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Thermal Inkjet: The lowmaintenance, high resolution printing solution

Fastlane Turnstiles

Are your turnstiles putting both users and your organisation at risk? Entrance control serves to prevent unauthorised access, protecting the people and assets within your building from intruders.

This security measure usually requires a physical barrier to enforce the correct entry procedures, but this should never be at the expense of user safety, nor should it expose an organisation to any risk by causing injury.

Here are the top three features to look for when sourcing a secure and safe entrance control solution for your environment.

Insist on toughened laminated glass for

the ultimate in strength and safety

Toughened glass can withstand greater force but, when it breaks, it explodes into small particles and dust. For this reason, we also insist on laminating our glass barriers, which holds the glass in place in the event of it breaking.

Choose intelligent technology to better identify people and objects

Inside our units, the infrared matrix which drives the decision to authorise entry assesses what it ‘sees’ in the lane, so our barriers won’t close on or trap what they can identify as bags or legs.

Ensure unhindered emergency egress with fail-safe and power-fail functions

These functions are common to most

turnstiles, so that in the event of an emergency – such as a fire – or power being lost, the turnstiles will open or release all locks to allow unobstructed, free egress.

To speak to a member of the Fastlane team about your entrance control requirements, please call +44 (0)208 890 5550 or email:

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are the perfect solution for those looking to dispense with the high maintenance demands of continuous inkjet printers. Offering a high resolution mark suitable for the fine detail of barcodes and logos as well as the variable data of date, time and batch codes, TIJ printers offer a low maintenance printing option by having a printhead integrated into every ink cartridge. Any problems with the printhead can be solved by replacing the cartridge rather than calling out a specialist service engineer.

T-Mark, a subsidiary of Timbermark ID Systems, is a core distributor of TIJ printers from Chinese supplier, Sojet, and offers a range of low cost, high resolution printers with from one to six printheads.

The Elfin E1S printer is the smallest in the range, which uses a single remote printhead and is programmed via a touch-screen controller. It can be used to customise pre-printed labels with variable data. Using either solvent or aqueousbased inks, it can print date and batch code information onto metal, plastic and glass as well as wood and cardboard.

All the TIJ printers are available to purchase direct from the company’s e-commerce site at: –Timbermark also has a new distribution centre in Belgium so can supply landed, duty-paid stock from its UK or EU bases.

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Azpects launches NEW EASYJoint Select range

Azpects is pleased to announce the launch of EASYJoint Select, specially Selected for you this Valentine’s Day, available from the 14th of February 2022.

Developed from our best-selling EASYJoint Original, EASYJoint Select is an all-year-round jointing compound developed especially for ceramic and porcelain paving. EASYJoint launched in 2010 and is a market leader, loved by landscape professionals and the DIY sector alike.

The EASYJoint Select range offers a quick and EASY way to fill joints in porcelain paving. Azpects designed four new colours to complement emerging hard landscaping trends for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, featuring Tungsten, Carbon, Bronze and Jet Black.

EASYJoint Select retains the sweep-in application method that made EASYJoint Original so popular, making it EASY to use and faster than traditional methods. Wet the paving, brush in the compound, then strike the joints for a perfect, professional finish every time.

Associate Director, Jeff Carter, comments, “Azpects is excited to see our EASYJoint range continue to grow, with eight products now in the family. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in the marketplace and do not doubt that this bespoke range of colours for modern taste will satisfy our users’ needs.”

For more information, contact:

FlexBuffer™ supports ecommerce order handling

ABB is responding to the growing consumer demand for choice and fast delivery with the launch of its FlexBuffer™ application cell. FlexBuffer brings new levels of flexibility for logistics, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and retailers, offering a highly adaptable multi-functional solution for handling a variety of tasks such as sequencing, buffering, storage and order consolidation. Operators across multiple industries are facing a range of challenges in meeting consumer expectations for faster delivery of an expanding range of goods, including labour shortages and the need to provide direct-to-consumer (D2C) delivery services in a flexible, fast manner. Automated goods handling is the key to solving these challenges, yet most systems available today are large, expensive to install, and lack the flexibility to provide the buffering and order sequencing capabilities that companies need. FlexBuffer answers these challenges. Comprising an ABB robot, a suite of grippers, a software package, storage racking and infeed and outfeed conveyors that feed and dispatch goods, FlexBuffer provides a flexible and cost-effective, multi-functional solution for quickly processing a wide variety of customer orders.

Engel Workwear helps save the environment

Arange of high-visibility protective safety clothing with 50% of the material made from recycled plastic bottles has been added to the comprehensive collections from Danish manufacturer Engel Workwear.

Called ‘Safety Light’, each item of clothing can be verified to consist of regenerated polyester fibres ultimately spun from a specific number of plastic bottles to make up 50% of its content. This is combined with 40% cotton and 10% standard polyester (245g/ m2) to produce a cool-to-wear, durable fabric. By using regenerated polyester which is equally as efficient as new, there are also significant consumption savings on energy, water and CO2

The company has worked closely with Unifi, one of

Medical Packaging Specialists

the world’s most advanced recycling centres which transforms the recycled bottles into a polyester yarn called ‘REPREVE©’.

The smart, mix-and-match range includes boiler suits (containing 37 plastic bottles), work-jackets (20 bottles), trousers (19 bottles) with Cordura kneepad pockets and elasticated waistband, bib-overalls (23 bottles) and shorts (14 bottles). All have many practical pockets and comfort-design features. There is also a specific selection especially for women called ‘Ladies Light’, all with the same benefits.

For more information, contact Gareth Bladen by email: or call +44 (0)7759 520034 or visit: or

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Time to rethink your packaging material

Established in 1986, Twinplast Ltd is a family run business and the UK’s only dedicated manufacturer and supplier of recyclable corrugated polypropylene solutions. Twinplast Ltd provide its customers with comprehensive, cost-efficient solutions that are uniquely bespoke and specialised to exact requirements. Twinplast Ltd has worked with many leading businesses across the UK producing products that adhere to applications for retail, horticultural, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, packaging, FMCG, logistics, pharmaceutical and many more.

Originally based in Watford, Twinplast Ltd outgrew the premises and three years ago moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Dunstable. Since then the company has invested heavily in new equipment and completely rebranded itself with a brand new website that launched last year and a refreshed new look that has received high praise and compliments from existing and potential customers.

As a manufacturer of polypropylene fluted board, Twinplast Ltd offer a unique, bespoke service to its customers. We spoke with Don Parr, Sales & Marketing Director who explained more, “We extrude polypropylene as sheet and subsequently cut to bespoke sizes per client. The sheets are then either sold as sheets for temporary protection to the construction industry for floors or worktops, and for signage its mostly ‘For Sale’ signs to the property industry. It is also prolifically purchased by large format printers mainly for retail clients for marketing purposes for advertisement displays in high street retail stores, sides of buses, underground stations, roadside, and more. However, our unique capabilities also extend to the internal design and production of standard and bespoke packaging by cutting and creasing flat sheets to enable the assembly/ folding into endless packaging types and designs, ie. pick bins, tote bins, waste bins, trays, storage, protection and transport boxes, POS, to name a few.”

The sheet material is available in various specifications from 2mm to 10mm thick and from

250 gsm to 2,000 gsm to enhance the strength and performance. Twinplast Ltd offer coloured board and print to the client’s specification and a range of additives to improve protection and performance, ie. anti-static to prevent static build-up in warm conditions, UV stabiliser to protect external board from degradation outside, and fire retardant to stop material catching fire. Its boxes and packaging usages are applicable to a vast range of industries and can be as diverse as a box to transport human organs inside, to carry live bees, tote bins for components, to trays for bakeries. From a packaging point of view, it does everything, “If our customers can think it, we can usually do it,” stated Don.

Particularly important to the FMCG and medical industries, is the access to reliable, robust and reusable solutions for packaging, boxes and bins. Corrugated polypropylene is the number one choice because it is inert, robust, and recyclable. Furthermore, where cardboard can be good for only four or five return trips, corrugated polypropylene can last for over 100 hundred return trips, making it the best possible cost per trip choice over cardboard. As corrugated polypropylene is resistant to moisture, grease and chemicals it can be kept clean and presentable. Furthermore, Twinplast Ltd have an anti-microbial additive that can be included in the material at the production stage to provide additional protection inhibiting the growth of most harmful bacteria for the duration of the products life, which is why it is favoured by food,

pharma and medical clients.

Twinplast Ltd is very experienced when it comes to designing packaging for pharmaceutical and medical uses and its solutions have proven successful over the years. Each solution can be made to any size and evenly divided into sections to prevent product migration or breakages.

Extruding polypropylene is a very clean process and in no way harmful to the environment, Twinplast Ltd even add recycled material to certain jobs to minimise the use of Virgin material which is on point in the present environment of hypersensitivity to plastic packaging and the disposal of it. Besides being reusable and 100% recyclable, polypropylene has a far lower carbon footprint when compared to cardboard which can be more harmful to the environment when produced and recycled, as well as contributing towards deforestation.

Plastic has received a bad reputation, with many disregarding the material due to ‘plastic pollution’. However, it’s not the manufacturing or usage of plastic that gives it poor sustainability values, it is the poor education around how to dispose of it. Twinplast Ltd not only recycle and produce from waste off the machines during production, but also offer clients various 360 solutions regarding collection, processing and repurposing their waste material. “Not one bit is ever wasted, it is used and re-used to its entirety. Our ethos is to minimise our sheet/packaging

waste going to landfill,” stated Don. Offering a complete 360 total solution, Twinplast Ltd also provide full bespoke design, customprinting, custom-finishing, fast turnaround, and prompt delivery services. Its packaging solutions create immediate identification branding in a wide colour range or colour matching, finish, with a range of quality print options via its innovative design to client service. Whether it’s a one-off concept prototype or thousands of bespoke products for UK or international destinations, Twinplast Ltd provide the highest level of service, quality and creativity. As the most cost-effective form of packaging, polypropylene is fast becoming the most favoured material for boxes and packaging as it not only has a long life due to its durability, but also can be designed to withstand a wide temperature range to -20°C. Offering an inexpensive process, from a raw conceptual idea to delivery within two months, Twinplast Ltd offer a significantly quicker and more cost-effective solution to most packaging alternatives. “Everything we make is specifically tailored made for every customer with an unrivalled turnaround, as these days a speedy dependable delivery is crucial for our customers,” said Don.

In the future, Twinplast Ltd predict profitable growth coming from many areas as Brexit continues to make it much harder and expensive to export to the UK, with lead times extending into months compared out Twinplast Ltd’s 2-4 week lead-times. “We are one of few that design, manufacture, convert and print this type of product. There are converters that buy sheets from manufacturers, but we are the perfect example of a one stop shop. Polypropylene is infinitely reusable, 100% recyclable and a really versatile product, what’s not to love.” stated Don.

T 01582 361720


Multimodal 2021

Multimodal 2021 celebrated fourteen years of putting shippers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters in front of exhibitors who offer the latest logistics and supply chain solutions.

The three-day show at the Birmingham NEC, offered a unique opportunity to make valuable face-to-face contact with new prospects and existing companies. Shippers and cargo owners at the free-to-attend show improved their businesses by finding ways of moving their products more efficiently and by meeting new suppliers.

Multimodal 2022 is set to further build on the previous success with a seminar series focusing on supply chain

sustainability and resilience, looking at ways to harness the power of people, tech, and innovation to future proof logistics. The sessions will look at how the industry can embrace change, boost sustainable credentials, and remain resilient.

Multimodal has teamed up with the Institute of Export and International Trade (IOE&IT), who will be presenting two days of training giving practical advice and guidance on best practice for international trade to and from the UK. Delegates taking part in the seminars will qualify for IOE&IT Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

On day three, Multimodal is teaming up with education

MFS Pro: Mannson Freight’s LCL customer portal

Mannson Freight has been providing excellent customer service to the freight community for over 25 years and is expanding on this with MFS Pro – a tool for LCL customers to manage their shipments from quotation stage all the way through to delivery.

