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OUR MISSION The Catholic Board of Education (CBE) is dedicated to the formation of productive citizens who are firmly rooted in the principles of the Gospel. Catholic Education is more than information and facts. It is a process of learning and formation. It views the person as a whole with intellectual, physical and spiritual dimensions. Student learning is not solely focused on securing a place at a good college or getting a great job, but learning to be responsible, socially minded citizens. All instruction within CBE schools is rooted in the spiritual and moral precepts of the Church. Consistent with its Catholic identity, all CBE schools are committed to helping students of all religions reach their full potential in a dynamic, Christ-centered learning community.

Catholic Education Board of Education Board Members

The Most Reverend Archbishop Patrick Pinder, STD, C.M.G. (Archbishop of Nassau)

Mr. Lambert Longley (Chairman)

Mrs. Sharlyn Smith (Vice Chair)

Deacon Danny Price Mrs. Gail Wisdom Mrs. Wendy Craigg Mr. Winston Rolle Mr. Jamaal Gomez Mr. Ansel Watson Mrs. Remelda Moxey Mrs. Christine Robinson


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Class of 1998 Gears Up to Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary

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“This brief interruption, Hurricane Irma, to our academic year did not dampen our spirit but gave us a new resolve to refocus on our commitment to build communities of faith, knowledge and service.”

Dear Friends, Our year in Catholic education started with the usual wonder and excitement that the opening of school always brings but this awe was short lived as Hurricane Irma decided that she would make her way through our beautiful archipelago. This brief interruption to our academic year did not dampen our spirit but gave us a new resolve to refocus on our commitment to build communities of faith, knowledge and service. We are grateful to those who sacrificed and donated to our brothers and sisters in Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica. We were so inspired by the teachers, students and administrators who made contributions before they were even asked! The recurring question was, “Mrs. Rolle what are we going to do?” I was moved because this was a manifestation that one aspect of our theme, Working Toward the Common Good, is being internalized. The first semester is ending and we will begin the season of Advent. This season not only marks the beginning of a new liturgical year but it gives us an opportunity to prepare our hearts and homes for the celebration of the birth of our Saviour. As we journey through Advent, our season of waiting, we shall do so with thankfulness, love, prayer and great hope.

Claudette A. Rolle



VIRTUAL REALITY MEETS EDUCATION ALIV donates VR goggles to power technology in classrooms.

You could not see the eyes of the students, as they were covered by VR goggles, but using the air of excitement that filled the room as a gauge you knew that under those goggles were eyes brimming with wonder and awe. Students of St. Cecilia‟s were demonstrating the use of VR goggles to CBE Board members and ALIV executives. Using the InBody VR app students journeyed on a narrated tour of the parts of the human body. The power and joy of learning was contagious as students veered their heads to get a better view of the various parts. ALIV recently donated fourty (40) VR goggles and phones to St. Cecilia‟s School and St. Thomas More School. The devices are a part of CBE‟s „Integrating Technology in Education (ITE)‟ project. The project is designed to steer young persons toward harnessing the power of technology for learning. Many young persons in The Bahamas have access to technology, most commonly via phones or tablets, but are limiting their use of these devices to gaming or WhatsApp. Technology is an extraordinary tool to shape and enhance the learning environment and CBE wants to advance the effective and responsible use of technology in all CBE schools. The „ITE‟ project is not designed to replace traditional teaching, as it will only be used moderately, once or twice per week, but to complement these methods. Today, traditional methods of teaching are still relevant and important. The implementation of technology will improve and complement traditional teaching. “Our students are digital natives and as such, they welcome the opportunity to utilize technology within the classroom,” explained Mrs. Yolande Samuels-Cole, Computer teacher, St. Cecilia‟s School and „ITE‟ Project Leader. She continued:- “I believe that our students should be able to compete globally with other students at the same grade level once they have been given the exposure to the same technologies. We are thankful to Aliv for this generous donation. The introduction of the VR goggles seeks to further spark students interest in various topics and subject areas as well as promote a desire in students to utilize their own personal devices for educational gain.” Miss Gravette Brown, Chief Aliv Business Developer, confirmed ALIV‟s commitment to partnering with schools throughout The Bahamas towards working together to benefit students, teachers, and entire communities:- “ This relationship represents an important pillar in Aliv‟s School Plus program, the first initiative of its kind in the country. The program was launched to reward the efforts of our educators and students.” Referring specifically to the donation of VR goggles to CBE Miss Brown stated, “Innovation and Excellence are intrinsic to the way we do business at Aliv. This program highlights the importance we place on education & achievement and ensuring that our Bahamian students are able to take advantage of every opportunity to be the BEST.”

