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C O N T E N T S 8 18 EDITOR’S NOTES This month, we bring to you the latest industry news with a focus on key topics that are set to soar throughout 2024. One of the more popular rising trends is the popularity of Direct-To-Film DTF printing. We feature Inkfuse DTF who were the talk of the town at the Printwear & Promotion Live Expo 2023 with customers dumbfounded at the print quality, colourful designs, graphics and advantages they had to offer. Page 6.

Gina Burton Editor

We showcase a great article on pet supplies from Pet Trade Innovations whose quality products and innovations available to the pet and vet markets come richly recommended. Find out more on Bamboodles, the company’s number one selling brand that boasts a popular range which is set to grow even further over the next five years. Pages 4-5. The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2023 was a sell-out weekend with a record number of visitors. On pages 12-13 we feature our full review of the show alongside a list of our Top Exhibitors including S&G Home & Leisure, a first-class supplier and installer of caravans, motorhomes, horse boxes, boats, and more. Our team works hard to bring you fresh monthly industry content and informative features and news that you’ll want to read and share. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition.





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Pet Trade Innovations has been at the forefront of leading pet and vet supplies since 2016. Established by Managing Director, Steve Driver, the company is focused on bringing exciting new innovations and products to market.




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Helping bring new products and ideas to the pet trade


he Brits are a nation of animal lovers: a recent study by the PDSA showed that 53% of UK adults have a pet. This includes 29% dog and 24% cat owners. Many towns and cities have become increasingly more pet-friendly, following successive lockdowns. The COVID Staycation, welcomed dogs, often for the first time to hotels, Airbnbs and campsites across the country. Pet Trade Innovations has been at the forefront of leading pet and vet supplies since 2016. Established by Managing Director, Steve Driver, the company is focused on bringing exciting new innovations and products to market. Steve has over forty years’ individual experience working in the pet and vet sectors and has grown the business over the last seven years, as he outlines. “We bring new quality products and innovation to the pet and vet markets. Some of these we have developed



ourselves and some are from new product designers who want help and support launching their products. “We have product and packaging designers, a marketing department, sales team and a full logistical operation, to help our customers optimise their products. “We are a master distributor for the UK and have a sister company called MDC offering sales to the vet market. “Finally, we offer expert coaching and mentoring for companies or designers: helping and supporting them with their sales and marketing.” The leading pet company supplies sectors from pet, vet, charities, animal welfare, to pet-friendly hospitality, with a popular portfolio of products ranging from dog chewing toys, smart collar, dog parking facility, to cat carrier and bed. Based in Camberley, Surrey, with warehouses in Alton,


Hampshire the products are supplied to businesses all over the country. “Bamboodles have been our Number One selling brand for some time now and the range continues to grow with exciting new shapes and designs. Its unique shape means the dog can hold it between its paws, keeping them occupied and happy for hours. The super strong material is robust for all dogs that like to chew. These are the perfect distraction for anyone wanting to keep their dogs quiet, while they enjoy their food or a drink with friends or family,” explains Steve. The T-Bone and Y-Bone Bamboodles are designed for longevity, due to its winning bamboo and nylon design properties. The super-robust material is suitable for all dog breeds and personalities, even aggressive chewers. The bamboo prevents snapping or sharding, leaving owners reassured that their dogs have a safe toy. The design has a twofold

purpose: dog entertainment and improved oral hygiene. Dogs will be less inclined to chew furniture or indulge in destructive behaviour, as the T and Y-Bone Bamboodles have soothing impacts. The raised surface nubs help reduce tartar, inflammation and bad breath, improving teeth and gums. Cat owners will also love the scientifically-approved indoor hunting feeder from Coc & Phoebe’s Cat Company. Indoor cats especially, will adore hunting, catching and playing with the feeder, fulfilling their natural hunting instincts. Owners can fill and hide two toy mice a day, leaving their cats to enjoy pseudo-hunting throughout the day, with improved physical and mental health benefits. With excellent distribution networks in the UK market, Pet Trade Innovations has accounts with major pet and vet wholesalers/distributors, household pet retail chains such as Pets at Home, online retailers including Amazon, smaller, independent pet stores, through to garden centres. Under Steve’s expert eye, the company has grown to offer expertise in consultancy and coaching for new

companies through to international and European companies, wishing to break into the UK market. The team give bespoke consultancy packages, offering the best chance of longterm success in the pet and vet markets. From smart marketing plans, detailed logistics advice, manufacturing sourcing to branding, the dedicated team can help make your product a surefire winner. The UK has well-attended annual pet trade shows such as PATS Telford, the National Pet Show at the NEC, to the world-famous Crufts. Pet Trade Innovations will coach you through proven trade show strategies, to optimise showcasing your new product lines. “We are always open to people bringing us new pet ideas and concepts. We are also open to helping pet companies reach their full potential in the UK market and worldwide. “We try to make our products as innovative as possible and provide extra sales features with great quality, while ensuring they put animal welfare first, such as: Sir Woofchester: a leading pet brand in the hospitality sector. With everything from treats, drinks and dinners for pubs to welcome packs for hotels this fun range is a must-stock for any hospitality pet-friendly businesses.


“We offer a wealthy of support to anyone who wants to stock our products, including Point of Sale free of charge, images, videos which we are more than happy to brand with individual logos and websites. “Pet Trade Innovations is growing rapidly and we plan to continue to build the group and product ranges to be the leading authority and ‘go to’ business for new innovations and also for consumers to see the new trends coming to market. “We continue to expand our catalogue with new items and new sister companies set up for products that are so exciting they need they own business model – watch this space!” To find out more about the products and brand or to book an initial consultation today, see the details below: 01276 919808




The future’s bright, the future’s Inkfuse DTF D irect-to-film (DTF) printing is a new technique on the market which has already grown in popularity across the industry. It was the talk of the town at this year’s Printwear & Promotion Live Expo, back in February where suppliers and customers alike loved the print quality, proving an excellent choice for printing photos, colourful designs, graphics to fine art onto light and dark coloured-polyester, cotton, nylon and fleece. The main advantage is that the ink doesn’t absorb into the fabric, but is simply pressed on top, in a thin-like, smooth, almost-elastic, robust layer. The print finish is resistant to cracking, throughout washing processes and has proven product longevity. Based in West Yorkshire, Inkfuse DTF prides itself on exceptional product knowledge and customer service, offering transfers, printers, consumables and printer repairs. Formed during the first COVID-19 Lockdown, Inkfuse DTF has grown exponentially as co-owner, Richard Mitchell, explains, “The company started as a vinyl cutter and cheap heat press during the first Lockdown by my fiancée Sabina. We soon evolved from a few single colour t-shirts, to full colour DTF transfers. We now have a production unit, a separate show room, and are growing rapidly each month with more and more staff needed. We have two print operators, two office staff for arranging artwork & customer questions and two expertengineers for printer installations and repairs.”

The role of the company is to establish strong and influential relationships with its DTF community, to support and guide as well to train the customers on using the DTF printers. Why is DTF printing becoming so popular you may ask? The DTF printing method is much faster than any other printing type. It has become THE game-changer of the eCommerce Custom business because it is so easy to print images directly onto specialised films and then transfer straight to clothing using heat. We asked Richard what makes their services so special over competitors, “We like to believe that our knowledgeable engineers and the customer service we offer, is our superpower. We have the fastest turnround on the DTF transfer market, offering same-day shipping on the DTF transfers and consumables, with additional next day delivery for those last minute, rush jobs. All our printers are hand-delivered with full onsite training and continued support.” DTF printing offers a greater versatility to other printing technologies and offers a

new way to transfer designs to garments, working excellently on 100% cotton materials. Furthermore, DTF prints have a higher resolution and are more cost-effective than DTG printing. Shop the best DTF printers on the market at award-winning Inkfuse DTF. Offering an unwavering commitment to delivering only the best printing services and innovative solutions for the dynamic world of Direct-To-Film (DTF) machines, Inkfuse DTF has established itself as a printing company that, in addition to providing the highest quality printing service, also offers the best advice, knowledge, and support when running a DTF machine. Whether you’re looking for slushing solution, instant hot peel dtf sheets or premium DTF inks, Inkfuse DTF stocks it all. As well as a large portfolio of DTF printing accessories, Inkfuse DTF have some of the best DTF machines in the current market. The launch of the 40cm gravity ace i3200 printer has been highly popular with customers across the UK. The cutting-edge printer offer DTF transfers for a wide range of fabrics, including leather, wood and canvas. The twohead printing system comes fully calibrated, with comprehensive training given on the printer and software. Inkfuse have now added UVDTF and is available via: Contact 01977 361200





Soyang Europe expands display solutions portfolio with ST-2163 Nightstar Onyx ST-2163 Nightstar Onyx is a flexible hybrid material and has been developed for use in UV, Latex and dye sublimation printers. It is ideally suited for applications such as retail backdrops, exhibitions graphics and pop-up display systems.


T-2163 Nightstar Onyx is a flexible hybrid material and has been developed for use in UV, Latex and dye sublimation printers. It is ideally suited for applications such as retail backdrops, exhibitions graphics and pop-up display systems. Soyang Europe, the leading manufacturer and distributor of digitally printable wide-format and superwide-format media and surface coverings, and – through its acquisition of Josero – a supplier of leading edge wide and superwide-format print production hardware, is delighted to announce the launch of ST2163 Nightstar Onyx polyester blockout display fabric. A 100% warp-knitted blockout fabric, ST-2163 Nightstar Onyx is a flexible hybrid material. It has been developed for use in UV, Latex and dye sublimation printers and is available in widths of up to 5.05m. The new material features a black back that offers users full opacity, opening up its use in a range of projects. Customers will benefit from brilliant colours and high ink fastness, while the material’s


high stability and soft feel make it the ideal solution for use in high-impact applications such as retail backdrops, exhibitions graphics and pop-up display systems. ST-2163 Nightstar Onyx also offers users a more sustainable option than other materials available on the market as it is both PVC and phthalate-free. “Soyang Europe is committed to developing new and exciting products that not only guarantee high-quality output to our customers, but also offer them a competitive edge in what is a busy market,” says Mark Mashiter, Managing Director of Soyang Europe. “Given the incredible flexibility, high print quality and stand-out environmental credentials of ST-2163 Nightstar Onyx, our latest solution fits these criteria to a tee.”

