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Welcome to Odense, the birth city of Hans Christian Andersen; world famous poet and fairy tale writer


ODENSE IDRÆTSPARK 18.-23. OKTOBER 2011 Souvenir program


Club La Santa og Holstebro RejseCenter arbejder tæt sammen for at sikre badminton interesserede de bedste oplevelser, træningslejre og klubture. Oplev, lær og spil badminton på højeste niveau på

I samarbejde med Danmarks Badminton Forbund

Club La Santa. Her kan du nyde en aktiv ferie med

arrangerer Holstebro RejseCenter ture til de vig-

badminton og mere end 30 andre sportsfaciliteter

tigste badminton begivenheder med oplevelser i

til fri afbenyttelse.

absolut verdensklasse.

Club La Santa 2012:

Tilskuerrejser i 2012:

20.-26.01 Veteran Badminton turnering 40+

06.–11.03 ”All England 2012”

Læs mere på hjemmesiden

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eller ring til Club La Santa på telefon 76 500 400.

for program og priser. Ring til Mette Sørensen på telefon 96 101 057 eller bestil online.

Tlf. 76 500 400

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Din avis støtter sporten og kulturen pü Fyn

ENJOY THE WORLDS BEST PLAYERS IN ODENSE badminton denmark welcomes everyone to Yonex Denmark Open - both a title and a tournament which we are very proud to host. We have been developing rapidly since last year’s denmark open. the badminton association of denmark has changed its name and design and now we are badminton denmark with red and white colors - and we are proud that Yonex - the world’s best badminton producer - are closely associated as a partner with badminton denmark. this means that all our events Yonex Denmark Open and Yonex Copenhagen Masters now have new titles - which just emphasizes the close ties in between us. Peter Jensen

Odense municipality also plays a vital role as being able to host a big tournament like a Premier. Sport Event Denmark is another major actor in ensuring the big prize money needed to meet the demands of the BWF. but there won’t be a tournament without the danish club culture and all the volunteers from OBK who use their spare time to support badminton denmarks professional staff to carry out Yonex denmark open and thereby ensure a tournament of world class with the elite players in the world (you can read more about the players under profiles). at last but not least, I shall also say a special thank you to all our other solid partners: FuN, oK, Holsterbro rejsecenter, tV2 sPort - and those specifically related to the Yonex denmark open: citroen, carl Hansen & søn, sport event Fyn, bWF and osim. Welcome to Yonex Denmark Open!

Peter Jensen President Badminton Denmark

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Tlf: 66 18 00 48 Odense






Overvejer du at sælge? Klip denne annonce ud og få kr. 5.000 i rabat ved salg af din ejendom. 


ODENSE MUNCIPIAL WELCOMES YOU ALL on behalf of the city of odense it is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the danish part of the international superseries in badminton, Yonex Denmark Open 2011. the area of sports is very much prioritized by the city of odense. I therefore would like to thank especially Badminton Denmark and all the volunteers from our local club Odense Badminton Club, who make this event possible. to host big sports events in odense does not only stimulate the public interest for sports and exercise in all; it also makes it possible on close hand to experience sport in the absolute elite – some times even world class. With the nomination as “Premier”, this Yonex denmark open event is no exception; it is with no doubt the best badminton players of the world, who visit odense to compete for the prestigious glory and title of this tournament.

Anker Boye

odense is of course very proud of the Yonex Denmark Open event; an event we host for the fifth time in a row. by hosting this event, we are automatically compared with big cities like Paris, Kuala Lumpur, singapore and Hong Kong – cities which normally get much more international publicity than our city. but we are now, thanks to Yonex denmark open, much more noticed around the world and that is why Odense continues to prioritize this event. because only be trying to be an innovative and farsighted city, which sees big sport events as an important attraction and an asset for the citizens, we will stand out as a unique city. therefore, the scene for a fantastic and exiting event is definitely set for both participants and spectators – I know Badminton Denmark, the city of odense and the volunteers will certainly do anything we can, to make this event a success in every way. once again welcome to odense, have a pleasant time and good luck to all the participants.

Anker Boye Mayor, Odense City

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VI SKABER LØSNINGER Tlf. 79 13 41 44 | |

WELCOME TO YONEX DENMARK OPEN Firstly, I should like to extend my warmest welcome to each one of you to the YoNeX denmark open superseries Premier 2011. We are highly honored to have made a new sponsorship agreement with Badminton Denmark in august of this year for the development of badminton in denmark and to be the official title and equipment sponsor of this superseries Premier level event from this year. since the YoNeX company was formed in 1946, we have aimed to produce the best quality products for our consumers to encourage them to enjoy playing sports. We believe that we have a responsibility to sports and its participants from all over the world as noted in the YoNeX mission statement “to contribute to the development of the world’s social culture through sports and to surprise and delight our customers” and we shall continue to dedicate all our creativity and resources to achieve these goals.

Ben Yoneyama

I should like to thank the badminton World Federation, the badminton denmark and all the people who have been working hard to carry out this event. Finally I wish all the players every success in what I am sure will be a wonderful championship.

Ben Yoneyama

President YONEX Co., Ltd.

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OSIM BWF WORLD SUPERSERIES SPONSORSHIP We at osIM International are pleased and privileged to join hands with the badminton World Federation in bringing you the Yonex denmark open, part of the osIM bWF World superseries. the Yonex Denmark Open is one of the 12 tournaments in the osIM bWF World superseries, attracting some of the best names in the sport. denmark has produced some of the world’s top players so look forward to witness denmark’s Peter Gade, tine baun, Mathias boe and carsten Mogensen battle it out with other top players in the sport with speed, agility and precision. With the stellar badminton action, fans all over the world are in for a real treat! as the global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products, osIM seeks to inspire well-being, bringing a healthy lifestyle to people, by promoting a positive attitude to life. sports sponsorship is aligned with these values and helps to communicate this message to the public. Hence, osIM has for many years supported and sponsored sports events like triathlons in beijing, Hong Kong and singapore and now, we are honored to be able to play a part in supporting the development of badminton globally.

Ron Sim

osIM has a philosophy of ‘Challenging Your Spirit to Do Your Best’ and this philosophy applies equally to sports, business, and life in general. by sponsoring the osIM bWF World superseries, we hope to encourage and inspire the public to hone their own skills as they see the world’s top shuttlers battle for supremacy. also, we hope this series will motivate a new generation of players to not only excel in the sport, but in life as well. surely, there is a future world player being inspired amongst the audience throughout the tournament this week! I am confident that the OSIM BWF World Super Series will take the sport to a higher plane, and wish the organisers, players and audience a successful and enjoyable tournament. thank You. Ron Sim

Founder, Chairman and CEO OSIM International Limited

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WELCOME TO ODENSE! First and foremost, allow me to congratulate Badminton Denmark on its hosting of an osIM bWF World superseries Premier event. this year has been a memorable year for badminton with the introduction of a two-tier superseries circuit – the superseries Premier and superseries. the superseries circuit offers a minimum total prize money of usd200,000 for each tournament while the superseries Premier offers a minimum total prize money of usd350,000 and the response to host these competitions has been overwhelming. badminton also saw its first ever million dollar prize money event with the Korea open in January offering us$1.2 million in total prize money while the Indonesia open saw prize money of us$600,000. and now we have the US$400,000 Yonex Denmark Open.

Dr. Kang Young Joong

a good competition structure is one of the pillars of a strong sports association and the bWF is fortunate to have a calendar that offers a wide range of events for players of all levels. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors of the denmark open and local agencies for their unwavering support through the years and hope for their continued support in the future. special thanks also goes out to OSIM, our superseries Global sponsor, and YONEX, the title sponsor, for their solid support in making the superseries circuit a great success. to all the volunteers, technical officials, media and individuals who have contributed one way or the other towards the success of this event, my sincere thanks to all of you. Finally, to the players, I wish them the very best of luck and hope that the experience will be just as valuable as the win.

DR KANG YOUNG JOONG President Badminton World Federation

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I EFTERÅRSFERIEN I efterårsferien er Odense spækket med oplevelser for hele familien. Museerne og attraktionerne tilbyder familievenlige aktiviteter, og der er masser af begivenheder og events af internationalt format på programmet.



