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Finally, the judgment has to do with God’s Promised One. God sends His Promised One into the world and how the people treat him and what they think of him is their judgment of themselves. He is like a mirror and what they see is only a reflection of themselves. As it says in 2nd Samuel 22:26-28: “With the loyal thou dost show thyself loyal; with the blameless man thou dost show thyself blameless; with the pure thou dost show thyself pure, and with the crooked thou dost show thyself perverse. Thou dost deliver a humble people, but thy eyes are upon the haughty to bring them down.” Everyone’s salvation is in their own hands; it is between them and God only. The judgment of their relationship to God is through the presence of God on earth in His Promised One; that is, through whether or not, and to what degree, they believe in him. (Dr. Leland Jensen, Revelation Explained, Chapter 11 verse 18)

The Temple is the shekinah, the presence of God. What is being said here is that the only place in this whole, wide world where this presence of God can be found is where the Lamb reestablishes the Universal House of Justice in its childhood form, the second International Baha'i Council. In the Baha’i faith, when we live the life, teach His Cause and are firm in the Covenant, we receive the bounty of the Holy Spirit. This is the presence of God, or “Shekinah.” However, if any one of these is cut off, then the Holy Spirit is cut off. The so-called “mainstream Baha’is” broke the Covenant when they did away with the executive branch. Therefore, they do not have the “Shekinah” (the presence of God). Thus, they are cut off from the bounty of the Holy Spirit, which is spiritual death. When they die the physical death they will be DEAD-DEAD. (Dr. Leland Jensen, Revelation Explained, Chapter 21 verse 22)

And this is the judgment, that the light [Baha’i] has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light [Baha’i], because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light [Baha’i Covenant], and does not come to the light [Baha’i Covenant], lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light [Baha’i], that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God. (John 3:19-21 RSV)

JESUS THE HIGH PRIEST --Zechariah Chapter 3--

“And the Lord shewed me Jesus the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord: and Satan stood on his right hand to be his adversary. And the Lord said to Satan: The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan: and the Lord that chose Jerusalem rebuke thee: Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?” (Zechariah 3:1-2 Douay-Rheims)


C/O American Express Co. Florence, Italy 13 September 1969

Some days ago I was astonished to have word that Rex King and two young men were below wishing to see mel I sent word back to a~ I would like very much to see Rex but not the young men. I had things I wanted to tell him but not them. I told Rex that no one of my acquaintance has a better knowledge of the Baha'i Faith than he but as Lucifer in Old Testament D~s ehose to put truth aside and espouse the cause of Satan, so had he done in these modern times decided that he would now assume the station of Satan in these days of the Dispensation of Christ, despite the many opportunities that I had given him to change his evil v~s, yet he refused and blatantly insisted on maintaining his satanic intentions. therefore obliging me to cast him out from all association in this world with the people of God that included the life to come as well as his life here upon earth - his station to be ever and eternally that or Satan for evermore.

“THEREFORE I SING” --‘Abdu’l-Baha-When Abdu’l-Baha was sent to Akka, he experienced three kinds of persecution. Two kinds were easy to bear. When he arrived in Akka they placed chains upon his limbs and circlets of steel were locked around his ankles and knees. While the guards were doing this Abdu’l-Baha laughed and sang. They were astonished and said, “How is this? You are laughing and singing. When prisoners are ironed in this way, they usually cry out, weep and lament.” Abdu’l-Baha replied, “I rejoice because you are doing me a great kindness; you are making me very happy. For a long time I have wished to know the feelings of a prisoner in irons, to experience what other men have been subjected to. I have heard of this; now you have taught me what it is. You have given me this opportunity. Therefore I sing and am very happy. I am very thankful to you.” (‘Abdu’l-Baha, Star of the West, Vol. 3, pp. 88-89)


JOSHUA "This Stone \\'ith Seven Eyes" Tuesday December 14, 1971 }~. David L. Enquist Supervisor, Inside I.D. Hontana State Prison

Dear Mr. Enquist:



Please find enclosed a copy of "The Beast". I wish to thank you for your coope~tion in making this possible. I hope you will read it carefully, as it is my public Proclamation to the world. I fulfil the prophecies for the Promised one for today, as the Promised Ones in the past fulfilled the propheciesm their day, therefore, I am who I claim to be. I am in this prison through the Bounty of God for a Divinely Preordained purpose, one of which I am compelled to carry out. The special mission that I have to perform while still incarcerated here is quite clear to me, and to those that have availed themselves to my Firesides and to my Study Classes. Others are quite veiled to this. Those that are veiled sometimes unwittingly act contrary to the will of God, and by so doing unknowingly are the enemies ~f God. · 'fy abject mission and reason for r:1y being here is not only that I fulfil the prophecies of a Promised one by "the stone with seven eyes 11 being before me, by it being but one of the proofs, by it being the address of my appearance, but that I nrust proclamm to the peoples of the world, while still an inmate in this institution with "stone with seven eyes 11 before me, that, not only I, but the Promised Ones of all religions have now come, and that The Kingdom of God is now here embryonically, and the kingdom of man "The Beast" that now rules the world is about to come to an end--DRA~ATICALLY. Soon "the winds" of retribution are to beat down upon the heaa s of the people and assail them from every direction, and they shall be at utter loss with none to help, except those of whom God has purposed to be guided. Should they escape the fire there will be the radiation, fall-out, disease, starvation and a world wide revolution (Isaiah 24:17,18). For the peoples faces have been toward waywardness and unbelief, and their perversity has long continued. You will find that my rendition of the "R~ast" and the book of Revelation is unique. It is new and different. There is nothinf! like it. Hy explanations and commentaries are not found in any other writings, either past of present, Raha'i or otherwise. You will find that my interpretations are the only realistic ones, and the only ones that fits

,. . / the facts. Hy rendering has the only real anti true meanings. The reason being that I am the only person alive in the world that knew the ~eanings. This should be ample proof to anyone that I am who I say I am, see 2 Peter 1:2~,21). Being that I am who I say that I am, my interpretations and explana tions are the only authentic, true and meaningful ones in the world. naha'u'llah a hundred years ago stated that to :l.icuss the meanings then would not be meet anct seemly. Therefore nobody but the Promised Joshua, the high priest in the Sanctuary--King 1 s Chamber--standing before the angel of the Lord--Zech. 3:1-- could possibly know the meanings. Thus, the message that I have for the world is of the gravest importance. As you know that at no time during my stay here have I ever asked the administration for anything foJt myself. The only things that I have asked for have been for the Cause of God. Therefore may I look foreward to your further cooperation, and request that anything that is in opposition to my Divinely Preordained mission be removed or abrogated. I want you to know that my thoughts and best wishes arc for your continued happiness. At this time may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very rewarding New Year. Hay I remain His servant: In the Cause of God,

Dr. Leland Jensen D.C., Knight of Baha 1 u 'llah



l .:;()


JOSHUA "This Stone \'lith Seven Eyes"

Mr. James Blodgett Deputy Warden Montana State Prison Dee~ Lodge, Montana 59722 Dear Mr. Blodgett: I wish to thank you in your cooperation in the production of the "Beast" I wish that you will read it carefully as it is my public Proclamation to the world. You are probably wondering how could this old man possibly be a Promised one of God. Nineteen hundred years ago they were wondering how could this carpenters son, who was poor beond description possibly be The Messiah. But as He fulfilled the prophecies for the Promised Messiah in His day I fulfil the prophecies for the Promised Joshua, therefore I am who I claim to be. My abject mission and reason for my being here is not only that I fulfil the prophecies of a Promised one by "the stone with seven eyes" being before me, by it being but one of the proofs, by it being the address of my appearance, but that I must proclaim to the peoples of the world, whil~ still an inmate in this institution with this "stone with seven eyes" before me, that, not only I, but the Promised Ones of all of all religions have now come, and the Kingdom of God is now here embryonically, and that the kingdom of man "The Beast" that now rules the world is about to come to andend--DRAMATICALLY. The death pangs of "The Beast" will be the birth pangs of the "Kingdom" Soon "the winds" of retribution are to beat down upon the heads of the people and assail them from every direction, and they shall be at utter loss with none to help, except those of whom God has purposed to be guided. Should they escape the fire there will be the radiation, fallout, diseas~ starvation, and a world wide revolution (Isaiah 24:17,18). For the peoples faces have been toward waywardness and unbelief, and their perversity has long continued. You will find that my rendition of "The Beast" and the Rook of Revelation is unique. It is new and different. There is nothing like it. My explanations and commentaries are not found in any other writings either past or present, Baha'i or otherwise, except fragmentary, and that of Abdu 1 Baha in the book of "Some Answered Questions". Even here He limits His explanations to the 11th, 12th and part of the 21st chapters, and He dosn't even mention "The Beast". "You will find that my rendition is the only realistic one, and the only one that fits the facts. It has the only real and true meaning. The reason being is that I am the only person alive in the world that knew the meanings. This should be ample proof to anyone that I am who I say I am, see 2 Peter 1:20,21. Being that I am who I say I am, my interpretations and explanations are the only authentic, true and meaningful ones mn the world. Raha 1u 1 llah stated a hundred years ago that to discuss the meanings then would not be meet and seemly. Therefore, nobody but the Promised Joshua, the high priest in the Sanctuary --King's Chamber--standing before the angel of the Lord--Zech. 3:1-could possibly know the meanings. Thus, the message that I have for the world is of the gravest importance.

As you know that at no time during my stay here have I ever asked the administration for anything for myself. The only things that I have asked for have been for the Cause of God. Therefore may look foreward to your further cooperations, and request that anything that is in opposition to my Divinely preordained mission by removed or abrogated. I want you to know that my thoughts and best wishes are for your continued happiness. At this time may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a rewarding New Year. May I remain His servant:

In the Cause of God,

Dr. Leland Jensen, n.c., N.D., D.n.T. Knight of Raha 1 u 1 llah

JOSHUA "The Stone With Seven Eyes" Wm. James Estelle Jr. Warden, Montana State Prison Deer Lodge, Montana 59722 Dear Mr. Estelle: You by now are well aware of whom I claim to be, and undoubtedly you have formed some opinion as to these claims. I have not been concerned about ones opinions however as long as these opinions do not interfer with my Divinely appointed mission. I fulfil the prophecies for the Promised one for today, as had the Promised Ones in the past fulfilled the prophecies in their day, therefore, I am who I claim to be. I am in this prison through the Bounty of God for a Divinely Preordained purpose, one of which I am compelled to carry out. The special mission that I have to perform while still incarcerated here is quite clear to me and •hose that have availed themselves to my Firesides and Study Classes. Others are quite veiled to this. Those that are veiled sometimes unwittingly act contrary to the Will of God, and by so doin~ unknowingly are the enemies of God. At no time during my stay here have I ever asked the administration for anything for myself. The only things I have asked for were for the Cause of God. My abject mission and reason for my being here is not only that I fulfil the prophecies of a Promised one by "the stone with seven eyes" being before me, by it being but one of the proofs, by it being the address of my appearance, but I must proclaim to the peoples of the world, while still an inmate in this instituti\>n with this "stone with seven eyes" before me, that, not only I, but the Promised Ones of all the Revealed religions have now come, and The Kingdom of God is now here embryonically and that the kingdom of man "The Beast" that now rules the world is about to come to aa end--DRAHATICALLY. The death pangs of "The Beast" will be the bitth pangs of'I "The Kingdom". Therefore, may I request that all arbitrary rules and regulations that are in opposition to this mission be abrogated. "~at I have to say individually to any person in this world is confidential unless I or he decides to make it public. In order to do this I must have direct mail both incomin~ and out going. I shouldn't even have to ask for this as it is being instituted in other penal institutibns, and was one of the 14 points of Attica. It is something that we should have been having all along. Soon "the winds" of retribution are to beat down upon the heads of the people and assail them from every direction, and they shallbe at utter loss with none to help, except those of whom God has purposed to be guided. Any American city with a population of 100,000 or more you can





'; i

be sure is a target. If one happens to be in a target area and is under a direct hit his chances of survival are nil. Should they escape the fire there will be the radiation, fall-out, disease, starvation and a world wide revolution (Isaiah 24:17,18). For the peoples faces have been turned toward waywardness and unbelief, and their perversity has long continued. Enclosed please find a copy of "The Beast", and please read it carefully, for it is my public Proclamation to the world. You will finn that my rendition of "The Beast" and the book of Revelation is unique. It is new. It is different. There is nothing like it. My explanations and commentaries are not found in any other writings either past or present, Raha'i or otherwise, except fragmentary and that of Abdu'lRaha in the book "Some Answered Questions". Even here he limits his explanations to the 11th, 12th and part of the 21st chapters, and he dosn't even Mention "The Beast". You vlill find that my rendition is the only realistic one, and the only one that fits the facts. It has the only real and true meaning. The reason being is that I am the only person alive in the world that knew the meanings. This should be ample proof to anyone that I am who I say T am, see 2 Peter 1:20,21. Being that I am who I say that I am, my interpretations and explanations are the only authentic, true and meaningful ones in the world. Baha'u1llah stated a hundred years ago that to discuss the meanings then would not be meet and seemly. Therefore, nobody but the Promised Joshua, the high priest in the Sanctuary--King 1s Chamber--standing before the angel of the Lord--Zech. 3:1--could possibly know the meanings. Thus, the message that I have for the world is of the ,e;ravest importance. You will soon be going to your new post, that is, if you get there before the bombs drop. If so, I want you to know that you are walking into the fire, a fire that is eternal, for no one comes back and does it over. You ldll not be eternally known however by the eulogies you received in the press, nor by the praises of the politicians, but you will be eternally !mown as \varden hlm. James Estelle Jr., who was over "the stone with seven eyes" that God placed before the Promised Joshua, where each day he received and suffered a new indignity, a new insult. For instance, Pontius Pilate, although he must have done something good, the only thing that is remembered about him is that he aquiesced to the infamous decision of the corrupt Sanhedrin Court, that condemned The Promised One of God in that day. God had other plans for you, but you failed to learn about them, therefore, He is giving, what you want, for He has the reins of things in His grasp. This letter of request has been written with the best wishes and thoughts for your well being. I would have liked f~r you to have investi~atcd, and to have had your eyes opened, so th<~t you may have been that "only" warden that made it into His Kingdom. May I remain His servant: In the Cause of God nr. Leland J~nsen, D.C., Knight of Raha 1u 1llah



])r. Leland Jensen 22 650 Mr. James Estelle Jr • . Warden Montana State Prison Deer Lodge, Montana 59722 Dear Warden: Humbly and lowly I am writing this letter to you, with the belief in mind that you knowingly do not wish to do the wrong thing. We Baha'is in this institution 0 since last February u have been trying without success to have our own religious services. On May 30th of this year I wrote a letter to the Deputy Warden 11 Mr. BloCfgett, making a written formal request for these services. This letter was written in accordance with his request, that, I explain to him what is a Baha'i Fireside and give a description of the Bc;lha 1 i Faith. A copy of this letter is hereby enclosed. This letter was accompanied with the book "Some Answered Questions 0 " written by Abdu 0 1-Baha, with it 8 s Library of Congres-s number imprinted therein. On Saturday June the 13th I received and Interdivisional Communication from Mr. Bl<ldgett dated 6-8-70, saying: 11 Dr. Jensen, I have enjoyed your request. Since I will be gone for two weeks I am forwarding this to the Warden for coordination. signed Blodgett. Besides your kind letter to my wife explaining tnat the matter had just reached your desk and that you would act on this requestu I have heard no more about this from the administration. However the Chaplains runner has informed me that my letter of requisition is now lying on the Protestant Chaplains desk and has been there for several weeks, where it is tabled. We Baha'is are very sincere in our religious beliefs and we wish to observe them and propagate them without being stifled or interdicted by any other reli_gion. In my letter to Mr. Blodgett I tried to make it as clear as I could 0 that; the Baha'i Faith is an Independent Revealed World Religion. That it is independent of the other siX- alive revealed world Religions. I would further like to explain that it is not an offshoot of either Islam 8 or Christianity, or any other modern or ancient religion. Therefore I am justified in saying that it does not come under the jurisdiction of either the Catholic or Protestant Chaplain either to pass on it or to administer it. At- this point I would like to give a word of clarification. In spite of the independent nature of the Baha 0 i Faith, it was revealed by the same God that revealed the other six Alive World Religions. We make the greatest claim, that; Baha 1 u 8 llah--Glory of God--is the Promised One of all the world religions as foretold in their holy books. See attached newspaper announcement clipped from the Missoulian in April of this year. The Christian clergy, except for a few 11 do not believe that Baha 0 u 1 llah came from the heaven of God 8 s Willu or that he is their returned Christo If they did they would ~not be Christian Clergymen, but Baha'is. They do not accept their returned Christ, any more than the Jewish Clergy nineteen hundred years ago accepted their Messiah, and for the same reasons. For your benefit and further clarification I am asking my wife to send you under separate cover 11 a copy of THE PROMISED ONE HAS COME, which is a manu'script that I have written and is still in rought draft and unfinished due to my incarceration.

The above is not being sent you however, in order to expedite our request of us to conduct our own religious services in accordance with our beliefs and practices, as laid down in the Baha'i Faith. All that is necessary is to recognize the independent nature of our Faith and accord us our freedom of worship that has been accorded the followers of the Christian Faith in this institution. In the interim we are deprived of our inalienable rights to religious freedom. There are no ulterior motives couched in our request, nor is there disloyalty meant, to either our country, nor to the administration, or the rules of this institution. May we look to you for relief in this matter?

"THIS ')TC'NE t'.'lTH 7



w. J.

Estelle Jr.

Warden Montana State Prison Deer todge, Montana Deer Wardent

For some weeks now I have been putting off writing to you. After the episode that happened this last ~)mday afternoon I feel th~t I can delay no longe1•. Several mont:hs ago I ~t my wife to you, to talk to you about the religious persecution that is going on, but you did not hear her out and my message \18.5 not delivered. Up until I made D\Y proclqsation on April 291 1911 the teachin~ of the Baha •i Faith here • t with no real resistance on the part of the administration, with the only c;,xpected sniping and denial on the part of the chaplains and Christians. This is no longer the case the ease, the adnd.nistration has gotten into the act. Therefore I JI:IUst bring this to y..;ur attention before it gets any worse. I caa 1 t believe, nor do I want to hilieve, that, ycu are in on the vicissitudes taken to suppress the Baha'i activities. So far there has been no direct refusal to our meetings, it baa been by innuendo and subterfuge, that has the same affect. ~}hen I made the announcement that I fulfilled the r-rophecies and am indeed the Promised Joshua for thia age and shared this knowledge with the administration, I was not so naive as to think that they would be able -w 8e--able to believe • . To do so they would have ot have a special knowledge of the JUeaning of the scri}ltureJJ and the propheci~s, aa elucid4ted by the Hanifestations of Cod, i.e., The nab and Raha'u'llah as well Abdu 1 l-Uaha and the Guardians of the Baha'i Faith. Those that have been attending the Raha'i Firesides and Sunday meetings have gained such a knowledge. As a result the Baha'is are the largest active religious group in this prison.

To me it bas not been to important as to who believes me, or not believe fulfilLi.-lt~ the <,;r.ccial mission that has been pre-ordained and proscribed by Cod, w·hile I am an inmate with this nstone with 7 eyes", before me. This I can fulfill and perform under the Constitution of the United States and the present cadre, or set up here, That is is if I am not denied my inalienable rights.

me, as long as they do not interfer with my

I ;,tm not :~Jcreaming persecution, nor am I dem:wiin1~ ri~hts. I am appea.ling to you as an ind.ividual. - perhaps rr.o-spiritual - 1:0 come to my aid and stop the su~atageu aud artifice, so that I may pr~eed ldthout the prejudida.l interference.

:iaturally when one has a mis:d<.>il 1 as rq own~ he not only acquires a progregUve number of he.llever8 and followers, but also rlenie1.. s and persecutors. They imgine, that; if they could move me out from behind this "stone that has sev'!n eyes" 1 or have one of the towers demolished, or suppress 11\f efforts

before I ha-ve completed rny mission I would cease to be ,Iashua. Little do they know. This is the same stance taken a little over nineteen hundred years ago. Althoudt the l(>arned men, the doctors, the la~j"Crs, the rabbi:\: and all other~ knowledgable in the scriptures and prophecit!'s were unable to recognize their Messiah, they thought that if they were able to have Him crucified, they would be able to frustrate His mission and put out His light. He gave thell proofs, but they veee not interested irt proofs. H! showed them where name, the address af His appen.rence. the date of H!s crucifixioo, and His lllisaion went given in prophecies by previous r,rophets and Manifestations of God in tbe old tesament, but the~ had already interpreted these scriptures and prophecies to me&.a something else. Besides, how could. a man amn.g them, eapecially one who was not considered em a.uthori ty on anything, or learned in the scriptures as a clergy or trained in the law - a doctor, lawyer or rabbi - but just a carpenter's son ~ one protl1ised 1l'l the Bible? Without .investigatin~ »is claim they knm~ that He was not only a fraud but eruy, blasphemous, and/or beezl.ebulb the devil, and had to be put down. This happens eaeh tiJne the Promised One of God COUles. Look at )"f.oses alti'ougb He gave the Pharaoh and the Egyptian cle~ His proofs - the nine plagues -they still denied Him and He bad no other choice but to drown thea like rata in the Red Sea. Noah gave His proofs, but neither were the people of His day going by proofs, He had no other choice but to also drow them in the flood • .Je:r.a.t told that the coming of the Son of }Jan in our day, would be like it waa in the days of Noah (l-'.att. 24:37) The only difference is that 1n our day there is to be 4 Great \tlav~a of destruction. (Hev. 7:1,2.) The first wave being atomic fire. (2 Peter 3:10) (Hev. 17t8, 17:161 18:8,




The Baha'i Faith is not just another club like the 'foastmsster, Jay Cees It is an independent World Religion. with its establishment in every part of the vorld• even including little tovna like Deer Lodge. Another world religion in this prison,. the Christian faith, is supplied with two Chaplains to sr41lsGr its ;<;unday il"orship. Out the 'Baha'i Faith although it has many more attending itt semee!Jis not even supplied one. Then the sponsor that we were .able to get ~u so shifted around last Sunday that the shift sergeant was able to interfer with our meeting. First he attempted to try to keep us from havtng the meeting at all, although it was authorized by the captain. we started our Sunday afternoon meeting with twenty-five in attendance from inside the wOJlls, but there were about ten from I{othe Hall that were kept in the tunnel for about an hour and one halt and then were brought to the compound. Those authorized to attend from M"ssoula and .\nnaconda were kept out !ide for the same length of time, onl)f being brought inside for the last few Dlinutes of the meeting. These iniqui tiess are to be condemned. They are against both the law · of Uod and the law of man.



To-day Pete Ganal!s nane has been cancelled from the approved list although you specifically told ~ wife that he could attend these meetings if he ht\d the approval of his parole afficer, which he bas. May we loot foreward for your fealty in this matter?

Very sincerely your, Dr. Leland Jenseo


()pal c:/Vl. :Jen&.en

328 ~tepht:.nj. clfuwuEd/!tlj_jOU[a, d'V(ontana 59801

September 6, 1971

The President The White House Washington, D.C.

Mr. President: My husband, Dr. Lel~d Jensen, was sentenced and placed and is being held behind the stone walls of the Montana State Prison illegally. It is illegal to charge and convict a doctor on a lewd and lascivious act by conducting an examination or giving a treatment to a patient in a professional officeo Anything a doctor does in a practice could be construed as lewd and lascivious. We were knighted as Knights of Baha'u''lah (Glory of God) in 1953 by the first guardian of the Baha'i World Faith, Shoghi Effendi and are the only two Knights in the world under the second guardian of the Baha'i Faith, Mason Remey. When my husband found himself placed behind the stone wall with seven towers and in view of what our guardian has written regarding satan for this day, he then realized that he was fulfilling some of the prophecies of the bible for the coming of the modern Joshua. As Knights we will be aided by His grace on high, and strengthened by faith, aided by the power of understanding and reinforced by the legions of the Covenant until God's Kingdom which is now here in Embryonic form, be born into the world.

:omj enc: References

JOSFUA "The Stone ~,-ith Seven Eyes" Thursday January ~7, 1972 Roger F. Crist Farden, ~·:ontana State Prison Deer Lodge, :'ontana 59722 Dear Hr. Crist: I was happy to rf>ad in the newspaper that you have a BA and HA in the science of human behavior. As such you are undoubtedly '"ell aware that rrisons are all wrong, that there is nothing right about them, and that they have to go. That they are a 5000 year old experiment that failed. That they cure nothing and are schools of crime and homosexuality. Our good GOVERNOR Hr.. Anderson as well as the Director of Institutions Hr. Kelner have stated publicly and they have been quoted in the press, as saying, that prisons have to be phased out. I hope you don't waste your time, our time, and the publics money trying to raise money for a new prison we don't need, for we have one to many new. The communities are day and night occupied in making penal laws, and in preparing and organizing intruments and means of punishmento They build prisons and make chains and fetters, arrange places of exile and banishment, and different kinds of hardships and tortures, and think by these means to discipline criminals; whereas in reality, they are causing destruction of morals and perversions of character. The community, on the contrary, ought day and night to strive and endeavor \..;ith the utmost zeal and effort to accomplish the education of men, to cause them day hy .iay to progress and to increase in science and knowledge, to acquire virtues, to gain !!ood morals, and to avoid vices, so that crimes may not occur. At the present time the contrary prevails; the community is al\vays thinking of enforcing the penal laws, and preparing means of punishment, instruments of death and chastisrnent, nlaces for imprisonment and banishment; and they ex}'ect crimes to be comnitte:l. This has a demoralizing effect." ~;.A.·~. 11


one has a r:1aturation ciefect--antisocial or psychopath--these personality defects are not going to be corrected by imprisonment, thus the high recidivism rate. Hhere one has a learning gap his frame .of reference can only be ir:tproved through a learning process. Imprisonment only teaches them how to live in a tight subculture, thus further damaging their personalities, causing them to further hate the society they already reject, and to further alienate them. Should you bend your energies to the scientific and spiritual solution to the problem of crime and maladjustment, yvu may become one of the greatest men of history, for what happens here is destined to become the model for the world. The time is ripe. The GO'{P}=;NORand the lirector of Institutions have insight, and the place is right, for this is a very special prison. This prison is unique for this is the one prorhesied in the Rible as the address for the appearance of the Promised Joshua.

