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Davison Forklift

Sto Acoustic System helps restore Historic London Art Gallery

The acoustic performance of a major London landmark building was upgraded using the StoSilent Distance acoustic system.

Hayward Gallery at London’s Southbank Centre underwent a complete refurbishment, and the StoSilent Distance system helped create a new and dramatically improved acoustic environment for this world-renowned art gallery.

The two-year refurbishment project for this impressive example of 1960s Brutalist architecture included a total redesign of the existing roof structure. The 66 pyramid-shaped skylights, which originally featured on the building had become damaged over time, while internally, a series of impractical soundabsorbing baffles and a translucent suspended ceiling had been used below them.

The aim was to remove the suspended ceiling, reclaim the original height of the gallery spaces, and allow more natural light to enter. The pyramid roof lights were reconstructed using modern materials, and this meant that reliable acoustic treatment needed to be fitted into the coffer spaces below them in order to create the required acoustic environment.

A gallery such as the Hayward demands a calm and quiet environment where visitors can enjoy the exhibits. Parts of the interior spaces retain their original concrete surfaces, and there are other acoustically hard, reflective surfaces present, so improving speech clarity and lessening impact from foot traffic had to be achieved.

Unlike conventional acoustic treatments, which use exposed grid and tile systems and offer limited design possibilities, the StoSilent Distance solution allows the creation of modern, clean, monolithic and seamless solutions, and can accommodate unusual design features such as the gallery ceiling and its pyramid-shaped skylights.

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Builders merchant enters tool hire with dedicated offering in branch

Following substantial investment, Parker Building Supplies and Chandlers Building Supplies is launching its own in branch tool hire service.

The first branches to offer tool hire will be Petworth in October. This will be followed by Godstone, and then Eastbourne in late October. In total there will at least six branches within the Parkers, Fairalls and Chandlers network offering tool hire by the end of the year.

Simon Gibbons (pictured), who previously in his career managed multiple sites for National Hire businesses such as A-Plant, Travis Perkins and Grafton Group, will lead the new tool hire service at Parkers, Fairalls and Chandlers.

The new tool hire offering, integrated within the merchants' branches, will have two dedicated hire staff at each location. Specialist workshops and compounds have been constructed at each location, along with washdown stations and a new computer system. New staff recruitment is in full swing and equipment sourced for all branches.

Chandlers, Parker Building Supplies and Fairalls, plus Stamco Timber are part of the Independent Builders Merchant Group (IBMG) boasting 39 branches in the south east of England and the Midlands.


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Credit: Morley Von Sternberg

Helping to make hospitals safe

Diamik Glass the alternative and sustainable luxury surface

Diamik Glass have created two environmentally friendly products Ecorok® and Decorok® both products are made from recycling waste glass. Both are durable, strong, beautiful and have commendable environmental credentials. Years of development and trials have resulted in two products that offer a creditable alternative to imported, mined products.

Ecorok® is perfect as worktops for kitchens,

bathrooms and utility rooms. Made from a minimum of 85% recycled glass and the remainder a mixture of resin and pigment which makes them non-porous, scratch resistant, smooth to the touch and beautiful to the eye. As Ecorok® is non-porous it makes it highly resilient to stains and marks. Cleaning for the eco-warriors amongst us can be as simple as mild soapy water, but if you need to give it a deep clean, you can use scouring pads and bleach sprays without damaging the surface.

Decorok is made using 100% glass and as the name suggests is targeted as a more decorative material. Its translucent appearance featuring crushed glass design provides that something special in

key environments. Just like Ecorok™ Decorok™ can be fully recycled at the end of its life to produce new surfaces with no waste.

Diamik harvests only local glass destined for landfill, then processes this waste, using craftsmanship into perfect sheet sizes for every customer. This is supported using modern technology to create these two innovative and versatile products.

T 0113 249 7001

We are told that proper ventilation is paramount in helping to ensure sure airborne viral loads are properly extracted and mitigating COVID-19 risks. Air Vent Technology is proud of its many years’ experience in supplying ventilation units to the healthcare sector. AHUs with or without heat recovery can be manufactured to full HTM requirements for critical areas (operating theatres and isolation wards, and more general ventilation to non-critical areas). AVT have designed and manufactured a heat recovery unit to ventilate a new hospital isolation unit within a four-week turnaround period – from enquiry, design, quotation, production and delivery. The custombuilt unit complied with HTMO3-01 requirements for ventilation of healthcare premises. This fully weatherproof heat recovery unit for external siting is energy efficient, with fitted door guards and a metal heat exchanger with up to 75% thermal efficiency. It has metal framed filters, and treated coils to comply with HTM requirements. There is easy access for cleaning and maintenance, with lights and viewports to all major components. AVT can prioritise healthcare ventilation projects for the quickest possible equipment lead times to site. Solutions can be tailored to meet specifications and site requirements, and AVT’s Site Engineering Services offer a full installation package.

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Blocksil: Coating Innovations

As a coatings innovator, Blocksil is renowned for designing and suppling solutions to reduce building maintenance time and costs as well as improve efficiency.

Our new Thermal Window Coating is the latest in the facilities maintenance range of coatings from Blocksil. It is a transparent nano coating designed to provide long-lasting thermal protection on glass. It is perfect for the support of indoor environmental controls, giving enhanced comfort for users of offices, hospitals, schools and homes. Indeed, any commercial or residential building with windows will benefit. The coating can be applied to both new and already installed windows.

This innovative coating reduces UV transmission by up to 99% and by 90% for infrared, thereby reducing the inside temperature by nearly 13oC. The Thermal Window Coating allows over 70% of visible light through, is non-toxic and odourless.

Other benefits to this coating are:

▲ Straightforward to apply

▲ One coat

▲ Hard wearing

▲ High coverage per litre

▲ Potential 15-year lifespan

▲ Reduces heat transmission into the room during hot weather

▲ Reduces heat loss from room during cold weather

▲ Application training available.

The Thermal Window Coating from Blocksil is available for order placement now.

Guy Williams, Managing Director

T +44 (0)1543 887840

M +44 (0)7944 521667

Blocksil Limited, Cathedral House, 5 Beacon Street, Lichfield WS13 7AA

Mainteno is a complete, cost-effective solution for task facilities management.

Whether it’s managing planned maintenance or dealing with fault repairs, Mainteno simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of almost any organisation.

Our award-winning software keeps everyone in the loop and archives all your communication and documentation in one place. For total control of your organisation’s assets, Mainteno also seamlessly incorporates asset management and tracking.

Mainteno streamlines every aspect of the maintenance management process, saving your organisation time and money.

Usability made affordable

Mainteno was designed with practicality in mind. The interface is so intuitive that basic operation can be learned in minutes, and you can be a power user in one afternoon. Elegant usability usually means a hefty price tag – so our customers are often surprised to learn just how affordable Mainteno is.

No set-up fees, no lengthy contracts. Mainteno adapts to any organisation’s maintenance needs.

Quality Fixing Supplies Ltd

Unit 26, Wyndham Street, Argyle Street Industrial Estate, Hull HU3 1HD

We are proud to announce that we have become the UK distributor of the DynaPlus screw range.

Quality Fixing Supplies Ltd was formed in 1999 and quickly built up a reputation for supplying quality products at the right price – a one stop shop for the essential products that trade professionals rely on every day.

The company has grown by giving customers flexibility, offering:

1. Bin stock systems

2. Consignment stock

3. Packing in kit form

4. Cutting facilities

5. Specials manufactured to drawings

6. A nationwide delivery service (usually next day delivery)

The best screw for outside –in 2006 DynaPlus launched the universal screw with an anti-rusting coating C4 as an alternative for stainless steel A2. DynaPlus outdoor screws are made of hardened carbon steel and are therefore twice as strong as stainless steel screws.

The DynaPlus AR-coating has an excellent corrosion resistance and meets the highest standard for corrosion resistance: C4.

For an up to date catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us on 01482 210635 or email: or check out our website at:

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning News

Trianco’s Electric Heating Range: Its the future!

With the increasing desire to combat climate change, the UK is moving to electric energy to heat homes and businesses. Trianco has evolved the electric Aztec range to support this change and meet increasing demand.

Aztec electric boilers have powered thousands of homes over the years and remain one of the most popular ranges available in the Trianco portfolio of heating products.

Designed with precision and engineered to perfection, the Aztec range is produced to a superb standard. Electric is already the preferred choice for many households that have no mains gas supply or are seeking an alternative to fossil fuels.

In the UK, there are over 4m households without access to main gas; over 2m households already use electricity for heating. As the electricity grid becomes greener with increased use of renewable, it is inevitable that electric heating will become the cleanest heat source, enabling the move towards zero carbon.