The thought behind the portal was not to replace Mannson’s excellent customer service, but to give customers 24/7 access documentation and the opportunity to access quotes and make bookings at any time, from any place.

“We are very proud of the portal and I am sure that our customers will love the experience of having all their information in one place. The import quotation calculator utilises customers’ preferential tariffs with Mannson, meaning customers can receive real time complete quotations from port of loading to door at the press of a button. Our online tool is supported

by our dedicated team at Mannson Freight, who are always happy to help,” says James Hardy, Operations Director at Mannson Freight.

Benefits of the portal include being able to get import and export quotes, book import deliveries, import and export sailing schedules and access to documentation, all in one place.

Register today by visiting:

T 01268 270001

Derry Bros Shipping Ltd

D erry Bros Shipping was established in 1964 by the late Jim Derry, since 2005 his daughter Brigid became CEO of the business. Due to the impact of Brexit, Brigid created Derry Bros Customs Clearance.

Derry Bros Customs Clearance was established in 2020, and within a year, has grown quickly to become a medium-sized business in its own right, offering a range of custom clearance services to more than 500 customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Derry Bros is a leading customs clearance and shipping agent, working with hundreds of businesses daily in Customs, and thousands of businesses in Shipping.

Winning The ALL-Ireland Business accreditation award in 2021. Over 5,000 client business needs have been successfully responded to with a 100% customer satisfaction rating since the business started.

Derry Bros trader support team provides customers with a range of specialist services including Import and export customs clearance

for the UK, Ireland and Rest of World; safety and security declarations; TRACES, PEACH and IPAFFS entry; supplementary declarations; The new business offers a range of specialist customs clearance services, including imports/exports; ENS; SFDs; GMR/PBN; TSS; Traces/IPAFFS; transits; and supplementary declarations.

T +44 28 8778 4949

charity Career Colleges Trust (CCT) to help build a talent pipeline of future logistics leaders and close the skills gap in the supply chain industry.

Multimodal returns to Birmingham’s NEC this year from 14-16 June 2022. This is our second pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Derry Bros Shipping Ltd, Mannson Freight & Swain Group. Further details can be found on this page.

To find out more about attending, entering the awards, exhibiting, or sponsoring, visit: or contact Robert Jervis, Director, on +44 (0)20 7384 7760 or email:

Swain Group

Atthe Swain Group we offer our customers a portfolio of transport and handling solutions, which are unrivalled within the UK construction sector. Seven dynamic divisions which work in unison to move and lift those products which demand complementary fleet and handling experience to ensure a safe delivery.

Operating the largest flatbed fleet in the UK, is just one of the key differentiators offered by the Swain Group, our fleet offers multiple trailer configurations and lifting options which match the diversity of our clients and the extremes of their requirements. Port solutions are also an integral part of our expanding service options with a construction consolidation centre within London gateway and the management of inbound freight, customs clearance, and container movements through our specialist division Gateway Cargo. Along with our heavy haulage, Bulk movement,


and warehousing options.

Divisions which are established and respected within the marketplace, R Swain and Sons, Swain Special Projects, Express Freight, Hallett Silbermann, Swain Lifting Solutions, Eurobulk and MHL the Swain Group offers single source solutions which are at the very heart of construction logistics within the UK and Europe.



Introducing Zip Core Packaging software

T he team at Vivid has been hard at work to make this happen and we're thrilled to be bringing this development to our customers.

Zip Core Packaging Suite is a CAD/CAM packaging software that has been created to optimise every aspect of packaging design from start to finish.

Sales and Product Manager, Lewis Evans, said that Vivid is very excited to be launching its new Zip Core Packaging Software.

“Our software will provide businesses with a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the everyday jobs of packaging designers, graphic designers and salespeople involved in the creation and production of packaging. This will result in jobs being produced at a much faster rate. There are endless packaging templates to choose from within our library of designs, giving the customer the opportunity to create an infinite choice of projects with absolute simplicity,” Evans explained.

“There are two bundles to choose from; Zip Core Design and Zip Core Design Pro. Compatible with both desktop and Cloud solutions and integrated with Adobe® Illustrator®

“Meaning you can apply graphics to your packaging designs while being able to view a 3D model of the structure before production. Saving you both time and money,” Evans added.

Zip Core Packaging Software has been developed by Vivid to enhance the use of its VeloBlade Volta and VeloBlade Nexus range of digital die-cutting systems. For further information about Zip Core Packaging Suite, please visit:

We put the print in Printwear

live is one of the most important shows of the year. Not just for suppliers but also for visitors as it is one of those rare occasions where you can see products from different manufacturers side by side. This gives us the opportunity to show just why, if you are looking for a direct to garment printer, you should consider the DTG Q1. In short, we are more than pleased to confidently match this machine against others on the market. So why should you visit us on Stand G10?


Let’s look at the salient points that make this machine stand out. First of all, its pedigree. It comes from a manufacturer that pioneered this type of printer and has been producing quality machines for over 10 years. Secondly, with a print taking as little as 30 seconds and costing as little as 18p, it is super-fast and super competitive. Need more? How about the fact that it has a massive 390mm x 490mm print area or the fact that it can print direct to film without changing inks or platens? Perhaps easy maintenance is an important factor. If it is then look no further. With the advanced white ink system, it could not be easier or more convenient. Ease of loading is another important factor that can easily affect production. With the vacuum platen a garment is quickly secured in place thus maintaining a flat crease free surface. No print spoiling wrinkles with the DTG Q1.

Even with all these plus factors there is one overriding advantage that the DTG Q1 has over other printers. It is supplied by the leading supplier of garment decorating equipment Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Group). YES have been involved with direct to garment printing from the very beginning. They were one of the first companies to investigate this technology and have maintained their level of involvement to this day. YES Ltd, does not just sell machines. They are an integral part of the development and testing process ensuring that the product matches the demand.

If you are looking for direct to garment printing equipment, then the DTG Q1 is a must. The proof is in the print so come along to Printwear Live Stand G10 between April 24 and 26 and we will show you just how good this machine is.

For more information, please contact: or call 01623 863343.



Focus on sustainable innovation

Grand Designs Live, organised by Media 10, closed its doors on 10 October for the 15th edition of the Birmingham NEC event, which focused on sustainability in the home.

Hosted by Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud, the show featured brands, expert talks and demonstrations giving visitors the chance to discover new products and explore the latest technologies and designs across build, kitchens and bathrooms, gardens and interiors. The event focused on ‘pioneering products’ across the housing industry, including building materials and interior furnishings. Grand Designs Live’s Ask An Expert area, featuring sustainability experts Alan Budden and Robert Tiffen, offered

free advice and consultancy for visitors on everything from finance to interiors.

Kevin’s Green Heroes featured products hand-picked by Kevin McCloud, with five new

Paul Edwards Interiors

Paul Edwards Interiors has enjoyed spectacular growth. Now with three showroom locations, we’re known for designing and supplying luxury curtains, carpets, rugs, furniture, and sofas while stocking many prestigious upholstery brands including Duresta, Gascoigne and Steed Upholstery.

Our interior design studios inside the Coventry and Hinckley showrooms allow us to design your dream home from top to bottom. Paul and Jayne have over 50 combined years of experience in home interiors and intend to help you along your journey. Home consultations can be arranged.

Paul Edwards Interiors launched in 2014 at Grand Designs Live. After a fantastic reception from customers, we were awarded ‘the best stand at the show’ and from there opened our

Hinckley, Warwick and Coventry, the flagship showroom 10,000ft2 in 2018. Another very successful exhibition at the Grand Designs show in Birmingham was completed last year.

“Other exhibitors and the public were extremely complimentary, and it became clear we are now one of the best stockists of these premium brands in the area,” says Paul.

We very often fit carpets, curtains, soft furnishings, and furniture all the same day, carefully installed by our expert team of fitters. We look forward to helping to create your dream home.

Coventry Flagship Showroom: Paul Edwards Interiors, Greens Home & Gardens, Rugby Road, Binley Woods, Coventry CV3 2AX T 02476 443480

Green Heroes and six returning brands. The Grand Theatre saw talks, seminars, panel discussions and advice from experts in renovation and self-build from designers and home owners who have refurbished homes, constructed exceptional new builds and designed stunning gardens or interiors.

Grand Designs Live returns to Birmingham’s NEC this year from 5-9 October 2022, and sooner to London’s ExCeL from 30 April to 8 May 2022. This is our second pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s Birmingham event, listed here in alphabetical order: Paul Edwards Interiors. Further details can be found below.

Hinckley Showroom: 1A New Buildings, Hinckley LE10 1HN T 01455 616095

Warwick Showroom: 48 Smith Street, Warwick CV34 4HS T 01962 587070

Facebook: Paul Edwards Interiors


Zeus Packaging

Storage wars

With the current unprecedented demand for packaging supplies and boxes in the market, the UPAC group has responded by increasing its storage capacity by 10% to over 10,000 pallets. This is giving our customers huge comfort with their stock and hold supplies!

Currently many other suppliers are struggling with their just-in-time lines and 10 week lead times… Don’t allow your company to be let down, The

Zeus is one of the largest independently owned European packaging businesses, with a turnover of €350m, operating 38 sites within 26 countries across Europe, US, Canada & Australasia.

As a leading specialist distribution and manufacturing business we supply a diverse range of innovative, sustainable packaging products to customers operating locally, regionally, and globally. We work with major brands within Retail, Distribution, Ecommerce, Manufacturing & Third-Party Logistics, operating in the Food Service, Industrial & Agricultural sectors.

We aim to provide long term credible, innovative, sustainable, packaging solutions that match the needs of our customers and unlock the greatest value, providing an optimised, environmentally friendly, well presented and competitively priced advantage for their business. We take pride in our purpose, “To innovate sustainable quality packaging solutions tailored for the modern consumer lifestyle.”

We are not just a Packaging Company; we are a solution-led business partner, working with you to identify efficiencies within your packaging operation. We will understand your current business process & review your entire packaging line, resulting in recommendations that can translate into supporting improved operational efficiencies and optimised packaging use.

T 0333 200 0757

UPAC Group’s site in Cardonald now holds over 2 million boxes in stock – at any one time.UPAC has also introduced container storage for those customers wishing to get further ahead of the game, with 30 containers arriving in the coming weeks for rent to customers.

This concept has been driven by our team in response to our customers’ needs for additional low cost storage. If you are struggling for supply of

boxes, please contact our sales team to see how they can help. Likewise, if you wish to buy in greater quantities to protect your supply lines during these unprecedented times, and utilise our storage containers, just give us a call to see how we can help!

UPAC – Adapting to meet your needs.

T 0141 530 5555


At the forefront of a sustainable built environment

In this issue of Products and Services Review, we are pleased to announce Smart Architectural Aluminium as our Architectural Aluminium Systems Company of the Month. Since its establishment in 1977, Smart has grown to be the UK’s leading supplier of architectural aluminium systems, building a reputation for the quality of its products and product innovations, design and technical expertise.

“We offer a vertically integrated operation including extrusion, paint and finishing, with endto-end capabilities from design and manufacture to delivery and support. Our technical team works closely with fabricators and specifiers to ensure we deliver the right solution for each individual project, making sure it meets the aesthetic, performance and construction requirements. We also advise that the earlier our specification team are involved the easier a project can come to resolution and the quicker the project can be delivered,” stated Bill Robertson, Business Development Manager at Smart.

Smart was initially developed by Barry Smart and has since grown exponentially to being an integral member of the internationally renowned Corialis Group which consists of a number of aluminium systems companies with hubs across the UK, France, Poland, Portugal and all over the world. Headquartered in Yatton, North Somerset, Smart operates out of its 70,000m² purpose-built factory that houses all its manufacturing processes, as well as services for sales, logistics, design and technical response.

“We also have a distribution hub based at Bothwell in Scotland which houses a stunning new Architectural showroom displaying a wide range of our products. It provides a service to Scottish Architects and their clients where all aspects of their client's projects can be addressed at the design stage,” added Bill.