Please find 0nclosed a copy of "Thc 11E>ast". \fay I ur5.':P. you to r'Nld it carefully, looking up the references, for it may be considered as my Proclamation to the peoples of the world. You will find my rendition of "The Beast" unique. It is new. It is different. There is nothin~ like it. Hy ~XT'lC~.nations and comnentaries ?r·e not found in any.other "\<TitinfY~ either or T'lr('c:ent, Baha 1 i or otherwise, except fragmentarr. It is realistic anct fits th(' facts. It has the only real and true rneanin~s. The reason being is that T ~as the only person alive in the world that ·knch· their real meanings. This in its self should be amrle rr~of that I arn ;.:hoI clai•:: to be, sec 2 '"'etPr 1:20,21. Being that Tam ,,-hoT sny that I am my interpretations arc the only authentic, true, and mec-,ningful ones in the world. ~;ohody but a Promised one c0u.b:l possibly know the meanings.

Those that have not investigated my claim with a rnre heart and an open ~ind cannot conceive of 1ihis old man being The Promised Joshua, but then ninc-teen hundred years ago the~r co•1ldn 1 t conceive that, that carrenter 1 s son co11ld po~sibly be ThP l' ~'essiah. Rut as He fulfilled the prophecies for the rromisect }.1essiah in His day, I fulfl11 the prophecies for The "rofilised Joshua in this day. Therefore may I strongly urge you to investigate my claim. Read "The Reast". I have the book ''Some Answered Questions" availahle for your convenience, and you are cordially invited to attend Firesides. They are held here in the prison each Tuesday a.nci Thursday evenings at 6 r.~:. Hay I remain in His


His servant,

Dr. Lel~nd Jensen D.C., Knight of ~-·aha 1 u 1 1lah


JOSHUA "The Stone \lith Seven Eyes" Wednesday February 9, 1972 Roger H. Crist Harden, Hontana State Prison Deer Lodge, Montana 59722 Dear Hr. Crist I don't know whether you have inherited the correspondence file of your predecessor or not; therefore, I am writing you this letter. On December the 13th and ag~in on December the 16th of 1971 I wrote ~~. Estelle letters requesting that we have direct mail both in-coming and out-going and I explained the reason for ~ request. I also included in these letters copies of "The Beast" and had asked him to read it carefully, as it should be considered as my Proclamation to the peoples of the "Vmrld. To this date I have not received an answer. In my letters to him I had explained that soon "the \finds" of retribution (Rev. 7:1,2,3) are soon to beat down upon the heads of the people and will assail them from every direction, that they will be at utter loss with none to help except them of whom God has purposed to be guided. This guidance of God comes to man through the mouth and pen of His Promised Ones. It is then, therefore, of the utmost importance that these Promised Ones be recognized by the peoples of the world. The prophecies in the scriptures are veiled--clouds of heaven--this is so that no one but the Promised Ones know there meanings. This is to keep the false prophets and the false leaders from being followed, and the True Ones from God only to be recognized. As the nest great catastrophe that hc.,s been prophsied through-out all of the Holy Scriptures is about to happen here and now, God has revealed in these Scriptures in the most clear manner--once it has been explained by the Promised One--the identiftcation marks for the Promised one for this day. The prophcies for the Promised Joshua who is for the Guidance of the peoples of the world and is to lead"'the people of God to victory are more clear and precise than that of any Promised One of all past history. v:hat couJd be more clear than "The Stone \iith Seven Eyes", the "dirty garment 11 , the aate that "satan resisted him", the date for his Proclamation, his name "the land--Leland. Hhat do the people want a third part of heaven to fall on them? The bombs will fall on them! Although these prophecies are clear and concise there are to be but 144,000 people in the world that are to turn to God, and be guided by Him through His Promised ones before the catastrophe. These are the elect of Matt. 24:21,22. Through these God will keep all flesh from being destroyed. The rest of the people are to t;o into the fire to be purified --thermoneuclear fire. In this fire 2/3rds of the people will oe destro~ed. The 1/Jrd that will be left will. become so purified that they >·Jill turn to God and then become Guided by Him-mass conversion (Zech. 1]:8,9 + Rev. 7:9). The Kingdon of God that has already been sent down to earth through the mouth and pen of God 1 s Prornised Hanifestion Baha 1 u 1 llah will then be established. This will replace the present establishment of "The

Beast", and this will be done most DRAHATICALLY, for the birth pangs of The Kingdom, will be the death pangs of 11 The Beast 11 • There are approximately five million Baha'is in the world. These are in every 6ountey 1 Island, Province 1 PPosscssion, State and practically ~ver.y City in the world. Its liturature has been translated into just about every language in the world including both the Indian and African dialects. This Baha'i establishment, however, has become apostate, as have the other religions, and has become the 7th head on "The Beast", as I have explained in rrrytreatise 11 The Beast". Therefore, there is no one that can save tl'e world other than the Promised Jo'Shua who is now in command, and is now busy raising up God's Heavenly Army, while here, with this 11 Stone \rlith Seven Eyes" before me. In "The Battle of Armageddon" I want you to know that I will be completely victorious, for this stone wall is continually before the sight of God (Isaiah 49:16). The first Guardian of The Faith, Shoghi Effendi, stated; that I woild ach~eve a total victory. The second Guardian, Mason Remey, told me personally that this is the victorious Cause of God. Those that oppose will go down to defeat and there will be none to help them. By asking for direct mail, I am not asking this for myself, but for the Cause of God. As this is a right, that we should be having anyhow, there should be no question of it being instituted in this prison. The commission that investigated the Attica riot, as well as the one that investigated the one in New Jersey, both stated that all of the points asked for by the inmates--direct mail was one of them--were all just and reasonalble, &nd were things that they should be having anyway, but they stated th~t this was not the way to get them. Now I ask you just how are we to get the things that we should be having all along? Did they mean that we could get these things with out going to court or by having a riot by making a personal appeal to the warden? Or was this commission just talking out of both sides of their mouths?

The tine is short and there is much to do, and I am compelled to get them done. May I look forward to you for relief in the accomplishment in of my Divinely Appointed Mission, by your granting direct mB:il? By rrry being an inmate you know that I CL":l. available to meet with you at any time to discuss this. Also you are cordially invited to attend Firesides, and I have available for your convenience the book "Some Answered Questions". I assume you have read the Beast. May is suggest that you study it? May I hear from you?

Faithfully in His Service

Dr. Leland Jensen D.6., N.D.and Knight of Baha'u'llah

JOSHUA The Stone t'Tith Seven Eyes 11 Honday February 21, 1972


Roger ~I. Crist "\Jarden, Hontana State Frison Deer Lodge, Hontana 59722 Dear Hr. Crist: It "l'ras a pleasure to have made your acquaintance, and I >·Iant to take this opportunity to thank you for attending our Toastmasters club. I w~s also somewhat pleased to read in the paper, in your releases, especially in between the lines, rome of your ideas. Of course prisons arc all wrong, there is nothing right about th and thev have t o at least as they are now 1 t.:ttuted ana for reasons t.hav I have nreviously st2.ted. na~Iever, until tFls oecomes a real:tty there :ts ~uch that needs to oe done to assuage the bad situation that now exist here and in other prisons, and as I have stated before vrhat is done here in th:::.t direction could beco11e a mouel for other states and countries to follow·. These things are of the utn:ost importance especially here in these mom1tain states, because of the areat catastroDhe that is soon to descepd 11pon us. In these states there will notbe the total type destruction in the thermo-neuclear holocaust, that is to occur elsewhere in this country. The great world wide revolu"Uon, however, that is to follow the thermo-neuclear "~Har cohld be even nore de,vasta.ting than the exnlosion and the fall-out. Therefore, it :ts or' the utmost imnortance that the carr · n an erversitv · ov1 exist in goverrurrent and in our 1nst.1 utions includin the bad administratio '~t n 1s pr:tson e remedied. Any remedial action here ~·Iill not stop the revolut1on, but ii~ it comes in time, and is pronounced, it could take the edge off of the sword, so to speak. Those that work for this could become leaders of a nev-1 age, for there needs to be a bridge-over from the kingdom of man age to the Kingdom of God. If this is started now there -vwn •t be that long period of anarchy that is destined to follow the collaspe of the ~merican Government.


Prisoners want to be people. Host, ths.t are not in here on a. "bum-beef" ~ knOiiT that t:lre;y nave a proolem, and are some Hhat avmre ths.t something must be done, that is, if they are to be integrated into society, but they become frustrated when they see that this institution is not s · l"ie p them. In ac most oi 1e rules and ref~ulations here are designed o maRea.n inmate, not feel like a person, but to feel, look, act and talk like a convict. The indignities, insults and oppression that is hurtled at these men almost incessantly is very damaging and stifling to say the least. Host of these nefarious practices utterly destroy these personali t±es, sometimes to the extent that any eff art in the fut l.L:e to evolw these individuals meet onJy with complete failure. dost of these jnmat~ have mature bodies, but in their minds they are still children. In their brmging-up there were gaps Ul the1r learn:tng processes, vlhich resulted in arrested personalities, this is both mental and spiritual. Hmv then can blue coat guards that are themselves afflicted with the same immaturities evolve someone else?



,, ,,

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Since I have been here I have done .<\ll that I could not only to promote the Cause of Qod, but to supply the necessary knm1led£;e and spirituality to bring about change in ray fello¥T inmates. These elforts hmrever, have met Hith oostinance and repression by certain members of your staff as often as they were .able to do so • . To give you an example of an out-moded rule or regulation, an inmate try,.. L11g to be a person, trys to look and act like a person \Jy emulating the dress and habiliment of peop::.e, as these mores are in constant flux, rules governing these aspects, are soon out-moded and becoae archaic. 11hen this happRns·the inmate finds himself at variance to the code, and he thus receives a punishmeni:, that makes him nore of a child--mentally--than he 1-.ras before. h'hen these kinds of punishruents .. re aaministereci they serve no useful purpose, and are onl;'{ ego threatening, causing the inciividuals personality to either devalua~e his ego, and become a lesser person, or to cause him to "hang it up 11 and become a 11 hard nose 11 • 'i'o be ;;tore specific a few years back it vlaS the mode to wear short hair. The only ones that v-rere considered "long hairs" vlere the most accomplished of our muscians--violin players and ~hose ol the symphoney orchestras. Later it becruae the habit of the Bea tles, and then those in protest, but no'tr it ha.s become the mode of dress of busines.smen aLi people in all vmlks of life. ·:ihen this h<:.:rpened, I, as an individual vlishing to be in style ana to be 11 in 11 conforr.1ed to the new mode of habiliment, but definitely not as a protest in any sense of the word. Because I wanted to be a person and be p.,rt of the hunan frunly this archaic administration h,c;.s be ,n continuallY 11 conli1 o; do~m on me 11 ;:,nd reason 1an, J.n my efforts I renresent Progress 3.nd evolvement conl'lict Hi th their archaic rules. These rules for the nost part were instituted Oy the older militn.r" t:.vpe man are exab c ana way to ri ··id. A r; t.=cry t;ype set, ti:ng is undouotedly gee< J.~'l a rru itary situation, but this is not a milit<:.ry situation, and the gross lack of insight by these uen th:::.t, ao not h<1. ve the s;~.J.rJ.'GUal attributes in action nor do they know, nor comprhend t.he basic scientific principlesof psychology is devc.stating to say the least. Because I h::>ve tried to dress and look like a person, I Has threatened to be confined to my room outside of •wrk and chovv time. 'I'his would have included none attendance of Firesides, as well as ~oastnBsters. I was told to get m;;r hair cut or be restricted. If I was out in the yard teac!ling someone ho1>1 to peal a safe, rob a bank, pick a lock, or hoH to kill someone, or to teach them how to become a homosexual, .=,nd I adhereci. to the hair-cut code I '\·rould not be bothered by this defunct administr;;.tion. I have been actively living a spiritual and aoral life--inhere and on theoutside-and all of my thoughts ami actions have been for the upliftment of mankind, as I stood against vice, corruption and perversity I have been delt with in a manner of dire persecution. Don't get me \vrong I am in here through the Bounty of God, for a definite preordained purpose, one of which I shall not deviate there-of. Therefore I accept and indure all of the suffering and persecution that is heaped upon me. I am folloHing the example of those thr:ct have gone before me i.e. Jesus, The Bab, Baha'u'llah and Abdu 1 l-Baha, as well as the 20,000 martyrs of the Bah at L Faith, this includes all of the and brutalities the:. t are heaped upon me including the skin-shakes and he ave ~md showin uard that 1,voulci condes e to such a lmv estate to blood all the


You have educators vmrking here in this institution vrith det:_;rees, some have capacity such as Nr. Thompson and a gu<:trd by the name of Er. Cyr th<-tt could vo rk vrith ~rou to change this impossible situation to one of enlightenr:1ent and progress There are oo rJany impossible situations here that to nention them all vlith-out even going into them ·~.rould take to long, and at present serve no useful purpose. I hope and pray that I have r:ude my point and that I raay continue to serve, for the best interesJ o.f ;:-zy- fellovr man. In our short meeting last :t,fonday you told 1:1e you didn 1 t believe in my religion. Nobody said that you did or th':'.t you would. You are here hm·mver, because Hr. ~stelle failed. This is through the Hill of vod. Because he failed God gave him vrhat. he \'lanted. He se;t hin1 to the 11 hole 11 (see The Pit on page 11 in my rendition of 'l'he Beast~') You 3.skeci ne hml I iigureG that he vms going into the fire. In about six months he Hill be taking over the direction of the prison system in Tex:".s. His office ,,'fill then be in Austin the Capital. You car. be that all of the cities in this country '<rith a population of 100,000 or more is a target, especially the capital cities. ':.ben the bombs drop then you v1ill know ':rhat I mean. You <.re not here by accident, but Hhat ever ;rou did that moved God to bring you here, is the reason that you are here. He hc:~s nm-r brought 3'0U to the water of life. Its like the horse. You can bring a horse to ;;ater but you c~m 1 t r:1ake him drink. In the days of Noah they didn't believe His religion either, and they didn't lmov.r until the flood came and destroyed them all. Although Hoses presented His nine proofs to the Pharaoh and the L:;gyptians, they didn't believe, then God drmm_ed them in the Red Sea. lleither ,did they believe in That carpenter's Son, then in 70 A.D. Titus of Ror.1e destroyed them and their temple, and their city, ana dispersed their renmant throughout the vwrld. In this day the people arc saved up for U1e four vlinds of retriuution. Then and only then uill The Divine Standard oe unfurled and The L·iighting~·.le of Paradise v.;arble His Sweet Helody.



Please find enclosed a copy of 11 '::'he Hidden ',;ords 11 • Blessed is he vmo becones spiritually guided by the Breath of the Holy Spirit--The Hard.

u ~













' 1



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People claim to be followers of one or the other of the alive revealed religions, which have now become apostate and have formed the seven Heads of The Beast. As The Beast is formed by the seven it has come out of the seven (Rev. 17:11) MONTANA CATHOLIC REGISTER- Western Edition

Amer1~~~ Ch~t~tl~nith'itr%~~d~T,~gt;,iB~~geig~ J\Pe~t~eligion

.. . By H. M. Black In a study of American Re· ligion iri the 1950s entitled Protestant-Catholic·Jew, Will Herberg made a startling dis· covery. In basic attitude, ul. tim ate concern, and long range goals, there were no appreciable differences in Americans despite their denominatlion. Subsequent studies have re. vealed that we have generally accepted a nationa~ religion as the underlying basis for our various brands of ~aith. We go to our respective churches on Sunday, but the rest of the week we live by a semi-christian religion Barbat'a Ward calls an "amiable •Yncrcllsm." It would bo help. ful for us to look at 'it, and then at the rebellion agairist it in this last dec·ade (next week's in•l.allmcnt). At root, this "religion" Is an altitude. It is strongly humanistic, viewing goodness in terms of one's feelings and acts toward other humans in

of "The Beast"

III. The 'Est~blished Religi<!n.', ,2( America one's circle. It is a kind of "group. mo~ality" that has no room for super-natural motivation. Virtuous activity is seen as individual avoidance of group taboos and accomplishment of acceptable mate. rial goals, with · "sincerity" the quality by which one jus· tifies his actions. There are five unquestionable objects of faith: "scientific" findings, common sense, t h e Golden Rule, sportsmanship and individual independence. The explicite god of this faith is a bland universal fathermother figure who always Rov. H. M. Black stands ready to comfort and pacify <Norman V. Pealel. He !Its the Image of the American this "faith." This Is ~· "jolly eood fellow,'' that is, he viewed as 1lie!lower one never demands anythirig of us · achieves by position and~· that is not expedient. He is sessions, the basic motivation understandable and manage. of our lives. The assumption able, packaged for mass con- that Christ fully endorses our sumption. culture and ·economy is un· Obviously, this fellow is only C!'iflcally accepted, thus en. a pious front for the real god, couraging rapid growth of sec· the true ultimate concern of ,ular patterns of thought.

~~hl~s ~f t!ii~ ;.f~~V~ caus~.

The .are those of capitalistic d~moc;:. racy espousirig coo~er~tio~; .' · · • "group sk.iJls," fair play, an~ an. accepting, status. quo. ·atti~ tude toward life and busmess; The ''religion" is closely relat. ed to patriotism, thus becoming institutionalized into an "American established. Church" rooted in the public school system. For there it is that these values and skills are taught and practiced. One's denominational faith is integrated into the "American Church" as one of the means by which one further shapes his life and finds com· fort. The denominational faith is somethirig one lives by, not for; it is judged by Jts useful. ness, n<>t its truth. In one's parish church, occasional mor· allstic sermons hit at symp. toms of tlle social sickness and depersonalization, such as aJ. coholism, pornography or di· vorce, but none confronts the


We refuse to face· the lJQD·Chri§.tian qualities and pre. su~p?sitions of our "national religion " '!1i;hl~h priest of the "Amer· ican Church" is Billy Graham, telling us we are doomed. We must personally commit our. selves· to Christ as we await his imminent return, leaving the present social order "as is" (implied). The Christian vir, tues are individual and pietis· tic; man's duty is to have as little to do with the world as possible. Yet along with his despair of the present culture, Gra· ham paradoxi()ally praises and glorifies "this g~cat land and Its people." lie Is ~he looal national high priest, for he ef. fcclively blunts bhe prophetic and critical role of religion. gives us the assurance that It is only our private lives that matter; corporate responsibil· ity belongs to God. Signey Mead po.inled out in his book, The Lively Experi·


;::. men!, in speakirig .of th~· orig. ina! ... Protestant American dream, "The fair eXperiment failed. The traditional reJig. ions in the United States, so far as public welfare is con· cerned, . • . largely cancel each other out and are irrele·

vant." A nation which made no provision for maintaining and supporting religion has be· come more religious than nations with an established de· nomination. We have the largest percentage of chu•·chgoers in the world. But the price has been too high. An . accommodating religl~ has become the '"dependable var· !able," adapting, never 'de· nouncing,' · The theatre of the absurd has brought out into the open the ·degree to which religion 'has moved to the periphery of basically selfcentered mode of ·existence. ]k: !igion has become just one more servant of the American culture.




JOSHUA·. .· "The Stone With Seven ·" Tuesday March 14, 1972


Mr. J. Y~osld.e, Director

Classification and Treatment Montana State Prison Dear Sira·







· Noll' that religion has come under your department, I am writing you this letter .for your guidance in regard to the Baha'i Faith. I don't icnow whether you know it or not but the Baha•i· .Faith is not a Christi'Pl rttligion. It is. no mor-e Christian than the Christian is Jewish, and does not therefore come:·· under the jurisdiction of either of the Christian chaplains-Protestant or Catholic.· . I·am not writing this letter suggesting that thiw institution go to the expense of hiring a Baha'i chaplain, but to bring to your attention that the Christian chaplains do not find it to their interest to properly represent · God 1s la.test Revelation to mankind. Because o:f this I find it point out· our particular difficulties that we have because of this deficiency. · It~is like having the Cl1ristian religion being administered by a Jewish Rabbi.:.· I am not asking you to believe the Baha'i Faith, but I do want you to know that .it is an independent world religion, and has now spread to every~-­ country,. island., possession, ·state, province and practically every city .in the ·World including the town ot Deer Lodge. 1/hen oy wife and I brought · The Faith to ·two tiny islands in the Indian Ocean--Mauritius and:::Re\Ulion Islands-thelast places in the world received the Daha'~i Fai~h and set up the Baha •i establishment~ Ites literaturet.1has been translated in over 300 languagee · including most Indian and African dialects. .Its. followers are made up primarily or the followers of· the ¢!.1,iva revealed. re1ig!ons ot the world. Each finding in the Bahaii Faith the fulfillment ot their own religion~ · For instance the Buddhist· find in Baha 1 u '·Uah-when translated into El~i.ish . is ·the "Glory of God 11-the fulfillment ot their prophecy -ot the return o£ J3uddha. T}1.e Clristians find the. fulfillment of their prophecy of the return. of Christ--the coming o~ the son of man in the Glor.y or the Father-Baha1u'llah (Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26, -Matt. 16:27). The Hindus their Promioe· or the--return of Krishna. The Zororastrians the coming ot Shah BahrWDS • The S~ Muslims like the Christians were looking for the return of Christ, and Shiah ~llms for the return of the Imam HUsayn and the return .· . of the 12th Imam-the QUaim and. the Mahdi •. The Jews find in Baha'u 1llah . the coming of "The Glory of God" and their Promised Lord of Host, they then accept Jesus as their Promised Messiah. Therefore, when the proofs are given to the·peoples that Bahaiu'llah·ful.fills ~hese prophecies, those who are not tainted by bad interpretations and are/~~erse in their thinking, but have ·· • ·keen intelle.c..t: and a pure heart readily see the verities in these proofs ,. ·aM ..expJ.anations and becOIIW followers of Baha 1u 1llah- ~·are called Baha'is . which means ot Glor.y. Thus 1 this is the fastest growing religion in the . . · ' world'today• ·Those religious leaders that con4emn without investigation, :or are mot;tvated by position or possessions, act in a manner ot opposition, _: and. thua,, )ire the new enemies or God. · · •.



/ ·:. ·;~ \ :. J


The Baha'is represent a cross-section of mankind, all the way from prisoners to royalty, from laborer to movie star, from former atheist to former clergy-man, etc., and two former presidents were knowledgable in the Faith. President \'lilson's daughter was a Baha'i, and he got fourteen peace points by studying the Baha'i writings. Frahklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor attendEd Baha'i Firesides in the home of a doctor friend of mine in 'Hashington D. c. over a period of a number of years. He then had fireside chats on the .air with the people of this country, Through this he became inspired an initiated social reforms, such as social security, and then . he initiat·ed the United Nations. · The Baha'i: Faith has grown to an estimated over five million, but has now become apostate, as have the other revealed religions. The appointies of the first guardian, Shoghi Effendi, that are designated as 11 Hands of the Faith" that were to assist the guardian in his work, took over the Baha'i establishment in violation of the charter of the Baha'i Faith with the passing of the first Guardian, causing the second Guardian of the Faith, who waS' appointed by the first ·Guardian in accordance with the provisions of the Will and Testament of Abdu '1-Baha, which. is the Charter of the World Order of Baha 'u 1 llah, and is viewed by the Baha •is as the Charter of the Kingdom of God on earth, to go into voluntary exile from the International Baha'i Center on .l1t. Carmel at Haifa, Israel. The apostacies of the religions of God has been prophesied in the scriptures and has been explained in ~· rendition of "The Beast 11 1 refer to it. · .. }~ position in the Faith, who I am, and why I am--proofs--has been somewhat explained in the article 11 The Beast". In addition to this I am one of the two knights of the Baha'i Faith, my wife being the other. Shoghi Effendi had appointed approximately 130 Baha'is to the station of Knights of Baha 1 u' llah. · This knighthood was conferred upon. us in 1953, of these my wife and I are the only two that are left in the Faith. The Prophcies in the Baha'i Faith by Abdu 1 1-Baha is that the Knights of the Lord would lead the legions of The Covenant to victory. As there are but two knights that are under the provisions of the Covenant this prophecy refers to~these Wwo and no more. The legions of the Covenant refers to the .Baha'is that believe and accept the provisions ot the Covenant, ot Baha'u'llah, and the Will and. Testament of Abd.u •1-Baha. The scriptures prophesy that ti1ere are to be but · 144,000 .that are to be firm in this ·covenant before the great .catastrpphe . (Rev. 14:3). · · , · · ·· · This prophecy, ot the knights ot the Lord, has now become very meaningful now that .I find myaelt fulfilling ·the prophecies in the scriptures for the Promised Joshua, as both the tunc.tion ot the Promised Joshua and that of the !might ot the Lord are the same. Therefore, it is realistic to believe that I 4iDl the -one Promised tor this d~. · In 196) I stood alone in that Spiritual Assembly of nine with Rex King at the head ot' the opposition against me. The. following 7ttar I vas not elected to that ass8mbly--due to his manipulation-and the following year the Guardian was compelled to disband thll!.t assemblp bringing down the administration under the secound Guardian. I lalew what this man was doing was evil, but I was unaware that he was satan for our era~though he acted like satan--untill I vas incarcerated in this prison.(S/8/69). Five weeks atter rq incarcer.· ation (9/13/69) the Guardian sent out an epistle, please find a copy enclosed, whereby he rebuked this man as satan •. · Therefore as this man is satan then nobody elae but JD,Y8elt could possibly be the PrOJid.secf~Joshua (Zech. 3:1 1 2), for I was the only. one that at~ against this man' in 1963 the date given tor, the coming or the Promised one' 1bur day as given in Daniel 121.12.. and interpreted by Abd.u 1 1-Baha as meanirig the year 196)~ I also saw tpat· I tulf'Uled~the prophecy o! the dirty garment(Zech. ):) 1 4), as that' was.exactly the t)rpe ot charge'.that the court convicted me on--a::d~y garment doesn't denote tha~/ the 'wearer ia dirty. I- cou.l.d alB() 'see_'t;hat l .would get a. clean garment. I was·"" victim of competition 9eing trime.a ·bt: ctoc~ora. o.t;~~:-9'ftl ·. ·. . • as well aa those ot the Me9i~l',p:p;ootesalqne ··i pact:thei'+~aea·~j-, , ...


