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SINCE 1936

“I told him if you don’t do something crazy, I’m going to withdraw” Two doubles from Denmark surprisingly reached the semifinals at last year’s edition of Denmark Open, even though none of them were in the top-50 of the rankings.

Get closer to the playing styles of the categories

The last dance in Odense Idrætshal

We are taking a closer look on some of the most memorable moments in this historical arena.

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Date : 29/03/2021


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The Danish national coaches are talking a closer look on the different playing styles in the five categories.

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ARTICLES Mens’s Singles


Women’s Singles


Men’s Doubles


Women’s Doubles



Mixed Doubles



I told him if you don’t do something crazy, I’m going to withdraw


Former winners


The last dance in Odense Idrætshal


Bo Jensen, Chief Executive, CEO Badminton Danmark: Welcome to VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021


Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense: Welcome to VICTOR DENMARK OPEN and welcome to Odense


Jeff Chen, VICTOR Chairman: Bringing the event that everyone is waiting for Poul-Erik Høyer, BWF President: BWF President’s Message



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Welcome to VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 The last dance in Odense Idrætshal is nearby. Since 2007, Odense Idrætshal has been the arena for the world’s second-oldest international badminton tournament, the VICTOR DENMARK OPEN. During the years we have watched some admirable badminton in this arena. From the best of the best to the talents who have surprised and made their way into the history books. Hopefully, we will witness history being written once again at this year’s event. The last edition of VICTOR DENMARK OPEN in Odense Idrætshal before moving to Jyske Bank Arena in Odense in 2022. I want to use this message to say ‘thank you’ to every one of you who has been a part of this huge badminton event in Odense Idrætshal during the past 13 years. Without you, we haven’t been able to host and improve one of the best badminton tournaments in the world. To continue this development, I am hoping to see you once again in the new facilities in Jyske Bank Arena for the next five years. Here, we will keep our ambition to bringing joy, experiences, growth, and community by designing and producing a world-class event for spectators, players, staff, volunteers, and everyone else. In 2020 Denmark Open was the first international tournament to re-open the BWF World Tour after the Covid-19 breakout and we were very happy and proud to show the world that even though a terribly pandemic was upon us, we stood together and showed that badminton was playable. Now we are back, thanks to fantastic support from and co-operation with Odense Municipality, Destination Fyn, Visit Odense, and of our main sponsor VICTOR. A warm and heartfelt thanks to all and a great welcome to all players, coaches, managers, and officials. Welcome to our enthusiastic audience and not least welcome to all our vital volunteers.

Bo Jensen Chief Executive, CEO Badminton Danmark


Preface | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 11

Welcome to VICTOR DENMARK OPEN and welcome to Odense

Since 2007, Denmark Open has been an annual tradition here in Odense. Every year, the very best badminton players in the world all set their eyes on Odense. They venture here from all over the world, determined to conquer the field – and seize the trophy. Denmark Open is a cherished tradition in our city, one that will go on for many years to come. But this year’s Denmark Open will also be the last of its kind. It will be a farewell to Odense Idrætshal, the venue that has hosted the tournament for many years. Next year, the tournament will move into much larger surroundings, in Jyske Bank Arena. It is an exciting prospect, and we look forward to seeing the tournament grow – while welcoming even more spectators. But it also means that this year will bring the last of the legendary Denmark Open triumphs in Odense Idrætshal. A venue that has been an important backdrop to amazing rallies, glorious victories – and bitter defeats. This year, we hope to see it all again – to experience the thrill of nail-biting duels, at the edge of our seats. We will also see one of our local heroes, the newly-crowned Olympic champion, Viktor Axelsen – who will be desperate to win one of the last remaining trophies that he’s missing. With his hard work, discipline, and unique talent he has been an inspiration to many. He has repeatedly taught our young aspiring badminton players, that with hard work – and an undying love for the game, it is possible to rise to the very top. While you are in Odense, I hope you will also visit some of the city’s attractions. Odense is undergoing extensive development with new sustainable projects, cultural experiences, and green outdoor spaces for both residents and visitors. Just this summer we had the grand opening of the new H.C Andersen Museum where you can experience many of the authors fairytales, as they come alive in brand new ways. I wish you all a very pleasant stay here in Odense, with exciting matches and world-class badminton. I hope that you will explore the city of Odense and experience all that our wonderful city has to offer.

