the whole region of Haenertsburg, Limpopo blossoms into life with all things spring. It takes place from 24 September to 2 October in the Magoebaskloof Hotel. The festival boasts a variety of stalls and exhibitors. Arts and crafts include items made out of ceramics, glass, wood and wrought iron, as well as mosaics and jewellery. Clothing and goodies for the home are always a hit such as handmade soaps and organic lotions. Sample decadent cheeses, home-made preserves, handmade sweets and indulgent biscuits in the dedicated food hall. STAY Immerse yourself in the festival activities and stay at the Magoebaskloof Hotel.

Hermanus Whale Festival

The only enviro-arts festival in the country celebrates its 25th year from 20 September to 2 October. Known as the best landbased whale watching destination in the world, Hermanus plays host to thousands of visitors who flock to the seaside town to exhilarate in the unique natural environment, watching the whales while revelling in live music performances. STAY The Whale Coast Hotel offers a unique experience in elegantly styled apartment suites.


An annual festival situated in the jewel of the Karoo, GraaffReinet. This year, it runs from 30 September to 1 October at the Botanical Sports Grounds. The festival celebrates the unique traditions, lifestyle, food, music and arts of the Karoo people. Yearly, more than 5,000 people attend the event and there are more than 80 stalls offering food, drink and local crafts. STAY The beautiful Drostdy Hotel is located in the quaint, culturally rich centre of Graaff-Reinet. 78 |

Mmm McGregor Festival

McGregor will host the third annual Mmm McGregor Festival on 24 and 25 September. Linking creativity to the art and celebration of fine cuisine, this event brings galleries, entertainment and eateries together. Taste wines found in McGregor or enjoy a range of meals in the kitchens of the town’s most renowned cooks. Alternatively, peruse masterful artworks by local artists. Local wineries and food producers will be offering tastings in the main marketplace. STAY If you’re looking for a romantic night away from the hustle and bustle, then the luxurious Le Bonheur is the spot.

Nestle Ice Cream Strawberry Festival

Don’t miss the Nestle Ice Cream Strawberry Festival at Redberry Farm in George from 1 to 2 October, a perfect day out with the family in the fresh farm air with the magnificent Outeniqua Mountains as a backdrop. Throughout the festival, there will be stalls selling a variety of delicious foods, local wines and craft goods, as well as live music and various fun activities. There are a number of traditional strawberry activities to get involved in. STAY The Oubaai Hotel Golf & Spa is located less than seven minutes’ drive from George Airport in an area renowned for its pristine beaches.

SSBR 449371

k styling. 160,000. ipped bac tr S . r™ te e. From R s d in a g o n R e ® in n o w ds 00cc V-t arley-Davi datory 12 The new H dling. Pre n a h d e ir Race insp


©H-D 2016. Harley, Harley-Davidson and the Bar and Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, Inc.

Ski’s up The French Alps offer a myriad stunning ski holiday options with quaint Alpine villages filled with cosy chalets, superb skiing opportunities and an après-ski life that is exceptional SKIING THE FRENCH ALPS

The highest and most extensive mountains in Europe, the Alps are, without a doubt, the ideal location for memorable skiing holidays. But not only that! Beyond winter sports, the Alps offer a spectacular backdrop for summer activities and Alpine villages with traditional woodworking, cheese making and a strong cultural identity. Life in a ski

Val D'isere

80 |

resort is full, varied and exciting. Mornings are usually spent initially learning to ski or, if you can ski already, then you’ll spend the day on the slopes, stopping off for lunch or a snack at one of the mountain restaurants. Après-ski starts the moment you finish skiing right through sunset, where you can enjoy sundowners and reminisce about the day’s skiing. Then it’s time to get your glam on and

head for dinner in one of the local restaurants, before partying the night away in a club or one of the numerous bars available.


LA PLAGNE La Plagne is located in the south-eastern region of Savoie in the western Alps, close to

International Travel

Skiing at Val D'isere

both the Swiss and Italian borders. Over 2 million people flock here to enjoy this resort’s huge 425km ‘Paridiski’ region, which is served by an excellent network of ski lifts. The resort offers hundreds of kilometres of pistes suitable for beginners all the way through to professional skiers as well as excellent glacier skiing. Off the slopes there are numerous ice sports to enjoy, including bobsleighs and a stunning ice-climbing tower. The region is actually home to 10 separate little villages, including Montalbert, Champagny and Montchavin-Les Coches, and more modern establishments such as Belle Plagne and Plagne Centre. RUNS 127 BEGINNER RUNS 74 INTERMEDIATE RUNS 34 ADVANCED RUNS 19 SKI LIFTS 74 CHAIRS 32 DRAGS 31 GONDOLA CABLE CARS 11 CHAMONIX Located in the Haute-Savoie region of France in the French Alps, with breathtaking Mont Blanc as its backdrop, the extensive slopes offer challenging skiing to everyone, from beginners to the most advanced skiers and snowboarders as well as professionals. The resort, which is home to the longest lift-served ski run in the world and was also the location for the first ever Olympic Games in 1924, also offers a vibrant après-ski life, making it a great location for a ski holiday. The resort itself is compact, full of accommodation and entertainment options. In peak season, the atmosphere is lively and cosmopolitan. The Chamonix region is actually a valley with various villages and ski areas, such as Balme, Le Brévent and La Flégère (the latter two are linked by lifts).

Bubbly in the French Alps

Traditional cheese dish | 81


RUNS 76 BEGINNER RUNS 45 INTERMEDIATE RUNS 20 ADVANCED RUNS 11 SKI LIFTS 47 CHAIRS 16 DRAGS 16 GONDOLA CABLE CARS 15 LES DEUX ALPES Located between the Northern and Southern Alps in France, this long established, southern ski area offers exceptional skiing. This lively resort, which is one of the highest ski resorts in the country, features 225km of piste served by 40 lifts, not to mention the largest skiing glacier in Europe. Visitors enjoy skiing just a few steps from the main street, on both sides of the valley, reaching high up to the glacier area. The resort is also famous for its off-piste activities and its close proximity to other ski areas, offering an unmatched skiing choice. The Glacier du Mont, the highest point in the ski area, is connected to the resort of La Grave with an underground funicular railway and drag lifts.



(The Three Valleys), magical Méribel offers access to 600km of piste. The resort is very pretty, with traditional chalets adding to the picturesque beauty of this typical Alpine destination. Méribel caters to all grades of skier and snowboarder, which is part of the reason it’s so popular. The vibrant après-ski life is another big drawcard, and the resort is bursting with bars and entertainment venues. Méribel is covered with snow from early December right through April and the choice of ski runs is so vast that skiers never need to ski the same route twice during a week’s stay. Advanced skiers enjoy skiing Mauduit, a challenging red run that was once an Olympic downhill course.

