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Forze Hydrogen Racing

Forze Hydrogen Racing, selected as one of our Top Exhibitors at Autosport International, is a pioneering team of student engineers from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, dedicated to developing and promoting hydrogen fuel cell technology in motorsports. Its latest creation, the Forze IX, is a remarkable feat of engineering and sustainability.

The Forze IX is a sleek, hydrogen-powered racing car that emits zero emissions, offering an exhilarating driving experience. Equipped with two 120kW fuel cell stacks, four electric motors, and a custom-built gearbox, it boasts a top speed of 300km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in under 3 seconds.

Through its innovative engineering, Forze Hydrogen Racing aims to showcase the capabilities and advantages of hydrogen fuel cells while pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. By promoting sustainable energy sources in the transportation sector, it hopes to inspire the wider industry to adopt this cutting-edge technology.

Composed of talented and passionate students, the Forze team gains invaluable experience in engineering, project management, and teamwork. Its accomplishments have garnered numerous awards, including a podium finish at the Supercar Challenge in 2019.

Forze Hydrogen Racing exemplifies the power of innovation, sustainability, and education in shaping a brighter future for our planet and society. We eagerly anticipate its future achievements and its ongoing contribution to advancing clean energy solutions.

Contact T +31 15 7851349

Nila Parmar Designs

Reinvent your homes, restaurants, offices, hotels with art-inspired storage furniture that is designed to bring a sense of energy and happiness from Nila Parmar Designs, selected as one of our Top Exhibitors at Spring Fair.

Each piece of our Mango wood furniture has been lovingly finished to bring warmth, colour and style.

We are a unique, boutique, interior and furniture company based in Middlesex, and for over 20 years, we have built a solid reputation in creating luxurious, elegant interiors that incorporate a signature use of sophisticated colour palettes, high-quality fabrics and exceptional attention to detail.

Our beautiful cabinets, sideboards and room dividers are made from ethically sourced Mango wood making them a strong, durable, attractive and beautiful addition to any interior space.

Every piece of our furniture is unique and hand crafted to requirements, and we pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers, from design and creation right through to the delivery of our products.

Not only will our furniture make you stand out and give your interior a feeling of calm, but 10% of our yearly income is given to schools, orphanages, eye hospitals and any charities which are in need of our support.

Get in touch

To discuss any wholesale enquiries, please complete our online trade form, and we will be in touch. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below.


M 07956 910783

Join us at our Open House

See the next level of volume production print and finishing systems in action, and benefit from expert input from leading industry suppliers.

The event will be held on July 12th to 14th at Soyang Europe HQ, Calder House, Metcalf Drive, Altham, Accrington, BB5 5TU.

Superwide production equipment on demonstration:

u Fujifilm Acuity – 5 metre Acuity Ultra R2, Acuity Prime Flatbed.

u Jetrix – LXiR320 is a highvalue 3.2m multi-roll LED UV printer

u Mimaki – UV print systems for roll-to-roll, print and cut, and specialty print

u Meevo – easy automated sewing for in-house Keder finishing

u Bubblefree – super fast

flatbed mounting and laminating u RIP technology – Onyx, Caldera, Print Factory. Which is right for you?

There will also be a number of different Expert thought leadership sessions with Q&A and all experts will be on hand throughout the day for one-onone discussions.

Got questions? Call Soyang Europe on +44 (0)161 765 3400 or email us at:

5-11 HEALTHCARE MATTERS 3 SASKIA’S FLOWER ESSENCES 8 NOBLE GIFTS 14 ENVIRO-CAP LIMITED TEL: 0121 824 7700 — WWW.PRODUCTSANDSERVICESREVIEW.CO.UK — JUNE/JULY 2023 — ISSUE 813 The entire content of this publication is advertorial based. To place an advertorial or an advert, please call 0121 824 7700. Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @uk_psr or download our iOS app 1

Get familiar with electric process heaters

Just because larger electric heaters have not traditionally been used to heat all processes in the petrochemical industry does not mean that the technology is untested. In fact, field-proven power switching devices have been in use for low voltage electric process heaters and electric medium voltage motors in numerous industries for years, and the ability to control voltage is well established.

PLCs and similar power management systems bring heaters online in ways that prevent problems for other devices connected to the same power source. The heater and controller are part of one closed-loop system, which streamlines integration and yields more control over the entire system.

Industry leaders like Watlow are solving the world’s most challenging and essential thermal problems. Its work includes breaking down the barriers to energy transition to provide

clean, efficient and reliable ways to electrify processes traditionally heated with fossil fuels. This includes Watlow’s POWERSAFE™ solution — a medium voltage heating solution that combines both an electric heat exchanger and a control system. The system has been proven to operate safely and reliably at 4,160V and higher. It also offers a flexible combination of a silicon-controlled rectifier and contactor circuits up to 25 megawatts within a single control package, delivering high-efficiency power to reduce the size and weight of the solution, while providing a clean, safe asset for engineers tasked with decarbonising thermal systems.

Wonky fruit prime ingredient for seltzer

Brothers Tom & James Henderson, from Grinton in the Yorkshire Dales, came up with the ingenious Yan Tan idea during Lockdown. Yan Tan is local sheep counting Swaledale dialect for numbers one and two, paying homage to the brothers’ Yorkshire roots.

Yan Tan is now an awardwinning premium alcoholic seltzer, available in two delicious flavours: Damson and Rhubarb and Elderflower & Hawthorn. In 2022 The Damson & Rhubarb flavour won the prestigious The Hard Seltzer Masters: The Spirits

Business (Master) Award. The damson adds a classic soft palate to the sharper, distinctive rhubarb taste, whereas the Elderflower blends beautifully with the tart Hawthorn berry.

The distinctive seltzers are 100% natural, gluten free, sugar-free and at only 71kcal, are low on calorie but high on taste. Customers can order multi-packs from the website, with the added bonus of free delivery. The glass bottles can be recycled, as a sustainable extra!

The brothers describe their award-

winning drinks as ‘moreishly, fine apple spirit’ and are perfect straight from the fridge or poured over ice, for a refreshing, sparkling drink.

Yan Tan is made from ‘wonky fruit’ – rejected from supermarkets for their less than perfect appearance but is ideal for this award-winning, premium seltzer. This innovative way of using wonky fruit, protects against needless food waste.

To support this British, independent premium brand, see the website below:

Abloy UK’s new SMARTair training course

Abloy UK has launched a new free SMARTair training course at its Digital Access Solutions Academy, helping installers to gain an understanding of the wireless access control system.

Abloy UK’s Digital Access Solutions Academy is a purpose-built facility to showcase, work with, install and test Abloy’s extensive range of products, with a particular focus on new digital solutions and ecosystems.

Abloy UK has now expanded its training offering to introduce SMARTair – a batteryoperated access control system offering users different access control management levels in a single wireless system. SMARTair is ideal for facilities looking to improve

Ventilating hospitals properly

We still need to be aware of the importance of proper ventilation to help ensure airborne viral loads are properly extracted (alleviating the still present COVID-19 risks). Air

security and simplify day-to-day operations.

SMARTair’s intuitive access control software and wireless door entry system provides a detailed security overview of a building,

including who enters, where and when. Built around three main elements, the SMARTair solution consists of intuitive management software, SMARTair locks and other devices, and a choice of credentials.

The course is designed for Abloy’s partners to understand the portfolio of products under the SMARTair umbrella and its integrated systems.

At the end of the course, installers will have confidence in commissioning and installing SMARTair systems.

For further information on products and services available from Abloy, visit: or call 01902 364500 or email:

Vent Technology has many years’ experience in supplying ventilation units to the healthcare sector. AHUs with or without heat recovery can be manufactured to full HTM requirements for critical areas (operating theatres and isolation wards, and more general ventilation to non-critical areas.). AVT designed and manufactured a heat recovery unit (complying with HTM03 requirements for ventilating a hospital isolation unit) within a fourweek turnaround period – enquiry, design, quotation, production and delivery. This fully weatherproof heat recovery unit is energy efficient, with fitted door guards, a metal heat exchanger and up to 75% thermal efficiency. It has metal framed filters and treated coils to comply with HTM requirements. Access for cleaning and maintenance is easy, with lights and viewports to all major components. AVT can prioritise healthcare ventilation projects for the quickest possible equipment lead times to site. Solutions can be tailored to meet specifications and site requirements, and AVT’s Site Engineering Services offer a full installation package.

T +44 (0)1264 356415


Improve your mental wellbeing with flower essences

In this issue of Products & Services Review

we are delighted to feature Saskia’s Flower Essences as our Natural & Holistic Health Products Company of the Month.

Since COVID-19, it’s been scientifically proven that dedicating a few minutes of each day to check in with your own mental and physical state can be truly beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Prioritising self-care can often be forgotten or neglected so Saskia has come up with a brilliant range of products to help restore energy, stamina, improve state of mind and encourage relaxation in a way that works for you. “Our Living Life Lightly blend that we launched last year in response to issues people were having post pandemic recently won Best Product for Better Mood in this year’s Beauty Shortlist

Wellbeing Awards,” stated Saskia, Owner.