Trianco’s Electric Heating Range includes:

▲ Aztec Mini Combi: Ideal for apartments with showers

▲ Aztec Maxi Combi: For small properties with baths

▲ Aztec Mini System, Aztec Classic/Classis Plus

Heat Only: Suitable for all properties

▲ Aztec Instant Water Heater

▲ Aztec Instant Hot Water Tap.

T +44 (0)114 257 2300

The small tool with the big attraction

Fridgenius is a family run business and has a network of national and international distributors, which supply the Solenoid

Valve Operating Magnets that are suitable for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, water, oil and gas installations.

The Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet was designed to solve the problem of operating solenoid valves when a system is without power. Its small and easy to use application is shaped similar to a cotton reel and when placed onto a solenoid valve (with coil removed), causes the armature to open and close.

When can it be used?

The Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet can be used to operate valves in a plant or system, which has yet to be wired-up or has been decommissioned. Alternatively, it can be used when recovering refrigerant from a plant, which has already been decommissioned and power removed. In emergencies, such as the failure of a solenoid valve coil, it can be used to keep a system operating while a replacement coil is found.

Described as a ‘superb product’ by fellow engineers in the industry, Fridgenius has many success stories and testimonials singing praise of its product. The Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet is available in three sizes, 10mm, 15mm and 18mm and can be customised to a colour of your choice and with company logo printing available.

For more information, see below:

T +44 (0)2380 323745

Panasonic’s new Smart Multi-site Control Solution provides advanced HVAC control and management

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced the new Smart Multi-site Control Solution, a twofold, enterprisewide energy management platform for corporate HVAC installations. This smart solution offers a dual approach: AC Smart Cloud is designed to be used by business owners and facilities or energy managers for remote control, reporting and scheduling, while the AC Service Cloud is an ideal solution for HVAC professionals requiring remote access to a system for maintenance and

monitoring purposes. Easy to install and with a simple, user-friendly interface, the Smart Multi-site Control Solution is ideal for organisations wanting instant and comprehensive data of building or campus-wide (or even a global overview) HVAC systems.

The Smart Multi-site Control Solution allows users complete control of all installations –wherever they are. With a simple click, authorised users can access all Panasonic heating and cooling

units from several locations, and receive status updates in real-time, preventing costly breakdowns, optimising energy use and reducing expenses. The AC Smart Cloud and AC Service Cloud work uniquely to the location and offer a scalable solution as users can add more sites and customise access levels of team members.

To find out more, please visit:

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Dutypoint launches new revolutionary products

Set up to provide a range of high-quality pumping systems, Dutypoint is an innovative manufacturer of fluid systems, including premium quality water pressure boosters sets, innovative combined pump and tank systems, pressurisation units, electromagnetic water conditioners, packaged plant rooms, as well as numerous associated products.

Based and manufactured in Gloucester, it also has regional sales offices in London and The Midlands. Its systems derive from a wealth of knowledge and expertise that have been built up through its many years of establishment within the industry. The impressive business model enables the company to offer products with the best possible components at reasonable prices.

In 2006, Dutypoint became the first manufacturer to achieve WRAS approval of a booster set, consequently, the company has continuously offered innovative new products to its clients. In recent news, the company has designed a range of new, innovative products including combined tank and pump systems, packaged plant rooms, wastewater packages and other related products.

In 2014, the Elmbridge Pump Company was rebranded to come over the Dutypoint banner. The Dutypoint Pumps division contributes to an integral part of the company’s overall vision in becoming the UK’s leading supplier of pumps to the trade. It offers a first-class service, a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to being at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Dutypoint has a well-trained team that excels in longterm relationships, technical know-how and a passionate care to all customers, big or small. Dutypoint houses a fabrication facility, which enables them to offer a bespoke pipework solution that helps companies save time whilst on-site when installing pumps.

Furthermore, Dutypoint offers a service, support and commissioning service, and through its team of competent, qualified engineers, it is able to commission a wide range of equipment, that goes beyond that within the Dutypoint portfolio. The service embeds the ethos of the company, as its main aim is to provide the necessary solutions to customer problems.

One integral product in Dutypoint’s portfolio is a combination of innovation and expert knowledge. The original ScubaTANK® is an all-in-one tank and booster set that delivers maximum results with minimum hassle. The original ScubaTANK® is designed to consistently deliver optimum water pressure throughout any size of property. The WRAS approval ensures the system is designed to safely handle potable water in a property and is suitable for the intended job.

Designed to give the client complete reassurance their delivering safe water to homeowners, the original ScubaTANK® system fits in the smallest of places. It is designed with a complete energyefficient solution, the original ScubaTANK® variable speed device cuts energy use, saves the user money whilst its high-quality build means it has a long service life with minimal maintenance.

A further product development from Dutypoint is the Slimline VS Ultra-Compact Cold Water booster set which is the next-generation, ultra-compact and high-performance commercial and industrial cold water booster set. It is designed in answer to the ever-increasing pressure on plant room space in new developments and to be simple to maintain over its lifespan. Just some of The Slimline VS features are its anti-seize, WRAS approved variable speed stainless steel submersible pumps, integral anti-vibration, full colour touchscreen HMI controller, individual isolation valves and draindown valves, and HiRISE. The Slimline VS comes fully tested and is set up prior to delivery.

With a duty to improve pump stations, Dutypoint has created the new Quickform™, which is an underground packaged pump station that is quicker, smarter, and the most efficient pump station on the market.

The Quickform™ method has a number of advantages over traditional processes. There is a fixed concrete cost, therefore requiring up to 50% less concrete, labour hours are cut by 35% which reduces the overall installation time. The Quickform™ is ideal for extra-deep applications, which historically haven’t been feasible to achieve with prefabricated chambers.

Dutypoint also have a wide range of booster set products as well as an extensive wastewater portfolio, supplying products and services to water and industrial companies. Perfect for consultants, contractors, partners, and MNE projects, Dutypoint supply to a vast range of sectors and industry workers from plumbers to high-end contractors.

In the future, the company is keen to grow its product portfolio, whilst increasing market share. As new markets are opening up and legislations changing within those new markets, Dutypoint has adapted its products to the requirements and legislation changes in order to reach more smaller businesses. Furthermore, the company is working hard to become carbon neutral as it recognises its responsibility to the environment. Holding a holding a number of accreditations to its name, Dutypoint holds ISO14001 accreditation for environment, ISO9001 for quality, and Constructionline Gold for on-site health and safety.

Throughout COVID-19, Dutypoint was called upon to solve some of the NHS’ imminent needs, Duncan Lewis, Head of Sales explains, “We have been able to help the NHS in satisfying water supply needs for some of the nightingale hospitals with our bespoke packaged pumps.”

Dutypoint continue to impress and amaze its customers, receiving stark reviews such as ‘Excellent Service’ and ‘Excellent knowledge of product,’ Dutypoint ticks all the right boxes. Its future is bright as it works towards some exemplary goals which will propel its brand name and global presence further.

If you would like more information, see below:

T 0808 239 4300

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50 years of expertise

Adveco Ltd is an industry leading company, which was established in October 1971.

Renowned as specialists in commercial hot water, heating and low carbon applications, the company develops, manufactures and supplies technologies, applications and systems.

“We work with consultants, specifiers and designers, providing informed support and partnership through our application engineering team to design and deliver systems optimised to be highly efficient and cost-effective. For contractors we offer a single, versatile, specialist sales resource that ensures delivery of the most cost-effective system. Facility and energy managers are supported through product remote monitoring, technical support, warranty and maintenance service to ensure system longevity and help realise low total cost of ownership.” stated Greg Brushett, UK Sales Manager.

Adveco provides a full range of commercial gas and

electric water heaters, boilers, and solar thermal systems, versatile buffers, thermal storage, heat recovery and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP).

The Adveco FPi32 is a range of compact monobloc design 6, 9 & 12kW air to water heat pumps providing hot water at 55°C, or higher in hybrid systems. The FPi32 range leverages R32 refrigerant to enhance yearround efficiency (COP as high as 5.23) while reducing the global warming potential (GWP), thereby lowing environmental impact.

“The use of R32 refrigerant has major implications in terms of taking us toward responsible, sustainable systems that deliver business-critical hot water without harming the environment.” explained Greg.

Designed and built offsite and delivered ready for rapid installation when space is at a premium, the Adveco Packaged e32-Hot Water System provides a pre-sized, resilient, environmentally friendly, low carbon hot water system that utilises the FPi32-9 ASHP to help offset up to 70% of the energy requirements. This compact weatherproof GRP structure provides a complete all-electric hot water plant room, which demonstrates a 47% reduction in energy demands and CO2 emissions for the same output of 500,000 litres of hot water each year when compared with a similar direct electric-only system.

Placing the utmost importance on customer satisfaction, the company not only supplies its range of off the shelf products, Adveco specialises in providing a bespoke solution for its customers. Providing a tailored, individually designed solution ensures that each

application/system is correctly sized to make optimal product recommendations, and then supplied with manufacturer grade after-sales support.