MÉRIBEL Situated within the Savoie region of the French Alps in the largest ski area in the world, the renowned Les Trois Vallées


82 |

Cheese dish preparation

International Travel

Val Thorens

SKI LIFTS 45 CHAIRS 17 DRAGS 13 GONDOLA CABLE CARS 15 VAL THORENS Located in the Savoie region, this stunning resort is situated at the highest tip of the Trois Vallées, the largest ski area in the world. It nestles between six different mountain peaks and is the highest ski resort in Europe, with almost guaranteed snow for six months in the winter (from late November to the middle of May). It offers accommodation and entertainment for every type of skier and its après-ski life compares favourably with the most famous resorts in the world for choice and style. This resort is a popular choice for visitors from around the globe. RUNS 78 BEGINNER RUNS 40 INTERMEDIATE RUNS 29 ADVANCED RUNS 9 SKI LIFTS 31 CHAIRS 15 DRAGS 8 GONDOLA CABLE CARS 8 VAL D’ISERE Located in the south-eastern region of Savoie in the Western Alps, this traditionally French Alpine ski resort is both historic and beautiful. Skiers have come here since the 1930s, but Val d’Isere really became popular after the Second World War. Today, it’s extremely popular and quaint, with a mainly pedestrianised city centre filled with shops, restaurants and night-time entertainment offerings. The resort is also a leading competition venue, and hosted world-


class international ski championships and competitions including the Winter Olympics in 1992. Together with its neighbour, Tignes, Val d’Isere is part of the 10,000-hectare Espace Killy ski area, one of France’s best and most popular. With skiing available from early December until the beginning of May, and summer skiing available on the Fornet Glacier in June and early July, Val d’Isere

The best way to get there… AIR FRANCE

Of course, you fly Air France when you go skiing in the French Alps. And the holiday isn’t over when you get on your homeward flight. The airline is now offering flights to Johannesburg from Paris-Charles de Gaulle giving optimum travel comfort onboard a Boeing 777-300. Since March this year, Air France has been offering South African travellers a new level of superlative comfort to and from Paris twice a week on

is one of France’s favourite ski resorts. RUNS 154 BEGINNER RUNS 83 INTERMEDIATE RUNS 46 ADVANCED RUNS 25 SKI LIFTS 86 CHAIRS 45 DRAGS 33 GONDOLA CABLE CARS 8 the Boeing 777 with its long-haul cabins in La Première, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins. This is in addition to five weekly flights to and from France in the Airbus A380. Flights on the Boeing 777-333 depart from Paris on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and fly to Paris on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Air France has a mini website specifically dedicated to its brand new cabins and all the destinations that they serve: | 83

AIRFRANCE.CO.ZA Gradually installed on long-haul flight on a part of Boeing 777 fleet.

DAZZLING COMFORT NEW FULL LIE-FLAT BUSINESS SEAT A NEW IDEA OF TRAVEL. Our new business cabins have been designed to ensure comfort and well-being throughout your flight. The French art of hospitality was our inspiration. From now on your Air France seat serves as an office, restaurant, entertainment lounge and bedroom. You decide how to use the cabin to meet your needs. The attentive staff will be there to relax and pamper you with a warm welcome, quality service and little details throughout your flight.

Award winning chefs in flight France is about gastronomy and fine wines. Our rotating team of the finest French chefs will keep you delighted with great classics from every region of France and a wide variety of wine and Champagne.

Your business seat transforms into a full bed to ensure a good night’s rest. The surrounding space is uniquely designed to keep your personal effects close at hand while providing privacy and direct aisle access. A variety of custom entertainment programming is updated monthly on 16Zen Air France lounges inch HD touchscreens.

The spirit of Air France extends to our lounges, where you’ll receive a warm welcome in a calming atmosphere. Per use a wide variety of international publications and enjoy a snack while you wait. For those departing from Paris, relaxing Clarins spa treatments await.

SkyPriority, enjoy priority at the airport Direct access ensuring priority at every step of your journey: Priority check-in, boarding, departure and luggage access. Rendez-vous in Paris Before you set out again on one of a thousand possible destinations with our SkyTeam partners, why not make the most of your stopover in Paris? Monuments, museums and gardens. All of France is here for your enjoyment!

Diary Day Trips Art Stay Courses Classes Pamper Stores City Tours Culture Restaurants Children


Breakfast all day every day… Now that’s something we could go for. Well, say hello to the breakfast concept restaurant, Pablo Eggs Go Bar in Melville. The eatery serves breakfast every day of the week, day and night. Each uniquely different egg dish features interesting ingredient pairings and diners can expect to see their eggs paired with everything from textured fruit and cheese to  organically flavoured agar-agar bubbles. THIS is breakfast at its finest! 063 335 9348 | 85











ENTRIES TO BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL (ENTRIES@BEDFORDCENTRE.COM) OR DELIVERED TO CENTRE MANAGEMENT. Cnr Smith & Van der Linde Rd, Bedfordview, JHB | -26.187547 S 28.12573 E | Tel: 011 622 1840 |









1 7 September - 2 October

3 23 - 25

My Fat Friend Charles Laurence’s London and Broadway hit comedy stars much-loved funny man Tobie Cronje at the Pieter Toerien Main Theatre. Overly large Vicky guzzles comfort food and chocolate to make up for her somewhat boring existence. One day a handsome stranger stumbles into her shop…

Spirit of Spring Festival Enjoy light and tasty meals made with the freshest local ingredients, indulge in a spot of spring-themed shopping at the speciality stores and be entertained with the interactive workshops. The Montecasino Outdoor Piazza is the perfect backdrop to soak up the sun.

2 18

Blacks Only Weekend Comedy The Blacks Only Weekend Comedy show is one the most anticipated events on the social calendar and showcases the country’s top black comedians. Join award-winning comedian David Kau and many others, and laugh the night away at Emperors Palace Centre Court.

The Land Rover Africa Cup An action-packed day for polo lovers at the Inanda Club. The 2016 tournament will feature some of Africa’s top polo players teaming up against their South African counterparts. The theme this year is ‘Quintessential Polo – Above & Beyond’.

4 23

5 30 September & 1 October Legends of R&B Volume 2 Lenny Williams possesses one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music. He is rightfully regarded as one of R&B’s most influential soul men. Catch this show at the Teatro, Montecasino.

6 30 September & 9 October Cinderella Something wonderful is sure to happen when Joburg Ballet’s Cinderella returns to Joburg Theatre. Cinderella waltzes across the stage with Johann Strauss’s champagne-infused melodies providing the perfect musical setting for this ultimate rags-to-riches tale. Andrew Botha’s glittering designs frame the action and the full company lights up the theatre. | 87









1 23

AVON Justine iTHEMBA WALKATHON The largest breast cancer awareness walk, with over 25,500 participants, the iThemba Walkathon the whole family the opportunity to #WalkForAPurpose and enjoy an afternoon of memorable live performances, with fun for the kiddies too. Goodie bags for the first 30,000 people to register.


The DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival Held at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, you can look forward to performances by international musos Macy Gray and Hugh Masekela, as well as delicious food prepared by renowned chefs including Reuben Riffel.


Superbalist in the City In the City and online retailer Superbalist. com have joined forces to bring you Joburg’s hottest festival, Superbalist In the City. Known as one of the best events in the country, this 88 |

year’s festival takes place over three days across three different venues as a full weekend city takeover. The impressive line-up includes Foster the People and Eats Everything.