Saskia has been making flower essences in the UK for 20 years. The current complete range consists of single essences and essence blends that are usually taken as drops under the tongue but can also be sprayed or dropped on yourself or in a room/onto a pillow or item of clothing. All Saskia’s Flower Essences are infused with the energy of wild flowers, trees, and garden flowers, but unlike essential oils, they do not smell.

“We make, bottle, and sell flower essences that are

similar to the Bach Flower Remedies. We have a range of 48 single essences and 9 Essence blends as well as a small range of mists that we distil ourselves. My friend Christine (Felce) and I officially started the company in 2006 but we made our first essence 20 years ago this April just gone. For the last five years or so I have taken on the directorship and day to day running of the company,” added Saskia.

Based in Wincanton, East Somerset, Saskia’s Flower Essences sell direct to customers and wholesale as well as seeing clients for one-to-one flower essence consultations in person or online. “Primarily we aim to get essences to people who wouldn’t normally use them – and as everyone needs flower essences

Nostalgia, plush toys and kidult toys, lead Toy Fair 2023

The 69th annual Toy Fair returned to Olympia London from 24-26 January 2023, welcoming back more than 250 exhibiting companies and thousands of visitors from around the world. It was a sold-out show which welcomed just under 60 new exhibitors and had increased its footprint since 2022 by maximising the full space in the National Gallery to accommodate extra stands.

From the newest start-ups to leading toy brands, exhibiting companies of all sizes were out in force over a busy three days. It was the first opportunity of the year for many to network and showcase their exciting launches in front of buyers,

retailers, licensors, media and the wider industry. With thousands of new products launched around the show there were also many famous faces on hand to build excitement. Asmodee UK invited Stephen Mulhern to launch his brand-new Catchphrase board game, as well as Matt Edmondson to compete

Creative Kids

For more than 25 years, Creative Kids Group has set a benchmark of standard goals: build confidence, harness creativity, and unleash imaginations.

Toy Fair 2023 had many highlights but one range that received the highest accolades was our PlayDoh Air Clay. This particular product was by far the visitors favourite as you can create anything your imagination allows in a super soft clay that then hardens within 24 hours, leaving you with permanent beautiful craft or toy.

It’s perfect for all ages with kids loving the key chains, pencil toppers or play food they can create and play with and adults enjoying the versatility as a core craft material.

The individual colours can be perfectly blended to make every colour imaginable and when dry can also be painted.

Play-Doh Air Clay is available in themed playsets or

against visitors at his very own board game. Vivid Goliath and Wind Designs Ltd both launched the hit TV show The Traitors themed games, and cast members Wilfred and Hannah were on hand to support the launches.

The Toy Fair returns to London’s Olympia next year from 23-25 January 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: AB Gee, Creative Kids Group & Mojo. Further details can be found on this page.


as bags of single coloured clay. We also included pull back vehicles and Dino skeletons into the range for a true toyetic play. Add the clay to the car chassis or dinosaurs and create unique designs that you can then play with.

Or why not make delicious looking treats that can then be used in play kitchens. The fun never stops. Visit: and follow the fun on Instagram @creativekidsbrands, facebook CreativeKidsBrands or check out our YouTube channel @CreativeKidsBrands.

at some time in their lives – especially when they are in crisis, our target audience is very broad – although many of our customers at the moment are busy mums with challenging children, menopausal women and women who are already open to using natural products for their well-being,” added Saskia. Fortunately for Saskia and her team, there isn’t a huge number of competitors in the industry manufacturing this type of product, therefore, its uniqueness is something that currently cannot be rivalled. “We pride ourselves on hand bottling all of our essences which keeps their vibration high and therefore more effective. We also use very inclusive and simple language in our essence descriptions and have selfexplanatory names for our essence blends. These blends are our

best sellers and many of them have won industry awards over the years,” said Saskia.

Since opening a retail space in 2019, the company has continued to grow and expand as more people are starting to realise the effectiveness, safeness and positive outcomes that come from these types of products. In the autumn of 2023, Saskia’s Flower Essences will be launching a brand-new range of essence blends marketed towards men.

Saskia explained, “Currently only a small percentage of our essences are bought directly by men and we hope that this range will help to change that. The wellness sector is increasing massively at the moment and I truly believe that very soon flower essences will be getting the recognition they deserve. Saskia’s Flower Essences are poised to be at the forefront of this wave of interest in these, literally, life changing liquids. Not only are flower essences very effective but they are completely safe for all ages, have no contra-indications, and are safe to use alongside prescribed medication.”

M 07554 187006


Mojo: The fun is here

Mojo started business in September 2009 with only a single member of staff and a burning passion to create beautiful figurines.

Six months were spent creating the first 60 models and from there the company started its journey.

The journey has been long but at the same time rewarding, today we make some of the finest Animal figures available and the quality of our products is testament to the hard work, dedication, and self-belief of the entire team.

That self-belief has seen the company grow from a small business with big dreams, to a business that now sells its products in over 40 countries.

As well as our head office in Hong Kong we have a UK Sales office, opened in 2020 to service a growing demand for our products both in the UK and across Europe.

Distributing the product range to a growing UK market it also helps to support our retail and distribution partners

across Europe with additional Inventory.

Sales in all markets are increasing and that growth will continue so long as we remain true to our company values of creating a quality product and first-class customer service.

If you want to know more about our products and services, please visit: or contact us at:

AB Gee is the UK’s leading distributor for toys

In partnership with major suppliers as well as importing our own ranges, we are the number one choice in ensuring a smooth and consistent supply chain, from sourcing of products through to delivery to trade accounts.

Our 75,000ft2 head office, distribution centre and showroom provide the base from where we supply wholesalers, retailers, large high street & online stores, garden centres & holiday parks. We have, for a long time, supported the UK toy trade with products from some of the largest companies in the world & with our own exclusive toys.

We are official distributors for Hasbro, Mattel, Funko, MGA, Zapf, Moose Toys, Spin Master, Jazwares, Ravensburger, Tooky Toy, World’s Smallest, Character Options, Make It Real, Wild Planet and many more. We also supply our own exclusive products from a variety of categories, spanning pre-school, wooden, plush, arts & crafts, board games, collectible Bullyland figures and outdoor toys.

We have an extensive and exceptional showroom which features the top lines from many of our suppliers, this is updated constantly throughout the year,

so we are always showcasing the newest ranges of the season. It really is a remarkable sight!

Give our sales team a call on 01773 570444 to find out more information.



Winning weekend for runners

The National Running Show held Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January 2023 at the NEC Birmingham, saw exhibitor and sponsorship revenue increase by 38% this year (30% increase on pre-COVID figures) and the largest visitor audience it has ever attracted.

The fifth edition of the National Running Show saw the event firmly back on track with 26,158 runners gathering to find motivation, products and training advice. Initial survey responses indicate that the 273 exhibiting companies will collectively benefit from over £14 million spent by visitors as a result of the event.

The show featured some incredible speakers who came to motivate and inspire runners including the fastest British woman in history Dina Asher-Smith, Scottish Olympian Eilish McColgan and legendary hurdlers Colin Jackson CBE and Kriss Akabusi MBE.

Brands and features within the exhibition offer runners expert advice and products to suit individual needs, with lots of taster sessions and workshops, including Steve Cram and his team of coaches, who

FLANCI Ltd has been a longtime dream

offered training advice for those taking on races in 2023, including Eve Muirhead, former Olympic curling champion.

The National Running Show returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 20-21 January 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: FLANCI, Neplex & Wild Moose. Further details can be found on this page.

Protect yourself from the elements with Wild Moose

Are you an adventurer? Do you like to immerse yourself in the great outdoors, battle the climates, and dive into your nearest river, lake or sea? Then Wild Moose is perfect for you. As a well-known brand in the wild swimming community, Wild Moose produces a range of clothing and accessories that are designed to keep you warm before and after your epic dip!

The range includes quality clothing and innovative gear for use in all weathers, so whether you’re a paddler, surfer, wild swimmer, or just enjoy going on aquatic adventures, Wild Moose can kit you out.

The current range includes backpacks and kit bags that are fully waterproof and come designed with a separate

compartment for wet and dry kit. Their range of robes and ponchos are extremely popular and one of the best ways to get dry and stay warm. The original Wild Moose changing robe is water and wind proof

and is designed to withstand the elements and rugged handling. The poncho towel is a great addition/alternative, being highly absorbent and super comfortable with a bamboo and cotton blend that is perfect for quick changing after an open water swim.

The range of accessories is extensive and includes innovative items such as Hottum hot water bottles and core warmers, as well as Moose Flasks and their iconic bobble hats. Designed to be worn anywhere, whether you’re back at your desk, or nestled up on the sofa, you’re sure to stay nice and warm.

