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Recyclable pouches join the family of McCoos from Spice Inspired

The brand is driven by a passion for food and combine this with meticulously detailed, eye-catching designs that incorporate the latest in Food and Packaging trends, adding a further layer of intrigue. has carved its niche in the global fine food industry since 2003, as an innovator of unique food gifting products, of the highest quality.

A premium exotic fine food range that is exquisitely packaged and designed especially for the discerning foodie connoisseur. The gifting range isn’t overtly themed according to a special occasion, allowing all year merchandising options and maximising potential selling periods.

The vial selection boxes come in slide out gift trays with glass test tubes and aluminium lids, being eco-friendly and sustainable. The tubes are stored in the gift tray and easily retrieved from spice cupboards! All the gift sets bring an element of luxurious quirkiness but packed

How can a recyclable pouch possible do justice to the Steven Brown Art's – the McCoos?

When Deans of Huntly wanted to launch their range of Cookies in a recyclable pouch, they approached National Flexible for ideas. They had the designs which are incredible, incorporating Steven Brown Art’s McCoos but were worried that a recyclable laminated pouch wouldn’t do the designs justice as some recyclable materials can have a ‘dull’ finish similar to polyethylene.

National Flexible had already had extensive experience of recyclable films and pouches and were able to help. The pouches needed to have intensity of colour not only in the main design but also in the photographs of the small packs on the front.

“We needn’t have worried. National Flexible understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. We are extremely happy with the pouches – they look amazing!” said Michael from Deans of Huntly.


with deliciousness flavour! are passionate about combining their discoveries of global exotic ingredients to bring excitement and joy to kitchens in every home.

Being creative in the kitchen and escaping from all the daily stress and woes of the world, experimenting and cooking up new tasty dishes couldn’t be easier. 100% NATURAL GOODNESS – No artificial flavourings and colourants. No added MSG or preservatives. Nonirradiated and non-GMO. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Spice Inspired is proudly the importer and UK distributor for the brand in the UK and EU since 2018. Join us as we continue our quest to spark culinary curiosity and broaden flavour horizons.

T-Mark solves plastic pipe printing problem

T-Mark has set a new standard for printing on difficult surfaces. A new installation for a UK-based supplier of polyethylene pipes and fittings prints with UV curing ink to produce a mark on a curved surface that is both high-resolution and solvent resistant.

The customer had been using a continuous inkjet printer to print information on wastewater pipes. They wanted to improve the quality of the mark and include their company logo, which was best achieved by switching to a high-resolution printer. A print on both sides of the pipe was required. And, in addition, the print needed to be solvent – specifically petrol – resistant.

T-Mark used two 32mm piezo printheads to solve the problem. Using UV-curing white ink the system can produce an indelible

mark, which includes the product specification and dimensions as well as the customer’s logo.

The installation incorporates the inkjet printer and an integrated UV controller. The modular system makes for low maintenance and the touch screen controller means easy operation. The printer and UV curing module are mounted 1mm away from the curved surface of the pipe, producing a sharp print in white against the dark surface of the pipe.


Contact Email Debbie at: M +44 (0)7534 204836 I-VIII HEALTHCARE MATTERS 1&2 HUMIDITY SOLUTIONS V SOLICITUDE TRAINING VI BIODOSE TEL: 0121 550 2086 — WWW.PRODUCTSANDSERVICESREVIEW.CO.UK — OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2022 — ISSUE 808 The entire content of this publication is advertorial based. To place an advertorial or an advert, please call 0121 550 2086. Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @uk_psr or download our iOS app 1
T 01274 685566

The unmissable reunion!

After more than two years away, Printwear & Promotion LIVE! returned to the NEC in Birmingham from 24-26 April 2022 with yet another successful exhibition for both visitors and exhibitors.

More than 4,400 visitors attended the exhibition across the three days to receive inspiration and advice, with many commenting on social media that they can’t wait to get back to the day job to put their fresh ideas into action.

Regular visitor, Shinda Gill of Alpha Omega Apparel, said, “We come every year to see what’s new in the garment decoration market. There’s always plenty of variety and we just love visiting year on year. This year’s

show in particular met our needs as we launch a new clothing brand and we will definitely be coming back!”

P&P LIVE! offered visitors in a postCOVID world the opportunity to meet with their suppliers and discover new ones, see live demonstrations of new-to-the-market embroidery machines and direct to film printers, plus receive expert advice from

industry professionals. There was a real buzz on the exhibition floor with both visitors and exhibitors delighted to be back together at the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for the garment decoration industry.

Printwear & Promotion LIVE! will return in 2023 to Hall 20 at the NEC in Birmingham from Sunday February 26 to Tuesday February 28.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Barudan UK Ltd, DecoNetwork & Midwest Machinery. Further details can be found on this page.


Barudan’s embroidery machines

Hereat Barudan UK Ltd, we understand that an embroidery machine needs to be dependable and reliable, a machine that won’t let you down. Choosing the right model is therefore, a big decision for any business owner. Not only do you want something long-lasting, but if you decide to part exchange your machine down the line, you’ll want to know that your machine will hold its value. Our machines are robust, built to last and extremely reliable, resulting in excellent quality embroidery for decades to come, hence their high re-sale value.

Barudans BEKY-CII series multihead embroidery machines are built on a heavy steel, double bridge chassis, providing high performance & minimum vibration, resulting in superior stitch quality every time!

Our positive needle drive technology enables embroidery onto a variety of materials with the most precise detail and lettering. Quality embroidery is maintained on all types of

DecoNetwork: Every garment decorator’s best friend

DecoNetwork is a powerful production management system to help make sure your garment decoration staff and equipment are running smoothly hour by hour, day by day.

DecoNetwork will help organise production workflows, remove artwork bottlenecks and help boost your online sales, all from a single platform and with many more features that we will happily demo with a free online tour.

DecoNetwork includes a super slick eCommerce website with an

online designer allowing your B2B and B2C clients to self serve and with lots of incredible business tools to manage your sales, artwork approvals as well as keep you at the top of your game with purchasing and production, DecoNetwork really will become your best friend at work.

DecoNetwork are also very proud to be associated with many of the top blank suppliers giving you access to over 20,000 products from leading suppliers such as BTC Activewear, Ralawise, Pencarrie, and many more.

Our technology will increase sales, reduce costly errors, and streamline your business processes to help you be more efficient and profitable.

DecoNetwork really is your one stop software, what’s not to like?

Book an online demo today at:

Enhance your business with Midwest Machinery embroidery

Midwest Machinery is the UK’s largest supplier of embroidery machines. As an established name in the embroidery machine industry for over 20 years, the company has built a solid reputation of highquality service, sales and after sales support from its clients.

garments, including thick karate belts and 3D embroidery onto baseball caps.

Barudan multiheads have an embroidery area of 450mm x 380mm, and are supplied with 4 sets of embroidery frames, cap frames are optional.

Here at Barudan UK we pride ourselves in complete training & telephone support.

Contact: to find out more!

Specialising in industrial and commercial embroidery machines, its team of experts are trained to support your entire embroidery journey from finding the right machine for your business needs through to installation, training and maintenance. Its vast range of machines manufactured by HappyJapan are market leading machines dedicated to developing ‘value-added functional products’ with their technical brilliance and excellent functionality.


Midwest Machinery also sell a large range of printers that can be used for Direct to Garment, Direct to Film, and UV printing. DTF (Direct to Film) printing is marked as the next generation of printing by Midwest Machinery. Allowing businesses to print images and text onto a wide

Humidity in the winter

Humidity levels drop in the winter because cold air holds less moisture than warm air. Many large buildings, warehouses and factories use air handling units to ventilate and heat large areas. These units take the cold dry air from outside and convert it to warm air inside. The problem gets worse when the dry air heats as it loses even more moisture, resulting in lower relative humidity.

The Science

Relative humidity is the amount of water vapour actually in the air, expressed as a percentage of the maximum amount of water vapour the air can hold at the same temperature.

At any given moment an air molecule will hold a certain amount of moisture – more on rainy days than hot sunny days. In winter, cold outside air (whether ‘wet’ or ‘dry’) is brought inside and heated. As air heats it expands, but the actual moisture content of each molecule cannot change, and therefore the relative humidity falls.

It is widely acknowledged that maintaining relative humidity levels between 40-60% significantly improves human well-being and mechanical performance. Read more to find out how low humidity effects both human and mechanical production.

How does low humidity affect our wellbeing?

Low indoor relative humidity has a negative effect on human comfort. The adult human body is typically 60% water, so in a dry environment our bodies naturally lose moisture. Unlike temperature, low humidity is more difficult to detect.

Typical symptoms include:

◆ Dry and itchy skin

◆ Cracked lips

◆ Dry eyes (especially for those with contact lens)

◆ Sore throats

◆ Nosebleeds

◆ Headaches

In addition, low relative humidity dries our mucous membranes and inhibits our body’s natural defence against germs, viruses, and bacteria, making us much more vulnerable to catching common colds and flus. Maintaining relative humidity between 40-60% is scientifically proven to reduce the spread of airborne pollutants and viruses.

How does low humidity affect mechanical processes?

Moisture absorption also affects hygroscopic materials

like wood and paper. The low humidity dries out these materials causing them to shrink, curl, crack or split. When these materials pass through machines, usually at high speeds, it causes paper jams and machine breakdowns. A list of common problems is listed below:

◆ Static electricity build-up and ESD

◆ Drying out of hygroscopic materials like wood and paper

◆ Paper jams and machine breakdowns

◆ Increased wastage

◆ Decreased productivity

The Solution

There is a wide range of humidifiers and a variety of factors to consider in selecting the right humidifier for each building or application, such as energy use, water supply, cold water or steam, gas or electric, evaporative or spray, humidifier situation, control compatibility and maintenance needs. It is therefore important to seek advice from specialists who can provide guidance and design a bespoke system that will serve each unique specification. Installation, commissioning,

range of garments such as T-shirts, workwear and bags, DTF offers ultimate versatility in terms of your textile of choice and is the most cost-effective solution to meet the demands of mass printing.

To support its two main business streams, Midwest Machinery also have a range of second-hand machines available as well as a number of embroidery machine accessories and spare parts. Offering quick delivery from its UK warehouse, you’re guaranteed sound investment with its highquality machines alongside spare parts and support.


T 0161 905 1000

spare parts, ongoing service and maintenance costs also need to be considered, and a planned maintenance contract is recommended to ensure equipment is kept in good working order and the initial investment is not wasted.

Humidity Solutions have a team of experienced and highly knowledgeable engineers who can advise on a full range of applications and provide a complete turnkey solution, providing reassurance for the customer and protecting their investment in both their people and their machinery.

T 01372 571200


You are what you eat. So eat ‘Proper.’

Proper have moved into the fast growing snack bar category with a healthy alternative. The two flavours, Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Praline, are vegan and gluten free, have no palm oil and use ‘Proper’ ingredients.

The launch is in response to demand from shoppers for healthier on-the-go snacking options as the nation moves towards more mindful snacking.

The packs are made from matt and metallised film with 30% recycled content, meaning they are exempt from the Plastic Tax. The Plastic Tax is being introduced in April

2022 to “provide a clear economic incentive for businesses to use recycled material in the production of plastic packaging, which will create greater demand for this material and in turn stimulate increased levels of recycling and collection of plastic waste, diverting it away from landfill or incineration”.

A full range of films with recycled content are available now.

T 01274 685566


A wrap-up

On4-5 May this year, Europe’s leading workplace learning showcase returned to ExCeL London.

Following a digital edition in 2021, the Learning Technologies Conference & Exhibition was back with thousands of visitors, more than 200 leading suppliers and over 200 free seminars. Learning Technologies 2022 brought the L&D community back together for a fresh look at digital learning post-pandemic, with the immediate outcome obvious – the L&D industry is alive and thriving.

The highlight of the event was the speakers. Over 200 free seminars and over 30 exclusive conference sessions, the speakers displayed a wide range of talent and content.

The free exhibition was open to all, and the numbers truly reflected this. Thousands of people came through the exhibition hall doors at ExCeL London, filling a vibrant and bustling space. The 200+ exhibitors provided the most inventive and immersive range of stands Learning Technologies has ever seen, with everything from basketball games to cocktail masterclasses – all in the name of learning! Every stand was colourful, interactive and unique to each exhibitor – making it more than just a market of L&D products. Visitors enjoyed the huge number of free L&D seminars and engaged in friendly conversations, soaking up the atmosphere of everyone passionate about L&D.

The dates for the next Learning Technologies Conference & Exhibition are confirmed as 3-4 May 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Acceler8. Further details can be found on this page.

Engaging your people in the digital age

Industrial Revolutions aren’t a thing of the past – in fact, we’re currently living through the fourth in our history, yet this one takes a very different shape to the previous ones. We’re not talking railroads and factory lines but Cloud-based technology and instant global communication, a fully digital lifestyle.

Training and maintaining a skilled workforce remains as vital as ever and yet the process of doing this has never looked different. Classroom learning, while maintaining relevance albeit to a lesser degree, is sharing space with digital learning methods – initially exciting not only for learners but also for employers, people across the globe are now seeking something more…

Our purpose at Acceler8 is ‘Be Happy. Be Human.’. By seeking happiness through some form of human connection we breathe life into learning. Through approaching learning in creative ways and activity-based learning, we have helped companies see a 300% increase in engagement across all our training specialisms – Leadership & Management, Customer Experience, Induction & Onboarding, and Employee Engagement using classroom, digital and blended learning methods.