“We choose or design products to be as highly efficient as possible, reducing operational costs and cutting or completely removing harmful CO and NoX emissions. Both are a critical requirement for organisations, CO especially as they strive to introduce greater sustainability on the route to achieving net-zero.” mentioned Greg.

In terms of recent developments, Adveco is releasing a new range of stainless-steel high-pressure indirect water heaters and storage tanks for applications in UK soft water areas; the Adveco ATSI, ATST, ATSH, ATSR and ATSB ranges. These vessels are available up to 1,000L and are all rated to 10 bar as standard.

As the company looks to the future and celebrates its 50th anniversary, Adveco maintains a fiercely independent approach, which is enabling the company to further extend its portfolio of select, high-quality products to better address the changing needs of a nation set on a path to Net Zero by 2050. Greg added, “Unifying the business under the singular Adveco brand we are better positioned to bring together a greater choice of quality product, all backed by real-world experience and engineering excellence.”

For more information, please see below:

T +44 (0)1252 551540

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning News
Greg Brushett, UK Sales Manager, Adveco

Smooth sailing for adventure parc hotel construction project

Set on the edge of an inland surfing lagoon, the new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Snowdonia expects to welcome thousands of guests every year. Guest safety and security is of paramount importance to ensure a high-quality experience. The 106-bedroom hotel sought door furniture that would meet rigorous fire protection and accessibility standards, and match the door specification used throughout the chain’s hotels in the UK.

Having worked with main contractor HH Smith & Sons on previous projects, HB Architects was appointed to assist with completing the detail design award under the Design and Build contract.

David Coles, an architect at HB Architects, said, “We were brought in because we have a wealth of hotel experience.

Hilton provided its Garden Inn development brief and our job was to ensure technical design compliance with the approved planning and contractor proposals, as well as assist with coordination of the various subcontractor packages. It’s

been an interesting project; the whole team managed to get the project done during the COVID pandemic, which was a challenge for all especially during the first lockdown.”

HH Smith also appointed MKM Building Supplies who then worked with Pendle Doors to supply the internal doors. No ironmongery schedule had been agreed, so Pendle Doors turned to HOPPE (UK) to provide the door hardware.

“We were delighted to be asked to be part of this prestigious project supplying all the doors for the Hilton Garden Inn Snowdonia,” said Ian Hartley, director at Pendle Doors. “We had a door schedule, but not one for ironmongery so I contacted HOPPE (UK) as I knew I could trust them to draw up a schedule and give us specialist technical support. Ensuring we are supplying compliant door hardware is critical, especially for fire doors, so it’s always good to have an expert on board.”

As a Registered Architectural Ironmonger, Donna Davison, business development manager for HOPPE (UK), knew exactly what was needed for the hotel. Pendle Doors introduced Donna to HB Architects and HH Smith to obtain the specification and establish which products were needed.

“Projects like this are very interesting. Even though it is only a small part of the build, architectural ironmongery plays a huge role in the final design,” explains Donna. “First and foremost, all hardware must meet accessibility and fire safety requirements but we must balance the practicality of the hardware with achieving the clients vision for the overall look and feel of the building.”

Pendle Doors manufactured all internal veneered, paint-grade and laminate faced doorsets for the project; NFR, FD30, FD60 and

FD90, including high acoustic rated bedroom entrance doors.

For aesthetic reasons, the HOPPE (UK) hardware needed to match the access control hardware that had already been chosen for the bedroom doors. HOPPE (UK) supplied the remaining fire door hardware for the bedroom entrance doors including AR8182 hinges, AR1500 door closers, both in stainless steel, and intumescent seals. To help the doors withstand the usage typically associated with this type of building, HOPPE (UK) also specified push and kick plates to protect the doors.

For the other doors throughout the building, Donna recommended HOPPE (UK)’s grade 316 stainless steel Marseille door handle set on a circular rose to coordinate with the bedroom door handles. This was agreed by HB Architects and HOPPE (UK) delivered the hardware straight to site for fitting in May 2020.

In May 2021, after several years of planning and a 14-month build, the hotel opened its doors to guests.

T 01902 484400

Profab Access rises to the top at Aungier Street Student accommodation

Situated in the heart of Dublin just a short walk or cycle from Trinity College, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and University College Dublin, Scape Aungier Street is a new state-ofthe-art student accommodation complex.

Offering a diverse range of high quality accommodation options, from en suite rooms in shared apartments, through to large and premium studios, the latest Scape development features communal study spaces, open plan kitchens and gym areas to offer students all of the amenities they require.

As part of the construction process, which was managed by John Paul Construction, 226 Profab Access 4000 Series Riser Doors were specified for installation by AE Doors throughout every part of the building, including the communal areas and individual bedrooms.

The 4000 Series Riser Doors offer the highest standards of fire safety, supplied with comprehensive CERTIFIRE bi-directional certification from third party accredited testing, Warrington Fire to ensure legal compliance.

This means the riser doors are fire tested from both sides to two hours, providing the specifiers, contractors and ultimately the students residing within the building with confidence the critical fire integrity products offer the highest standard and most up to date evidence for fire safety performance.

The steel riser doors feature a slimline construction that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality, offering aesthetics without compromise. Providing clean and concealed access to the riser shafts, the unobtrusive doors were specified with a central key cylinder lock and hinges on one side.

This significantly streamlined the installation process for the team at AE Doors and

reduced the risk of damage to the doors upon installation, particularly in the student bedrooms and bathrooms where access was restricted.

In the event of a fire, the doors will maintain their frame and integrity for up to two hours, preventing the spread of fire throughout the property for this period of time.

The riser doors are 35dB acoustic rated, smoke sealed and airtight to Part L, whilst featuring intumescent smoke seals that enable occupants to safely exit the building. By specifying the CERTIFIRE bi-directionally fire tested 4000 Series Riser Doors, the development is actively future proofed as the comprehensive testing certification provides a complete and transparent audit trail of due diligence that evidences the products are not only fit for purpose, but meet the duty of care required to ensure legal compliance.

The 4000 Series Riser Doors were supplied

with a high quality powder-coated matt surface, which were finished on-site in a range of bold colours to reflect the contemporary interior design scheme.

Profab Access’ diverse portfolio of riser doors and access panels are supported by a wide range of BIM Level 2 and CAD files to aid the specification process and streamline the initial design stages.

Manufactured at Profab Access’ Atherstone headquarters in accordance with ISO 9001, the 4000 Series Riser Doors can be specified and installed in a range of configurations to meet each project’s specific measurements and requirements.

Contact T +44 (0)1827 718222

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Photo credits: Pendle Doors

Construction dust

Regular inhalation, of even small quantities of construction dust, can damage the lungs and respiratory airways over the course of time.

Some diseases can develop quite quickly, but in many cases, it can take 10 to 30 years before symptoms become apparent.

What is construction dust?

Construction dust is a broad term, there are many different types of dust one may be exposed to in a construction environment.

Silica dust arises during work with materials containing silica, such as concrete, mortar and sandstone.

Wood dust arises during work with softwood, hardwood and wood-based materials such as MDF and plywood.

Other types of dust arise during work with plaster, glass wool, mineral wool, marble, etc.

Health risks:

Lung damage such as silicosis, lung cancer, asthma, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and includes diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Respiratory protection

When all other measures have been taken to reduce dangerous exposure levels, respiratory protection equipment is the last means of preventing hazardous air contamination entering the body, via the airways.

Facial hair, such as beards, moustaches, and sideburns, reduce effective seals on tight-fitting respirators, and create a need for Powered Air Respiratory Protection to ensure adequate levels of contaminant reduction.

For expert support on your respiratory needs, contact Sundstrom Safety UK at: or contact: 0330 808 8935.

LOR129: The importance of fire doors and inspections

A fire door is an engineered safety device that is a crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building. A fire door acts just as any other door in normal service, in a fire it takes on a critical role – to save lives and protect property. It does this by holding back the spread of fire and smoke through a building for a designated period, giving time for building occupants to escape.

A fire door is not just the door leaf. It is a complete assembly comprising: the door leaf and frame, any glazing, intumescent fire and smoke seals; along with ironmongery that is used on the door, such as hinges, overhead door closers, latches and locks. Fire doors can easily become damaged when they are in regular use; which may affect their performance in the unfortunate event of a fire. And

just like other life safety devices, such as fire extinguishers and alarms, fire doors and final escape doors need regular, stringent inspection, maintenance or replacement to ensure that they will perform as intended in the event of a fire.

In 2006, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in England and Wales; transferring the responsibility for Fire Safety from the fire authorities to whoever has day-to-day control of building premises –this is known as the ‘Responsible Person.’ This person must take steps to reduce the risk from fire; consider how to contain a fire should one break out and ensure people can escape safely.

