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From Hardware to Cleaning & Hygiene, Doors, Fittings & Windows, Site Management & Safety, this month we cover a vast range of topics, industry events and innovative approaches all designed to enhance the construction industry.

We feature Baldwin Boxall as our chosen Life Safety Company of the Month. In a postGrenfell world, optimised fire safety regulations have galvanised the building sector to push for the most effective evacuation systems. Since this incident, Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems have become a talking point for a safer and more successful evacuation procedure. Baldwin Boxall are manufacturers of life-

saving equipment tailored towards large buildings and for evacuation purposes. We delve into its recent patent-pending OmniCALL EVC System, of which the company showcased at the recent Fire Safety Event. Find out more on page 15.

Futurebuild Review 8-11

Despite the challenges currently faced by the industry, Futurebuild continues to push boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on the sector.

Site Management 12-14

DCON Safety Consultants is passionate & highly committed to continually improving health, safety & wellbeing management in collaboration with our clients.

Company of the Month 15

Baldwin Boxall manufactures life-saving equipment tailored for large buildings and evacuation purposes.

Company of the Month 19

Fusion21 is a national social enterprise specialising in efficient and impactful public sector procurement that embed social value.

On page 11, we feature CorkSol UK Ltd, one of our chosen Top Exhibitors from Futurebuild Expo 2024. The article uncovers the next generational building material: SprayCork, that is designed for a greener era. We shine a spotlight on SprayCork and hear from Chris Heaton, Marketing Manager at CorkSol UK Ltd, who gives us more insight into the

On the Cover

product and its benefits.

Show reviews in this issue: Futurebuild 2024; UK Concrete Show 2024; KBB Show 2024; SPATEX 2024.

Other notable features include: invisible wireless charging stations by Kew Labs one of our selected Top Exhibitors at KBB 2024 on page 31; the new EULX10X20 Glove from Manosun – marked as the ultimate Construction and Scaffolders Glove on page 22; and we discover how Combilift’s innovative solutions can transform materials handling operations on page 28.

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Bradshaw Electric Vehicles 25

Bradshaw is the official UK distributor for Goupil, all-electric, zero-emission light commercial road and utility vehicles. Goupil was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of electric utility vehicles.

Lighting & Electrical 23

Leading LED lighting specialist, Luceco, has new lighting ranges, downlighters and a 2.0 wall charger to meet a wide variety of needs.

kbb Birmingham Review 30-32

The UK’s largest dedicated kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms exhibition kbb Birmingham, returned from 3-6 March 2024.

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Landscaping & External Works

Tree surveys for development

Barnes Associates Ltd – Providing tree surveying to Architects, Town planners and developers, throughout the UK. Trees are our speciality from Tree Constraint Plans, Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Tree Protection plans.

Arboricultural Method Statements are often a conditional item these need to be practical and involve the whole team to be successful, we act as retained arboricultural consultant for site inspections.

Our associate ecologists provide Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) appraisals and associated reports, landscape plans and management plans are also provided.

We problem solve when building near trees. Protected trees even with TPO (Tree Preservation Orders) can often be built near with the right approach and techniques.

We work with your design teams to ensure a smooth process for our clients. Tree plans are provided in CAD 2D and 3D along with drone imagery if required.

Our tree surveyors are experienced and qualified to high standards.

Our Tree Diagnostic team provide Tree Root Radar scans providing root mapping services, along with Tree stability testing of trees throughout the UK.

Contact Ian Barnes, Director and Lead consultant, with your project needs, in total confidence.

T 01423 322371

Whatsapp: 07483 116044

Email your project to:

Sustainable timber cladding

Contemporary construction demands sustainable, functional and aesthetic building materials. Our premium timbers meet these specifications and add a timeless quality to interiors and exteriors.

Inspired by Japanese Yakisugi timber preservation, Exterior Solutions Ltd created Shou Sugi Ban®. In addition to the traditional blackened, crackled finish, our finish options bring the technique up to date.

If blackened wood is too dark for your project, our collection includes a selection of mid- to light-grey tones. The smooth, subtle finish of Kebony Radiata and Yukari Numachi are popular options.

Alternatively, for a natural wood finish, Accoya® Tenki and Larch Shiberiatora showcase the beauty of timber grain. These add a warm, tactile quality to garden buildings and rustic-style retail stores.

For a splash of colour, the peacock tones of Accoya® Tobu, the deep red of Yukari Kõsui or our vibrant range of Douglas Fir finishes create unique and impactful hotel and restaurant interiors.

All finishes enhance the durability

Create wonder with water

OASE has had a passion for water and all things aquatic since 1949. From idea to implementation, from function to fascination, from technical to biological – OASE offers innovative presentations, smart products, premium quality, and convenience, all under one roof.

Headquartered in Germany, OASE understands the importance to customers of having a local presence. They believe that it is vital to provide support for customers no matter where they may be located. With 22 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, as well as a network certified local partners, OASE is a truly global brand.

You might think you don’t have enough space for a water feature in your project but think again. With OASE’s range of water features, you don’t need acres of space to add the meditative sound of moving water.

OASE are on hand to help support you through any project with water – no matter the size. Smaller features can still make a great statement. Take the range of wall spouts. These solid brass features are perfect for adding to columns or walls. They don’t even need to be part of a large pool but can be used in conjunction with OASE’s reservoirs meaning there’s no open water on show. OASE even make the perfect pumps that power these features, the Aquarius Universal Premium Eco 3000.

of the timber by drawing out natural resins. These provide a moisture, rot and insect-resilient barrier to minimise maintenance. It’s a practical and visually desirable way to elevate modern builds and heritage renovations.

In addition to Oak, Larch and Douglas Fir, the Shou Sugi Ban® range includes Kebony and Accoya®. These modified timbers are exposed to a chemical treatment to enhance stability and durability.

We supply Shou Sugi Ban® with installation instructions, matching tipped screws and a tin of finish treatment for cut lengths. These ensure a professional finish can be achieved on every project.

Click here to download the Shou Sugi Ban® brochure.

Contact Exterior Solutions Ltd on 01494 711800 for samples and quotes.

make it easy to build an elegant and uniform water display.

Alternatively, how about a feature that looks good from every angle? Corten Steel Cubes look stunning no matter the environment they’re placed in. The 60cm cube can be part of a pool or positioned on a hidden reservoir. Water runs evenly down the sides and there’s the option of a stand to give the appearance of a floating sculpture.

If you have a bit more space to work with, consider the range of OASE Waterfalls. These graceful waterfalls are made of robust, non-rusting stainless steel and come in 3 sizes. They

Water should look just as good after nightfall and lights make any of these features come alive in the dark. OASE has designed LED lights for each of these features to ensure your water project never looks dull.

For more information about adding water, be it big or small, speak to OASE today on 01256 896886 or email: or head to:

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Please visit Call +31 (0)646753560 Email ‘Dedicated to offer the best mowing system for maintaining large area turfgrass’ Has clean cutting results in all weather conditions, improved efficiency (at least 20% more fuel efficient), easy maintenance & repairs and low cost of ownership

Facilities & Estate Management

Inclusive design unlocks creativity

There is growing recognition that we all perceive the world differently and that to thrive, we need to create spaces that meet everyone’s needs. However, the concept of inclusive design often conjures up a notion of compromise that curbs creativity and leads to uninspiring solutions.

A new guide from Tarkett ‘Human Conscious Design Principles’ is tackling this misconception and argues that designing with specific needs in mind can, in fact, unlock creativity. That, by interrogating the different ways in which we experience and interpret our surroundings, designers are encouraged to explore new ideas and solutions that they may not otherwise have considered.

In this guide, the global leader in recyclable flooring, explores the world through the lens of neurodiversity with the particular needs of individuals with an ADHD, autism and dementia diagnosis in mind.

It is estimated that one in seven people are neurodivergent and that a staggering 50 million¹ people are living with dementia worldwide, a figure that is expected to triple by 2050². With an overview of each condition, Human Conscious Design Principles outlines key design considerations across education, the workplace, hospitality and eldercare.

You can download your copy of the Human Conscious Design Principles here: https://digital.

¹ World Health Organisation, 23rd March 2023

² The Global Burden of Disease study published in the Lancet Medical Journal 6th January 2022

Making monitoring & control mobile

GSM Activate is a UK-based manufacturer and retailer of high quality electronics and access control devices, which specialises in GSM (simcards) based technology. Based in West Sussex, UK, GSM Activate provides reliable and durable GSM enabled electronic products.

GSM Activate provides equipment which can be used for security, monitoring & control solutions for use in customers’ homes or for their business needs. The company’s range of products has been designed to incorporate the use of a simcard which enables the user to use their mobile phone as the key component in security, access control and automation

Gates for added protection

For homeowners or businesses looking to improve security, installing a gate is a step in the right direction. Gates are an important deterrent in residential and business areas against opportunistic burglary or even vandalism, making homes and properties less of a target for criminals.

Castle Gates & Automation is a leading bespoke gate installation company, from wooden, metal to metal frames gates clad in wood or composite, with many other options available. The company is based in Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire and can offer modern upgrading of existing gates, through to installations of bespoke, new designs. With an extensive portfolio, customers can choose from manual and automated gate options, with a further choice of above-ground, or concealed underground automated gate motors. For level driveways, homeowners can opt for sliding gates, if preferred.

For additional ease and convenience, each gate automation has a remotecontrol fob access, with keyboard entry systems or audio/video systems optionally available for added security measures. Intercoms have become standardised now with many homes and businesses around the country and Castle Gates & Automation can supply GSM Audio Intercoms, GSM Video Intercoms, Wired Audio Intercoms and Wired Video Intercoms.

Installing state-of-the-art CCTV gives optimised security, day and night and when you’re not at home or on holiday. Castle Gates & Automation provides an extensive range of cameras including: short and long range, through to wide-angles, so your whole property is always expertly covered.

Enquire today to find your perfect gate: T 01442 253341

Activation | Monitoring | Supervision & Control Solutions

applications. For example, GSM diallers for phone alerts from alarm panels, or sensors; GSM switches to turn on appliances remotely, etc.