20. OKTOBER KL. 10 - 16 STORE LEGEDAG PÅ HJUL – OPLEV BASIM OG SARAH FRA X-FACTOR et hav af aktiviteter på og med hjul: Prøv fx cykelsimulatoren fra tour studiet og dyst mod Victor fra ob - thomas Kristensen er konferencier. Pimp din cykel med anja fra ramasjang, prøv skøre, skæve cykler, lav smykker af cykeldele og meget mere. Husk din cykel, så du kan være med.

FORMIDDAG Mulighederne er mange, så det er med at vælge helt rigtigt, hvis du skal planlægge den perfekte feriedag. start f.eks. dagen i børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet, hvor der er masser af muligheder for at lege prinsesse, sørøver eller havfrue i nogle helt fantastiske kulisser. Jernbanemuseet er også en sjov oplevelse. Gå på opdagelse i de gamle togvogne eller kør med veterantog fra odense til Nyborg.

20. – 22. OKTOBER HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL Festivalen byder igen på magiske oplevelser for store og små. Hogwarts ekspressen afgår fra ”Perron 9 3/4” med nye troldmandselever og med masser af overraskelser. Hør musikken fra Harry Potter filmene opført af odense symfoniorkester. besøg diagonalstræde kendt fra Harry Potter med arbejdende værksteder og kom til magisk markedsdag og mød troldmænd og alkymister.

FROKOST Når det er tid til at lade op, er café Fyrtøjet i Lotzes Have et godt bud på et børnevenligt spisested. Hvis efterårsvejret tillader det, er der en fin gårdhave, hvor maden kan nydes. Men der er også masser af caféer omkring Gråbrødre Plads og i braNdts-området.

13. - 23. OCTOBER REEM ACRA FEI WORLD CUP DRESSAGE AND INTERNATIONAL JUMPING et fire-stjernet stævne, der byder på springning og dressur i verdensklasse, auktioner og temadage med masser af oplevelser for heste-entusiaster på alle niveauer. de seneste år har adskillige verdensstjerner fundet vej til odense og arrangørerne garanterer også i år en høj standard blandt deltagerne. I forbindels med World cup afholdes udstillingen ridesport 2011 fra 20. – 23. oktober, som byder på over 70 udstillere med alt til hest og rytter.

EFTERMIDDAG er der mere energi, der skal brændes af, er der Halloween fest i odense Zoo og Kartoffelferie i den Fynske Landsby med masser sjov som i gamle dage. stige Ø byder på rig mulighed for udendørs aktiviteter – f.eks. mountain bike, parcour og kajak. er det tid til fordybelse, er H.c. andersens Hus også et godt sted at lægge vejen forbi. at se andersens hat, sko og gebis er et hit hos de fleste. den 16. og den 22. oktober kan du tage med på en eventyrlig rundvisning i H.c. andersens Hus med H.c. andersen Paraden. undervejs møder du prinsesser, havfruer, soldater og mange andre kendte eventyrfigurer fra H.c. andersens forfatterskab. AFTEN tag lækre burgere med hjem fra spisestedet bull eller slut aftenen af på restaurant Flammen, som har kæmpe buffet med mere end 11 forskellig slags kød. bl.a. struds. Find hele programmet for efterårsferien i Odense på hjemmesiden eller få et overskueligt trykt program på VisitOdense, Vestergade 2, 5000 Odense C.

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Odense is packed with family experiences during the autumn holidays. The museums and the attractions offer family friendly activities and there are plenty of international events on the agenda.





20 OCTOBER AT 10 - 16 BIG PLAY DAY ON WHEELS – BRING YOUR OWN BIKE! Lots of activities on wheels: try a bicycle simulator known from tV. Pimp your bike, try crazy, weird bikes, make jewellery of bike parts and much more.

MORNING options are plenty, so chose with care when planning for the perfect holiday in odense. We suggest you head off to the children’s favourite place the tinderbox (Fyrtøjet) with their marvellous surroundings where you can dress up like a princess, a pirate or a little mermaid. the renowned danish railway Museum is also the best of fun. explore the old, fascinating train wagons and go for a ride on an original steam train from odense to Nyborg.

20. – 22. OCTOBER HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL once again the festival offers magic experiences for all ages. the Hogwart express departs from ”track No. 9 3/4” with new magician pupils; experience the score from the Harry Potter movies performed by the odense Philharmonic orchestra. Visit diagonal street known from the Harry Potter universe with workshops and join us for a magical market day where you’ll meet magicians and alchemists. 13. - 23. OKTOBER REEM ACRA FEI WORLD CUP DRESSUR OG INTERNATIONAL SPRINGNING I ODENSE a four star meeting that offers world class jumping and dressage, auctions and lots of experiences for horse aficionados at all levels.

LUNCH When it is time for recharging the batteries, a good choice is the café at the tinderbox in Lotze’s Garden. It is really family friendly and if the weather allows it, you can enjoy your meal in a nice outdoor patio. You’ll also find many cafés and restaurants at Gråbrødre Plads and in the braNdts area. AFTERNOON are you up for more fun, odense Zoo throws a Halloween party all week and in the Funen Village you can join the traditional potato holiday just as the old times. at stige Island there are lots of outdoor activities – parcour, mountainbiking and kayaking. time for absorption? then visit the Hans christian andersen Museum where you can get a good impression of the famous author and his private life. EVENING Go pick up cool burgers from the takeaway bull or end your day at the restaurant Flammen, which offers a huge buffet with more than 11 differents kinds of meat – including ostrich. Get more info at or at the Tourist Information, Vestergade 2, 5000 Odense C.

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dahl as Rosen - Thom Fotograf www.Efo



Store øjeblikke finder også sted i lokalsporten

Støt lokalsporten med et OK Benzinkort Med et OK Benzinkort kan du støtte lokalsporten, hver gang du tanker. Læs mere på

YOUR SPORT OUR PASSION In Denmark we are passionate about hosting international sports events. We have the experience and the partners to stage a successful event. We recognize the importance of adding value to an event and its owner, and we always strive to do our utmost to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. Visit




For tredje år i træk kan du følge Denmark Open på livestream og de sociale medier. A F T R I N E B AY

sidder du netop nu med kampprogrammet i den ene hånd og din smartphone i den anden, så har du mulighed for at få Yonex denmark open direkte på mobilen. du kan nemlig følge turneringen både på Facebook, twitter og Youtube.

Kampene vil blive kommenteret på engelsk af rasmus bech, kommunikationsassistent i badminton danmark og tidligere landstræner steen Pedersen – godt suppleret af prominente gæster og nuværende elitespillere.

På Youtube kan du se små klip og interviews med turneringens mange stjerner, mens du på Facebook og twitter kan få nyheder og kommentarer til og om turneringen.

du kan også følge Yonex denmark open på Facebook, Youtube, twitter og

På kan du se live badminton fra tirsdag til lørdag – og vi vil som ekstra krydderi i år også have livestudie med masser af insiderviden fra Yonex denmark open på samme webadresse (læs mere på Kampene vil blive streamet live, men du kan sådan set se dem, når det passer ind i dit program – alle kampe og studieoptagelser ligger on-demand på samme webadresse.



ON OUR DIGITAL PLATFORMS For the third year in a row, you can follow the Denmark Open on live streaming and social media. BY T R I N E B AY

are you sitting right now with the fixture in one hand and the smartphone in the other? do you know that you can get Yonex denmark open directly on your mobile? You can follow the tournament both on Facebook, twitter and Youtube.

be commented in english by rasmus bech, communications assistant at badminton denmark and former national coach steen Pedersen - well complemented by prominent guests and current elite players.

on Youtube you can see small clips and interviews with the tournament’s many stars as you on Facebook and twitter gets news and commentary from and about the tournament.

