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C O N T E N T S 8 19 EDITOR’S NOTES Throughout 2023, the UK played host to some of the best exhibitions. In this issue, we have put together a collection of recent exhibition reviews for you to browse. The London Vet Show 2023 has been running since 2009, and each year becomes bigger and better. The 2023 event that took place from the 16th-17th November last year showcased an abundance of new products Gina Burton and services. Keynote speakers gave cutting-edge presentations on Editor subjects including infectious diseases and cardiology, and the show even featured a brand-new addition – the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre, which delivered immersive experiences. On pages 6-7, we feature some of our Top Exhibitors from the show: Andersen Sterilisers, CT Medical, and Furr Boost. On page 10, we have a full review of Cruise Ship Interior Design Europe (CSI) 2023, as well as a feature from our Top Exhibitor at the show: Shield Marine Services. A fascinating show, New Scientist Live returned to the ExCel London in October 2023 with some fantastic and exciting features that included Envision Racing for all those interested in Formula E, Fitbits for cows, SPOT the robotic dog, Maize Maze, and so much more! Read our full show review on page 13 as well as some features of our Top Exhibitors. Our team works hard to bring you fresh monthly industry content and informative features and news that you’ll want to read and share. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition.




CP Cases designs and manufactures protective equipment cases, 19-inch racks and rugged textiles to be used across multiple industries and market spaces


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Implementing ISO 45001: Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Environments: Elevating workplace ATEX Safety Showers safety and reputation I I n today’s corporate landscape, a paramount focus on workplace safety and employee well-being has led companies to embrace internationally recognised standards to enhance their occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems. ISO 45001, the globally acknowledged standard for OH&S management, offers a comprehensive framework with substantial benefits for organisations, regardless of size or industry.

Among these advantages is the significant enhancement of workplace safety. ISO 45001 guides companies in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards, reducing the risks of accidents, injuries, and illnesses. This results in a safer work environment that minimises absenteeism lowers worker compensation costs, and


boosts employee morale and productivity.

Furthermore, ISO 45001 fosters compliance with legal and regulatory OH&S requirements. Companies aligning with this standard are better equipped to navigate the complex landscape of OH&S regulations, reducing the risk of fines and legal liabilities. At IMSM, we commit to supporting you on your journey to ISO 45001 certification. Contact us to discuss your ISO needs with our experts. Embrace ISO 45001 and embark on a path toward a safer, more productive and respected future for your organisation.

Please contact 01793 296704


Introduction n industries where flammable gases, vapours, and dusts are present, ensuring the safety of employees is of paramount importance. The European Union’s ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, aim to regulate equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, requiring companies to implement safety measures that mitigate the risk of ignition and protect personnel. Background All chemical manufacturing facilities that handle or specialise in the production of volatile chemicals should adhere to ATEX regulations to protect employees from potential hazards. One of the key aspects of ATEX compliance is the provision of safety equipment, including safety showers and eye wash stations. The Challenge and Solution Compliance with ATEX Regulations: The company needs to comply with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, which requires the implementation of safety measures to prevent explosions in areas with potentially explosive


atmospheres. This includes providing ATEX-compliant safety showers.

Employee Safety: The safety of employees is a top priority. You need to ensure rapid and effective decontamination in case of chemical exposure. Equipment Selection: Choosing the right ATEX-compliant equipment is essential. You must evaluate the specific requirements of your facility, including location, potential hazard levels, and the number of showers needed. The solution Get peace of mind knowing that safety showers from Aqua Safety Showers will be manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and come with a two-year warranty, further promoting a safety-conscious workplace culture.

Please contact 01942 318096


Facing the heat: Tackling Abloy launches new CLIQ diesel engine efficiency training course for 2024 with heating technology N

ew environmental legislation has created an engineering challenge for heavy-duty diesel engines. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NOx) emissions must fall below stricter standards. At the same time, greater engine efficiency has resulted in a corresponding loss of exhaust gas temperature, leading to lower catalytic activity. This is particularly concerning when it comes to NOx emissions for cold start and low load cycles, as a lot of thermal inertia is produced in the aftertreatment system. Here, Jeff Diestelmeier, Vice President and General Manager Energy and Environmental Technologies Business Unit at industrial technology company Watlow, explores how heating technology can improve diesel engine efficiency. In the past, manufacturers of heavyduty vehicles have been able to meet emissions standards by making small, incremental improvements in the engines themselves. These newer, stricter standards will require more of a ‘systems’ approach because of the engineering challenges involved. To achieve the newer, stricter standards,

automobile and truck manufacturers will need to look at other elements of the system – specifically, adding heat to exhaust to increase catalytic activity. An advanced heating strategy has already been shown to be the most efficient means of meeting these NOx emissions standards. In fact, a small heater placed at the intake of the aftertreatment system enables its rapid and efficient heating, even during cold start and low load operating conditions. However, having a practical means to power and control this type of heater has been a barrier for implementation. To learn more about Watlow’s thermal solutions, please visit:


bloy UK has launched a new training course covering a highlevel overview of CLIQ products, giving attendees the knowledge and tools to install, gauge and specify CLIQ digital key products.

comparison to case study applications.

Training is run in the dedicated Digital Access Solutions Academy allowing visibility and hands-on access to the CLIQ range, reinforcing the vast applications for CLIQ products and the huge benefits of digital key systems.

The course takes place at the Abloy UK Digital Access Solutions Academy, School Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3PW, running from 10am to 4pm, and is free of charge with lunch provided. Each course has a maximum of 6 persons per training date.

Training will cover variations of CLIQ digital keys systems, supporting hardware, and software versions available to the market, this includes installation of hardware and product data analysis with

The course is ideal for OEMs that have an interest in CLIQ products, dealers or engineers interested in the CLIQ portfolio.

For further information on products and services available from Abloy UK or to book a place on one of the courses, visit:, call: 01902 364500, or email:

Allpack unveils the future of Ergonomic Tape Dispensers: A

llpack, a pioneer in the packaging sector, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking ergonomic tape dispenser, WristEase. This revolutionary product will redefine the tape dispensing experience, prioritising user comfort and efficiency. Designed with the user’s well-being in mind, Wrist-Ease boasts a range of features that set it apart from traditional tape dispensers:

3) **Adjustable Tension Control:** Wrist-Ease allows users to customise the tape tension according to their specific needs and the applied tapes. This feature ensures smooth and precise tape application for various packaging requirements. 4) **Built-in Magnet:** The dispenser incorporates a magnetic plate to allow the dispenser to be easily stored on pack benches or forklift equipment. This feature enhances safety and minimises the risk of accidents in busy packaging environments. 5) **Durable Construction:** Allpack’s commitment to quality is reflected in Wrist-Ease’s durable construction. The tape dispenser is built to withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

1) **Ergonomic Design:** Wrist-Ease has been meticulously designed and crafted through 100’s hours of user research to develop a user-friendly ergonomic design that promotes a natural and comfortable grip while using the dispenser. The result has been a dispenser that reduces wrist strain, making it an ideal solution for prolonged use. 2) **Easy-Load Mechanism:** The tape Come and experience the future of hand tape dispenser features a dispensers, with Wrist-Ease, on Allpack’s stand, hassle-free, easy-load 336, at this year’s IntraLogisteX Exhibition, mechanism, ensuring a 19th-20th March, NEC. Wrist-Ease is available seamless process for for purchase and can be ordered through loading new tape rolls. Allpack's website at: This innovation eliminates wrist-ease or contact our sales department to frustration and enhances discuss your enquiry: the overall user experience.





London Vet Show 2023


ondon Vet Show has been running since 2009 and is widely regarded across the industry as Europe’s biggest and most popular show for veterinary professionals and practitioners. Across two days, more than 1,000 exhibitors and over 16,500 attendees attended ExCeL London from the 16th-17th November 2023.

as oncology, infectious diseases and cardiology. Some of the most distinguished speakers last year included: Caroline Allen: Chief Veterinary Officer RSPCA, Andrew Bell: Senior Academic Clinician, University of Glasgow and Lisa Angell: Head of Anaesthesia Nurse at Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Royal Veterinary College.

The stats speak for themselves: 25% of all UK vets attend each London Vet Show and a staggering 84% of delegates hold buying power for their respective veterinary practice. Visitors came from a wide variety of backgrounds including: veterinary surgeons, nurses, assistants, veterinary students, practice owners/ managers, practice admin staff and many more.

Exhibitors came from across the whole veterinary spectrum from pet blood banks, vet and nurse recruitment, pet behaviour consultants, through to surgery equipment, vaccinations, joint supplement brands and much more.