,'V: }···~<

.. ·.~

·,·; .· .. ·''



. '3


:,practic$ in Missoula, of which thtiy were. j$ollQUs; and I stood against the unec-essaey surgeries of medicine and the· quackery in the. chiropractic pro- · : :·:tession~ I also saw that the iniquities of Joshua (Zech. 3:4) ·a:m those of . .··~.~the.~" (Zech. 3:9) were .the same iniquities, as, Iff¥ name Le-land . ~.terally· '·:':means the land. The aforemention iniquities referS to the iniquities that got ( · :·_:_ime 1ri here and they include those of tha.t perverse court ahd those of the legal . \\. . :. :sptem' as they all got in on the act. . . . . . \1\ · .::~, Iri December of 1969 .I had an experience and I ·became quite aware·. of whom I ... ·. · ·was, but I was stll puzzled as to· what'was the ·"stone with seven eyes" of •. ' · · , : :zec • 3:9 that t e Lord was to place before the Promised closhua. .I looked· all around for such a. stone. I counted the windows of the cell hotise; but that 'didn't-come out right, besides it was .brick not stone. I was. in cell·232; and ::.~bY adding up the digets it came out to seven (2+3+2=7).*It wa&n•t :imtil·sometime .in·January of 1970 that I found the answer. I was taking fine~r prints . wh~n>.l :beard some-one say that they: were bringing _in a new inmate-through· · :.t.owe~ seven. I didn't waste any time in asking someone as to the number ~of · \· · 'W:a.tch-towers that wererfacets of this stone wall. When he pointed them out ., to me. I wa,s then. indeed aware of "the stone with seven eyes" I -~for matter which way I turned it was before /, .,.. I wa.., 'iri a state of occultation at .that time except fOI" Iff¥ wife and perhaps · ·the .GUardian of the Faith •. At that time he had written to Mr. c. Murphy the: :Elder of: the Baha'i Faith for America that h.. was looking to me for .the lead- . ~-:ership.of the Faith, and on June 15 1 1971 he wrote my wife " ••• I am confident that you aitd Dr. ha:ve such deep roots in the Faith that you and he both. will alwats ·know what is best in all situations that ~Y arise. •••".. It wasn't lintil April 29~ -1971 when Harry Stroup who had evolved to the point where he · ~~ tba.t I told him, yes, that I was indeed he. At that time I · · wae COI'.I).pleteJ.Y unaware that there were 108 Red Granite Rock Slabs comprising the floor~ Q1 -the King is: Chamber 1 and that .when added to the Proclamation ·.···date of Baha. •u i llah :would be the exact date of my own Proclamation. This informa,tion was· not acquired until several weeks later when my Wife sent- me _a, book '·._ on the pyrimid with this information in. it. Therefore, when I told Harry Stroup · ·thai I was indeed he I had inadvertently made my Proclamation jus~: exactly 1_08 years and 9 days fl"'m .Baha•u•llah'a Proclamation in 1863. The-108 .are :represented by the 108 Red Granite Rock Slabs comprising the tloor.· and · ____:,the 9 day$ are represented by ·the 9 massive Red Granite. Rock Heams comprising -~ ··the ceiling ,'·This 9th day of Ridva.n was designated· by Baha'u'llah as a· Baha'i -~~r,.. ·.. -.·,_,J.IoJ.7_da.Y_aiid. tor no previo~_known reason. I also was unaware--that there wer~ ·. , '•/K';_,;(~~;.'\:~·: 100 ~edGranite Rock ·slabs :coU,:prising th~ walls of .the King's Cha.mb~r~ with· ·. ..

·i. \.· · ·


me. ..

D"~f~~YUS:3t?: ., ~~~\~~i;,:!!'1h: ~=~' ot~p~~~ ~~~;d~~ ;;/':;~'\L,\/


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. :•~



·~~:~ -~ic=t!~~~A:~·


where it states: "Blessed is he who waits and comes to the . · ~ Beside th~·fact that all of the Red Granite Rock Slabs lining the Kint~s Ohambfn--walls 1 floor, and. the ceiling give the propheT.ic. dates or my advent. and thus ~JJ.,O:wing that I am the Promisea "the land 11 of Syene~ as the red granite . came fl"9m Syene (Is~iah 49:12), there is a much greater significance that these prophecies are giveq ifi this manner. .. The theme of the whole entire Bible 1 · starting with the Covenant in Deuterono~·and carried through by the prophets · .: . · the.. evangels and the book of Revelations, is the dispersal and the regathering ·. of' Israel arid Judah; and. 'their final re-Wlification and restoration--establish.,..;. .: . Universal Peace -and the Brotherhood ·of man. In the ·ust dispt,traal of Judah ' . · · not. only was their city destroyed, as· well as their temple,· but .i.lso their- . ·~' '· Levitical Priest-hood. When the temple was destroyed the sanctuar,y was left . . _intact ttowever.· The templ.,e consisted of· an ·outer court, an inner court arid a :-;sanctuary-the Holy of Holies~ In the seventh century the Mu8lims built the . Mqsque of Omar over the sit~ of the destroyed temple cwd it still stands t·o... day~:.. · ·

~.::~:~',::.: · ·.· thousand three hundr,ed and thirty.-five days." (1.3.35-+62&=196.3)

*thE(ii~ ~;'odt~ '·

' -f.




of tlds priiJon also atlds up to 7., ~




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aox: ia ~


.• i

dirty work against me. This. also. correwponds with the Biblical datf;t'_.given in'





4 ,.

The second gathering of Judah started with the advent of the Bab and Baha'u'llah, but the coWltry of Israel is'only now a partial reality. In· · order to·have the.i"ull restoratiort-not.onlJr does the Country of Israel need to extend from the River of Egypt;;. bUt. ·also to the River Euphrates J and the aecollQ gathering.o.t the tribes ot :Israel also needs to take place, then.Israel,andJudah'needs t.0 uriite~· Besides .this the aanctuar,y neede to be r~establiahed for it is the _Throne of,God (Jer. 17:12).: I_f; ·order £or (f) it to be re-establishectit is· necessary to- have a High Priest. This 1s neat to impossible because irl. 70 A.- D. th.• Levitical Priesthood was destroyed (f) or came . to- .• ~an end with t-he destruction or' the temple and the cit)". Onl.y C1l of. .~ ' . g a direct decsendent 11 Aaron the brother. of Moses can be a priest •..·The only o solution· to thia dilemma is -the appearance of the Promised Joshua, who is . r-1 the High· Priest (Zech • .3:1 ). ~Because I. am the Promised Joshua the 'High Priest ·~ only I can establish the sanctuary, which is the Throne of God-Baha •u' llah;!i The)Cingdom or God on this earth. I am the only one that can bring about · (f) -the gathering or .the Tribes of Israel for I am also Le-land "the land" of § . Syene (I~iah-49:5;12), tor I was named Leland from .my mothers'·womb (Isaiah :>. ::·:49:1 ) •. My mouth is a sh~rp sword, _·aDd. I am that pOlished arrow that was _ _ '-;::! hid awq, in the quiver (Isaiah 49:2) ~~- ' , · . . . o The King •a Chamber in The Great Pyramid must be identified as the original § 15 Sanctuary. ·The Sanctuary in the TabernacleJ in the desert, and the Sanctuacy ..c. d in the Temple are but replicas.. The Great Pyramid was· undoubtedly_ built by· ~~-'(3 En6ch seven gene~ations from Adam and preaumably:during the days of Adam in ~ ~ (I) appr.oX.tmat_ ely in the .,year· of 550 of the Adamic dispensation, and represents l. ~ .. § ·. God's plan tor the Adamic cycle, wJ;ich _comes to _an end with the estab~shing "-..-~ ..... :>. >-< of the Kingdom of God on earth as J.t is in heaven. This will be signitJ..ed by ~~~ § E4 · the, placing .of the Cap Stone on this edifice-seating the Guardia~ on the . ~::r ~ ~ .~ . Throne,. We Dll1st remember that Moses was brc;>pght ·up in the- Palace ()Or ~e _"" ' ~ 8 +J ~ ,\' .. Pharaoh and had. access to this a_tructure, and the. Books of. Adam~~:tld._Lnoqn-· ;.< . '-':J .c: ~ . (Jude 14) were available to Him. As I am the only. one being prophesied iiy ,{ . ~~ :t _\ th~ \walls, floor and. ceiling or that s_anctuar.r_ giving the dates o_t I1IJ¥ advent 1 +> +> -. ! ~ · . •I am the High Prie~_!.Jin the Sanctuary.'The only object in this Sanctuary.JJL__, ~~ ~ -~ -uie. · choc_· ola~-e- colored coffer, and. doe_s_n_ ·. •t_ re_ prese_n_t me for only ted g:a.nite ~ ~ comes from syena, but refers to the present Guardian or the Baha'i Futh (I) g · · Mason Remey .who is 6' 5" tall the eame as the inside measurment of the length· ] 'U . __ of ,this coffer. Thie is to indicate t~t _he ia the Guardian of tl:le Covenant, "0-~~- :. . for,the irlaide capacity of this ~otter' is exactly the _same· as· that of the Ark · -~ --r-IG>· • of the Covenant in the Tabernacle and :_in the Templ.e at J erualem. \ ~ ~ · . :2- .. :In December or 1969 I had an aberatioii similar to :the Promised Ones of . ".·-~-·- .1.·.·._:_._~:.'_, ot'th~ past. From that time Onward I was definitely knowledgable that I was ~-·.: :·.·-~ . t~e_•Promiaed Joshua. Although whoever was present was invisible it never-the'\ leas was. as poignant as the soul shaking ~rience of Moses when confronted .\ ~ ~-.: _ , by, the Burning Bush in the wilde~eaa of ~inai; of Zoroastorwhen awakened to rJ · . · Hia,mi~sion by a succession seven visions; of Buddha unc1er the Bo Tree of ·~;; ': · Xndi,a;-_·or Krishna in the War Chariot of the Pandu prince Arajuna; of Jeauis ~ _;l· · _ when· coming out of the waters of the Jordan He saw the Heavens opened and bh :x:- · . ' the' .Holy Ghost decsend like a dove and light upon Him; of Muhammad when in ~ •.,s::' the. cave of Hira, outside the holy city Mecca, and the voice of Gabriel bade 6 .~ . . Him "crY.· in the name of the Lord" 1 . that plunged Him into such consternation eS -2' that l,lurryitig to the shelter of His home, Bade His wife Khadijih 1 envelope ..t:: Him in Hie Mantle; or the Bab when in a dream He approached the bleeding .-! ~ .<head qf the_ Imam Husayn 1 and, qua.ffing the b~ood that_ dripped from his lacerated ,. .·throat, awoke to find,Hilitself the-chosen recipient or the outi>ouring grac• of ~·~ the Almihgt;y; or that of the Blessed Beauty Baha'u'llah a~ He sat in that _ t:x.. H ... subterranean. dungeon, in thf: prison of Tihran, Persia, with an iron colla.r aro~ His neck and heavy chains attached to ita "During the daya I lq in · · .the·_prison of' Tihran," are His. own memoral;ll:tt words, "though the. galling weight -of ·t;he chains and the atench-filleci air allowed me but little·' sleep, still. 1n ~ho~;Se. Wrequent momerita~._of slumber I _felt as 'it sometl'dpa,,.tlowed ·...·· the' cr<>tln· of My: head over My breast• · ~~en as ~ mighty ·to~~:: that. _ ·. .itself .uix>n the e&.rl,h from. the supmd.t' a').dtty Jll()~t4d~:,Jver.y:'],1Jnb, •·Vc?i'l''\~#:-.·


















.:~~--\-'"r/~~:;~~\:~.> ~<.:·_~-·:·..--,

-- ·•.


. . . -i·",'


body woUld, as a result, be .set. afire~ At euch moments My tongue recited what no man could bear to hear~ While engulfed. in tribulationa I heard a most wonderous, a most sweet voice,. calling above;My,head. Tui'ning My face, ·I beheld a· Maiden (symboli~ing the· "Most Great Spil"it")-the embodiment of the remembrance ·of the of M;Y· LOrd;;...suapot;lded in the air before '-• So rejoiced /was ·slie in her very soul that her countenance :with the ornament of t.he good;..ple,~sure. of, God; and her cheeks _gloweq with the brightness of the .-All.;_l.fer~ifuJ.. BetWixt earth and heaven she was raising a cUl which captivated ·.the hearts ·and··minds ·of. men~ . She was imparting ·to.· both Joty. inward and outer · · being tidings ~hich rejoiced my soul, and the soulS of God's honored servants. Pointing wi:~h. her finger to My head, she add.ressed ·all who are in heaven and all who are .~n earth, saying: By God!· Thia.;is the Best-Beloved of the worlds_, and yet' ytJ cQmprehend not •. This i~~ :the. Beauty of God amongst you,. ·and the· power · <>f His sovereignty within yo~, could ye'. but understand•. This is the Mystery · of God and His Treasure1 the Cause of God a,nd His jlory unto all who are. in the ~oms of Revelation and of creation, i f 'ye be of them t~t perceive.". . Although I am not a. Manifestation of Gocf-(see the book "Some Answered Ques. tiona" )Part· Ill) -a;""are. the· fore--going, I a Promi.aed. one, and I have a · speci~1 Preordained mission •. Becau.Be- of :.the magnitude qf this mission God has given the same kirid of prophecies for rq appearance that. are · reserved. for the Manifestations·. This·. is the Day Qf Judgement!· Just precaed_, -. i : ing the Gfe.a~_Ca~astrophe, and beca~e· :or .the:treliiendous propensitiee,these propbciea 'tu!rmed in such a wg that anyone that uses .their inta~ect .·azxi· investiga~es.with a.-·pure h~art ~Uld be able. to recognize their Promised Ones and enter the Kingdom· (see Matt. 25:.31-46).~.-' . · ·. ..... . ... . ·lV Jnission· is, non~the-less than the establishing of the "Kingdom of· God" · on earth, that was prophesied by all the previous Ma.inifestations of God, and . · was sent to earth in the Revelation of Baha•u•ll.ah.:Because of the immensity of my mission I. have been in the process of being prepared for it all the days of JII1' .lite-unbelmown to me-and even before I was . born. I was sired. by a man and bQrn by a woman tlla.t were among the earliest Baha'is in this country; and were ~ong the friends that Abdu' 1-Baha visited when he-, came to America. I am the Promised Joshua, therefore, I am your,Promioed Joshua. I don't know whether your religion has prepared you to recogniJ:a the Promised Ones '· tor today. If it hasn't it has failed •. When··a religion has become apoatate it has always failed -to teach their followers .to recognize Those that. are Promised, and to guide the people aright,· anti as a result became the causa ot their destruction. For instance in the' days of Naah 1 lie preached for~ several · ·hundred years ~the Kingdom" producmg proofs of His mission, but the people · were not going by proofs 1 neither did they have a pure heart; Their reply& were invariably: "l have a religion"; We are already aavedf what need ha:v:e we of you?"; \ie're not that bad, God won't destroy us"; "We'll wait and see~ etc. ate~ and-they did not know until the flood came and svepted them all away. Didn't Jesus say it would be like the days of Noah in this our day? (Matt. 24:.37 1 38). God sent Moses to· the Pharaoh and the Egyptians with nine Proofs, but the ~araoh was not.going by proofseither. He called his priest who were of the apostate Sablan religion, and these •priest led the Pharaoh and ·the Egyptians astray and they didn't know until they were drOwned in the Red Sea. Jesus. came to .a people that had their own .religion with His proofs-bam of a virgin, solei for 30· pieces of sUver, riding into Jerusalem on an ass, the date ot His crucifixion, His name "Jesus" Metp1ing Emanual, the address of His · . . f . appearenc. e "Bethlehem"-but. the people were not interested in proofs, they. c.n.~~ 8 t/'OV .were already ~aved, "how could a carpenter's son the Promised Messiah?" 11 . . I . "God is not going to dest:roy our Temple a sec,ond tl.D18"rthere priest Illia*ftd . . '" ;· them. They called Hill1 Beelzebub, the devil. Then Titus of Rome came in and ·destroyed them except for a remenan~ also their city and their Temple. Jesus had told them that there would not· ue left one stone upon another : that would not be thrown down (Matt. 24:2). So shall. it be in this day, ther.e l,dll be but a few men left (Isaiah 24:6) ·







.. -.. ~



6 The catastrophe· is coming and coming fast. There is nothing that we· can do ·' · to stop it. ·It is. Preordained. There is a lot that: we ·can do however to keep it:.:from going to completion...:..complete extinction- and that is to ring out · t-he Glad.,Tyciinge to the world that the Best Beloved of the world, the Blsesed Beauty_;.the eon ot man in the Glory of God, Baha 1 u 1 Uah-hae now come seated ·upon the. clouds of l!eaven with power <>nd great Glory-Baha 11-and that the · -Promised 'Jq21hua is now here in an American prison, which is the "Stone with Seven Eyestt~ along with the missl~ ·of my rendition of "The Beast, and other . proofs. · - · · : Altho11gh God has placEdthis Stone With Seven Eyes 11 before me so that the •,_· whole.worldmayknow that I am,the. Promised Joshua, by it being the address of rq aJ)pearence 1 the administriation is now acting in opposition to the Will ()f G-oci; by it. interdicting me from projecting this good news to the world, by'it:~denying me direct mail, and of course this is the reason of this letter. ·: Th.. sooner that I get direct mail the better it will be for all mankind. · · ·AlthoUgh you nor the administr·=· tion may be able to see this 1 yet the ful. filling ot tM88~ prs>pl:].ecies are so poignant that 144,000 :will be able to see ·this lief'ore the catastrophe, and throug}J these 144,000 the whole world will ee atile to see (Rev. 1:7), that is. those that are left. Host are for the FIRE however~ for the peoples faces have been turned toward waywMrdness and unbelief' and such shall their plight be if no* awakened from their deep .a .laep · . -*resurection of the dead--there will be none left 1 but for the elect~ sake these days will be shortened, for this angel has sounded his trumpet -mY rendition of 1SThe Beast" (Matt. 24:22, I Thess. 5:13-18). ·· .This Proclar.aatlon to the world needs to be made now while I am still an . innlate iil this prison for it to be effective, for this "Stone With Seven Eyesl.1 is the vehicle for the GREAT PROJECTION. It is the launching pad of the Missile· of "The Beast" which must be accompanied by a covering letter such as this. ·· one, to whomsoever I may be inspired to write to. Besides the foregoing, although the Baha'is comprise the largest active religious. body inside the walls, its status is precarious. Due to the lack of a Baha'i chaplain it has been difficult to carr.y out our Bah&Ji activities to the fullest. Because of the deficiency it h.::.s been difficult to expedite having outside &U1a 1i friends and guest attend our inside Baha'i activities, and for the Baha'is to have direct mail like have been accorded the Christians. through their chaplains 1 and the clubs through their spencers. ·He have _been . . . long suffer~ in these religious persecutioiiB due to these inequities,· but we have been trying to resolve these difficulties with patience and consulta-. tion -rather than appealing to the courts. The time is getting short however - CU1d there is so much f'or me to do and get accomplished. I hope I will be able to work with your department for the elimination of our difficulties. ·.. ·My explanations of. the Faith in this letter may have raised more questions than I have answered. Although the Baha 11 literature is extensive, going into thousands of books and pamphlets, the one book that everyone should read· is "Some· Ariswered Questiohs." by Abdu'l-&.ha, Therefore, for your convenience I have included a copy with this letter. May I strongly urge you to read it• .· and if ycu_have not as yet studied "The Beast", looking up the references in the scriptures, may I suggest that you do that also. You also are coTdially invited to attend Firesides, not o~ to get first hand information of -our activities, but to get a deeper insight into religion and for your own edification. ·Also I am avqilable--as you already know--for personal interviews a~_yo~ eonvenience. · · Mai ·I.. hear f'rom you? . Faithfully in His service, Dr. Leland Jensen Naturopathic Physician Knight of' Baha 1 u 1 llah




Dr. Leland Jensen 4117 Colonial Lane Missoula, Montana This Independence Day, the 4th, of July 1974 The Honorable Thomas Judge, .Governor of Montana The Governor's Mansion Helena, Montana 59 601 . Dear Governor: I am writing to you on behalf of Daniel Lopez and inmate of the Montana State Prison. He has become the victim of persecution 1 being denied parole 8 due to religious bigotry. He has been given his second one year •flop', unjustly, by the parole board, because of his religious beliefs, however, this is not their stated reason. That is they could not state that the reason for denying parole was due to their religious prejudice. 1

Daniel Lopez became an inmate and a close friend of mine in 1970. After attending Baha'i Firesides in the prison he became a Baha'i. That is when his persecution beganby the administration -- the custodial personnel. The persecution was in the form of antagonizing him so that he would react in a manner to merit punishment. This procedure was perpetrated against the strong supporters of the Faitho and was aimed at dissuading inmates from attending Baha'i religious services. In the Montana State Prisonu the inmate has lost certain protections that are guaranteed the citizens of this country, such as, being represented by legal counsel, the cross-examination of witnesses and trial by jury before being punished. Thus, the inmate is a victim of a prejudiced •kangaroo court'. Therefore, each complaint, "write-up" of a guard becomes ifto-facto. These "write-ups .. may be stated as reasons for denying an inmate parole. Through the abuses of this administration, Baha •is become victims of their prejudices. It is only natural that there is prejudice against the Bahal i Faith, for it fulfills the Christian relig i_on as Christianity fulfilled Judaism. As Judaism arose against Christ 1 their Promised Messiah and the early Christians, so the various denominations of Christianity arise against their Promised Ones and the believers. Christ didn't teach denomio.::.Uonalism but one united religion (1 Cor. 1:10 -17). It is divided _Christianity that Of.Jf.Joses the Baha'i claim, but the true Christian, upon investigation recognizes the Baha'i Faith, as it being, Christ Promised 1 as the true Jews have · recognized Jesus as it being_~ Moses Promised. Christ Promised Baha' u 'llah by nam~, gave the date for His Coming and the place for His appearance These . -~wphecies are recorded both in Christian and Jewish scriptures. (See the "Pregnant EartH' enclosed.) 1

When one investigates the Baha'i claim and finds it to be true, then 1 like the early Christians 1 he arises to proclaim it. This bringson an attack by those of the denominations like was brought on the early Christians by the Jews and Romans. If Baha'u'llah is the Promised return of Christ, and He is, then the Christians are . . asleep, that is 1 dead in their tombs:~ Christ referred to the denominations, or :. churches, as deadmen' s whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness (Matt.23: 2'7,28).

· . ....:-






. Therefore 1 with the coming of Baha' u 'llah this is the· day of resurrection when the dead in Christ resurrect out of their tombs. They are not to come out of their graves, however, until their tombs open. This will happen in Armageddon, when the bombs of . the oncoming thermo-nuclear holocaust drops on the churches. See Isaiah 6:6-12. Because of denominationalism the founding fathers of this country, by not being able to agree as to what is true Christianity as they were members of the various .denominations each claiming to be the true Christian religion, were compelled, · pcrhi:lps against their own will o to set up as the first principle of this nation the freedom of religion. This is guaranteed to everyone in the Constitution of the United States. It is not for you or any branch of government to decide for others what is ture religion. Two wardens I Estelle and Crist 1 of the Montana State Prison have upheld the right of this religious freedom at the prison. 1

Therefore, the persecution at the Montana State Prison is subtle and covert by its administration and the parole system. Because the parole system is not under the jurisdiction or supervision of the warden we are 1 therefore, bringing this matter to your attention. We are asking you 1 regardless of your own religious beliefs, as the chief executive of this sovereign state to stop this persecution and free Dan from their oppression. One may not agree wit anothers religion, but an inmate is guaranteed established by the courts--- to his own religious beliefs and practices without being harassed or persecuted by the institutions that are tax funded. Because this truth is evident one aught not have to go to court or to the press to have these abuses corrected. In 1970 1 Warden Estelle gave me the authorization to conduct a regular Baha 1 i Fireside within the walls of the Montana State Prison. This was extended by the present warden 1 Roger Crist. Whenever the persecution by the administration against the Baha'i Faith reached a point where the continuation of the Firesides and deepening classes were threatened then this matter was taken to the warden 1 M F-. Estelle and then to Mr. Roger Crist. These wardens have taken a hand in the matter and have to some extent straightened out their administrations. Under Warden Crist, however, many iniquities and oppressions against the Baha'is have been allowed to exist that Warden Estelle would have never permitted. This is because Warden Estelle had a much better contact with the inmate and knew more of what was going on in his administration than Warden Crist. Warden Estelle visited the prison yard and co-mingled with the inmates and listened to them something that \1\farden Crist has never done .. The real enemy of the warden is not the inmate but his O'.vn ·administration, which is politically oriented, therefore Warden Crist pus:;yfoots with them, thus there are still many abuses going on in the prison by the adminis.- tration that still needs to be corrected, ar1d the persecution of the Baha'is is one of them. 1

Because of the protecting hand of these wardens, although Mr. Crist is not able to bridle his administration with a firm hand, we have not as yet brought these matters to the attention of the press or the courts. The persecution of Mr. Lopez il:; not only by the administration of the prison but by the parole board that is in flue need by Lhe prejudiced administration. Therefore, this is a matter for the governor to correct. Every once in a while u very strong supporter of the Baha'i Faith is singled but by the parole board and is persecuted by th2 board denying him parole. This


is instigated by the enemies of the Faith either within or outside of the prison. Quite a few instances of this have occurred and for the most part the inmate affected has endured his persecution, because of his love for God although it meant many more years of incurceration and persecution. One such case, however, that I know of was brought to your attention several years ago. This was the persecution of Mr. Laverne Bachert. Although he had a perfect record and had completed MDTA training he was denied parole for no other reason than he was a strong supporter of the Baha'i Faith. It was shortly after this was brought to your attention, however, that he was released from custody. 1

You can be absolutely sure that the parole board at times is motivated by religious prejudice, for when I appeared before them almost all of the questions asked me by them were on the Baha'i Faith. They did not deny me parole however 1 because the administration wanted to get rid of me. They reasoned that if they could get rid of me that the Baha'i Faith inside the prison would become a thing of the past. Immediately after my release the deputy warden tried to keep me from returning to the prison to conduct these weekly Fire~ides, by refusing to grant me entering permission, but the warden had already granted me this permission and he took a strong hand in this matter. Thus o I have not missed a Sunday at Deer Lodge. Soon after becoming a Baha'i o Daniel Lopez became its very strong supporter. ·He pledged to defend the Covenant of Baha'u'llah and he arose to teach and propagate the Faith within the walls. He also began to reform his personality and develop a spiritual character, displaying the spiritual qualities. He then was assigned to the Baha'i office in the prison. Then he became the Baha'i runner. In the prison, the runner is given the permission to go about the prison without a guard escort. He takes care of the administrative affairs of a club o organization or religion and is the liaison officer between the religion and the prison administration. Then they made Dan a special target of the prison administration and marked him for his first one year "flop" by the parole board. As was expected, in May of 197 3, the parole board denied Dan parole for one year. Everyone knew that this was religious persecution, so Dan endured this persecution as part of his suffering in the puthway . God. Because of this flop Dan spent another year of service in the Baha'i administrative office and as the Bah3' i runner. During this year he became a very good teacher and speaker in the Baha'i Faith. In spite of the continued harassment he kept his cool and came up to the May 197 4 board with a perfect record. This to anyone in their right mind would agree to his complete reformation.

