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Aico announces signatory status of the Climate Pledge

CEJN’s Hi-Viz Hose Reels and eSafe Range

Safety is one of the main priorities in any workplace and CEJN’s Hose Reels are ideal for creating a safe workplace.

The CEJN safety reel is a durable reel that provides excellent performance thanks to its full-flow patented design that, unlike most reels, does not restrict flow. This provides maximum power to the air tools connected, saving both energy and time. The slow retraction function, hose guiding, PUR hose, soft stopball to prevent tripping and anti-kink safety features are just a few examples of what makes these safety reels the best on the market. The reel can swivel 180° allowing the operator to move around freely, and the slow retraction makes them easy and safe for anyone to handle.

Aico is proud to announce its commitment to the Climate Pledge, as part of its drive towards sustainable business practices and achieving net zero carbon.

The Climate Pledge was founded by Amazon and Global Optimism and brings together a crosssector community of companies and organisations to tackle the climate crisis and become net zero carbon across their businesses by the year 2040.

By becoming a signatory of the Climate Pledge, Aico, the European market leader in home life safety, commits to three principal areas of action: regular reporting, carbon elimination and credible offsets. Aico will regularly measure and report its greenhouse gas emissions, implement decarbonisation strategies throughout its business practices and neutralise remaining emissions to achieve net zero ahead of the Paris Agreement.

This announcement aligns with further efforts and commitments made by Aico in the drive towards climate action; its dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility programme has a core focus on environmental impact. Through this, Aico works alongside local and national organisations to promote awareness of the urgent need for climate action, solve the challenges of decarbonisation and share practical solutions in order to deliver a more sustainable future.

Lee Duffy, Operations | Learning and Development Manager at Aico, comments, “We are in the middle of a climate crisis; if we do not take action now, we may do catastrophic damage to our planet. Sustainability is within our core values, and we are passionate about making long term change. By collaborating with other organisations through becoming a signatory of the Climate Pledge, we can begin to learn how to make a difference and support others on their journey. Firstly to awareness, then to action, and finally to solutions.”

To find out more about the Climate Pledge, please visit:

For more information on Aico, visit:

CEJN’s eSafe Range is the result of 60 years of experience in developing compressed air quick release couplings. Each generation has taken a step further within safety and efficiency to get where we are today with the market’s number one safety coupling for compressed air.

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Contact us to discuss our New Washdown Range further: T 01432 341337

Fish4Ever: Canned fish you can trust

Proper Nutty: The UK’s only Smunchy Peanut Butter

Presenting Proper Nutty, an artisan peanut butter that has it all.

Containing no palm oil or added sugar, suitable for vegans and gluten free, each jar of Proper Nutty is packed with peanuts and love, giving the UK’s only Smunchy peanut butter a completely unrivalled taste.

At Proper Nutty, high-oleic Argentinian peanuts are slowly roasted in small batches to develop a rich roasted flavour, before being carefully ground to a unique ‘Smunchy’ texture which is smooth enough to spread on your toast but retains a delicious nutty crunch.

The still-warm peanut butter is poured into 100% recyclable glass jars or tins which preserve the full

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, boats fish with poles as they did centuries ago, catching tuna one by one. 100% pole and line fished, and rated a world beating 89% by Greenpeace, our Skipjack tuna isn’t only the best option in ethical terms, it’s also the best for quality. That’s because our little island factory in the Azores only works from whole fish rather than frozen pre-processed loins – and we only add really good, natural and organic ingredients. Using named, locally owned and operated pole and lines boats this is tuna you can trust – for taste and sustainability.

Fish4Ever was founded on the idea of bringing organic principles to sustainability in fish. Our holistic, all-encompassing approach, is both real and comprehensive, focusing on land, sea and people, supporting not only the best possible fishing practices, but also the communities and small boats that enact them. Fish4Ever is the only canned fish brand in the UK which insists on organic land ingredients. Organic farming standards address the issues of intensive farming and the use of harmful chemicals, that not only damage the land but through river systems can result in the pollution of coastal waters.

Fish4Ever, with the International Pole & Line Federation is helping the Azores tuna fishery to be the first fishery in the world to be plastic positive. Ghost gear (fishing gear that is lost at sea) is a huge problem in the fishing industry and for the pollution of our seas. Thanks to the targeted methods they employ, our fishers are not responsible for ghost gear loss, however they will now be picking other people’s lost nets whilst out at sea, taking them out of the water and landing them safely to port.

By buying on quality before price we do not constantly go to the cheapest possible producer, playing one off against the other, but search for producers who have strong quality and sourcing ethics. We aim to establish long term supply relationships to help provide stability to our producers. By valuing quality, the message we send is simple but powerful – do things well and don’t cut any corners.

This is Fish4Ever: Canned fish you can trust.

T 0118 923 8760

flavour and aroma of the peanut butter; while being a sustainable, plastic free packaging format.

At Proper Nutty what you see really is what you get; with nothing artificial being added during the

Cheese the Queen: The new generation of delicacy!

100% cashews, high protein, probiotic

Enjoy a festive box of superfood delicacies!

Cheese the Queen and Santa have been in cahoots all year. What you’re about to unbox is a mouthwatering blend of salty, spicy goodness defined by fermented aged cashews. These 6-packs of delights will be flying all over the world, from London to San Francisco to Johannesburg. Are your family or friends, like so many others, waiting to dig into this tasty blend of fermented aged cashews, herbs, and spices?

Get on the nice list and order today!

Inside you'll find: Royal superfood delicacies handcrafted from fermented and aged cashews! Enriched with vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics. Indulge in a spectacular taste experience while supercharging

your health. Oh, and it’s high in protein too! 18g per pack! With easy to digest nutritional content. A natural production process means no preservatives or junk you can’t pronounce.

◆ Cheese the Queen Classic

◆ Cheese the Queen Green Pepper

◆ Cheese the Queen Truffle

◆ Cheese the Queen Black Garlic

◆ Cheese the Queen Turmeric

◆ Cheese the Queen Pink Pepper Limited edition. Order now.

manufacturing process. ‘Nowt but Nuts’ is 100% peanuts and ‘Slightly Salted’ has only natural Cornish sea salt added, that’s it. It’s peanuts and passion, nothing more! The team are so proud of each product, they put their name on each jar of Proper Nutty. We are not the only ones who are impressed; as Slightly Salted also won a Great Taste Award in 2020.

Want to join the Smunch Bunch? We are available in Tesco, Ocado, Booths, Whole Foods Markets & all good independent delis, or you can buy direct from:

For peanut butter recipe ideas or to buy direct, visit the website at: or follow us on Instagram at @proper_nutty for some pea-nutty inspiration.


CEJN’s stainless steel washdown reels and guns

Aclean and sanitised environment and machinery are a priority in all kinds of industry segments. To maintain a high standard, you need equipment that is specifically designed for the ‘washdown’ procedure.

CEJN have launched our stainless-steel hose reel and washdown guns as an efficient easy-to-use washdown product that can facilitate the cleaning procedure in many environments.

Whatever the business segment CEJN’s NEW washdown products are the perfect choice to maintain a clean environment. Our water reels come in lengths of 15 and 20 metres in two different hose diameters, food grade PVC hose and a maximum temperature of 70°, 10bar pressure at 70° and 20bar

pressure at 25°. Our washdown guns are designed for continuous use at a water temperature of 60° and can resit at a max temperature of 90° for short

periods of use. Available in Brass and StainlessSteel, we really do have the washdown equipment to suit any environment.

Whether your industry is Agriculture, Food and Beverage Manufacturing or Marine, our washdown range is designed with your cleaning requirements in mind.

Contact us to discuss our New Washdown Range further:

T 01432 341337

Kärcher launches first of its kind Dry Ice Blaster

Globalexpert in professional cleaning, Kärcher has launched its patented IB 10/8 L2P Dry Ice Blaster, the world’s first dry ice blaster with integrated dry ice production directly from liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Kärcher has partnered with Air Liquide in the UK including its subsidiary, Energas, to provide the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) liquid offtake cylinders which work with a patented compressor unit within the device to produce the dry ice pellets for an unlimited time. The unique method eliminates the need for storage in refrigerated containers and requires very little compressed air during operation, making dry ice blasting an economical solution for many target groups and applications.

Combining a strong cleaning performance with maximum protection of surfaces, dry ice cleaning is effective on metals, plastics, woods, glass, or textiles reaching into the tiniest corners. It leaves no residues, such as spray or excess water, which can leave unwanted streaks as the dry ice pellets dissolve and return to the atmosphere as CO2. No additional chemicals or spray agents are required for operation as it uses only converted liquid CO2, making for environmentally friendly cleaning.

Daniel Took, Head of Professional Product Marketing at Kärcher, comments, “Our dry ice cleaner is part of a technical revolution. The Dry Ice Blaster IB 10/8 L2P ensures effective cleaning in shorter periods and with fewer resources than before.”

T 01295 752065

Ecoserv creates dedicated sustainability team

Ecoserv Group has created a dedicated sustainability team to drive its environmental, social and community goals. The company is already committed to achieving a net zero impact on climate and is currently working on an ambitious sustainability strategy, which will be launched in the coming months.

The team – based at Ecoserv Group’s head-office in Wallingford, Oxfordshire – will be headed by group sustainability and brand director, Sally-Ann van Blerk. Moving forward, it will be responsible for implementing the sustainability strategy and tracking progress in line with science-based objectives. This will include working closely with customers and suppliers to share and take advantage of the latest industry best practice.

Ecoserv Group is also looking to introduce a waste management offering as part of its plans to develop a wider range of FM services, following the rebrand of the business from Ecocleen. The sustainability team will be heavily involved in identifying potential partners and ensuring they meet strict sustainability standards, while engaging with customers to better understand their individual requirements.

“We are an eco-engaged business with an established green heritage, so we are continually looking at ways to improve our sustainability commitment and act responsibly in the communities we operate,” said Sally-Ann van Blerk. “By creating a dedicated team, we are able to bring together all the expertise within the business and ensure we are best placed to meet our ambitious range of environmental and social sustainability targets.”


I’ll second that emotion

The tragedies of 2020 will remain in the archives of history for eons! We all had to face extensive ‘social’ and ‘business’ challenges the like of which we have never seen before. The global economy at its lowest ever and most businesses confronting brutal economic difficulties. All fields of marketing have suffered at the financial repercussions of this pandemic.

New challenges

Industry is preparing to bounce back with around 70% of businesses planning to increase their marketing spend throughout 2022. Despite prospects looking optimistic, the journey we have ahead to get back to a level of normality is going to be lengthy. There will be new challenges for marketers, with where and how they should be spending their money. It is vital that marketing companies and departments have a clear route to market with supportive strategies and ideas that will deliver on return on investment.

receive ‘non-personalised’ marketing do not make a purchase! Effective marketing information needs to make a connection without, openly, trying to sell something. Video content is proving to be a massively successful sensory connector. Applying all emotional values plus personalisation will increase the influence across the consumer’s journey.

Moving forward, marketers will be looking for sensational promotions with creative customised content, merging across all platforms, utilising technology, print, personalisation, and emotion.

Selecting the best option

The task of marketing has never been so important to business survival and growth as it is, right now. In the current climate, executing effective marketing approaches and techniques will be the difference between a business surviving or closing.

Future success will be based on making the right decisions and hitting the right touch points. That’s where we can come in and evaluate your business and your target audience and tailor a marketing package for you that will put you on the path to success.