Contact +44 (0)161 765 3400




Hygiene trio join forces Danish food hygiene equipment expert joins forces with Warrington hygiene solution provider Christeyns Food Hygiene and application partner H&M Disinfection Systems Ltd, to offer unique turnkey solution


he leading family-owned supplier of detergents and disinfectants, Christeyns Food Hygiene, has joined forces in a tri-partner initiative with specialist producers of world-renowned equipment manufacturer Foamico and hygiene equipment specialists H&M Disinfection. This partnership provides the confidence that hygiene operations need to deliver world-class cleaning in the demanding food, dairy and beverage industries from design and supply to effective cleaning and disinfection. For over 30 years, Christeyns Food Hygiene has produced effective formulations of detergents and disinfectants for all applications in the food, dairy and beverage industries with customers from across a range of household consumer brands and suppliers to the UK’s food retailers. As part of family-owned Belgium parent company, Christeyns NV, the firm draws on the expertise and knowledge of a multinational team of experts. Foamico is an independent

manufacturer of superior cleaning solutions in the food, dairy and beverage industries. Its core business is to develop, manufacture and deliver reliable and efficient cleaning solutions for surface and open plant cleaning worldwide. Operating in 50 countries, Foamico’s key focus in on food safety with a reputation for – innovation and reliability. Having worked with CFH for three decades, H&M Disinfection Ltd have built a reputation for providing high quality, bespoke hygiene application equipment, which is the cornerstone of many customer’s food safety management systems. The partnership was formalised last year to provide customers with a more streamlined service in the provision of top-quality formulations and equipment. In partnership, the three firms are committed to improving customer’s hygiene operations through effective detergents and disinfectants and the highest quality of bespoke equipment. The new strategic alliance will allow the provision of a unique turnkey solution to the food,

dairy and beverage industries in the UK supplying chemicals required to achieve food safety coupled with the equipment critical to delivering those products to the food contact surface. “This is a major step for us and our customers,” states CFH Operations Director, Andy Bethel. “Three specialist companies coming together to provide excellent equipment, control systems and reliable pump-sets, combined with specialised formulations, will ensure our customers have a one-point solution for both chemistry and application equipment they can rely on.” Christeyns Food Hygiene: Foamico: H&M Disinfection Systems:

Kärcher’s new CV 30/2 Bp Motorscrubber cordless vacuum brush launches shock hotels, with a convenient roller brush self-cleaning function activated by a foot switch, ensuring fast and hygienic operation. The ON/OFF switch, eco!efficiency mode, and LED display for remaining battery runtime add to the machine's innovative features.


ärcher is excited to introduce its cutting-edge vacuum brush, the CV 30/2 Bp, designed for professional users. Ideal for diverse settings such as hotels, retail spaces, and public facilities, this machine facilitates the effortless deep cleaning of both carpets and hard floors.

The new CV 30/2 Bp, offers userfriendly operation with the convenience of cordless use – operators don’t have to contend with cables, search for power outlets, or switch outlets when moving between rooms during cleaning. This cordless vacuum brush is designed to intelligently recognise the type of surface it is cleaning by adjusting its suction power accordingly for different flooring. The roller brush of the CV 30/2 Bp thoroughly cleans carpet fibres and removes ingrained dirt. A surface nozzle, available as an accessory, facilitates cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and corners. Thanks to its particularly flat design, the CV 30/2 Bp also enables cleaning underneath low furniture such as shelves, sofas, or beds.

The CV 30/2 Bp Adv is a professional battery-powered vacuum cleaner that stands out for its excellent cleaning performance and user-friendly design. With a compact 3-litre capacity, this upright brush-type vacuum is versatile on both carpet and hard surfaces, automatically adjusting to different floor types. It effectively cleans textile floors, leaving them thoroughly cleansed and straightened. The Contact vacuum's low ground clearance 01295 752065 makes it ideal for cleaning under beds and fixtures in buildings or




ollowing three years of intensive product development and over 1,500 hours of rigorous testing, MotorScrubber’s patented invention, SHOCK, is now available. The SHOCK floor scrubber is a ‘detail’ cleaning machine, focusing on cleaning small floor spaces, including under and around toilet bowls, under partitions and units, as well as stairs and into corners and edging. It boasts the lowest profile oscillating cleaning head in the world at just 50mm/1.96” in its wings and 105mm/4.17” at its highest point. This provides a professional clean under partitions, obstacles, units and other low spaces – areas large scrubbing machines simply cannot reach. SHOCK features Lightweight and Heavyweight modes as it benefits from a quick-change 1.8kg weight kit, allowing cleaners to choose between increased downforce for cleaning floors, or improved manoeuvrability for cleaning stairs, steps and risers. With


a 90 degree pivoting yoke, users can seamlessly transition from cleaning floors to skirting boards and risers with a ‘flip’ of the head. Powered by our ergonomic battery backpack, SHOCK offers a 50 minute runtime and a quick-change battery, allowing cleaning teams to complete tasks more efficiently. Please visit: for more information. ISSUE 818 – JANUARY 2024 TEL 0121 824 7700

V Bealies Adaptive Wear: Unisex clothing for wheelchair users

VI P4 Fastel: Emergency lighting after the fluorescent ban

VIII DRLC Ltd: Authorising Engineer Services for healthcare providers


W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including: ● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales. ● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England. ● Policies and Procedures for nonregistered services in England ● Staff training packs – i.e. Management of Medicines. ● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses. ● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections

● Tender writing and Bid support ● CQC Registration Support ● General Business Advice and Guidance New for 2023! ● Updated CQC compliance webinar ● Values Led Recruitment and Retention Webinar ● Children’s Policies and Procedures ● New Online Policy Portal – Manage, read and share your policies at the touch of a button.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.




CONTENTS 818 EDITOR’S NOTES This month, we bring you the latest goings on in the healthcare industry. Some top trends and topics going into 2024 include medical waste recycling, health & social care, hydration, emergency lighting, energy efficiency, and medical workwear. Our Fashionable Adaptive Wear Company of the Month – Bealies Adaptive Wear, is a small company with a BIG future! Created to empower people with adaptive fashionable clothing, Bealies has a busy 2024 ahead with the launch of underwear, t-shirts and jeans all set to join the already popular range of hoodies and joggers in the spring of this year. Page 5.

Gina Burton




We also feature Ovogard™ as our Hydration Industry Company of the Month. We delve deeper into their secure facilities designed to provide solutions that work for all users without compromise to safety or quality, and showcase the new patented SecuraFlo™ for added protection in challenging environments. Page 15. Healthcare Estates (HEEM) returned to Manchester Central in October 2023 for its largest ever edition welcoming a record attendance of 5,754 healthcare industry professionals. On pages 6-8 we feature our full review of the show alongside a list of our Top Exhibitors including P4 Fastel, Kingsway Group, BLE Lighting & Power, and DRLC Ltd. Our team works hard to bring you fresh monthly industry content and informative features and news that you’ll want to read and share. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition.















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Taking steps to reduce delay in adaptations for £1,000


n the ongoing battle to reduce delay in home adaptations, and minimising risk for clients whilst their application is processed, AAT GB is highlighting how the barrier of stairs can be overcome – for under £1,000. The safe, quick fix, AAT claims, is to better utilise equipment often already to hand, which assessors may not even be aware of. Re-issue of an AAT stairclimber from stores can be affected within days. It requires no installation. It enables inter-floor transfer to be undertaken safely, minimising risk in alternative methods of transferring someone up and down stairs. It eliminates the need for re-organisation of the home with all its associated impact on other members of the household (such as moving a bed downstairs). It enables everyone else in the home to still fully utilise the space without impediment. As standard with an integral seat, options area available that attach to a wheelchair, further minimising risk and transfers.

All it takes is just an hour or so to train the carer, and for an AAT assessment manager to ensure the stairclimber is precisely set for operator comfort and safe support of the client. And in these days of rising energy bills, the battery powered S-Max can deliver 300 steps from one charge of the battery. With thousands of its stairclimbers already sold to local authorities across the country, AAT is confident

the concept of re-issue can have a dramatic impact on reducing waiting lists where stairs are the issue – according to NHS data(1), dealing with stairs is listed as the first change required to the home. “Providing a stairclimber from stores is a win:win option,” says AAT Director, Peter Wingrave. “It minimises the risk of stairs within days, instead of the weeks or months of alternative inter-floor transfer methods. Thus, hospital discharge can be expediated more efficiently. Risk for someone at home is managed and minimised. Fall prevention is optimised.” “In our 15+ years of experience, our stairclimbers can deliver the answer in 90+% of scenarios, addressing almost every stair configuration and so easy to use even the smallest carer can effortlessly and safely move even a bariatric adult. With our pioneering Universal Back support system, the stairclimber can provide all the support and harnessing requirements too, meaning one stairclimber can fit all.” The availability of its stairclimbers is now so widespread that AAT’s assessment managers now as a matter of course supply Occupational

Therapists with a quote for a new and a re-issued stairclimber, alongside their comprehensive clinical notes and prescription. Find out more, and book your free, no obligation assessment: (1)

Automated lateral patient Integrity® Static Cushion turning repositioned Range H H ealthcare providers and carers are often required to reposition their patients 24 hours a day to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. This can be very time consuming, ineffective, requires significant resources, can introduce risk to staff and patients, and might not be well tolerated.

Toto® from Frontier Medical Group is an automatic lateral turning system designed to assist with patient turning. With a powered control unit and a turning platform fitted beneath the patients’ mattress, Toto automatically turns patients at userdefined intervals, relieving pressure over their most vulnerable areas. Toto offers consistent & controlled automated lateral patient turning intervals, supporting single-handed care, in a lightweight,


easy to use and setup format.

Toto effectively redistributes patients’ peak pressures by tilting via discreet inflatable air cells; evenly, smoothly, and consistently even when they are sleeping. Toto offers a superior patient experience, improving compliance & resulting in enhanced outcomes. Toto aids clinicians and carers in the regular turning of patients. The unique turning platform, placed under the existing mattress is designed to gently turn patients at regular intervals, supporting anyone who cares for the patient, and offering a new approach to ‘Two Hourly’ or ‘Night-time’ turning. Find out more about Toto here: 0330 460 6030 Check our News Events page:


ere at Sumed, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of medical products and services. Our products are designed for isn’t a size that is right for the healing and you, we can make one to suit maintenance of healthy skin, your needs. We supply this including pressure ulcers, cushion to both the NHS and with products ranging from also to trade customers. At a very low risk to very high risk suitable price, this cushion is of developing a Pressure cost-effective for the qualities Ulcer. One product that we it provides, such as being supply is Integrity Static® lightweight. The cushions Cushion Range. This is a are clearly colour labelled new range of cushions, with with the weight limit and risk the risk levels ranging from level which helps you identify comfort to very high risk. which cushion is which. This cushion range offers 3 weight limits, 17st, 28st and 50st making Please contact this cushion suitable for the majority of https://sumedinternational. users. We can also com/integrity-static-cushionprovide custom sizes range in this range so if there



Award-winning adaptive fashion wear In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are delighted to select Bealies Adaptive Wear as our Fashionable Adaptive Wear Company of the Month


n 2016, social worker Caron Mcluckie and mother of three, faced a lifechanging day and one that she will never forget. Her teenage son: Emile had a spinal cord stroke, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. Due to his condition, he has no bowel or bladder function and now has to self-catheterise every three hours. Over time, Caron realised that Emile’s clothes didn’t fit him properly. causing his lower back and bottom to be exposed, it was also difficult to selfcatheterise whilst wearing joggers.

two years and the small company has been mentioned in Cosmopolitan, Manchester Evening News and has won the Fashion & Beauty Start Up of the Year 2023 at the Start Up Awards North West and a fashion pioneer award from We congratulated Caron and wanted to find out more about this inspirational fashion brand, “We launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to manufacture a small run of the joggers to test the market and sold the joggers via our online shop.