Johannesburg Garden Club’s 65th Birthday Event An open garden event at the glorious Garden of St Christopher in Hyde Park. The theme is Italian and ticket prices (R350) include Prosecco and Italian fare, with all proceeds going to Johannesburg Child Welfare (as part of the garden club’s annual fundraising efforts).

5 12 October - 27 November

Annie ‘The World’s Favourite Family Musical,’ Annie, features a complete all-star South African cast. Following an extensive six-month, nationwide search, the three best Annies in the country were finally found – Emma-Rose Blacher, Lilla Fleischmann and Caitlin Dicker. Enjoy the show at the wonderful Teatro, Montecasino.

6 23

Julio Iglesias World Tour Julio Iglesias will finally be back in South Africa by popular demand. Most fans in South Africa will have fond memories of dancing the night away to Julio Iglesias hits. Dance the night away at Big Top Arena, Carnival City.

7 26

Stellenbosch at Summer Place The stellar, one-night showcase of some of South Africa’s finest wines, food and art offers wine aficionados the exclusive opportunity to mingle with the country’s top winemakers and chefs.

8 26 - 28

RMB WineX The undisputed festival of choice for the discerning wine consumer. The show boasts the greatest selection of South Africa’s top cellars under one roof. Sip your fine wine at the Sandton Convention Centre.





4 12-6


5 3 12

The Bats Laughing at themselves and taking the mickey out of everything and everyone, while playing catchy music that will make you cheer out loud, this unforgettable show with four unforgettable guys will show at the Pieter Toerien Main Theatre.

Jerome Pernoo and Jerome Ducros A favourite with South African audiences, the two ‘Jeromes’ consistently deliver exciting and innovative performances. The Linder Auditorium plays host to these talented musicians.

2 12

Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge This year, the much talked about Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge takes place at Riversands Commercial Park. 947 will once again shut down some of the busiest roads on the continent to give you the opportunity to take over the city, on two wheels. Beyond

UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey Britain’s biggest reggae band of all time, UB40, will be performing classic hits and gems from their seminal albums ‘Labour Of Love Parts I and II’ at the TicketPro Dome. 90 |

4 20

the physical challenge, you can ride for a purpose to make a difference to others.

5 30 November - 24 December Cirque Eloize iD This astonishing modern circus transports audiences to a vibrant urban streetscape. The stage comes alive with the boundless energy of acrobats, breakdancers and contortionists, who perform against a kaleidoscope of eye-popping video projections, building to a stunning finale on a one-of-a-kind video trampowall. Have fun and prepare to be wowed at the Teatro, Montecasino.


Visitors contribute to our City’s economy including creating and sustaining many jobs. If we Make their Day, they will keep coming back over and over again. Let’s make sure they take home great memories of our great City



Joburg was named the Coolest City in the Southern Hemisphere by GQ (UK) magazine.

Day Trips

GET STUCK IN Here are two very different day trips to try: One is in downtown Joburg, which is full of great places of interest as well as superb shopping and dining opportunities. The other takes you further afield, just outside the city for some arts and culture

Nelson Mandela Bridge

#1 City sights

Olives & Plates

POPArt Theatre & the 12 Decades Hotel in Maboneng

Heading into the city is becoming a delightful excursion, what with the myriad restaurants, shops and interesting places to visit. 9am Olives and Plates offers an idyllic Cape Dutch setting with a patio shaded by old oak trees, a pretty garden and laid-back atmosphere. The food here is sublime, traditionally South African and the location is so peaceful, it’s hard to believe you’re in a busy, noisy city. 10am Head downtown to explore Absa’s interesting Money Museum. You’ll not only get to see the best collection of gold coins on the African continent, but you’ll also learn all about money in all of its historic incarnations, from gold and silver to beads, seashells and animal skins as well as salt, knives and whale teeth. You’ll step back in time around 5,000 years and find out all about different cultures and the items they used to barter with as well as all sorts of coins and bank notes from all over the world. Tech lovers will enjoy ALSO CONSIDER Olives and Plates also has a little store at the Wits Art Museum, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a good breakfast and see some stunning art treasures.

the displays covering the history of banking technology in South Africa, including Internet and cell phone banking, ATMs, credit cards and bank-related crimes. 12.30pm Head for Maboneng Precinct to enjoy lunch and some great shopping options. The area focuses on the arts and incorporates various developments such as the Work & Art Building. It offers all sorts of entertainment and dining options; we recommend you try popular The Blackanese Sushi & Wine Bar at Main Change. 3pm Arts on Main is one of the two main building complexes. Home to various shops, businesses and private art studios, including one owned by world-famous local artist

Canteen at Arts on Main

Sterkfontein Caves

William Kentridge, the area is a great place to explore. Visit the Goodman Gallery, full of local artworks, and the store selling local design brand Love Jozi. You can also pick up quality art books and local designer clothing. Then head for Main Street Life, home to numerous establishments, including a hotel and some great shops. 7pm On the ground floor of Main Street Life, there’s the Bioscope, a 62-seat indoor cinema, and a rooftop cinema for outdoor viewing, both of which are great for a night out. Enjoy some of the country’s best local movies, classic films and documentaries, and if you’re lucky, you may catch a concert, festival or workshop. With old car seats as the seating,

ABSA Money Museum

this cinema offers a unique experience.


In the Cradle Just 50km to the west of the city you’ll find the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cradle of Humankind, home to the famous Sterkfontein Caves and Maropeng. 9am Drive to the Cradle of Humankind after the traffic has died down. It’s a very famous area, known for the 2.3 million-year-old fossil that was found in the Sterkfontein Caves, nicknamed ‘Mrs Ples’, as well as numerous other fossils. 10am Maropeng Visitor Centre is your first stop. Explore this world-class exhibition that focuses on the development of both humans and hominins. At the entrance is the massive burial mound, the Tumulus. 11.30am Explore the Sterkfontein Caves to see evidence of how these fossils were discovered, offering insight into the last four million years. 12.30pm In the reception area at the start of the walkway leading to the caves, there’s a spot to have a bite to eat after exploring the caves. If you prefer something more substantial, try the Tumulus Restaurant at Maropeng before heading to the Sterkfontein Caves. 2pm Stop off at Nirox Sculpture Park on the way, part of the Nirox Foundation Trust, which also includes an artists’ residency, studios and workshops and outdoor concert venues. It’s located on 15 hectares of pretty landscaped gardens and waterways in the Khatlhampi Private Reserve in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind. This scenic, tranquil location is a unique platform for exhibiting outdoor sculptures and installations created by the artists in residence as well as pieces that are on temporary display. ALSO CONSIDER The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is another great adventure. Experienced trackers and guides offer excellent game viewing opportunities to see lions, cheetahs, rhinos, tigers and other wild animals. There is a pub overlooking a waterhole where you can watch animals come to drink and there’s also an observatory for stargazing. | 95

AUCTION | BUY | CONSIGN Monthly auctions of high quality items We specialise in: South African Art • Antiques • Africana & 20th Century Furniture • Jewellery • Watches • Silver • Ceramics • Carpets • Collectors’ Items • Toys

29 Village Road • Selby • Johannesburg • 2001 • 011 836 1650 • • Like our page




Until 10 October Captivated by the chaotic abundance of nature, Keneilwe illustrates how natural operates best between the binaries of chaos and order – flourishing amidst destruction and creation.