Peter Rahbæk Juel Mayor Odense

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Preface | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 13

Bringing the event that everyone is waiting for VICTOR has been the official equipment partner and official presented by sponsor of Denmark Open since 2017. We have witnessed some amazing matches and fantastic crowds in Odense during the past four years. It’s a great honor to bring one of the best badminton events to the fans around the world with Badminton Danmark, and we are highly looking forward to being back at the arena this year as the title sponsor of VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021. It’s already been seven months since the last World Tour Super 1000 event. The badminton world has been waiting for the high-class World Tour event for a long time. We are happy that we are able to bring the event back to the fans also the players. We are also delighted to once again announce the eight-year contract extension between VICTOR and Badminton Danmark until 2029. VICTOR has been dedicated to the innovation and development of badminton sports for over 50 years. Together with Badminton Danmark, we believe we can make badminton better and stronger. On behalf of VICTOR, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff and event organizers to make VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 happen. I would also like to wish the best of luck to all the players. Follow all the event safety plans, and let’s enjoy the VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021!

Jeff Chen VICTOR Chairman

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Preface | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 15

BWF President’s Message:

Welcome to VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 The VICTOR DENMARK OPEN is among the oldest and most prestigious of tournaments on our circuit, and I look forward to this year’s edition. As you are all aware, these are challenging times for tournaments, but I’m confident that Badminton Danmark have the expertise to deliver another safe event. Last year the Denmark Open was one of the few events held; its staging provided invaluable lessons to all of us as we explored ways to begin conducting tournaments once again. Among the major achievements for BWF and the badminton fraternity this year was the successful organisation of the Olympics and Paralympics at Tokyo 2020. With every event, we get closer and closer to getting our circuit back on track, and I daresay we have achieved a lot in this regard considering the challenges we’ve had. Congratulations to Badminton Danmark, and many thanks to the invaluable services of officials and volunteers. I would also like to thank all our corporate partners, particularly HSBC, who have supported us in our endeavour to provide opportunities for all our players to display their talents. Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Viktor Axelsen, who hails from Odense, for winning the men’s singles gold at Tokyo 2020. I’m sure he was inspired by watching his idols at the Denmark Open, and it is certain that many future players will be inspired by watching him and his peers in action in Odense.

Poul-Erik Høyer BWF President

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20 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Mens’s Singles

“A year ago, Momota was without question the dominating factor – now we see quite a lot of different playing styles challenging for the titles” By Ronni Burkal Elkjær

We have talked to Denmark’s national head coach, Kenneth Jonassen, about how men’s singles have evolved in the last few years, and who the six most interesting players in the category are right now. - I believe that men’s singles are the ultimate physical excretion in badminton, when two giants from the top of rankings collide. It’s a strategic and physical game, where it’s about making the right choices and execute. With the mental and physical aspects being very close connected.

- There are some general factors, which applies in men’s singles. The players are very complete, have a good defense and an incredible physique. Some are strong in terms of power. All have a good stamina. And the last category are players,

who are very explosive and set a high pace throughout each rally. - In my perspective the category has evolved the last five years in terms of finding the recipe to beat the best. When Viktor Axelsen won the World Championship

Men’s Singles | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 21 In 2017, I would imagine Kento Momota adapting his style of play to beat Axelsen’s massive attack. Momota went from a rather offensive player to developing a super defense and rally style of playing. - A year ago, we would maybe just have talked about Kento Momota, because he was so dominating. And rightfully so. But since then, we have seen a lot of different styles of playing. Different approaches on how to resist Momota’s perfect badminton in terms of his position skills and his quality in every shot. So, it will be interesting to see, what happens next and by that, I mean what the next counteraction is. - It is worth noting, that we have lost giant players to retirement the last few years. Lin Dan with his unique way of playing, Lee Chong Wei’s insanely nice attack, skill level, defense and speed, and our own Jan Ø. Jørgensen’s power badminton. But there are certainly players, who have stepped up. I will mention six of the most interesting players right now.

- Of course, we still must mention Momota. He is still a massive factor in this category. He’s very disciplined. He makes wise choices on court, has exceptional good quality in all shots, forces the opponent making errors and pushing them all around the court. The recipe to beat him has in some ways been found, but very few players can execute it and make it happen. - The second I will mention is Viktor Axelsen. He has a physical capacity like no one else, intensity in each rally, and a very powerful attack. That’s a nice mixture. As he has shown, very few players can resist his level when Axelsen is at his absolute best. - Anders Antonsen comes with a concept based on a tactical and technically functioning play, which makes is difficult for the opponent to find solutions and make the right choices and avoiding Antonsen’s traps. Different concept but very effective.