Smart’s extensive product portfolio and range of online services are the result of 40 years’ experience serving clients specifically involved within sectors such as architectural aluminium systems, design & manufacture of fenestration systems for the construction sector in both the commercial and domestic areas, as well as third party extrusions.

To ensure it only provides aluminium extrusions to the highest quality standards, Smart only sources its aluminium billet from Emirates Aluminium, Dubai Aluminium and Hydro Aluminium. “Sourcing from these responsible and highly reputable companies guarantees continuity of quality and performance for every one of our extruded aluminium profiles. All our products are produced in our own facility, and we are constantly looking for new ways to meet and exceed future building regulations by designing new products with enhanced thermal and structural performance. We are proud to top the BRE's Responsible Sourcing League Table for UK aluminium product suppliers,” stated Bill.

Operating a cradleto-cradle approach for all its extrusions at the end of their design life, aluminium has a high sustainability reuse profile meaning it can be recycled many times with no compromise to its quality. “As the remelting of aluminium requires little energy, 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production is saved through recycling. Our sustainable approach adds a huge benefit to our customers and the environment,” said Bill.

Utilising its expertise, Smart has recently launched AluSpace Interior Doors and Screen System, said to transform any internal living space. “We also have several new door and windows systems which are under development which we will be launching later this year to meet the new building regulations,” commented Bill.

The AluSpace Interior Screening System is an appreciation of space, designed to create smart living spaces and design solutions to accommodate any requirement. It features elegant slim lines to create a light and airy interior environment and can be bespoke designed for both commercial and residential buildings. The range includes sliding doors, hinged doors, and pivot screens, all designed to offer unique and various design options that give architects and interior designers the opportunity to create space and light in any internal environment. The range comes in many colours and design options, with just a small number of core components, the system can be used to elegantly partition living or working spaces of any size or shape.

The flexible and versatile systems provide limitless design options that extend to include visible hinges, concealed pivot or sliding mechanisms that enable the system to be completely tailored to meet any design style. Designed by professionals, the high quality Smart AluSpace Screen System requires minimal maintenance and leaves customers assured they have purchased a reliable and robust performing system.

With a broad customer base, Smart’s product portfolio and capabilities cover a wide range of sectors, including office and residential developments, commercial fabricators and installers, local authorities, architects, companies

engaged in modern methods of construction, main contractors, NHS trusts, Police and Fire Estate approval, and all levels of education.

As the UK’s most responsible aluminiumsourcing systems company, it too has faced a number of challenges during the pandemic. Bill commented, “The global supply chain crisis impacted the whole industry, at Smart this has led to multi-million-pound investment programme, especially with regard to Polyamide Thermal Break profiles, to future proof our production. We are in the process of installing six polyamide extrusion lines to supplement the supply of our thermal break requirements. We are also investing in a fourth extrusion line for our aluminium profiles along with a third vertical paint line and a horizontal paint line for our Designer Door range.”

Learning to adapt and overcome is a true reflection of the company’s professionalism and experience to maintain its high-quality service that is so highly respected across many industries. In closing, we asked Bill what plans the company have for the future and how have they chosen to move forward post COVID-19, he answered, “Our factory was affected more with restrictions and procedures to protect all personnel. We still operate with strict COVID-19 protocols, but we are able to operate more normally now. In regard to the future, we will continue to work closely with testing facilities to design our products that fall in line with future changes to building regulations and standards, whilst monitoring the market for any potential disruption to our fabrication-based clients.”

T 01934 876100


Boost efficiency, performance and profit with humidity control

Stable and reliable humidity control significantly increases efficiency, productivity, and profits in commercial and industrial environments. It has been scientifically proven that relative humidity levels between 40-60% improves mechanical, electrical and human performance.

Industrial processes like manufacturing rely on stable humidity levels to ensure optimal performance of machinery, improve running speeds, glue curing, anti-static and reduce breakdowns. Manufacturing is a delicate process, often with a lot of tight specifications to work to, but depending on what is being manufactured, a lot of the issues faced will depend on individual specialisms.

In many commercial and industrial environments, a balance of both humidification and cooling may be required, particularly for applications which generate excess heat and have a negative impact on occupants, production or materials. The environmental demands and regulations vary widely for different applications & depend on the precise nature of the building or facility. There are clear benefits to working with specialists in this field who have experience in each type of application and are not tied to a particular manufacturer – to be able to recommend tailored solutions that use the most appropriate products in the best way.

Humidity Solutions is the UK’s leading independent specialist in humidity control, offering a range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of sales and after sales engineers who can design a bespoke solution for each unique application, and supply, install and maintain the equipment throughout its life. This end-to-end solution offers unbiased advice, streamlining the process and helping customers to protect their greatest assets: be that people or equipment – or both. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

T 01372 571200


ISSUE 804 – APRIL 2022

TEL 0121 550 2086

LAUDA – Experts In Thermal Control And Measurement Providing Innovative Solutions

For Thermal Process Control, Chilled Water Applications, Water Baths, Freezers, Incubators, Shakers, Stills, Tensiometers, Viscometers And Contact Angle Measurement.

LAUDA continues to provide an expanding range of feature-rich, future proof solutions with energy efficiency and connectivity front of mind, serving a diverse range of industries including

chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, oil and gas, composites, automotive, aerospace food & beverage, brewing, digital printing, laser and beyond.

LAUDA’s new range of water chillers has been designed not only to comply with the new Ecodesign directive, but to surpass it through the innovative use of variable speed modules that automatically reduce their duty cycle in line with the cooling demand hence reducing energy consumption & running costs, giving a tangible return on investment for the user, while ensuring full compliance with the latest regulations on refrigerant (fluorinated) gases.

Further portfolio expansion delivers the new LAUDA ‘Versafreeze’ ultra-freezers, (deepfreeze storage down to -85°C), and higher power ‘Integral’ process circulators, (process control from -90 to 320°C with >25kW of cooling @20°C), with pressure overlay options to increase the working range of water/glycol up to 140°C.

With the capability to provide accurate heating and cooling in the range -150 to +550°C using a variety of proven modules including heat transfer systems, process cooling systems, secondary circuit systems, fired heaters & molten salt plants, we are able to provide unique, cost-

effective solutions unparalleled by others. Beyond temperature control, LAUDA has a well-established suite of solutions for measuring viscosity and surface/interfacial tension aimed at the development of polymers, oils, and surfactants.

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Keeping up with changes to GHS Safety Data Sheets

At a recent seminar, it was announced that there would be new requirements to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in compliance with GHS Regulation. SDS are legal documents required for UK REACH Regulation and they contain important information necessary to allow employers to do a risk assessment as required by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations.

The major changes for GHS SDS are summarised as follows:

: Unique Formular Identifier (UFI)

: Information on nanoforms

: Information on endocrine disrupting properties

: Information on Specific Concentration Limits (SCL), M-factor, ATE in Section 3

: Sensitisers, Carcinogens, Reproductive and Endocrine Disruptive Components have to be reported at lower levels

: Section 9 is aligned with the GHS

: Section 14

The Regulation came into force from 1 January 2021 which means that all new Safety Data Sheets will need to be produced taking into account the new requirements. All existing Safety Data Sheets will need to be updated by 31 December 2022. As part of the annual maintenance service, ESG has responded to the needs of its clients by reviewing their SDS and updating them accordingly. In all cases, the SDS templates needed to be modified and data gathering to include in relevant sections of the SDS. In addition, where relevant, the corresponding COSHH Risk Assessments & WASP Hazard Sheets have been updated for their clients.

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How The OT Show reunited the OT community

On the 24-25 November 2021 The Occupational Therapy Show welcomed thousands of Occupational Therapists of all bands and specialisms back to the NEC, Birmingham for the must attend event in the OT calendar.

It had been two years since the last edition, making it the first major reunion for the OT community since the pandemic began. It brought together a multitude of different practitioners from health organisations, social care services, housing, education, to voluntary organisations, plus many more.

To see the OT community reunite and meet each other in real life after supporting one another online for over a year “was an empowering and exciting experience”, commented Janet Tulip, Specialist Practitioner Occupational Therapist.

The OT Show is a place to educate, inspire, and raise the profile of an important allied healthcare profession. The two day event consists of a comprehensive free conference programme, with over 270+ leading healthcare suppliers in the exhibition hall and is a place to facilitate important discussions through networking. This year there was a real buzz in the air as visitors, exhibitors and world-class speakers came together once more.

The iDry body dryer

The iDry body dryer is a device that uses innovative technology to dry you before you leave the shower. By generating a warm and gentle flow of air, the dryer increases the rate of water evaporation from the skin, ensuring that the whole body is evenly dried in as little as two minutes.

1991, but remains largely unknown to the public. As a company, we are on a mission to change that as we know just how beneficial this technology can be.

The Occupational Therapy Show highlights included welcoming some very important people to the OT community reunion, including Tanni, Baroness Grey Thompson DBE, DL, one of Britain's greatest Paralympic athletes and the hilariously funny Lee Ridley AKA Lost Voice Guy winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2018.

The Occupational Therapy Show returns to NEC, Birmingham from 23-24 November 2022. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Accora, Care & Independence, iDry, Lid & Leverage, Marsden, Oysta, Polymorit , TBC Conversions & Tough Furniture. Further details can be found on this page & the next.

Care & Independence

As one of the leading safe patient moving and handling suppliers in the UK, Care & Independence is renowned for its ability to help improve the lives of those less able, the infirm and elderly through its GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and COMFORT VALUE™ brands.

Last year Care & Independence launched new sling and bathing products to much acclaim from healthcare professionals for innovation, performance and improvement to comfort, with the company hinting at more new products in the pipeline for 2022. April saw the introduction of the patented GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe sling family, while in November, a modernised range of bathing chairs and cradles was unveiled. The COMFORT VALUE portfolio was increased by no less than seven new slings to better serve the stores and catalogues market.

Operating throughout the pandemic, products specialists continued to provide free assessments and local support nationwide plus, as a British manufacturer, Care & Independence has

remained unaffected by supply chain and import issues that affect so many others within the industry. In fact, Care & Independence can boast one of the fastest lead-times; just one week for standard slings and 2-3 weeks for standard bathing products.

Visit: www.careandindependence to discover more.

The iDry body dryer gives its users increased selfsufficiency, allowing them to stay at home for longer as well as reducing demands on carers. The body dryer is also extremely economical to use, and more hygienic than towel drying.

The first body dryer was invented by our founder in

When we ask people in care what is important to them, we find that independence and dignity are very often cited as being vital for a feeling of self-worth and being able to live a more productive life. By enabling people to dry themselves autonomously, the iDry body dryer has great capacity to improve the lives of people usually reliant on care.

T 0800 933 0020

Bringing new and innovative products to the healthcare market

Polymorit manufacture and supply a wide range of mobility aids designed for the elderly and disabled. Its range includes products that have been designed to assist the independent living of the elderly and less able, and to meet the needs of those experiencing a variety of disabilities.

The Ardoo Caresafe 140 folding portable 140kg hoist is the lightest hoist and stand aid combination unit in the world. Marked as the ideal travel companion, some features include:

: Weighs only 23kg

: Foldable in only 40 seconds

: For Travel & Holidays

: For compact spaces

Your dream kitchen tool is real?!

Fed up with tripping over the multi-tool myth – tools that promise to do a variety of tasks – but in the end don't do anything particularly well?

We wanted something that would be our go-to for a specific task because it was consistently the best tool for the job, simple to use and virtually indestructible. So, Lid & Leverage strap opener (the prototype of which we’ve effectively used in our home for over 21 years) was born.

Lid & Leverage adjustable strap opener fits around objects of any shape to loosen, tighten, or hold them without surface damage – perfect for a variety of jar lids.

