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Recyclable pouches join the family of McCoos

Prevent staff shortages with Air Cleaning Technology

Airdri’s SteraSpace air sanitisation units could be a key weapon against a ‘perfect storm’ of rising COVID rates, monkey pox and a severe flu season, according to an expert.

Dr. D. L. Webber, a microbiologist of 50+ years, is urging businesses to put preventative measures in place now to protect their workforce for winter.

“Mask wearing, hand hygiene and air cleaning technology, should all play a part,” he says.

“Numerous industries are already operating at capacity, so with sickness and rising absenteeism in winter, stretched services may be tested to breaking point.

“My advice is to take steps now or face an even worse staffing crisis down the line. Vaccination is effective, but there are other things we can do as learnt throughout the pandemic – namely air sanitisation.”

How can a recyclable pouch possible do justice to the Steven Brown Art's – the McCoos?

When Deans of Huntly wanted to launch their range of Cookies in a recyclable pouch, they approached National Flexible for ideas. They had the designs which are incredible, incorporating Steven Brown Art’s McCoos but were worried that a recyclable laminated pouch wouldn’t do the designs justice as some recyclable materials can have a ‘dull’ finish similar to polyethylene.

National Flexible had already had extensive experience of recyclable films and pouches and were able to help. The pouches needed to have intensity of colour not only in the main design but also in the photographs of the small packs on the front.

“We needn’t have worried. National Flexible understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. We are extremely happy with the pouches – they look amazing!” said Michael from Deans of Huntly.


The first decentralized motor starter in IP65/ NEMA

Manufacturing firm Airdri had its SteraSpace units independently tested in a range of settings, including a COVID test centre run by DAM Healthcare.

Head of procurement for the DAM Group, Bryan Adekoya, said, “Our biggest concern as a

COVID-19 testing centre was an outbreak. After the live trial was successful, showing a near 90% reduction in bacteria, we installed more SteraSpace units within the practice. This has given the staff more confidence and has made them happy with the extra precautions we have taken.”

Find out more at:

Tail Blazers: Xion Group launches first range of dog pet products at Crufts

YOUR BENEFITS: + Guaranteed functional safety with integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) + Compact design requires little space + Extremely user-friendly thanks to plug + play installation and intuitive tools + Simple commissioning via DIP switches with online configurator

For more information, please visit our website:

This is the selected exhibitor chosen by Products & Services review which attended Crufts 2022 in March, this can be found from pages page 4-7.

Trading under the registered brand name of Tail Blazers, Xion Group launched their first range of dog pet products at Crufts.

The initial range included Dog Drying Coats, Dog Drying Bags, Dog Towels, Tuff Chewer range and Roller Ball Feeders. Based on the principal that quality is the most important factor in retailing, the dog drying products sold out by the 3rd day and forward orders were placed by many customers.

Comments received were repetitive on

what amazing quality and value for money the Tail Blazers range of products were.

The Premium range of Dog Drying Coats feature in-house tartan designs in a range of colours using double thickness, microfiber, absorbent fabric, dye-tested and exclusively produced for Tail Blazers.

Likewise, the Standard Range of Dog Drying Coats comes in bright, nonfading colours – also in two layers.

The Tuff ChewerTM range consists of a rage of 5 sizes of improved Kong-type chewers and was also popular as were the Roller Ball Feeders.

New products being launched shortly are the Rain Coats with a removable insulated liner for summer and an exclusive LicPalTM feeder with a 40 page recipe book.

9 SEAGO YACHTING I-VIII HEALTHCARE MATTERS 2 WP GROUP 3 HUMIDITY SOLUTIONS TEL: 0121 550 2086 — WWW.PRODUCTSANDSERVICESREVIEW.CO.UK — JULY 2022 — ISSUE 806 The entire content of this publication is advertorial based. To place an advertorial or an advert, please call 0121 550 2086. Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @uk_psr or download our iOS app 1
01274 685566
Contact T
12 with integrated Safe Torque Off.
01483 531213

Thermal Inkjet: The low-maintenance, high resolution printing solution

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are the perfect solution for those looking to dispense with the high maintenance demands of continuous inkjet printers. Offering a high resolution mark suitable for the fine detail of barcodes and logos as well as the variable data of date, time and batch codes, TIJ printers offer a low maintenance printing option by having a printhead integrated into every ink cartridge. Any problems with the printhead can be solved by replacing the cartridge rather than calling out a specialist service engineer.

Superior safety with minimum effort

Wieland Electric supports the simple planning and safe operation of conveyor systems with its decentralised motor starter podis MS 5HP.

Large control cabinet space requirements bulky cable trays, and complicated distributor box installation: When motors in conveyor systems are safely turned off in the traditional manner, the wiring and energy distribution involved is typically very complex.

Wieland Electric wanted to reduce the complexity in installation and make it more user friendly. This motivation led to the development of the motor starter podis MS 5HP. The compact, robust and user-friendly drive component includes an integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) function that, when activated, renders the connected motor torque-free and allows the power supply to be completely disconnected from the emergency stop circuits.

As a result, STO circuits no longer need to be routed over long distances to a central distributor and assigned to a specific energy branch. This reduces the system’s susceptibility to interference and provides significant benefits for planning and installation work.

T 01483 531213

T-Mark, a subsidiary of Timbermark ID Systems, is a core distributor of TIJ printers from Chinese supplier, Sojet, and offers a range of low cost, high resolution printers with from one to six printheads.

The Elfin E1S printer is the smallest in the range, which uses a single remote printhead and is programmed via a touch-screen controller. It can be used to customise preprinted labels with variable data. Using either

solvent or aqueous-based inks, it can print date and batch code information onto metal, plastic and glass as well as wood and cardboard.

All the TIJ printers are available to purchase direct from the company’s eCommerce site at: – Timbermark also has a new distribution centre in Belgium so can supply landed, duty-paid stock from its UK or EU bases.

Medical Packaging Specialists


Storage equipment solutions

WP Group is a UK leading supplier of British-made warehouse pallet racking systems, and is renowned as specialists in mezzanine floor installation and industrial shelving systems. Equipped with an industry leading skillset, WP Group can design complete warehouse pallet racking solutions, to small parts storage.

One of its notable feats is its range of CE Approved charging lockers, which have been designed to provide a secure way of protecting and charging electrical goods in unsecured areas. From industrial tool batteries through to tablet devices such as iPads, mobile phones, laptops and cameras, the lockers are the perfect tool to protect and charge electronic goods.

“They are designed for use in a wide range of educational environments as well as offices/ workplaces, these lockers are effective at deterring the risk of opportunist theft and all of our charging lockers are available in a number of different sizes as well as different options for charging sockets. Their perforated doors allow items to charge without generating a buildup of heat, each door is independently earthed as well to prevent any safety risks,” added Colin Evans, Director.

If you would like to find out more about WP Group’s range of charging lockers, please see the details below:

T 01706 875500

Global Partnership Manufacturing facilities in Europe & the US ISO Class 7 & ISO Class 8 cleanrooms In-house design & tooling Sterilisation compatible materials World class quality standards ISO 9001 Certified • ISO 13485 Certified – Device Specific ISO 11607 Certified • FDA Registered – Device Specific cGMP Compliant BRC/IoP Certified • ISO 14001 Certified If you are seeking a world class packaging partner, please contact us In Europe +44 (0)115 964 6990 In the US +1 800 847 7113

Boost efficiency, performance and profit with humidity control

Stable and reliable humidity control significantly increases efficiency, productivity, and profits in commercial and industrial environments. It has been scientifically proven that relative humidity levels between 40-60% improves mechanical, electrical and human performance. Industrial processes like manufacturing rely on stable humidity levels to ensure optimal performance of machinery, improve running speeds, glue curing, anti-static and reduce breakdowns. Manufacturing is a delicate process, often with a lot of tight specifications to work to, but depending on what is being manufactured, a lot of the issues faced will depend on individual specialisms.

In many commercial and industrial environments, a balance of both humidification and cooling may be required, particularly for applications which generate excess heat and have a negative impact on occupants, production or materials. The environmental demands and regulations vary widely for different applications & depend on the precise nature of the building or facility. There are clear benefits to working with specialists in this field who have experience in each type of application and are not tied to a particular manufacturer – to be able to recommend tailored solutions that use the most appropriate products in the best way.

Humidity Solutions is the UK’s leading independent specialist in humidity control, offering a range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of sales and after sales engineers who can design a bespoke solution for each unique application, and supply, install and maintain the equipment throughout its life. This end-to-end solution offers unbiased advice, streamlining the process and helping customers to protect their greatest assets: be that people or equipment – or both. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

Contact T 01372 571200


The home of celebrating man’s best friend

Crufts, the must-attend event for lovers of the four-legged, barking and fluffy tailed variety, was back again in 2022. Taking place at the NEC Birmingham on the 10th-13th March, the celebration of dogs event welcomed back our pawsome pals and their owners, for a four day stretch of all things canine.

Crufts is renowned as the world’s greatest dog show and is organised by The Kennel Club, to showcase and celebrate every aspect of the role that dogs play in our lives.

The show consists of competitions, displays and offerings of new and exciting products for dogs and their owners. Crufts attracts over 20,000 competitors, competing for the prestigious title of ‘Crufts Best in Show’ alongside hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is broadcast to an international television audience.

There were many awards to be won, products to be sniffed out and innovations for owners to

A Dog Safety Gate for you and your dog from The Dog-G8 Company

The Dog-G8 Company designs and sells unique, Britishmade, concertina dog safety gates, designed to fit multiple configurations ranging from the Front Door (as photographed) to stairways, hallways, Motorhomes and more.

discover at Crufts 2022, and the show will be returning on the 9-12 March 2023, at the NEC Birmingham.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Botanica, Collared Creatures, Designs on Dogs, DoggyRade, DogG8, Go Walkies, Lakeland Cosmetics (Bugalugs Pet Care), Muggins Pottery, Oakswarren Pet Supplies, Paws for Thought, Percuro, PJ Pet Products, Sharples Pet & Twiggy Tags. Further details can be found on the next 4 pages.

For more information, please see below:

Collared Creatures

Collared Creatures is a small and family run, independent British business.

Our business is all about ‘Nurturing Love,’ making products that create special moments for you and your dog and helping you build that amazing dog and owner bond. We take the time to source the finest quality materials and constantly perfect our product designs to deliver real comfort, ideal fit and practicality – giving you dog accessories that keep your dog feeling warm, safe and utterly loved.

At Collared Creatures our mission is to provide fellow dog lovers with the finest range of beautiful products for your pooches! We have a great selection of beds to make sure your furry companions feel safe, cosy & warm. We also have a large selection of exquisite hand crafted collars & leads. We’re inspired every day, by designing beautiful and gorgeous dog accessories for you and your dog to enjoy in the home and wear on outdoor adventures.

Following our passion for dogs and doing what we truly love makes every day special for us.

We understand dogs and how delighted owners are when they see their dogs having a soft and cosy bed to rest and relax in, collars that make them feel safe and dog drying coats that get their dog dry, warmed up quickly and feeling cosy.

The dog coat specialists

Designs on Dogs offer great products all designed to cover all of your dog coat needs. As dog owners and professional dog walkers, Designs on Dogs understands exactly what it takes to keep a dog dry, happy and healthy both indoors and outdoors.

A couple of notable product ranges are the fleeces and drying coats that come in a range of sizes and uses. The zipped fleece for small dogs is a stunning fleece jumper designed to provide weather protection for small dogs. The fleece is windproof, waterproof, and features a zip making it easier for less mobile dogs to wear.

The fleece jumper with front legs also comes with a new easy wear design and is ideal for dogs who love to play in the mud and rain. Made from top quality fleece material this jumper slips over the head and allows the dog full movement.

The Premium Dog Drying Coat Bathrobe is made with two layers of microfiber to absorb water quickly, has a convenient Velcro design making it easy to put on and take off and helps protect your dog’s skin. Secondly, the Dog Dry Bag for Car or Home is perfect for zipping your dirty dog into before allowing them into the car after a wet and muddy walk. Featuring a zip along three seams, it is great for drying and designed to keep dirty paws from entering your home or car.

