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Avoiding blind spots in industrial temperature sensing systems

As much as we don’t want to admit it, modern temperature sensing systems are often the children of compromise. They are usually created after most of the design work for the underlying equipment is complete, which means thermal systems must conform to the constraints of the underlying system. As a result, issues not at the forefront of a manufacturer’s mind may emerge. In this article, Jeremy Ohse, staff engineer at industrial heating technology manufacturer Watlow, explains how thermocouples can eliminate these compromises.

Sometimes, budget can limit a temperature sensing system’s potential and companies cannot always get the sensor or heater density they desire. It’s possible to save a lot of money by reducing the number of sensors, but this comes at a cost of losing a complete picture of the entire system.

Space also plays a role. Heaters and sensors take up space, and the wiring that connects them grows with each addition to the system. This ultimately requires more space, which may not be possible in all setups. Companies respond to this issue by wiring their heaters in series, reducing the wiring and space requirements. However, doing so risks removing the ability to fine-tune the system, which creates implications for effectiveness and efficiency.

I-VIII HEALTHCARE MATTERS III LUTZ JESCO JONES AV TEL: 0121 824 7700 — WWW.PRODUCTSANDSERVICESREVIEW.CO.UK — MARCH/APRIL 2023 — ISSUE 811 The entire content of this publication is advertorial based. To place an advertorial or an advert, please call 0121 550 2086. Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @uk_psr or download our iOS app 1 1 RAJ FOODS 4 THE WP GROUP 40 Years of Service Excellence Producing quality and authentic Halal, Asian Vegetarian, AfricanCaribbean, Gujarati and other Ethnic meals since 1983 T: 020 8965 6533 E: 56B Minerva Road, London NW10 6HJ VIII

Reducing the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency and integrity

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are pleased to announce Black Rainbow as our Computer and Network Security Company of the Month.

Established in 2017 by Morgan Sheehy and Dr James Kent, Black Rainbow was formed for the sole strategic intent of providing a modern and innovative solution for organisations within proactive and reactive investigations and operations. The company has, and are, transforming the way intelligence, investigations and evidence are managed, solving inefficiencies and managing risks faced by Law Enforcement, Government and Intelligence sectors with The Investigation Platform, NIMBUS.

Nikki Moscrop, Head of Law Enforcement & Government – UK explained more, “NIMBUS is the first integrated investigation case and quality management system available to the market with numerous capabilities. Every bit of information is recorded in a co-ordinated way enabling

one secure, permissioned environment. This allows reporting, sanitisation, dissemination and analytical work to be of benefit to any permissioned user utilising the technology via watchlist, notifications and alerting. Once again driving efficiency to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. NIMBUS then becomes the digital room assistant empowering investigators to accelerate investigations.”

Moreover, NIMBUS has a further integral capability specifically for intelligence generation, management, analysis, and reporting. Building on the basic case or incident data available within Operational Analytics, giving real time access to potentially invaluable information, this rich source of pertinent data can enable important pattern matching across cases where no obvious links were previously known or risk profiling.

We asked Nikki what one of the key benefits to NIMBUS was and she answered, “To be able to build a flexible software for on premise or cloud

“We have a much-improved overview on the current status of each ongoing investigation. The management of some several thousand data objects would not be possible without NIMBUS. Additionally, NIMBUS helps us standardise the required steps during an investigation to gain reproducible results and even automate certain tasks and therefore reduce our workload.”

Headquartered in Ireland, Black Rainbow also has offices in Suffolk, UK and in America with its most recent opening in Reston, VA, to aid the expansion of its US customer base. Specialising in IT software for investigations and forensics, the main sector of which Black Rainbow works within is the investigation and intelligence market, and this includes customers within Policing, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government, Financial Institutions, Corporate companies with insider threats and risks, forensics, and more. Black Rainbow brings to you an all-in-one solution that is a collaborative management system for Case Management, Quality Management, Asset & Inventory Management, Staff & Training Management and Orchestration & Automations.

investigators to see the bigger picture, optimising decision making with an effective and defensible audit trail. We call it The Investigation Platform.”

NIMBUS has been transformative and is streamlining the way the global market has operated previously where companies are no longer dependent on spreadsheets, unsupported open sources, or siloed systems for their investigation management requirements. NIMBUS provides complete control and visibility of the investigation lifecycle, supported with defensible evidence tracking, task management and reporting, all of which are underpinned by compliance to the latest quality standards and procedures.

As investigations become more complex and time sensitive, physical and digital information needs to efficiently make its way into the central source of the investigation/operations command. NIMBUS absorbs this information rapidly to understand and build a visual sequence of events. Gathering this data and converting it into relevant, useable information for presentation as potential evidence has historically not been simple. NIMBUS is designed to streamline this process, reduce data duplication and optimise decision making whilst maintaining investigation integrity and disclosure rules. For some time, the disciplines around intelligence and investigations have been separated. Dealing with siloed data naturally incurs time penalties in time sensitive situations and this has come through legacy working practice lagging technology. Nikki continued, “Today NIMBUS delivers this from the inception of any intelligence through to the conclusion of the case to be in

deployment with mobile device compatibility. Furthermore, once deployed, our customers can manage the user interface with any configuration changes allowing them to adapt to changes in the way they work now and in the future. This brings huge advantages to our end users as they do not have to wait or incur any additional costs.”

Here is some of the feedback from customers who have benefitted from NIMBUS.

“Prior to having NIMBUS, all aspects of our investigations were recorded and managed across multiple solutions such as email, spreadsheets and on employees’ devices. Having NIMBUS allows up-to-date, accurate and auditable recording of casework which has been game changing.”

“When looking at the other options during our procurement process NIMBUS was the only tool that fully met our needs and was capable of managing investigations, evidence, forensics, and ISO accreditation.”

Looking ahead, the next phase for Black Rainbow is further growth and resilience to meet the market evolution. “Our mantra has always been about providing usable technology to the industry that we have all worked and served in for many years. As a team, Black Rainbow genuinely wants to help and make a difference in how we all go about our daily work and will continue to engage with our customers and focus groups on enhancing NIMBUS at every step,” said Nikki.

Investigate faster and smarter with Black Rainbow. For more information, please see below:


Seriously hot smokeless fire pit

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are proud to announce ECO Fuego as our eco-friendly fire pit Company of the Month.

With spring rapidly approaching and balmy summer nights on the horizon, this could be the right time to invest in a new fire pit. The ECO Fuego Fire Pits are revolutionary: smokeless and eco-friendly; perfect for garden parties, picnics, fishing trips, festival glamping, family camping to larger events.

From small gardens to large fields, the ECO Fuego Fire Pits is perfect for cosy get-togethers with friends and family.

Founder Tim Jeffs is no stranger to blue-sky thinking, after coming up with ingenious crop candles to heat English vineyards in winter. During bitter cold temperatures below -15°C, frost unwittingly destroys fragile buds. Tim designed crop candles to heat up the grapevines, using 100% biodegradable vegetable wax. Tim then decided to trial the same crop candle design into the fire pit market and the results have been astonishing as Tim confides, “This was the litmus-test year: to see if our patented fire pit design would appeal to domestic consumers. We have produced the most eco-friendly fire pit in the WORLD: it produces 90% less carbon, compared to conventional fire pits. ECO Fuego fire pits produce 1.4kg CO2/hr, compared to an average 1 bag 5kg wood-burning fire pit, which produces up to a whooping 15kg CO2/hr.

Our maiden voyage has been a complete success: our fire pits now sell in 60 garden centres across the UK and we

proudly won the Product of the Year Award at SOLEX 2022.”

The handy, portable fire pits are easy to light and can be put out instantly, saving needless carbon smoldering. With a bright, continuous flame from the 100% Vegetable Wax Refills: this is the most sustainable fire pit on the market. Each candle has an estimated burn time of eight hours, saving on unnecessary log pile space, and leaving you more time to relax with family and friends around the fire pit. The smokeless effect is perfect for discreet gatherings: neighbours will be unaware of the fire pit and there is no residue or smoky

aroma left in the hair or on clothing, as Tim confirms, “Our consumers love our fire pits – one gentleman told me his asthmatic wife has been able to enjoy her first fire pit, without any adverse side effects.

“Our litmus-test year in the UK has been a resounding success! The fire pits and Natural and Citronella Refills can be ordered off our website or through garden centres. We are now considering branching out into the USA market, after numerous social media requests from our neighbours across the pond.”

“Glamping tent hire companies love our fire pits especially they don’t damage bell tent interiors, unlike conventional fire pits and the smokeless function means there’s no drifting smoke into neighbouring bell tents – everyone's happy!”

ECO Fuego Fire Pits come in five striking designs, including the new London, Sheffield and Ascot range: British manufactured with Sheffield steel. The distinct London design comes in a glamourous silver colour, perfect for modern, contemporary gardens and the Sheffield is more shabby chic, with a rusted metallic Corten steel design. With a speedy 24-hour delivery available, you could have a spontaneous fire pit gathering for the coming weekend and with a current Mother’s Day discount, this could be a perfect gift.

The ECO Fuego Fire Pit team will be at BBC Gardeners’ World, Glee and SOLEX 2023, demonstrating the awardwinning fire pit range. The fire pits are also available online and via garden centres (including Blue Diamond.)