22 September - 5 October This exhibition pays homage to the late founder of the collective The Brother Moves On, Nkululeko Mthembu. The enigmatic and spiritually powerful masks of characters called Bagman, Tapeman and Boxman – Nkululeko Mthembu’s alter egos – will be exhibited in the space. Also included is a series of satellite performances, interactive installations and improvised narratives which respond to Nkulukeko’s life and his continued presence in the collective.

Audrey has been looking at nature from a distance and observing it as a living connected body, with its own unique living personality. Her references are Highveld grasslands, rivers and forest meanders squashed between cityscapes. The exhibition will give audiences the feeling of both looking closely and from afar.


Until 9 October For over 35 years, well-known art collector and philanthropist Jack Ginsberg has assembled an extraordinary collection of more than 700  artworks, books and ephemera by esteemed South African artist  Walter Battiss. This collection will be shown at Wits Art Museum for the first time in an exhibition curated by  Warren Siebrits. The exhibition is accompanied by a 335-page illustrated book. Merchandise including limited edition Battiss prints, scarves and postcards are also on sale in the museum.


Until 13 November Linda Givon, legendary commercial art gallerist and South African arts supporter, celebrated her 80th birthday in August 2016. Curated by Linda, in collaboration with James Webb and Josh Ginsburg, this project will provide unprecedented access to important works and the stories that link them, as well as fascinating insights into the private person behind the public face. | 97




3 – 27 November As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the landmark Goodman Gallery, this special exhibition is curated by Goodman Gallery owner Liza Essers and artist Hank Willis Thomas. Africans in America is the latest exhibition in the ongoing IN CONTEXT series that explores the dynamics and tensions of place within the African context. The exhibition will extend beyond the gallery through an exciting programme of international and local collaborations with museums and educational institutions that will explore the changing notions of context.

Until 4 October According to the curator Andres Lepik, “Architecture is currently in a state of crisis: On the one hand, there is what is known as ‘starchitecture’ – prestigious projects by acclaimed architects that serve to enhance the image of a few wealthy and politically influential clients – while on the other, there has been a massive rise in the number of building projects carried out in rapidly expanding megacities across Asia, Latin America and Africa with no architectural supervision whatsoever. In addition, an increasing number of people all over the world are living in slum conditions. What solutions can architecture offer to those segments of the global population that currently have no access to a well-designed environment?”





Until 30 September Grayscale Gallery in Braamfontein hosts Joburg-based graffiti artist LOVE’s third solo exhibition and it promises to be his best work yet. The show features all new paintings, sculptures, multimedia works and prints. 98 |

Until 14 October A Cameroonian who studied in Ivory Coast, Germany and France, and lives between Paris and Bandjoun, Toguo’s many experiences with border control have led him to interrogate ideas of inclusion and exclusion in his work. In 2007, he founded Bandjoun Station, a centre for artistic exchange between local and international artists featuring residencies, an exhibition space, a library and plantations in the hills of Bandjoun, Cameroon.


( adjective The Japanese word for delicious. We couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to call our Sushi Bar.

Lacuna Bistro is the ideal place to unwind after a long day, while missing traffic and catching up with friends. Treat yourself to our unparalleled menu from our pop up Sushi Bar, U-Mai whilst overlooking the oasis gardens with a cocktail in hand. One bite will have you fluent in Japanese, or at least the only word you need is U-Mai.

For bookings call 010 226 4600 or email Corner Grayston Drive & Rivonia Road; Sandton |


One night only


Known as a deluxe business hotel, The Maslow is so much more than that, and is perfect for a one night only romantic rendezvous in Sandton. Its well-known Lacuna Bistro & Bar has introduced an amazing sushi bar called U Mai, and, with some of the best sushi and bubbly served in the city, is the ideal spot for dinner before heading up to your luxurious room for a night cap. The rooms are simply chic with the perfect combination of business and elegance. Make sure you leave the hotel relaxed by booking a couples’ massage at the Africology Spa.


The location is incomparable, slap bang in the middle of Joburg’s business hub and across the road from the Sandton Gautrain Station. Choose from 220 rooms and suites, each with free high speed, wireless Internet, coffee and tea provisions and other fivestar amenities. Indulge in authentic South African cuisine and international favourites at the on-site Central One Restaurant, and sip a delicious fruity cocktail or fine local wine at Central One Bar or on the pool deck. Enjoy a workout with a view at the 10th floor fitness centre and test the waters of the outdoor terrace swimming pool.


Take a stroll through the manicured gardens of this blissful oasis and enjoy a game of tennis or swim a few lengths in the outdoor pools. A cosy log fire is lit in the fireplace on chilly days, while doors opening onto the long, spacious veranda offer a cool respite from the warm African sun. Each opulent suite has been individually designed and tastefully decorated. On entering The Residence Spa on the second floor, you immediately become aware that this is a serene sanctuary. 100 |

The 16 luxury rooms look out over the pristine polo fields and estate dam, and have superb views of the distant Magaliesberg mountains and surrounding countryside. The Feedroom restaurant serves only the best and freshest food, and its desire is to meet all expectations of taste with an explosion of intriguing flavours. Food style is modern yet contemporary with worldwide influences. The hotel boasts a full service hydrotherapy Vital Source Spa, which offers a hydro bath and sauna/steam room, while state-of-the-art treatment rooms with water facing views are available for personalised treatments.


Built on what was then considered far off countryside, The View is located in the heart of the historic and leafy suburb of Auckland Park, close to the CBD, and is aptly named due to the panoramic vista it provides of the city. By night The View allows for fine, al fresco dining in its restaurant overlooking the city’s bright lights. Additionally, guests can luxuriate in the extensive and immaculately groomed, private terraced gardens. With soft lighting completing their beauty, the gardens come alive on summer nights with live orchestral music and song.



Open the door of your room and discover old-world Hollywood at its best with black and white photographs of Audrey Hepburn and the like. In addition to opulent guest rooms and suites, onsite amenities include a unique gourmet restaurant, an outdoor pool, fitness centre and a high-tech meeting space. We’ve saved the best for last: The hotel’s world-famous milkshakes. With flavours like Ferrero Rocher, Turkish delight, cookies and cream, to name a few, you may be rolling out of the hotel after your romantic night stay.