For more information, please see below:

T 07986 087342

Like you, we cherish the strong bond that we have with our dogs and love nothing more than to create those special moments for you to share with you dog too. We have numerous collections of luxury handmade dog collars and leads, cosy and warm dog beds, our luxuriously soft dog blankets and our perfectly practical dog clothing.


T 0333 577 7770

Dog-G8 can be used as training aid to improve a dog’s behavior at the front door, reducing the risk of a dog escape whenever a door is opened. Keeping you, your dog, and any caller safer at the front door. Alternatively, the gate can also be used as a generic room divider or stairgate to separate dogs.

When the gate is not in use, the concertina design allows you to fold it flat to one side and the gate’s

modular capability enables you to extend it to any width.

The Dog-G8 Company attended Crufts for the first time in March 2022, where the product was well received at the show and within that time, Dog-G8 has gone viral on TikTok attracting over 28 million organic views across the different videos on show.

To learn more about the products, please visit: or search DOGG8UK across social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

T 01403 560168

Social Media: DOGG8UK

Botanica International Ltd* and Sean Cooney Esq. Granted The Royal Warrant By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen

Botanica International and Sean Cooney Esq., have been granted The Royal Warrant By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, as suppliers of Natural Herbal Products as of March 31st 2022.

They are the first Herbalists and one of only three companies in Ireland to be granted such a prestigious award. In recognition of the continued quality and excellence of their products, Royal Warrants are granted to companies or people who have regularly supplied goods or services to either the Queen or the Prince of Wales.

Botanica International Ltd are the only company in the western world selling herbal products to China and they have ‘No.1 in the world’ on their Botanica packaging in China.

Please visit https://www. for more information about the Royal

Warrant Holders Association.

Herewith the link for our page on the RWHA website: https:// botanica-international-ltd

Sean Cooney, Director of Botanica International Ltd, “It is an honour for me personally and for Botanica International to have been awarded The Royal Warrant By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen. It is a recognition of our long-term focus on quality and excellence in the manufacture of Natural Herbal

products. We are so pleased to have earned this exceptional distinction for the company.”

*Botanica International was established in 2005 in Warrenpoint, Co. Down. Their objective was to create natural products utilizing the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy. Since then, they have developed an award-winning range of natural herbal products to treat common skin conditions for both animals and humans. They contain a combination of natural ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial properties to help promote healthy cell growth for complete recovery without scarring. Please visit: for more information about Botanica International Ltd.

T +44 (0)28 4173 9151

M +44 (0)7798 887833

Facebook: Botanica International Ltd

The complete Botanica range of products can be used on all types of skin conditions including Dogs and Cats

Need a Dog Coat? You're in the right place! Please visit M 07986 087342 • Our great selection of products will cover all of your dogs coat needs, whatever and wherever they may be. As dog owners and professional Dog Walkers we understand exactly what it takes to keep a dog dry, happy and healthy both indoors and outdoors. Our promise to you is that if we don't use it and find it genuinely useful we will not sell it! We also offer wholesale options for trade customers.



Crufts – the largest dog show of its kind in the world – was a defining moment for Twiggy Tags, a woman-owned small business creating dog accessories for every adventure.

On June 17th 2020 at just 21 years old, Lois started her business designing and hand-stamping metal tags. Named Twiggy Tags after her own dog Twiglet, the business went from strength to strength over the next two years and in March of 2022, exhibited at Crufts in NEC Birmingham.

The business has adapted and progressed over the years, and although the tags are still available to buy and an integral part of the company, the brand has moved its focus onto adventure-ready, hard-wearing and practical dog accessories made for the outdoors.

Twiggy Tags Crufts exhibit consisted of best-selling Adventure Harnesses with matching leads, and the cultfavourite Adventure Pet Mats – wipe-clean and water resistant mats that fit any dog size and fold up small for travel.

Created by a dog owner and lover, the dogs always come first for Twiggy Tags, who consistently create practical accessories that both keep dogs safe and comfortable

Sharples Pet: Exclusive UK distributors for LickiMat®

Sharples Pet are the exclusive UK distributors for LickiMat® and are excited to be bringing the full range of unique, innovative, patent-protected, trademarked products to Crufts 2023.

Designed by vets and approved by dog trainers and pet behavioural counsellors worldwide, LickiMat® provides an enriching experience for your dog and can be used for treats as well as regular maintenance feeding.

as well as looking fantastic. Hopeful to be exhibiting back at Crufts 2023, next time even more will be brought to the table as the company grows in size and strength every day.

Contact Lois, Director, M 07538 435846

Holistic pet health using planet friendly ingredients

Percuro is a revolutionary new dog food, putting the health of your pup first while containing zero traditional meat products. A healthier option with a far smaller carbon pawprint than mainstream brands.

With domestic cats and dogs consuming an incredible 20% of all meat and fish globally, our furry friends are putting an unsustainable additional strain on both the livestock industry and our environment, producing vast amounts of greenhouse gases and contributing to climate change.

That’s why we use clean insect protein from the larvae of Hermetia illucens, better known as the Black Soldier Fly. These larvae require a minimal amount of land and water to raise and produce a negligible amount of greenhouse gases when compared with cattle. This wonderful clean insect protein is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for dogs with food allergies. Their feed is strictly controlled to ensure no hidden nasties make it into the final product.

We carefully select all our ingredients to be low inflammatory and we ensure to exclude any common allergens like chicken, beef, diary, corn, wheat or soy. We combine our clean insect protein with only plant-based goodies like vegetables, prebiotics and

Healthy, hydrating, prebiotic treats for your pets

Pet owners understand the importance of treating their pets every once in a while, but it is important to note that offering nutritious snacks is key to pet’s overall health and wellbeing. The DoggyRade team of veterinarians and nutritionists have over 30 years of experience working in critical care clinics for pets, and have developed solutions in response to genuine pet health needs. One area of pet health deserving of attention is the intestinal health of cats and dogs and these products have been specially formulated to help prevent acute and long-term illnesses that affect pets on a daily basis. We want to ensure that pet parents feel safe in knowing that their pets are happy, healthy and hydrated!

The DoggyRade range is a selection of prebiotic drinks, treats and gravy toppers that come in an isotonic format and contain very small amounts of sugar and salts that allow the functional ingredients to be absorbed quickly into your pet’s bloodstream. These products contain natural prebiotics, which support good gut health, digestive health and intestinal function. Prebiotics are a source of food for the gut’s healthy bacteria and help them to grow. The DoggyRade and KittyRade drinks come in a great chicken taste that pets love, and include amino acids and electrolytes, encouraging fluid intake and helping to avoid dehydration. YummyRade is a lowfat and low-calorie meal topper that enhances the taste of bland pet food; ideal for those on special diets. For more information on our full prebiotic pet nutrition range, please visit: or email:

essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support a healthy immune system, tummy, skin and coat. All our dry food recipes are formulated by nutritionists to be complete and balanced, following FEDIAF nutritional guidelines, and are veterinary approved.

Percuro is a delicious food to provide the holistic health your dog will love, and that our planet will love you for.

For more information, please visit: or contact:

Aside from using LickiMat® to soothe anxiety, provide a long lasting treat or as a training aid, these products make excellent slow feeders and are great for raw feeding. LickiMat® is far more than just a boredom buster for your dog!

Made from non toxic, silicone free human grade rubber (TPR), LickiMat® are freezer safe and microwave safe and Tuff versions are also dishwasher proof.

PJ Pet Products

PJ Pet Products was back at Crufts this spring –and what a great opportunity it was to reconnect with our end customers and feel the fresh energy, which surrounds the offerings for todays’ dog owners – whose ranks have, of course, expanded during lockdown!

PJ Pet Products was established in 2010, originally as an importer of dog chews. A decade later, and the business has expanded significantly. We now proudly offer a wide variety of products for dog and cat owners, selling under long established brands such as Outward Hound, Nina Ottosson, Pioneer Pet Products, Smart Cat as well as our own brands such as K9Pursuits, DO&G, CA&T and many more.

PJ Pet Products has primarily focussed on trade as a wholesale company for many years – which is the heart and soul of what we do. We remain focussed on everything for dogs and cats – from outdoor pursuits to indoor play and feeding. Recently, we have seen greater interest in toys and IQ games – with which we strive to relieve boredom and offer products for a happy pet.

Under new ownership since late 2021, PJ Pet Products is building on the foundations of a great business,

LickiMat® is available in many different surfaces, sizes, colours and styles to suit all different types of topical treats from the Soother, which is ideal for runny treats like yoghurt through to the Buddy, which is perfect for sticky consistencies like peanut butter. For further information, please go to:, email: or contact: 01704 550044 to be directed to a local stockist.

whilst focussing lots of effort on modernising systems, warehousing capabilities and ensuring our product range evolves with our consumers. We have relaunched our website to reflect these changes and to emphasise our tech-enabled shortening of delivery times from our new warehouse facilities. Another priority of ours is building a natural dog treats range of products. We’re working towards a launch of the offering later this year, and are very excited about its development.


M 07767 675025


Paws for Thought

Afamily run business since 2005 in the South of England, we are the suppliers and distributors of Mendota pets products and cover the whole range of leads, collars, colours and sizes, as well as being the home for the skid plate. We have always strived to maintain the highest quality of gundog training equipment for you and your dog.

We are distributors and suppliers for Mendota Pets since 2009 and have grown world wide establishing this great product that is made to last.

All products have been used, tried and tested by us and our gundog demo team. We strive to make you feel comfortable when ordering from us.

No question is too small; we want you to feel happy with the item you have purchased.

Once an order has been made it will be shipped out the same day before 12pm, if in stock after 12pm, it will be shipped out the next day. Figure eights can be used very easily by using one of our slip leads as this enables you to pull the dogs head up in a more comfortable fashion.

Contact: Tamsin Castle, Paws For Thought/ Mendota Pets, T 01323 506121

M 07546 884631

Oakswarren Pet Supplies

Designed to raise a smile

Oakswarren Pet Supplies are a family run business based in Barnsley South Yorkshire specialising in the retail and wholesale of quality vet bedding and other pet products. We have had trade stands at dogs shows for over the last 5 years along with our online website. We have a wide range of the highest quality vet bedding in both rubber nonslip and traditional greenback bedding all 1,300 grams per square metre with an ultra-soft deep pile. Vet Bedding is recommended and used by vets, kennels and top breeders all around Europe. We offer a wide array of sizes from 15x24 inch to full 15mt x 1.5mt rolls and bespoke sizes. We also stock a selection of our cuddle soft cushions and dog beds, crate mats, cotton beds, waterproof beds, nest beds and our dirty paws barrier mats!

Get 5% OFF your first online order with us by using the code First5 at checkout on our website.

Muggins Pottery is based in Leicestershire, England, 12 miles south of Nottingham near the village of Cotes. At Muggins we pride ourselves in making and supplying high quality pottery to our own individual and unique designs, something we’ve been doing for over 40 years. We don’t mass produce our pottery – every item and every face that has ever been made at Muggins is handmade and unique. Just two potters, Dan Moor and Sean Keefe, make everything by hand. One of the aspects that ensures the continuing quality and desirability is that just these two craftsmen create every piece produced at Muggins. While this limits the availability of their pottery, it means that it is their skills, knowledge and humour that will maintain the unique characteristics of their designs. Our annual visit to Crufts spurs us on to come up with more doggy released products, but this is just part of our range (cats get a look in too!). Take a peep at our website at: or visit us at one of our craft shows or give us a call on: 01509 266582. We are always happy to discuss requests.

Bugalugs Pet Care

Check out all our products on our website: or follow us on facebook: @vet bedding at oakswarren.

For wholesale or any enquiries, please email: contact@oakswarrenpetsupplies. com or contact: 07805 198215.

British pet grooming brand Bugalugs Pet Care has seen continuous success over the last year. Operating in a family-owned factory in the UK’s Lake District, Bugalugs Pet Care offers vegan & cruelty free products that are safe for all dogs. These products have grown into bestsellers and are being used by professional groomers across the globe. The brand was established in 2020 when Managing Director Lee Dobinson wanted to create safe products for his dog Max (AKA Bugalugs). Since then, the brand has seen sustainable growth within the Pet Care Industry. This includes securing listings with major pet retailers Pets at Home, Jollyes, and Just for Pets as well as wholesalers Best Pets & Vital Pets.

