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eternity beyond

… lies temptation

“ Live ! Live the wonderful life that is in you ! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing. ” Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray


his principle, voiced over 120 years ago, is ageless, and it seems to me, could serve as an inspiration to the wine and food enthusiasts that we are. Our delight comes from discovering a vintage that will perfectly complement a particular dish, or celebrate a unique occasion, not from hiding it away in a safe. Rather, we live it, we experience it and entrust it to our memories. A snapshot, a picture to cherish for life ! The catalogue for our next sale on Sunday, December 8, also introduces portraits; of vintages to explore, terroirs to appreciate, winegrowers to discover, wine journeys in the image of the five collectors who embody this book. The bottle encapsulates a moment in eternity and represents, like the portrait, a mirror to our soul, an eternal youth. These treasures of youth have been waiting patiently in their perfect cellars for their future Dorian ... Our second edition of Wine & Music on Saturday, December 7, will also be an evening rich in emotion with amazing new experiences in tasting. We will dive into the historical vineyard of Clos de Vougeot, for the 2015 vintage, with the discovery of twelve producers of this Grand Cru. To preside over the evening, Thomas Dutronc

is kindly honouring us with a private concert, to begin the last month of this year 2019 in a bagherian bacchanal composed of great wines and inebriating music ! Having just the time to recuperate from our weekend, as always on the second Tuesday of the month we will be holding a new Wine o’clock on December 10, which will offer us a roam through the vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux. This, now monthly, meeting is a reminder of our eternal desire for the discovery (or for the taste...) of new vintages, new wines, regions or vineyards. A viaticum to perfect our insatiable knowledge of great wines... Furthermore, the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva is to become a great epicurean meeting place for all wine aficionados as Baghera/ wines will soon be setting up a boutique dedicated to fine wines from around the world. A private club will also be created for gourmets and enthusiasts of fine wine – a place that will combine discretion and privilege alongside our future offices. I will conclude by quoting again Dorian Gray, this hedonistic dandy : “ The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it ”. So be tempted !  Warm regards, Michael Ganne

time to B wine #5 — november 2019

— from 1946 to 2016 —

130 163 65 194 70







— from the “Portrait(s)” sale, december 8, 2019 —

Domaine Armand Rousseau AR AR

from 1977 to 2016 129 bottles + 1 magnum

(of which 23 bottles of Chambertin Grand Cru)

Domaine Henri Jayer HJ


from 1982 to 2000 114 bottles + 49 magnums (of which 24 bottles and 43 magnums of Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Cros Parantoux)

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti DRC DRC

from 1969 to 2015 64 bottles + 1 magnum

(of which 17 bottles and 1 magnum of Romanée-Conti Grand Cru Monopole)

Château Mouton-Rothschild MR



from 2005 to 2015 1 imperial + 1 jeroboam + 4 magnums + 188 bottles

Azienda Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera GS


from 1995 to 2013 67 bottles + 3 magnums

time to B wine #5 — november 2019

to each domaine armand rousseau

azienda case basse di gianfranco soldera



duclot limited editions


y first contact with A. Rousseau’s wine did rock my world at the time. Almost 20 years ago, as a young wine specialist I was given to try a Chambertin 1990 and it totally opened up new horizons for the young wine enthusiast I was then. Recognizable amongst all, Rousseau’s Chambertin is one of the “king” of Burgundy Grands Crus: very structured, dense and powerful, with firm, ripe tannins and very profound. A mysterious wine that is often hard to fully grasp when young. With age, this vibrant and resonant wine has uncommonly long length on the palate. The silky feeling structure of Rousseau’s Chambertin is the backbone and profound identity of this Domaine’s grand cru. As an entrée to our next auction “ Portrait(s) ”, I am pleased to highlight a rarely seen private Swiss collection of Domaine A. Rousseau’s wines. It features almost two dozen bottles of the great Chambertin, along with the refine and delicate Chambertin Clos de Bèze grand cru, in bottles and magnum. This collection is also a rare opportunity to get hold of some of their village and 1er crus wines amongst the 130 (not less) bottles offered in this sale. For the delight of Rousseau’s lovers, an extensive array of vintages is featured (2015 – 1977), allowing the future happy owners of these bottles some stunning vertical tastings.