Just 900m from the Rosebank Gautrain station, the hotel is within walking distance of the newly refurbished Rosebank Mall and The Zone. This 60-year-old Cape Dutch building is an engaging mix of old and new. The name ‘Clico’ was inspired by the owner’s passion for champagne, with her favourite being Veuve Clicquot. Clico Restaurant’s cuisine is unique and known for its element of fine dining, comprising daily seasonal menus that can be adjusted to personal dietary requirements and allergies. 102 |


The Peech has just 16 bedrooms. The original part of the property, the main house, has two ‘House Rooms’. The remaining guest rooms are spread around the hotel’s lush gardens as ‘Garden Rooms’ and ‘Garden Suites’. The award-winning bistro overlooks the hotel’s landscaped gardens. The hotel’s chefs have created a menu that reflects what The Peech is all about – simple, laid-back and chic with an understated touch of sophistication. All dishes are designed to use only the freshest seasonal ingredients from either locally sourced suppliers or their own vegetable garden.


The hotel is situated in a tranquil garden in the upmarket neighbourhood of Dunkeld. The Winehouse epitomises elegance with its double volume, glass fronted wine cellar looking out on the gardens. Executive chef Johannes de Bruijn and his team serve meals that encompass a philosophy of heart and home – comfort food that is prepared using fresh seasonal produce sourced from the hotel’s organically grown gardens. Outdoor terraces and gardens overlook the lap pool, allowing guests to make the most of the beautiful weather.


A hidden gem, The Munro Boutique Hotel overlooks Joburg’s lush urban forest from the top of a hill in Houghton. A serviced formal dining room with your own exclusive chef offers five-star cuisine that will appeal to even the most discerning of tastes. Alternatively, the Mediterranean-style terrace allows for a more casual meal venue or a quiet place to enjoy a sunset cocktail. The plush, secluded lounge affords you the opportunity to entertain your guests.


Cooking Classes

Michelin stars


Carolié de Koster offers fun-filled, hands-on cooking sessions on a variety of themes and topics. Carolié believes cooking naturally brings people together, and sharing tasks in a kitchen and sitting down to a delectable meal you prepared with your friends or colleagues is an effective and memorable way to strengthen bonds and relationships in a fun, informal environment. Every person gets to participate in the preparation of the dishes and enjoy the fruits of their labour afterwards. A hands-on cooking session can be conducted at one of Cooking Up A Storm’s venues in Randburg or at a venue of your choice. The choice of venue is determined by the size of the group.


Susan holds classes once a month at her studio in Hyde Park. Her philosophy is fresh and, above all, simple. “If cooking is complicated, you’ll never enjoy making it, or the end product,” says Susan. Best of all, her classes are entertaining with her outrageous sense of humour, and her tips go beyond recipes to serving and presentation, which she believes is key to food’s aesthetic appeal.


Once Christine became a mother, she realised the interest her children had in cooking and decided to establish the concept of introducing children to cooking and getting back to basics. She developed a programme to introduce children between the ages of 2 and 15 years to the principles of cooking and nutrition. The main aim is to encourage awareness of healthy eating by having fun while learning an important life skill.


Since 2001, Wickedfood has been offering corporates a fun and exciting way to mingle and network in a relaxed environment. Its well-organised cooking classes are a great way to interact with colleagues and clients in a private venue. It also offers individual cooking classes as a hobby for those who want to improve their cooking skills. | 105

Cooking Classes


This fabulous eatery in Parktown North provides professional domestic and private cooking courses. From poaching eggs to making scrumptious macarons, its courses guarantee delicious end results. Many people like the idea of learning in their own kitchens and this can be arranged on a one-on-one basis or a fun group affair.


The Taste-Buds Cook Club kitchen in Sundowner is stocked with everything you need, from the smallest measuring spoon to the biggest pot, as well as every modcon to make your cooking experience that much easier. There is space for up to 50 guests.


This world-class, critically acclaimed cookery school at the Lifestyle Centre in Randpark Ridge offers cookery demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes and corporate team-building events. 106 |

Karen Short of By Word of Mouth, together with Taryn Hompes and Cheryl Liebenberg from Macaroon, the online personalised stationery and lifestyle company, will share festive dĂŠcor inspiration, food ideas and creative, personalised gifting. Five different workshop sessions will be held during 9 and 10 October at the Inanda Club.


Werner Nieuwoudt guides culinary neophytes through the intricacies of preparing exotic cuisines, providing all the necessary tools and friendly tutelage. The classes are intimate, no more than six to eight people, ideal for novice chefs on any skill level.

be gentle be honest be beautiful be modest be kind be sweet be though Pamper

friendly be glad be creative be educated be motivated be hardworking b EXCLUSIVELY

kind be forgiving be driven be successful be nice be beautiful be happy AVAILABLE

Spring-cleaning be content be friendly be glad be modest be elated be pleased be ble AT BLO HAIR SALONS

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AURA SKINCARE CLINICmodest be kind be sweet be thoughtful be you be content be friendly

Located in Parkhurst, Aura offers a fantastic range of treatments from the Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal to educated be motivated be hardworking be relaxed be intelligent be kind relaxing full body massages. For the ultimate post-winter pamper treatment, look no further than the Champagne Deluxe Spa Pedicure. Thesuccessful treatment includes Medi Heal bethenice be gentle be you be content be friendly be glad be m Peel, soaking and exfoliation, nail cut and shape, buffing and painting, a mask the skin, off with beto hydrate blessed betopped joyful bea you be honest be gentle be be friendly be glad be massage. Another amazing treatment? The Milk Solutions Milk & Honey Mani and Pedi. motivated be hardworking be relaxed be intelligent be kind be forgiving be

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be your own kind of beautiful


The Laser Beautique, located in The Zone@Rosebank, is a hardworking be relaxed recognised specialist in many laser treatments, including be intelligent be kind be modest be kind be sweet laser hair removal, electrolysis, skin tightening, laser lipolysis or fat reduction, non-surgical s, facial andbe body content facelift be friendly glad be creative be educated be motivated be hard contouring, skin rejuvenation, ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing, treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, treatment of acne, scarring, veins  and tattoo removal. parkwood +27 11 447 4660/1 It also offers the latest ClearLift Lunchtime Facelift, the maboneng +27 11 037 3660 ultimate Laser 360 Facelift and Laser 460 Facelift. Looking for something less dramatic? Head to The Laser Beautique for a @BloHairDressing mani, pedi or eyebrow design. BloHairdressingSalon Blohairdressing @BloHairSalon

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orgiving be driven be successful be nice be beautiful be happy be honest be MIDORI ECO SALON

Have you tried the revolutionary V Bar? Midori is the first to

nt be friendly be glad be modest be elated be pleased betheblessed be joyful introduce South African public to the concept of vaginal

steaming. The V Bar is an ancient tradition that has been

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herbal steam. Only natural, organic herbs are used. After steaming, you then laze back and enjoy a 20-minute bethe be kind be footintelligent or back and shoulder massage.

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NAILSbe BEAUTY ed be joyful be you be honest be gentle be beautifulDREAM be gentle you be Dream Nails Beauty in Cresta is a one-stop pamper shop. Besides receiving beautiful nail treatments, you can enjoy an

nd be sweet be thoughtful be content be friendly be array glad be creative of services such as thebe highly recommended Coffee & hardworking be relaxed be intelligent be kind be

Chocolate Body Sculpting Ceremony – perfect for spring! It’s a slimming andbe anti-cellulite forgiving drivenceremony be for the body consisting of a body scrub, wrap and balm.