- ·---,- .. '

Dan entered the prison with a personality defect. Over a long period of time he had developed c:n anti -social personal~ty. At the early age of nine he suffered a severe mental trauma. He was severely beaten by a policeman who then got him _. .: : down and put' cocked pistol to his head and threatened to pull the triggc:- 1f Dan ·. - didn't tell him who had committed a certain robbery that Dan had no knov;ledge of . .'rhis was the usual treatment of" chicanoes" where Dan grew up. He soon learned _'who were his er.emies. It wasn't some foreign power but the white establishment that treated his minority us dirt.


-.· . ~ ·•.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit 1 Dan was able to overcome this personality defect and to accept the principle of brotherly love for all people. He bud asked the .· board to parole him to Missoula on a home plan. My wife 1 Dr. Opul M. Jensen 1 opened our home to him and guaranteed to the parole board that she would get him a job, as .. · • there are many concerns here in Missoula -that would hire him on her recommendatio;1. :':He wanted to come to Missoula so that he could perfect his teaching and speaking ··.· ·· ·ability and to assist me with the launching the projection of the Baha'i Faith under , the provisions of the Covenant throug bout the world. The board gave him a month's

,':.':·· ....... l;,;,·





flop and told him that they would not parole him to Missoula and that he should come up to the June board with a new plan to somewhere else. Dan then went to the Vocational Rehabilitation service in the prison and they set him up with a parole plan for him to attend the AGC Labor Training school in Helena. vVith this new plan he returned to the June board only for them to give him a not her one year flop, with the recommendation "because of the nature of his crimE!' that he receive psychic therapy. If he was in need of psychiatric rehabilitation, and he is not, why c1.idn't the institut.ion recommend this when he first entered the prison instead of waiting until now and then use it for an excuse for a second one year flop. You can be sure that the leading psychiatrists, as stated in the standard university text books on psychology, do not claim that they can cure an anti-social personality and besides Dan no longer has this psychological defect. Therefore you can be sure that there is dirty work afoot and that the parole board is abusing its function 1 and is persecuting Dan for no other reason than because of his religious beliefs.


Now that Dan has been denied parole the prison administration has asked Dan to give up his position in the Baha'i office and of being the Baha'i runner. Also 1 the tempo of harassment and hostility against Dan has increased to try to force him of his own accord to desert taking care of the Baha'i administration in the prison. It is illegal to stop the Baha'i Faith in the prison 1 but if they can get Dan, who is a good administrator, to abandon the Baha'i office and of being the Baha'i runner, due to persecution it may be very difficult to get anyone else to take care of the Baha'i affairs in the prison 1 and this is precisely what they want. Without a Baha'i office ·and a Baha'i runner the continuation of Baha'i religious services in the prison could _come to a halt. I suppose you know what dirty work is so I don't have to tell you this is dirty work. Also because of this stepped up harassment and hostility against Dan I don't know how long he can keep his cool and react negatively against this continual oppression 1 he is only human and can stand only so much. Being of Spanish descent and as Latins are. noted for their quick temperu so it is possible for him to react in a manner in which they could administer punishment and thus becloud his good character. -


The parole board releases from custody monthly hardened criminals, that have committed heinous crimes, that have had no rehabilitation at all whatsoever on the recommendation of the institutional administration. This is why their recidivism rate is so high. A person becomes a hardened criminal by attending the scr.ools of · crime, reform school and then prison. In these schools some youngster that enters them on some childhood prank or some minor offense learns to peal a safe to rob a bank, to peddle dope 1 etc. etc.: alSJ an antisocial personality is greatly enhanced by the abuses _of prison life, vvhich uro but a continuation of the c>buses of the establishment that caused the anti-social personality in the first place (see the best seller book "I'm O.K, You're O.K.'; at your book store); Gnd by the removal from the society that one needs to become adjusted to, and also by lack of spirituul forces that is usually non-exsistent in prison. The irony of all this is that Dan who has made a complete reformation has been handed three flops not because he hasn't become re-formed, but because he has. I

The parole board was either not aware of Danis reformation or they chose to ignore it. The parole board has no way to know the true status of an inmate coming up for parole, as they have no direct contact with himr until he comes before them and that -.• is for only a few minutes. They rely upon· reports from the prison administration and -. of the establishment, and both the administration and the establishment are motivated ·by religious bigotry. Therefore, the parole board is either motivated by-their own religious prejudice, or is grossly incompetent 1 or both, thus, an irresponsible group, -'--and is therefore in need of u general overhaul.


Neither the administration nor the parole board wants for the record that the inmate was reformed by forces other than that provided by the establishment. This is to justify all of the abuses of the establishment and the prison administration. The administration wants the inmate to state that the reason that he thinks he will be able · · to make it on parole is that because of the punishment given him that he has now decided to go straight or that he states "when I was thrown into the' hole' I saw a great light and just like that I changed; I'm a new man'! All prisoners know this so they go before the board and tell them, for the record 1 what they want to hear and out they go on parole. When one tells them that they have become reformed by the breath of the HOly Spirit the board becomes very irritated, especially if this Holy Spirit comes through the Baha'i Faith. 1



It is the mistaken idea be the public and the establishment, especially the legislature that incarceration, plus all the bruality and hostility inflicted on a prisoner, such as chains, bars, confinement in solitary, starvation and deprivations of the opposite sex, and all of the other deprivations brings about a reformation of a crimina 11 and nothing could be further from the truth. There are volumes written on this subject by the experts 1 that are not in the prison business 1 so I will not elaborate on this subject here. But it is this mistaken idea that perpetuates this defunct system, which is such a terrible waste. A waste of tax monies waste of man power and prevents the true rehabilitation of those that have erred. All have erred and have fallen short of The Glory of God. Each man that has lived out a normal lifetime has done something that if he had been caught and had the type of justice (injustice) that had been administered to the men in prison he too would have taken a trip to prison. Those in the prison business are therefore against any and everything that really brings about a reformation in an individual, for if it ever becomes generally knowledgeable that there methods con't cure 1 but only make the situation worse they would then be out of a job for they are not trained in true rehabilitation. 1




If one is dirty by falling in a mud puddle, he is not made clean by throwing him ·in another mud puddle. One doesn't receive light be being thrown in a dark hole, nor is he adjusted to society by being taken out of society. The negative -'is the absence of the positive, as darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat, a vacuum is the absence of atmostpheric pressure, so, bad is the absence of good, hate is the absence of love, ignorance is the absence of knowledge and an anti-social personality is the absence of a social personality. As darkness is replaced by light and cold is replaced by heat, so bad is replaced by good hate by love, ignorance by edcucation, etc. etc. Therefore, crime will only disappear when this negative penal system is replaced by a positive constructive approach, which then will overcome the negative situation of the errant one. I

The spir-itual qualities of love, mercy, justice, concord ,hurmony, for·;lveness unity etc. etc. comes to us through the breath of the Holy Spirit from the :t'Aanifestations of God. This is then through the Holy Spirit from God. For instance, Jesus said: . "I am the light of the world; h2 vvho follow·s me will not walk in darkness, but \.vill have · the light of life." (John 8:12). Daniel Lopez had received this light and was thus reformed ·. by the spiritual qualities that come from this light. He tried unsuccessfully to explain to this defunct penal and parole system that his reformation came to him from this light, · a breath of the Holy Spirit but they didn't want to hear this so they are perseccting him with continued flops and 'Nill continue to do so untll they are stopped from their continued torture. Was not Jesus tortured upon the cross-because the establishment :.::"':didn't want to hear this teachings from His lips'? .... I




.<. Therefore, because of this continuous persecution of the prison administration and the ·parole board upon Dan and the rest of God's Holy Ones, we the Bahu'is under the provisions_ of the Covenant the State of Montana 1 hereby do ut this time, :.




strongly urqe you, iJS the Chief [xecutive of this sovereign state, to use your influence, povvl'r and uuthority vested in you by the peoples of this state to bring to a halt this dustardly persecution by the prison administration and the parole board. 1

This letter is written by the authority of being the recognized religious leader of the Baha'is under the provisions of the Covenant of Baha'u'llah in the State of Montana. j






// / -,_ _ )~:~ -


~/~:::r.-. ;:...~{._-·

r-;/£ -u; . / ; / _..._.,.._. -··


Dr. Leland Jense}f Knight of Baha!..tf1 llah

Encs: "The Pregnant Earth" An Addendum

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'":.'":•' ~--.,:...;.,

··l;'h'"·• ;,...,

-: ·>· ''· ~~~-

ADDENDUM . To my 4th of July letter Bastille Day July 14, 197 4 4117 Colonial Lane Missoula, Montana 59801 . The Honomble Thomas Judge •.. ·Governor of Montana ··· . The Governor• s Mansion •: Helena, Montana Dear Governor: Daniel Lopez has just been beat-up and thrown into the hole by the administration of the Montana State prison. I was just about to mail my letter of July 4th to you when news reached me that Dan had been criminally assaulted by the custodial personnel of the administration of the prison, so I held up mailing it to you until I had ascertained the facts. This letter then is in addiction to what I wrote you on July 4th. Just before I attended the Baha'i Fireside today I was able to visit Dan for a short time in the visiting area. He was not allowed to attend religious services. Just as I thought might happen, he was maliciously attacked by several guards at the prison. The afternoon before, he brought a letter addressed to you to the prison administration for them to mail to you. This letter contained the information con···· cerning Baha'i persecution going on in the prison and back up material. This in. eluded a writ that had been made up about the religious persecution but had never been filed and other pertinent information concerning his case. This was on Monday, July 8th a little after 3:30 PM. The next mornim right after 8 AM the attack took place. On Tuesday morning on July 9th, right after the work bell had oo unded and ·when the custodial personnel were taking the inmates to their job assignments and the runners were leaving the cell house to go about their business, Dan was just about to leave the cell house when a young rooky guard jumped in front of him and assaulted him. Dan reacting by reflex tried to fend off the assault. He did not blow his cool, he was only defending himself from a malicious attack . . _,


Mter Dan had stopped the attack, the guard explained to Dan that he was only trying to stop him from leaving the cell house without a guard escort, feigning ··ignorance that he didn't know that Dan was a runner and didn't need an escort to go about the prison. Just then Sgt. Brown was entering the cell house and Dan explained .· · to him what just happened. Then when Dan turned around to re-enter the cell house ; he was viscously and maliciously attacked from the back by Sgt. Brown. He wrestled · him to the ground and then threw him in the hole. This is the second time that Dan has been attacked from the back by Sgt. Brown. Sgt. Brown is very anti-Baha'i and it gives him great pleasure to attack the Baha'is. I myself, have heard him make slurring remarks against the Baha'i Faith. This rooky guard and Sgt. Brown, however were just the tools of a very viscious administration that is out to stop the Baha'i services in the prison. Right after Mr. Lopez brought his letter to you to the administration office for them to mail the next morning he was visciously attacked. Dan for the last year had . a perfect record and now he.was bringing the situation to your attention, so they





'·•. _g;·l.'

. .... ·. :: . . ; d~'···ti_j;··~

to do somethiog to try to make him look bad. The administration operates .on· the:,Principle that they are. always right and the inmate is always wrong. They kriew tnati they could not get Dan to blow his cool 1 they had tried that for the last year, so they · visciously and maliciously attacked him and threw him in the hole. There were many witnesses to the attack and it was the guards that malicfou~ly <attacked Dan 1 but they didn't get thrown in the hole 1 no 1 it was not the guilty but' the victim that was punished. .,. ·,,.,. Dan did not blow his cool: but acted in self defense. ·When he entered the prison he went out for sports. He lifted weights and then went out for boxing-, _ giving it up several years later after he had deepened in':the Baha'i Faith. Fighting and the Baha'i Faith are incompatible. He still had his fast reflexes, however, that he had developed in boxing, so before he knew it he was warding off the blows by reflex action. I don't know if you know it or not but many of the guards at the prison are of the lowest possible character. This is due to the very low salaries paid by the State. They hire what ever they can get. Less than one percent are trained in rehabilitation. Many of them have serious personality defects, such as inferiority complexes, pent up hostilities 1 and sadistic tendencies. One with an inferiourity complex makes himself feel superior when he lords it over a defenseless inmate of an institution. They take out their pent up hostilities by making punching bags out of the inmates and they get their jollies by sadistically attacking a prisoner. In the Montana State Prison, Baha'is are open season for attack. Deput Warden James Blodgett stated on several different days last week on TV station KGVO here in Missoula, that there was not a single rehabilitation program going inside the walls of the Montana State Prison. This is where most pf the inmates are housed. He stated that the only rehabilitation is through the self help programs that are sponsored by organizations outside of the prison system. For a long time now the administration has been trying to stop not only the Baha'i Faith but all of these programs and return the prison back to the 19th century. They have now just come up with a new set of rules, (a copy enclosed) that would either stifle or stop these self help programs, that is, unless someone takes a strong hana and stops the administration. The only way these self help programs can continue in the prison is by those on the outside coming in with their help. These coming in to help the inmates are not paid for their help, but do it as a service to those in need. The Baha'i Faith is more than a self help program. It is a recognized Independent World Religion, by all of the nations of the earth. It is established in every country, state, province, island and possession of the world. It is translated in over 300 languages, and its .adherents. are from every strata of humanity from monarch to prisoner. If you have not as yet received the letter that Daniel Lopez wrote to you, would you please check with the prison system to see what they did with it, for it contained pertinent information that is not included in this letter. Several days 'after it was brought to the administration for them to mail to you, it was still lying on the deputies' desk. The courts have ruled that the prisons can no longer censor inmates mail but only check it for contraband. This is ignored by the Montana State Pti-son. The prison, however 1 has promised the inmates that mail to certain officia 1 s can be





··mailed sealed, such as, to the governor, U.S. senators and congressman, the states attorney and members of the state Supreme Court. But by not allowing the inmates direct mail these letter can be either delayed, pilfered with, or destroyed biy' the administration. Or if one dares write to you with a just cause he can be beaten up and thrown into the hole. These violations of the law go on by the prison administration because the local courts operate on the principle that the administration is right and the convict is wrong because he had been convicted. Only a just state executive can straighten out the mess. Dan has written letters to other officials; the U.S. Senators and Congressman, the members of the supreme court, the director of institutions, the states attorney and the American Civil Liberties union. Now that he has been thrown into the hole the administration may be able to prevent him from getting these letters mailed, as these:letters must pass through their hands. Because of the visciousness of this attack upon Daniel Lopez, the Baha'i Faith and the self help programs and because the prison administration is preventing the inmates from having direct mail, we the Baha'is under the provision of the Covenant in the State of Montana, respectfully urge you, the chief executive o~ this state to take a stong hand in this matter. Sincerely yours, . ,/}_____



C-?:: ~:J::!:·~cf~ Dr. Leland J.ens Knight of ¥ha' · llah


~- 7£t' ~l'

(406) 549-4300

Dr. Leland! ens en Knight of Baha'u'llah 4117 Colonial Lane


This is to announce to you the Glad Tydings that the Promised Ones prophesied to come in your Holy Scriptures have. now come, and to present you with their credentials. And that God has sent down His long Promised Kingdom through His Manifestation Baha'u'llah (Glory of the Father, :Mark 8:38).. While the Christians' eyes have been glued to the sky looking for His Advent 1 the Son of Man descended from heaven with a cry of command 1 with the Archangel's call, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. The Christians like other religious people don't know the difference between sky and heaven. Thus the Christians are asleep in their tombs (churches), As a result the peoples of the world worship The Bea~t that now rules the world and is about to be dead. This is The Beast that was also prophesied to come in Holy Scriptures (Daniel 7th chapter and in Revelation 13th and 17th chapters). I

Those that worship The Beast-the masses of the peoples of the worldas Beast worshippers, go with The Beast into the fire, the oncoming thermonuclear holocaust, to either be purified or destroyed by it. Those that sit at the head of state have a responsibility to carefully examine the credentials of the Promised Ones, as to Their authenticity 1 and then to announce Them to their constituents. It is of the utmost importance for them to recognize - i f they are to be saved-the One in this day that has been sent, by God, to guide them; the Promised Joshua, the Lamb, the 7th Angel 1 the Archangel; who is now among them in the air. He is, for a little while, obscure to them because of the clouds of heaven (the mis-interpretations of the churches). As a cloud in the sky prevents one from seeing the sun, a cloud in heaven prevents one from recognizing the Promised One.

Should you fail to carefully examine the credentials of today' s Promised One and proclaim Him, God then will pass you by and remove His base of support from you, then the calamity that has been following you will descend upon you and envelope you. Examples of this, of what have happened to ,the tyrants of the past that had ignored the Promised Ones, or worked against them, are recorded in the pages of history, and I nave very well documented some classic examples in my open epistle to Governor Judge. May I strongly urge you to read it very carefully? On the other hand shoUld you possess a pure heart and you examine my credentials with your God given perception, and arise in the service of God's Cause, you will then be assisted by God and have His blessings. For you, as a legislator, it is important that you work for the elimination of the corruption and perversity in the legal system and in government, so that in the confusion (anarchy) that is to follow the catastrophe, this state might be able to have some sort of government. The poor and oppressed peoples of your trust should receive your priorities. Therefore, it is imp erative that you read my open letter to Governor Judge, for the most part the message that I sent him is for you and for the heads of state throughout the entire world. Your true friend,

Dr. Leland Jensen

''Jhe Ssvenih Angel SounJeJ'' (Rev. 11:15 • SAQ pp 60)

''And he shall set up an ensign for the nations. and shall a.uembie the outcasts of Israel, and galher together the dispersed of Judah from :he four corners of the earth.,.

''After this I beheld. and, lo, o great multitude, which no man could number, of all natioru, and kindred, and people, and, stood before the, clothed wizh white robes, and palms in their hands;

Isaiah ll:l2 ..And I heard the number of them which were sealed; and there were sealed an. hundred and forty at:.d four thCiusand of all the tribes of the children of Israel." Revelation 7:4

And cried with a loud voice, saying. Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb ... Revelation 7:9, 10


Knight of Baha'u'llah

October 9, 1982 Governor Ted Schwinden Capitol Building Helena, MONTANA 59601 Dear Governor Schwinden: I am re~uesting you as governor to put a stop to the atrocious persecution of the Baha'is in the J1onta..'1.a State Prison. For just about a year now Warden Henry Risley has prohibited on an average'. of 75 inmates from attending Baha:i religious services (Firesides) on a ruse that it is not a religion. But he did nothing to limit Christian services. We had on an average of 85 inmates attending Baha'i religious services until October of last year, then Warden Risley limited the number of inmates allowed to attend Baha'i Services to ten. The object was to eliminate the Baha'i congregation in the prison. The Christian chaplains are anti-Baha'i, and want to eliminate the Baha'i services so they won't be able to be held in the new inter-faith religious Center. This religious Center is one of the best things that has ever happened in a prison, as it is the only inter-faith religious Center insi~e a prison in the United States. This is one of the 12 Basic Principles of the Baha'i Faith: "The foundation of all religion is one." Another is: "Religion should be the cause of harmony among the sons of men." If anything is needed among the peoples it is this. This is the aim of the Baha'i Faith: "The Oneness of Mankind." which is the first principle of the Baha'i Faith. This Inter-Faith Center in the prison became possible by the infiltration of Baha'i thought in the minds of the inmates. The Baha'is had more inmates attending Baha'i Services than all the rest of the religions combined, However, the Christian clergy including the Christian ch9-Plains, are in opposition to the religious Center being inter-faith. They are afraid that if the Baha'i Faith in the prison is put on an e~ual footing with the Christians that everyone in the prison would become Baha'i. But this it not their real fear. They are afraid that if everyone in the prison becomes Baha'i--then everyone in the State

t 117 f'olnnial T.ane

Missnnla_ Montana 5Q801

- 2 -

of Montana, or even everyone in the world would become Baha'i--this is why that for over a period of the last twelve years there has been one form or another religious persecution and discrimination going on against the Baha'is in the prison, with the one sponsored by Warden Henry Risley being the worst. It is aimed at causing the death knell of the Baha'i Faith in the prison. This is the same fear that was gendered when Jewish clergy saw the large crowds surrounding Jesus everywhere he went, but more especially when he made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Matt, 21:8-15). They were afraid that everyone would accept him as their Messiah and they would have, but they were prevented from doing this by their clergy. This same fear fell upon the Pagan clergy of Rome and Greece when they saw the large crowds surrounding Paul. They were afraj_d that the whole Roman empire would become Christian, and that is why several hundred years of Christian persecutions took place. But, the 'Word of God' finally in the end was victorious converting kings and clergy alike. Greatly blessed was Emperor Constantine, the first, that brought an end to the religious persecution of the Christians with his decree of Milan (Decree of Tolerance), and blessed will be the Governor that brings to an end to the persecution of the Baha'is in the Montana State Prison. Do 1vhat Constantine did and proclaim religious freedom for all in Montana, he proclaimed the freedom of religion for all of Rome. By the way you ~ill be upholding the Constitution of the United States that you swore to do with your hand on the Bible. Both vlarden Estelle and Warden Crist when they saw that the Baha'is really were suffering perseuction they used their office to protect the rights of Baha'is and they both went to better jobs, and Warden Crist became a very good friend. The barbarians were at the gates of Rome and Constantine saw the salvation of the Roman Empire in the flaming cross on which Jesus suffered persecution at the hands of an inordinate Jewish Clergy, When the barbarians saw the crosses in the shields of the Roman soldiers, they wanted to know what they meant. Not only were the barbarians converted to Cr~istianity and the Roman Empire saved, but it opened the flood gates and practically overnight Rome became Christian, If you could but see Montana being spared in the oncoming great catastrophe in "the stone with seven eyes" (Zecheriah 3:9) in which the promised Joshua suffered persecution at the hands of an inordinate Christian clergy and fulfilled prophecy by coming in the name of "the land" (Leland) (Zecheriah 3:9) at the address of the stvne with seven eyes -- wearing "the dirty garment" (Zecheriah 3:3,4). Today like then the people are ::t'unning scared. They are trying to hold back the oncoming nuclear holocaust with such punny efforts as-nuclear freeze, banning the bomb, demonstrations at nuclear sites -- but these are like holding back a hurricane by running out and trying to hold back the wind with your hands. Today there is no salvation for anyone except by turning to the "stone with seven eyes". Open your eyes and see! Open your ears and hear! I wrote Governor Judge asking him to stop the persecution of the Baha'is in the Montana State Prison. He wrote me back a pert reply telling me that there was no persecution against the Baha'is in the prison. This is when I saw a dark cloud hovering over him that was

- 3 descending upon him and would destroy him. I wrote and told him about this (a copy of this letter is enclosed), but he paid no heed to my warning and then it finally did descend upon him and destroy him, as you know. Enclosed you will find my letter to Attorney Nick Rotering, with back-up material that gives a synposis of the persecution of the Baha'is in the prison, but all that you need to do, in order not to make the same mistake that Governor Judge made, is to check to see if Warden Risley in October of 1981 cut the attendance of prison inmates that would be allowed to attend Baha'i Services to ten on the grounds that it was not a religion, which is repugnant to say the least, and then after the pretrial conference on a suit brought by the inmates of the prison because of the persecution, held by Magistrate G. Todd Baugh at the prison, recently, in which both the Magistrate and Nick Rotering, attorney for the Department of Institution, told the Associate Warden that was representing Risley that they were going to lose the suit if they proceed as their defense that the Baha'i Faith was not a religion. Then Risley placed the administration of the Baha'i services under the Catholic and Protestant Chaplains, the very ones that are trying to destroy the Baha'i Faith in the prison, and to keep the Baha'is from holding Baha'i services in the InterFaith Center. See his 'Inter-Divisional Communication' of September 24, 1982 enclosed. When the Chaplains came to Warden Crist to get permission to build a Christian Chapel in the new prison he told them only if it was an inter-faith chapel for all religions including the Baha'is. This is after Crist made his own investigation and found they were the ones behind the religious persecution of the Baha'is. They said that they draw the line when it comes to the Baha'i Faith. He told them: 'no Baha'i participation, no chapel'. So they finally agreed to include the Baha'is Faith, but when the prison got a new Warden they went to work on him to discriminate and persecute the Baha'i Faith by sabotaging the Baha'i Religious Services, which he has been guilty of since October of 1981. The only solution to stop the persecution is for the Governor to ha,ve the prison, or the Department of Institutions appoint a Baha'i chaplain to administer Baha'i affairs as the Christians have their Chaplains. So, therefore, may I strongly urge you to have the Warden of the Montana State Prison sign the inmates' Consent Decree to drop the suit that is in the hands of the attorney for the Department of Institutions, Nick Rotering. May the host of your guardian angels that are hovering over you anfr protecting you, keeping away all dark clouds continue to smile because of your good works. At one time Governor Judge had guardian angels smiling because of him. He was going to get rid of the warehousing of inmates but he opt for a new cage, and refused to stop the Baha'i persecution in the prison.