- Anthony Ginting plays in an insane high pace. He’ very explosive with a strong attack, but overall, it’s based on his exceptional speed. It sounds very simple, but it’s executed with such high precision and a lot of finesse at the front court. Difficult to beat at his best. - You can’t underestimate Lee Zii Jia. He has developed an exceptional physique. He hit as hard as a horse kicks. His style makes it very difficult for his opponents to find solutions against him, and he uses his physique very well. His confidence has grown, and that has led to better choices. For me, he is a player worth keeping an eye on. Finally, I also need to mention Shi Yuqi. Axelsen gave him a lesson in the quarterfinal at the Olympics, but I think, there is much more to him. With his physique growing, and the quality in his attack with the sharp technique from his front court, he is going to be extremely dangerous. Potentially another great player from China. ■

du på at ikker ste s r æ V n bed får de e af dit t y udb t nde skab. ” re e hjælp t eksis nde ”start øring e g dækk og ren Lands nemgang kun n r e o med g f skabet f a


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24 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Women’s Singles

“Her style is a very interesting addition to women’s singles” By Ronni Burkal Elkjær

Five different kinds of styles characterize women’s singles right now according to Denmark’s assistant national coach Jesper Hovgaard. But all five styles are a possible path to glory. - Movement and tempo play a big part at the top level in women’s singles. Especially a change of pace in the rallies is something, that hurts for the players. - We see a lot of women’s singles, who really want to have the initiative in the

rallies. Many of their choices are based on, they want the initiative at any time. - But the Olympics is usually a good reference of showing, what you need to be good at, and it showed another direction for this category. The very best women’s

singles are more willing and better at giving up the initiative instead of always wanting it. We saw for example Chinese Taipei’s Tai Tzu Ying, who struggled against it, because a lot of shots was returned, and she couldn’t find holes in the opponent’s defense.

Women’s Singles | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 25

special feeling with the shuttle and moves very well around the court. - Then there is someone like Spain’s Carolina Marin, who are the most obvious example on being quick. She moves quickly and plays fast. She is like a tempo machine. - India’s Pusarla V. Sindhu is a player, who likes to push a lot, when she is attacking. - A very interesting addition to women’s singles has been An Se-young from Korea. She is the first, I have seen, to use her defense active in maintaining calm in her own play, but also to drain her opponent. It’s still with at a high technical level. But she has taken something from the men’s singles, where she’s down on the floor in the defense and still masters to get her opponent’s out running.

- The only exceptions in that trend are maybe Spain’s Carolina Marin and India’s Pusarla V. Sindhu, who doesn’t necessarily want to give up the initiative. - If you look at the absolute best, there are many different playing types. So, it’s actually hard to tell, what exactly you

should do to get to the top. But it’s very important for me to show, that there isn’t just one way.

- In the last category I would put China’s Chen Yufei, and Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi and Nozomi Okuhara. They are making very few mistakes, because they are so solid in their shuttle handling skills. They play the basic game very well and still at a high technical level.

- There is someone like Chinese Taipei’s Tai Tzu Ying and Thailand’s Ratchanok Intanon, who can hit any type of shots. Technical extremely strong. They have a

- Overall, it’s five different styles of play, but all have won major tournaments. And that’s what I think is the most fascinating side of women’s singles. ■

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28 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Men’s Doubles

The demands to the serve and defense have been increased By Ronni Burkal Elkjær

Denmark’s national coach Jakob Høi highlights two things, where men’s doubles have evolved the most, and he explains, why a Taiwanese pair are the best in the world right now. - I think the men’s doubles separates from the other categories by being very technical; and very high paced. Of course, you must be technical good to play all the categories, but the time between each stroke is shorter in men’s doubles. - There are not that many places on court, where you can place the shuttle and have a ‘safe zone’. That makes the demand of the players technique much higher, because you need to be quick, precise and have a variety in your strokes at the same time.

- A lot of the differences between the countries have been washed out. Sure, the Russians and the Chinese pairs still want to play physical badminton with a lot of pressure and push their opponents back. In contrast to the Indonesians who play less physical and more technical. So they can control the game through accuracy and deceptions. - But overall, the differences are not that big anymore. Many countries are focusing more on the serve situation and the first hits in a rally. That is an area of the

game, where I consider Denmark to be world leaders and first movers some years ago. - I will highlight two things, where the category has evolved the most. The first thing is the serve. High consistency: There are almost no faults or service errors in semifinals and onwards. And due to the changed regulations, we see a lot more variety in the delivery of the serve, which increases the technical demands of the game. Without this you will not break into the top 10 in the rankings.

Men’s Doubles | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 29 - Apart from high consistency and variety, you need to be very organized with your partner. In both your own serve; and in the returning game. This now seems to have become a global focus; and that’s why I feel the level in that part of the game has been raised. - The other thing, I will highlight, is the defense. You cannot win a championship now without a good defense. My own philosophy is, regardless of discipline you need weapons – ability to make your own points – to win at the top level. Yet, a strong defense can be a game changer as this allows you to have greater tactical opportunities. Giving your opponents the feeling that they can’t come through can sometimes make them hesitant in their own style. So it is my belief that the general level of the defense has been raised, and it has been raised, especially throughout the top 10 of the rankings. - The Taiwanese Lee Yang and Wang ChiLin, who won the Olympics, are now the best pair in men’s doubles, even though they aren’t world number one in the rankings. Lee Yang is fantastic at reading the game. He reads the opponents racket