Renowned for its reliability opposed to WiFi, Bluetooth and others, GSM is extremely dependable for signal and there is no limit to range, enabling you to control and monitor your electronics from your mobile, wherever you are in the world.

GSM Activate is able to manufacture using the latest hardware enabling connections to 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies.

Contact T 01273 462380

GSM Auto Diallers work with all alarm panels as well as hundreds of other applications. Connect it to your alarm for text and/or call alerts when triggered.

The GSM Multi Switch (240v) is a UK manufactured GSM Switch designed to attach to your electronics enabling you to activate them using your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

The GSM Intercom allows you to speak to visitors at your gates and allow access using your mobile phone as the controller.

BFN is sponsored by Baldwin Boxall – see them on page 15 6

Futurebuild Review – Top Exhibitors

Futurebuild 2024: Shaping the future of sustainable construction with unprecedented impact

Despite the challenges currently faced by the industry, Futurebuild continues to push boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on the sector. As the 2024 edition comes to a wrap, the industry continues to react to Futurebuild and its unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration.

Sustainability takes centre stage

Futurebuild is the platform for leaders in sustainability to converge and address critical issues. As Futurebuild continues to ‘walk the talk’, the winners of its first ever Sustainable Stand Award were announced. The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) took home the inaugural award with a shell constructed entirely from recycled timber and OSB board alongside recycled, carbon-negative carpet. Sustainability was also at the forefront of conversations within the National Retrofit Conference, which emerged as

a pivotal section. Highly influential speakers at the conference included Lord Callahan, tasked with driving conversations and initiatives aimed at making retrofit scalable and achievable.

Muyiwa Oki, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, held a session on the environmental, social, and financial value of architecture, which focused heavily on sustainability, “Futurebuild is an extremely important event because educators, people and institutes such as RIBA come together to discuss and share ideas. The event itself creates the environment for change that we want to see.”

Endless innovation

Innovation is everywhere at Futurebuild, and a major reason why so many people choose to visit.

A major hallmark of innovation at the event is The Big Innovation Pitch, which showcases the latest and most exciting developments each year. The winner for 2024 was Adaptavate with its carbonnegative alternative to plasterboard: Breathaboard.

Low carbon and low cost

Ambion Low Carbon Heat Panels offer a highperformance, low carbon source of home heating that allows residents to drastically reduce their energy bills, while enjoying a natural warm feeling and improved air quality.

As the name suggests, Ambion low carbon heat panels are in line with the UK’s decarbonisation goals. They are fully future-proofed to partner with solar and battery solutions, as well as timeof-use tariffs.

The quick, easy and hassle-free installation of low carbon heat panels ensures that residents experience minimal disruption, as no pipework or radiators are needed.

Additionally, these panels have no moving parts, which minimises the risk of breakage and ensures that no maintenance will be required. In fact, they have an impressive 33 years of average active lifespan. For further peace of mind, low carbon heat panels come with a

minimum 10 year guarantee.

Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panels unique control system reduces both energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst maintaining a warm, comfortable heat. The control system uses constant dynamic pulsing of electricity to each panel – using up to 60% less electricity than

Fostering collaboration

Futurebuild is still the only event created by the industry, for the industry, with 400 brands in attendance, 80+ leading institutions contributing to the knowledge programme and 550 speakers sharing their expertise across two conferences and six inspiring stages. With such a significant turnout, it’s not surprising that exhibitors averaged over 183 leads each.

Futurebuild 2025 returns to London’s ExCeL from 4-6 March 2025, as a special event, marking its 20th year of making an impact on the built environment. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Aico, Ambion Heating, Cibes Lift UK, CorkSol UK Ltd, 540 WORLD & GeoShield. Further details can be found on this page and the next three.

conventional electric heating, reducing bills and minimising carbon emissions.

Why Infrared?

Infrared heat panels are used because building materials absorb and store infrared, releasing it between pulses, making it the perfect partner for the Ambion control system. Infrared warms the materials within a room rather than conventional convective heating that heat the air, whilst providing a more natural, radiant heat that feels like standing in direct sunlight.

Choose Low Carbon Heat Panels; a new era of low-carbon heating.

s Carbon emissions cut by up to 60%

s Running costs up to 60% lower

s Happy, healthy homes – As infrared produces a dry heat and warms the fabric of the home rather than the air, Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panels reduce condensation at source helping to reduce damp and the circulation of dust

s No space constraints – Suitable for smaller, multi-occupancy buildings

s Easy to install – Requiring no central boiler, external unit or water-based delivery system

s Ready to retrofit

s Installed by any qualified electrician, with no maintenance or hidden costs

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Futurebuild Review –

It’s time to stop treating platform lifts as a tick box exercise

Including a platform or cabin lift in your project can be a matter of meeting regulations. But that doesn’t need to mean compromising on style and comfort for the end user.

Installing a platform or cabin lift is often a matter of necessity rather than choice; whether to ensure Part M compliance or to meet a specific brief from your client. This fact, coupled with a perception that lifts are always an eyesore, can lead to selecting the most basic option. Here’s why you are missing a trick if you do.

Platform and Cabin Lifts can add to the building’s look and feel

If working with the right provider, gone are the days that a platform lift has to look clunky or out of place in a modern design. The right lift can, in fact, serve as a centrepiece adding the ‘wow factor’ to your client’s building, whether you’re creating or renovating a home, office or public space.

Not only does a modern platform lift add to the decor, but they are customisable to match your requirements. With a range of colours, floors and glass finishes, Cibes Lift UK can deliver a platform lift as unique as your project.

With sleek lines, customisable finishes, and minimalist design, our lifts serve as a statement piece that can enhance the overall look and feel of your projects. Providing your client with the option of an exciting, attractive Cibes lift can really help you to stand out from the crowd, too.

Save space

Cibes platform lift solutions can be installed in places where conventional lifts cannot. Our platform lifts are incredibly spaceefficient, with only a 50mm pit required, and no machine room necessary.

Cibes Lift’s EcoSilent drive system ensures our screw-driven lifts are virtually silent, even when lifting loads as heavy as 500kg, giving you extra flexibility on lift placement. A Cibes lift can even be placed safely on the outside of a building.

All the information and support you need, fast

Every lift we provide is designed and manufactured by our expert team, meaning we can answer any questions you may have. We have also recently renewed our ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditation, so you know your project is in good hands.

For more information, simply call, email or request a brochure via our website: T 0800 085 0269

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Top Exhibitors

Futurebuild Review – Top Exhibitors

SprayCork: Next generational building material for a greener era

Cold bridges (also known as thermal bridges) are a major headache for social housing providers: essentially a weak spot in the insulation referred to as a thermal envelope. The break in insulation continuity can be caused by pipes/cables, windows/doors, balconies, timber frame wall studwork or roof/wall or wall/floor junctions. The resulting moisture attaches to the coldest surface, with black mould often the first sign around windows or skirting boards.

What’s the solution?

Looking to the future, proactive design and workmanship should prevent cold bridging in new builds but where does that leave existing buildings, especially housing association ones?

Introducing SprayCork:

Multi-award winning CorkSol UK Ltd was back at Futurebuild 2024 to engage specifiers, housing associations and other customers from across the wider built environment with a sustainable and innovative solution: SprayCork. This natural, cork-sprayed coating provides a high-quality finish to transform internal and external walls, with the following benefits:

s Optimal thermal performance – helps

prevent thermal bridges and reduces heat loss through walls by up to 30%

s Robust and durable coating – prevents cracking, even with UK weather conditions!

s Super-adhesive

s Good sound insulation – absorbs up to 38dB

s Fire-resistant – Euro-Class B – helps prevent mould and damp

s Overspraying – cheaper than complete rerendering, as long as the substrate is solid

s Sustainable – naturally sourced

s 28 colour options – with optional bespoke tinting for bulk orders

s Rapid application – quick drying times

s Extended 25 year product warranty

Who are CorkSol UK Ltd?

The company was founded back in 2017 by

Aico: Innovation Partner

Aico attended Futurebuild 2024 as an Innovation Partner and participated in the Innovation Trail. Aico decided to get involved with Futurebuild’s innovation partnership as it aligns with further efforts and commitments made by Aico in the drive towards climate action. The Innovation Trail was a great way to explore and learn about the latest innovations in products and solutions, and to meet the people behind these advances.

Aico strives to continue to innovate and drive the UK housing industry forwards, meeting the needs of our customers in novel ways, aligning with sustainability and net zero targets, with resident engagement and wellbeing at the fore.

energy-efficient homes, placed throughout the home to monitor temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Aico showcased their HomeLINK Environmental Sensors which are designed to create better maintained, healthier, more

Insights from the Environmental Sensors on indoor environmental conditions allow for preventative measures and proactive maintenance, enabling landlords to adhere to requirements outlined in Standards and Legislation, such as the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 and PAS 2035, as well as supporting reaching netzero targets. Adding another dimension to home life safety, Aico strives to create safer, healthier homes.

Aico looks forward to exhibiting and attending Futurebuild 2025.

T 01691 664100

MD Joff Ward, upon discovering the multiple benefits of SprayCork for sustainable wall coating across the UK built environment. The Halifax-based company distributes across domestic and commercial sectors, including many social housing associations and offers monthly training to a growing nationwide applicator network.

Spotlight on SprayCork

We spoke to Chris Heaton, Marketing Manager, for more insight, “This sprayable cork solution breaks the cycle of mould growth and offers an innovative, sustainable solution for properties where excess cold, poor insulation, poor energy efficiency, air tightness, small room sizes and those tricky hard-to-reach places, or where cold bridging are traditionally an issue.

“Our independent network of applicators can transform cracked, stained and tired render quickly without the need for complete rerendering.”

For more information or to speak to the sales team, see the details below: T 01484 442420


As a leading Innovation Partner for Futurebuild 2020-2024, Circular Design Consultancy, 540 WORLD frequently see their Futurebuild display as the most visited collaborative showcase each year and the largest annual display of certified sustainable Cradle to Cradle Certified® products in the UK.