""And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcosts of israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth. "

"After thts I beheld. and, lo, a great multitude. which no man could number, of all nations, and kindred. and people, and tongues, stood before the Lamb. clothed with white robes. and palms in their hands;

Isaiah ll:l2 '"And I heard the number of them which were sealed; and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the ·children of Israel." Revelation 1:4

And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation lo nur God which sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lam b. '' Revelation 7:9, 10

Nick A. Rotering Special Assistant Attorney General For repartment of Institutions 1539 llth Avenue Helena, Montana 59620 Attorney for Defendants RE:

In the United States District Court for the District of Montana Butte Division

Cause No. CV 82-10-Butte Roger Caryl, et al., VS

Henry Risley, Warden Dear Mr. Rotering: I have just read your Consent Decree submitted to Plaintiffs-Roger Caryl, et al. I agree with it in the principle that the Baha'i Faith is a religion, but we do not accept that the Baha'i congregation is a religious group if the implications are that it is a Christian sect to be implemented and administered as are the Christian sects operating in the Montana State Prison: The Church of Christ, the Jehovah Witnesses, etc. The Baha'i Faith is recognized by the countries of the world as an Independent World Religion (not a sect of denomination of any religion) except in Iran, where great persecution and martyrdoms of the Baha'is have been and are now being committed. The Baha'i Faith is neither a sect of Christianity nor is it anymore Christian than Chrisian is Jewish. To have the Baha'i Religous Community in the prison to be classified as a religious group (sect) to be administered by the Protestant. Chaplain is like have th_e fox to guard the henhouse, or to have the Jewish Chaplain to conduct the Catholic Mass, or to have General Motors administered by Ford, etc. In the past and at the present the Protestant Chaplains have played the roll of 'rabble-rousArs'inciting the Christians, both inmates and administration staff with slurring and slanderous statements and inuendos

4117 Colonial Lane

Missoula, Montana 59801

<!0· it ~:(! Phone (406) 549-4300

Box 4003 59806

- 2 -

to persecute, stifle and eliminate the Baha'i congregation in the prison. Thus, the administration becoming prejudice has persecuted individual Baha'is and has acted to suppress and eliminate the prerogative of the Baha'is to worship The One Supreme God according to their beliefs and as their conscience dictates, as accorded the Christian Faith, in opposition to the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. When Warden James Estelle Jr. granted me the right to establish and conduct Baha'i Firesides and Services in the Prison, he placed the matter in the hands of the Protestant Chaplain, who tabled it (see a copy of my letter to him, attached). The Warden then demanded the Chaplain see to it that his mandate approving the Baha'is to not be hindered by him, and for a long time we were free from obstruction. But when the Baha'i congregation grew to be the largest religious participation, of one third of the prison population, at the Deer Lodge facility, this moved the Chaplain to institute his rabble-rousing roll inciting the prison administration to institute suppressive measures to stifle and interdict and suppress the growth of the Baha'i religion in the prison. When I came to the Montana State Prison religion was a dirty word, and those that attended religious services were called Biblebacks, and there were less than a handful attending either the Protestant services and the Catholic Mass, but I spiritualized the population and they have now just completed building and dedicating a large interfaith religious center.. Religion is no longer a dirty word and the word Bibleback has disappeared from the inmate vocabulary--what I taught made sense and everyone became interested, even the hard-core. The Christian clergy just couldn't stand this, although to a large extent they have become the beneficiaries. They moved against us by having the prison administration require that we have a prison guard be present at our meetings, for security reason, although there had never been an incident and there had never been a necessity for such a move, for all the prisoners respected me and would never do anything to cause trouble, or discredit the Baha'i meetings. However we didn't mind, the more the better, but the crux of the move was not to have security but a vicious attack to stop the Baha'i meetings, for they required that we acquire the guards, but we have no control in hiring or assigning security guards that were either to sponsor the Baha'i meetings on their own time or we, the Baha'is, pay them a salary, which was an impossibility as the prisoners only made from 10¢ to 30¢ a day. Many of the guards told us that when if they in any way aided the Baha'i community they would be fired. Several guards when they did sponsor the activities their time schedules was changed so they would have to work at the time of our meetings and they were either transferred to the towers or some other loathsome work, or they were let go. When they had stopped our activities, we complained to the Warden as to what had happened. He then demanded that the Protestant Chaplain himself sponsor and attend our meetings, this was like having a Jewish Rabbi conduct Christian services. The Chaplain being forced into this position was as obstructive as he could be. He was always late to start the meetings, from a half hour to an hour, and by this time we had lost most of our congregation. Sometimes he didn't sho.v up at all, in which the services had to be cancelled. He

-3kept a list of those that did attend--calling some of them into his office to dissuade them from attending Baha'i meetings, even threatening them with difficulties in the prison if they continued. Upon our complaint to the Warden he then had the Baha'i services transferred from the Chaplaines office to the Social Service Department. In order to make this transfer, he had to reclassify us from a Baha'i Religious Service, to a self help group. At first we had the same diffi .. culties with them having someone present at our meeting-:"-being late or not coming at all. They also had excuses. Upon reporting this to the Warden he demanded that if they didn't have anyone else to attend our meeting that the head of the Department, Joseph Yankowski, had to attend. At our next meeting here comes Joseph Yankowski twenty-five minutes late and most of our congregation by that time went to other activities or the prison yard. He was going to cancel our meeting but we assured him that they said they would return if he showed up. I had prepared to present at this meeting the biblical proofs for the Advent of Jesus; giving the name for his appearance (Isaiah 7:14) and how Jesus fulfilled it; the date for his coming and his crucifixion (Dan, 9:2427), and how Jesus fulfilled this; the address for his appearance (Micah 5:2), and how Jesus fUlfilled this; and his mission (Dan, 9-24) and how Jesus fulfilled this. I explained that this is the same as the information on a business or professional calling card--name, address, date, and profession and that only one person in the world fulfills a calling card--and Jesus was the only one in this world that fulfilled the information on the calling card issued by God in the Old Testament for the first Messiah. Joseph Yankowski was greatly moved. I had forgotten that he was Jewish. After the meeting he came up to me and shook my hand telling me that he was overwhelmed. That never in his entire life had he ever been given proof that Jesus was his Messiah showing so vividly the reality of Jesus. That he had listened to many Christian sermons, which he.said that didn't make much sense, but he said that I was organized, elegant, precise and everything was documented and well presented. We talked for about a. half an hour. He said that his concept of me was very twisted by the Chaplain's undermining of us. He found that we were not a wild bunch as he had heard, but a serious reserved religious congregation. He told me that from now on we wouldn't have from his department or the administration any further obstruction. He straightened things out. From that time on everything went well for us until Roger C~ist became Warden and the persecution of Baha'is began anew. The Baha'is were attacked by guards and sometimes severely beaten. Crist didn't know what was going on. He didn't have a close contact with the prisoners, but a chain of command, and by the time it reached him, it was the other way around, that the prisoner had attacked the guards--these things occurred after I had left the prison. Complaining to Roger Crist therefore brought no relief. I then therefore, complained to the Governor (Governor Judge); about the religious persecution going on in the Montana State Prison, asking for an investigation. I got a curt letter in return telling me that he had conducted an investigation by calling the Warden on the phone and the Warden assured him that there was no persecution• .I then wrote Governor Judge a long letter, find,a copy enclosed, telling him that I saw a dark cloud hovering over him and that it was descending upon him and would destroy him which finally happened, He lost his sobriety,

- 4his self respect, his wife, and then f'inally the election, at a time that all thought that he would win it, even the present governor, Governor Schwinden. See a newspaper clipping enclosed to that effect. I threatened to take the situation to the courts and the communication media, and several powerful senators and representatives that were already investigating the prison on other matters. This is when Crist woke up and by making his own investigation caused him to see what was going on, and a shake up took place in the administration bringing about relief to the Baha'i community in the prison. But sporadic abuses by the administration continued to occur. Each time I confronted Crist with a new occurrence, asking him why he was always coming down on the Baha'is; he would always act surprised and wanted to know what he was doing now, then he would proceed to take care of the matter. Then under his administration we progressed ve~J rapidly--we had our Baha'i services, including the self help group, deepening classes, a Baha'i speech club, Baha'i firesides and Baha'i counseling. We were able to observe the Baha'i fast and special occasions. When we moved to the new facilities Crist told us some of the activities temporarily had to be curtailed due to the lack of space, such as the speech club was held in suspension, and due to the large number of inmates attending the Baha'i meetings they had to cut our meeting time in half and have two sessions, one following the other. The room was jammed with about sixty people. We had from sixty to one hundred inmates attending and from six to ten outsiders, guest and sponsors. we had more in attendance than the rest of the religions combined. The Baha'i Faith is and has been a great spiritual force in the prison, which has proven to overcome criminality in the minds and hearts of many inmates. For instance, about ninety percent of the crime committed by the i~mates in the Montana State prison is either drug or alcohol related, being either caused by illegal use or crimes committed while under their influence. Baha'u'llah inhisBook of Laws (the Aqdas) prohibits the Baha'is from using drugs or alcohol for any reason except as a medicine and when health is restored their use must be discontinued. Also through religious teachings the person's morals improve. Also religion becomes a cause for a person to straightened out their lives. Really prisons never cure anything, the person themselves have to change. This can be done by a positive re-enforcement. A negative persuasion many times makes the situation worse by compounding the many other abuses that the person had suffered, bringing him to criminality. I hate to bring up the ghost of the past, but with the coming of the new Warden, Henry Risley, we have run full-circle, every offense and abuse by the Christians_ and the administration is starting all over again: Because of security, the Baha'is, in order to have the room they need to accommodate their numbers they must get a guard to attend their meetings-but we still do not hire or assign guards---therefore the number of inmates attending was reduced to ten, assigning us to another room that would not accommodate morB. After the pre-trial conference, the Warden has again classified the·Baha'i Faith as a sect to be administered by the·Protestant Chaplain, who is a rabble-rouser inciting,both administration and inmates to oppose and work to eliminate Baha'i activities or at least reduce it to become insignificant, with such slanderous statements, as the Baha'i Faith is an evil and from tho devil. This reminds me of the Jewish clergy that incited the Jews to oppose Christianity, by saying that Jesus was Be-elze-bub, the prince of devils (Matt. 12:24); and the Pagan clergy of Rome that called

- 5 the Christians atheir.:;t because they didn't believe in all of the Roman Gods. This solution that you submitted in your version of a 'Consent Decree' to have the ·Baha'i services to be administrated by someone that is intent upon its elimination has been tried before and is unacceptable. The Christian clergy condemns the Baha'i Faith without an unbiased investigation. They are prevented from doing this because they adhere blindly to their tradition of interpretations created by men and someM_mes decided upon iri Church councils, and therefore subject to error. There is nothing worse then fear. Most fear is gendered by the Most people are afraid of the unknown as children are afraid of the dark. When this void is then filled with false and slanderous statements, by people that have never taken the opportunity to investigate, as have the Christians inciting the people against the Baha'i Faith, this results in illegal prejudicial action, as put forth in your 'Consent Decree'. un~nown.

Henry Risley at no time has called in a representative of the Baha'i community, either myself or some qualified inmate, to discuss the matter or to receive recommendations, but has acted on recommendations of either his administration or the Protestant Chaplain that has misinformed and misguided him bringing the matter to the courts. Therefore, there is a dire need for a Baha'i liaison officer, like the Christians having a Protestant and a Catholic Chaplains, to function under the Warden and the administration to handle and administer Baha'i affairs. After the pre-trial conference the Warden wrote to the inmates that it wasn't for him to decide Baha'i issues but for the Protestant Chaplain. See inter-divisional enclosed. In other prisons with the same problems the courts have ordered, where the Buddhist were discriminated against, the administration was ordered to appoint a Buddhist chaplain, also where the Muslims were discriminated against by the prisons they were ordered to appoint Muslim chaplains. Therefore, may I at this time strongly urge you to recommend and work for a just and legal solution by having the prison administration appoint a Baha'i Chaplain. This will save further litigation and bad publicity for the prison administration and the Department of Institutions. If the Christians are successful in depriving the Baha'is of their Constitutional rights as accorded in the first amendment, they are then paving the way to the elimination of their own protection under the law. Also for them to attack another religion, as they have the Baha'i Faith, it cast an aspersion as totheir own integrity and Holiness. Don't they know that Jesus said that 'the bread that they cast upon the waters returns to them'? We hold. no animosity toward anyone. The Baha'is-are not in opposition or in competition with Christianity. If the Christians would investigate the Baha'i Faith, they would find that it fulfills it. The Christians have n~thing to fear from the Baha'is. The samaGod that gave Jesus his Revelation (Rev. 1:1), also gave Baha' u' llah (lit. "Glory of the Father'', Mark 8: 38) his Revelation (John 16:12, 13, 14). ·

- 6 It seems everytime one comes sent by God (fulfilling prophecy) he is subjected to persecution, imprisor~ent, humiliation and sometimes marty~dom at the hands of the very people that he has been sent to. Baha'u'llah spent 40 years in persecution, prison and exlle, being banished from town to town, and thirty thousand of his followers have been crvelly put to death by the Iranian clergy and govern,"ilent. " Please find enclosed a. clipping from the Missouli~n~ submitted by a Covenant-breaking Baha'i supporter. Although she points out the severe persecution of the Baha'is in Iran, and we all know how fanatical the Muslim clergy are in Iran, by their radical and fanatical attack on the United States in the episode of the hostages, then this person that submitted this news release committed the same atrocious fanatisism she accused the Iranians. She went down in the sewer to fabricate a most absurd swill and vicious attack upon me "Jansenist" that was not only unfounded or documented, but completely alien to me and to what I and the Baha'i Faith stand for. They say that bad boys (in this instance bad girls) don't throw sticks at trees unless there are fruit on them. Her remarks were meant as a ploy to divert the seeker after truth from ever considering investigating the one place that he may find it.

Jesus said: "Therefore I send you prophets and wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify and some you will scourge in your Synagogues (Churches) and persecute from town to town" (Matt. 23-24). Today you are seeing this prophecy of Jesus being fulfilled before your very eyes. May we ask for and receive relief from the persecution of the Baha'i community in the Montana State Prison? Faithful in the Cause of God, and His Kingdom, -~~~e and faithful servant,


Dr. Leland,


. enc.

Warden Henry Risley Governor Schwinden Carrol South, Dept. of Institutions G. Todd Baugh, Magistrate Communication Media Clipping, Missoulian Letter to Governor Judge Letter to James Estelle, Jr. Risley, Religious Programming Resume

'-~ y.p}J

The MISSOULIAN _1\ugust 26, 1982

Prison Baha'is may drop suit charging bias 1981. when administrators cracked down after an escape of four inmates from an area where large meetings DEER LODGE - A lawsuit filed had been held, the attorney said. Although apparently_ unrelated to against the state by three prison in· mates claiming religious discrimina- any particular group, Rotering said. tion may have been averted Wednes- the escape. in which several hostages day if prison officials agree to treat were taken, prompted Warden Risley members of the Baha'i faith as any to require that all inmate group meet· other religious group. ings have at least one prison staff The suit conte.ilded that Baha'i member present. Warnecke interrupted. "They could members were not allowed to meet for group religious services. being either ask staff members to volunteer classified instead as an inmate-led their time, or they could pay an em· self-help group and thus subject to the ployee's wages to attend the meetrules and regnlations set forth for such ing," he said. groups. Baha'i merr.bers inside the prison Federal Magistrate G. Todd Baugh walls approached several guards with met with Montana State Prison offi- such a request, inmate Dan Lopez cials and the three inmates for more said, but "they refused beeause as one than two hours Wednesday morning to guy told me, he would lose his job if examine the suit's basis and possible he helped us out." direction. If inmate groups could not find an employee to sponsor them, then they Baugh conducted the informal were barred from using a large meet· hearing in a large office normally used ing room on the administration and by the state Board of Pardons. education building's second floor. "I've got a hunch the courts are Instead, they were allowed to use a going to look pretty liberally upon small conference room in one of the their (the followers of Baha'i) being a inmate housing units and groups were religion," Baugh told Associate War- limited in size to 10 inmates and six outside guests. den Patrick W. Warnecke. Baugh said that if prison officials "That really caused problems for allowed certain activities such as wor- us," said inmate Gary Quigg, wbo ship services, then all activities of a filed the lawsuit. "We had between 50 and 100 memsimilar nature also had to be allowed. unless there was proven justification bers regularly attending our services for different treatment. and then they tell us only 10 can go at Warnecke, who was speaking for one time," Quigg said in an interview the prison administration during the Tuesday afternoon. two-week vacation of Warden Hank Six "fireside mee~," the tenn Risley, said there had been some con- used for Baha'i inmate services, were fusion as to how to classify Baha'i canceled because a prison staff spanmembers since the prison group had sor could not be found or refused to been disenfranchised by the world- attend. Quigg contended, which led to wide Baha'i faith. the lawsuit seeking actual and punitive "We can't provide rooms, security damages "caused by religious discrimguards and paid religious leaders for ination." every cult that springs up in here," _ _,~~!earm;Hett~llesr,.ot..tbe ar· Warnecke said. gument, Baugh asked the inmates they:,_would drop the lawsuit and any But the issue was much more com claims for damages if prison autbori· plicated than placement of a particu lar label on the prisoner group, sai ties would simply classify and treat Nick Rotering, the state's attorney. He melll.bers of Baha'i the same as any then outlined the history of Baha'ism other religion. a,t the prison. "Yes," all three quickly agreed. Baha'i members had been allowed The magistrate then asked Roter· to meet in the prison for religious ser· ing and Warnecke if they had any obvices since July 22. 1970, when fonner 'ections tO those conditions. Both men inmate Leland Jensen, the current · dicated they did nol group's spiritual teacher, was impris;->..ote.ring said he would prepare a oned, Rote.ring said. co t decree for Warden Risley's The Baha'i group met peacefully app . If the plaintiffs agree to and without incident through Del 4, deer the matter willbe d!JlpPI:!d By GEORGE WINSHIP



uttofttatta gtate cpllisott

9ntetr -COivi~ionaQ Communication +'. ........ ............... •••••







'9 .... , .............. ..



My correspondence with you of last week was apparently not understood by yourself. We have two correctional chaplains employed at this institution. It is their function to oversee the operation of religious programming, regardless of the nature of the religious group. The request for approval of outside guests to take part in Bahai programming must be handled by Chaplains Wohlers and Stimatz. It serves no purpose for you to forward those requests to me, as I will merely send them to Chaplain Wohlers or Chaplain Stimatz, for them to handle.

HR/sw cc:

Pat Warnecke Chaplain Wohlers Chaplain Stimatz

Resume DR. LELAND JENSEN 4117 Colonial Lane Missoula, Montana 59801 549-0427 721-5737 • • • • • • • • •

• • • •

• •

• • •

·• ·•

Age 68 Born of Baha'i parents Spent over 50 years in active support and propagation of the Baha'i Faith. Knight of Baha'u'llah Was knighted by the· first guardian of the Baha'i Faith. Was chosen, along with about 150 other believers, from among a world population of about several million Baha'is for knighthood. My wife and myself are the only two Knights of Baha'u'llah left in the world, the others have either died or had been expelled from the Faith for Covenant-breaking. There is a prophecy of 'Abdu'l-Baha that the knights would establish the Kingdom of God in the world. I was chosen by the guardian for knighthood because of my participation in a world wide crusade to establish the 'Good News of the Kingdom' in every part of the world, especially on two little Islands in the Indian Ocean, Muritious and Reunion, which were among the last to set up a Baha'i Co~Jnmunity, establishing me as an internationally known Baha'i teacher. I have written severalbooks on the Baha'i Faith. I have conducted and sponsored Baha'i religious-firesides-on a weekly basis for over 12 years inside the Montana State Prison -1970 to 1982- as an Independent Alive Revealed Religion, being authorized to do so by Warden James Estelle Jr. in June of 1970. In 1981 there were from 60 to 100 inmates attending the Baha'i services every Sunday. In October of 1981 Warden Hank Risley shamfully discriminated against Baha'i services by limiting the number of inmate attendance to 10, with no restrictions placed upon the Christian services, causing great damage to the progress of the Baha'i effort, for a year depriving about 90 inmates from attending the religious service of their choice, trying to destroy the Baha'i congregation. The state pays for a Christian chaplain to sponsor and conduct the Christian services. The state does not pay for a Baha'i chaplain. In his ploy to discriminate, Risley required that the Baha'is have a prison guard to attend, for security reasons, the Baha'i services, something that we did not object to; but He would not assign a prison guard to do this, and we have no authority to hire or assign guards to do anything. Risley indicated that he would have the Christian Chaplain to sponsor our services, but the Chaplain indicated to Daniel Lopez that it would only be on a hit or miss bases, if he could find the time, didn't have something to do, wasn't out of town, etc. Meaning that the services would not be scheduled regularily and that most of the time we wouldn't have them at all. Both I and several of the inmates have requested an interview with the warden to aire the situation, but have received no reply. The Baha'i Faith has never been a security risk to the prison and there is no reason for the Baha'i to be discriminated against, which would suggest religious prejudice. The then Associate Warden, who is now the Deputy Warden, has highly praised the Baha'i firesides and told me personally last year that nothing should ever be done by the administration to either stop or to interfer in the continuation of these services, as it has proven to have a very benificial effect on the inmates, and the administration had accorded good time to them that attended. The Baha'is are not asking for any special favors or privileges, but that the court stop the discrimination and accord the Baha'is the same constitutional rights accorded to Christians. The Baha'i Faith is not in opposition to the Christian Faith nor any other world religion, but fulfills them.

"And he tholl ,., up an

"Aft<r this I beheld, and, /o, •

cn1ign for the nation.s* a:ul •hall a.uem 6/e tlae outca.u.s of l1rael. tvul gather together the

grrot multitud~. which no man ~ould number, of all nation.s, and kindred, ond people, and tongue.s, .stood before the Lamb, dotlaed with. u.•hite robes, and palrn.s in th~ir

dispersed of Judah f'orn the four corner.s of the earth.


Isaiah 11:12


"And I heard the nurn ber of And cried wit/a a loud voice, UJya'ng, Salvation to our God which .sitteth upon Jhe throne ud un1o the Lamb. ••

them which were .sealed; and there were ualed an hundred and

fortr and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel."

. Reoelation 7:9, 10

· Revelatio_n_7:4

·.·- .·

October 28, 1982 .




· Fede_ral Magistrate G. Todd Baugh


. Dear Magistrate Baugh: I am writing you in support of the Baha'i inmates at the Montana State Prison seeking to end the discrimination of the Baha'is at that institution. I was at the prison for the Pre-trial Conference but was not called to testify, I am their spiritual advisor and teacher. I am also well known as an international speaker.and teacher, my resume enclosed. In the report of the Pre-trial Conference as appeared in the Missoulian, a copy enclosed, stated that you "asked the inmates if they would drop the lawsuit and any claims for damages if prison authorities would simply classify and treat members of Baha'i the same as any other religion," "'Yes,' all three quickly agreed, the magistrate then asked Rotering and Warnecke if they had any objections to those conditions. Both men indicated they did not." "Rotering said that he would prepare a consent decree for l·Tarden Risley·' s approval. If the plaintiffs agreed to the decree, the matter will be dropped .• " The Baha 9 is, both on the inside of the institution and on the outside were happy with this outcome, for this was the purpose of the suit in the first place. In fact this suit should have never been had to be filed. Administrators, such as the Warden and the Department of Institutions should know the First Admendments Provisions and should have never discriminated against the Baha'is. But, Warden Risley, unlike the two previous wardens, had refused to meet with the Baha'i inmates or the Baha'is on the outside that support them, A copy of my letter to Warden Risley requesting such an interview is enclosed, Mr. Rotering submitted a "Consent Decree" to the Baha'is inmates for-their · approval, but he completely ignored the independent Religious Status of the Baha'i Faith and classifed us as a Christian sect (denominations) to be administered by

4117 Colonial Lane.

Missoula, Montana 59801

Phone (406) 549-4300

Box 4003 59806

the Christian chaplains who are the source of the discrimination in the first place. This does not put the Baha'i Religion on an equal basis with the other religions, Christian, etc. I had appraised Mr. Rotering about this in a letter I wrote to him, a copy enclosed, but he doesn't seem to want to cooperate. The Baha'i Faith cannot operate as a Christian sect no more than the Christians could operate as a Jewish sect, although they believe in Moses and we believe in Jesus, but not the way the Christians do, The Baha'i Faith is a completely different religion then Christianity and Judaism with its own ordinances, laws and teachings that include calendar of nineteen days to a month and nineteen months to a year with four intercalary days, and New Year day is on March 21, at the vernal equinox: starting 1dth the Bab, the forerunner of Baha'u'llah on March 21, 1844 A.D. It's a whole new ball game. Jesus said that:· God does not put new wine in old bottles. We have completely different Holy Days than any of the other religions, for instance we do not celebrate Christmas, but the birthdays of the Bab, Baha'uvllah and the first day of each Baha'i month we observe the Baha'i Feast and once a year for 19 days the Baha'i Fast. We also observe the anniversaries of the Pro~lamations of the Bab, Baha'u'llah and the Promised Joshua, We have several others that we abserve that are of lesser importance.



The Christians have a number of other activities going on in the prison besides the 75 minute services of the various denominations each week, such as, Christian brotherhood, a self help group, the cursillo etc. which are supported by the val~ous Christian groups. Mr. Rotering in his Consent Decree would limit the Bahavis to just religious service depriving the Baha'is of its other activiti~s such as a Baha 0 i Brotherhood discriminating against them. · There are only three religions operating in the prison: Christian, Baha'i and Native American with the .Baha'i having the most adherent. What Mr. Rotering refers to in the prison as a religion, denominations, are but sects of one relgion, Christianity. The Baha'i Faith on the other hand is officially recognized in all the countries of the world, (except Iran) as an independent world religion, and the only one that has a seat on the non-governmental sector of the United Nations. The Baha'is view the religions of God as the grades in a school that are not in opposition but mutually supportive, bringing mankind to its consummation of the Christ heralded Kingdom of God on earth, with a descendent of King David, the Promised second Messiah (the Christians return of C~~st), Baha'u'llah (lit •. Glory of the Father), who was prophesied to come by name by Jesus Christ (Mark 8:38), the founder of the Baha'i Faith, establishing the long prophesied re-establistment of David's throne and the revealing of a wor1dgovernment (Isaiah 9:7), with its attending laws, ordinances and teaching and the establishing of God's House on God's Holy Mountain (Baha'u'llah's Universal House of Justice to be established on Mt. Carmel at Hiafa, Israel, (Isaiah 2: 2) and all of the nations will flOlf to it will become a part of it). They will learn of His Revelation and they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghooks and they won't learn war anymore (Isaiah 2:3,4). The above fulfillment won't be recognized until the peoples find themselves in the midst the worst catastrophy (a global war) that the world has ever seen or will ever be in the future. Then will God's heavenly host radiate from the "stone with seven eyes" and shorten the days of the conflict 'by bringing the message of the Kingdom to the peoples of the world (Matt. 24:21, 24:29,30, Zech. 3:9, 6;1-6). The two mountains of Copper aJJ:e Butte and Lincoln, Montana which the Montana State prison is in between.