For full details, please see below:

T 01491 411565


Huddersfield speciality coffee roasters win coveted award

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are proud to announce Bean Brothers as our speciality coffee roaster Company of the Month.

The UK has grown to become one of Europe’s biggest coffee markets, with the annual industry reported to be worth in excess of £6 billion. Coffee aficionados spend Sunday mornings lovingly grinding fresh coffee beans: filling kitchens with chocolaty Guatemalan or nutty Brazilian aromas, up and down the country. Coffee baristas don’t just serve coffee; they offer artisan liquid alchemy.

Award-winning brothers James and Jeremy Perkins from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire bring us their coffee alchemy, sourced from all the major coffee bean countries around the world. Starting with a coffee shop in 2000 aptly named ‘Coffeevolution:’ the first independent, speciality coffee shop in Huddersfield, the brothers sourced quality coffee beans from the offset. We sipped a Costa Rican filter coffee and chatted to cofounder James, “Having started out life as coffee shop entrepreneurs, we knew we needed to take control of our main product: coffee. To do this, we needed to visit the regions where coffee is grown, learn about the different farming methods processes effecting flavour and then find trading partners to make our vision a reality.

“Our main role now as speciality coffee roasters is to source great coffees from around the world and make them available for both our retail and wholesale customers. We sell to coffee shops, offices and businesses and provide training for all our wholesale partners to ensure correct delivery of our prized and award-winning products to the consumer.”

Coffee roasting is a serious business and Bean Brothers hand-roast small batches daily, maintaining optimal fresh coffee produce. The coffee industry woke up and smelt the Bean Brother coffee and in 2022 ‘The Captain’s Grog,’ a delicious rum marinated Guatemalan coffee won the coveted three-star Great Taste Award.

The full coffee product range includes blends, single origin and decaff, with a choice of grind from beans, expresso, aeropress, filter and cafetiere. Coffee aficionados can subscribe to a coffee delivery service, offering different coffees monthly. Many of the coffees are Rainforest Alliance and ‘fairly-traded,’ such as the Rwanda Sake Farm.

The Rwanda (Sake Farm) coffee comes from a 30-hectare east Rwandan plantation, supporting 2,400 farmers across the surrounding area. With sustained investment from the Kahawatu Foundation and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), amongst others, the owner was able to open a coffee washing station, staffed by women to process coffee beans in the area.

Bean Brothers have maintained its high-quality coffee beans foundation, established in its popular, bohemian coffee shop over twenty years ago. The company are committed to environmental sustainability: providing

recyclable bags for all products and reusable food grade plastic containers for customers.

James and Jeremy clearly have a passion for producing and supplying high-quality coffee and have found a unique, marketing method to spread their love of coffee. The ‘Bean Bus,’ is an eyecatching VW Campervan that undertook its maiden voyage last year, visiting food and drink festivals and Christmas markets, around the country. With its legendary coffee shop history, Bean Bus marketing and award-winning season, it was time for the company to move to a bigger premises, to grow the product line further, James tells us more, “We are coffee loving brothers who know how to set up and run successful award-winning coffee shops, which led to a thirst to follow the process right back to origin so we understand our product, and as a result, bring out the very best flavour profiles in our coffees.”

“We recently moved premises having outgrown our little mill to a bigger canal side location (close to Huddersfield University) in another Victorian textile mill.”

To view the whole coffee range, including the new 1960 Probat coffee roaster, please see the details below:

T 01484 613673


The UK’s leading annual event for the fleet and mobility community

Fleet Mobility Live 2022 took place on the 11th12th October at the NEC in Birmingham. Known as the UK’s biggest and most important show for fleet decision-makers and key influencers, the Show helps fleets prepare for the mobility revolution and to learn how their responsibilities are expanding to encompass all areas of mobility.

Created for fleet people of all levels, and organisations of all sizes, Fleet Mobility Live 2022 offered attendees the chance to gain an unparalleled insight into intelligent transport and solutions, transitioning to electric vehicles and how to understand your charging

needs, compliance with changing legislation and regulations, and much more.

The Show had three theatres: EV Theatre, Fleet & Mobility Management Theatre, and the Benefit Box, that hosted a packed programme full of industry expert talks and seminars on all the latest insights, learnings and findings of the industry.

Big brand manufacturers were also in attendance including Mazda that showcased the all-new Mazda CX-60 PHEV, Genesis that showcased its electrified products to visitors – The GV60 SUV, MG that debuted

it’s all new MG4 electric hatchback, and FORD who showcased the new E-Transit. ‘highly visible’ for 15 years!, the market-leading online resource for commercial vehicle markings and chevron kits, is celebrating 15 years of support for vehicle safety.

Since 2006, Burgess Hill-based chevronshop. com – part of the Bluelite Group – has developed a portfolio of over 470 products to meet the vehicle livery safety requirements of highway users and commercial fleets. The company’s specialist advisors are experts in the use of prismatic and retroreflective materials in line with Chapter 8 recommendations for different vehicle types and environments to ensure that the correct ‘R’ rating is used.

Lorraine Avery, Managing Director of the Bluelite

Group, commented, “We work with many different vehicle operators, from emergency and essential services to commercial fleets and construction companies, to provide the high visibility markings and chevrons that help keep all road users safe.

“We do all this with an increasing focus on sustainability. For example, we generate a significant proportion of our energy from solar panels and we are removing single use plastics – including bubble wrap – from our

operations wherever possible. We are also accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard, and use independent assessors to chart the progress we continue to make. In this way, we are contributing to a more sustainable supply chain that will ultimately benefit the low carbon plans of our customers.”

In addition, Bluelite Group is also accredited to the nationally recognised Cyber Essentials standard, which confirms that the company has the necessary processes in place to offer secure services online.


T 0800 999 8997

Matrix iQ: Connecting Technology with Intelligence

Matrix iQ is a UK-based provider of fleet safety and data solutions. Combining revolutionary technology with a full telematics suite, we provide fleets with agnostic software and intervention services, alongside traditional hardware. Our fully integrated solution, ideal for fleets of every size, helps businesses improve their customer experience, retention and profitability via streamlined processes and value-add offerings.

Our technology will provide your business, the tools and insight you need to improve the safety of your employees, reduce your environmental impact and protect your

business assets. We enable you to bridge the gap between connected technology and intelligent insight, giving businesses the ability to combine all their telematics and IoT data into one platform, helping organisation improve the safety of their employees, reduce their environmental impact and protect their business assets.

Matrix iQ connected solutions also help businesses improve their ESG credentials by

giving them the tools and data they need to reduce their environmental impact and improve the safety of their employees on the road. Using technology and innovation to disrupt ineffective business practices, we are transforming the way driver risk and fleet performance is tracked and managed.

Find out more about how you can set up tech agnostic telematics schemes by contacting us today. You can reach our team on: 0161 441 1001.

Please visit our website:


Storage equipment solutions

WP Group is a UK leading supplier of British-made warehouse pallet racking systems, and is renowned as specialists in mezzanine floor installation and industrial shelving systems. Equipped with an industry leading skillset, WP Group can design complete warehouse pallet racking solutions, to small parts storage.

One of its notable feats is its range of CE Approved charging lockers, which have been designed to provide a secure way of protecting and charging electrical goods in unsecured areas. From industrial tool batteries through to tablet devices such as iPads, mobile phones, laptops and cameras, the lockers are the perfect tool to protect and charge electronic goods.

“They are designed for use in a wide range of educational environments as well as offices/ workplaces, these lockers are effective at deterring the risk of opportunist theft and all of our charging lockers are available in a number of different sizes as well as different options for charging sockets. Their perforated doors allow items to charge without generating a buildup of heat, each door is independently earthed as well to prevent any safety risks,” added Colin Evans, Director. If you would like to find out more about WP Group’s range of charging lockers, please see the details below: T 01706 875500

One notable highlight was the Fleet News Innovation Zone that highlighted the latest technologies and products that are being used to transform the future of fleet. Aurrigo and Altrad were both on hand delivering live demonstrations of their latest technologies. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Bluelite Graphics & Matrix iQ. Further details can be found below.

For more information, please see below:


ISSUE 811 – MAR/APR 2023

TEL 0121 824 7700

ANGLOPLAS®: Technology in Plastic

Angloplas are a UK manufacturer who specialise in producing dispensers for the health and hygiene industry. Although these are designed to keep the workplace tidy and uncluttered they are, more importantly, built knowing the control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are a priority for healthcare providers, and who are employing a combination of infection prevention and control strategies, including hand hygiene, cleaning, training and the adoption of new technologies, to tackle the problem.

As a result, a wide range of infection

control products and technologies are emerging on the market, including antimicrobial technology. Angloplas’ range of dispensers are produced in the world’s first proven Antimicrobial PVC with silver ion technology and which is exclusive to Angloplas. This helps reduce the risk of cross infection by stopping the growth of bacteria and mould and works continuously for the lifetime of the product, reducing levels of bacteria such as MRSA, E Coli, Legionella, Salmonella and mould by up to 99.99%.

You can order Angloplas products

directly from its website by going to and clicking Hospital, Health and Hygiene or view and/or download the latest catalogue and price list by using the Quick Response code.

NHS or account customers can order via an emailed purchase order.

Trade enquiries are welcome.