Opening a jar or undoing a lid is not about

Find your freedom on the road with TBC Conversions

Expand your horizons and consider how a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) from TBC Conversions could get you on the road to easy, stress-free travel experiences. Working with major manufacturers, we adapt vehicles to improve day-to-day travel for wheelchair users all over the UK.

The sales team at TBC Conversions work in close partnership with the Motability Scheme and private clients, building bespoke WAVs that cater to your travel preferences. Whether that’s as a passenger or as a driver, our WAVs can accommodate up to 7

people, plus wheelchair users. There’s room for everyone, no matter what your mobility needs may be.

Keeping you comfy, safe, and happy on the road is what makes TBC Conversions stand out. Over the years, we’ve listened to customer feedback, applying what we learn to provide warmer, quieter journeys for all and extra entry height for wheelchair users.

“We are delighted with our WAV and wonder why we did not change to one before now as it has improved our lives so much,” said

strength, but about grip and leverage.

The strap, a combination of webbing and rubber is strong, won't stretch and grips exceptionally well.

The handle is made with British steel formed for strength and comfort. It will give you all the leverage you need to open even a stubborn lid.

Easy to use whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

Available in a range of beautiful colours, which one will you choose?

Use HCM10 to get an extra 10% off at:

: For car transfers

: Stand Aid Attachment

: For sit-to-stand Transfer

For single handed care, The TurnAid in-bed lateral turning system is designed to enable single-handed care for individuals who need assistance to move. Product features include:

: All weights up to 350kg

: Foot Control/Hands free

: Handset Control

: Speed Adjustment

: For Pressure relief

: For Personal care

: Prone & Supine position

Polymorit™ has been designing and manufacturing disability aids for over 20 years, supplying a range of items across the UK and internationally to individuals, their families and carers, and is a trusted supplier to local authorities and the NHS.

For more information, see below:

T 0330 6600 125

Philomena and Danny on our VW Caddy 5. UK wide demonstrations available to book today!

T 0800 999 5090



Accora: Championing dignity, enabling independence

Our range of configurable chairs and low beds are used in care facilities and community environments and have been specifically developed to help reduce the risk of pressure injury and falls and enable independence. Our goal is to help safeguard and enrich people’s lives, bringing dignity and creating possibility, by supporting those in need and their carers. Our passion to do this, drives a determination to deliver innovative and affordable, assistive care equipment helping to empower, transform and enable everyday life.

At Accora we try to make people’s lives better. We are inspired every day by those we meet – from carers and clinicians to service users and their families. We work hard to understand the everyday challenges you face and design the right assistive equipment to help make life easier for your clients.

Regular, free-of-charge training is provided via lunch


Marsden is a leading supplier of Class III Approved weighing devices with a vast 95year history.

The Marsden M-615 is a Class III Approved wheelchair scale. This scale features two weigh beams and is designed to be highly portable and easy to transport. It is ideal for use by community nurses and health visitors. Simply open up the beams, lay them flat, connect the indicator and you are ready to weigh your patient.

This wheelchair scale features a rechargeable battery, ramps to suit most wheelchairs, and a handle for easier transportation.

When it comes to weighing the patient, place the case on the floor and disengage the latch. The beams can then be unfolded and placed on

Tough Furniture

Tough Furniture are a UK-based manufacturer, with a unique focus on producing furniture for challenging environments, including mental health care homes, custodial environments, SEN schools, hospitals: anywhere that requires furniture that will stand up to aggressive or careless treatment.

when broken or damaged can severely compromise the safety of both service users and care staff.

and learn sessions and webinars, with a choice of times to suit clinicians’ busy schedules. We also have Consultant Occupational Therapists and a team of Product Specialists and Customer Advisors on hand to answer your queries and support you in assessing for the correct equipment.

Exceptional products, supported by exceptional service.

T 01223 206100

In recent years, one of Tough’s most successful areas of innovation and production has been the introduction of a wide range of TV protection cabinets. TVs in mental health bedrooms can play an important role in keeping service users connected with the outside world, as well as going some way towards fulfilling their needs for connection with other people. Familiar and favourite TV shows can have a calming effect that is very helpful in therapeutic environments. The main danger arising from installing standard TVs is that they are very vulnerable to careless or aggressive treatment, and

Tough Furniture’s innovative designs tackle these challenges by offering a range of ‘fully enclosed’ solutions, where all access to the TV unit is restricted by keeping it behind a locked polycarbonate viewing panel. Their security and durability are teamed with an attractive appearance – all cabinets are built with natural woodgrain board to blend seamlessly into any room they are installed in, and create a discreet non-institutional environment.

T 01588 674340

Keep VIPs safe at home and away from home

Button box has been the traditional method of keeping Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) safe at home; however, by continuing to install them in homes, you are inadvertently telling VIPs that they are only safe at home.

the floor. Switch the scale on before pushing the patient or letting the patient wheel themselves onto the scale. The weight reading will then register on the indicator display.

To find out more on the M-615, visit the Marsden website and search ‘M-615’ in the search bar. See the full Marsden range at:

Oysta has developed mobile telecare devices for VIPs to stay safe while maintaining an active lifestyle and passive sensors in the home. The devices and sensors link into our care platform, IntelliCare™ for Carers to receive insights and notifications to provide proactive care and for Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) to provide emergency support.

For example, IntelliCare has a feature called WeatherWatch. WeatherWatch is activated when your VIP is using a mobile telecare device when they are outside. The device uses temperature and weather data

and notifies Carers if the VIP is outside after the sun sets or if they are outside in an unsafe temperature, too hot or too cold.

You’ll be able to place a well-timed, wellbeing call through their Oysta device and if needed, using the GPS locator in IntelliCare, you’ll be able to guide them home, safely.

With Oysta, VIPs are safe at home, safe away from home and if they need help, it is available at a push of a button.

Book a free demonstration on our devices and care platform, IntelliCare.

Call us on 01295 530101

Email us:

Follow us on Linkedin: oysta-technology-ltd

Follow us on Twitter: @Oysta_uk


W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK

W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including:

● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales.

● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England.

● Staff training packs – ie. Management of Medicines.

● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses.

● New for 2022! – Updated compliance webinars to reflect CQC’s new inspection framework and strategy.

● In house training courses – let us come to you!

● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections.

● Tender writing and Bid support.

● CQC Registration Support.

● General Business Advice and Guidance.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.


Renray Healthcare

Bealies Adaptive Wear

Renray Healthcare has been producing high quality furniture for over 50 years and is one of the UK’s largest and leading suppliers to the healthcare sector. Whether you require a fast efficient delivery of quality furniture or a full room installation and fitting service, we have the experience and resources to handle your contract.

We have undertaken projects for the NHS and most leading independent healthcare groups, ranging from one-off units to seven hundred plus bedroom accommodation centres. Every project receives the same attention to detail and quality of service.

We manufacture and assemble our products in our own purpose-built factories in Cheshire and Europe to British Standards. Hence we are able to ensure your furniture is produced to the highest quality, working with you to plan and meet your projects time schedule and budget. Our own fleet of vehicles and staff deliver and install all of our furniture.

We understand you are purchasing furniture that is fit for purpose, stylish and will continue to perform well into the future, which is why we design and build our furniture with you in mind.

T +44 (0)1606 593456

Jolly Trolley brings

My name is Caron Mcluckie, I am a 56-year-old mother of three children, Theo, 27, Emile, 20 and Esther, 18. We live in Stockport and for nearly 30 years I have worked as a mental health social worker. In January 2016, Emile had suffered a spinal cord stroke which had left him paralysed from the chest down. Emile has coped with this traumatic event; his resilience is astounding. Emile has no bladder or bowel function, and we must self-catheterise to empty his bladder.

It soon became clear, once we got into our daily routine, that clothes did not fit

him properly while he sat in the wheelchair. More importantly, even the comfortable joggers that Emile likes to wear did not provide easy access to catheterise. After looking around the market I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I designed my own bespoke joggers with a unique opening to enable comfortable dressing and self catheterising. They are higher at the back to avoid sagging while sitting and

transferring to ensure everything is covered!

The joggers have a slim fit leg (which is fashionable presently) and we will also have a regular fit for people with more muscle mass on their legs, to ensure a better fit for different disabilities and all shapes and sizes.

Quote healthcare20 to get 20% discount off the joggers.


activity and entertainment to patients that are isolating

The Jolly Trolley® is an essential for any care establishment as it promotes social interaction between the service users and their carers. This innovative system is fully mobile and battery operated, allowing residents who may be unable to leave their rooms to also be included with ease. The Jolly Trolley® comes complete with its own videos, quizzes, karaoke and other content, but personal music, photos and films can then be added from a USB stick to really bring out the magic!

Don’t just take our word for it – here are just some testimonials from our very happy Health and Social Care clients:

Chester Park – Megan Allan, Activities “The fact that we can upload what is relevant to the specific Individual is so meaningful for that person and I can assure you we have shed some tears being able to be part of that residents memory journey. It has been an amazing addition to our care home – from staff and residents – thank you.”

Pennine NHS Trust – Beech Ward “We have been able to provide therapeutic activity & entertainment with ease to patients that are isolating.”

To see what the Jolly Trolley® can do for you, call us for a free demonstration on 0800 093 8499.


Fuss free Ezi eyedrop application

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to introduce EziDrops as our Medical Manufacturing Company of the Month.

EziDrops eye applicator is a world first pain free, quick and Ezi eyedrop application process. EziDrops is a small gadget that enables the user to drop the solution right into the centre of the eye, with no fear of missing, the device enables a 100% drop accuracy every time.

Located in Watford, the company was established by Bob Gokani, after having difficulty applying eyedrops himself. After much frustration, Bob invented an eyedrop applicator that gives 100% accuracy, negating the fear of a near miss. In its first

year, EziDrops was agreed to be stocked by Boots across its UK stores. Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit which meant the deal was put on hold leaving Bob with an abundance of EziDrops products ready to go. He turned to Amazon in May 2020, and started selling online, where custom picked up and the business began to grow.

Fast forward to today, EziDrops has gone from strength to strength, with business booming, EziDrops are not only sold in Boots stores UK wide but are also stocked and distributed by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), across many UK based opticians, large independent Pharmacy Chains and distribution by Alliance Healthcare.

“We have now started exporting to Greece, South Africa, and Switzerland as well,” said Bob.

Proven as a vital product to the medical industry, it has been a remarkable first 24 months for the company. Bob commented, “We struggled slightly launching on the brink of the first COVID-19 lockdown, but we soon diverted our

direction towards ecommerce, changed some marketing materials and launched some easy application ‘how to’ videos on our website for our customers.

We know we have a very strong product concept and are very excited to see how it performs further afield around the world. It’s such a simple yet effective product, and this concept we plan to expand across our entire range going forward.”

EziDrops is the world’s first universal eyedrop applicator that works with almost any eye drop bottle with a nozzle. Due to its innovative design, there is no Blink Reflex as you do not see the drop coming towards your eye. It can be used across all ages, from child to adult, and is reusable after cleaning.

In recent developments, Bob mentioned, “We will soon launch the second version of our eye applicator, that can be used with nozzle free bottles, as well as the world’s first in ear application, EziDrops for Ears which has already been tested by RNIB and they are ready to place orders.”

EziDrops for Ears is an easy-to-use ear

applicator that has the versatility for it to be used by children on themselves as well as adults. Both products are due to hit the UK market end of April 2022.

In closing, we asked Bob what their plans for the future are, he commented, “We are currently going through CE registration then we plan to export our products around the world via high quality distributors whilst continuing new product development. We are grateful for the tremendous support particularly from Innovate 2 Succeed, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, WENTA, EGS, the DIT and The University of Hertfordshire who have been an invaluable support and helpful.”


Reunited after two long years

After taking the decision to postpone The Pharmacy Show 2020 due to the pandemic, The Pharmacy Show 2021, held at Birmingham’s NEC from 17-18 October, saw the first major get-together for the profession in two years (and the only one taking place this year). The organisers were thrilled to have reunited so many members of the industry – offering inspiring new content, training courses and helpful resources for improving patient care.