The above Baha'i view becomes clear and acceptable with further explanations, documentations and substantuations in Baha'i Firesides, and writing; which makes the Baha'i Faith the fastest growing religion in the prison, in the state of Montana and the world. God's fulfillment of the religions are far different and apposed to the very well, but ill devise worked out tradition of the various theologians of the worlds' religions; that are and unscriptural. They are the clouds of he9-ven that cut off Son of Reality.

stand diametrically of interpretations illogical, unrealistic seeker's view of the

The Baha'i Faith recognizes and supports the legitmacy of all the worlds great religions: Jewish, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Christian and Islam. The Baha'is are not in competition or opposition to any of them but supports and fulfills them. Ones ignorance of the Baha'i Faith, or any of the others, does not make anyone of them illegitimate. All religions were revealed by God through His Divine Manifestations. Some of the religious leaders have deified their Manifestation. Because of the virgin birth of Buddha his followers made him the incarnation of God. The same thing applies to both Krishna a~d Jesus. Each of them said that they would come again. Krishna said: "When ever the world declineth in virtue and righteousness and evil and injustice mount the throne, then cometh I your Lord and revisit my world in visible form and mingleth as a man among men; and by my influence and teachings do I re-establish virtue and righteousness. Many times in the past have I thus appeared and many times in the future will I come again." Because of the tradition of interpretations, of a priestcraft, that is subject to error, in the deification of Jesus they teach that the retQ~n of Jesus would be in the same person making the Christian religion exclusive although he said that he goeth to the Father and the world will never see me again. And in another place he said I go away and send another unto you, Because of this exclusiveness the Christians have become deprived of God's Divine Unity depriving their followers of the brotherhood of man which will finally result in a disasterous global war. They fail to recognize that each of the Divine Manifestations are 'mouth-pieces' of God reflecting Him, as a mirror reflects the sun; with each giving a pre-ordained prescribed progressive Revelation of God (Rev. 1:1). When ever any of these other religions form a congregation in a prison they are severely attacked being persecuted and discriminated against by an inordinate Christian clergy (chaplains). The reason that this discrimination and persecution of the Baha'is has taken place is that there is no one in the administration, including the chaplains, that are knowledgeable of nor are they inclined to represent the Baha'i Cause, thus the Baha'i Faith was grossly misrepresented to the new warden after he took office. Now, whether they prejudiced the new warden, or whether he was already prejudice and they then incited him to discriminate the result was the same. The Baha'i congregation was targeted for eliminatioa~ as the Christian Faith, with its several denominations were not affected by Warden Henry Risley's rulings. They were not deprived of their religious services nor were their self-help groups, such as Christian brotherhood and the cursillo suffer any interference. Only the Baha'is Faith was deprived for six weeks from having its religious service and after that the nQ~ber of inmates that were allowed to attend was limited to ten. In other prisons when the Christian chaplains were unable to by training and persuasion to represent the Buddhist Faith, and the Buddhist congregation was discriminated against the court ruled that the state must provide for the appoint. . ment of a Buddhist chaplain that by training and persuasion was qualified to represent the Buddhist interest in the administration in the prison. \