It is the definitive calendar event for showcasing new products and services and keynote speakers gave cutting-edge presentations on subjects such

There were some new additions to the London Vet Show including: the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre which delivered immersive experiences, offering deep dives into subjects like ChatGPT, GDPR regulations and modernising diagnostics. Wet Labs returned to 2023, following a highly popular 2022 show run. Organised into practical hands-on 90-minute sessions, workshop topics included feeding tube placements, bone marrow sampling and joint taps and the latest suturing techniques for nurses. The pioneering ‘New Practice Academy’ was set up with the intention of supporting veterinary professionals and colleagues with opening independent veterinary practices and is organised into conference sessions, prime networking opportunities and access to key exhibitors. For a second year running, the ‘30 under-thirty class of 2023’ returned with a dedicated focus on the emerging talent across the industry. A distinguished judging panel selected thirty esteemed young

professionals from surgeons, nurses, lab scientists, medical students and much more. With stress and burnout continuing to plague veterinarians post-COVID, the British Veterinary Association has called for more wellbeing initiatives across the industry. London Vet Show 2023 was proud to host the ‘Wellbeing Room,’ where delegates could relax with yoga and meditation with 15-minute sessions running throughout the day. The Community Masterminds brought together many online support communities together in one place to run sessions on important topics. Many veterinary professionals feel geographically isolated and stressed and these online communities have proved to be a life-line for many. Save the date: London Vet Show 2024, 14th-15th November 2024, ExCel London This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Andersen Sterilisers, CT Medical & Furr Boost. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

Andersen: Precise. Reliable. Proven. A

ndersen Sterilisers exhibited at London Vet Show again in 2023 and we were pleased to be able to introduce our new model Anprolene EO steriliser – the AN75 range, with a new colour touch screen, higher level of sterilisation and an improved consumables. Feedback from customers new and existing was excellent. Because your patients are right, every patient deserves a sterile instrument – every time. Most veterinarians purchase an Andersen Steriliser for a particular instrument and later find so many other items they can sterilise with it. Items such as laparoscopic equipment, endoscopes and electrical equipment to name a few. Put an Andersen Steriliser to work: u Protect your patients from infection u Preserve your instruments from damage Our award-winning technology makes ethylene oxide sterilisation a cutting-edge modality again. The sterilisation power and incomparable compatibility of EO, deployed with such efficiency that Andersen uses 90% less gas than our nearest competitor – while still achieving terminal sterility. There’s no need for patient or pet-parent



concern, upgrading from disinfection to sterilisation is easy and affordable with Andersen.

Choose the new AN75 range room temperature sterilisation or our EOG as 4 steriliser with 3 and 5 hour cycles for a faster turnaround.

We have been selling EO sterilisers to the veterinary industry for over 50 years. Our in house sterilisers include ambient temperature table top units or faster heated units.

Sterilise anything your Autoclave can’t plus everything it can!

If you prefer to outsource we offer a small volume fast turnaround service from our own labs.


Contact Fiona Stoker, +44 (0)1255 428328


CT Medical brings Swiss DolorClast Shockwave Therapy and Lunvet Laser to the UK natural healing processes and reducing inflammation, promoting tissue regeneration and pain relief. From treating acute injuries to managing chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, Lunvet Laser offers veterinarians a powerful tool to alleviate animal suffering and restore mobility.


t CT Medical, we’re not just driven by cutting-edge technology in veterinary medicine; we’re driven by a deep love and admiration for the animals that enrich our lives. That’s why we’re proud to bring Swiss DolorClast Shockwave Therapy and Lunvet Laser to the UK, offering revolutionary, non-invasive treatments for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders in our beloved companions. For generations, pain management in animals has relied heavily on medication and, when necessary, invasive surgery. Both options carry inherent risks and limitations, leaving owners and veterinarians searching for gentler, more effective solutions. This is where the brilliance of Swiss DolorClast and Lunvet Laser shines.

We go beyond simply providing cutting-edge technology. We understand that every animal is an individual, and their treatment should be. That’s why we offer comprehensive training and support to veterinarians throughout the UK, ensuring they can confidently and effectively utilise Swiss DolorClast and Lunvet Laser for the benefit of their animal patients.

DolorClast harnesses the power of focused shockwaves, delivering targeted pulses of energy deep into soft tissues. This stimulates cellular repair, reduces inflammation, and promotes pain relief without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

We believe that every animal deserves a life free from pain and discomfort, enjoying the simple joys of movement and a life free from suffering.

Imagine a limping dog finding its playful gait again, a horse struggling with arthritis enjoying a pain-free gallop, or a beloved cat basking in newfound comfort. This is the magic of DolorClast, and it’s changing the lives of countless animals across the UK.

If you're a veterinarian looking for a better way to help your animal patients, we invite you to explore the world of Swiss DolorClast and Lunvet Laser. Together, let’s create a future where our furry, feathered, and scaled companions can live their lives to the fullest, free from the limitations of pain.

Lunvet Laser, on the other hand, takes a different, yet equally effective, approach. Its gentle infrared and red light penetrates deep into muscle and joint tissue, accelerating

Contact us today at:, call us on: 07469 241209 or email: and discover how we can help you bring a healing touch to the animals you love.

Furr Boost is a hit at London Vet Show F

urr Boost was the inspiration of Louise, who for over 20 years was a technical manager to the food industry. Louise’s Beagle, Phoebe at the age of 18 months became unwell with bladder problems which after investigations with her vet, were linked to the dog’s food. Using her technical food background, Louise then started experimenting with protein shakes to help flush out Phoebe’s system and to provide her with the hydration that she needed when she was refusing to drink enough water

particularly in the summer months. This led to the creation of the Furr Boost range of smoothie drinks. After years of product research and development, Furr Boost was launched in 2020 and started trading in December 2020. The product very quickly started to gain traction. The drinks are unique on the market. Each of the recipes contains a real meat, fruit and vegetable, along with added oils and vitamins, so it’s more than a hydration drink, it supports the dog’s wellbeing in areas such as digestion, skin and coat, anxiety, metabolism and immunity. Furr Boost can be used in a variety of ways. Served frozen, it can be placed in a Kong Toy or lick mat for dog training or as a distraction, or simply given to a dog as a tasty icy treat. Unfrozen, it can be added as a topper to meals or on hot days, simply pour into a bowl for instant hydration. The drinks are available in six tasty flavours; Chicken, Butternut Squash and Cranberry; Beef, Broccoli


and Blueberry, Pork, Sweet Potato and Apple; Venison, Butternut Squash and Cranberry; Salmon, Sweet Potato and Blueberry and a Plant Based drink for dogs with protein allergies, with a seasonal, limited edition: Turkey flavour for Christmas. Furr Boost won Best New Product at the PetQuip and Pet Industry Federation Awards in 2022 and made the regional finals of the Start-up Awards last year. The London Vet Show saw the brand attract key colleagues from across the vet industry who were keen to learn more about Furr Boost and its benefits, as well as being a solution for dogs who don’t drink enough or as a way to encourage eating, especially after bouts of illness or recovery from surgery. For further information, please visit:, telephone: 01746 785410 or email:




5 advantages of custommade cases for equipment


hen transporting any type of equipment, you want to ensure maximum protection so that it doesn’t get damaged. However, traditional cases can’t always offer this assurance due to the nuances of different types of equipment. This is where custom-made cases make all the difference. Expensive equipment can be kept safe with cases that are designed solely to protect your equipment against rough handling, extreme climates and anything else that comes its way. 5 advantages of custom-made cases for equipment Custom-made equipment cases boast several advantages over standard cases thanks to the high-quality materials and customisable parts. Bespoke cases work flexibly around your essential equipment.


Designed to meet your specific equipment case needs Any shape, size or quantity is catered for with custom-made cases. This means that your equipment will be guaranteed to be protected against all potential hazards. Whether you require a reinforced rugged case for rough handling or a cooling system to protect electronic equipment from overheating, custom cases listen to your specific needs and exacting requirements. You know your equipment and what it needs to be protected against, and a custom case can provide the perfect all-in-one solution. Protects your high-value equipment The main purpose of a case is to protect your expensive equipment, being able to ensure the full protection of valuable items offers the ultimate peace of mind. You need to


be confident in relying on your equipment and a custom case ensures exactly that. Custom cases are made from robust materials such as polyethylene polymer to withstand impacts and the custom foam ensures a snug and secure fit.

freight costs. On top of this, valuable equipment can get damaged when transported by air. Thankfully, custom cases use extremely durable materials to ensure that your equipment can withstand rough handling.