Reflecting on the importance of in-person interaction, Garry Tyson, Event Director for The Pharmacy Show. shares the positive feedback received from numerous attendees, “After 2 years we are finally back – and it has been absolutely amazing. Seeing the smiles and faces of visitors and exhibitors has made this day truly special. It has been a journey to get here and the


With a nationwide network of flagship and in-pharmacy clinics, CityDoc is your local provider of travel health services and vaccines. Across our physical clinics and digital platforms, we offer an unrivalled standard of modern travel healthcare solutions, using the very best practices.

If you are looking to travel abroad and are unsure as to what protection you may require, then look no further. From consultations with our specialist travel health nurses, country specific advice

power of face-to-face is so important for our clients. The feedback I have received has been astonishing.”

240+ industry-leading exhibitors

Finally able to resume networking with customers, building new relationships and showcasing their new products and services – exhibitors experienced two successful days of business and networking, with products covering a broad range of categories – from OTC and automatic dispensing to skincare, pharmacy software, education and training.

160+ inspiring speaker sessions

At this year’s show, visitors were able to choose from 125 sessions of high-quality content to earn CPD points and take-home practical, relevant insights to grow their practices, enhance patient care, and so

and providing travel vaccines, we are here to help. Travel consultations are with experienced qualified nurses who will assess the impact of any preexisting medical conditions along with your vaccine requirements.

Our flagship clinics and in-pharmacy clinics can offer last minute and walk in appointments as well as easy online or telephone bookings. Our competitive pricing and easily accessible high street locations make us your first choice for all your travel needs. Take the

much more.

The Pharmacy Show will be returning to the NEC, Birmingham, from 16-17 October 2022. This is our second pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: CityDoc. Further details can be found on this page.

hassle out of your travel and book an appointment with us today.



Healthcare Estates 2021

Healthcare Estates 2021 took place in Manchester Central in October, with the live event taking place over two days (19-20 October) and online over five days (18-22 October).

The event attracted an audience in excess of 2,500 with 1,884 visiting the live event in Manchester over the two days.

Held at Manchester Central, located in the heart of the city, Healthcare Estates is the UK’s largest event for Healthcare Estates, Engineers & FM Professionals. It is the only national conference

PPL Training

PPL Training is an industry leading provider of accredited HTM compliant, Mechanical & Electrical Safe Systems of Work, Technical, and Legionella training. Across our York and Slough centres, we currently boast around 40,000ft2 of training facilities, including 22 classrooms and a plethora of practical facilities, complementing our ever-widening curriculum.

Following last year’s Healthcare Estates event we opened a new facility at our York Campus, the base for our full suite of Fire Safety training courses, including practical installations for demonstration and hands-on learning. In addition, the space houses our High Voltage practical facilities, and will soon include a PV System.

Designed to offer guidance in the survey and inspection of key fire safety measures and introduce the role of the responsible person in healthcare premises, our new training courses are underpinned by guidance from the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and HTM 05-01. Early adopters have shared their thoughts on the facilities and teaching, following our first Fire and Smoke Damper Survey and Inspection course: “This course was great! Enjoyed both the

and exhibition to bring together those who design, build manage and maintain healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Estates’ visitors represent all areas of the procurement chain with the exhibition providing a unique marketplace for decisionmakers and specifiers in the health sector. It offers exhibitors access to a truly focused audience who have a vested interest in products and services that are tailored to these unique environments and as the leading event in the UK for this sector, it’s a key occasion for many to aid

their planning and purchasing decisions each year.

Next year Healthcare Estates in 2022 will again

take place in the centre of Manchester at Manchester Central the dates are 4-5 October. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Aqua free Solutions, Avrenim, Britplas, Catfoss, Logan Construction, P4, Powerstar, PPL Training & Zenergi. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

For enquiries about how to exhibit or visit, contact the team at: or call Jay or Matt on 01892 518877 or visit:

Power resilience for a net zero world

Businesses and organisations across the UK are faced with an increasingly difficult balancing act managing each aspect of what is sometimes known as the ‘energy trilemma’: the need to source energy cost-effectively, while minimising the risk of power disruption and reducing carbon emissions associated with your energy use.

practical & theory elements of the training…” said Nina Tarasow, Mitie.

PPL Training also continues to offer HTM compliant, City & Guilds accredited training to Authorised and Competent Person levels in the fields of Ventilation and Medical Gas. Following investment of £850K between May 2020 and August 2021, both York and Slough centres house a plant room and conventional theatre, which assist our tutors in delivering the most up-to-date and realistic hands on training, in-turn, increasing the competency of our delegates.

T 0333 121 1215

Trust us to take care of your energy

Crisis is no new word to the NHS, and when this current energy crisis ends you can be sure there’ll be another around the corner. So, the question is, how do we mitigate and plan for a resilient energy strategy for the NHS?

We are now in uncharted waters, with no end in sight to the escalating energy prices. On top of this, NHS Trusts often have complex metering arrangements, over multiple sites, creating a volume of bills that require careful analysis to avoid billing errors.

NHS Trusts need a mitigation plan, a plan that leads to recovery, delivers resilience, and protects the NHS against volatile energy markets.

At Zenergi, we are partnering with our clients to develop their mitigation plans and secure funding

for their long-term goals. Our procurement and bill validation services take the complexity out of managing utilities, while our technical services ensure compliance with growing legislative requirements, while realising significant carbon and cost savings in a strategic Net Zero roadmap. Simple. Sustainable. Achievable.

T 023 8028 6300

The NHS and healthcare providers are uniquely exposed to these issues, with growing budget pressures and a deadline for achieving net zero approaching. Any solutions also have to ensure that the power resilience of a healthcare site isn’t compromised and that critical care functionality is unaffected.

With energy prices continuing to increase and just a decade at most ahead to achieve the NHS’s interim target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions, NHS Trusts and healthcare providers need to act decisively to address each aspect of the energy trilemma. Any solutions have to deliver either a substantial improvement to some aspects without compromising the others, or demonstrable improvement across the board.

Powerstar’s range of voltage regulation and battery energy storage technology supports all three, helping to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions associated with your energy usage

and protect your entire site from the risk of power disruption.

T 0114 257 6200

Your journey to net zero…

Are you race ready?

With COP26 still fresh in our minds and the UK Government harnessing the opportunity to enshrine environmental commitments across the public and private sectors the journey to net zero has become a race! In 2021 the UK Government set out its 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution and Avrenim can support your direction of travel!

The NHS estate has committed to being a net zero organisation by 2040 with wide ranging plans to achieve this ambitious but essential target with a focus on building energy usage.

Avrenim have been providing a structured approach to achieving the net zero ambitions of many organisations including NHS Trusts, developing credible solutions. Our teams have designed multiple schemes across the built environment bandwidth to support the environmental ambitions of our clients while enhancing reliability, flexibility and usability.

Avrenim specialise in devising schemes within critical environments adding asset value while reducing its environmental impact. We have the full capability in house to support your net zero ambitions from The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) zero to seven stages in all manner of carbon reduction technologies

The importance of your emergency lighting system should not be underestimated.

Simply put, lives depend on it.

But how can you be sure that your system will perform when it’s most needed?

P4, the UK’s largest independent self-testing emergency lighting specialist, has been focusing on providing its customers with the evidence that by choosing P4, they’re choosing the best.

It secured its first BSI Kitemark in 2019 for self-testing emergency lighting systems, followed by the BSI Mark of

Trust Kitemark for IOT (Internet of Things) Devices for its MWeb controller system.

P4’s UK Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Rham, explains the significance, “Despite having gained a reputation for quality over the past 30 years, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and the Kitemark certification –recognised globally as a mark of quality, safety and trust –does just that. We believe it sets us apart as a manufacturer that really cares about quality.”

P4 was also accepted into Made in Britain in 2020 due

to its commitment to UK manufacturing. Along with LIA and ICEL membership, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and their BAFE accreditation, P4 really is setting the standard when it comes to emergency lighting.


T 01328 850555

ranging from Heat Pumps to large scale Solar energy installations.

Contact T 0151 706 2150

“Never compromise on quality” –message from leading emergency lighting specialists, P4


Britplas has unique expertise and unrivalled experience in providing specialist fenestration products for the healthcare and mental health sectors, with an in-depth understanding of the complex needs arising from anti-ligature and suicide prevention requirements.

Since its invention in 2006, the Safevent window has been installed in hundreds of mental health facilities across the UK to become the leading specialist product in its sector. The ground-breaking window design has been continually improved during this time, evolving through eight models whilst retaining its core features of anti-ligature design, natural light and ventilation and patient control.

Recent improvements to the product have included the introduction of GlassShield, an innovative new impact gasket, and the patented Multask handle, which provides the functionality of an opening winder, patient thumb lock and staff lock within a single, stainless steel, anti-ligature component.

Beyond windows, Britplas also provides a number of unique and complementary low impact products

Catfoss: Delivering the healthcare estates of the future

dedicated healthcare design team who develop solutions throughout the UK.

A singular focus on the health sector has gained Catfoss an enviable reputation for fast delivery of turnkey specialist NHS build projects delivered in as little as half the time taken for traditional construction.

which enhance the safety and security of mental health environments.

Fortress 80 Fencing provides security and safety for patients and staff and also allows the incorporation of large-scale detailed artwork onto its cloaking. The fencing can thus help to enhance the attractiveness of outdoor areas, with many facilities specifying natural scenery prints in order to help create therapeutic and relaxing environments.

Complete and cost-effective solutions for all your building needs

Logan Construction is a privately owned principal contractor based in the South East of England with offices in Eltham and Maidstone. Since 1996, the company has built up an enviable reputation for delivering excellence across multiple sectors.

As specialists in complex refurbishment and new build projects for healthcare, education, and R&D industry clients, over the years Logan Construction has embraced a culture of collaborative working and innovation.

Many of its projects involve challenging and constrictive working environments and this has driven their sensitive, innovative and bespoke approach. Such logistical aspects govern the optimum solutions they endeavour to achieve across our service delivery.

Logan Construction is ISO9001, 140001 and 45001 registered, with Gold Constructionline and CHAS memberships showing its ability to deliver safely and to high standards. Following a pattern of controlled growth, the company has an extensive public and private client base and has embedded a culture of teamwork that has enabled them to build long term

relationships with its clients and professional teams.

As a principal contractor, its experiences include refurbishment, alteration and extension, new build, design & build, two stage tenders, and fast track fitouts.

T 0333 241 6940

By selecting offsite healthcare specialist Catfoss to deliver building projects using its factory constructed modular build system, Trusts minimise site disruption and reduce the carbon footprint of developments whilst significantly shortening timeframes for installing and opening much-needed additional clinical facilities.

Collaboration is central to the Catfoss ethos, allowing us to build strong relationships with our clients, quickly positioning us as a key partner for delivery of their future estate’s strategy. To reflect this approach, the Trust’s we work with benefit from direct access to our

Dramatically reduced delivery programmes of permanent HTM/ HBN compliant, high specification, factory quality, offsite building solutions are achieved by running tandem programmes for site enabling works and factory module production resulting in Catfoss having an impressive ever-growing portfolio of completed buildings:

: Winter pressures and permanent wards

: Operating Theatres

: Imaging and scanning

: Maternity/Midwife Units

: Accident & Emergency

: Intensive Care Units

If you need additional space, we would be delighted to assist:

T 01964 542225

Legionella risks and solutions from Aqua free

Legionella is a very common bacteria that survives and is found in all water, but particularly prevalent in areas of slow moving or stagnant water.

Due to its nature of being a biofilm former, Legionella can be protected by these eco-structures making them incredibly different to remove.