mongst the iconic Brunello di Montalcino, Gianfranco Soldera (Azienda Case Basse, Tuscany) occupies indeed a special place. The incredible situation of the estate on the hillsides of Montalcino, the perfectly balanced ecosystem at Case Basse and of course the huge talent of visionary Gianfranco Soldera himself have built the estate’s international reputation for the many decades to come. His passing earlier this year profoundly saddened the fine wine community. The first of Case Basse’s vines were planted as from 1973 and G. Soldera have gradually extended the vineyard to over 20 hectares, all farmed without chemical pesticides. In 2001 a new cellar was built, made from stone, without concrete in order to maintain an ideal level of humidity and temperature, for a perfect ageing of the wines. Much has been said or written about Soldera’s philosophy on viticulture and approach on winemaking. The resultant Sangiovese nurtured on those poor local soils is an unarguably aristocratic, incredibly appealing and balanced wine, an admirable achievement throughout the vintages. My first real solid immersion in Soldera’s sensitive world was at this historical tasting in Switzerland some years ago now, where we were offered over 2 days, the 37 Brunellos that were produced from 1977 to 2006: the consistency of the wines was absolutely breathtaking. More recently, for our 40th birthday last year, Michael and I were fortunate to share two bottles of Brunello di Montalcino 1978, that were absolute stunners!

ounded in 1886 and belonging to the Moueix family, major wine merchant Duclot offers to worldwide amateurs the top wines of Bordeaux. The jewels of their range: some exclusive cases distributed solely by Duclot Group “En Primeur” and produced in very limited quantities. Duclot “ Bordeaux Collection ” limited-edition cases feature, from one single vintage, some of the greatest Bordeaux châteaux of which Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château-Mouton Rothschild, Château Margaux, Château Haut-Brion, Château La Mission Haut-Brion, Château Cheval Blanc, Château Ausone, Pétrus, Château d’Yquem. Conceived like a safe, the sumptuous “ Bordeaux Collection ” case still contains the finest and rarest châteaux, for the delight of Bordeaux-lovers. Just like the “ Bordeaux Collection ” the Duclot “Carré d’As” case is produced in extremely limited number and comprises either 16 bottles, 8 magnums or 4 doublemagnums of Pétrus, Château Latour, Château Margaux and Château Haut-Brion. The Château-direct provenance of the wines, the very limited release of these cases on the market and the extremely luxurious crafted presentation make those Duclot limited-editions, without a doubt, a must-have for every serious Bordeaux collector.

Here is a list of a few delights which deserve a closer look: • Assortment 2015 in original cartons – 12 bottles, including 4 Chambertin, 2 Charmes-Chambertin, 2 Clos de la Roche and 4 Gevrey-Chambertin Clos St-Jacques. • Chambertin 2009 – 2 bottles. • Gevrey-Chambertin Clos St-Jacques 1996 – 12 bottles.

This private Swiss Soldera collection is a treasure-trove offering some rare Case Basse’s gems. Here are some highlight for you to dream of: • 100% Sangiovese & Brunello di Montalcino Riserva, Vertical from 2013 to 2001 – 45 bottles. • Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2004 – 3 magnums. • Pegasos 2005 – 5 bottles.