T 01626 834252

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Starting your business safely, every day

In this issue of Building and Facilities News, we have selected StartSafe Technologies as our Health and Safety Technology Company of the Month. StartSafe is one of the most advanced, comprehensive and user-friendly active management systems available, providing real-time oversight of a company’s safety process and procedures. Combining years of health and safety expertise from skilled programming professionals, the team behind StartSafe understand the challenges of meeting health and safety requirements across many environments and have the technical expertise to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Established by Adam Breathwick and Michael Brady, the idea of StartSafe was planted 10 years ago and came into fruition over the past 18 months. Combined, both Adam and Michael have over 35 years extensive product development knowledge and health and safety experience working in airports across the world. StartSafe is situated in Billericay, Essex, has a sales office in Hereford, but works with companies all over the UK and the world, helping businesses understand the need for end user focused products.

Through their research, Adam noticed the increased demand to transform standardised health and safety procedures, that are usually done on paper, into a digital platform. StartSafe was launched as a management system app that has been extensively trialled for the past eighteen months and is ready to be released in September 2021.

Essentially, StartSafe provides a solution using simple templates, checks and alerts to allow real-time reporting on any vehicle, equipment, building or product quality control. StartSafe is a purely digital platform available via a downloadable app that helps companies keep up to date with the current processes and procedures necessary to be health and safety compliant. “The app is an all-in-one system, that transforms mundane, laborious tasks to the enjoyable. The app has endless uses including features such as a dynamic template builder, the ability to define assets and create automated actions right through to a comprehensive reporting suite.” stated Adam, Director.

With pen and paper, vital information can fall through the cracks and go unnoticed, leading to a health and safety audit failure. StartSafe has created a system to make all checking, inspecting and reporting transparent and auditable on one platform. StartSafe has the versatility to cater to any company, in any sector. Taking an individualistic approach, with a level of flexibility, the app can

be personalised by the client’s requirements. The app allows the client to create templates and assets from which they can inspect, report and analyse all areas of their health and safety procedures.

Always looking to develop the system, StartSafe will continue to add new features as the app grows with technology. Post COVID-19 has seen more employees working remotely, the app allows companies to carry out health and safety compliance checks on all employee’s homeworking environments to ensure employee welfare.

Providing real-time reporting and efficient management of repairs and maintenance of assets, its simple and user-friendly interface will be revolutionary to any business looking to take its processes and procedures into the digital realm.

“We’re currently offering a free on-boarding service to all new clients which will give them a dedicated account manager to work with them oneon-one to build the system to their exact requirements.” stated Adam. For more information, see below:

T 0330 223 6260

Fire Safety, Health & Safety & Security News

Kleen-Tex unveils new and improved Super-Mat range

Kleen-Tex, one of the world’s leading floor mat manufacturers, has extended its commitment to continuous product innovation and development with the re-introduction of its popular Super-Mat offering.

Delivering unrivalled performance for busy entrances that experience heavy foot traffic, including reception areas, corridors and showrooms, Super-Mat offers impressive durability, whilst also featuring a stable border to eliminate any potential trip hazards.

As maintaining a positive first impression for these types of applications is crucial, Super-Mat features a durable twist pile construction, which is solution dyed to maintain a superior appearance for extended durations and is supplied with an 11-year guarantee against significant colour loss.

Featuring 100% Econyl fibres, a regenerated nylon textile composed of man-made ocean and landfill waste, including abandoned fish nets, Super-Mat provides a more sustainable matting option, without compromising on durability or longevity.

For further information about Kleen-Tex’s new and improved Super-Mat range, please visit: or call: 01204 705070.

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Health & Safety Technology Company of the Month

Doors, Windows & Joinery

Does your door hold a dirty secret?

The need for deep cleaning to combat disease has never been more pertinent, especially within health and care sectors where efforts to limit contagion have been stepped-up to minimise contamination through contact.

This includes doors – entrances to wards, operating theatres, laboratories, emergency rooms and other public areas.

Naturally, there will be a focus on minimising contact transmission by cleaning handles, fingerplates and other door architecture that has frequent use, but what

Nationwide Louvre Company

Nationwide Louvre Company for high quality aluminium Louvres, Louvred Doors, Louvred Plant Screens, Acoustic louvres, Aluminium & Timber Brise

Soleil/Solar Shading

manufactured in our factories in Aldridge in the West Midlands. Nationwide Louvre Company offers a full supply and installation service to its customers throughout the UK and has carried out a number of projects in the channel isles and Europe.

The business has over 40 years of experience in supplying and installing high quality products on residential, commercial and construction projects. Nationwide Louvre Company uses in-house highly trained installation engineers with many years’ experience and specialises in louvred plant screening and Brise Soleil with a number of our projects having been recently submitted for design awards. Our Brise Soleil projects are backed up with computer simulation software to assess the effectiveness of our products in reducing the effects of solar gain on buildings.

Brise Soleil not only enhances the appearance of a building but if designed correctly will provide a much better living or working environment for the building’s occupants, with the added benefit of reducing glare to help with computer work and will reduce the running costs of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning.

T 01922 457204

about those all-important fingerguards and drop seals? All door parts have a propensity to trap dirt or germs but can they take the impact of rigorous cleaning and remain effective?

Strand Hardware is the exclusive UK distributor for Athmer finger protection, which has undertaken rigorous testing of its products using a range of cleaning agents.

The products were extensively tested using with the most common cleaning agents and disinfectants from the RKI/VAH list. They were examined for possible

Facilities & Estate Management News

Turn your space into an oasis

Just Artificial is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial plants, trees, silk flowers and related accessories. Having supplied major companies such as the BBC, Tesco and Volkswagen, Just Artificial is setting standards across the market.

Just Artificial (est. 2004) has everything you need to make your space unique.

The Artificial Plants are highly realistic, durable and designed with meticulous care and attention. They have products suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, Just Artificial’s plants are the perfect way to complement any house, home office or business, and are available at highly competitive prices with many multi-buy offers in their webstore.

With a range that is constantly growing, Just Artificial makes sure it stays up to date with the latest trends while still addressing traditional needs. Just Artificial can also provide bespoke builds manufactured to your specifications, and offers Fire Retardant and UV Resistant options to guarantee durability.

The company provides UK, international and worldwide delivery with no minimum order quantity, and there are also discounts available for bulk orders For more information and to view Just Artificial’s extensive range, head to their easy to use website or get in touch using the contact details below.

T 01524 858888

reactions and resistance to:

▲ Bacillol AF

▲ Incidin +

▲ Trichlorol

▲ Optisept

▲ Milk of lime

▲ Terralin

▲ Helipur.

The tests found little or no reaction to the 100% pure solutions, with only slight discolouration of fabric due to deposits caused by evaporation of the cleaning

products. No negative impact was caused to the durability or function of the components.

Finger protection is a vital safety measure in public buildings, particularly those where children or vulnerable people are present. A closing door will exert a massive amount of pressure on fingers or hands trapped in the hinge gap and can cause injury.

Contact T +44 (0)1922 639111

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Retail security dilemmas solved with ShopShield

This summer, countless retail, hospitality and entertainment properties across the whole country are standing closed and forlorn as a consequence of lockdown destroying their business one way or another. And, no matter what it says in their lease, tenants who have run out of the wherewithal to pay rent, arrears and monthly outgoings, won’t worry about security for their abandoned premises. The responsibility, therefore, inevitably falls back on the sometimes-beleaguered landlord who has his own finance issues to deal

with. Unfortunately, these empty units are like an open invitation to thieves, vandals, arsonists or squatters, even fly-tippers if there is an inviting forecourt to dump on. Landlords can well live without all this in terms of time and further cost.

Commercial security specialists, Clearway, have stepped into the breach with exactly what’s needed to stop both criminals and mindless vandals: ShopShield One, a fixed-price, retail security solution that is simple, affordable and

ticks all the necessary boxes to keep the premises safe and secure until new tenants can move in.

Like an easy to understand and buy, one-stop-shop solution, ShopShield One will cover replacement locks, a temporary letterbox seal, Key safe and flammable waste removal. A comprehensive risk assessment is also carried out to highlight any other issues, for which a set of bolt-on services is available to provide additional security measures tailored to the individual needs of your premises.

T 01322 479652

ABM extends partnership with Cignpost express test

The Right Gate for your Castle

We install bespoke wooden and wrought iron gates, gate automation, entry control kits, fences, bespoke wrought iron railings and barriers to the highest standard as well as CCTV. We also add automation to your existing gate.

We service all gate automation, whether or not we installed it. We can also give your existing metal gate a facelift.

We repair gate automation systems whether or not we installed them. Our call-out rates are highly competitive.

In short, we do:

• Bespoke wrought iron metal gates and railings

• Wooden gates

• Automation of new and existing gates

• Access control

• Servicing all makes of automation

• Full bespoke service including piers and groundworks.