Transports equipment easily Lightweight polyethylene polymer makes lifting and transporting equipment much easier. Custom handles can ensure that cases can be safely transported without rough handling or accidental damage. Companies that regularly transport equipment can add wheels to cases to minimise the physical effort of moving heavy items. Additional fittings such as pressure valves can be another great option when transporting valuable equipment. The key to a great custom case is the expert behind it, who can offer advice on what works best for your equipment.

Excellent strength and durability At CP Cases, our custom cases make protecting your equipment its priority. Using high-quality polyethylene polymer, custom cases are ruggedised, reliable and strong. The rotomoulding process ensures that edges and corners are reinforced, protecting equipment from any accidental damage. Custom foam inserts cushion equipment, absorbing any impact and preventing items from moving out of place during transportation. The main reason for commissioning a custom case is to keep your equipment safe, which is exactly why strength and durability are so important.

Saves on air freight costs If you regularly ship equipment by air, custom cases can save a great deal of money. The extremely lightweight materials will significantly reduce air

Custom-made case product options Now that you know the countless advantages of custom cases, it’s worth understanding the different ways in which cases can be


So, EMI shielding protects against this, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly. If you have valuable specialist equipment that you need to rely on, you can fit your custom case with EMI shielding in which a metallic shield is placed around your equipment, absorbing any incoming signals. Not only should a case protect your equipment but enhance its performance.

able to access and transport your equipment in the most practical way possible is paramount at CP Cases. From adding wheels to make moving heavy equipment easier to pressure relief valves that ensure maximum protection, you can add additional fittings and options to optimise how you use and transport your equipment. Sophisticated locks can be added to boost security and handles to ensure

External finishing External finishing options on custom cases are designed to meet your exact requirements in both appearance and functionality. For example, aluminium cases can be produced in plain or rigidised aluminium with surface finishes from powder coating to antireflective finishes. These options can both work to boost durability whilst adhering to your brand aesthetic. The finishing touches to your custom case can add an extra layer of protection and practicality whilst giving a unique identity to your equipment.

safety when picking up heavy equipment.

Fittings and options In order for custom cases to be truly fit for purpose, they need to be customisable right down to the construction itself. Being

Please contact +44 (0)20 8568 1881

customised for your specific equipment needs. With so many product options available, it can be overwhelming, which is why at CP Cases, we offer expert advice for each unique case. Printing, labelling and branding Making your equipment instantly recognisable in a busy warehouse or airport can save a lot of time and hassle. What’s more, our printing, labelling and branding can also help enforce a positive image of your company, boosting your recognition with clients and at events. Your unique branding represents your business and what better place for it than on the equipment cases you use on a daily basis? From silkscreen printing to engraved labels and sewn-on badges — custom cases are truly an extension of your organisation. Partitions and dividers The purpose of a custom case is to fully support the use of your equipment and meet specific access needs. As a result, custom partitions and dividers can help you organise equipment and separate items to make your job easier. Using CAD tools, precise drawings can be translated into highquality partitions and dividers that specifically work for your equipment, shielding valuable or volatile items from one

another. Make the most out of your custom case by including partitions to ensure your equipment is safe and protected. EMC/EMI shielding EMI stands for electromagnetic interference, which refers to the effect that a magnetic field can have on other devices nearby. When electricity flows into a conductor, this generates a magnetic field, which can easily interfere with data signals.


A custom protective case is the ultimate bespoke solution to transporting your valuable equipment, keeping it safe and maximising its performance. We rely on our equipment in multiple high-pressure situations, so having a customisable case that works for your exacting requirements is the ideal companion.




Cruise Ship Interiors Design Europe (CSI) 2023


ruise Ship Interiors Design Europe (CSI) 2023 took place at London’s ExCeL from the 29th-30th November. Following the huge success of Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo Americas, the European edition is primarily aimed at the European cruise market, with a particular focus on luxury ocean, river and expedition cruising. CSI Europe brought together the whole supply chain from designers, architects, outfitters and interior suppliers, with key representatives from major cruise brands, shipyards and design studios. With over 200 exhibitors from across the industry, including SMC Design, Potocco, Trimline and Cristallux, it is always the social and business event calendar event of the year. The 2023 two-day event was programmed into the main exhibition, conference, networking opportunities and the prestigious Cruise Ship Interiors Europe Award Ceremony to honour brands and designers from across the following four categories: spaces, products, projects and people. The conference had some heavyweight interior designers, such as Aida Lora: Senior Design Associate, Royal Caribbean Group, Sybille de Margerie, Architect and Founder: Sybille de Margerie Interiors and Bob McGowan, Head of Operations, Ambassador Cruise Line discussing inspiration for beautiful design: case studies in materials and spaces. This session looked at some

recent projects across newbuild and refurbishment and looked at brand DNA, authentic, beautiful design with embedded longevity, through to the purpose of pillars of design support. Other conference sessions looked at the role of project managers in refurb projects, balancing design function with luxury for expedition cruise interiors and the future of marine designers. Professional attendees to Cruise Ship Interiors Design Europe (CSI) 2023 were able to network and talk business with a whole host of exhibitors, including representatives from customised glazing- including security, laminated, bent, heated, fire-resistant, bulletproof and curved glass for use in shipbuilding, aircraft, helicopters, cars and architecture. Within the maritime sector, there were renowned experts in developing, producing and applying synthetic flooring, decking and associated systems for vessels across many marine market sectorsperfect for solutions for interior and exterior decks of passenger ships, yachts and navel craft. There were plenty of exhibitors focused on interior décor: such as the latest image sourcing, printing, framing and wall display solutions,

offering beautiful art works for cruise ships. Cruise Ship Companies were able to discuss individual commissions, to suit individual branding, all the way through to final installation. For those looking to beautify spaces: artificial tree, plants and foliage exhibitors were on hand to show beautiful transformative portfolios. Cruise Ship Interiors Design Europe (CSI) 2024 will take place from the 4th-5th December at London’s ExCeL. Please contact

Experts in providing specialist services nationwide C

SIE 2023 was a great success for us, with plenty of positive conversations and order confirmations received. Our interiors offering and sustainability focus are resonating with customers existing and new. 2024 has started with a significant pace as we deliver projects on our clients’ behalf. We doubled the size of our stand for 2023 to provide more insight into our services and allow more space to engage directly with visitors, and this certainly has the desired effect, with visitors staying longer and having more detailed conversations. We offer a turn-key solution to support projects, whether a cabin refurbishment, resin deck repair or fire & thermal insulation. Our experienced team delivers innovative solutions and ensures our clients’ projects receive the best possible service delivery with professional project management and site teams alongside long-standing supply chain and marine partners. We pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our customers and working closely with them to maximise the understanding of their requirements. Our capability to produce high-quality, multi-trade package contracts is built upon our professional competence, aligned with a fast-paced, creative strategy. 2024 will see us launch our new lightweight deck covering solutions as we take the lead on behalf of Herculan as their official partner in the UK. The range



provides the option to overhaul the current flooring look and feel whilst keeping disruption and waste to a minimum. We are delighted with the performance of the flooring both during installation and service, as we have carried out our first projects. Another significant area of focus is our upholstery service. With decades of combined experience, our specialists are true craftspeople in the field. We understand the unique challenges of marine environments – constant exposure to sunlight, saltwater, and varying weather conditions. Our expertise enables us to select the highest quality materials and employ advanced techniques to ensure a vessel’s upholstery stands up to the elements while maintaining an impeccable appearance. The option to refurbish or repurpose an upholstered item is something that we strongly encourage across all of our marine clients, as it provides the best environmental solution to a requirement that traditionally has resulted in a significant amount of waste going to landfill.


If you would like to discuss your marine interiors projects and understand how Shield can help you, please contact us via: or call: 0238 0660 091. ISSUE 819 – FEBRUARY 2024 TEL 0121 824 7700

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IV Alive Activities is dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people

VII DRLC: a proud family-owned company provides authorising and regulatory compliance and consutancy services

XIII EF Training: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) finds workers experience increased workforce stress, anxiety, exhaustion and burnout

CONTENTS 819 EDITOR’S NOTES Welcome to our February issue of Healthcare Matters, where we bring you all the latest news from across the industry. The Care Show is the leading annual care event, bringing together the entire sector together for two days under one roof. Turn to page XIII for our detailed review of the Care Show 2023 last October, co-located with The Retirement Living Show. With many current concerns across the healthcare sector; high-profile speakers addressed key concerns such as: skilled staff shortages, person-centred care management through to compassion fatigue.

