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Cast a Line Fishing is a lifestyle for many folks around here, but you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy fishing in the Pensacola area. All it takes is a quick stop at the tackle shop or a call to your one of our many charter fishing captains and guides. Next thing you know, you’re hooked – well, hopefully just the fish. We are blessed with a unique geography. Rivers, bays and bayous rich with nutrients flow into the Gulf of Mexico, luring a bounty of fish species.

By Sean Smith Courtesy of Visit Pensacola

Redfish, black drum, speckled trout and flounder cruise the inshore waters and bays. Our beaches with gentle, sloping shoreline offer the chance to relax in the sun while your bait waits for a passing pompano. They fight like they mean it. And on the grill, wrapped in tin foil and spices: wow. So, from spending a little to a little more, you can find your hookup in our beautiful waterways. Check out my picks on the next page.

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Pensacola Magazine, August 2019  

Pensacola Magazine, August 2019