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New handheld printers for every application

Timbermark ID Systems is pleased to announce the latest addition to a new range of hand-held thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers from Chinese manufacturer Zhuhai Bentsai Printing Technology Co. Ltd.

The B10 is the newest handheld device, joining Bentsai’s B3, B30 and B80 printers, which are already available. Each device offers unique features including larger printing size, a refillable ink cartridge system, and highly competitive equipment pricing.

The smallest in the range, the B10 weighs just 200g and can print characters, barcodes, images and logos 12.7mm/½” high onto any surface. Pocket-sized and programmable via your mobile phone, this printer is extremely versatile and user-friendly.

The B30 and B80 machines both have

printheads that are one inch high, with the B80 using 4 at a time to produce a mark that is 4” or 10cm high; a first in handheld printing.

All the printers can use either aqueous or

solvent-based inks and their high-resolution printing is ideal for finely detailed printing. The aqueous ink cartridges with the 1” printheads are refillable, bringing down the cost of TIJ printing to a very competitive level.

Timbermark offers the full range on its eCommerce website at:

T 0870 803 1877

Welcome to the world of Abbeyhorn, where in a little factory near the Lake District, Artisans still use the traditional skills, handed down over generations, to produce a one-of-a-kind range of natural gifts from ethically sourced cow horn and stag antler.

The Ankole Cow Horn is a by-product of the meat industry in Nigeria. This natural raw material is hugely versatile, it is easily softened and made malleable by heating, so it can be bent, shaped and moulded. It does not melt, so will not reform upon cooling, and will stay in its new moulded shape. Since every horn is different in size, shape and colour, this makes every piece produced unique.

The Red Deer Antler is sourced from Country estates in Scotland, it is naturally shed each year and collected by the estate grounds people. Abbeyhorn uses it to make beautiful gifts, such as cutlery and barware.

Abbeyhorn’s extensive traditional range of shoehorns, combs and spoons, along with a fabulous gentleman’s grooming collection, is complemented by the unusual drinking vessels which you may have seen on Game of Thrones and Vikings.

This ‘prehistoric plastic’ is a truly ecological material, making the products produced by Abbeyhorn much sought after.

The entire content of this publication is advertorial based. To place an advertorial or an advert, please call 0121 550 2086. 1
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DCTR B-X Hz PoE: Smart residual current monitor

Tickling the SPD nerve

“With Surge Protection Devices (SPD) becoming increasingly common in installations, it is surely time that there was an accepted test to confirm their efficacy,” says Brendan Beaver, manager of Metrel UK, a manufacturer of innovative test solutions.

“The manufacturers say that they are 100% tested before they leave the factory, but it is not hugely reassuring to the installer whose insurance take on liability once they supply and install the SPD. Metrel multi-function testers have for more than

10 years offered a ramp facility on the insulation test which gives the ability to test varistors and some SPDs in the field.

“Maybe it is time that the powers that be recommend a test protocol which could be incorporated in all multi-function testers.”


T 01924 245000

Identifying insulation defects during periodic inspection could be too late. Between tests, defects can escalate into a fault, resulting in system shutdown and lost production. Continuous monitoring of leakage currents gives real time visibility of the system status. Maintenance staff can take corrective action in a planned and timely manner.

The Doepke smart RCM (DCTR B-X Hz) provides an accurate picture of a system’s leakage/residual current status from 0 to 100kHz.

Continuous DCTR monitoring provides information about the health of the system, with records and dates for reporting purposes, eg. maintenance records for PUWER and EWR requirements.

The free programming software enables the setting of customised alarms and visualisation of the system’s residual current status for single or multiple units. Installation is quick and simple with just one connection via a PoE port, for basic functionality.

The DCTR B-X Hz PoE provides type-B residual current monitor for use in systems containing VSD, VFD and other inverter based products.

Based on average hourly system downtime costs, the investment in a DCTR smart monitoring system can be easily recovered, with the prevention of one unplanned shutdown and the associated production losses.

For further info, visit Doepke DCTR Technical info. T 01628 829133


FlexBuffer™ supports ecommerce order handling

ABB is responding to the growing consumer demand for choice and fast delivery with the launch of its FlexBuffer™ application cell. FlexBuffer brings new levels of flexibility for logistics, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and retailers, offering a highly adaptable multi-functional solution for handling a variety of tasks such as sequencing, buffering, storage and order consolidation. Operators across multiple industries are facing a range of challenges in meeting consumer expectations for faster delivery of an expanding range of goods, including labour shortages and the need to provide direct-to-consumer (D2C) delivery services in a flexible, fast manner. Automated goods handling is the key to solving these challenges, yet most systems available today are large, expensive to install, and lack the flexibility to provide the buffering and order sequencing capabilities that companies need. FlexBuffer answers these challenges. Comprising an ABB robot, a suite of grippers, a software package, storage racking and infeed and outfeed conveyors that feed and dispatch goods, FlexBuffer provides a flexible and cost-effective, multi-functional solution for quickly processing a wide variety of customer orders.


WP Group: All your storage equipment solutions in one

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are delighted to announce that we have chosen to present our Industry Excellence Award to WP Group for its practical approach to specialist storage solutions in the logistical industry.

Efficiently storing and managing the movement of bulk materials with the warehouse environment is a challenge to any company that manages it’s own storage facility operation. The term ‘bulk’ can be referred to as a number of various items. Warehousing and logistics professionals often ask the question, “How can our manufacturing facility and distribution centre effectively store these items, while maximizing available storage space and still drive warehouse efficiency?” Your answer lies in the services of WP Group.

WP Group is the UK leading supplier of British made warehouse pallet racking systems, specialists in mezzanine floor installation and industrial shelving systems. From designing complete warehouse pallet racking solutions to providing its customers with systems for small parts storage, WP Group is a premium UK storage equipment company that is able to supply, deliver and fit all types of racking and shelving.

Established in 1988, WP Group is a UK leading supplier of custom built, British made warehouse pallet racking, industrial shelving, Mezzanine Flooring, office shelving and storage systems. WP offers everything through supply, delivery, and installation of all types of premium UK manufactured commercial racking and shelving, that is well known in the industry for its services.

Originally formed as West Pennine Storage Equipment, WP Group has three decades of expertise in every relevant product and service it provides. Offering advice from the initial consultation, WP Group work with each client from the design and installation process to achieve a storage solution based on individual customer needs, backed by a comprehensive after care service including inspections, spares, and repairs.

Holding expert credentials in Mezzanine, Racking, Shelving & Storage, WP Group take care of each client from the initial consultation to the design and installation process, ending with a complete after care service. Not only does WP Group provide service solutions to mainly the warehousing and logistics industries, but the company can supply any factory, shop or office space that has a need for individually specified storage equipment. WP Group has a complete range of equipment to choose from suiting the specific requirements for any industrial environment.

With a target audience mainly comprising of facilities managers, warehouse managers and general managers, what really sets WP Group apart from its competitors is its personal approach to all its clients, both large and small.

As an independent business with a small, experienced team, WP’s solutions are among most efficient, effective in its field. The company prides itself on building relationships that ensure customer retention and over the years has established long lasting relationships that have actively contributed towards the company’s success in many ways.

WP Group is a key asset to the warehousing and logistics industry. Holding years of vital experience and knowledge dating back to when racking systems were relatively new, WP Group is therefore familiar with every scenario that its customers might present. “We carefully consider all the elements of each project in order to recommend the most appropriate solution to each individual customer space, storage requirement & budget, working with all the main UK system manufacturers,” explains Colin Evans, Managing Director.

A recent flagship project for WP Group which has been an overwhelming success is the Mezzanine project for Whispering Smith in Manchester. Mezzanine floors are the fastest and most convenient way to add extra floor space to an existing warehouse. As it is extremely cost effective and significantly cheaper than structural alternatives, mezzanine flooring can be used to provide an innovative space saving solution within the structure of an existing building without the cost and inconvenience of having to modify or relocate premises.

Colin explained more about the project, “The facility consisted of a Mezzanine floor (ground and first floor), which had a specially designed ground false floor to spread point loads, as the structure was built above a basement. We installed a small office, kitchen area and toilets within this facility, and there was also all electrics, data, lighting, smoke detection fitted throughout. This project was fantastic to see ‘come to life’ from the design stage, during the installation to full completion. It’s been great to now see how much this has helped our customer grow, enabling them to stock and supply more of their products.”

Fortunately, WP Group was able to continue with business throughout COVID-19 due to the spacious working environments in the large warehouses. Safe working spaces was made possible meaning the company was able to continue fulfilling its order book and, in some cases,

due to its customers resorting to other working environments, allowed for WP Group to have access to certain sites within working hours which was a helpful outcome.

In recent developments, WP Group has managed to expand its Mezzanine floor product offering by working with business partners who offer the full fit out of the Mezzanine space. With all electrical, lighting and IT cabling as well as the partitioning for offices and individual work, storage spaces can be managed as a singular project.

It goes without saying as a well-established business in its industry, WP Group continue to concentrate on delivering a high level of customer service to each and every client. Its bespoke service will continue to allow individual advice to be shared to businesses which meet specific needs, and by carrying this approach forward will only result in continued growth for the company.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Colin stated, “We have always taken great pride in the quality of our service and building long standing customer relationships, this award feels like we have something to show for it.”

WP Group offer a no obligation quotation service, which provides a full specification of the recommended solution which can then be discussed and adjusted to your needs. For more information on WP Group and its services, please see below.

T 01706 875500


Your image is our reputation

Hereat ARK TRADING (incorporating GOLDSTAR) we specialise in screenprinting and embroidery. Our high quality machines and very experienced team members ensure we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Ark Trading and Goldstar have over 25 years of experience, and we offer personal service and highly competitive prices – wherever possible, we will match or undercut any quotation. Everything happens under one roof in our workshops in Maidstone – from conception to completion – and we are happy to accept large or small orders. We also offer screen transfer print, heat sealed vinyl print and supply of leisure and workwear garments.

Current offer: Free setup plus 10% off orders placed before 28/2/22 using promo code Ark10/22 (t&c’s apply).

Ark Trading incorporating Goldstar, Unit 6, Britannia Business Park, Mills Road, Quarry Wood, Aylesford ME20 7NT

ARK TRADING: T 01732 742569

GOLDSTAR: T 01622 717332

Lollipop lollipop

Bell introduces Reused Ocean Plastic for 2022

One of the most exciting new developments in the plastic packaging industry is our ability to access and reprocess the post-consumer waste found on our beaches, riverbanks and along the perimeters of our oceans.

Unfortunately, plastic is now seen as a bad product – yet out of sight, beneath the surface of our oceans, there are millions of tons of other waste packaging made from glass, paperboard and metal that do not float and therefore cannot be seen.

Plastic has become a key focus on social media and in television documentaries, with politicians and supermarkets looking for ways to enhance their green credentials and promote a greener world.

There can be no excuse for rubbish being discarded into the environment

and Bell are one of the first companies in Europe to endorse and support the collection and recycling of these materials.

In 2019 Bell launched Retran® – a polyester-based material containing a minimum 70% recycled content. The credentials of this material are very high – pharmaceutical and food grade, with excellent clarity and full certification. The product has been hugely successful and nearly 80% of our customers around the world have switched to this exciting new product.

The 70% recycled content meets the new plastic packaging tax being introduced in April 2022, however Bell recognised the need to keep moving forward and in 2021 introduced Biojet®. In simple terms, this is Retran® with an additive that stimulates and accelerates the biodegrading process.

While both of these products have been hugely successful, we recognised that even more needed to be done. Bell have worked throughout the pandemic, to identify reliable sources of plastic derived from the ocean. In simple terms this is ‘Reused Ocean Plastic’.

The polymer used to produce the new packaging is being sourced from companies who organise local communities to collect plastic waste from beaches, riverbanks and ocean perimeters. Generally, these are communities who do not have the infrastructure for waste management but by paying local people to collect the plastic and deliver it to recycling facilities, the problem is reduced.

As we have all seen, there are large quantities of plastic waste floating in the sea. If we can help to collect and reuse some of this waste, and turn it back into useful products, then we are taking a significant step forward towards a better global environment.

The new material has been extensively tested and meets the minimum strength requirements of our processes. It has excellent optical qualities and our testing to date reports that there has been no difference in the performance of the new material, compared to Retran® Jetran® or Biojet® packaging.

Bell Packaging have started converting Reused Ocean Plastic for our forming and insert divisions, with tubing and boxes to follow in 2022. Samples and more information are available from our offices in Luton.

T +44 (0)1582 459292

F +44 (0)1582 450181

Oh lolli lolli lolli, lollipop, lollipop

This song recorded by the Chordettes takes you back to the nostalgia of 1954 when everything seemed more wholesome.

We have advanced since then but not all our food has improved, especially for children; we have lost sight of wholesome goodness.

Healthipops are not just lollipops; they are vitamin and mineral lollipops designed to be good for children and adults alike and taste amazing as well.

They are full of naturally soothing botanical extracts, and natural flavourings and colourings. They are also vegan and fussy children friendly and contain vitamins and minerals for immunity and wellbeing.

Maxi and Nick wanted natural remedies for their children to sooth symptoms of sore throats, colds, hay fever, travel sickness and ear popping but struggled to find anything the children liked. After a lot of research, they discovered a range of botanical extracts that would work in a tasty lollipop form and Healthipops was born. Created by nature, crafted by parents!