Contact 01273 974180 or email: hello@ to find out how we can help you achieve the same level of success.



Using electric heaters to decarbonise industry

Why heater design is key in the abatement of waste gases

To overcome the challenges of waste gases, a compact, no-leak heater design can ensure the reliability of exhaust abatement systems in semiconductor fabrication. For instance, Watlow’s FLUENT® in-line heater is designed to allow movement of a fluid or gas over the heater surface without any loss of the fluid or gas through the outer shell.

A no-leak design not only includes a seamless stainless steel outer protection tube, but it also has the heating elements sitting outside of the fluid flow path. As a result, neither the elements nor the wiring penetrate the gas flow path, mitigating the need to

Dennis Long, a chief system engineer at Watlow, says manufacturers should make the switch to electric sooner rather than later. Electrification of process heating is a key strategy in addressing climate change.

Electric heaters do not burn fossil fuels and can be powered via renewable energy sources. Electric heat exchangers are no stranger to oil and gas operations, but historically they have been used only in applications with a name plate under one megawatt (MW).

But potential is growing to use electric heaters for applications requiring more than one MW but less than 15 MW. These span several areas, including oil and gas, and also renewable fuel production.

Electric heaters and heat exchangers have other advantages including less thermal lag, safer operation, more uniform distribution of heat and smaller overall footprint.

Smart temperature control from Watlow

weld components in place and thereby create areas where gas can escape. This design ensures that all nitrogen gas is passed along into the process, preventing any from escaping into the sub-fab. With no leaks present, the correct mixture of gases can be assured, meaning that semiconductor manufacturers no longer need to trade-off between safety concerns and possible downtime caused by the need to flush clogged exhaust systems.

A first step in the abatement of waste gases in semiconductor fabrication should be dilution with nitrogen gas. However, engineers must consider the

issues that can arise & consider opting for a solution that covers all potential issues associated with nitrogen heating. In this case, a design that is modelled around eliminating leakage can prevent clogging & downtime. For more information about the FLUENT® heater, go to:

Asmart power controller controls power using sensors that monitor voltage and current. A manufacturer of power transmission cables once relied on employees to periodically check the current gauges visually for each zone of extruders that coat the cables. On shifts with lower staffing faulty product was often the first indication of a problem. The customer replaced the solid-state power controllers in the extruders with Aspyre DT power controllers from Watlow, so they could see if cable needed to be scrapped or whether production could continue until the scheduled maintenance.

Watlow’s range of heating equipment, including its Aspyre controllers, is frequently used by heavy duty industrial companies and is available between a range of 35 to 2,100 amps to support a wide variety of applications. For example, a single high amp Aspyre unit is ideal for applications using multiple small units with low range amps. Smart features enable users to minimise scrap and down time.


Beating obsolescence in specialist equipment

Obsolescence issues beat on the door of any organisation that operates complex engineering equipment. Specialist equipment manufacturers such as Drallim already seek to ensure that their products provide a very long life, but this is now being driven even harder by end users aiming for greater sustainability and ‘green’ credentials. In truth it just makes great economic sense to the user and creates real customer loyalty, while minimising global resource consumption.

Drallim has been committed to longevity of its products throughout its 60+ years of trading. Indeed, examples of its Rotary Selector Valves, Compressor Desiccators and Cargo Hooks are regularly returned for service and repair with some having seen over 40 years’ continuous service. Obsolescence issues are inevitable over this sort of period, but careful management and planning have allowed them to provide these very long product support periods. Electronic equipment provides the most

significant challenges and even over relatively short periods of just a few years component availability can dry up suddenly, as has happened for many users during the COVID crisis. Establishing long term support contracts with key customers allows planning ahead to mitigate problems arising by using smart procurement techniques, stocking of components and or redesign exercises.

Increasingly Drallim Industries is seeing demand from new customers for obsolescence review and reverse engineering services to produce vital spare parts with a failed supply chain. Projects have included special manufacture of obsolete metals, redesign, and qualification of electronic assemblies through to reconstruction of specialist fabric assemblies and redesign of cast or forged components for low volume supply.

Contact: for help and information.

Wieland Electric future-proofs networks

WielandElectric supports maximum flexibility and reliable industrial communication with SFP (small form-factor) ports.

Wieland Electric has increased its industrial communication range in order to offer users the maximum possible options in the construction of high-performance networks.

SFP ports are available for both unmanaged and managed IP switches, allowing you to respond quickly and simply to changing network technology requirements while taking advantage of fibre optic technology’s benefits.

Depending on the needs and type of SFP module used, the SFP ports can be used to increase the number of conventional RJ45 copper-bound connections via CAT5/6/7 cable or to connect a single/multimode fibre optic cable.

T 01483 531213

Examples of Obsolescence & Reverse Engineering Projects

What you may or may not have missed

Whether you were one of the lucky people to get the chance to visit The International Franchise Show 2022 or not, here are some of the highlights at this year’s show, held at London’s ExCeL from 8-9 April 2022.

Firstly, the organisers issued a huge thank you to all that exhibited & attended the show – this year was a record breaking year in terms of attendance and happy exhibitors. There were two days packed full of networking, business opportunities, brilliant seminars and panel discussions. An outstanding amount of exhibitors have rebooked to exhibit in 2023, with 86% rebooking at the show. Alongside this, there were some of the best attendance numbers to date, with 10,083 visitors, 82% of which were potential franchisees looking to become their own boss.

There was a brilliant turnout for Sukh Chamdal’s Keynote speech on day one. Sukh gave a great insight into ‘Creating, running and growing a

d&t Chartered Accountants

AsOfficial Partners of the International Franchise Show, d&t Chartered Accountants showcased The Finance Clinic to offer support for both Franchisors and Franchisees.

d&t is split up into two divisions, the accountancy side and d&t Finance; specialising in franchise business we are an independent, fully regulated, Broker offering the best finance solutions throughout the industry.

Whether you’re looking for start-up or initial purchase assistance, a cash boost or purchasing equipment or commercial vehicles, franchise funding offers the freedom needed to build your business.

successful franchise,’ and had a great response from people on their stand.

The International Franchise Show returns to London’s ExCeL next year from 14-15 April 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: d&t Chartered Accountants. Further details can be found on this page.


As a prospective franchisee, it’s good to know what options are available and have someone by your side. As a Franchisor we help you grow; being able to prequalify Franchisees sets new starters up for success, contributes to streamlining your business as well as looking after your existing network.




From 10-12 May 2022, Railtex/ Infrarail took place at Olympia London. The UK’s number one event for the rail industry brought together a total of 3,707 industry professionals, mainly from the UK. With topics from decarbonisation, investments to create a more sustainable rail industry to the digitalisation of rail transport, the exhibition once again showcased the full potential of the railway industry and provided a central meeting place.

Railtex covers all aspects of railway technology and provides a showcase for manufacturers in the major fields of rolling stock technology, track and infrastructure and signalling and communications. The exhibition also serves as a shop window for suppliers of the many other specialised products essential to

the efficient and safe operation of railway and public transport systems. Among these are vehicle maintenance equipment, fare collection systems, rolling stock leasing, electronics for rail applications and cable technology. More than 180 categories of products & services were represented at the event.

On-Track Display: an established and successful feature Placed in the hall, one length of track was used by exhibitors to

Auditel is a leading Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company. We help organisations reduce their carbon emissions whilst also reducing their costs. In the current challenging economic climate, organisations are battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, while investing in low carbon emitting technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and speed up their journey to achieving Net Zero.

Since 1994, we’ve built a strong network of over 100 procurement and carbon specialists. Our specialists come from a broad range of professions and industries, giving our clients access to an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise in procurement and decarbonisation.

Using Auditel’s simple 4 step process,

Aleading UK supplier of standard and bespoke minor structures – in aluminium – to the Rail, Highways and Private Development sectors from our base in Port Talbot, South Wales.

Since 1995 we’ve been known for our quality centric, innovation-led and customer focused service, supported by our strict adherence to industry accreditations, an in-house Design & Technical Team and dedicated Business Development Managers. In addition to providing expert technical support before and after installation, ALC hold a large stock of aluminium columns

display and demonstrate tools and equipment in an authentic rail setting. There is no better way to experience a product than to see how it sits and operates on track as it would in the field.

Beyond the main exhibition, Railtex offered a comprehensive supporting programme, including insights from leading industry figures, keynote addresses and industry seminars centred on the latest developments in the industry.

Railtex moves to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 9-11 May 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: ALC, Auditel & Hydram. Further details can be found on this page.

we can deliver solutions that will enable your organisation to achieve independent verification of carbon neutrality in the shortterm.

Auditel provide a comprehensive procurement service, covering over 100 cost areas across all sectors. When engaged at the right time, such as when negotiating prices and contracts with suppliers, independent external help that works alongside your existing operational teams, can level the playing field thereby ensuring you receive value for money from your suppliers.

Due to this procurement expertise, we can potentially self-fund your net zero journey, or even make it more profitable through cost removal and cost transformation. By blending Auditel’s carbon solutions with our cost management and procurement expertise, you can feel confident that you are helping save

in the UK. This allows orders to be fulfilled on time, on budget & always exactly to specification.

Our Echalon® Raise & Lower system has been unique to the market since its debut in 2009. With capacity to lower columns up to 8m in height, an improved appearance and a much-improved locking system, our current Mk III model is our most advanced singleperson-operation system to date.

The Echalon® Raise & Lower casts aside cumbersome winching equipment, opting for a self-contained spring-assisted ‘cartridge’

the planet as well as making your business fit for the age of net zero.



Investing to meet growing demand

North East-based engineering company Hydram, a leading specialist in precision sheet metal fabrications, has recently completed a significant programme of investments in an attempt to satisfy increasing demand from its customers. Hydram’s extensive capabilities range from laser cutting and punch profiling through to forming, welding, wet and powder painting and assembly, offering a complete manufacturing solution.

Two significant capital projects to increase both the company’s powder coating and CNC punching capacity have been completed over the last 12 months with a total budget of over £2.2M. Hydram now has three conveyor paint plants for powder coating and a separate batch plant for wet and powder coating, making its painting capacity as a single source sheet metalwork supplier second to none in the UK. A new TruPunch 5000 punch profiling cell from Trumpf complete with a TruStore tower for automated sheet storage and retrieval has been installed, increasing the company’s profiling capacity through increased automation. Furthermore a number of investments in three TruBend pressbrakes & a Haas VF-11 CNC milling machine have also been made.

At Auditel we believe passionately that effective procurement can save your organisation thousands of pounds and make you more competitive.

We also know that being Carbon Neutral doesn’t need to COST the EARTH.

OUR MISSION: To help organisations become Verified Carbon Neutral in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way.

Contact: Barry Harwell T 01635 760802

Hydram is one of the UK’s leading sheet metal subcontractors and the effort required to maintain that position is considerable. Operations Director, Stephen Beacham, concludes, “Our business is built on customer satisfaction – and maintaining a high level of service in the current climate is challenging for all businesses in this sector. We can prove that Hydram is working exceptionally hard and investing significant sums to continue meeting demand.”

For more:

system. Operated using a single hand-sized key without any external winch, the Echalon® Raise & Lower system can be operated in the most remote and confined of locations, minimising road closures & railway possession orders.

T 01639 852502 echalon-raise-and-lower-columns

bank recommended Business Plans are second to none. Created in-house by our team of experts alongside 20 years industry experience, d&t Finance know exactly what is needed to be successful. Working alongside major high street banks and alternative lenders, we know what the banks want and what
don’t. What’s more, as d&t Finance is part of d&t Chartered Accountants, we have all your Accountancy needs covered too.
Official Partners
the International Franchise Show again in 2023, so look out for The Finance Clinic and if you’d like to contact us: simply call 01793 741600 for an informal chat or email: to speak with one of our experts. INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE SHOW LONDON REVIEW – TOP EXHIBITORS Reduce your Carbon Footprint Carbon Neutrality doesn’t need to COST the EARTH Auditel is a leading Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company. We help organisations reduce their carbon emissions while also reducing their costs. 01635 760802

The future of your brand

Packaging Innovations & Empack, featuring Contract Pack & Fulfilment, held at Birmingham’s NEC from 25-26 May 2022, is the UK’s essential annual event driving business and innovation across the whole packaging journey. The event brought together thousands of packaging specifiers, producers and users to meet, learn and source the latest products and services that will define the future of their packaging. Visitors found suppliers across the whole range of packaging products and services – from design to innovative primary and secondary packaging to contract packing, e-commerce fulfilment, labelling and printing, as well as packing and processing technology. Together, these events gave a unique vision of the whole packaging journey, from concept to production –

and gave visitors the ideal place to create the future of their brand.

Packaging Innovations & Empack, and the special feature Contract Pack & Fulfilment, provided visitors with innovative solutions to help them make the best decisions for their next packaging innovation, product launch or investment.

Across the event visitors could find materials, primary packaging, secondary packaging, contract packing and fulfilment, label and printing technology, and packing and filling technology.

Packaging Innovations returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 15-16 February 2023. This is our second

The Fibre Bottle by Cullen is 100% plastic-free

pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event. More details can be found on this page and the next two.