Gina Burton




EF Training Founder and Director, Jayne Ellis spoke passionately about how to recognise and respond to compassion fatigue at The Care Show 2023, something that many in the healthcare sector have experienced but didn’t know there was a term for. The impact of compassion fatigue can be devastating and EF Training wants to address this recovery through its groundbreaking training, endorsed by The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and International Association of Trauma Professional (IATP). Read more on page XIII. From staff recovery to hospital critical ventilation: DRLC Ltd is our Healthcare Authorising Engineer Company of the Month on page VII. The Sheffieldbased consultancy provides authorising and regulatory compliance and consultancy services for fire safety, critical ventilation, pressure gases and now medical gases and water safety. DRLC was featured in the commemorative book: Celebrating 75 years of the National Health Service and is an Approved Supplier to the NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC).






















See page XVI




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Alive Activities: Lighting up later life E

mpathy is essential in working with older people, but can so often be forgotten. Carers are time pressurised and often rushed, but understanding what struggles older people are going through can really help in providing calm and truly person centred care. Alive is a charity based in the South West that is dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people. They provide activity and training to older people and carers which is both person centred and co-produced. Recently they have been supporting homes to improve their empathy and connections with those they work with. They are running training courses, using an empathy suit that is designed for carers to literally walk in the shoes of those they care for. The suit allows carers to change their approach, as they begin to truly understand how hard it is for older people to complete simple tasks, or understand what people are saying. Lesley Hobbs, Deerhurst Care Home Manager, who undertook the Alive training said, “The suit is amazing and so insightful. The dementia empathy suit has weights around the ankles and knee pads to restrict the movement and speed of the wearer. There are tinted goggles that affect the wearer’s peripheral vision alongside the colours around them. The gloves that are worn are connected to a machine that makes hands shake, meaning control of movements and coordination were thrown out. You can wear headphones that play a continuous tinnitus sound, and the neck brace reduces the full and able movement of the neck. It was fascinating, and I believe all of our carers should experience the suit as part of an induction process.” Not only are carers asked to put on the equipment,



Alive’s trainer asks the attendees s to complete day to day tasks, such as putting on a shirt, drawing, walking down a corridor, eating and drinking, mirroring the challenges that older people face. Very often these are tasks that to everyone else appear simple and normal. One carer said, “Standing up was an effort, walking was challenging, simple tasks proved difficult and emotions were running high. I felt frustrated and wanted to give up, especially whilst flicking through a newspaper. At times I felt sad and lost whilst other people communicated around me as I couldn’t hear what they were saying.” Another care staff member said, “This is the best training I've ever had!” Nicola, Alive’s training and delivery manager, said, “I think this training is so important for anybody


working with older people in any context. It’s a real eye-opener, an emotional experience. It’s something that’s going to stay with me, personally, for a while. If you are interested in Alive coming and training your staff, please contact us on:, call us on: 0117 377 4756 or visit:


For the perfect solution V

ivid Care Services are a Salford based healthcare agency with fifteen years of experience. Providing a wide range of indepth healthcare services across England and guaranteeing personalised care tailored to each individuals’ unique needs.

Allowing everyone to get the help and care they need and consideration for their unique requirements. “Indepth consideration is only the first aspect that goes into our care plans, the attention and consideration carries on throughout your healthcare journey with us whatever the circumstances.”

Their managing director, David Esan, maintains a passion and commitment to changing how agencies care for their clients. With his personal experiences of poor care quality, David decided to challenge flaws he identified in the care system and offers intuitive and dynamic solutions for all who require care. David says, “While expanding across England, our commitment to providing a constant quality of care is unwavering and strong.” Vivid Care Services pride themselves on the care and staff they provide, making sure to keep training frequent and up to date.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect solution to the healthcare needs of yourself or someone you know, please do not hesitate to get in touch and start your journey with us today.

“My experience with Vivid Care Services was incredible. The amount of consideration and care shown for not only my welfare but my social needs as well by all involved was astounding and made me so at ease. I’m incredibly thankful for their help.” Elorm Fiavor: Domiciliary Care Client “Vivid Care Services have been a great help with making sure everything runs smoothly here. Their care assistants are great with our residents and show so much regard with them. They’re great with finding us staff last minute and we can’t thank them enough.” Helen Greenhalgh: Home Manager Vivid Care Services put their all in to helping their clients, new and existing. Getting to know all your requirements is a top priority and essential to

providing the best care to everyone; meaning they can provide staff to not only help you but also to provide companionship and trust. They understand that individual needing care is different, so provide a varied range of care services such as: ✚ Complex care ✚ Respite care ✚ Live in care ✚ Domiciliary care ✚ Home care ✚ Child care ✚ Dementia and Alzheimer’s care ✚ Palliative care ✚ Long term care


Please contact 0333 339 9946




New social thanking app launched for care professionals anywhere, anytime to improve keyworkers’ wellbeing through the power of gratitude.


t’s no secret that being praised makes us feel good and increases feelings of self-esteem and well-being.

Gratitude itself is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction. It is also linked to lowering levels of depression and anxiety, supporting our perceptions of positive relationships and fostering a sense of social connectedness. The positive effect of gratitude, however, is relatively short-lived and for praise to have a long-lasting impact on staff well-being, it needs to be given regularly. That’s precisely why TAP (Thank and Praise), the social thanking platform, was created, to make it easier to regularly share messages of thanks, quickly, easily and securely with those that deserve it. TAP has recently launched a new app enabling users to send messages of thanks to anyone,

TAP App users can publicly share messages of thanks for healthcare and social care professionals on thanking walls for organisations such as United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust and National Association of Care and Support Workers as well as receive in-app notifications when they’ve been thanked. While a Map of Thanks enables users to locate and follow keyworker organisations from across the UK. The new app also features a wellbeing section containing feel-good articles, podcasts, videos and top tips designed to support the wellbeing of TAP’s community. “TAP is designed to improve the wellbeing of care professionals through the sharing of messages of thanks and access to a valuable resource of wellbeing content. Our new mobile app means we can get TAP into even more people’s hands,” said Matt Findel-Hawkins, CEO of TAP. Clare Mechen, Nurse Manager at The Adam Practice, said, “While we see ourselves as simply doing our job, it’s great to see how much the public appreciate what we are doing to keep them safe. TAP is the perfect place to share their positive messages of support.”

Paul Featherstone, Founder of National Association of Care and Support Workers, said, “It’s vital that our social care colleagues are properly recognised for the incredible work they do every single day and TAP is an ideal way to achieve this.” TAP’s mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all those working in healthcare and social care and is proud to support 5,000 keyworker organisations nationally. If you’d like to get involved: Visit TAP’s website: (https://thankandpraise. to download the TAP App. Contact: to adopt TAP’s social thanking platform in your organisation.

MoliCare® celebrates Genee’s G-Touch® 40 years of incontinence Wireless Care Solution protection, every day R evolutionise your care homes with Genee’s G-Touch® Wireless Care Solution. We are a UK-based manufacturer who specialises in affordable touch technology. Our versatile solution addresses physical, mental & social needs, it includes our interactive touchscreen, a multi-use electric high-low trolley, built in PC and Android & a wireless battery pack.


oliCare®, the global incontinence brand, is celebrating 40 years of supporting people, carers and healthcare professionals with solution-based pads, pants and skincare products. The product range has been designed to help the everyday needs of those living with incontinence and bladder weakness, with the care of the skin at the heart of the MoliCare® brand. MoliCare® has developed a range of pads and pants, which feel like underwear. Over the last forty years, the brand has continued to focus on protection, security, and comfort as the core criteria for its product performance. HARTMANN, the company behind MoliCare®, continues to invest in and develop in their products. This includes the introduction of new technology to the MoliCare® Premium Form range of large


shaped pads that now features a new absorbent core known as ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer). The ADL layer contains super absorbent polymers treated with Citrate, which neutralise the urine, for better skin health. In addition, the ADL layer now features a new channel, set within the pad to help to distribute urine. Both innovations improve the feeling of dryness by over 70%, again demonstrating MoliCare®’s commitment to skin care.

For ordering, please call: 0800 028 9470, or order online at:


With our solution, residents can catch up with family and friends through video conferencing on the large screen. Clearly see and hear TV shows and movies with front facing speakers and anti-glare technology suitable for all viewing angles. Reduce loneliness and improve resident’s mental health with our specifically designed software to support elderly and dementia resident’s cognitive abilities. Access a wide range of free apps to create social interactions for residents to individually participate in or gather for team activities.