For a no obligation consultation, please call 01442 253341


ABM, one of the UK’s leading providers of aviation services, has been chosen by Cignpost ExpressTest to fulfil the resourcing needs at COVID-19 testing sites at Heathrow, Gatwick and Edinburgh airports, and retail sites across the UK.

The working partnership comes after ABM utilised the flexible staffing expertise of its Blackjack Promotions business earlier this year to provide an agile manpower resource to help at testing sites. ABM will continue its support with Cignpost ExpressTest and supply over 1,500 team members; a thousand of which will be based at Heathrow with others located at Gatwick and Edinburgh airports and shopping centres in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle.

Services provided by the highly trained team include carrying out swab tests, car park marshalling and on-site administration which includes checking samples are collected correctly and sent to laboratories efficiently and safely.

ABM offers a combination of a long-standing reputation for excellence in airport services and world-class facilities expertise which has been developed within the UK and globally throughout the company’s 112 year history.

For more information about ABM UK’s service offerings for COVID-19, please visit:

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Retail Property £399 Cleared & Secured for

Today and tomorrow’s cleaning for the education sector

Aside from the impact the public health crisis has had on the NHS, the impact on our schools and education system has also been far reaching with many challenges still ahead. As a mother of three boys myself, ranging from Primary to High School age, I sympathise with all parents and teachers, from managing the home-schooling during lockdowns to the dual classroom versus virtual teaching methods adopted during COVID isolation periods as class bubbles are compromised (I’ve had at least 7 of these), and the all-round operating of schools and colleges, having to make rapid decisions often without much information or clarification from the government. In these uncertain times, the environment in which the education sector functions is constantly changing, the rules in which they operate are constantly under review and can change at very short notice.

Though the government and education system’s best efforts were to minimalise disruption to our children’s education, the pandemic has revealed many inequalities facing schoolchildren, from inadequate internet access and lack of devices to unstable homes and food insecurity, these societal challenges have left a generation requiring varying levels of learning support.

Looking ahead, there has been talk about how to close the gaps in learning by extending the school day, creating afterschool, weekend and even summer learning programs. This may be the main challenge facing the education sector, yet they are being challenged on multiple other fronts too with the knock-on effects following these decisions being made. If learning is to be extended, how is that managed, facilitated and supported?

As a leading contractor in the cleaning industry, Floorbrite’s experience has been to support our customers with expert advice in our field so that the hygiene of their education facilities is one less area to worry about. We have found that our education sector customers’ existing and new, are looking most for flexibility and partnerships with good levels of communication that can be reactive to the ever-changing landscape. With limited budgets, they also require transparency. Previously, output specs may have been the norm, but input specifications driven by hours and budgets are now essential to manage every penny efficiently. As schools’ requirements change, so then do the shift patterns of service providers and the necessity for additional hours to ensure a complete wrap around service. These are the challenges now across many sectors, not just education.

the chemical is dry, the surface can become re-contaminated immediately if exposed to a pathogen.

Coronavirus can live on surfaces like paper for approximately 3 hours, cardboard 24 hours, cloth 2 days, stainless steel and some plastics for approximately 2-3 days and glass 4 days. So how can all surfaces remain decontaminated for longer than a few minutes? There are solutions available that can do just this. Some antimicrobial solutions can remain effective for up to 30 days, but you must do your homework when sourcing the right product for you.

Green Cleaning

Whilst COVID-19 has dominated everyone’s priorities over the last year, green cleaning is still very much on the agenda. Cleaning using ordinary tap water like Tersano or pro biotic cleaners such as Evogen are just a couple to mention and have no negative impact on the environment.

Tersano Who are Tersano?

Tersano develop and manufacture devices that produce Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to

clean and sanitise. Their iClean® mini is Portable and convenient, perfect for smaller sites.

The SAO technology turns ordinary tap water into a powerful natural cleaner, deodoriser and sanitiser that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. It’s simple, it’s proven and it’s 100% safe. Accidentally get it on your skin, in your eyes, even in your mouth – you’ll be fine. It is stronger than bleach and hydrogen peroxide, yet simply reverts back to water and oxygen, so no harsh chemicals are entering our waterways or environment.

In March 2020, we never envisaged still dealing with the upheaval of COVID-19 over a year later, however, as we are looking to the September 2021 school intake, this is clearly still the case.

Schools and Colleges should now have a clear plan. Your school may have needed to agree on additional cleaning hours to ensure professional standards are maintained and a professional cleaning contractor will have implemented infection control for harmful viruses and bacteria. Your cleaning should be being carried out at least daily and preferably twice daily in high touch point areas.

Cleaning versus disinfecting

You should be doing both. Cleaning is to scrub an area with detergent or soap and water to remove dirt, grime and surface biofilm, while disinfecting means applying a chemical to kill the residual germs and viruses that remain afterwards.

Antibacterial versus Virucidal

Understanding of the differences between disinfectants is also important. Antibacterial, virucidal or Antimicrobial? Whilst the majority believe that using an antibacterial cleaner will protect them against viruses, they would be wrong. Antibacterial disinfectants will kill bacteria and prevent the development of bacteria-induced illnesses, but they are completely ineffective against viruses. So, if you want to be sure you are using a cleaning product that is effective against viruses, always opt for a virucidal or for both, an antimicrobial cleaner and check which viruses it is effective against.

What is contact time?

Disinfectants also need to sit on a surface before they kill germs. Some disinfectants take 10 minutes, while others only about 30 seconds but once


What is Evogen Professional?

Evogen Professional cleaning products are designed for the professional and commercial cleaning market; specifically, for offices, commercial spaces, hotels, kitchens and restaurants.

The Evogen Professional Range harnesses the power of nature, using Bacillus bacteria, essential oils and plant extracts to provide a pro biotic based cleaner. These products provide increased efficacy of cleaning through formulations engineered for specific soiling areas and challenges found within these markets. The result is a range of superior quality, solution specific professional cleaning products which combine unmatched performance with environmental responsibility; products which continue working long after chemical alternatives have expired.

This is the future of effective, efficient, responsible and economical cleaning; a real alternative to traditional harsh chemicals used across a wide range of industries.

The value delivered by Evogen Professional should not be underestimated. Not only is the cleaning simpler, requiring less or no mechanical action, in most cases it is required less frequently, so cleaning is quicker, easier and more effective.

The Floorbrite Group are an award-winning national provider of commercial cleaning and soft FM services. Founded nearly 50 years ago, we are a second-generation family business with over 1,600 employees, covering all sectors of industry.

If you would like to learn more about The Floorbrite Group, please visit: or call us on: 01619 723000 and speak to our team.

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Wrap it or regret it – now!

Don’t let the cold catch you out this winter

developments of multi-occupancy properties. Designed to optimise space within the insulating casing, up to three 32mm OD water pipes can be installed to the exterior of the building, allowing supplies to be installed at multiple levels of a property with a single insulated duct running up the property exterior.

Groundbreaker products are designed to provide long lasting and effective thermal protection to water pipes and fittings outside the thermal envelope of a building. They offer frost protection for 3 days or more with temperatures as low as -15°C – temperatures we rarely reach in the UK, even with today’s erratic climate! Carefully fabricated to provide long lasting and effective thermal protection to water pipes and fittings in external situations, the products exceed British Standard 5422 and all relevant Water Regulations for frost protection and are on the ‘approved list’ of most UK water companies.

roots, etc. SHalloduct offers a viable alternative to expensive excavations or damage to the local environment. Fabricated to the same high thermal resistivity as INSUduct, SHalloduct offers a practical solution to awkward situations. Products are available through most builders’ merchants and online, details are available on the ‘where to buy’ pages of the Groundbreaker website.

For more information or advice, please visit: or call: 01379 741993 or email:

For more information and applications, why not sign up for our occasional newsletter for up to date industry information and product news via email or online?


Burst pipes are the most common cause of home insurance claims in the UK1 and cost an average of £3,500 in damage to property and contents. The expense is not the worst of it; months of disruption follows as the property is dried out and repaired.

Frost is the greatest threat to water services throughout the winter. UK Water Regulations require any fitting or apparatus to be correctly insulated to prevent frost, unless in a location that is heated for more than 12 hours a day2. It seems obvious when you are scraping the ice from the car on a frosty morning. However, the insurance claims show that many homeowners, landlords and occupiers seem to be unaware of this requirement.

In the worst-case scenario, the replacement of water supply pipes is required. Traditionally this has required major excavations outside a property and usually a great deal of disruption and trauma within, over several days and possibly weeks – inevitably at high cost.

Water supply replacement – an easy alternative!

Whether or not the cause is bad weather, the replacement of a leaking, or an old and unreliable water supply can extend timelines

and inflate costs, sometimes to the detriment of other aspects of a project. However, there is now a cost-effective solution to this previously expensive operation. The use of Groundbreaker’s INSUduct allows the new water service to be routed up the external face of the building and connected to the internal plumbing above ground level.