Caron searched the market for adaptive clothing but struggled to find clothing that was practical but also fashionable for her teenage son. She hit on the idea of designing her own clothing range and after extensive research: talking to other wheelchair users, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and carers, took a leap of faith and contacted the Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University with her own design. Belong long, the prototype was made of Caron’s joggers, the pattern worked well and Caron went forward to launch Bealiesadaptivewear. Bealies Adaptive Clothing was born and Caron was on a mission to bring fashionable, adaptive clothing to the 1.2 million wheelchair users across the UK. Emile’s sister, Esther called him ‘Bealie’ and this inspired the name of the company and in 2021, Caron was ready to bring the product line to market. Fast-forward

“We are based in Stockport, Cheshire and we use a factory in Leicester. Our clothing products are all 100% cotton, designed to wash well, which is particularly important for incontinence sufferers and their carers. “Initially, our brand was aimed at my son’s demographic: younger males but over time, we have diversified our range and now have a popular unisex range. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we have continued to


grow our ambassador base: these are our talented group of models on our website. “Rather than marketing ourselves as ‘disability clothing’ per se, we have thought long and hard about the language we use. “Bealies Adaptive Wear is all about empowering people, with adaptive, fashionable clothing. From my experience with Emile, as a thirteenyear-old in a wheelchair, he didn’t want to wear fuddy-duddy clothing, he wanted to fit in, just like any other teenager. Life is hard enough being a teenager, without having to worry about wearing old-fashioned clothing. “Looking to the future, we have recently launched hoodies to match the joggers, launched joggers in two new colours (pink and khaki) and in spring of 2024 we will be launching underwear and later in the year, t-shirts and jeans. “We are considering transitioning from a limited company to a non-for-profit company, to access more funding but in the meantime are looking for investors that would like to help us grow our brand organically.” Contact realbealiesadaptivewear



Review - Top Exhibitors

Healthcare Estates by 25% on 2022 to accommodate a record 231 exhibitors – an 18% increase on the previous year – presenting exhibition visitors with more breadth and depth of coverage than ever. The larger floorplan also gave more room for attendees to circulate, take refreshment and network. 116 NHS Trusts and Health Boards were represented at the event, with many public health bodies across England, Scotland and Wales sending multiple attendees, including NHSE, NHS Shared Business Services, NHS Wales, and NHS National Services Scotland.


HEEM’s annual flagship event, Healthcare Estates, returned to the iconic Manchester Central on 10 and 11 October 2023 for its largest ever edition. A record attendance of 5,754 healthcare industry professionals from across the public and private sectors – a 29% increase on the previous year – enjoyed two days of valuable learning and networking at the annual event which combines a multistream Conference, an industry-leading trade Exhibition and a prestigious Awards evening to form the UK’s leading event for Healthcare Engineering and Estates Management professionals. Floor space for the event had been increased

As ever, Conference delegates were able to benefit from an extensive programme of content – 61 hours in total – covering a broad range of themes pertinent to the estates management and healthcare engineering sector. The MyIHEEM online CPD platform made it easy for IHEEM members to add conference sessions they attended to their CPD record via a QR code. The event closed with an address from the IFHE president and a talk by celebrity guest Perry McCarthy, the original ‘Stig’, who delighted the audience with insights and anecdotes from his career in motor racing and broadcasting.

The Annual Gala Dinner and Awards was held at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel on the middle evening of the event, with over 600 industry professionals enjoying fine food, after-dinner entertainment from TV personality and opera singer, Wynne Evans, and the presentation of 13 IHEEM Awards, including a lifetime achievement award for Dr PL Yuen, of IHEEM’s Hong Kong Branch. Feedback from attendees has been positive: 86% of delegates rated the event overall as excellent or good and 73% of attendees said they are likely to attend again in 2024. 88% of exhibitors surveyed rated the quality of enquiries to their stand as excellent or good. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: BLE Lighting, DRLC Ltd, Energy Efficient Solutions Group, Kingsway Group & P4 Fastel. Further details can be found on this page and the next two. Plans for the 2024 event at Manchester Central on October 8 and 9 are well underway, with over 100 exhibitors already signed up and the annual Call for Papers now open on the event website -

Fluorescent lighting ban’s impact on emergency lighting P

4, the UK’s largest independent self-testing emergency lighting specialist, emphasises that the UK Government has announced dates for phasing out fluorescent lamps to reduce environmental impact. T8 (2’, 4’ & 5’) fluorescent tubes cannot be placed on the market since 1st September 2023, while others including T5, and compact fluorescent will be unavailable from 1st February 2024. P4 said, “As T8 and T5 tubes are used in emergency lighting and exit sign fittings, replacements will not be available once existing stocks have been exhausted.” The company added, “Failure of an existing fluorescent lamp with no possibility of replacement renders emergency lighting non-compliant with BS5266. This risks lives and opens the possibility of prosecution under VI

the 2005 Fire Safety Order. Upgrading to LED technology is the perfect solution. Functional benefits include increased product life, reduced maintenance, energy saving, and improved light spread.” Steve Rham, P4 Sales and Marketing Director, says, “The wide range of P4’s upgrade options really set the company apart. We not only offer new LED emergency luminaires but also the option of replacement gear trays to upgrade existing fluorescent luminaires (both P4 or otherwise) to LED.” Get in touch: 01328 850555.



Review - Top Exhibitors

Kingsway’s brand new Providing light at times of KwikShip Door Configurator emergency since 1968


committing to the manufacture and installation of replacement Kingsway doors in just 3 days.

s a partner in patient safety to over 85% of NHS Mental Health Trusts, our anti-ligature and anti-barricade solutions have been the preferred choice in over 10,000 specialist projects. Launched in January 2024 the brand new Kingsway Group KwikShip Door Configurator allows our Construction and Architect partners to design one of our 3 leading Anti-Ligature Door Systems on-line and receive a technical drawing instantly, along with a follow up quote. Giving you the flexibility to receive the information when you need it. What is Kingsway’s 3/4/8 Service? 3-Day Door Replacement If a Kingsway door is damaged, it’s critical that a replacement is fitted without delay. To ensure this, we’re

4-Week KwikShip A fast-tracked 4-week manufacturing schedule available for a streamlined selection of Kingsway Group Complete Door Systems. With KwikShip, it will now be possible to order and receive specialist doorsets in just four weeks from approval of the door design and quote. 8-Week Standard Lead Our standard lead time will be 8-weeks from approval of the design and quote to delivery, applicable to the entire Kingsway Complete Door System range. Find out more at:



hen you are considering your emergency lighting and back-up power requirements, you need to be sure you are in safe hands. The responsibility of operating a building or facility with public access can be wearing at times. You need the reassurance that in the event of an emergency the proactive steps you have taken to mitigate risk are backedup by equipment you can trust. As an established and dedicated supplier and manufacturer of emergency lighting and power systems, BLE can offer you over 55 years’ experience. At BLE, we’re passionate about delivering high quality products and

services tailored to your needs. Our team boasts extensive technical know-how and stays up-to-date on industry and legislative standards, ensuring we provide fully compliant solutions for projects of all sizes. Our new BLE Connect Fully Automated Emergency Lighting System will simplify the maintenance of your emergency lighting and assist in meeting legislative requirements with ease, all in real time. Contact 01246 432325



Review - Top Exhibitors

DRLC Ltd: Authorising Engineers F

ounded by David Livingstone (MD) in 2016, DRLC Ltd is a familyrun business based in Sheffield, UK. Through a personalised, customerfocused approach, we offer Authorising Engineer Services to healthcare providers. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and accountability in every interaction.

We also provide Energy Analytics Offered as a free service, we scrutinise your utility bills – water, electricity and gas – to find areas where you may have been overcharged and claim overpayment back. Conducted by energy brokers registered with Ofgem and the Energy Ombudsman, a no win, no fee basis applies. Our standard contract for this service includes 80% of identified overpayments being paid to the client organisation.

As Authorising Engineers trusted by the NHS, DRLC is proud to offer a range of services, including: : Authorising Engineer – Fire Safety : Authorising Engineer – Ventilation : Authorising Engineer – Water Safety : Authorising Engineer – Pressure Systems : Authorising Engineer – Medical Gases : Authorising Engineer – Confined Spaces

We also offer design reviews of new building projects, where we check drawings and conduct site visits during construction and supply Clerk of Works services. We will witness the commissioning of Air Handling Units (AHUs), and the testing of HEPA filters in ultra clean ventilation (UCV) theatres and clean rooms.

Our audits include a thorough, unbiased independent review of management systems and procedures. Following a risk assessment, we advise on risk management and measure compliance against the relevant current standard. Action plans are supplied based on our audits and we attend regular safety meetings where these are discussed.

Our services are carried out by Chartered Engineers who are also fellows of IHEEM. David Livingstone (MD), is IHEEM registered for Ventilation. Harry Evans, one of our Authorising Engineers, is IHEEM registered for Water Safety. Our Fire Safety team consists of ex fire-fighters who are members of The Institution of Fire Engineers, and NAHFO. One member of the fire



team is a qualified Fire Engineer. Thanks to our highly competent and experienced admin team, we pride ourselves on not only delivering services of the highest standard, but services that are incredibly wellorganised and efficiently run. Our staff take a proactive approach to ensure all communication is handled professionally and within a reasonable time frame. They support us every step of the way. DRLC is committed to helping our clients provide facilities and an environment that ensures healthcare services are delivered as safely as possible. For more information, visit:



The UK’s leading Pharmaceutical Exhibition and Conference M

aking Pharmaceuticals 2023 was held from 25th-26th April at Coventry Building Society Arena. Known as the UK’s only full product lifecycle pharmaceutical event where attendance is completely FREE, it provides a great forum for pharmaceuticals professionals to share their knowledge, network and discuss best practice for ingredients, formulation, GMP and GDP. The event received an increase in attendance of almost 20% this year, totalling 1,362 visitors and 117 exhibiting companies. 405 of the industry’s largest organisations were also at the show including Boots, NHS, HCA Healthcare UK, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Holland & Barrett, and many more. From Medical Representatives to Consultants, Recruitment Specialists, Project Managers, Student/ Post-Graduates, Engineers, Medical Practitioners, and Research & Developers, at least 45% attended at least one seminar this year, alongside the 91 keynote speeches, presentations and workshops. The Making Pharma conference presented a huge choice of topics that allowed people to move between various rooms to create their own tailored experience that suited their needs. Some of the seminar topics included: How to Overcome Challenges in the Formulation of ODT; Auditing for

Raman Spectroscopy Solutions for InLine and Off-Line Monitoring.