M 07837 984422

Nicky is a passionate runner with over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons under her belt – including the gruelling, self-sufficient, multi-day Marathon Des Sables, Grand 2 Grand and Alps 2 Ocean races. Alf too has run several marathons and ultras, although he has swapped his running shoes for golf shoes recently. They have also enjoyed running holidays in Patagonia and Peru, climbed Kilimanjaro and enjoy an active lifestyle with their dog Billy.

Nicky qualified as a nurse and midwife and has worked in pharmaceutical sales for the last 20 years, Alf too worked in sales and management for a large corporation, both have really wanted to work for themselves and leave the large

corporate environment.

The idea of FLANCI first came about several years ago when Nicky struggled to find anything but primarily black running kit. It became a mission to hunt down some colour, the seeds of a business were sown and the plans started coming together at the end of 2017.

FLANCI is an anagram of Nic and Alf and is also in the urban dictionary – better than fancy and almost fabulous. This just seemed to fit with the brand perfectly and they love seeing people wearing their own FLANCI pants!

As a runner, Nicky understood what runners want from their activewear. So, in collaboration with runners and also a

professional sportswear designer, FLANCI legwear was developed as a comfortable, functional, affordable brand with fun and funky colourful patterns. Not only for runners, they are suitable for the gym, yoga or just for relaxing in. 15% off all products except charity collabs and sale items for PSR readers, use code NRS15. Valid until end July 2023.

M 07710 268882

Facebook: FLANCI

Instagram: @FLANCIactivewear

Neplex Run Nipple Covers

AMust-Have for Runners – Stay comfortable and prevent chafing with these reusable, medical-grade silicone nipple covers. The design ensures ultimate protection whether you’re running long distances or doing high-intensity gym workouts.

Hygienic & Fully Washable

– Forget about having to buy disposable nipple pasties that slide off when you sweat. These nipple covers are fully washable and can be easily cleaned with soap, detergent, or even in a dishwasher!

Discreet Design – Our transparent silicone blends

seamlessly into your skin tone and clothing for the ultimate level of discretion. Adhesive-free soft silicone effortlessly adheres to your body and trims easily for a custom fit so you can stay comfortable and confident.


Experts in our field

When it comes to the safety of workers out in the field, we are the people to contact when it comes to emergency safety showers and eye wash stations. It isn’t just about the end product. We will recommend and advise you on the best safety shower solution to suit your requirement. As there is no one-fits-all approach we have the flexibility to adapt or modify our units in our manufacturing facility in Great Britain. Our range of emergency products and equipment offer protection against serious injury and are all built to exceed ANSI/EN safety standards.

While we hope there is never the need for your safety showers to be used, having one

is imperative on site should be working around harmful substances.

Our goal is to create essential pieces of equipment that become the standard in every laboratory and facility that uses

harmful substances.

Are you properly prepared in case of an emergency?

Aqua Safety Showers can keep your workers safe with our wide range of products and units available. For a bespoke quotation or free site survey, please get in touch with our dedicated sales team today.

Contact T +44 (0)1942 318096 UC2IeWZzOlQDOrQiWVGYtYRw

Cleenol’s latest brand, edencleen

Over the course of our 75 years, we have always produced products that offer a balance between cleaning performance and efficiency with an eye to containing the environmental impact our products may carry. edencleen, our latest brand, reaffirms our credentials for environmental guardianship, and represents an evolution of our DNA. edencleen has been designed to reflect in part our vision for a cleaner, safer world, that has as an aim, an ambition to leave the planet in the safe care of and for future generations.

edencleen products have been developed around the following principles:

u RSPO certified palm oil derivatives

u No animal derived products

u Cruelty free

u Minimal petrochemical derived products

u No parabens, formaldehyde, CMI/MIT, triclosan, phosphates, chlorine bleaches, optical brighteners, quaternary ammonium compounds

u VOC free and phosphate, EDTA, NTA free

u Recyclable/recycled packaging

u 100% bio-based surfactant.

u Bioethanol, naturally derived acids, sugar-

based surfactants, bio-based solvents, low impact preservatives

Combining carefully formulated products, with appropriate packaging, using recycled material or recyclable componentry, the range’s mostly colourless liquid and low fragrance usage are designed to convey a transparency and straightforwardness of our approach.

Careful use of enzymatic formulations and more traditional chemistry brings a portfolio of products that’s finely attuned to delivering effective cleaning which when used as instructed, helps maintain a neutral environmental impact.

For further information, visit:

Experience Comfort & Confidence – With Neplex Discreet Nipple Covers, you can experience ultimate comfort and protection during all your workouts. Our silicone covers are soft and gentle on all skin types while staying put!

Designed in the UK – All of our products are designed in the UK with love and care. We pride ourselves on providing highquality, luxurious products that you can trust to look great and last long!

T 01284 598057


BOPLAN® designs, develops and manufactures sustainable and highly effective fall and collision protection for the most demanding environments.

All our safety products have only one goal: the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. For the production of our security products, we exclusively use high-quality and very high-performance plastics with properties that far surpass those of traditional materials.

BOPLAN® designs and manufactures Polymer Traffic Barriers, Handrails and other Safety Products with a focus to offer protection to people, buildings and other infrastructure.



contact us today +44 (0)1902 824280
and see us at PPMA Total Show from 26-28 September 2023.

Alive Activities

Alive Activities have been engaging Care Home residents, training carers, and connecting communities for over 13 years. With person-centred care at the heart of everything they do, Alive are experts in bringing meaningful engagement to older people. From training to activity audits, gardening, and intergenerational links, find out how Alive can support you today.

Alive offer a range of inspiring training courses on topics essential to providing person-centred care. Giving your staff the confidence and ideas to cater for individual needs and interests, they also offer bespoke

courses and coaching programmes. In person or remotely, Alive’s training encourages the ‘whole-home approach’ to activities, giving staff the skills to engage.

Alive on Demand is designed to assist Care Home Staff in providing meaningful engagements, both in group and 1-21 activities. It is a dementia-friendly video streaming platform with additional resources, including quizzes, that easily transforms each topic into well-rounded activity. Designed to spark conversation and evoke memories; you can easily filter videos by level of dementia & duration. For

The new SoftDispenser: Minimal weapons & ligature risk

Balco Global Ltd, the innovative manufacturer of ligature light products to behavioural health facilities, has developed the new SoftDispenser. Unlike common hard plastic or metal products this flexible dispenser is both safe & practical. With the introduction of this new product, Balco continues to pursue its mission of keeping people safe, while aiding recovery.

Developed with the NHS to remove one of the biggest self-harm issues in the ensuite of a service user. Pre-launch feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from NHS trusts.

The Balco SoftDispenser is durable and

will keep its shape even when pulled or stood on. It has a break-away-design with no visible magnets and can be used as a tissue or toilet roll dispenser (with tubeless rolls).

With minimal weapons and ligature risk, the SoftDispenser is perfectly suited for the use in behavioural health facilities. Specifically designed for wet rooms.

Available in a range of colours to make the service user environment more comfortable and less institutional, this product is poised to become an industry standard for behavioural health facilities across the globe.

those living with more advanced dementia, Alive offer ‘calming videos’ designed to immerse in relaxation and calm.

Visit: or email: or call 0117 377 4756 to find out more.


✚ Minimal weapons & ligature risk

✚ Less institutional

✚ Improved infection control, antimicrobial

✚ Keeps it shape, even when bent or stood on

✚ Wet room safe

✚ Includes Fire retardant additive

✚ Break away design with no accessible magnets

Swiftclean support for care homes

Running a care home presents plenty of challenges, some of which it is wise to outsource to an experienced and reputable specialist.

Swiftclean is a family owned nationwide business. We specialise in air and water hygiene compliance with a particular emphasis on ventilation duct cleaning, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, fire damper drop testing, laundry extract cleaning and commercial building water systems. Swiftclean has been and continues to be invaluable to general managers and facilities managers of care homes and can provide a package of services giving you peace of mind and value for money.

Our specialist teams work in accordance with BSEN15780 and TR19® for ventilation cleaning; L8 and HTM-04-01 for water management; TR19® Grease for kitchen extract fire safety cleaning; and BS 9999 for fire dampers; these are the industry standards which are recognised as key in each specialist area.

With all our services, excellent work is only half the story. In the event of an inspection, you will need to be able to demonstrate that your care home is compliant; it won’t be enough for you to know that it is. We provide all the required documentation, including before and after photographs and post clean and maintenance reports so you can be sure that your service users are safe & you are protected from any liability for negligence.