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d be creative be educated be motivated be hardworking be relaxed be SWANI BOUTIQUE SPA

Swani in The Zone@Rosebank is a unique and innovative urban boutique spa. At Swani green is always your colour; it allows you to have a completely green experience as all products used and sold are either natural or organic – friendly to your body and friendly to the environment.


L E AT H E R S H O P P E R R 1 7 9 9

CAPE: Canal Walk / Cavendish Kiosk / Somerset Mall / Garden Route Mall, George • GAUTENG: JHB: Rosebank / Clearwaters / The Glen • PTA: Kollonade / Centurion / Lynwood / Wonderpark / Cradlestone Mall, Krugersdorp / Waterfall Mall, Rustenburg / I’Langa Mall, Nelspruit • KZN: The Board Walk, Richards Bay / The Galleria, Amanzimtoti / Gateway Kiosk, Umhlanga Rocks / Pavilion Centre, Westville • FREE STATE: Diamond Pavilion, Kimberley / Mimosa Mall, Bloemfontein

Your Exclusive Shopping, Our Legacy... Legacy Corner Shopping Mall Off Nelson Mandela Square, cnr Fifth and Maude Street, Sandton | (011) 292 7000


The style guide


From being featured in Italian Vogue and mentioned on Beyonce’s blog to winning ‘the most beautiful object in South Africa’ title at this year’s Design Indaba, this South African-designed knitwear brand is making waves globally. Founded in 2010 by Laduma Ngxokolo, the range is inspired by manhood rituals of the South African Xhosa people, and Ngxokolo uses patterns, beadwork and symbolism from this rich culture in his contemporary designs in show-stopping clothing for him and her. You can find MaXhosa by Laduma at the fashion and design emporium, Work Shop New Town.


Always a fun shopping experience, walking into a Nicci store feels as if you’ve arrived in candy land. It’s the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of fashion. Within the Nicci brand family, you will find the locally produced Nicci and Cocoon labels. Each brand has its own identity and a clear creative vision.



We love local stores and designers, especially ones who understand our unique body shape. Burgundy Fly in The Zone@Rosebank offers the finest runway fashion by top local designers. The design aesthetic of this boutique epitomises South African curves.

Fashion and art collide to produce this highly wearable label. The boutique alone, in Melrose Arch, is worth a visit –  it is an ever-changing platform and installation space, a modern museum of curiosities that not only showcases the artistry behind the clothes but explores the art of design through various mediums.


A store for made-to-measure men’s suits with unique detailing and edgy twists on classic styles using luxury fabrics, stitched up on-site by experienced tailors and seamstresses. This chic Parkhurst store also stocks a ready-to-wear collection for him and her. Bespoke suits take up to six weeks to make. 011 447 1566 | 113



The international brand has just opened its first stand-alone store in South Africa in Sandton City. No two Ted Baker stores around the world are the same. Conservatory-style, panelled walls with lush green plants behind the arches act as a hiding place for famous Shakespearean symbols and artefacts. The skull from Hamlet and the scales from The Merchant of Venice are just a few of the treasures that can be found. Neon quotes on the wall mark the menswear and womenswear shopping areas: “The soul of this man is his clothes” and “And though she be but little, she is fierce” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Oversized Elizabethanstyle ruffs act as lighting features throughout the store, while tapestries, play books and quills with ink dress the space.

It’s all about the shirt at bluecollarwhitecollar in The Zone@ Rosebank. It’s all about life, passion, a shirt and a tee. It’s about carefully made garments with a fantastic fit. There is no future vision or message, just garments with a retro-classic twist that everyone can look stylish in. Clothing that you will want to wear because it has personality and makes you look and feel good. Don’t expect a traditional menswear store; this store is a reflection of the brand and its personality. Blue collar is reflective of the ‘blue collar worker’; it’s more industrial, daring and relaxed. Here you’ll find the checks, gingham and florals. White collar is for the classic gentleman. Drawing from the preppy, golfer and Bond looks, this is where you’ll play if you want to make a serious impression in the boardroom and pretty much anywhere.


Guillotine’s design style is all about sensual, fitted forms and luxurious fabrics, with an emphasis on the architecture of each clothing item. Tailoring and structure are what gives this label a cutting edge. The store at 44 Stanley also stocks L’MAD, Lucy MacGarry’s range of silk-printed scarves bearing original artworks. 114 |

This outlet for street kids to receive photography training through the iwasshot Foundation was started by Bernard Viljoen in 2009 under unusual circumstances. Today iwasshot in joburg :) produces a range of products that include mounted canvases of the childrens’ unique urban photographs, T-shirts, notebooks, cushions, photo frames and corporate gifts, sold from a studio  in Maboneng, a kiosk in Rosebank Mall and online.


A cornucopia of brands on a busy street corner in Braamfontein, including Palladium, K-Swiss, ToePorn and other labels for those in the know. The facade calls to life a  1960s  New York cinema, while inside there are  plenty of cool  design features, including a Palladium wall installation that alone is worth a pop-in to see. 011 339 1074 - JS 10/2016

Available at AERONAUTICA MILITARE: Protea Court Sandton City • Morningside Sandton • Mall of Africa GERI: Melrose Arch • Mandela Square Legacy Corner • Menlyn Pretoria • V&A Waterfront Cape Town

City Tours

City explorers


Jo Buitendach and Tania Olsson are the duo behind Past Experiences, Joburg’s Original Walking Tour Company. They care deeply about the inner city, its communities, buildings, art, graffiti and its bright future. Their tailor-made tours are led by young and hip Joburg City experts and aim to get you onto the streets, experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the city. Try the inner-city shopping tour to pick up extraordinary African items, the graffiti and street art tours or the historical tours that highlight the activities of the anti-apartheid movement in Johannesburg. Their Soweto tour includes a trip on the Rea Vaya bus network and a picnic in Thokoza Park.


Robin Binckes has been offering Alex tours for the past 13 years. A consummate storyteller, his knowledge of local history will bring to life Alex’s political struggles, gangster history and fascinating church culture. You’ll even pay a visit to a local traditional medicine healer. Binckes also started and supports an NGO, Friends of Alexandra, which is focused on the welfare of Alexandra’s children. His Alex tour is combined with a visit to the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill (half-day or full-day).


This innovative tour company operates the community centre at Ponte City, once the most notorious of Joburg landmarks. Today the iconic building is populated by families and is a beacon of hope in Hillbrow. Dlala Nje (meaning ‘Just Play’ in Zulu), run by journalist Nickolaus Bauer and Mike Luptak, offers tours into Hillbrow and neighbouring Yeoville, both areas with diverse communities from countries across Africa. 116 |


Led by Gerald Garner JoburgPlaces tours focus on the inner city, with Garner telling entertaining tales of Joburg’s gold-rush origins, its glory days and its eventual, spectacular decline. Tours vary from six-hour experiences such as the Regenerated Inner-City Walk and the Newtown-to-Maboneng Tour, to shorter Gandhi-to-Mandela Tours through the Corporate Mining District or shopping and food experiences in the Fashion District and Little Addis.