Data Integrity – A Holistic Perspective; ETERNAL – A New Collaboration to Establish Safe and Sustainable Pharmaceutical Lifecycles by Design; Formulation of Mucoadhesive Dosage Forms: Materials, Approaches and Applications, and many more. The Manufacturing & Packing Theatre hosted talks from many industry professionals such as Tom Fripp – Addition Design who spoke on Using the Three Pillars of 3D Printing to Support Pharma Manufacturing, Mukesh Patel Founder and Director – CommQP Ltd who spoke on the Application of GMP to Artwork Origination, and Gina Suarez Channel Manager – Thermo Fisher who spoke on

By pre-booking all attendees could visit three workshops: Helping to Secure the Pharmaceutical Excipient Supply Chain led by Dr Iain Moore, Head of Global Quality Assurance, Croda and Ian McKeown, PQG; Making Pharmaceuticals… Sustainably? Led by Adam Hawthorne, Senior Process Engineer – PM Group (ISPE UK Facilitator), Adrian LaPorta,Technical Director – Bryden Wood (IChemE Facilitator), and Claire Edwards, Haleon Group (IMechE Facilitator); and The Future of the Pharma Industry and what it will take to succeed led by Martin Lush. Lastly, the yearly Awards Ceremony celebrating the best innovations in the industry. This year’s winners were: Innovation in GMP – FactoryTalk; Sustainability Achievement – Surfachem; Innovation in GDP – TFS Trans-Bridge Freight Services Ltd. Making Pharma 2024 will be held on the 23rd-24th April 2024 at the Coventry Building Society Area. Please contact

Protak Scientific P

rotak Scientific works alongside top pharma companies to create a standardised approach to gaseous decontamination validation

Protak Scientific is the manufacturer of a rapid validation technology for gaseous decontamination (predominately H2O2) with diverse application globally. Founded 8 years ago, Enzyme Indicators (EIs) enable faster, smarter and safer results in decontamination validation. Protak Scientific’s largest customer base is pharmaceutical manufacturing companies where H2O2 decontamination processes are critical to the manufacture of sterile products. It works with over 50% of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Roche, and Novo Nordisk to create standardised validation decontamination ways of working, including the use of EIs.

In light of the need of a more standardised validation process and following the announced changes of EU GMP Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products, Protak Scientific sought to bring together an industry working group to discuss the challenges the industry is facing. The group aims to share knowledge and deliver the following objectives: : Harmonize EI/BI correlation methodology : Produce a consistent approach to industry application of H2O2 decontamination. Good practice guide : Evaluate continuous process verification using EIs : Improve benchmarking of H2O2 decontamination equipment The last eighteen months have been phenomenally ground-breaking for EIs by elevating industry and governing body awareness of the technology, thanks to the collective data and knowledge shared among these leading pharma companies.

Along with 7 leading pharma companies, Protak Scientific aims to demonstrate that EIs are fast becoming an essential Contact: Kate Marshall, Technical Director, component of the validation Protak Scientific process in understanding +44 (0)1737 924900 the cycle efficacy of the +44 (0)7961 074083 applications to ensure they remain robust, repeatable and ultimately effective.





Celebrating diversity, empowering individuals and promoting inclusivity


isability Expo 2023 was the first global event to bring together all the stakeholders in the disability world and help connect disabled people and their caregivers with the knowledge, resources, products, employment, and services to make their own decisions and live meaningful lives.

Disability Expo promoted a safe and accessible place for networking, with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations in independent living, mobility aids and technologies, services and advice from charities and organisations.

The 2023 Expo took place on the 7th and 8th of July at London’s ExCel Centre and boasted a full event programme that comprised of inclusive activities, performances and presentations. This year’s partners included Enable, UKRI, Making More of Life Together, Depher, PDA Society, THIS., Pods, Hidden Disabilities, The Grumpy Gits, Snowball, Ability Access, Purple Tuesday, JD Group, Amazon, Wordly, Living with Disability, Access My Events, Manage at Home, BHTA, Adapt-IT, Coca-Cola, Celtic Therapy & Rehab Services, Access your life, Evenbreak, Mark Bates Ltd, and Passenger Assistance.

Excelling in celebrating diversity, disability rights and creating a voice for the disability space, Disability Expo laid out a platform for many deep and necessary discussions on topics close to the heart of those living in the disability world. Such topics included various talks on the significance of self-care and well-being, discussions on inaccessibility in the world of travel, financial implications of living with a disability, the Employee Lounge hosted panels that empowered people with disabilities in the workforce, and Eva Abley – Britain’s Got Talent Contestant and Young Comedian shared her experiences on living with cerebral palsy.

The line-up of speakers and performers were a real highlight to the show, boasting talented, knowledgeable and award-winning names in the industry from various backgrounds. Some of these included Adam Pearson, Samantha Renke, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, Mik Scarlet, Martin Dougan, Shaun Flores, Anna Landre, J Grange, Celia Chartres-Aris (nèe Hensman), Christina Warner, Puneet Singh Singhal, and many more.

The one resounding message that was clear at the first ever Disability Expo was the importance of inclusivity and understanding for people with disabilities. The variety of products and services on display opened the eyes of visitors and other industry professionals, and a key highlight was being able to meet the people behind the products face to face, which reflected the vital importance of accessibility.

Furthermore, being able to meet real life people who truly know what it is like living with a disability and to see how they have overcome certain challenges was inspiring and helped to create a strong sense of community across the two days. Take a look at some of our chosen Top Exhibitors from the show. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here: Access My Events, Aventido, Bealies Adaptive Wear & Centro Bed. Further details can be found on this page and the next. Please contact

Wellbee: Empowering those with cognitive challenges I

n a world driven by technology, Wellbee emerges as a vital digital tool dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who experience cognitive difficulties. This solution is tailored to offer enhanced self-sufficiency and independence.

therapists can use Wellbee to create efficient care plans that simplify tracking progress and interventions. : Positive Impact on Mental Health: Independence and achievement positively influence the mental well-being of patients and residents, reducing frustration and dependency.

Who is Wellbee for? Wellbee is designed to cater to individuals facing cognitive challenges, such as Dementia, aiming to strengthen their autonomy and self-reliance. It provides personalised support and guidance, helping them navigate daily life with newfound confidence.

Additionally, Wellbee offers cost-effective care delivery, potentially reducing the need for additional resources while enhancing support. Additionally, patients become more self-sufficient and may require less intensive care over time.

What does Wellbee do? Wellbee transcends the role of an app; it serves as a lifeline for those seeking to become and stay more self-sufficient and autonomous. Its core goal is to empower individuals with cognitive difficulties, guiding them through a world that might otherwise seem overwhelming. How does Wellbee do it? At the core of Wellbee’s success lies a straightforward yet potent model: the ‘planner’ and the ‘user.’ This intuitive design fosters and encourages independent living, even for individuals who may have faced challenges in doing so previously. What are the key benefits of Wellbee to the end user? : Enhanced Independence: Wellbee empowers individuals with cognitive difficulties to perform



daily tasks more independently, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency. : Improved Quality of Life: Wellbee’s support enhances the overall quality of life for patients and residents, providing a sense of control and accomplishment. : Personalised Care: Wellbee offers tailored solutions, allowing care providers to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring precise and effective support. : Streamlined Care Management: Occupational

Accessible across devices Recognising the importance of accessibility, Wellbee ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. The Wellbee iOS and Android app puts support at your fingertips, while the browser-based version guarantees secure, uninterrupted access from any device with an internet connection. Wellbee transcends the boundaries of cognitive difficulties, making daily tasks more manageable and lives more fulfilling. It’s an essential tool that empowers individuals to reclaim control over their lives. If you’d like to explore Wellbee further, don’t hesitate to contact: to arrange a product demonstration or visit:



Making events accessible to all A

ccess Partner to The Disability Expo 2023, Access My Events had an enjoyable first-time experience exhibiting at the show. The Expo gave Access My Events a platform to raise awareness of the brand as well as network with other like-minded people and organisations. Founder Zubee commented, “As our logo tagline says, bringing businesses and disabled people together, this event did just that!” Founded by Zubee in 2018, it is already an award-winning business having just won the Small Business Sunday (SBS): one of the largest business networks in the UK founded by Dragon’s Den – Theo Paphitis. Furthermore, Zubee has also been nominated as a finalist for the British Asian Women’s Awards 2024, in the Community Achievement of the Year category.

Bealies Adaptive Wear M

the disability community. Zubee is wellconnected to the disability community, living with cerebral palsy herself, she understands the challenges. Her passion to make events more inclusive whilst encouraging others to do so too is what drives the business forward. If you’re looking to make your event more accessible for deaf and disabled people then Access My Events would love to work with you. Whether it’s a local event or something more large scale, Access My Events will work with you to make your event as inclusive as possible.

Having worked in the field of disability, equality and events for many years, Zubee found it difficult to find a job in the events industry so starting her own business was the ideal way to work in a sector she is passionate about. For more information, please see below: 07305 244993 Access My Events is a unique business model that strives to make events accessible for

y name is Caron Mcluckie, I am a mother of 3 adult children Theo, Emile, and Esther. We live in Stockport and for nearly 30 years I have worked as a mental health social worker. In January 2016, Emile had suffered a spinal cord stroke which had left him paralysed from the chest down. Emile has coped with this traumatic event; his resilience is astounding. Emile has no bladder or bowel function, and we must self-catheterise to empty his bladder.

self catheterising. They are higher at the back to avoid sagging while sitting and transferring to ensure everything is covered! The joggers have a slim fit leg (which is fashionable presently) and we will also have a regular fit for people with more muscle mass on their legs, to ensure a better fit for different disabilities and all shapes and sizes.

It soon became clear, once we got into our daily routine, that clothes did not fit him properly while he sat in the wheelchair. More importantly, even the comfortable joggers that Emile likes to wear did not provide easy access to catheterise. After looking around the market I couldn’t find anything Please contact suitable, so I designed my own bespoke joggers with @bealiesaw Instagram and a unique opening to enable Facebook comfortable dressing and

Empowering lives through innovative beds


or over 50 years, Centrobed has been focused on patient care with its cutting-edge medical turning beds. As a 3rd generation family business, our commitment to excellence has solidified our position as the leading manufacturers in the UK, dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with limited to no mobility. Arctic: Unleashing the power of profiling and repositioning features At the heart of our success lies the Arctic, our flagship turning bed and the undisputed best seller in our extensive lineup. The Arctic is not just a bed; it’s a game-changer. Designed with advanced profiling features, automatic turning functions and trendelenburg – it goes beyond conventional beds, providing unparalleled comfort and support for those facing mobility challenges. The Arctic’s innovative design is a testament to Centrobed’s unwavering dedication to improving the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility. Whether it’s assisting with daily activities or offering therapeutic benefits, the Arctic is a beacon of independence for those in need. Bespoke solutions for unique needs Understanding that every individual is unique, Centrobed takes pride in offering a range of bespoke products tailored to meet specific requirements. Our team of sales representatives are able to assess your specific needs and

collaborate with healthcare professionals to create personalised solutions that ensure optimum comfort and support. From custom mattress sizes and material to unique profiling options, Centrobed goes the extra mile to make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. Beyond Beds: Centrobed’s comprehensive approach Centrobed’s commitment extends beyond providing exceptional beds. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive approach to patient care. Our team works closely with healthcare providers to understand the evolving needs of patients, ensuring that our products evolve with them. This commitment to innovation and adaptability sets Centrobed apart as a trusted partner in healthcare. Experience the Centrobed Advantage: 50 Years of Expertise: With five decades of experience, Centrobed brings a wealth of


knowledge and innovation to the field of medical turning beds. Cost Saving Solutions: The products we sell here at Centrobed can greatly reduce the cost of care, offering hands-free solutions. Bespoke Solutions: We understand that one size does not fit all. Explore our range of bespoke products crafted to meet individual needs, ensuring optimal care and comfort. Choose Centrobed – where innovation meets compassion. Join us on our journey to transform patient care, one turning bed at a time. Please contact 01233 635353




New social thanking app launched for care professionals anywhere, anytime to improve keyworkers’ wellbeing through the power of gratitude.


t’s no secret that being praised makes us feel good and increases feelings of self-esteem and well-being.