The world produces roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year and half of it is disposable. With 40% of total plastic use being attributed to packaging, Cullen identified an opportunity to lead change.

Cullen is Europe’s only combined manufacturer of moulded fibre and corrugate packaging and has produced over 1 billion plastic free products since 2020. Our vision is to replace single-use plastic packaging and believe that moulded fibre is the solution. Driven by passion and fuelled by 100 years of paper packaging manufacturing experience, we started The Fibre Bottle journey. We have created an industry disrupting, scalable and commercially viable, sustainable packaging solution that will reduce single-use plastic waste, with the capacity to remove 270 million pieces of plastic a year.

Made from moulded fibre, the lightweight patented paper bottle is suitable for housing dry goods and solids. Available in various sizes and colours, this plastic-free packaging alternative is suitable for automation and labelling. Manufactured in the UK using recycled kraft paper & water, the bottle is a sustainable, plastic free solution for consumables and refills. The Fibre Bottle is the latest example of Cullen’s ability to design, develop and manufacture sustainable, planet friendly products at scale.

If we created The Fibre Bottle, imagine what we could create that would replace single-use plastic packaging.

T +44 (0)141 945 2222

M +44 (0)7810 554687

Magnum Packaging

Magnum Packaging is one of the largest importers and distributors of packaging products in the UK. We are reliable supplier committed to high quality products, outstanding service and competitive prices.

Over the last four decades, we have gained an enormous wealth of experience in the packaging field. Our complete commitment to the best quality, great service and low prices will help the company take great strides in the future. Our mission is to continue to provide total satisfaction to all of our business partners through a prompt and reliable supply of high-quality products. We aim to share the knowledge we have gained by giving the best advice possible. We aspire to maintain our status as a market leading packaging company providing an unrivalled competitive advantage through excellent quality products, low prices and great customer service.

2019 was the most exciting year for Magnum Packaging, which resulted in further expansion in a move that should shape the company for the decades to come. We are now situated on a 15 acre site and have warehousing space of approximately 350,000ft2 with the ability to store 30,000 pallets. This gives us the capability to hold large amounts of stock at any given time, thereby providing us with an unparalleled advantage in the market.

As a family run business, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our business partners, our valued clients and everyone that has assisted in making Magnum Packaging what it is.

T 01642 370044


Midlands liquid filling firm wins contract to sustainably package leading motorcycle engine oil

Project 7 was launched in 2021. Its innovative flexible spouted pouches are used to support major retailers and multiple brands across the automotive, detergent and DIY, personal care, pet care, agrochemical and beverages sectors to make the crucial move to more sustainable packaging and cut their plastic use by up to 85%.

Off the back of celebrating its first birthday, Project 7 has won the

WePack: “We take the pain out of packing”

WePack is an SME, independent family-run business based in the heart of the East Midlands. We welcome all enquiries and from the moment they are received, we work hard to secure the desired outcome is achieved.

We offer the whole package (pun intended) when it comes to order fulfilment. From sourcing & importing to packing, labelling, storage & distribution. Our packing solutions include bottling, sachet and pouch filling, and hand assembly/rework projects. Commodities we work with include food products,

cosmetics, household, agricultural and high-end consumer goods. We have an experienced team who will take your product from your design concept to completion. We're as 'hands on' as can be, helping and advising you every step of the way on the challenges faced in the contract packing industry.

We're also big believers that 'honesty is the best policy' and we don't want to waste your time and money by offering something not up to scratch. So, if on the off chance we can't give you exactly what you need, we'll tell you who can and provide alternative, helpful advice.

contract to fill and package one of the best-selling motorcycle maintenance products in the Silkolene range to support parent company FUCHS's commitment to a circular economy for plastics.

Manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent, the range of 1ltr engine oils in their new-look flexible pouch packaging will make their debut on retail shelves this year.

Known as the only contract filler specialising in flexible packaging in the whole of the UK, Project 7 offers a full, turn-key service. Flexible packaging is now the world's fastest-growing plastic packaging category and manufacturers are increasingly moving away from plastic-heavy rigid packaging to make progress towards 2025 plastic packaging targets and beyond.

FUCHS continuously looks towards

new technologies to increase its sustainability and reduce its impact on the environment. After switching all of its 20ltr and 4ltr plastic packaging to its 100% recyclable Lube Cube packaging which has allowed them to save over 1.3 million kilos in single use plastics, the next step is to add the 1ltr pouch packaged by Project 7 to the range.

T 01905 676813

WePack is an eco-friendly packer. We can use 100% compostable films where products allow, we are a low emission site, use low emissions vans, electric company vehicles and strive to be the industry leaders in green packing services. Contact us today for your free quote and find out how we can meet your copacking needs!

0115 852 9000

LXD UK: How Limex is promoting sustainability

A revolutionary material made from Limestone

L imex is a sustainable alternative to plastic and paper; LXD supplies Limex raw materials to diverse plastics manufacturers to ultimately replace their conventional less eco-friendly materials. Limex is an advanced technology with 15 years of R&D that reduces crude oil plastic-based materials by at least 50% and can even eliminate the need for crude oil-based materials in some cases.

Some of the key advantages are: 50 Times Less CO2, Recyclable, Diverse Moulding, No Capital Investment in Assets, Less Volatile & Affordable.

LXD supplies Limex pellets and sheets across the UK and Europe; we work with both brands and manufacturers to help them achieve their sustainability goals with Limex.

Limex is rapidly growing with over 10,000 companies now using this material.

We are welcoming all organisations to discuss the opportunities with our team as we provide guidance on the technical trials to support your transition from outdated materials to the future of sustainability.

GTL Plastics

Plastic bottles, caps & closures in one place

Burnley-based GTL Plastics specialises in the manufacture and supply of plastic bottles, containers, caps and closures. All manufacture is based in the UK and offers Blow moulding and Injection moulding facilities, and all products are competitively priced and available in standard and custom designs. Clients benefit from excellent service and rapid turnaround times, with the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an expert team who truly understand what is important.

GTL Plastics has an enviable track record in manufacturing bottles and containers for toiletries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and household products, and supply to many well-known brands. Its employees are highly experienced, combining personal service with professional expertise to ensure that your order is smoothly and successfully managed.

If the wide range of plastic bottles and caps doesn’t include the right product, GTL Plastics can design and produce one exclusively for you. After being briefed, in-house designers will present design options for your comment and approval, prior to making a bespoke mold and going into production.

If your design is in the form of a drawing or just a mental picture of your solution, the designers will work with you to bring it to reality.

T +44 (0)1282 526331

M 07810 774038

We offer a comprehensive range of packing services including... • VERTICAL BAGGING (VFFS) • CONTRACT FILLING • SACHETS • REWORK & RECTIFICATION • POUCHES • FLOW WRAPPING • HAND ASSEMBLY • LIQUID FILLING 0115 852 9000 wepack wesource westore wedeliver
Contract Packing Services Take The Pain Out Of Packing TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY
GTL Plastics specialises in the manufacture and supply of plastic bottles, containers, caps and closures. +44 (0)1282 526331

ISSUE 808 – OCT/NOV 2022

TEL 0121 550 2086

Cavity: From locum staff hire to dental training

With over 16 years of experience in providing locum dental staff and DBS checks to dental care professionals and their teams, Cavity continued to diversify through COVID-19 and became experts in fit testing, now offering accredited fit testing and fit test training.

In recent months it has expanded and revived Cavity Training with a fresh, new approach to online learning and a brand new Dental Nursing Course backed by City & Guilds. It offers expert knowledge by qualified and experienced dental nurses who make up their team of dental tutors and assessors and also provide nationwide coverage.

The courses are carried out as live, interactive and online webinars and their friendly approach, and private student forum means students can connect and support each other through the course as well as readily connect with all of their tutors and assessors.

The training platform also offers an e-library of resources, FREE CPD and job opportunities

BestBrothers Ltd

Aesthetics Awards Finalist


BestBrothers Ltd is a family run business committed to providing the best customer service on the market. The company dedicates its expertise and time to providing its clients with the best platform to market their laser system eliminating the stress and hassle of having to do it for themselves.

removal, and many more, BestBrothers Ltd has the right equipment for all needs.

available for trainees. And while it’s all geared toward building the next generation of dental nurses in a time of dental recruitment crisis, dental practices will have the opportunity to place their own trainees on this City & Guilds backed dental nursing course.

facebook & instagram: @cavitydentalstaff

facebook & instagram: @cavitytraining

BestBrothers Ltd services include clinical training, technical support, finance options, and marketing support in helping its customers find the right Laser. Whether a business is requiring machines/ lasers for hair removal, tattoo removal, vascular treatment, skin tightening, skin whitening, acne treatment, pigment

Alongside providing medical, aesthetic laser equipment, BestBrothers Ltd offer accredited level four and level five laser/IPL training courses which have been specifically designed, written and delivered by industry qualified, experienced specialists. BestBrothers Ltd offer three courses: laser hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Each course has been specifically written to meet the Health Education England (HEE) guidelines and is mapped out against the Quality Credit Framework (QCF). Its programmes are externally accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group & externally moderated by the

City of London Dental School. M 07557 041132


Structural protection for challenging environments

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are very pleased to announce OvoGard™ as our Hydration Industry Company of the Month.

Founded by Jim Comber in 1982, OvoGard is a family-run business, with much experience in working with secure facilities to provide solutions that work for all users without compromising on safety or quality. Based in Manchester, but with clients across the UK and further afield, the company supplies Mains-Fed Watercoolers, Waterboilers & ZIP Boilers, with the new patented SecuraFlo for added protection in challenging environments.

OvoGard™ specialise in providing chilled water for all sectors and can provide specialist solutions to adapt to clients’ requirements, and working in the Healthcare, Education and Prisons & Policing sectors, the company understands the challenges that demanding settings have in protecting and maintaining essential hydration systems.

In 2020 OvoGard™ launched its patented SecuraFlo™ product as a result of client requests to help save the cost of repeated vandalism, and also help to reduce injury and equipment misuse. SecuraFlo™ protects essential equipment and infrastructure with an anti-climb, anti-ligature and anti-stash shield, and it is suitable for use in challenging and often hostile settings. This durable solution offers unique features that allows companies to offer hydration solutions with as little risk as possible. While SecuraFlo™ offers ultimate protection for water installations, the team also offers a bespoke service to provide security wherever it is required.

OvoGard™ is the perfect company to support customers across the industry as it is flexible and can offer bespoke equipment required as it is not exclusive to any specific manufacturer. It can offer full technical specification for each product and

offer a full site survey with no obligation.

OvoGard™ arranges site visits to ensure that it has a full understanding of customer needs and to make sure that the Shield is right for the facility, and also carrying out in-depth surveys of the sites with the company hydration needs in-mind. Following an initial consultation, the company puts together an accurate quote for product purchase, installation and/or ongoing servicing of the system, working around company’s specific needs to ensure a smooth, safe process every time.

OvoGard™ protects more than just water dispensers, it also offers a bespoke design service, using the unique, indestructible features of SecuraFlo to protect any major infrastructure; from vending machines and soap dispensers to television screens, and looking to the future the company intends to be constantly evolving, with new innovative products to help keep staff and service-users safer.

Other solutions provided by OvoGard™ include the SecuraBOIL service, by which companies can enjoy safe and accident-free hot water access in challenging environments thanks to this advanced protective maintenance service. There is also the SecuraSan™, a protective shield stopping theft and vandalism to the crucial services of hand sanitisers and soap dispensers. Thanks to its tough exterior, the SecuraSan™ shield helps cut unwanted repair and replacement costs whilst ensuring that all site visitors can access hand sanitising resources when they need to.

Contact OvoGard™ today to discover how it can preserve those investments that matter most.

T 0161 482 4591

Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @hcm_uk or download our iOS app I


Is foot, knee, hip or back pain affecting your daily activities?

With over 250 specialist practices nationwide, Gait and Motion Clinics are the UK’s largest network of private healthcare practices, leading the way in innovative gait and movement analysis to aid rehabilitation, reduce injury risk and improve performance.

Experience the latest footscan® technology and award-winning Phits

3D-printed insoles, as trusted by many British and World Champion athletes.

Phits have revolutionised the prescription of insoles by considering a fundamental measurement that has previously been overlooked, human movement.

As part of the assessment, you

Reduce the risk of infections

The SteraSpace

Air & Surface sanitiser provides continuous protection from the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and odours. The unit works by combining three advanced technologies in order to emit a constant flow of disinfecting plasma which is proven to eliminate micro-organisms both in the air and on surfaces.

: Low-level ozone for continuous use while people are in the room

: Proven to kill 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms

: Controls infections by killing bacteria, viruses, mould, etc

: Provides 24 hour protection, 365 days a year

The SteraSpace range caters for a wide range of room types and sizes, and is suited for use in medium to large areas of continual operation, for example: offices, waiting rooms, consultation rooms, communal rooms, washrooms and within care homes.

The SteraSpace range is available from BES Healthcare Ltd, which has been serving the UK market for almost 30 years, providing decontamination and assistive technology solutions to the NHS and private healthcare providers.

For more information, please get in touch with BES Healthcare Ltd:

T 01179 666761

Raising the standard of stair climbing solutions

The Stair Climbing Company is one of the leading providers of powered Stair Climber solutions, which have been specifically designed to assist those struggling with mobility and independence issues facing people with disabilities.