INSUduct only requires one simple core drilled hole through the wall, at an appropriate point to connect with the internal plumbing. This enables most water supply replacements to be completed within a couple of hours, without the traditional mess and disruption to the householders or occupiers. The improvement in work efficiency and reduction on the impact to occupants is a win for both contractor and customer. There is also little impact to the exterior appearance of the property, as the INSUduct system provides a neat, clean finish to the job – perfect for planned replacements of old lead water supply pipes.

INSUduct is also perfect for redevelopment and refurbishment projects. It is the ideal product for the replacement of original lead water pipes, turning a disruptive and intrusive job into a quick and easy task. INSUduct is also ideal for

Steve Leigh, developer of the range and Managing Director of Groundbreaker, has over 40 years’ experience in the water industry. “We’ve been putting pipes in holes in the ground to protect them from frost for decades,” he explained. “Although it works, today’s new materials allow for a much better solution. Keeping pipes on the surface reduces the risk of leaks developing and allows for easy repair and maintenance. It’s just a much better method of working.”

This isn’t just Steve’s opinion. In 2018 Groundbreaker was recognised by the HBF (Home Builders Federation) as the Utility Company of the Year for its innovative range that meets the highest standards in both product specification and leak free installation design.

The company is also a contributor to the recently launched BPEC (British Plumbing Employers Council) Groundworker, Service Pipe and Meter Housing Installation Training course3. The course highlights the elements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, relevant to groundwork and ensures contractors have met the minimum competency requirements for entry into WIAPS Approved Contractors Scheme (Groundworker Section).

In addition to INSUduct, the Groundbreaker range includes SHalloduct. Another innovative product enabling easy installation of water supply in situations where water pipes cannot be laid at the recommended depth of 750mm – eg. over rock, concrete, tree



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The timber specialists

TimbaBuild Structures maintains a vast history and was formally established in 2020 in Truro, Cornwall after originally operating under the name P Harvey Carpentry, since 1991.

TimbaBuild Structures specialises in everything timber related including timber framed houses, garden features, decking, and so much more.

“We are mainly a timber structure company, the clue is in the title. Although we do cover all aspects of the construction industry, offering full turnkey projects. We provide, new build properties, garden structures, garden rooms, summer houses, decking systems, patios, fire pits and water features,” said Paul Harvey, Managing Director.

TimbaBuild Structures is well equipped to assist on multiple projects including fitting kitchens and offers a joinery section, providing sash windows, doors and stairs. TimbaBuild Structures provides a full planning section and is able to create whatever a customer brings to them, even from a rough sketched design.

Quality is of the utmost importance to TimbaBuild Structures and the company ensures that everything is made and checked by hand, ensuring the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction.

“We make all of our items by hand or using portable tooling, no computers are used, or CNC machines, it’s all by eye and crafted hand. We make bespoke garden furniture that you can't buy on the high street. In many cases, our clients bring us two or three pictures that they have found on the internet, then ask us to combine all of them together to give create their desired product. Everything is bespoke and made to order,” added Paul.

Showcasing its commitment to its customers, TimbaBuild Structures workmanship carries a 12-year warranty and all of its products are sourced from sustainable resources and carry an FSC (Forestry Standard Commission markings).

‘Quality builds, using sustainable sources’ is the company’s tagline and as such,

Pumps & Valves News

TimbaBuild Structures recycle as much as they can and only use timbers form certified sources.

“Our customer service and openness, is second to none,” continued Paul, “We offer a fully open, transparent and honest policy, where the client has full access to all of the documentation, invoices, quotes, reports, plans and meetings etc, nothing is held back. We offer a very high specification of timber Structures and in many cases, to a higher standard than conventional timber framed home specification.”

In terms of recent events, TimbaBuild Structures has seen impressive growth during the COVID-19

pandemic and in response to this growth, the company has moved to a larger premises earlier this year and has expanded its team by doubling its staff numbers.

In regards to the future, TimbaBuild Structures is pleased to maintain a great reputation among its customers and plans to continue to provide the best possible products and services, for its customers.

Paul noted, “We have great reviews and repeat customers, which can only mean one thing; we are doing something right. Long may it last!” For any further information, please see the details below:

T 07812 148792

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Tickling the SPD nerve

“With Surge Protection Devices (SPD) becoming increasingly common in installations, it is surely time that there was an accepted test to confirm their efficacy,” says Brendan Beaver, manager of Metrel UK, a manufacturer of innovative test solutions.

“The manufacturers say that they are 100% tested before they leave the factory, but it is not hugely reassuring to the installer whose insurance take on liability once they supply and install the SPD.

“Metrel multi-function testers have for more than 10 years offered a ramp facility on the insulation test which gives the ability to test varistors and some SPDs in the field.

“Maybe it is time that the powers that be recommend a test protocol which could be incorporated in all multi-function testers.”

T 01924 245000

Solar powered Belisha Beacons that outshine the rest…

The SolarisV2 Solar Belisha Beacon from Fisher & Company is the best on the market for build quality, reliability and aesthetics. The latest version has been improved and simplified to increase efficiency and power use. Advice and assistance is also available to assess your proposed site before you buy to ensure you get the right product for the proposed location.

Fisher & Company have ensured that buying Solar Belisha Beacons from them is as straightforward as possible from your first contact right through to delivery and beyond. They have developed, built and tested the products from the ground up and offer purchasers peace of mind with after sales and technical back up for all their products. Each customer is treated to the same friendly and efficient service no matter what the order.

Multi skilled staff in their Somerset factory manufacture almost the entire range of products on site, from raw material, from the Solar and Mains powered LED Belisha & Refuge Beacons and Feeder Pillar ranges to Highways & Street Lighting equipment and Electrically Insulated Digging Tools. To get prices and information call the sales team on: 0333 666 2122 or head to: for their product ranges and to see what they are all about or simply email:

BBL Batteries

As BBL Batteries approaches its 50th year, it remains as a leading UK battery specialist, embracing the latest technology and helping businesses make the most of a great opportunity.

BBL Batteries is a leading, multi branch, UK-based, battery business that is increasingly focused on the development, introduction and distribution of new and improved battery technologies to today’s market.

Founded in 1972 and proud to remain one of the few fully independent family enterprises in the aftermarket, BBL Batteries understands that being successful in an ever increasingly competitive market is down to a number of core competences. These include experience, expertise and unrivalled, superior customer service as well as the desire to solve problems and advise on solutions that work for our customers.

We source our batteries from across the globe and have long standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers. This enables us to ensure a consistent stock holding and onwards supply of premium quality batteries at fantastic value. We have a dedicated, in house team that assemble both bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ battery packs which can be delivered the next day.

For further information, advice or to order, please do contact us on 0808 168 0635 or email:

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Improve your building envelope performance with Armatherm™

Thermal Bridging Solutions

To date Armatherm™ products have been installed in 12,509 commercial and residential buildings. Armatherm™ is one of the leading suppliers of thermal break materials for the construction industry and is committed in providing architects, structural engineers and building design professionals with effective solutions to prevent thermal bridging.

Armatherm™ was initially set up in the UK and has since expanded its presence to the US and Ireland with offices in West Yorkshire and Massachusetts, its emerging global presence and outstanding customer service has received glowing reviews from its customers, ‘Armatherm’s thermal break products increased the building’s energy efficiency and helped us meet energy compliance goals.’

Thermal bridging is a significant factor in building envelope heat loss. Armatherm™ has a range of thermal break materials that have a low thermal conductivity and high strength and can be used anywhere a penetration or transition exists within a building. The best way to avoid thermal bridging is to provide continuous insulation for the building’s exterior. Armatherm™ thermal break strategies are cost-effective, safe, durable, and bypass insulation, which can sap energy and create unhealthy, uncomfortable spaces.

As a manufacturer of structural thermal breaks, Armatherm™ offer services to sectors such as architects, specifiers, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, and fabricators. Armatherm™ thermal bridging solutions can be used for applications such

SterlingOSB Zero, the multiuse panel product

West Fraser’s

SterlingOSB Zero or ‘Sterlingboard,’ as it is often known, is one of Europe’s most widely used and trusted structural panels. This should come as no surprise to anyone that has employed this incredibly versatile, strong and ‘green’ product; whether as the ‘go to’ solution on a construction site or as an aestheticallyimportant interior design element.

SterlingOSB Zero Tongue and Groove

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is formed of flakes or strands of timber bonded with resin adhesives in some 50 cross-directional layers mechanically pressed to create a structurally engineered board. The SterlingOSB Zero range from West Fraser is stronger than ply, with no knots, voids or delamination.

Among its multiple uses, SterlingOSB Zero is ideal for timber frame construction. The boards are designed to speed up the build process and are available in a wide range of grades, thicknesses and sheet sizes. For structural use in dry or humid load bearing situations, SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 is the board of choice. When undertaking dry lining, SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix quickly provides secure anchorage areas.