The same thing happened when the Muslim Faith was discriminated against, in especially the sta..tes that had a large black population, the court ordered the appointment of a Muslim chaplain. ·The Baha'i inmates submitted a counter 'Consent Decree' to Mr. Rotering, representing the pre~trial conference's agreentent, of your question for dropping the suit and claims for damages, 'if prison authorities would simply classify and treat members of Baha'i the same a.s any other religion." This Consent Decree, a copy enclosed, satisfies the pre-trial conference putting the Baha'i religious Faith in equal status with the Christian religious Faith. The original of this consent decree. was sent to Mr. Rotering for him to have the warden sign, but he representing the Department of Institutions that is prochristian that represent the stance of an inordinate Christian clergy again not representing the pre-trial conference agreement, proposed to strike down the wording that would give the Baha'i equal religious status that was agreed upon. A copy of his letter of Oct·8, 1982 to the ·inmates of the Baha'i Faith is enclosed. His rejection to putting the Baha'i Faith on equal status with the Christian Faith is that the legislature only funds· one and one half chaplains, but if the court orders the establishment of a Baha'i chaplain the legislature would then be called upon to fund the Baha'i chaplain, as was done in other states. If they didn't fund the office of a Bahavi chaplain then the funding of the Christian chaplains would be ruled unconstitutional for discriminating against the Baha'i religious Faith in opposition to the First Amendment, The Baha'i congregation attending religious services is larger than all of the Christian denominations attending services put together. The· state pays salaries for two Christian chaplains. The Baha'is, because of the necessity of having a Baha'i represent the Baha'i religious views and activities in the prison, are only asking for the appointment of one Baha'i chaplain. Because the Department of Institutions refuses to deal equitably with the Baha'is, as stated by you in the pre-trial conference leaving no alternative but 'f'or- this suit to go to trial, may I suggest and strongly urge you to remain committed to your pre-trial stance for equal status with the Christian religion. The Baha'is highly commend you for recognizing the Baha'i discrimination and bringing this suit up for a pre-trial conference, and patiently listening to the complaint of the inmates of the Baha'i congregation in the Montana State Prison. I personally thank you for reading and considering this letter. I had to write it because of the absence of my testimony in the pre-trial conference. Respectfully yours,

~~~ cc Rotering Henry Risley Carrol Smith

"After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, whiCh no man could number, of all nations, and kindred, and people, and tongues, stood before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;

'"And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather tOgether the dispersed of Judah. from the four corners of the earth. ••

Isaiah 11:12 "And I heard the number of them which were sealed; and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel." Revelation 7:4

And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb." Revelation 7:9, 10

Governor Ted Schwinden Capitol Building Helena, MONTANA 59601 Dear Governor Schwinden: I received your letter o£ December 10, and was astonied by your sordid reply to the pleas o£ so many that turned to you to bring a halt to the continued persecution and repression o£ the Baha'is at the Montana State Prison. Your letter only reiterated the rhetoric of those that were culpable in the persecution and the suppression o£ the Baha'is. Don't you represent all o£ the people of Montana? Why do you support the dominati'on o£ one religion over another? Are you yoursel£ prejudice, so that you jointhe ranks o£ those o£ an inordinate Christian. clergy that have been for over a half a century hostile to the Baha'i Faith, or do you join them because of political expediency to have their backing on your political moves? Your reply shows that you had not considered the matter yoursel£ but had replied as you had been instructed. Everything in your reply was wrong. Nothing was in accordance with the £acts; the £acts that you could have found had you made an investigation. By asking the culpable parties to dra£t a reply £or you betrays your image o£ an honorable and just man. This is the same road taken by your predessor, Governor Judge, and was the very thing that caused his destruction, which I predicted by writing him a long letter telling him about the dark cloud that was descending upon him that would destroy him. I had sent you a copy of this letter, read it and see £or yourself. Now that you have taken this horrible position the tragedy that is following you is coming much quicker, and is £ar worse. Your guardian angels are no longer smiling because of your position in this matter. You started o££ your letter insulting us by calling us a sect of the Baha'i Faith. Nothing could be £urther from the truth. Are you

4117 Colonial Lane

Missoula, Montana 59801

Phone (406) 549-,.,427 •

Box 4003 59806

knowledgeable in Baha'i affairs, or are you siding with the Baha'i Covenant-breakers, that were removed from the Baha'i Faith for Covenantbreaking by the only person designated in the Covenant that has the authority to do so, the Guardian? Never have I, nor any believer in the Montana State Prison, been designated Covenant-breaker by any guardian of the Baha'i Faith, and the Baha'i Faith itself is not a sect of any other religion, but is respected by all governments of the world except Iran, as an Independent World Religion. You tell us that you were aware of the evolutionary transition of the formative stages of the Baha'i organization in the prison from a self help group to that of being recognized as a religion. Again you are dead wrong. From the very beginning the Baha'is at the prison were recognized as a religion. See my letter to Warden Estelle, enclosed in which I definitely established that it was a world wide independent religion. It was later transferred from the administration of the Prates•· tant Chaplain, because of his misrepresentation and stifling of Baha'i affairs in an effort to eliminate Baha'i meetings in the prison, to the social department, as it was then more under the control of the Warden. It was necessary to classify it as a self help group in order for it to come under the Social Department, but it was still considered as a religion by Warden Crist, because when the Christians wanted to build their Christian chapel Crist told them that it had to include all religions, including Baha'i, as it would be on state property. And if they would not include the Baha'i Faith then they would be unable to start construction. All the pre-trial conference did was to reiterate that the Baha'i Faith was a religion,for the magistrate warned the prison system that if they proceeded by theirp-J._Iqy that Baha'i was not a religion they would lose in Federal court. Every one knows that the Baha'is is a religion.

Warden Risley committed a dastardly act, by succumbing to the bum advice of his administration, when he required all self-help groups to find a prison guard to attend their meetings. This was a stratagem to stop Baha'i services. The prison administration saw to it that all of the self help groups were able to have a guard, but saw to it that Baha'is would not be able to get a guard for this purpose. Self help groupe have nothing to do with hiring or assigning guards. No guard is allowed to sponsor Baha'i meetings without the nod of the administration. This was a ploy used previously under the Crist administration and was brought to an end by Crist when he recognized the mischief in the administration, Thus the Baha'is were limited to ten inmates~in an attempt to eliminate the Baha'is1 for over a year. The Christians just don't want Jesus in their new inter-faith center • /lr·




You state,£: "As a religion (Baha'i) participants will no longer be able to host an 'open house'. This policy applies uniform to all formally recognized religious groups." This isn't so at all. What kind of an iniquitous person are you anyhow? Besides the Christian chaplain~ one Protestant and one Catholic in the prison(you state that: "Nearly /160 different outside ministers now offer services to Montana state Prison inmates." These ministers all are Christian ministers.

' (

None of them are Baha'i. Besides these Christian services, Christians have various other activities, such as Christian Brotherhood, which is a self help Christian group which host an 'open house' and gets good time. Then there is the Christian Cursilos and Retreats, that co-opts the Baha'is and then the "Ultreya' which is also Christian. What you are proposing is that the Christian religion can have all of the many Sunday services, plus self-help groups, its Cursilos, Ultreya, its retreats have good time and host open houses, but the Baha'i Religious Faith that is non-christian is to be limited to one Baha'i service of 75 minutes a week with no other activities. Come now, you know better than this. Most institutions and countries except Iran do better than this. Where does you administration come up with this kind of stuff? These iniquities are reprehensible to say the least. You not only make a mockery of the Constitution of the United States but of your office as well. The Constitution, one of the greatest documents conceived by the minds of men for the protection of the rights of the people, but if the constitution and the governor doesnvt protect the religious rights of Jesus on his return, what is the value of either? For if the constitution and the governor doesn't protect his rights, whose rights will they protect? We may as well be living in some despotic age. By your iniquities you not only have nulified the protective rights of the constitution, but you have committed the greatest sin, for you stand in opposition to the Son--the words--that God has sent back into the world to establish his Father's Kingdom--the "Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven". From this point on everything that you do is cursed. You will be cursed when you go in and you will be cursed when you come out, Until you repent everything you put your hands to will not be acceptable in the sight of God. Already your proposal for your'frQrk barrel legislation' of 12.5 million dollars worth of buildings to be used for the further warehousing of prisoners, at a time when people are starving in Montana, and when you have made deep budget cuts for vital programs, is in deep trouble, The task force has come up with an alternative plan of reopening the old prison. Actually little has to be done to get this going; fire-up the boilers, turn on the lights and you have an archaic prison just what the people of Montana want, Nothing can save you now but to proclaim the old prison as 'the stone .with seven eyes,' You are in the position of the iniquitous Pontius Pilate, who was the Roman governor of Judea, that knew nothing about Jesus and how he fulfilled the prophecies for the Advent of the Jewish Messiah. All that he could hear was the condemnation of Jesus by an inordinate Jewish clergy that had strayed so far from the teachings of Moses, and thus lacked an understanding of the prophecies of their religion, By their prompting he heard the howls of the mob that sided with their clergy, crying, 'give us Barabas and crucify Jesus'. They were clinging to their tradition of interpretations, thus they couldn't see how this carpenter's son could be their Messiah. Therefore that wicked man, though he could find no fault in Jesus·, for political expediency had him scourged and crecified. All that you can hear is the condemnation of me, and my position, by an inordinate Christian clergy, that have strayed so far from the teachings

of Jesus, by believing their tradition ~f interpretations that were created by themselves and are in dee~ error, they have no understanding of the prophecies of his return nor do they know anything of the prophecies of the coming of the second Messiah (Christ). They can't see how this old man that had 'the stone with seven eyes'before him, on an L & L charge could be Jesus on his return. They don't know that he was condemned by an iniquitous and corrupt court, as Jesus was also condemned by the corrupt Sanhedrin court, and that the L & L charge is called in prison jargon, as a dirty jacket, fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus wearing the dirty garment. And that your iniquitous reply to my letter to you proved the iniquities of the system. They, and undoubtedly you, don't expect, nor do you want, Jesus on his second coming to fulfill prophecies, as I have done, but to come in accordance with the Christian tradition or interpretations--that are mythological to say the least--like the Jews that didn't expect, nor did they want Jesus to be their Messiah, as he didn't fulfill their mythological tradition of interpretations. They were not going by prophecies. We have gone through one Pontius Pilate in Governor Judge, who washed his hands of this affair and went down the tube. If you try to take the same course with your iniquitous replies, after having the example of Governor Judge, then God will lay violent hold of you. He will grab you by the forelock and overwhelmingly and forcefully turn you around. Terrible indeed is God in punishing. You may not want to take the time, nor want to read my following explanations now, but when what I have written in the above paragraph happens to you, you will then want to read this most important communieatery that you will ever get in your entire life. You may not want to regard the way of the Lord as politically expedient, but today I lay before you the choice of life, good, guidance and salvation; or discipline, death and evil, If you renounce your evil and iniquitous ways and ·obey commandments and teachings of your Lord God, by loving the Lord your God, by conforming to his ways, by regarding his prophecies, and keeping his statues, laws, and follow his guidance, then you live and incn:iase, and the Lord God will bless you and your administration. IN HOC SIGN OF VINCES (in this sign--the stone with seven eyes--you will be victorious. This was the motto of Constatine the Great. As he proclaimed the cross, the sign of Jesus on his first coming, and became the greatest protagonist of Christianity, you by proclaiming 'the stone with seven eyes' will become the greatest protagonists of Jesus in establishing his Father's Kingdom. Please read the following communique and understand! The first thing that the seeker after truth needs to know is two Messiah's (Christs) were prophesied to come by the Old Testament prophets; not one, but two. The second thing they need to know is the meaning of the word Messiah, a Hebrew word, or Christ (Christos) a Greek word. There is just one meaning, anointed, which is short for 'Messiah ben David 9 a descendentof David that is anointed. It has no other meaning. It does not mean: Lord~ or savior, Son of God, or God, or the last name of Jesus. The Lord's anointed applies to the kings of Israel that descended from King David and were chosen to succeed their fathers to sit upon the throne of David. They then were later in a coronation ceremony consecrated by

anointment with oil mixed with herbs and scents, by pouring this oil on God's chosen by the High Priest. This practice started with Samuel: "Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethern: and the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward" (1 Samuel 16:12). From this time onward there were many Covenants made by God, that from the seed of David, David's throne would be forever, that there would always be one to sit upon David's throne: "Thy throne shall be established forever'1

(II Samuel 7:16),

"If thy children take heed to their way, to walk before me in truth with all their heart and with all their soul, there shall not fail thee a man on the throne of Israel" (1 Kings 2:4). "A son shall be born to thee,, .His name shall be Solomon •. , I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel forever" (1 Chron. 22:8,9,10). "If thou wilt walk before me, as David thy father walked •.. then I will establish the throne of thy kingdom, according as I covenanted with David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man to be ruler of Israel" (2 Chron. 7:17, 18), "I have made a covenant with My Chosen, I have sworn unto David My Servant, Thy Seed will I establish Forever, and build up Thy Throne unto all generations ••• I will make Him, my Firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth ••• And my covenant shall stand fast with him. His Seed will I make to endure Forever, and His Throne as the days of Heaven ••• My Covenant I will not break, nor alter the thing that has gone out from My Lips, Once I have sw~rn by My Holiness, I will not lie to David ••• His throne shall be Established Forever" (Psalms 89:3,4,27,29,34,37). "The Lord hath sworn in truth unto David: He will not turn from it: Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon the throne" (Psalms 132:11). In reference to the Covenants that God had made with Samuel, David and Solomon quoted above, there are many more, some with Nathan, etc. From this time on the prophets started to prophesy the coming of two different Messiahs, both being of the sperm of David, One would be a suffering Messiah that would suffer for the sins of Israel, and would die for their sins, and then there are the prophecies for the latter days of a Messiah that would come and re-establish the throne of David in this world. He would marry and have a Son, a BRANCH, whose descendent would sit upon David's throne forever, This became the theme of the Bible from David on down, prophesying an intermission of the Tabernacle of David, and the Davidic kingship, and the re-establishment. "In that day I will raise up the Tabernacle of David that is fallen,,," (Amos 9:11,12). Some of the prophecies for the first Messiah are found in Isaiah 53 and 7:14; Daniel 9:24-27; Micah 5:2,4; Psalms 110; Zech, 9:9, 11:12; Isaiah 53:9,11 and there are more.

Most of the prophecies are for the latter days, the 2nd Messiah and the return of Jesus: Isaiah 9:7, 2:1-4, 11:1-12; Ezekiel 43:1-7; Daniel 8: 13,14, 12: 11, 12:1. These are but a few of the specifics, but the whole theme of the Bible comes to the grand crescendo of establishing God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, with the advent of the second Messiah and the re-establishing of David's throne. Zechariah tells us that there is to be two Messiahs (Descendents of David that are anointed): "knowest thou not what these be? And I said, No, my lord. Then he said he, These are the two anointed ones (Messiahs), that stand by the Lord of the whole earth" (Zech. 4:13,14). Jesus the first Messiah (anointed) named the second Messiah by name. The original test of the gospels were first written in the vernacular, which was Aramaic, then it was translated into Greek and then into English: "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generations; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he comes in (Baha'u'llah) the glory of the Father with his holy angels" (Mark 8: 28). Jesus didn't say the the words "Glory of the Father' as he didn't speak English. He used the Aramaic word Baha'u'llah. As Stephen, the first martyr of the aspostle age, stood before the iniquitous council that sentenced him to death, he saw two Messiahs and named them: Acts 6:9,12 ••• "But he being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven and saw (Baha'u'llah) the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God" (Acts 7: 55). The Christians see the prophecies in the scriptures for the coming of two Messiahs, but they merged these two Messiahs into one composite picture of Jesus as being both of them, although he only fulfilled the prophecies for the first Messiah. They saw these two portraits just as a man is looking at a range of mountains; he is able to see the peak of one mountain and beyond it the peak of another. However, from his vantage point, he cannot see the valley which separates these ~hese two mountains. So he assumes he is seeing one mountain with two peaks. The Christians view the portraits of the two Messiahs in the same manner. They saw two different persons. They could not see the valley that separates these two Messiahs. They would not perceive that there were predictions of the coming of two different persons, coming in two different roles, and separated by the valley of time. Hal Lindsey in his book. "The Great Planet Earth," of which over 15 million copies have been sold, tells us that: "Two completely different portraits of a coming Messiah were· described by the Old Testament prophets ..• One portrait of the Messiah depicts him as a humble servant who would suffer for others and be rejected by His own countrymen. This portrait we may call

'the Suffering Messiah'. (Look into the prophecies of Isaiah 53 for the perfect picture of this Messiah,)" "The other portrait shows the Messiah as a conquering king with unlimited power, who comes to earth (world) at the height of a global war and saves men from self-destruction. He places the Israelites (under their new name Baha'i) who believe in Him as the spiritual and secular leadersof the world and brings in an age free of prejudice and injustice,' It's easy to see why this would be the most popular portrait. We may call this second picture "The Reigning Messiah." We find this description in such prophecies as Zechariah 14 and Isaiah 9:6,7). These two portraits of the Messiah presented such a paradox that the rabbis at least a century before Jesus of Nazareth was born, theorized that there would be two Messiahs, They could not see how both portraits could be true of the same persons." (Pages 18, 19). Jesus fulfilled the prophecies for the first Messiah, g1v1ng his genealogy back to King David through his father, Joseph, which is found in two Gospels, Matthew and Luke. Paul said that Jesus was of the sperm of David according to the flesh and declared the Son of God according to the spirit (Romans 1:3,4). Jesus said: "I am the root and offspring of David and the bright and morning star" (Rev. 22:16). If he was not of the sperm of David through his father Joseph, He could not have been the Christ, which is the Greek name for the Hebrew word Messiah.



He then fulfilled the prophecies for the first Messiah. Isaiah prophesied that he would come in the name of Emmanuel, a Hebrew word and Joseph named his son Jesus, a Greek word having the same meaning, thus he was prophesied by name (Isaiah 7:14, Matt. 1:21,23). Micah prophesied the address of his appearance, Bethlehem, and Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2;'\.Matt. 2:1), Daniel prophesied the date of his crucifixion, seventy weeks from the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Daniel 9: 24,25). In 70 weeks there are 490 days. Each day is as a year (Ezekiel 4:6), The order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem was given to Ezra by King Artaxeres, which is recorded in the seventh chapter of Ezra, in the year of 457 B.C. (see a dated Bible)• Subtract 457 from 490 gives you 33, the age of Jesus when he was crucifi.ed. There are 456 years from 457 A.D. to the birth of Jesus. Subtract these 456 years from 490 and you have 34 A.D. Jesus at the age of 33 was qrucified in 34 A.D. Daniel also prophesied the mission of Jesus (the first Messiah): "to finish the transgression, and to make an end to sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and the prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy" (Daniel 9:24). Daniel then broke these 70 weeks (490 years) down into seven weeks (49 years),62 weeks (434 years) and one week (seven years) in verses 25 through 27. The first seven weeks, or 49 years is the time it took to rebuild Jerusalem, The 62 ~eek~ or 434 years is the interim of time from the rebuilding of Jerusalem~the week of the Covenant in March 21, 27 A.D. This is when John the Baptist began his ministry. In the middle of the week, Jt years later, John baptized Jesus and the sacrifice ceased, for

for here was the living sacrifice that was to replace the animal sacrifice in the Temple. This is when Jesus began his ministry, September 21, 30 A.D. "Jesus, when he began His ministry, was about thirty years of age, being the son of Joseph (Luke 3:23). Three and one half years later on March 21, 34 AD., He completed his ministry on the cross, 70 weeks or 490 years, from the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.


There may have been other people that were called Jesus, or Emmanuel, and some of them may have been born in Bethlehem, but there was just one person in all history that was named Jesus, which has the same meaning of Emmanuel, that had a forerunner by' the name of John the Baptist, that fulfilled the prophecies for the return of Elijah, that came 69 weeks, or 483 years, from the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem; that starte? his ministry in the middle of the week, or three and one half years · after John began his ministry, and then' sacrificing his life on Calvary Cross for the remission of your sins, 490 years or 70 weeks after the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. These same prophecies are also found in other Holy Books, such as the scriptures of Zoroastor a thousand years before Jesus, and in the Great Pyramid. The proofs of Jesus are so astounding as to leave no doubt for the sanctity of this person. The prophecies for the Advent of the second Messiah are much more abundant and much more astounding than those given for the first Messiah. The J·ews did not go by proofs, as they had built up a tradition of interpretations that Jesus didn't fit; therefore, they did not investigate his claim, which caused their rejection of him turning him over to persecution and crucifixion. Today the Christians for the same reason do not investigate the claim of the second Messiah, Baha'u'llah, or the return of Jesus. They have built up a tradition of interpretations that don't fit, so like the Jews that are still waiting for the first Messiah, the Christians are waiting for an Advent that has already taken place. Baha'u'llah, born into this world an earthly prince, whose father was seated upon the throne of Manzanderin, a province in Iran, whose genealogy goes back to Yazdergird, the last king of the Sansanid Dynasty, whose genealogy goes back to no less than King David. Most of the descendents of the line of kings succeeding King David remained in Iran (Babylon, after it became part of the Iranian empire) a:f't~er the ,capi ti vi ty of 606 B.C. and 586 B.C., which came to an end after the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem by Artarxeres. They became prominent in the Persian Empire and became the Dynasty of Kings in the Sansanids. This genealogy qualifies Baha'u'llah to be the second Messiah, just as Jesus' genealogy qualified him to be the first. Concerning the coming of the second Messiah and the return of Jesus: "As he sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, 'Tell us, when will this be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the close of the·age?" (Matt. 24:3--RSV). The rest of the 24th chapter gives the signs for the fulfillment, but Jesus himself didn't give them the date for his return and of the close of the age, for the dates for .the close of the age and for his return were already prophesied by the prophet Daniel. So in the 15th verse he tells them to turn to the

book of Daniel where the desolating sacrilege is standing in the holy place (sanctuary) for the close of the ate: "So when you see the desolationg sacrilege spoken by the prophet Daniel standing in the Holy place (let the reader understand) ..• " (Matt. 24:15--RXV). This reference is found in the eighth chapter of Daniel, for verse 13 and 14 refers to the desolated sacrilege that is replacing the Holy place (Sanctuary) : "Then I heard a holy one speaking; and another holy one said to the one that spoke, 'For how long is the vision concerning the continual burnt offering, the transgression that makes desolate, and the giving over of the sanctuary and the host to be trampled under foot. And je said to him, 'For two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary shall be restored to its rightful state'" (Daniel 8:13,14). "The transgression that makes desolate" is the transgressio.g of the Jews, making representations--statues, images of God or gods (idols)-in violation of the second commandment, and for worshipping the Madonna whose son was the incarnation of his father. See Jeremiah 44:17,18,19,25. This caused God to withdraw his base of support from them allowing them to be conquered and taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, who destroyed their city, their temple and their sanctuary, leaving it desolate. This desolation came to an end with the order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem by Artaxerxes in 457 A.D. This is recorded in the seventh chapter of Ezra (See a dated Bible). The 2300 days are 2300 years from 457 B.C. There are 456 years from 457 B.C. to the birth of Jesus. Subtract these 456 years from 2300 years and you have March 21, 1844 A.D. The order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem was given on the first day of the first month (Eara 7:9), as their calendar started with the vernal equinox of March 21, it was just 2300 years from this order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem to the Advent of the Bab (lit. gate or door) on Marcp 21, 1844. The Bab closed the door to the prophetic age and opened the door to the fulfillment. Thus this was the close of the age that the disciples wanted to know about and it came at the date given by Daniel, whom Jesus had referred the disciples to, In the 4th verse of Daniel twelve, it said "But thou, 0 Daniel shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased: (Daniel 12:4). The words were shut up and sealed to the time of the end. The Bab that opened the door to the new age broke the seal of the above verse, as it pertained to his coming. The day that he made his historic proclamation on May 23, 1844, Morse sent the first words over the telegraph wire from Baltimore to Washington with the message of: "see what God hath wrot" and in that year the first train rolled down the tracks in France, This opened a whole new age. We went from the horse and buggy to the space age, from the pony express to events happening now, by television, are seen in all parts of the world be satellite transmission. Have you ever seen such a running to and·fro and such increase in knowledge? From 1844, 100,000 times exhilaration of light came into the world, from candle power to the laser.

Then Daniel said: "At that time shall arise Michael (one who is like God), the great prince who has charge of your people" (Danial 12:1). One who is like God (the meaning of Michael) is the Manifestation of God; but this Manifestation is a great prince that has charge of your People (Israel). Therefore, this prince has to be a descendent of king David,, for only a descendent of David could be king over Israel. This prophecy then refers to the Advent of the second Messiah. This is the Messiah that is to re-establish David's throne in the world: "Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David, and over his kingdom, to establish it, and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and for everymore" (Isaiah 9:7). The coming of a second Messiah is the second coming of a Messiah (Christ), and also fulfills the prophecies for the second coming of Christ that the Christians are promised in the Gospels. But like the Jews, by their tradition of interpretations, that Jesus didn't fulfill, that caused them not to recognize their first Messiah, the Christian with their traditions of interpretations, don't recognize their returned Christ, the second Messiah. The Christians interpretations for tpe Advent of the second Messiah and the return of Jesus are so outlandish that they could never be fulfilled by anyone, therefore the coming of their beloved is not investigated by them for validity, and not only is rejected but is hated, reviled and persecuted by them. This is what is happening in the Montana State Prison. As the Christians were referred to Daniel by Jesus for the date for his return, Daniel not only gives the date for the end of the age as (March 21, 1844) that is found in the eighth chapter, but in the twelth chaper he gives three dates: l. that of the coming of the forerunner of the second Messiah, the Bab, 2. the date for the second Messiah, Baha'u'llah, 3. the date for the return of Jesus. As the forerunner and the second Messiah are prophesied to come in Iran, as I will also set forth, the dates for their coming is given according to the reckoning of Islam. The first date is given according to the Muslim calendar. The second date is figured from the proclamation of Muhammad and in accordance to the Christian calendar. l. "The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the stream, raised his right hand and his left hand toward heaven; and I heard by him who lives for ever that it would be for a time, two times, and a half time ( 3%- times)" (Daniel 12: 7) . A time is a cycle, one complete revolution, a circle. In a circle .there are 3600. Three and one half times three hundred and sixty is twelve sixty (J%- x 360 = 1260 A.H.). Twelve sixty A.H. (after the Hijira) is twelve hundred and sixty lunar years from the start of the Muslim calendar, and is the same date of March 21, 1844 A.D. given by Daniel in the eighth chapter and is the date for the close of the age and the advent for the Bab, the forerunner of Baha 1 u'llah, as I have already explained.

2. "And from the time that the continual burnt offering is taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate if set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days" (Daniel 12:11). The starting date is from the Proclamation of Muhammad, who did away with the continual

burnt offering by eliminating all sacrifices and because of the treachery of the Jews he made Jerusalem off-limits to them. As each day is as a year these 1290 days become 1290 years. There are just exactly 1290 lunar years from the Proclamation of Muhammad .to the Proclamation of Baha'u'llah on April 21, 1863.


"Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days" (Daniel 12:12). These 1335 days are 1335 solar years (as this promised one is prophesied to come in the West). One of the q_uestions Jesus was asked (Matt. 24:3) was when he was going to come again, and he referred them to Daniel for that date, so this Blessed One that is to come at this date, has come at this date and is the return of Jesus. This date is figured from the victory of Muhammad in 628 A.D., a?,/Jesus on his return achieves the victory, and established his Father''¢ Kingdom, Baha'u'llah's--the Glory of the Father (Mark 8:38). Add 1335 years to the victory of Muhammad on April 21, 628 A.D. and you have the date for the return of Jesus on April 21, 1963, and is just exactly 100 years from the Proclamation of Baha'u'llah. Jesus the first messiah prophesied the coming of the second messiah, name, in the language that he spoke, Aramaic. When they translated this name in English in the Bible it is rendered 'Glory of the Father' •


"For whoever is ashamed, of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of man be ashamed, when he comes in (Baha'u'llah) the Glory of the Father. (Mark 8:38). Ezekiel when he was in captivity in Babylon, after Nebuchadnezer had destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, saw in a vision the coming of the ·Bab and Baha'u'llah as the restored ideal--prototype--of the Jewish temple. The temple made by Moses (built by hands) is but a replica of the one that was to come not built by hands. Jesus could not establish this temple in his time because the one built by hands was still standing (Hebrews 9:8). So Jesus entered into the temple in heaven--not the one made by hands, which is a copy of the true one (Hebrew 9:24). But the scriptures tell us that Israel will be re-established, including the temple as it was before, but the temple will be one not made by hands. Ezekiel wrote his book in the Aramaic language. In that language he prophesied the advent of both the Bab and Baha'u'llah by name. But when the translators rendered his book into the English language they translated the meanings of the name Bab as 'gate' and that of Baha'u:'Jlah as 'Glory of God'. Had they not, their names would have appeared in your Bible. He also gives the address for their appearance: Baha'u'llah coming from the East to Israel. "Afterwards he brought me to the Bab (gate), the Bab (gate) facing east" (Ezekiel 43:1). The Bab made his proclamation on the eastern side of the Tigris River which is the start of the East. "And behold, Baha'u'llah (the glory of the God) of Israel came from the East:"

(Ezekiel 43:2). Baha'u'llah was taken from Tehran, which is from the east, to Israel as a prisoner, "and the sound of his coming was like the sound of many waters:" (Ezekiel 43:2), which means that he brought a Revelation for the people of this world, see Revelation 17:15 for the meaning of 'many waters', "and the earth shone with his Baha'i (glory)" (Ezekiel 43:2). This message has spread to every country, nation, state, province, protectorate and island. "And the vision I saw was like the vision which which I had seen when he came to destroy the city, and like the vision which I had seen by the river Chebar; and I fell upon my face" (Ezekiel 43:4) Every time that Ezekiel throughout his book saw this vision he fell upon his face in adoration of the two great Manifestations of God that were to come in the latter days. The Revelation of the Bab is that of the Sanctuary and that of Baha'u'llah is that of the Holy of Holies, which is the temple. When Moses was on earth He was the temple-the presence of God. Before he died he built a temple (Tabernacle), which was but a replica of the one that was to come in the latter days, He placed in the Holy of Holies the Ark of the Covenant, his law and a copy of the Covenant, Thus he transferred from himself the presence of God to the room that then became the Holy of Holies, and has this room attended by his brother Aaron, a high priest, who alone and his descendents was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies. Thus Aaron the high priest became the intermediary between the presence of God, in the Holy of Holies, and Israel. This temple was destroyed. Ezekiel sees the real temple coming, the prototype of which the one which Moses made as only an interim replica, in the Advent of the second Messiah, Baha'u'llah, and his forerunner the Bab. "As Baha'u'llah (the Glory of the Lord) entered the temple by the Bab (gate)facing east, tbe Spirit lifted me up, and brought me into the inner court; and behold, Baha'u'llah (the glory of the Lord) filled the temple" (Ezekiel 43:5). His Holy of Holies was complete with the ark of the Covenant. When Nebuchadnezer destroyed the temple and brought the Jews into capitivity, he also brought along with them the~Ark of the Covenant that contained the tablets of the law and the table~ of the Covenant. When the Jews returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt and re-established their temple, the Ark of the Covenant had become ~ost, thus the Jews remained apostate (under the provision of the Curse--Deut. 28:15-68.) as they could no longer follow that which Moses had given them. Jesus was a mediator of a new Covenant (Hebrews 9:15), but he was not able to place his Covenant in that temple of the Jews because he was not a High Priest of the order of Aaron. No one was able to enter the Holy of Holies but a High Priest after the order of Aaron. Jesus ''was descended of the tribe of Judah, and in connection with that tribe Moses said nothing about Priests" (Hebrews 7:14). Jesus, however, was a high priest after the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 5:5,10), which is a higher order and does not enter into a replica--a temple built by hands--but only the archetype. "When Moses was about to erect the tent (Tabernacle, or temple), he was instructed by God, saying, 'See that you make everything according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain'" (Hebrews 8:5). Jesus was unable to establish his Covenant here on earth as the temple made by hands was still standing: "By this the Holy Spirit indicates

that the way into the sanctuary is not yet opened as long as the outer tent (temple) is still standing (which is symbolic for the present age)" (Hebrews 9:8,9). As the temple built by hands was still standing, this temple, which was a replica of the archetype of the one to come, Jesus, therefore, had no temple here on earth to place his Covenenat and was unable to establish his Covenant here on earth thus he was unable to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. This was the mission of the second Messiah, for Jesus said: "My kingship is not of this world; •• (John 18: 36). Jesus could not establish the Davidic Kingship here on earth, as he was not a descendent of Solomon, but the prophet Nathan~.l.See 1 Chron 22:8,9,10 and Luke 3:31. The Covenant that Jesus had then was for another purpose: "For Christ has entered, not into a sanctuary made by hands, a copy of the true one, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God on our behalf" (Hebrews 9:24). Thus Jesus by not placing his Covenant in the replica, but in heaven in the presence of God on our behalf, therefore the archetype temple, with the Covenant of the Kingdom of God on earth was come, for there could be no Kingdom on earth without the archetype temple. The Jews in the state of Israel know that the Kingdom could not be established without a temple, They also know that they are apostate without the temple. Therefore they say that the next thing on the agenda is the re-establishment of the temple but not knowing or believing that Paul wrote in Hebrews they are of the opinion that the replica that was built on Mount Moriah by Solomon must be rebuilt. But they are in a great dilemma. The Mosque of Omar (the dome on the rock), the second must holy shrine of Islam, is situated on the site of the destroyed Jewish temple, and the Jews can't establish replica on that site as long as the Mosque of Omar is standing. If they destroy the mosque it would immediately bring on world war three. All of the Arabs would become so infuriated and united at once that there would be such a holy war such as the world had never had. Because, however, of the awesome military might of the Jewish state that would be no match for them. They would throw all caution to the wind, sign a military pact with Russia, then the 250,000 Russian troops stationed on the border, where Iran and Turkey join together would then come down through Iran, Iraq and Syria and attack Israel. They would like nothing better than to surround the mid-east oil fields, shutting off their oil to the West, bringing Europe and American to their knees. This is why President Carter signed Directive 59 at 5:55P.M. (WST) on April 29, 1980, the very day and hour that I had so accurately set for the start of the 7 year tribulation period in which the thermo-nuclear war would take place. Directive 59 abolishes the provision of the Salt I treaty that calls for Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), for a first strike deterent of a limited targeted nuclear strategy to be deployed against the launching sites and silos in the Soviet Union to knock out most of their nuclear force, as a deterent to Russia's conventional forces that were in the process of surrounding the Islamic oil fields when they occupied Afghanistan. If the Je1-rs did rebuild the stone structure they then would have another insurmountable obstacle, one that they couldn't solve; their Ark of the Covenant, of the replica temple, has been lost since they went into captivity in 586 B.C., and without this Covenant they would still be apostate. They then have still a greater situation which there is no way for them to cope, and still be in grace with their law and God. In the second century A.D. their high priesthood came to an end and there

is noway possible for them to do anything about this, thus, they would not be able to put the Ark of The Covenant into the Holy of Holies if they were in possession of it, as only a high priest can enter the Holy of Holies. Anyone else entering the Holy of Holies would desecrate it with their presence, and the ultra orthodox Jewish clergy feel .that this would bring great harm to the newly formed Jewish state. They state that the only way for these insurmountable problems to be solved is the coming of their promised Messiah (Messiah ben David), a descendant of David that is anointed. He is to gather and bring back out of captivity the twelve tribes of Israel. At present ten of the twelve tribes of Israel are called the lost tribes of Israel. Their whereabouts and identity are unknown to the Christians and the Jews. The Messiah is also to establish the temple, with a new Covenant. Jesus was the negotiator of a new Covenant: "therefore he was the mediator of a new Covenant" (Hebrews 9:15). "In speaking of a new covenant he treats the first as obsolete and what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away" (Hebrews 8:15). Jesus however, as previously explained, was unable to place hi.s Covenant in the sanctuary here on earth, for in the replica on earth only a high priest after the order of A@.ron was allowed to enter, and as the prototype, the pattern from which Moses formed his replica, had not yet come, so Jesus could only place his Covenant in the temple in heaven. In order to have the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, which Jesus asked us to pray for its advent in his prayer (the Lord's prayer), the archetype (the pattern shown to Moses on the mount) which was complete with a Covenant had to come to earth. This is the temple that Ezekiel saw in his vision, the same temple that God who showed Moses on the Mount. It had not yet come during Jesus' life span on earth and it was already equipped with a Covenant so Jesus would still would have been unable to place his Covenant in it. As his Kingdom was not of this world, he placed his Covenant in the temple of heaven. When Ezekiel saw the prototype temple of the Bab and Baha'u'llah, he said: ''and behold Baha'u'llah (Glory of the Lord) filled the temple." saying that Baha'u'llah, whose message was that of the Holy of Holies, was complete with the Covenant, not for the removal of sin as was Jesus' who entered into the temple in heaven for that purpose once and for all: (Hebrews 9:11,12). Baha'u'llah's Covenant is for the re-establishment of the Davidic throne, which is the throne for the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Baha'u'llah descended from the line of kings through Solomon to David--Solomon's throne is established forever, (Chron. 22:8,9,10). In the next verse Ezekiel says just that: "While the man was standing beside me, I heard one speaking to me out of the temple; and he said to me, 'Son of man is the place of my throne and the place of the soles of my feet', (Ezekiel 43:7). Here Ezekiel says that in the Son of man, Baha'u'llah, which is going to have feet, is to be the place of God's throne for the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. The phrase 'Son of man' refers to a man that has a man for his father. Like Jesus who called himself a Son of man, having a man for his flesh father whose sperm goes back to David through the Prophet Nathan, not Solomon (Romans 1:3,4). Jesus said that Baha'u'llah would be a son of man, (Mark 8:38). The Moffat translation renders the above verse: "Son of man," I was told' , "here is the seat of my throne, here is the place of the soles