You can also follow Yonex denmark open on Facebook, Youtube, twitter and

at you can watch live badminton from tuesday to saturday - and we want to spice it up this year. Now we also have a live studio with lots of insider knowledge from Yonex denmark open at the same urL (read more on the matches will be streamed live, but you can be a way, see them when it fits into your program - all matches and studio recordings are on demand at the same urL. the games will



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- AF STORE INTERNATIONALE SPORTSEVENTS PÅ DANSK GRUND Danmark har store ambitioner om at blive vært for VM 2014 i badminton, ligesom Danmark har målrettede og ambitiøse planer om at vinde bl.a. VM Ishockey 2017 og VM herrer håndbold 2017. Disse store mesterskaber vil i givet fald blive bygget op omkring de mange erfaringer, som Danmark som sportseventnation gennem de seneste år har gjort sig. A F L A R S L U N D OV, C E O, S P O R T E V E N T D E N M A R K

et VM i badminton 2014 står meget højt på listen over events, som danmark virkelig håber at blive vært for. badminton er en stor og populær sportsgren i danmark, de danske atleter gør det fremragende og henter mange medaljer, og endeligt er det alt for længe siden at VM i badminton har været afholdt i danmark. og et VM i danmark vil blive afviklet innovativt og med et set-up, som allerede nu er ved at blive udviklet i forbindelse med netop Yonex Denmark Open Premiere Superseries. en række store internationale sportsevents har allerede fundet sted her i 2011, og den danske indsats på sportseventområdet nyder stor anerkendelse både nationalt og uden for landets grænser. dette har også i betydet, at danmark har fået tildelt adskillige store og prestigefyldte events til afvikling de kommende år. eM i håndbold for herrer 2014, VM i håndbold for kvinder 2015, eM i dressur og ridebanespringning 2013, eM i volleyball for herrer 2013, eM i bordtennis 2012, VM i bueskydning 2015 og VM i trampolin 2015 kan vi bl.a. glæde os over skal afvikles her i landet. og vi har allerede nydt godt af bl.a. VM i taekwondo, VM i brydning, VM’er i sejlsport, Ioc kongressen, ueFa u21 eM i fodbold, VM i banecykling, VM i bMX og for ganske nyligt VM i landevejscykling – den største sports event i danmark til dato. DEL OG VIND de sociale medier er vigtige i sport event denmarks arbejde med at skabe opmærksomhed omkring de events, som danmark er vært for. både på facebook, youtube og twitter er der således mulighed for at følge med og ikke mindst dele oplevelserne på hjemmebane. | PAG E 20 | YONEX D ENMARK O PEN 2011 |

Lad det hermed være en opfordring til alle jer, der læser dette program for Yonex denmark open, om at blive en del af det sammenhold, som alle disse store, internationale sportsevents i danmark, giver: Bliv fans af Denmark: Hosting Winners på facebook, følg sporteventdK på twitter og se videoindslag på sport event denmarks youtube-kanal af samme navn. spred budskabet om de mange events på dansk grund – og ikke mindst kom ud på lægterne! - og tag vennerne med……

FaKta sportevent denmark er den nationale katalysator indenfor internationale sportsbegivenheder, og tilbyder bl.a. rådgivning og økonomisk støtte til arrangører af VM, eM mv. samt toneangivende/idrætspolitiske idrætskongresser m.v. på dansk grund. organisationens rådgivning baserer sig på et mangeårigt samarbejde med specialforbund, byer, regioner og turistorganisationer med henblik på at skabe de bedst mulige vilkår for idrætsbegivenheder i danmark. og organisationen har derfor også et stort kendskab til nogle af de genveje, der kan være med til at trække begivenheder til danmark og gøre det lettere at afvikle dem. sport event denmark er etableret af og finansieret af den danske regering og danmarks IdrætsForbund samt team danmark. Følg med i eventkalenderen på hjemmesiden:



Denmark has great ambitions to win the rights to host both the BWF World Championships 2014, the 2017 IIHF World Men’s Ice Hockey Championships (A) and the 2017 Men’s Handball World Championships. If our dream is realised, we will draw on our long-term experience of hosting major international sports events successfully. BY L A R S L U N D OV, C E O, S P O R T E V E N T D E N M A R K

the bWF World championships 2014 are one of the events we would really want to stage in Denmark. badminton is a major and very popular sport in this country, the danish badminton players are very good performers and pick up a lot of medals at international championships and, finally, it has been years since denmark hosted the bWF World championships last. If denmark is entrusted with the event, we are determined to deliver an innovative event with a new set-up, which is being developed at the Yonex Denmark Open Premiere Super-series. several major international sports events have already been hosted in denmark in 2011 and the danish efforts on the global sports events scene over the past few years are widely recognised, both nationally and internationally. In return, several major – and - prestigious upcoming sports events have been appointed to denmark. Just to mention a few of the events in our portfolio: the 2014 Men’s Handball european championship, the 2015 Women’s Handball World championship, the FeI 2013 european dressage and Jumping championships, the european Men’s Volleyball championships 2013, the 2012 ettu european table tennis championships, the FIG trampoline and tumbling World championships 2015 and the World archery championships 2015.

tube-channel by the same name. spread the message about the numerous events on danish ground. but best of all, come join the party on the standings. and bring your friends along!

Facts sport event denmark is the national sports event organisation, offering advisory services and financial support to both organisers of World championships, european championships etc. and organisers of key sports political congresses on danish ground. sport event denmark’s advisory services are based on a long-term cooperation with sports federations, cities, regions and tourist organisations to give organisers of major international sports events in denmark the best possible conditions for the bidding for and hosting of these great events. sport event denmark is established and financed by the danish government, the National olympic committee and sports confederation of denmark and team danmark. see our impressive event calendar on:

Looking back over the past two years, we have hosted the World taekwondo championships 2009, the World Wrestling championships 2009, several sailing World championships, the Ioc session and olympic congress 2009, the ucI track World championships 2010, the ueFa european under-21 championship denmark 2011, the bMX World championships 2011 and not to forget the great ucI road World championships 2011 lately – the largest sports event in denmark so far. SHARE AND WIN the social media are an important part of sport event denmark’s efforts to brand the events that are staged in denmark to a wider audience. both facebook, youtube and twitter are great opportunities to follow the event closely and especially to share all the exciting experiences on home ground. to all of you, the readers of this programme for Yonex denmark open, come join the unity and spirit that surround these great international sports events in denmark: be a fan of denmark: Hosting Winners on facebook, followsporteventdK on twitter and see video clips on sport event denmark’s you| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 21 |

Morten Frost is the most winning player ever at the tournament.




In 1935 the first tournament was played in copenhagen. the first name of the tournament was: “International championships of denmark”. the tournament has changed name with time. up to the 1990’ties the tournament was the danish open. the denmark open has been part of the title ever since. The Second World War put a stop to this new invention in danish badminton. For five years denmark open waited in the dark and finally, in 1946 the tournament was back. In 1967 and for many years to come the finals were played in K.b. Hallen in copenhagen.

2010-2011 ODENSE US$ 200.000,MS Jan Ø. Jørgensen denmark WS Yihan Wang china MD Mathias boe/carsten Mogensen denmark WD Miyuki Maeda/satoko suetsuna Japan MxD thomas Laybourn/Kamilla rytter Juhl denmark

2009-2010 ODENSE US$ 200.000,MS simon santoso Indonesia WS tine rasmussen denmark MD Kien Keat Koo/boon Heong tan Malaysia WD Pan Pan/Yawen Zhang, china MxD Joachim Fischer/christinna Pedersen denmark

2008-2009 ODENSE US$ 200.000,MS Peter Gade denmark WS Lin Wang china | PAG E 22 | YONEX D ENMA RK OPEN 2011 |

the tournament has been played in many danish mayor cities. besides aalborg, Vejle, Farum, aarhus and now odense have hosted the tournament each for several years. Morten Frost is the most winning player ever at the tournament. He has taken a total of 8 titles – 7 in a row! danish profiles like erland Kops, Finn Kobberø, Flemming delfs, Lene Køppen, Poul-erik Høyer, thomas Lund, camilla Martin and Peter Gade have all won the tournament. the 60th denmark open is the tournament with the most price money ever. the sponsorship by Yonex made the price money reach $400.000. $30.000 for Men’s and Women’s singles and $31.600 for the doubles category.