The Stair Climbing Company offers an excellent range of compact, easy to use, powered Stair Climbers that are ideal for use in both home and commercial settings. Offering innovative designs, all of the company’s Stair Climbers can be separated into two pieces, for safe storage and are easily transported and charged. In addition, all of its Stair Climber’s come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Stair Climbing Company maintains one main mission; to improve quality of life, through its range of high-quality and custom devices with built-in seats. The safety and comfort of its customers is of the utmost importance to the company and it ensures that each wheelchair carrier model is designed to cater to individual customers’ specific needs, and works with all stair types. Furthermore, the company provides Stair Climbers for all ages, making them suitable for everyone, and offers a free assessment for customers.

If you would like to find out any more information, please see the details below:

T 01787 379160

complete an advanced gait analysis using footscan® which monitors your foot mechanics to identify any movement asymmetries or abnormalities.

This cutting-edge approach provides data that simply cannot be seen by eye or on a treadmill. The footscan® intuitively translates your dynamic data into the Phits insole design to

complement the knowledge of the clinician and help alleviate your pain.

Whether you’re aiming for Olympic podiums, or just want to live and walk pain free, their expert clinicians help people of all ages to live their best life.

Visit www.gaitandmotionclinics. or scan the QR code to be connected with your nearest clinic!



Industry leading care software

In this issue of Healthcare Matters we are proud to announce Leecare Solutions as our Healthcare Technology Company of the Month.

Delivering technology with the power to connect people, care & business, Leecare Solutions came into formation in 1992 when Dr Caroline Lee, a Nurse Practitioner specialising in Gerontology, saw the need and opportunity to develop a comprehensive care assessment suite that was person centred, holistic and put the resident at the centre of the care and support framework.

Fast forward 30 years, and Leecare Solutions has grown into an international organisation that boasts a rich history of supporting social, health and care providers. Its UK office is based in Wiltshire, but its main headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia as well as other satellite offices across Wellington, New Zealand and Singapore.

Petrina Turner-Benny, Deputy CEO, explained the company’s services in more detail. “We operate in a wide range of different healthcare sectors including aged care, hospice, mental health, young person disability, retirement village and acute care. We are experts in delivering

care and operational management software and technology and our Platinum6 Suite is flexible enough to be modified to fit any residential, supported living or nursing care environment.”

The new Platinum6 suites offer all access to data at the point of care. In just three clicks, you can get anywhere in the system that has been described as the most advanced Aged & Community Care software in the industry. The simple and easy-to-use interface has been engineered specifically for advanced touch screen devices and provides the user with a solution that is completely device and location independent.

“Our ‘care expert’ senior management team designed and developed the Platinum6 Suite to ensure providers could manage their care, operational and business requirements from the one program and single dashboard. Our unparalleled clinical, care, lifestyle, medication, operations and financial management software solution has been specifically created for the health and social care sector. The software solution assists managers and their teams to predict, record and evidence their operational outcomes, manage their clinical risk and spend more time with residents, all while exceeding CQC requirements and demonstrating clinical

excellence to inspectors,” added Annick, their Trainer Consultant.

By investing in quality management programs, Leecare Solutions has become an industry leader in their field. Their ongoing software development and innovation program is something to be admired, and the recent launch of another leading product P6MyCarePlan App now enables a resident or their family/representative to enter their personal preferences and care requirements directly into the Leecare resident file. “This not only saves staff considerable time when undertaking assessments but it also ensures a person-centred care plan that is culturally safe and appropriate to each resident,” said Petrina. 2022 has certainly been a busy year for the company. Alongside appointing a new UK Director it has recently launched a wound camera app P6WoundCare which interfaces with the Platinum6 Suite. Annick mentioned, “We are also in the process of completing a number of interfaces with other software products such as the ability to sync GP patient records and Nurse Call Systems. We have already had a number of interfaces with complimentary software solutions and are excited about trialling these with our clients.”

It is a clear sign of resilience and strength to overcome obstacles and come out the other side in a much stronger position. COVID-19 left devastating effects on the medical industry and Leecare was too, heavily impacted. However, using its expertise, industry knowledge and commitment to excellence Leecare Solutions was able to continue to support its clients across the globe with a remote implementation program and offsite training.

In closing, Annick and Petrina added, “Leecare Solutions is an industry leader and as a global organisation we are able to offer our clients a ‘Best of Breed’ solution drawing on the learnings from our collective markets and sharing them with new clients as they come on board. We look forward to continuing to develop and expand our client and product base within the UK market.”

M 07735 294745


Secure your comms: Cut the chit chat

The transmission of clear speech can be crucial in certain domains such as public safety dispatch, air traffic control, radio dispatch operations, and training simulation. With extremely sensitive information also being discussed, it’s also imperative to keep lines of communication secure.

Poly have tackled this head-on by pairing their SHR 2083-01 ruggedised headset with the CA22 – an extremely popular cordless DECT push‐to‐talk system.

The PTT adapter consists of a base and a remote which provides wireless communications and PTT functionality. It also comes with a spare battery pack for 24/7 operation and emergency situations.

This ultra-secure DECT™ wireless adapter is the perfect choice anywhere sensitive communications happen and can be used with any Poly H-series headset as it has a Quick Disconnect connector. The PTT adapter gives you complete control of when your microphone is live and transmitting. Push to talk headset technology works very similar to a walkie talkie system, in that you only transmit your voice when pressing and holding the button down.

The audio link is intended to be on whenever the base and remote are powered up, so that the mic is always

‘hot’. The audio link stays active even when the remote is docked in the base, so that the remote can be used in emergency situations where there is no time to recharge a depleted battery.

When it comes to cutting out external noise and distractions, Poly’s SHR 208301 ruggedised headset may feel bulkier, this comes from the circumaural (around ear) design to reduce outside noise and which provides a Noise Reduction

Rating of 22dB. The microphone sound quality is excellent as it’s equipped with noise cancelling electret microphones that provide a 20dB (90%) reduction in transmitted background noise. The high quality gooseneck boom allows the microphone to easily be positioned in front of the mouth. The Quick

Disconnect (QD) allows the user to easily detach the headset from the interface cable. The ruggedised element means it is resistant to UV, oil and solvents and remains flexible over a wide range of temperature extremes.

So keep your conversations DECT secure and cut out background chit chat with this Poly bundle, recommended in particular for radio dispatch operatives. To find out more, please get in touch and we’ll happily organise a demo unit so you can experience the benefits yourself:

T 0203 411 8218

Petrina Turner-Benny, Deputy CEO Graeme Benny, Chair


Profession delighted to be back at BDCDS!

Despite the unavoidable two year interlude, the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show (BDCDS) 2022 came back stronger than ever. Thousands of professionals gathered at the Birmingham NEC from 13-14 May 2022 for two busy days of learning and networking, creating an incredibly positive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

The extensive programme offered a wealth of information and inspiration, with an array of truly stand-out sessions for all members of the dental team. Theatres were full and audiences engaged, with delegates making the most of opportunities to hear from world-class speakers for free.

Aside from hours of CPD, BDCDS presented an extensive trade exhibition with hundreds of dental manufacturers, suppliers, training providers and so much more in attendance. Delegates were able to discover the latest products and materials, engage with product experts, enjoy on-stand competitions, obtain free samples and access show-only promotions. The bustling atmosphere made for a very positive environment that reflected the joy at finally returning to large-scale, in-person events.

All who attended BDCDS will likely agree that the profession seems ready to move on from the past couple of years and look forward to a much

Online Dental Training

Dental Training Ltd is an online professional training course, for those who wish to improve their Dental knowledge and qualifications.

Established in October 2019, by owner

Tracy Hewitt, Dental Training ltd has continued to develop & grow its profile.

The company has grown from 2 staff to 7 over the past three years and is very proud to be able to offer a personal service to all its students. The amazing and experienced staff team give their all to its learners and over 1,500 of these students have been helped to achieve their goals.

Dental Training Ltd is the largest supplier

of NEBDN post graduate courses for dental nurses, and the courses help those who wish to make a career in Dentistry, as well as providing a wealth of information for other medical students and professionals, as it provides CPD hours and additional certifications.

brighter future. It was an excellent opportunity to bring everyone together again and provide a springboard for individual’s career development over the coming year.

The next edition of the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show will take place on 12-13 May 2023 at the NEC Birmingham. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Carestream Digital, Dental Training Ltd, J&S Davis, MedGas Ltd, TradeBridge & VSS. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

Dental Training Ltd offers online courses only, so it is readily available to everyone from all walks of life, and all are welcome on courses regardless of age, sex, race, religion or experience. The company also takes the time to ensure that everyone is confident in what they are doing and how to complete all necessary coursework.

Visit the website for further information regarding the wide variety of Core CPD courses, Enhanced CPD courses and NEBDN courses.

Opening the door to more solutions for your patients

Part of excelling in dentistry is the ability to offer your patients the treatments they want.

Make sure you can effortlessly expand your treatment capabilities with the CS 8200 Neo Edition CBCT from Carestream Dental.

Combining power and simplicity in every function, the CS 8200 Neo Edition streamlines workflows while giving you

the option to take your images further. Proven 2D/3D versatility and nine selectable fields of view means that the system adapts to your every need.

Plus, unique CS MAR technology ensures that images are free from flaws

such as metal artifacts, giving you the power of clearer, more dynamic diagnostic images.

Find out more today.

For more information, visit:

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Emergency oxygen for medical professionals

MedGas Ltd are experts in the supply of life saving gases to medical professionals around the UK. Whether it’s one cylinder or many, its range of Medical Oxygen Cylinders and Medical Oxygen Kits are of the highest quality and completely reliable and dependable.

Offering a lightweight medical cylinder holding 40 minutes of life saving oxygen, this innovative yet essential product is the number one choice in any emergency situation. The lightweight cylinder is just 2L in size but exceeds the resuscitation council advised requirements for an emergency cylinder. Made from aluminium and carbon fibre construction, it permits a fill pressure of 300bar and delivers 40 minutes of oxygen at 15lpm. Having the main connection port located directly under the flow regulator allows for easy connection of any equipment to the cylinder while keeping the fill gauge in view.

MedGas Medical Oxygen Kits are available at competitive prices and also for rental alongside their individual cylinders. Just some of the kit items include, our lightweight 2L 40-minute emergency oxygen cylinder, masks and oxygen tubing, guedel airways sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and many more items which can be customised on request.

If you require an Annual Cylinder Inspection, MedGas can provide this service every 12 months. Taking no longer than 10-15 minutes, the MedGas team will ensure your oxygen cylinder and associated kit are in date and in good working condition.

T 01743 648888

Core CPD

Contact T 0118 926 1533 Enhanced CPD Courses
Courses •

Growing your business

Build a modern dental practice with up to 3X your monthly income in additional funding

Planning to acquire additional practices, drive growth by adding new ancillary services, or to use new technologies to improve service and increase efficiency, all demands substantial investment. TradeBridge caters for that financial headroom. We can provide up to 3X your monthly income in additional funding, to help you seize more growth opportunities.

Finance for dentists

Traditional finance simply isn’t suited to scaling a modern dentistry business.

That’s why we built a funding model that was designed to work specifically for your business. With TradeBridge you get:

: The funding you need to make a real impact on your business

: Freedom to make the investment decisions that you choose

: Financing that grows as you grow

: Access what you need, when you need it, paying interest only on what you use

: Support from people who are experts in your sector

Contact us.

Ready to talk? Find out how TradeBridge finance for dental practices can make a difference for your business.

Call: +44 (0)20 7313 8088 or email:

Find out what you missed!

VSSAcademy’s implant course for learners

VSSAcademy Ltd is a provider of high-quality education and training for the implant dentist.

Our next course is for the novice, looking to start their implant career with the Certificate in Implant Dentistry course starting in March 2023. Delivered in a blended format, this course delivers everything the learner implant dentist needs to understand in order to become a confident, competent and safe implant dentist.

: Modules are delivered through blended learning

: Hands-on face to face sessions for skills practice,

such as implant placement in models, pigs’ heads and human cadavers, restoring implants and digital dental workflow

: Recorded lectures to study at home in order to be ready for;

: Live webinars, where you will be expected to answer Short Best Answer questions and discussions in order to embed your learning.

: Sessions are recorded so you can study them again for revision purposes

: Face to face sessions take place on Saturdays, to ensure no time is taken out of practice

: A full CBCT course is included, fulfilling your UK requirements

: This course provides access to UCLan’s MSc in Clinical Implantology

For information and bookings, please contact Alan at:, or visit:



Solicitude Training provides high quality, cost effective training and consultancy to the health and social care sector

Dental professionals were keen to find out more about the latest industry-leading solutions available from J&S Davis at the recent Dentistry Show London. If you weren’t able to attend,

here’s what you missed…

The comprehensive Curasept range of oral rinses has expanded! All solutions contain the patented Anti Discolouration System (ADS) and the portfolio now includes Curasept ADS Implant Pro, Curasept ADS

Regenerating Gel and Curasept ADS Perio

Pro Oral Rinse. To discover the unique benefits of each, contact the team.

Also on display were the Polydentia range of matrices, the new Panavia Veneer LC resin cement and innovative LM Arte instruments, together supporting excellent outcomes in a variety of restorative indications.

For more details of all this and more of what you missed, visit the website today.