and the shuttles trajectory so well. He can do a little bit of everything. He doesn’t hit with a lot of power, but he hits wisely. That means, he can keep the rallies going but also finish the points. - He has a partner in Wang Chi-Lin, who has successfully turned his ‘no compromise’ and ‘power’ style into a very stressful game, that is difficult to adapt to. Wang Chi-Lin can crunch (very low posi-

tion with the racket over the head) very well, which allows him to stay in an aggressive position almost everywhere on court. During the last couple of years, it seems he put some focus on his defense – he is very solid; and with the combination of his hard smash he is very dangerous. The two players combined makes a unique partnership. I believe they are the most complete pair right now in men’s doubles. ■


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32 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Women’s Doubles

“China’s different approach on how to beat the world’s best is very exciting” By Ronni Burkal Elkjær

Japan and Korea have dominated women’s doubles the last years, but Denmark’s assistant national coach Jesper Hovgaard sees signs of countries going in another direction.

- Women’s doubles are a game of patience because it’s hard to finish the points. I see it as a physical demanding category. You need to hit the shuttle many times, it takes a lot of endurance and keeping the mistakes away from the game. - Korea and Japan are sitting on the throne in women’s doubles, and they have done so for many years. It’s no coincidence.

- They are extremely skilled players and hard to score points against. Often the pairs hit as hard as they can, but with a low risk. They don’t want to force anything. Their mindset is to get the ball across the net as many times as possible and drain their opponents’ powers. - For me the exciting thing is a lot of pairs has become more aggressive than before. We are focusing more on how to win

points in counterattack. I think it will be necessary to beat the world’s best doubles. Otherwise, it will be too difficult to win if you have to play long rallies to gain every point against them. - That is also why a match between Korea and Japan differs from a match between Denmark and Japan. We want to do more in the defense, than when those two nations meet each other. I think, we also

Women’s Doubles | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 33

- They have also realized they can’t hit the shuttle to the floor against Japan and Korea. Instead, they are inviting the opponents to play in the center of the court, where it gets more technical. That’s very exciting, and I am really inspired by how China has taken a different approach. - I don’t think, they get enough credit for that. Speaking generally. The category suffer of the premise, that the defense is often stronger than the offense. - So, I really want to highlight those couples, who are taking another path and focusing on getting the play more technical. They want to find out how to lure the opponents, so it doesn’t end in a rally, where it is offense vs defense.

invest more in the serve situation and the return phase, where it’s more technical. - That being said, globally there are examples of some extremely good play-

ers in women’s doubles. I want to praise some of them. Amongst other two women from China. Du Yue and Li Yinhui. They are not very big and strong like the Korean and Japanese pairs.

- I think the defense isn’t just about returning the shuttle. But also, to create something. I hope that the category moves in that direction and becomes even more technical. ■


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36 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Mixed Doubles

“The Olympics have emphasized how insanely good China are” By Ronni Burkal Elkjær

Denmark’s assistant national coach Thomas Stavngaard talks about the evolution in mixed doubles in the past years, where the men need to be even quicker, and the women have become more complete. - What makes mixed doubles so interesting for me is the cheekiness you need to have to keep the initiative in the rallies. Even though you have to hit shots, which are beneath the top of the net. Because in mixed doubles it is very important keeping the initiative all the time. - I also like how the women are competing in equal terms of the men. I love, when I see a woman being a decisive factor in a game and completely letting

a man hang out to dry in the rallies. That’s not something you see in many other sports. - We were aware, that China was good in mixed doubles. But the Olympics emphasized how insanely good China are. Not just compared to Denmark but also compared with Indonesia’s, Japan’s, and Thailand’s best pairs. China is in a class of their own.

- The new Olympic champions, Wang Yilhu and Huang Dongping, have raised it to the next level. Especially Huang Dongping, who has become extremely dangerous at the front court. She is a pretty complete mixed player, because she is playing a tight net game, where she is aggressive, and she gives you nothing to work with in the defense. - The Olympics also showed, the women in mixed double have become more

Mixed Doubles | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 37 complete. You really need to work to hit winners against the women. That means men in this category should be prepared hitting at least four to seven times with speed and variation to get though the defense. Combined with covering a large part of the court. That is also why, I believe mixed double – after men’s singles - is the hardest category for a man. - Another tendency is the men needs to be very quick. They also needed that a

few years back, but back then it was okay sometimes to be in the defense. Not anymore. You don’t survive as a pair if you only play the ball around the court.

all the other mixed doubles have men, who moves quickly around the court and can keep the attack and hitting again and again.