Legionnaires’ disease is normally contracted by inhaling small droplets of water (aerosols), suspended in the air, containing the bacteria. Certain conditions increase the risk from legionella if: a. the water temperature in all or some parts of the system may be between 20-45°C, which is suitable for growth.

b. it is possible for water droplets to be produced and if so, they can be dispersed.

c. water is stored and/or recirculated.

d. there are deposits that can support bacterial growth, such as rust, sludge, scale, organic matter and biofilms. It is important to control the risks by introducing measures which do not allow proliferation of the organisms in the water systems and reduce, so far as is reasonably practicable, exposure to water droplets and aerosol. This will reduce the possibility of creating conditions in which the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria is increased.*

Aqua free offers a range of Point of Use tap, shower and in-line filters with a membrane pore size of 0.2 μm to aid the removal of bacteria from the water flow.

In order to aid the flow of water within redundant areas, Aqua free also provides an automatic flushing unit to help with the mitigation of risk.

For more info, contact: or visit:

*Reference HSE L8 ACOP

MEDICAL DEVICES MATTERS Bringing your product to life

Neucin Design is a product design and development company, which was established in 2017 and is based at the Park Farm Business Park, Norwich.

Utilising and drawing upon over 25 years of the engineering and product development experience of its teams, who specialise in the development of medical devices and life science products, Neucin Design is well equipped in providing services from inception to industrialised commercial platforms. The Neucin Design team maintains extensive experience in the medical device industry, having previously worked for numerous large medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Neucin Design’s skills, expertise and approach to product development, enables the company to be able to provide full support for its client’s needs and requirements, throughout the product development lifecycle.

The team is passionate, enthusiastic, and is actively involved in product development, taking a hands on approach, with customer focus and client collaboration being at the forefront of its operations. This ethos of providing a customer driven, dedicated service, has allowed the company to be able to work in a more flexible, personal and collaborative partnership with its clients, helping them to realise their product vision from concept through to industrialisation.

T 01603 672371


Reliable and personable software solutions

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to announce Pivotal Solutions as our Software Consultancy of the Month.

Since its inception, Pivotal Solutions main ambition has been to provide mission critical software to large organisations in need of storage for documents and associated meta data. By working closely with its clients and their staff, Pivotal Solutions endeavour to design a tailored solution for any requirement. Pivotal Solutions has all the capabilities to produce effective solutions, that stem from the tools and skills harnessed by its experienced expert team to meet even the most complex or changing needs of its clients.

Pivotal Solutions places the utmost importance on taking time to gain a full scope of its clients’ needs to understand the requirements of all potential users and uses of the software. One of the main focuses for the company is to foresee future requirements, to create software with the agility to be flexible enough to easily cater for changes that occur over time.

Alongside its software development, the company also ensures it provides and maintains an efficient, friendly and outstanding level of customer service. This service is an integral part of Pivotal Solutions’ operations,

to guarantee the user’s experience is positive and continuous, for years to come.

Established in 2000 by a group of software designers and developers after years of working in large corporations, the idea behind Pivotal Solutions stemmed from the need to get away from the corporate culture and the associated overheads, and solely provide high quality software and service to its clients by forming trustful and reliable working relationships with them.

“Our entire team work from home and are based in the South East

of England. Alongside offering bespoke software and support, we specialise in information and document management to provide software that allows users to store and search complex data and use it within automated and manual workflows. The main benefit we offer over competitors is that all our software is written in close consultation with our customers exact requirements, and we also ensure that it is adaptable for their future needs. We pride ourselves on our support and maintenance and once the software is written, we ensure the customers remain happy with the product by providing responsive help desk services,” stated Paul Wallace, Consultant.

A recent case studied showed the internal staff of a client as well as users from the London boroughs and private companies using Pivotal Solutions Planning Application Workflow System (PAWS) to keep track of documents, emails, meetings, events, and deadlines involved with managing planning applications. Technologies used within this study were PostgreSQL & PostGIS, ESRI/GIS /Google Maps, SOLR, Java, and Tomcat/HTML/CSS/Javascript.

In closing, we asked Paul if the company had any plans for the future and what they were, he answered, “We are starting to provide services for migrating data from legacy systems. We have honed our skills with one of our larger customers and will be contacting others to see if there is anything we can do for them soon.”

For more information, see below.

M 07771 993089


NDG Artificial Intelligence Ltd

NDGAI has solved the mobile workforce problem faced by organisations delivering services in multiple locations to client-centric requirements and who wish to provide excellent, costeffective and consistent continuity of service, for example in the home care, cleaning, security and facility management industries. We have conducted cutting edge, groundbreaking research on methodologies over an eight year period, tackling Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problems (WSRP). Investment of over £1.5m, including a governmentfunded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Nottingham University, enabled the research and development of OptifAI, NDGAI’s revolutionary, innovative product that solves the problem. This joint expertise, experience and know-how have ensured OptifAI delivers high-performance schedules that utilise staff more efficiently, error-free and much faster than any other system because AI never has a bad day.

OptifAI makes coordinators’ lives simpler and more productive, resulting in improved business performance, growth & increased profitability. OptifAI supports industry and organisational compliance, ensuring their services are provided with the highest levels of quality, safely and effectively, as well as evidencing a wellmanaged business with great leadership.

T +44 (0)800 080 3313



Mainteno facilities maintenance and management software

Mainteno is an advanced awardwinning facilities maintenance and management software that streamlines every aspect of maintenance management processes.

“We provide online software and have provided online maintenance management software for the past eight years,” said Mainteno’s David Lattimer. “Our software is extremely diverse and adaptable for many industries and has been used to manage many different types of facilities by companies including The Dogs Trust, DPD, funeral homes, schools and care homes.”

All accessed through one easy to use platform, Mainteno is a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) which provides a CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) solution for organisations.

Designed with an easy to use dashboard, Mainteno provides all the relevant data in one central system enabling the user to access all aspects of facilities managements through its functions including managing maintenance, scheduling maintenance, creating fault repair reports, asset tracking, general task management,

creating checklists, invoicing, enquiring and managing quotes and tendering of contractors and supporting contractors.

Mainteno Facilities Management Software from David Lattimer on Vimeo.

View a detailed explanatory video of Mainteno here: or above or for any further information, please see the details below.

T +44 (0)208 798 3713

Brighten up your life with

Ventilating hospitals properly

We now know that proper ventilation is vital to help ensure airborne viral loads are properly extracted, thus mitigating COVID-19 risks.

Greetings Cards

Art Prints Christmas Cards

Air Vent Technology has many years' experience in supplying ventilation units to the healthcare sector. AHUs with or without heat recovery can be manufactured to full HTM requirements for critical areas (operating theatres and isolation wards, and more general ventilation to non-critical areas.).

Mainteno is a complete, cost-effective solution for task facilities management.

Whether it’s managing planned maintenance or dealing with fault repairs, Mainteno simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of almost any organisation.

Our award-winning software keeps everyone in the loop and archives all your communication and documentation in one place. For total control of your organisation’s assets, Mainteno also seamlessly incorporates asset management and tracking.

Mainteno streamlines every aspect of the maintenance management process, saving your organisation time and money.

Usability made affordable

Mainteno was designed with practicality in mind. The interface is so intuitive that basic operation can be learned in minutes, and you can be a power user in one afternoon.

Elegant usability usually means a hefty price tag – so our customers are often surprised to learn just how affordable Mainteno is.

No set-up fees, no lengthy contracts. Mainteno adapts to any organisation’s maintenance needs.

Alison Tate 07780 873736

Alison Wells 07754 368184

AVT designed and manufactured a heat recovery unit (complying with HTM03 requirements for ventilating a hospital isolation unit) within a four week turnaround period – enquiry, design, quotation, production and delivery. This fully weatherproof heat recovery unit is energy efficient, with fitted door guards, a metal heat exchanger and up to 75% thermal efficiency. It has metal framed filters and treated coils to comply with HTM requirements. Access for cleaning and maintenance is easy, with lights and viewports to all major components.

AVT can prioritise healthcare ventilation projects for the quickest possible equipment lead times to site. Solutions can be tailored to meet specifications and site requirements, and AVT’s Site Engineering Services offer a full installation package.

T +44 (0)1264 356415


WP Group

WP Group was founded in 1988 as West Pennine Storage Equipment Ltd providing pallet racking, shelving and related storage systems.

WP Group now provides a full-service design, delivery and installation service, backed by three decades of industry knowledge.

As a leading national UK supplier of warehouse racking systems, WP supports all industry applications including mezzanine floor installations and cantilever racking. Our extensive range of high-quality racking systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of any industrial environment. Our top-quality steel racking and shelving systems are highly competitive, offering long service life and exceptional value for money. All our storage systems are designed to maximise your workspace, meeting your individual storage needs with practical solutions. The WP Group product range includes everything from light storage shelving to heavy duty pallet racking. Our bespoke consultation service aims to provide the most suitable solutions to suit your business environment. Specialist solutions include drive-in racking, narrow aisle racking, carpet racks, mezzanine flooring and cantilever racking systems. Our solutions include cold storage warehouse racking, multi-tier storage systems and mobile storage racks each providing increased storage space. In addition to warehouse projects, our online shop offers over 8,000 items of storage equipment, components and accessories and accepts payment by card at: – Please feel free to contact us for any further information or to discuss any particular needs which you may have in your warehouse or storage area.

T 01706 875500


Annie’s Herb Kitchen

We are proud to be a local and independent food producer. A family run business providing our community with a unique range of seasoning salts and delicious herbal/ fruit teas.

Do you ever feel your home cooking is missing that certain something? We have the solution for you… our quick fix seasoning salts are exactly what you need. Use them instead of your table salt and enjoy the difference. They are full of flavour from fresh herbs and give food the right kick.


We are hand making the highest quality fruit and herbal tea infusions to give you the most special experience.

The fruit and herb combinations are picked for their incredible taste balanced in every cup of tea. Try some of Annie’s Herbal Teas and join many of our satisfied customers.

Garlic salt is perfect with most meats and is also great for brine and marinade. If you are a garlic lover, you can add it just almost anywhere. Annie's Garlic Salt was awarded 2 golden stars in the Great

Bluebasil is an established artisan bakery based in the historic town of Warwick. Using high quality ingredients and traditional methods of hand baking, our dedicated approach has led to a legion of fans and rave reviews.

Our popular chocolate brownies have been mentioned in Vogue and Delicious Magazine, won Great Taste Awards (Classic Caramel Chunk in 2021 and Classic Chunky Chocolate back in 2012), dropped on famous doorsteps such as No 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace and to Olympians and Oscar winners (name dropping withheld of course!).

Established back in 2010, owner Nikki Taylor has over 20 years of catering experience and has enjoyed selling these outstanding

Bees & Co

Our award-winning, 100% British honey makes an ideal gift to spoil yourself, or someone else! We have a great selection of British honey for you to enjoy!

Our aim is to rear and re-introduce the Native British Honey Bee back into the British environment and to celebrate the great taste of our British Honey. Try our infused range, British honey Infused with Organic Ingredients for honey with a healthy kick.

If you really want a treat, try our new Luxury Range. These are unique, luxurious honey gifts, exclusive to us at Bees & Co.

Something for those who demand a bit of luxury or as a great and unique gift to show someone special how much you care. Truffle honey anyone?

We also offer Online Honey Tasting Experiences for individuals and corporate clients,

Taste Awards 2021; to read what judges thing about our salt, visit our website at:

brownies online in gift boxes for 12 years. Now with a beautiful range of classic but sophisticated brownie & flapjack flavours these fantastic bakes are available for wholesale to businesses all over the UK. Hand crafted into best selling products, our bakes are created by combining luxurious flavours and beautiful textures that really stand out from the crowd.

With an excellent shelf life, these gorgeous chocolate brownie and flapjack trays make a smart choice for any cake counter. Available to the trade, we dispatch all over the UK. Visit our website to find out more at: or call our office on 01926 494661 and we will be very happy to help with inquiries.

as well as Beekeeping Experiences and courses at our beautiful apiary situated in Stamford within the grounds of the Burghley House Estate. These are popular as gifts and thank you presents.