C2C Certified® is recognised as the global standard for safe, circular & socially fair products and 540 WORLD exclusively promote verified, certified products and materials for evidence-based, nontoxic, circular design to directly disrupt greenwashing, prevalent in the built environment.

540 WORLD open their London Clerkenwell Design Week support with their ‘BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY, World-class Solutions to Safe, Circular & Certified Sustainable Materials’ podcast, 22 May 12noon BST, with live virtual seats available to book free on this link, hosted by the Institute of Interior Impact: https://instituteofinteriorimpact. com/the-beyond-interior-designlive-show/

You can watch the podcast featuring 540 WORLD’s Founding

Partners as a recording from end May on this link: https:// beyond-interior-design/

540 WORLD and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute are already working on 2024’s showcase to bring the best of international knowledgesharing and certified safe, circular and socially responsible material innovations to Futurebuild 2024, 5-7 March. 540 WORLD will present world-first regenerative projects including their work with the Environment Agency’s TEAM2100, free to read in the C2C Design Directory from www.540. world

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Site Management

ModCon Cabin Trader Ltd

ModCon Cabin Trader was formed in 2017 by Alan Willetts of whom has 25 years’ experience of working for some major manufacturers in the Modular & Portable Building Industry.

ModCon Cabins as it is also known manufactures and supplies Steel Anti Vandal Portable Cabins, Containers, Modular Buildings and all site ancillary items associated with the Portable Building Industry. Please visit:

Items such as Portable Offices, Canteens, Toilet units, Drying units, Storage Containers, Chemstores,

Smoking Shelters, Effluent Tanks, Staircases are regular and repeat produced items that we manufacture for our clients.

Based in Gloucestershire in the South West we are logistically nicely placed around all the major motorway networks for ease of transportation.

Our workforce are all very skilled and experienced fabricators of whom have many years experience working within our industry & so know the expectancy of our customers requirements so you can be sure that if you approach ModCon Cabins to undertake your work you are in very good hands!

Quality bespoke steel buildings and structures

Yorkshire-based Castle Steel Buildings Limited is a leader in cold rolled steel buildings in the UK. From classic car garages to industrial units and large warehousing, Castle Steel Buildings work across commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors to create the very best design solutions that last decades with little environmental impact. One of the key advantages of steel buildings is their versatility in design and Castle Steel Buildings work to create and construct steel buildings of all sizes and for a variety of purposes. As steel can be moulded into almost any shape or size, it becomes easy to customise a building to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a small storage shed or a large commercial warehouse, steel buildings can be designed to suit any purpose, and with options including insulated or non-insulated cladding, roller shutter

doors, personnel doors and many other features, a client has potentially unlimited options in the design of their building.

In addition, Castle Steel Buildings can design a structure that meets the current legislative requirements on fire protection and thermal insulation giving clients reassurance and peace of mind many cannot match. Furthermore, Castle Steel Building’s turnkey approach to design, manufacture and installation allows project managers to free up the time they would usually spend estimating and drafting a project and organising the installation, to engage with other aspects of their role.

If you would like to find out more, contact Castle Steel Buildings Limited on 01302 301402 or visit the website for a free, no obligation quote at: www.castlesteelbuildings.

Being that all items produced are mostly built on a jig and to customers own specification we are open to undertaking bespoke enquiries too so please feel free to engage with us here at ModCon Cabins even if you have a rather random enquiry for certain products.

Why not also take a look at ModCon Cabin Traders other side of the business which is an Auction/Resale website that allows all and sundry to utilise the site to sell new & used Portable Building products which operates very similar to a well-known auction/resale site we are all familiar with, however only for products relating to our industry.

Contact T 0333 404 8822

■ Continuous processing system –advanced in-line mixer

■ Skid-mounted – highly mobile –small footprint

■ No hazardous chemicals or batch treatment

■ Fully automated – user-friendly –Plug and Go!

■ Rugged construction

■ Integral flowmeter – alarm beacons (pH/out of gas)

■ Remote Cloud-based monitoring

■ Up to 80m3/h flow rate

Contact Smart Storm 01422 363462

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NeutraliZer™ CO2 Concrete Washout Solution

Specialists in Safety

DCON Safety Consultants is passionate & highly committed to continually improving health, safety & wellbeing management in collaboration with our clients. The safety and wellbeing of our people, our client’s staff and those around them is at the heart of our business. DCON Safety Consultants’ resources have extensive experience in the provision of health and safety consultancy services and the provision of specific health and safety advisory services in the large complex project and development public and private market environment.

Our unique approach to the services we provide is focused heavily on assisting our clients, firstly by obtaining confidence that you have compliance and secondly, showing how you might improve performance. The skills, knowledge and experience of our staff places them at the forefront of their profession, and

we welcome the opportunity to bring such resources and benefits to our clients.

DCON Safety Consultants is able to prioritise and specialise in the highest levels of informed and intelligent advice, senior project resource allocation and compliance assurance. DCON Safety Consultants understands that every project contains both benefits and risks and the company is dedicated to helping assess each individual clients needs, utilising its team of highly experienced construction professionals consistently to ensure each client’s best interest and statutory conformity.

One of the main benefits of engaging with DCON Safety Consultants is its utilisation and primary resource of its exceptional team of technical construction and safety consultants who provide team-oriented services on an as needed basis. DCON Safety Consultants uses both its experienced team’s knowledge and support of its portfolio of alliances with other key individuals and organisations, to support clients in matters involving all divisions of design and construction safety.

Providing a transparent, reliable service, DCON Safety Consultants has gained a strong reputation for its responsible, trustworthy and efficient service. Dedicated to maximising quality, minimising risk and managing compliance, DCON Safety Consultants is well equipped to provide integral advice and services for its clients.

Principal services provided by DCON Safety Consultants includes that of a Project Supervisor for the Design Process (CDM Advisor Plus), Pre-Planning Compliance, Safe Design Adherence, Health & Safety Strategy Creation, Client Advisory Roles, Physical Site Safety Auditing and Expert Witness. Through these services, DCON Safety Consultants support and influence the design of proven, health, safety & wellbeing strategies that seek to help its clients achieve high-quality, cost-effective work for the safe design, construction & operation of their assets.

DCON Safety Consultants provides its services for a wide and varied selection of customers, which includes public sector departments, corporate owners, real estate developers, main contractors, design professionals and infrastructural

bodies. No project is too simple or too complex for its team of high-quality PSDP consultants. DCON Safety Consultants’ team of consultants are construction professionals, which individually average 20+ years of experience in the built environment. This vast knowledge base and skillset, enables the company to provide tailored, distinctive and innovative ideas born from traditional PSDP service inputs and outputs.

For any further information on the company, please see the details featured below or give them a call on the number stated: T +353 (0)1 611 1556

BFN is sponsored by Baldwin Boxall – see them on page 15 14 Site Management

Life Safety Company of the

Leading the way to safety

In this issue, we would like to welcome Baldwin Boxall as our Life

Safety Company of the Month

In a post-Grenfell world, optimised fire safety regulations have galvanised the building sector to push for the most effective evacuation systems. During the months leading up to June 2023 alone, there were 13,469 recorded building fires across England according to GOV. UK, stretching the fire service and leading to countless fire investigations.

What is EVC?

With this in mind, Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems have become a talking point for a safer and more successful evacuation procedure. Designed to provide vital communication functions in all manner of emergency situations, EVC facilitates communication with all disabled persons in refuge areas, building management, firefighters and emergency personnel. It gives added reassurance that the safety of building occupants is a priority at all times, with clear instructions and updates.

These are the primary reasons to install EVC systems:

s Adheres to Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order – the EVC is the best system to enable all persons to evacuate the building safely.

s EVC systems comply with building regulations – helping communicate with disabled people in refuge areas (temporary waiting areas for disabled people to call for assistance and help upon evacuation)

s Provides two-way communication, including instructions, updates and reassurance

s Meets British Standards BSS5839-9 for fire detection and fire alarms systems for buildings – Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems

s Save lives every day – fire marshals/building managers can pinpoint who is or isn’t at a disabled refuge point, streamlining evacuation methods.

Putting people first EVC systems are designed to facilitate personcentred, real-time communication in the event of an emergency, throughout the precise location of people waiting at the refuge area. It helps inform what to expect from the evacuation and reassurance to someone who might be shocked or dealing with a fight/flight response.

Baldwin Boxall: Centre of excellence

Baldwin Boxall was founded back in August 1982 by Terry Baldwin and Dave Boxall from their own front rooms. From humble beginnings, the purpose-built factory in Crowborough, East Sussex is the heart of operations, and recently completed a large expansion project to meet increasing production demands. The company manufactures lifesaving equipment tailored for large buildings and evacuation

purposes, a commitment that transcends borders.

With a global footprint spanning UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, Baldwin Boxall operates and supplies worldwide, ensuring safety and security across diverse regions.

What’s in a voice?

Many of us have become immune to sounds like car alarms blaring in the night and if pushed, many of us would admit that the sound of a conventional fire alarm would not always raise an eyebrow. We might convince ourselves that it’s a ‘test alarm’ or ‘false alarm’ and respond slowly, if at all. This complacency has pushed Baldwin Boxall to action groundbreaking research into the pivotal role of voice communication in guiding personnel or residents through an emergency. This emergency could be a building fire, chemical spill or even a terrorist attack.

“The science of voice communication is compelling – providing absolute proof that ‘human connection’ is vital to timely and safe evacuations.

“Our portfolio encompasses a range of products, including voice alarm, public address, emergency voice communication, disabled refuge, fire telephone, and disabled toilet alarm systems, all meticulously designed and crafted in the UK with an unwavering focus on longevity, which is why we have the confidence to offer our customers a seven-year warranty – an absolute benchmark within the industry,” explained Nick Baldwin, Sales and Marketing Director.