Contact T 01536 271900

“We are a digital print company and have been since we started. We were always concerned that digital would follow the same path as litho – and be sold as a commodity. We took a risk a few years ago to stop trying to compete and become more creative, spending time looking at what we could do with our equipment that was different and would add more value, rather than trying to run quicker and cheaper on price. It was a risk, it is hard, but it is working for us as we make an effort with every client that calls us to try and show how we can help them to get a greater return on investment,” comments Janice Pretot, Eazyprint.

Sensory formats

Marketing, in its general term, has long since been deemed the most effective way to engage with your audience and create a brand presence. However, in recent years, there has been a recognised fact that things are moving from conventional methods to more sensory formats. Digital remains an essential instrument to enhance brand recognition and is still the simplest method of communicating with customers. However, today, mainstream marketers are searching for ‘an immediate reaction’. This is where ‘emotional marketing’, comes in to play. It has been scientifically proven that our decision making is radically affected by our emotions. Therefore, ‘emotional marketing’ is going to be the driving force within business to business promotions.

‘Emotional marketing’, along with personalisation hits all markers. It firstly addresses the individual by name and then incorporates other stimulants such as technology and special effects capturing the recipients’ attention through sight, smell, taste and touch. This technology can include video, textured print finishes, audio, fragrances, plus we can create a feeling of surprise and wonder.

Focused and excited

Clients are now expecting a more focused and exciting marketing approach than ever before. Market research has identified that over 50% of clients that


Thinking Big: Timbermark’s new range of handheld inkjet printers

T imbermark ID Systems has launched a new range of hand-held thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers which can print high resolution logos and text up to 10cm high.

The new range is from China’s Zhuhai Bentsai Printing Technology. Exciting new features include the size of the print head, which at 2.54cm/1 inch high is twice the height of the classic HP ½” product.

With the new larger print capability, designs have far greater impact, and visibility from a greater distance.

Timbermark sees great potential for these new

products, particularly from pallet and case making businesses.

Pallet manufacturers can use the 1”, B30 model to print stacks of assembled pallets, using the hand printer and guide rail.

The printer can produce an ISPM HT mark that is super-sharp, sized 25mm high by 50-60mm long, and can be applied in around 1 second.

Packing case manufacturers can use the B80 model, which has a market-leading, 100mm/4 inch high print

effect. This is achieved by stacking 4 of the 1” heads and synchronising the printing through a contact encoder wheel to keep the print heads in registration.

The B80 can print perfect shipping logos onto plywood and OSB. Customer logos can be printed to exact specifications, often for designs that would be impossible to achieve with a stencil or rubber stamp.


T +44 (0)870 803 1877

Foilco launches foil scans to provide more creative opportunities in print

Foilco, supplier of the world’s widest range of stamping and decorative foils to the print industry, has teamed up with Chaos (a world leader in CGI software) and Where Giant’s Roam (a 3D visualisation studio) for a project that sees 270+ of Foilco's foils digitally scanned in truelikeness and available to digital artists and rendering studios as a workable material file.

Demonstrating the value of foil to clients during the design stage can sometimes be challenging. However this development allows designers to apply real world foil effects to their designs, showcasing to

Storage wars

With the current unprecedented demand for packaging supplies and boxes in the market, the UPAC group has responded by increasing its storage capacity by 10% to over 10,000 pallets. This is giving our customers huge comfort with their stock and hold supplies!

Currently many other suppliers are struggling with their just-in-time lines and 10 week lead times… Don’t allow your company to be let down, The UPAC Group’s site in Cardonald now holds over 2 million boxes in stock – at any one time.

UPAC has also introduced container

clients the appeal foil brings to packaging. Brands and clients can see a wide array of

storage for those customers wishing to get further ahead of the game, with 30 containers arriving in the coming weeks for rent to customers.

This concept has been driven by our team in response to our customers’ needs for additional low cost storage.

If you are struggling for supply of boxes, please contact our sales team to see how they can help. Likewise, if you wish to buy in greater quantities to protect your supply lines during these unprecedented times, and utilise our storage containers, just give us a call to see how we can help!

different foil choices on concepts without the need for physical mock-ups (long before it goes to press) reducing a project’s total carbon footprint, material wastage, and saving time and money during the development stages of a project.

“The creation of these amazing digital assets provides a fantastic future resource for all visualisation firms around the world to ensure photorealism in computer generated imagery,” said Rhiannon Porter, Managing Director at Where Giants Roam. For more information about the project, visit:

UPAC – Adapting to meet your needs.

T 0141 530 5555


Electrolab Biotech

Electrolab Biotech design and manufacture bench-top scale bioreactor systems for different research and manufacturing sectors.

As well as traditional stainless-steel and borosilicate glass bioreactors, we offer them in a range of alternative materials for specialist applications – including PEEK engineering plastic, all-glass and alternative metals and alloys.

All our FerMac range of bioreactors can be interchanged with single-use bioreactors (SUBs), while retaining the original controller, gas flow and motor assemblies. This means you have ultimate flexibility and minimal costs. We work closely with CerCell of Denmark to offer a comprehensive range of single-use rigid bioreactors (including for continuous culture) from 500ml up to 30L volume.

For research work our standard autoclavable bioreactors are most cost-effective, but these can easily be swapped out for CerCell’s scalable disposable units for specific projects as needed. CerCell offers both standard bioreactors and units fully customisable to your requirements. This includes choice of fittings, sensors, filters and tubing types (including lengths and connections). The novel VisiWell also means that you can re-use your Hamilton VisiFerm optical dO sensors in a single-use environment.

Together with CerCell, Electrolab Biotech offers your laboratory reliable and cost-effective disposable smallscale bioreactor systems.


ITT Hub makes its debut to trailblaze the future of transport

T he inaugural Innovation and Technology in Transport (ITT Hub) event made its debut this summer (30 June-1 July 2021) – the largest show of its kind in 40 years – to spearhead the future of transport and revolutionise the commercial vehicle market as the industry transitions to net zero emissions and strives to reach maximum efficiency.

Held at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, which has led the way in the UK’s safe return of face-to-face events of this size, the exhibition was attended by 4,000 industry professionals working within the transport industry, including engineers, managing directors, government and major influencers.

Over 150 exhibitors packed out the significant 45,000m2 indoor and outdoor venue space,

showcasing a breathtaking range of high-tech products and services, while a Government Hub was attended by several government departments and agencies. The outside Ride & Drive experiences on offer proved a popular attraction with visitors. More than 20 manufacturers, including Fiat, Ford, IVECO and DAF Trucks, showcased their groundbreaking vehicles, infrastructure and technology, while Volta Trucks debuted the Volta Zero, the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle created specifically for city centre logistics, and Wrightbus showcased the launch of its first hydrogen fuelled double deck bus.

British Astronaut Major Tim Peake CMG (pictured opening the show), one of 30 speakers at Logistics

MAXUS offers pure electric experience at ITT Hub 2021

MAXUS delivered an electric experience for visitors to ITT Hub 2021, showcasing MAXUS EV variants from the new platform e DELIVER 3 and the larger e DELIVER 9 range.

The e DELIVER 9 illustrates MAXUS’ focus on innovation, customisation, and greener motoring. Everything about this van is of superior quality. Available in two size options, this van offers a remarkable range, clocking up to 219 miles on a single charge and operating with a high power 150KW low energy motor.

The all-new platform vehicle offers three battery options with various battery cooling methods, which reduce charging time (DC 45mins 5%80%), as well as extending battery life and increasing the operating range.

The e DELIVER 3, designed from the ground-up for electric power only, is a small van with a big range – up to 210 miles on a single charge. Available in a number of variants and wheelbase options, the e DELIVER 3 is a fantastically versatile vehicle that suits a wide range of business needs.

Mark Barrett (pictured), General Manager of Harris MAXUS, said, “EVs are a common sight on our roads today, which is why MAXUS decided to exclusively showcase a purely electric fleet. Over 54% of MAXUS sales so far this year are electric and with all eyes firmly on the future of motoring, we wanted to give people the option to explore what electric driving might mean for them. We

Argent Energy Fuels

Helping to decarbonise the world through the use of renewable fuels

Argent Energy is the UK’s premier supplier of distilled High Blend Biodiesels to the transport sector. Incorporated in 2001, Argent have supplied millions of litres of High Blend Biodiesel to hundreds of bus, coach, and truck depots across the UK, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by thousands of tonnes.

All companies operating in the transport sector understand the need to drive down CO2 emissions from their businesses, not only for themselves, but also for their customers. There may be no silver bullet to deliver net zero carbon emissions but there are many alternatives, and Argent’s High Blend Biodiesel is a simple drop-in-replacement for fossil fuel that can decarbonise your fleet at little or no additional cost and with minimal action required to switch immediately.

Being the first biodiesel producer accredited under The Zemo Partnership’s Low Carbon Fuel Assurance Scheme, Argent is at the forefront of helping fleet operators reduce their carbon footprint on the journey to net zero, which helps decarbonise the planet.

To find out more about how you can significantly and simply reduce your carbon footprint, contact: or call Craig Cowman on 07889 418363.

recognise that some may be ready to make the switch, others may need to put policies and infrastructure in place before making the move.

“MAXUS provides a step-by-step guide to ensure that move is as seamless as possible.”

For more, check out:

UK’s Future Logistics Conference which ran alongside the exhibition, stressed the importance of prioritising the decarbonisation of transport to protect the future health of our planet.

ITT Hub and the Future Logistics Conference will be returning to Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre next year, with dates confirmed of 11-12 May 2022. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Argent Energy, Marshall Motor Group, MAXUS, PTV Group, Reacton, Technopoly & Zenobē. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

ITT HUB REVIEW – TOP EXHIBITORS supplying high grade, sustainable diesel from wastes
harnessing the power of raw materials
leading the way with a renewable cleanburning alternative
giving businesses a means to dramatically, and sustainably, reduce their carbon emissions

ISSUE 801 – OCT/NOV 2021

TEL 0121 550 2086

Ontex launches ambitious new environmental campaign

Ontex, a leading, global provider of continence care products has launched an ambitious new environmental policy to become a carbon neutral operation by 2030 with zero waste to landfill in the same year.

With a company ethos to make a difference by building a world where everyone has access to affordable, personal hygiene products, sustainability is a fundamental part of the strategy moving forwards.

To achieve this ambitious goal the company has set out an upscaled sustainability strategy with three clear goals:

1. Recycling and recycled packaging – 100% of all packaging will be recyclable by 2030 and they will increase renewable and recycled plastic in their plastic packaging.

2. Zero production to waste – By 2030, all Ontex production sites will have zero waste to landfill and they will be in a position to turn waste into resources.

3. Circular solutions – Circularity will be a prime design consideration for absorbent hygiene products.

Care & Independence

What do you get when you combine 30+ years of sling manufacturing expertise with a commitment to improving sling comfort and performance for users?

The new glovetm Diamond Deluxe and glovetm Diamond Deluxe Plus slings from safe patient moving and handling experts Care & Independence that’s what!

James Bennet, Sales & Marketing Director hails the new glovetm Diamond slings as being “a game changer” for those less abled and their carers. Boasting multiple unique design elements including a patented diamond-shaped aperture, patented pressure reducing binding-free leg sections and patent-pending positioning pockets, the glovetm Diamond range is sling innovation at its very finest.

“The glovetm Diamond slings developed these past 18 months surpass anything we have previously produced, taking user comfort and sling performance to previously unprecedented levels,” says Bennett. Recent pressure mapping analysis has shown a marked difference in improved pressure distribution and especially pressure reduction at the back of the thigh when hoisted.