For more information on the industryleading products available from J&S Davis, visit: or call 01438 747344 or email:

Training packages are engaging and bespoke to individual organisations to ensure that they are relevant to that particular service and therefore optimise learning and include accredited as well as awareness courses. Solicitude Training is a registered centre with Qualsafe.

Training can be delivered virtually, face to face or via e-learning or through a combination. The benefit of using a blended approach is that it can reduce delivery time (and therefore cost), but knowledge can be checked during the face to face delivery, to ensure that not only have the staff gained the knowledge, but that they can apply it to practice.


Including Health and Safety, Medical Conditions, Mental Health, Safeguarding and Infection

Prevention & Control


Staff Coaching, Competency, Mentoring and Development

FIRST AID COURSES Qualsafe Accredited Qualifications Courses; from First Aid, Basic Life Support, Defibrillation and Paediatric Training


Catheterisation, Syringe Driver and Venepuncture

Contact us today to see how we can help you. 01256 242272

Game changing event

Over 2,000 care professionals and senior management team attended UK Care Week 2022, with 72% of those attending involved in the decision-making process. Staffing issues, digital transformation, training and recruitment topped the agenda at the event, with packed talks, some with only standing room. The event was held at The NEC, Birmingham, from July 6-7. The CPD accredited programme challenged status-quo thinking on the UK’s care sector, with sessions delivered by the most thought-provoking and insightful leaders and stand-out voices in the industry. Speakers included former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls who joined the likes of Claire Johnsen, Head of Innovation at Hallmark Care Homes, Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of the National Care Forum and Jane Townson, CEO of The

Homecare Association as they addressed crucial challenges around recruitment, retention, funding, and recognition.

Adam Purnell, Director of Social Care, Institute of Health and Social Care Management, led an expert panel discussion on what

CAS Recruitment

The leading specialist in deploying Filipino workers around the world since 1991

The UK care sector is facing the greatest labour crisis of all time, Brexit, COVID and a national labour shortage have all contributed, leaving an industry sector facing increasing struggle to recruit and also retain their staff. There is a solution – overseas recruitment (the Government recently announced they are looking to countries like the Philippines to plug the labour shortage in the NHS).

It takes on average 3 days from taking a job brief to providing CVs (these will all be highly experienced and qualified healthcare professionals). From interview to arriving in posts takes approximately 14 weeks. We provide a comprehensive post placement pastoral care service – of the 1,000+ individuals we have deployed to the UK this year only 2 candidates have requested to go home (it works). Candidates are employed on either a 2 or 3 year visa, so employee retention is also solved.

We don’t just promise we will do our best to

Midland Law

needs to be done to get care workers the recognition they deserve and Kate Terroni, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at The Care Quality Commission, reflected on how the sector has responded over the pandemic to adult social care and the qualityof-care people are receiving.

UK Care Week takes place next year on 22-23 March 2023 at NEC, Birmingham. Before then, UK Care Week is running an online only event on 10 November 2022 called the ‘Digital and Tech-Enabled Care Summit’, This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: AutumnCare, Biodose, CAS Recruitment, Memory Lane Games, Midland Law & Terryberry. Further details can be found on this page and the next.


Midland Law is a specialist immigration law firm working with individuals and companies across the UK. We are helping Care Providers with their recruitment needs. We have found that it is the intention of some care providers to look for workers within the UK labour market. Many of our clients found that it is impossible to fill all Carer vacancies organically due to growing demand and a shortage of workers.

The government has released a new visa process which makes it easier and cheaper than ever before to recruit foreign care

workers for your company.

We believe it is vital for a Care Provider to understand the international recruitment process Obtaining a sponsor licence from the Home Office is the first step. You must then know and understand your responsibilities as a licence holder. Midland Law

provides an all-inclusive service which covers initial advice and education, the sponsor licence application process and aftercare by way COS (Certificate of Sponsorship) advice and individual carer application advice. Our fees are fixed, extremely competitive and we do not charge by the hour. Managers benefit from having direct access to your solicitor.

Please contact for more information:

T 01902 275058

help – WE GUARANTEE we will solve your recruitment.

We are proud members of Homecare Association, Association of Labour Providers and hold 2 GLAA licences. People are at the very heart of what we do.

Contact: Andy Backhouse

M 07855 485566 andy@casrecruitment

Intelligent medication management

Biodose are the innovative creators of the only monitored dosage system (MDS) on the market to accommodate liquid and solid medication. Specifically engineered to reduce the risk of medication error, 85% of pharmacies voted its products as ‘better’ or ‘much better’ than any other medication management device. Medication is a fundamental part of a patient’s treatment plan so it is vitally important the correct dosage is given at the right time to the right patient. Biodose MDS combines the tried-and-tested MAR with personalised packaging and the expertise of your local pharmacist. Each MAR chart features the patient’s photo and dosage instructions for each named medication offering maximum accuracy and usability.

Biodose can also add patient photo identification to the front of each tray which helps in identification and also to minimise any mistakes. Each pod is colour coded for ease of use when it comes to knowing dosage times throughout the day and can hold up to 10 tablets or capsules or 10ml of oral liquid. If a patient requires liquid medication, it will come in pre-measured Biodose pods negating the need for spoons, spillages or sticky fingers. Also perfect for on-the-go, the Biodose pods offer a safer alternative to carrying around the original medication packaging. Also useful to encourage independence, the Biodose Handypak overcomes the issue of secondary dispensing when residents are out on a day trip or on holiday.

Try Biodose today, request a free sample below: T 0330 094 8053

A medication management device voted ‘much better’ than any other by 85% of pharmacies

A monitored dosage system that accommodates liquid and solid medication

Request a free sample: 0330 094 8053


Why now is the time to go digital

AutumnCare understands that care providers face many complex challenges.

One of these challenges is the adoption of digital services which can provide many benefits to both the resident and the staff.

With many care homes still reliant on paper systems, introducing technology into your operation can be intrinsic to delivering better outcomes and reducing the burden on staff. The introduction of digital services and technology has been shown to increase the cost-effectiveness of care, improve outcomes, and help with staff performance and retention.

AutumnCare provides you with:

: AutumnCare Desktop (care management solution individually tailored to suit your needs)

: AutumnCare Mobile (facilitating true point of care documentation)

: AutumnCare Medicate (eMAR providing safe, effective medication management and administration)

: AutumnCare Family (keeping families connected and engaged in the life and care of the resident)

AutumnCare has been developed so that you can replace your paper records with a comprehensive digital solution that will help you drive outstanding care by providing the tools that carers, nurses, managers, and owners need ensuring that you are able to provide the best quality of care for residents and make a real difference to their lives.

Start the conversation – The best way to see AutumnCare is first hand and therefore we would like to extend the offer of a free demo which you can arrange either by contacting us directly on 0800 009 2121 or by emailing:

Memory Lane Games

Calming and distracting challenging behaviour in those with dementia

Delivered fully branded, personalised and offline first, the Memory Lane Games App provides professionally curated reminiscence and speech and language games for facility-based living environments. The games are designed to be frustration free and encourage communication and socialisation, not to test.

Beneath its simplicity the Memory Lane Games App is a powerful tool. Feedback from carers highlights, in particular, its ability to calm challenging behaviour & distract from unwanted therapies or personal care.

Powerful benefits:

: Makes caring easier and more efficient.

: Triggers positive memories, renews a sense of self and results in improved overall well-being.

: Visiting families love it as the whole family can engage over the games, even the grandchildren.

: Data capture and a back office alerts system which is based on clinical evidence, enables early-interventions to possible deterioration or underlying health problems of a resident.

The benefits to users and care homes are immediately evident. Improved resident and staff wellbeing, improved quality of family visits and a differentiated care home business.

Visit: or email: to find out how Memory Lane Games can support both your staff, residents and their families.


The cost-of-living crisis is having a catastrophic effect on the financial and personal wellbeing for people across the country. The cost of living is spiralling out of control, to such an extent, that people are having to choose between heating or eating; which is a devastating thought.

This is also having a severe impact on employers, who are already facing huge challenges in retaining and engaging people. A full, highly engaged workforce is critical to business success, yet with around 1.3 million job vacancies, many companies are understaffed,


and morale is low. The impact of financial insecurity is creating pressure on employers to match inflation with high pay rises, which isn’t sustainable; leaving companies in the perilous position of risking losing their people or having a stressed out workforce.

Terryberry is providing an answer by offering a scheme whereby employers can help support their employees during these times. Their cost-effective benefits solution means you can give employees access to an easy-touse discount platform for just £5 each for 12 months,

with average savings of £3,000. Partnering with the UK Government, these deals are designed to reduce costs at checkout, help provide entertainment and ensure access to necessary services for families.

Find out more at:

Contact: Ben Pritchard, Head of Marketing T 01625 619090



Need 2 Succeed – Supporting the Development of Social Prescribing


Excellence – Encouraging Leadership – Animating Communities

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to announce Need 2 Succeed as our Educational Training Company of the Month.

Established by Roberto Mobile in March

2006, Croydon based Need 2 Succeed offers commercial and accredited training, as well as providing services on a range of solutions to support accredited learning, specifically to those working in or seeking work in Health Care, Social Care, Education, Children & Young People and Wellbeing Sectors.

Need 2 Succeed is an established accredited centre approved by four major UK awarding bodies (TQUK, NCFE, SEG Awards and NOCN), and it has a team of specialist trainers, teachers, and assessors, providing vocational qualifications, adult learning programmes and short courses. It also offers its services both in London and across the UK.

To date, Need 2 Succeed has helped over 200 professionals achieve their qualifications and career development through apprenticeships, traineeships and continued professional development (CPD), and the training courses are offered through a blended mixture of online, class based and 1:1 coaching and assessment.

Need 2 Succeed believes that for people to reach their true potential and goals they need the right tools. It has a portfolio of 53 nationally accredited courses and 28 CPD short courses to choose from and with a number of these funded through government programmes.

All courses are delivered by passionate experts in their field, often in locations close to students, and with a 95% success rate. The company ensures that the learning is fun, interactive, and flexible, so it uses a mixture of face-to-face training and practical tasks to make sure that attendees gain the knowledge and skills that they need.

The training offered by Need 2 Succeed is perfect for:

: Social Prescribing Link Workers, Health and Wellbeing Coaches and ICB’s/PCN's across the UK

: Individuals working in the non-profit, public and health sector

: Individuals seeking to develop their knowledge and skills in working with children, young people, and local communities

: Business and management personnel looking to climb their career ladder and take up more senior roles in their organisation

The company has recently introduced the Level 3 Certificate in Social Prescribing. Roberto commented, “We are one of only two training providers delivering this qualification in the UK, and we offer the best choice for quality, price and added value. The SEG Awards Level 3 Certificate in Social Prescribing is a nationally recognised qualification which prepares learners for a role in social prescribing, and provides those already working in this area with a deeper level of knowledge and understanding.”

The content is based on key areas related to social prescribing environments, including

delivering community-based solutions, offering vulnerable adults holistic support, managing caseloads and measuring outcomes to improve support mechanisms.

This particular course is aimed at those working within or looking to move to a role where elements of social prescribing are used as part of their work, such as public sector agencies, healthcare and the voluntary and community sector. It enables learners to broaden their skills and knowledge, to support individuals to access services in the community, that are appropriate to their needs.

As part of a funded programme for Health England (South London Hub), Need 2 Succeed was contracted to deliver this course to 20 new and existing Social Prescribers in London. This enabled the company to work with SEG Awards (the awarding body) and Merton Social Prescribing Service to develop and launch the Level 3 in London and online across the UK. The first cohort was externally evaluated and was a success, and the recommendations made in the report were implemented in time for the second cohort. Need 2 Succeed now has a fully developed offer for all Social Prescribing Link Workers, PCNs and CCG/ICBs across the UK. This marketplace obviously has other course providers and Need 2 Succeed works very hard to stay at the forefront of the industry. Roberto continued, “We offer low cost, affordable options for individuals and agencies looking for workforce development, and we also provide a fully supported and flexible approach to all of our training programmes, including weekend delivery and online.”

Need 2 Succeed also offers its students highquality teaching and learning resources, with direct access to their assessor/tutor in many ways suitable to their needs. Equally the company will ensure that a full initial assessment of need is carried out with all learners to ensure a needs-led personalised training plan is in place at the start of each course.

The company also seeks to support employers by helping them to access support and funding to help train staff, build up teams and ultimately strengthen their organisation. It helps employers to develop their number one asset, their staff, by offering high-quality work-based training from a single member of staff to an entire workforce. Need 2 Succeed also helps employers to develop their ideas, and support projects through direct short or long term consultancy and project management. It can either work directly with the employer or link them up with people who can

help make a real difference to their work.

As it looks to the future, Need 2 Succeed are currently working on becoming approved to deliver apprenticeships in the UK and hopes to be in a position to offer the Community Health and Wellbeing Worker Apprenticeship, as well as other Health Related Roles by March 2023. The base has recently moved to the New Croydon Campus of London South Bank University, and this has enabled use of a modern and fresh new environment for teaching.

Roberto concluded, “At Need 2 Succeed, we are happy to work with all regions to support the development of Social Prescribing and other Health and Social Care Workforce Development initiatives. If people contact us, we will seek to support in any way that we can.”

T 020 7871 9941


The widest range of digital print processes for packaging

Be it primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging, Konica Minolta has digital print solutions to enable businesses to adapt to the ever-changing packaging market.