MD Markis Kido/Hendra setiawan

2005-2006 ÅRHUS

Indonesia WD eei Hui chin/Pei tty Wong Malaysia MxD Joachim Fischer/christinna Pedersen denmark

MS chong Wei Lee Malaysia WS Pi Hong Yan France MD chong Ming chan/ Kien Keat Koo

2007-2008 ODENSE


WD Kumiko ogura/ reiko shiota Japan MxD thomas Laybourn/ Kamilla r. Juhl

MS Lin dan china WS Lu Lan china MD Kien Keat Koo/boon Heong taN

2004-2005 ÅRHUS

Malaysia WD Wei Yang/Jiewen Zhang china MxD Hanbin He/Yang Yu china

MS Lin dan china WS Xie Xingfang china MD Lars Paaske/ Jonas rasmussen

2006-2007 ÅRHUS

WD Wie Yili/ Zhao tingting china MxD chen Qiqiu/ Zhao tingting china



MS chen Hong china WS Jiang Yanjiao china MD Lars Paaske/ Jonas rasmussen denmark WD Kamila augustyn/ Nadiezda Kostiuczyk Poland MxD anthony clark/ donna Kellogg england

2003-2004 ÅRHUS MS Lin dan china WS Gong ruina china MD Ha tae Kwon/ Kim dong Moon Korea

WD Yang Wei/ Zhang Jiewen china MxD Kim dong Moon/ ra Kyung Min Korea

2002-2003 FARUM

1995-1996 ODENSE

1989-1990 HØJBJERG


MS Poul-erik Høyer Larsen denmark WS Lim Xiao Qing sweden MD thomas Lund/Jon Holst-christensen


chen Hong china camilla Martin denmark Kim dong Moon/ Ha tae Kwon Korea Wei Yilli/ Zhao tingting china Kim dong Moon/ Hwang Yu Mi Korea

2001-2002 FARUM MS bao chunlai china WS camilla Martin denmark MD Martin Lundgaard Hansen/ Lars Paaske denmark WD Helene Kirkegaard/ rikke olsen denmark MxD tri Kush aryanto/ emma ermawati Indonesia

2000-2001 FARUM MS WS MD WD MxD

Peter Gade denmark Mi Zhou china eng Hian/F landy Limpele Indonesia Lin chen/ Xuelian Jiang china Michael søgaard/ rikke olsen denmark

1999-2000 VEJLE MS Poul-erik Høyer Larsen denmark WS camilla Martin denmark MD Martin Lundgaard Hansen/ Lars Paaske denmark

WD Qin Yiyuan/ Gao Ling china MxD Liu Yong/ Ge Fei china

1998-1999 VEJLE MS Peter Gade christensen denmark WS camilla Martin denmark MD ricky subagja/rexy Mainaky Indonesia

WD Qin Yiyan/tang Hetian china MxD Jon Holst-christensen/ann Jørgensen denmark

1997-1998 VEJLE MS dong Jiong china WS camilla Martin denmark MD Jon Holst-christensen/Michael søgaard denmark WD ann Jørgensen/Majken Vange denmark MxD Jens eriksen/Marlene thomsen denmark

1996-1997 MIDDELFART MS thomas stuer-Lauridsen denmark WS Zhichao Gong china MD thomas stavngaard/ Jim Laugesen


WD Lisbet stuer-Lauridsen/Marlene thomsen denmark

MxD cheng Xingdong/Peng Xingyong china

1994-1995 ESBJERG MS Poul-erik Høyer Larsen denmark WS camilla Martin denmark MD denny Kantono/s. antonius

1988-1989 ODENSE MS WS MD WD MxD


WD Lim Xiao Qing/christine Magnusson sweden

MxD thomas Lund/Marlene thomsen denmark

1993-1994 HØJBJERG MS Poul-erik Høyer Larsen denmark WS Ye Zhaoying china MD thomas Lund/Jon Holst-christensen denmark

WD Lisbet stuer-Lauridsen/Lotte olsen denmark MxD thomas Lund denmark/catrine bengtsson sweden

1992-1993 AALBORG MS darren Hall england WS susi susanti Indonesia MD thomas Lund/Jon Holst-christensen denmark

1991-1992 SOLRØD MS Hermawan susanto Indonesia WS susi susanti Indonesia MD Yumin Zheng/Zhanzhong Huang china

WD Nettie Nielsen denmark/Gillian Gowers england

MxD thomas Lund/Pernille dupont denmark

1990-1991 ÅBENRÅ MS WS MD WD MxD

Poul-erik Høyer Larsen denmark tang Jiuhong china Li Yongbo/tian bingyi china Lotte olsen/dorte Kjær denmark thomas Lund/Pernille dupont denmark

Poul-erik Høyer Larsen denmark Li Lingwei china Li Yongbo/tian bingyi china Lin Ying/Guan Weizhen china Jesper Knudsen/Nettie Nielsen denmark


torben carlsen denmark Lee Young-suk Korea razif sidek/Jalam sldek Malaysla atsuko tokuda/Yoshiko tago Japan Mark christiansen denmark/Maria bengtsson sverige


Morten Frost denmark Zheng Yuli china Li Yongbo/tian bingyi china Gillian clark/Gillian Gowers england Martin dew/Gillian Gilks england

1985-1986 COPENHAGEN MS Morten Frost denmark WS Yun Ja Kim Korea MD steen Fladberg/Jesper Helledie

WD Lim Xiao Qing/christine Magnusson sweden MxD thomas Lund/Pernille dupont denmark

Morten Frost denmark tang Jiuhong china Li Yongbo/tian bingyi china Lin Ying/Guan Weizhen china Jesper Knudsen/Nettie Nielsen denmark


WD Yun Ja Kim/sang Hee Yoo Korea MxD Nigel tier/Gillian Gowers england


Morten Frost denmark Zheng Yuli china Li Yongbo/tian bingyi china Yun Ja Kim/sang Hee Yoo Korea dipak taylor/Nora Perry england

1983-1984 COPENHAGEN MS Morten Frost denmark WS Kirsten Larsen denmark MD Joo bong Park/Moon soo Kim Korea

WD Yun Ja Kim/sang Hee Yoo Korea

MxD Martin dew/Gillian Gilks england


WD rikke olsen/Helene Kirkegaard denmark

MxD Michael søgaard/rikke olsen denmark | YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 23 |


SERIOUS CHANCE FOR GADE Peter Gade won his first Danish Open in 1998. 13 years later, he is ready to go after his last Yonex Denmark Open title. Badminton Denmark has talked to Peter Gade about Denmark Open. BY R A S M U S B E C H

His first major tournament on danish soil, he can barely even remember. His first victory at the denmark open, then danish open, was in 1998. 13 years later, Peter Gade ready for the tournament, which most probably will be his last. one thing is certain: It’s the last time he believes in the big victory on home ground. - If I make up for the denmark open after Olympics, then my mind set will be different compared to the entrance that I have this years. this year is the last serious chance to get the title for me, Peter Gade says ahead of Yonex denmark open. the experienced dane is not a second of doubt that it will be a tournament with a bang. - It is very hard to win this year. It will be the strongest group of players that we might ever have had to the tournament. It’s good for denmark, although it becomes harder for us. We have to be happy if we have danish players among the best, Peter Gade says. A STRANGE AND FUNNY TOURNAMENT Peter Gade is one of the world’s most successful badminton players. denmark open has never been a tournament that Peter Gade has had virtually patented, just as he had on the copenhagen Masters and danish nationals. - Denmark Open is a funny tournament to me. at an early age I hit a surprisingly high level in this tournament. I wanted and want to win the tournament, every time I start playing here, but it’s been a little odd. there have been many different reasons why I did not win more often. there are many things that must go into a higher unity if you are to win the denmark open, and the things have not gone my way so often, Peter Gade says. Peter Gade won the denmark open three times, in 1998, 2000 and 2008, but it is not only the victories, Peter Gade remember when he looks back at his denmark open career. | PAG E 24 | YONEX D ENMARK O PEN 2011 |

- I’ve played some good matches against dong Jiong, which I am proud of. both the final in 1998 which, but also the final I lost to him in 1997. the tournament in odense may very well be Gades last Yonex denmark open. It is first in 2012 decided whether he will be a part of the men’s singles line up for next year’s tournament. and it is rather unusual denmark’s perhaps best men’s singles of all time admitted. - of course it’s special, that every time I go somewhere, it’s the last time I will play there. denmark open is also special because it is our tournament, Peter Gade says. WANT’S TO HIT THE WBC LEVEL the floor and building of odense sports Park is the home ground of Yonex denmark open. Peter Gade had to withdraw from the denmark open in 2010 with an injury. on the other hand the dane showed during the World championship in London, that the shape is excellent, and that he can can challenge the very best. - My greatest victory will be if I can deliver the level I had in London. I have not reached the level at denmark open, so it’s my goal. If I make it to the semi final at Yonex denmark open, I’m happy. If I make it to the semi finals, I’ll go for the title. It’s a great opportunity to continue those good rates from the World championship, Peter Gade says before Yonex denmark open 2011.