- Today you need to be quicker, sharper, and more aggressive. That categorizes pretty much all the men in top eight mixed doubles today. The only exception may be Praveen Jordan, but he is still very explosive and can do things with his racket, which demands a strong arm. But

- While there is almost only one way to reach the top for a man in mixed doubles, I still see two different playing styles for the women. But if you need to be the best pair in the world, you need to have a girl, who can make points at the net and in the serving situation. I think a woman in the top eight of the world, should be able to make four to six points in a game only on the serve or in the return game. That is important. - I also think the serving situation is more interesting than in men’s doubles, because they can make so many crazy serves, that the opponent has a hard time doing anything about them. - In mixed doubles the men are standing a bit further back, when they serve, because the girl is in front of him. So, it’s probably the girl, who have the best chance of making a streak of points in the serve. And the decisive part in the game is, which pair manage to make those streaks. ■

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44 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Article

“I told him if you don’t do something crazy, I’m going to withdraw” Two doubles from Denmark surprisingly reached the semifinals at last year’s edition of Denmark Open, even though none of them were in the top-50 of the rankings. By Ronni Burkal Elkjær

Amalie Schulz was standing behind the curtain. She was nervous. In a few moments she would walk onto the court with tv-cameras following her and her double partner Christine Busch. It was without a doubt the highlight of the Danes’ career. Their first semifinal

in a Super 750-tournament and even on home court in Denmark Open. Getting a chance of competing against one of the best women’s doubles in the world. Two hours later another Danish double pair were ready to make their semifinal debut in the tournament. Rasmus Kjær

and Joel Eipe. In contrast to their countrymen, there weren’t any butterflies in their stomachs. Sure, they were excited. But focus had been on something else. Kjær’s knee. A few weeks earlier he almost couldn’t walk. And on the morning of the semifi-

Article | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 45 nal, he was close to withdraw, because he was in so much pain. - Before the tournament we hoped to win the first game, and I hoped just to be able to walk off the court afterwards. That it developed into so much more, were quite surprising, says Rasmus Kjær, when he remembers back. Last year’s Denmark Open was very different for the two Danish pairs, but they both had in common, a fairy tale came true in H.C. Andersen’s hometown Odense.

If they managed to win their first-round game, they would already be in the quarterfinal of such a big tournament. And their opponents in the first round was a young German pair. The draw looked incredible. - It was something you thought about. We had a good chance of reaching the quarterfinals, and that created some pressure, remembers Christine Busch. She and Amalie Schulz delivered. They won in two sets and cruised into the quarterfinal.

A fantastic draw

‘It was embarrassing’

There were no expectations to neither Busch and Schulz or Kjær and Eipe in the tournament. The latter was number 125 in the world at that time. Busch and Schulz were 71st in the rankings.

The beginning of the tournament didn’t go as smooth for Rasmus Kjær and Joel Eipe. Because of Kjær’s injury, he hadn’t played matches in three months, and they hadn’t really practiced together in the last six weeks. So, he called Eipe and told him, how bad the situation was.

Because of covid-19 the third seeded Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida had withdrawn. A pair Busch and Schulz could have faced in the second round. Now the picture was completely different.

- I said to him, I don’t know, what my knee can manage, and there was a possibility, I needed to be carried of the court and

maybe finish my career. But I was ready to give it a shot, says Kjær. Just like Busch and Schulz, Kjær and Eipe also faced a German pair in the first round. But they had a lot more trouble. After three close sets, Eipe og Kjær won. The mood afterwards wasn’t good though. - We played a bad match. Especially me. I had a feeling I’ve became so bad. It was embarrassing, and my mindset was, that it was my last tournament, says Rasmus Kjær, while his double partner adds: - It was so difficult being on court because I never knew, what was going on with him, says Joel Eipe.

A painful celebration The problem with Kjær’s knee filled so much after the first match, that they almost didn’t have time to talk any tactics before the next match. Not the best prelude, when you’re facing the countrymen and top men’s double pair in Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup. >>


Michael Drewsens Vej 14 8270 Højbjerg Tlf. 40 27 14 00


Børstenbindervej 12B Telefon 66 15 49 60


Søndre Ringvej 2 Telefon 64 71 16 88

Begravelsesforretning Odense Industrivej 34 • 4230 Skælskør T: +45 58 19 10 20

Hos os følger pris og kvalitet ad, ved at vi tilbyder høj kvalitet til lave gennemskuelige priser. Få en personlig afsked med respekt og forståelse – til priser uden overraskelser.

Middelfartvej 88 • 5200 Odense V Bogensevej 56 • 5270 Odense N Døgnservice tlf. +45 63 131 132 •

Article | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 47

But a day off without a match helped Rasmus Kjær and his painful knee. He and Eipe could play freely as an underdog, while the opponents had a giant pressure on there shoulders. Kjær and Eipe played well and got momentum early the match. That shook Astrup and Skaarup, who had trouble playing their best. Another three sets game turned into a win for the young Danes. Both Eipe and Kjær got down on their knees and celebrated like crazy. - I rarely celebrate like that. Especially when I have a painful knee. But it really meant something for both of us, says Kjær. - It is that match, we remember the most, when we look back at last year’s tournament, because we were filled with joy after the surprising win, Eipe adds.