Choose Genee’s G-Touch® Wireless Care Solution and make a positive impact on the lives of your residents and staff today. Contact us now and quote the promotion code ‘HealthCareMattersJune’ and we will send you our brochure along with the opportunity to book a free demonstration.

But it’s not just for residents. Staff can use the G-Touch® Screen for group activities, staff training, and inter-care home video conferencing.

Please contact +44 (0)1902 390862



Authorising Engineers for Healthcare In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are delighted to select DRLC Ltd as our Healthcare Authorising Engineer Company of the Month


he commemorative NHS book Celebrating 75 years of the National Health Service gave thanks to the many organisations that helped shape this fine institution. One of those mentioned was DRLC: a proud family-owned company providing authorising and regulatory compliance and consultancy services. The Sheffield-based company offers Authorising Engineer services to healthcare providers like the NHS across the following range of services: : Authorising Engineer: Fire Safety : Authorising Engineer: Critical Ventilation : Authorising Engineer: Water Safety : Authorising Engineer: Pressure Systems : Authorising Engineer: Medical Gases : Authorising Engineer: Confined Spaces DRLC was established in 2016 by Managing Director: David Livingstone who has previous expertise as a Building Service Engineer in the NHS spanning thirty years. After witnessing the devastating impact of hospitalassociated infections such as MRSA and C. difficile, David wanted to make a difference and set up his own consultancy company to ensure Operating Theatres had access to ventilation to help prevent such infections. With the help of Director Louise Webb, also his partner of nearly 40 years and children Melissa and Hamish Livingstone, the company has gone from strength-to-strength in supporting critical ventilation for staff and patient safety. The team at DRLC is made up of Chartered Engineers who are fellows of IHEEM, across ventilation and water safety, with the Fire Safety team comprising of ex-fire fighters and a Fire Engineer who belong to The Institution of Fire Engineers, and NAHFO respectively. DRLC is an Approved Supplier to the NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

specialising in healthcare and other sectors. Working as an independent professional advisor, Harry assists healthcare organisations in mitigating against the risks from exposure to microbiological bacteria in engineering systems. Through reviewing management systems, carrying out non-invasive audits of water systems and providing expert advice to hospital operational management teams.

(NOE CPC) and ensures audits include an impartial, comprehensive review of management systems and procedures. They use a risk-based system to advise clients on the most important issues to be addressed following their Audits. Action plans are produced using the audit conclusions and customers are supported with advice and guidance to implement any changes. We spoke to Dr Louise Webb to find out more, “We run our office from Burton Street Foundation in Sheffield, alongside 14 other local businesses. Set up as a Community Benefit Society in 1998, the Foundation runs additional disability services, 35 charities and community groups from the premises.” “We started out focusing on critical ventilation services, and over the last eight years have moved into the other services. With 90% of our healthcare services based in the NHS already, we are now looking to promote our water safety and medical gas services.” “Looking to the future, we would like to provide a one-stop-shop, rather than separate consultancy. This will benefit our larger clients like the NHS by offering a streamlined service and single point of access.”

“Our Authorising Engineer for medical gases has specialist knowledge of MGAS services to the NHS and other healthcare settings, in accordance with chapter 7 of HTM02-01, Medical Gas Pipeline Systems,” added Louise. DRLC prides itself on running a professional consultancy service, with embedded integrity, expertise and client-focused accountability. David and Louise recently employed Gary Chu: a highly experienced Authorising Engineer from Hong Kong, with 25 years in engineering and specialises in HVAC systems. Gary (Hon Tat) Chu has just become a full member of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estates Management (IHEEM). “We additionally take great pride in employing staff in their 60’s and 70’s as many possess exceptional engineering skillsets. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a young apprentice providing digital marketing, we like to be age-inclusive across the board,” concluded Louise. DRLC will be at Healthcare Estates: 8th-9th October 2024, Manchester Central. Louise will be giving a talk on ‘Technology and Innovation in Healthcare Ventilation.’

Harry Evans is the DRLC Authorising Engineer for water safety and is IHEEM registered. He has over 40 years’ experience of Estates and Maintenance Management and has spent the last twenty years

Please contact 0114 299 7736





Kingsway’s brand new Providing light at times of KwikShip Door Configurator emergency since 1968


s a partner in patient safety to over 85% of NHS Mental Health Trusts, our anti-ligature and anti-barricade solutions have been the preferred choice in over 10,000 specialist projects. Launched in January 2024, the brand new Kingsway Group KwikShip Door Configurator allows our Construction and Architect partners to design one of our 3 leading Anti-Ligature Door Systems on-line and receive a technical drawing instantly, along with a follow up quote. Giving you the flexibility to receive the information when you need it. What is Kingsway’s 3/4/8 Service? 3-Day Door Replacement If a Kingsway door is damaged, it’s critical that a replacement is fitted without delay. To ensure this, we’re

committing to the manufacture and installation of replacement Kingsway doors in just 3 days. 4-Week KwikShip A fast-tracked 4-week manufacturing schedule available for a streamlined selection of Kingsway Group Complete Door Systems. With KwikShip, it will now be possible to order and receive specialist doorsets in just four weeks from approval of the door design and quote. 8-Week Standard Lead Our standard lead time will be 8-weeks from approval of the design and quote to delivery, applicable to the entire Kingsway Complete Door System range. Find out more at:


hen you are considering your emergency lighting and back-up power requirements, you need to be sure you are in safe hands. The responsibility of operating a building or facility with public access can be wearing at times. You need the reassurance that in the event of an emergency the proactive steps you have taken to mitigate risk are backedup by equipment you can trust. As an established and dedicated supplier and manufacturer of emergency lighting and power systems, BLE can offer you over 55 years’ experience. At BLE, we’re passionate about delivering high quality products and

Fluorescent lighting ban’s impact on emergency lighting P

4, the UK’s largest independent self-testing emergency lighting specialist, emphasises that the UK Government has announced dates for phasing out fluorescent lamps to reduce environmental impact. T8 (2’, 4’ & 5’) fluorescent tubes cannot be placed on the market since 1st September 2023, while others including T5, and compact fluorescent will be unavailable from 1st February 2024. P4 said, “As T8 and T5 tubes are used in emergency lighting and exit sign fittings, replacements will not be available once existing stocks have been exhausted.” The company added, “Failure of an existing fluorescent lamp with no possibility of replacement renders emergency lighting non-compliant with BS5266. This risks lives and opens the possibility of prosecution under VIII

the 2005 Fire Safety Order. Upgrading to LED technology is the perfect solution. Functional benefits include increased product life, reduced maintenance, energy saving, and improved light spread.” Steve Rham, P4 Sales and Marketing Director, says, “The wide range of P4’s upgrade options really set the company apart. We not only offer new LED emergency luminaires but also the option of replacement gear trays to upgrade existing fluorescent luminaires (both P4 or otherwise) to LED.” Get in touch: 01328 850555.



services tailored to your needs. Our team boasts extensive technical know-how and stays up-to-date on industry and legislative standards, ensuring we provide fully compliant solutions for projects of all sizes. Our new BLE Connect Fully Automated Emergency Lighting System will simplify the maintenance of your emergency lighting and assist in meeting legislative requirements with ease, all in real time. Contact 01246 432325


Sumed International: BART Making events accessible DAYS 2024, featuring Bart to all Van Der Heyden A ccess Partner to The Disability Expo 2023, Access My Events had an enjoyable first-time experience exhibiting at the show.


umed International announces BART DAYS 2024, featuring Bart Van Der Heyden, PT, with 25 years in seating, wound care, and mobility. The event highlights the importance of quantifying posture and postural interventions. Spanning five notable locations – Walsall, Wrexham, Preston, Edinburgh, and Dublin – this workshop series underscores the practical application of pressure imaging in assessing seat cushion and wheelchair effectiveness.

experience with medical equipment engineered to address mobility constraints and facilitate pressure ulcer management.

The workshop is aimed at healthcare professionals who want to deepen their understanding of reducing pressure ulcers by evaluating and improving patient posture. In interactive sessions, Bart combines clinical theory with practical applications to impart his extensive knowledge.

BART DAYS 2024 embodies Sumed International’s commitment to delivering educational excellence, equipping professionals with the skills to optimise patient outcomes. This confluence of innovation, knowledge, and practice fosters an environment of professional advancement, ensuring caregivers are well-versed in intervention strategies and supportive technologies.