The Duclot highlights offered in this sale: • Duclot “ Bordeaux Collection ”, 7 coffrets from 2015 to 2009 – 59 bottles. • Duclot “ Carré d’As ” 2000 – 8 magnums. • Duclot “ Bordeaux Collection ” 2010 – 9 bottles.

time to B wine #5 — november 2019

… his favorite domaine domaine de la romanée-conti


by julie carpentier

domaine henri jayer


château mouton-rothschild


omaine de la Romanée-Conti has been Burgundy’s jewel in the crown for centuries. Its history, or more precisely, the history of its two most renowned vineyards, La Tâche and La RomanéeConti, dates back to the 13th century, when the monks of the Abbaye de Saint-Vivant bought a few acres of Pinot Noir for their wine production. From this original monastic ownership passed into the hands of the Bourbon Prince of Conti, surviving Revolutionary dissolution, expanding with the Duvault-Blochet family, unto – at present – a company jointly-run by Aubert de Villaine and more recently Perrine Fenal, the “DRC” has forever imprinted its remarkable course on Burgundian wine history. Why has Domaine de la Romanée-Conti achieved such a legendary status? Maybe simply because the wines are so good! The location and quality of the vineyards, the extreme care and knowledge that they have benefited from over the centuries make these wines nothing less than sublime! As for all DRC drinkers and enthusiasts, I cherish the smallest tear poured into my tasting glass, as it inevitably plunges me into an unparalleled voyage into perfection, concentration, precision and consistency. From this astonishing French private cellar, we have selected some extraordinary wines, most of them to keep in your cellar waiting for the perfect timing to be uncorked. From scarce assortment cases to a rarely seen Romanée-Conti vertical, this DRC collection is the perfect opportunity to acquire some rare wine ensemble ideally suited for your next exceptional wine tasting.

t Baghera/wines we are honored to offer, originally purchased by their current owner at the historic auction “  The Heritage – the Ultimate Sale from the Private Cellar of Domaine Henri Jayer ” on June 17th 2018, a rare selection of Henri Jayer’s Nuits-Meurgers, Vosne and Cros-Parantoux bottles and magnums spanning 1982 to 2000. The wines have been kept in the safety of our premises at the Geneva FreePort ever since this auction. For the record, these wines had never been removed from Henri Jayer’s cellar until they were escorted to Geneva FreePort for the June 2018 auction. This is a unique chance to take possession of these rare Henri Jayer bottles with impeccable provenance… 114 bottles and 49 magnums compose this gentleman’s collection, sleeping treasures that laid untouched in Henri Jayer’s cellar before they were escorted to the Geneva FreePort in 2018. A selection of 49 magnums is an unmissable opportunity to acquire Domaine Henri Jayer’s wines in this rare format, with the most pristine provenance. Indeed each bottle or magnum benefit from the Prooftag™ protection system, and come in original wooden cases marked Domaine Henri Jayer, made exclusively for “The Heritage” auction. I have had the huge pleasure to drink his wines on several occasions, many of them with the Jayer family. In October last year, we were poured a bottle of Cros-Parantoux 1999 shared with some members of the Jayer family – the wine was purely ethereal and seemed endowed with eternal life !

he foundation of Château Mouton-Rothschild can be dated back to 1853, when Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild, an English member of the Rothschild family, purchased a property in Pauillac called Château Brane-Mouton and renamed it Château Mouton-Rothschild. Today the three children of Philippine – under whose administration, in 1973, Mouton-Rothschild will reach the rank of 1st Classified Growth, Camille Sereys de Rothschild, Philippe Sereys de Rothschild and Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild, co-owners of the Château, are likewise perpetuating their mother’s dedication to Château Mouton-Rothschild. One of the original features of Château Mouton-Rothschild – each year since 1945, the label is being illustrated with artwork by a leading artist, specially created for the vintage. The most significant signatures in contemporary art, from Dali to Bacon, have collaborated with Château Mouton-Rothschild. In year 2000 for the celebration of the new millennium, Baroness Philippine decided to break with tradition. The ram, historically recognized as the symbol of Château Mouton-Rothschild, a tutelary figure, was enameled in relief in scintillating gold on a black heavy-glassed bottle. Indeed Château Mouton-Rothschild holds a distinctive place in the heart of many wine collectors and has reached the ultimate status for many iconic wine lovers. The art (label) at their heart paved the way to many art expressions within the vineyard landscape nowadays, enticing visitors to take place actively in the eloquent triad wine-art-philanthropy.