The ultimate high performance building system is offered by Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with SterlingOSB Zero boards sandwiching a highly thermally-efficient insulating foam core. With the potential to be fabricated for almost any building design, the panels are manufactured under factory controlled conditions, saving time and improving build quality.

Flooring and roofing applications are served by SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 and SterlingOSB Zero Tongue & Groove. Panels are easy to saw, drill, nail or plane. SterlingOSB Zero’s smooth surface gives improved adhesion qualities for all flat roofing applications with no sanding required, even for GRP finishes.

In retail and other commercial applications, SterlingOSB Zero provides an efficient means of building displays and partitions. Due to its raw, visual appeal, designers and architects are increasingly employing the material to give spaces a natural and contemporary look.

For further information, call: 01786 812921 or visit:

Thirdly, Armatherm™ Z-Girt is a non-metallic, NFPA 285 approved material that increases the contentious insulation values and is a similar installation method to that of metallic Z-Girts.

Logistically, Armatherm™ 500 grade material offers a fast turnaround on finished products, which are sufficient for applications, which do not need to have such a high compressive strength and better thermal properties. Each of these materials are ideal for architects, specifiers and structural engineers, and have been approved by The British Board of Agrément (BBA).

as: masonry shelf angles, column bases, foundation walls, balcony canopy’s, parapet roof penetrations and cladding.

Armatherm™ have three products in its portfolio, which offer structural integrity, thermal performance and fire properties. Armatherm™ FRR Structural Thermal Break Material is specifically designed to reduce heat flow by providing a combination of low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength. The material is made of reinforced thermoset resin and is ideal for use in structural steel and façade thermal break connections.

Armatherm™ 500 Structural Thermal Break Material is a high strength, thermoset polyurethane and is manufactured in several densities to support a wide range of building loads. There is a range of grades available to help achieve specified insulation values, it can be cut and drilled on site.

By reducing heat flow through a building’s thermal envelope, Armatherm™ can reduce energy consumption as well as prevent potential condensation issues. Armatherm™ provide a course that offers an overview in thermal bridging and discusses reasons why it occurs and how it can be prevented. The course educates and compares building details with and without thermal break solutions to highlight the importance of determining accurate values of thermal transmittance.

Armatherm™ offers an extensive range of applications and products as well as design assistance, webinars and thermal bridge modelling. Its recent growth reflects the success of the company, in which it will endeavour to continue for many years to come.

For more information, see below:

T 01274 591115

Sika’s new Monotop® system raises standards in sustainable, long-term concrete repair

Global building products manufacturer, Sika, has launched a new concrete repair solution that provides greater long-term protection for buildings and sets a new standard for low environmental impact concrete by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Sika has invested in the trusted Sika MonoTop® brand, which rewrites the rulebook in terms of low-carbon concrete repair. With 45 million buildings in the UK alone thought to be in need of refurbishment in order to comply with regulation energy performance, Sika's sustainable MonoTop® range is the ideal repair solution for addressing such

an issue. Its sustainable, reliable performance follows years of research by Sika's technical teams, resulting in a proven, premier solution that compared to other concrete repair solutions, uses less carbon emissions – up to 1 tonne of CO2 per 100m2

To provide a clearer picture of how the new, sustainable MonoTop® system’s performance compares to other concrete repair solutions, the amount of CO2 it saves – based on a ratio of 1 ton of CO2 per 100m2 of material – is the equivalent of:1

▲ An average petrol car driving for half a year

▲ One car on electricity driving for one year

▲ Electricity consumption by 0.65 households in one year

▲ 72 trips by train between Amsterdam and Paris

▲ 2.6 economy flights between Amsterdam and Rome. The quality of the MonoTop® system is supported by Sika’s premier customer service, with our technical teams available to offer client support –from specification to installation – to guarantee your building or repair project is a concrete success.

For more information on the benefits of the new MonoTop® sustainable range and how its specification can ensure the success of your next building or repair project, visit:

1: Figures supplied by Climate Neutral Group

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‘More light, more power’

With a colourful history, surviving a huge fire and two world wars, today Shoreditch Town Hall is a destination arts, events and community space, having been rescued from the brink in the late 1990s. Its recent renaissance culminated in April 2021 with a complete façade clean by Thomann Hanry remarkably, the first exterior clean since it was built. In the process, this magnificent Grade II Listed building has been restored to its original splendour, turning the clock back some 155 years.

Designed in Italianate style by Caesar Augustus Long and built in 1866, later to be extended in Edwardian baroque by William G Hunt at the turn of the 20th century, Shoreditch Town Hall is amongst London's finest examples of grand civic architecture. Adorned

Building Products & Services News

with its iconic statue of Progress, the building exemplifies the purposeful optimism of the era, its ‘More light, more power’ motto – carved beneath the Shoreditch crest – encapsulating this forwardlooking ethos.

From its opening in 1866, the Town Hall was the hub of local democracy and civic life for over a century. Its status as a political focal point was underlined by the arrest there of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst in 1913. The Town Hall was also a hugely popular Music Hall venue from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, in spite of a catastrophic fire in 1904. Hosting the first ever televised boxing match in 1955, it then became best known as a major boxing venue until 1975. Its subsequent decline into neglect during the 1980s

was a sad fate for such a proud building with such a colourful history.

In 1996, Shoreditch Town Hall was added to the English Heritage ‘Buildings at Risk’ register, prompting a campaign to save this historic East London landmark. The Shoreditch Town Hall Trust took over the lease in 2002, marking a turning point in the building's history. With £2.3 million of capital investment, it has since been transformed, realising a dynamic vision for one of London's most important new arts, events and community spaces.

In Spring of 2021, London building restoration specialists Thomann-Hanry® were commissioned to clean the Town Hall's imposing Portland stone façade. With post-lockdown audiences due to return in June, it was important that the building should not be shrouded in scaffolding for months on end. For this reason façade gommage®, patented by ThomannHanry®, was the perfect solution. With all cleaning carried out from an agile hydraulic cabin, the entire 1,500 square metre façade was cleaned by the fourman team in just eight days without a single pole of scaffolding to be seen. Projecting fine powders under low pressure across the contours of the façade, over a century and a half of accumulated dirt and grime were gently lifted away, revealing the face of the building as it first appeared in 1866.

James Pidgeon, Director & Chief Executive of Shoreditch Town Hall, today said, “It has long been an ambition of ours to properly clean and give some attention to the façade of our much-loved landmark building, and so I’m delighted that we’re now able to start these works ahead of welcoming audiences back. The clean will no doubt have a transformative impact on the public's perception of the Town Hall, and is a fitting and timely reminder of our presence and future ambition as we fully emerge from the horror of the last 12 months and continue to serve artistic and local communities in Shoreditch, Hackney and beyond.”

T 020 8453 1494

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This issue of Building and Facilities News is sponsored by Nationwide Louvre Company – see them on page 10 20 Leaders in Built Environmental Safety and Health and Wellbeing Consultancy Consulting on various aspects of project design, constructability and operational lifecycle matters for local and global commercial clients CONTACT US: DCON Safety Consultants Suite 5, Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2 Email Phone +353 (0)1 611 1556 Building Products & Services News

The world performs on Harlequin Floors

Harlequin is the world leader in advanced technology floors for the performing arts, entertainment and display.

Established in the UK over 40 years ago, Harlequin remains the industry choice for the world’s most prestigious dance and performing arts companies, theatres, venues and schools, production companies and global events.

The floor is a dancer’s most important work tool; not only is it the canvas for their creativity, it also gives them protection against slips, falls and longer-term stress injuries. It is a common assumption that a welldesigned sports floor will suit the needs of dancers, but this is not the case. There may be a temptation to specify floors for aesthetic or budget reasons, or

to specify sports floors in the mistaken belief they will be suitable for dance but only a floor developed specifically for dance will do.

Harlequin’s experience and reputation are founded on the design, manufacture, supply and installation of a range of high quality portable and permanent sprung and vinyl floors chosen by the world's leading venues – from the Royal Opera House to the Bolshoi Theatre, the Paris Opera Ballet to Sydney Dance Company.

Harlequin is the global leader in its field with offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Contact: or call: +44 (0)1892 514888.

Fire Door Safety maintained at West Lothian Schools

Deans Community High School and Armadale Academy, are maintained by Bellrock Group under a contractual PPP3 project agreement.

Taking on this maintenance management for the two school buildings places the Bellrock management team as the Responsible Person when it comes to compliance to fire safety maintenance, which incorporates fire rated doors.

With this in mind, Martin Igoe, Senior FM for Bellrock, engaged with Yeoman Shield Fire Door Services when it came to assessing and protecting the condition of the schools’ fire doors with an impact protection system.