Contact T 01621 868400

Blink Optician Management Software

Blink OMS was launched in 2011 to provide a simple, intuitive & affordable paperless system for independent opticians. Features include; Patient Recalls, Practice Diary, Clinical Data Recording, Dispensing and eGOS. Being completely web enabled, Blink OMS can be used on any device and from almost anywhere and so makes accessing your key practice information quick and easy.

The latest eGOS feature makes

submitting your GOS forms smooth and (relatively) painless. Used by both high street and domiciliary opticians, the system has so far been used to submit over 200,000 GOS forms to PCSE.

Now with over 150 users and prices

ranging from just £50 to £145 per month, Blink OMS is fast becoming the first choice for practices new to electronic record keeping, as well as being a highly recommended option for independent opticians looking to migrate from outdated desktop solutions. Ask the Blink team about switching from your current provider.

For more information, please see website:

Towel off shampoo – No water required

The Nilaqua® no rinse, dry shampoo is a revolutionary shampoo, using specialist, towel off technology, requiring no water or rinsing. It is a perfect product for the healthcare industry: for people living with dementia, palliative care, stroke or those who have trouble bathing.

Furthermore, the towel off shampoo is a godsend, for people with sensory issues around hair washing, as no rinsing is required. The instructions are simple: apply the apple fragranced liquid directly to the scalp, massage in, to lift dirt, sweat and grease and then gently remove with a soft towel. It is kind and gentle to the scalp, with its vegan-friendly, ethanol and paraben-free formula. It is a cost-effective alternative to shampoo caps and used regularly across NHS settings and care homes.

Customers love this product, with one reviewer hailing it, “A little miracle! The product was suggested by a health care assistant. She applied it for about 20 seconds, dried with a towel and two months of non-washing disappeared. The hair felt soft to the touch and light. Absolutely GREAT!”

Available in three sizes: 65ml, 200ml 500ml, it can be used for single-use infection control, pre and postsurgery hair care and longer-term homecare.

The Nilaqua® towel off shampoo is made in the UK, reducing unnecessary carbon emissions and with the bottle made from at least 30% recycled plastic, this is a wonderful, cost-effective, eco-friendly product.

Use NILAQUA20 – for 20% website discount.

See the entire range/reviews at:

Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @hcm_uk or download our iOS app I

Healthcare Estates: The UK’s largest event for healthcare engineers and EFM professionals

There was also a record number of entries to the Healthcare Estates IHEEM 2022 awards and tickets for the prestigious ceremony and gala dinner at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel quickly sold out.

Kosmos by Kingsway Group

Healthcare Estates 2022 took place at Manchester Central on 4th-5th October 2022.

The event saw its return, post-pandemic, to a live occasion, which was the biggest in its history with record numbers of visitors (approximately 5,000 across the two days), exhibitors and speakers including five keynote sessions.

There was a packed conference programme across the 4 Key Themes of Workforce, Engineering, Capital & Strategic Planning and Net Zero. Presentations covered a wide range of topics all of which demonstrated both the range of challenges being faced by the sector but also the rich vein of technical and specialist expertise and knowledge as well as innovation available to meet and support those challenges.

The exhibition provided a unique marketplace for visitors to meet and network with organisations who directly support the healthcare estates industry and almost half of the exhibitors in 2022 were IHEEM Company Affiliates.

Healthcare Estates continues to be the UK’s largest event for healthcare engineers and EFM professionals bringing together and providing the opportunity to network to all those involved in the planning, design and build alongside the management and maintenance of all aspects of the healthcare estate. It will once again take place at Manchester Central on 10th–11th October 2023.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Air Sentry, BSS Intelligent Solutions, Dupal UK, Kingsway Group, Lutz Jesco, Static Systems, The Nosh, Verna Group & Yewdale. Further details can be found below.

For enquiries about how to exhibit or register to attend, please contact the team at:

If you would like to be considered for the 2023 conference, you can submit a presentation summary via: call-for-presentations-2023

BSS Intelligent Solutions

Ever wished you were better informed? Now you can be.

Intelligent Solutions is a data driven digital solution that provides a detailed understanding of a plant room’s assets. Expected lifespan and condition, anticipated maintenance spend integrates the design and supply of replacement products for reactive or PPM upgrades.

Plant rooms are captured with 3D visualisation, managed and advised to provide a single source of truth for plant rooms through our bespoke and innovative platform.

Contact Jon Addison, Director of Client Services for Intelligent Solutions, T 07887 454698

Kosmos Conscious Monitoring System by Kingsway Group was launched earlier this year, born out of insight and customer need. Whilst the CQC have not mandated use of alarmed doors and systems there is a growing number of NHS Mental Health Foundation Trusts investing in this area to increase detection of ligature attempts and to ultimately keep vulnerable service users safe in their care. In line with the questions Trusts have to answer when being inspected by the CQC, implementing a Conscious Monitoring System helps give practical solutions in answering ‘Are they Safe,’ ‘Are they Effective’ and ‘Are they responsive to people’s needs.’

The Conscious Monitoring System is easy to install and works in coordination with an already installed Kingsway alarmed Complete Door Systems or in new build projects where alarmed door systems are required. Set up, training and support are all provided as part of setting a team up for success and making it a positive addition to the working environment rather than feeling like an additional responsibility.

Benefits of Kosmos by Kingsway Group include:

 Full geographical layout map on screen making it easier to identify where an incident has taken place  Healthcare Trusts have direct access to all

Yewdale: Shading and Screening Solutions

As an innovative manufacturer, Yewdale have designed a range of quality healthcare products, which are used in NHS hospitals, mental health trusts and other healthcare settings worldwide. The company are now a well-regarded supplier of anti-ligature systems, hospital curtains and cubicle tracks within the healthcare sector.

Yewdale are an approved NHS supplier of disposable curtains that separate beds in hospital wards, providing privacy and supporting infection control policies. Their disposable curtains are 100% recyclable and contain less plastic than competing curtains. Yewdale’s patented design replaces plastic eyelets with hook hollows, saving up to 100 grams of plastic per curtain. Their reusable curtains and shower curtains are also popular in hospitals. Yewdale also manufacture made-to-

measure cubicle tracks, which hold the curtains. Their cubicle tracks are NHS-compliant and feature self-lubricating roller runner hooks, which ensure the curtains glide across the track with ease.

Yewdale anti-ligature products help mental health trusts and other high-risk areas prevent suicide by replacing common ligature points

with safe alternatives. Most of Yewdale’s anti-ligature products utilise load-release magnets, which allow the product to detach and safely fall to the floor if a downward force is exerted, thus preventing a ligature.

T +44 (0)1268 570900

alarm and fault information. Data is easily filtered and reports produced which provides alarm information so that staff can identify trends. For example, alarms occurring at certain times of day or in particular rooms

 CQC may request access to this historical alarm data during an inspection

 Useful information for the mental health trusts for auditing purposes including analyzing sequences of events leading up to a ligature alarm

 Useful for Kingsway engineers to interrogate fault alarm data in order to determine commonalities.

To find out more about the benefits of the Kingsway Kosmos Conscious Monitoring System, please visit:


The new platform for macerator technology

Protecting patients, and caregivers against healthcare associated infections through a hands-free sluice room operation is vital to reducing infection rates and keeping those receiving care in bed bound healthcare settings safe.

The revolutionary Vernacare singleuse human waste disposal system has been used by hospitals in the UK for over three decades. The fully sustainable system consists of medical pulp receptacles used to contain human waste being disposed of into a macerator located in a sluice room.

This year, Vernacare are launching their latest innovation in macerator technology, the Vortex Air.

Designed with sustainability at the forefront, the Vortex Air utilises a SmartFlow™ maceration system for optimum drainage, processing up to six disposable medical pulp items at a time, saving on valuable water and caregivers time. There are multicycle options to suit all facilities,

Lutz Jesco Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Most chlorine dioxide generators typically use 2 dosing pumps or peristaltic pumps to add hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite into a reactor to produce a ClO2 solution in the presence of water; The Lutz Jesco Easyzon D chlorine generator takes a totally new approach.

Dupal’s Showers now the industry favourite

The HTM & L8 ACoP compliance regarding the descaling of Showers has seen Estates departments over the last few years battling to keep up. The impossible task of making it to every asset to remove, descale, clean and refit the shower every quarter is one that has seen teams win or lose. More often the latter.

including an eco-mode using just 16 litres of water.

Design innovations in the latest model include advanced motor control and diagnostics tools to minimise any machine downtime. Foot sensor controlled Touchless Technology also reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections and the Vortex Air is the quietest full-size macerator Vernacare have manufactured at 62dBA.

Smarter diagnostics. Sustainable design. Superior performance.

Contact us

01204 529494

The Easyzon D vacuum preparation method provides users with a high level of operator safety and with micro flow meters being used, we have a highly accurate and constantly monitored metering method to dispense the precursor chemicals. This also eliminates the risk of accidents arising from pressurised chemical feed lines from precursor chemicals to the reactor.

Available in 5, 10, 20 and 40g/h sizes, Easyzon D 10 and 40g/h WRAS approved systems are always available ex-stock in our Coventry warehouse including chlorine dioxide analysers and gas warning units.

Systems have been supplied, installed and commissioned by partner companies working closely with Lutz-Jesco in hospitals, commercial buildings, hotels, nursing homes for legionella control in compliance with WRAS installation requirements and drinks manufacturing plants for process water disinfection. In some instances, pre-cursor chemical consumption has been reduced by 75%.