For further information, visit: or watch this short YouTube video:

T +44 (0)1536 269744

Since the launch in April, the new slings have been exceptionally well received by those in the moving and handling sector, with occupational therapists heralding the glovetm Diamond slings as being the “best sling on the market” and their “choice of sling every time”.

The future is bright and is looking decidedly purple. T 0330 128 0808

W&P supporting Health and Social Care providers across the UK

W&P has been supporting Health and Social Care providers with its business planning, compliance and training requirements since 2001, including:

● Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary, Residential, & Clinical Service providers in England, Scotland & Wales.

● Policies and procedures for Learning Disability Services in England.

● Staff training packs – ie. Management of Medicines.

● New for 2021! CQC compliance webinars.

● Accredited on-line distance learning training courses.

● In house training courses – let us come to you!

● Compliance Audits/Mock Inspections.

● Tender writing and Bid support.

● CQC Registration Support.

● General Business Advice and Guidance.

For this and much more, please go to our website at: or call us on 01305 767104, we are here to help.

Search for us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @hcm_uk or download our iOS app

Contract Soft Furnishings Specialists

WL Interiors is a contract curtain, blind and soft furnishings manufacturers and installers, based in Yorkshire.

Providing services on a national scale, WL Interiors maintains an impressive 20 years of experience in supplying high quality soft furnishings to the hospitality, healthcare and construction industries.

A chosen supplier by many industry leading companies, WL Interiors eliminates the stress of procuring contract curtains, blinds and all soft furnishings for its clients. Providing a full comprehensive service, WL Interiors handles all aspects of a client’s project including initial consultation, measurements, installation and after care.

Designed in-house, the company puts a strong importance on providing high quality soft furnishings and services to maintain the quality of products with after care services that include replacement items, care instructions and other assistive services to ensure longevity, satisfaction and quality.

Able to work both from scratch and off existing design schemes, WL Interiors ensures its clients soft furnishing designs are completed to their specifications. Used by many different industries, WL Interiors services can be spotted in hotels, care homes and public spaces through the whole of the UK.

Contact T 01924 566100

Renray Healthcare

5 reasons why you should

choose LaundryTec

with the backing of the Alliance Lavamac brand and supported by its service partner PDS Laundry based in Nuneaton. They supply a significant number of the UK’s leading health care operators with equipment, installation and after sale support.

mind. Standard specification on a Lavamac machine includes functions that automatically weigh and control the energy input into the machine and store the data in the machine’s memory. Our LS range of electric heat pump dryers require no ventilation or gas services and operates at 3kw per hour.

Renray Healthcare has been producing high quality furniture for over 50 years and is one of the UK’s largest and leading suppliers to the healthcare sector. Whether you require a fast efficient delivery of quality furniture or a full room installation and fitting service, we have the experience and resources to handle your contract.

We have undertaken projects for the NHS and most leading independent healthcare groups, ranging from one-off units to seven hundred plus bedroom accommodation centres. Every project receives the same attention to detail and quality of service.

We manufacture and assemble our products in our own purpose-built factories in Cheshire and Europe to British Standards. Hence we are able to ensure your furniture is produced to the highest quality, working with you to plan and meet your projects time schedule and budget. Our own fleet of vehicles and staff deliver and install all of our furniture.

We understand you are purchasing furniture that is fit for purpose, stylish and will continue to perform well into the future, which is why we design and build our furniture with you in mind.

T +44 (0)1606 593456

Chester-based LaundryTec since its foundation in early 2016 has become one of Alliance Internationals major UK distributers. Founded by Jeremy Hartigan, the team of industry professionals

The LaundryTec designs offer not only washing, drying and ironing equipment but a full range of handling, distribution, folding and identification systems, to create a fully functioning laundry complete with all items necessary for efficient operation. Every LaundryTec machine includes full installation options, including the removal and disposal of an existing machine. A training program and a minimum of 24 months part and labour warranty.

The environment is at the forefront of every operator’s

5 reasons why you should choose LaundryTec:

1. Cost

2. Efficiency

3. Service

4. Design

5. Innovation

Contact T 0151 317 3127


Pharmafilter system simplifies handling of hospital waste and wastewater

Pharmafilter Group Holdings IRL & UK is an innovative business model that provides an entirely financed Pharmafilter System to Hospital clients. This turnkey, as a service package encompasses construction, operation, permitting and finance enabling efficient allocation of

project resources for client hospitals.

Globally, healthcare is significant challenged by rising antibiotic resistance and hospital acquired infection. In deploying the Pharmafilter system, hospitals are removing the input of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics to the

environment via hospital waste water – a critical point in antibiotic stewardship.

In addition, essential support services are automated, benefitting hygiene and patient and staff safety. From waste management to water use to the near zero carbon targets, Hospitals

are operating under increasing environmental regulations at a time when demand for care is growing. Hospitals are required and expected to treat and care for patients while also contributing to a healthy society and sustainable environment. The decentralised Pharmafilter approach of combined onsite of hospital waste and waste water treatment has proven environmental benefits while improving patient care.

This advanced and unique waste and wastewater treatment capability removes all micropollutants, pharmaceutical and biological, to below the detectable limit. The system guarantees a complete effective treatment solution to hospital effluent before discharge to public sewer. The removal of these contaminants at source is far more desirable than decontamination at existing municipal facilities where the associated treatment costs are prohibitive.

Issues such as cross-contamination of clinical waste, the failure on occasion to properly segregate waste, together with the increasing problem of multiple antibiotic resistance; are competently addressed. Its system reduces the incidence of human contact from these process opportunities for human error, unintended contact or cross-contamination (both inside and outside the hospital).

The system is now regarded as critical healthcare infrastructure, safeguarding staff, patients and the environment which thereby, protects the environmental needs of modern healthcare, and further helps prevent the downstream pollution of valuable watercourses.

The Pharmafilter System removes harmful pathogens, micropollutants and multiresistant bacteria have a critical role in developing strategies to tackle anti-microbial resistance. Current events demonstrate the devastating impact that a global pandemic can have on our society and the environment. Although expert opinion had warned of the potential threat of a global pandemic, SARSCoV-2 has largely taken the world by surprise, in its rapid spread, the societal damage and scale of human suffering that it has wrought, resulting in long-lasting consequences for healthcare around the world. Nevertheless, antimicrobial resistance could very well be the next global pandemic. This should sound the alarm for healthcare stakeholders around the world!

Pharmafilter – A Cleaner Hospital, A Healthier Environment Where Health, Green & CleanTech Merge


The aesthetic events industry has officially been kick-started

‘It’s great to be back’ was a consensus shared by both visitors and brands, with face-to-face networking hugely missed by all. Mark Moloney, Managing Director, explains, “Aesthetic Medicine Live was the first trade event in any major UK centre since the pandemic and the team and I are proud to play a small part in helping the profession to connect; providing so much live content and networking opportunities. Equally important, there was some solid business done on the stands. I’m very grateful to our exhibitors, visitors and speakers who kept faith, also to our suppliers and the Olympia management.”

At London’s Olympia from 8-9 July 2021, over 2,400 visitors discovered the latest technology in person and experienced treatments first hand, such as the Erchonia Emerald Laser billed as the world’s first green laser, Cynosure’s new treatment Flexsure, the Opatra Capsulate full body massage chair and HyraFacial bespoke facials with Boosters. Brands showcased new and updated devices, skincare ranges and combination treatments, with headline sponsor Cutera unveiling its new Secret PRO device. Brands Chroma and Harley Technologies who had been waiting to launch their

Client focused, Aesthetics expertise

The Aesthetics Accountant is fully equipped with the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the medical aesthetics industry. Foreseeing challenges, providing necessary solutions and exploring possibilities, is among only a few of the company’s specialist skills.

The Aesthetics Accountant’s team are experts in their field and maintain a demonstrative client list and a bolstered understanding of the bespoke accountancy practices required to reinforce this sector.

devices into the market exhibited at the show for the very first time.

Aesthetic Medicine Live will return to Olympia London in May 2022 on the 13th and 14th May. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: The Aesthetics Accountant, BestBrothers Ltd, Lynton Lasers & Rejuv Laser. Further details can be found on this page.

Introducing Focus Dual, Lynton’s latest launch

Lynton in partnership with

ES Global, introduce the Focus Dual to the UK. Focus Dual is a new radio frequency microneedling and high intensity focused ultrasound device that effectively remodels collagen to lift, firm, and tighten the skin with virtually no downtime.

Focus Dual offers practitioners a unique combination of the latest clinically proven technologies to give skin back its snap. Suitable for all skin types, these targeted technologies deliver heat into the deeper layers of skin to effectively remodel collagen, rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, improve fine lines, and wrinkles, tighten lax skin, and diminish scars whilst leaving the skin’s surface intact.

By adjusting the RF microneedles and HIFU focal depths, practitioners can improve the skin at every layer: SMAS, Reticular Dermis, Papillary Dermis and Epidermis to address each patients’ individual concerns.

Hayley Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Lynton, comments, “To celebrate the launch of Focus Dual, we have devised an exclusive launch programme to help you invigorate your business with NEW technology this year, draw in new customers and covert existing ones.

“We will walk you through a proven, effective strategy to launch a new product so that you can make maximum return on your investment!”

BestBrothers Ltd

Aesthetics Awards Finalist 2020-2021

BestBrothers Ltd is a family run business committed to providing the best customer service on the market. The company dedicates its expertise and time to providing its clients with the best platform to market their laser system eliminating the stress and hassle of having to do it for themselves.

BestBrothers Ltd is the official Asclepion Laser Technologies distributor in the UK, and its services include clinical training, technical support, finance options, and marketing support in helping its customers find the right Asclepion Laser. Whether a business is requiring machines for hair removal, tattoo removal, vascular treatment, skin tightening, skin whitening, acne treatment, pigment removal, and many more, BestBrothers Ltd has the right equipment for all needs.

Alongside providing medical, aesthetic laser equipment, BestBrothers Ltd offer accredited level four and level five laser/IPL training courses which have been specifically designed, written and delivered by industry qualified, experienced specialists. BestBrothers Ltd offer three courses: laser hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Each course has been specifically written to meet the Health Education England (HEE) guidelines and is mapped out against the Quality Credit Framework (QCF). Its programmes are externally accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group & externally moderated by the City of London Dental School.

M 07557 041132

out how you can join Lynton’s exclusive launch programme and launch the Focus Dual with maximum return on investment in 2021.

Utilising its expertise, The Aesthetics Accountant provides fast, reliable and efficient advise to devise a plan to enhance its clients business and make them as tax efficient as possible. To assist in its mission, the company encompasses the latest digital innovations in accounting software using Cloud-based technology to

provide its clients with a seamless, accessible, and secure service.

The company also offers Masterclasses covering the complexities of aesthetic accounting, and a full range of courses are available at its sister company; The Aesthetic

Accounting Academy, the only aesthetic accounting academy in the UK.

The Aesthetics Accountant offers its services throughout the whole financial year and provides strategic planning for tax efficiency and advises its clients on key decisions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring financial optimisation.

The company boasts the position of being the only specialist in this field which can offer the full business advisory service with its bespoke accountancy training.

The Aesthetics Accountant provides a bespoke service for all aesthetics businesses, no matter how big or small – the team is waiting to share their journey with you.

T 0800 048 5750

M 07984 054589 www.theaestheticsaccountant.

Rejuv Laser introduces Cutis Lift

RF microneedling is the hot topic right now and Rejuv Laser is delighted to introduce Cutis Lift, specifically designed for use by facial aestheticians and dental professionals. Cutis Lift combines the power of RF with gold-tipped microneedles and vacuum technology to provide exceptional, predictable results.