Primary Packaging – Many small to medium sized label printers are outsourcing their digital labels to trade suppliers. This may be due to volumes, or pressures involved in adding new technology and workflows to their business. To meet market demand, Konica Minolta offers an easy to operate digital label press that delivers superb 1,200 dpi quality, consistency with low maintenance, and high uptime at an affordable cost, for the simplest way to add volume digital label production to your business.

Secondary Packaging – The AccurioJet KM-1e B2+ sheetfed digital LED inkjet press is a true alternative to short-run offset packaging printing.

Incorporating patented LED inkjet technology & traditional offset paper handling for up to B2+ size 600µm thick sheets, the KM-1e can easily handle the highest quality jobs on the widest range of substrates, using the most consistent inkjet technology in the world.

Tertiary Packaging – With the increase in demand for home deliveries, adding personalised content to the inside of the

Mono Material Lotion Pump

Single Polymer Pump, The First of its Kind in the World

Global One-Pak are part of Coral Products PLC Group and was established in 2003. Over the years it has grown into a leading global supplier of lotion pumps, trigger sprayers and closures. Based in Manchester, UK, GOP supplies products throughout Europe and the rest of the world to multiple global locations through its well-established supply chain.

Global One-Pak Ltd’s innovative design team are producing a single polymer, plastic material lotion pump. This allows for full recyclability without the need to break parts down into individual material types. The market is asking for more sustainable options for single use plastic products and GOP is providing.

shipping box helps increase consumer engagement with the supplier. The PKG 1300i corrugated board press allows for full colour personalisation of corrugated packaging and is simple to operate, with production runs from one box and the ability to process predie cut boxes. A cost effective short to mid run solution for the corrugated packaging sector.

Your passion packaged

From beauty products to guitars to jewellery, your passions are important to us –in the fast-paced eCommerce marketplace, making sure your goods look their best, from the moment a customer orders to when it arrives in your customer’s hands, is vital.

That's why we're always working to innovate our range as was on full display at this year's Packaging Innovations exhibition held at Birmingham's NEC. We brought a selection of our products with a focus on our sustainable and eco-friendly

options – helping the planet and helping businesses provide the best packaging possible for their consumers.

At RAJA we're just as passionate as you, seeking to provide the highest quality packaging with more than 5,000 products to choose from, including many bespoke packaging options, if you want

a specific size or something unique to showcase your brand. And with next day delivery on our stocked items, we'll be there before you know it! Whatever your industry, we'll provide the perfect packaging solution for you.

T 0800 542 4428

GOP are making affordable solutions to help make your brand look incredible, we also offer sustainability across all our products with 30% PCR material available. Global One-Pak offer custom colour matching for your products to suit your brand specifications with chrome and UV options available. GOP offer decoration, such as, embossing and printing to make your brand stand out on the shelves. Our pump is currently in development and the customer is able to add their personal input to the cosmetic look of the actuator.

Contact Us: T: Roy Cotterill – 07787 246932 E: W:

HD Labels

HD Labels is a specialist in digital label printing, supplying printers and consumables for those wanting to manage their own production. We also have a print service for those just looking to have labels produced for them.

Tell us your requirements and we'll help guide you to the right solution for you by offering demonstrations, showing all associated costs, and providing free samples to back up our recommendations.

We manufacture blank labels in-house to any shape and size to suit all printers and our lead times are generally much faster than industry

standards. Our material ranges now also include recycled, biodegradable, and sustainable options. It doesn't matter if you bought your printer from us or not. We will ensure we supply compatible labels.

We have an in-house support team and can provide installation and training on all

Pulp-Tec is the leading manufacturer of sustainable moulded pulp packaging in Europe. At our three production sites (United Kingdom, Germany and Poland)

equipment. We're approved Epson, GoDEX, OKI, DTM Print and Afinia partners. We've been Afinia's leading partner for the past five years!

For support with your labelling requirements, talk to HD Labels on 01264 335118 or email: or check us out at:

we produce moulded paper pulp parts from environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable waste paper. Our companies thus offer a solution to the current problem of our time – the replacement of plastic packaging.

We offer eco-friendly 'off the shelf' and innovative custom designed moulded fibre packaging. Together with our customers, we develop specific paper pulp solutions and take care of the whole process from the initial idea down to the finished product. Design and Development is a core pillar of Pulp-Tec. Each of our three manufacturing sites has its own design engineers, CNC machines and in-house tooling department. With this we guarantee our customers:

◆ Best design competence in the market

◆ Fastest lead times from design to series production

◆ Quick modifications during the qualification process if needed

◆ Uncompromised tool maintenance for stable high end product quality

◆ Uncomplicated repair in case of tool breakages, thus always ensuring continuity of supply Our product range is very diverse – from roll guards, wine & beer packs to packaging for electronics and household goods for end customers.

T +44 (0)1236 829052


New from Phoenix Handling Solutions

I ntroducing the new Cobot end of line palletiser from Phoenix Handling Solutions

palletising system, based on a Doosan H2017 6 axis industrial collaborative robot with a 20kg payload. With its 1,710mm long arm reach it is perfect for both UK and Euro type pallets. It can palletise up to 2,000mm without a lift kit.

The Cobot can palletise up to 18 cases per minute when multi picking. There is also a layer sheet option if require.


Solutions (PHS)

Given PHS’ vast experience in end of line automation, Cobots were a natural progression for its business for existing and new customers alike. They are simple to install and do not require masses of conveyors to feed them.

Hence, they can be easily placed at the end of a production line picking and placing product 24/7 if required.

The Nipper is an automated guided vehicle capable of placing empty pallets into the Cobot palletiser and removing

them when complete. It means that the customer can enjoy a fully automated solution with no operator intervention. PHS are the sole UK agents for the Cobot and AGV, meaning that you can rest assured that we will fully support your complete installation for after sales spares and servicing.

T 0845 265 7570

Mintons Good Food introduce home compostable packaging

Good For you, Good For the planet:

Mintons Good Food Launch Home Compostable packaging, contributing to the improvement of the environmental impact of food packaging waste.

The new compostable pack will replace the brand’s previously non-recyclable plastic packaging for its range of pulses, beans, cereals, grains, and dried fruits. Incorporating improved oxygen barrier performance, the packaging will also further extend the shelf life of the goods.

The new packaging was created by Parkside and has dedicated over eight years of research and development into compostable laminates. This has led to the creation of more than 20 accredited home and industrial compostable




With a reach of 1,700mm, the Doosan H2017 is extremely well suited for palletising onto larger pallets, eg. UK size (1,000x1,200). With a maximum payload of 20kg, it is possible to carry out multi-picking, thus creating a higher capacity with up to 18 products per minute, depending upon product specifications.

n Low investment, fast ROI – Lease purchase option available subject to credit checking

n Standardised system – fast delivery and installation

n Very compact footprint, easy to relocate by pallet trolley or forklift

structures, which is sold around the world.

Roger Watkins, Managing Director of Mintons Good Food, said, “We are a healthy foods brand, Mintons and our customers are environmentally conscious, and the impact of plastic food packaging is worrying, so it makes sense that we progress our

business model by adopting sustainable packaging for our products.”

The duplex compostable laminate used in the Mintons pack is manufactured by Futamura and is safe for food packaging. The pack is also designed to break down within 26 weeks in a home composting environment, gaining full accreditation from TUV (formerly Vincotte). The packs are also tested for eco-toxicity and various other criteria against EN 13432, the European standard that lays out the requirements for packaging that is recoverable through composting or biodegradation.


T 01597 824720

for the future of food delivery

“The pandemic significantly changed food delivery trend, but the delivery and takeout sales are now falling from the peaks of COVID-19 lockdowns. The market is still expected to continue to grow, but at a slower pace, and consumers have higher expectations from restaurants and food delivery platforms.” These are some of the findings of a unique white paper featuring profitable growth opportunities in the home food delivery business.

Dometic DeliBox is a game changing temperature-controlled food transport box, designed to preserve the quality and temperature of food and perishables throughout the delivery

process. It keeps the air inside clear, hot items hot, cold as cold and guarantees a better customer experience.

OTC Beverages: Original Caribbean beverages

Shirley White is the founder of the multi award winning Caribbean style drinks, OTC Beverages. Despite the turbulent backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Shirley and the team have managed to not only launch OTC Beverages but has overseen the huge success they have enjoyed over the last couple of years.

While the global corporations have come through unscathed, so many of the smaller companies have not which is why it’s particularly heartening when you hear about an organisation like OTC Beverages that has managed to buck that trend and

thrived despite the challenging climate.

OTC have won a plethora of highly acclaimed industry awards for the quality of their product range so their achievements have clearly been no accident. What has been behind that success? Clearly there are many factors. OTC has great taste, is based on traditional Caribbean recipes, is refreshing, has high quality organic and extract of flavours, has functional benefits associated with drinking them and they have been assessed by the Great British Food Award judges who awarded them a shortlisting in one of their categories

Meals are stored in the configurable compartments during delivery and arrive on a customer’s doorstep just as they left the kitchen.

This means restaurateurs, ghost kitchens, and last mile delivery platforms get an opportunity to build trust and brand loyalty. The solution can be a real differentiator in this growing service segment.

Dometic DeliBox has received various prestigious awards such as IF Design Award and Green Product Award together with Cake, one of the partners for food delivery.

n Collaborative industrial robot, complete with safety fencing – CE certified

n Easy product change-over

n Ideal for the food or pharmaceutical industries

and a high mark of 12/15 for their new Butterfly Pea Flower with Lime flavour which they launched in 2020.

Check out OTC Beverages at:


n Cobot: Doosan H2017 industrial collaborative robot

n Gripper: RCO designed cobot vacuum gripper

n Control: Beckhoff industrial PC & HMI

n Base Frame: Stainless steel clean design base frame

n Pallets: Floor level – 2 pallet positions for continuous operation

n Palletising height: Maximum +/- 2,200mm on Euro and CHEP pallets possible – in combination with a lift kit, depending on product specifications

n Capacity: Up to 18 cases p/m, depending on product specifications

n Pickpoint: Standard integrated intelligent pick point roller conveyor

n Gripper: 3D Carbon Fibre Vacuum Gripper (pictured above) as standard with strong and lightweight design

n Product Types: Standard for closed cardboard boxes. Special applications, eg. bags, trays possible

n Pallet Types: Euro: 800mm x 1,200mm and CHEP: 1,000mm x 1,200mm

n Product Dimensions: L x W x H – Min. 150 x 100 x 100 / Max. 600 x 400 x 400 in mm

n Product Weight: Max 20kg per product

n Optional: Layer sheet unit & buffer/connection conveyor(s)


Phoenix Handing Solutions

Unit 10 Mitton Business Park, Mitton Road, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9YE, England


Ideal Home Show

From inspiring ideas, to innovative products and on-trend solutions for your home, the Ideal Home Show, held at London’s Olympia from 11-27 March 2022, brought together full scale show homes, over 600 brands, tons of free talks, the latest technology and fresh ideas from a team of celebrity guests and experts. The show also offered health and wellbeing advice, an opportunity to be pampered, and places to enjoy some great food and drinks.

Visitors could shop from a huge range of exhibiting companies all under one roof at Olympia London, see and try products from an unrivalled collection of independent retailers, as well as plenty of favourite brands and lots that visitors wouldn't be able to find on the high street.

Finding inspiration for your home and deciding exactly how you want it to look is one of the

HAFIXS has been providing products for over 25 years

greatest challenges. Luckily, help was at hand at The Ideal Home Show to give visitors the confidence and ideas to transform their home and create their dream living space. architects, interior designers, garden landscapers, and finance and property experts were on hand with free one-to-one appointments and talks in the theatres.

The Ideal Home Show returns to London’s Olympia next year from 17 March to 2 April 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: HAFIXS & Iuvo Skincare. Further details can be found on this page.

London Lift-off

Anticipation was in the air as award-winning, special guest Alistair Bryce-Clegg launched the show with his opening speech. He welcomed visitors and professionals to the long-awaited Childcare and Education Expo, held at London’s Olympia from 4-5 March 2022, alongside managing director, Emma Barrett. The ribbon was cut, and visitors flooded in beaming from ear to ear as they were greeted by Morton, the life-sized friendly teddy from Morton Michel.

It was all fun and games at our free interactive workshop area! Together we sang, danced and immersed ourselves into the vast knowledge of our expert speakers. On Friday, we learnt creative

Iuvo Skincare

The highperformance glue with a long shelf life. It's economical to use and has remarkable strength.

It is ideal for all repairs around the home, garden, office and the workshop, for renovating, maintenance and DIY, for kitchen fitting, metal work, wood working and wood turning, for model making and engineering, for all your hobbies and crafts.

It’s suitable to use on porcelain, ceramics, china, crystal, glass, concrete, marble and stone, on metals, wood, MDF, rubber, Formica, vinyl, plastic, ABS, PVC, UPVC, PLA, Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate

etc., for all these combinations and many other material types.

After the cure it will resist water, oil, grease, alcohol, becoming frost and weatherproof and will support temperatures. HAFIXS provides a high structural strength when the glued joint becomes stronger than the materials being bonded. It is so easy! You only need a few drops of HAFIXS and a few seconds.

Use our website to view or place an order:

Iuvo, meaning to Aid, Assist and Gratify in Latin, is a family run skincare company created through experimentation and determination during our late founder’s Cancer treatment, accompanied with love and support.