T 02477 103306

Dupal’s Colour coded shower solution has been around for 7 years now and has become the go to product to solve this problem. They created a showerhead made with less plastic to reduce the amount of plastic being used and recycled. It excels in water hygiene due to being solely made of antimicrobial plastic, they designed out all the washers, screws and unnecessary biofilm attracting surfaces inside the head.

All the Estates team need to do is swap the units, it takes

seconds instead of hours. The best part is every head and hose made is sold with recycling included. All materials are sorted correctly by the company themselves and sent to the correct recycling streams. So everything is reused, nothing ends in Landfill. It truly is the perfect solution!

Contact Dupal UK at:


Specialists in delivering Health & Social Care courses

ELGee Training provides leading Health and Social Care courses in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Essex. With over 25 years’ experience in the managing of and training in residential homes, care homes and domiciliary care organisations for the elderly and those with learning disabilities, ELGee Training has a specialist training team who can help you choose from over 31 available courses.

These current courses are designed for people who work in the Health & Social Care sector and are a

combination of relevant and current information for your workforce based on the requirements of the regulating authorities. ELGee Training will write and deliver bespoke tailor-made courses for your requirements in order to provide the best training for you.

Most Popular courses, Moving & handling, First Aid & Fire Training, Safeguarding. Infection control, Person centred care, Specialist Courses. Effective Communication, and Food Hygiene, Health & Safety,

Oral Hygiene, End of Life care, Dementia care. Most courses can be a minimum of 3 hours and the maximum number of students should be no more than 15. All mandatory courses conform to the Skills for Care ‘Care Certificate.’


T 023 9237 3857

M 07949 940860

W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK

W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including:

● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales.

● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England.

● Staff training packs – ie. Management of Medicines.

● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses.

● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections

● Tender writing and Bid support

● CQC Registration Support

● General Business Advice and Guidance

New for 2023!

● Updated CQC compliance webinar

● Values Led Recruitment and Retention Webinar

● Children’s Policies and Procedures.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.


The leaders in customisable and bespoke Anti-Ligature Door Systems

With doors posing the greatest risk for ligature attempts in mental health environments, ligature resistant design is imperative.

At Kingsway Group, we are your partner in patient safety, here to support clinical teams in delivering effective care and to reduce risk for staff and service users alike.

Through extensive research with NHS Trusts to identify their needs, the Kingsway SENTRY Door is the UK’s first complete pre-hung door system with a full dooredge ligature alarm – the most versatile door solution for mental health environments.

By owning our design, manufacture, and installation processes, we are uniquely adaptable in delivering bespoke solutions for our partners and ensuring their needs are met.

Contributing to the healing environment whilst reducing risk, the SENTRY Door is customisable in a range of finishes, with individual personalisation possibilities when paired with our renowned doublesided Secure Vision Panels.

The patented SwitchHinge allows clinical teams to overcome barricade situations quickly and safely, whilst the full door-edge monitor detects and annunciates an alarm to ligature attempts.

To find out why our Anti-Ligature and Anti-Barricade door systems are trusted on over 2,500 projects worldwide, head to:

Compact chair with a strong heavy statement

Poppi Contract

Furniture are known for their experience supplying furniture into challenging environments.

They have also recently achieved carbon neutral status for the business.

Looking at ways to stand out from the competition is in their DNA. So, it comes as no surprise they have launched the new ‘Zante’ compact chair with all the built in features you would expect for secure environments. These include fully boarded frame and underside, anti-tamper screws with minimal tight stitching and non-crevice areas. The sting in its tail is the weight coming in at 65kg and measuring just H800 x W490 x D580 x SH500mm to provide a small footprint.

This versatile chair can be used in a multitude of areas and is a welcome addition to their collection Zante low back chair (


T 01226 722139

Timestrip builds on new indicator platform

Timestrip® has added to its recently announced neo platform with two new stocked products. The Freeze Alarm is designed for products that are sensitive to freezing, and provides a visible alert if the ambient temperature drops below 0oC for 30 minutes; it shows a further alert at 60 minutes. The Room Temp indicator monitors the range 15 to 25oC, and alerts at one hour.

Timestrip’s new specialist indicators and the original product (right)

The two new indicators complement the first Timestrip neo product, the Fridge Alarm, which reacts at three temperatures and five time intervals. All the products


Cutting-Edge Leading Technology for Care Homes & Healthcare

We design, install & manage IT Network & Telecoms Solutions for care homes. But, we also manufacture our own assistance healthcare technology – smart messaging from Nurse Call systems, vital life signs monitoring, digital visitor management for GDPR visitor management, secure mobile device management and more. We’re not just any old IT or Telecoms company. We’re a care-focused team!

We don’t just sell any old gizmos and gadgets because they sell well – we handpick our portfolio because they just work! Half the products we sell are innovations we’ve developed in-house to solve complex problems that care environments have all the time!

 Fast, reliable Internet Access with backup connections

check temperatures around twice a minute, and are expected to be popular in food production applications including fresh fish, vegetables and meat. Serial numbers on every product provide for traceability in quality control systems. For longer life products such as wines and spirits, neo indicators can be used to monitor shelf life and aid stock rotation.

Timestrip neo is the latest platform for a range of single use temperature and time indicators that provide highly versatile operation at low cost. More accurate than liquid indicators, the electronic indicators have been

specially developed to combine ease of use with a very small and light form factor. All Timestrip neo indicators are suitable for pack level monitoring with both time and multiple temperature settings.

“The Timestrip neo platform technology can cover a very wide range of user needs,” said Gabriel McGlynn, Chairman of Timestrip. “We have anticipated three of the most common applications with the Fridge Alarm and now the Freeze Alarm and Room Temperature indicators, and will hold them in stock for rapid despatch.”

Other configurations of time and temperature are available to order.

More information at: electronic-indicators/timestrip-neo

 Full building WiFi fit for voice and video for hundreds of devices

 Cost-effective smart telephone systems without the fuss

 Nurse call alerts to smartphones for better care response and CQC ratings

 Secure remote device management for smartphones and tablets

 GDPR compliant digital visitor management system to replace paper books

T 03333 601 006 healthcare

Technology for Care Homes & Healthcare 03333 601 006 We design, install & manage IT Network & Telecoms Solutions for care homes. But, we also manufacture our own assistance healthcare technology. We’re not just any old IT or Telecoms company. We’re a carefocused team!
CuttingEdge Leading

The Pharmacy Show 2022 celebrates its 15th year running

Warmly welcomed back, The Pharmacy Show 2022 returned to Birmingham’s NEC on the 16th-17th October, for one of the most anticipated get togethers for the all those involved in the healthcare profession.

The organisers were thrilled to bring together so many members of the industry – offering inspiring new content, training courses and helpful resources for improving patient care. The event was a huge success and gave many exhibitors a platform to promote their products and solutions as well as giving visitors access to the best educational content and multiple networking opportunities.

200+ expert speakers With the loom of COVID-19 still in the air, exhibitors and visitors were happy to continue face-to-face networking with customers and brands, building new relationships and showcasing/demonstrating their

PeploBio Becomes an End-To-End Provider for Regulatory Services of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

PeploBio, a leading clinical research organisation (CRO), is celebrating a milestone achievement in becoming an endto-end provider for regulatory services of in vitro diagnostic devices. With the establishment of international links, PeploBio now offers comprehensive regulatory consulting services to medical device manufacturers, including Clinical Performance Evaluation Studies that assess the safety and performance of medical devices.

These studies demonstrate scientific validity, analytical performance, and clinical performance of the device,

with evidence that identifies areas of improvement for research and development purposes. PeploBio’s molecular and immunoassay technologies enable them to provide full clinical evaluation services, including designing and writing the Study Plan, sourcing clinical samples, compiling a systematic literature review, limit of detection calculations using reference material, and performance comparisons against a gold standard.

“Our commitment to providing highquality regulatory consulting services has helped numerous manufacturers achieve regulatory approval, ensuring

patient safety and success in a highly competitive field,” says Nico Lambri, the founder of PeploBio. “Our experienced team of PhD and HCPC registered scientists help companies navigate the regulatory process with ease, saving time and resources while ensuring compliance. We have supported many companies with rapid tests, POCT devices, molecular assays, and immunoassays, and our expertise in regulatory compliance ensures that all requirements are met.”

Contact Jack Purvis, Commercial Manager, T +44 (0)7802 630847

new products and services. Exhibitors experienced two successful days of business and networking with products covering a broad range of categories – from automatic dispensing to skincare, pharmacy software, education and training.

150+ educational speaker sessions

At this year’s show, the conference program was inundated with industry professionals who delivered industry related keynote sessions across all nine theatres. With the fast emergence of Strep A towards the end of last year, The Pharmacy Show 2022 also offered a Strep A Test and Treat Service that involved

many training workshops throughout its opening hours for anyone who wanted to register.

The next edition of The Pharmacy Show will be taking place on Sunday the 15th and Monday 16th of October 2023 at The NEC in Birmingham.

This is our second pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Get Clara & PeploBio. Further details can be found below.


Clara: Turbocharge your pharmacy

Ditch the paper and go electronic with your CD Register record keeping. With Clara, you can search through your registers to find entries for specific patients, booking ins of stock, destructions. Clara also has a guided stock check feature, allowing you to only check the stock for drugs that need it. Saving you even more time.