Gratitude itself is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction. It is also linked to lowering levels of depression and anxiety, supporting our perceptions of positive relationships and fostering a sense of social connectedness. The positive effect of gratitude, however, is relatively short-lived and for praise to have a long-lasting impact on staff well-being, it needs to be given regularly. That’s precisely why TAP (Thank and Praise), the social thanking platform, was created, to make it easier to regularly share messages of thanks, quickly, easily and securely with those that deserve it. TAP has recently launched a new app enabling users to send messages of thanks to anyone,



TAP App users can publicly share messages of thanks for healthcare and social care professionals on thanking walls for organisations such as United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust and National Association of Care and Support Workers as well as receive in-app notifications when they’ve been thanked. While a Map of Thanks enables users to locate and follow keyworker organisations from across the UK. The new app also features a wellbeing section containing feel-good articles, podcasts, videos and top tips designed to support the wellbeing of TAP’s community. “TAP is designed to improve the wellbeing of care professionals through the sharing of messages of thanks and access to a valuable resource of wellbeing content. Our new mobile app means we can get TAP into even more people’s hands,” said Matt Findel-Hawkins, CEO of TAP. Clare Mechen, Nurse Manager at The Adam Practice, said, “While we see ourselves as simply doing our job, it’s great to see how much the public appreciate what we are doing to keep them safe. TAP is the perfect place to share their positive messages of support.”

Paul Featherstone, Founder of National Association of Care and Support Workers, said, “It’s vital that our social care colleagues are properly recognised for the incredible work they do every single day and TAP is an ideal way to achieve this.” TAP’s mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all those working in healthcare and social care and is proud to support 5,000 keyworker organisations nationally. If you’d like to get involved: Visit TAP’s website: (https://thankandpraise. to download the TAP App. Contact: to adopt TAP’s social thanking platform in your organisation.



Pret A Manger go live with WhosOffice online success helps Terryberry’s bespoke Employee care sector with shift planning and Benefits Platform and Wellbeing Hub staff leave management K


ret A Manger have become the latest company to go live with Terryberry’s complete Employee Benefits Platform alongside a Wellbeing Hub, which is designed to support employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing. As part of the launch, Pret A Manger will now have access to a new Offers and Discounts platform, designed to help support employees during the cost-of-living crisis. With the platform giving users potential savings of up to £3,000 per year. Alongside a recognition platform that will connect all 8,000 employees in the UK, and encourage a culture of recognition across all locations. Emma Spencer, Senior Pay & Benefits Manager at Pret A Manger, said, “We are excited and delighted with our

new bespoke one-stop benefits and wellbeing platform. This now allows all our employees across the UK to access their Benefits and Wellbeing offerings in one easy to access platform and App.

“We were really impressed with the new features that Terryberry were bringing to their benefits and wellbeing platform. This played a big part in our decision to partner with Terryberry as we could see great potential and knew the impact this would have for our teams.” If you are interested in an all-in-one Engagement, Reward, Recognition and Benefits platform for your business, you can get in touch at: Contact: Ben Pritchard 0344 826 2008


ent-based is helping the care sector manage staff shifts and leave planning. Currently used by many businesses to manage staff holidays and shift rotas online.

WhosOffice’s CEO, Reg Groombridge (pictured), has seen a noticeable shift in the way companies are managing essential HR tasks like co-ordinating staff time off and shift patterns. “All companies, including large care homes, hospital pharmacies and the care sector generally are more sensitive than ever to key staff not being available at vital times during a shift. Management, including local managers, need to have a clear vision of whos on shift, day off, who’s on leave or even off sick and be able to plan tasks accordingly to the correct staff.”

use to see accurate information, wherever they’re located – at head office, care home based, on-site or on the move.”

Knowing who’s on shift or available to cover a shift is the key to success along with who’s qualified to cover certain essential roles and tasks. Ever-rising employee expectations have created a stronger business case for investing in HR technologies. When WhosOffice launched in 2015 it was one of the very first online staff shift and leave planners, and many businesses still used paper forms or spreadsheets to track time off. Now, companies of all sizes are modernising their operations to help them attract and retain the best people. Please contact +44 (0)1227 812938

“As there continues to be pressure caused by the shortage of skilled and qualified personnel, you need online systems that your whole team can

SDS: A ‘one-stop’ door solution provider

Interior refurbishment project a big hit for Access 21 J ust wanted to share details of a lovely care home interior that Access 21 has recently designed and completed. We provided building and decorating services, interior design ideas, furniture, upholstery fabrics, curtains/ blinds and artwork to refurbish all the communal areas of the home, creating very different areas with linking themes that are both practical yet beautifully stylish. Consultancy and works all followed in a logical sequence to maximize time planning and minimize disruption. Excellent communication between the client and ourselves together with the wide range of services and choices that we were able to offer


contributed to the success of this fantastic project. We even visited with a furniture van and samples so that residents and staff could try out items for size and comfort before choosing a wide selection. Getting in touch What would you like to do to update your home? Even with a small budget, we can work with you to achieve the look you desire, and we have no minimum order requirements or long-contracts. We would be delighted to help! Please contact Eda or Karen at: or visit our website for inspiration:



DS is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of specialist doorsets for healthcare and clinical environments.

industry, and is designed to offer a one-stop solution for compliant, highperformance doorsets comprising doors, frames, vision panels, and ironmongery solutions, all of which are fully backed up by the relevant test data and certification.”

It said, “Our doorsets are designed for their application and environment, so whatever your requirement, we have the right doorset Please contact for you, including lead-lined 01420 543222 variants. Our range of door systems has been created based on our experience in the


HYDRATION INDUSTRY Company of the Month

Structural protection for challenging environments In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are very pleased to announce OvoGard™ as our Hydration Industry Company of the Month


ounded by Jim Comber in 1982, OvoGard™ is a family-run business with much experience in working with secure facilities to provide solutions that work for all users without compromise to safety or quality. Based in Manchester, but with clients across the UK and further afield, the company supplies Mains-Fed Watercoolers, Waterboilers & ZIP Boilers, with the new patented SecuraFlo™ for added protection in challenging environments. OvoGard™ specialise in providing chilled

water for all sectors and can provide specialist solutions to adapt to clients’ requirements, and working in the Healthcare, Education and Prisons & Policing sectors, the company understands the challenges that demanding settings have in protecting and maintaining essential hydration systems. In 2020 OvoGard™ launched its patented SecuraFlo™ product as a result from client requests to help save the cost of repeated vandalism, and also help to reduce injury and equipment misuse. SecuraFlo™ protects essential equipment and infrastructure with an anti-climb, anti-ligature and antistash shield, and it is suitable for use in challenging and often hostile settings. This durable solution offers unique features that allows companies to offer hydration solutions with as little risk as possible. Whilst SecuraFlo™ offers ultimate protection for water installations, the team also offers a bespoke service to provide security wherever it is required.

free hot water access in challenging environments thanks to this advanced protective maintenance service. There is also the SecuraSan™, a protective shield stopping theft and vandalism to the crucial services of hand sanitisers and soap dispensers. Thanks to its tough exterior, the SecuraSan™ shield helps cut unwanted repair and replacement costs whilst ensuring that all site visitors can access hand sanitising resources when they need to. Contact OvoGard™ today to discover how it can preserve those investments that matter most. Contact 0161 401 0400

OvoGard™ arranges site visits to ensure that it has a full understanding of customer needs and to make sure that the Shield is right for the facility, and also carrying out indepth surveys of the sites with the company hydration needs in-mind. Following an initial consultation, the company puts together an accurate quote for product purchase, installation and/or ongoing servicing of the system, working around company’s specific needs to ensure a smooth, safe process every time. OvoGard™ protects more than just water dispensers, it also offers a bespoke design service, using the unique, indestructible features of SecuraFlo™ to protect any major infrastructure; from vending machines and soap dispensers to television screens, and looking to the future the company intends to be constantly evolving, with new innovative products to help keep staff and serviceusers safer. Other solutions provided by OvoGard™ include the SecuraBOIL service, by which companies can enjoy safe and accident-





Care Homes spending up to £50,000 a year sending food waste to landfill T he average UK business is spending over £50,000 every year on sending food waste to landfill, however, recycling food waste could save care homes up to £7,000 a year, according to new research from Keenan Recycling.

Despite this, only a third (36%) of care homes say that they recycle food waste in order to minimise financial losses and only a third (34%) recycle food waste to avoid costly fines. However, new legislation due to land in 2024, is expected to mandate that any business producing over 5kg of food waste will need to separate and recycle its waste through a registered food waste carrier service. Failure to comply could put care homes at risk

of potentially hefty financial penaltieswith fixed penalty notices starting from £300.

waste providers and providing training for staff.”

The legislation is due to be introduced by both DEFRA and the Welsh Government, who are expected to enact the provisions of the Environment Act 2021, and thereby make the separation of food waste from other waste streams a requirement.

“But actually, short term investment in proper food waste management systems will bring financial benefits in the mid to long term. In fact, care homes could see themselves saving thousands each year. On top of this, by looking at how to implement new processes now, businesses can ensure that there is time to support staff through the change and iron out any teething problems ahead of the incoming laws.”

Short term investment in proper food waste management systems will bring financial benefits in the mid to long term However, while the research suggests that care homes are not aware of the potential costs that sending food waste to landfill could incur, it did reveal that care homes are conscious of the indirect financial implications. Almost half (44%) said they recycle food waste as a response to public sentiment and consumer demand and a further third (32%) of respondents cited that recycling food waste helps



them adhere to hygiene standards. Grant Keenan, Managing Director at Keenan Recycling, said, “We know our care homes want to implement more sustainable methods of working, but they are facing a lot of pressure right now and there are many misconceptions around the true cost of food waste recycling.” “Our roundtable with key industry experts, including representatives from the care sector, highlighted this. Businesses revealed that they are worried about the upfront costs involved in introducing new processes such as investing in new bins, onboarding new food

For more insights from the research and findings from Keenan’s roundtable, please visit:

Please contact 0800 644 6618



BDIA Dental Showcase 2023: Raising the standards of oral care


he BDIA Dental Showcase was back at the ExCeL, London from 24th-25th March 2023. The event united the whole dental profession under one-roof, to showcase the latest innovations across the industry. With over 300 exhibitors showcasing over 2,500 products and over 100 lectures, it was action-packed with innovative products and services, panel discussions and industry networking. Over 10,000 dental professionals visited and 88% of those either made a purchase at the event or shortly after, proving that this is the best place to showcase new dentals products and grow brand awareness. The professional category of the visitors was as follows: 69% dental professional/practice owners, 14% hygienists/therapists, 8% dental nurses, 5% practice managers, 3% dental technicians and 1% were orthodontists. With 78% of visitors holding purchasing power/ influence over purchasing decisions, this is a prime opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers to promote products to dental professionals, with a high chance of a sales lead.