During this experience, she found a natural raw butter that had nourishing and beneficial effects. This helped with her recovery and contributed to a much healthier appearance, inspiring her to create her own skincare range. It’s a pleasure to continue our late founder’s legacy, providing high quality handmade Natural & Organic, Vegan products to our customers.

We are plant-based, we support Cancer treatment development, as well as promoting various charity events during the year. Our products have minimal, recycled or recyclable packaging and we offer discounts for containers returned to us at our face to

face events. Get 10% off your first online order by using code ‘VeganS2022’ where we offer free postage on all orders above £25.

You can purchase our products via our website at: as well as viewing our upcoming events and our blog. Add us on social media using the following handles, Instagram –@iuvoskincare, Facebook –@iuvoskincare or you can call us on 07961 240906.

ways to embrace children’s calming strategies followed by children’s food expert, Annabel Karmel, who taught us how best to maximise delicious food nutrition for little bodies. To end off our fun-filled day, we gained knowledge into active learning strategies that will get you off your feet!

On Saturday, we learnt that music can be used to increase emotional wellbeing, everyday can be a song and dance with phase 1 phonics and science education for early years has an explosion of advantages to development.

We dove headfirst into Friday with our panel discussion on ‘Challenging our Perspective on

Education’, engaging on topics including the role of educators, how children learn, development of unique curricula, the impact of childcare costs

Imagination Has No Limits

on disadvantaged children, promotion of British Values within education and preparing children for adulthood.

Childcare & Education Expo returns to London’s Olympia next year from 3-4 March 2023. Additional shows in the North and Midlands follow.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s London event, listed here in alphabetical order: Bambino Planet. Further details can be found on this page.

Bambino Planet


Planet is a new and thriving supplier of educational resources and furniture, we supply to schools, nurseries, preschools, day-care settings, teachers, childminders, and parents throughout the UK. Our quality products will not be beaten on price and our first-class customer service has purchasers returning time and time again.

Bambino Planet was born in 2015, by two owners of a large childcare setting in East London. It became increasingly frustrating trying to find high-quality furniture, equipment and resources at an affordable price. As a nursery owner and as a mother, I understand how important it is to purchase products that not only meet your budget but also find those items that look aesthetically pleasing, are made from sustainable natural materials and are long-lasting and hard-wearing. I take great pride in the fact that here at Bambino Planet we not only sell such items, but we do so with the environment around us in mind at the same time.

We believe in open ended and loose parts play, natural resources and child led activities.

“Unstructured, open ended play is where the magic of childhood happens.” – Alana Pace


South West Business Expo 2022

South West Business Expo took place on 5th April 2022 at Westpoint Arena, Exeter. The event was free to attend, and was one of the largest business exhibitions in the UK.

The event offered an unmissable chance to network with local business owners. Businesses had the opportunity to generate sales leads, launch new products and services, provide live demonstrations, reach thousands of targeted organisations, build brand image, source invaluable potential customer information, open and build profitable relationships with customers, respond to customer feedback, and market to their own target audience.

Visitors also had the chance to gain free business advice and support from local organisations and speakers. The Expo was no doubt the place to be for businesses looking to grow and prosper, bringing them together from across the South West to help the region to develop and thrive.

Mindmaps Wellbeing

Are you looking for workplace mental health solutions that go beyond ticking a box?

Mindmaps Wellbeing are award winning specialists when it comes to mental health with a highly experienced team of instructors who are all Registered Mental Health Clinicians and Healthcare Educators. Ensuring your team receive the very best in mental health training and guidance support services.

Courses and Services available with Mindmaps Wellbeing:

◆ Wellbeing at work 12-month programme

South West Business Expo returns to Westpoint Arena, Exeter next year on 16th March 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: ClearYolk, EX2 Group, G3 Promotions & Mindmaps Wellbeing. Further details can be found on this page.

Promotional branding for your business

Marking its second consecutive year exhibiting at the Southwest Business Expo, G3 Promotions are specialists in helping companies find the ideal way to raise brand awareness through merchandise.

With the comeback of trade shows and inperson exhibitions, there is no better time to get your brand seen. G3 only source the best manufacturers, therefore, instead of settling for average, poor-quality merchandise, G3 are experienced in helping you to find the right product that will leave a lasting impression on your customers and ultimately lead to more sales for you.

G3 have an extensive range of partner catalogues ready for your perusal, with items including leather goods, magnets, soft toys, sport bottles, umbrellas, cups, mugs, balloons, banners, calendars, clothing and even items for the home, and for the kitchen and catering sectors. All these products and more can be personalised with your own branding and artwork, and if you need help with your artwork, G3 are also qualified for this.

Enterprise level data protection

ClearYolk is a specialist provider of data backup and recovery solutions that enable organisations of all sizes to access the functionality delivered by enterpriselevel data protection, without the complexities. The company was born out of one notion – to give organisations, their employees and their customers peace of mind that their data is protected.

Southwest based ClearYolk have over 10 years industry experience and provides backup and recovery for all of your data, any time and anywhere. It leverages multiple UK-based data centres, in addition to UK-based offices and support teams.

ClearYolk ensure that your data is always encrypted, ensuring no unauthorised access to your data. Its data protection is underpinned with ISO 9001, 22301 and 27001 accreditations, which ensure the highest levels of service and quality.

Also, with set-up that can be done in a matter of minutes, ClearYolk ensure that you have no need for complex or expensive professional services. No hardware, no complicated billing models, you simply pay for the data you want protected.

Finally, there is no need for a complex scope of works, ClearYolk provides a quick, simple set up that enables you to manage by exception immediately.

ClearYolk – Secure, simple, stress-free backup & recovery for your data.

T 0800 3688 977

Based in Exeter, G3 is ideally located in the South West region to do business with you.

Don’t delay, get your brand seen today!


M 07836 576615

◆ MHFA England Mental Health First Aid (Adult & Youth)

◆ NUCO Mental Health First Aid (Adult & Youth)

◆ Mental Health Skills for Managers

◆ Skills for Effective Wellbeing Conversations

◆ Mental Health Skills for the Workplace/School

◆ Mental Health Awareness

◆ ASSIST (Suicide prevention two-day course)

In-person only

◆ Safe Talk (Suicide prevention one-day course)

◆ Mindmaps Wellbeing Hub (app for your selfcare, learning and resources)

◆ Tailored Courses

EX2 Group

EX2 Group specialises in providing electrical engineering and renewable solutions to commercial, industrial, healthcare and education markets throughout the South West.

We provide the complete solution from design through to installation and maintenance focusing on utilising the latest technology to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

Our business is built around our people; we employ highly qualified and experienced professional engineering staff and operatives. This together with our capability to deliver complex and often logistically challenging projects and obsession for quality has helped us to develop a reputation that sets us apart from our competitors.

In a traditionally competitive and price driven sector, we believe that these advantages provide sound reasoning for end users and principle contractors to select EX2 Group.

Our core competencies are:

◆ Electrical – we specialise in new infrastructure and replacement switchgear to life-safety and

Enterprise level data protection,

◆ Awareness courses

◆ Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy

◆ Guidance & Support Services

◆ 1:1 Assessment with a Registered Mental Health Clinician

◆ Return to Work Assessment

For a no obligation consultation, to see how we can best serve you, contact us at Mindmaps Wellbeing.

T 01803 523660

10% OFF your 1st order with code SP22

critical systems.

◆ ECO-TECH – Our specialist low and zero carbon division. We work with businesses and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

◆ Compliance – We help to keep your systems maintained and compliant to the current standards. Our engineers are experienced in keeping buildings systems operating safely and efficiently.

◆ Engineering – Provides a complete turnkey solution for Mechanical and Electrical installation projects.

T 01392 308570

the complexity. Secure, simple, stress-free backup and recovery for your data
80,000 end-user data
Over 10 years’ experience
UK based offices & support teams
• Protecting
Multiple, UK-based data centres
for all your data,
your organisation now
Backup & recovery
anytime, anywhere Protect
0800 3688 977

Glee 2022 is a wrap!

From 28-30 June 2022, the halls of Birmingham’s NEC were a hive of activity, new connections were made and the NEW Fire, Grill & Chill outdoor area was successfully launched.

Seminar Sessions

The Stage was a hub for inspiration as gardening and retail experts hosted seminars on everything from sustainability to 2023 trends. Gardener and TV Presenter, Katie Rushworth, spoke to us about her success in the industry, while Trend Bible’s Rebekah Hutchinson told us the home and outdoor living trends to look out for in 2023. Missed a session? On demand available now!

New Product Awards Winners

The well-deserving winners of the 2022 New Product Awards were announced! After 2 rounds of incredible product pitches and deliberation from the judges, 12 brands were awarded across 12 product sectors. Check out the full list of talented winners on the website and find out how you can get involved next year.

Fire, Grill & Chill

The brand-new Fire, Grill & Chill outdoor demonstration area successfully launched at Glee 2022. The visitors were in for a treat as the Outdoor Entertaining exhibitors showcased their grills, pizza ovens and firepits, all while serving up some delicious grub.


Protek is a vibrant, family run UK manufacturer of quality water-based wood treatments and garden paints with great eco-credentials. The Protek wood stain range caters for all consumer tastes from the traditional to contemporary and includes all budgets.

Made in its Somerset factory, with a strong environmental ethos, the treatments developed are plant safe, pet safe and child safe. All packaging used is 100% recyclable and the water-based paints are minimal in VOCs. All products have a reputation for being extremely easy to use and have a loyal consumer following.

Protek has cultivated a high demand and is actively seeking suitable stockists. They regularly appear in the leading homes and gardens consumer magazines along with Royal

Floral Thursday Floral Thursday was a fantastic way to end Glee 2022. Everyone came dressed in their floral attire in aid of Greenfinger’s Charity, who build magical gardens for children’s hospices around the UK. Over £2,000 was raised in total!

Glee returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 27-29 June 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event. Further details can be found on this page and the next two.

The ultimate range of gardening and equine products, made in the UK

In 1981, Red Gorilla brought the first S1 equine feed skip to market. The now iconic feed skip was adopted faster than anyone could have envisaged, revolutionising horse feeding, and now, there’s not a tack shop in Europe that doesn’t stock some form of our original S1 feed skip.

Then, in 1995, Red Gorilla introduced the world to the Gorilla Tub, the world’s first flexible plastic, two handled tub. They quickly became an absolute staple of the professional gardener’s arsenal, and have been an industry standard ever since, making mundane jobs like sorting, cleaning, mucking out and tidying up a doddle. In the three decades since, they’ve added 9 new colours and developed a vast array of gardening, equine, building and agricultural products too. The strap line banded about for their core Gorilla Tub product range has been ‘use them for everything’, and that is exactly what everyone does.

The one thing that hasn’t changed in all that time is their commitment to high quality, ethically and ecologically made products, and, as such, the reputation of their products with those in the know is second to none.

Contact T 01455 848184

Exterior Superior Wood Finish being the product of choice on hit ITV gardening shows including ‘Love your Garden’ and ‘Prue’s Great Gardening Plot’ starring Prue Leith. Protek worked exclusively with Prue Leith to create a range of colours that were strong and vibrant for her new garden.

From the economy Shed & Fence that’s available in traditional wood colours, to Royal Superior

that boasts 68 colours (including whites, muted heritage tones and bright standout feature colours), Protek’s vast product range appeals to all ends of the market.

The collection also includes Decking Stain, Wood Stain and Protect as well as the hugely popular Stable Coat – and now new to the range Timber Eco Shield, a high-performing wood stain that’s available in the new on-trend colour ‘Weathered Wood’. Preparation products have been added to the series using the latest technology and conforming to current legislation, including a low VOC water-based Wood Preserver and an excellent Stain Blocking Primer that complete the range.

T 01749 344697

Welcome to Sicura, a company within the MC Group

Throughout the pandemic we witnessed a huge increase in the use of sanitisers and the shortage of supply.

Wanting to help satisfy customer needs, we worked alongside a large UK manufacturer to bring you our own range of alcoholfree cleaners and sanitisers – SICURA, a full range of products for people, pets and places, with products for the home, salon, gym, pets as well as a full range of sanitisers for hands, garments, surfaces, face masks and many more.

Sicura Pet is our range

specifically aimed at your furry friends and consists of shampoos, conditioners, chew deterrents, accident remover, urine destroyer, hutch and kennel cleaner, a range of dog colognes, as well as our

beautiful dog and puppy care kits.

Our continued expansion means that products are being added to the range all of the time. All of our products are alcohol-free, non-poisonous and water-based. We are passionate about our products and their benefits to our customers and hope you like them too and enjoy using them! If you would like to know more about the products we are able to supply, please get in touch.

Contact: Jackie Walker

T 01538 809099

Riverside Woodcraft

Riverside Woodcraft is a family run, wildlife manufacturer based in Elford near Tamworth in Staffordshire.

We have been manufacturing wildlife products for over 15 years supplying both retail and trade customers.

As well as our current range of branded products, we also offer white label products and can even create bespoke products for you.

To get in touch with us, simply email us at: and our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you with your query.


Wild ID fold-out guides

D iscover garden birds, butterflies, bees and beasties with Wild ID fold-out guides. Lightweight, splash-proof and rucksack-sized, but tough enough to take outside whatever the weather. And with over 90 titles in the range, they make great gifts for gardeners.