When making a supply entry, Clara can even autocomplete patient and prescriber details, increasing accuracy and

reducing the time required to make entries.

Taking this automation, further Clara integrates with Positive Solutions Analyst and RxWeb, reducing the time taken to make entries to mere seconds. Dispense a drug in Analyst or Import a report from RxWeb and the entries will be in a Pending Entries queue. Then check

that the entries look correctly and sign them. This not only makes making entries faster, it increases clinical accuracy since the Pending Entries match dispenses.

Try Clara now with a free 30day no-obligation trial.

Don’t take our word for it, our customers have this to say, “It's such a great service and helped us be more efficient.”

“Saves a lot of time not having to drag big CD registers to and from the CD cupboard.”


Healthcare excellence through technology

HETT Show was thrilled to return to the ExCeL London on the 27th-28th September 2022. HETT Show is designed to usher in a new era of digital health transformation, helping visitors to deliver better patient experience and operational efficiencies through education and networking opportunities.

The HETT Show opened its doors to queues of digital health experts and influencers all raring to get inside the event to enjoy the free CPD accredited educational sessions, activities and multiple networking opportunities with over 100 innovative suppliers.

Over 200 expert speakers delivered industry-related seminars and sessions that explored the systems and infrastructures that enable a data-driven NHS, supporting an ecosystem through meaningful

implementation of the latest technology and software.

All sessions were packed out and visitors were

buzzing to get amongst some of the best in the industry. The session topics included Culture & Implementation, a Digital Maturity Forum, Digitally Empowered, Gallery Room Activities, Infrastructure & Data Architecture, and Integration & Interoperability.

HETT returns this year to London’s ExCeL on the 26th-27th September 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s show: Involve & PRSB. Further details can be found below.

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) is a not-for-profit, community interest company that develops and supports adoption of information standards for care records to improve the safety and quality of health and social care, by getting the right information in the right place for the right people at the right time.

We are a membership organisation, and our 82 members represent health and care professionals (royal colleges, social care organisations), people who use health and care services (patient representative groups), industry and system suppliers, the devolved administrations and regulators.

PRSB has published more than 25

standards including the Core Information Standard for Shared Care Records that has been adopted by integrated care systems (ICSs), standards for personalised care, About Me, standards for long-term conditions such as diabetes, end-of-life care, integrating health and social care as well as transfers of care, and medicines optimisation. These are in increasingly

widespread use and are demonstrating benefits to users.

Our Standards Partnership Scheme is helping health and care providers and suppliers accelerate implementation of standards, providing the foundations of interoperability. Partnering with PRSB demonstrates commitment to standards and our conformance assessment process. Our Quality Mark provides independent evidence of best practice to customers, system leaders, commissioners and regulators.

T 020 4551 5225

The leading provider of healthcare audio visual and video conferencing solutions

Involve are a leading provider of healthcare audio visual and video conferencing solutions that focus on security and reliability. In the last 14 years, Involve have installed innovative solutions in over 100 MDT rooms, meeting rooms, education centres and lecture theatres across the NHS and private healthcare.

Involve collaborated with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust as they were facing problems with their video conferencing

estate, due to aging and unsupported audio-visual equipment that needed a complete overhaul. The Trust wanted improved quality of video and sound in MDT and boardroom meetings, and improved user experience within the lecture theatre environment.

Based on this brief, Involve undertook an extensive project to upgrade the meeting spaces across their three sites. The project spanned to 29 rooms including two education centres, two lecture theatres and specialist MDT rooms. All meeting spaces work with Microsoft Teams and have the

added benefit of bring-your-own-device connectivity.

“Each of our requirements for this project were met by Involve,” says Gareth Cinnamon, Digital Programme Manager at Mid Yorks. “Our MDT meetings now run much smoother, which has been confirmed by clinicians’ onsite and those attending off site. Having available support from Involve is very reassuring.”

T 0330 088 3475



CCR 2022

CCR is the UK’s leading medical aesthetic event that connects surgical and non-surgical medical aesthetics specialities. Each year the Expo offers five conferences that deliver insightful seminars and talks from some of the industries most well-respected and experienced experts.

Known to provide education at the core of each of its Expo’s, CCR has fast become the UK’s LEADING educational event, putting on conferences that cover both surgical and nonsurgical events.

Some of the top features of CCR 2022 included an In Practice Theatre and Aesthetics Arena, a new Aesthetics Wellness stream curated by Mayoni Gooneratne, Masterclasses from Dr Tapan Patel, an Aesthetics Press Conference unveiling the CCR Trends Report, and to top off the Expo a new feature from The Diwali PHI Lanthropy Party supported by Prollenium.

Many industry professionals spoke at the Expo including Miss Priyanka Chadha, Dr Anjuli Patel, Dr Joshua Van Der Aa, Mr. Naveen Cavale, and

Wow results in just one treatment

When it comes to the best CO2 laser technology in aesthetics, Lumenis’ leading technology, experience and track-record are all present in the new ULTRApulse® Alpha. While many other laser skin treatments require recurring visits to achieve noticeable results, ULTRApulse® Alpha shows remarkable results after just one treatment.

many more. The Expo was a great opportunity to network and discover the latest clinical advancements, as well as learn best practice from world-leading practitioners.

CCR 2023 will take place on the 19th 20th October 2023 at the Excel London.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Advanced Sedation, Lumenis, T Chauhan Consultancy & The Clinic Builders. Further details can be found below.

For more information, please see below:

T Chauhan Consultancy: Ensuring your aesthetics clinics avoid rejected CQC applications

Is the thought of being inspected by the CQC worrying you?

To reduce your overwhelm, I am running my Blueprint for a High Rated inspection 2 day workshop. It is running in June with follow on 3-month online accountability sessions. The workshop will be interactive and get you to think of compliance in a more fun way that is aligned with your clinic. I am keeping it to only maximum of 12 delegates.

During the workshop you will walk away with your action plan to be inspection ready.

The accountability calls will help to keep you on track.

The Clinic Builders

The Clinic Builders are a unique company that help practitioners, dentists and consultants through the tricky process of setting up and launching their own clinic or facility. We handle all elements of the process from finding a venue to negotiating the lease; From sourcing finance to setting financial targets. The main service we undertake however is the build itself. There are many pitfalls, which can be very expensive and time consuming. The Clinic builders will help you to navigate these effectively and with

For a no obligation meeting, please book a call: https:// tchauhanconsultancy. healthcare-matterscall-

Why should you work with me? I have supported Acute Trusts to meet compliance as a quality manager in the NHS. I received a high commendation from the JACIE inspector for my evidence presentation. I look at the assessment frameworks and look at how that aligns with what the provider does whilst meeting the standards and making evidence gathering part of everyday operations. clients who have worked with me have attained Good across the board.

Contact Taruna Chauhan CQC Consultant, T 07910 761122

minimum disruption to your current practice. Furthermore, we will help you source equipment, contracts and third party arrangements. We are a onestop shop for everything associated with your clinic or practice build! We have worked with all types of venues from 600 sq. ft. clinics to 12,000 sq. ft. hospitals.


M 07525 850679

Introducing EvolveX from InMode

InMode, the leading global provider of innovative medical technologies first brought you the infamous Morpheus8. Now it’s announced the launch of its latest – and highly anticipated – technology, EvolveX.

Morpheus8 made headlines within the media as the go-to technology for scientifically proven deep skin remodelling and skin resurfacing. Having treated a plethora of celebrities including Judy Murray and Amanda Holden, and found itself showered with an avalanche of subsequent press endorsements and patient testimonials, it’s safe to say that the InMode brand has become synonymous with innovation and unequivocal results.

Credit: Innoderm

Now, in another phase of innovation, InMode is delighted to announce the launch of its latest technology – and it’s already a firm favourite of Eva Longoria. EvolveX, the ultimate body transformation treatment.

Harnessing the power of an innovative partnership of Radiofrequency energy (RF) for deep heating of tissue, High Voltage

ULTRApulse® Alpha technology enables the deepest penetration with the lowest energy. This reduces patient discomfort, downtime and thermal damage. ULTRApulse® Alpha enables ultra-short pulses per energy level, further enhancing patient comfort. The technology has been perfected and is now operated via an all-user-friendly interface with embedded presets and intelligent

automation. Wrapped in an ultramodern design and with an intuitive graphical user interface, ULTRApulse® Alpha sets you up for success.

Lumenis is a global leader in the medical aesthetic market and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercialising innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF). For over 50 years, Lumenis’ ground-breaking products have redefined medical treatments and set technological and clinical gold-standards, revolutionising existing treatment methods, and creating solutions for previously untreatable conditions.

For further information about the ULTRApulse® Alpha, and to register your interest, please visit: ultra-pulse-alpha-uk

Mobile Sedation Service for anxious adults and children who need minor procedures

sedation trained nurse and doctor. The facility where the sedation will take place will need to have 2 Oxygen cylinders, AED and reliable suction. We will bring the rest as well as invoice patients directly if needed.

Yes, that is right. We are a group of qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary professionals providing sedation in out-of-hospital settings for anxious patients.

We are based in Essex and provide a mobile service in London and surrounding areas.

We provide IV sedation in adults and children who undergo dental and minor procedures. If needed we are able to also administer IV analgesia, Dexamethasone and fluids as needed and comply with the latest national guidelines, IACSD 2020. All compliance documents needed for

CQC inspections are available on our website, which is password protected.