of my feet, where I will dwell among the Israelites forever." When Baha'u'llah was brought to Israel as a prisoner he was placed in the prison at Acca, which is in the valley of Sharon. After leaving prison he pitched his tent on Mt. Carmel. There he laid out the sites for the future world Government with the top of the mountain being sacred ~nd the site for the future Universal House of Justice. See Isaiah 35:1,2; Also Isaiah 2:2-4 where he tells us that Carmel and Sharon would see Baha'u'llah, and His house would would be established on the top of the mountain. In Baha'u'llah's book of laws for the new age he makes a Covenant appointing his son, 'Abdu'l-Baha, the most great Branch, to succees him on the throne of David. And from 'Abdu'l-Baha's succession comes the continuation of David's throne. 'Abdu'l-Baha's little son died very young, so "Abdu'l-Baha adopted Mason Remey to be his son in the place of the son that died-. Then 'Abdu'l-Baha appointed an interim guardian of the Cause of God, not from David's line of male descent, but from Muhammad, Shoghi Effenci, Afnon, therefore he did not sit upon David's throne, During the lifetime of Shoghi Effendi he appointed 'Abdu'l-Baha's son, Mason Remey, Aghsan, to succeed him as head of the Universal House of Justice. As an adopted son has all the rights and prerogative of a natural son of inheritance, even the kingship, Mason Remey then succeeded ~bdu'l-Baha on David's throne. Twenty-six of the twenty-seven hands of the Faith, that were appointed by Shoghi Effendi, that were to be completely obedient to him, revolted upon the passing of Shoghi Effendi, refusing to accept the continuation of the Davidic throne in 'Abdu'lBaha's adopted son although he was appointed by Shoghi Effendi the one that they were subservient to and were committed to obey his every command. These renegade Hands and those people that followed them separated themselves from the Davidic Kingship, that God had set up, going against the provision of Baha'u'llah's Covenant and 'Abdu'l-Baha's Will and Testament. They proceeded to set up on Mt. Carmel in 1963 A.D. a Republic of God in opposition to God's Kingdom of God by electing an International Assembly by National Spiritual Assemblies in the place of Secondary Houses of Justice electing a Universal House of Justice with the guardian (Davidic king) at its head, as provided in 'Abdu'l-Baha's Will and Testament. Thus these Covenant-breakers not only separated themselves from God's Davidic Kingship, but were denounced as Covenant-breakers by the only one that has the authority to do so, according to the Provisions of 'Abdu'lBaha's"Will and Testament", the guardian, Mason Remey, the first successor of 'Abdu'l-Baha to sit on the Davidic throne. God's Kingdom on earth in the institution of the Davidic line is not to be subverted by renegade Covenant-breakers. Their occupancy of the institutions of the Faith and administering to them by their republican form of Government is in opposition to God's Kingdom, so God sent his Son back into the world, the words that Jesus spoke, in the person of Jesus the high priest, to establish his Father's Kingdom. As high priest after the order of Melchizedek he is the only person that is allowed to stand in the prototype, the model, the Holy of Holies not built by hands--the Revelation of Baha'u'llah. He stands before Baha'u'llah's Covenant to establish its provisions, mainly the Branch, 'Abdu'l-Baha, and the Provisions of 'Abdu'l-Baha's Will and Testament

in the world, and his descendents--branches--who are seated upon the Davidic throne as guardians of the kingdom. As Jesus sat upon the Mt. of Olives his disciples asked him these three questions (Matt. 24:3), when are you going to come again, what will be the sign of your coming and the close of the age? Jesus referred them to Daniel for the dates. In the 8th chapter Daniel gives the date of March 21, 18~ A.D. for the close of the age as I have already explained. In the twelth chapter Verse 7, Daniel gives the date for the appearance of the forerunner, the Bab, to come in the year of 1260 A.D. which I also have explained, making his proclamation (1260 A.D. =May 23, 1844 A.D.). In the 11th verse he gave the date for the second Messiah, Baha'u'llah, 12~0, that made his proclamation just exactly 1290 years after Muhammad made his proclamation. This I have explained too. But in the 12th verse Jesus answers the question asked him as to when he is to come again and this is rendered as April 21, 1963 as the date for-the return of Jesus, 1 have explained this also, The Son returns to establish his father's (Baha'u'llah's) kingdom. The Covenant-breakers thought they were home safe,when they occupied the Baha'i instit-utions, and wrest the guardianshp of the Faith from David's line of descent.


They should not have been so naive to think they could get away with this, for they were aware of the prophecy, by Jesus that he would return /}.. ,' i :;..! on April 21, 1963 in accordance with Daniel 12:12 of the 1335, that is interpreted in Baha'i literature as 1963 A.D. Who is this Jesus that comes at this date, for Jesus of Nazareth stated: 'because I go to the Father, and you will see me no more" (John 16:10) and "yet a little while, and the world will see me no more." (John 14: 19). We have a precedent to this in the prophecy of the return of Elijah, who had gone upon into heaven in a flaming chariot and in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11); and was prophesied to return before the Christ to herald his Advent: (Malachi 4:5). When the disciples of Jesus went out to spread the message of Jesus being the promised Christ, the scribes reminded them that Elijah had to come first and that they didn't see him streak across the sky in his flaming chariot and descend to earth in a whirlwind. The disciples were perplexed by this. So, 'the disciples asked him (Jesus), 'Then who do the scribes say that first Elijah must come?' He replied, 'Elijah does come, and he is to restore all things; but I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they pleased, So also the Son of man will suffer at their hands.' Then the disciples understood that he was speaking of John the Baptist" (Matt. 17:10-12). However when the Jewish priest and Levites asked John if he was Elijah he assured then that he was not the same person (body and soul) of Elijah but altogether another person, but filfilled the prophecy of Isaiah for the return of Elijah: "I am a voice in tlBdesert, crying out: Make straight the way of the Lord!" (John 1:19-23). Jesus told them that all of the prophets spoke prophetically of John: "and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come" (Matt.ll:l3,14). n

So as Elijah went up into heaven and returned in altogether a different person, so Jesus that also went up into heaveR,as John did, also has returned in altogether another person. As the prophets had prophesied the

the Advent of John the Baptist, who was the prophesied return of Elijah, so have the prophets prophesied for the return of Jesus in another person; giving the name that he will come in, the address where he will be found, the date for his Advent, and the mission that he will fulfill--the calling card--and he is the only person in all history that fulfills, or ever will fulfill these prophecies, and there will never be another·return of Jesus. I have already given you the date for his return, from Daniel 12:12, as April 21, 1963. As Jesus ascended into the sanctuary in heaven placing his Covenant, and Baha'u'llah has come as the second Messiah, that was prophesied, coming complete with his own Covenant in his Holy of Holies-Revelation from God--Jesus can only return as a high priest and enter into the Holy of Holies, Baha'u'llah's (Glory of the Father), and stand before his Covenant and establish its provisions, the BRANCH, 'Abdu'l-Baha, whose Will and Testament has been violated by the Covenant-breaking Baha'is who were led into this violation by the Covenant-breaking 'Hands'. From the King James Version: l. "And he shewed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.

2. "And the Lord said unto Satan, The Lord rebuke thee, 0 Satan; even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?

J. "Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel,

4. "And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him, saying, Take away the filthy garments from him. And unto him he said, Behold, I have caused thine iniq_ ui ty to pass from thee, . and I will olathe thee with change of raiment • .5. "And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head. So they set a fair mitre upon his head, and clothed him with garments. And the angel of the Lord stood by. 6.

"And the angel of the Lord protested unto Joshua, saying,

7. "Thus sai th the Lord of hosts; If thou wilt walk in my ways, and if thou wilt keep my charge, then thou shalt also judge my house, and shalt also keep my courts, and I will give thee places to walk 8. "Hear now, 0 Joshua the high priest, thou, and thy· fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH.

9. "For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua; upon one stone shall be seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, sai th the.. Lord of hosts, and I will remove the iniq_ ui ty of that land in one day.

10. "In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall ye call every man his neighbour under the vine and under the fig tree." (Zechariah. chapter three). Today the above has been and is being fulfilled before your very eyes. In your state that you are Governor of, and in one of the institutions administered by the executive branch of government in this state. Thus your destiny is that of Pontius Pilate for Jesus on his return. In the above prophecy, in the first verse for the advent of the coming of Joshua, the high priest, the name 'Joshua' is an aramaic 'word. When translated into Greek it becomes 'Jesus'. In the Douay, Catholic version, the word Jesus is used: "And the Lord shewed me Jesus the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord:" And in the third verse it states: "And Jesus was clothed with filthy garments: and stood before the face of the angel." Many of the Christian authors try to fit this prophecy into the coming of Jesus his first time, such as, Halley in his 'Handbook' for Bible readers for Christian Bible classes. But this interpretation has several main and unsurmountable drawbacks: 1. Jesus on his first coming didn't wear the dirty garment, at least there is nothing said about this in scriptures. 2. The iniquities of Jesus--the charge that the Sanhedrin convicted him on, never did reverse his conviction, nor did the governor of the state of Judiah that sentenced him to the cross ever reverse his decision. 3. Jesus never did bring forth the servant the Branch. As a Messiah, a king that descended from David, he never did marry and produce a son--BRANCH-that re-establishes the Davidic kingship in the world. 4. Mainly Jesus of Nazareth never did have 'the stone with seven eyes before him'. The tenth verse, however, makes it clear that it didn't refer to the era of Jesus of Nazareth but in the latter days when peace would be established, and the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in heaven, would become a reality. In the 4th verse it states the the iniquity of Joshua, the dirty garment, is taken away and in the 9th verse it states that the ''Lord of hosts' will also cause the iniquity of 'the land' to be removed. There is only one iniquity that is stated in this third chapter and that is the dirty garment, making the wearer of the dirty garment the land--Leland. Le is the French word for the English article 'the'. This gives us the name for the return of Jesus. In the New English Bible the article 'the' is used preceeding 'land' instead of 'that as in the King James version. The mission of Jesus on his return starts in the first verse where he is standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan is standing at his right hand to resist him. As I have pointed out, the date given by Daniel (12:12) for the return of Jesus is April 21, 1963 A.D. This prophecy was fulfilled by Leland. On April 21, 1963 a man by the name of Rex King, who later was designated Satan by the guardian, Mason Remey, started his undermining of Leland at the feast of the 1st day of Ridvan (April 21, 1963). See a copy of a letter enclosed sent out to the Baha'i world by the guardian designating this man as Satan. Rex King had been following the violation of the Covenant, but was plucked out of this fire by a Baha'i under the Provisions of the Covenant. The rebuke stated in the 2nd verse, given to Rex King is the strongest rebuke given any man as Satan.


C/O American Express Co. Florence, Italy 13 September 1969

Some days ago I was astonished to have word that Rex King and two young men were below wishing to see mel I sent word back to a~ I would like very much to see Rex but not the young men. I had things I wanted to tell him but not them. I told Rex that no one of my acquaintance has a better knowledge of the Baha'i Faith than he but as Lucifer in Old Testament D~s ehose to put truth aside and espouse the cause of Satan, so had he done in these modern times decided that he would now assume the station of Satan in these days of the Dispensation of Christ, despite the many opportunities that I had given him to change his evil v~s, yet he refused and blatantly insisted on maintaining his satanic intentions. therefore obliging me to cast him out from all association in this world with the people of God that included the life to come as well as his life here upon earth - his station to be ever and eternally that or Satan for evermore.

"And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots" (Isaiah 11:1). The stem of Jesse is his penis, and out of this penis came the seed or sperm of the Davidic kingship. The rod refers to the septor of power that the King holds in his hand, that temporarily came to an end when the Jews were taken captive into Babylon. Baha'u'llah re-establishes this kingship into this world in His Covenant, to wit: God's Will and Testament enjoins upon the branches, the twigs and the kinsfolk, one and all, to gaze unto the most great Branch. Consider what we have revealed in my Book of Aqdas, to wit: When the sea of My presence is exhausted and the Book of Origin hath reached its end, turn you unto him ('Abdu'l-Baha) who is desired by God--He who is issued from this ancient Root. The purpose of this sacred verse is the most great Branch" (Kitab-iAhd). It is this Covenant and the 1iill and Testament of 'Abdu'l-Baha that the Baha'is down to the last man Joseph Pepe Remey, the son of Mason Remey, broke. And it is through the return of Jesus, the words of the Son of God, that has returned to you a second time to establish this BRANCH in this world. In order for you to know, and the whole world to know, in the 9th verse, He gives you the address where he has appeared: "For the stone that I have laid before Jesus: upon one stone there are seven eyes" (Douay, Catholic version). Where is this "stone with seven eyes" to be found? us this place in his 6th chapter:

Zechariah tells

"I looked again and saw four chariots coming out between two mountains, and the mountains were made of copper. The first chariot had bay horses, the second black, the third white, and the fourth dapple. I asked the angel who talked to me, 'Sir who are these?' He answered, 'The~e are the four spirits of heaven which had been attending the Lord of the whole earth ••.• ' They were eager to go and range over the whole earth; so he said, 'Go and range over the earth', and the chariots did so •••. " (New Eng1ish version, Zechariah 6:1-8). It was thought that Butte, Montana was the richest mountain of copper in the world until a few years ago when they discovered that the mountain at Lincoln, Montana had more copper. "The stone with seven eyes" at Deer Dodge;,~-M6ntalfla is in betHeen these two Mountains. Halley's Bible Handbook interprets the four chariots as "Messengers of God's Judgements, patrolling ·the earth, executing the decrees of God on Israels' enemies". This is Israel under its new name Baha'i. It is this "Stone with Seven Eyes~' at Deer LodgE),Montana, that Jesus had before him--for almost four years no matter ~hich way he turned he had this stone with seven eyes before him. He is standing in the most Holy Place, the presence of God, on earth: the Holy of Holies of God's neHly established archetype temple, the one not


._), built by hands. Before him is God's Covenant, through His intermediary 'the Glory of the Fathe:r.;~Baha 'u 'llah, appoint4.-ng-'· 'Abdu '1-Baha, the most Great BRANCH.' 'Abdu'l-Baha's "Will and Testament" sets up the provisions for the continuation of the Davidic Kingship, whereby 'Abdu'l-Baha's son, Mason Remey succeeded 'Abdu'l-Baha on the Davidic throne and his descendants in the guardianship of God's Kingdom here on earth. As this Covenant has been violated by the Baha'is down to the last man, Jesus on his return brings forth and established the BRANCH in this world by a whole new creation of Baha'is. Also he saves those that are eagerly waiting for him (Hebrew 9:28). He fulfills the golden criteria for his coming as he did the first time by coming in the prophesied name, Leland; at the prophised address, 'the stone with seven eyes, between two mountains of copper, in the mountains of the northwest (Isaiah 49:12); at the date for the start of his minstry, by being opposed by Satan, starting April 21, 1963; and the world is judged by him, Each time a promised one of God comes the people are judged, and God never changes His mode for judging His people. When the promised one comes he finds the people no longer believing in the words of the Book that they claim they believe in, or in the prophecies of that book; in addition they are no longer worshipping the One True God, but one of their own creations. This is the way that Noah found them. They told him that they were already saved in their God, who loved them and wouldn't let them drown. But Noah told them that the One true God did love them and that is why he sent him unto them with his boat of salvation. This is also the way that Moses found the Egyptians that were worshipping animals for god, thus, the Pharaoh and his army were drowned in the Red Sea, Jesus found the Jews not believing in the prophecies in their Book prophesying his Advent, but following a tradition of interpretations that Jesus didn't fulfill, thus they had the Roman Governor nail him to Calvary Cross. Then Titus at the head of the Roman army marched in Judaea and Jerusalem, killing millions of Jews and destroyed their temple and city. They had refused to accept the salvation sent down to them by God, Today the Christians are no longer believing in the words of the Book, especially for the Advent of the second Messiah and the return of Jesus, but are worshipping a god of their own creation. They have taken Jesus and deified him, making him the incarnate God, Th~they placed him in their church at the head, usually on a cross, to be worshipped as God in the place of God,, Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:4 tell that this person is the antichrist: "Who opposeth and exalteth himself all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God ( churcll building), shewing himself that he is God.;, Most Chris-tians are waiting for the coming of the anti christ, but Paul also tells us: "For the mystery of iniq_uity doth already work:" in his day (2 Thess. 2:7). But the Christians wouldn't know who this antichrist is until Jesus comes again, reveals who he is and slays him with the breath of his mouth, his words (2 Thess, 2:8). Paul is not the only one that tells us the antichrist started in the days of the apostles, but not by the apostles,



I John tells us that the antichrist was already in the world in his times: "Little choldren, it is the last time: and ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are many antichrist:"(l John 2:18). "And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is the spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world" (l John 4:3). The word Christ derived from the Greek word (Christos, has the same meaning as the Hebrew word Messiah, or Messian ben David: a descendent of David anointed king. When they lost their kingship in 586 B.C. the prophets foretold of the coming of two descendants of David that would be anointed one:the suffering Messiah and the other one that would re-establish t the Davidic line of kings back into the world. Jesus gave his genealogy from David in two gospels through his father Joseph. Mary was of the tribe of Levi and therefore not a descendant of David, and besides she did not have a sperm but an egg (ovem), When her egg received the sperm that had descended from David through the male line of descent, for a sperm cannot be passed down through a female, this offspring then is eligible to make the claim to the Messiahship providing he fulfills the proFhecies for that Messiah. Jesus therefore fulfilled the criteria set up in the scriptures for the suffering Messiah, but the Jews had made a tradition of interpretations that were erroneous and thus they rejected him. So, therefore, Paul and Peter took the Gospel of the kingdom to Asia Minor (Turkey), Greece and rome and John settled in Asia Minor. By their preaching the people accepted Jesus as the Promised Jewish Messiah as he fulfilled the criteria set down in the scriptures and most of them became very firm in their belief even to the point of sacrificing their very lives in Martydom. But there were some very wicked people that entered Christianity, not to be a true believer, but to take the leadership of Christianity away from the apostles, so it would fall into their hands. They reasoned that many more Greeks and Romans, who were then Pagans-worshipping many gods--would become Christians if Jesus was god. They were not interested in a Jewish king coming to reign over them. Weren't they the ruling people? So these Christians in their Baptismal creed left out the fact that Jesus was of the sperm-of David, having him beihg ~ _mcpoused- in his mother's womb by only the Holy Spirit, making him the literal Son of God. This Baptismal creed later become known as the Apostles Creed although it was created by the Apostolic fathers of the church rather than the apostes. Large numbers of Greeks, Romans and 1 a people from Asia Minor bacm~ Christians by this arrangement. Later when 1\ these Christians tried to pass this creed through the Council of Nicaea it failed, because it was Pagan--two gods~od the Father and God the Son. It was largely opposed by the Christians that believed in Christianity the way it was taught by the Apostles. The Apostles' Creed states: "I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born from the virgin Mary .•.•• "

Not only does this create two Gods, but where it says that they believe in Jesus Christ, without saying that he physically is of the sperm of David, which is the meaning of the word Christ, they are not actually believing that Jesus is Christ in the flesh--a descendant of David that is anointed. This heresy was not taught to them by the Apostles. Paul told the Romans: "Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lprd, which was made of the seed (sperm) of David according to the fle~t; and declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness" (Romans 1:3). Here his physical body comes from the sperm of David, and he is only declared to be the Son of God according to the Holy Spirit. The Revelation Jesus taught raised people to the spiritual level of being spiritual sons of God. Jesus·the bearer of that message was designated the first spiritual Son of1God. Like you call the ice-cream-man, the ice-cream-man not because he is ice cream or is made of ice cream but because he delivers ice cream. Jesus said that whosoever believes in his.words also becomes the Sons of God. Thus in the Apostles'Creed by not accepting the coming of Christ in the flesh, again they are declared by John as the antichrist: 'Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ (a descendant of David that is anointed)? He is the antichrist •.•• " (1 John 2:22). Also see I John 4:3.


The same is true for the Nicaea Creed which makes a liar out of those that made the Apostles' Creed. Instead of God having an intercourse with Mary begetting a Son, they have God begetting a Son at the beginning, but it doesn't state the name of the virgin he used that time, and then he becomes incarnate at the virgin birth. Athanasius, author of the Nicene Creed said, that only the son became incarnate in Jesus. The Nicaea Creed states: "I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible; and in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten from the Father before all ages •.•• and because of our salvation came down from heaven, and was incarnate from the Holy Spirit and the virgin Mary •••• " These are two opposing creeds; they both can't be right, but the op1 this melodrama is that in the Trinitarian churches both are recited as to their belief. Creed means belief. Also please note that here Jesus bec~me incarnate although at a later date the trinitarians claim that God became incarnate.

~ big travesty

Although Emperor Constantine chaired the Nicaea Council and established it as the law of the land, at the pain of death, he later abandoned it and ~e~established the Christians that were teaching Christianity the way they were taught by the Apostles, Both of these Creeds create the antichrist and John tells us there are many antichrist (1 John 2:18).

For about two hundred years the Nicaea Creed under went many revisions and interpretations finally ending up with the Trinity Doctrine, in which it was not Jesus that became incarnate as stated in the Nicene Creed but God himself, which was suppose to do away with the paganism of the Apostles' Creed and that of the Nicene Creed of two gods by having all three being God: God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Thus they placed this God at the Head of their church (temple) to be worshipped as God in the Place of the One true God. Of this Paul wrote: "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him. That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor be letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand·. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son or perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or self above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, who the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: al~

Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with power and signs and lying wonders,

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (II Thessalonians 2: 1-12). Jesus himself gave a parable concerning the coming of the foregoing events in the parable of the vineyard:

"Hear another parable: There was a certain householder, which planted a vineyard, and hedged it round about, and digged a winepress in it, and built a 'tower·, and let it out to husbandmen, and went into a far country: And when the time of the fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the husbandmen, that they might receive the fruits of it. And the husbandmen took his servants, and beat one, and killed another, and stoned another. Again, he sent other servants more than the first: and they did unto them likewise. But last of all he sent unto them his son, saying, They will reverence my son. But when the husbandmen saw the son, they said among themselved, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance. And they caught him, and cast him out of the vineyard, and slew him. When the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto those husbandmen?


They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and will let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen i.t which shall render him the fruits in their seasons." (Matthew 22:.3.3-41) ·

In this parable it is well understood that the wicked husbandmen is the clergy and the servants that came to get the fruit were the prophets. The clergy have interpreted this parable of the husbandmen that slew the son was the Jewish clergy, but this is not so. The Jews got the wrong body, the physical body, and thus the Jews did not become the clergy, husbandmen, of Christendom. The body that Jesus was referring to was the one described in the sixth chapter of John. The one that came down from heaven that if you ate thereof and drank of its blood you would live forever. He didn.' .t mean that you should take a bite out of his arm or leg and become a vampire by drinking his blood for he said that the physical body was of no avail, but the body of the words that he spoke to them, for they are spirit and they are life. (John 6:6.3). What he is saying in this chapter is that unless you eat ·of his words--digest them, understand them--you are dead. These words therefore are the son of God. At no time, nor any place in the·scriptures did I on my first coming say that I was GOr nor did I say I was the Son of God. I referred to myself as the Son of Man. I was only called the Son of God. .But this referred to my Revelation--the word I spoke. When the 'god creators; made Jesus the physical Son of God and then finally God, they threw out the 'Words of God;, which were the Son of God, out of the vineyard and slew him, and then they became the wicked husbandmen of Christendom making it the largest cult in the entire world. It wasn't a matter of ones conscience as to their beliefs, because for over 1500 years they were forced to worship antichrist or be put to death.








This new cult--The Trinitarians--then became the largest and most prosperous business in the world. It also became the greatest power in the world. It seated kings on their thrones and desposed kings. By establishing Charlemagne Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire it brought the 'Beast' (Revelation Chapter 13 & 17 and Daniel 7:1-6) into the world: England, the lion; America, the eagle; Russia, the be~r; and the saxons (Germany) the Leo (lion) and the Franks (France) the Pard (panther), the Leo and the Pard, become united as the body of the Holy Roman Empire, by Charlemagnes conquest, and were united into the Leopard. This unity split apart after a while. In the llth century Russia broke away from this unity and in the 16th century, under King Henry the VIII, England broke away. And July 4th, 1?76 the United States separated its self from the Lion, England. These four nations again become united under a political alliance near tne end of world War II when they took out the charter for the United nations. This oeast now rules the world. The religion that created this antichrist is pictured as a woman riding this scarlet colored beast and is called a whore, also as Babylon the great mother of harlots. This whore's paganization of Christianity is the same kind of paganism of ancient Babylon: the Madonna, whose child, Murdok, the god of the Babylonians is the incarnation of his father Nim (Nimrod), the creator of the Babylonian empire. In paganizined this Christianity Babylon is sea}.ed upon seven hills.. which both Protestants and Catholics agree as Rome (Rev. 17:9). · The last battle of this world is that of the antichrist being in opposition to Jesus upon his return, the 'Son of God' the words that Jesus spoke, that were thrown out of the vineyard in the deification of Jesus, making him the incarnate God. These words return with Jesus on his return, but the whore religions that worship the antichrist in the place of God don't want this Jesus that is not deified oack into their church. It would wreck their business. Therefore they will resist him with all of their power, like the Jews resisted him on his first coming, and for the same reasons. As the Jews assumed that Elijah had physically gone up into heaven and was riding around in the sky in a flaming chariot with flaming horses that would descend to earth, the Christians have their deified Jesus resurrect physically and go into heaven body and all, and will in like form return from the sky. Thus they are dead set against Jesus upon his return, as the Jews were dead set against him on his first coming. Paul tells us that the antichrist~- the man of sin, is in prison. That is no one will know who the antichrist is until he is revealed--let out of prison by Jesus on his return (II Thess. 2:3-8). Jesus destroys this antichrist with the breath of his mouth--his words, and the brightness of his coming--so perfectly fulfilling the prophecies for the return of Jesus. A large section of the people, however, will see this brightness (fulfilling of prophecy) and hear his words, explanations, and become the elect. It won't be until the height of a global conflect, however, when the major cities of Europe and America are destroyed that the,mass of the people will recognize the returned Jesus, for then the Beast and the antichrist will be also

destroyed. This lvill bring the dest::::-uction to a halt. Jesus said: At that time the world rdll have the greatest catastrophe, "such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days be shortened, there should ·.be no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. (Matt. 24:21,22). There will be mass conversion, like in the days of Constantine. The countries that now form4the four beast:, will become Baha'i states, and thus ~Till become spiritual nations making them the four living creatures. See Revelation 4:6-8 R.S.V. They will set up Baha'u'llah's International Tribunal on Mt. Carmel in 1987 which will bring peace to the world, This war has now started here in Montana, at the prison at Deer Lodgei'. The children of the antichrist have set up an interfaith center, of whoch you were at it's dedication. They don't want Jesus in this interfaith center, for they worship-the antichrist in it, in the place of God. Thus, for the last year they have been trying to eliminate ·the Baha'i Firesides in the prison. They have the new Warden doing their dirty work for them. In doing this he has violated the Constitutional rights of the Baha'i inmates. The inmates have thus filed suit against the Warden on violation of the lst and 14th amendments. The court held a pre-trial hearing in order to try and get this settled without it going to court. But the Department of Institutions does not want to give the Baha'is the equal consideration accorded the Christians, as agreed upon in the pretrial conference. This should not have had to go to court in the first place. The Warden should have known that he was breaking the lst amendments' rights in the first place. After it was pointed out to him he should have granted the equal rights to the Baha'is. Now that neither he nor the Department of Institutions have recitified this matter in accordance with the pre-trial agreement, it still should not have to go to court, This is a matter for the Governor of this state, to ~tep in and defend the Constitution of the United States and declare the freedom of religion to all the people of Montana, especially those locked up in institutions of this state. For political reasons, you, like your predecessor, Governor Judge, may not want to become involved in the most important work of your governorship of protecting the Constitutional rights of the downtrodden, the poor in your midst, the captive, and especially those that have turned to Jesus on his return. You know the story as to what happened to Governor Judge, because ?f his refusal to carry out this most important work, It is because of his refusal that you are now seated in his chair. This is an elevated chair. It is the one that Jean Dixon saw in one of her visions. Seers make predictions that are subject to error, but in addition to this Jean had seen visions sent by God that are not subject to error, so if you don't act now another is going to sit in this chair very soon in the place of you, for it is now time for this vision to be fulfilled.


This vision is as important as the one of Nebuchadnezzer that Daniel interpreted. Or the one seer by the Pharaoh that Joseph interpreted. When God has a message that he wants all people to know he sends a vision to the most prominent person of the time, like Nebuchadnezzer and the Pharaoh. Jean Dison, the most widely acclaimed seer of our time, Has shown the following vision, She sees the antichrist in prison as Barabbas, a thief

and a murderer. He stole the religion of God from the Apostles and set himself up at the head of the whore religion and was the cause of all that have been slain on earth (Rev, 18:24). This antichrist also becomes the cause of all that are to be slain in the on-coming thermo-nuclear war as he leads them into this great destruction, by preventing the people recognizing and turning to Jesus, She also symbolically sees you proclaiming Jesus to all and leaving the people to decide for themselves, whether they are going to be with the antichrist or with Jesus: "There is only one true path for all humanity, and that is the path of Jesus. Like others before me, I know this: I can see through:~ a better world beyond, a world that still will be forced by divine intervention to lay down its arms and devote its energies to prayer, peace and justice--which is God's plan for all the world even now! "In a recent vision I saw embodied symbolically in the act of Pontius Pilate washing his hands of the condemnation of Jesus" (Call to Glory, by Jean Dixon). This symbolically represented Governor Judge washing his hands of the persecution of Jesus, and those that had turn to him in the Montana State Prison, and about the same thing happened to him that happened to Pontius Pilate, who lost everything. She then sees you seated upon the chair of Pontius Pilate, who proclaims Jesus and the 'stone with seven eyes' and lets the people by the judge, Each time a Promised One comes from God it is the day of judgement, but this is for the entire world& "A vision appeared--and in this in the desert. I looked to my left, the vision I knew without being told there; he was not one of the robbers Jesus, but a thief and a murderer.

vision I was standing alone and there was a prison. In that Barabbas was imprisoned crucified on a cross beside

"Then, looking straight ahead, I saw Pontiue Pilate sitting on a chair that was elevated. It was not a throne, but a very important looking chair, a chair to be used only by one in authority. "I turned my gaze to the right, where hills rose from the plain, and I saw someone walking very slowly down the hillside toward us. At the foot of the hill He stopped on a grassy knoll and looked out over the desert. I saw the grass had turned bro1m beneath His feet as He stook and I knew that this was Jesus. ' "Again, I turned to the left; somehow a huge crowd of people had assembled where at first there had only been the prison. "Wondering, I looked again at Pontius Pilate sitting in the elevated chair. He was saying: 'You shall make the decision •.•. you shall make the decision. "The crowd shouted back as with one voice: 'Free Barabbas! Free Barabbas! '

"But he did not say, Persecute Jesus!' "Sadly, I turned to my left. I saw Barabbas freed from the prison, whereupon he le~ 1 the people to the left between the prison and the chair of Pontiud Pilate. He continued to lead the people, and in my vision they trampled over the people, over buildings, over heads of state, over government structures, and eve~J thing in their pathway was left in shambles. "At last I saw a lighted steeple, a small steeple pointing heavenward, atop a church. It seemed like a beacon in the darkness--but it was also destroyed by the mob. "Once more I heard the voice of Pontius Pilate, 'When the evil of one man can lead the masses to destruction, then no longer can the majority rule the earth or the church! ' "Silence descended on the desert--a silence so loud you could hear its stillness. In that awful, ominous silence came another voice from above me, from in back of me from in front, from all around, it came pleading: FOLLOW ME! "FOLLOW ME! "FOLLOW ME! "It was the voice of Jesus.



The antichrist has been in prison since the days of the apostles. That is, the antichrist started in the days of the apostles, but down through the ages nobody knew who this antichrist was. So, as his identity has been hidden (in prison) the Christian writers have been flooding the market with books saying that it is time now that the antichrist comes, for >d thout the anti christ- presence Jesus wouldn't come. Therefore, they are predicting.-or forecasting the eminent appearance of the antichrist, by many different theories, the most widely set forth by our modern writers such as Hal Lindsey, Billy Graham, Jack Van Impe and others who state that he will come out of the ten nation confederacy of Europe-such as the ten common market countries. This is for the most part a diversionary tactic. Don't think that these writers don't see that the scriptures tell us that the antichrist starts in the days of the apostles, and his identity >-muld be hidden until Jesus comes and reveals who he is: "you must now be aware of the restraining ha'nd (imprisoned) which ensures that he shall be revealed only at the proper time. For already the secret power of wickedness is at work, secret only for the present until the restrainer disappears from the scene. And then he will be revealed,that wicked man who the Lord Jesus will destroy with the breath of his mouth and annihilate by the radiance of his- coming" (2 Thess. 2:6-8). The restrainer that has the antichrist in

prison is the peoples' minds.

The mass of the Christians.are trinitarians, believing that Jesus is the incarnate God without knowing thatthis lie was created by Christians and that it replaces God and is therefore the antichrist. In the days of Paul the wicked Christians started to join me, on my first coming, to the Godhead, by leaving out of their baptismal creed that I was of the seed. of David that later became known as the Apostle's creed, either because they were ashamed of me and my words, or to wrangle the leadership out of the hands of the apostles, so that they may become the husbandmen of Christianity, and later in the trinitarian doctrine, that I was the incarnate God. This evil conspiracy was at work in the days ''! of the Apostles, that finally evolved to the incarnate God lie, that all in the Roman Empire were forced to believe at the pain of death, and then later until the present, because the lie was so much more glorious than my true nature. Paul also told us about that: "But the coming of that wicked man is the work of Satan. He will be attended by all the powerful signs and miracles of the Lie, and all the deception that sinfulness can impose on those doomed to destruction. Destroyed they shall be, because they did not open their minds to the love of truth, so to find salvation. Therefore God put them under a delusion, which works on them to believe the lie, so that they may be brought to Judgement, all who do not believe the truth but make sinfulness their d'eliberate choice" (2 Thess. 2:9-12 The New English Translation). Jean Dixon sees you freeing Barabbas (the antichrist) from prison, making him known by proclaiming 'the stone with seven eyes' and me and my words unto them, thus releasing the antichrist from the prison of the mind, by exposing the great lie. In doing this you will become the most famous governor of the world. This message will be carried by the communication media around the world at the speed of lightening. See Matthew 24:14,27. The greatness of your station is assured in the writings of Baha'u'llah:


The instruments which are essential to the immediate protection, the security and assurance of the human race have been entrusted to the hands, and lie in the grasp, of the governors of human society. This is the widh of God and His decree .•.• We,cherish the hope that one of the kings (governors) of the earth will, for the sake of God, arise for the triumph of this wronged, this oppressed people. Such a king will be eternally extolled and glorified. God had prescribed unto this people the duty of aiding whosoever will aid them, of serving his best interests, and of dem0nstrating to him their abiding loyalty. They who follow me must strive, under all circumstances, to promote the welfare of whomsoever will arise for the triumph of My Cause, and must at all times prove their devotion and fidelity unto him •... How great the blessedness that awaiteth the king who will arise to aid My Cause in My Kingdom, who will detach himself from all else but me! Such a king is numbered with the companions of the Crimson Ark--the Ark which God hath prepared for the people· of Baha. All must glorify his name, must reverence his station, and

aid him to unlock the cities with the keys of My Name, the omnipotent Protector of all that inhabit the visible and invisible kingdoms. Such a king is the very eye of mankind, the luminous ornament on the brow of creation, the fountain-head of the blessings unto the whole world. Offer up, 0 people of Baha, your substance, nay your very lives for his assistance" (Gleanings from the writings of Baha'u'llah, pages 207 and 212). IN HOC SIGN 0 VINCES, in this. sign you will have the victory--"the stone with seven eyes", I don't want any to perish, but that all should reach repentance and be saved, Therefore the antichrist must be released from his prison, so the people can make their own choice in this day of judgement, for God requires that he alone be ~orshipped, By joining me to the Godhead they violated the 1st commandment, by making me equal with God, It is like a man that has a mirror in his hand that is turned toward the sun, thus the sun is in the mirror, but far be it from the sun to come , . down out of the sky and get into the mirror. The sun is one and a half,,,,·,. times bigger than the earth, and the earth is many quad trillion times bigger than a mirror that you can hold in your hand; but it would be easier for the sun to get into the mirror, than for God to get down from the endless universe and become incarnate in me. In their creation creation of this falacious doctrine. Paul said: "Before God, and before Jesus Christ who is to Judge men living and dead, I charge you solemnly by his coming appearance and reign, proclaim the message, press it home op all occasions, convenient or inconvenient, use arguments, reproff, and appeal, with all patience that the work of teaching requires. For the time will come when. they will not stand wholesome teaching, but will follow their own fancy and will gather a crowd of teachers to tickle their ears. They will stop their ears to the truth and turn to mythology" (Timothy 4:1-4 New English Translation), v

Then they take a piece of wood and carve into an image of the incarnate god that they have created with their creeds, that is to suppose to look like me on my first coming, and attach it to a wooden cross placing it at the head of their church in the place of God then they bow·down to it and prostate themselves and prays to it, saying, 'Save me; for thou art my god,' such people neither kno~-r nor understand, their eyes are made to blind to see, their minds to narrow to discern. Such a man will not use his reason, he has neither the wit nor the sense to say, I have turned this wood into this abominable thing and so I a.m worshipping a log of wood. His own deluded mind has misled him, he cannot recollect himself to say, 'Why this crucifix that I a.m chained to, that I have attached a chain of gold to it and place it around my neck, and thus being chained to it goes blindly into the fire. See Isaiah 44:9-20. In doing this they are so deluded that they don't even know that they have here broken the second commandment: "You shall not make yourself a

carved image the likeness of anything in the heavens above, or on the earth below, or in the waters under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous god. I punish the children for the sins of their fathers to the third and fourth generations of those that hate me: (Deut. 5:8,9). Those that are blinded to me by the antichrist will be the victims of the fire of the on-coming thermo-nuclear war. The sad part of it is that not only will they be in the cities, that are to be destroyed, but if they have children they will go with them also their grandchildren and j even their great grandchildren. I have returned to expose the antichrist, for only I can do this, and to save as many as can be aroused--resurrected--to believe in me. If you have a religious persuasion that leads you to believe that You are, already save:i perish such a pernicious belief, for nobody can possible enter the Kingdom of the Father save through me. Today I set before you the choice of the highest station that a person could possibly attain to, or that of descending to the lowest abyss. This is the voice of Jesus calling to you from the Abha (Abha Father) Paradise. Harken unto my words! Come up hither and see the Glory that awaits you in the Glorious Kingdom of the Father. Leland--the land.

Baha’i Month: Qudrat/Power 1, 178 B.E. (11/4/2021)

ALL over Europe today one hears of meetings and assemblies, and societies of all kinds are formed. There are those interested in commerce, science, and politics, and many others. All these are for material service, their desire being for the progress and enlightenment of the world of matter. But rarely does a breath from the spirit world breathe upon them. They seem unconscious of the Divine Voice, careless concerning the things of God. But this meeting in Paris is a truly spiritual one. The Divine Breath is poured forth in your midst, the light of the Kingdom is shining in all hearts. The Divine love of God is a power among you, and with souls athirst, ye receive the glad tidings of great joy. You are all met here with one accord, heart drawn to heart, souls overflowing with Divine love, working and longing for the unity of the world. Verily this assembly is a spiritual one! It is like unto a beautiful perfumed garden! On it the Heavenly Sun sheds the golden rays, and the warmth thereof penetrates and gladdens each waiting heart. The love of Christ, which passeth all knowledge, is among you, the Holy Spirit is your help. Day by day this meeting will grow and become more powerful until gradually its spirit will conquer the whole world! Try with all your hearts to be willing channels for God’s Bounty. For I say unto you that He has chosen you to be His messengers of love throughout the world, to be His bearers of spiritual gifts to man, to be the means of spreading unity and concord on the earth. Thank God with all your hearts that such a privilege has been given unto you. For a life devoted to praise is not too long in which to thank God for such a favor. Lift up your hearts above the present and look with eyes of faith into the future! Today the seed is sown, the grain falls upon the earth, but behold the day will come when it shall rise a glorious tree and the branches thereof shall be laden with fruit. Rejoice and be glad that this day has dawned, try to realize its power, for it is indeed wonderful! God has crowned you with honor and in your hearts has He set a radiant star; verily the light thereof shall brighten the whole world! Abdul-Baha’-Paris Talks, November 4, 1911


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