“It is important to note that the Catholic Board of Education‟s „Integrating Technology in Education (ITE)‟ project is not designed to replace traditional teaching, as it will only be used moderately, once or twice per week.” Claudette Rolle, Director of Catholic Education

ARCHBISHOP MAKES OFFICIAL VISIT TO CBE SCHOOLS The annual visit to the schools by the Archbishop is a tradition dating back to 1931 when local bishops were first appointed to the country. Prior to that time the Bishops from New York, which had the ecclesiastical responsibility for the Bahama Islands, would visit the schools. At that time the reasons for the visits would have been many including reinforcing the Catholic identity of the schools and the distribution of food and clothing. As the Archdiocese of Nassau continued to grow, the tradition of the Annual Visit was upheld. Many alumni will recall the fervor and excitement of preparing for the visit. Former students will also fondly remember listening intently to the Archbishop‟s remarks, waiting in anticipation to hear him proclaim a day off for students and staff. This year the Archbishop‟s visit spanned two weeks in October. The first stop for the Most Reverend Patrick C. Pinder, S.T.D., C.M.G, Archbishop of Nassau was the home of the Aces, Aquinas College. His visits culminated at the home of the Mighty Sparks, St. Thomas More School. A special assembly demonstrating the character and personality was held at each school to mark the occasion. Schools also presented Archbishop Pinder with donations for the Special Collection for Hurricane Irma Relief fund. The funds will be used to benefit those affected by Hurricane Irma, both at home and across the region. During his remarks the Archbishop implored CBE students to remember those students in the region who did not have a school to attend as a result of Hurricane Irma. He also thanked teachers for their contributions to the Catholic Education system:- “Some say that Catholic Education is a gift to the nation. If this is indeed true; then teachers you are the providers of this gift. I thank you for all that you do!” He added:- “Visiting the schools and interacting with teachers and students is a tangible way for me to demonstrate my firm support of our education apostolate. Catholic Schools comprise our largest and most enduring footprint in the social development of this country.”

AQUINAS COLLEGE TRADE FAIR LIGHTS ENTREPRENEURIAL SPARK IN STUDENTS Aquinas College recently held its 3rd Annual Aquinas College Business Department Trade Show. Students set up booths and sold goods and services they created. Products ranged from conch fritters to iced milk chocolate shakes. The Trade Fair is the brainchild of Miss Heather Iphill, Accounts & Economics teacher. Miss Iphill along with Mrs. Kmchell Dodge, Head of the Business Department organized this year‟s event. Held on the school grounds the Trade Fair was established to foster a sense of entrepreneurship in students and provide them with the opportunity to sell goods/services and experience firsthand the market dynamics of supply and demand. The Trade Fair is open to all Aquinas College students. There are twenty (20) stalls up for grabs with the option of participating as an individual store holder or as a group. Students who participate pay a small registration fee. Students keep 100% of the profits made.