Contact us now to book in your free care home assessment on 0800 243 471 or email: or visit: ISSUE 813 – JUNE/JULY 2023 TEL 0121 824 7700 Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @hcm_uk or download our iOS app 5

Taking the stress out of dental indemnity insurance

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to feature Densura as our Medical Indemnity Provider of the Month. Back in 2013, when DDO fees were rising a viable alternative was called for. Tom Hester, a specialist in medical indemnity for 15 years & Kevin Culliney, an insurance broker for 30 years, came together with Dr Julian Perry and Dr Paul Lambden to create a solution that became Densura. Then in 2022, Jeremy Goodacre joined the team adding his 35 years of experience working in insurance.

Densura is not just a small one-man company, it is part of a much bigger corporation called Lockton which is the world’s largest privately owned insurance broker. Lockton will help you to overcome risks with innovative solutions that are tailor-made for your business. Lockton is known for understanding the healthcare sector from the inside out and it’s this expertise that have enabled Densura to offer all customers whether an independent dentist or a dental group the same treatment and services across the board.

This ethos is embedded into Densura’s working. Prioritising high levels of customer care play a vital role in Densura’s success and is why it has accomplished extraordinary customer retention rates across the business. “We are a sales organisation at heart that is all about customer retention and care. In our dental space we hold a retention rate of 95% when it comes to renewal which is pretty much unheard of,” stated Tom.

Densura’s insurance provides cover for individual dentists as well as dental practices, groups and large corporations. “The core value of our business is all around the handholding of when something goes wrong. Our policies include some great features such as online CPD, clinical development, and we are just about to release a digital consent form for our members. Consent is by far one of the most frustrating things for dentists involved in a claim when they haven’t done anything wrong but haven’t consented the patient properly. This new software takes away any anxiety and is quick and easy to use. We are really proud of this partnership and is something we are incredibly excited to offer dentists. Another important specialism of ours is claims, notifications and dealing


with them. We have invested huge portions of our profits back into the business to build a team of 11 dental legal advisors that are all dentists with a legal qualification. Insurance in any form is a begrudged process, no-one enjoys buying it, and for dentists it’s an additional charge on an insurance that the rest of us don’t have, so we offer something that is not just a yearly transaction but something that really benefits their practice and helps them be the best dentist they can,” Tom continued.

“The main reason people look round for indemnity is the costs. We are price competitive and have saved many dentists a lot of money, but for us our key benefit is our claims offering and having our dental legal advisors who are available for our clients is a completely unique approach. Lending clients direct access to our dental legal advisors gives us a market leading solution meaning we don’t just protect the practice but the practice owner too. Offering vicarious liability for practice owners and groups is also a huge benefit to our service offering, and a service we have achieved much success in.”

You can also find a plethora of educational videos and resources via the educational hub that Tom himself updates monthly. There you will find useful tips on a range of topics such as mental wellbeing for dentists, how to grow your business in aesthetics, and much more.

T 0207 933 0343

W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK

W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including:

● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales.

● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England.

● Staff training packs – ie. Management of Medicines.

● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses.

● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections

● Tender writing and Bid support

● CQC Registration Support

● General Business Advice and Guidance

New for 2023!

● Updated CQC compliance webinar

● Values Led Recruitment and Retention Webinar

● Children’s Policies and Procedures.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.


100% Optical announces record-breaking attendance

100% Optical made a welcome return to the ExCeL London from 25-27

February 2023, with a record-breaking 10,657 attendees flocking to the UK’s largest optical event – a 10% yearon-year increase on its previous record attendance.

The three-day optical show featured exciting exhibitor launches, more independent and international eyewear designers than ever before, a world-class education programme of CPD seminars, catwalk shows, awards – and a hugely-popular celebrity guest appearance from Dame Prue Leith.

Backed by all the industry’s leading organisations, 100% Optical had its strongest exhibitor line-up to date; an expanded focus on contact lenses; its annual Love Eyewear Awards ceremony; and more networking opportunities than ever before – alongside exclusive show offers, workshops and debates curated by show partners.

Next year’s 10th anniversary 100% Optical dates have been confirmed for 24-26 February 2024, while The Association of Optometrists (AOP) and Media 10 have announced that their partnership to deliver 100% Optical has been extended until 2025.

As part of its 10th anniversary show for 2024, show organisers have also announced a new dedicated 100% Ophthalmology section and education programme, working with key partners, suppliers, and the NHS to deliver more content for ophthalmologists attending the show.

100% Optical returns to London’s ExCeL next year (dates above). This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event. Further details can be found on this page and the next two.

Follow 100% Optical on social media: @100optical #100optical

Deepcove Optical

At Deepcove Optical, we understand that every practice has different preferences when it comes to their lens selection. That’s why we focus on exceptional customer service & offer two distinct lens brands to cater to a wide range of patient needs.

✚ If you’re looking for the best of the best in terms of lens quality and precision, look no further than Optiswiss Lenses. They are one of the best independent lens manufacturers in Europe, founded in 1937 and still 100% Swiss Made. Optiswiss offers the finest in lens quality, design and precision at very competitive prices. Choosing Optiswiss as your premium lens partners will enhance patient satisfaction and your bottom line, making them the ideal choice for discerning independent opticians.

✚ The Deepcove lens range is extensive and offers uncommon quality at very affordable prices. It is designed for the cost-conscious patients without compromising quality.

To complete our offer we focus on exceptional customer service by listening to your needs and as we only focus on independent opticians you can be assured we place your needs uppermost.

For more information and to chat about how Deepcove can help your business please contact the team on 01985 800425 or email: marketing@ or visit:

Sight and Sound Technology, the UK’s leading supplier and Master Distributor of Assistive Technology, demonstrated their new virtual reality visual impairment simulator Empatheyes at this year’s 100% Optical.

Sight and Sound are recognised for its vast range of hardware and software solutions for the blind, visually impaired, and people with learning and reading difficulties. Working with private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments, and commercial enterprises the company can also offer access consultations and expert


training to any professional or business who wants to support colleagues, patients, and customers experiencing these difficulties.

Glen Tookey, CEO of Sight and Sound, commented, “We were thrilled to bring Empatheyes along to 100% Optical for the first time. Many of our sector colleagues know us for our CPD Sessions on Assistive Technology but having the chance to show our fantastic new training resource was great. It’s the only awareness and educational solution on the market that can fully immerse you into different environments to experience

specific eye conditions and see through someone else’s eyes.”

Empatheyes was developed by Angel Eyes NI, a charity looking for a way to show the parents, teachers, support workers, etc, of the children they support what it was like to have a visual impairment Sight and Sound Technology is the exclusive Empatheyes training partner in the UK and ROI. The 75 minute CPD-accredited session can increase knowledge and understanding, and further enhance patient-centered care.

To book a demo or find out more, visit:

“See through someone else’s eyes” T 0800 085 6055


OcuPlan was launched in 2019 and has grown rapidly. With more eye care professionals joining every day, it is now the UK’s largest joined-up network of opticians and ophthalmologists, working together to prevent avoidable sight loss.

In 2022 OcuPlan became part of Simplyhealth. Together, our mission is to protect people’s vision by making eye care more accessible and affordable for the millions of people in the UK who require monitoring for their long-term eye condition. By enabling optician stores and consultants to collaborate easily through shared care, we ensure that patients receive regular, high-quality care to monitor their condition and protect their sight.

Furthermore, we also enable optician practices to generate additional revenue by attracting more customers and ensuring that machinery such as OCT isn’t sitting idle. Practices can set their own fees and save time and effort with our drag and drop system and automatic invoicing.

To learn more about how you can benefit your practice and patients, call us on 0207 173 5200 or visit:

Perfect hearing

Labpads was founded almost three years ago. I was the Group buyer for Optical and Lab equipment at Specsavers before moving to Birmingham Optical as their Project manager. Sadly, COVID took its toll and I decided to set up a company supplying edger pads to the optical trade.

I worked with a top manufacturer, and we

brought pads to market. We believe that these are the very best edger pads in the trade, even better than top branded pads. However, our are significantly cheaper in addition the more you buy the cheaper the roll price.

One thing we decided form the beginning was that we would never charge for deliveries, regardless of order value. We always give free samples and are super friendly to deal with.

We began stocking just stocking edger pads

Noble: Huge selection of jewellery boxes

Noble has experienced a remarkable shift in trend and a greater demand in bespoke optical displays, and bespoke packaging. The same appears to be true for the Jewellery industry.

Noble UK, Noble Canada and Noble USA had a soaring increase in bespoke orders over last year, surviving the impact of COVID-19 by navigating through the various challenges it faced.

with the customer, and each bespoke order will be carefully designed by our craftsmen to attain an outstanding quality result.

Widex’ dedication to providing perfect hearing for every user has led to consistently ground-breaking innovations, keeping Widex at the forefront of the industry since 1956. Widex’ innovations have included the world’s first completely digital in-theear hearing aid in 1995, to their latest range of hearing aids, WIDEX MOMENT™ which feature artificial intelligence and ZERODELAY™ technology for the most natural sound ever produced by a hearing aid.