Within the recent months, Bugalugs have introduced new product ranges that are already seeing great success. Every product within the range is vegan, tested on humans not animals and made with water from the UK’s Lake District. As well as being packed with natural ingredients and long-lasting fragrances.

The shampoo packaging is environmentally friendly with recyclable bottles and a reusable pump for the 500ml size.

With bright, bold, and quirky branding you can be sure to find something for every dog at Bugalugs Pet Care.

Try Bugalugs Pet Care today by contacting: T +44 (0)1900 837942

New & Existing Customers Please visit Contact 07815 738533 | Email 5% OFF Use Code: FIRST5 at Checkout

Hydrogen Compatible Pressure Measurement

Hydrogen offers a cleaner, secure and more affordable source of energy with the potential to drastically reduce and tackle CO2 emission levels.

With that in mind ESI are committed to offering a product range that is not only versatile and environmentally friendly, but also offers the same outstanding performance and stability that they are known for.

What is Hydrogen Compatibility?

Samples of the materials used in the manufacture of the range were tested based on ISO 11114-2:2017 in accordance to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010 to determine an ‘embrittlement index’ of the material when placed in a saturated environment over extended periods of time. Results have provided a pass rating to the compatibility of the material against Hydrogen.

The Material

The pressure diaphragm and threaded pressure port are machined from a specialist Titanium alloy specifically designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. This, along with the non-oil-filled sensor and high integrity stainless steel housing results in a robust and versatile unit that offers excellent media compatibility across a range of environments.

Applications Hydrogen is already used in a growing variety of

industries, and although the Oil & Gas sector still remains the predominant source of energy supply and


Goelst: An eye for detail


Within the interiors market, small details make a big difference. Goelst can make that difference by providing smooth running, perfectly finished, curtain rail and blind systems.

We provide rails for all types of curtains, fabrics and environments. From hand drawn rails to curved skylight systems and hotel curtains that open automatically upon entering a room. Goelst has a solution to suit all project requirements.

Customisation is our speciality. How will you challenge us? Contact

usage, there are significant efforts being made to find an
more information on Hydrogen, please contact ESI on: 01978 262255 or email:
us via email at: or visit:

ISSUE 806 – JULY 2022

TEL 0121 550 2086


Supporting your journey to net zero

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to announce Avrenim as our Facilities Management Company of the Month.

Avrenim was set up in 2018 by Simon Mattravers and John Newberry, with the specific purpose of providing services to hospital sites. With an ambition to become the go-to FM provider for public and private institutions in the North West, the company grew quickly. Avrenim has developed from local SME to becoming a contractor of choice, now consistently competing for work with the big international FM and construction providers.

Based in Liverpool, Avrenim predominantly serves customers in and around the North West for planned maintenance services, as well as nationwide for consultancy, design and project services including carbon/energy reduction solutions. “We effectively cover all of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) spectrum which ranges from conceptualisation, installation, detailed design, commissioning, and operation,” said Simon Harris, Chief Executive Officer.

The company’s core competence is provided through Avrenim Facilities Management, offering hard FM (building fabric and M&E maintenance) as well as providing energy management, grounds maintenance, specialist cleaning, capital and refurbishment project management and helpdesk services. In many cases, customers can bundle these services into one hard FM contract. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company’s frontline staff use smartphone technology, mobile CAFM and innovative systemised prioritisation tools to ensure work is quickly allocated and completed in line with customer requirements. Operating in an open, collaborative and flexible manner, its services can adapt and change according to customer priorities. Avrenim FM is dedicated to delivering a service that is safe, high quality, great value and completely transparent.

Avrenim is committed to providing sustainable energy for future generations as your trusted energy partner. In 2019, the UK became the first G7 country to enshrine in law the requirement to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Since the UK Government has urged businesses to take action to reduce emissions, nearly a third of the UK’s largest businesses have pledged to eliminate their contribution to carbon emissions.

and optimise the potential performance of your existing energy assets in addition to offering further solutions, Avrenim is here to support your decarbonisation efforts.

pathway forms a large part of the company’s future, “We have started working alongside key partners across the EU to bring the latest technology in air source heat pumps to the market ahead of our competitors. This will be coming at some time in the Autumn of 2022 and involves a specialist bit of kit. We are also looking to enhance and build a bigger design capability team for solar installation and electric vehicle charging.”

There are four main Divisions that come under the Avrenim Group: Consultancy, Design, Projects & Facilities Management. These core divisions target the healthcare market, with the majority of the company’s service provision being to NHS trusts. “We have the capabilities to offer such a breadth of services. The vast majority of our services, unless it is very specialised, are delivered in-house. This makes us unique, as we can truly provide a one-stop shop for our customers with total ownership. Our operations are completely transparent – this means we can track any service requests that come to us through our customer portal with precision, as well as allowing our customers to see every step of their work request journey. This could be a long-term design and build project through to a reactive repair,” said Simon.

Avrenim is passionate about providing highly efficient, reliable, innovative and cost-effective low-carbon and renewable energy solutions that are aligned with the UK Government’s targets. Avrenim understands how difficult transitioning towards a low-carbon economy and net zero practice will be, and offers solutions to the technical, operational and commercial challenges businesses may face. Combining a specialist team, systems, tools and processes that collectively manage

Avrenim can help your business by providing a comprehensive and tailored energy optimisation service. This offering is based on an holistic approach that acts as the catalyst to developing a sustainable energy management model within your business. However, Avrenim recognises that every business is different and will therefore have their own unique strategies, commitments, and cultures. By offering a three-phase approach that includes a consultations phase, assessment phase, and implementation phase, customers can be assured that Avrenim will endeavour to act within their best interests to support their decarbonisation and net zero ambitions.

“We understand that everyone’s agendas evolve around carbon and energy reduction, whether that be for corporate social responsibility or for cost reduction reasons. Everything we do as a business is orientated around the journey to net zero from maintenance to design, build and commission. We can offer a true green initiative-based solution that includes the use of heat pumps and solar installations,” Simon commented.

Building from the inside out, Avrenim fully educates their new starters in environmentally friendly ways of working, teaching its employees better practices that will help contribute towards an overall net zero goal.

Simon explained why enhancing along the net zero

Simon joined the company this year as Group CEO to help bolster the company’s position in the market ready for continued growth and to reach specific market aspirations. Having worked at board level in numerous multinational organisations and smaller SME companies over the last 15 years, Simon is primed to make a real difference in the company’s future. Another recent change has seen a complete rebrand and new website that was launched on July 4th – this has strengthened the company’s brand awareness and profile within the market.

If you’re interested in working with Avrenim to reach your net zero targets or other goals, you can utilise a number of public sector frameworks to work with us. To find out more please get in touch or come and meet us at the IHEEM conference in Manchester this coming October.

T 0151 706 2150
Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @hcm_uk or download our iOS app I
Simon Harris, CEO John Newberry, Owner/Chairman Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust – National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day Team at opening of new sensory garden at Broadgreen hospital Liverpool University Hopsitals NHS Foundation

The UK’s medical refrigeration experts

range of refrigerators include small, medium and large medical fridges, ward fridges, laboratory fridges and freezers, neonatal refrigerators, and staff room fridges and freezers. Alongside this range, CoolMed also manufacture portable vaccine carriers and other medical fridge accessories.

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to announce CoolMed as our Medical Refrigeration Company of the Month.

The experience and expertise honed by CoolMed date back to the early 2000s when the company began supplying high quality medical refrigeration into the UK market. In 2017, Brian and Stephen Johnson made the decision to create a new brand under a new name, designed to bring high quality, hi-tech products to the industry and the individual consumer on a direct, much more cost-effective basis.

Operating out of its warehouse of over 14,000 sq. ft at the Trafford Park, Manchester, CoolMed manufacture pharmacy, laboratory, and staff room refrigeration used in pharmacy stores, hospitals and veterinary practises.

“We pride ourselves in providing great quality products that are reasonably priced and can be delivered the next day. Other services we offer is annual service and calibration, which is part of the legislation on pharmacy refrigeration,” stated Matt Thornton, Sales Manager.

CoolMed provide a complete range of expertly developed products designed for a range of medical environments. Able to provide a highly efficient service direct from its own warehouse, CoolMed can supply to all of the UK and Northern Ireland, as well as Republic of Ireland if requested.

Serving a range of industries, CoolMed’s key customers include hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacy stores and veterinary surgeries and for these offers a 5-year parts and labour warranty. CoolMed are not just manufacturers, they are medical experts and are working towards becoming the leading manufacturer and supplier of medical refrigeration in the UK. Its extensive

Stephen, Brian and the team at CoolMed really wanted to direct their focus this year into operating sustainably, protecting their direct & global environment and reducing their carbon footprint. Striving towards carbon neutral, CoolMed recently gained their Carbon Positive Business certificate alongside offsetting all their carbon output with the help of charities Cool Earth & Earthly. CoolMed hope to lead by example in the industry and have a positive impact on the healthcare sector, whilst protecting and restoring the planet.

CoolMed offers a calibration service to its customers, and some features of this service include ensuring the suitability of the fridge for the intended purpose and location is in the appropriate place with sufficient air flow, cleaning and maintenance of compressor and condenser parts, staff advice on fridge maintenance and use of controls, and a full calibration of the internal and external fridge thermometers with adjustments to be made where necessary. Each fridge also receives a full electrical safety test from an engineer who arrives on site, alongside a 6 probe temperature mapping calibration. The calibration service is certified to UKAS Management Systems.

CoolMed’s calibration service is a top priority for the company and is carried out by trained EBME engineers who hold a wealth of experience trained to solve all customers calibration needs. These engineers are also safe contractor approved and DBS checked. Calibration of a medical fridge can be a straight forward experience, and CoolMed covers all areas to ensure all fridges continue to run smoothly. There will be no disruption to your workplace during the calibration as CoolMed are used to working in and around busy environments, and by using state of the art UKAS equipment, can get the job done quickly and smoothly.

Regarding the future, we asked Matt what CoolMed’s plans were, he responded. “Our sustainability profile is key, so we are working with Earthly and Coolearth towards being Carbon neutral by 2030. Furthermore, we are increasing our ranges in laboratory units and working on new products for the blood transfusion sector.”

CoolMed is on course to being the UK’s number one medical refrigeration manufacturer and supplier, as unlike its competitors, CoolMed can provide a service that is cost-effective and time-efficient for its customers but also of the highest industry standard always delivering on time.

For more information, please see below:

T 0161 772 5666


The most advanced Nurse Call system in the world

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to announce Austco Healthcare (UK) as our Healthcare Communications Solutions Company of the Month.

Austco is a leading global provider of communication technology and software solutions for environments where communication is critical, such as healthcare and secure facilities. “We supply, install and maintain Nurse Call and Cell Call systems for organisations. Nurse Call is used within the healthcare sector where we work with NHS and private hospitals, care homes, and hospices. Our Cell Call service is for custodial sites such as prisons, UK courts, and custody suites,” stated Dave Webb, General Manager.

Established in 1986, Austco is a global company

that has one UK office based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, as well as its HQ based in Texas and further offices in Canada, South America, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Austco’s reliable solutions twinned with integrated stateof-the-art technology are designed to help customers improve efficiency, cut costs and successfully exceed healthcare requirements in duty of care.

One outstanding benefit of Austco’s solutions is that it is the only company in the world to offer Built-in RTLS. Incorporated into Tacera, Austco’s flagship solution, RTLS offers real time locating with no third-party hardware required. Offering automatic staff presence with dual technology, the badges and call points interact wirelessly to record a presence in a location, negating the need for caregivers to physically press a presence button. Other features include automatic call cancellation, mobile duress – offering precise location of buttons of the nurse call system when pressed, automated workflow, including message alerts, automatic log completions, and muting, reporting or location and button press data, and intelligent technology that can light the overdoor light in rooms where staff are present for further awareness to other care team members. “We are also

the only company in the world that has integrated voice recognition and activation with Alexa, providing not only fantastic functionality, but also again removing another ‘touch-point’ so improving infection control” added Dave.

Pulse Mobile is a native smartphone app that lets nurses manage alarms, and remote control the nurse call system from one device. Nurses can receive notifications of alarms from patients and their locations with the ability to take several actions with each alarm such as VOIP callback, Accept, Reject, and Escalate.