Use Cutis Lift for facial rejuvenation including non-surgical facelifts, to brighten and lighten dull skin and to reduce acne and other scars using the unique acne treatment handle. Your patients will see tighter, smoother, youngerlooking skin after just one session. Most patients require three treatments to complete the course with clinics charging £600-1,200 per session depending on location.

At Rejuv Laser we’re passionate and knowledgeable about our industry and we enjoy getting to know our clients, understanding their business, and helping them succeed. We already have clients achieving treatment revenue of £20,000+ per month with Cutis Lift – out of the box.

Get in touch now to arrange a demonstration

day and we’ll show you how to use the device in your own clinic, treating your own customers, so you can see for yourself just how incredible it is. There’s no pressure and no obligation – we know you’ll be impressed!

T 0800 567 7745

Visit: to find


The EBME Expo returns

The EBME Expo medical equipment exhibition and conference has now been running since 2009, and is committed to advancing medical equipment knowledge and management to deliver sustainable improvements for healthcare providers.

The EBME website team worked hard with the event organisers, BtoB Events, to deliver an excellent programme for the 11th EBME Expo, held at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, from 30 June to 1 July 2021, that was focused on innovations and advances in medical equipment technology on day one, and medical equipment management on day two. The programme

featured eight speaker sessions each day. In addition, there were three workshops in the break-out areas where exhibitors provided technical demonstrations.

This two-day programme allowed delegates to learn about the latest improvements in healthcare technology and management across a range of professional areas and also offered numerous opportunities for informal networking.

This year’s event featured an exciting conference programme with well-known, distinguished speakers, and an exhibition hall full of internationally respected companies.

There was a range of both large and smaller exhibitors, demonstrating their latest products, so visitors could take advantage of the exhibition by visiting the stands in the exhibition hall.

The Expo moves to a larger venue next year and will be held from 28-29 June 2022 at the Coventry Building Society Arena. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Anetic Aid, Edan Medical (UK) Ltd, iQ Medical, Mindray, Prescott’s Surgical & Wassenburg. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

The one device approach for Transport, Treatment and Recovery: QA4 Mobile Surgery System

The benefits of a trolley that can be both patient transport and operating table are being increasingly recognised for both day surgery and mainstream theatre.

Manual handling – and all its inherent risk to patients and practitioners – is massively reduced when a patient can get onto a trolley themselves, ready to be wheeled through the anaesthetic room, to the operating theatre and then on to recovery.

The practice also aids infection control, thanks to reduced contacts and transfers and fewer items of equipment.

Anetic Aid's QA4 Mobile Surgery System

encompasses all of these aspects and combines them with a surgical access that is superior to any other surgical trolley on the market.

The device was showcased at the EBME (Electronic and Biomedical Engineering) conference and exhibition – a perfect platform

given the organisation's goal of improving healthcare through the sharing and application of knowledge from experienced professionals involved in the management of healthcare technology.

The QA4 is highly manoeuvrable, and has powered functions for raising, lowering and traversing the trolley platform, as well as positioning into lateral tilt. It can be used for a wide range of surgical specialisms from ophthalmology and ENT to orthopaedics, gynae, urology, vascular and general surgery.

T +44 (0)1943 878647

Mindray defibrillators at all Welsh RU clubs

The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has partnered with charity and Mindray distributor, Calon Hearts to ensure defibrillators are installed free of charge by the WRU at every club this season. The partnership now means that over 300 clubs across the country will benefit from Mindray’s C Series automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

“There are not enough defibrillators in Wales or trained people to give victims the best chance of survival during those first few critical minutes and so we are extremely grateful to the WRU for their support of this initiative,” said Calon Hearts Defibrillators and Screening Wales director, Sharon Owen.

A world of potential for UK healthcare

The defibrillators have a zero second charge time and feature 360J biphasic technology in line with Resuscitation Council UK guidelines. With tailored rescue instructions based on

the users’ competence, CPR guidance and fast boot up speed, the AEDs are ideal for community usage.

As a registered charity, Calon Hearts can provide defibrillators to their clients at reduced prices, while also offering training and installation support.

Medical device developer Mindray supplied the charity with the C Series defibrillators in a partnership earlier this year.

Contact Mindray’s UK customer service team on 01480 416840 or email: or for further information, visit:

Established in the UK in 2017, Edan Medical (UK) Ltd is a Medical Instrument provider to the NHS and private Healthcare providers. Based in Northampton, it distributes innovative and high-quality human use and veterinary Medical Devices and Services to over 200 clinics and NHS hospitals throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and The Republic of Ireland.

Edan Medical UK is a member of the wider EDAN Instruments Group, a Healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative, and high-quality Medical Products and Services. As a leading Medical manufacturer, EDAN offers devices for diagnostic ECG, Patient Monitoring, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ultrasound Imaging, in-vitro diagnostics, point-of-care testing & Veterinary applications.

This unrivalled product range is complemented by professional technical support, with a localised service network to stay close to the customer. EDAN also offers flexible and comprehensive Support Contracts and training for all its equipment, as well as a comprehensive warranty system.

T 01604 648600


Prescott’s Surgical Ltd is the leading ISP for surgical microscopes


Prescott’s exhibit at EBME Expo 2021

Prescott’s are a specialised surgical microscope expert company that focusses on the needs of its clients and offers the best value on the market. From comprehensive to PPM contract cover, Prescott’s work with all microscope manufacturers to offer a tailormade service plan. Its services are cost effective and efficient in helping save theatres time and money when a microscope fails. Offering a fast response, the company’s expert annual maintenance ensures top performance and reliability of any hospital machinery.

This year, Prescott’s attended the EBME Expo on the 30th of June – 1st of July.

The EBME Expo is an independent


Wassenburg is a global leader in the field of flexible endoscope decontamination and has one of the UK’s largest install base.

At Wassenburg, we know that a clean and disinfected endoscope is an important prerequisite to ensure safety for every patient and each procedure.

But we do more than that, we offer a complete range of systems, consumables and services covering all aspects of the endoscope reprocessing cycle: the total solution.

With our range of fully compliant pass through and non pass through EWDs and

Experts in medical engineering

Biomed96 is a specialist in the medical equipment industry and offers a comprehensive range of biomedical patient monitoring accessories, oxygen concentrators, SonoStar Ultrasound probes, handheld vital sign monitors, face masks, and 1ml vaccine syringes.

With over 20 years’ experience in medical engineering, it offers the highest quality service with diagnostic monitoring and a wide range of medical consumables. Every product is ISO-13485 certified and CE marked. Due to

educational event that brings together

healthcare professionals who are responsible for the management of medical equipment. These healthcare professionals are involved in areas such as procurement, maintenance, user training, and managing inventories.

The 2021 event was the first large indoor event to be held since the start of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It was a great success with both exhibitors and delegates agreeing that it was the best show ever. The 11th annual event

housed 92 exhibitors, involved 20 industry leading speakers, five industry lead onsite workshops and received a 59% increase from the previous event giving a total of 869 attendees from across the UK and Ireland.

Prescott’s have played a significant role in managing the nation’s healthcare technology across what has been the most challenging period. The expo was a great chance for Prescott’s to showcase its latest product innovations and connect with event attendees.

M 07710 083518

endoscopy decontamination units. Our systems are chosen not only for large, newbuild installations but also for smaller units where space is at a premium.

Drying cabinets, Wassenburg’s focus is solely on endoscope decontamination equipment.

This focus reflects in the high level of customer service and after sales we offer to all of our customers across the UK & Northern Ireland.

Endoscopy professionals trust our marketleading technology to future-proof their

Hospitals choose to use Wassenburg for the reliability of our equipment and our professionalism.

This, together with the Wassenburg ‘Process Manager’ endoscopy specific data capture software, all adds up to forming long term and successful partnerships.

T 0114 245 4282 Option 2 (sales)


its extensive line of high-quality and affordable disposable ECG leads, temperature probes, SPO2 probes and BP cuffs, exposure to infectious agents and associated cost savings can be reduced. Due to the compatibility of its accessories to all major patient monitoring manufactured brands, a patient can use a single set of monitoring accessories from admission to discharge. Overall, this process improves outcomes by reducing the risk of exposure to infectious agents and saving NHS HCAIs cost. Biomed96 prides itself on providing value-based

professional services to the healthcare industry without compromise to its excellent quality. Offering free delivery to all NHS customers and providing environmentally friendly products that are recyclable, Biomed96 understands how important diagnostic equipment and consumable vital sign equipment is in supporting customer patient monitoring devices.

M 07521 498197

Bringing your product to life

Neucin Design is a product design and development company, which was established in 2017 and is based at the Park Farm Business Park, Norwich.

Utilising and drawing upon over 25 years of the engineering and product development experience of its teams, who specialise in the development of medical devices and life science products, Neucin Design is well equipped in providing services from inception to industrialised commercial platforms. The Neucin Design team maintains extensive experience in the medical device industry, having previously worked for numerous large medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Neucin Design’s skills, expertise and approach to product development, enables the company to be able to provide full support for its client’s needs and requirements, throughout the product development lifecycle.

The team is passionate, enthusiastic, and is actively involved in product development, taking a hands on approach, with customer focus and client collaboration being at the forefront of its operations. This ethos of providing a customer driven, dedicated service, has allowed the company to be able to work in a more flexible, personal and collaborative partnership with its clients, helping them to realise their product vision from concept through to industrialisation.

T 01603 672371

us – 07710 083518
– www.surgicalmicroscopes. com/sales/uk-service-repair – for more information
All OEMs and Models – Carl Zeiss and Leica included – we provide cost saving, time saving, and the best customer service

Wideblue develops new medical device in fight against COVID-19

Leading product design and development

consultancy Wideblue has developed a groundbreaking new medical device which could help the NHS quickly discover whether COVID-19 patients are deteriorating or improving andf need additional treatment.

Developed for client Cambridge Respiratory Innovations (CRI) the N-Tidal device is a simple-touse, fully automated, small battery powered personal capnometer which is used to dynamically measure the amount of CO2 in exhaled breath and thereby assess a patient’s lungs.

Normally a device called a spirometer is used to assess lung strength but this requires the patient to blow hard into a tube. This procedure is now understood to disperse coronavirus particles into the air. With the N-Tidal, patients simply breathe in and out of the device in a normal relaxed manner. A replaceable mouthpiece and breath tube with integrated infra-red window means that the device can be used by multiple patients and prevent crosscontamination.

The N-Tidal device was developed for Asthma and COPD patients but can also be used by doctors to test lung health in recovering COVID-19 patients. Data is transmitted wirelessly to a digital dashboard where clincial staff can get an overview of a each patients lung health.

Point-of-care Calprotectin testing just got easier with new and improved

Quantum Blue® III

To better support timely diagnosis, monitoring and treatment optimisation for IBD patients, the newly improved BÜHLMANN


Blue® III reader and tests are the perfect in-clinic solution. Available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories Ltd, the calprotectin experts, the system offers simple, rapid lateral flow test technology, with full quantitation and LIMS data connectivity.

The tests can easily be performed and read by healthcare personal in the clinic setting during the patient’s appointment. The ability to act on immediate results can improve patient management, save valuable resources and ease patient anxiety that inevitably comes from delay.

The Quantum Blue reader is a small, dedicated bench top instrument offering touch screen or optional bar code data entry. Results can be directly transferred to your data system, printed or downloaded to USB. For faecal or serum calprotectin assays, results are available in just 15 minutes. Tests for monitoring serum trough levels of the biologic drugs Infliximab and Adalimumab and their anti-drug antibodies are also available, giving results in one hour.