Spotlight on Baldwin Boxall

meet BS8893:2024 compliance, OmniCALL stands out for its innovative feature: the integration of two core loop, non-polarity dependent and radial EVC system, a first of its kind. With touchscreen control option, extended loop distance and even inclusive Braille design and luminescent text, we were one of the top exhibitors at the Fire Safety Event.”

Baldwin Boxall distributes to distribution channels, system integrators, and fire alarm installers, with end-users across many large infrastructures in many sectors including:

s Transportation

s Retail

s Stadium and arenas

s Public services

s Commercial

s Leisure

s Industrial and commercial

s Education

s Healthcare

“We work across-sectors, with end-users as diverse as the new Everton Football Stadium to the Metro line across Paris. At the recent Fire Safety Event, we showcased our patent-pending OmniCALL EVC System to interested parties.

“This cutting-edge solution is set to redefine safety standards in the industry. Designed to

What does the future have in store

“We are excited to showcase OmniCALL to all our new and existing customers and look forward to expanding into more global markets around the world.

“We take immense pride in not only the quality of our products and services but also in our commitment to our employees’ well-being. It’s worth noting that we are a ‘Living Wage employer’, ensuring that our staff receive fair compensation for their hard work. Additionally, the testimonials and feedback from our satisfied customers serve as a testament to our dedication to excellence in everything we do.”

For more information on OmniCALL and all products, see the website below:

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Energy saving solutions with Hörmann Docking Before Opening

With energy costs continuing to have a significant impact on UK business, the Hörmann Docking Before Opening system (DOBO) provides an energy saving solution for loading bay operations. The DOBO system has been designed to allow lorries to dock on a loading bay before their rear doors are opened, significantly reducing heat loss through the bay doors along with providing increased security and improved safety.

Drivers are guided into position on the loading bay by the Hörmann docking assistance system which operates via sensors in the loading bay door linked to traffic lights. Green directs the driver to reverse onto the bay, amber indicates when the lorry is nearly in position and red is for the optimum position for docking. Safety is improved by removing the need for the driver to get out of the cab to open the doors prior to reversing onto the bay.

is then positioned so that the unloading/loading operation can begin.

As an additional energy saving measure the DOBO system can be used together with the Hörmann HTL2 ISO dock leveller. Designed to reduce energy losses, the HTL2 ISO can provide up to 55% improved thermal insulation when compared to a standard dock leveller in both closed and loading positions.

Once the lorry is on the loading bay an inflatable dock seal surrounds the vehicle on three sides creating an effective barrier against the external environment. The vehicle is now docked with both the loading bay door and the truck doors still closed.

With the Hörmann DOBO system the loading door sits in a recess in front of the dock leveller and behind the dock buffers. When the loading door is opened the specially designed dock buffers can then be positioned below the lower level of the vehicle doors. This allows the doors to be unlocked and opened into the recess in the loading bay area. The dock leveller

Equipped with a 50mm insulation panel fitted below the platform, the HTL2 ISO also offers a unique, patent pending, insulated panel under the moving lip. The lip features a 390mm overlap length which ensures easy bridging of the gap between the leveller and lorry, offering flexible loading options while maintaining ambient temperatures. All grooves, gap seals and vertical edges have been optimally sealed to ensure that no heat transference is possible at these points.

The combination of the Hörmann DOBO system and the HTL2 ISO dock leveller are particularly suited for temperature-controlled applications such as cold storage, and the DOBO is an ideal solution for situations where security is of the upmost importance, for example customs facilities and for high value goods distribution.

To find out more about Hörmann loading technology, visit Loading Technology | Hörmann (www.hormann. or call 01530 516868.

Quality, custom made joinery

Whether you are looking for a one-off custom made gate, a staircase, or a production run of doors and windows for a new housing development, or a new interior for your pub, restaurant or office, we can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

We have been manufacturing top quality, purpose made joinery for the domestic and commercial markets since 1972. In our 7,000 square foot factory we can manufacture in hard or softwoods, and veneered & painted panels. We have a modern spray paint and lacquer facility, enabling products to leave the factory in a fully finished state.

No article is too big or too small: In the past we’ve supplied items as small as a 1m length of moulding; but maybe the most unusual article we’ve produced is 10m high oak hardwood catapult for a castle!

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Tel: 01799 599995 Email: Web:



Gold & Wassall Hinges is the leading name in hinge manufacturing in the UK.

Since 1790, our family owned company has been manufacturing hinges of all types, including continuous hinges, heavy duty hinges, butt hinges and special purpose hinges.

Our impressive stock range boasts over 25,000 continuous hinges and over 120,000 other hinges, all ready for despatch on our next day delivery service.

With centuries of combined expertise, our team has the skills and knowledge to assist you with all your hinge requirements.


Illbruck’s FR Window Sealing Membrane (ME010) is awarded BBA Certificate

illbruck’s FR Window Sealing Membrane (ME010) has been awarded a new prestigious BBA certificate for its technical performance and durability in service and compliance with building safety and national Building Regulations.

This system offers an assured, robust solution, which has been tested and assessed by the BBA, a renowned and respected leader in the independent approval and certification of construction products and systems.

Stuart Sadler, Technical Services Director at Tremco CPG UK, explains, “We are all very pleased to achieve BBA approval and certification for illbruck’s FR Window Sealing Membrane (ME010).

“As well as meeting the fire performance requirements as given in the national Building Regulations, our FR Window Sealing Membrane also demonstrates its exceptional air, water and weathertight properties

which are critical when designing and protecting all building types.

“The product is water resistant (Class W1+) and when tested in application around projecting windows is airtight and 100% weathertight at pressures up to 1,200Pa – the equivalent to driven rain in hurricane like conditions!”

Where safety counts and system performance matters, specifiers can be assured that the selection of ME010 FR Window & Door Sealing Membrane provides a fully complaint solution meeting Class B-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1, when used in conjunction with SP025 FR Membrane Adhesive.


Bespoke fire doors, frames, windows

Founded in 2014, Pandor is a Bespoke Door and Panel Manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience in the door and panel industry.

Whether you’re looking for or in need of a unique, challenging, different or normal requirement, Pandor has excellent customer service, expert knowhow and industry experience to deliver exactly to your specifications.

best standard of manufacturing.

Pandor’s extensive portfolio includes fire doors and door sets – certified to FD30/FD60/FD90/FD120 as required, acoustic doors, joinery and panelling, each made to your sizes and finished either clear or in paint as required. Each product comes manufactured to superlative quality with the upmost attention to detail and delivered to you in the shortest lead times.

Manufacturing out of its factory in Sittingbourne, Kent, Pandor has high-quality state of the art machinery helping to achieve the

From the Holzher 5 axis CNC twin bed router to heavy duty sanding machines, veneer presses and lipping & edge banding technology, Pandor can achieve maximum throughput, competitive lead times and accurate, high-quality standards to rival any large-scale competitor.

Quality, Service, more Quality and more Service. Proud manufacturers of BM TRADA Q Mark Scheme Fire doors and doorsets.

T 020 8279 7611

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High quality louvre systems Acoustic louvres Louvred plant screens Solar shading/brise soleil nationwide louvre company 01922 457204
Doors, Windows & Fittings
FD120 fire door test at
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Cleaning & Hygiene

Textile industry urged to ‘step up and do the right thing’ with toxic forever chemicals

The textile industry has been accused of ‘shirking its moral responsibilities’ by not tackling the toxic ‘forever chemicals’ still used in garment manufacture around the world.

Despite the known environmental and health concerns of PFAS chemicals, the textile industry continues to use them in garment production because of their stain and water repellent qualities, flame retardancy and low cost.

“As one of the biggest contributors to the PFAS problem, it is time that the textile industry stepped up and took action. We have a responsibility to do the right thing.” said Rob Piazza, Sales Director at phs Besafe, which provides commercial laundry services and technical workwear, including high visibility and flame-retardant garments.

“PFAS are everywhere. They are impacting every aspect of our environment, including our food and water supplies, and they have made their way into almost every human’s body. The impact is catastrophic, but the government continue to lag behind the US and Europe with legislation restricting or banning their use. The textile industry needs to do more to replace PFAS and do the right thing.”

PFAS (Poly and perfluoroalkyl substances), or ‘forever chemicals’, are a group of over 4,700 man-made chemicals that cannot be broken down. Although they are used in everything from frying pans to beauty products, the textile industry accounts for up to half of the total use of PFAS (*Ref: 1/2) due to their performance and liquidrepellent and flame-retardant qualities on clothing.

PFAS chemicals accumulate in the environment and inside our bodies and are known to cause damage to the planet and serious health problems, including cancer, infertility, immune problems and high cholesterol.

“It is alarming to see and more needs to

be done in the textile industry to fund the necessary research and development into more alternatives to PFAS, or to use the alternatives that have already been developed,” added Rob Piazza from phs Besafe.

PFAS is often manufactured into the fabric of garments and added to finished items as an impregnation, finish or membrane to repel stains, water and even chemicals. PFAS re-treatment should be common practice in commercial laundries which are washing technical workwear and PPE in order to

ensure the garment maintains its water and stain repellent properties.

phs Besafe has made the commitment to ban or restrict PFAS from its services wherever alternatives are available.

The team has been working with Ecolab, a global sustainability leader that offers environmental solutions to businesses, for the last six years to ensure phs Besafe has PFAS-free laundry treatments for all the specialist workwear it washes at its commercial laundries.

They also have a long-term partnership with industryleading manufacturer Tranemo Advanced Workwear to ensure they can supply customers with the highest quality, PFAS-free workwear garments wherever a PFAS-free alternative is available.

“Unfortunately, the general focus in the UK is on manufacturing and treating garments at the

lowest possible cost. That usually means using PFAS chemicals, which are cheap and easily available, despite the risk they pose to our planet and the end user,” added Rob Piazza from phs Besafe.

“We don’t feel this is the way to do business and we choose to work with partners that share our sustainable and innovative ethos, so we can start to make improvements in the textile industry together. Someone must make some noise about this.”

PFAS are not currently subject to many UK restrictions.