“Entrepreneurship is a vital part of the Business Department curriculum”, explained Miss Shannals Johnson, Senior Mistress and Business Department Supervisor, Aquinas College. She continued: - “Students, with guidance from the teacher, explore how entrepreneurship begins with a dream and ends with a product or service that fills a niche. The Business Department Trade Fair is an enterprising event that gives our students the opportunity to exhibit their creativity and hone their marketing skills; simultaneously learning to become more conscientious consumers.” Proprietors of The Sweet & Salty Stand, Vallyah Rolle (Grade 9); Dana Morrison (Grade 9) and K'Gia Turnquest (Grade 11) spoke about their experience at the 2017 Aquinas College Business Department Trade Show:-“It was a great business venture for us. We marketed our products among friends, classmates and other students during the week leading up to the Trade Fair. We were very pleased by the huge amount of support. At the end of the day, the Sweet & Salty

AUTHOR GIFTS A COPY OF NEW BOOK TO AQUINAS COLLEGE STUDENTS Patricia Glinton-Meicholas recently delivered a message of hope for the future through the gift of reading to students of Aquinas College. The author gifted every Aquinas student with a copy of her most recent publication, Lusca and Other Fantastic Tales. During the presentation, Glinton-Meicholas and her husband Neko Meicholas imparted words of love and encouragement, imploring students to be thankful for the gifts God had given them and to give back to their community. From its inception Guanima Press has been committed to giving books to young Bahamians in an effort to foster an appreciation for books and excitement for learning. The Guanima Press Books for Students Project was Mr. Meicholas‟ brainchild, a product of a great desire to raise the levels of reading achievement among young Bahamians. It was he who asked his wife to write a book to support the undertaking. He told the assembled students, “This book is a gift to the young people of The Bahamas.” The author wrote Lusca and Other Fantastic Tales with the explicit purpose of providing it free of charge to as many students as possible throughout the archipelago. Glinton-Meicholas explains: “We are hoping to show the children of this country that we believe in them and love them. We want to let them know that the habit of reading can help them to achieve all their developmental endeavours.” Aquinas College is the second school recipient of this generous gift of learning which is hoped to ignite in every recipient the spark of imagination. When asked why Aquinas College was at the top of the list as a stop for this book giving tour, the Meicholas duo did not hesitate to respond: “We believe in Catholic education; we believe in what Aquinas College accomplished in the past and what is being done in its present incarnation. And, quite frankly, we want to support Archbishop Patrick Pinder's zeal for education, the Director of Catholic Education, Claudette Rolle and Shona Knowles, Principal, Aquinas College. These are people we admire greatly.” “Ah, but the children!” that line is taken from Lusca and Other Fantastic Tales. It‟s the beginning of a line by Lusca, one of the many mystical creatures in the book, expressing her immense love for the children and all their antics which fill her with joy. The author expressed the same sentiments of the character she created as she looked around the hall, inexplicably connecting with each of the 522 students telling them, “I love each and every one of you. Although I have not had the chance to interact with each one of you personally, I love you.” At the end of the assembly, as Aquinas College students proudly clutched their copy of Glinton-Meicholas‟ book and waited patiently in line for the author to autograph it, the reciprocation of love for the author and what she was doing was evident. Christopher Curry, Head Boy, explained the impact the presentation had on him: - “I liked that Mrs. Meicholas still has hope in young people; sometimes it feels as if most adults have given up on us. Mrs. Meicholas has not just presented a problem, the educational underachievement of young people, but she has come up with a solution to make a difference.” The Aquinas College school body will read excerpts from the book daily over the PA system as a part of the school‟s literacy initiative.