Participants will benefit from a robust curriculum designed to enhance their approach to patient care. With an integrated showcase of Sumed International’s product range, attendees gain hands-on

Please contact 01457 890980

The Expo gave Access My Events a platform to raise awareness of the brand as well as network with other like-minded people and organisations. Founder Zubee commented, “As our logo tagline says, bringing businesses and disabled people together, this event did just that!” Founded by Zubee in 2018, it is already an award-winning business having just won the Small Business Sunday (SBS): one of the largest business networks in the UK founded by Dragon’s Den – Theo Paphitis. Furthermore, Zubee has also been nominated as a finalist for the British Asian Women’s Awards 2024, in the Community Achievement of the Year category.

Access My Events is a unique business model that strives to make events accessible for the disability community. Zubee is well-connected to the disability community, living with cerebral palsy herself, she understands the challenges. Her passion to make events more inclusive whilst encouraging others to do so too is what drives the business forward. If you’re looking to make your event more accessible for deaf and disabled people then Access My Events would love to work with you. Whether it’s a local event or something more large scale, Access My Events will work with you to make your event as inclusive as possible.

Having worked in the field of disability, equality and events for many years, Zubee found it difficult to find a job in the For more information, please see below: events industry so starting 07305 244993 her own business was the ideal way to work in a sector she is passionate about.


W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including: ● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales. ● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England. ● Policies and Procedures for nonregistered services in England ● Staff training packs – i.e. Management of Medicines. ● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses. ● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections

● Tender writing and Bid support ● CQC Registration Support ● General Business Advice and Guidance New for 2023! ● Updated CQC compliance webinar ● Values Led Recruitment and Retention Webinar ● Children’s Policies and Procedures ● New Online Policy Portal – Manage, read and share your policies at the touch of a button.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.
















01733 391900 • 9 Holkham Road • Orton Southgate • Peterborough • PE2 6TE

Review - Top Exhibitors

Care & Retirement Living Show 2023 C

are Show is the UK’s largest care event, providing training, solutions and networking opportunities to support those responsible for the care of others. The Care Show unites the entire care sector together for an action-packed two-day event under one roof. From 11th-12th October 2023, more than 200 healthcare suppliers connected with over 4,000 attendees and over 170 expert keynote speakers to showcase the latest products, services and solutions from across the industry. The quality of the footfall was high, with many managers, owners and directors from care providers looking to connect with exhibitors. Hot on the conference agenda were topics such as the future of the healthcare sector, international recruitment, through to person-centred care management and employee engagement apps. There were some highly emotive short film premieres and to keep things fresh, 76% of the speakers were first-time speakers at any care sector event. EF Training Founder and Director Jayne Ellis spoke passionately about how to recognise and respond to

compassion fatigue across the sector, which resonated with many in the audience. Exhibitors ranged from podiatry, adaptive hoists, care management software, recruitment, bookkeeping, immigration advice, through to charities like Marie Curie and Alzheimer’s Society and even an innovative live butterfly kit company for elders. This was the largest edition by far and together with the launch of co-located event: Retirement Living Show, the event even had to be moved to a bigger hall to accommodate more exhibitors and visitors. The events were buzzing with the latest care technology innovations, care equipment, catering, design, through to raising finance, finding land, construction, architecture, affordable living and everything related to creating independent living for seniors. Care Quality Commission (CQC) staff were on hand to deliver keynote speeches and visitors had the opportunity to meet inspectors one-to-one to ask questions about the nature of inspections. For those looking for a new Linkedin profile photo, there was an enterprising headshot photo corner, whilst the quiet and relax room and beer & bubbles bar and lounge gave some much-needed downtime. The Care Show Thirty Under 30 initiative was unveiled, championing dedicated younger staff, with the overall winners receiving certificates.

The feedback from exhibitors and visitors was overwhelmingly positive, with plenty of networking, showcasing of new products and services and a chance to come together for the care sector during challenging times. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here: EF Training. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

Save the date: Care Show Birmingham (co-located event: Retirement Living Show) 9th-10th October 2024 NEC Birmingham

Compassion Fatigue: Recognise-Respond-Recover


he health & social care sector experienced great strain during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many working tirelessly, including in their free time volunteering at vaccination centres. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that many workers experienced increased workforce stress, anxiety, exhaustion and burnout, after working longer hours, witnessing illness and death on a new scale and feeling isolated from family and friends. Through we are now living in a post-COVID world, many care workers are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic, whereas new staff might be struggling with adapting to the work demands of their new role. “Many in the sector are familiar with words like stress, exhaustion or even burnout – but the phrase ‘burnout’ suggests that there’s no coming back. We want to start the conversation about recovery, and this means talking about compassion fatigue, and emotional energy instead,” insisted CEO and Founder of EF Training, Jayne Ellis. EF Training is the only UK-based company providing accredited bespoke evidence-based training courses, designed to address the impact of compassion fatigue. Established in 2010 by Jayne, a former nurse and previous compassion fatigue sufferer, the aim was to design training courses to address the very nature of these entrenched, systemic concerns.

carrying on can have a profound impact on wellbeing, leading to high workplace absenteeism, other workrelated illnesses and even suicidal feelings.

The training course is endorsed by The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP) and is facilitated by an expert team of trainers with backgrounds across palliative care, social care, child protection and many others. “We’re based in Berkshire and offer training with health & social care training right across the UK and Ireland.” “Compassion fatigue is the result of ‘vicarious trauma’ or secondary traumatic stress: a set of symptoms that mirror the symptoms the patients or residents that are being cared for. Our hard-working caring professionals work with dementia patients, end-of-life care, through to accident or stroke recovery and much more in-between. Though they have received professional training, they don’t have the same social status as nurses and might not always benefit from the same wellbeing staff protection. The symptoms of compassion fatigue can look like any of the following: anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, often leading to shut-down and detachment, impacting on workplace performance and home life.” Compassion Fatigue can be viewed as the ‘dark side of caring’ and the cycle of repressing feelings and just


EF Training has designed a course to counter the emotional impact of workforce stress and trauma through three key areas: ✚ Recognise the emotional impact of caring, the risk factors signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue. ✚ Respond to these symptoms with sustainable self-care strategies. ✚ Recover and increase resilience using proactive measures to promote guilt free self-care & selfcompassion, leading to enhanced emotional energy. Part 2 of the training has now been added: Reflecting and Responding to Compassion Fatigue, to enable care workers to reflect on the impact of compassion/emotional fatigue in their personal and professional lives and explore further strategies and tools to strengthen and maintain emotional well-being. CEO and Founder of EF Training, Jayne Ellis will be giving a keynote speech on compassion fatigue at the UK Care Week: 20th-21st March 2024, NEC Birmingham. For more details on EF Training, please see the website below:




Care Homes spending up to £50,000 a year sending food waste to landfill T he average UK business is spending over £50,000 every year on sending food waste to landfill, however, recycling food waste could save care homes up to £7,000 a year, according to new research from Keenan Recycling.

Despite this, only a third (36%) of care homes say that they recycle food waste in order to minimise financial losses and only a third (34%) recycle food waste to avoid costly fines. However, new legislation due to land in 2024, is expected to mandate that any business producing over 5kg of food waste will need to separate and recycle its waste through a registered food waste carrier service. Failure to comply could put care homes at risk

of potentially hefty financial penaltieswith fixed penalty notices starting from £300.

waste providers and providing training for staff.”

The legislation is due to be introduced by both DEFRA and the Welsh Government, who are expected to enact the provisions of the Environment Act 2021, and thereby make the separation of food waste from other waste streams a requirement.

“But actually, short term investment in proper food waste management systems will bring financial benefits in the mid to long term. In fact, care homes could see themselves saving thousands each year. On top of this, by looking at how to implement new processes now, businesses can ensure that there is time to support staff through the change and iron out any teething problems ahead of the incoming laws.”

Short term investment in proper food waste management systems will bring financial benefits in the mid to long term However, while the research suggests that care homes are not aware of the potential costs that sending food waste to landfill could incur, it did reveal that care homes are conscious of the indirect financial implications. Almost half (44%) said they recycle food waste as a response to public sentiment and consumer demand and a further third (32%) of respondents cited that recycling food waste helps



them adhere to hygiene standards. Grant Keenan, Managing Director at Keenan Recycling, said, “We know our care homes want to implement more sustainable methods of working, but they are facing a lot of pressure right now and there are many misconceptions around the true cost of food waste recycling.” “Our roundtable with key industry experts, including representatives from the care sector, highlighted this. Businesses revealed that they are worried about the upfront costs involved in introducing new processes such as investing in new bins, onboarding new food


For more insights from the research and findings from Keenan’s roundtable, please visit:

Please contact 0800 644 6618


The UK & Ireland’s leading event for medical device manufacturing F rom the 7th-8th June, leaders, engineers, innovators and manufacturers gathered together at the NEC to attend Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023. Med-Tech is the fastest growing event in medical technology boasting a platform where innovative new technology is showcased and launched to a global audience. From new product launches to advanced technologies, technology zones, live demonstrations, and a world-class conference programme, Med-Tech 2023 was a roaring success. Featuring some of this year’s headline speakers and decision makers that came from global organisations such as Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, NHS, Department for Business and Trade, Office of Life Sciences, Department of Health and Social Care, Crispin Orthotics and Pennine Healthcare, who all gave business-critical insights and thought-providing discussions alongside revealing new academic research available to the medical technology industry.