Amongst other highlights featuring this collection: • Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Assortment case 2015 – 14 bottles. • Romanée-Conti, Vertical from 2015 to 1999 – 8 bottles. • Romanée-Conti 2007 – 1 magnum.

Hereafter, a sample of these remarkable Domaine Henri Jayer wines offered: • Nuits-St-Georges, 1er Cru Les Meurgers 1982 – 6 bottles. • Vosne-Romanée 1995 – 12 bottles. • Vosne-Romanée, 1er Cru Cros Parantoux 2000 – 6 magnums.

Amongst other Mouton highlights featured in this sale: • Mouton-Rothschild 2000 – 1 imperial, 1 jeroboam, 1 magnum & 6 bottles in their original coffrets. • Mouton-Rothschild 2009 – 12 bottles in original wooden case. • Mouton-Rothschild, Vertical from 2015 to 2005 – 132 bottles in original wooden cases.

time to B wine #5 — november 2019

grand cru 2015 tasting

Clos de Vougeot C

lassified as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Climats of Burgundy are vineyard parcels found to the south of Dijon on the slopes of the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. The specific natural conditions of the soil, the climate and the grape variety have been enhanced and optimized by human cultivation for centuries to produce exceptional Burgundy wines of the highest classification. The Climats are characterized by their more-or-less clayey or stony soil, their calcareous or marl subsoil, a slope that favours drainage, their exposure to the sun, and often a semi-arid micro-climate. The soil of the commune of Vougeot is almost entirely classified Premier and Grand Cru. Enjoying a unique position in Burgundy, Clos de Vougeot brings together in one vast enclosure many parcels and almost as many original climats. The AOC recognizes in the whole production area only one wine and a single climat, as is customary with the Grand Cru appellation. Clos de Vougeot vines are planted according to the practices implemented throughout the Côte de Nuits vineyard, with an encépagement based mainly on the Pinot Noir N varietal, an autochthonous Burgundy grape variety. Additional types of vines are Chardonnay B, Pinot Blanc B and Pinot Gris G. These are permitted, but only as a mixture in the vine plants, up to a maximum of 15% within each plot. Grape harvesting, vinification and the aging of the wine all take place on the territory of the commune of Vougeot. The vinifcation is carried out “in accordance with local, loyal and consistent practices” as defined in the specifications of the AOC. Clos Vougeot is located on the straight tectonic relief of the “Côte de Nuits” vineyard, stretching about 25 kilometers in a north/south direction. To the west lie high limestone plateaus of 400 metres to 500 metres, known as “Hautes Côtes” or “High Coast”. To the east is the Bresse plain, a tertiary rift valley. The “Côte” is sheltered from prevailing winds, cold and rain by these plateaus.

In Vougeot, the face of the “Côte” is composed of various types of limestone from the Middle Jurassic period. In particular the so-called Comblanchien limestone which is very pure and compact and presents a great resistance to erosion and from which the reliefs that are typical of the “Côte” are derived. Clos de Vougeot is located at an altitude between 240 metres and 265 metres. The soil of the upper level lies on a bed of well drained limestone, which is rocky and relatively shallow, and consists of a mixture of clays and brown gravel. The median section is extremely fractured and its structure is complex. Again the soil is very rocky, but with greater depth it becomes heavier, more clayey and more compact. In the lower part the soil lies on Bresse marls (clayey limestone), comprised of scree, heavy clay and alluvial placers, so it’s heavier and less well drained. Thusly the terroir of Clos de Vougeot presents a unique complexity and character and is therefore not homogeneous. It is this medley of soil structure that influences such refined variety between domains, with each winegrower expressing in their own way the identity of their plot. It is above all the winemaker who makes the wine, it is up to you to taste it! A historically early vintage, 2015 has been asserting itself over the years, living up to the quality proclaimed at the end of the harvest. Remarkable, blessed by the Gods some might say. Even though the yields may have been lower due to the many climatic events, it is nevertheless a safe bet that the 2015 vintage will remain in the annals of the 21st century as being exceptional for Pinot Noir. Of a great homogeneity, this vintage has produced some very fine red wines in Côte de Nuits. The tasting on 7th December is the perfect opportunity to discover or re-discover the great diversity of this exceptional terroir, as well as the range of flavours of twelve of these Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru 2015. Because it is above all the winemaker who sublimates the wine, it’s up to you to taste it! Francesco Lee