Each lollipop is individually wrapped and packed in multiples in resealable pouches for convenience. There are 9 different recipes from B12 to Spring & Summer Wellness, and Kids Multivit to Ear Popper Stopper!  Some super eye-popping designs were produced, and National Flexible translated these into vibrant, fresh resealable pouches that really stand out.

“Many thanks for the pouches – we are really impressed with how they bring our products to life. They look incredible!” said Nick. “We couldn’t have done it without the team at National Flexible!”

T 01274 685566


Discover the real flavour of India

Geeta’s award-winning chutneys, sauces, curry pastes and spice mixes are made from family recipes straight from Geeta’s home kitchen. They’ve been nurtured over generations to bring the exquisite flavour of India to you.

Geeta’s flagship product and the UK’s favourite authentic Indian chutney, Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney, was brought to the UK nearly 30 years ago and continues to lead the way for the brand. Renowned for its authenticity and provenance it is a firm favourite of Jamie Oliver and Joe Wicks, as well as other high profile and celebrity chefs.

Made in India where the tastiest fruits and expertly grown spices can be found, Geeta’s products use the very best,

natural ingredients, with no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. Almost all of their products are certified Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher and Gluten-Free.

You will find Geeta’s Foods stocked in various mainstream supermarkets such as Ocado, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-op, and Waitrose, alongside direct to consumer websites such as Amazon. Geeta's also supplies the hospitality industry with a range of catering size packs and portion pots.

For more information, visit: or email Customer Services at: or call 020 8450 2255.

Award winning 100% British ancient grain flour

Since the effects of COVID-19, more people have become aware of their general health and their dietary habits.

Ancient grains in their ‘whole grain’ form provide vast amounts of gut friendly fibre, vitamins and minerals and healthy fats to help contribute towards a balanced diet. Diets higher in ancient grains have been linked to health benefits such as improved blood sugar and reduced inflammation, as well as better heart health.

Craggs & Co is a 3rd generation business farming across their family farms in the North East and North Yorkshire countryside. Selecting the finest grains for over 70 years, Craggs & Co boast a family story from grandad through to grandson Stephen Craggs, who continues to keep the tradition alive today.

Craggs & Co is the UK’s leading commercial provider of ancient grain wheat products. As society demands for less wheat-based products have heightened, in 2015 Craggs & Co diversified to spelt production and since have been proud to be the UK’s largest producer of spelt products. It is very rare to find ancient grain flours that have been grown, harvested, milled and stored exclusively in the UK because they can be tricky and complicated to grow and nurture. With most of the UK’s grains being imported from the EU, customers are left with the dilemma of not really knowing where their wheat has originated from.

Together, along with carefully selected assured growers across the UK, Craggs & Co supply 100% British ancient grains and provide spelt flour to home bakers, independent bakeries and food producers around the country. With the addition of Einkorn, Emmer and Rye to their range, the company is proud to also

support local businesses within its area.

Supporting ‘shop local’ which became a household catchphrase throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, the morals and ethics behind the movement still stand strong. Craggs & Co actively play a part in reducing carbonintensive transportation by working closely with local businesses who also believe sourcing local produce is of vital importance.

Every one of its grains can be traced back to an assured British farm. With a little help from Mother Earth and our naturally unreliable British weather, come rain or shine the moisture from the coastlines actually play a part in the production of the grains. Each crop is lovingly grown, and batch tested for moisture, protein, falling number and bushel weight.

Full of flavour, the company’s nine trucks deliver the products throughout the UK from Land’s End to Jon O’Groats.

Known as the only 100% British largescale grower and supplier of ancient grain products, its quality is unrivalled. Working with farmers across the UK to select only the best ancient grains, its products are 100% natural with no added preservatives or additives.

Craggs & Co have won the Great Taste Award for all of their flour products. The British grain products can be purchased via the website in either 1kg, 16kg or 20kg bags. Its product range consists of Wholegrain Emmer Flour (RRP £3.85), Spelt Flakes (£34.00), Wholegrain Rye Flour (£1.80), Wholegrain Einkorn Flour (£4.15), White Spelt Flour (£2.50), and Wholegrain Spelt Flour (£2.50/1kg).

Food is one of the great pleasures in life, and Craggs & Co customers have been embracing its products: “The white and wholemeal taste fantastic, I’ve also made some yummy chocolate biscuits. Would absolutely recommend!” With such glowing reviews from happy customers it’s no wonder Craggs & Co are fast becoming the nation’s favourite ancient grain producer.

T 01740 629529


Say goodbye to leaky wastes with the Epson Basin Mate!

Epson, who are part of TYDE, are proud to announce the launch of their all-new Leak-Free basin waste seal kit called the Basin Mate.

Installing basin wastes has never been so easy! All of Epson’s basin wastes now come complete with the LEAK-FREE basin mate seal kit.

The Basin Mate Seal Kit is manufactured from high quality materials and includes a sealing ring, washer and seating –everything you need for a quick and easy installation.

Epson are committed to supplying

market leading products to the plumbing industry. As a UK manufacturer they

have complete control from design through to production and are always focused on offering the best customer service to their customers. The Epson range of wastes offers the best choice when it comes to quality and style.

Paul Weddle, the Business Unit Director for TYDE, says, “The Basin Mate is easy and quick to fit and is the perfect solution to avoiding leaking wastes.”

EPSON is part of TYDE. A Thomas Dudley Business.

You can visit the new TYDE website at:

Easy Bathrooms expands Easy Living

I ts range of highly designed accessible bathroom products for people looking for a more luxurious option.

Having initially launched a range of six accessible baths in 2018, the firm has introduced a number of new products which will mean they can now supply all of the parts for a fully accessible bathroom.

This comprises a complete Doc M pack, including an accessible toilet, basin and grab rails. The toilet pan is raised higher than the standard toilet, making it easier to lower onto. The pack comes with 4 grab rails as well as a swing arm to help users move around their space safely, while the wall hung ceramic basin can be positioned at a height to suit individual needs.

Following months of design and

development, there will be further products added to the Easy Living range in the months to come, including more low-level, anti-slip trays for larger wet rooms, to meet the needs of the changing demographics of some of their customer base.

‘This range is particularly close to a lot of our employees’ hearts,” said Richard Toth, purchasing manager

at Easy Bathrooms. “Easy access bathroom suites are often key to helping customers stay in their own homes for longer and feel safer and secure.

“This category has typically been led by practicality in the past, but we aim to combine practicality with design. Now, customers can choose a stylish bathroom that is easy to access and safe without compromises, and without spending an eye-watering amount of money.”

Easy Bathrooms

T 0330 660 1120


T 0113 451 0555

Wireless emergency lighting system from Tridonic

Tridonic offers easy testing and maintenance of existing systems

Tridonic's emergency wireless system combines Casambi-ready basicDIM Wireless control technology with sceneCOM DALI-based lighting control. Using basicDIM as the backbone provides wireless connectivity for emergency luminaires via a fail-safe mesh network without additional cabling or structural changes, ideal for retrofitting into existing installations.

Existing DALI emergency luminaires with a PRO emergency lighting unit are integrated into the wireless network using basicDIM wireless G2 module. The luminaires are set up via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In new installations, cost savings are achieved as less time and effort is needed for planning and commissioning, and material costs are reduced.

Luminaires are centrally monitored and automatically tested. External access is via any internet-enabled device, and the dashboard provides information about the real-time status of the system, latest test results & data on each luminaire, including the condition of the battery and the status of the LEDs and associated electronics. At the touch of a button, the system also automatically creates a standard-compliant log book with all the relevant information for downloading as a PDF or XML file.

T 01256 374300



Pallet storage in Birmingham

I nternational Forwarding (IFL) is a leading UK independent freight forwarder which has been serving the Birmingham and West Midlands market for more than 30 years. Through our modern fleet of vehicles and membership of the Palletways network, we provide pallet delivery services across the UK and Europe.

Our business has evolved and expanded to offer significant storage solutions to our customers.

Many of our customers are Midlands-based manufacturers & businesses that import from or export to the EU, Europe & wider global markets. They require safe, secure, pallet storage with

bulk storage and flexible 3PL solutions.

IFL has three large warehousing facilities in the Birmingham area. All are located within easy reach of Birmingham city centre, the UK motorway network (M6 and M42) and Birmingham International Airport.

Our main Coleshill site has two large storage facilities encompassing nearly 4,000m2 (43,000ft2). And our newest addition in Garretts Green is a 9,200m2 (100,000ft2) warehouse with storage capacity for 10,000 pallets.

All our warehouses are fully alarmed with CCTV

Anord Mardix improves network capacity at UK sites

monitoring for added security.

T +44 (0)1675 434690

World-leading electrical engineering & manufacturing company Anord Mardix has improved wireless network performance at three of its UK production facilities with high-performance WiFi from Redway Networks. The new Cambium cloud-networking platform is providing uninterrupted communications between Anord Mardix’s in-house operations software and over 1,000 mobile devices used by its workforce for scanning equipment on the shop floor.

Due to Anord Madix’s continued expansion and adoption of the latest technology and mobile devices its existing WiFi couldn’t support its connectivity demands and its workforce was experiencing WiFi dropouts. Toby Turner, Group IT Director at Anord Mardix, says, “Our existing WiFi was delivering inadequate coverage which was delaying getting products out of the door. This highlighted the need to upgrade our existing WiFI to a more up-to-date, resilient wireless network that would improve efficiencies and future proof the business.”

Redway Networks recommended Cambium as its robust cnPilot WiFi technology is ‘watertight’ & ideal for warehouse environments.

Toby says, “Cambium has given us much better network reliability and we now have great coverage in all our facilities with no black spots, which has definitely improved warehouse productivity. We have one pane of glass for all our network monitoring which has given us more visibility and saved considerable time. I’m really impressed with Cambium & Redway Networks delivered an exceptional service throughout the whole project.”

Read the full case study on our website. For more information, contact:

Has ergonomics of blue-collar industrial workers been forgotten?

at work is a hot topic at the moment. Office workers around the world have switched to working at home instead of company offices. Sales of electric desks and home office furniture has spiked in many countries with the aim of improving home office ergonomics. But how is the ergonomics of industrial blue collar workers?


Treston, a global leader in manufacturing ergonomic industrial furniture and workstations, has put together an information package concentrating especially on the ergonomics of mobile industrial work in order to raise awareness of the importance of good workstation ergonomics, both for the employer and for the employee. Why concentrate on mobile industrial work? Manual handling of loads is generally considered an occupational risk factor for lower back and shoulder complaints and it is in fact the most common cause of occupational fatigue, lower back pain and lower back injuries.

This information package offers practical information and advice for employers on how to improve ergonomics of mobile industrial and work. We also explain why companies should invest in ergonomics.

T 01635 521521


Railtex/Infrarail 2021 brings whole industry back on track

From 7-9 September 2021, the NEC Birmingham welcomed back Railtex, the 15th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems and Services, and Infrarail, the 13th International Railway Infrastructure Exhibition. A total of 5,000 attendees from the railway industry met on the three days of the exhibition to network and explore collaboration opportunities, of which some 3,000 were trade visitors from management, engineering, planning and technical design backgrounds, with real purchasing decision powers and investment plans.

A first analysis of the exhibitor feedback shows that participating companies were extremely satisfied with the outcome of Railtex/Infrarail 2021. A vast majority of exhibitors were able to reach their target groups and praised the high quality of trade visitors.

Many exhibitors have also reported that they were able to make new business contacts and had received positive sales enquiries. They also expressed their enthusiasm at being back onsite after eighteen long months without an event of this stature. Exhibiting companies showcased a wide variety of new products and innovative solutions, with a clear focus on greener solutions, sustainability and decarbonisation, as well as digitalisation. Product demonstrations also took place and were very well received among visitors; the on-track display was also a popular feature of this edition.

Aura Brand Solutions

Aura Brand Solutions was delighted to have been able to take part in Railtex this year, and really enjoyed meeting the customers and eventgoers that we did, to discuss with them how our services could bring their brands to life.

We are one of Europe’s leading commercial branding companies – supplying full rail refurbishments, project management and rolling stock rebranding services by working with key partners and clients.

Over the years we’ve packaged this with complementary services to deliver a full suite of flexible project solutions for rail, as well as the architectural and road transportation markets.

To support the industry on this future journey, MackBrooks Exhibitions has announced that the two exhibitions would be co-located once again in 2022, this time at Olympia London from 10-12 May. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Aura Brand Solutions, Big Bear Plastic Products, Dürr Technik, Hydram Engineering, iLine Technologies, Johnson Controls & Omicron Electronics. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

Further information is available on the Railtex/Infrarail website at: or call +44 (0)1727 814400 or email:

We have provided services for the likes of ScotRail, Grand Central, First Trans Pennine Express, Heathrow Express, Transport For Wales, as well as significant signage programmes for many non-rail customers.

One stand-out project of ours was undertaken with the launch of Avanti West Coast’s new franchise, where we signed an agreement with them for the exterior livery branding on the Avanti West Coast Class 390 Pendolino Fleet.

The stability of our customer base and number

New lightweight interior components for rolling stock

Seat shells, window surrounds, side walls, dividers, literature pockets, and tray tables.