“Sadly, we are still waiting for the UK to have its ‘PFAS epiphany’,” said Danny Hemmings from Tranemo Advanced Workwear, a textile manufacturer which supplies phs Besafe, and has become a world-leader in PFAS alternatives in flame retardancy and other PPE workwear.

“One of the issues is the UK’s current attitude to textiles. They want them fast and cheap, and quality and sustainability are further down the list. We need a culture shift, where value is placed on doing the right thing and health, safety and well-being are the drivers of the market.

“End users must look at the whole supply chain and find out how garments are being made, and then ask whether that kind of manufacturing is acceptable.

“People need to ask questions about PFAS and put pressure on manufacturers to make changes and do better.”

Rob Piazza from phs Besafe added, “The industry and the government need to take responsibility and direct innovation and funding towards sustainable alternatives to help us to drive real change in this industry and beyond.”

phs Besafe is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist PPE workwear and laundry solutions, ensuring the safety and comfort of thousands of people across the UK.

Its in-house laundry and drying processes are unique to the industry, offering a low energy, high quality service using the very latest eco-friendly technologies and products.

T 0330 588 4100

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Rob Piazza, Sales Director at phs Besafe

Health, Safety, Cleaning & Hygiene

Unprecedented deal for business owners

Kärcher UK, a leading provider of cleaning solutions, is thrilled to unveil an extraordinary offer designed to elevate both work and home environments. From now until August 4th, businesses investing in one of Kärcher’s electric hot water pressure washers, specifically from the innovative HD, HDS or HDSE ranges, can claim a FREE K4 or K5 pressure washer for their home.

Kärcher, the world’s number one pressure washer brand delivers unbeatable versatility with hot or cold water professional pressure washers to suit your needs, providing the solution for whatever your cleaning challenge may be.

The HD range of cold water pressure washers provide maximum mobility for cleaning jobs where easy transportation

is essential. Kärcher even offer battery powered professional cold water machines for when there is no water or power supply, offering total independent use. Meanwhile Kärcher’s HDS range of hot water pressure washers are ideal for those requiring faster results and shorter drying times – providing a time saving of up to 35%.

Don’t miss out on this limitedtime opportunity to elevate your cleaning experience. Visit here to learn more about this offer and how you can claim your FREE K4 or K5 pressure washer today: https:// platform/buyonegetone/en-GB

Visit here to find what machines are eligible for the offer: https:// platform/buyonegetone/en-GB/ qualifying

Trust Manosun to safeguard your hands with style and reliability

Introducing the EULX10X20 from Manosun – the ultimate Construction and Scaffolders Glove.

Engineered using cutting-edge materials such as a seamless knit for ergonomic fit, Manosun has launched a version of the most popular grip glove with thumb reinforcement. Whether you’re tackling delicate tasks or heavy-duty work, this glove has already been tried and tested by two of the largest scaffolding companies here in the UK and has received some amazing product feedback!

Featuring intricate craftsmanship such as multiple wash-ability and a reinforced crotch that extends glove life, its excellent flexibility and dexterity solves industrial challenges such as hand fatigue. The EULX10X20 also incorporates a breathable back to keep hands cool whilst working and

a crinkle surface that offers excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions.

The EULX10X20 is ideal for use in many industries and applications that involves working with or around assembly, logistics, construction, aerospace, cleanroom, laboratory, engineering, manufacturing, and circuit boards.

Including a latex coating and a polyester liner that is made up of 36% recycled material means the glove offers close to a 50% saving in comparison to others on the market.

If you would like to know more about the Manosun glove range or ask about a free evaluation, you can try them out for yourselves by reaching out to the team at: T 0191 300 8699

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Lighting & Electrical


Revolutionise your lighting with LITE’s groundbreaking partnership with Nordic Power Convertors as they introduce the gamechanging InviTrack to the UK market.

Crafted by Danish LED electronic experts and exclusively distributed in the UK by NPC-UK (Part of Lite Group), InviTrack redefines what’s possible in the realm of lighting design and manufacture of any track-based solution.

Thanks to the new InviTrack you can bid farewell to cumbersome LED drivers and track adaptors – with InviTrack, they vanish seamlessly into the track, allowing your luminaire designs to take centre stage. InviTrack offers durability, versatility, and unmatched style. Available as standard in three colours – white, black, and grey – it effortlessly complements any track-based decor scheme.

With its certified ability to support luminaires up to 1.5kg per driver, flicker-free operation, and exceptional durability against overheating, InviTrack sets a new standard in lighting technology.

With a shared commitment to pushing boundaries, the new NPC-UK division to the LITE Group aspires to lead the industry into a new era of innovation with new and exciting product releases on the way.

For more information, contact: paul@npc-uk. com and embrace the future of lighting design with InviTrack today.

New modular Climate and Luxpack Essence lighting ranges

When it comes to adaptability and sustainability in lighting, Luceco’s latest innovation delivers on both fronts. It’s two new LED lighting batten ranges – Climate and Luxpack Essence – designed for industrial lighting applications, have been developed to be kind to the environment and are simple to install – a real win for everyone.

The two ranges have been designed to meet the differing needs of the industrial lighting market. Rugged Climate, being IP65 rated, is ideal for outdoor settings such as warehouses and car parks, whilst the Luxpack, with its white aesthetic and IP20 rating, is suitable for indoor spaces such as offices & garages.

Conceived with sustainability at its heart, both Climate and Luxpack are designed to be serviceable, with the LED board and driver units being easily replaced if required without the

need for tools, just a few simple clicks is all that’s needed to remove and replace them – this modular feature dispenses with the need to replace the entire unit, saving not only time whilst on site but also significantly reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

This is a great step forward when it comes to sustainability and leads the way for future development.

Inbuilt power and colour change switches add further flexibility for both ranges with two simple Plug and Play options allowing for configuration on site and eliminating the need to make decisions ahead of time. Each model or length has the ability to add Microwave Sensor or Emergency packs that simply click into place, providing a host of customisable options.

Luceco’s new EV Wall Charger 2 is a ray of sunshine for installers

With more people choosing to switch to an electric car, consumers are demanding efficient ways to charge their vehicles at home. Installing an EV wall charger, such as the BG Sync EV Wall Charger 2, now with integrated solar charging, from Luceco – is proving both a popular and money saving solution for consumers as well as a great upsell and customer lock-in opportunity for installers.

Opportunities for installers

With over 20,000 UK homes per month installing solar PV, an entirely new market is open to installers who can now offer a truly efficient, value-for-money EV charger where integrated solar charging is already included.

Charging vehicles with solar energy

Ingeniously, thanks to the intuitive smartphone app, homeowners can cut their home-based EV

charging costs with the Sync EV Wall Charger 2. By utilising surplus solar energy from their existing solar panels – with no modifications to panels required – instead of having any surplus directed back to the grid, homeowners can potentially charge their electric vehicles for free with Sync EV.

In addition, with personalised settings such as scheduled charging and optimised cut-off points, allowing users to charge dynamically and maximise cheap rates of electricity, the Sync EV Wall Charger 2 delivers a faster home charge compared to plugging a charging cable directly into a 3-pin socket which gives a very slow charge at a fixed rate – both inconvenient and less cost effective.

New Luceco FType downlighters

The new range of FType downlighters from leading LED lighting specialist, Luceco is proving a winner for electrical installers as they combine end user demand for style and value with easy, quick fitting and ‘no-return’ reliability.

With Dim2Warm and four different white colour changes, a choice of four bezel colour finishes and options for flat, adjustable and regressed fitting, the three models in the new range combine to provide an incredible 209 style and colour combinations.

The new range is fully compliant with Building

regulations and is IP, Fire, Acoustic and Air leakage tested for complete confidence and peace of mind. It has three-to-seven-year warranties depending on the model and built on proven base designs with improved technology and features, ensuring a ‘right first time’ approach to any wiring installation. Based on extensive installer research, the new FType downlighters include timesaving benefits enabling speed and accuracy of installation, through to energy efficient choices within the lights themselves. The range can span efficiently over multiple applications and is adaptable to any

project or space.

The range comes with PushFit connector blocks, ClipFit closures to lock in wiring and reduces potential for wiring or cable slippage. First and second fix connectors are included.

LED specialist, Luceco is part of the Luceco Group, which also includes the BG Electrical and Masterplug brands. With over seventy years of industry experience, the Luceco Group is internationally recognised as one of the market leaders across the key electrical categories.

T +44 (0)1952 238100

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Warehouse, Storage & Logistics

Union Industries rises to the challenge

Union Industries, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke high speed doors, has helped Britain’s largest bakery brand overcome adverse weather conditions with the installation of three Bulldoors.

Led by the fifth generation of the Warburton family, the company approached Union to assist in combating strong winds at its Burnley site, which already has a Bulldoor as well as two Matadoors from the range.

It first approached Union Industries in 2004 to install a Bulldoor, which continues to operate effectively and efficiently two decades later.

Union’s Bulldoors are often

regarded as the ‘reliable workhorse’ of rapid roll doors and are known to perform more than 1.4 million cycles per year, making it a popular choice across multiple sectors. They feature specialist ‘CrashOut’ and ‘Auto-Reset’ damage protection facilities, and offer control outputs for options such as airlocks, traffic control systems and remote monitoring, while aiding temperature control for ambient and chilled environments.

The market-leading, bespoke, high-speed roller doors help to prevent the severe drop of ambient temperature in buildings, especially evident in the winter months, eliminating any potential impact on production environments.

T +44 (0)113 244 8393

West Suffolk Hospital acquires fleet of tugs from Bradshaw EV

West Suffolk Hospital, which is managed by West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, has recently taken delivery of six all-electric PT400 pedestrian tow tractor tugs.

The fleet of tugs were supplied by the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial electric vehicles, Bradshaw Electric Vehicles, which has been operating since 1976.

All PT400 pedestrian tow tractors have been leased on a 5 year contract, with an option to extend beyond the contract’s end.

