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Photo: Toms Grinbergs, LU Preses centrs

We are looking for our place in the world. We want to be fresh and unique. Is it possible in time of globalization? We are looking for our identity.

Art Academy of Latvia is one of the most prestigious art and design schools in the Baltic States. Over the years, the academy has prepared numerous young professional designers for successful careers in the field. Students in the Design faculty develop creative and innovative design solutions for everyday life and help forge a stylish, modern environment for all of us.

Year 2009 is the fourth year in a row when Design Department, Art Academy of Latvia will be exhibited in the Stockholm Furniture Fair section Greenhouse. The participation in the annual internationally well known show reaffirms our desire to enter and to confirm our competitiveness in the most important design processes of the Nordic-Baltic region. In the realization of the project two sides are involved – academic staff and students and Latvian entrepreneurs and representatives from various fields. Participation in the Stockholm Furniture Fair is cooperation and the proof of the Latvia’s new designers’ generation and business for the qualitative and competitive offer for Design from Latvia.

STOCKHOLM FURNITURE FAIR GREENHOUSE / Feb 04 – Feb 08, 2009 Stand Number: V02: 48

SKARA BA thesis project: floor lamp, 2008 Adviser: Prof. Holgers Elers Coauthor: Ugis Gailis While designing this floor lamp, the author was influenced by Latvian ethnography and nature. The author has transformed the ancient lighting device called a skalturis, or “cresset,” into a modern lamp. The body of the lamp is mounted on a stand, thereby employing the principle of a torch. The lamp comes in one of three colors found in Latvian nature—forest green, linen gray, or snow white. The lamp is made of metal and plastic.

Baiba Lindane / /

LABS BA thesis project: kitchen utensils (a grater and pestle), 2008 Adviser: Prof. Holgers Elers

Ugis Gailis / /

Photo: Didzis Grodzs

This young designer has created a set of kitchen equipment that includes a grater and pestle. The equipment is not only functional and attractive; it will also add a dose of warmth and love to your food. The eqipment feature symbols that everyone will recognize—hearts and flowers—so your food will taste ever better than before. The set of kitchen eqipment was made of stainless steel.

BA thesis project: transformable lamps, 2008 Adviser: Prof. Holgers Elers These transformable lamps allows anyone experiment with space and light in order to find the desired design and effect for a room. The lamps may be set up in various positions: on the floor, on a table, or hung from the ceiling. The color of the largest lamp can be switched with a remote control, choosing from three possible colors—red, green, and blue. This allows you to create any atmosphere your heart desires. These decorative lamps are made of polyethylene, and are available in three different sizes.

Rolands Bakmanis /

LV STYLE BA thesis project: Latvian souvenirs, 2008 Adviser: Prof. Holgers Elers Latvia. Hot rye-bread and the stork that returns each spring to build his nest. The blue eyes of Latgale’s lakes and crickets chirping until midnight. Freshly mowed grass and the shadow beneath a big oak tree on a hot summer’s day. An ancient dowry and grandma’s gentle hands.

Aija Hincenberga /

Photo: Artjoms Bugo

The author has created souvenirs that are flair gifts for people who have visited Latvia. The collection was inspired by Latvian folklore and design, the characters and forms were borrowed from the artwork on a dowry in the Cīrava district. Various designs and silhouettes were created for the collection: a star, a caraway-seed, a rabbit, a stag, an elk, a stork, and orange, gray, black, and white trees.

THE SUN, THE MOON, USINSH, THE THUNDER BA thesis project: a candle as a light installation, 2008 Adviser: Associate Professor Barbara Abele

Baiba Linga-Berzina /

Photo: Didzis Grodzs

This light installation is a make-up of four different ethnographic signs—the Sun, Moon, Thunder, and the God Usins. For ancient Latvians, these signs gave light and protected from evil. They’ve always been present in daily life and during important tasks and events. Today, more than ever, we need the presence of these signs and light, as well as a belief in the good and the bright. Candles are ritual objects which are still used today during important events—not just in the dark months of winter but also during the Midsummer’s Eve festivities. The candles are made of paraffin.