Moulded from new flame-retardant materials:

◆ Compliant to EN45545 to HL1, HL2 & HL3

◆ Weight Saving vs metal and GRP

◆ Recyclable

◆ Colour matched (no painting) and choice of textures

◆ Dent and damage resistant

Big Bear operates a large factory in Worcester, providing a full service from design through to prototyping and production manufacture. The new materials are lighter weight, more cost-effective alternatives to metal and GRP, offering lower weight, recyclability and

improved aesthetics. Manufacturing train interiors with this material creates new possibilities for design freedom and finishing. Colour matching negates the need for secondary processes such as paint which also provides additional weight and cost savings. The colour is through the material meaning scratches are less visible.

The material is highly impact resistant, resistant to scratches from luggage through to major impact from galley carts. It can be processed in a variety of textures, along with an anti-graffiti cap which allows easy cleaning. Big Bear’s manufacturing process is quick, providing additional decarbonisation

iLine Technologies

iLine Technologies is a Culvert & Sewer rehabilitation specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the renovation of ageing and dilapidated pipes and culverts of all shapes and sizes up to 7m in diameter, using either GRP-UV cured CIPP liners up to 1.9m in diameter and 30mm thickness or bespoke prefabricated GRP units (supplied by Channeline) up to 7m in diameter to provide a Fully Structural standalone solutions with a 120 year design life and minimal cross sectional area loss.

We are RISQS Qualified with PTS trained personnel and have a fully qualified

advantages, using low-cost tooling.


confined space rescue team. We are also a Constructionline Gold company. We offer our clients a full package of works from Bespoke Design of UV liners through to a full turnkey construction service.

We have now renovated over 450 culverts for Network Rail throughout the UK over the past 5 years, giving iLine Technologies unrivalled experience in the installation of UV GRP liners.

We were responsible for many new innovations and systems currently used throughout the industry today. Our fresh

approach sets us apart from others, and our willingness to assist in feasibility studies or general, pro-active advice is something we pride ourselves upon.

I Line Technologies would welcome the opportunity to offer a similar service to yourselves & your clients. If you wish to discuss further, please contact myself, John Beech, on 07557 146886 or Nick Sheehan on 07712 555971.

Future challenges in railway technology

For component manufacturers, it is important to further reduce weight, noise and costs:

◆ Weight – Rail vehicles are getting lighter and lighter, implying a reduction in rail wear costs. In this context, component manufacturers need to be creative and reduce the weight of their products without compromising the quality and robustness. Dürr Technik offers probably the lightest oil-free compressor for pantographers on the market (D061, 7kg).

◆ Noise – Noise reduction is also sought in railway technology. Dürr Technik has systematically integrated the compressor into a sound box without compromising volume with the recently released MC series.

◆ Cost – Railway technology should become cheaper. Dürr Technik uses synergy effects and its different sales markets to increase the number of components & thus reduce costs. The (operation) costs can also be reduced by increasing the life of the components. Cost metrics plays a more important role in the overhaul of old vehicles: Due

to the unavailability and the low number of units, old spare parts are difficult and cost-intensive to obtain. Dürr Technik offers its customers modular solutions to Retrofit circumference and therefore cost limitation. For this purpose, the MC-and RC main air compressor series are also designed for belt and direct propulsion on older units.

Why not contact me to discuss any possible upgrades you may need?

Gary Lyons, UK Sales Manager M +44 (0)7712 358303

of long-standing relationships built with our clients, many lasting for over 25 years clearly demonstrates our ability to deliver on quality, service and price in a highly competitive market.

T 0845 0525 241

+44 (0)1905 792500
+44 (0)7712 792124
01905 792501
Emma Hockley T
Contact: Emma Hockley T +44 (0)1905 792500 M +44 (0)7712 792124 A full service from design, prototyping and product development through to production manufacture
Thermoplastic solutions for rail interiors
Tim Locke, Director – Rail Division

At a recent seminar, it was announced that there would be new requirements to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in compliance with GHS Regulation. SDS are legal documents required for UK REACH Regulation and they contain important information necessary to allow employers to do a risk assessment as required by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations.

The major changes for GHS SDS are summarised as follows:

: Unique Formular Identifier (UFI)

: Information on nanoforms

: Information on endocrine disrupting properties

: Information on Specific Concentration Limits (SCL), M-factor, ATE in Section 3

: Sensitisers, Carcinogens, Reproductive and Endocrine Disruptive Components have to be reported at lower levels

: Section 9 is aligned with the GHS

: Section 14

The Regulation came into force from 1 January 2021 which means that all new Safety Data Sheets will need to be produced taking into account the new requirements. All existing Safety Data Sheets will need to be updated by 31 December 2022. As part of the annual maintenance service, ESG has responded to the needs of its clients by reviewing their SDS and updating them accordingly. In all cases, the SDS templates needed to be modified and data gathering to include in relevant sections of the SDS. In addition, where relevant, the corresponding COSHH Risk Assessments & WASP Hazard Sheets have been updated for their clients.

T +44 (0)1354 653222

Keeping up with changes to GHS Safety Data Sheets Need high quality woven labels?

Cash’s (UK) is one of the UK’s leading quality weavers and is a market leader in computerised technology.

With an impressive history, Cash’s (UK) has been innovating the industry, delivering quality & service since the company’s inception in 1846. In the beginning, the company had gained a reputation as England’s leading silk ribbon manufacturer. Determined to maintain and grow upon its exceptional service throughout the years, Cash’s (UK) has maintained its traditional craft skills, and grown with the times, implementing the latest technology to enhance its production techniques and continue to provide its customers with well priced woven labels and badges. Since 2014, Cash’s has been part of the HK based Jointak Group and while maintaining production in Coventry Cash’s has combined their expertise with Jointak and now has access to China production, innovation and a global reach.

Placing the utmost importance on quality, Cash’s (UK) products have built a solid reputation amongst brands and retailers for their outstanding quality. Development of dye-sublimation production in Coventry has enabled Cash’s to build their product range both for retail personalised customers but also for our brand customers. From branded garment trims to school essentials, from travel essentials and personalised gifts; you name it, Cash’s (UK)’s got it.

T +44 (0)24 7646 6466 ISSUE 802 – DEC/JAN 2022 TEL 0121 550 2086 Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @hcm_uk or download our iOS app I The Key Replacement Service Tel: 0208 343 2943 Email: NEW YEAR SALE KEYS FROM AS LOW AS £1.79 CALL FOR DETAILS quoting BFK22 HELP! No problem, just tell us the number on the back of the lock So many staff have lost their keys over lockdown

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we have selected iM Med as our Decontamination Company of the Month.

iM Med was founded by industry specialists, with decades of experience in decontamination and a driving passion for quality, innovation and patient focused excellence.

iM Med is a Decontamination Specialist Company providing equipment, service support, consumables & training to a large number of NHS & private hospitals across the country.

iM Med’s expertise led to their selection to supply the Steelco range on the NHS Supply Chain Decontamination Capital Equipment National Framework.

In 2021 iM Med were positioned as the number one provider of sales of Decontamination equipment via the framework into the NHS.

iM Med and Steelco.

Innovation and a passion for customer service excellence brought iM Med to a natural partnership with Steelco for the provision of cutting-edge endoscopy and CSSD decontamination solutions in the UK healthcare


market. Part of the Miele Group, Steelco is a leading global manufacturer of decontamination equipment and solutions for healthcare.

The Steelco ARES Endoscopy Decontamination range provides the complete workflow of endoscope reprocessing, including pre-cleaning devices, endoscopy washer disinfectors, drying cabinets, endoscope storage transport solutions and traceability software.

The Steelco CSSD range of equipment focuses on total effectiveness and process monitoring for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising reusable medical instruments, with innovation, quality and safety at the heart of their solutions.

iM Med has already made significant impact in the UK market with the successful

provision of the Steelco equipment range into decontamination units across the country. Providing the Steelco range of equipment directly on the NHS Supply Chain framework enables NHS Trusts to procure equipment in a streamlined manner from concept, through design, procurement, expert project management, installation, commissioning, training and beyond.

iM Med at the forefront of providing choice. iM Med passionately believes healthcare providers should be free to choose a decontamination solution to meet their unique needs, and that choice should extend through the life of their chosen equipment.

When choosing Steelco as their decontamination equipment provider, customers retain choice with a range of compliant chemistries and the ability to choose a compliant service provider to meet the life long requirements of their compliance, quality and budgetary needs.

iM Med does not lock customers into any of these elements, instead by consistently delivering service and customer service excellence iM Med becomes the chosen life-long partner to Healthcare Trusts with a shared vision of decontamination excellence and consistent Patient Safety.

iM Med: A complete decontamination strategy. Quality sits at the core of the iM Med portfolio and philosophy, with BSI as its notified body, iM Med is ISO 13485:2016 certified with a quality management system to support safe and compliant products and services.

The iM Med portfolio has four cornerstones across decontamination products and services, delivering a complete decontamination strategy

for all healthcare providers:

: iM Equipment – the provision of the Steelco range of endoscope and surgical instrument decontamination equipment, uniquely offering true choice for customers looking to upgrade their decontamination facility.

: iM Technical – the provision of technical service support including maintenance, service and validation of decontamination equipment.

: iM Consumables – a range of consumables to support compliant decontamination, which includes a collection of UK manufactured chemistries, including peracetic acid disinfectants, manufactured to the required type tested recipe for endoscope decontamination.

: iM Compliance – supporting clinical teams with the provision of tailored education, bespoke CPD-certified courses, technical support and advice.

T 01223 440475

Goelst: An eye for detail

Within the interiors market, small details make a big difference. Goelst can make that difference by providing smooth running, perfectly finished, curtain rail and blind systems.

We provide rails for all types of curtains, fabrics and environments. From hand drawn rails to curved skylight systems and hotel curtains that open automatically upon entering a room. Goelst has a solution to suit all project requirements.

Customisation is our speciality. How will you challenge us?

us via email at: or visit:

Pharmafilter system simplifies handling of hospital waste and wastewater

Pharmafilter Group Holdings IRL & UK is an innovative business model that provides an entirely financed Pharmafilter System to Hospital clients. This turnkey, as a service package encompasses construction, operation, permitting and finance enabling efficient allocation of

project resources for client hospitals.

Globally, healthcare is significant challenged by rising antibiotic resistance and hospital acquired infection. In deploying the Pharmafilter system, hospitals are removing the input of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics to the

environment via hospital waste water – a critical point in antibiotic stewardship.

In addition, essential support services are automated, benefitting hygiene and patient and staff safety. From waste management to water use to the near zero carbon targets, Hospitals

are operating under increasing environmental regulations at a time when demand for care is growing. Hospitals are required and expected to treat and care for patients while also contributing to a healthy society and sustainable environment. The decentralised Pharmafilter approach of combined onsite of hospital waste and waste water treatment has proven environmental benefits while improving patient care.

This advanced and unique waste and wastewater treatment capability removes all micropollutants, pharmaceutical and biological, to below the detectable limit. The system guarantees a complete effective treatment solution to hospital effluent before discharge to public sewer. The removal of these contaminants at source is far more desirable than decontamination at existing municipal facilities where the associated treatment costs are prohibitive.

Issues such as cross-contamination of clinical waste, the failure on occasion to properly segregate waste, together with the increasing problem of multiple antibiotic resistance; are competently addressed. Its system reduces the incidence of human contact from these process opportunities for human error, unintended contact or cross-contamination (both inside and outside the hospital).

The system is now regarded as critical healthcare infrastructure, safeguarding staff, patients and the environment which thereby, protects the environmental needs of modern healthcare, and further helps prevent the downstream pollution of valuable watercourses.

The Pharmafilter System removes harmful pathogens, micropollutants and multiresistant bacteria have a critical role in developing strategies to tackle anti-microbial resistance. Current events demonstrate the devastating impact that a global pandemic can have on our society and the environment. Although expert opinion had warned of the potential threat of a global pandemic, SARSCoV-2 has largely taken the world by surprise, in its rapid spread, the societal damage and scale of human suffering that it has wrought, resulting in long-lasting consequences for healthcare around the world. Nevertheless, antimicrobial resistance could very well be the next global pandemic. This should sound the alarm for healthcare stakeholders around the world!

Pharmafilter – A Cleaner Hospital, A Healthier Environment Where Health, Green & CleanTech Merge



Surgical microscope specialists

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we have selected Prescott’s Surgical Ltd as our Surgical Microscope Company of the Month. Since 1984, Prescott’s Inc has offered the highest quality new and reconditioned surgical microscopes, customised components, video systems, and much more to the discriminating professional. Prescott’s Surgical Ltd is set apart from other companies by its trained electronic and optical technicians, complete refurbishing facility, and outstanding customer service.

Prescott’s Surgical Ltd was established in 2015 by its parent company, Prescott’s Inc. and is a global leader for surgical microscopes service and support. Prescott’s Inc.’s HQ support centre is based in Colorado, USA, and is ISO 13485 certified and the main base for the repair and refurbishing services it provides.

Prescott’s Surgical Ltd supports three service areas in the UK – the South, the Midlands, and the North – with three expert technicians. We spoke with Corey Shellenberger, Sales Director at Prescott’s Surgical Ltd, who explained the company in more detail. “Prescott’s Surgical Ltd is a surgical microscope company. We provide sales, service and maintenance for hospitals’ surgical microscopes inventory. We work with all major manufacturers as an independent service provider.”