Widex’ range of hearing solutions offer connectivity, advanced technology and a wide variety of discreet styles to suit all hearing loss types and lifestyles, all designed to be specifically fitted to your individual requirements, so you will always get the sound that is unique and natural to you.

When considering adding an independent audiology offering to your business portfolio, or looking to explore alternative provider options, Widex have proven success in launching audiology and enhancing your business offer. From advice and guidance from our independent consultants to world renowned technology you can rely on, Widex are continually evolving in their commitment to being your audiology partner of choice.

Looking to find our more, contact us at: or call +44 (0)1244 688300.

37 years in this industry, Noble is renowned for craftsmanship, attention to details and elegance providing a superior quality product the world over. Our in-house consultants and designers will work closely

Contact Noble and let us find the packaging that best suits your requirements.

Important: All artworks are copyright protected.

T 0208 344 4594

abut have since moved on to stock a wide range of consumables including screws, nose pads, cloths etc for labs & retail stores.

We had an excellent show at 100% Optical and met many new customers and touched base with many of our current customers. The show is a unique way for a business like ours to reach out and show our products to new customers.

T 01329 310191

Noble Gift Packaging has been a trusted name in the industry for over 35 years. We have one of the widest selection of packaging products online to please merchants and customers alike. 0208 344 4594


Virtual Care

We are a London-based company specialising in serving the optical and ophthalmic industry by offering cutting edge VR, AI technology and associated products and services. We constantly research the latest innovations and technologies around the globe proving eye care professionals with new generation diagnostic tools helping them improve efficiency, saving time, space and costs in their practice.

We work with the most innovative tech companies in order to help deliver the future of eye care.


INSPECS: Always looking forward

INSPECS is a Bath-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of eyewear frames and optically advanced spectacle lenses. The Group produces a broad range of frames and lenses, covering optical, sunglasses and safety.

M 07713 763703

M 07377 341051

Eye-light® is our all-in-one solution

The Eye-light® solution from Espansione, offered exclusively in the UK by Topcon Medical, provides comprehensive treatment of DED using these latest core technologies, it is an effective treatment for other conditions, including demodex, which can be screened for with the View-dex®), with integrated severity reports and comprehensive dry-eye analysis in just 3 minutes. It also provides a clear image to share and explain the dry-eye cause with the patient.

Eye-light® provides quick and easy treatment, firstly you treat with OPE/IPL, just 5 thermal light pulses around the eye followed by red mask. This treatment increases and stabilises the patients’ lacrimal film offering instant relief in the long term, and enables management and treatment of MGD and DED, better than other technologies.

LLLT Treatment can be delivered as a standalone treatment using the mgd-mask® workstation, it’s the first approved customised Photobiomodulation treatment for MGD/DED.

Treatment can even continue at the Patients’ home with the my-mask® system, with the my-mask® system the patient can continue to receive all the benefits of LLLT from the comfort of their own home.

T 01635 551120

INSPECS strives to be the first name in eyewear solutions through a vertically integrated frame and lens platform operating across over 80 countries with offices and subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Portugal, Scandinavia, the US and China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen), and manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, China, the UK and Italy.

Forward thinking INSPECS delivers over 50 licenced and house brands

to the global eyewear market and supplies the largest global optical and non-optical retailers, global distributors, and independent opticians, with its distribution network of approximately 75,000 points of sale.

With a comprehensive portfolio including the established licensed brands Barbour, Superdry, O’Neill, CAT and Radley.

Complementing the offering with its house brands including Titanflex, Hero and planet friendly Botaniq.

About Botaniq

Enjoy the view. With a clear conscience. Open your eyes to planet-friendly eyewear from Botaniq. Thoughtfully designed and inspired by nature, the Botaniq eyewear collection combines style with innovative materials to create planet positive eyewear for the eco conscious consumer. Working with One Tree Planted, Botaniq is proudly committed to planting one tree for every frame sold.

View our collection at: or for more information:

Discover more at:

Trust us – we know what works

Connect better with your customers. Stand out from your competitors.

We’re Retail Experience Design – an independent design agency with vast experience of delivering creative, effective commercial interiors.

From concept through to fit out, we have delivered some of the UK’s most inspiring and effective optical environments. We’ve solved practice space challenges and helped achieve business goals with our strategic thinking, creative design, and technical expertise.

From opticians looking to open their first practice, right through to established multiples looking to realise the potential of their physical environment – we have a track record in delivering effective optical spaces.

Our experience is as broad as it is deep. Applying creative design thinking – not a one-size-fits-all mentality – means we’re versatile enough to specialise, but also work across many different sectors.

We’re highly creative – inspired by exploring possibilities,

breaking boundaries and challenging off-the-shelf shop-fitting. And, whether we’re designing and optical environment, shop, showroom, café, salon or healthcare space – we understand the importance of balancing cost without compromising on design or quality.

To see more of our work, visit: www. or to talk to us about your space, contact Dean Waugh on 07725 514230. Broadly experienced. Deeply creative. Highly effective.


Pret A Manger go live with Terryberry’s bespoke Employee Benefits Platform and Wellbeing Hub

Pret A Manger have become the latest company to go live with Terryberry’s complete Employee Benefits Platform alongside a Wellbeing Hub, which is designed to support employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

As part of the launch, Pret A Manger will now have access to a new Offers and Discounts platform, designed to help support employees during the cost-of-living crisis. With the platform giving users potential savings of up to £3,000 per year. Alongside a recognition platform that will connect all 8,000 employees in the UK, and encourage a culture of recognition across all locations.

Emma Spencer, Senior Pay & Benefits Manager at Pret A Manger, said, “We are excited and delighted with our new bespoke one-stop benefits and wellbeing platform. This now allows all our employees across the UK to access their Benefits and Wellbeing offerings in one easy to access platform and App.

“We were really impressed with the new features that Terryberry were bringing to their benefits and wellbeing platform. This played a big part in our decision to partner with Terryberry as we could see great potential and knew the impact this would have for our teams.

“The initial response from all our staff has been fantastic and we have seen engagement levels increase across all teams since the platform was

launched, which has had a positive impact on the culture within the business.”

In response, Ian Feaver, Managing Director of Terryberry UK, said, “To fully create a culture of engagement within a business, we felt that it was important to build a space where all employee benefits could be accessed from a single location, making it easy for employees to take care of their mental, physical and financial wellbeing as well as redeem their rewards and benefits.

“We are really excited to be working with a business such as Pret A Manger, who are one of the biggest brands in their space. We feel that we have the best product available in the market and that is attracting the biggest clients now.”

If you are interested in an all-in-one Engagement, Reward, Recognition and Benefits platform for your business, you can get in touch at:

Contact: Ben Pritchard

T 0344 826 2008



Very latest British brand in expert medical refrigeration

CoolMed’s expertise and experience dates back to the early 2000s, when we started to supply high quality medical refrigeration into the UK pharmaceutical market.

We pride ourselves on delivery and quality, together with value for money, achieved because we provide a fast, efficient service with expert professionals ready to assist your every need.

Our vast range of high-quality products are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries that store temperature-critical medicines, vaccines, and samples. Thanks to the array of sizes manufactured and supplied by CoolMed, each of the following industries can find a temperature controlled medical fridge unit for them: Pharmacies, Hospitals, Doctors’ surgeries, Veterinary services, Laboratories, and those medical professionals on the move.

Striving to become the first Carbon Neutral medical refrigerator manufacturer, CoolMed are now partnered with the amazing charity Cool Earth and global movement organisation, Earthly in order to reduce our carbon footprint and hit our net-zero target by 2030. Working exclusively to restore, protect and manage all our crucial natural ecosystems, CoolMed will be involved in various projects moving forward to ensure a positive green impact on the environment, while still maintaining the highest standard quality of products and services to our customers.

A small investment in care home furniture can lead to huge savings elsewhere. How?

Rise and recline chairs enable residents to sit with their feet elevated and their backs reclined. This is extremely comfortable, plus a great position for circulation, joint pain and relaxation.

To change position, just press a button; good news for pressure sore avoidance. The same applies when the resident is ready to leave the chair… tap a button to gently stand.

Usually, care home staff are responsible for helping residents sit, get comfortable and stand. And let’s be realistic, this is demanding physical work. So not only do rise and recline chairs improve quality of life for the resident, they are immensely beneficial for staff too.

As for adjustable beds, it’s the same story. Residents may need to sleep at an elevated angle, or with their feet raised, depending on health needs.

They may require help getting out of bed, and some adjustable beds do that too. Again, these are aspects of care that usually involve staff bending at awkward angles.

The impact of appropriate care home furniture can be measured in monetary terms; better health saves money. But more importantly, they can be assessed by the quality of life of residents and staff alike. The simplest changes can have far reaching consequences.

If you are interested in discussing any of our healthcare products call us on: 0800 808 6584.