Our products can be found on our website, Bees & Co or you can follow this link:

If you are a business and require wholesale prices, please email us at:

80Noir Ultra dark hot chocolate

New premium dark hot chocolate brand paves a new direction in the wellbeing space

80Noir Ultra is paving a new direction in the wellbeing space and revolutionising the way people look after their mental and physical health, through premium dark hot chocolate created to reset the mind and soothe the soul.

Designed to bring about a positive change to peoples’ lives, the brand’s 80.3% dark chocolate is quickly disrupting the hot chocolate market thanks to its bespoke rich, creamy and smooth recipe which is packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Delicious to drink or eat, the chocolate is available in mini bars and bags of ‘beads’, each packaged up into the ideal perfect daily dose to leave people feeling satisfied and satiated, while ensuring they can reap the maximum amount of mind and body benefits from the humble cacao bean.

Despite having already won multiple awards in just a year since launching, 80Noir Ultra is just

getting started on its mission to re-educate people on the benefits of dark chocolate and enriching peoples’ daily routines one by one, leaving them feeling happy, content, boosted and balanced.

For more information, visit:

Carole Armitage – Chocolate Creator, Adventurer & Mental Health Advocator
THIS ISSUE OF P&SR IS SPONSORED BY ESI TECHNOLOGY – SEE THEM ON PAGE 16 11 HEALTH & SAFETY PRODUCTS & SERVICES Leaders in Built Environmental Safety and Health and Wellbeing Consultancy Consulting on various aspects of project design, constructability and operational lifecycle matters for local and global commercial clients CONTACT US: DCON Safety Consultants Suite 5, Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2 Email Phone +353 (0)1 611 1556

New from Phoenix Handling Solutions

Introducing the new Cobot end of line palletiser from Phoenix Handling Solutions combined with our Nipper automated guided vehicle.

The new SRP Cobot from Phoenix Handling Solutions (PHS) is an extremely compact, versatile and fully automatic, low-cost modular robot palletising system, based on a Doosan H2017 6 axis industrial collaborative robot with a 20kg payload. With its 1,710mm long arm reach it is perfect for both UK and Euro type pallets. It can palletise up to 2,000mm without a lift kit.

The Cobot can palletise up to 18 cases per minute when multi picking. There is also a layer sheet option if require.

Given PHS’ vast experience in end of line automation, Cobots were a natural progression for its business for existing and new customers alike. They are simple to install and do not require masses of conveyors to feed them.

Hence, they can be easily placed at the end of a production line picking and placing product 24/7 if required.

The Nipper is an automated guided vehicle capable of placing empty pallets into the Cobot palletiser and removing them when complete. It means that the customer can enjoy a fully automated solution



With a reach of 1,700mm, the Doosan H2017 is extremely well suited for palletising onto larger pallets, eg. UK size (1,000x1,200). With a maximum payload of 20kg, it is possible to carry out multi-picking, thus creating a higher capacity with up to 18 products per minute, depending upon product specifications.

n Low investment, fast ROI – Lease purchase option available subject to credit checking

n Standardised system – fast delivery and installation

n Very compact footprint, easy to relocate by pallet trolley or forklift

n Collaborative industrial robot, complete with safety fencing – CE certified

n Easy product change-over

n Ideal for the food or pharmaceutical industries

installation for after

A More Sustainable Approach to Product Packaging

At its facilities in Suffolk and Berkshire, HERMA UK are recognising an increase in enquiries from businesses looking to limit their product packaging.

With alternative offerings such as the new InNoliner and Tamper Proof labelling options from their Labelling Systems manufacturing site in Suffolk, along with easy to wash off and recyclable material offerings from their Material Division based in Berkshire, HERMA are able to support business in making this change as it has done for over 30 years.

If you are looking for an alternative packaging and labelling solution for your product, contact HERMA on the details below.

T 01440 763366

For labels, labellers & self-adhesive material



Labellers and labelling machines


n Cobot: Doosan H2017 industrial collaborative robot

n Gripper: RCO designed cobot vacuum gripper

n Control: Beckhoff industrial PC & HMI

n Base Frame: Stainless steel clean design base frame

n Pallets: Floor level – 2 pallet positions for continuous operation

n Palletising height: Maximum +/- 2,200mm on Euro and CHEP pallets possible – in combination with a lift kit, depending on product specifications

n Capacity: Up to 18 cases p/m, depending on product specifications

n Pickpoint: Standard integrated intelligent pick point roller conveyor

n Gripper: 3D Carbon Fibre Vacuum Gripper (pictured above) as standard with strong and lightweight design

n Product Types: Standard for closed cardboard boxes. Special applications, eg. bags, trays possible

n Pallet Types: Euro: 800mm x 1,200mm and CHEP: 1,000mm x 1,200mm

n Product Dimensions: L x W x H – Min. 150 x 100 x 100 / Max. 600 x 400 x 400 in mm

n Product Weight: Max 20kg per product

n Optional: Layer sheet unit & buffer/connection conveyor(s)


Phoenix Handing Solutions

Unit 10 Mitton Business Park, Mitton Road, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9YE, England

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of selfadhesive technology, we inspire with quality made in Germany and the UK.
Material Labels for office and home
for large quantities and the industry

Spring Fair closes on a high

From 6-9 February 2022 at Birmingham’s NEC, the UK’s largest and longest running trade show for home, gift and fashion, has generated millions of pounds worth of business kickstarting and refuelling the retail industry. A return in buyer confidence and the buzz, enthusiasm and energy throughout the show has been backed up by reports of huge volumes of orders and the average order values going up.

Buyers including John Lewis, Next, Morleys, Wayfair, Oliver Bonas, Fortnum & Mason, Fenwick, National Trust, V&A, Merlin Entertainment, Tesco, Sainsbury, Argos, B&Q, Paperchase, Scribbler, Funky Pigeon, Waterstones, Hobbycraft, Matalan, as well as garden centres such as Squires, Notcutts, Dobbies, Blue Diamond, British Garden Centres, and Barton Grange attended. Charlotte Overend, Buyer from La Redoute, said, “We have been to the Spring Fair a few times now and it's better than before, so happy with meeting all our suppliers and new ones too, placed a few orders and it’s definitely the show to be at. Will be back for Autumn Fair.”

Julie Driscoll, Divisional Managing Director, Spring Fair & Moda, said, “It’s been a truly

Herbert Marx

With over 40 years in the business, Herbert Marx is the UK’s foremost manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of gold, diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewellery.

Their collections cover all your jewellery needs, from classic, contemporary to fashion must haves and the latest trends. Operating with huge stock levels to fulfil enquiries & orders without delays, Herbert Marx is the only jewellery wholesaler in the UK and Ireland covering every aspect of a jewellery business’ stock requirements.

Handmade gold and silver chain with over 200 styles in multiple sizes and lengths are the perfect product for jewellery and gift shop business, products which perform well and convert easily with good margin opportunities.

Gold earrings are also a staple of every jewellery and gift business. The Herbert Marx collection is not only vast, but also of a quality not found elsewhere. Never compromising quality for price, Herbert Marx offers a premium product at a good value price which will keep your customers returning for their next ‘treasure’ time and again.

English Graphics

English Graphics is a luxury greetings and stationery brand. We design, print and hand glitter all our cards in our studio in the historic New Forest on the beautiful south coast of England.

extraordinary four days at Spring Fair, we’re so pleased to be able to report on such overwhelming success stories & hear the brilliant feedback from our visitors and exhibitors.”

Spring Fair returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 5-8 February 2023. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Abysse Corp, Beauty Traders, English Graphics, Fancey by Nature & Herbert Marx. Further details can be found on this page.

The idea of a world without sparkle is unthinkable! So we only use Biodegradable Eco-Glitter made from plant cellulose and ‘Biotin cellophanes’ also made from plant cellulose. The process of making is important to us, as is employing local people and offering them ‘a glittering career’! We pride ourselves on producing a handmade product in an ethical manner right here in Britain.

You can find our work in many of the UK’s finest greeting and gift retailers as well as beautiful stores around the world, including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Scandinavia, Japan and Australia.

We have been top 6 finalists in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Henries – for Best Handmade Cards and we won Calies for Best Diary 2019 and Best Desk Calendar 2020.

Contact: Peter England, Director T 01590 672778

Fancey by Nature

Fancey by Nature is the exciting new home decor and gift brand created by husband-andwife team Jackie and Miles Negus-Fancey. We have had many years’ experiences in the interiors sector and have always wanted to create our own collection of home décor products.

Dedicated road-based sales managers and a dynamic office team service all your business needs.

An industry leading B2B website offers a glimpse into the endless possibilities Herbert Marx offers with free next day delivery.

T +44 (0)20 7242 4135

After Miles recovered from a serious illness a couple of years ago, we both decided to put our skills together and fulfil our dream. We launched Fancey by Nature in 2021. Our highly detailed illustrations, inspired by nature, make up our collection of wall art, cushions, greeting cards and gifts. We wanted our designs to be fresh and sophisticated with a playful edge, and for them to also have a touch of nostalgia about them.

At Fancey by Nature we care greatly about the environment and do our best to play our part in reducing the carbon footprint. Our quality products are all made in the UK. We love what we do and are very excited about the future and we really hope that our artworks will inspire and delight you.

ACE Global Trading Ltd

ACE Global Trading Ltd is a family run supplier and distribution company based in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the leading suppliers in the UK specialising in the supply and distribution of branded fragrances, cosmetics, skincare and haircare of all ranges.

Its Customer Portfolio includes many of the UK Chain stores, a large variety of independent pharmacies and online traders. The company has very strong connections with EU/EEA, which allows them to work with some of the most prestigious brands and chain stores & grocers in these regions.

T 01244 660197

M 07956 574634

Over the years Ace Global Trading Ltd has built a brilliant foundation within the fragrance and beauty industry which gives us an advantage in providing our customers with the best prices. Our mission statement is very simple – to provide all the products at the most competitive prices, as well as being a reliable supplier with prompt deliveries.

ACE Global Trading Ltd partners have been in the Health and Beauty Industry for almost 40 years, providing extensive knowledge to its team and all its customer base. As a company it always seeks to find new opportunities and leads both domestically and internationally. Its business model has helped the company grow rapidly and it still continues to grow.

Contact T +44 (0)203 794 8160

Abysse Corp group #1 in Europe for merch and collectibles

Created in 2003, the Abysse Corp group is the European leader in licensed pop culture merchandise. As designer, manufacturer and distributor, we work with over 180 active licenses across all key genres:

n Manga/japanimation – One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Death Note…

n Cinema & TV series – Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Friends, Peaky Blinders…

n Video games – Assassin’s Creed, Pokémon, League of Legends…

n Music – The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, AC/DC, Billie Eilish, Eminem…

The Abysse Corp has over 365 employees worldwide with offices in France, Spain, Italy,

Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Ireland, USA, Mexico, China and Hong Kong.

n ABYstyle – Created in 2007, is the first European brand of geek merchandise. More than 1000 new products are developed each year: tableware, apparel, accessories, luggage, decoration, gift sets...

n ABYstyle Studio – Was created in 2018 in response to growing demand for high value-added products. Dedicated 3D

design and marketing teams in France, USA and Asia, develop new, quality ranges of figurines and replicas.

n GBeye – Founded in 1986, acquired by Abysse Corp in 2021, is one of the largest poster and frame manufacturer in Europe. Based in Sheffield, GBeye is internationally known for its wall decoration and framing products, and also has a catalogue of +50 music licenses.

We have over 3,500 active customers, with 10,000+ displays, currently selling our products across Europe. The Abysse Corp group has a worldwide consolidated turnover of around 72 million euros this year.


Offsite Expo exceeds expectations

With record attendance and the exhibition venue filled to capacity, organisers of Offsite Expo have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from delegates, speakers & exhibitors.

Sam Davies, Construction Director for British Offsite, said, “The organisation of Offsite Expo 2021 was very professional and well executed. The event organisers were helpful and accommodating & the preplanning of the event was exceptional in terms of communication and ensuring a successful delivery.”