As specialists in medical device support and sales, Prescott’s Surgical Ltd aims to provide its customers reconditioned operating microscopes and allied accessories that function as intended by the original equipment manufacturer. Ensuring all its products meet the highest standard of safety and efficacy, Prescott’s Surgical Ltd’s products deliver benefits that save on time and costs that is complimented by an excellent customer service. It provides direct

sales and service for all surgical microscopes including top brands such as Zeiss, Leica, Haag-Streit/Moller-Wedel, and many more.

Prescott’s Surgical Ltd is set apart from other companies by its local UK presence and support service. All its local technicians are fully trained with electrical and optical classroom study and are supported by a complete refurbishing facility to provide the best in surgical microscope sales and service.

Some of its specialities include ENT Microscopes, Hand and Plastic Microscopes, Dental Microscopes, Audiology Microscopes,

Ophthalmology Microscopes, and Neuro/ Spine Microscopes.

“Prescott's Surgical Ltd also offers a great comprehensive cover contract for microscopes that may be registered obsolete by the OEM. Our Gold Level Cover is available for all Zeiss Pentero and Vario and Visu microscopes among many others,” stated Corey.

Furthermore, Prescott’s Surgical Ltd can also tailor any service plan to meet the needs of any hospital. The company has a huge parts inventory, and every product holds a two year parts and labour guarantee. Its service agreements offer flexibility to the client. Clients can save 40%-50% on costs and time when working with Prescott’s Surgical Ltd and the benefit to Prescott’s Inc having worldwide coverage is that local service and sales representatives are always available offering a 24 hour response time.

Since COVID-19, Prescott’s Inc service had to take a back seat but since operating theatres have reopened, the business was required once again allowing the company to persevere through the pandemic relatively successfully. In closing, Corey mentioned, “The future of Prescott’s is always pointed toward excellent customer service. We will soon be examining our options to bring that excellent customer service into European markets with local representatives.”

M 07710 083518


Anetic Aid: Innovative medical technology – practically applied

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we have selected Anetic Aid as our Hospital & Clinical Equipment Company of the Month. Anetic Aid is proud to be a world leading UK-based designer and manufacturer of quality hospital and clinical equipment.

In its almost 50 year history, innovation has driven the company’s growth as it has collaborated with medical professionals and harnessed the latest advances in materials, engineering and technology to develop its products.

The CEO is Guy Schofield, son of one of the founders, the late Ivor Schofield, an aeronautical engineer who set up the business with partner and medical products specialist Tom Brady back in the 1970s.

The company’s flagship product is the QA3 Patient Trolley, which can be found in more than 90% of hospitals across the UK. The company is also a leading provider of Tourniquet Systems, Stainless Steel Theatre Furniture, Operating Table Accessories and Pressure Care products.

But it is probably best known for its pioneering work in the field of day surgery. Collaborating with King’s College Hospital in London (over 30 years ago), the company developed one of the first day surgery trolleys, helping to establish the concept

of ‘one day, one device’ for transport, treatment and recovery.

Today, that product has evolved to become the QA4 Mobile Surgery System – equipment which is both patient transport trolley and operating table in one.

It offers wide surgical versatility, not only because of its powered positioning features, but because it can be fitted with a wide range of operating table accessories, making it ideal for procedures as varied as ophthalmics, general surgery, (including laparoscopic procedures such as cholecystectomy – gall bladder removal) and orthopaedics – including hip replacement.

Guy explained, “The benefits of a day surgery trolley made total sense to us from the start: lifting and

handling – and all its inherent risk to patients and practitioners – is massively reduced when a patient can get onto a trolley themselves, ready to be wheeled through the anaesthetic room, to the operating theatre and then on to recovery.

“The practice also aids infection control, thanks to reduced contacts and transfers and fewer items of equipment.

“And then there is the added efficiency in terms of theatre downtime between cases – again, because the need for transfers between trolleys/ operating tables/beds is completely eliminated.

“There were obviously significant engineering challenges in both the design and manufacture, but we have overcome them, and we continue to incorporate new techniques and materials as this product evolves: in the QA4 today, we believe we have created a piece of equipment that can provide tangible benefits to the NHS in its drive to reduce the unprecedented backlog of elective surgery caused by the pandemic.”

COVID-19 also presented challenges for Anetic Aid itself.

During the crisis, the company worked hard to meet the increased demand for its products –particularly trolleys – despite some issues with its supply chain, and staff shortages on occasions when people had to self-isolate. It became a family affair when extra hands were needed during the early days of the pandemic, as Guy Schofield’s children stepped up to work in the factory, Tom (then aged 20) in Assembly and May (then aged 18) in Fabrication. The company has since been able to offer permanent posts to two Assembly Fitters and a Welder Fabricator.

In all, the company employs 63 staff between its design and manufacturing base on the South Coast in Hampshire and its customer support operation in Baildon, West Yorkshire, which includes a nationwide team of qualified Field Engineers providing service and maintenance services on site in hospitals across the UK.

Looking to the future, Guy says, “Our success has been built on the skill and dedication of our people – and we will continue to develop and grow our business both in the UK and beyond –particularly in the US market which we see as our next big challenge.”

Contact: Anetic Aid Sales Office T +44 (0)1943 878647


Making Pharmaceuticals

This year’s Making Pharmaceuticals event took place from 5-6 October 2021 at the Coventry Building Society Arena. Attendee numbers saw significant growth, proving the increasing popularity of this unmissable event.

As the leading UK pharmaceutical exhibition and conference, it hosted over 200 exhibitors and featured over 2,000 visitors and speakers, providing the perfect opportunity to network and learn from numerous leading industry professionals.

The event also offered over 90 free to attend pharmaceutical conference sessions, creating an exceptional hub of innovation, education and inspiration. There were five parallel conference streams which ran over the two day event, and visitors could swap and change between the sessions to create a personalised programme to meet their individual learning objectives.

As a celebration of leading companies within the industry, Making Pharmaceuticals also hosted its annual Pharmaceutical Excellence


BES showcases multidisciplinary approach at Making Pharmaceuticals

Exhibiting at Stand 615 at the Making Pharmaceuticals Expo and Conference was BES Ltd, a company that specialises in design and delivery of sophisticated environments and cleanroom facilities, from concept to construction.

Awards. This featured four categories, including Community Partnership of the Year, Sustainable Achievement, Innovation in Manufacturing, and Innovation in Distribution.

Making Pharmaceuticals returns this year to the Coventry Building Society Arena from 26-27 April. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: BES Ltd, LAUDA Technology, Spirax Sarco & Team Horizon. Further details can be found on this page.

Natural technology and healthcare: Greener steam technologies

Steam is an inherently natural medium and is something familiar that we can all understand on its simplest level – it is just the boiling of water, but with some totally unique properties. This is why it has been adopted as the preferred method of delivering thermal energy and motive energy throughout our industrial history. Distributing steam around a system, a building or a process can be done safe in the knowledge that is just water, but with far higher thermal qualities.

As technology advances, the methods of steam generation will continue to become:

: Increasingly sustainable

: Capitalising on renewable sources

: Optimised through digital advances

Watch the latest webinar from Spirax Sarco on why steam remains such an attractive source of energy, how significant energy savings can

be achieved by optimising your existing steam network and how steam can be produced to achieve sustainability goals at:

To find out more on how Spirax Sarco can assist you on your decarbonisation journey, contact us at: or visit us at: or call us on 01242 521361.

BES provides an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to design and construction of pharmaceutical research, production, packing and storage facilities, with a track record in delivering complex projects that spans two decades.

The company often works with the client from the early design stages, providing expertise in concept and process design, along with detailed architectural and building services design. With specialist knowledge across all design and construction disciplines and a proactive approach to answering the client’s brief, BES embeds buildability and compliance in every project to reduce risk and aid effective cost management.

Members of the BES team on the stand at the Making Pharmaceuticals Expo were able to talk delegates through the company’s collaborative approach to project design and delivery. Visitors to the stand

were also able to watch videos of recent BES projects, demonstrating the company’s capabilities and track record as a leading provider of turnkey, multidisciplinary, licensed cGMP research and manufacturing facilities.

The Expo also gave the BES team the opportunity to highlight the company’s process design capabilities, drawing on four current capital projects, including a filling line suite, a vaccine manufacturing centre, a sterile production plant, and a medical device manufacturing facility.

T 0161 655 3344

LAUDA – Experts In Thermal Control And Measurement

Providing Innovative Solutions For Thermal Process Control, Chilled Water Applications, Water Baths, Freezers, Incubators, Shakers, Stills, Tensiometers, Viscometers And Contact Angle Measurement.

LAUDA continues to provide an expanding range of feature-rich, future proof solutions with energy efficiency and connectivity front of mind, serving a diverse range of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, oil and gas, composites, automotive, aerospace food & beverage, brewing, digital printing, laser and beyond.

LAUDA’s new range of water chillers has been designed not only to comply with the new Eco-design directive, but to surpass it through the innovative use of variable speed modules that automatically reduce their duty cycle in line with the cooling demand hence reducing energy consumption & running costs, giving a tangible return on investment for the user, while ensuring full compliance with the latest regulations on refrigerant (fluorinated) gases.

Further portfolio expansion delivers the new LAUDA ‘Versafreeze’ ultra-freezers, (deep-freeze storage down to -85°C), and higher power ‘Integral’ process circulators, (process control from -90 to 320°C with >25kW of cooling @20°C), with pressure overlay options to increase the working range of water/glycol up to 140°C.

With the capability to provide accurate heating and cooling in the range -150 to +550°C using a variety of proven modules including heat transfer systems, process cooling systems, secondary circuit systems, fired heaters & molten salt plants, we are able to provide unique, cost-effective solutions unparalleled by others. Beyond temperature control, LAUDA has a wellestablished suite of solutions for measuring viscosity and surface/interfacial tension aimed at the development of polymers, oils, and surfactants.

T +44 (0)1780 243118


Team Horizon is a leading supplier of technical, engineering and talent solutions to the Life Sciences sector in the UK and Ireland. Founded in 2010, the company offers specialist project engineering and equipment solutions for the fillfinish, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging elements of the drug manufacturing life cycle, and contract services providing resourcing and recruitment solutions focused on engineering, quality, technical and scientific roles. These services can be streamlined as an integrated program or tailored to customer needs. Clients include 16 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical firms and five of the top ten global biotechnology firms. Team Horizon was recently shortlisted in the Pharma Supplier of the Year category at the Pharma Industry Awards 2021.

Team Horizon offers Project Management and Consultancy services to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing sector bringing project engineering expertise and experience to major capital projects, enabling acceleration of client timelines to achieve critical project milestones and delivering costsavings. By partnering with some of the leading aseptic equipment manufacturers in the world such as Rommelag, Steriline & De Lama, the company brings innovative equipment solutions to support clients in the delivery of the design, build, CQV and operational phases of GMP manufacturing.

T +353 (0)98 50600


Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT)

After much anticipation, HETT Show was thrilled to return to the ExCeL London for the first physical HETT Exhibition in over 2 years from 28-29 September 2021. HETT Show is designed to usher in a new era of digital health transformation, helping visitors to deliver better patient experience and operational efficiencies through education and networking opportunities.

The HETT Show opened doors to queues of digital health experts and influencers all raring to get inside the event to hear from senior stakeholders including Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, and Timothy Ferris, Director

Dynamic Metrics

Our vision is to provide affordable access to gold-standard gait quantification and personalised rehabilitation – to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to remain mobile and healthy, whatever their age.

GaitSmart is a digital solution that provides tailored rehabilitation for a wide range of patients that may have little access to physiotherapy. GaitSmart provides trackable objective measurements and our AI techniques provide personalised muscle-strengthening exercises to address gait deficiencies.

After a short training session anyone can perform the test in an outpatient or community setting and takes just 10 minutes. People of any age, including those reliant on walking aids, can be tested.

The report is available immediately and can be printed for referring to at home. The easily understandable report provides simple gait scores and traffic light coding and all exercises have photos and explanatory text.

Monitoring every 3 weeks shows progress and provides motivation to continue. Exercise automatically adjust as muscles strengthen and after four sessions walking ability and confidence both significantly increase.

Our studies on frail older people, people suffering with osteoarthritis and those who

have received a joint replacement all show improvements in walking and 100% satisfaction from our clients.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at:


comfort value™ range

Care & Independence, the safe patient moving and handling specialists, recently expanded their product portfolio with a new range of high quality, lower cost slings and shower chairs designed specifically for equipment loan stores’ catalogues and the budget conscious long term care sector. The company are using the return of mainstream trade exhibitions this Autumn to introduce the comfort value range to a wider audience.

Addressing the shortfall of high quality, durable products with longevity at great price points, comfort value products are ideal for general purpose – through channels such as Community Equipment Stores or Care Home Groups – as stocked catalogue items, and where budget and affordability play an ever-increasing role in stock selection.

UK manufactured with innovations in design, materials & assembly, comfort value products are competitively priced whilst retaining high exacting quality standards for comfort, durability and performance.