LapCabby: Helping save time and keep data safe

The challenge With the integration of GDPR throughout the UK, the need for safer, encrypted data within the hospital is imperative for The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham (ROH). Matthew Maycock, IT Project and Infrastructure Manager, sought a secure, wall-mounted charging cabinet. In a busy environment with multiple users and devices, compartments needed to be locked but allowed clinicians access to their devices


quickly and easily. Microsoft has recently partnered with the NHS to integrate fraud protection in all new Surface Pro units.

The solution

The LapCabby Lyte Wall unit, designed for Microsoft Surface Pro, was the most suitable product to meet these requirements. Through a consultative & collaborative approach, LapCabby worked closely with ROH to develop a solution with a specification that was tailored to them.

Concerns surrounding data protection and encryption are now a thing of the past for ROH. The Lyte Wall SP ensures that devices are secure, fully charged, ventilated and ready to go. There are now 10 Lyte Wall units safely mounted on walls throughout ROH. These can be found behind nurse’s stations, in ICU and within private wards.

Contact: Marvin Douglas, UK Sales Manager M +44 (0)7890 478409


The care sector deserves more

The care sector in the UK is facing a crisis due to various factors, including the high cost of living, potential closure of care homes due to soaring energy bills, the removal of government funding for infection control and testing, and the lack of support in the recent budget. Despite promises from the government to address the social care crisis, the situation has worsened. The scrapping of the Health & Social Care Levy in 2022 & the expiration of the infection control fund grant deadline in March 2023 have made the situation even more difficult for care homes.

Wolf Laundry, operates extensively in the

care sector, and we understand the tough choices that customers have to make regarding energy bills and sustainability targets. The financial margins in care homes are narrow, and even the cost of laundry can determine whether they can stay open or face closure. A survey by the Independent Care Group revealed that care homes are experiencing rising costs in energy and staffing, leading to cutbacks in heating, food quality, and cleaning products.

In response to the pressures faced by care homes, Wolf Laundry is working with clients to help them understand their

energy usage and explore cost-saving measures, such as using more efficient machines like our Schulthess Proline W range or switching to gas dyers instead of electric. Some of our gas products can cost almost 50% less to run than their electric counterparts. We have a full team of experts able to advise and create bespoke solutions to save money. We have also introduced a free online training library to improve hygiene practices in care homes. Find these at:

Wolf believes that the private sector must step up and provide additional training

Genee’s G-Touch® Wireless Care Solution

and education on hygiene, infection control, cross-contamination, and compliance procedures. Collaboration within the industry is essential to fill the gap in support left by the government, especially in the post-pandemic era and during the ongoing cost of living crisis and we're proud to lead the way!

Revolutionise your care homes with Genee’s G-Touch® Wireless Care Solution. We are a UK-based manufacturer who specialises in affordable touch technology. Our versatile solution addresses physical, mental & social needs, it includes our interactive touchscreen, a multi-use electric high-low trolley, built in PC and Android & a wireless battery pack.

With our solution, residents can catch up with family and friends through video conferencing on the large screen. Clearly see and hear TV shows and movies with front facing speakers and anti-glare technology suitable for all viewing angles.

Reduce loneliness and improve resident’s mental health with our specifically designed software to support elderly and dementia resident’s cognitive abilities. Access a wide range of free apps to create social interactions for residents to individually participate in or gather for team activities.

But it’s not just for residents. Staff can use the G-Touch® Screen for group activities, staff training, and inter-care home video conferencing.

Choose Genee’s G-Touch® Wireless Care Solution and make a positive impact on the lives of your residents and staff today. Contact us now and quote the promotion code ‘HealthCareMattersJune’ and we will send you our brochure along with the opportunity to book a free demonstration.

T +44 (0)1902 390862

Joerns Healthcare’s new Oxford Up

Joerns Healthcare’s new Oxford Up is a uniquely designed active manual stand aid, supporting assisted standing, seated transfers, and patient rehabilitation. Previewed at the Moving and Handling People Conference and OT Show in the latter half of 2022, it commanded a lot of interest and positive reviews.

The Up will form part of the Oxford Professional series, complimenting the already established Switch, Journey and Ascend stand assist solutions. Suitable for clients who require some assistance when standing but are able to participate and contribute effort to the process, the Up can also be deployed as a useful rehabilitation aid.

Manufactured using a combination of steel and aluminium framework, the Oxford UP meets or exceeds all applicable design and regulatory standards and unlike other stand assist products, it quickly and conveniently dismantles into three separate components. This significantly eases storage requirements and facilitates onward transportation in the boot of a car. Reassembly takes a matter of seconds, and the Up is ready for use again.

Owing to its unique and robust design, the Up successfully achieves a safe working load rating of 200kg (31st). Furthermore, injury reduction, fall prevention and ergonomic principles were fundamental considerations during the development phase. A large multi-point push handle aids manoeuvrability for the care giver, and the foot push pad, a common feature on Oxford Professional series products, provides a means of generating forward momentum when moving a patient.

T 0344 811 1158


The UK’s trade show for the creative craft industry

Held at Birmingham’s NEC from 19-20 February

2023, CHSI Stitches is an essential showcase for trade buyers looking to source the latest trends and must stock products. With an invaluable educational programme with best practice advice from retail, sales and marketing experts to help drive visitors’ business forward.

The show’s 2023 theme was

Conscious Crafting, exploring and shining a light on key factors in the customer decision making process. This was bolstered with the results of the Craft Report – the annual independent report into the creative craft industry. The report was unveiled at the show and delivered valuable insights, data and updates on trends.

One of the event’s highlights was its quality speaker programme, bringing together leading lights in retail, e-commerce and digital marketing among other disciplines. These hugely popular speaker sessions provided a focal point

Lemon Lane

Discover the splendid collections of Free Spirit fabrics

for discussion, learning and collaboration. More intimate bookable campfire sessions followed the main presentation to enable visitors to get their questions answered.

Brand leaders held hands-on sessions in the Conscious Crafting Demo Area, enabling visitors to experience and try out new trends and techniques.

CHSI Stitches returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 25-26 February 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Highlight Crafts & Rhinetex. Further details can be found on this page.

Lemon Lane is a family-run textile brand based in the heart of the Peak District. We offer a wide variety of fabric weights including 100% cotton twill, poplin and vegan leather. All of our fabrics are designed in-house and printed on-site. Our exclusive fabric designs are perfect for home furnishings, dressmaking and much more and are available by the metre and also in kit form.

We are delighted to offer a bespoke fabric printing

service for both business and private customers. So, if you’ve ever wanted to design your own fabric and have it delivered to your door, now you can! Whether it's promotional designs for your business, or bespoke designs for making curtains, cushions, dressmaking and more, we’re here for you!

For more information, please visit: www.highlightcrafts. com or email: help@ or call us on 03300 415688.

Rhinetex proudly presents an exceptional selection of Free Spirit fabrics, offering a gateway to a world of beauty and creativity. As the leading distributor, Rhinetex boasts the largest inventory of Free Spirit fabrics, ensuring a wide array of options for discerning designers and enthusiasts.

Free Spirit fabrics are renowned for their captivating designs and exceptional quality, and Rhinetex provides an unparalleled platform to explore and acquire these exquisite textiles. From the timeless elegance of William Morris to the whimsical and bold creations of Tula Pink and the vibrant artistry of Kaffe Fassett, the collections from renowned designers are all available at your fingertips.




Insallation Systems

With their unrivalled selection, offers a seamless online shopping experience for those seeking Free Spirit fabrics. Whether you’re a fashion designer, quilter, or creative hobbyist, you’ll find an extensive range of fabrics, patterns, and colours to inspire your next project.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the magnificent world of Free Spirit fabrics available at Rhinetex. Visit: or contact our customer service via: now and indulge your senses in the exquisite collections that await you.

Buck and Birch

Award winning producers of craft Scottish spirits, liqueurs, cocktails and wilderness dining experiences

Smashing the mould of ordinary, Buck and Birch are committed to creating ‘genuine expressions of the Scottish landscape in liquid form’, taking all the flavours from their adventures and surroundings in the wild. Since 2016, both Tom and Rupert have been creating drinks to suit a wide range of audiences from cocktail drinkers, to pleasure seekers and fancy tipple users.

The wild flavours available range from BIRCH, a wild botanical spirit harnessing the refreshing taste of the birch tree (think B&T not G&T), to their Flavour First Seasoned with Spirit series of wild liqueurs, championing the fantastic native flavours hidden in our landscape.

You will find the entire range across a number of online stockists but also from their beautiful shop and tasting room in the middle of Macmerry Industrial estate just 14 miles east of Edinburgh city centre.

The second arm to the fine dining experiences when you can expect to be greeted and served by Head chef, Rupert Waites, and creative partner, Tom Chisholm.