The event was as busy as ever with lots of things to do and see. Some life changing medical devices were launched and showcased alongside specialist technology, materials, components, software, machines, applications and more. Boasting almost 200 exhibitors and over 50 presentations, MedTech 2023 was an interactive, insightful and highly-efficient event that excelled in meeting the demands of the MedTech industry. Take a look at some of our Top Exhibitors from the show. MedTech Innovation Expo 2024 takes place on the 5th-6th June 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham. Please contact

Third year running for Rapid Fluidics T

hree is the magic number for Rapid Fluidics who once again successfully exhibited at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023 with a slightly larger stand and slightly larger team than previous years at the NEC in Birmingham. The Rapid Fluidics team received great feedback and interest from new and existing customers and industry professionals as they showcased their expertise in microfluidic design and rapid prototyping products and services using a proprietary print approach eliminating caveats of other 3D printed approaches. Boasting a team with over 30 years in engineering experience, Rapid Fluidics has members elected as chartered engineers to the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, as well as a PhD in new microfluidic design and materials. Helping to shape the future of microfluidics, the team use their design expertise and novel 3D printing processes to dramatically cut your costs and development time. Functioning as a successful and innovative microfluidics consultancy, the team uses cuttingedge technology to prototype custom microfluidic devices for a variety of applications. Rapid

Fluidics has experience across the full spectrum of microfluidic device development from initial concept through to prototyping, testing, design iteration and design for manufacturing scale up. Furthermore, the company also has a large range of ready-made parts to help take your development to the next level via their online shop. Typically shipped within one working day from order, you’ll find items such as the Modular Microfluidic System (MMS), Modular Microfluidic Clamps, silicone ferrules, microfluidic adaptors, and much more – all fully customisable if desired. For more information, please see below: 0330 0571119


Transform Employee Engagement with One Powerful Platform. Terryberry’s industry leading Recognition Platform is a single hub with everything you need to build an effective employee recognition programme in your organisation, including Milestone & Service Awards, Employee Benefits, Social Recognition and Engagement, Wellbeing and Feedback & Engagement.

Biomed96 is a specialist in the medical equipment industry offering a comprehensive range of patient monitoring consumables, Oxygen concentrators, SonoStar ultrasound probes, handheld vital sign monitors, face masks, COVID Antigen test kit, Dental surgical items, Surgical Diathermy leads, Stethoscopes, Veterinary ultrasound & monitoring cables at lowest price with Free NHS delivery.

Renray are committed to designing furniture, beds and interior solutions with the end user in mind and tailoring our services and solutions to fulfil your requirements and vision for your care home. Our health and social care furniture, profiling beds, PAC and medical equipment are manufactured in our purpose built factories in Cheshire and Europe.


Pharmafilter offers innovative solutions that improve the cleanliness of environments in hospitals, airports, and other large-scale facilities. Providing an infrastructure that creates simple work processes, Pharmafilter’s innovative, transformational waste and wastewater onsite treatment system is proven to combat Antimicrobial Resistance Bacteria, COVID-19, helping to establish a safer environment.




Colour Graphics plugs a sustainable hole in the market with Soyang Europe The Walsall-based large-format print company began using Soyang SL-F04 Premium Solar Greyback Frontlit Banner material in response to a rising demand for PVC-free banner work


alsall-based large-format print business Colour Graphics has revealed how its use of Soyang’s SL-F04 Premium Solar Greyback Frontlit banner material has allowed the company to expand its sustainable offering and win profitable new work from environment-focused customers. Established more than 25 years ago, Colour Graphics offers a wide range of printing services including largeformat signage, exhibition displays, marketing materials and event graphics. While demand for its print services in general has been on the rise, Colour Graphics noted a particular increase in interest for banner printing, specifically more planet friendly solutions. In response, the company took the decision to begin offering PVC-free banner printing, allowing customers to select a more sustainable option.

Written by Ella Faulkner, Internal Sales banners,” Colour Graphics’ Sales and Marketing Manager James Birch says. “As we have such a strong relationship with Soyang Europe, we knew they would be able to help us find a solution.” The decision has proved hugely popular with Colour Graphics customers, with James revealing that the company has been able to win new work from clients that themselves have a strong focus on limiting their environmental impact. Colour Graphics has been running the material on its new Matic Hera impulse welder, allowing it to produce all sorts of short to medium-term banner pieces such as pocket banners and café banner systems.

Having worked with Soyang Europe for nearly 10 years, Colour Graphics again turned to the specialist supplier for a solution. After testing a number of products, Colour Graphics identified Soyang’s SL-F04 Premium Solar Greyback Frontlit banner material as the ideal product to meet the demand for more environmentally friendly banners.

“We tested out a few non-PVC banner materials with the impulse welder and were really impressed with the results of the Soyang product. Non-PVC banner material is notoriously tricky to weld; we’re really pleased to add this high-performing material to our own range,” James adds.

A 100% polyester woven fabric coated with a grey back, Soyang SL-F04 banner material offers users a smooth surface and full opacity, making it an effective solution for printed applications such as banners, roll-up banners and home décor.

“By offering this new service, we are plugging a hole in the market created by the stigma of PVC and the need to satisfy environmental requirements,” James continues. “For some of our customers, they need to hit certain sustainability targets; our new non-PVC offering helps them to achieve this.”

The fire-resistant fabric – available in widths of up to 5m – is compatible with UV, Latex and (eco) solvent printing technologies. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is also degradable and Oekotex Standard 100 Certificated. “There is a big stigma around the use of PVC, and we were getting asked a lot for non-PVC materials when producing


“Soyang Europe supported us every step of the way in selecting the material and we are delighted with the result.”

Please contact +44 (0)161 765 3400




The beauty of science N

ew Scientist Live returned to the ExCel London on the 7th-8th October 2023, with an extra dedicated School Day on Monday October 9th. 2023 made for a fantastic show that kept exhibitors and visitors more than entertained. Whether you’re interested in deep oceans, distant galaxies, mental health, technology or ancient humans, New Scientist Live delivered a platform that was both full of new and exciting experiences as well as being truly educational. New Scientist Live 2023 featured 5 stages, 56 main stage talks, 80 exhibitors, and even one day dedicated solely just for schools. From the latest technology and research, visitors enjoyed the interactive experiences where they could explore and discover leading-edge scientific products and get their hands on the latest scientific goodies. From the hospital of the future to technology powering sustainable agriculture, there really was something for every scientific interest. From the world’s leading scientists and engineers to the biggest brands in the industry, 80 exhibiters attended the show to showcase how their world-leading institutions are shaping the modern world.

Envision Racing was an exciting feature for all those interested in Formula E. The 2023 Formula E Team Champions were at the show with one of their Formula E Gen3 racing cars, the world’s most advanced electric racing car! Visitors could test out their fastest lap on a Formula-E circuit in a playseat simulator and witness Recover-e, a full-size working race car made out of electronic waste. Mars by Luke Jerram was a mesmerising piece of artwork that allowed visitors to view Mars from the air, as though they were a satellite mapping and studying the surface in perfect detail. The artwork was designed to transport you to a desert wasteland, and to imagine what it’s like to step foot on the incredible planet! Other exciting features: SPOT the robotic dog, Medical Mavericks, Fitbits for cows, Maize Maze, Virtual Reality Hearts, and so much more. Some of the 2023 show’s speaker highlights included talks from Jim Al-Khalili – Theoretical

Physicist – University of Surrey, Julia Shaw – Psychologist and author – University College London; and Maddie Moate – BAFTA winning TV Presenter and YouTuber, CBBC. All talks took place across 5 stages: Our Planet Stage, Mind & Body Stage, Universe Stage, Future Stage, and Engage Stage, and covered topics: Busting myths about being female, Life behind the lens, The future of meat: what will we eat in 2033? Blue machine: How the ocean works, the science of kindness and, Are psychedelics the future of mental health? Register your interest for 2024 now. Please contact