A great way to streamline your communication processes is by using Clinical Workflow, one of the most powerful additions to a Nurse Call System. Designed to accurately monitor rounding compliance, streamline communication channels, record pain checks, push data to a patient’s chart, indicate staff presence or patient falls, and more, the customisable buttons are perfect for capturing critical metrics and support care initiatives.

Designed for nurses, by nurses, Austco involves healthcare staff of all levels in the design process, initiating a philosophy that integrates with all systems customers require. Its solutions are completely customisable, for example, Austco recently installed a new feature for a client in Israel, whilst the installation occurred, the client asked for a ‘Good Morning Call’ to be integrated into

the system so residents could respond to a morning call through a wireless device. “Our products are easily adaptable, and we pride ourselves on listening to the demand of the market and then developing products based on that need. Even with maintenance visits we will check for compliance with HTM0803 and make any recommendations to bring systems in line with current regulations,” said Dave.

With healthcare requiring more intelligent technology, Austco has an exciting future. Dave explained, “We have recently started remote demonstrations in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland which are going well for us. Over the next five years, we are expanding more into Europe and are currently going through a lead generation campaign in a number of European countries. There are now 40 new hospitals to be built in the UK, so we are hopeful to be involved in at least some of these too.”

For more information, please see below:

T 01527 877778


Health and safety matters – Keep up to date!

The National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services (NASHiCS) focuses on all health and safety matters affecting the social care sector. The association goes from strength to strength and has a growing membership across a wide range of providers and organisations covering the UK.

Keeping up to date regarding Health and Safety matters is vital. The more you know, the more you can plan and the more you plan, the less susceptible you are in turbulent times.

Through the association you can Network with

colleagues responsible for Health and Safety, share your own ‘best practice’ experiences and hear how others have overcome challenges.

Attend dedicated events, on health and safety at special member rates; and participate in national

and local Networkers, Conferences and Seminars, in-person or virtual.

Advertise job vacancies free; and benefit from special member offers and rates from suppliers of goods services and equipment.

Receive regular update emails covering latest developments and safety alerts/news; while giving access to current information, links on key safety topics; and monthly our highly praised e-News.

Matters cover range from fire safety, training, infection control, lone working, falls prevention, first aid to stress, legionella, case law, regulation, people moving people and mock courts to mention just a few. See our website for report on past events:

We have national links with other organisations, government bodies and enforcement agencies. Our aim is to promote and improve safety and health in care practice by providing a sharing and networking forum for debate, and discussion.

Joining NASHiCS is a great and easy way to keep informed and aware. Health and Safety is an essential and matters to everyone involved with social care now and in the future.

Contact T 07840 160030

W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK

W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including:

● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales.

● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England.

● Staff training packs – ie. Management of Medicines.

● New for 2021! CQC compliance webinars.

● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses.

● In house training courses – let us come to you!

● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections.

● Tender writing and Bid support.

● CQC Registration Support.

● General Business Advice and Guidance.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.



100% Optical makes welcome return with record visitors

After an enforced break of over two years, 100% Optical made a welcome return to the ExCeL London, with a record-breaking 9,680 attendees flocking to the UK’s biggest optical event.

The first chance for colleagues and customers to reconnect after the pandemic, the three-day event featured catwalk shows, CPD seminars, independent and international eyewear designers, showcases of the latest optical technology and a host of new features, with an even stronger focus on sustainability.

Backed by all the industry’s leading organisations, 100% Optical saw over 160 seminars, workshops and debates curated by show partners, The Association of Optometrists, alongside exclusive launches, show offers and competitions.

The show also saw the return of the popular Love Eyewear Awards, which champion and promote eyewear. Organisers have already announced the dates for next year’s 100% Optical; it will take place from 25th-27th February 2023, while The Association of Optometrists (AOP) and Media 10 have announced that their partnership to deliver 100% Optical will continue until 2025.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Bayfields Opticians, Birmingham Optical, Blink OMS, Good Karma Eyewear, The Body Doctor & VISUFarma. Further details can be found on this page and the next. Follow 100% Optical on social media: @100optical #100optical

To register interest for the 2023 show, please fill out the form: exhibit

Blink Optician Management Software

The empowering eyewear brand for women

Good Karma Eyewear is a brand built on integrity, empowerment and innovative design. Established by women for women, Good Karma Eyewear was set up by owners Lisa and Julie to provide a fashionable range of women’s glasses.

Owners Lisa and Julie maintain a plethora of experience, having worked in the optical industry for many years. Their vision for Good Karma Eyewear, was to create a new brand to offer a range of glasses carefully designed to suit all face shapes, eye colours, skin tones and ages.

Offering bright attractive colours in chic shapes and designs, Good Karma Eyewear is designed to stand out and not shy away and blend in, like other brands. Its main purpose is to offer a range that helps empower

Blink OMS was launched in 2011 to provide a simple, intuitive & affordable paperless system for independent opticians. Features include; Patient Recalls, Practice Diary, Clinical Data Recording, Dispensing and eGOS. Being completely web enabled, Blink OMS can be used on any device and from almost anywhere and so makes accessing your key practice information quick and easy.

The latest eGOS feature makes submitting your GOS forms smooth and (relatively) painless. Used by both high street and domiciliary opticians, the system has so far been used to submit over 200,000 GOS forms to PCSE.

Now with over 150 users and prices ranging from just £50 to £145 per month, Blink OMS is fast becoming the first choice for practices new to electronic record keeping, as well as being a highly recommended option for independent opticians looking to migrate from outdated desktop solutions. Ask the Blink team about switching from your current provider.

Exhibiting at 100% Optical for the first time, Terry (CEO at Blink) said of the show, “…what made the 3 days special was meeting lots of existing Blink users, most for the first time. It was amazing to hear their supportive comments and how much they enjoy using Blink day in day out.”

For more information, please see website:

women to look and feel youthful, fun and radiant.

And ‘good karma’ is not just its name, it’s a promise!

Every purchase made with Good Karma Eyewear, contributes to a donation for The Princes Trust – Women Supporting Women. Good Karma Eyewear is dedicated to giving back and helping to support women, and The Princes Trust is a charity that helps disadvantaged young woman, gain the skills they need to go into education, training or work.

If you would like to find out more information, please see below:

T 01527 546903


The Body Doctor: Award winning eye care specialists

The Body Doctor Ltd, manufacturer of The Eye Doctor range, has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for its Sterileyes patented antibacterial compresses used to treat Dry Eye Disease, MGD and Blepharitis. The Sterileyes solution is clinically proven to reduce bacteria on the compress by 99.9% and is an integral component of Eye Doctor hot and cold compresses, aiming to be the most effective hot eye compress on the market.

Now in its 56th year, the Queen’s Awards are the

most prestigious accolades for UK businesses and are a globally recognised royal seal of approval for outstanding achievement.

The company achieved a major milestone in the spring of 2021 when a patent was granted for the antibacterial shield Sterileyes, following five years of research and development with three independent laboratories.

The Body Doctor Ltd is a family-run business founded in 2012. The vision of the company was,

and continues to be, to devise, develop and supply innovative solutions that focus on promoting and optimising eye health. The Eye Doctor range features hot and cold compresses, eyedrops, biodegradable eyelid wipes, including tea tree and hay fever wipes and a new Premium Eye Health Food Supplement.

Contact Sam Wymer, Sales & Marketing Director, T 01484 868816


Delivering obsessively great service to each and every one of our clients is at the heart of what we do. And our Bayfields family is proud that this service changes lives every single day.

Fortunately, no one works harder than Bayfields to get to know you as an individual and to take care of your hard-working eyes. You’re unique, and so are your eyes.

From the moment, you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close them at night, your eyes are working hard for you. Getting rubbed, staring at screens, fighting off pollution, streaming with a cold… your eyes put up with alot. And yet, these are the eyes which greet loved ones, see nature, communicate silently, create memories, and make it easier to work, play and be entertained. Don’t your eyes deserve to be looked after by experts?

That’s why our eye tests are so thorough, and why we listen so carefully to how you live your life. It’s why we only employ highly trained experts to help you choose your glasses and contact lenses. And it’s why we offer only the highest quality frames, lenses and contact lenses. 01274 619318

CROSS OUT DRY EYE with the NEW Xailin® range

One range for all your dry eye needs

VISUfarma’s NEW Xailin® eye health range attracted a lot of interest at 100%

Optical this year, here is why!

Introducing the NEW Xailin® eye health range

CROSS OUT DRY EYE with VISUfarma’s NEW Xailin® eye health range, an enhanced, customised solution for every individual’s needs. The three product range combines lubricating and moisturising eye drops with varying concentrations of sodium hyaluronate (HA) based on the severity of the dry eye condition and patient needs.

The NEW Xailin® range is preservative & phosphate free and is suitable to use with all types of contact lenses. What did customers find exciting about our latest range?

The main highlight that was shared by customers across the 3 day event was the fact that Xailin® Intensive is the one of the few eye drops on the market with 0.3% sodium hyaluronate (HA), indicated for patients who require additional hydration to treat ocular dryness.1-3

The NEW Xailin® range is available in a 10ml multidose bottle and is available from all major optical wholesalers now. For more information, please call our Commercial UK Sales Manager on:

Visit VISUfarma’s full range and download the corporate brochure here:

1) Xailin® Tears Instructions for Use (IFU) 2) Xailin® Plus Instructions for Use (IFU) 3) Xailin® Intense Instructions for Use (IFU)


Medical Technology Exhibition 2022

The Medical Technology

UK Exhibition & Learning Programme 2022 took place back in March at the Coventry Building Society Arena. This was the first time the event has been held in the UK, following huge success in Galway, Ireland.

This trade exhibition focused on the medical device manufacturing sector, which in the UK is valued at over £25 billion, and currently employs approximately 50,000 people in the UK and supports around five times that amount. Around 120 specialist suppliers represented the industry providing the perfect opportunity to stay up to date with the latest innovations in medical device design and the wider MedTech industry.

During the two day event there was a Learning Programme where many experienced speakers shared their knowledge and experience with the

delegates, alongside the launch of the inaugural Women in MedTech event, which is designed to give the opportunity for leading female engineers to share their experience.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Indysoft, M&M Qualtech, Pentagon Plastics, Polymermedics & Omega Plastics Group. Further details can be found on this page.

To find out more information about both the Coventry event, and events happening later this year, please visit:

Omega Plastics Group: Plastic injection moulding specialists

Omega Plastics Group supplies injection moulded components and assemblies to Medical Sector customers from two North East manufacturing facilities. We have been working in the medical sector for more than 10 years and work collaboratively with our customers adding value to their process and supporting with tooling and components across a range of medical applications including, drug and surgical delivery devices, personal healthcare, testing and diagnostic devices, and development/testing equipment.

We have a large in-house toolroom manufacturing technical injection mould tools for moulding by us, or for use by our customers in their mould shops. We have 15 toolmakers manufacturing production, pilot, and prototype tooling, from single impression to multi cavity. Our project involvement is from initial product design for manufacture input through full Project Management, validation and delivery. Having the toolroom and moulding in one facility ensures


M&M Qualtech: Design, engineer, manufacture

M&M Qualtech is a contract electronics, wire/cable harness and full product assembly manufacturer with global reach who specialise in high cost of failure applications. Quality is at the core of everything we do, we carry ISO 13485, ISO 9001, TUV, UL, CSA, FDA, IPC certifications or registrations and possess a culture of Lean Six Sigma for continuous improvements.

Key industries served are Medtech, Automotive, Military, ICT and Agritech.

The services we provide include:

: Design Development

: Functional and Quality Test Development

: Prototypes

: NPI, (New Product Introduction)

: Low to High Volume Manufacturing

: Printing, Packing, Kitting and Labelling

: Full Global Logistics.

From product concept through to commercial reality, our team of engineers work in close collaboration with our customers to help arrive at a stable design. We provide a live view into the supply chain and in real time can

identify any components that might pose a risk, even if that risk is years in the future.

Throughout our customer’s journey, we are obsessed with providing the highest quality, driving out unnecessary cost, developing robust quality/functional tests and accelerating time to market.

Talk to us about your project today by visiting: or by calling: +353 091 756677.