James Bennett, Sales & Marketing Director tells how the company “very specifically chose practical, multifunctional sling designs yet with Care & Independence’s exacting approach to comfort and fit, helping stores meet the innumerable needs of service-users they cater for. Furthermore,” he continued, “the interchangeable modular aspects of the shower chairs provide additional diversity too, the sum of which helps decrease costs and increase the appeal.”

of Transformation at NHS England and Improvement. The carefully curated CPDaccredited agenda certainly did its job in attracting thousands of highly engaged visitors from across the UK health care ecosystem. For many visitors, HETT Show was the first opportunity they had to see their colleagues in nearly two years; the atmosphere in the building was infectious. The networking areas were packed and buzzing with conversations, the exhibition floor was bustling with people trying out the latest digital health technology, solutions and services.

HETT returns this year to London’s ExCeL from 27-28 September. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Dynamic Metrics & LapCabby. Further details can be found on this page.


LapCabby: Helping save time and keep data safe at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham

The challenge

With the integration of GDPR throughout the UK, the need for safer, encrypted data within the hospital is imperative for The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham (ROH). Matthew Maycock, IT Project and Infrastructure Manager, sought a secure, wall-mounted charging cabinet. In a busy environment with multiple users and devices, compartments needed to be locked but allowed clinicians access to their devices quickly and easily.

Microsoft has recently partnered with the NHS to integrate fraud protection in all new Surface Pro units.

The solution

The LapCabby Lyte Wall unit, designed for Microsoft Surface Pro, was the most suitable product to meet these requirements.

Through a consultative and collaborative approach, LapCabby worked closely with ROH to develop a solution with a specification that was tailored to them.

Concerns surrounding data protection and encryption are now a thing of the past for ROH. The Lyte Wall SP ensures that devices are secure, fully charged, ventilated and ready to go.

There are now 10 Lyte Wall units safely mounted on walls throughout ROH. These can be found behind nurse’s stations, in ICU and within private wards.

Contact: Marvin Douglas, UK Sales Manager M +44 (0)7890 478409


Why cyber insurance should be part of your risk management programme

As our reliance on the digital world increases it is no real wonder that cybercrime is on the increase, and this has been clearly evident in the last twelve months.

For the opportunistic cybercriminal, it’s been a good time to commit cybercrime, as we have moved away from our usual routines and reliable systems, leaving an exploitable gap in our security as we quickly adapted to new ways of working.

According to Police data analysed by cyber security company Nexor, there was a 31% increase in cyber related cases over May and June last summer. The most common attack occurred through email or social media, and accounted for 53% of all attacks on businesses,

leading to substantial multi-million pound losses. Healthcare, financial institutions, manufacturing, real estate, and education were the most targeted industries.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, released by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) revealed that nearly half of all businesses in the UK had reported cyber security breaches or attacks in

the last 12 months but only 32% have insurance against such events.

Whether a big or small-scale event, a cyber-attack is likely to have serious consequences for any business –shutting systems, deleting data, preventing data access or stopping them from trading altogether. Dealing with the fall out of a cyber-attack can be complicated and stressful, not to mention time-consuming and potentially expensive.

Types of cyber attack

Cyber-attacks can take many forms, all engineered to get the victim to disclose information or take action, or to infect systems with malicious software. Phishing, malware attacks and ransomware pose a threat to all


It’s common to think that cyber threats against businesses come from unrelated hackers, cyberattacks or ransomware and are big events, but sometimes they can be more subtle and come from sources a little closer to home.

There are four categories that cyber threats against a business typically originate: insider threats, human error or negligence, external threats and third-party threats. Wherever the threat originates, the bottom line is how you respond. Have you thought about how you would continue to run your care home if you lost access to all your data? You could lose access to client records and supplier data, order information, diary appointments, financial data, your website and more. If you are held to ransom for access to patient files, the financial consequences could be significant. Additionally, you may be affected by reputational damage, which could affect existing relationships and damage further prosperity. You may need to rebuild and replace lost systems or create a new website. And, if a data breach occurred you are likely to face significant fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

All of the above will require money, time and resources and need to be addressed in a timely manner to help you retain customers, employees, your reputation and may ultimately affect the future of your business.

Having a comprehensive contingency and business interruption plan in place along with adequate insurance will help you to address and quickly overcome any fallout from a cyber-attack. A robust plan is vital to make sure you meet your legal obligations regarding data breaches and to reassure your customers.

The benefits of cyber insurance

Cyber liability insurance is a must for any care home business because it provides you with protection and peace of mind, should the worst happen. It will help against denial of service, which may occur with ransomware, the recovery from computer virus damage, which may have resulted in a significant loss of data, and other data breaches such as the loss of a memory stick or laptop.

Getting assistance quickly and from reputable, knowledgeable and reliable sources will be key in ensuring your business can continue to operate with minimal disruption.

If your care home holds data on a computer system, even with anti-virus software in place, you can still be vulnerable to a breach. Cyber liability insurance is relatively inexpensive and will provide you and your business with complete reassurance in the face of a data breach crisis.

Every business is different and will have specific needs, so make sure you get advice for your unique situation and requirements. Don’t wait until you have experienced a cyber-attack to put measures in place, be proactive and help protect your business now.

Barnes Commercial Insurance Broker are specialists in arranging robust insurance for those operating in the care home sector. As an independent broker they provide impartial advice on the best solution for your specific needs.

T 01480 272727


Renray Healthcare offers the latest innovation in healthcare mattresses

In this issue of Healthcare Matters, we are pleased to announce Renray Healthcare as our Healthcare Furniture & Soft Furnishings Manufacturer of the Month.

Based in Winsford, Cheshire, Renray Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare businesses. “We keep up to date with the latest trends and influences of furniture and bed designs to create products that are stylish, fit for purpose, and constructed to withstand the environments they are made for, ensuring the safety and comfort of residents. We always design with the end user in mind,” stated Rob Scovell, Marketing Manager.

Renray Healthcare is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of furniture, curtains, soft furnishings, flooring. Offering provision of a full turn key solution, Renray Healthcare delivers a full project management service that is inclusive of interior design and fit outs of new buildings and refurbishments of old.

Founded in 1966, Renray Healthcare brings to the market over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality and soft furnishings for the healthcare market. “We are committed to designing furniture, beds and interior solutions and tailoring our services and solutions to fulfil requirements and vision for the NHS, Care Homes and Housing Associations. We cater to care homes from independents to enterprises. We also have a supplier framework with the NHS and a number of local councils as well as supporting home carers,” stated Rob. Other market segments include senior living, care, mental health, and dementia.

Designed with you in mind, Renray Healthcare ensure all furniture is produced to the highest standards and works with each customer to arrange, plan and meet all specific time schedules and budgets. A clean and efficient healthcare environment is of vital importance and not only enhances the quality of life for the patient but also the quality of care given. Renray Healthcare has recently seen a new, innovative mattress called Noodles in a few NHS Trusts. The Noodles Technology mattress range is a fully cleanable and recyclable zoned static mattress system that is designed to address the challenges of those that are bed bound or for those that clinically require a static mattress.

The Noodle Technology offers improved micro-climate from the exceptional Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) rates delivered by the open Noodles structure and mattress cover. This design reduces micro-climate humidity by 54% and temperature by 17% due to open Noodles structure and Dartex cover. As the mattress is fully recyclable, the technology improves carbon footprint and offers improved infection control from its easy-to-clean benefits. The mattress offers enhanced patient comfort and pressure area care, zoning in on an all-body support, emersion and excellent pressure reduction in both supine and profiled positioning. Noodles mattresses are designed with three individual pressure zones for increased protection and reduced risk of pressure ulcers. Each mattress is composed of two pieces of Noodles material, a lower U-shaped section and an upper zoned section. The three zones;

edge zone, body zone, and heel zone, provide stable support across the whole length of the mattress enabling the patient to sit on the side of the bed prior to mobilisation or transfer activities. The body zone delivers reduced interface pressures in both seated and supine positions. The top surface moves with the profiling of the bed to reduce friction and sheer, whilst the base remains static. The dedicated heel zone has a significantly reduced density to allow greater pressure redistribution and improved immersion at the foot section. This immersion, envelopes the heels increasing contact and reduces peak pressures in this vulnerable area.

Noodles provides a cost-effective solution with its longer life recyclable mattress that reduces replacement costs, contributes to the overall reduction of clinical waste and has enhanced sustainability which promote environmental savings and targets. “It is clinically effective, fully washable and kinder to our environment than current mattress solutions – revolutionising care mattresses as we know it,” stated Rob.

The mattress has been designed and tested in conjunction with extensive clinical trials, resulting in a clinically proven mattress suitable for any healthcare setting. Its breathable space design provides cushioning and improved comfort that is protected by a waterproof layer. Designed for the next generation of care, Noodles Technology provides many environmentally friendly benefits. Reducing disposal, landfill and replacement costs, Noodles Technology eliminates unnecessary manufacturing and transportation. Noodles mattresses can be cleaned in a variety of ways dependent on the environment. Care Homes can utilise wet rooms to clean the inner Noodles core, using a shower to clean and antibacterial spray to disinfect. In Hospitals, Noodles can be cleaned using hydrogen

peroxide vapour, ultraviolet light or sodium hypochlorite solution.

Community loan stores can pressure wash the Noodles core and use anti-bacterial spray to disinfect.

The range comes in various fabrics and finishes as Renray Healthcare works with all the market leading healthcare suppliers of upholstery and soft furnishings materials in the UK to ensure only the finest choice of specialist flame retardant performance fabrics are used. These fabrics, vinyl and faux leathers are available to meet specific requirements and designed for use in demanding healthcare environments, where safety and cleanliness are vital. All fabrics available are wipeable, durable and resistant to abrasion with many carrying waterproof, antifungal/antibacterial and stain repellent properties.

Alongside the Noodles Washable Static Mattress brochure, there are a vast range of other product brochures available on the company website. These brochures include Lounge & Dining, Bedroom Collections, Hospital Furniture Solutions, Inspired Turnkey Solutions, NHS Furniture, Challenging & Dementia Environments, Vision Colourful Ward Furniture, Elite Bed, Carer Low Height Profiling Bed, Corus Profiling Bed Range, and many more.

COVID-19 changed the way Renray Healthcare looked at supplying its customers. Stringent safety measures were implemented to ensure all its team were fully vaccinated allowing the company to supply emergency beds to the NHS Nightingale hospitals that were set up.

Renray Healthcare has recently invested in some new machinery to increase its manufacturing capacity. There are also some interesting and exciting products in development which are due to be revealed in 2022. In closing we asked Rob, what Renray’s future goals are, he answered, “We are constantly developing and seeking to improve ourselves and the products we offer. We will continue to strive to retain our title of being one of the leading healthcare businesses in the North.”

T 01606 593456


Dedicated to high quality, sustainable fish

In this issue of Products and Services Review, we are delighted to announce that we have selected Organico Realfoods as our Organic Fish Products Company of the month.

Organico Realfoods was established over 20 years ago by Charles Redfern. Based from its locations in Reading, UK and with warehouse spaces in London and Germany, Organico Realfoods sources products from makers, growers and fishers, that are dedicated to socially responsible and sustainable practices.

Charles launched Organico Realfoods as the home of pioneering organic and sustainable food brands: Organico, Fish4Ever and Redferns.

Charles founded Fish4Ever to bring organic values to sustainability in fish. Supporting the best possible fishing practices, by implementing organic farming standards, Fish4Ever addresses issues such as intensive farming and the use of harmful chemicals, that cause damage to the land and river systems, which can result in the pollution of coastal waters.

Leading on to today, Fish4Ever has established itself as the brand of choice for the best fine food and natural food stores, across the UK and is the only UK based, canned fish brand that insists on

organic land ingredients. Living by its ethos of providing sustainable canned fish you can trust, Fish4Ever is committed to quality and maintains its own unique quality charter.

“We supply canned fish you can trust. Sourced from small boats, we offer an Organic approach to sustainability and an alternative to the industrial fishing industry. We provide trust and transparency. We offer 100% traceability of our products, and we have the support of experts and NGO in the sustainability sector,” added Lee Switzer-Woolf, UK Sales and Marketing.

Following its quality charter, Fish4Ever assures its customers that all of its products are fished locally, landed fresh, and prepared to the highest quality standards. This quality is echoed throughout the whole production, and as such, Fish4Ever works from the whole fish and only adds the finest organic ingredients.

Some of these ingredients include: cold pressed extra virgin oil, organically cultivated seaweed and

System-based protection testing

Experience the next level of protection testing with RelaySimTest.

Save time and still raise your test quality by verifying the correct behaviour of your protection system with RelaySimTest, our software solution for system-based protection testing.

Benefit from our solution specifically fitted to the twophase environment of the rail sector:

◆ Easily detect hidden errors in your settings, logic or system design

◆ Inject automatically calculated realistic test signals

◆ Test independently of relay type and manufacturer

Learn more at: www.omicron. energy/relaysimtest

As the world leader in innovative power system

testing solutions, OMICRON offers a wide range of solutions which cover all the requirements within the railway sector.

No matter how widely distributed your assets are, our highly mobile testing solutions will follow you everywhere.

They are also perfectly integrated with our data management tools, which will provide you with a clear overview of all your assets, their health status and maintenance requirements.

Evaluate the condition of all your primary assets, make sure your protection relays are doing their job and examine your latest IEC 61850 IEDs.

Our solutions will cover all your needs.

distinctive delicious sauces.

“Our target customer base is ethical consumers and change-makers that are buying for taste and quality, but also with the environment in mind,” stated Lee.