exceptional tasting

december 7th at hotel beau-rivage, geneva # C LO S D E VO U G E OTG R A N D C R U 2 01 5 T W E LV E W I N E S


consult the wine list at: WWW.BAGHERAWINES.COM

time to B wine #5 — november 2019


wine o'clocks auctions at your fingertips…


he starting point for each one of our sales is usually a conversation about truly good wine with our clients. These relationships evolve over time and mutual trust is established, clients becomes friends, friends with whom we share the same passion for specially good fine wine. From the moment a client decides to sell his wines, discussions about the procedure of the auction begin. The initial step is to visit his cellar and establish together the list of wines that he wants to put to auction. The bottles are inspected and we establish the inventory as a base for the valuations. Alongside this process also comes a lot of familiarization for our customers with the unknown world of wine auctions. These exchanges help reassure and support our customers with our expertise and our knowledge of the market. Once the evaluation is complete, we proceed to the collection of the wines. To maintain the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality, only members of the Baghera team personally will prepare and package the bottles, usually stored in the homes of our customers. Transportation is handled by our specialist couriers, trusted for their proven professionalism and duty of care. Upon taking delivery of your wines wines our rigorous task of inspection and inventory continues. Notes are taken for

the elaboration of the future catalogue. The condition of the capsules, corks, labels, and the precise levels and colour are all details which are carefully recorded to inform the prospective buyer of the verified condition of each bottle. Then our editorial and creative teams take over to design the sales catalogue in collaboration with the experts. For each auction a title is chosen and a graphic identity is developed, reflecting the collection and its history. Each batch is staged and photographed with the utmost care, in the best conditions. Two weeks before the date of the auction, photos and detailed notices are available on our website. The day of the auction, invariably held at 2pm on the second Tuesday of the month, is always special for our team who ensures that everything runs smoothly. Of course, our vendor is invited to follow each stage of his sale, from the removal of the wines from his cellar to the production of the Wine o'clock. Each Wine o'clock involves a personalised experience, which makes them unique even if the procedure to follow remains the same. Sharing this long custom process with each of our customers is particularly rewarding humanly, and in my opinion, this is one of the most attractive aspects of Wine o'clocks.  Regards, Pablo Alvarez

• next wine o‘clock december 10th, 2019 • a selection of the world's best wines & spirits | collections offering the best guarantees of conservation and provenance wine “treasures” | exceptional prices | auction world-records | tailor-made auctions | fun & reliable bidding platform

time to B wine #5 — november 2019

between you…

it's been a while…

room auctions

online auctions

Baghera / wines organises two types of auctions: room auctions and online Wine o'clocks. Twice a year, a room auction is presented, each a unique event telling the story of a heritage – be it that of an illustrious domain, a rare collection or a legendary vintner.

“Wine o’clocks” are regular and fast online auctions that take place every second Tuesday of the month. They run on the principle of « dial sales » in which the price of lots drops in a limited time.

Limited edition catalogues are published for the occasion, true treasure-chests, inspired and prestigious to perfectly compliment and enhance the bottles offered for sale.

This is an opportunity for Internet users all over the world to acquire great wines, in seconds, at the right price and with a single click.