Polymermedics: UK Technical Injection Moulding

fast response times, reduces tool and process validation time, and allows quick diagnostics and optimisation for tools that are transferred to us to mould. With 28 injection moulding machines from 40T up to 1,300T and over 160 colleagues Omega Plastics Group has the scale and flexibility to cater for most projects.

Visit our website at: or contact us at:

Industry Strength Software

IndySoft was founded in 1998 and has been transforming the way enterprise manufacturing and commercial calibration labs have managed their systems for over two decades.

As perpetual innovators, IndySoft has introduced multiple technologies, which are now staple requests by any organisation seeking a professional asset management solution as it continues to research new technologies designed to save its customers time and money. Some of IndySoft’s specialities lie in calibration, tooling, automation, maintenance, and repair, as well as being experts in showing

customers how it can help to streamline their asset management.

The purchase of a calibration or tooling asset management system is one of the most important decisions you can make in relation to your quality program needs. IndySoft works with your best interest at heart ensuring the right operations and the right software package is going to be the one that can compliment and augment your process.

IndySoft provides customisable software solutions for businesses involved in the aerospace, aviation and defence industries as well as automotive, commercial labs,

Pentagon Plastics: Leading Plastic Injection Moulding Services

Pentagon are reliable suppliers into the Medical sector and leaders within their Plastic Injection moulding field.

Having traded for over 45 years the organisation has a high profile yet confidential customer base, delivering exception Plastic Injection Moulding and Mould Tooling services. Operating from one UK site of manufacture allows a single point of contact for the life of a project.

The group is divided between two technical divisions; the Moulding Division and the Tooling Division, meaning that they are a full turnkey solution to customers requiring plastic injection moulded products.

As a bespoke technical moulder, the group are well placed to support the medical sector providing volume production of noninvasive components used within hospital and healthcare settings.

The highly skilled Setters have a wealth of experience in processing high engineering grades of thermoplastics for the medical sector.

Customer mould tooling is designed and manufactured on site allowing the two operational divisions to work closely together to deliver accurate and quality production parts in a timely and efficient manner.

With a committed and knowledgeable team,

Polymermedics is the go to name for quality precision injection moulding with over 40 years’ experience in our field and we pride ourselves on delivering Precision mouldings and assemblies. It’s why we’re trusted by so many in our industry. As a supplier to the medical industry, among others and part of the Agor group we guarantee the utmost precision and superior quality in all our processes and products – exemplified by our quality accreditations. It’s your assurance that we will always deliver what we promise.

We’re renowned for our expertise in delivering projects for a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s a brand-new product or fabricating an existing component, everything we manufacture is meets stringent regulatory requirements. Our Validation processes guarantee

unrivalled performance and outstanding results. Operating 24-7, we aim to meet even the most complex demands and tightest deadlines. After all, your satisfaction is paramount to everything we do.

Polymermedics’ experienced processengineering team, technicians and toolmakers all work closely with our clients, ensuring everything is exactly as it should be - from 3D CAD drawings to the final product. Make us the total solutions provider for all your moulding and assembly requirements.

T +44 (0)1726 222980

energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors.

Get in touch today to see the new version 13 from IndySoft and how it can help you to reach your long-term goals.

T 01908 904116

the Group move quickly to ensure customer demand is met and high service levels are maintained.

If you are looking for a UK supplier for your plastic injection moulding and tooling services, please email: or call the team on: 01403 264397.


PestEx 2022

After a longer than usual wait, pest professionals from all over the world came together for the first time in two years, as PestEx finally returned to the ExCeL in London on 16th-17th March.

Over two days, 1,458 visitors, some from as far away as the USA and Australia, poured into the ExCeL exhibition hall, ready to network and learn.

More than 80 manufacturers and distributors packed out the exhibition hall with incrediblelooking stands, fantastic new products and creative games with giveaways for winners.

Lots of PestEx regulars were in attendance, but it was interesting to see just how many new

exhibitors there were at the show; Metex showcasing their new Rat Tape, Hamelin with their range of Ratblockers, Defender Bird Spikes launching the new Thistle Bird Spikes and Rat Trap UK making a splash on their PestEx debut.


Giving seminars as well as exhibiting were representatives from many of the biggest manufacturers and distributors, alongside industry experts like Alex Wade, Grahame Turner and Kunal Puri.

Ian Andrew, BPCA Chief Executive, commented, “There’s nothing better than seeing the whole spectrum of the pest control sector coming together in real life once more.

Trécé Incorporated

“Thanks again to everyone who made PestEx 2022 so special, and we look forward to seeing you at PPC Live in Harrogate, Yorkshire next March.”

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: ATEO, Property Inspect, RSPH & Trece Incorporated. Further details can be found on this page.

For the full review, please visit:

Pest Control & Building Inspection Software

Pest control is of vital importance to any industry. The failure to control pests can have dire consequences for businesses. Poor pest management & healthcare can also lead to a drop in company standards, which in turn can lead to a loss of business, fines, damaged brand reputation, and more.

However, what was once a complex is now becoming much easier to manage through technology. Technologies designed for many purposes in pest control and inspections are improving all the time, becoming easier to use, more affordable, and increasingly effective.

As an associate member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Property Inspect allows for complete control of pest management in public spaces, residential and commercial buildings to protect people and the environment. Our Pest Control software allows companies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers by automating

all aspects of operations providing compliant pest control and documenting.

Say goodbye to paper & pen forms By implementing a digital inspection solution empowers teams to work more effectively and efficiently, allowing evidence to be captured in real-time, enabling teams to act across multiple sites to prevent and eliminate risks.

See how our Pest Control Software can help your business.


T 03309 125005

Trécé Inc. is a customerfocused, market-driven organisation that develops, manufactures, and markets insect pheromone and kairomone based products designed to respond to customer needs, protect food production and preserve the environment. With more than 100 species-specific, pheromonebased kits, attractants and lures, and a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack stored product/ ingredients.


selling products. The Ultra-combi allows for the capture of over 30 different beetles, so if you are unsure what insect infestations you have this broad-spectrum pheromone & kairomone products is what you need. Once you have identified your pest problem you can then move onto a speciesspecific product.

Our STORGARD® II Trap is the ideal solution for moths and beetles in food manufacturing

and storage facilities. Again, this is from our QUICK CHANGE™ range and comes with the attractants already installed on the trap.

For more information on our company and product range, please visit our website at: or our customer services team at:

Accessible training for RSPH Pest Control qualifications

The market size of the pest control industry in the UK has grown an average of 5.9% per year in the last five years, faster than the UK economy overall. And, in 2022, the market size is predicted to grow by 9.5%.

A fundamental requirement for businesses wanting to take advantage of this growth area is to ensure staff are fully qualified with the latest public health pest control qualifications. Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is an OFQUAL, CCEA and Qualifications Wales regulated Qualifications Awarding Organisation and has been developing and providing qualifications in the pest control sector for many years. Possession of an RSPH pest control qualification is a requirement for membership of pest control trade bodies and CPD schemes.

All RSPH qualifications are offered via training centres throughout the UK. All courses are designed to be easily accessible, and the centres offer learners the support they need to complete their learning successfully.

As well as sole-trader and small business customers, RSPH also provide these qualifications to larger organisations that are household names in the industry


Innovative telecoms products


Corporate Communications is a leading supplier of telecoms products, consisting of an extensive product portfolio including telephone headsets, deskphones, webcams, conference phones and bespoke manufactured products for the telecoms industry.

The majority of its customers operate within voice critical market places such as the NHS and fire service so the company is dedicated to ensuring that its emergency service customers have the right solution to fulfil their needs and deliver clear speech.

A notable product range is the Poly Rove wireless IP phone solution designed for on-site employees. It offers a whole host of user benefits including integrated Microban® antimicrobial product protection keeping devices cleaner for longer and a ruggedized IP65-rating which means they are drop proof (up to 6.6ft/2m), dusttight and water resistant. The handsets are specifically designed for easy cleaning made with smooth surfaces, no raised buttons or gaps and your conversations are also safe and secure with DECT wireless security.

For more information, please see the details below:

T 0203 411 8218

and offers the only Ofqual-regulated qualification developed specifically to meet the requirements of the Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide (SGAR) stewardship scheme.

RSPH also works with government and local authorities to develop qualifications to suit forthcoming public health legislation in all areas including pest control, food safety and infection prevention. To find out how your business could benefit, please email:

Full details of all our qualifications can be found here:

ATEO Airgun Training & Education Organisation

In our current situation of litigation and no win no fee solicitors it is important that anyone who shoots as part of a formal vermin control programme has suitable protection in the way of – Risk assessments/standard operating procedures/ an understanding of the ever changing open license of what can be controlled.

Do you really understand ballistics and how to set up a scope or use night vision kit, the difference between pellets and how to improve marksmanship principles?

If the answer is no to any of these! This is where the ATEO training programme for pest control professionals comes in. The programme accepted by the professional pest control organisations.

Courses are set up as and when needed for companies and individuals. Dave works with groups of 4 or 6 maximum. He has training venues all over the

UK that he can use as needed, Dave often does courses for companies with specific training for the site, advising on safe systems of work and legal aspects.

Dave advises Blue Chip companies/small companies and governments on safe systems of work for specific sites or across the company.

He has access to a multitude of air rifles so that he knows what he would recommend for various uses, (not usually the most expensive) but the most efficient.

Contact Dave Mills, Founder of the ATEO, T 01543 450173

M 07761 237633



The Alzheimer’s Show 2022

This year’s Alzheimer’s Show was held at the Business Design Centre in London back in March. This was a two-day live event covering a wide range of topics including research, behaviour, practical tips for being a carer, sleep disturbance, communication, end of life care and first-hand experiences of life with dementia.

A free three-minute Virtual Dementia Tour

Re:Cognition Health’s Memory Services


Health’s international clinics provide award-winning cognitive healthcare services including memory clinics and clinical trials, developed to empower individuals and optimise brain and mind health. With centres in London, Guilford, Winchester, Plymouth, Birmingham, Bristol and Fairfax, VA USA, the team work to deliver the very best service and outcomes.

Re:Cognition Health’s Memory Clinic provides a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis for individuals experiencing difficulties with their memory by an expert team. This service is also tailored for those eager to improve their current brain health and to reduce risk of memory loss and dementia in the future. The Memory Clinic assessments can guide access the right services and treatments in the NHS.

Re:Cognition Health’s multiple world-leading centres for enrolling volunteers onto late stage, international clinical trials for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative conditions, offer potential access to new-generation medications, designed to slow down or halt the progression of disease and symptoms. The teams in the UK and USA are determined to find new treatments and cures to help transform health and change the future for millions of people living with these conditions. Clinical trials are free to participate and provide an accurate diagnosis with the most advanced diagnostic tools.

Find out more:

Going for Goldster

When the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in increased social isolation, Goldster set out to deliver accessible and fun ways to exercise, stay creative and keep physically and mentally well for longer.

Goldster delivers non-pharmacological interventions through easily accessible, social, and interactive ways to maintain physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, with over 450 live, online classes a month aimed at fitness, well-being and purpose. The platform has been developed based on rigorous systematic assessment of research by clinical experts for evidence-based benefits of the types of activities provided.

At the 2022 Alzheimer’s Show, Dr Zara Quail, Goldster’s Clinical Scientific Research Lead, spoke on the importance of evidence-based healthy ageing interventions for carers of people living with dementia. Exercise, respite, psychosocial support, mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction and Yoga have shown benefits in reducing carer burden and improving quality of life. Activities for social engagement and comfort are also important factors in maintaining carer health and well-being.

Goldster members can select from workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, art, music, writing and language classes. The Goldster Book Club features famous author interviews. Dedicated tutors also deliver sessions on nutrition, happiness, ageing well, design, make up and style. Mindfulness, meditation, massage, coaching and Yoga-CBT are aimed at boosting confidence, reducing stress and promoting quality sleep.

To enjoy 10 free classes, go to:, and monthly membership is £9.99.

session was available to all visitors, and for the first time at any event, an individual visitor could book the comprehensive 75-minute training session which was a must for anyone involved in caring for people with dementia.

Nearly 40 live seminars were put on throughout the show from expert CPD accredited speakers. Now available for

download, you can find these seminars on the Alzheimer’s Show website alongside some PowerPoint presentations.