Acquired as a part of a fleet replacement programme, the Trust took the decision to upgrade its small taskforce of tugs after its predecessors – a fleet of six PT300s which were also procured directly through Bradshaw nearly a decade ago – had come to the end of their lifespan.

Such was the extent of the use of the previous PT300s that they had clocked up over 100,000 miles, all within the West Suffolk Hospital site.

Boasting a four tonne tow capacity and a generous 500 kilogram payload, West Suffolk Hospital’s new PT400s are specifically designed to tow large loads safely and effortlessly.

As a result of their low speed and exceptional manoeuvrability they provided the perfect solution to the Trust, who primarily use the tugs for the delivery of meals for the hospital’s patients as well as transporting laundry, heavy medical instruments and furniture within the confines of the hospital building.


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Innovative long-term van rental solution puts businesses in control of cost

With a clear focus on the financial pressures businesses are currently facing, Europcar Vans & Trucks has launched a new solution for one or two year van rental. Designed to provide certainty over costs, the rate for the new package encompasses all costs, including maintenance and servicing, with the commitment-light benefits of rental.

Keith Shorter (pictured below), UK Vans & Trucks Director at Europcar, explains, “What we’re hearing from our customers is that they need flexibility when it comes to commercial fleet options. They don’t want to commit to vehicles for 3 or more years that they’re simply not sure they will need. They also don’t want any unexpected surprises when it comes to cost.”


“Plus, many businesses want to step up to the sustainability agenda in the longer-term, bringing on low and zero emission vehicles as Ultra Low Emission and Clean Air Zones expand across the country. But they’re just not certain that what suits their operational needs now, will look the same in 5 years’ time.”

Addressing these challenges Europcar has developed a solution that provides certainty over vehicle supply and cost for one, two or even three years, in a rate that encompasses all the costs of vehicle usage, including maintenance and servicing.

Part of Europcar’s Long-Term Van Hire services, the new solution can be applied to any of the van fleet including short and long wheel base, Chapter 8 vehicles, crew cabs and specialist bodied vehicles. It also provides the option for variable mileage requirements and includes free delivery & collection to business or home addresses. Customers must simply commit to a minimum of 12 months, and they will only be subject to a pre-advised fee if they return the vehicle early during the chosen second or third year.

“Commercial vehicles play a critical role in the UK economy. However, many businesses are facing challenging operating conditions and need as much certainty as possible over their costs,” added Keith Shorter. “They also want flexibility that means they’re not directly committed to vehicles for the very long-term.

“Our new long-term van rental solution aims to offer the best of both worlds – the flexibility of rental, with the certainty of cost.”

To find out more about Europcar van solutions, click here.

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Ventilation for the built environment –combatting mould

It’s well known that poor indoor air quality contributes to respiratory and allergy problems. Inadequate ventilation leads to condensation and consequent mould growth. Vectaire’s MVHRs help solve these problems. Incorporating two fans they deliver low level continuous ventilation –extracting stale, damp air from wet rooms, and intaking fresh air. The two, separated airflows pass through a heat exchanger, recovering heat from outgoing air and filtering it before transferring it to the incoming, fresh air supply for ducting to the living areas providing a comfortable environment

loft or cupboard installation, are for residential properties up to 170m2. They recover up to 94% of the heat from extracted air with variable choice of trickle, boost and purge speeds, summer bypass and integral frost-stat. They are available with or without LCD and humidistat. The ‘AT’ versions (sound tested by BRE) operate almost silently (sound levels down to <5 dBA). The two other models in this range are the Maxi for areas up to 250m2 and the Maxi Plus for areas up to 400m2

T +44 (0)1494 522333

The Midis, upright WHHRs, for

F +44 (0)1494 522337

Green living

An environmentally conscious couple turned to expert installer in renewables, Plug Me In, to retrofit their 1970s two-bedroom bungalow in Birkenhead from a Combi-gas boiler to a Panasonic Aquarea L Series air-to-water heat pump.

Installer Plug Me In, a Panasonic Pro-Partner installing air source heat pumps on a national scale, recommended a Panasonic 7 kW Aquarea L-Series that utilises R290 refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only three. The solution includes a Panasonic All-inOne indoor unit that houses both the hot water tank and hydraulic unit.

decision to enhance sustainability and future proof their home.

Homeowner, Derek Softley, commented, “It was an environmental decision that we researched extensively. On Plug Me In's recommendation, the Panasonic Aquarea L Series All-in-One heat pump was seamlessly fitted in our kitchen. Most importantly, we have a warm house and hot water.”

The Panasonic solution seamlessly transitions from a combi-gas boiler to a heat pump, using many of the existing radiators to minimise costs. The couple opted for the Panasonic L Series as a climate-conscious

The Panasonic L Series Aquarea heat pump has an array of capacities with a compact footprint that allows for ease of indoor installation. Seeking a product that fit the home’s size restrictions, the All-in-One unit’s subtle design and wide range of 5, 7 and 9kW capacities meant the unit flawlessly blended into the couple’s kitchen.

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What is the Fridgenius Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet?

The Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet is manufactured in the UK and is available in four sizes, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm.

It is a must have tool that converts electrically operated solenoid valves into hand operated valves in seconds allowing service engineers to operate valves manually.

It can then be used to assist during installation, recovery of refrigerants, test and troubleshoot, or manually activate and control a direct connected or pilot operated 2-way solenoid, 3-way reclaim or 4-way reversing valve.

The magnet operates by lifting the stem assembly and plunger to actuate the valve.

It is fast and efficient and has helped hundreds of engineers save hours on jobs.

02381 550189

The UK Concrete Show 2024 Review – Top Exhibitors

Visitors flock to The 12th UK Concrete Show

The UK Concrete Show is the annual meeting place for the trade to make invaluable new contacts and reacquaint with existing customers.

The concrete industry came together at the NEC from 20-21 March 2024 at the annual meeting place for the trade to make invaluable new contacts and reacquaint with existing customers. And by the time the doors closed on Thursday afternoon 4,759 unique industry professionals had registered for the event, representing 33% visitor growth on 2023.

Exhibitors were busy doing

business throughout the two days of the show. There was standing room only during the two morning sessions at the seminar theatre and the organisers are planning a larger theatre set up next time! The Innovation Hub was also well received.

With over 20% growth in exhibitor numbers show-on-show, there was even more choice for visitors this year from established market leading brands, and new entrants to the market. From volumetric trucks, batching plants, and pumps to formwork, admixtures and low-carbon concrete, the exhibition is guaranteed to provide something new that your business can profit from for years to come.

industry safe. Hosted by Susannah Streeter, a professional broadcaster and conference moderator, each session concluded with a panel and live Q&A with the audience.

The UK Concrete Show is committed to providing a seminar experience to enrich and engage the visitor.

The Concrete Connect Seminar Theatre, situated on the exhibition floor, featured over twenty free-to-attend seminars including sessions on: Meeting the challenge of net zero; Prevention or cure; Celebrating innovation; and Keeping the concrete

The Innovation Hub is a curated gallery showcasing the latest technology being promoted by exhibitors at the show. Visitors could vote for their favourite cuttingedge product or service for the inaugural Innovation Award. The Concrete Society Awards Gallery at the show featured awardwinning projects from the last 12 months.

The UK Concrete Show returns next year to Birmingham’s NEC from 26-27 February 2025. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Combilift. Further details can be found on this page.

Discover how Combilift’s innovative solutions can transform your materials handling operations

Combilift are the world’s fastest-growing and largest manufacturer of multidirectional, sideloading and articulated forklifts, exporting to more than 85 countries with more than 80,000 trucks in use worldwide. No other manufacturer in the world can deliver the same level of customisation and adaptability, or cater so effectively to the diverse needs of every individual customer,

whether their enterprise is large or small.

Combilift are known for their innovative approach to materials handling solutions. Their large portfolio of forklifts, raise industry machinery standards with their multi-directional capabilities, ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces, ability to increase storage capacity and efficiency.

Combilift has built a strong reputation for quality and reliability over the years, working with businesses operating here in the UK & Ireland and internationally. Combilift can also offer support to those looking to expand into new markets, helping them to feel confident in knowing they have the correct machinery for the correct job.

The company’s flexibility and customer service play a huge part in its success and unparalleled growth, which is why it can offer such a broad range of customised handling solutions seamlessly from any one single manufacturer in the world.

From Builders Supply & DIY to Steel & Aluminium, Concrete, Timber, PVC and

warehousing, Combilift will find the right materials handling machinery for you and your industry.

T 003534 780500

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Tackling late payment by getting back to basics

Philip King FCICM, former Small Business Commissioner and advisor to PKF Littlejohn Advisory, believes a ‘back to basics’ approach would help many businesses overcome the late-payment challenge

Businesses across all sectors are under pressure. One only has to look at the number of failures in the construction industry to know this to be the case. In fact, in the last quarter alone, construction was the only industry to suffer more than 4,000 insolvencies, putting it ahead of both the retail and hospitality industries which are under significant financial pressures. The recent failures of Buckingham, the go-to stadium builder in the industry, Kenham Building and the Stewart Milne Group, renowned housebuilders in Scotland, further proves the point.

It is an established fact that companies often become insolvent not because they are inherently bad businesses, but simply because they run out of cash. Poor cashflow management, compounded by bad debts and slow paying customers, are typically to blame.

But while it is tempting to lay the blame wholly on late payment, businesses must shoulder some of the responsibility for their own poor credit management practices. Put another way, best practice credit management can limit the amount to which a business finds itself financially vulnerable.

So how can bad debts be avoided, and payments accelerated? Much can be achieved by getting back to basics and doing the basics well.

Know your customer

First and foremost, even the most basic checks can avoid potential embarrassment later. Know your customer (KYC) should be the mantra of every director, every sales executive, and every individual in your credit team. How well do you know the company you are dealing with? What is their Company Registration Number? Do they even have one? What is their legal status? Are they a limited company? A Partnership? A PLC? LLP? All such information is important, not least to ensure you invoice the correct legal entity at the point your product/service has been delivered.