Our room auctions are also an opportunity to organise a weekend for Baghera/ wines guests – an event, party, an exceptional tasting or dinner.

lush celebrations

For all their auctions, Baghera/wines offer a highly qualitative selection of fine wines, elegantly presented in thematic collections and available on their dedicated website, and a secure, easyto-use auction platform.

events Baghera/wines designs and organises several prestigious events throughout the year to celebrate the greatest wines : Wine&Music evenings, thematic tastings in small groups to broaden one’s knowledge of a domain, a vintage, an appellation (vertical, horizontal…), Baghera/wine style Paulées (traditional Burgundy meals), and delightful dinners presented in collaboration with Michelin-starred restaurants such as Maison Troisgros, are just some of the festive occasions that we have the pleasure to offer you. For these unique occasions, we put all our experience at your service in selecting with care great wines of old, rare and sought-after vintages. Every moment is crafted to make your experience special, your evening warm and friendly.

click festive


time to B wine #5 — november 2019


… and us

… what's new ?!




A new club will soon be established at the historic Beau-Rivage Hotel. Dedicated to culinary and œnological pleasures in a warm and exclusive environment it will combine discretion, rarity and privilege.

In early 2020, the brand new Baghera/ wines boutique will open continuously from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 6pm, on the ground floor of the historic building of the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva.

Since the autumn of 2019, Baghera/ wines has been working with restaurateurs in Geneva, to sublimate the finest Swiss gastronomic talent.

A private, high-class setting with a mellow and timeless atmosphere harbouring the greatest wines in the world, the club is reserved for a limited number of members, offering the opportunity for fine wine lovers to meet, share impressions and opinions on tasting experiences and to savour wine in a relaxed atmosphere – a home from home. Members will also appreciate the Michelin-starred cuisine of the Chat-Botté restaurant and secure personal storage for their own personal collection.. A unique place to receive clients and business partners alike, throughout the year.

An evolutionary scenographic setting, highlighting in turn the winegrowers who make up the world of exceptional wines. A luxurious space dedicated to the purchase of fine wines, the Boutique will offer a discerning limited choice of great bottles. Enthusiasts will benefit from tailor-made advice from our experts to complement their cellars with rare vintages or to choose wines for special occasions.

The Cellar project offers to promising young chefs a fine wine list chosen with care by the experts at Baghera/wines, which complements and enhances the restaurant’s original wine menu, while remaining consistent with the establishment’s cuisine. A genuine wine cellar on consignment, available to our partner restaurants in Geneva, Cellar offers wine enthusiasts the opportunity to taste rare vintages, sought-after appellations and bottles which are impossible to find on the market, and all this at selling prices in line with the market.

haven luxury wines hideaway

and rarity

time to B wine #5 — november 2019

in the city

Portrait(s) A gallery of fine wine collections — room auction —


— hôtel beau-rivage, geneva —

catalogue Order the 400 page limited edition here : office@bagherawines.com

Consult on our website www.bagherawines.auction scan to view the online catalogue

rue du rhône, 59 1204 geneva, switzerland tel + 41 22 910 46 30 – office@bagherawines.com www.bagherawines.com | www.bagherawines.auction follow us on instagram

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credits — editors : michael ganne, julie carpentier, dovinia angeli, francesco lee & pablo alvarez — art direction, illustration & layout : olivia bouët- willaumez (o’collectif) printed by la manufacture deux-ponts (38320 bresson, fr) in november 2019 — Baghera/wines Auction & Trading SA — all rights reserved, 2019

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time to B wine #5 "Portrait(s)", by Baghera/wines – ENGLISH Version  

Magazine published by Baghera/wines, European leader in fine wine auctions. Domaine Armand Rousseau, Domaine Henri Jayer, Domaine de la Roma...

time to B wine #5 "Portrait(s)", by Baghera/wines – ENGLISH Version  

Magazine published by Baghera/wines, European leader in fine wine auctions. Domaine Armand Rousseau, Domaine Henri Jayer, Domaine de la Roma...