The Alzheimer’s Show also teamed up with the new social media care app Talkcare, which is a free hub where people can

connect and communicate about the amazing work the social care industry does.

To find out further information or to download the seminars, please visit:



BEEP, BEEP – The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show is back again

The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show took place on the 22nd-27th February 2022 at the NEC Birmingham. The UK’s biggest start of season leisure vehicle show returned this year, bringing a plethora of visitors and over 350 exhibitors, showcasing the latest and best products from the industry.

Bringing together the latest innovations of the season, the event is the UK’s biggest showcase for touring caravans, motorhomes, campervans, caravan holiday homes, holiday lodges, and the added bonus of a diverse range of tents, all under one roof. In addition, the show also offers an array of accessories and gadgets for the great outdoors, to make your accessories and make

your camping experience as effortlessly comfortable, and stylish as possible.

The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show is supported by the Caravan & Motorhome

VW Campervan conversion specialists

Club, the Camping & Caravanning Club and major UK and European leisure vehicle manufacturers, it’s the perfect platform to explore the latest industry offerings and compare the new 2022 models from brands including: Adria, Auto-Sleepers, Auto-Trail, Bailey, Carthago, Chausson, Coachman Caravans, Elddis, Erwin Hymer Group UK, Knaus, Rapido, Rimor, Roller Team and many more.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: CPR Global, Seago Yachting, Sherwood Campers & Velo. Further details can be found on this page.

For more information, please see below:

eelo best folding electric bike

The brand-new, 4th Generation Folding e-Bike from eelo – The 1885 Explorer.

Fit with 3 Power Settings, Easy Use Thumb

Throttle and Disc Brake System ensures the rider always stays safe and steady whilst in complete control of pace and comfort.

Pedal assist technology makes cycling uphill feel like you are cycling downhill.

The lightweight battery is hidden in the frame and is centred for enhanced geometrics and security.

The Advanced Battery Management AI used by this bike has been developed to reduce strain on the battery when tackling inclines and strong winds. The ABM AI also protects against overcharging by shutting off when fully charged prolonging the life and minimising charging costs.

◆ Max Speed: 15.4mph

◆ Range: Up to 40 Miles

◆ Max Load: 100kgs

◆ Motor: 250W Hi-Speed Brushless

◆ Battery: LG Lithium-Ion - 36v 7.8Ah

◆ Weight: 16.6kgs

◆ RRP: £1,499.99 Including VAT, Shipping and Next or Nominated Day Delivery.

Buy One Get One-Half Price for a Limited Time Only!

Contact Gareth Bevan, Business Development, T 01792 304773

Sherwood Campers Ltd is one of the UK’s leading campervan conversion Company’s, designing modern day campervans in the VW Transporter and VW Crafter van market.

We have been Building campers for 10 years so we have plenty of experience. Our modern builds come with the highest spec materials from leading suppliers. Sherwood Campers Ltd did our first NEC show in Birmingham in February 2022 after a long wait on the waiting list and launched our new design The Loxley, which is designed for the VW Transporter SWB or LWB van. With its seamless wrap around top lockers and curved big drawers behind the drivers seat allowing the seats up front to rotate properly and flush finished

cupboards giving the ultimate modern design and storage space.

This design was a great success providing us with 20 plus builds from families who visited us at the show. We encourage our customers to read our facebook and Google reviews, all 5 star rated, giving you confidence we are the right team for your build. We are authorised installers for Reimo in Germany again giving our customers the build quality they deserve from the leading Reimo

pop-top roofs and seating/ bed systems on rails.

Sherwood Campers Ltd are a family run business taking pride in every campervan conversion we do, come and see us at our open day Saturday 22nd October 2022.

T 01623 862951

The time of the electric vehicle has arrived

AtVelo, its mission is simple, to offer a practical, environmentally responsible, and economic way of getting about urban areas for your daily commute to your work or your studies.

As well as being ideal for urban areas such as city centres, Velo also offer the perfect solution for your travels and can be a great accessory for your motorhome. As a motorhome owner, Velo offers a quicker and easier way of getting around towns and more congested areas and can easily fit into a garage or onto a fitted rack on the back of a motorhome.

Velo’s range of eMopeds offer an effective solution that is environmentally friendly, reliable, cost-effective and requires only Compulsory Basic Training or a valid driving licence to drive. Some beneficial features of the range include no petrol costs or tax as they run fully on electric, you can park for free in many cities, they are exempt of road tax and congestion charges, and require minimal servicing.

Choose from Speciale eMoped, Modena eMoped,

or Bella eMoped as well as accessories including helmets with retractable visors and phone holders. As they are keyless, to use, simply twist and go and ride with a range of up to 100km and speeds between 30mph–45mph. Each eMoped comes with an LG removable battery with a three-year warranty and can be charged from a 3-pin socket. Available now from £3,295 with FREE delivery and DVLA registration.

Seago Yachting

Following on from the well-received inflatable kayaks last year, Seago have added a new model to the range, the Toronto. The Vancouver and Quebec have been redesigned with all the latest features of the Toronto. The range is now complete offering 1, 2 and 3 person kayaks built to ISO ISO 6185-2.

The kayak tubes are made from high grade 1100 Decitex reinforced fabric with plastic coating. The fabric is tough enough to gain class IV white water rating. The dual layer drop stitched floor allows for high pressure inflation making the kayak extremely rigid. Seago inflatable kayaks perform like a hard moulded kayak.

Setting up and packing away the kayak is a quick process, unlike those using zip up outer layers around the tubes. The Seago tube fabric makes drying the kayak easy helping to keep it well maintained and clean.

Other features such as the self bailing floor valve system, brand new 4 piece paddle with multi angle blades & moulded foam seats with detachable storage pouch, make the Seago kayak range unbeatable value and quality compared to other brands. Available from end of June, Contact Seago for more details on where to buy or to pre order.

Contact Seago Sales, T 01825 873567


The world’s leading puppet supplier

In this issue of Products and Services Review, we have selected The Puppet Company as our Products Company of the Month.

The Puppet Company produces puppets of all shapes and sizes, and offers an exceptional range, consisting of finger puppets, glove puppets and full-body puppets.

The Puppet Company was established in 2001 by Peter and Sue Lockey, and has grown significantly, becoming a global leader in the puppetry world, with six warehouses and national and international sales representation, situated across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.

The company is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK, where the Head Office co-ordinates all international activity. The Puppet Company’s main aim is to capture the essence of what a great toy is, by allowing the user to be creative, to entertain and more than anything – to have fun! All designs are produced in-house, which provides the company with the ability to add a personal touch. Offering a diverse range of puppet types, the company ensures that there is something for everyone.

“We want our products to be affordable for all and suitable for all ages, which we very much accomplish

across our offerings. We pride ourselves in maintaining a very high standard across the whole business and aspire to world-class product innovation. We want our items to be as accessible as possible for everyone to enjoy, so our versatility works in our favour. The company also provides a customised bespoke service to organisations for exclusive retail and promotional offerings,” added Sam Lockey, Sales Director.

The Puppet Company owns sister company; Wilberry

Toys which was established in 2017 to provide its

quality plush toy collection. Wilberry Toys produces beautiful items made with varied fabrics and designs to give the brand a very unique look. Across both brands, The Puppet Company has managed to create business in a large range of diverse sectors, including: Toy & Gift shops, Garden Centres, Tourist Attractions as well as the Pre-School and Education sectors.

In the last few years, The Puppet Company has been focused on producing more eco-friendly products. Sam explained, “The launch of our Eco Walking Puppets late last year, made from 100% recycled plastics bottles, was a huge success - we had to reorder these quicker than any other range. They also made the finals for the Gift of the Year Awards. This July 2022, saw the launch of the heavily anticipated Wilberry Eco Cuddlies, each made from seven recycled plastic bottles. We are expecting these will complement the Wilberry brand just as well as the Walking Puppets did, and have already placed another order before the first container even arrived!”

Another development for the company is its everpopular Puppet Buddies range, which is being revamped to be produced out of the Eco material, launching soon, resulting in three eco-friendly ranges that have launched in a very short time frame, further boasting The Puppet Company’s movement to becoming as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

2022 has been a major year of development for The Puppet Company, and the company has experienced an influx in sales, as well as the employment of key positions within the business. The company continues to develop many plans for the future,

to keep driving forward both businesses by developing new product ideas, which it plans to unveil at various trade shows.

Sam shared some of the company’s upcoming plans; “The Puppet Company and Wilberry Toys is committed to continuing its offering of wonderful products with things looking very bright for the future. We have recently extended our Wilberry Knitted Dinosaur collection with new medium and large sizes. These have been a huge hit with buyers as they capture the vintage look and feel of older soft toys. These toys are suitable from birth and like all our other products, make perfect gifts!”

We also have many exciting plans including new product introductions such as a range for Christmas, additional POS displays, launching some licensed products and expanding into new territories.”

For more information, please see below:


The art of better living

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are pleased to announce Frescolori® as our Limestone Marble Plaster Manufacturer Company of the Month. Based in Bocholt, Germany, Frescolori® is the brainchild of Frank F. Ewering, a third generation master painter, who established the company in 1993. Over the years, Frescolori® has created a strong distribution network for the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria and Taiwan and is now expanding into the UK.

Frescolori® renews Italian tradition of lime plaster and perfects the technique to a modern form of wall finishing. Using a unique and self-developed technique to produce plaster of the highest quality for interior areas, Frescolori® are manufacturers of limestone marble plaster and produce that involves a manufacturing system so unique that all other competitors are either cement-based products or do not offer the diverse possibilities of Frescolori®’s surfaces, granting them as only market occupier in this niche.

Frescolori® offer many products that can be used in wall and ceiling design, seamless floors and showers, plastered concrete, wall finishing, design boards,

pigment print, design wallpaper, wall paint, creative surfaces, bathrooms, exposed concrete looks, metallic surfaces and more. Each product falls within a specific range that comes with its own branded solution.

“We have four important products worth noting.

CARAMOR is the basis of all our products, consisting of over 96% natural ingredients, it allows walls to breath and stains to be sanded away easily with an abrasive pad leaving no marks,” mentioned Torsten Roggenkamp, Head of Marketing.

100% sustainable and proven to encourage a healthy indoor climate by regulating humidity and improving air quality, CARAMOR comes in over 100,000 shades and

leaves no underlying smells or steamed up mirrors only a fresh, healthy atmosphere.

“Secondly, PURAMENTE which is our system for the seamless bathroom. It is approved according to ETAGAnnex certification A+F and is the ideal choice in shower and wet areas,” said Torsten.

Awarded with the Iconic Award 2020 Best of Best, PURAMENTE has a tested quality and design that creates a completely new bathroom experience. Designed for showers and wet areas, PURAMENTE boasts a special finish that is water resistant and easy to clean. As a result of the high material quality, and the particular quality of the PURAMENTE surfaces, heat and moisture are completely harmless. The plasteringsystem for walls and floorings also on top of tiles, is always processed through qualified craftsmen.

“Thirdly, MARANZO, the seamless floor. This product was chosen by interior studio Joi-Design for the lobby and bar area of the new Moxy Hotel in Hamburg due to its special material hardness that can withstand heavy daily usage and high traffic areas,” said Torsten.

Winner of the renowned ‘Plus X Award’ as Best Product of the Year 2021, MARANZO offers solutions for a wide range of applications on floors. Due to its cosy, aesthetic

and chic finish, it can transform the most industrial of settings into attractive modern environments.

“Lastly, FRESCOTON, the trowelled concrete. A multiple award-winning design classic,” stated Torsten. Winner of Reddot Award, German Design Award, Good Design Winner, and Product of the Year, FRESCOTON is available in 40 prepared colours and delivers a pure urban living feel combined with a healthy dose of nature. Concrete filled with CARAMOR, it is an award-winning classic available with many customisable options.

Known as the number one choice for architects, painters and varnishers, Frescolori® are specialists in interior design, hospitality design and cruise ship interiors. Always keen to improve, Frescolori® is constantly working on something new as Torsten explained. “We have recently developed a design-wallpaper with an exposed concrete surface, as well as introducing a CRM system which has not only expanded our salesespecially in the UK but has enabled us to simplify and digitalise our processes. Furthermore, in the future we also have big plans to introduce a web shop for our professional fabricators and introduce produce furniture with spatulated surfaces.”