Using data from reputable credit reference agencies is always advised to supplement the information stored at Companies House.

This enables you to dig deeper and get beneath the company itself. It will help you determine the amount of credit you want to extend, especially since their success and survival may depend on the stability of their customers and other suppliers.

As well as published sources, there are also other tactics you can use to discover more about the company you keep. Looking through their social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook etc) and any comments around them can give you hints about their reputation and how they treat their supply chain. Traditional media coverage through google searches can also give you a better steer on their financial viability. Google Search can also show if the warehouse they say they own, even exists!

So how can bad debts be avoided, and payments accelerated? Much can be achieved by getting back to basics and doing the basics well.

Documented rules of engagement

Once a new customer is being onboarded, the terms and conditions you agree are absolutely critical. They should be documented with explicit payment terms.

The concept of ‘30 days’ – a particular favourite among politicians and the media for denoting best practice – can still mean different things to different people. Is that 30 days from date of invoice, receipt of invoice, or end of month, for example? This needs to be crystal clear or else 30 can so easily become 50 or more.

When you are invoicing, make sure you understand their payment and invoice approval process and whether, for example, a purchase order is required and what other specific information may be needed. Make sure the amount you are invoicing is also correct in terms of what has been agreed; even a penny difference can cause the payment process to grind to a halt!

Customer interaction

In terms of how you interact with your customers, build a strong relationship with key people in the company; they could be invaluable when you need to chase payment ahead of other suppliers. At your end, keep the ledger clean and have absolute clarity about what invoices are outstanding. Confusion is a great obstacle to payment and can easily be exploited by those who are seeking to delay paying what they owe.

Making contact in advance of the due date to ensure the invoice has been received and is correct will also reduce the likelihood of a payment subsequently being held in dispute. Keep large totals separate from smaller ones; there is nothing to be gained for having a £10,000 invoice comprising £9,800 for the product and £200 for the delivery held up because the delivery charge is being disputed.

Even if you have clear lines of communication with the customers, always follow up on the day the invoice is due; never wait and hope for the best. Hope is not a strategy and someone else will be being paid while you’re left waiting. To that end, never be afraid to escalate a late payment to your collections team and/or a third-party activity sooner rather than later. A customer that doesn’t pay you isn’t a customer worth having.

Seek advice early

Such advice should not come as a surprise, but in my 40 years in credit management, it still amazes me how businesses are quick to blame everyone else when they’ve ignored many of the fundamentals themselves.

Getting back to basics may not always be successful, but like winning the lottery, you first have to buy a ticket. And if despite all your best efforts, an insolvency may still be looming, talk to the experts at PKF Littlejohn Advisory. They might be able to help the business avoid failure and, if the worst happens, they can work with you for the best outcome from the unfolding insolvency process.

The advice in this article is derived from Philip King’s five-step model:

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kbb Birmingham Review – Top Exhibitors

The UK’s meeting place for the KBB industry

The UK’s largest dedicated kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms exhibition kbb Birmingham, returned from 3-6 March 2024.

Taking place at the NEC, kbb Birmingham featured over 230+ exhibiting brands from across 26 different categories, featuring the very latest innovations and cutting-edge designs. The biennial event welcomed an audience of over 15,000 visitors over the four days, attracting senior decision-makers from the residential, design, retail and contract sectors.

kbb Birmingham featured a wide range of Europe’s most established and prestigious KBB brands. Exhibitors included Electrolux, Aga Rangemaster, InSinkErator, Franke, Roca, Hanex, Nolte, Nobilia, Leicht, Harrison Bathrooms, Microvellum, Sachsenkuechen,

Bariperfil, Turkish Ceramics, Leda Bathrooms, Sonas Bathrooms, Creada, St James Collection, Tru Blu and many others. From kitchen furniture and bathroom accessories to components, surfaces and worktops, kbb Birmingham presented the very latest designs.

There were countless opportunities to network at kbb Birmingham. Visitors could meet key customers, engage with actively specifying clients, gain unparalleled exposure and generate valuable leads all under one roof, explore the latest design trends, see the newest launches, and enjoy live demonstrations and multiple learning opportunities throughout the duration of the event.

Better Stands is kbb Birmingham’s parent company Infoma’s landmark campaign to reduce the waste that stands at exhibitions

can create. The team is working with customers to phase out all disposable stands at EMEA events by 2024. Better Stands also shows how sustainable business can be better business too. Reusable structures not only reduce waste, but they can reduce the time it takes to construct and take down stands, reduce the cost of design and construction and allow for investment in higher quality and more successful stands. All kbb Birmingham exhibitors are encouraged to either reuse or recycle at the end of the show, to help create a more sustainable event.

March 2024 marked a decade of the kbb Birmingham Innovation Awards. Now in its tenth year, the Innovation Awards, in partnership with Blum, returned to highlight the most creative and ground-breaking solutions from brands in the sector. Areas of recognition included new methods and ideas or products that demonstrate innovation. The awards were open to all, with shortlisted entrants displayed on the show floor and winners announced at the event.

kbb will be back at Birmingham’s NEC from 1-4 March 2026. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from last year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Hidealoo, Kew Labs, R-TECH Materials & TruBlue. Further details can be found on this page and the next two.

Hidealoo’s foldaway toilet mechanism proves a hit

Hidealoo is in the running for a third industry award, as interest continues to grow worldwide for its unique foldaway toilet mechanism.

The patented Hidealoo frame is designed to support homeowners and developers to maximise the use of the space they have available. It can be used with any standard UK wall hung toilet and allows it to be moved through 90 degrees, meaning it can be hidden inside a cabinet, cupboard, or wall space when not in use.

As well as creating more flexible floor space, the frame provides an opportunity for additional toilets to be installed where adding a new bathroom may not otherwise be possible. For example, by allowing a

toilet to be fitted within a utility room cupboard, or in a cabinet underneath loft eaves.

Since launching in the UK in 2023, Hidealoo has seen interest soar amongst both trade and consumer customers. The frame can now be found in homes across the world including Singapore, Romania, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Ireland, and the USA.

Monty Ravenscroft, inventor and founder of Hidealoo, commented, “When people first come across Hidealoo they often have questions about how the system works. The answer is, we’ve spent many years engineering, perfecting and testing every element. From our robust, flexible waste pipe to the folding mechanism itself, which can take 400kg in weight and has been tested through 250,000 uses.”

He continued, “We know from speaking with industry that Hidealoo’s ability to open the door to

additional installations is really appealing. For example, we’re seeing the creation of multipurpose shower rooms and cloakrooms, extra facilities being added to loft spaces and within attic bedrooms, and the use of space in compact bathrooms being maximised.”

Hidealoo is a finalist in the category of ‘Best New KBB Product’ at the BKU awards. The shortlisting follows hot on the heels of Hidealoo picking up two other awards in recent months – a kbb Innovation ‘People’s Choice Award’, voted for by those in the trades, and a Top Design Award at the European Product Design Awards.

To find out more, email: contact@hidealoo. com or call +44 (0)1420 557564 or visit:

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Invisible wireless charging stations!

Kew Labs was one of our selected Top Exhibitors at kbb 2024 held at the NEC Birmingham from 3-6 March, showcasing its new UTS-2 hidden wireless charging products for nonmetallic surfaces (scheduled for a mid-2024 release).

Renowned as a market leader, the charger from Kew Labs is the only product with product approval status from eleven top countertop brands: Neolith, Laminam, Cosentino (Silestone, Dekton, Sensa) Cambria, Inalco, Coverlam, and Tristone. With an eye on future upgrades, it is the only charger of its type with built-in upgradable software.

Kew Labs is a consumer electronics brand based in Ohio and subsidiary of the Hana Microelectronics Group and precision-focused on wireless charging products and design services for the next generation.

the charger ‘mind-blowing’ and a game changer for invisible wireless charging, especially with limited desk space wining it’s ‘best Invisible wireless charger’ 3 years running from 2021 to 2024. The UTS-1 charging Qi compatible devices from iPhones, Androids to Air Pods.

The charging table/counter needs to be 8-12mm thick for optimised charging (too thin and the charger won’t turn on to prevent too much power to the phone) and thicker surfaces than 12mm like typical 2-3cm worktops would require a 100mm small pocket to be routed.

Following feedback from the kitchen and construction industry, Kew Labs have developed their 2nd generation UTS-2 charger, that is smaller and easier to install with the same market leading charging performance with a release scheduled for mid-2024.

Following a hugely successful debut at the 2024 kbb show, Business management and pricing solution, TruBlue will be demonstrating their software at the upcoming Installer show at the NEC, Birmingham from June 25th to 27th.

TruBlue is a Cloud-based solution that makes it really easy for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom businesses to price, quote & sell to their customers thanks to their database of more than 2.5 Million kbb products across more than 1,250 catalogues from over 550 of the best kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands.

useful tools to help businesses manage workloads more effectively and nurture their relationships with customers.

Managing Director, Leigh Martin, commented, “We are excited to be exhibiting at our maiden installer show and look forward to showing our product to the installer community.”

Being completely Cloud-based, TruBlue can be accessed anywhere, anytime by devices connected to the internet and is great for managing business on the go.

The company was awarded 2021 Honoree in the CES Innovation Awards and the first generation UTS-1 charger has received countless industry recommendations. Top publication WIRED branded

For more information for a project or to become a dealer, see below:

Invisible Wireless Charging

Having correct and contentrich pricing data available to quickly add to customer quotations, removes the main bottleneck when pricing jobs for customers.

The application also contains

The company will be showcasing a new version of the software specifically aimed at helping installers at the show along with a special show deal for attendees.

Contact T 01335 453115

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Top Exhibitors
kbb Birmingham Review – TRY NOW!

kbb Birmingham Review – Top Exhibitors

Materials testing and consultancy

Built upon the knowledge and experience of our growing team of material scientists and professional engineers, R-TECH Materials is a global provider of expertise in materials testing and consultancy. We exist to service our clients with the accurate information, quality service and indepth knowledge they need, to stay at the forefront of their industries; where materials matter most.