You’ll be accompanied by an insightful audio guide on the two-hour journey. The Red City Tour takes a circular route around downtown Johannesburg and the south of the city with 11 stops including the Apartheid Museum, Carlton Centre, Constitution Hill and  the Origins Centre. From the Gold Reef City stop  there’s  an option to take a two-hour tour of Soweto  on the Soweto Red Bus, a mini-bus  that makes a whistle-stop tour of this most famous township, stopping at various key sites such as Vilakazi Street.

Explore The Ultimate African Heritage Experience Visit Maropeng - the official visitor center of The Cradle of Humankind World heritage Site and explore the infamous Sterkfontein Caves: Visitor Centre

ice, earth and fire and thereafter interactive displays provide

Sterkfontein Caves


elements of earth, fire, water stylish yet cosy lounge with a fire-


Night (day) at the museum


The exhibits have been assembled and organised by a multi-disciplinary team of curators, filmmakers, historians and designers. They include provocative film footage, photographs, text panels and artefacts illustrating the events and human stories that are part of the epic saga known as apartheid. A series of 22 individual exhibition areas takes the visitor through a dramatic emotional journey that tells a story of a state-sanctioned system based on racial discrimination and the struggle of the majority to overthrow this tyranny.




Dedicated to preserving the memory of the 1976 uprising and the events surrounding it, the museum contains a moving collection of oral testimonies, pictures, audiovisual displays and historical documents relating to the events of 1976. The exhibits also provide background to the reasons for the protests while illustrating what happened in their aftermath. It commemorates those who died in the uprisings, and celebrates the students’ role in the struggle for freedom. 011 536 0611 118 |

The James Hall Museum of Transport (JHMT) is a thematic land transport museum covering various modes of transport dating back some 400 years and is the largest museum of its kind in South Africa. They have steam driven vehicles, trains, trams and trolley busses, fire fighting vehicles, early bicycles, animal drawn vehicles and cars. Our city’s rich history of transportation is recreated at the JHMT, which is dedicated to preserving the history of land transport in the city for posterity.

The Adler Museum of Medicine is part of Wits University. The museum houses a range of original medical instruments, many of them in near-perfect condition, documentation, pictures, sculptures, exhibitions and video footage, as well as a library of rare medical books. The displays are by no means restricted to only one aspect of medicine and include exhibitions and information dedicated to alternative and traditional medical and healing practices, including a display on acupuncture and African medicine.


Joburg’s major history and cultural museum is housed in the old fruit and vegetable market dating back as far as 1913. The permanent displays look at urban life in the city, from the discovery of gold to the era of township jazz in the Sophiatown shebeens. There is a wide selection of interactive exhibits and temporary exhibitions that change on an ongoing basis. 011 833 5624


A great day out for adults and kids alike. You will love learning about the country’s interesting military history. Spend a lazy spring afternoon with military hardware, orders, decorations, medals and small arms, and step back in time to Word War I and the Anglo Boer War. The Museum is also regarded as the spiritual and symbolic home for all soldiers and veterans in South Africa

Discover how something so complicated simplified our lives In 1889, LĂŠon BollĂŠe invented a machine that revolutionised the way we count. With just one turn of a crank, it could multiply the number entered by any other number. Crowned with a gold medal at the 1889 Paris Exhibition, it was the first multiplication-table calculator. Known as The Millionaire, only 4 655 were sold. We have no idea where the other 4 654 are, but we do have this one rare gem in our possession. Come and see it at the Money Museum.

Grow your business. Prosper.

Authorised Financial Services Provider Registered Credit Provider Reg No NCRCP7

Your Exquisite Dining Experience, Our Legacy... Michelangelo Towers Mall Maude Street, opposite Sandton Convention Centre +27 (0) 11 245 4000

Pigalle Restaurant Knead Bakery The Raj VIP Lounge Parc Ferme Piccolo Mondo

+27 (0) 11 884 8899 +27 (0) 11 884 9449 +27 (0) 11 783 1521 +27 (0) 11 783 2200 +27 (0) 11 245 4846 +27 (0) 11 282 7463


Top tapas


Aurelia’s is known for its top-notch service and style as well as being seriously affordable. The lunchtime menu offers a sumptuous and varied selection of tapas including Saldanha Bay mussels in a champagne crème, barbequed pork spare ribs, crispy calamari, prawn wontons, deep fried olives stuffed with feta and anchovies… the list goes on. The mussels and the Parma ham wrapped figs will have you going back time and again. 011 928 1727


The head chef is a master of all things fish. You’ll find the most magnificent chilli and lime prawns, calamari and salmon. If you’re in the mood for something meatier, then there are also lamb koftas, crispy chicken wings and boerewors with chakalaka. One of the only restaurants in Montecasino with outdoor seating and it has a superb wine list by the glass to boot. 011 510 7471


Chef Marthinus Ferreira has created a fabulous spot that you could describe as a ‘casual little sister’ to dw eleven-13. It’s a place where people can still enjoy that ‘Marthinus flair’, but in a more informal setting where you’re able to watch the chefs create a beautiful array of tapas in an open kitchen, surrounded by a bar and neat tables. Favourites include the pulled pork bun, crispy squid, fish tacos and mushroom arancini, or, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, you just have to try the churros with bitter chocolate sauce.


You’ll be lucky to find a table here, so booking is essential. Its hip and happening and its Mexican tapas is all about mixing slow cooked comfort with crisp and fresh flavours. The tapas menu, called ‘little plates’, hosts a multitude of moreish delights including spicy chicken quesadillas, slow cooked pork taco or the fish taco. Also make sure to get a jug of the famous Coriander and Jalapeño Margarita.


More live music, laughter and a serious social scene, but it also has its own onsite smoker that gives the ribs, brisket and pulled pork that extra succulence and signature smokiness. Try the farm sharing board for something homely and the zucchini fries with truffle aioli and Parmesan for something a little different. | 121



Since it’s opening, it’s been jam-packed with happy customers who just can’t get enough of the delicious tapas and great atmosphere. The menu changes constantly, but the skinny fries with Parmesan and truffle oil, smoked pork/chicken and halloumi spring rolls, butternut and ricotta gnocchi and sirloin steak tapas are regulars on the chalkboards. Another great aspect of Escondido is the fantastic ‘tapas-style’ wine list with around 30 wines by the glass for you to pick and choose between at any one time. 011 268 0058


With an abundant selection of meze (Greek tapas) to choose from, Mezepoli has just about everything you could possibly imagine, from prosciutto to chicken livers, black-eyed beans to falafel, beautiful dips, great cheeses and, of course, lots of olives. The calamari is a must.