This year’s exhibitors included: dental plan providers, educational training providers on dentures, dental prosthetic manufacturers, surgical glove and temporary crown suppliers, through to household toothpaste brand manufacturers. There was a buzz around the latest clinical instruments, such as: plug-in-and play portable dental equipment, panavia dental cement for cementation of veneers, polydentia matrices (for anterior restoration), and anti-staining mouthwash, toothpaste and gel. The showcase always attracts the brightest minds in the business and this year was no exception, with the Chief Dental Officer: Sara Hurley and her team giving CPD presentations on the latest oral health regulations and oral health inequalities. The Clinical Theatre housed fascinating keynote lectures from the BDA on The Dahl Principle and endodontics: still considered a ‘dark art’ for many in the dental profession. New for 2023 was The Aesthetics Theatre, with engaging, thought-provoking talks on cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics, such as teeth whitening, dark anterior teeth and implantology.


This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here: Dental Warehouse & EesseE Ltd (HYPO21). Further details can be found on this page.

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) President: Amit Patel gave a well-received talk to audiences.

HYPO21: Heal your skin

YPO21 Purifying Skin Spray is a FIRST EVER COSMETICALLY LICENSED PURE HOCL skincare solution that is suitable for all skin types and ages. HYPO21 is Organic, Vegan, Sustainable and made of all Natural Ingredients it is also used to boost the skin’s ability to repair itself after aesthetic procedures. It is also soothing for Acne, Rosacea, Eczema,

The two-day showcase had everything under-oneroof from the latest innovations and services to help improve dental practices and cutting-edge new innovations to inspire even the most accomplished dental professionals. With demonstrations and testing available, the emphasis was on handson applications. The talks and presentations were thought-provoking and provided excellent opportunities for further networking.

Psoriasis, and other skin conditions. HYPO21 is the perfect cosmetic solution to soothe and support your skin. Based on the science of Hypochlorous Technology (HOCl), this all-natural, highly effective, electrically charged signalling solution mimics the essence of your body’s natural defence system. Applying HYPO21 to the skin daily, activates an immune boost that helps the skin take itself back to its natural and beautiful state. Real science in the human body Harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, spores, and viruses, can be found all around us, in the air, on food, plants, animals, and on inanimate surfaces. The human body uses innate, non-specific mechanisms as the first line of defence against pathogens, infection, and injury. The skin itself, and mucous secretions at epithelial membranes, are both important elements of the innate resistance response. But when these are breached, HOCl is immediately generated by the body in response as the key chemical component of innate immunity. Visit our website for more information:


For details on how to exhibit in next year’s showcase, please see the website below: BDIA Dental Showcase 2024 22nd-23rd March ExCeL, London

The UK’s #1 Dental distribution warehouse


he team from Dental Warehouse Ltd were muchly anticipated by Dental Engineers alike at this year’s BIDA Dental Showcase. Dental Warehouse is a market leading distribution and fulfilment warehouse for dental trade dealers and engineers and is known for being a reliable, long-term business partner that guarantees excellence achieving ISO 9001:2015 themselves. Dental Warehouse has been supplying component parts and finished goods since it was first established in 2008. As well as distributing to over 150 UK Dental Engineers, the company is also the UK ambassador for Faro – an established Italian brand that has been designing and producing equipment for dental manufacturers, dealers, dentist and laboratories for over 70 years. Using a direct and dynamic approach that cuts out any

unnecessary costs associated with normal distribution channels, Dental Warehouse will always work in your best interest to offer the fastest and most efficient solutions for your dental needs. Over the years, Dental Warehouse has contributed large amounts of research, time and effort into creating a distribution line that includes only the highest-quality products and brands. Dental Warehouse is the sole distributor for Ajax Dental Equipment in the UK, and is also proud to be UK distributors for Lumoral, Jinme. Only recently in May this year did they also confirm and finalise a partnership with Denco that confirms them as distributors for the entire Denco product range to the UK market. See below for more information: 0800 112 3502




Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023


n the 7th-8th June 2023, the NEC in Birmingham welcomed Med-Tech Innovation Expo – the UK and Ireland’s leading event for medical device manufacturing. Alongside almost 150 exhibitors were a large range of leaders, engineers, innovators and manufacturers, who helped to connect visitors with technology to facilitate the design & manufacture of life changing medical devices. Every year, Med-Tech Innovation Expo puts on a great show that is full of interactive and insightful things to do that is efficiently co-ordinated to meet the needs of the medical technology industry. The fastest growing event in medical technology showcased an abundance of innovative and groundbreaking technologies, as well as eco-friendly products, suppliers, machines, software and service providers available to the medical market. At this year’s show attendees heard first-hand from headline speakers from Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, NHS, and many more

covering a range of conference topics from Supply chain strategy to Growing adoption of minimally invasive devices, NHS market access, Securing financial backing, and Overcoming manufacturing challenges. The CPD accredited conference programme was delivered across two stages with one particularly interesting discussion coming from Ian Bolland, Laurie Rowe from Red Medtech, Laura Friedl-Hirst from LFH Regulatory and Fiona Maini from Medidata, where they discussed the latest regulations and challenges facing medical device companies in the UK. These learning opportunities were backed by a large amount of commercial activity across the two-days, with the Expo receiving lots of praise and positive comments from attendees, exhibitors and industry professionals alike. Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2024 is on the 5th-6th June at the NEC in Birmingham. Please contact

Round Peg impress at MedTech 2023


ound Peg impressed this year with their stand showcasing their work at MedTech Innovation Expo 2023. Featuring snippets of exciting products they have been working on in the medical space, their stall showcased their work with inhalers, auto and pen-injectors as well as bioscience, diagnostic and DNA synthesis machines. A huge crowd pleaser was Round Peg’s ‘strongest thumb’ competition, where conferencegoers were encouraged to participate in a competition, engaging with Round Peg’s usability demonstrators to test participants’ strength – the winning thumb produced a whopping 178N of force! As an advanced engineering consultancy with a mechanical design and manufacturing focus, Round Peg helps companies get innovative products to market more quickly while ensuring that they can be robustly manufactured. Working to create breakthrough

products and systems for leading companies and brands, Round Peg’s experience allows them to effectively support new technology through the crucial stages of concept generation, design and prototyping to manufacture and delivery. Their experience spans a range of industries – from medtech and pharma to telecoms, manufacturing and consumer products. In an exciting new development, Round Peg has also recently opened a second office in Bristol. The team will support the work of the main office in Cambridge, while expanding Round Peg’s offering across the UK.

The expansion builds on years of continued growth of the business, allowing Round Peg to continue to deliver successful projects and products to happy clients. They’ll be at MedTech again next year and would love to hear from you in the meantime, so if you have a design challenge you’d like to discuss please email them at: Visit their website: for more examples of their work and follow their LinkedIn page: Round Peg Cambridge Ltd, to keep up to date with all their exciting news!





The UK & Ireland’s leading event for medical device manufacturing F rom the 7th-8th June, leaders, engineers, innovators and manufacturers gathered together at the NEC to attend Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023. Med-Tech is the fastest growing event in medical technology boasting a platform where innovative new technology is showcased and launched to a global audience. From new product launches to advanced technologies, technology zones, live demonstrations, and a world-class conference programme, Med-Tech 2023 was a roaring success. Featuring some of this year’s headline speakers and decision makers that came from global organisations such as Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, NHS, Department for Business and Trade, Office of Life Sciences, Department of Health and Social Care, Crispin Orthotics and Pennine Healthcare, who all gave business-critical insights and thought-providing discussions alongside revealing new academic research available to the medical technology industry.

The event was as busy as ever with lots of things to do and see. Some life changing medical devices were launched and showcased alongside specialist technology, materials, components, software, machines, applications and more. Boasting almost 200 exhibitors and over 50 presentations, MedTech 2023 was an interactive, insightful and highly-efficient event that excelled in meeting the demands of the MedTech industry. Take a look at some of our Top Exhibitors from the show. MedTech Innovation Expo 2024 takes place on the 5th-6th June 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham. Please contact

Third year running for Rapid Fluidics T

hree is the magic number for Rapid Fluidics who once again successfully exhibited at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2023 with a slightly larger stand and slightly larger team than previous years at the NEC in Birmingham. The Rapid Fluidics team received great feedback and interest from new and existing customers and industry professionals as they showcased their expertise in microfluidic design and rapid prototyping products and services using a proprietary print approach eliminating caveats of other 3D printed approaches. Boasting a team with over 30 years in engineering experience, Rapid Fluidics has members elected as chartered engineers to the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, as well as a PhD in new microfluidic design and materials. Helping to shape the future of microfluidics, the team use their design expertise and novel 3D printing processes to dramatically cut your costs and development time. Functioning as a successful and innovative microfluidics consultancy, the team uses cuttingedge technology to prototype custom microfluidic devices for a variety of applications. Rapid

Fluidics has experience across the full spectrum of microfluidic device development from initial concept through to prototyping, testing, design iteration and design for manufacturing scale up. Furthermore, the company also has a large range of ready-made parts to help take your development to the next level via their online shop. Typically shipped within one working day from order, you’ll find items such as the Modular Microfluidic System (MMS), Modular Microfluidic Clamps, silicone ferrules, microfluidic adaptors, and much more – all fully customisable if desired. For more information, please see below: 0330 0571119


Transform Employee Engagement with One Powerful Platform. Terryberry’s industry leading Recognition Platform is a single hub with everything you need to build an effective employee recognition programme in your organisation, including Milestone & Service Awards, Employee Benefits, Social Recognition and Engagement, Wellbeing and Feedback & Engagement.

Renray are committed to designing furniture, beds and interior solutions with the end user in mind and tailoring our services and solutions to fulfil your requirements and vision for your care home. Our health and social care furniture, profiling beds, PAC and medical equipment are manufactured in our purpose built factories in Cheshire and Europe.


Biomed96 is a specialist in the medical equipment industry offering a comprehensive range of patient monitoring consumables, Oxygen concentrators, SonoStar ultrasound probes, handheld vital sign monitors, face masks, COVID Antigen test kit, Dental surgical items, Surgical Diathermy leads, Stethoscopes, Veterinary ultrasound & monitoring cables at lowest price with Free NHS delivery.

Pharmafilter offers innovative solutions that improve the cleanliness of environments in hospitals, airports, and other large-scale facilities. Providing an infrastructure that creates simple work processes, Pharmafilter’s innovative, transformational waste and wastewater onsite treatment system is proven to combat Antimicrobial Resistance Bacteria, COVID-19, helping to establish a safer environment.