SERIØSE CHANCE FOR GADE Peter Gade vandt sit første Danish Open i 1998. 13 år senere er han klar til at gå efter sin sidste Yonex Denmark Open-titel. Badminton Danmark tog en snak med Peter Gade om Denmark Open. AF RASMUS BECH

Hans første store turnering på dansk grund kan han knap nok selv huske. Han første sejr ved danmark open, dengang danish open, var i 1998. 13 år senere er Peter Gade klar til den turnering, der med stor sandsynlighed bliver hans sidste. en ting er dog sikker: det er sidste gang, han tror på den store hjemmebanesejr. - Hvis jeg stiller op til denmark open efter OL, så bliver det med en anden indgang, end jeg har i år. I år er den sidste seriøse chance for at få titlen for mig, siger Peter Gade forud for Yonex denmark open. den rutinerede dansker er ikke et sekund i tvivl om, at det bliver en turnering med brag i. - det bliver uhyggeligt svært at vinde. det bliver det stærkeste felt, vi måske nogensinde har haft. det er godt for danmark, selvom det bliver sværere for os. Vi skal være glade, hvis vi har danskere med fremme, siger Peter Gade.

- selvfølgelig er det specielt, at hver gang jeg kommer et sted, så er det sidste gang, jeg skal spille der. denmark open er også speciel, fordi det er vores turnering, siger Peter Gade. VIL RAMME VM-NIVEAUET odense Idræts Park lægger gulv og bygning til Yonex denmark open. Peter Gade måtte trække sig fra denmark open i 2010 med en skade. til gengæld viste danskeren under VM, at formen er i top, og at han kan spille op med de bedste. - Min største sejr vil være, hvis jeg kan levere det spil, som jeg havde til VM. det har jeg ikke formået til denmark open, så det er mit mål. Når jeg en semifinale i Yonex denmark open, så er jeg glad. Når jeg semifinalen, så går jeg efter at komme hele vejen. det er en fed mulighed for at fortsætte de gode takter fra VM, siger Peter Gade før Yonex denmark open 2011.

EN SPØJS TURNERING Peter Gade er en af verdenens mest vindende badmintonspillere. denmark open har dog aldrig været en turnering, som Peter Gade har haft nærmest patent på, ligesom som han har haft på copenhagen Masters og dM. - denmark open er en lidt spøjs turnering for mig. I en tidlig alder ramte jeg et overraskende højt niveau i den her turnering. Jeg har villet vinde turneringen, hver gang jeg stillede op, men det har været lidt aparte. der har været mange forskellige årsager til, jeg ikke har vundet oftere. der er mange ting, der skal gå op i en højere enhed, hvis man skal vinde denmark open, og de ting har så bare ikke gået min vej så ofte, siger Peter Gade. Peter Gade har vundet Denmark Open tre gange, i 1998, 2000 og 2008, men det er ikke kun sejrene, Peter Gade mindes, når han ser tilbage på sin denmark open-karriere. - Jeg har spillet nogle gode kampe mod dong Jiong, som jeg er stolte af. både finalen som jeg vandt i 1998, men også finalen, jeg tabte til ham i 1997, siger Peter Gade. turneringen i odense kan meget vel blive Gades sidste Yonex denmark open. det bliver først i 2012 afgjort, om herresinglen stiller op til næste års turnering. og det er da lidt specielt erkender danmarks måske bedste herresingle gennem tiderne.

| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 25 |

Facts about Peter Gade

For autoGraPHs


THE GREATEST OF THE GREATEST Men’s Single row in this year’s Yonex Denmark Open is stronger than long seen. BY R A S M U S B E C H



(MALAYSIA), 28 YEARS (BIRTHDAY 21.10.2011) NO. 1 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) Winner of the denmark open in 2005 and is on to rematch after the World cup final defeat to Lin dan. obviously a player, you should expect among the very last, when the weekend’s games are played. He has an excellent offensive, but the nerves have previously played him a pus when it mattered. so far three super series and a Premier series victory in 2011.

(DENMARK) 23 YEARS NO. 13 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) Last year Jan Ø. Jørgensen won his first super series tournament when he defeated taufik Hidyat in the final at denmark open. Jan Ø. didn’t play at the World championship caused to an injury, but now the young profile is ready to battle against the best. and the young profile needs a good result to get closer to the next year’s olympic tournament.



(CHINA), 28 YEARS NO. 2 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) World champion in 2011. the chinese has been a profile in the last ten years, and Lin dan is struggling to be the first to win two olympic gold medals in a row. the chinese profile has good experiences from denmark. He won denmark open in 2003, 2004 and 2007. World champion in 2006, 2007, 2009 and then latest in London.

(INDONESIA) 26 YEARS NO. 15 WORLD RANKINGT (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) an outsider for the title of Yonex denmark open the 2011. during the World cup in London he pushed Peter Gade in a close and tough match in the third round where he might stretch the arms in three sets. Was last in denmark in 2009, when he went all the way and beat German Marc Zwiebler in the final.

PETER GADE (DENMARK), 34 YEARS NO. 4 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) do-champion in 1998, 2000 and 2008. on paper the best bet for a danish win in odense. at the World championships in London Gade showed, that he is still among the very best and at his last denmark open you can expect, that the danish profile can provide some valuable olympic points on home ground.


CHEN JIN (CHINA) 25 YEARS NO. 6 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) the chinese underdog who has everything to revenge after an unauthorized World championship. His last performance in denmark was in 2008 when Peter Gade sent him home after the quarterfinals. chen Jin has never been among the last four in the denmark open, and he is a player who can be like night and day.


’ N E


| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 29 |

Tlf. 6619 3020





Flßgger farver Tlf. 66 17 70 71 • Mobil. 28 11 64 04 Medlem af ODENSE MALERLAUG


Nybolig Erhverv

Behov for nye erhvervslokaler? Nybolig Erhverv Odense Vestergade 15, 1. • 5100 Odense C Tlf. 6613 8060 • En del af en landsdÌkkende kÌde med internationale relationer –

DE STØRSTE AF DE STØRSTE Herresinglerækken i dette års Yonex Denmark Open er stærkere end længe set. AF RASMUS BECH

Lee Chong Wei

Jan Ø. Jørgensen

(MALAYSIA) 28 ÅR (29 ÅR DEN 21. OKTOBER) NR. 1 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Vinder af denmark open i 2005 og på jagt efter oprejsning efter VM-finalenederlaget til Lin dan. er klart en spiller, man skal forvente blandt de allersidste, når weekendens kampe spilles. Har en fremragende offensiv, men nerverne har tidligere spillet ham et pus, når det gjaldt. Har indtil videre tre superserie- og en Premier serie-sejr på 2011-cV’et.

(DANMARK) 23 ÅR NR. 13 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) sidste år vandt Jan Ø. Jørgensen sin første super serieturnering, da han slog taufik Hidyat i denmark open-finalen. Jan Ø. måtte melde fra til VM med en skade, men nu er den unge profil klar til at tage kampen op imod de bedste. og den unge profil har brug for et godt resultat for at komme tættere på en plads i næste års oL-turnering.