Fish4Ever is as passionate about high quality and sustainably sourced fish, as it is in providing mouth-watering tasty produce. Maintaining a growing range of delicious, organic fish products, Fish4Ever’s range includes: Gourmet Pate Range, Meal Range, Say YES to good tuna, Premium Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel, Salmon, Anchovies and Speciality Jar Products.

Fish4Ever’s Speciality Jar Range is an infusion of flavour and fresh produce, compact into a nicely sealed glass jar. Using only the finest cuts of Tuna, Mackerel and Sardine, the Speciality Jar Products combine the very best organic ingredients and home-made style recipes.

“Our Azores quality skipjack tuna fillets in glass jars, sees our world eating tuna in glass jars for the first time,” mentioned Lee.

In terms of recent events, Organico Realfoods remained operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and saw an influx in custom, with canned products being well sought after during lockdowns. “The pandemic has been kind to us.” Lee continued, “one effect that we’ve noticed is that stores are expanding their essentials and not really looking to expand into new products, so it would be nice to see a shift in this area moving into 2022.”

Intelligent security solutions for the rail sector

As the company looks ahead, Organico Realfoods plans to continue expanding and looking to add new lines to its range. A current focus is looking at developing and branching into other sectors such as frozen.

Lee noted, “We are also expanding dramatically in Europe with listings in chains such as Biocoop in France.”

To find out more information on the company, please see the details below.

T 01189 238760


Johnson Controls’ ability to meet the demanding requirements of the rail sector is based on a strategy of offering completely unified and futureproof electronic security solutions which allow users to ‘see more, do more and save more’.

We are able to achieve this is by deeply integrating our Access Control and Video Solutions with products & systems offered by our technology partners through an open platform. These integrations support powerful solutions across the brands that come under the Johnson Controls’ Tyco umbrella, including CEM Systems, Kantech and Software House C.CURE on the Access Control hardware and software side, and cameras, recording devices and video management software from American Dynamics, Exacq, CloudVue and Illustra on the video side.

With such a vast array of products collectively offered by these brands, Johnson Controls is perhaps uniquely placed to be able to offer a solution for virtually any railway related application, regardless of whether the requirement is to just deter anti-social behaviour or more importantly, ensure compliance with safety and operational procedures or protect lives by helping to combat the risk of criminal or terrorist activity.

With our unified approach and a focus on innovation which embraces the opportunities presented by the Cloud, intelligent video analytics and deep learning AI, our key objective is to deliver solutions which add value, reduce capital expenditure and improve operational efficiencies while solving security needs.

This is why we have established a dedicated in-house team of engineers who are focused on the evolving requirements of the rail sector and are able therefore to quickly develop bespoke enhancements to meet any new challenges.

For more information on Johnson Controls’ Intelligent Security Solutions for the rail sector, please email: or visit:

Hydram Engineering, one of the UK’s leading subcontract metalwork companies, has just completed a significant investment in new plant and machinery worth over £1M, thanks to its success and confidence in the railway sector.

As one of the UK’s leading subcontract metalwork companies, Hydram Engineering specialises in small to medium-sized fabrications predominantly made from sheet metal and tube, much of it powder coated, and often coming together as assembled components ready for lineside delivery.

“Hydram’s capacity is centred around high tech processes such as laser cutting, CNC punching and bending, with extensive welding facilities, including robotic cells, a power press section, three paint plants and a large area devoted to the assembly of

components and cabinets,” Joanne elaborates.

The rail sector offered a longer-term planning horizon and a more predictable income.

With this benefit in mind, Hydram sought and achieved the required accreditations (Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components BS EN 15085-2 Class 1 and Adhesive Bonding in the Manufacture of Rail Vehicles DIN 6701) and began approaching other companies in the sector, proudly stating its successful experience as a key supplier to Hitachi, CAF, Siemens and Alstom. Hydram is well positioned to continue supplying metalwork as the industry continues to replace and renew its rolling stock over the coming decade.

Contact: Joanne Farms, Business Development Manager

T 01388 720222

T +44 (0)1785 848100

Commercial Vehicle Show celebrates a successful return

For the first time in more than two years, the halls of the NEC hummed with the energy of road transport businesses enjoying three full days of face-to-face engagement at the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show.

From the moment doors opened on Tuesday 31 August 2021 until they closed again on Thursday, visitors to the Show made the most of the opportunity to explore everything on offer.

As always, the Commercial Vehicle Show provided a fascinating view into the present and future of the road transport industry. From security to telematics, workshop safety, logistics and many more sectors, the show floors were filled with innovative solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

The clunk of doors and bonnets echoed up and down the halls as potential customers crawled over, under and through all of the latest vehicles on display. Meanwhile, the two live theatres were busy across all three days as visitors listened to a variety of expert presentations on different aspects of the industry.

The consensus from Show exhibitors, both large

Professional vehicle cleaners for over 40 years

PVC Vendo operates through a nationwide network of fully trained and highly experienced franchisees who provide comprehensive interior and exterior commercial vehicle cleaning services.

and small, was that the quality of engagements was higher than ever, with visitors keen to learn more about the latest developments in the sector.

The 2022 Commercial Vehicle Show will take place from 24-26 May 2022 at the NEC in Birmingham. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Bluelite Group, Chevin Fleet Management Solutions, Dometic, Harrison Hire & Sales, Legend Fleet Solutions, Pioneer & PVC Vendo. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

Data simplified with Chevin Fleet Management Solutions

We understand that your fleet is the core of your business. If it stops, everything stops.

As a UK-based business with a global reach across 180 countries, we have over 30 years’ experience providing leading technology solutions designed to keep fleets moving.

Whatever the size of your fleet, its complexity or the industry you operate in, Chevin FleetWave management software has a package to suit your needs and budget.


◆ FleetWave Lite, designed for businesses moving away from spreadsheets to hasslefree cloud software for peace of mind

compliance, fast implementation and free set up costs.

◆ FleetWave Core, offering additional benefits of integration such as telematics and GPS software, as well as enhanced asset management and maintenance.

◆ FleetWave Advanced, which is tailored precisely to your business and additionally manages stock, inventory & your workshop.

Contact: for more details about our fleet management software. ‘highly visible’ for 15 years!, the market-leading online resource for commercial vehicle markings and chevron kits, is celebrating 15 years of support for vehicle safety.

Since 2006, Burgess Hill-based chevronshop. com – part of the Bluelite Group – has developed a portfolio of over 470 products to meet the vehicle livery safety requirements of highway users and commercial fleets. The company’s specialist advisors are experts in the use of prismatic and retroreflective materials in line with Chapter 8 recommendations for different vehicle types and environments to ensure that the correct ‘R’ rating is used.

Lorraine Avery, Managing Director of the Bluelite Group, commented, “We work with many different vehicle operators, from emergency and essential services to commercial fleets and construction companies, to provide the high visibility markings and chevrons that help keep all road users safe.

“We do all this with an increasing focus on sustainability. For example, we generate a significant proportion of our energy from solar panels and we are removing single use plastics – including bubble wrap – from our operations wherever possible. We are also accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental

Staying cool on the move

D ometic is the world’s leading supplier of various solutions for the automotive industry and an important partner for car and truck manufacturers around the world.

From OEM to B2B business Dometic products make road life easier, more comfortable, and safer. Staying cool on the move and when parked up is essential for long trips.

Our high-performance roof top and interior air conditioner units provide cool air to your truck cab even in hot climates, giving you complete control of your climate.

Transportation of fresh and temperature-

PVC Vendo only use tried and tested cleaning agents, all of which are environmentally friendly with all franchisees holding a Waste Carriers Licence issued by the Environment Agency. Furthermore, the company also holds a Consent to Discharge trade effluent so customers can be confident that all legal requirements are safely and ethically fulfilled.

Available 24/7, PVC Vendo will come to your depot and clean your vehicles to professional standards regardless of what produce is being transported. Its commercial vehicle cleaning services are tailored to each customer at the frequency required, providing unrivalled capabilities and specialist skills.

PVC Vendo offers a plethora of services to its customers and expertly clean all commercial


Pioneer strives to bring consumers the latest in car audio technology and with an extensive range from headunits to navigation systems, dash cameras and audio, there is something in the range for everyone.

Pioneer offers some of the most advanced fixed commercial navigation systems on the market designed to help save time and money on the road. With vehicle parameter entry including length, width, height, weight, axles and load type, the intelligent routing will find suitable routes avoiding road access restrictions throughout 46 European countries. With over 10 million POIs, itinerary planning and traffic avoidance, alongside the vast audio capability and smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, these systems make the perfect driving companion.

With roads getting busier the safety and security of drivers becoming increasingly important, Pioneer’s range of surveillance dash cameras

management standard, and use independent assessors to chart the progress we continue to make. In this way, we are contributing to a more sustainable supply chain that will ultimately benefit the low carbon plans of our customers.”

In addition, Bluelite Group is also accredited to the nationally recognised Cyber Essentials standard, which confirms that the company has the necessary processes in place to offer secure services online.

Contact T 0800 9998 997

sensitive food is subject to strict legislation.

The shipper is responsible for maintaining an unbroken cold chain on the way to the customer. The integrated Dometic Frigo cooling equipment provides a highly reliable cooling solution in commonly used refrigeration vehicles.

Knowing that drivers have a tough job these days, with sometimes unacceptable conditions, we think it’s about time to give them something in return. We have a collection of quality products designed to give drivers more comfort, better safety and hygiene during their stops: cool boxes, microwave ovens and coffee machines for a

self-sufficient kitchen, powerful rooftop air conditioners for restful breaks clean healthy air, mobile toilets for more independence and peace of mind.

For further Dometic Professional solutions, please visit: or email:

vehicles in the following industries: waste collection, tankers – rigid and tank trailers, bakers – brewers – beverages, parcel collection and delivery, food-carrying vehicles, security and prisoner, and general haulage. Whatever your business needs, PVC Vendo can ensure you it has cleaned it all to the highest quality industry standards.

For further enquires, see below.

T 0208 908 1234 (Opt 1)

give that extra peace of mind that in the event of an accident everything is evidentially documented. With advanced night recording, 160 degree wide angle and parking surveillance, evidence can be captured in any situation. Built in GPS allows the time, date and coordinates to be added to each file while a G-sensor provides automatic write protection following any sudden impact keeping any evidence safe.


Harrison Hire & Sales

T he Commercial Vehicle Show held in 2021 was probably not what many expected it to be with many big names missing due to rearranging dates. That being said, the visitors who still came to visit tended to be open minded and keen to find out what new equipment was coming out and what existing pieces could help them save money or just improve the flow of their businesses.

We decided to bring our usual ITECO Truckwash 500D which always gets plenty of attention from fleet operators looking to minimise the time being spent and ultimately the cost of washing their fleet.

With a wash of a 44t artic and trailer completed in around 6 minutes with just the wheels and running rails to pressure wash off afterwards, the ITECO soon pays for itself with many wash sites charging upwards of £50 per wash. The EGHOLM City Ranger 2260 was our newest addition to the show stand as a perfect addition to any large haulage yard as this multi-use machine can be used as a sweeper, mower or even a gritter

Gas installation: Make the switch

Introducing faster and easier gas installations, Flexigas is designed for domestic & commercial gas installations and is the number one expert’s choice for plumbers looking for an efficient, lightweight, flexible alternative to rigid or copper steel.

Based in Cheshire, Flexigas provides a nationwide service, helping customers to make the switch to Flexigas. Flexigas is made from 316L stainless steel tubing, which is a low carbon version and is approved by British Standards under the KiteMark certification scheme.

But how does Flexigas compare to copper?

Firstly, it is much safer. As it is built from 316L stainless steel tubing it can withstand stress caused to rigid pipework. It always requires far fewer fittings than conventional pipework so there are fewer points in the gas installation from where a leak might occur. Secondly, it is much quicker as Flexigas connections can be made in seconds. Thirdly, Flexigas is far cheaper than the cost of copper and makes jobs easier to estimate and significantly faster to

Legend Fleet Solutions

Legend is transforming the traditional van lining industry, with innovative products that meet the demands of today’s commercial fleets.

As fleets are becoming more sustainable with electric vehicles, and other ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Legend are supporting them with products that are manufactured from recycled materials and can be recycled at end of life. This combined with achieving payload increases of up to 90kg, is why Legend is making a big impact on the sustainable goals of some of the world’s biggest fleets.

making it a highly versatile addition to any busy yard.

Demonstrations with both machines are offered free of charge on site for anyone interested in them and hopefully will leave you suitably impressed with their performance.

T 0800 888 6662

Legend’s products create a safer and more efficient workspace for any van operator. Antislip surfaces and hi-visibility features ensure that fleet managers can be sure their teams are safe in all weathers, wherever they are.

Underlying all Legend products is the commitment to creating a durable product that will meet the demands of the busiest fleets in any industry. This is backed by Legend’s lifetime warranty policy.

Legend has global production facilities and make their products available to fleets through a vast dealer network of upfitters. The products are available to suit any van make or model, and even earlier production models.

To discuss how Legend can enhance your fleet, contact the team today.


T 024 7768 8088


Trianco’s electric heating range: It’s the future!