Achieving temperature uniformity in gas line heating systems

How semiconductor manufacturing can benefit from adaptive thermal systems


emiconductor tools with gas lines, fore lines and exhaust lines require precise heating and thermal process control. Traditional systems are complex and often fail to offer sufficient thermal data and heating control. Without optimal thermal performance, line shutdowns are inevitable and costly. Here, Andy Selvy, chief system designer at industrial technology company Watlow, explores how adaptive thermal systems (ATS) can prevent this and supports uniformity in gas line heating systems. Semiconductor manufacturing needs to be a tightly controlled process, especially when it comes to thermal changes of materials and components. When the process is not properly controlled, small issues build until a shutdown is imminent, causing loss in time and revenue. These issues tend to revolve around three limitations of traditional thermal systems. This includes thermal stability, lack of thermal data and the complexity of the system itself. Lack of thermal data and precise control The inability to track thermal data prevents manufacturers from maintaining the health of the thermal system. Even a brief fluctuation in temperature can create a phase shift, causing gases to condense around apertures and critical components of the heating system. It is precisely that condensation that leads to issues, further disrupting thermal stability and eventually causing more severe problems. Without a central system to collect and monitor thermal performance, traditional systems fail to provide precise control. The semiconductor market goes through business cycles where supply struggles to meet demand. Consider the semiconductor chip shortage that turned the automotive industry upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With real-world barriers to surmount during unprecedented times, the last thing a business needs to deal with is preventable operational shutdowns. Thermal stability and complexity To achieve the best fabrication results, process gas must be dispersed at the required flow rate and precise temperature. During gas flow and distribution, it is vital

that thermal issues are minimized. Engineers and designers are tasked with designing and maintaining thermal processes within semiconductor manufacturing. In traditional systems, this often means more sensors and controllers. Each gas line requires an independent controller, each of which must be carefully monitored to ensure the system functions properly. More devices mean more complexity, and often they do little to address the core issues of creating overall temperature uniformity. Installation and maintenance of these varying components is also cumbersome. Maintaining them, and the maze of wires they create, can lead to costly and timeconsuming maintenance for engineers. The power of ATS To address thermal data needs, ensure thermal uniformity and reduce the complexity of line systems, Watlow offers a solution with its STREAMLINE™ heating system. The heating system has three main components including an EZ-ZONE® RMT controller supported by ATS technology, silicone rubber heaters and lastly, a communications device. ATS is a suite of technologies designed by Watlow to combine heating, sensing and control through a simpler system that is more responsive and efficient. It is the core of what makes the STREAMLINE heating system less complex and more efficient than traditional thermal systems. Not only does the technology allow for real-time data, but zones can also be highly


configured while reducing the amount of space required. STREAMLINE system uses ATS technology to reduce the system’s complexity. Because heating components can also act as sensors, the need for wires and extra components is massively reduced. Furthermore, the sensors can read the temperature at the surface of the gas lines, resulting in greater responsiveness to prevent line shutdowns and unnecessary waste. A major benefit of the STREAMLINE system is the reduction in temperature variance, which can be halved with ATS technology. With quick responsiveness and precise temperature monitoring from a central controller, the STREAMLINE system provides significantly more data and control during the thermal process. Without sufficient thermal data and heating control, semiconductor manufacturers face costly shutdowns that reduce output and increase waste. These headaches are solved with a technology suite that combines sensing and heating, providing real-time data with increased thermal responsiveness and improved temperature uniformity. Watlow provides semiconductor development teams with innovative thermal systems that give equipment manufacturers a unique competitive advantage. To learn more about our solutions, visit:




Sterile ventilation solutions from Exi-tite E Healthcare facilities are required to provide clean, safe environments. To achieve this, the NHS ensures that any installed specialist building services meet the highest criteria. Managing Director, Andrew Robinson, explains why Exitite is leading the way with sterile ventilation solutions in line with technical memorandum HTM-03.

Wolf Flex HTM03 compliant vertical modular AHU with energy recovery and DX installed at Belfast City Hospital

xi-tite is a trusted advisor, designer and supplier of industry-leading ventilation products that provides sterile environments that comply with HTM-03 to specific applications such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and ATEX. By handling all design, support and supply needs in-house, we maintain close relationships with consultants, installers and end users to ensure problem-free project delivery.

HTM-03 Using the healthcare technical memorandum HTM-03 as guidance, air handling unit (AHU) construction must meet strict criteria to prevent contamination. This includes smooth stainless steel internal panels and filter frames, low leakage dampers, copper or finless frost coils and access doors with two-stage openings.



Decentralised applications Some buildings, particularly those of older construction, find that their ventilation needs to be improved in particular areas, possibly due to poor initial design or an area change of use. Retrofitting equipment that can provide ventilation in an energy-efficient manner can be costly or prove difficult. To combat this, Exi-tite uses the Wolf CGL solution. This energy recovery product is about the size of a small wardrobe and is capable of an airflow of 1.1m3/h. The unit is

Ventilation equipment construction is essential, and so too are correctly designed systems Exi-tite Revit drawing of two modular HTM able to control the room's air compliant AHU with service corridor pressure, humidity levels and temperature. Exi-tite is an HVAC specialist and, with extensive compact and designed to fit through a standard room door. Ductwork can experience, has developed climate control methods that be installed in various configurations on the unit to serve a dedicated space can utilise energy recovery and provide energy recovery and CO2without mixing supply and extract air, thereby maintaining regulated ventilation with a range of sterile environments. filtration options in a silent manner. In partnership with leading German manufacturer Wolf, our bespoke modular systems can meet any specification and, in turn, any retrofit requirements, turning existing AHUs into sterile, highly-efficient systems with reduced downtime.

The compact Wolf CGL portable energy recovery ventilation system is designed to fit through a standard room door

help avoid additional costly and time-consuming processes, such as producing drawings in CAD and Revit.

Belfast City Hospital Further installations have seen AHUs placed in a compound with a service corridor equipped with hand wash basins and hosepipe connections to maintain a sanitised environment while conducting AHU maintenance. Exi-tite’s internal design services


Exi-tite’s extensive HVAC experience and strong relationships with specialist manufacturers, consultants, installers, and end users mean we are perfectly placed to deliver your project to the highest standards.

To find out how Exi-tite can assist with your project, please contact: or call +44 (0)288 556 7674.


Ensuring safety in Cirrus Research plc: hazardous environments Noise measurement The company needs to comply with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, which requires the implementation of safety measures to prevent explosions in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. This includes providing ATEX-compliant safety showers.

Introduction n industries where flammable gases, vapours, and dusts are present, ensuring the safety of employees is of paramount importance. The European Union’s ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, aim to regulate equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, requiring companies to implement safety measures that mitigate the risk of ignition and protect personnel.


Background All chemical manufacturing facilities that handle or specialise in the production of volatile chemicals should adhere to ATEX regulations to protect employees from potential hazards. One of the key aspects of ATEX compliance is the provision of safety equipment, including safety showers and eye wash stations. The Challenge and Solution Compliance with ATEX Regulations:

Employee Safety: The safety of employees is a top priority. You need to ensure rapid and effective decontamination in case of chemical exposure. Equipment Selection: Choosing the right ATEX-compliant equipment is essential. You must evaluate the specific requirements of your facility, including location, potential hazard levels, and the number of showers needed. The Solution Get peace of mind knowing that safety showers from Aqua Safety Showers will be manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and come with a two year warranty, further promoting a safety-conscious workplace culture.

For more help or advice, please contact Aqua Safety Showers at: or telephone +44 (0)1942 318096.

instruments A

t Cirrus Research, we have designed our range of simple-to-use sound measurement equipment, including sound level meters and noise dosimeters, and our vibration monitoring instruments to help you protect your people and the environment against the risks associated with excessive noise and vibration.

Our equipment is designed in-house by our team of acoustic experts and manufactured in the UK, so you can be sure of its technical excellence and reliability.

As one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of noise measurement instruments, Cirrus Research plc is the name you can trust to provide accurate, reliable and easy-to-use equipment that will stand up to scrutiny, and allow you to reduce the devastating effects of excessive noise, not only in the workplace, but also on the environment.


Whether you’re looking for a Class 2 Decibel Meter to conduct an occupational noise investigation, or a Class 1 Sound Level Meter for an environmental noise survey, you can be sure that Cirrus Research has an instrument to meet your needs. Find out more by speaking to our experts: +44 (0)1723 891655




Record breaking visitor attendance dealers and experts all under one roof, presenting an unrivalled display of campervans, motorhomes, caravans and accessories, many exhibitors including Bailey of Bristol, Coachman, Swift, Erwin Hymer Group UK, Hillside, Chausson, Carthago and Malibu, have praised the success of the Show, both in terms of record sales and visitor numbers. Some manufacturers used the Show as a platform to launch completely new model ranges to the UK public as well as showcasing innovative concept vehicles of what motorholiday adventures could look like in the future.


sell-out weekend wrapped up a recordbreaking Motorhome & Caravan Show (1722 October 2023), with 106,131 visitors flocking to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham across six days, proving that public interest in the Leisure Vehicle lifestyle shows no sign of slowing down. Despite a difficult economic backdrop, the Show’s attendance and sales figures confirmed that the UK’s Leisure Vehicle sector continues to soar. The UK’s largest display of Leisure Vehicles was met by keen buyers and holidaymakers from across the country, looking to invest in the new-for-2024 models from the UK and Europe's leading manufacturers and dealers. With the industry’s leading manufacturers,

The Show’s signature Inspiration Theatre proved appealing to visitors, with featured talks and Q&As from some of the UK’s most popular TV personalities. Household names Joe Swash, Jenny Powell, Josie Gibson, Kwoklyn Wan, Jeff Brazier, Jim Moir and Nancy Sorrell shared their stories and tales of touring and exploring to the large crowds who attended the Show in droves. Providing a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to hit the road and quench their thirst for adventure, Ask the Expert Sessions offered practical and technical advice on Leisure Vehicle ownership and the leading Clubs saw fantastic numbers of new member sign-ups. Many of the Show’s 400 exhibitors are already gearing-up to return to the NEC for 2024. Ben Parkin, Sales Director at Coachman,


or more than 40 years, Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld has built a reputation for being one of the UK’s leading motorhome specialists. Its extensive collection of motorhomes and camper vans – both new and used – are based at the company’s headquarters at junction 14 on the M6 near Stafford. Rich in quality, quantity and variety, Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld boasts the largest collection of premium German brand motorhomes anywhere in the UK for customers to view at first hand. This is a family owned and run business, with more than four decades of experience and knowledge, headed up by Ross Edwards as Managing Director.

Once you have purchased your motorhome, it’s important to maintain it to a high level and the outstanding Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld service offering guarantees exactly that. The full offering includes a 21-bay workshop packed with experienced and highly-qualified technicians ready to deliver a host of after-sales services and products, with a 12-month guarantee on all work carried out.