For more information, please see below:

T 0049 2871 234 776-0


The ultimate safety materials manufacturer

We are dedicated to showcasing industryleading companies who are striving to offer the very best products and services to their customers. For this reason, we have chosen to feature Boplan UK for our Commitment to Excellence profile, for their dedication to the design, development and manufacture of sustainable and essential safety products for residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Boplan was established in 1998 by Xavier Ramon, with its UK Ltd office beginning in 2016 in Wolverhampton. A global company, Boplan has offices across the world, including in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and the USA. Additionally, they have a strong distributor network operating across the entire globe.

Boplan specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing sustainable and effective

fall and collision protection, for use in even the most challenging environments. Boplan’s products are designed to protect people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure in large warehouses, industrial buildings, factories, airports, drilling platforms and petrochemical sites all around the globe. They use high-quality and high-performance plastics, which, thanks to their many beneficial properties, have proven far superior to traditional materials.


Their diverse range of products includes handrails, safety barriers, guardrails, bollards, goalposts, rack protectors, single axes gate, double axes gate and various types of marking tape.

As one of the biggest names in the safety and security industry sector, Boplan supplies their products to almost any industry. We asked Steven Dunn of Boplan what benefits the company’s products bring to clients that make them unique. He explained, “The modular safety systems of Boplan are the most innovative on the market and protect numerous industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, drilling platforms and (petro) chemical sites worldwide. For each specific application, we have a safety solution.”

He also added, “Boplan provides customers with a single point of contact and a single safety plan to increase safety in the workspace. We look beyond that one specific safety product that other parties offer. Our wide range of safety products allows us to cover a broad spectrum of possible risk situations in the workspace: fall protection, crash protection, anti-skid, and more.”

Indeed, Boplan offers a comprehensive solution for safety in the workplace. Often, companies can be at risk of missing out essential items because they must use several different suppliers for their safety products. Boplan, on the other hand, offers a one-stop shop to cover as broad a range of risk situations as possible, with their family of safety products offering the guarantee that every modular component is fine-tuned to its application.

“In contrast to the classic steel systems used for crash protection, Boplan Flex Impact barriers provide increased impact resistance,” explained Steven. “The flexibility of our system gives greater asset depreciation periods than the steel solutions that require significant replacement and remedial works.”

A particular product of note is the innovative FLIP kick rail, a robust safety board made from polymer. Its connection pieces enable the user to demarcate an area continuously and efficiently, allowing the quick and easy protection of infrastructure. Offering full ground level protection with the added handrail system in multiple performance ranges depending on your moving plant/ equipment.

Boplan is dedicated to developing outstanding safety products that challenge the current standard in industrial safety. Steven best described the company ethic as, “Because of the passion and the constant desire for innovation of our loyal employees, we want to exceed our customers' expectations.”

Given the fact that guaranteeing health and safety is a legal obligation within the workplace, Boplan’s products are vital elements for any company. If would like to find out more information on Boplan’s full range of products and services, head to their website. Alternatively, get in touch using the contact details below.


T +44 (0)1902 824280


DMNWESTINGHOUSE wins a hot order for rotary & diverter valves

Experts in thermal control and measurement

LAUDA continues to provide an expanding range of feature-rich, future proof solutions with energy efficiency and connectivity front of mind, serving a diverse range of industries including food & beverage, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, oil and gas, composites, automotive, aerospace, digital printing, laser and beyond.

From food and drink research laboratories to pilot plant and full-scale production, with typical applications from rotary evaporators, incubators, stills and freezers to autoclaves, fermentation chambers and brewing vessels, LAUDA can supply the right temperature control or measurement solution matched to the precise equipment need.

LAUDA’s new range of water chillers has been designed not only to comply with the new Eco-design directive, but to surpass it through the innovative use of variable speed modules that automatically reduce their duty cycle in line with the cooling demand hence reducing

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has recenrlty won a significant order for several BL Blow Through Rotary Valves and MTDV Multi-Port Diverter Valves for installation in one of Asia’s largest spice processing factories. The customer was facing problems with their existing valves of other makes, so they opted for DMN-WESTINGHOUSE to provide a solution. With a wide range of rotary and diverter valves that are particularly suitable for handling spices, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE provided a highquality, cost-effective solution to ensure smooth processing.

The customer has recently developed an entirely new, fully automated pneumatic line design for its growing export market. Before the new and improved system design, the material was weighed manually, leaving more room for error and maintenance costs. A proper airlock system below the silo and above the pneumatic convey line was necessary for metering the product and achieving accurate measurements. The system design avoids all manual intervention and requires international standards of hygiene. To solve this problem, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offered the BL blow-through valve series. The product is metered through the valve into precise batch amounts, making it easier and more efficient when mixing the blends with the different products. The valve also acts as an airlock to reduce air leakage.

The BL valves are a perfect fit to handle the spices’ hygroscopic nature while meeting sanitary design requirements. The valve’s design allows the product to blow through the line while clearing the rotor pocket. As a result, product build-up in the rotor pockets is minimized, thus cleaning is not required as frequently. The valves are also equipped with an air purge regulator kit and FDA Approved gland sealing. This highly effective seal arrangement prevents the product from entering and damaging the seal, thus reducing maintenance and downtime.

The new system also requires sanitary diverters to transport several different spices for a spice blend. The MTDV Multi-Port diverter was a perfect solution to lower equipment costs and reduce downtime. Rather than installing several 2-way diverters, the customer opted for the MTDV to reduce extra pipework costs. The MTDV valves are equipped with 1 inlet and 5 outlet ports and can be used in converging and diverging applications. It meets the sanitary design requirements with FDA Approved product surfaces. The unique swan neck design ensures smooth passage of product and is ideal for handling products with poor flowability.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE commented, “We are delighted with this order. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is already a leader in the supply of hygienic valves. However, this order demonstrates our ability to meet the customer’s design specifications perfectly with our high-quality products and technical expertise.”

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offered the best technical solution and met all required criteria, with optimum design standards and premium service levels. We were able to come up with a customized solution to meet the customer’s specifications. Our valve design and pricing results in higher accuracy, less wear, reduced maintenance, and overall increased cost savings.


energy consumption and running costs, giving a tangible return on investment for the user, while ensuring full compliance with the latest regulations on refrigerant (fluorinated) gases.

Further portfolio expansion delivers the new LAUDA ‘Versafreeze’ ultra-freezers, (deep-freeze storage down to -85°C), and higher power ‘Integral’ process circulators, (process control from -90 to 320°C with >25kW of cooling @20°C), with pressure overlay options to increase the working range of water/glycol up to 140°C.

Furthermore, for applications requiring customised solutions tailored to individual requirements, we offer a made-to-measure design service using a longestablished and highly skilled team. Project engineering is a core competence of LAUDA and using the modular engineering approach we can design and scale a system specifically matched to the application needs.

With the capability to provide accurate heating and cooling in the range -150 to +550°C using a variety

of proven modules including heat transfer systems, process cooling systems, secondary circuit systems, fired heaters and molten salt plants, we are able to provide unique, cost-effective solutions unparalleled by others.

Beyond temperature control, LAUDA has a wellestablished suite of solutions for measuring viscosity and surface/interfacial tension aimed at the development of surfactants, oils, and polymers.

LAUDA is here to assist with your technical requirements from the first stage of the application discussion, all the way through the process to the final commissioning, and after-care services throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

A strong and experienced after-sales service function provides further peace of mind, with impressive firsttime fix rates, and backed up by a fully kitted workshop at our newly configured facilities near Stamford. We look forward to hearing from you: T +44 (0)1780 243118


Cheese Nibbles

Cheese Nibbles are from the heart of the Shropshire Hills, and lovingly created by cheese lovers! The business was started in 2012 by farmers’ son, Ed, in order to fill the quieter times with his outside catering company. At first the Nibbles were sold to farm shops and delis around Shropshire; the business has expanded rapidly, and they are now available up and down the country.

We have four delicious flavours in the range. Parmesan and Chilli Sables, which are perfect for canapes or as a quick snack – incredibly moreish. Pistachio and Parmesan Sables,

which are created using the finest ingredients for a delicious melt in your mouth flavour. Our Emmental Amulets are simple, versatile and bursting with flavour. Finally, our Stilton & Almond Sables can be perfectly paired with Port and Artisan cheeses. At the Farm Shop and Deli Show 2020 we are launching four NEW flavours to add to the range – so watch this space!

Although our pot is plastic the uses are endless – eating the Nibbles is the hardest part. The pot can be used as a soup, paint, and storage pot or even use for your overnight oats.

Specialists in Food Care

T 01694 731305

Food Care Solutions was established in 2003 to assist clients to achieve their goals for food safety, food quality, customer satisfaction and legality. Providing a comprehensive range of services to the food industry, Food Care Solutions offers services including food safety and food quality, local authority, SALSA, BRC, FSSC 22000 and other compliance, supplier auditing, training, hygiene inspections and internal audits, complaints and incidents management.

Gaining an industry leading reputation throughout its 18 years in operation, Food Care Solutions is renowned for its exceptional consultancy services for the food industry. The company’s consultants are trained in most aspects of the food industry and maintain a wealth of experience in food microbiology and other laboratory disciplines, as well as qualifications in food safety and quality systems auditing. The consultants have industry experience across the board and have the expertise to ensure their clients feel confident that they are getting the best service available.

Food Care Solutions is fully equipped and familiar with most of the third party standards, including BRC, FSSC 22000, IFS and the standards of some of the larger customer organisations such as Tesco, Morrisons, Yum! and Wetherspoons. The company is fully committed to ensuring a turnkey service for its client. Assisting throughout the whole process, they complete the task, fulfil the requirements, help to implement the strategy, and oversee it, to make sure it is working efficiently. Food Safety Solutions also keeps its clients informed of any changes in law, new developments, and relevant occurrences.

Regardless of whether a client is only just starting, or wants to progress to certification against one of the standards, the company has the skills, time and experience to assist them to achieve their goals. Food Care Solutions works on a personal basis, gaining an understanding of the client’s needs and working with them in partnership to achieve their aims. With a strong focus on efficiency, the company aims to help the clients get where they want to be with as little complication and change as possible.

For more information on the company, please see the details featured below:

M 07811 192545



The Workplace, Fire Safety and Security Event

The Fire Safety Event is dedicated to supporting industry practitioners, professionals and organisations to achieve the highest standards of fire safety management. The event is comprised of an educational conference with an exhibition showcasing leading fire safety products and solutions.


End-to-end solutions by CDVI

The event is comprised of a variety of shows including: The Security Event, The Fire Safety Event, The Workplace Event, National Cyber Security Show and The Health & Safety Event, making it the UK’s largest event series, which is dedicated to improving the safety and security of people, property and assets. The event took place on the 5th-7th April 2022, and is the perfect collaborated event that provides a comprehensive offering to the full buying chain, bringing the industry together under one roof.

The Workplace Event is the home for workplace and facilities innovation, offering a free-to-attend event where the industry meets in one place to be inspired, explore the latest innovations, and source leading suppliers to help workplaces create more effective working environments, improve employee experience, and accelerate organisational performance.

The Security Event is the UK’s leading exhibition for the commercial and residential security market. The National Cyber Security Show is aimed at helping SMEs gain a better understanding of the current mitigating threats, providing insights into how to increase SME cyber resilience and showcasing the best products and solutions to protect businesses.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: AURA, Bellsure (Modulo Doorsets), CDVI, Dynamic CCTV, Firehub, Infrared Design (Fastlane Turnstiles), Infraspeak, Luminite & Redro. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

For more information, please see below:

Optimising the landscape for security response services in the UK

The number of installed and monitored security systems in the UK is growing at a rapid rate. Traditionally, these solutions have relied on the Police to respond. However, the Police in the UK have started pushing back on responding to unverified security system alerts without prior on-site verification in an effort to protect and prioritise their resources. This has created a need for an affordable, effective and easily accessible alternative response solution.