ST. THOMAS MORE SWEEPS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS The St. Thomas More Sparks swept the 2017 CBE Basketball Championships winning both the boys and girls divisions. The Sparks, who are no strangers to the winning seat, won first place last year in the boys division. This year‟s double win solidifies the school‟s place atop the primary school basketball landscape. The 2017 Basketball Season kicked off on Friday, 13 October 2017. What ensued was six (6) weeks of fun and excitement on the court. Participating schools included the St. Cecilia‟s School Strikers, Sts. Francis & Joseph School Shockers, Xavier‟s Lower School Giants and St. Thomas More School Sparks. Both Sparks teams faced off in the Championship Games against the Sts. Francis & Joseph Shockers. The Sparks girls seized the Championships in two games. The Most Valuable Players for the Sparks girls team were Essence Sands and Arianna Gomez. The Sparks boys won the Championships in Game 3, with a 2 to 1 game win over Sts. Francis & Joseph. Andru Arthur was named Most Valuable Player. The final standings for the CBE 2017 Basketball Championships are below: Regular Season Results Girls: 1st Place (Pennant Winners) 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place

St. Thomas More School Sts. Francis & Joseph Xavier‟s Lower School St. Cecilia‟s

Boys: 1st Place (Pennant Winners) 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place

St. Thomas More Sts. Francis & Joseph St. Cecilia‟s Xavier‟s Lower School

2017 CATHOLIC SCHOOLS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT RESULTS 2017 Catholic Schools Basketball Championship Results Girls: Winners Runners Up

St. Thomas More School Sts. Francis & Joseph

Boys: Winners Runners Up

St. Thomas More School Sts. Francis & Joseph

St. Thomas More Boy’s Basketball Team

St. Thomas More Girl’s Basketball Team

The Mime Experience Actions speak louder than words On stage the group of young boys, their faces covered in white paint, do not speak a word. Their intense and purposeful movements convey the positive, uplifting message they bring each time they take the stage. The Evolution of Illusion , the Sts. Francis & Joseph mime troupe, is made up of nine (9) boys and one (1) girl. The group was started in 2014 as an avenue to engage young male students. The group meets twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays after school. Lead by Mr. Cassius Knowles, Kindergarten Aide and Ms. Valene Rolle an alumni of Sts. Francis & Joseph School, The Evolution of Illusion have delighted audiences at school events and throughout the wider community. In addition to performing at school events the group has also performed at the String City Violin productions and DJ Godson's 'Lit'. Mime is one of the oldest art forms. Ancient Greeks spent many afternoons packed in amphitheaters enjoying it. Mime was the substance of early movies before “talkies” came along. “I always remind the boys, that mime is simply telling a story through your facial expressions", Mr. Knowles explained. He added:- “One of our goals is to put on a mime concert where we perform along with other mime groups.”

In Pictures Fall Term


St. Cecilia’s

21 Every Child Counts

Sts. Francis & Joseph




Mary, Star of the Sea

St. Thomas More



37 Xavier’s Lower School

St. Francis de Sales


Aquinas College



CBE TEACHERS & ADMINISTRATORS RECEIVE CPR & FIRST AID CERTIFICATION Prior to the start of the new school year, CBE Administrators participated in a one day CPR & First Aid training course. Held at Seton Hall, Xavier‟s Lower School, the workshop was designed to provide training and certification to all CBE Administrators in skills required to save a life. The workshop focused on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, CPR, and First Aid for adults and children. Nurse Elizabeth Hawkins, School Nurse, CBE Primary Schools (Nassau) conducted the workshop. Along with Nurse Joan Cates, School Nurse, Aquinas College; Nurse Hawkins is a certified instructor for the American Heart Association. Training and certification for the administrators was conducted following the rules and regulations of The American Heart Association. Studies have shown over and over again that patient outcomes are significantly improved when someone with CPR, AED, or First Aid training is able to assist the patient while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive. Having administrators, teachers and staff who are well equipped with first aid skills makes a great difference in the entire safety of the schools. “The main purpose of this particular training program was to ensure that there are sufficient people in each school who can respond promptly and appropriately to a potential emergency situation”, explained Nurse Hawkins. She added:- “Preparation of CBE administrators and teachers as first responders is paramount. We also hope that this program reassures parents that their children are in excellent hands during the school day and helps to provide a safe work environment for staff.” Workshop topics also included proper response to cardiac arrests, heart attacks, choking, asthma, heat exhaustion, burns, bleeding, anaphylaxis and the use of an epi-pen. All CBE Administrators were certified at the workshop, a total of twenty-two (22) individuals. Subsequent to the CBE Administrator training; fifty (54) teachers throughout the CBE system were trained and certified. To date seventy six persons in the CBE system have been certified including teachers, principals, vice principals, office staff and all physical education coaches. Plans are already underway to certify an additional ten (10) teachers in each school by the end of the school year.