We have a dedicated expert treatment co-ordinator and sedation specialist diary availability and bookings online. All patients are contacted via phone for pre-assessments and all consent forms are sent electronically to the patients to sign prior to any procedure.

We bring all drugs and equipment needed to provide safe sedation including all drugs to reverse sedation safely if necessary, including an experienced paediatric

We have the right team, qualifications, experience and equipment to sedate children. We regularly sedate children who need dental work and circumcisions. Our minimum age is 6 years old or 20kg. IV sedation gives you a highly predictable onset, duration and elimination, which make IV much safer, please contact us for bookings or for any questions.

T 0203 535 6888

Pulse (HVP) for fat bursting or reduction and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) that are not achievable during workouts, EvolveX improves tone quickly and effortlessly and in as little as three treatments.

With the bespoke needs of each patient in mind, this single device by InMode can perform three completely different bodycontouring treatments, all of which have been clinically proven to help patients reach different aesthetic goals. These individual procedures can also be combined to deliver synergistic layering treatments to produce consistent transformative results based on each patient's individual needs.


We provide a bespoke service to clinicians, doctors and surgeons who want their own premises. We specialise in clinic build, clinic fit out and operating theatres. We can handle every sin gee element of your project from location finding to finance, from managing the build to equipment. Our expertise is in ensuring you have a full understanding of the challenges you face and to manage every element of the pathway. We aim to deliver your new venue below budget, on time and to an exceptional standard.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of service, attentiveness and delivery. The clinics we have delivered have gone on to thrive and develop, giving the surgeons and doctors exactly the freedom for their practice they wanted.

For a free zoom consultation to discuss any element of your project, please contact us now!


Contact Gary Monaghan 07525 850679



Premium quality vitamins and supplements

those that follow a Halal and Kosher diet, Sky Premium Life offers:

 Botanicals, Herbs & Extracts

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to feature Decahedron Ltd. as our Pharmaceutical Wholesaler of the Month.

Established in 2011, Decahedron Ltd. is a secondgeneration pharmaceutical wholesaler based in the UK that specialises in the import and export of branded and generic pharmaceutical products within the EEA. The company is owned by Nasdaq-listed Cosmos Health Inc., an international healthcare group founded in 2009 and based in Chicago, Illinois, with operations in the nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare

paragon of beauty is health, which inspired the creation of the Sky Premium Life nutritional supplement line. Through an incredible partnership with Decahedron Ltd. in the UK, the line has flourished and continues to empower individuals to achieve their health goals.

This line of luxury nutritional supplements was made possible by leveraging the strength of an established pharmaceutical company, with cutting-edge facilities located in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, and establishing a top-tier product research and development department that

 Vitamins & Minerals

 Specialised Formulas & Complexes

 Omegas & Fatty Acids

 Specialised Nutrients

 Amino Acids

Sky Premium Life products are designed to be a key additional component to a healthy diet consisting of real, clean food. Combining carefully selected raw materials with a production based on strict pharmaceutical standards and GMP protocols, Sky Premium Life offers

distribution sectors. Cosmos manufactures its own lines of proprietary products, such as ‘Sky Premium Life’ and ‘Mediterranation,’ of which Decahedron Ltd. is the sole UK distributor, as well as a broad range of branded generics and OTC medications.

Sky Premium Life is a luxury vitamins and food supplements brand with specially formulated products designed to support a broad range of health needs.

“Sky Premium Life has over 75 products of vitamins and supplements. They have created unique formulas with vitamins and herbs that support specific health needs, along with a wide range of basic premium quality supplements, for general well-being and vigour,” stated Suhel Bhutawala, Purchasing Manager – Decahedron Ltd. Explosiveness, prudence and ingenuity are the three pillars on which Sky Premium Life has been built. This philosophy is rooted in the belief that the current

has secured all necessary production certificates and is comprised of highly qualified professionals.

“Luxury for us is the high quality of raw materials and high production standards, based on strict pharmaceutical standards and GMP protocols, as well as the scientifically based selection of the right nutrients, in the right combination and in the right content. Luxury for us is our high-end packaging, which sprang from the Art Deco of the 1920s, an era characterised by euphoria and creativity,” stated one spokesperson from Sky Premium Life.

Decahedron Ltd. recently started promoting Sky Premium Life products around the world at various exhibitions such as the Pharmacy Show in Birmingham 2022, where it has confirmed it will be exhibiting again in 2023. Suhel and his team also exhibited at the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress 2023 in Dubai between 30 January and 2 February, the largest event of its kind in the Middle East. This provided a fantastic opportunity for the company to showcase Sky Premium Life products on a worldwide stage to over 130,000 healthcare industry professionals from over 76 different countries.

The Sky Premium Life product range is extensive and tailored to the unique needs of each individual. With a diverse range of products for men and women, options for vegans and vegetarians as well as

a scientifically based selection of products consisting of the right nutrients in the right combination and of the right content resulting in high-quality nutritional supplements that support the needs of the modern lifestyle.

In light of the emergence of COVID-19, the mental health and general well-being of individuals have become increasingly concerning for health experts. Indeed, research has confirmed that sales of vitamins and supplements have increased by 8% during the pandemic in the UK alone.

To address these concerns, Decahedron Ltd. has introduced the latest addition to its range – Sky Premium Life 5-HTP with Vitamin B6 & Vitamin C, which can significantly alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 5-HTP is derived from the seed extract of the plant simplicifolia, and in combination with vitamins B6 and C, contributes to normal psychological function, normal functioning of the nervous system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and protection of cells from oxidative stress. This supplement is just one of the many products that can help boost mental health naturally, safely, and consistently, as well as contribute to living a healthier and happier life.

There are a number of reasons why Sky Premium Life is one of the highest-quality brands on the supplement market. Across the Sky Premium life products range one may find lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten free, salt-free, vegan, vegetarian, Halal and Kosher products suitable for adults, that are trusted amongst various industry professionals and are equipped with certifications based on UK and EU guidelines and regulatory bodies.

Vitamins and supplements will always be needed as they are a fantastic way to compliment a healthy diet

and lifestyle, but what has Decahedron Ltd. planned for the future? Here’s Suhel’s take, “We plan to make Sky Premium Life vitamin and supplement products available at all pharmacies, health food stores and supermarkets in the UK by the end of 2023.”

For more information, or to make a purchase, please see details below: T 01279 435591

Online store for Sky Premium Life UK:

Amazon Store for Sky Premium Life UK: SkyPremiumLife/page/DC7927A9-B117-457A-B330BA4770575F1D?ref_=ast_bln



Easy to use online specialist Medical Monitor

Web-shop, with a large selection of UK stock for next day delivery

The online shop, established a new and easy to use resource for medical practitioners and the NHS, simplifying the purchase of medical monitors and specialist hardware.

Devices on offer include surgical displays for use in operating theatres, clinical review monitors for use in MDT meetings or doctors’ surgeries and high-end radiology monitors for diagnostic purposes.

Any medical technical engineer, radiologist, surgeon, or purchase specialist knows, getting your hands on one of these devices has traditionally been marred by a string of hurdles to purchase.

Whilst most things can be easily obtained on major web portals, the increased usage of online purchasing has still not touched medical specialist devices.

Anyone involved in the purchase of such devices knows how hard it is to find a specialist dealer, enquire about stock and pricing, obtain quotations, raise purchase orders and then finally having to deal with long leadtimes when you need a device urgently.

Traditionally the pricing on these devices is a wellprotected industry secret, so sellers often make up pricing as they go along. This makes price comparison difficult prior to the lengthy purchase. offers buyers and especially the NHS a transparent one-stop shop for their needs.

The shop features such prominent and trusted manufacturers such as BARCO, LG, Advantech and brings some newcomers to the UK market.

High quality diagnostic and clinical review monitors designed for healthcare professionals ranging from 21” to 31.5” and up to 12MP resolution.

Check out Barco’s new line-up of high-precision medical monitors brings accuracy and efficiency to a broad range of healthcare disciplines. Confident diagnoses while guaranteeing perfect image quality over time, and across displays.

Our portfolio of surgical displays is designed for real-time imaging in the operating room. It comprises near-patient and large-screen displays for use in any environment where surgical procedures are carried out, including the endoscopy room, interventional suite, or hybrid OR. Available in high definition or 4K ultra-high definition, and in 2D or 3D.

We also offer an array of inwall PACS consoles for theatres, which are optimized for cleaning and infection control. These displays offer Dicom grade image reproduction and can be equipped with specialist medical computers to easily access PACS images on the hospital network.

Jones AV is a leading supplier of cutting-edge medical systems integrations across Europe and the Middle East for the past 15 years.

We are trusted experts in bringing technology to the operating theatre, helping to improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes.

We are happy assist in any requirements relating to operating theatres integration, we are specialists in individually tailored solutions to your needs and budget.

Let us help you evaluate upgrades to connectivity to auditoria and MDT rooms, or improvements to video conferencing and Tele-health applications to be post COVID data protection secure.

Get advice on stand-alone or integrated solutions for Image and video archiving with integration to Dicom/ HL7 systems such as PACS archives and linking to digital patient files.

Benefit from savings in the online store and sign up to our newsletter for regular promotions and product updates. Take advantage of the best pricing in the market.