AURA is a technology platform that provides customers with instant tech enabled access to security response services to all types of monitored sites across the UK anywhere, anytime. AURA has built and consolidated a large and growing network of reputable, ACS-approved security response companies spanning the

length & breadth of the UK, and through the use of cutting edge technology, is empowering alarm receiving centres to instantly dispatch these responders to their monitored sites across the UK. Our bespoke ringing algorithm alerts the nearest response vehicles, regardless of company, to an alarm activation

Mainteno facilities maintenance and management software

Mainteno is an advanced award-winning facilities maintenance and management software that streamlines every aspect of maintenance management processes.

“We provide online software and have provided online maintenance management software for the past eight years,” said Mainteno’s David Lattimer. “Our software is extremely diverse and adaptable for many industries and has been used to manage many different types of facilities by companies including The Dogs Trust, DPD, funeral homes, schools and care homes.”

All accessed through one easy to use platform, Mainteno is a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) which provides a CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) solution for organisations.

Mainteno Facilities Management Software from David Lattimer on Vimeo.

View a detailed explanatory video of Mainteno here: or above or for any further information, please see the details below.

T +44 (0)208 798 3713

CDVI is a global manufacturer of access control and security solutions. From our rich heritage in keypads and high quality locking, CDVI has now expanded to offer online and standalone access control, biometrics, door automation, radio transmission, video entry, and a full range of ancillaries and accessories. With compatibility built into all our product ranges as standard, installations have never been easier. When all the components in your project come from one place, it means no fiddly integration and no complicated part sourcing. If you need help, the CDVI Technical Support team will be there to advise on the whole system. Moreover, we are committed to providing free, friendly, expert training for installers and sales teams, regardless of your level of experience. Come to our dedicated CDVI Academy training facility in High Wycombe, join an online webinar or we will come to you – whatever works best. CDVI Academy learning is practical and hands-on, with many sessions certified by CPD.

CDVI is a growing business. With the latest acquisitions of ievo biometrics and Spanish strikes manufacturer NADAL BADAL, we now offer a greater range than ever before.

Find out more about CDVI at: T 01628 531300

The professional fire risk assessment app

What makes this different from other fire safety apps?

in the responders’ vicinity, and automatically dispatches the nearest vehicle without the need for human intervention – ensuring industry-leading response times as well as providing unparalleled transparency and reporting to customers.

Are you an alarm-receiving centre or security system installer looking to provide your customers with cutting edge security response services? Get in touch so that we can show you how our smart technology is getting security responders to monitored locations faster and more effectively than ever before.

Contact Alex Booth, Managing Director UK, M +44 (0)7760 171938

FireHub is the fire safety app that revolutionises fire risk assessments. It is built using British Standard PAS 79 methodology. It is available on both android and iOS and makes creating fire risk assessments quick and easy.

Firehub was created as an antidote to the restrictive apps and programmes that have previously been used by fire safety professionals. Firehub allows the assessors to complete their reports on-site and for customers to have an easy, usable report that is available on-line, editable, downloadable and printable.

The unique management level of the app means that the health & safety team and line managers, have oversite across all sites and are able to monitor all their actions. The significant findings are highlighted at the company login.

It is editable. Users can personalise the questions and the responses. The reports are based on PAS 79 methodology, with multiples templates for all types of buildings.

A user can take a picture that will automatically drop into the report.

Who is the app for?

Everyone from one man bands up to multinationals. A management level was added to the desktop app allowing team leaders to monitor significant findings across all of their properties, to save them time and money.

How is Firehub developing in the future?

We are introducing a new fire door survey report and additional functionality that will make life easier for all of our users.

Where can we get it?

T 0800 1422 772

The Benefits of using Firehub

Firehub was made to make fire risk assessments quicker, easier and more efficient. No more formatting, no more admin. Ditch the spreadsheets forever.

Mainteno is a complete, cost-effective solution for task facilities management.

Whether it’s managing planned maintenance or dealing with fault repairs, Mainteno simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of almost any organisation.

Our award-winning software keeps everyone in the loop and archives all your communication and documentation in one place. For total control of your organisation’s assets, Mainteno also seamlessly incorporates asset management and tracking.

Mainteno streamlines every aspect of the maintenance management process, saving your organisation time and money.

Usability made affordable

Mainteno was designed with practicality in mind. The interface is so intuitive that basic operation can be learned in minutes, and you can be a power user in one afternoon.

Elegant usability usually means a hefty price tag – so our customers are often surprised to learn just how affordable Mainteno is.

No set-up fees, no lengthy contracts. Mainteno adapts to any organisation’s maintenance needs.


Spotlight on Door Detective Plus – An unobtrusive approach to securing internal doors

Whilst having a physical security measure at your main entrance will prevent unknown individuals from entering the building beyond reception undetected, this won’t prevent authorised individuals within your organisation – or approved external visitors from being able to access more sensitive areas of the building once they are inside.

With this in mind, you’ll likely also need to apply additional levels of security on certain interior doors within your building.

The Fastlane Door Detective range reinforces access control systems and provides an extra layer of security and detection by monitoring the throughput of internal access-controlled doorways, corridors and passageways and ensuring that the ‘one person one door access’ rule is met.

Using multiple infrared beams from enclosures mounted near the doorframes, Door Detective Plus

accurately monitors movement in both directions each time a person presents electronic credentials to pass through the doorway.

It’s unobtrusive and easily installed both sides of a doorway as it doesn’t require any floorspace. The Door Detective Plus is available in an optional range of finishes to complement your existing décor.

For more information about the Door Detective range or any of our entrance control products, please visit us on stand B32 at the International Security Expo or email:

Dynamic CCTV: Hikvision UK Authorised Distributor

Dynamic CCTV attended the TSE2022 and we thoroughly enjoyed the event. We engaged with many different security professionals working in the commercial and residential market. People were in high spirts to attend the event and to get out and interact with people 2 years on since the start of COVID-19.

TSE22 held seminars, hosted events and TSE22 offered plenty of networking opportunities. Exhibitors had the opportunity to display and showcase products and

Modulo Q-Mark Certified FireRated Doorsets

presented a great opportunity to showcase the latest industry technologies. The show on a whole was a success, footfall was good it was busier than previous shows and other industry events it was a great opportunity for brand awareness and the Dynamic CCTV team believes many leads were obtained.

T 01642 220166

and storage systems, our space efficient solutions are designed with only the greatest precision in mind.


Doorsets from Bellsure present a real revolution in the specification, delivery and installation of internal timber doorsets. Large stocks of machined and part-machined components ensures significantly reduced lead times for fully compliant third party tested doorsets complete with ironmongery.

Due to simplified build processes, even orders for small quantities of doorsets are welcomed where traditional bespoke doorset manufacturers often struggle to be viable. This makes the range attractive to passive fire protection installers where one door needs replacing, through to large developments where the number one priority is compliance ensuring personal safety, along with quality and speed of installation.

The growing range includes FD30(S), PAS 24 and FD60(S) ratings. Non-fire rated doorsets also available in matching finishes.

Door leaves are available in ready-to-paint,

veneer and laminate variants. Laminate door leaves have become increasingly preferred over veneers for their durability and consistency, and now frames and architraves are proving popular in laminate finishes, eliminating the need for decoration following installation.

Opportunity to configure a doorset, request a quote, download specification or order a sample is provided at:

Q-Mark certificate number 2117.

For more information, please see below:

T 03300 557630

Luminite: The launch of OCULi HD

The Security Event saw the launch of OCULi HD – our best-selling wireless PIR now available with a built-in 5MP camera. OCULi HD has been designed to provide fast video verification using 4G mobile technology. Events can be viewed on a free app or online monitoring platform and users can choose from four camera resolutions -VGA up to 5MP.

OCULi is quick and easy to install and no other equipment is required. Working with 2 lithium D cells, the unit has a long battery life, typically 6–9 months, and can be deployed to temporary sites whether power is available or not.

The new HD model can be solar powered to facilitate live streaming and requests for further footage. OCULi HD also boasts more speaker functions including live voice challenge and prerecorded announcements on activation. OCULi has a powerful built-in IR LED for good quality night time clarity and the detection range is 15 metres x 90°.

A powerful web portal has been developed allowing the end user to comprehensively selfmonitor the OCULi system or there are ARC integrations with Webeye, Sentinel and Immix.

From the portal you can set and un-set the arming schedule and configure a host of other functions. Users can also see data and battery usage.

T 0208 368 7887


to create your dream home? Paul Edwards Interiors offers a full interior design service: sofas, carpets, rugs, curtains, wallpapers, accessories, and furniture from leading manufacturers. A visit to their flagship store in Coventry
their satellite stores
through their collections online.
and Warwick is a must. Browse | 02476 443480 |
Manufacturers and suppliers of quality curtain rail and blind systems to the healthcare and commercial sectors for over 25 years. Working from our modern factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our range covers everything from basic hand drawn rails to state of the art electrically operated products.
in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets. The WP Group offers intelligent storage equipment solutions for any environment. Ranging from custom built warehouse pallet racking and industrial shelving to office shelving

The UK leaders in vehicle livery designs for the emergency services and frontline fleets

In this issue of Products and Services Review, we have selected Bluelite Graphics as our Vehicle Livery Designs Company of the Month.

Bluelite Graphics was established in July 1997, and was originally part of Halo Signs. The company has always maintained its roots as a family run company, set up by Peter Low.

Bluelite Graphics maintains a modern facility situated in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, which offers a clean and secure environment for the company’s vehicle livery production and installation services. The site features 5,000 sq. ft. premises, with an additional 4,000 sq. ft. yard, which supports the company in handling every size of vehicle project in-house.

“The primary role of the company is to supply reflective and non-reflective markings to both the public and private sector, whether it be for Police or Highway vehicles. The company

has gained a portfolio of over 470 products, specifically designed to meet the vehicle livery safety requirements of highway users and commercial fleets.

Bluelite Graphics has gained an enviable reputation in the industry, with a plethora of customer testimonials testifying to its outstanding reputation for quality, innovation and customer support that it has gained over many years of working in partnership with the emergency services and other essential highway users. This commitment to quality, innovation and customer service is supported by internationally recognised accreditations. Furthermore, Bluelite Graphics is also dedicated to its team, and as such, constantly invests in its people, equipment and materials, to further support the company and to enhance the value that it adds to its customers.

can also produce hoardings, digital wraps and internal/external signs,” said Lorraine Avery, Managing Director.

Bluelite Graphics is the UK market leader in the supply of Vehicle Design Livery. The company specialises in supplying and fitting high visibility vehicle livery and markings to the majority of police, fire and ambulance services, and also work closely with specialist vehicle converters and a wide range of other highway users that require enhanced visibility on British roads.

Another company, which is part of the Bluelite Group is the, the marketleading online resource for commercial vehicle markings and chevron kits, which was established in 2006.

Lorraine added, “Bluelite and Chevronshop. com strive to use the most economical selfadhesive vinyl, that is fit for the purpose. Both companies strive to be a partner to our customers and pride ourselves on our high Customer service.”

Committed to quality, Bluelite Graphics only uses the best quality materials, offering a huge range of materials, which includes the highest standard suitable for emergency and highway vehicles. Further bolstering its commitment to quality, Bluelite Graphics houses and uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce high quality graphics, cut to perfection using the very latest digital machinery.

One of its most notable services is its custom

vehicle graphics services. Customising vehicles to match branding is a perfect way to make your company stand out to potential customers and Bluelite Graphics is equipped with the knowledge to create graphics or work with existing designs, to professionally fit your design to your vehicle. With industry leading expertise and machinery, Bluelite Graphics has designed and professionally fitted custom graphics for a wide range of vehicles and even boats.

One of the main industry sectors for the company is the emergency services, and Bluelite Graphics renowned as the go-to company for frontline fleets. Bluelite Graphics is the livery partner of choice, and through its impressive history and track record of expertise, Bluelite Graphics has been delivering vehicle livery design and application expertise

that helps support the safety and operational effectiveness of police, fire, ambulance and other specialist security fleets.

As the company plans for its future, Bluelite Graphics maintains many plans to continue improving and expanding its offering for customers. One its latest offerings will include the introduction of adding Embroidery Direct to its portfolio of companies, this will enable the company to expand its product range, which Lorraine remarked, “Is going to be an exciting new chapter for us.”

If you would like any further information on the company, please see below or get in touch directly, using the details stated:

T +44 (0)1444 232366


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