Please visit: for further information or contact Alpha Laboratories on 0800 38 77 32 or email:

Surgical systems & instruments for professional applications

Erbe is a family-owned & operated business that develops, manufactures & markets surgical systems for professional use in various medical disciplines all over the world. Valued worldwide as an integral and reliable partner to physicians specialty medical personnel, Erbe is distinguished by its expert advice as well as its progressive approach in the market. Erbe employs more than 1,000 people worldwide, over 650 of them in Germany with approximately 170 employees working in research and development. The intensive collaboration with renowned users from medical schools and hospitals is the key to success with which Erbe successfully furthers developments in medicine.

Erbe’s portfolio comprises of devices and instruments for electrosurgery, thermofusion, plasmasurgery, hydrosurgery and cryosurgery. By combining these technologies, innovative applications become possible particularly in general/visceral surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, pneumology/pulmonology and urology.

The company provide its users with surgical systems that they can truly rely on as it continuously develops its methods and processes further. Erbe products result in a quality that extends across product development, purchasing, production and logistics. Erbe technology

leads the market in many countries and is an inherent part of the working processes in the OR, seeing its products help provide the best possible treatment for patients.

T 0113 253 0333


Naidex 2021 is here!

ROAR B2B was incredibly delighted to welcome visitors back to Europe’s most established event for the disability and independent living sectors. It was fantastic to see the return of live events and, with Naidex first up on in 2021, the organisers were excited to get the community back together.

Naidex 2021 was held from 15-16 September at the NEC, Birmingham.

Visitors could check out the Naidex seminar programme. From inspirational sessions in the Keynote by renowned activists and Paralympians to CPD certified demos in the Moving & Handling Lab, the organisers created the most diverse agenda yet.

This year saw the welcome return of the Mobility Test Track to Live Sports Arena. Interactive features are a big part of Naidex and this year was no exception, jam-packed with excitement and interactive activities.

With 200+ pioneering exhibitors, visitors could find the perfect solutions to the challenges they face. As Naidex contained the industry’s best in assistive technology, mobility and more, it was easy to browse, source and compare the latest

THERA-Trainer equipment from Medicotech

We all know the benefit of exercise, but some people need a bit of extra help to get moving.

innovations and technology.

What’s more, the Naidex ticket also granted visitors entry to the co-located events such as Smart Home for Assisted Living Expo, Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo and the Neuro Convention.

Naidex returns to Birmingham’s NEC next year from 6-7 July 2022. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Bealies Adaptive Wear, Efoldi, Faiveley Vapor Ricon Europe, Medicotech & Safespaces. Further details can be found below.

Social worker to designer

In January 2016, our lives changed forever. My son Emile suffered a spinal cord stroke while we were out running errands, just like that, with no warning! The spinal stroke left him paralysed from the chest down. When things settled down, eg. bladder and bowel routine adjustments to the home, we soon discovered that clothes do not fit properly while sat in the wheelchair.

More importantly, the comfortable joggers that Emile likes to wear do not provide easy access to catheterise. After researching the market and speaking to wheelchair users and their carers, I have designed bespoke joggers for wheelchair users with a higher back to ensure full coverage (so no flashing!) and with a front opening to enable self-catherterision and easy dressing.

The joggers are available in:

: Five waist sizes: XS (28-30”), S (30-32”), M (32-34”), L (34-36”), XL (38-40”)

: Two leg lengths: Regular (32”), Long (34”)

: Available in three colours: navy, grey, black

M 07789 963162

New lightweight ramp set to make vehicles even more accessible

Aglobal manufacturer of vehicle and transport access solutions has unveiled its latest product – a lightweight electronic access ramp designed for passenger and cargo access.

Faiveley Vapor Ricon adds the new Electronic Ramp to its already comprehensive range of products, filling a market niche for robust, yet lighter-weight ramps suitable for both domestic and commercial vehicles.

“It’s great to see our products continually evolving and supporting the needs of both personal & business customers, and the electronic lightweight ramp will give some buyers added options that better suit them,” said Michael Dickinson, Business Development Manager, Faiveley Vapor Ricon. “With a range of options to suit individual or company requirements, the ramps provide the same easy operation and access to vehicles that our products are renowned for.”

The Electronic Ramp is electrically operated via a handheld remote, providing a greater ease of operation, but also included is a manual

override option in case of an emergency or loss of power to the vehicle. Overall the ramp ranges in lengths from 1,700mm to 3,400mm with either single or two-fold sections as dictated to by the chosen length, plus a range of widths. Available in a mesh, or mixed material platform, the ramp weight ranges from 32kg to 39Kg, depending on style and size chosen, which means the impact on maximum load capacity will be greatly reduced. In addition, the new ramp boasts a safe working load of up to 600kg (on some models) and handrails are provided to

Medicotech offers the full range of German-built THERA-Trainer equipment, which includes active/passive cycling, static and dynamic standing frames, a balance trainer and a gait trainer. This high-quality range of therapy exercise equipment is available to both professional and private users.

All the equipment is designed for people with disabilities and can be used both at home

and in a clinical setting, and in the case of the Bemo, even in bed.

Medicotech Ltd is a customerfocused company based in the village of Old Stratford, just outside Milton Keynes. It offers a free, no obligation product demonstration in your own home and a free loan of equipment to therapy

centres and hospitals around the UK, giving you the ability to evaluate the benefits and suitability of the equipment prior to purchasing. Why not give the friendly team a call to find out how THERA-Trainer could help you?

T 01908 564100

Safespaces launches free CPD webinar series for healthcare and education professionals

Safespaces designs custommade, safe, living spaces and beds for people with complex needs, including autism, epilepsy and behaviours that challenge. Its products are ideal for use at home, hospitals, schools, care and respite settings.

Responding to the needs of healthcare and education professionals, Safespaces has launched a series of CPD accredited webinars to provide valuable information and guidance on Safespaces’ products and how they can be used to support adults and children with complex needs. The webinars will be led by experienced Product Advisors who will share best practice and real life case studies. Each session will include a live presentation followed by an interactive Q&A session. The

accredited series includes the following webinars:

: Creating Safer Environments: An Introduction to Safespaces’ Products

: The Safespace: Challenging Behaviours, Sensory Processing and Sleep Disorders

: Reducing Restrictive Practices

: Creating Safespaces in Schools

The webinar series will be hosted on Zoom and will run throughout the

year. Professionals are invited to book onto a pre-existing session or can request a CPD session specifically for their team.

For more information and to book:

T 01706 816274

Spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

For more information about Safespaces, please visit:

Lightweight folding travel scooter secures Naidex award for product innovation

Efoldi, home to the world's lightest folding mobility scooter and power chair, successfully scooped this year’s ‘Naidex Innovation of the Year’ award for its new ‘Lite’ folding travel scooter.

ensure maximum safety.

“Whether it is for stretcher, wheelchair, scooter, or cargo access, our latest ramp can meet the demands of vehicle size, vehicle access needs and a variety of transport and product options. Meaning that our customers and their customers have much more choice to either safely access and egress or load the vehicle,” said Michael.

To view the full range of products and discover more information, visit:

The Lite is the latest, and most advanced scooter from Efoldi. Weighing just 17kg, it folds and unfolds in just a few seconds, so is easy to store and transport making it the perfect travel companion. Celebrating the ‘Best of the Best’ in the industry, the Naidex ‘Innovation of the Year’ award identifies the solution that most epitomises originality, usability and effectiveness, and has

transformed the independent living sector.

The Lite is proving to be life-changing for end-users. Being extremely lightweight and portable means it can fit easily into a car boot for day-to-day use, family days out, or domestic holidays. The plane-friendly product is also opening up the world to users looking to travel

abroad. The Lite can be driven right up to the plane door and then folded up like a cabin-sized case, so it can be easily stored away in the cargo hold.

For more information about the Efoldi Lite travel scooter, visit: or contact the Efoldi team on 0800 622 6383.

: Made from 100% cotton jersey and made in the UK


Building environments that shape the future

It was great to see a lively, informative and authoritative, Design in Mental Health Conference and Exhibition this year. Design in Mental Health is THE professional gathering for all concerned with the built environment in mental health.

The overall unique attendance to Design in Mental Health totalled 674 visitors, delegates, speakers and exhibitors at this year’s Exhibition, Conference and Awards Ceremony.

Held at the Coventry Building Society Arena from 24-25 August 2021, Design in Mental Health focused on the design, construction, refurbishment, management and clinical provision of mental health environments.

The exhibition was a unique marketplace for decision-makers and specifiers in the mental health sector. It offered exhibitors access to a truly focused audience who have a vested interest in products and services that are tailored

David Parkin’s Delusions of Grandeur

David is a multidisciplinary artist who never shies away from making work about his mental health.

“I do have a cheeky, surreal side to my work,” he says. “I have written a children’s book called ‘The Nose That Nobody Picked’. But sometimes there have been periods in my life that I have just had to make art about.”

to these unique environments and as the leading event in the UK for this sector, it was a key occasion for many to aid their planning and purchasing decisions each year.

The show returns to the Coventry Building Society Arena next year from 8-9 June 2022. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Balco Global, David Parkin & Kingsway Group. Further details can be found on this page.

Kingsway’s SENTRY door system

His first work in this vein was his “clinical depression concept album” ‘Good Friday’ (available on all streaming sites). The album starts with a failed suicide attempt, charts recovery and ends with the words, “it’s good to be alive.”

“Work about going bonkers will obviously be upsetting,” he says. “But it can be a profound experience. Also surreal in places...”

This is evident in his new installation ‘David Parkin’s Delusions of Grandeur’, a look at bipolar and sectioning. In the work David offers his reimagined Seclusion but also tells us about escaping to a Champagne Bar and falling madly in love with a fellow patient.

“The experience was both heartbreaking and hilarious,” he smiles. “And I hope I capture that.”

‘David Parkin’s Delusions of Grandeur’ is at Bethlem Museum of the Mind from 22nd of April to the 22nd of July 2022.

Also check out David’s alternative vision of seclusion.

Balco Global: Soft range products

ingsway Group showcased its complete door systems for mental health at the Design in Mental Health event; the 2021 event was the 8th year of the event and was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with customers old and new.


The event was used to officially launch the SENTRY door system; the patent-pending door provides full door-edge ligature detection that alerts staff when patients are at risk of selfharm, providing the highest level of ligature detection for safer patient environments. The SENTRY door system complements the other door systems from Kingsway Group which are: SWING, SWITCH, SOLO, STABLE, SHOWER, STOW and SECLUSION. Other new products on display were the ‘Safer En-Suite’ dispensers, grab bars and shower seating – all designed with patient safety in mind while maintaining a noninstitutional appearance.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of door

systems to mental health, Kingsway Group offers a complete range to provide a solution for every area to improve safety and reduce risk – check out our website at:

Contact: Mark Tilbrook, Project Consultant T 01322 610470


New Keywing countertop convenience

Handy for anyone, and perfect for those with arthritis or weak hands, the Keywing key turner makes fiddly keys a thing of the past, restoring confidence, safety and independence. The Keywing has been released in a new attractive and fun countertop retail box making it convenient for OTs to offer for sale to patients who could benefit from them.

The Keywing transforms hard to grasp keys into an easy grip turn snib and makes keys twice as easy to turn. Four large comfortable dimpled domes significantly reduce the strain and strength that is needed to pinch and turn keys. The comfortable Keywing contours make it simple to grip and twist keys quickly and effortlessly. In addition, the vibrant colours ensure that the next time you need to find or identify your keys, they stand out to you in an instant.