Lin Dan

Simon Santoso

(KINA) 28 ÅR NR. 2 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Verdensmester i 2011. Kineseren har om nogen været en profil gennem de sidste ti år, og Lin dan kæmper for at blive den første til at vinde to oL-guldmedaljer i træk. den kinesiske profil har gode erfaringer fra det danske. Han vandt denmark open i 2003, 2004 og 2007. Verdensmester i 2006, 2007, 2009 og senest altså i London.

(INDONESIEN) 26 ÅR NR. 15 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) en outsider til titlen som Yonex denmark open 2011. under VM i London pressede han Peter Gade i en tæt og hård kamp i tredje runde, hvor han dog måtte strække våben i tre sæt. Var sidst i danmark i 2009, hvor han gik hele vejen og slog tyske Marc Zwiebler i finalen.

Peter Gade (DANMARK) 34 ÅR NR. 4 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) do-mester i 1998, 2000 og i 2008. På papiret danmarks bedste bud på en vinder i odense. Ved VM i London viste Gade, at han stadig er blandt de absolut bedste, og ved hans sidste denmark open kan man godt tillade sig at forvente, at den rutinerede profil kan sikre sig værdifulde oL-point på hjemmebanen.


Chen Jin (KINA) 25 ÅR NR. 6 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Kinesernes underdog, som har alt at revanchere efter et ikke godkendt VM. spillede sidst i danmark i 2008, hvor Peter Gade sendte ham hjem i kvartfinalen. chen Jin er aldrig kommet blandt de sidste fire i denmark open, og han er en spiller, der kan være som nat og dag. chen Jin kan besejres, men han kan også spille fantastik.




| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 31 |


Poolborde Billardborde Dartbaner Stort rygerum

Klingenberg 14 • 5000 Odense C Tlf. 6614 0050 • •

MAN ODENSE A/S Højmevej 19 • 5250 Odense SV Telefon 66 17 17 01

Skulder- eller albuesmerter? Undersøgelse og behandling hos kiropraktor eller fysioterapeut

GRØNLØKKEVEJ 9 5000 ODENSE C TLF. 70 10 00 12

GREAT MATCHES AWAITS It is the best ladies singles that will show up in Odense to fight for the title at Yonex Denmark Open. BY A N D E R S DA L L



(CHINA) 25 YEARS OLD NO. 1 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OCTOBER 2011) she was crowned world champion ealier this year, and has proved at the super series, that her place as the number one is rightly hers. the victories at the asia championships and Indonesia open shows her strenghts, and she must be considered as one of the big favorites to win denmark open.

(INDIA) 21 YEARS OLD NO. 4 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OCTOBER 2011) there are lots of expectations to young saina Newahl from India. she has reached great results this year with to second places at Malaysia and Indonesia open. Furthermore she achieved the gold medal at swiss open. a player that can’t be underestimated.



(CHINA) 21 YEARS OLD NO. 2 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OCTOBER 2011) despite her young age she is already established among the best players in the world. Wang shixian won the prestigious all england title and china Masters earlier this year, so she arrives to denmark open with lots of confidence and belief.

(DEUTCHLAND) 29 YEARS OLD NO. 6 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OCTOBER 2011) the German surprised everyone when she reached the semi finals at the World championship in London. Juliane schenk has not yet won one of the big tournaments, but matches against the best chinese players show, that she is getting closer and closer. could be an outsider to this years denmark open.

WANG XIN (CHINA) 26 YEARS OLD NO. 3 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OCTOBER 2011) two super series victories in singapore and Malaysia and a bronxe medal at the World championship shows, that Wang Xin is a player who knows what it takes to make it to the top. she was earlier ranked as number one, and must be considered to be among the favorites at denmark open.

TINE BAUN (DENMARK) 32 YEARS OLD NO. 8 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OCTOBER 2011) tine baun won denmark open in 2009, and even though she has not won any super series tournaments this year, the audience can expect the dane to go all in for the medals. It could benefit tine baun that she is playing this tournament on home ground.



’ N E


| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 33 |


adminton danmark har sammen med Peter Gades træningsportal et tilbud til alle spillere og trænere.

se alle de fantastiske finter med Gade og se hvordan mange af de bedste ungdomsspillere træner i deres dagligdag. brug denne Invite og få gratis adgang til i perioden:

14. oktober til 28. oktober 2011 opgrader din bruger eller opret en ny med denne Invite:



adminton denmark and Peter Gade want to give you a free access to Peter’s badminton portal. is a training portal with more than 300 exercises. Watch all the cool trick shots with Peter, and see how the danish youth players practice. use this Invite to get access to within the period:

14. of October to 28. of October 2011 upgrade your user, or create a new one with this Invite:

denmarkopen2011 Best regards Badminton Denmark and Peter Gade

STORE OPGØR I VENTE Der bliver kamp til stregen, når de bedste damesingler skal kæmpe om sejren ved Yonex Denmark Open. A F A N D E R S DA L L



(KINA) 25 ÅR NR. 1 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Hun blev verdensmester tidligere på året og har ved flere lejligheder vist, at førstepladsen på verdensranglisten er berettiget. sejre i super series turneringerne i 2011 vidner om kineserens styrke, og hun må anses som en af de helt store favoritter til at snuppe titlen i danmark.

(INDIEN) 21 ÅR NR. 4 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) der er store forventninger til Indiens helt store stjernespiller på kvindesiden. den unge inder har opnået flotte resultater i år med to finalepladser i Malaysia og Indonesia open. derudover strøg hun helt til tops i swiss open. bestemt en spiller de andre ikke skal undervurdere.



(KINA) 21 ÅR NR. 2 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Har trods sin unge alder allerede etableret sig i verdenseliten. Wang shixian har alene i 2011 spillet sig til all england sejr og flere super series sejre heriblandt china Masters, så kineseren kommer til denmark open med masser af selvtillid i bagagen.

(TYSKLAND) 29 ÅR NR. 6 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) tyskeren overraskede mange ved at spille sig i semifinalen til VM. Mangler endnu den helt store sejr i super series regi, men har ved flere lejligheder presset de sejrsvante kinesere ud i helt tætte kampe. Kan få en jokerrolle ved denmark open.



(KINA) 26 ÅR NR. 3 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) to super series sejre i singapore og Malaysia samt en bronzemedalje ved VM viser, at Wang Xin er en spiller, der ved, hvad der skal til for at nå helt til tops. Har tidligere ligget nummer et på verdensranglisten og er et godt bud på en spiller, der kan komme langt til denmark open.

(DANMARK) 32 ÅR NR. 8 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) danmarks bedste bud på en sejr i damesingle. tine baun vandt denmark open i 2009, og selv om resultaterne i super series turneringerne i 2011 endnu ikke har ført hende helt til tops, så kan publikum forvente en tine baun, der vil række ud efter medaljerne. og så er hun på hjemmebane.




| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 35 |

THERE WILL BE BATTLE FOR THE TITLE The top in men’s doubles is close and you can expect many close matches at Yonex Denmark Open. BY R A S M U S B E C H



(CHINA) 27/31 YEARS NO. 1 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) on the paper the best men’s doubles of the world. they are winning almost everything they play. among other titles four World championship titles. together the two chinese have played denmark open twice in 2007 and 2008. both years they reached the semifinals, where in 2007 they lost in three sets to Martin Lundgaard/Jens eriksen from denmark.

(MALAYSIA) 26/24 YEARS NO. 5 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) a highly experienced couples who have done well when they have been in denmark. the two Malays won denmark open in 2007 and 2009, and in 2011 theywon Malaysia GP and reached the finals of the Yonex all england, where they lost to boe / Mogensen. Got World championship silver in 2010 and won the asian Games in 2006.



(KOREA) 23/29 YEARS NO. 2 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) olympic champions in beijing from 2008. Has never won the denmark open, but they showed at the World championship in London, that everybody can expect that they will play up the other favorites. they won the Korea open Premier earlier this year but has also had some sobering defeat in the big tournaments.