Materials in concrete structures –R-TECH Materials’ laboratory for testing rebar (reinforcing steel) and related products is recognised globally as one of the leading, specialist laboratories of its kind. Not only do we have the capability to test the full range of products, but our scope covers loads up to 1,500kN (beyond the breaking load of 50mm reinforcing bar).

Expert Witness – On some occasions, a materials issue can lead to injury, death or a significant financial loss. A claim or dispute of this nature requires an expert in the field to provide an independent opinion about the facts of a case for insurance claims and legal proceedings. Particular procedures must be followed to ensure that no evidence is damaged and all parties are given the opportunity to view the evidence. When

destructive testing is required, this will occur at an independent lab agreed by all parties.

Water Fittings Testing – The testing of water fittings is central to demonstrating that it satisfies the requirements of Regulation 4. R-TECH Materials are an BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory for a wide range of mechanical testing of water fittings. R-TECH work closely with

SPATEX Review – Top Exhibitors

2024 – the year that SPATEX went BIG!

MORE exhibitors, MORE innovations, MORE new products, MORE industry support, all added up to MANY MORE visitors to SPATEX 2024 (1,707 unique).

Celebrating its tenth anniversary at Coventry Building Society Arena, it is fitting that this milestone year drew a record number of visitors, with attendance figures almost 20% up on the previous year. The 28th edition of SPATEX was declared a resounding success.

Never have the aisles been so packed, and it was gratifying that many exhibitors remarked on the steady flow of visitors throughout the duration of the three day Show.

There was so much to see, with the 115 exhibiting companies filling their stands with new innovations and products.You could even spot the odd celebrity, with Olympian, Colin Jackson, on the SpaFlo stand, and Gladiator’s towering Giant gracing the Passion Spas stand.

As SPATEX’s main provider of education and training, the ISPE workshop programme always dovetails well with the exhibition’s showcase, and this year was no exception. A diverse number of topics made up the informative ISPE workshop programme in Arena 1 and, likewise, that of the seminar programme in Arena 2. The two seminar arenas recorded a total of 597 attendees.

SPATEX returns next year to Coventry Building Society Arena from 4-6 February 2025. This is our pick of the best exhibitors from this year’s event, listed here in alphabetical order: Recotherm. Further details can be found on this page.

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) to support their customers in demonstrating compliance with regulation 4.

Composite Materials – We have experience in working with all types of composite materials, from fibreglass to cutting edge graphene infused carbon fibre, or even metal matrix composites and our highly trained expert staff will give you the confidence you need to trust us with your testing and R&D projects. As a business we continually strive to improve every aspect of our composites testing capabilities each and every day, to ensure that we are able to deliver the testing that you need as quickly and accurately as possible.

Contact: Ben Capewell, Business Development Manager

T +44 (0)1656 748000

F +44 (0)1656 670130

Recotherm’s best year yet at SPATEX 2024

Attendees flocked to Recotherm’s stand at SPATEX 2024, making it our best year yet.

Pool contractors, consultants and end users were able to speak to us in person to see for themselves why Recotherm’s expertise and commitment to technological advancement in swimming pool ventilation is causing a buzz in the industry. With a proven track record in delivering reliable systems, Recotherm has earned a reputation for providing cutting-edge technology that ensures optimal conditions in indoor pool halls.

Recotherm’s unique Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) fed ‘boiler & buffer tank -free’, Aerum ventilation unit, was a hot topic reflecting the industry’s hunger for innovation. The design not only contributes to energy efficiency but also addresses environmental concerns, positioning the Aerum as a leader in sustainable solutions for indoor climate control.

Recotherm are set to mark a significant milestone in 2025, their 40th anniversary! They are already in discussions making exciting additions to the stand for SPATEX 2025 to celebrate and hope attendees with come and celebrate with us.

Recotherm stands poised to redefine the industry time and time again, shaping the future of a fresher pool hall atmosphere solutions for years to come.


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Building Services

M&E specialist Linaker announces growth of KFC partnership across UK & Ireland

The eight figure contract will cover a large multi-site portfolio of over 200 sites

Following a successful partnership with KFC’s equity business, which began in February 2022, Linaker announces an extension of this partnership with the increase of over 200 additional sites across the UK and Ireland. The new £15m per year, three-year+2 contract will include planned preventative maintenance and reactive call outs for KFC restaurants, drive-throughs and high street outlets, further enhanced by another £5m project management facility. Linaker will continue with its core ethos of self-delivering all building maintenance and fire safety across the portfolio to ensure KFC can continue to focus on providing its customers with the best experience, whether dining in or taking away.

Linaker has a people-first, technology driven approach and the growth of their partnership with KFC recognises the consistently high level of service that’s provided. It is this service, compliance and reactive response to KFC’s equity sites that has set a benchmark for the UK&I business.

Linaker will manage 18 carefully selected

key supply chain partners across all specialist delivery elements, which they will be expanding with the support of their industry-leading sub-contractor hub. The hub allows Linaker’s supply chain to work direct from Linaker’s systems in real time, ensuring enhanced accuracy, compliance and efficiency. Forming part of its pioneering technology-first approach, Linaker will extend this leading data-led method by implementing real-time budget management at an asset fault level, which will allow KFC to control site budgets from their own, bespoke order values from the very first moment of the call being placed via automated dynamic predictive job costs.

Charlene Willoughby at Yum! says, “Linaker has continued to deliver on its promise and commitment of second-to-none responsiveness and flexibility and we’re excited to extend and grow our business with them to maintain the highest level of service across our sites.”

Claire Curran, Managing Director at Linaker, says, “From day one, KFC has been a fantastic partner, where our cultural and business visions have aligned. The growth of the portfolio means a great deal to us and is an acknowledgement of the hard work and time invested in the partnership. We can’t wait to continue what we started and more.”

Denso Steelcoat™ Systems standing the test of time in Pipebridge revisits

On recent revisits to two Steelcoat 100/400 System applications in the Northeast of England, Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd. were proud to confirm that both applications were performing as expected, providing exemplary protection from corrosion over a decade since their installations.

The Steelcoat 100/400 System consists of Denso Hi-Tack™ Primer, Denso™ Profiling Mastic, Denso Hi-Tack™ Tape, Denso Ultraseal™ Tape and Denso Acrylic Topcoat and offers an excellent long-term coating solution for exposed steel and pipework – particularly in areas faced with damp conditions.

The system requires minimal surface preparation and is easy to apply, making it ideal

for use in remote or difficult to access areas where preventing contamination of the surrounding environment is of the utmost importance.

Winn & Coales pride themselves on the longevity and effectiveness offered by the complete and correct applications of their innovative products and systems.

The revisited Steelcoat™ systems – originally applied in 2008 and 2010 respectively – serve as demonstrable proof of their enviable track record of success and affirms their position as industry leaders.

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd are leading manufacturers and suppliers of corrosion prevention and sealing systems and celebrated 140 years of service to industry in 2023.

Contact T 020 8670 7511

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Two examples that attest to Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd’s commitment to provide long-lasting, effective solutions to their customers

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd

Service Sealing Solutions is the sole UK distributor for the sealing industry’s top pioneering manufacturers: DOYMA and HKD.

With over 50 years of experience, DOYMA compile both their knowledge and skill into their seal range, to create effective, but simple solutions to meet all watertight service sealing requirements. DOYMA products provide the highest level of safety when sealing buildings where pipes and electrical cables pass through.

DOYMA stands on the front line when it comes to the development of innovative, practical solutions for sealing and fire systems. Their goal is to create safe building penetrations for pipes and cables that seal off fire, gas and water. The rubber mouldings are what ensure the gas and watertight features.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd specialises in highquality service duct sealing systems for utility services and watertight seals, offering a high level of expertise to developers and specifiers for sealing against water and gas ingress around service entries in basements and high-rise buildings. For more information, please call

Here at Service Sealing Solutions, we supply HKD service seals throughout the whole of the UK. HKD, now owned by DOYMA, manufactures a wide range of pipe sealing systems and service conduits – which is forever growing. All seals in the range are guaranteed to withstand up to 4 bars of pressure! Also available in varying sizes and shapes for different access points.

HKD systems have a sealing solution for service conduits cast into concrete without the sleeves. HKD service conduits are supplied ready for use, requiring no site preparation work prior to installation. With options such as KE Socketless service conduits, KG Wall Ducts and Floor Ducts, together with KG Twin Sockets for installation in pump sumps and where suitability for thin-walled concrete structures is vital.

on 01952 510050 or visit or email
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Sealing Solutions

BFN is sponsored by Baldwin Boxall – see them on page 15 37 Mowing Systems Classifieds Joinery 01799 599995 Tree Consultancy Services TREE SURVEYS ADVANCED ASSESSMENTS PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE 01423 322371
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the ideal solution.
and offering
Contact: Graham Parry +44 (0)118 971 0000 We specialise in air quality, noise, vibration, lighting, flood risk environmental assessment, contaminated land and EIA Outstanding system solutions
Please visit 01992 452950 •
cleaning and facilities services across the UK 0161 972 3000
Service Sealing Solutions Ltd Service Sealing Solutions is the sole UK distributor for the sealing industry’s top pioneering manufacturers: DOYMA and HKD For more information, please call us on 01952 510050 or visit or email Please visit +31 (0)646753560 ‘Dedicated to offer the best mowing system for maintaining large area turfgrass’

Award-winning Maintenance Management Software

Meeting the maintenance management needs of every sector, including: Retail | Care Homes | Leisure Clubs | Race Courses | Charities | Pub Chains | Office Management | Logistics

Mainteno is a complete, cost-effective solution for task facilities management. Whether it’s managing planned maintenance or dealing with fault repairs, Mainteno simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of almost any organisation. Our award-winning CAFM software keeps everyone in the loop and archives all your communication and documentation in one place. For total control of your organisation’s assets, Mainteno also seamlessly incorporates asset management and tracking. Mainteno streamlines every aspect of the maintenance management process, saving your organisation time and money.

020 8798 3713 | |

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