If you want to remove the frustration of fiddly keys, these unobtrusive and super robust key turners are a must have addition to any set of house keys, OTs can now purchase a new 10 pack countertop retail box with a 33% discount from the RRP of £124.90. Shop on Amazon here and enter code ‘Keywing33’ at checkout to obtain the discount. Valid until end November 2021 and while stocks last.

Balco Global Ltd launched at the DIMH 2021 showcasing the soft range products for challenging environments. With a simple mission in mind, ‘aiding recovery through safer spaces’, everything designed and manufactured by Balco is not just tested to the highest standards, but designed to be conventional contributing to more healing and homely environments.

The two most popular products showcased at the DIMH 2021 were the Crib 7 Softdoor and Crib 5 Softbox. Already supplied into the top 3 healthcare providers in the UK, the popular Softdoor is the safest ensuite door solution on the market. We know that no solution is fail safe in these environments,

that’s why we have worked closely with NHS trusts to reduce known risks as much as possible.

Some key features of the Softdoor & Softbox include:

: Tested and certified to the highest fire ratings possible

: Minimal weapons & ligature risk

: Safe & conventional

: Bespoke designs to fit into any interior scheme

: Hygienic & easy to clean with stitching concealed within welded seams

: Low maintenance

Get in touch to book the mobile showroom to come to you to see the Soft range of products as well as new concept products, or request your free trial samples.


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Aston Brooke offers a solution to the workforce crisis

It is clear that care providers are struggling to recruit and this is due to a combination of factors including low wages, the pandemic, Brexit-related workforce changes and the implementation of the double vaccination policy. This is against a backdrop of an increasing number of adults who need support across the country.

The introduction of the Health and Care Visa was a commendable start by the government coupled with the introduction of senior carers to the shortage occupation list in March 2021. However, further changes are necessary in order to alleviate the unprecedented work force crisis in the social care sector. Professor

Martin Green OBE has already addressed the immediate changes required in the open letter to the Health Minister, Sajid Javid.

In light of the above, Aston Brooke is pleased to announce a special service for care providers, which will address the work force crisis head on. Aston Brooke has been marrying up the firm’s client base of care providers with senior carers from within the UK and abroad. The database comprises candidates who are staff nurses with hospitals in India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. They all possess extensive work experience with a good standard of the English language.

This means that care providers are able to recruit high calibre nurses as senior carers. This is a more economically efficient option to recruitment of pre-registered nurses where costs can escalate. Care providers will not be liable for any legal or recruitment costs as the firm offers them free. The only cost would be the mandatory home office skills charge, which is dependent on the size of your business. The pay rate set by the Home Office for senior carers is £10.10 per hour for a 39 hour week.

If any care providers require further information, please contact Mr Kashif Majeed at:

Jolly Trolley brings therapeutic activity and entertainment to patients that are


The Jolly Trolley® is an essential for any care establishment as it promotes social interaction between the service users and their carers. This innovative system is fully mobile and battery operated, allowing residents who may be unable to leave their rooms to also be included with ease. The Jolly Trolley® comes complete with its own videos, quizzes, karaoke and other content, but personal music, photos and films can then be added from a USB stick to really bring out the magic!

Don’t just take our word for it – here are just some testimonials from our very happy Health and Social Care clients:

Chester Park – Megan Allan, Activities “The fact that we can upload what is relevant to the specific Individual is so meaningful for that person and I can assure you we have shed some tears being able to be part of that residents memory journey. It has been an amazing addition to our care home – from staff and residents – thank you.”

Pennine NHS Trust – Beech Ward “We have been able to provide therapeutic activity & entertainment with ease to patients that are isolating.”

To see what the Jolly Trolley® can do for you, call us for a free demonstration on 0800 093 8499.

Foldaway Swing


ensory Integration

Rooms are therapeutic spaces used by Occupational Therapists & Physiotherapists to help their clients become more comfortable with their bodies and the way they move. They are essential spaces for people with motor issues, disabilities or injuries. Filled with therapeutic resources, such as swings, rollers and balance beams, Sensory Integration Rooms nurture and develop Vestibular (balance) and Proprioceptive (movement) systems. It’s a highly regarded and inclusive form of physical and mental therapy that boosts the user’s self-confidence.

Portable Sensory Integration Resources are the perfect solution for any OT on the go. Lightweight, portable and practical, they can be brought to any space and be ready for use in a manner of minutes, allowing OTs to create personalised therapy sessions for their clients in an area that works for them, whether that’s in a lounge, bedroom or garden.

Our top portable resource for the summer is the Foldaway Swing. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, swings nurture proprioceptive, vestibular, and motor skills in a relaxed and natural setting.

Don’t forget that our experienced design and installation team are always on hand to help you create a bespoke sensory integration space perfect for your clients, budget and space. Get in touch today.


T 01270 766660


One-time winner for Trust’s future-proof endoscope reprocessing scheme

Following a competitive evaluation based on an eight-year life cycle for endoscope reprocessing equipment the choice was Steelco, with its One-time Connection System. The scheme, for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust, has been managed by Steelco’s UK distributor, iM Med. “iM Med were already providing the service and maintenance support and their own type tested chemistry to keep the old endoscope washerdisinfectors (EWDs) going,” explains Simon Lambert, UHCW’s decontamination lead. “The machines had reached the end of their life and iM Med’s work gave us the breathing space to look at what we required.

“When they took over the services and maintenance contract, iM Med had given a ‘health check’ to each of the old EWDs and the drying and storage cabinets.”

Simon says, “The cost saving with iM Med handing the servicing is substantial. The main benefit was the provision and ready availability of a fully trained engineer, who brought in any parts that were required. The chemistry is cost-effective too. We have regular KPI meetings, which are a benefit. It’s good to understand the level of call outs and to have a comparison against the previous service supplier. iM Med’s engineer response time is impressive and the work is of a good standard.”

In the ‘breathing space’, the trust was looking at a plan to replace the aged endoscope reprocessing equipment at University Hospital, Coventry and considering new options, including centralisation. There was also a desire to invest in endoscopy at the trust’s Hospital of St Cross in Rugby.

“Working with the trust’s AE(D), Jim Tinsdeall, we did an evaluation,” says Simon. “We wrote a specification and looked for the equipment to cover it. Chemistry, consumables and engineering – the quality of the build and reliability – were important factors.

“I wasn’t initially aware that iM Med is Steelco’s UK distributor. It’s known that Steelco machines are very reliable and effective. We were able to visit a London hospital to see their Steelco

installation and to talk to the management and users there about their experiences with the equipment.”

Simon explains, “We chose Steelco because of the usability. It’s a user-friendly system, with a one-time connection throughout the process –pre-washing, washing and decontamination, and drying and storage. We felt that one-time handing was the main advantage.

“The scope goes from the pre-clean connected to a hub straight into the EWD, then transferred to a drying and storage cabinet using the same connector. The cost of the chemistry was an important factor too.

“The Steelco offering has a lot of choice with the type of machine. They have two and three-scope chamber machines, with the same footprint, so we could achieve more throughput in the fairly limited space we have. We could tailor the selection to suit our requirements and build in capacity for future-planning.”

“I prepared a ‘Case for Replacement’ and presented it to the capital planning group,” says Simon. “It was a trust funded scheme, which we bought through NHS Supply Chain. They do a lot of the hard work for you. There was a discount available from Steelco too, so there was a financial benefit as well.”

The UHCW programme, which is nearing completion, sees the installation of Steelco’s automated system to assist manual cleaning, four three-scope EWDs and one two-scope EWD in the main endoscopy department, together with five drying and storage cabinets.

As the theatres at the trust have a small footprint, a decision was taken to reposition the department’s endoscope reprocessing into a quality environment within sterile services.

Both endoscopy and sterile services have iM Med’s EndoPax vacuum packing system for the dry storage and transportation of reprocessed scopes. iM Med also supplies the trust with a range of cost-effective endoscope consumables, including transport bags, chemistry for the manual wash, connectors, O rings and other ancillary items.

After the requirement for a peracetic acid monitoring system was highlighted in the JAG IHEEM audit, a ChemDAQ system – distributed in the UK by iM Med – was installed in endoscopy. This provides assurance of staff safety, together with continuous monitoring and recording, giving tracking for JAG monthly reports, which can be time-weighted and downloaded.

The plan for Hospital of St Cross, in Rugby, will see an expansion of endoscopy with additional procedure rooms and the installation of three Steelco EWDs – two three-scope machines

and one two-scope machine.

“We continued to supply a full service while all the work took place,” explains Simon. “The removal of the old machines and installation of the new Steelco EWDs and drying cabinets was well coordinated by the staff and the departments and by iM Med engineers, Andrew Thomas and Paul Moseley. All the machines are now installed and commissioned and validation reports completed. iM Med’s Karen McHale is delivering a full training package to the technicians.”

With the scheme virtually completed, Simon Lambert adds, “The concept of One-time connection and compatibility across the three areas – main endoscopy, sterile services and Hospital of St Cross – is key, both in terms of contingency and the support of staff if required. We’ve created more space in the departments and through using multi-chamber machines we’ve reduced the life costs of the equipment as we’re using less chemistry.

“It’s a credit to all the team that this was achieved without any disruption to the normal service. iM Med’s support and service throughout has been excellent. I’ll be looking to add a Steelco ultrasonic machine in the future to replace our old unit. The Steelco range covers all aspects of decontamination, even including low temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilisation which we will be considering.”

For further information, call iM Med on 01223 440475 or visit:

The UHCW solutions are testament to iM Med’s complete decontamination strategy The endoscopy unit installation of Steelco EWDs nearing completion One of the Steelco washer-disinfectors showing the One-time connection system The Chem DAQ peracetic acid monitoring system provides continuous monitoring and recording iM Med provide the full Steelco endoscope and surgical instrument decontamination range on NHSSC Manual cleaning is assisted by Steelco’s automated EPW 100 S system with iM Med’s own Clean Stage Two chemistry Training for the endoscope technicians was delivered by Karen McHale, iM Med’s training manager Fast, safe and userfriendly, iM Med’s EndoPax endoscope packing system has a low cost per cycle


The Reacton Fire Suppression system

Founded in 1968 with the sole purpose of protecting racing cars from fire, two engineers created the first Reacton Fire Suppression system using what is known as ‘burst tube’ technology.

Reacton fire suppression systems are automatic and offer 24/7 protection for your critical assets, including: buses, heavy plant equipment, electrical equipment and kitchens. Our A+ graded systems automatically detect and knock down a fire within a matter of seconds – before it has an opportunity to take hold.

Vehicle fire suppression is of extreme importance when considering a vehicle’s most precious cargo, its passengers and drivers. This case must be considered greatly in the bus and coach industry, where 61% of fires start in the engine bay and 15% result in the vehicles being completely destroyed due to the devastating effects of fire.

Reacton is proud to be recognised by Made in Britain, our high-quality parts and equipment are designed and produced in our UK-based warehouse in Essex. As global leaders, we distribute our fire suppression systems around the world.

Additionally, we hold a plethora of accreditations which you can find on our website (, making us global leaders in fire suppression.

T 0800 030 6526

Zenobē is an EV fleet and battery storage specialist, providing intelligent power and battery storage services for commercial EV fleet operators, power grid operators and large businesses.