(INDONESIA) 24/?? YEARS NO. 6 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) Indonesia’s probably the best bet for a win and an outsider for the title in odense. Indonesians reached the semifinals at this year’s World championship, where they among other struck boe/Mogensen and Guo Zhengdong/chai biao. they reached the semifinals at Malaysia super series and Indonesia Premier. they have had some remarkable failures but also impressive victories in 2011.

CARSTEN MOGENSEN/MATHIAS BOE (DENMARK) 28/31 YEARS NO. 3 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) the defending all england champions are ready to repeat last year’s victory from the home ground. the World championship was not quite as hoped for the danish profiles, and revenge urge is great. boe and Mogensen has during the last years shown that they are among the very best. denmark’s best bet for a win in men’s doubles.

SUNG HYUN KO/YOO YEON SEONG (KOREA) 24/25 YEARS NO. 4 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) Korea’s second strong men’s doubles, which reached the World championship final in London in august. Has shown stability in 2011, where they often are among the quarter-finals and the weekend’s matches. the major finding is absent in 2011, when it just turned into a victory to swiss open for the two Koreans.


’ N E



| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 37 |

En god fysioterapeut i baghĂĽnden, er guld vĂŚrd

Tlf. 66 12 14 31

DER BLIVER KAMP OM TITLEN Toppen i herredouble er tæt, og man kan forvente mange tætte kampe. AF RASMUS BECH



(KINA) 27/31 ÅR NR. 1 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) På papiret verdens bedste herredouble. Vinder stort set alt de stiller op i, hvilket deres fire VM-titler også vidner om. de to kinesere har sammen spillet denmark open to gange i 2007 og 2008. begge år nåede de semifinalen, hvor de i 2007 tabte i tre sæt til Martin Lundgaard/Jens eriksen.

(MALAYSIA) 26/24 ÅR NR. 5 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) et yderst rutineret par, som har gjort det godt, når de har været i danmark. de to malajer vandt i 2007 og 2009 denmark open, og i 2011 har de blandt andet vundet Malaysia GP og nået finalen i Yonex all england, hvor de tabte til boe/Mogensen. Fik VM-sølv i 2010 og vandt asian Games i 2006.



(KOREA) 23/29 ÅR NR. 2 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) olympiske mestre i beijing fra 2008. Har aldrig vundet denmark open, men viste til VM i London, at man godt kan forvente, at de spiller op de andre favoritter. Vandt Korea open Premier tidligere på året men har også haft nogle tankevækkende nederlag i de store turneringer.

(INDONESIEN) 24/?? ÅR NR. 6 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Indonesiens nok bedste bud på en vinder og en outsider til titlen i odense. Indoneserne nåede semifinalen ved dette års VM, hvor de blandt andet slog boe/Mogensen og Guo Zhengdong/chai biao. de har nået semifinalen ved Malaysia ss og Indonesien Premier. de har haft nogle mærkværdige nederlag men også flotte sejre i 2011.

CARSTEN MOGENSEN/MATHIAS BOE (DANMARK) 28/31 ÅR NR. 3 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) de forsvarende all england-mestre er klar til at gentage sidste års sejr fra hjemmebanen. VM blev ikke helt som håbet for de danske profiler, og revanchelysten er stor. boe og Mogensen har gennem de sidste år vist, at de er blandt de allerbedste. danmarks bedste bud på en vinder i herredouble.

SUNG HYUN KO/YEON SEONG YOO (KOREA) 24/25 ÅR NR. 4 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Koreas anden stærke herredouble, som nåede VM-finalen i London. Har vist stabilitet i 2011, hvor de ofte er med blandt i kvartfinalerne og weekendens kampe. det store resultat er dog udeblevet i 2011, hvor det blot er blevet til en sejr i swiss open for de to koreanere.





| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 39 |

Ikke alle kan leve af deres sport... Som kunde i Nykredit får du adgang til kompetent rådgivning inden for boligøkonomi, investering, pension, virksomhedsordninger og personforsikring. Det giver dig overblik og sikrer dig en sammenhængende økonomi, hvor de enkelte elementer af din økonomi spiller sammen. Kontakt Nykredit i Odense og lad os lægge en taktik for dine muligheder. Nykredit Mageløs 2, 5100 Odense C. Tlf. 44 55 30 30

Byens flotteste murer 4UFOM“TF#ZHBEFt0EFOTF4t

WHO TO SHAKE THE CHINESE? The Chinese are big favorites in the women’s doubles row, but they can be caught unaware. BY R A S M U S B E C H



(CHINA) 25 YEARS/22 YEARS NO. 1 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) the best women’s doubles of the world. the duo, who win almost everything they play. In 2011 they have victories in World championship, all england, the asian championships, Korea open, Indonesia open and super series Finals. they also reached the finals in china Masters and Malaysia open.

(TAIWAN) 28 YEARS/29 YEARS NO. 5 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) a couple who do not have big wins on the resume in 2011. a victory in JaPaN oPeN (cHecK) / Finale in JaPaN oPeN (cHecK) is the year’s best result for the two experienced doubles players, who also reached the semifinals at the taiwan open and the Korea open. they should not be underestimated as they have previously beaten the great chinese couples.

TIAN QING/ZHAO YUNLEI (CHINA) 25 YEARS/25 YEARS NO. 2 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) the econd best women’s doubles of china, however they have shown that they can be beaten. danish Pedersen/rytter Juhl beated the pair in Japan open, but they have also delivered in 2011. With a victory in the singapore open, thailand open, Malaysia open and the finals at the World championship, the asian championships and Korea open has shown that if you are not 110 percent ready so that they are ready to win.



(DENMARK) 27 YEARS/25 YEARS NO. 12 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) the two doubles specialists are the best bet for a top spot from denmark. With a quarter-final at Japan open they showed that they can play with the best. their best result is a semifinal in French open 2010, while they want to do good in denmark open 2011 after the first round exit in last year’s denmark open.

(JAPAN) 23 YEARS/22 YEARS NO. 3 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) one form strong pair from Japan, who on a good day can play against the very best. the biggest victory of the year is a victory in German open, but the pair has also reached the final at the all england and semi-finals at Japan open, china Masters, Indonesia open and singapore open. In 2010 the two Japanese reached the semi-finals of the denmark open.

(KOREA) 24 YEARS/25 YEARS NO. 6 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) Korea’s best bet for a winner. Has four times in 2011 been among the last eight in the big tournaments, but they also have won the taiwan open, u.s. open and the swiss open. the couple has struggled with injuries, but in 2011 they have showed that they will join the battle for prize money.



’ N E



| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 41 |

HVEM RYSTER KINESERNE? Kineserne er storfavoritter i damedoublerækken, men de kan overrumples. AF RASMUS BECH



(KINA) 25 ÅR/22 ÅR NR.1 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Verdens bedste damedouble. en duo, der vinder stort set alt, hvad de stiller op til. I 2011 kan de skrive sejre i VM, all england, de asiatiske Mesterskaber, Korea open, Indonesia open og super serie-finalerne på cV’et. de nåede tilmed også finalen i china Masters og i Malaysia open.

(TAIWAN) 28 ÅR/29 ÅR NR.5 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) et par som ikke har de store sejre på cV’et i 2011. en sejr i JaPaN oPeN(tJeK)/Finale i JaPaN oPeN(tJeK) er årets bedste resultat for de to rutinerede doublespillere, som også nåede semifinalen ved taiwan open og Korea open. de skal dog ikke undervurderes, da de tidligere har slået de gode kinesiske par.



(KINA) 25 ÅR/25 ÅR NR.2 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Kinas næstbedste damedouble, der dog har vist at de kan slås. Pedersen/rytter Juhl slog parret i Japan open, men de har også leveret i 2011. Med en sejr i singapore open, thailand open, Malaysia open og finaler til VM, de asiatiske Mesterskaber og i Korea open har de vist, at hvis man ikke er 110 procent klar, så er de der.

(KOREA) 24 ÅR/25 ÅR NR.6 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Koreas bedste bud på en vinder. Har fire gange i 2011 været blandt de sidste otte i de store turneringer, mens de også har vundet taiwan open, us open og swiss open. Parret har døjet med skader, men har i 2011 vist, at de også vil være med i kampen om præmiepenge.