It was a fifty-fifty match against a Scottish pair. After a slow start the Danes made a huge comeback in the first set. Down 15-20 they won seven points in a row and stole the set. In the second set they crushed the opponents by 21-9. - There were some nerves, when the match began, but when we were behind late in the first set, it was like the pressure vanished. We could play freely and with a mixture of luck, we managed to win, says Schulz. In the semifinal they faced the number one seeded Japanese pair Sayaka Hirota and Yuki Fukushima. And the Danes surprised. They were leading 15-7 in the first set. - I felt a relief, that we got of to a good start, and we weren’t just crushed from the first shot, says Christine Busch.

Shook the first seeded After two days without a match, Busch and Schulz was again ready to conquer the court in Odense Idrætshal. This time it was a quarterfinal.

Still, she and Schulz ended up losing 1821, 6-21. Especially the second set hurt a bit.

- Right after the match I was annoyed about the last set, because we played so well in the first. But afterwards we were still happy about the accomplishment, and we realized, what things we need to improve to be in the top of the rankings, Amalie Schulz points out.

Close to retirement When Eipe and Kjær reached the day of the quarter final, the pain in Kjær’s knee had become worse. He felt like, he couldn’t bend his knee. Physiotherapist Kaare Mejding helped, so the player could be ready. The Danes felt like favorites going into the match against a young French pair. Rightfully so. They won in two sets. Bittersweet for Kjær, whose pain got worse for every day, and he also started cramping. But he had to play another game. The night before the semifinal he slept around one and a half hour because of the pain. Even though he ate painkillers. When he woke up, he went straight down to Kaare Mejding >>

VI GØR OS UMAGE MED DINE DROP! Logistik – hvilken betydning har det? Det betyder meget forenklet, beregning af hurtigste, fornuftigste og mest omkostningsbesparende måde, at fragte eller føre dine ting fra et sted til et andet. Ingen løsning uden drop! Poul Schou A/S udfører en bred vifte af transport- og logistikløsninger indenfor kraner, miljøløsninger, containerudlejning, maskintransport, bådtransport, lukkede transportsystemer, helikopterflyvning, sikkerhedsmakulering og Dokumenthotellet. Kort sagt, vi har godt greb i alle aspekter, der fører til topprofessionel ydelse på din banehalvdel.


t: 66 16 03 85

Article | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 49 - I told him if you don’t do something crazy, I’m going to withdraw. It was a bit risky, but he gave me a rougher treatment, than he usually does on a match day. But it helped enough, so I could walk on court later that day, tells Kjær. The Danish double played a nice first set and followed the British pair Chris Langridge and Marcus Ellis to 20-20 before losing the first set. Just like Busch and Schulz, Kjær and Eipe got beaten badly in the second set and lost 6-21. - I feel like, the first set against Ellis and Langridge is where we played our best through the whole tournament. In the second set, we were doomed. I think the score was just 2-0, when Rasmus told me, he had a cramp in his back, remembers Joel Eipe. After the game Rasmus Kjær also got cramp in his stomach and several other places in the body. In the next few weeks,

he wasn’t even close to getting back to practice. - I almost retired after Denmark Open. Nobody could figure out, what was wrong with my knee. After three and a half week I reached out to a person, I knew through my club, who treated me in a different way, and that helped me.

- It took a while before I was back practicing, and first five months after Denmark Open, we played a tournament together again. So, there wasn’t really a lot of momentum leaving Denmark Open, but at least we got a memorable experience, says Kjær. ■


BADMINTON Badminton Danmark og DGI Badminton er klar med vores syn på Fair Play. Det vil I støde ind i og stifte bekendtskab med i hallerne, i den kommende tid til de større mesterskaber.

At være FAIR handler om at opføre sig ordentligt, ærligt og retfærdigt, samt ikke virke stødende med sin adfærd, både i forhold til dem, der spilles med og imod.

Målet og det primære fokus er at hjælpe til at børn og forbilleder efterleve de rammer og regler, der er sat i badminton og opføre sig fair især i turneringsaktivitetssammenhæng.

• Badminton er en enestående sportsgren, da langt de fleste badmintonkampe afvikles, hvor spillerne selv dømmer kampene. Det stiller store krav til badmintonspillernes opførsel og evne til at dømme og opføre sig fair. Badminton Danmark og DGI Badminton går ind for FAIRPLAY, da det danner fundamentet for, at det er sjovt at konkurrere, giver masser af gode oplevelser og, at der er plads til alle.