Our experienced design team works closely with leading authors and illustrators, co-creating guides with nationally recognised bodies like Butterfly Conservation, Buglife and the Mammal Society. Each guide is rigorously tested by a panel of users and reviewed by experts during development.

Wild ID is part of Field Studies Council, a registered charity established in 1943. The vision of far-sighted pioneers working with evacuee children, we now welcome over 150,000 people a year to our field centres across the UK. Your customers can be assured that buying from Wild ID helps us transform young lives by funding nature education, helping create the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts.


With an RRP of only £3.75 and attractive margins for retailers, our fold-out guides are popular with garden centres, gift shops and more. New for 2022: drive impulse sales of Wild ID guides in-store with our specially customised spinner. Available free on loan, it’s delivered with stock and merchandising ready to be placed out.

Stylish yet comfortable clothing from Stormafit

Started up from inside a garden shed, Stormafit is a family run business based in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Established in 1988, the company is growing and developing yet further, to this day.

Over the course of the past 34 years, Stormafit has aimed to provide fashionable, reliable, high-quality clothing and accessories while maintaining affordability and functionality for both men and women.

The company recently appeared at the very successful Glee Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. Glee is the most important UK garden and outdoor living trade show, presenting the most exciting brands, innovative products and

Scrunch is designed specifically to make travelling and storage easy.

Goodbye to rigid plastic buckets, balls that cannot be packed into hand luggage, dangly long fishing nets and hard plastic sand moulds – hello to rolling and scrunching, to folding and squashing our amazing products into very small spaces!

Roll them, fold them, scrunch them – pop them in your luggage. Our award-winning Scrunchbucket is the original recyclable, reusable, bucket for life. Made from 100% silicone which is derived from sand, they are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable. Squash them in your pocket, squish them into the corner of a suitcase and contribute more to the environment too –what’s not to love about Scrunch?

Contact: Kay Glennie @scrunchkidsuk

Our story


on our first ever garden centre refurbishment in 2020 at Moss and Moor in Ilkley, we came to realise just how much we enjoy working in partnership with the people in the garden centre industry. Once this project was completed we were approached by Mark and his team at Tong Garden Centre, Leeds, to fit out their brand new centre at Tingley, which is now complete and looking splendid.

This year we also decided to exhibit at the Glee Show in Birmingham, which was very beneficial to our company, opening doors to lots of varied projects and meeting lots of wonderful contacts from the industry. We very much enjoyed representing our company at Glee and we received a very warm welcome, not just from the visitors but from all the exhibitors too. It is such a friendly industry to be involved in.

Alongside the garden centre industry, we are also involved in office fits, restaurants including banquette seating, seating booths and servery counters.

We are an amazing team of 10 here at Gralyn and we work in perfect harmony with each other, thus able to produce the standard of work our clients have come to expect.

T 0113 253 7307

Jane Austin, the Glee Exhibition was an excellent opportunity for them.

inspiring garden retail insights.

With Stormafit now supplying over 250 centres nationwide with a wide range of products across two iconic and trusted brand names; JackDaw and

Stormafit boast a variety of products that are made in Britain, with products ranging from Walking Sticks to Wellington Boots, Handbags to Waterproof Coats and Purses to Shirts and Casual Tops. The company design and sell an array of stylish headwear and bodywear, right down to slippers and other footwear. If you are looking for stylish yet comfortable clothing, you are sure to find something for every occasion and all weather at Stormafit.

Contact T 01284 811365

Plant wholesale is our business, our true focus is you

Green Inspiration Plants Ltd is a family owned and managed plant wholesale business, part of the Micquel Groen group, which has supplied its extensive range of house and garden plants to independent garden centres in the UK for almost 20 years. From humble beginnings in 2004 through van sales to todays fully online offer, our extensive range of plants from the highest caliber growers across Europe are now available to you 24/7. We operate a hub service for POD, saving you all the hassle of ordering from an EU company.

Call it love for the profession or call it perfectionism, at Green



An opportunity for us to meet and discuss your initial brief, design requirements and project expectations.


A full site survey will then be carried out, allowing us to scope out the project and check for any potential build issues.


Our experienced designers will then produce detailed planning images and product mock-ups for you to view and check.


Once the design is approved, we’ll source the materials and begin the manufacturing work in our state-of-the-art factory.


Our dedicated fitters will then install the pieces on site and ensure the project continues to run smoothly.


Inspiration Plants the entire focus is service to our customers, whether you are a garden centre, plant shop, plant centre or wholesaler.

As a buyer of plants you need a supplier with an inexhaustible range all year round. The webshop of Green Inspiration Plants provides the breath and depth of houseplants, garden plants and Mediterranean plants which is truly second to none! Buy per tray or layer, whatever suits your business. At Glee 2023 you can find us at stand number 6B80.

T 01865 521641



I t is not easy to learn a new skill or to start a new business, but Hellostone has done both, and they are about to celebrate our first year in business.

That is significant! It demonstrates that their efforts were worthwhile. Hellostone now has over 140 incredible garden ornaments, some unique and some well-known. This year, they held their first trade show at Glee, where they were warmly welcomed and met with great success.

They are known for producing high-quality products with a high profit margin, and they collaborate closely with their clients in garden centres, farm & gift shops, and market vendors.. Always pay attention to feedback and requests because they can help your business grow.

Among the many items available, Birdbaths and the very special LOVE ornaments are

the best sellers in 2022. This Nottinghambased wholesaler and manufacturer of garden ornaments is proud to offer a 100% British product. All suppliers are based locally, thereby empowering the local community.

M 07403 374166

Cat and Dog GPS trackers

Weenect offers Cat and Dog GPS trackers created with the thought of pets that go a little too far.

Our GPS solution gives pet owners a possibility to keep an eye on their loved ones with no distance limit. In addition to live tracking, our devices offer a training module and territory analysis.

Weenect GPS tracker comes with a silicone case that makes it easy to fix on any size of collar and suitable even for kittens and puppies when they take their first steps in exploring the world.

Gardening Naturally provides gardening solutions and alternatives to help grow fruit and vegetables without the use of pesticides. All products are natural and safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.

Our customers love the beautifully simplistic packaging, which uses a white background with a different vibrant colour for each product, and all the products have an added bonus of using a combination of recycled, minimal and recyclable packaging.

Our product range is offered in both Gardening Naturally brand or own branding (at no extra cost and no minimum order). We achieved an outstanding response at GLEE 2022.

We offer a product that provides a safe and humane way of monitoring your pets, avoiding the use of other harmful methods such as electric shock collars.

Our trackers are known for being the smallest and lightest trackers available on the market, weighing only 25g and measuring 59 x 23 x 12mm.

In addition to the GPS tracking functions, Weenect offers something that other trackers do not – training functions. The trackers can vibrate and ring which

Hygiene Control

I n order to protect food and beverage products from contamination, regular monitoring is required to check for food spoilage microorganisms and food poisoning pathogens. In the past food hygiene testing has been done using either ATP monitoring or the more traditional TVC assessment.

Several rapid tests applied as a spray on test surfaces are now available in the Christeyns portfolio to detect the presence of different contaminants on surfaces after cleaning and disinfection operations. These kind of hygiene tests have the advantage of enabling

We are still a family-run business. We moved into larger premises just before Christmas which will allow us to speed up our already fast despatch rate to our customers.

With excellent customer service coupled with quality, reliability, speedy delivery and value for money, Gardening Naturally is the prime choice for all your natural gardening needs.

We have lots of new products in the pipeline too.

If you would like our trade catalogue, please contact us at:

T 01285 760505

can be used to train your cat or dog to respond to the prompts and come home at the touch of a button.

In fact, towards the end of the year we will be launching a completely redesigned GPS tracker with 3G, 4G, 5G network and more features such as flashing light when you walk at night.

Our GPS trackers are currently available in 150 partner stores in the UK. The map of the retailers we work with can be found on our website at:


visual inspection of the contaminated areas, a useful tool to support hygiene audits and assess the efficacy of the cleaning procedures.


A quick test for identifying the presence of any type of biofilms on the surface. Biofilms provide protection for microorganisms such as Listeria and Staphylococcus posing a threat to food safety and potential equipment operational issues. A fuchsia-coloured reactant confirms the presence of biofilm after only 5 minutes.


A test for detection of contamination on surfaces including many microorganisms and some food residues. Simply spray and wait approx. 60 seconds, any positive presence of residues will generate micro-bubbles and a white foam.


A test for detection of low levels of contamination either microbiological or chemical.

FreshCheck, a patented formulation, is a

unique hygiene verification test that reveals the presence of viable bacterial populations and organic soiling on food contact and preparation surfaces in only 10-30 seconds via a colour-change of the sprayed formula. With their ease of use, rapid qualitative identification of bacterial populations and a low cost per test, these products offer a new alternative in the management and control of bacterial food safety.


Every Breath You Take

Asthe OneStop-Shop for surface preparation, the expert teams at The Preparation Group work hard to ensure every breath you take on-site is a safe one: dust. If not controlled, dust presents a major hazard to operators of machinery, trades in the local vicinity and the general public.

With our wealth of knowledge, over 30 years’ professional experience, and fleet of efficient, innovative machines; The Preparation Group offers dust extraction and filtration solutions that will contain toxic and hazardous dust, debris and/or airborne particles on every project – from 5m2 to 50,000m2

Selecting the best equipment is a challenge. Our on-hand teams advise and guide you to secure the most effective equipment to make sure that potentially harmful dust can be dispersed, purified, eliminated and/ or contained correctly throughout the duration of your project.

Our smart, high-performance vacuums can be matched to all models of equipment/tools, and efficiently defend against exposure to harmful dust. The Preparation Group is always improving its fleet of innovative equipment, growing our knowledge and experience to ensure you can trust us to guide and advise you to deal with dust safely, diligently and effectively – no matter the project.

Contact our expert team today and start tackling dust on +44 (0)1522 561460 or:


Art, creation and design come together to create beautiful jewellery

In this issue of Products & Services Review we are proud to announce that we have selected Ayala Bar as our Jewellery Company of the Month.

Ayala Bar Jewellery began life in the early 1990s. As a child Ayala was inspired by seeing her uncle creating plant pots from cement which would be decorated by stones or glass, like a mosaic. While this was just a hobby to him, Ayala soon realised that she wanted to create

jewellery, but jewellery that was more individual than most other jewellery, that wasn’t typically gold, silver or plastic.

Ayala Bar’s jewellery makes much use of mosaic patterns, she would collect colourful stones from the desert to use, or even natural stones that she would paint afterwards. Ayala has always enjoyed making use of different materials and textures, and this is what makes her jewellery so different from mainstream, pieces.

The design team and headquarters are in Israel. Sigal Distribution is the official distributor for the whole of the UK and Ireland. This company set up has really helped Ayala’s jewellery get noticed. Sigal Ivry, the director of Sigal Distribution, told us, “We have set up exhibitions of Ayala Bar Jewellery. When people see it, their reaction is ‘Wow!’ as these are works of Art, not just jewellery.”

The most popular products are part of the ‘Classic’ collection – this is a ‘safer’ collection as not all customers are adventurous enough to try the ‘Signature’ or the ‘Hip’ collections. The jewellery sells worldwide, with a large market in the US especially, and there are long-term

distributors in many different countries.

Distributors sell them mainly through galleries, museums or very high-end gift shops.

In addition to the ‘Classic’ collection, Ayala also produces the ‘Hip’ Collection which features a variety of textiles, the ‘Radiance’ collection, which features to the picture behind the glass, and the more unique ‘Signature’ collection, and this is where she thinks outside the box to create amazing pieces of one-off jewellery.

The Signature collection is where Ayala gives herself freedom to create something new, which has nothing to do with her other collections or products. Ayala does this to keep her work fresh. As an artist, these pieces are where she is the most creative, and these pieces will not repeat themselves, they are totally unique. Ayala sees her jewellery as pieces of Artwork that can be worn, and she pours all of her creativity and skill into each one.

On her website, Ayala concludes, “I am happy to think that I can bring joy to others through what I make. I am fortunate to have the scope to develop and


Storage equipment solutions

WP Group is a UK leading supplier of British-made warehouse pallet racking systems, and is renowned as specialists in mezzanine floor installation and industrial shelving systems. Equipped with an industry leading skillset, WP Group can design complete warehouse pallet racking solutions, to small parts storage.

One of its notable feats is its range of CE Approved charging lockers, which have been designed to provide a secure way of protecting and charging electrical goods in unsecured areas. From industrial tool batteries through to tablet devices such as iPads, mobile phones, laptops and cameras, the lockers are the perfect tool to protect and charge electronic goods.

“They are designed for use in a wide range of educational environments as well as offices/ workplaces, these lockers are effective at deterring the risk of opportunist theft and all of our charging lockers are available in a number of different sizes as well as different options for charging sockets. Their perforated doors allow items to charge without generating a buildup of heat, each door is independently earthed as well to prevent any safety risks,” added Colin Evans, Director. If you would like to find out more about WP Group’s range of charging lockers, please see the details below:

T 01706 875500

refresh my collections rather than remain static. It is my hope to continue to evoke curiosity and intrigue through my artistic productivity.

For me, this is the true essence of what Ayala Bar stands for.”

For more details about the jewellery, visit:

Or for the UK distribution centre, visit: and register as a stockiest in order to place orders.

T 01784 482888


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