THE SCHOOL NURSE - ENSURING THE WELLNESS OF THE SCHOOL COMMUNITY „Many Parts, One Body – Working Toward the Common Good‟, the Catholic Board of Education (CBE) theme for the 2017/2018 school year encapsulates the workings of CBE‟s education system. Throughout the CBE family of schools there exist a myriad of persons contributing to the development of their school and community. One such individual who plays an integral part is the primary school nurse. The role of the nurse in the primary schools differs from the function of the nurse in secondary schools. Nurse Elizabeth Hawkins, School Nurse, CBE Primary Schools (Nassau) has responsibility for the four primary schools in New Providence. Her role involves health screening and preventative medicine. Nurse Hawkins‟ duties also include reviewing health forms and assessing students who might be at risk while in school. “When I determine a student is at risk there are a series of steps I take”, says Nurse Hawkins. She explained: - “I reach out to the parents and ensure that any and all measures are in place to keep that child and all others safe while in school. I also speak with the teacher to ensure that he or she understands any issues that children in her class might have. Throughout the year I continue to liaise with teachers and parents as issues arise.”

Nurse Elizabeth Hawkins


If your child has had an accident or injury or new diagnosis PLEASE inform the nurse directly in addition to informing the teacher. Email: Mention the child's name, school and teacher's name. Sometimes there might be more than one child with the same name. All the children in all the schools are in a chronic state of dehydration. None of them drink enough water. Money for water is spent on candies and ice cream at the end of the school day. I therefore request that all children come to school with at least 1 litre of UNFROZEN water. Most phone calls to parents for early collection are as a result of dehydration: headaches belly aches from constipation muscle cramps heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Many parents have new ALIV phone numbers but have not updated their emergency contacts with the school office or the nurse. Please make sure you update your contact information with your school.

The School Nurse does not carry medications of any sort in any school. All medications given in school must be prescribed by a doctor with a pharmacy label on the bottle, and the child's name and required dosage. A letter from the parent outlining when the medicine was last given should also be included. Absolutely no medication should be placed in the child's bag. All medication must be handed into the office by an adult. Please note that in most cases medication need not be given in school. One dose at home, one dose at the end of the school day, one dose before bed is usually sufficient.

Always answer a call from school, sometimes it is very important. Most calls to parents/ guardians from the school go unanswered.

A sick child with fever, vomiting or diarrhea must stay at home. We do not have facilities in the primary schools to nurse sick children.

AQUINAS COLLEGE ALUMNI CONCERT On October 7th, 2017, under the theme “This is How We Do It‟ – A Stroll through the Ages!”, Aquinas College alumni recreated the excitement and allure of Aquinas College‟s legendary performances. Sounds from popular musicals such as „The King & I‟, ‟Oklahoma‟ and „My Fair Lady‟ filled Loyola Hall. Some of the alumni performers reprised their original student roles. Concert sponsors included FOCOL, Apex, Woslee Construction and a number of Aquinas College alumni. The concert featured performances by alumni Bernard Hanna, George Thompson, Val Maura, Brenda Bostwick, Phillip Johnson, Rose Richardson, Delecia Williams, Fred Munnings Jr, Eric Fowler, Trencina Christie, Brian Christie, Josephine Symonette-Stuart, Arthur Johnson, Delvin Major, Merissa Moss, Clement Penn, Tony Seymour Jr., Illsha McPhee, Dem et ri a Bast i an and Andrew Richardson. On behalf of the Catholic Board of Education and Aquinas College Ms. Shona Moss-Knowles, Principal, Aquinas College, thanked sponsors and participants of the Alumni Concert, “I would like to thank all the alumni that participated in the Concert, those that attended the concert and our sponsors.”