FAIRPLAY er at overholde reglerne og respektere sin modstander og handle på en måde, der sikrer retfærdighed og en god afvikling af konkurrencesituationen. FAIRPLAY er at være ærlig og retfærdig, også selvom det ikke er til ens egen fordel. Det betyder, at du skal være villig til at ofre din egen succes til fordel for et retfærdigt udfald. FAIRPLAY handler om spillet på banen, men også om, hvad der sker udenfor stregerne på tilskuerpladserne, så det gælder både spillere, trænere og forældre.

Gensidig respekt og FAIR PLAY overfor hinanden giver de bedste forudsætninger for gode oplevelser for alle.

Vidste du,... At det kun er en dommer, der kan dømme ”fejl”. Du kan ikke dømme, at modstanderen ramte nettet med ketsjeren, eller lavede overhåndsserv el.lign. Du skal altid spille en duel færdig, og duellen afgøres altid ved, at bolden dømmes inde eller ude eller ikke kommer over nettet.

At du som forbillede altid kan stoppe dit eget barn i at fortsætte en kamp og trække dit barn ud, hvis dit barn er gået over stregen for FAIRPLAY.

At du altid kan henvende dig ved hallens dommerbord, hvis du som forbillede oplever en meget problemfyldt kamp, som du ikke føler, spillerne selv kan håndtere. Dommerbordet kan tage stilling til, om det vil hjælpe med en neutral observatør (som afgør uenigheder) resten af kampen.

At en badmintonkamp starter, når spillerne er trådt ind på baneområdet, og slutter når de er trådt ud. Spillerne må IKKE forlade banen, før kampen er spillet færdig. Ingen må gå på banen, heller ikke forbilleder med vanddunk eller et sidste godt råd, når spillerne er gået på banen.

Hygge [ˈhʊɡ.ə]

A Danish word for a quality of cosiness - feeling warm, comfortable and safe – that comes from doing simple things such as lightning candles, baking, sharing good food and spending time with family and friends. Danish Pastry is pure hygge, looks like this and tastes…..uhmmm!

52 VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 | Former winners


WINNERS You can see all the previous winners since 1935 on

2020 – Odense US$ 750.000,-

2015 – Odense US$ 650.000,-



Anders Antonsen, Denmark Nozomi Okuhara, Japan Marcus Ellis/Chris Langridge, England Yuki Fukushima/Sayaka Hirota, Japan Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Herttrich, Germany

Chen Long, China Li Xuerui, China Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong, Korea Jung Kyung Eun/Shin Seung Chan, Korea Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na, Korea

2019 – Odense US$ 775.000,-

2014 – Odense US$ 600.000,-

MS: Kento Momota, Japan WS: Tzu Ying Tai, Chinese Taipei MD: Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya


Sukamuljo, Indonesia

WD: Baek Ha Na/Jung Kyung Eun, Korea XD: Praveen Jordan/Melati Daeva Oktavianti, Indonesia

2018 – Odense US$ 775.000,MS: Kento Momota, Japan WS: Tzu Ying Tai, Chinese Taipei MD: Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya

2017 – Odense US$ 750.000,Kidambi Srikanth, India Ratchanok Intanon, Thailand Liu Cheng/Zhang Nan, China Lee So Hee/Shin Seung Chan, Korea Tang Chun Man/Tse Ying Suet, Hong Kong

2016 – Odense US$ 700.000,MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

2013 – Odense US$ 400.000,MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Chen Long, China Yihan Wang, China Yong Dae Lee/Yeon Seong Yoo, Korea Yixin Bao/Jinhua Tang, China Nan Zhang/Yunlei Zhao, China

Sukamuljo, Indonesia

WD: Yuki Fukushima/Sayaka Hirota, Japan XD: Siwei Zheng/Yaqiong Huang, China


Chen Long, China Li Xuerui,China Haifeng Fu/Nan Zhang, China Xiaoli Wang/Yang Yu, China Chen Xu/Jin Ma, China

Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk, Thailand Akane Yamaguchi, Japan Shem V Goh/Kiong Wee Tan, Malaysia Misaki Matsutomo/Ayaka Takahashi, Japan Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen, Denmark

2012 – Odense US$ 400.000,MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Chong Wei Lee, Malaysia Saina Nehwal, India Baek Choel Shin/Yeon Seong Yoo, Korea Jin Ma/Jihua Tang, China Chen Xu/Jin Ma, China

2011 – Odense US$ 400.000,MS: Chen Long, China WS: Xin Wang, China MD: Jae Sung Jung/Yong Dae Lee, Korea WD: Xiaoli Wang/Yang (F) Yu, China XD: Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen, Denmark

Former winners | VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2021 53 2010 – Odense US$ 200.000,-