Across the two days of the event – which was held at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 21 & 22

September 2021 – 3,054 delegates visited over 100 exhibition stands and feature builds which involved everything from a transporter hauling a module and a new innovative ‘room in the roof’ system to a double height light steel frame exhibition stand and even a two-storey apartment block. It was often standing room only in the three theatres where over 100 speakers delivered CPD Accredited Masterclass sessions.

Many exhibitors also reported that the Offsite Connect forum was a


Modular buildings for the construction industry

Pixel Modular specialise in the design, manufacture, assembly and installation of Light Gauge Steel Systems (LGS) building systems for use in the residential and commercial construction sector of the UK.

self-builders, individually designed homes, housing developers, construction companies & constructors of commercial buildings of up to eight floors, Pixel Modular significantly reduces the dependency on follow on trades.

reduces the risk of a fire hazard, and reduces overall foundation costs.

T 01262 308984

major highlight for them with over 330 productive business meetings taking place. Offsite Connect is a highly effective way for buyers and specifiers to meet with new and existing offsite industry suppliers exhibiting at Offsite Expo. Over 80 construction professionals with major buying remits participated from such high-profile companies as Barratt Developments, Persimmon, L&Q, as well as main contractors Willmott Dixon, BAM, Kier and Morgan Sindall.

Offsite Expo returns to the Coventry Building Society Arena this year from 20-21 September 2022. This is our second pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Intelligent Steel & Pixel Modular. Further details can be found on this page.

With an ambition to deliver modern, affordable modular buildings without any sacrifice to its durability, comfort or appearance, Pixel Modular’s inhouse design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities has propelled them to the forefront of the construction industry as one of the most optimum performing companies in the UK.

With sustainability and the environment a prime focus for the company, energy efficient offices, student accommodation, pop up shops as well as passivhaus quality light gauge steel homes are all within Pixel Modular’s scope of supply.

Compared to traditional building methods, Pixel Modular’s systems are up to 40% faster to build & delivered much quicker due to its factory capabilities. Aimed at

Just some of the benefits to light gauge steel include a faster build time, a strong sustainability profile, cost and time efficient, a more controlled build, non-degradable,


CEJN is the future of high-performance hose reels with unique safety features

Our Safety Reels are a premium collection of reels that are available for several types of media: Compressed Air Reels, Fluids, Breathing Air and Electric Cable Reels.

Safety is one of the main priorities in any workplace and CEJN’s Hose Reels are ideal for creating a safe workplace. The CEJN safety reel is a durable reel that provides excellent performance thanks to its full-flow patented design that, unlike most reels, does not restrict flow. This provides maximum power to the air tools connected, saving both energy and time. The slow retraction function, hose guiding, PUR hose, soft stop-ball to prevent tripping and antikink safety features are just a few examples of what makes these safety reels the best on the market. The reel can swivel 180° allowing the operator to move around freely, and the slow retraction makes them easy and safe for anyone to handle.

system for maximum stability.

Spare parts for all our reels are available, as well as easy-to-follow instruction videos, allowing you to carry out maintenance at a time most convenient for you.

Contact us to discuss our Safety Reel Range further:

T 01432 341337 compressed-air-reels-closed/#

M 07572 999979

High performance hose reels for heavy duty operations

CEJN’s range of open hose reels are designed for safe performance in the workplace. The heavyduty spun discs with rolled edges make the reel safe to handle and minimise damage to the hose due to sharp edges. The reel retracts the hose safely and steadily, using a built-in safety clutch.

The open hose reels have longer length and larger hose dimensions, thanks to a robust frame and compact high flow swivel. The swivel is placed outside the shaft for easy installation and maintenance. To ensure long lasting durability, the heavy-duty steel has a powder-coated finish for harsh and challenging conditions. Enclosed factory-adjusted spring cartridge for safe and easy replacement. Another example is the unique shaft with dual support compressed-air-reels-open/#


Kärcher is the world's number one cleaning solutions provider, focused on the future of cleaning to achieve outstanding results. From hospitals to factories, the London Eye to Mount Rushmore, Kärcher has been trusted to clean them. Kärcher’s team of experts are on hand to maximise the quality and efficiency of every clean.

Renray are committed to designing furniture, beds and interior solutions with the end user in mind and tailoring our services and solutions to fulfil your requirements and vision for your care home. Our health and social care furniture, profiling beds, PAC and medical equipment are manufactured in our purpose built factories in Cheshire and Europe.

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality curtain rail and blind systems to the healthcare and commercial sectors for over 25 years. Working from our modern factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our range covers everything from basic hand drawn rails to state of the art electrically operated products.

Biomed96 is a specialist in the medical equipment industry offering a comprehensive range of patient monitoring consumables, Oxygen concentrators, SonoStar ultrasound probes, handheld vital sign monitors, face masks, COVID Antigen test kit, Dental surgical items, Surgical Diathermy leads, Stethoscopes, Veterinary ultrasound & monitoring cables at lowest price with Free NHS delivery.

Established in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets.

PEMAC Assets is an award-winning CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) designed to assist companies in the planning, management, and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy. PEMAC allows you to identify your critical assets; dynamically create preventive maintenance plans; generate, plan and report on work orders; develop a traceable asset history and record spare parts transactions. Click on the QR code to download our PEMAC Assets Brochure.

ESI Technology Ltd designs and manufactures pressure transducers and transmitters for the aerospace, defence, oil & gas, subsea, medical, automotive, marine, process and general industrial markets. Our unique Silicon-on-Sapphire technology provides outstanding stability and performance throughout a wide range of our catalogue.

National Flexible are the UK’s largest distributor of polypropylene, laminates and special films and supply a full range of recyclable, recycled, compostable and plastic flexible packaging and pouches. We offer a free Environmental Audit to help you make an informed decision on your flexible packaging.

Air Sentry is a British designed and manufactured air management system. Developed over two decades alongside the NHS, its HEPA filter reduces all airborne pathogens, including Coronavirus, to near zero. Fixed, or mobile ‘plug and play’ units are available, with optional HVAC interface and positive or negative pressure options.

Pharmafilter offers innovative solutions that improve the cleanliness of environments in hospitals, airports, and other large-scale facilities. Providing an infrastructure that creates simple work processes, Pharmafilter’s innovative, transformational waste and wastewater on-site treatment system is proven to combat Antimicrobial Resistance Bacteria, COVID-19, helping to establish a safer environment.

ELAFLEX Ltd, Hoddesdon is associated with Elaflex Hiby, Germany and supply ZVA fuel nozzles and components for LNG and CNG. In our program are rubber flexible hoses and Dry Disconnect couplings for the pharma, marine bunkering and petrochemical industry. We also produce bespoke hose reel kits and ERV Rubber bellows.

The WP Group offers intelligent storage equipment solutions for any environment. Ranging from custom built warehouse pallet racking and industrial shelving to office shelving and storage systems, our space efficient solutions are designed with only the greatest precision in mind.


The latest advancements in pressure measurement

In this issue of Products and Services Review, we are delighted to announce that we have chosen to present our Industry Excellence Award to ESI Technology Ltd for the outstanding quality and performance of its Silicon-onSapphire Sensing Technology for the pressure measurement industry.

Established in 1984, ESI Technology Ltd has grown into a worldwide supplier of ‘in house’ manufactured pressure transducer and transmitters. With its early success deriving from its design solutions catered for challenging military and aerospace applications, its recent Silicon-on-Sapphire Sensing Technology has truly established the company as a market leader in the pressure measurement industry.

“The use of our Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) Technology has greatly developed and elevated the pressure sensing field. Our SOS sensor can measure ranges from vacuum to 5,000 bar pressure in extreme environments such as high temperature or subsea and has excellent chemical compatibility. We call it our most durable sensor,” stated Mikaela Jones, Marketing Officer at ESI Technology Ltd.

Pressure measurement plays a very important role to many applications across thousands of industries. However, with the various pressure ranges, temperature and media available, it can be difficult to know what sensor technology is right for your specific application. ESI Technology Ltd has created a solution for this specific reason. The Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) sensor is the answer to accurate and reliable pressure measurement we’ve all been waiting for.

SOS is a technology that is part of the Silicon on Insulator (SOI) family, which is a semiconductive structure that is created through a process known as heteroepitaxy. This is where an epitaxial (or crystal growth) layer is deposited on the surface of a different material, in this case a thin layer of silicon is physically placed onto a sapphire wafer at a very high temperature and bonded.

There are two parts to the process: The Sapphire and The Bonding. The Sapphire wafers used in SOS technology are grown as a single gem in a highly controlled laboratory environment, ensuring no impurities or imperfections in the finished structure. The crystal is then cut at a rough 60° angle, and is referred to as the ‘r-plane’. Because of the precise angle of the cut, Sapphire wafers have extra Oxygen atoms that almost mirror the spacing of Oxygen atoms found in the plane of Silicon. This natural symmetry allows the Oxygen atom in the Silicon to bond to the Oxygen atom in the Sapphire, completing The Bonding process.

Silicon-on-Sapphire Sensor Technology is incorporated into ESI’s portfolio through a range of high standard products, but what is it and

how is it created? Mikaela explained more, “The sensor is actually created by attaching a thin layer of silicon onto a sapphire wafer at a very high temperature. These bond the two materials together without the use of glue or any other material. A strain gauge circuit is then formed directly onto the silicon to create the pressure sensor. The sapphire base of the sensor has incredible insulating properties that protects the sensor from damage, and the lack of bonding agent between the two elements allows for a highly reliable and accurate sensor. The elastic nature of the sapphire also provides great durability and repeatability for the sensor and ensures minimal hysteresis under stress. We can actually offer an accuracy rate of up to 0.1% with it. Being able to operate through such an extensive pressure range at such a high accuracy rate is pretty incredible. We’re very proud of it.”

ESI Technology Ltd provides pressure measuring solutions across a variety of industry sectors

such as aerospace, defence, oil and gas, subsea, medical, automotive, marine, process, and general industrial markets. Each solution available comes with a combination of certifications and approvals including DNV-GL, ATEX and IECEx. However, most recently the advancement in ESI’s Hydrogen compatible range has opened up new sectors of the renewable energies market awaiting exploration.

The three new product launches, all led by a demand from its customers include firstly, the HI6000. A digitally compensated pressure transmitter capable of performing at constant media and ambient temperatures of up to 135°C-150°C for limited periods. Secondly, the RS-485 Series comprises of a range of RS-485 output transmitters and transducers with a communication range of up to 1,200m that are perfectly suited to ROV and deep-sea test situations, as well as continuous monitoring of process liquids, measurement and control of pressure in refrigeration, pneumatic, compressor, HVAC and engine monitoring systems. Lastly, the most exciting product, is the Hydrogen Compatible Series. ESI Technology Ltd has recently test passed status for a range of pressure transmitters and transducers that are deemed suitable for use within Hydrogen Environments. The testing is based on ISO 11142:2017 according to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010.

“We’re excited to see where the development of our Hydrogen compatible range can take us. The advancement in renewable energies is unavoidable and we’d like to be part of the solution. We already provide solutions within wind farm construction, nuclear power, and waste water cleaning and management so we’re excited at the prospect

of helping the market of Hydrogen fuelled technologies,” said Mikaela.

In closing we asked Mikaela what a commitment to excellence means to the company, she answered, “A commitment to excellence really is the pinnacle to what we are trying to achieve with our product design, customer experience, employee well-being and everything else in-between. Continuous improvement will help us grow and evolve as a company along with the changing world. Consistency, support, and focus really embodies everything ESI Technology Ltd is built upon. That, and our incredible team of customers and staff. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities enables us to offer the highest quality, personal service to our clients. We of course would not be successful without our employees. The majority of our staff have worked here for the upmost of 30+ years. We appreciate every single one of them, and this translates though the quality and commitment we retain in our employee’s work ethic and our products. Our product focus has always been driven by customer demand. Our R&D team work extensively to bring out the most intelligent, ondemand solutions that our customers are asking for. This makes us one of a kind.”

T 01978 262255


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