Mrs. Knowles added:- “It warms my heart that so many people still fondly remember the legendary past Aquinas College performances. I thank those persons that joined us to remember the past. Together we look forward to the future of this wonderful institution which has produced and continues to produce some of the most talented entertainers in the country. Val Maura, a veteran of the performing arts community in The Bahamas and an Aquinas alumnus expressed his pride of participating in the alumni concert, “I am overjoyed to have had a chance to relive the golden days of Aquinas College‟s theatrical performances which were top notch in the county. It‟s nice to reminisce about famous attractions, such as the Garfunkel Auditorium, and to know that there was a time when you had to be first-rate in order to qualify as a performer.” Mr. Maura concluded: - “I am proud to be an Aquinas alumnus and to have the opportunity to give back to my school!”

CLASS OF 1998 GEARS UP TO CELEBRATE ITS 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY The Aquinas College Class of 1998 is gearing up for a year of activities in celebration of their twentieth anniversary. Spurred on by a love for their alma mater and in memory of their classmate and dear friend Sparkle Bethel, the Class of 1998 is determined not only to celebrate their anniversary but to make a difference in the lives of young people and by extension their community. Activities for next year include a bingo night, mini fair and an alumni old school dance. Community projects include a toy drive, student mentoring and setting up a scholarship fund for students who wish to attend Aquinas College. The kick off event, a Souse Out, took place on Saturday, 1 December 2017 at Aquinas College.

Georgette Adderley, Member Class of 1998 shared her Aquinas memories:- “My memories as a student at Aquinas College are endless. A few things that stick out in my mind are being a part of the choir and band and the endless performances leading up to our first ever battle of the bands and drum-line at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. She added:- “Another fond memory was being a part of the opening of the school‟s cosmetology department. The Class of 1998 comprised the first Aquinas College cosmetology class.” The Class of 1998 also wants to establish an Aquinas College Alumni Association through which all alumni can come together, reconnect with classmates and give back to Aquinas College. Part proceeds from all Class of 1998 events will go towards the Aquinas College Development Fund.


Aquinas College Class of 1998 December 1st, 2017 - Start of Christmas Toy Drive December 2nd, 2017 - Souse out/Raffle (Aquinas College School grounds) December 15th, 2017 - Class of 1998 General Social



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Class of 1998


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Please spread the word and encourage other Catholic school alumni to join the Catholic Schools Bahamas Network (CSBN). The Catholic Schools Bahamas Network (CSBN) has been established to engage people who share CBEâ€&#x;s vision and plan for its schools and to invite them, as stewards, to share their gifts and bring that vision to fruition. Members receive regular updates on exciting new developments at our Catholic schools; get the opportunity to reconnect with classmates and cherished, former teachers and share in the many uplifting stories of CBE schools. Sign up at:

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS E-MAGAZINE PHOTO CREDITS Aquinas College - Mr. Jose Cecil Magno Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Academy - Miss Sydney Collie St. Francis de Sales School - Mr. Elmer Bongon St. Cecilia’s School - Ms. Marie Rodgers Sts. Francis & Joseph School - Mr. Emmanuel Caragan St. Thomas More School - Ms. Nicolosena Davis & Mrs. Alexandria Richardson

Special thank you to Mr. Elmer Bongon, Ms. Marie Rodgers, Ms. Nicolassena Davis-Carter, Miss Shannals Johnson, Miss Sydney Collie and Mrs. Valerie Rolle for sharing the stories of our CBE schools.

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Catholic Board of Education Emagazine - Fall 2017  

A publication sharing the stories of Catholic schools in The Bahamas.

Catholic Board of Education Emagazine - Fall 2017  

A publication sharing the stories of Catholic schools in The Bahamas.