BIO SEAT BA annual project: , a bench for children, 2008 Advisers: Doc. Juris Krumins, Associate Professor Barbara Abele BioSeat is a seat for children (Age 2 – 7). The seat is made of an alternative biomaterial that consists of 100 % recycled waste paper. There is a pocket, located at the back of the chair, for storing children’s pencils and paper. The BioSeat is a light and easily transportable piece of children’s furniture weighing less than one kg.

Indra Merca /

TOGETHER BA annual project: a pair of benches, 2008 Professors: Associate Professor Barbara Abele, Doc. Juris Krumins The author came across this idea in Latvian ethnography, which describes how families used benches to perform domestic tasks. These benches will also help you at home: they can be used as a seat, a table, a stand for flowerpots, or a kitchen aid. The benches come as a pair—one is placed inside the other—and may be used either together or separately.

Gita Baumane /

Photo: Reinis Hofmanis

The benches are made of solid pine, and are a symbol for home and family.

ROYALITY CHAIR Annual project: chair, 2008 Professor: Doc. Juris Krumins, Associate Professor Barbara Abele

Linda Lakstina-Lakstigala /

Photo: Reinis Hofmanis

These latticework chairs are made of small pieces of solid ash wood that were leftovers from the manufacturing process. This effectively employs waste free production technology to create a new functional and aesthetic object.

IKSUS Annual project: chair, 2008 Professor: Doc. Juris Krumins, Associate Professor Barbara Abele The visual image of IKSUS looks attractive and a little extreme. The design of the chair is geometrical and fascinating in construction, clean in shape and it is light in weight. These were the main points for me while making IKSUS. The key detail of the chair that attracts attention is the back of the chair that is geometrically broken in the shape of X. This detail gave the name to this chair. Chair Dimensions : h 817, w 410, d 520, seat height 440

Martins Vitols /

KOCIS Annual project: Clothes-stand, 2008 I believe that nature is the best designer.

Zane Homka /

Photo: Valdis Jansons

In our everyday life we have lost the precious connection with the nature. Apple tree is a strong and solid tree. It has carried and given fruits for over thirty years till the end of its natural life cycle. Now it’s brought inside the house. Instead of apples the branches are holding clothes.

LEXIKON BA thesis project: iAcoustic Sound System, 2006 Adviser: Prof. Holgers Elers Non-standard design speakers “LEXIKON” were created to personalize the environment of your work and life. The speaker-system was intentionally designed to become a sculpture in your apartment or office. A sound of good quality will create you a pleasant mood. The speakers are available in 6 colors and with a wooden front panel. Designed in 4 design ideas

Artjoms Bugo / /

WOODHENGE Annual project: Plywood shelf, 2008 The most relevant tendency in fashion is functionality, comfort ability and constructivism! The home and office shelf WOODHENGE is built completely without any metal fittings... only wood bindings specially developed for this project. The materials are: Birch plywood overlaid with HPL, available in different colors or overlaid with exclusive kinds of veneer sheets. Designed in 4 design ideas

Andrejs Ivanovs / /


ART ACADEMY OF LATVIA project group:

Special thanks to: Ieva Lebedeva, Richard Kalnins (text translations, corrections) Graphic design: Baiba Linga - Berzina

Contacts: Art Academy of Latvia / Kalpaka boulv. 13 / Riga / LV - 1867 / LATVIA Design departament: Aija Freimane, / Gita Straustina, WWW.LMA.LV / WWW.DESIGNLV.LV

Paper: Novatech Satin 150g.

Holgers Elers, Head of Design Department Aija Freimane, Head of Design Projects Gita Straustina, Head of Design Laboratory Kirils Pantelejevs, lecturer, Design Department Arvids Endzins, lecturer, Design Department



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