(DANMARK) 27 ÅR/25 ÅR NR.12 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) de to doublespecialister er danmarks bedste bud på en topplacering. Med en flot kvartfinale i Japan open viste de, at de kan drille de helt store. danskernes bedste resultat er en semifinale i French open 2010, mens de har revanche til gode efter exit i 1. runde i sidste års denmark open.

(JAPAN) 23 ÅR/22 ÅR NR.3 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) et formstærkt par fra Japan, som på en god dag kan være med mod de allerbedste. Årets største sejr er en sejr i German open, men parret har også nået finalen ved all england og semifinalen i Japan open, china Masters, Indonesia open og singapore open. de to japanere nåede i 2010 semifinalen i denmark open.





| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 43 |

NANSENSGADE 8 · 5000 ODENSE C · TLF. 65 91 86 30

Åbent: Mandag-fredag 9-17 · Lørdag 10-13 · Fri parkering



Rens og pres fra dag til dag Tilbud på firmaaftaler Hente og bringeservice 3FLPSE3FOTt,PDITHBEFt0EFOTF$

66 13 58 00

| PAG E 4 4 | YONEX D ENMARK OPEN 2011 |

IT’S GOING TO BE A CLOSE RACE The Chinese are strong in the mix, but the Europeans are not to underestimate. BY R A S M U S B E C H



(CHINA) 24/25 YEARS NO. 1 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) World number one and defending world champions from the World championships in London 2011. the duo are incredibly stable and in 2011 they have demonstrated that they are ready when it counts. the two chinese have won two Premier victories in Indonesia and Korea and World cup victory. they also won the asian championship in this year.

(DENMARK) 34/27 YEARS NO. 11 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) defending champions from 2010 who also won in 2005. In 2011 the former world champions from 2009 were plagued by injuries. the ultimate goal for the duo is the olympics in London next year, but Yonex denmark open will also be special. the two danes may be just the fourth pair to win the tournament three times.



(INDONESIA) 26/24 YEARS NO. 2 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) Indonesia’s ”new” mix double. Liliyana Natsir has throughout the six or seven years been in the world top with Nova Widianto. Now she forms the pair on the pitch with tantowi ahmad, and the duo have been good for the Indonesians. In 2011, they collected a World championship bronze and wins in singapore, Malaysia GP and in India ss.

(ENGLAND/SCOTLAND) 22/23 YEARS NO. 15 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) World championship silver winners from the World championship on home ground. a strong couple, who have shown that it’s not only the danish mix double who can play at the top of the elite. the duo from the uK has not won the greatest victory, but they are outsiders for the title in odense.

JOACHIM FISCHER/CHRISTINNA PEDERSEN (DENMARK) 32/25 YEARS NO. 3 WORLD RANKING (FROM 1. OKTOBER 2011) another good bet for a danish winner. the danes are lustful for revenge after the World championship in London, and with Joachim Fischer fit for fight you can have expectations for the two danes. Fischer and Pedersen won the denmark open in 2008 and 2009. other major titles: World championship bronze in 2009, while they also have won the super series Finals in 2009 and Hong Kong ss in 2010.




| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 45 |

Have- & Dyrecenter

En gratis oplevelse - Besøg Plantorama Danmarks største Have- & Dyrecenter Vi holder åbent alle ugens 7 dage

Plantorama Havecenter Plantorama betyder at skue ud over tusindvis af planter – og det er netop det du kan, hvis du besøger Plantorama. Plantorama er et dansk ejet familiefirma med 7 store centre på flere tusinde m2, som er beliggende rundt omkring i Jylland og på Fyn. Plantorama byder på oplevelser for hele familien hele året rundt. Vi har Danmarks største udvalg af sæsonaktuelle stueplanter, udplantningsplanter og haveplanter i høj kvalitet til lave priser. For at skåne vores miljø opsamler vi bl.a. regnvand til vanding af de mange planter. For vi synes det er vigtigt at værne om vores natur.

Med tusindvis af planter, krukker, dyr og tilbehør byder Plantorama velkommen til oplevelser for hele familien Plantorama Dyrecenter I Plantoramas store dyrecenter finder du et imponerende udvalg af akvarier, planter og flotte fisk til både ude og inde. Vi har også et særligt udvalg af levende fugle, gnavere og krybdyr, der alle passes under optimale forhold, samt tilbehør til disse. Til de mange hunde- og katteejere har vi et stort udvalg af kvalitets foder, legetøj og udstyr. Også her møder du faguddannet personale der er klar med råd og vejledning. Dyrecentret er altid en favorit – ikke mindst for børnene der kan få lang tid til at gå med at kigge på de levende dyr og fisk. Så det er en oplevelse for hele familien.

Velkommen Vi holder åbent alle ugens 7 dage Hverdage fra 9.00 - 18.00 samt lørdag og søndag kl. 9.00 – 18.00

| PAG E 4 6 | YONEX D ENMARK OPEN 2011 |

Plantorama Odense • Risingsvej 67 • 5000 Odense C

OGSÅ TÆT MIXEDDOUBLE I VENTE Kineserne er stærke i mix, men de europæiske duoer skal alt andet end undervurderes. AF RASMUS BECH



(KINA) 24/25 ÅR NR. 1 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Verdenens nummer et og forsvarende verdensmestre fra VM i London 2011. duoen er utrolig stabil og har i 2011 vist, at de er der, når det gælder. de to kinesere har foruden de to Premiersejre i Indonesien og Korea og VM-sejren også vundet det asiatiske mesterskab i 2011.

(DANMARK) 34/27 ÅR NR. 11 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Forsvarende mestre fra 2010, som også vandt i 2005. I 2011 har de tidligere verdensmestre fra 2009 været plaget af skader. det ultimative mål for duoen er oL i London til næste år, men Yonex denmark open bliver også speciel. de to danskere kan blive det blot fjerde par til at vinde turneringen tre gange.



(INDONESIEN) 26/24 ÅR NR. 2 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) Indonesiens ”nye” mixdouble. Liliyana Natsir har igennem de seks-syv år været med i verdenstoppen sammen med Nova Widianto. Nu danner hun par på banen med tantowi ahmad, og duoen har været god for indoneserne. I 2011 har de hentet en VM-bronze og sejre i singapore, Malaysia GP og i India ss.

(ENGLAND/SKOTLAND) 22/23 ÅR NR. 15 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) VM-sølvvindere fra VM på hjemmebane. et formstærkt par, der har vist, at det ikke kun er de danske mixdoubler, der kan spille med i toppen af eliten. duoen fra storbritannien mangler stadig den helst store sejr, men de er outsidere til titlen i odense.

JOACHIM FISCHER/CHRISTINNA PEDERSEN (DANMARK) 32/25 ÅR NR. 3 PÅ VERDENSRANGLISTEN (PR. 1. OKTOBER 2011) et andet godt dansk bud på en vinder. danskerne er revanchelystne efter VM i London, og med Joachim Fischer skadesfri kan man godt regne med de to danskere. Fischer og Pedersen vandt denmark open i 2008 og 2009. af andre store meritter kan nævnes VM-bronze i 2009, mens de også har vundet super serie-finalerne i 2009 og Hongkong ss i 2010.



| YON EX DEN M A R K OPEN 2011 | PAGE 47 |


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Navn: Christina Aalling

Fødselsdag: 10. november 1989

Nummer i søskendefflok: 1 - har en lillebror

Uddannelse: læser til fysioterapeut på andet år

Fritidsjob: håndboldspiller, højre ffløj hos HC Odense. Har spillet 19 kampe for ungdomslandsholdet.

Godt råd: min erfaring er at University College Lillebælt, hvor jeg læser, er meget forstående over for min sport og prioriteringer. Derfor er mit råd: Hvis du elsker at dyrke sport, så vælg en uddannelse, hvor du kan kombinere sport og studieliv.


Yonex Denmark Open 2011  
Yonex Denmark Open 2011  

Official Souvenir Programme for Yonex Denmark 2011