Throughout the year, Buck and Birch partner with exclusive wine and spirits brands across Scotland to host a fully immersive evening of wild food and drink. Guests are taken on a journey of wild flavour exploration through their unique multi course tasting menus, showcasing the very best from the seashores, forests, fields and hedgerows of Scotland. Each menu

also includes a unique drinks flight showcasing their unique spirits along with a carefully curated wine and soft drinks list to perfectly compliment the dishes on offer. Private events catered for on request. T 01875 444445

EAIS is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of storage and transportation products supplied both to the Foodservice and Healthcare industries. Proud to be based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk we are renowned for our innovation and ability to offer solutions which not only meet the customer’s demands, but their expectations as well.

Whether you are looking for food storage shelving, racking systems, trolleys and fabrication, or maybe its healthcare shelving and medical trolleys or even bespoke design products. With the combination of our ability to hold vast stocks of our key product lines, combined with our hugely experienced and award winning customer service it has made EAIS the number one choice within the Industry.

Why not put us to the test and let EAIS become your Ideal Solution?

Contact our sales department on either 01553 765205 or email:



The UK’s largest trade & retail shooting event

The British Shooting Show, held at Birmingham’s NEC from 17-19 February 2023, showcased the latest advancements in shooting equipment and accessories, and provided an opportunity for industry professionals, retailers, enthusiasts and law enforcement to connect and network.

There was an exciting lineup of demonstrations and exhibitors that visitors were keen not to miss. The Great

British Shooting Show is often imitated. But never duplicated.

The British Shooting Show had thousands of new and used shotguns ready to buy. There is no other place or event in the UK where such a vast range of major international brands and fine English crafted sporting guns are all available. Whether visitors were an avid wildfowler, clay shooter, game shot or love nothing more than a day in the pigeon hide, the

British Shooting Show had every type of shotgun for every shooting discipline.

The British Shooting Show was a rifle shooters’ paradise. From ‘out of the box’ factory rifles for target shooting, deer stalking and pest control, to the finest specialist custom builds, the choice was wide, varied and almost endless. Right across the show there were thousands of brand new and used rifles for sale along with all the current and brand new models

on display from the manufacturers.

The British Shooting Show returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 23-25

February 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Elliott Ross Co & Swarovski Optik. Further details can be found on this page.


Rifle scope redefines performance

The Z8i rifle scope completely redefines performance with its 8x zoom and outstanding optics. Its optimum detail recognition is impressive, based on high magnification, uncompromising image definition across the whole field of view, and exceptional viewing comfort facilitating rapid target acquisition.

The slim 30mm (1.2in) central tube blends seamlessly with any hunting firearm. The perfectly ergonomic illumination unit and large operating features make it quick and reliable to handle.

The Z8i family is made impressively versatile thanks to the flexible, easily attachable ballistic turret, the switchable

Elliott Ross Co

Elliott Ross Co is predominantly a wine hamper company – specialising in small handmade wooden boxes with wine champagne and chocolates, but with Elliott Ross’ innovation we have created perfect travel boxes, trunks, and cases, designed to keep your beautiful crystal glasses safe while keeping your wines and spirts cool, perfect for any event, our boxes will always impress your friends and family.

We offer a personalisation service where we can put initials, names or logos on the boxes and glasses. We go to great lengths to offer the best possible products at competitive prices with a service that’s second to none, from corporate gifting to bespoke boxes, we can work with any budget to fit each client’s

needs, all the products on our website are stock items and are delivered 1 to 2 days from receipt of order, personalisation takes a few extra days from receipt of artwork.

We are continually adding to our range with our New Cool Box coming out mid-June and have already taken forward orders, for more information please call or email a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

T 01628 965990

M +44 (0)7738 660213

M +44 (0)7764 765931 Instagram:

reticle, and its powerful 8x zoom. A rifle scope to suit every hunting scenario.

Shut-on and shut-off with inclination sensor

SWAROLIGHT, the automatic switch-on/ off timer with a tilt sensor, recognises whether the rifle scope is in a shooting position or not. This saves the battery and extends its service life.

For more information, visit: hunting/products/rifle-scopes/z8-i M +44 (0)1737 856812


Bluelite’s award winning sustainability journey

Bluelite was delighted to be named winner of the Sustainable/ Ethical Manufacturer Award at the Insider Media ‘Made in the South East’ Awards. It’s a shared endeavour for all our people, both in work and at home. Here’s some of our progress so far.

Bluelite’s commitment to minimising our carbon footprint and reducing our environmental impact is central to our sustainability journey.

For example, our investment in 88 solar panels has reduced our reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity by 10%, with half of our power requirements now met through renewables.

We are adopting a more sustainable approach across our production process, including the use of low solvent inks, LED lighting throughout and electric vehicles for service support.

Our waste management practices include cardboard recycling for packing kits and the complete elimination of bubble wrap. We vacuum seal packages to minimise materials usages and tapes, have replaced single use plastic cups with China cups and also share materials offcuts with local schools to provide high visibility markings for bags and satchels. Office operations are now largely paperless, with all records stored digitally. Overall, we have reduced waste by 36%, with zero waste sent to landfill.

We also ensure that we incorporate management practices that motivate and involve employees in implementing sustainability measures. We’re also working closely with materials providers to explore ways of making livery application better for the environment in the future.

And to make sure we continue our journey, we are not only accredited to ISO14001, we also use independent assessors to

chart our progress on our sustainability journey and challenge us all to do better.

Our Scorecard:

u Carbon footprint – We generate 24,000kWh of solar power, reducing our carbon emissions by 14,000kg – which is like planting 650 trees.

u Lower carbon technologies – We invest in lower carbon and more sustainable technologies for day-to-day operations, for example using low solvent inks, LED lighting, and electric vehicles for service support

u Waste reduction – We regularly review processes to minimise waste, prevent waste going to landfill, and reuse resources wherever possible

u We have eliminated single use plastics linked to operational processes, including bubble wrap

u We use backing sheets from materials for wrapping

u We shred cardboard within the factory and reuse it for packaging, thereby eliminating fluted plastic

u We send applicable waste matter to a biomass energy plant

T 01444 232366


Packaging Innovations hits new heights

Leading multi-format event organiser Easyfairs is celebrating following a blockbuster showing from its Packaging Innovations & Empack, Featuring Contract Pack & Fulfilment showcase, which was met with a rapturous response from attendees & exhibitors alike. Registrations to the event were at a record high and over 6,500 unique attendees visited Birmingham’s NEC over the course of the two-day event from 16-17 February 2023, a substantial 21% increase when compared to 2022’s showing.

In addition to the constant crackle of networking taking place on the show floor, delegates were enlightened by a series of insightful talks held on three stages. A particular highlight was an enthralling speech on the trends shaping the packaging industry, delivered by Paul Jenkins, Founder and Managing Director of The PackHub, who placed the spotlight on the resurgence of paper-based solutions and the rise of innovative bio-based materials as part of a marked shift away from plastic.

Your reliable end-to-end co-packing solution provider

Wepack Limited has more than 30 years of providing reliable co-packing service to businesses worldwide. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has allowed us to become a trusted partner in the contract packing industry.

Easyfairs’ next UK-based packaging showcase is London Packaging Week, held on 21 & 22 September at ExCeL London. Packaging Innovations & Empack returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 21-22 February 2024. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Enviro-Cap Limited, Harkwell Labels, Micro Delta Packaging, Springpack & Wepack Limited. Further details can be found on this page.

Take the first step towards efficient packaging with Armour Wrap

Springpack introduces an online Machine Film Savings Calculator for their nano machine film, Armour Wrap.

Businesses can use this tool to assess cost savings and efficiency improvements compared to their current film.

Armour Wrap’s multiple layers provide exceptional strength and stability, reducing pallet damages and ensuring secure packaging. Switching to Armour Wrap offers significant cost savings as less film is needed for pallets, reducing waste. Each roll can wrap 100 pallets compared to 70 with conventional films, maximising output. The film’s multi-layer nanotechnology provides high puncture resistance and stretch capability up to 335%, minimising wastage. Consistency is ensured through top-grade materials and reliable manufacturing.

Armour Wrap enhances warehouse productivity

Harkwell Labels

Harkwell are dedicated to providing the best customer experience for those looking for printed labels or flexible packaging. We’ll be with you every step of your packaging journey and believe in a ‘hand holding’ approach if required, making your experience with us one you will want to repeat again and again.

With our knowledge and experience we see if a design or idea is unachievable, so you won’t have to waste time getting the best possible outcome for you.

We provide sustainable products from PCR/FSC/Compostable and many

with fewer roll changes, reducing breakages and stoppages. Springpack offers custom solutions tailored to individual requirements.

To optimise packaging and reduce costs, businesses can access the calculator at:

others to meet customer’s requirements. Dedicated staff are just a phone call away, our knowledgeable team are always available for a visit or a virtual meeting.