Immersive Learning, Evolving…


he multi-awarding brands and services of Immersive Experiences will be back at New Scientist Live 2024 even bigger than before! New Scientist Live is all about embracing science in all its facets, and at our past events Immersive Experiences has always encouraged school children, teachers, and interested third parties to discover whole new worlds through their advanced 360° projection domes. They have even offered some delicious space food ice cream! But over 2023, Immersive extended its might in multiple directions, and its offerings going forward will be more extensive and engaging than ever. Founded by CEO Zee Dinally back in 2014, this global technology powerhouse has provided unforgettable enthralling experiences across schools, museums, business sectors, theme parks, and sports and entertainment venues. With over 200 programs and experiences to choose from, Immersive Experiences offers the world’s largest fleet of planetariums and domes, and covers the National Curriculum from Early Years to graduate level with subjects including… u Sciences like Astronomy, Biology, and Geology u Humanities like History and Geography u Mathematics u Arts like Music, Dance, and Photography …and much, much more. Awarded the ‘Best Mobile Planetarium Specialists’ by Greater London Awards and also a five-star

National Education rating, the UK-based company has inspired around 150,000 schoolchildren annually, and over half a million children at events around the world. Over the past few years, Immersive has added Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) benefits for young learners. Imagine a VR geography field trip to the Himalayas: the towering soft-capped mountains, the peak touching the clouds, the contrasting lush green valleys below and bright colours of the Tibetan national dress. Such experiences offer students ‘firework’ moments, where they truly connect emotionally and can remember the experience through feelings as well as thought. There are numerous benefits for educational establishments too. All staff are registered with the Enhanced DBS Update Service, and all equipment is fully risk assessed, PAT tested, fully compliant to ISO9001 standards, and brought to your door. The experiential learning programs are designed for all children, including those with SEND learning needs, and can be dubbed or subtitled into the following languages: Arabic, Catalan, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Polish, and Russian – perfect for newly arrived schoolchildren to the UK with English as an Additional Language. Also in 2023, Immersive Experiences purchased Epic Tales, the highly praised storytelling brand built by author Chip Colquhoun and illustrator Korky Paul. Immersive’s ownership enabled Epic to instantly become preferred supplier for English Hub, the UK


Dept for Education body supporting schools with literacy. Soon after, Epic published its first educators handbook – All the Better to Read You With: Stories & Lessons to Inspire Reading for Pleasure. With Epic on board, Immersive now offers a full STEAM experience, with the added Arts helping STEM become even more engaging. For schools focused on raising literacy standards, Immersive’s Epic is one of the world’s most trusted brands. And for events, Immersive’s Epic will leave audiences happily enthralled. Epic is also Immersive’s publishing arm. Every month sees the release of at least one new children’s book illustrated by the award-winning Korky Paul, coupled with an educators edition revealing how those tales can teach English, Maths, Science, and more. Recently, Chip was invited to meet HM Queen Camilla to discuss their mutual passion for sharing the joy of reading among children. This golden opportunity left an Immersive-Epic publication in royal hands! With such approval, the Immersive-Epic connection is one you’ll surely want to benefit from. Find out today how Immersive Experiences can bring dynamic learning to your school today and read testimonies from UK schools:

Please contact 0800 3118 360




The UK’s leading event for modern automotive retailers A

utomotive Management Live 2023 had its best year yet welcoming over 1,300 modern automotive retail professionals from across the UK to shape the future of the industry. Over 65 diverse industry suppliers showcased their latest products and newest innovations designed to help retailers navigate the everchanging retail environment. Attendees were able to learn the latest digital techniques and skills for communication with new and existing customers, as well as connect with new and innovative suppliers to motor retailing. This is a must-attend event for all those looking to network and interact with dealer colleagues and manufacturer representatives, as well as to learn key tips and tricks designed to excel your business. The show also gave a platform to share the latest industry trends and to explore how dealers can effectively introduce a sustainable workplace and workforce. The 2023 seminar programme was jampacked and covered four main focus points related to Digital, Sales, Aftersales, and Strategy. Some of the show’s speakers

included: Amber Andrews, Digital Marketing Dates announced for Automotive Manager Jardine Motors Group; Craig Petty, Management Live 2024 to be held on Sales Director Hatfields; Andy Shields, 13th November at the NEC, Birmingham. Business Unit Director INDICATA; and many more. Please contact Automanagementlive

Register your interest for the 2024 show now and stay ahead of the curve by learning what’s new.

How can a business reduce energy costs? L

CS Energy work on your behalf to manage the energy consumption in your business and reduce your overall energy spend whilst also helping you to achieve your carbon reduction programs. Using the most innovative engineering coupled with the highest-quality application knowledge, LCS will level up your output delivering a complete project installation. LCS Energy has a wide range of commercial energy management solutions to suit your needs from energy management to LED lighting, Solar PV, and EV charging. Using MAPIT – the LCS model that is designed to save you as much money and energy as



possible, LCS will help you to control, monitor and conserve energy with a proper energy strategy that drives down energy usage through cost-saving initiatives. If energy is not monitored within a building, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage it. The more data and intelligence you have, the easier it becomes to manage your energy consumption. This can be extremely difficult to keep track of, particularly for large businesses that operate across multiple sites. By adopting such measured energy management practices and making the simple switch to using LED lighting, Solar PV, or adding charging points for EV vehicles, your business can demonstrate environmental leadership. For full help, guidance and advice, LCS Energy has all the services you need: 01480 470064




Chevronshop is a division of Bluelite Graphics, a pioneer and UK market leader in the supply of chapter8 compliant vehicle chevrons and graphics. We have a growing design list of products that fit over 110 models of vehicles used in service across the UK. In 2021, the company celebrates its 15 year anniversary of supplying chevrons and graphics to not only the UK but worldwide customers.

ELAFLEX LTD are based in Hertfordshire. We are the prime suppliers for the UK and Irish markets of all ELAFLEX products including ZVA nozzles, petrol pump hoses, breakaway couplings, and products for CNG, LNG, H2, Chemical, Pharma, LPG, Bitumen and Aviation refuelling industries. Discover our Rubber Bellows and bespoke hose reels! We also operate from Stockport, near Manchester. Visit and explore more with our product configurators.

Aqua Safety Showers are on hand to ensure your workers remain safe, just about everywhere. Our range of emergency products and equipment offer protection against serious injury and are all built to exceed ANSI/EN safety standards. We have the flexibility to adapt, modify or design bespoke units for each individual customer in our UK manufacturing facility.

Established in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets.

PET TRADE INNOVATIONS was founded in 2016 to bring new innovations and ideas to the pet trade. We are master distributors for the UK and European markets dealing with major accounts in both the pet and vet sectors. We also offer consultancy, coaching and help for companies and individuals wanting to launch new products or grow sales.

We offer high-quality Explosion Protection and Spark Protection equipment from our wide range of Vent Panels, Flameless Vents and Isolation Valves as well as Sensors, Environmental and Safety Protection and our NEW Raptor Spark detection kits. We provide consultancy, calculations and a free initial site visit.

For over 50 years, CP Cases have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing an extensive range of bespoke cases and 19-inch racks, which is why we have the perfect formula to provide innovation, durability and high-performance cases to a range of industries, including security, medical, broadcast and much more.

Electrolab Biotech is a leading manufacturer of bench-top bioreactors and fermenter systems. With over 30 years’ experience designing and building bioreactor systems in the UK, you’ll find the partner you can trust to deliver the equipment you need. We offer the same high level of service and support to all our customers.

Soyang Europe is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digitally printable wide-format and superwide-format media and surface coverings for the multiple industries including sign & display, design, marketing, construction, and décor. Additionally, Soyang Hardware offers leading edge wide and superwide format print production hardware solutions from many of the industry’s biggest and best-known printer brands.

Cirrus Research plc is a leading expert in the creation and distribution of noise measurement instruments. Established to innovate solutions for noise monitoring, their product range includes sound level meters, noise dosimeters, and environmental noise monitoring systems. Cirrus Research is dedicated to improving health and safety in workplaces and communities by providing precise, reliable tools for noise assessment and management.



The awning is often where you end up spending a great many hours on camping trips. It serves as a living room and dining room, storage room and meeting place. So, choosing the right awning for your camping needs is vital.

Awnings for motorhomes A camper van or motorhome gives you the freedom to travel. Even when you bring an awning along. Isabella for camper vans is designed to be flexible because we know that mobility is as crucial as the extra space.

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Camping equipment and camping accessories

Camping equipment should be designed to last. It should also be easy to bring with you. From design to functionality, we’ve left nothing to chance in our range of Isabella accessories that make it extra easy to be a camper.

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