With the increasing desire to combat climate change, the UK is moving to electric energy to heat homes and businesses. Trianco has evolved the electric Aztec range to support this change and meet increasing demand.

complete, reducing overall product and labour costs. Flexigas stock a wide range of products on its website from copper fittings to accessories and also has a number of technical brochures available for download. Saving you 75% more time, Flexigas is the number one choice as it can be bent by hand and passed through interior spaces easily. The patented Flexigas fittings ensure a secure seal in a matter of seconds negating the need for specialist tools. Say goodbye to soldering, sealants and heavy crimping and hello to Flexigas.

T 01625 707172

Aztec electric boilers have powered thousands of homes over the years and remain one of the most popular ranges available in the Trianco portfolio of heating products.

Designed with precision and engineered to perfection, the Aztec range is produced to a superb standard. Electric is already the preferred choice for many households that have no mains gas supply or are seeking an alternative to fossil fuels.

In the UK, there are over 4m households without access to main gas; over 2m households already use electricity for heating. As the electricity grid becomes greener with increased use of renewable, it is inevitable that electric heating will become the cleanest heat source, enabling the move towards zero carbon.

Trianco’s Electric Heating Range includes:

◆ Aztec Mini Combi: Ideal for apartments with showers

◆ Aztec Maxi Combi: For small properties with baths

◆ Aztec Mini System, Aztec Classic/Classis Plus Heat Only: Suitable for all properties

◆ Aztec Instant Water Heater

◆ Aztec Instant Hot Water Tap

T +44 (0)114 257 2300

Arrow Valves

Arrow Valves manufactures and distributes a wide range of water associated products. They are specifically designed to assist compliance with the latest UK Water Regulations for use in public and multiple occupancy buildings.

Arrow Valves products are designed exclusively to meet specific requirements and manufactured to the highest possible quality.

To eliminate the risk contamination of your water supply, our wall mounted ‘MIDI-Break’ (model BTMIDI) offers Fluid Category 5 protection and has been developed by Arrow Valves Ltd to provide point of use backflow protection and boost pressure.

‘Midi-Break’ operates automatically and is available with a choice of 3 models within the range – Midi-1 is often used for a basic shower, Midi-2A for more pressure & Midi-3A for highest flow & pressure, such as a single Hose Union tap.

We offer the following taps that are compatible with our ‘MIDI-Break’:

◆ ‘HUTB Tap Box’ – Tamperproof and frost resistant external hose union tap, housed in a stainless-steel box.

◆ ‘Conceal-A-Tap’ – To reduce risk of injury and vandalism, the telescopic ‘Conceal-A-Tap’ is flush with the wall when closed.

All our expertly engineered MIDI-Break units are backed up by a 5 year warranty period.

T 01442 823123


Glee: Refueling garden retail Guanorganic Fertiliser

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and this certainly felt like an accurate sentiment at Glee last week, when the garden retail sector was finally able to reunite after a two-year hiatus.

Millions of new British gardeners have made the past two years, even with all its many challenges, a period of tremendous growth and innovation for the industry and Glee is the most important launch platform, where suppliers can bring new products to market and engage with the retail trade.

Featuring over 300 brands, 125 of which were brand new to the show this year, the longanticipated return of Glee as an in-person event was positively received from all corners of the retail sector: from traditional garden centres, DIY Stores and farm shops to high street retailers, department stores, builders' merchants and thriving e-commerce sites.

As the first occasion since 2019, when so many gardening brands and retailers could meet face to face under one roof, it wasn't surprising that Glee opened its doors on Tuesday, September 14th 2021 to a large and eager crowd, who helped create “the busiest start to Glee ever” for many exhibitors. The show provided an

essential hub for educational business content and future trends; also hosting a number of prestigious industry award ceremonies to celebrate the best of garden centre retailing and the most innovative and exciting new products launched over the past 24 months.

Glee returns to Birmingham’s NEC this year from 28-30 June 2022. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Anglo Peruvian Trading, Golden Grove Nursery, Johnsons Lawn Seed & Trianco. Further details can be found on this page.

Conifers for today’s gardens

Golden Grove Nursery was founded in 1975. Since then, a thriving business has grown and over the last 40 years this family run business has developed its expertise, now growing over 200 varieties.

The nursery extends to 26 acres. 95% of the conifers on the nursery are propagated by the team at Golden Grove, either by cuttings or grafts and are nurtured for 2 to 5 years before being sold. Plant care is a top priority on the nursery and each variety is trimmed and spaced where necessary to ensure that it grows to its full potential in its natural shape. The business continues to develop new varieties, each carefully selected to suit the urban garden and patio planting, securing the role of the conifer in the modern garden.

With years of experience under their belts, the team at Golden Grove have built up a


Lawn Seed


saw Johnsons

Lawn Seed, the UK’s oldest seed range, unveil a new look with their lawn seed range. In the UK there is a growing trend in the use of smart phones and apps for everyday tasks. Gardening and lawn maintenance are no exception. The new look retains the recognisable Johnsons branding and colour schemes while incorporating two QR codes. On the front ‘How to choose your lawn seed’ helps guide customers to make the right choice. On the back ‘Hints and tips’ details useful advice on ground preparation and how to sow.

Lockdown saw more people than ever before begin to engage with gardening and, despite the unprecedented COVID-19 turbulence that has shaken garden retail this season, the industry now stands in a prime position to capture a new generation of consumers. A recent survey by LV General Insurance claimed that 74% of people said they had changed the way they used their garden during lockdown, pointing to an increase in outdoor space for relaxation and entertaining. Lawns are the focal point of outdoor living and consumers now demand superior, natural products that are child and pet safe. For stocklists, please go to:

comprehensive range of quality conifers so that whatever the size of garden there is always a conifer suitable for bringing structure and focus to it. With different shapes, colours, textures or growth habits in abundance, conifers are the heart of the garden all year round.


T 01205 460432

NPK 12-14/12-14/2-4

100% Natural Peruvian Seabird Guano, for plants and produce

Utilising the cycle of life is all about the fish and the birds. Anchovies from the Peruvian Pacific Ocean provide a consistent, stable diet for millions of seabirds whose droppings are deposited over many small islands off the coast of Peru. These droppings weather over time into a natural, sustainable organic fertiliser.

We are environmentally responsible. Guano is harvested by hand during the breeding season that is between October and March, so no harvesting takes place during this time. Each island is harvested every 5-7 years and careful consideration is paid to the extraction schedule to maintain sustainable harvesting.

Guanorganic brings a host of benefits:

◆ Rich in Potassium, Nitrogen & Phosphorus

◆ High in Organic Matter to improve soils and to maintain nutrient buffering

◆ Rich in Micro-Nutrients including Calcium, Sulphur & Iodine

◆ Delivers unique, slow releasing Nitrogen

◆ Heat treated at source to eliminate harmful bacteria such as Salmonella & E. coli

◆ Pelletised for convenience & easy application

◆ No requirement to settle, so can be applied straight away

◆ Safe to handle

General use: 100g per m2 (3.3oz per 10ft2).

T +44 (0)20 8889 8895

Cooking up plans for success

T alk to any foodie about the biggest cooking trends of the past few years, and they will no doubt mention BBQ smoking. The appetite for smoked food – anything from ribs to cheese – shows no sign of slowing and Sheffield-based manufacturer Trianco is looking to capitalise on this, selling under the guise of its BBQ brand, Grizzly Oven.

“It’s taken over a year to develop the Grizzly range,” explains Peter Beighton, Managing Director of Trianco. “A lot of people are building outdoor kitchens and there has been a big push towards smoking food for long periods. You can leave these charcoal ovens to cook low and slow overnight or you can use the grill as normal and cook at 250-350 degrees.”

The domestic Grizzly Oven Cubster is available in three contemporary colours and can be mounted on a counter or on the Grizzly custom-made stand which is also complemented by the Grizzly range of outdoor kitchen units with granite worktops. The Grizzly Commercial Oven comes in stainless steel in either a counter top or freestanding model and is great for the commercial Pub/Restaurant market. All models can be

flued if required.

Grizzly Oven has received lots of interest and already has ovens in restaurants and many domestic homes. Check out the Grizzly Oven range at:

T 0114 257 2300


Autumn Fair & Moda deliver record orders

Millions of pounds worth of business was generated during the four days of the UK’s leading home, gift and fashion trade show, Autumn Fair co-located with Moda, reigniting, and refuelling the retail industry at Birmingham’s NEC from 5-8 September 2021.

Retailers from across the UK, including Harrods, Anthropologie, Dunelm, Walt Disney Company, B&Q, Oliver Bonas, Fenwick, Boohoo, Blue Diamond Garden Centres, Bloom & Wild, British Garden Centres, Daylesford Organic, Fortnum & Mason, Graham & Green, Tesco, Hobbycraft, La Redoute, Lakeland, Next, Paperchase, Pets at Home, and Sainsbury’s, flocked in their thousands to attend the first major retail trade show since lockdown in March 2020.

The desire to refresh their stock levels, inject newness and discover exciting new products for their stores, and experience product in person, created a very confident mood and many exhibiting suppliers secured record numbers and quality of orders.

Creativity, innovation, inspiration, and inventiveness were in abundance throughout the

Green brands from Gimme-4

Gimme-4 is an independent agency that has chosen to develop brands here in the UK that are, green, good for the planet, with a point of difference. We showed some of our brands at the Autumn Fair in September and had a fantastic response.

Hydro Herbs

in mind — ideal for the current times.

in its stillest state, calm and beautiful — while requiring very little maintenance.

If you would to know any more, please feel free to contact: Retail – https://fourstore. Wholesale – Call 0207 739 5008.

four key show destinations: Home, Gift, Fashion and Design & Source. Overall, feedback from exhibitors has centred on the amount of pent-up demand there is for face-to-face trading again.

Spring Fair and Moda take place from 6-9 February 2022 at the NEC, visit: www. for more details.This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s Autumn Fair, listed here in alphabetical order: Gimme-4, iBeani, LoveLilly, Peacock Supplies & RTC Direct. Further details can be found on this page.

Peacock Supplies

Peacock Supplies is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of multi-faith and cultural partyware & novelty gifts. We're known for our beautiful designs, use only high quality materials and lead the way forward with innovative products.

Our product range includes: tableware, decorations, balloons, homeware, greeting cards, stationery and gifts.

We cover many festivals such as Eid, Ramadan, Hajj, Diwali, Vaisakhi, Lohri, Chinese New Year, Hannukah and many more. We also have partyware for all year round celebrations such as wedding, engagement

and new baby!

We want to inspire our customers to celebrate their diversity and faith by helping families to create beautiful memories and build a strong feeling of festivity in their homes and lives.

We're committed to bringing amazing products of high quality to our customers and want to promote awareness and tolerance of all multicultural celebrations in our society.

Currently, we have over 400 products which are available in national retailers and independent stockists around the world. The opportunity to meet the demands of the faithbased lifestyle market can no longer be ignored.

If you're a retailer, stockist or distributor interested in our products, then please get in touch at: hello@

Our self-grow Hydro Herb kit is a chance to grow herbs of your choice indoors without the need for soil. Our kits take approximately six weeks to mature after which you can harvest some and they grow back and can last for around 18-24 months. Giving you great-tasting herbs, whenever you need them.

Every component in the kit is either recycled, recyclable or entirely biodegradable, it's really designed with the environment

Niwa Terrariums NIWA (meaning ‘garden’ in Japanese) was established in 2016, and makes its way from Paris, France. Each terrarium is handcrafted, with delicate care over their poetic choice of plant, moss, soil and rock. With an award-winning background in aquascaping, it is the execution in landscape design and precise glassware that sets the NIWA range apart.

Terrariums are designed to thrive within their self-sufficient ecosystems, presenting nature

Branded and private label collections

AtRTC we design and distribute a range of branded and private label collections for a global customer base. What drives us forward is our passion and commitment to deliver on trend and affordable fragrances for the home. We are dedicated in searching for new fragrances for our customers that will evoke as well as create new memories and experiences of everyday life.

In addition to our Starlytes and WoodCraft labels, which are fast becoming a staple accessory across homes in the UK, Ireland and Europe, we have recognised an increase in consumer demand for fun and nostalgic fragrances and have partnered with a number of household brands, including Swizzels and Chupa Chups to create branded products across scented candles, wax melts and room sprays. We have also successfully created a range of private label products for our clients.

Our Warrington premises include our sales,

Greetings Cards

Art Prints

Christmas Cards

stock control and logistics teams with a dedicated 20,000ft warehouse, in-house compliance and product design.

After a very successful show at the NEC Autumn Fair in 2021, we will be exhibiting our growing range of products at the NEC Spring Fair in February 2022.

For more information, contact our sales team at: or call 0800 989 0063.


LoveLilly is a small but growing business supplying greetings cards to gift shops, post offices and boutiques.

Our cards feature beautiful, quirky, and unique artwork by our talented artist Lilly Wells. We insist on using high quality board and envelopes, as well as biodegradable cellophane to keep our cards in pristine condition.

In 2017 in a bid to help her mental health, Lilly wanted a therapeutic hobby. She hadn’t painted since completing her GCSE art in 2011, but decided to pick up a paintbrush and try watercolour art. She discovered a natural gift!

While walking our dogs together, myself (Lilly’s mum) and my friend chatted about Lilly’s newfound talent. Wanting to promote Lilly’s artwork while also establishing a small business, we decided to print cards to sell at local craft fairs. This was a huge success –and so LoveLilly was born.