Zenobē is helping organisations power towards net zero by switching diesel fleets to electric and by accelerating the uptake of renewable energy. With around 25% market share of the EV bus sector in the UK and projects with all major bus operators, including Stagecoach, McGill’s, and Arriva, Zenobē is driving the adoption of electric vehicles and helping organisations transition to a cleaner transport system. It offers fleet operators and local authorities a full solution for a

pay-per-mile or per-month fee, reducing the upfront cost of EVs and taking on the risks associated with electrification.

With the full life cycle of its products in mind, Zenobē’s innovative second life battery projects are also reusing batteries from electric fleets across Europe, helping companies across all sectors – including construction, racing and transport – become greener, and driving towards a circular economy.

Visit: to find out more about Zenobē’s offering, how the company is helping break down the barriers associated with clean energy uptake and spearheading the shift to a zero-carbon economy.

The Accelerator Hybrid Solution

Are you wanting the benefits of Cloud software but hesitant at the prospect of relinquishing all your data to an unknown location? Our Accelerator Hybrid Solution may be the answer for your commercial fleet or workshop. All the benefits of Cloud software with the security and easy access to your data.

Accelerator allows your company to achieve the perfect balance of compliance to regulations, efficient operations, and tightly controlled running costs, ensuring you meet DVSA & FORS requirements.

What do our customers think?

"Using Accelerator has saved us a lot of time and money."

"Going digital with Accelerator has enabled us to improve workflow and grab full control of our fleet. It was the best

decision we could have made."

– Dominic Purslow, Jack Richards and Son Ltd

If you would like to see our new Accelerator Cloud Hybrid Solution in action, call us to arrange a free no-obligation demo on 0844 375 4315 or email:

Software solutions & consulting services

PTV Group provides software solutions and consulting services to empower mobility and transport for a cleaner and smarter future. Customers in over 120 countries rely on PTV solutions – its best-in-class software for intelligent traffic management and transport optimisation enables decisionmakers in politics, cities, organisation, industries, and logistics save time and money, make roads safer, and protect the environment. Over 2,500 cities make smart decisions based on our software.


We offer state-of-the art software

solutions for planning and optimising transport logistics. From logistics value chains to freight transport scheduling and route planning through to the last mile and the customer.


We provide a wide range of world leading cutting-edge software solutions and services for transport modelling, simulation and traffic management. This

segment also includes mobility data analysis, enabling planners to evaluate urban mobility scenarios and create new sustainable concepts.


Our consulting and project services focus on evaluating transport systems, identifying new mobility management concepts and developing transport-related measures, including environmental impacts.

T +44 (0)121 585 6633

Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van

There has NEVER been a better time to invest in YOUR ELECTRIC future, as Mercedes-Benz Vans & Marshall Truck & Van collaborate to maximise your SAVINGS.

Exchange your non-Euro 6 Van for an eVito Van, you will not only PAY for the eVan, but you will also generate over £3,400 additional savings annually.

Model Euro 5 Van eVito VARIANCE

Monthly £0 £198.00 -£198.00

RFL £74.58 £0.00 £74.58

Fuel £229.16* £101.45^ £109.67

Servicing £83.33** £17.00^ £66.33

Roadside Assistance £14.08 £0.00 £14.08

COMBINED £401.15 £316.45 +£66.66

* 27.5 pence per mile Euro 5 Van

** Predicted Service & Maintenance costs

^ Source: electric-vans/running-costs

Choose a Mercedes-Benz eSprinter rather than a Sprinter diesel Van, you will not only PAY less for the eVan, but you will also generate over £3,500 additional savings annually.

Model Sprinter eSprinter SAVING

Monthly £623.75 £556.50 £67.25

RFL £22.92 £0.00 £22.92

Fuel £304.84^ £130.55^ £174.28

Servicing^^ £54.06^ £20.00^ £34.06

COMBINED £1005.57 £692.66 £298.51

^ Source: electric-vans/running-costs

^^ MBV Service Plan

Cloud Hybrid Features include: Asset Management u Job Cards u Inspections u Timesheets u Technician Scheduler Financial Module u Invoicing u Purchase Invoicing u Account links to Sage Business Cloud Stock Module u Purchase Orders u Stock Take u Stock Issue u Stock Search Contact Module u Customer Details u Customer Search u Supplier Details u Supplier Search Compliance Module u DVSA Earned Recognition u Comprehensive Dashboards u Vehicle Assignment and Driver Walkaround Checks

Embossing with ease?

No problem with the pneumatic UP 15 P embossing device from UNIFLEX!

Marking products unambiguously is also very important for manufacturers and repair service workshops in the field of hose and pipe assemblies. Not only in order to consistently leave a good impression by doing a great job and supplying good products, but also in order to offer customers the kind of service they expect – with fittings that are always identifiable and, as a result, can easily be exchanged.

Proof that the marking of fittings can also be carried out with outright ease is given by UNIFLEX with the new, pneumatically driven UP 15 P embossing device. Using 1- or 2-line

stamps for up to 30 characters (plus 4 easily adjustable daisy wheels and bar/psi interchangeable stamps), production, serial or article numbers as well as manufacturer’s codes, etc, can be embossed into fittings with ease and precision. What’s unique is the possibility to mark one-piece fittings with 90° elbows safely. With the CE-compliant 2-hand safety operation

system, you can mark workpieces with a diameter from 11.5 to 90mm without any risk of injury. All you additionally need is a 7 bar (100 psi) compressed air connection.

With a weight of only 80kg, a base of 600mm width x 454mm depth and a height of 500mm, the light and compact device perfectly fits on the TU workbench from UNIFLEX offered as an accessory. Easy settings and adjustments also for single units and 90º fittings of machines and workpieces are a given, as is a counter of the number of embossing operations – up to a depth of 0.5mm, depending on the type and material.

Super strong: New S6 service crimpers by UNIFLEX: S6 S + S6 S ECOLINE

Strong new members to the family of the world-renowned lubricationfree S6 UNIFLEX hydraulic crimpers: In addition to the S6 and the S6 ECOLINE with 200-ton crimping force, there are now the S6 S versions with 280-ton crimping force to crimp even 2-piece fittings up to 2” SAE R 15 (depending on the fitting).

What are the advantages of the strong S6 S models? They close, crimp, and

open even faster. The ECOLINE models are a hit with their lower height and considerably less weight. Two-piece fittings with 1½” or 2” diameters can be crimped, and, thanks to the 110mmlong jaws, even 90° fittings with ‘long drop’. Don’t forget about the legendary slide bearing technology and the 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Specialists in tank storage & process safety

Assentech is on a mission to help the tank storage industry reach net zero emissions.

A leading innovator of new technology and services that detects and prevents fugitive emissions. Our new devices raise awareness and demonstrates the consequences of inferior quality or poorly maintained equipment in the tank storage industry. Assentech can visualise leaks with Optical Gas Imaging cameras. We can also

run functional testing of breather vents to establish leakage rates using the test criteria stipulated in the industry Standards of API2000 and ISO28300.

Designed and manufactured by Assentech, the automated ‘Vent-Less’ Test Bench revolutionises testing to support manufacturers, service companies, regulators and end users on monitoring breather vent performance which ultimately reduces emissions for a clean and sustainable future.

Marking on aluminium, a SIC Marking speciality

Aluminium is a material with many advantages. It combines lightness and mechanical strength.

In addition to its corrosion resistance, it is also an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. Capable of being 100% recycled, the use of aluminium is constantly increasing in industry.

Aluminium is used in a very large sector of activity, particularly in aeronautics and shipbuilding, electrical and electronics industry and rail transport. It is also particularly appreciated in the automotive industry. In fact, many car manufacturers and equipment suppliers opt for this versatile material for the manufacture of car chassis, steering columns and power steering components. As the use of aluminium is so varied, so are the traceability requirements. Indeed, the marking requirements are of a very different nature and require barcode, Datamatrix, alphanumeric or logo marking.

SIC MARKING, the world leader in industrial traceability, has been committed for over 30 years to providing the most appropriate marking solutions to meet the challenges associated with the identification of aluminium components. Its experience has enabled the French group to offer a technically superior range of scribing, dotpeen and laser marking machines, as well as a large number of automatic reading solutions for Datamatrix.

T +44 (0)1926 830372

Storage tank vents are simple devices. The function of these devices is generally poorly understood. This has opened the door to low quality cheap devices flooding the market. Now with the world’s focus on the environment operators and the Regulators are looking for ways to reduce fugitive emissions. Most installed devices fail functional testing first pass but are simple to fix. We are here to help.

T +44 (0)1726 844707



Continued investment plans for Kingston Engineering

Kingston Engineering is one of the UK’s leading precision engineering companies, with expertise in the manufacture and production of bespoke power screws. Using materials and specifications to suit customer’s exact specifications and needs, Kingston Engineering produces cutting-edge power screw components with complementary nuts & fittings.

Based in Hull in East Yorkshire, Kingston Engineering specialise in manufacturing Right Hand/Left Hand, Single/Multi-start, Cut Thread Power Transmission Screws and Nuts, adaptable for mechanical power transmission. Kingston Engineering’s products are provided to a diverse range of industry sectors in the UK and across the globe, conforming to British, European and American standards.

Kingston Engineering works closely with both suppliers and end-users, with a focus on providing technical expertise and an efficient turnaround service. Their products are used extensively in a range of

applications across multiple industries including the aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear energy, the chemical and medical sectors and many more.

All customised and purpose-built screws are manufactured and produced to the exacting quality standards of ISO 9001-2015 accreditation. Kingston Engineering also provide component reclamation, component enhancement, component repair and a corrosion prevention service.

An enviable reputation

The specialist precision engineering services provided by Kingston Engineering have evolved from a wealth of engineering experience and a heritage spanning over 100 years.

Founded in 1919, the aftermath of the First World War marks the time frame for the origins of the business. Starting out as Hull Motor Transport and Engineering Co, the company manufactured pistons and provided cylinder grinding and general engineering services. With further expansion in the early years, the company evolved to offer sawmilling and printing machine repair. In 1924, the Kingston Engineering Co. Ltd name was adopted, with the manufacturing of screws beginning as early as 1930. Kingston Engineering started to manufacture components for aircraft undercarriages during World War Two.

In the decades to follow, a focus on skill and provision of engineering expertise has enabled Kingston Engineering to obtain an enviable reputation, as a leading precision engineering company. The ability of the company to adapt and evolve has always been a defining characteristic of the Kingston Engineering business.

Building a resilient future

With a heritage built on engineering skill, innovation and expertise, Kingston Engineering has shown remarkable resilience and responsiveness to change across the decades. These are the core strengths that still form the cornerstone of the Kingston Engineering business today.

Kingston Engineering continues to build on a strong foundation of engineering excellence and is committed to further investment to build a resilient future. As the company embraces the years ahead, the focus is to continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment, in-house facilities and advanced technologies. This will enable Kingston Engineering to continue to deliver

leading precision engineering solutions to customers in both the UK and across the globe.

As a leading precision engineering company, Kingston Engineering is dedicated to producing cutting-edge power screws and components, cut to quality materials and manufactured to exacting quality standards.

Kingston Engineering provide great flexibility and a rapid response service and are committed to providing unique and quality solutions to customer’s specific engineering requirements.

T +44 (0)1482 325676


Intelligent storage solutions for any environment

Established in 1988, WP Group is a UK leading supplier of custom built, British made warehouse pallet racking, industrial shelving, Mezzanine Flooring, office shelving and storage systems. WP offers everything through supply, delivery, and installation of all types of premium UK manufactured commercial racking and shelving, that is well known in the industry for its services.