As a brand name of Harrison Thompson & Co. Ltd. who are a registered FIRAS Warringtonfire (a UKAS accredited scheme for fire door and passive fire resisting products installation) company, Yeoman Shield Fire Door Team were able to undertake a conformity survey of the doors in both schools. This resulted in remedial work to both frame and fire doors, replacement doors as well as Yeoman Shield Fire Rated Protection products being installed by Yeoman Shield’s accredited team.

For more information on Yeoman Shield’s Fire Door Services and Fire Door Protection products go to: or call: 0113 279 5854.

Old Pump

House retains Industrial Heritage with the help of Yeoman Rainguard

Yeoman Rainguard rainwater systems were used to help reintroduce an industrial heritage style to The Old Pump House in Warton.

Originally erected in 1923 as a water pumping station for Atherstone and surrounding villages and decommissioned in the late 1980s, it was eventually empathetically converted into a home considerate of its heritage look and feel whilst embracing the advantages of modern building materials.

Yeoman Rainguard 130 x 100mm deep flow half round XL Aluminium gutters were installed giving real impact to the house frontage.100mm dia. downpipes were added below Cast Aluminium Motif Hoppers helping to further emphasise the desired effect.

Finished in a durable yet stylish black polyester powder coating, the aluminium rainwater system will provide the house with 30 + years of maintenance free service eliminating the requirement of repair and redecoration.

For more information on Rainguard Rainwater Systems suitable for heritage and listed buildings go to: or call: 0113 279 5854.

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Azpects Ltd launch revolutionary new EASYClickbase

Best known for EASYJoint, the allweather jointing compound, Azpects are proud to introduce a revolutionary new way to create paths, patios, and driveways. Cut prep time in half with EASYClickBase!

Traditional methods of laying paving and driveways require substantial excavation and subsequent costly disposal of waste materials, plus the import of expensive aggregates. EASYClickBase is a synthetic sub-base that significantly reduces the need for excavation and backfilling; saving time, money and aggregate.

A 60m2 domestic vehicular driveway would traditionally require the excavation of 15 tonnes of soil and the import of 20 – 30 tonnes of sand and fine aggregates. Comparatively, EASYClickBase requires the excavation of 2-4 tonnes and 5 tonnes of replacement aggregate1 Early adopters have reported trimming at least one day of labour from the expected completion time.

EASYClickBase also replaces the conventional full mortar laying bed. Thin surface dressings such as porcelain tiles can be glued directly to the sub-base, while block paving can be laid on a layer of bedding sand. EASYClickBase is made from 100% recycled plastic and has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of hard landscaping projects.

T +44 (0)1473 760777

1. Figures are approximate and depenent on site conditions.

The Standpipe model SPHUD provides Category 3 protection

Complying with the Water Regulations is one of our top priorities. You can ensure that our Standpipe, model SPHUD, will provide Category 3 protection and be truly fit for purpose. It incorporates a Double Check Valve and is suitable for all Category 3 applications. Examples of these would be schools, car parks, golf courses, bowling greens as well as private, residential, and public gardens.

Our Standpipe enclosure comes with a removable Tap Outlet, for connecting to a hosepipe where the risk is Fluid Category 3.

Cleaning & Hygiene News Build bespoke smart charts in seconds with Jangro

Jangro, the UK & Ireland’s largest network of independent janitorial and cleaning distributors, enhances its award-winning digital wall chart tool with a multiroom function.

Users of Jangro’s innovative digital wall chart creator can now create bespoke plans for whole buildings, thanks to an exciting new update to the online tool. As well as individual rooms, there is a new option to generate tailored colour-coded wall charts for multiple spaces within a facility. The online system now includes bedrooms, boardrooms, canteen/ staff rooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, hospitality areas, kitchens, offices, receptions, and washrooms, enabling customers to build bespoke cleaning and hygiene guides for whole buildings.

Jangro’s digital wall chart creator is the first of its kind in the industry and incorporates data about thousands of products and information on where they should be used. It allows customers to create bespoke charts with the products of their choice, and then streamlines all of the health and safety documentation, making it easier for companies to stay compliant.

For more information, go to: https:// or call: 01204 795955.

With tamperproof qualities such as a hinged lid that can be locked shut with the supplied key, the Standpipe also has all internal components concealed.

The Standpipe can be bolted to a concrete floor or alternatively mounted to the optional Pile. The Pile, an item we also supply, can be buried in soft ground or an area to be subsequently concreted. The mating flanges would normally be positioned 30mm above ground, but for aesthetic reasons in gardens the flanges may be buried up to 50mm beneath the soil surface.

M12 stainless steel bolts are also provided to bolt the Pile and Standpipe together.

The Standpipe is insulated which provides a reasonable amount of frost protection. For prolonged periods of freezing, we recommend that the supply is isolated at the source and the tap is drained fully. For more information on the SPHUD and to see our full range of Standpipes, please follow the link to our website: or send an email:

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Quality bespoke joinery since 1991

In this issue of Building and Facilities News, we are proud to announce that we have selected Bluerun Ltd as our Joinery Specialist Company of the month.

Bluerun is a bespoke joinery manufacturer, established in 1991 by John Jones the current Managing Director, alongside his wife Doreen, who remains the company’s secretary.

“Back in 1991, the bench joinery team actually worked with John at a previous joinery company that went into receivership, so we have effectively been working together since 1975. We still have two of the original bench joiners working for us, one of which served his apprenticeship under John many years ago. Bluerun remains a family owned and run company. John’s son Jeremy joined as our paint sprayer and Director in 2008, with me, John’s daughter, joining as Finance Director in 2019.” stated Dee Newman, Finance Director.

In terms of the latest developments for Bluerun, the company has undergone new changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the Government announced that certain businesses would have to close in early 2020, officially Bluerun could have remained open, since the company is classed as a manufacturer. However, upon reviewing that the company’s commercial clients were unsure as to whether they could continue to trade, and that Bluerun could not visit domestic clients, due to limited work, Bluerun decided to close its doors. Since its re-opening in May 2020, Bluerun has gone from strength to strength, and seen an ever increasing flow of work, to the point where the company maintained a 5-6 week waiting time for site visits, which Bluerun usually carries out within 7-10 days.

“Our joinery team worked extremely hard to keep up with demand this year, and it’s only because prospective clients could take a holiday this year that work has now reverted to its usual steady flow again. We would say that like others in the construction and manufacture industries, we have never been so busy.” Dee explained.

Another notable change for the company, John’s Daughter Dee, who joined the company in December 2019, has taken over the running of the office. “I joined the company as Finance Director, with a view to learning the day-to-day running of the company so that John could finally consider retiring (John celebrated his 80th birthday in August 2021).”

As the world and Bluerun looked to reopening their doors again, the company decided that its dynamics had to change, so that John could remain at home and avoid risking being exposed to COVID-19. Since then, John became furloughed and therefore semi-retired, with Dee running the office since the workshop re-opened just a few weeks after closing.

As Bluerun looks ahead, the company plans to continue supporting its customers and increasing work flow. The company maintains growth plans in terms of its team, and would like to employ another bench joiner and someone to assist around the building with things such as cleaning and deliveries, once the construction and manufacturing industries have settled due to multiple issues with availability of materials and price increases.

After rising to the challenges of the pandemic, Bluerun is pleased to have accomplished such growth and maintained its high quality service. This has come at a great time for the company, who is celebrating its upcoming 30th anniversary. Dee stated, “We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in October 2021, and the Directors would like to thank everyone that has helped us get to this point. This has led to our company re-branding, complete with a logo, and our website will soon be updated and hopefully won’t look as dated!”

For more information about the company, please see the details below:

With an impressive history, Bluerun has established itself at the forefront of the industry and can manufacture most things from timber, hardwood or softwood, panels or sheet material. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction, all of Bluerun’s products are custom made to order and are not available pre-made.

“The most common items we are asked to manufacture for the domestic market are windows, doors (exterior and interior), bi-folding doors, staircases, bespoke storage units/wardrobes, all with the option to have them sprayed in primer or to a finish.

We have manufactured reception desks, screens, window mainframes, window packers, complete pub fit outs, fire doors and much more for the commercial market. Bluerun’s team has a lot of experience in working with listed buildings, so we are aware of the numerous specifics of items manufactured for these buildings.” added Dee.

Bluerun retains a traditional ‘old school’ approach to joinery, this process consists of using tools including power tools and machines to machine timber, but creating all designs without the aid of computers.

“We do not use any CNC machines, drawings are created by hand, and everything is assembled in house. This means that everything that is created in our workshops has been crafted by hand, with the utmost attention to detail.

We can manufacture most types of timber windows; casement, box sash (using springs or weights), stormproof, Suffolk sliders, Dormer window and bay window. Some of these require more attention to detail, which is why we believe they are more suited to being manufactured by hand.” said Dee.

T 01799 599995

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