Upgrading an old medical monitor can be more affordable than you think.


Pay by card or PayPal, Invoice or take advantage of our new leasing services and spread the cost easily.

All our products and services are available now on the new NHS SBS framework Audio Visual Solutions and Integrated Operating Theatres, register to view the agreement and request access for free: https://www.

Framework reference: SBS/18/CR/WCN/9343

Find out more about Jones AV on:


Ben & Ella’s Farm Shop

Ben & Ella’s Farm Shop opened back in 2019 with the aim of creating a shop that held our values as owners, providing sustainable British Products from small businesses and local suppliers like we had once been ourselves, having had run a wholesale bakery for 2 years prior to opening the shop.

Our main aim for the shop was to provide a comfortable, guilt-free shopping experience, we are proud to say that our shop is 100%

Palm Oil Free, we use a full range of biodegradable packaging and 98% of our products are sourced from Great Britain.

Our on-site bakery provides fresh bread daily and we stock a range of products to keep your shelves full of quality produce. We boast a huge selection of British cheeses from Neals Yard Diary and Fine Cheese Co that our trained staff can assist you with selecting for those sumptuous cheese boards.

You can find us at Baythorne Hall located near the village of Clare and Haverhill alongside Tarkas Café, The Antiques and Retro Centre, Baythorne Wines, Morgans Butchery and Maison de Clements. The whole site is open Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sundays 10am to 4pm.

Contact M 07725 737820


anniversary celebrations for authentic ethnic meal supplier

Raj Foods has been supplying delicious halal ethnic meals in the UK for the last forty years.

Established in 1983 by Raj & Shobhan Radia, from humble beginnings: curating delicious homecooked recipes for the general public. The family-business grew quickly from supplying savoury snacks and retail ready-meals, to larger contracts with local hospitals.

Raj Foods manufacture and supply a wide range of ethnic meals from Asian Halal Non-Vegetarian, Asian Vegetarian, Gujarati, African Caribbean and Mediterranean to hospitals, meals on wheels, care homes, schools, universities and can happily cater for private bespoke events.

The professional catering team prides itself on providing varied and flavoursome menu choices from chicken pepper, jerk chicken, dudhi chana, using fresh vegetables and traditional spices. The school-meals are quick to prepare for busy canteens and free from artificial colourings. For residents in social care settings, meal-times are communal and can ward off loneliness. Having delicious, healthy meals can ensure optimal health and maintain good spirits. Raj Foods can provide bespoke softer meals for elderly residents with dysphagia and a full range of tasty dairy/gluten/nut-free meals for vegans and those with allergies.

Raj Foods provide nutritional, delectable food for our multi-cultural society: respecting all cultural, religious, and dietary requirements.

The Raj Foods website is translatable into 104 languages, for full inclusivity.

T 0208 965 6533



Atbakergoodchild, you can utilise our years of printing, mailing and posting experience, with investment in the latest technology, to obtain high speed, environmentally friendly mailing services at very competitive prices.

We can support your business by providing print, mail and postal solutions from end to end – from initial planning, through to postage savings on despatch, plus all the elements in-between.

Our mailing services include: direct mail, personalisation, print management, data processing and bulk postage rates. Whether

you need us to help with all, or just part of your mailing activities, we'll work as part of your team to help you get the job done in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

We post 7,000,000 items each month, store over 1,000 tonnes of paper store in our warehouse and the papercuts to match. We make your budget go further and do it quicker than most other print and mailing houses.

The world doesn’t need any more partners who over-promise and under-deliver. It needs bakergoodchild, and with a free postage health check and audit available on our website, there’s never been a better time to work with us on your print, mail and post.

Cullen can replace your single-use plastic packaging within 1 month

Cullen are Europe’s only combined manufacturer of corrugated and moulded fibre products from a single site in the UK. Established over 100 years ago, the firm have a team of in-house designers and engineers, manufacturing both machinery and products. The Cullen teamwork collaboratively with their clients to design and produce sustainable, paperbased products and packing that are an alternative to single-use plastic.

Cullen are also award winning innovators, they are the creators of the worlds first

scalable, Fibre Bottle. The patented design is a viable, available at scale, cost-effective alternative to single-use plastic bottles and pouches for dry goods such as household cleaning products, horticultural product, spices, vitamins and supplements to name a few.

Cullen have produced over 1 billion plastic free products since 2020 to 34 countries globally and recently announced a £15 million expansion plan that will increase their production capacity to 1 billion plastic free pieces every year.

Product and packaging suppliers to healthcare, produce, horticulture, industrial, food and drink, you will see Cullen products everywhere from the shelves of every major supermarkets, coffee shops, online when buying paint, drinks and medical facilities. If we supply all of these sectors – imagine what we could do for you.

If you are looking to replace your plastic packaging with a sustainable alternative, contact our Packaging Experts and start your plastic free journey today.

T 0800 612 1972

London Vet Show

London Vet Show 2022 was a roaring success offering an abundance of inspiring lectures, workshops and sessions programmed by the RVC and BVA featuring leading speakers from around the world.

Over 350 suppliers of practice-transforming veterinary products and services gathered to enjoy some of the latest newly added educational features of the show, as well as to educate themselves in the latest insights and findings available to transform their practice.

Session topics ranged from small and large animal medicine, exotics, equine and practice management and gave visionaries and leading thinkers the upper hand in all things veterinary care. As an added bonus, London Vet Show 2022 also offered 17 hours of CPD-accredited certification.

London Vet Show is known for being well-organised, extremely informative and inclusive, offering an abundance of industry knowledge and opportunities to engage and learn from other like-minded professionals. Just some of the exhibitors that attended the 2022 show included Animalcare UK Ltd, Blue Cross, Botanica, Pets app, Medivet, BVA, and many more.

The show has a global portfolio and can be seen in

Vet-One: Veterinary practice management software

Vet-One is one of the UK’s longest established, independent veterinary practice management software providers and has proudly been supporting veterinary professionals for two decades. Cloud storage means the absence of in-house servers: Your data is held securely and safely, backed-up nightly for peace of mind.

locations around the world including Chicago, Singapore, France, New York, and Germany.

London Vet Show 2023 will take place at the ExCel, London on the 16th-17th November 2023.

Book your tickets now.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Eschmann, FleasGone, Kerbl UK, The Vet Channel & Vet One. Further details can be found on this page.

Enhance your veterinary practice waiting room with the innovative Vet Channel waiting room TV service

The Vet Channel helps you to engage, educate and inform your waiting clients whilst they are sat at the most receptive time in your waiting area.

We are a long-established UK family business, with over 700 loyal practices using The Vet Channel subscription service including large veterinary groups and independent practices.

Is it time to for you to consider waiting room TV?

The service gives you access to a regularly updated library of over 2,000 topical, educational and promotional videos enabling you to create a bespoke playlist to display on your waiting room TV. In addition, our design team will create branded videos to help promote your services, plans, clinics, products or local services all proven to educate and increase your practice revenue.

It’s a simple and easy ‘plug and play’ setup, all your veterinary practice will need is a TV. It’s a multi-platform time saving marketing solution, which also allows you to include many of the educational videos into your social media posts. Thus, reaching out to your existing and prospective clients, strengthening client/vet relationships and creating a more coherent and tailored approach to your marketing activities.

Aesculap Clippers

Aesculap Clippers develops and manufactures high quality clippers and blade sets. We have been making ‘Made in Germany’ quality since 1912, in the form of innovative and award-winning products for coat and hair care for all kinds of professions, such as groomers, farmers and Veterinarians, but also for anyone wanting premium Aesculap clipper quality at home.

The product range contains all kinds of clippers and blades for animals (dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep and other farm animals). In the last few years, the trend guides into more rechargeable clippers.

“Not only is the waiting room media engaging and informative, the team also support us in creating our own branded advertising, we cannot fault the service.”

Pennard Vets (Kent)

For more information and a no-obligation demonstration, please contact our team on:

T 0114 399 0001

The flexibility (without cord) combined with often a lighter weight brings more grooming fun and less efforts while clipping.

The company launched several cordless clippers in the last few years. All of them are equipped with high quality Lithium batteries.

The production company Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH has committed

Eschmann: Your infection control needs covered

Eschmann has a heritage stretching back over 190 years. In that time, they have developed a comprehensive portfolio of high quality, reliable products for the veterinary sector.

Infection control is a crucial aspect of a clinic and with Eschmann, protecting patients and staff from harm is straightforward. They offer decontamination equipment including their popular range of Little Sister autoclaves, in addition to Miele laundry solutions, washer disinfectors, air disinfection units, consumables and accessories.

In addition, Eschmann offer Care & Cover, a comprehensive service offering that ensures your workplace is operating efficiently. In the rare event of a malfunction or breakdown,

the specifically-trained team of over 50 nationwide engineers will get you back up and running in no time. You can also receive verifiable CPD training for your Eschmann system.

Always committed to exceptional service, Eschmann is proud to support the entire customer journey. A longstanding customer recently shared their feedback on their experience with Eschmann:

“Eschmann equipment is something you buy if you are looking for quality and long-term reliability. When you buy an autoclave from Eschmann, you receive an exceptional level of support that you don’t often get from other suppliers.”