Chef Philippe Wagenfuhrer is offering patrons a more casual, lunchtime tapasstyle menu, but with each dish still displaying his famed classic with a modern twist panache. The duck and hoisin spring rolls are divine, as are the steak tartar and the tempura tiger prawns. There is also an enchanting courtyard perfect for afternoon, al fresco dining. 011 476 3749 122 |


It’s a restaurant that can pride itself on standing the test of time, and its done it through offering customers a well-priced menu paired with continued great service and food. The menu offers traditional Greek meze with lots of origanum and olive oil. Favourites include Plaka-style calamari, sardines, butter beans in olive oil and dolmades.

Chef Russell Armstrong has brought some really impressive credentials to this new, modern eatery at Exclusive Books in Hyde Park Corner. The tapasstyle menu offers a diverse and beguiling assortment of treats and is broken up into very small plates and jars, small plates and plates to share. From barbequed eel with crab, sushi rice, wasabi tobiko and Japanese dressing and goose liver parfait with brioche and sweet sherry foam to simple Cape oysters with a salt water dressing, it’s a tapas menagerie. 011 268 6039


Tel 087 940 3880 / 011 884 8888, Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Rd BROOKLYN

Tel 012 941 1277, 570 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn Bridge




Based at Waterfall Lifestyle Centre in Midrand, BOUNCEInc is a worldwide free-jumping revolution offering various trampoline programmes and activities for young and old. BOUNCE is a giant indoor trampoline park with over 100 interconnected wall-towall trampolines that offers an airborne adrenaline rush with a soft landing. With separate areas monitored by fully trained staff, parents can relax in the cafĂŠ, enjoy a healthy lunch and soak up the great vibe while their kids bounce around in a safe, supervised environment. Highly recommended for kids birthday

parties. Everything from cake to food and decorations can be arranged. BOUNCE offers three types of parties: Junior Jumper Parties, Kids Parties and Off the Wall Parties. Junior Jumper Parties are for the youngest jumpers, ages three to five. Kids Parties are ideal for kids between six and 12 years old and Off the Wall Parties are for the jumpers who are 12 and older. Both Kids Parties and Off the Wall Parties include a dedicated party host to guide the kids through all the action, including dodgeball, slam dunk, free-jumping and the Big Bag.


Trees Eco Fun Park in Benoni is a fun, safe place where kids can explore, play, learn, get dirty and just, well, be kids. Here’s a sneak peak of what they can get up to: Climb trees, crawl through a tunnel, make mud cakes, attack the obstacle course, dig and build in the huge sandpit, enjoy the tiny, magical and beautiful fairy garden and solve riddles and secret codes. Also on offer are activities at parties, from learning to write with goose feathers to treasure hunts and horse riding and grooming. 082 458 1504


Helene Wehmeyer is a qualified art teacher, art therapist, NLP practitioner and Life Coach. At Twilight Art & Lifestyle Studio in Cresta she teaches children fine arts, pottery and sculpture. They will learn to draw still lifes and landscapes, work with watercolours and make CDs and collages. During the school holidays there are special projects, so be sure to check upcoming events to see when they are open during the holidays. | 125



If your little one is over the age of five, take them for a climb at CityROCK in Randburg. Climbing is a fantastic way for kids to let out some pent-up energy and learn a new skill, and, if they like it, you can even host their birthday party there. Parties at CityROCK consist of two hours of climbing, fun games and activities, and, of course, plenty time for cake. Proper instruction and supervision is given to the kids before and during each activity. Activities include team races on the automatic belay wall, top rope climbing, ladder climbing, bouldering and basic knot tying skills in a fun, high energy atmosphere.


Since 1996, children around the world have benefited from the Nutty Scientists® method for learning through experimentation, participation and fun. Nutty Scientists® offers scientific shows as an entertainment service for parties and celebrations. Forget worn out clowns and superheroes, let your kids experience an exciting and participatory activity that will teach them something valuable. The combination of fun, theatre and education makes these shows an unforgettable experience for all children.


Delicious food and a great family atmosphere is what Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill is all about. With branches in Edenvale and Benoni, the fantasy play areas with minders are where the kids will want to stay while adults can relax with a good drink and great food. The perfect place for a birthday party. 126 |

Kids can enjoy a relaxed introduction to horse riding at this small friendly yard in Sun Valley. What about a pony party? New Horse Haven will host small, intimate parties for between three and seven children where they can have hands-on experience in what it takes to own a pony. From mucking out stables to grooming and learning how to handle a pony on the ground to going on an outride, it’s the perfect fun day out. 060 526 5702


An unassuming gem, AJ’s in the Park at the Craighall Sport Club is a great spot for a lazy weekend lunch or delicious weekday dinner. Kids are sorted with a jumping castle, jungle gym, trampoline and child minder, while you sip some wine and chat. Kids can also make their own pizzas, bake them and then enjoy them. Our favourite meal on the adult menu? The crumbed chicken schnitzel with chips and their famous cheese sauce… yum!

Experience Crawford at the coast

Crawford College North Coast

BOARDING Grade 8 - Grade 12

Crawford College North Coast provides boarding for grade 8 to 12 boys and girls in a safe and secure homely environment. Our students enjoy a supportive and guided extended-family system in which they can take advantage of the abundance of opportunities available within the enriching Crawford ethos.

Your home away from home

Crawford College North Coast Tel: 032 943 2041 Grade 8 - 12 0860 724665



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The Last Word


WITH BILLIE ZANGEWA I didn’t really ‘get into’ the creative arts. I knew I wanted to be an artist from a very young age and I worked from that day onwards to achieve my dream of becoming one. So, I was an art student for a long time and then became a professional artist. I got into tapestry by pure chance. It was an accident and came out of necessity. I work with silk because it’s easy to manipulate, but I also love the way it plays with light. Then there is the fact that its a by-product of transformation, so, in a way, its a waste product, and oh, what a beautiful one! The use of textile is about female identity for me, but also about catharsis and healing. I’ve had so many rewarding moments, it’s hard to pinpoint a few: Showing at Guggenheim Bilbao and Studio Museum Harlem, selling works to artists Sam Nhlengethwa and William Kentridge, visiting Tokyo. If I weren't an artist, I’d probably be a singer or working in marketing. Sometimes I even dream of being a stay-at-home mom just because being a single parent and trying to have a career is so challenging. I love the freedom of time that comes with being an artist. The fact that I have a platform for my self-expression and I get to be with my son is truly wonderful. I don’t get much work done, but it's worth it and I value that time I get to spend with him. My son inspires me. He’s my everyday miracle and helps me focus on what’s important. Also, nature, the city, life experience are all my inspirations.


128 |

My creative process starts with a feeling or experience, which I then imagine as a visual narrative. Then I do my visual research followed by a template drawing from which I cut. Finally, I pin the pieces to a silk background and sew. Most of the creativity happens in my mind’s eye and the rest is execution. We have a functioning art scene here, but it’s difficult to compare to, say, New York. I don’t even think we should be comparing, but rather showing gratitude for the support we get at home.

Elegance is an attitude Simon Baker

The Longines Master Collection

Joburg Style Issue 34  

The September to November 2016 "Arts & Culture" Issue

Joburg Style Issue 34  

The September to November 2016 "Arts & Culture" Issue