Harkwell are based on the sunshine coast of Poole, Dorset. We’re a fully committed HP Indigo digital house. In addition to the printing floor, we have a series of ABG and Karlville finishing equipment. Our factory was purpose built in 2011 and hosts a farm of solar panels on the roof to catch that Southern Sun! Header during the winter with recycled heat generated by our printers,

Micro Delta Packaging

MDP is a family run business that thrives on our motto “big enough to cope, small enough to care”. We believe in our customers and their visions. Consistency of customer care is at the forefront of our service. We want to be there with our customers from their first small order until their big repeat orders.

We supply packing and products to retail, cosmetic industries, health sectors, the NHS and many more.

We value our customers new and existing, big, or small. All our customers will receive the same level of service and we will work closely with them at all

points to help grow their business – your vision is our vision.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround for quotes, samples and advice. We are set apart from others due to our diligence in making sure we understand every brands uniqueness and do all we can to help them achieve their end goal.

When you win, we win and we love to see you win!

T 01553 310020

We have a dedicated and experienced team who are capable of handling projects of any size and complexity. We have several clean rooms and our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your products are packaged efficiently and effectively. We are accredited to BRCGS, Soil Association Organic, FDA and ISO 9001, reflecting our commitment to providing sustainable and ethical products.

Our packing solutions include bottling, sachet and pouch filling, and hand assembly/rework projects. Commodities we work with include food products, cosmetics, household, agricultural and high-end consumer goods. Our clients find it

very comfortable to work with us because of our reliability and stability.

We offer packaging design and advice on style and artwork to ensure that your products are visually appealing and eye-catching, nicely display on the shelf. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and let us help you take your products to the next level.

T 0115 852 9000

Enviro-Cap Limited

You are proud of your business’ environmental credentials. Your products are responsibly sourced, organic and eco-friendly. Your container is glass for its recyclability as part of the circular economy. You want packaging that appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer and meets the supermarkets’ increasing emphasis on responsible packaging.

So why would you use a plastic cap?

Enviro-Cap Limited is a thoroughly modern business, with over 100 years of history and experience, originally having been incorporated in 1916 as the Stopper Manufacturing Company Limited.

They are specialists in supplying sustainable, recyclable metal food safe continuous thread and smooth sided caps from their manufacturing site at Huddersfield where they have been based for the last 50 years.

Enviro-Cap’s products serve customers across the food, personal care, household products, pharmaceutical, and over the counter sectors,

and with an electric van for deliveries.

We are BRC AA rated with no nonconformances for the last two years and intend to stay that way.

Contact: Andrew Mansfield

T 01202 735300

M 07769 923333

in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Australasia; and they hold AA Grade certification under BRCGS Packaging Materials, as well as ISO 9001:2015. With the sustainability of packaging as their core concern, Enviro-Cap Limited are currently working on bringing to market in 2024 new ranges of innovative caps and closure solutions to increase the applicability of metal packaging across a range of sectors.

Contact: Mike Bean T 01484 533216


01484 533216


Transform Employee Engagement with One Powerful Platform. Terryberry’s industry leading Recognition Platform is a single hub with everything you need to build an effective employee recognition programme in your organisation, including Milestone & Service Awards, Employee Benefits, Social Recognition and Engagement, Wellbeing and Feedback & Engagement.

NIMBUS is a comprehensive yet flexible investigation case and quality management system. Managing multi-use cases with integrated modules from evidence & task tracking, centralised workflows & orchestration, staff & asset management, and disclosure & reporting. Delivering significant efficiencies, greater collaboration and improved case transparency while reducing risk and administrative burdens.

Established in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets.

Swiftclean provides expert kitchen extract fire safety cleaning; Legionella control risk assessments and remedial works; fire damper drop testing; specialist ventilation hygiene cleaning and several associated hygiene services. We can help you to stay compliant.

Cleenol is a manufacturer and supplier of quality cleaning and hygiene products. The fourthgeneration family owned and run company celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023. Cleenol has established a strong reputation for its Lift and British Nova brands, Evolution super concentrates and for its ability to produce leading private label products.

Established in March 2006, Croydon based Need 2 Succeed offers commercial and accredited training, on a range of solutions to support learning and development, specifically to those working in or seeking work in Social Prescribing, Health Care, Social Care, Education and Children & Young People Sectors.

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality curtain rail and blind systems to the healthcare and commercial sectors for over 25 years. Working from our modern factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our range covers everything from basic hand drawn rails to state of the art electrically operated products.

The WP Group offers intelligent storage equipment solutions for any environment. Ranging from custom built warehouse pallet racking and industrial shelving to office shelving and storage systems, our space efficient solutions are designed with only the greatest precision in mind.

PHS are a well renowed and very experienced end of line automation supplier of packaging machines for the food, beverage, pharma and paperboard industries. We represent some of Europe’s most well established producers of machinery for your needs, whether it be robotic palletisers, pallet wrapping or strapping machines for example.

ELAFLEX Ltd, Hoddesdon is associated with Elaflex Hiby, Germany and supply ZVA fuel nozzles and components for LNG and CNG. In our programme are rubber flexible hoses and Dry Disconnect couplings for the pharma, marine bunkering and petrochemical industry. We also produce bespoke hose reel kits and ERV Rubber bellows.

Over the past forty years, Smart has grown to become the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium glazing systems and bespoke aluminium extrusions, building a reputation both for the quality of our products and for our product innovation, design and technical expertise.

Chevronshop is a division of Bluelite Graphics, a pioneer and UK market leader in the supply of chapter8 compliant vehicle chevrons and graphics. We have a growing design list of products that fit over 110 models of vehicles used in service across the UK. In 2021, the company celebrates its 15 year anniversary of supplying chevrons and graphics to not only the UK but worldwide customers.


Macsa launches SPA 2 laser coders

Allpack launches PaintGuard™

The sustainable packaging in-transit solution for liquid products

Allpack, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary new product, PaintGuard . PaintGuard is a sustainable packaging in-transit solution for liquid products providing unmatched protection for paint and other liquid products against damage during transportation.

PaintGuard is designed to be environmentally friendly, made of

Further underlining its position at the forefront of high performance coding and marking equipment, Macsa ID UK has launched its clean and energy efficient SPA 2 series of modular laser coders for the packaging industry.

Featuring several technologies and multiple power options, the newly simplified platform delivers maximum marking resolution and definition at higher speeds more consistently over time. A true game-changer, the advanced systems are versatile and reliable, as well as cost effective to own, maintain and operate.

Boasting a modular design, Macsa’s flexible SPA 2 lasers can be easily integrated with any production line or application, and adapted to meet changing needs of the user. Providing high quality marking on a range of packaging materials, such as wood, thermal labels, board, metallised board, glass, ceramics, metals, rubber and plastics, the SPA 2 platform is available with CO2, DPSS and Fibre technologies (several wavelength options). Plus, laser power from 3w-250w, enclosures for standard, dusty and wash down environments, extra powerful performance and high speed heads.

T 01462 816091

Replace singleuse plastic packaging

Cullen are Europe’s only combined manufacturer of corrugated and moulded fibre products from a single site in the UK.

Established over 100 years ago, the firm have a team of inhouse designers and engineers, manufacturing both machinery and products. The Cullen teamwork collaboratively with their clients to design and produce sustainable, paper-based products and packing that are an alternative to single-use plastic.

Cullen are also award winning innovators, they are the creators of the worlds first scalable, Fibre Bottle. The patented design is a viable, available at scale, cost-effective alternative to single-use plastic bottles and pouches for dry goods such as household cleaning products, horticultural product, spices, vitamins and supplements to name a few.

Cullen have produced over 1 billion plastic free products since 2020 to 34 countries globally and recently announced a £15 million expansion plan that will increase their production capacity to 1 billion plastic free pieces every year.

Product and packaging suppliers to healthcare, produce, horticulture, industrial, food and drink, you will see Cullen products everywhere from the shelves of every major supermarkets, coffee shops, online when buying paint, drinks and medical facilities.

If we supply all of these sectors – imagine what we could do for you. If you are looking to replace your plastic packaging with a sustainable alternative, contact our Packaging Experts and start your plastic free journey today.

100% recycled materials, and is fully recyclable after use. Unlike traditional packaging solutions, which are often single-use and end up in landfills, PaintGuard is a sustainable option that minimises environmental impact.

The product features an innovative design that creates a protective housing between the liquid container to sit in and the outer packaging, preventing damage caused by vibration, impact, or temperature fluctuations during transportation. This ensures that the product arrives at its destination in

pristine condition, without any leakage or spills.

PaintGuard is also incredibly easy to use, with a simple and intuitive design that requires no additional tools or equipment. The product is available in a range of sizes and configurations, making it suitable for a variety of liquid products.

Ask for a demo from one of our sales representatives or request a PaintGuard sample pack today or view the PaintGuard range online on our

website. We invite you to experience the future of sustainable packaging with PaintGuard by contacting us at: or call us on 01543 396700.


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