Over the last 10 years, Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld has established In addition, Erwin Hymer Centre itself as the No 1 UK home for Travelworld became an official MOT a quartet of brands which typify Testing Centre in early 2021, one of outstanding German excellence the first motorhome dealerships in the in engineering and design Carado, country to be given the accreditation Dethleffs, Laika, HYMER and Niesmann from the DVSA after a robust series of + Bischoff. Some of the very best tests, checks and inspections. motorhomes in the world are available Contact from Travelworld and 01785 878787 the dedicated team is on hand to meet in person, over the phone or virtually, to answer all your questions.




said, “The level of interest from the audience has been great and our range of products has been well received across the board. We’ve experienced a lot of interest for future investments after the Show has finished, which is exactly why we come to the Show. We’re going through some difficult times and to see that there’s still people out there looking to buy and invest – it’s great to see.” The Motorhome & Caravan Show returns this year to Birmingham’s NEC from 15-20 October 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Danbury Campervans, Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld & S&G Home & Leisure. Further details can be found on this page and the next. Contact


Here to support your next big adventure A

t last year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show 2023, S&G Home & Leisure offered sound advice and their usual family, friendly services from Hall 9 stand 9.08 to a wide range of caravan and motorhome enthusiasts. Trading since 1964, S&G’s services come highly recommended as ‘truly professional and thoroughly knowledgeable’. Whether you’re looking for a caravan, motorhome, horse box or boat, S&G are first-class qualified suppliers and installers of MA-VE & M-Level Hydraulic Levelling Systems, VB Air Suspension, Truma & TelAir Air Conditioners, Oyster & Teleco Satellite Systems, Avtex TV’S, Solar, and more. Always willing to go above and beyond for the customer, S&G pride themselves on all their installations and to give customers that extra peace of mind, are fully insured on all works carried out. As fully approved installers and stockists of Avtex, Oyster, Teleco,

Danbury Campervans D

Hyundai, Maxview, TelAir, and Alpine audio, all S&G engineers are Telair and Teleco trained, Osyter trained, and Avtex Approved installers. Lithium is becoming increasingly more popular and S&G offers a complete Lithium setup as well as a fully comprehensive aftersales service designed to fulfil all your off-grid power requirements. If you’re after a 5* service from a family run business with a smile please don’t hesitate to contact S&G Home & Leisure Ltd. They exhibit at all the NEC shows so pop over to see them and find out for yourselves just how valuable they could be for your beloved motorhomes and caravans. Contact 01582 562277

anbury Campervans has become well known for its high quality, stylish yet practical campervans. The Somerset-based company prides itself on being one of the longest established VW camper converters in the UK, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Danbury uses only the best suppliers and premium products so that their customers do not want for anything in their home away from home. In February it will launch its new vehicle – a Fiat Ducato campervan – at the NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show. Danbury offers a choice of three different campervan layouts for the VW Transporter, which all sleep up to four people and boast pop top roof and Webasto diesel night heaters. Its high spec Heritage features striking two tone paintwork, while inside are luxurious leather upholstered seats, hob, sink, fridge and a Porta Potti.

This year will also see the launch of the new Transporter – the T7 – and Danbury now only has a limited number of the ever-popular current T6.1 model left. These ‘Final Edition’ T6.1s will be the last 100% VW Transporters as the company collaborates with Ford, so please get in touch with Danbury's friendly team if you would like to find out more about how you can order your own Danbury campervan. Contact 01278 497707


Bluelite’s award winning sustainability journey B

luelite was delighted to be named winner of the Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award at the Insider Media ‘Made in the South East’ Awards. It’s a shared endeavour for all our people, both in work and at home. Here’s some of our progress so far. Bluelite’s commitment to minimising our carbon footprint and reducing our environmental impact is central to our sustainability journey. For example, our investment in 88 solar panels has reduced our reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity by 10%, with half of our power requirements now met through renewables. We are adopting a more sustainable approach across our production process, including the use of low solvent inks, LED lighting throughout and electric vehicles for service support. Our waste management practices include cardboard recycling for packing kits and the complete elimination of bubble wrap. We vacuum seal


packages to minimise materials usages and tapes, have replaced single use plastic cups with China cups and also share materials offcuts with local schools to provide high visibility markings for bags and satchels. Office operations are now largely paperless, with all records stored digitally. Overall, we have reduced waste by 36%, with zero waste sent to landfill. And to make sure we continue our journey, we are not only accredited to ISO14001, we also use independent assessors to chart our progress on our sustainability journey and challenge us all to do better. Contact 01444 232366




A case… but not just any case You may think a case is just a case. But if you take a look beneath the surface, it becomes a whole lot more complex; protective casing in particular.


hen looking to shield essential and valuable equipment the importance of a case takes us to a new level. Take, for example, the need to transport a highly prized bike on a round trip of 10,000 miles for a world record time trial or the field deployment of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for reconnaissance sorties or the protection of the infamous Ashes urn. The difference between each application is huge however the overall requirements of the clients are the same. Secure storage, safe transportation and deployable or operational on arrival.

The perfect formula for protective casing Protective cases can be manufactured using many different materials; rotomoulded or injection moulded polyethylene polymer, aluminium, plywood or a super lightweight honeycomb polypropylene, each to fulfil different or specific requirements. The decision which material to use is driven by many factors such as payload, terrain, portability and handling – military applications encounter some of the most extreme environments and they typically use rotomoulded or Amazon Cases because they are accredited to military standards (MIL-STD 810). A newly designed super lightweight

case, AirShip, allows ease of portability and has some incredible weight to volume ratios, perfect where weight limits are vital. As for internal protection and supporting the equipment itself, the large majority of cases will include some degree of custom design foam. The selection of appropriate foam types and densities is critical in ensuring the safety of the case contents. In addition, some designs have also included complete drawer units, dividers or partitions – all custom made for each individual customer requirement. In the example referred to earlier, the deployable UAV has a scissor lift mechanism fitted to the case that provides

a platform for assembly. We have a complete array of customer testimonials or you can refer to the product pages for more details. It is reassuring to know that by choosing a market-leading manufacturer like us, you are also gaining decades of manufacturing experience. Together with associated accreditations and patents that exist today. If that isn’t enough to go by, our stats and facts are also impressive: u Equipment stable in temperatures -40°C to +70°C u Accreditation to military standards (MILSTD 810); drop, shock, vibration u Many products have assigned NATO stock numbers u Achieves ingress standards, IP65: dust, dirt water u Design and manufacturing for over 40 years We use only the very best raw materials and adheres to the most stringent standards. Applying first-class design and workmanship to our manufacturing expertise. To see the complete range of protective cases available from CP Cases follow this link. For information about the cases that are accredited MIL-STD and IP65 please contact us.

Contact +44 (0)20 8568 1881





Chevronshop is a division of Bluelite Graphics, a pioneer and UK market leader in the supply of chapter8 compliant vehicle chevrons and graphics. We have a growing design list of products that fit over 110 models of vehicles used in service across the UK. In 2021, the company celebrates its 15 year anniversary of supplying chevrons and graphics to not only the UK but worldwide customers.

ELAFLEX LTD are based in Hertfordshire. We are the prime suppliers for the UK and Irish markets of all ELAFLEX products including ZVA nozzles, petrol pump hoses, breakaway couplings, and products for CNG, LNG, H2, Chemical, Pharma, LPG, Bitumen and Aviation refuelling industries. Discover our Rubber Bellows and bespoke hose reels! We also operate from Stockport, near Manchester. Visit and explore more with our product configurators.

Aqua Safety Showers are on hand to ensure your workers remain safe, just about everywhere. Our range of emergency products and equipment offer protection against serious injury and are all built to exceed ANSI/EN safety standards. We have the flexibility to adapt, modify or design bespoke units for each individual customer in our UK manufacturing facility.

Established in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets.

Cleenol is a manufacturer and supplier of quality cleaning and hygiene products. The fourth-generation family owned and run company celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023. Cleenol has established a strong reputation for its Lift and British Nova brands, Evolution super concentrates and for its ability to produce leading private label products.

We offer high-quality Explosion Protection and Spark Protection equipment from our wide range of Vent Panels, Flameless Vents and Isolation Valves as well as Sensors, Environmental and Safety Protection and our NEW Raptor Spark detection kits. We provide consultancy, calculations and a free initial site visit.

For over 50 years, CP Cases have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing an extensive range of bespoke cases and 19-inch racks, which is why we have the perfect formula to provide innovation, durability and high-performance cases to a range of industries, including security, medical, broadcast and much more.

Electrolab Biotech is a leading manufacturer of bench-top bioreactors and fermenter systems. With over 30 years’ experience designing and building bioreactor systems in the UK, you’ll find the partner you can trust to deliver the equipment you need. We offer the same high level of service and support to all our customers.

Soyang Europe is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digitally printable wide-format and superwide-format media and surface coverings for the multiple industries including sign & display, design, marketing, construction, and décor. Additionally, Soyang Hardware offers leading edge wide and superwide format print production hardware solutions from many of the industry’s biggest and best-known printer brands.

NIMBUS is a comprehensive yet flexible investigation case and quality management system. Managing multi-use cases with integrated modules from evidence & task tracking, centralised workflows & orchestration, staff & asset management, and disclosure & reporting. Delivering significant efficiencies, greater collaboration and improved case transparency while reducing risk and administrative burdens.


Canterbury Christ Church University experience the benefits of Aico’s IoT Technology in student housing


anterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) has started upgrading their alarm systems to Category LD1 and implemented the HomeLINK Connected Home Solution to monitor indoor air quality and increase proactive maintenance within their student accommodation. CCCU have supported thousands of students in achieving their potentials, injecting talent and knowledge into the economy. The University offers student accommodation at a range of prices to suit the budgets of their students. Their accommodation guarantee means all students are guaranteed a place in accommodation during their first year. British Standard BS 5839-6:2019+A1:2020 covers recommendations for fire alarm systems in all domestic premises, covering both new-build and existing properties. The University were looking to upgrade their domestic smoke alarm systems to Category LD1 in some of their student housing. Category LD1 is a high level of protection with coverage in all areas where a fire could start. CCCU were receiving call-outs for alarm activations and needed a solution to reduce the number of call-outs to nuisance alarms. CCCU wanted to identify trends in activations and improve resident engagement by equipping students with the knowledge and awareness around Home Life Safety to reduce nuisance activations.

CCCU also wanted to be able to monitor temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide, gaining actionable insights into condensation, damp & mould risk, and indoor air quality to create healthier, safer homes. “The Gateway system with instant notifications has helped us to identify which students are triggering the alarms and then addressing the issue. The added benefit of the Environmental Sensors has led us to prioritise some remedial works to improve thermal efficiency of certain properties. Overall, so far it has shown how technology can benefit us as landlords, and plans are already in place to roll out across more of our properties.” – CCCU Estates Team The Gateway extracts information from the HomeLINK Environmental Sensors and sends it to the HomeLINK Portal, allowing the University to drill deeper into data using various reporting tools. This data has enabled CCCU to make decisions on work that needs to be carried out in the properties to improve ventilation or insulation, and work towards becoming more sustainable. The installation of the Gateway & Environmental Sensors in CCCU’s student accommodation has proved to tackle more problems than initially intended. Insights from the Environmental Sensors have highlighted key areas that needed addressing in terms of ventilation and insulation. However, it has also assured the University that all of their alarm systems are working as they should. Thanks to the Gateway, if any event was to arise, multiple people would be alerted, replacing the need for wardens to visit the property.




Canterbury Christ Church University are experiencing the benefits of IoT technology in student housing and have put plans in place for a further rollout of HomeLINK devices with the support of their Regional Specification Manager, Brad Wain. “I was thrilled to see CCCU implement Aico’s HomeLINK technology. Student accommodation providers play a key role in supporting these students through some hard years and providing these properties with not only LD1 multi-sensor protection, but Environmental Sensors to monitor the air quality that these students are living in, showcases the utmost care and consideration to the students staying in these properties.” – Brad Wain, Regional Specification Manager, Aico Contact 01691 664100

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