Originally formed as West Pennine Storage Equipment, WP Group has three decades of

expertise in every relevant product and service it provides. Offering advice from the initial consultation, WP Group work with each client from the design and installation process to achieve a storage solution based on individual customer needs, backed by a comprehensive after care service including inspections, spares, and repairs.

In addition to being major providers to the warehousing and logistics industries, WP Group offers smaller solutions for any factory, shop,

or office space in need of individually specified storage equipment. Its extensive range of highquality storage equipment includes warehouse ladders, steps, lockers, safety cabinets, tool storage and work benches.

As an independent business with a small, experienced team, WP’s solutions are among most efficient, effective in its field. The company prides itself on building relationships that ensure customer retention and over the years has

established long lasting relationships that have actively contributed towards the company’s success in many ways.

One product provided by WP Group is Mezzanine flooring and recently it was used for a major project to convert an old open space at Whispering Smith in Manchester into a brand new combined two storey storage and distribution space (1,220m2), at a fraction of the cost of a new building. Mezzanine floors are a convenient and fast way to add floor space to a warehouse, and extremely cost effective compared to other structural alternatives and providing an innovative space solution. At Whispering Smith, a small office, kitchen area and toilet facility were installed as well as all electrics, data, lighting, and smoke detection applications fitted throughout. The Result was a modern, fully equipped workspace, built to the highest standards and specifications.

WP Group & its expert business partners can offer Mezzanines that range from simple steel platforms for storage of goods to fully cladded and fitted out office and workspaces, which include space partitions, lighting, electricals, and IT cabling.

WP Group provides a full specification recommended solution for each client and prides itself on delivering the highest quality service to old and new clients, constantly developing new ideas and providing its expertise to new sectors covering the UK.

If you would like more information on WP Group’s services, see below.

T 01706 875500



Home & Gift Buyer’s Festival

Offering the first and largest face-to-face opportunity for buyers and brands to unite and do business in over a year, the Home & Gift Buyer’s Festival ran from 18-21 July 2021 at Harrogate’s Conference Centre. The show is the all-inclusive buying experience that mixes top brands, exclusive new names, retail insight and an unrivalled show experience - all in a relaxed setting, it's no surprise it is the industry's favourite place to buy. With over 800 brands to choose from, set across 4 marquees and 7 halls, Home & Gift is the largest showroom in the North. With an ever expanding lineup of brands from household favourites to emerging designers, Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival provides the perfect location to discover next season’s best sellers. As the first show of the second buying season, Home & Gift is the place where brands release new collections and showcase products for the very first time. Discover what trends are evolving and kick off buying with us this Summer.

As much as Home & Gift is a crucial buying opportunity for retailers, it’s also a celebration of the beloved retail industry. The relaxed environment allows for meaningful connections to be made and real business to be done. Striking the perfect balance, the informal and sociable element of Home & Gift allows for even

Launched a year later than intended!

Our new look Gin Etc – Gin Maker’s Kits were meant to be launched at the Home and Gift Show in 2020. As everyone knows the show was cancelled due to the pandemic. So it was great to be back in person with our brand new kits this year at the best gift show of the buying year.

more networking opportunities across the show. Visitors can join exhibitors for social events across the four days and create valuable and lasting connections.

The show returns to Harrogate next year from 17-20 July 2022. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s show, listed here in alphabetical order: Anna Falcke, Bachmann Europe, Exacompta, Gin Etc, Hubble Bubble Organics, Shifa Aromas, Whistler Tree & The Yorkshire Candle Company. Further details can be found on this page and the next.

We developed gin making kits over seven years ago and we were the first on the market & are arguably still the best. We invest heavily in developing our kits to ensure they work and deliver foolproof results every time. We do not skimp on the ingredients because you cannot make a good gin without the right amount of juniper and botanicals.

We also work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and now have no single use plastic in the kits or in the packaging. This has been recognised by the BBC Good Food Magazine who voted us the most environmental kit on the market. No wonder we have been nominated for the Gift of the Year 2022.

Handcrafted & formulated to perfection

Hubble Bubble Organics was set up by Helen Bebbington in 2008. As a qualified clinical aromatherapist, aromatologist and spa therapist, with a long standing history working in skincare, Helen utilised her years’ of expertise and understanding of challenges faced by her own and customer skin problems, to create a range of skincare products.

Hubble Bubble Organics range of skincare products are handmade on the premises, in the Lake District and created using the purest organic ingredients and essential oils with no added water, preservatives or chemicals. The products have been expertly crafted to work gently to repair, heal and maintain soft, supple

massage oils, bath melts and many more, have been developed to specifically address a multitude of different skin related problems. These include: acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin sensitivity and wound care. They are also known to improve other wellbeing challenges such as stress, emotional & mental well-being, sleep, arthritis, infections and pregnancy.

For more information or to view the company’s range of products, please see the details featured below.

and beautiful skin.

The range is extremely efficient and provides visible results. The products including cold processed soap, moisturisers, bath and

T  015394 48200

Exacompta expands its sustainable Forever® Young collection

Exacompta has expanded its selection of 100% recycled Forever® Young filing and organisation products with a desk accessories range, targeted at 15-25 year olds.

Featuring products accredited with the Blue Angel environmental label that are manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics, this range has already been highly appreciated by members of Generation Z, also known as ‘zoomers’.

New to the collection are recycled BIGBOX desk drawer sets, magazine files, modular pen holders and a letter tray set, with each incorporating four on-

Whistler Tree

The Whistler Tree story began with our intention to design and develop a product range that was more environmentally friendly for our planet, one that would challenge the leather and luxury goods industries as we know them.

During the research stages we found the amazing material that is cork leather, it is one of the best alternatives to animal leather there is. We harvest the bark from a cork oak tree every 9-10 years which is then turned into cork fabric by skilled artisans. The result is an incredibly soft and durable material which is waterproof, anti-bacterial, fire-resistant, and best of all, vegan. Every piece displays a unique pattern

trend colours; blue, turquoise, yellow and fuchsia. The desktop items are all supplied with a 25 year warranty, providing extra reassurance for consumers. The further range consists of stylish ring binders, elasticated folders, filing boxes, multipart files and display books, also made from recycled plastics.

Over the past few years climate change has become a hot topic, with a recent survey showing that 62% of zoomers are preferring to buy more sustainably sourced products*. Exacompta are committed to helping reduce the effects on the Earth’s climate by producing more ecologically aware products that can become part of a circular economy. These new additions help create efficient study and office spaces that are also environmentally responsible.

Discover more by visiting: *, Jan 2020.

native to the tree that it was harvested from, so each product is unique.

At Whistler Tree we are driven by our wish to create items that are not only beautiful but also have a positive impact on the environment. We believe that fashion and accessories can be socially responsible and use renewable resources without compromising style, durability or most importantly, the Earth. Our collections are 100% cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically made using sustainably sourced materials that are of the highest grade.

Contact customercare@

We now have five products in our range, each presented in a beautiful illustrated tube befitting of the product’s quality. One of our favourites is the Love Potion which contains magical colour changing natural botanicals to create either pink or blue gin. Other kits include The Artisan, The Expert, The Hedgerow and The Gentleman. All the kits make at least two bottles of gin and the process takes no longer than 24 hours to create a bespoke original gin. What better than serving a gin and tonic to your friends with a wry smile knowing you created it yourself.

The Gin Etc tubes are developed exclusively for retail sales and details of wholesale prices can be found by emailing: or calling Lynda on 07768 454844.

skincare products is
from pure organic ingredients and essential oils with no added water, preservatives or chemicals. WWW.HUBBLEBUBBLEORGANICS.COM
Our range of

Bachmann Europe: Model, Collect, Create

Troublesome Trucks. A track extension pack is also available.

Since 1893 W. Britain has been producing toy soldiers and military miniatures with attention to detail, quality and authenticity. Each 1:32 scale figure is made of diecast metal and are hand-painted in an appealing high-gloss toy soldier style. The collection of ceremonial figures are suitable for all tourist outlets and traditional gift shops.

The Yorkshire Candle Company

We began developing home scented products in October 2014, the goal was to create a product which was produced locally, to use responsibly sourced materials and to take inspiration from the surrounding area and popular outdoor spaces where the public spend recreational time.

a range of reed diffusers, alongside our room mists which are produced with pure essential oils. All of our materials are responsibly sourced, we use the highest quality ingredients and produce in small batches to provide the very best results from every product we produce.

Bachmann Europe is best known for model railways in the UK but there are a host of other products and brands in their portfolio. They pride themselves with providing quality products with good margins and are ideal for gift shops, garden centres, tourist attractions and toyshops.

Toyway offers dinosaurs, pocket money toys, science and nature toys and some collectables like the successful Chopper models. The Natural History Museum Dinosaur collection has been approved by the Museum’s own palaeontologists and an educational fact sheet is included on the pack, bringing an educational element to playtime. All models in this series are freestanding, beautifully hand-finished, suitable for ages 3+, made to 1:40 scale and are available as 8 sets. The new NHM branded FSDUs were launched at the Home & Gift Show in Harrogate. The stand features vibrant, eye-catching graphics and contain four models of each type.

The exclusive range of Thomas and Friends™ products for the UK market, is certified for use from age 3 upwards. Our train set features Thomas the Tank Engine with Annie and Clarabel, and comes with an oval of snap fit E-Z track, which is super easy to lay, snaps together and can be used on all surfaces. The set also includes a controller – so you can be playing trains in no time at all! For those add on sales, Thomas the Tank Engine is joined by Percy, James, Gordon and Toby the Tram (all with moving eyes) plus 12 further wagons and coaches including Henrietta and the

Bachmann also produce a range of products suitable for the Kidult market – Thunderbirds™ plastic kits from its Adventures in Plastic (AiP) brand are produced under license from ITV. The range includes 11 different kits across a number of scales and modellers can construct detailed models of the vehicles from the original Thunderbirds TV series including all five Thunderbird crafts plus Fireflash, The Mole and Lady Penelope’s iconic car – FAB 1. The kits feature retro style packaging and include easy to follow instructions.

T 01455 841756

AiP is a registered trademark of Bachmann Europe Plc. AiP produces nostalgic model kits in various scales for the adult modeller and collector. Thunderbirds™ and © ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1964, 1999 and 2020. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited. All rights reserved.

To this day each of our products is produced by hand at our workshop in Yorkshire. With a range of over 25 fragrances and over 110 products, we offer a comprehensive range of home scented products, which include our signature range of Yorkshire inspired scents. These include popular fragrances such as The Yorkshire Dales, North

Yorkshire Moors, Peak District and Scarborough Coast.

We are working to expand our offering and will soon be launching

Aside from our range of products we are able to offer a white labelling and contract manufacturing. If you would like to know more about our business, our products or the services please do get in touch.

T 0114 327 2323

Luxury home fragrance with Shifa Aromas

Shifa Aromas is a British brand that provides the finest luxury home fragrance and candles that have been hand-made and handpoured in Yorkshire.

The inspiration behind the development of Shifa Aromas was derived from nature itself. Using natural botanicals and resins in its products, the company realised the advantages, not just aesthetically, but the captivating aromas which were also produced. These aromas provide a therapeutic experience and an escape to a tranquil hub of relaxation.

Shifa Aromas sources all of its raw materials locally and nationally trying to use ingredients

that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The company also places a strong stance on supporting and collaborating with local businesses and services including design, print and packaging.

Shifa Aroma is committed to consistently exceeding expectations and providing products that give emphasis to enhancing people’s lifestyles through luxurious aromas.

The Shifa Aromas range includes candles, diffusers, giftsets, skincare and room-mists.

To find out more, please see the details featured below:



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