Alison Tate 07780 873736

Alison Wells 07754 368184

We now stock numerous shops with a range of over 70 cards, all featuring Lilly’s unique art. We would love to add your business to our list of stockists. We deal with every enquiry personally and pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service.

Please have a look at our website to see our stunning range of cards. Sign up for a trade account to see trade prices and to place an order.

Alison Tate 07780 873736

Alison Wells 07754 368184


Creating healthy homes; Aico launch new Environmental Sensors

Introducing an exciting innovation in home life safety from market leaders Aico, their brand-new HomeLINK Environmental Sensors. Designed to create better maintained, healthier, energy efficient homes, Aico’s Environmental Sensors are unobtrusive and secure, placed throughout the home to monitor temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Available in two models; the Ei1020 measures temperature and humidity while the Ei1025 measures temperature, humidity and CO2, the Environmental Sensors provide actionable insights into conditions such as mould risk, draught risk, excess cold, heat loss and indoor air quality.

Seamlessly integrating with Aico’s revolutionary Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway, the Environmental Sensors overcome many challenges, from compliance and carbon footprint to mould risk and fuel poverty. The SmartLINK Gateway extracts the data from Environmental Sensors and provides a central hub for data from both Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems and Environmental Sensors. Advanced Machine Learning technology constantly interprets the data to provide clear, actionable insights which are available via the HomeLINK dashboard.

The HomeLINK dashboard provides detailed property and portfolio views and is designed for multiple user roles. With data from Environmental Sensors and connected Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems segmented by high, medium and low risk, top-level data can be viewed on the main dashboard, while deeper insights can be accessed to tackle problems, maintain compliance and

enable preventative strategies within housing stock. With all data in one place, landlords can benefit from increased efficiency and improved asset management.

As resident engagement is a crucial focus for Aico, they have developed the HomeLINK Resident App, specifically designed for the Environmental Sensors, in order to empower residents. Through the HomeLINK Resident App, residents are provided with personalised, user friendly data and insight into their home health through an overall rating, temperature, humidity and CO2 data and handy advice on the measures they can take to improve the quality of their home, including alarm testing notifications.

Aico’s Managing Director, Neal Hooper, comments, “As the European leader in home life safety, it is vital that we innovate to drive the UK housing industry forwards, meeting the needs of our customers in novel ways, aligning with sustainability and net zero targets, with resident engagement and wellbeing at the fore. This is exactly what our HomeLINK Environmental Sensors will do. Alongside our SmartLINK Gateway, our Environmental Sensors will support in the advancement of the connected home, providing a wealth of benefits to landlords and residents alike.”

The brand-new Environmental Sensors, HomeLINK dashboard and Resident App adds another dimension to resident safety while helping landlords to meet their strategic goals, creating safer, healthier homes.

To find out more, please visit:


Housewares, tableware and small domestic appliances

Every year, the Exclusively Shows offer a fantastic line up of leading specialist housewares, tablewares and small domestic appliance suppliers, keen to show off their new products and inventive promotions designed to stimulate retailers kitchen and dining offer.

The shows are attended by key buyers from across the UK, and Internationally and across all types of retail channels, including the leading independent cook shops, high street, grocery, out of town and department stores, along with garden centres, e-commerce sites

and TV and catalogue retailers. In recent years it has also attracted a growing licensing audience keen to team up with housewares suppliers.

The Exclusively Shows are a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA).

The Exclusively Show returns to London’s Business Design Centre from 14-15 June 2022 with the very best brands from the housewares, tableware, small domestic electricals and gift

sectors in attendance. Following a very positive and well-attended show at the Centre from 2425 August 2021, there is a fantastic line up for 2022 with over 130 exhibitors, showcasing over 200 brands.

This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: A365 & Kleensmart. Further details can be found on this page. Contact

A365: Exciting new cookware ranges

First time exhibitors A365 Limited launched a number of exciting new cookware ranges under its best-selling Cermalon® and Durastone® brands.

The Cermalon® Blush Pink set was selected by leading trends agency Scarlet Opus as ‘on-trend’ for 2021 and the brand new Cermalon® 5 Piece Cookware Set in Cream is designed to build on that success. The set comprises 20cm and 24cm frying pans, a 16cm milk pan, and 18cm and 20cm saucepans with tempered glass lids and has been designed to complement a cream AGA. The cream exterior matches perfectly with the soft touch Bakelite handles and lid knobs.

The Durastone® Professional Cookware Set with non-stick stone ceramic coating is ideal for those who take cooking seriously. Designed for light, healthy cooking, these pans are truly non-stick, distributing heat evenly

throughout and allowing cooking with less butter, fat, or oil. This set comprises 20cm and 24cm frying pans, a 14cm milk pan, and 16cm and 20cm saucepans with lids, and looks stunning with its black hightemperature exterior coating and hardwearing Durastone® ceramic non-stick interior. The stainless-steel handles are extraordinarily durable and allow the pans to be used in the oven and under the grill as well as on all hob types, including induction.


T +44 (0)1925 419958

Kleensmart: New ideas in cleaning

K leensmart is an innovative new UK based start up that’s all about great new ideas in cleaning – and the company behind the remarkable new Easy Sweep broom – a stand out product introduced at last year's Exclusively Housewares Show in August!

The Easy Sweep is a revolution in sweeping, and finally addresses the only problem users have with brooms – the need to use a separate dustpan and brush to pick up the dust! It sweeps AND collects the dust all in one easy to use product, so there’s no need for all the fuss of having to use an extra tool

to finish the job, and no bending down either.

It has a unique, patented pick-up brush at the back of the broom which sweeps

up small piles of debris as you go. The brush is powered by 3 AA batteries, which last up to 2 months.

It also has a convenient, adjustable telescopic handle for easy storage in small spaces. Emptying the debris container is quick and simple so you can finally ditch the dustpan!

The Easy Sweep has a recommended retail price of £21.99, and is currently available to all UK customers. For further details, please visit: www.kleensmart. or contact David Mcknight at:

NEW! Cermalon® 5 Piece Cookware Set in Cream T +44 (0)1925 419958

Kärcher is the world's number one cleaning solutions provider, focused on the future of cleaning to achieve outstanding results. From hospitals to factories, the London Eye to Mount Rushmore, Kärcher has been trusted to clean them. Kärcher’s team of experts are on hand to maximise the quality and efficiency of every clean.

Renray are committed to designing furniture, beds and interior solutions with the end user in mind and tailoring our services and solutions to fulfil your requirements and vision for your care home. Our health and social care furniture, profiling beds, PAC and medical equipment are manufactured in our purpose built factories in Cheshire and Europe.

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality curtain rail and blind systems to the healthcare and commercial sectors for over 25 years. Working from our modern factory in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, our range covers everything from basic hand drawn rails to state of the art electrically operated products.

Biomed96 is a specialist in the medical equipment industry offering a comprehensive range of patient monitoring consumables, Oxygen concentrators, SonoStar ultrasound probes, handheld vital sign monitors, face masks, COVID Antigen test kit, Dental surgical items, Surgical Diathermy leads, Stethoscopes, Veterinary ultrasound & monitoring cables at lowest price with Free NHS delivery.

Established in 1975, Dual Pumps Ltd is a leading supplier of pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural & industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories & cleaning equipment. Preferred supplier for many leading manufacturers, distributors, hire shops across a broad range of industries in both the UK and export markets.

PEMAC Assets is an award-winning CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) designed to assist companies in the planning, management, and implementation of an effective asset maintenance strategy. PEMAC allows you to identify your critical assets; dynamically create preventive maintenance plans; generate, plan and report on work orders; develop a traceable asset history and record spare parts transactions. Click on the QR code to download our PEMAC Assets Brochure.

ESI Technology Ltd designs and manufactures pressure transducers and transmitters for the aerospace, defence, oil & gas, subsea, medical, automotive, marine, process and general industrial markets. Our unique Silicon-on-Sapphire technology provides outstanding stability and performance throughout a wide range of our catalogue.

National Flexible are the UK’s largest distributor of polypropylene, laminates and special films and supply a full range of recyclable, recycled, compostable and plastic flexible packaging and pouches. We offer a free Environmental Audit to help you make an informed decision on your flexible packaging.

Air Sentry is a British designed and manufactured air management system. Developed over two decades alongside the NHS, its HEPA filter reduces all airborne pathogens, including Coronavirus, to near zero. Fixed, or mobile ‘plug and play’ units are available, with optional HVAC interface and positive or negative pressure options.

Pharmafilter offers innovative solutions that improve the cleanliness of environments in hospitals, airports, and other large-scale facilities. Providing an infrastructure that creates simple work processes, Pharmafilter’s innovative, transformational waste and wastewater on-site treatment system is proven to combat Antimicrobial Resistance Bacteria, COVID-19, helping to establish a safer environment.

Our publication provides an extensive look at recent news, product launches/updates, discussion and interviews. Now that you’ve read the second issue of Products and Services Review, why not scan the QR code and check out our website?

Healthcare Matters includes need to know features on products, services and events in the fast paced landscape of healthcare. Now that you’ve seen the second issue of Healthcare Matters, why not scan the QR code and check out our previous issue online?


Uvisan Ltd is the leading producer of UV-C disinfection cabinets and wholeroom UV-C disinfection systems

Uvisan UVCabinets™ can disinfect shared electronic devices, including VR headsets, tablets, keyboards, and laptops in just 2 minutes, killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, protozoans and spores.

Uvisan Cleanroom™ can disinfect all the surfaces and air in rooms of almost any size in just 10 minutes, with complete user safety and best-inclass presence of life detection.

The science

Ultraviolet (UV) light is produced naturally by the sun. Ultraviolet is a spectrum of light just below the visible range and it is split into four distinct spectral areas, of which UV-C is one.

The entire UV spectrum can to some extent kill or inactivate microorganism species (bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoans) preventing them from replicating, but the most effective, UV-C, does not naturally reach the Earth’s surface.

The rule of thumb is: the larger the microorganism the higher is the UV-C dose required for deactivation. Uvisan cabinets have been calibrated to be effective using a pre-set 2-minute UV-C exposure time against a wide range of microorganisms, including the COVID-19 virus variants. The cabinets can be programmed for longer cycles too. Uvisan Cleanroom solutions are designed before installation to provide the correct dose for the room to be disinfected.

The success of surface disinfection is dependent on the type of the material to be disinfected. This not only relates to the type of microorganism, but also to the texture of the surface. Disinfection can only occur if the microorganisms can ‘see’ the UV-C. Microorganisms which are in shadow will not be treated due to the limited exposure to UV-C. Uvisan cabinets are designed to minimise shadowed areas by bouncing the UV-C light around the inner space to reach these areas.

The products


The Uvisan range of disinfection cabinets have been designed to offer maximum security, safety and disinfection effectiveness killing 99.99% of microbes on the surface of shared devices in just 2 minutes. These lockable cabinets are available in three sizes and can disinfect up to 30 VR headsets at a time. All the cabinets feature onboard fast USB charging and have robust wheels allowing them to be easily moved from one room to the next. Trusted by major organisations including the NHS, Aardman Studios, the BFI and many more.

◆ Recommended by Hewlett Packard for disinfecting HMDs

◆ Fully tested and certified in line with IEC 62471 and ISO standard

◆ Laboratory tested to ensure maximum effectiveness

◆ Disinfect laptops, tablets, headsets, and other technology, tools and devices

◆ Protect your staff, protect your customers

◆ No chemicals, liquids or heat required

◆ Three sizes available

◆ Safe and easy to use

◆ Short cleaning cycles

◆ Inbuilt charging station allows simultaneous charging and disinfection

Cleanroom™ Cleanroom is our fixed, whole-room disinfection system. Using fixed UV-C light sources, best-in-class presence of life detection and our unique Smart controller,

Cleanroom offers 99.99% disinfection of rooms, lecture theatres, clinical spaces and more in just 10 minutes.

Fully programmable the system can run automatically and with full cloud reporting, via an app, of disinfection cycles, interrupted cycles and even tell you when the bulbs need changing. Our presence of life detector assures safety, the system will shut down immediately on sensing any movement into the room and cannot operate with life present in the room, even when motionless.

◆ Whole room disinfection solution

◆ Proven, laboratory tested UV-C luminaire light source

◆ Fully programmable wireless control system

◆ Unparalleled safety and presence detection

◆ Disinfect any size room

◆ Ideal for clinical environments, editing suites, classrooms and more

◆ No need for wasteful and time costly manual cleaning of surfaces

◆ Reduce room turnaround time; 10-minute cleaning cycle

◆ Meets all relevant electrical safety regulations

◆ Suitable for self-installation by a qualified electrician

Discover more at:

High-intensity UV-C light, generated by special fluorescent tubes at a wavelength of 253.7 nanometres provides a germicidal effect many thousands of times greater than UV in nature; this is the technology used in Uvisan products.

The application of UV-C energy to inactivate microorganisms is also known as Germicidal Irradiation or UVGI.

UV-C exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by destroying their DNA, the ‘blueprint’ these organisms use to develop, function and reproduce. By removing the organism’s ability to reproduce, it is rendered harmless.

After UV-C exposure, each individual organism dies off and with no offspring the entire population of microorganisms dies too.

The effectiveness of germicidal UV depends on the duration, intensity, and wavelength of the UV-C the microorganism is exposed to, and to the organism’s size and opacity.

UVCabinets™ Cleanroom™

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