With a focus on intuitive user experience, VetOne is simple to learn and easy to master, with functionality that rivals any cloud-based software: Whether you’re a single vet, a mobile service, a multi-branch practice, or a referral hospital; VetOne is easily scalable, secure, and simple to use.

As a founding member of the VetXML Consortium, Vet-One adheres to published schemas, allowing simple communication with insurance companies, laboratories and microchip databases and the submission of claims, analysis requests and chip registrations at the click of a button. Additional hardware allows integration with on-site diagnostic and imaging hardware and automatic attachment of outputs to a patient’s clinical record.

With no need to change or upgrade your existing hardware, Vet-One is accessible from any device with a mainstream browser and internet connection. Users can access the platform from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, subject to security permissions set by their system administrator, which can limit access based on: Location, role, day of week, or time of day.

With a fully adaptable structure, Vet-One can also be utilised by specialist service providers. Existing adaptations have been made for specialist drug, orthopaedic, and physiotherapy services, and the team would be happy to discuss any bespoke requirements that your business might require.

T 01252 683554

FleasGone: Toxin-free and proven

Sold for 20 years in more than 30 countries with universal success, this protection against fleas, mites and ticks is chemical-free. Its unique properties prevent parasites from invading a pet’s coat, so no eggs are laid and no irritation occurs, even in puppies and kittens.

One small metal disk, charged with scalar waves, works with the pet’s own heart to produce a minimal electrical force-field, which fleas and other parasites will not invade.

Clinically proven, thoroughly tested and vet approved –for more information and to order, go to:

itself to the mission of being the leading manufacturer of blade sets and cutting plates as well as clippers.

Customer orientation, quality and delivery reliability characterize the company.

As a subsidiary of Albert Kerbl GmbH in Buchbach/Bavaria and as part of the Kerbl Group, we supply our products from Germany all around the world!

T 01572 722558

With Eschmann, you receive total peace of mind. To find out more, visit the website or get in touch with the team today.

For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of infection control products from Eschmann, please visit:, email: or call: 01903 875787.


ESI Technology Ltd designs and manufactures pressure transducers and transmitters for the aerospace, defence, oil & gas, subsea, medical, automotive, marine, process and general industrial markets. Our unique Silicon-on-Sapphire technology provides outstanding stability and performance throughout a wide range of our catalogue.

Established in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets.

Looking to create your dream home? Paul Edwards Interiors offers a full interior design service: sofas, carpets, rugs, curtains, wallpapers, accessories, and furniture from leading manufacturers. A visit to their flagship store in Coventry or their satellite stores in Hinckley and Warwick is a must. Browse through their collections online. | 02476 443480

Swiftclean provides expert kitchen extract fire safety cleaning; Legionella control risk assessments and remedial works; fire damper drop testing; specialist ventilation hygiene cleaning and several associated hygiene services. We can help you to stay compliant.

Check our website or contact us on 0800 243 471 or

PHS are a well renowed and very experienced end of line automation supplier of packaging machines for the food, beverage, pharma and paperboard industries. We represent some of Europes most well established producers of machinery for your needs, whether it be robotic palletisers, pallet wrapping or strapping machines for example.

T 0845 265 7570 |

Established in March 2006, Croydon based Need 2 Succeed offers commercial and accredited training, on a range of solutions to support learning and development, specifically to those working in or seeking work in Social Prescribing, Health Care, Social Care, Education and Children & Young People Sectors.

OTC Beverages produces still and sparkling Ginger beer and Sorrel Drink, additionally we also produce still and sparkling butterfly pea flower with Lime juice – sparkling drinks are available in 250ml cans. The founder is very proud of the drinks range, and she told us, “I do not know of many award-winning non alcoholic beverages on the market that fall into these flavour categories. The beverages have been assessed by Industry judges as well as having a Premium look, functional benefits and a great taste!” Check us out @

ELAFLEX Ltd, Hoddesdon is associated with Elaflex Hiby, Germany and supply ZVA fuel nozzles and components for LNG and CNG. In our program are rubber flexible hoses and Dry Disconnect couplings for the pharma, marine bunkering and petrochemical industry. We also produce bespoke hose reel kits and ERV Rubber bellows.

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality curtain rail and blind systems to the healthcare and commercial sectors for over 25 years. Working from our modern factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our range covers everything from basic hand drawn rails to state of the art electrically operated products.

The WP Group offers intelligent storage equipment solutions for any environment. Ranging from custom built warehouse pallet racking and industrial shelving to office shelving and storage systems, our space efficient solutions are designed with only the greatest precision in mind.

Over the past forty years, Smart has grown to become the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium glazing systems and bespoke aluminium extrusions, building a reputation both for the quality of our products and for our product innovation, design and technical expertise.

01934 876100 | | @smartarchitecturalaluminium

Chevronshop is a division of Bluelite Graphics, a pioneer and UK market leader in the supply of chapter8 compliant vehicle chevrons and graphics. We have a growing design list of products that fit over 110 models of vehicles used in service across the UK. In 2021, the company celebrates it’s 15 year anniversary of supplying chevrons and graphics to not only the UK but worldwide customers.


Be safe be seen: The power of high visibility vehicle livery

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are proud to award Bluelite Graphics with our Industry Excellence Award for exceptional high visibility vehicle livery and markings design and production.

Family-owned Bluelite was first established in July 1997 by Peter Low, and was originally part of Halo Signs. The company runs its operations from a state-of-the-art facility in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. The production site is 5,000 sq. ft. with an extra 4,000 sq. ft. yard, for bespoke vehicle applications.

At Products & Services Review, we recognise innovation and quality-assured product supply and Bluelite Graphics is a very worthy recipient of our coveted Industry Excellence Award. This leading company offers unparalleled resourced vehicle livery and markings to a whole host of commercial and public sector customers. With over 30 years distinguished experience, Bluelite is the leading award-winning emergency service supplier, offering quality-assured ISO9001 certifications and ISO14001 environmental management systems.

Bluelite’s flagship remit is the supply of reflective and non-reflective markings to emergency and other highway vehicles, across the public and private sectors. This allows for clear daytime and night visibility across busy stretches of UK roads and motorways. In addition to this, the business produces large format billboards, internal/ external signage and bespoke promotional vehicle wraps. This leading company was a hit at this year’s Security & Policing Expo in Farnborough (Official UK Government’s global security event), promoting its innovative vehicle livery service and its award-winning, sustainable business processes with existing and potential customers.

For many decades, Bluelite has been the supplier of choice for vehicle livery design across the full spectrum of emergency services vehicles, including police, ambulance and fire, helping these essential services optimise vehicle conspicuity in every highway environment, including during emergency call-outs and routine patrols. The company provides livery kits and customised graphics for a wide range of vehicles, from motorbikes to patrol cars, launches to helicopters, mobile CCTV units to community patrol vehicles…all benefiting from high quality materials and application services.

Emergency services customers also benefit from a secure online environment for the easy identification and replacement of livery kit sections. This digital hub helps fleet managers get their vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

And because Bluelite is an approved supplier under the Sussex Police Framework Agreement, the company is accredited to provide livery services to hundreds of publicly-funded organisations, authorities and agencies.

This expertise also extends to support for commercial vehicle fleets, notably ensuring that markings align with

customers, from utilities, traffic management and security organisations, to building/construction companies.

We caught up with Lorraine Avery, Managing Director, to find out more about this highly successful company, “Bluelite Graphics is the vehicle livery partner of choice for many diverse companies across the country.

“We strive to provide the most costeffective materials while never compromising on performance on the road. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service.

latest Department for Transport’s (DfT) Chapter 8 and ECE 104 regulations. These cover, for example, chevrons and retroreflective contour safety markings.

The Bluelite team are experts in the specification and application of compliant materials. For example, vehicle rear chevrons should be upward-facing in corresponding red and yellow alternating stripes, no less than 150mm wide and specifically angled upwards between 45-60°.

To be compliant, the red stripes must be made from retroreflective material, to ensure maximum nighttime visibility, whilst the fluorescent yellow stripes are deliberately non-reflective for optimum daytime visibility.

The Bluelite Group also includes, the UK’s leading online resource for commercial vehicle markings and chevron kits. With a history dating back to 2006 and an impressive product portfolio of over 470 items, this company has an unrivalled trading partnership with highway customers and commercial fleets, providing eye-catching orange/yellow chevrons in fluorescent and retroreflective materials. supports many diverse, target

“Increasingly, we are being recognised for our commitment to sustainability, which is of growing significance to all our customers. So we have invested significantly in a number of innovations and changes in processes, including renewable solar power, which accounts for 50% of the company’s energy requirements, plus LED office and warehouse lighting, recycling carboard packaging and recycling waste for biomass fuel. As such, we are fully supportive of the UK Government’s 2050 net-zero carbon targets.”

This pioneering environmental commitment won the regional Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award at the Insider Media ‘Made in the South East’ Awards in December 2022. But that’s not all: the regional winners now progress to the National award ceremony in Liverpool later in June this year.

This investment also extends to technology. Bluelite has

invested in new robotic cutting technology, including four Zund machines, offering exceptional cutting-edge Swiss technology, plus high-quality large format digital printers.

Bluelite Graphics is equally committed to quality investment in SMART technology and environmental sustainability.

If you would like any further information on the company, please get in touch directly or visit the company’s website.

Contact T 01444 232366

Lorraine Avery, Director at Bluelite Graphics Lorraine Avery receiving award

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