2002 – Farum



Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Denmark Wang Yihan, China Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen, Denmark Miyuku Maeda/Satoko Suetsuna, Japan Thomas Laybourn/Kamilla Rytter Juhl, Denmark

Chen Hong, China Camilla Martin, Denmark Kim Dong Moon/Ha Tae Kwon, Korea Wei Yilli/Zhao Tingting, China Kim Dong Moon/Hwang Yu Mi, Korea

2009 – Odense US$ 200.000,-

2001 – Farum



Simon Santoso, Indonesia Tine Rasmussen, Denmark Kien Keat Koo/Boon Heong Tan, Malaysia Pan Pan/Zhang Yawen, China Joachim Fischer Nielsen, Christinna Pedersen, Denmark

Bao Chunlai, China Camilla Martin, Denmark Martin Lundgaard Hansen/Lars Paaske, Denmark Helene Kirkegaard/Rikke Olsen, Denmark Tri Kush Aryanto/Emma Ermawati, Indonesia

2000 – Farum 2008 – Odense US$ 200.000,MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Peter Høeg Gade, Denmark Wang Lin, China Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan, Indonesia Eei Hui Chin/Pei Tty Wong, Malaysia Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen, Denmark

2007 – Odense MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Lin Dan, China Lu Lan, China Kien Keat Koo/Boon Heong Tan, Malaysia Wei Yang/Jiewen Zhang, China Hanbin He/Yang Yu, China

2006 – Aarhus MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Chen Hong, China Jiang Yanjiao, China Lars Paaske/Jonas Rasmussen, Denmark Kamila Augustyn/Nadiezda Kostiuczyk, Poland Anthony Clark/Donna Kellogg, England

2005 – Aarhus MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Chong Wei Lee, Malaysia Pi Hongyan, France Chong Ming Chan/Kien Keat Koo, Malaysia Kumiko Ogura/Reiko Shiota, Japan Thomas Laybourn/Kamilla R. Juhl, Denmark

2004 – Aarhus MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Lin Dan, China Xie Xingfang, China Lars Paaske/Jonas Rasmussen, Denmark Wie Yilli/Zhao Tingting, China Chen Qiqiu/Zhao Tingting, China


Peter Gade, Denmark Zhou Mi, China Eng Hian/Flandy Limpele, Indonesia Lin Chen/Xuelian Jiang, China Michael Søgaard/Rikke Olsen, Denmark

1999 – Vejle MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen, Denmark Camilla Martin, Denmark Martin Lundgaard Hansen/Lars Paaske, Denmark Qin Yiyuan/Gao Ling, China Liu Yong/Ge Fei, China

1998 – Vejle MS: Peter Gade, Denmark WS: Camilla Martin, Denmark MD: Ricky Subagja/Rexy Mainaky, Indonesia WD: Qin Yiyan/Tang Hetian, China XD: Jon Holst-Christensen/Ann Jørgensen, Denmark

1997 – Vejle MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Dong Jiong, China Camilla Martin, Denmark Jon Holst-Christensen/Michael Søgaard, Denmark Ann Jørgensen/Majken Vange, Denmark Jens Eriksen/Marlene Thomsen, Denmark

1996 – Middelfart MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen, Denmark Gong Zhichao, China Thomas Stavngaard/Jim Laugesen, Denmark Rikke Olsen/Helene Kirkegaard, Denmark Michael Søgaard/Rikke Olsen, Denmark

2003 – Aarhus MS: WS: MD: WD: XD:

Lin Dan, China Gong Ruina, China Ha Tae Kwon/Kim Dong Moon, Korea Yang Wei/Zhang Jiewen,China Kim Dong Moon/Ra Kyung Min, Korea

Scan to see all winners from 1936 and forward.

DSC_183x127 annonce.pdf













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Volderslevvej 9 • 5260 Odense S Tlf: 31212122

Faaborgvej 235 Dyrup 5230 Odense SV • Tlf. 40 73 39 09

Hunderupgade 2, 5230 Odense M

Tlf. 63114311

GREVE SVØMMEHAL Greve Svømmehal byder på motionssvømning, vandgymnastik, 1 og 3 meter vipper, 5, 7,5 og 10 meter tårne, baby- og småbørnsbassin samt motionscenter. Se vores aktuelle åbningstider på vores hjemmeside Velkommen i Greve Svømmehal – din svømmehal

Jørgen Bachs Plads 1 • 2670 Greve • Tlf. 43 97 95 27

Rugårdsvej 40 5000 Odense C Tlf. 66 11 32 10


The last dance in Odense Idrætshal

Since 2009 Odense Idrætshal has been the main arena for Denmark Open. But this year’s edition will be the last in Odense Idrætshal before moving to Jyske Bank Arena. Therefore, we are taking a closer look on some of the most memorable moments in this historical arena.

Anders Antonsen - 2020 - ©Allan Høgholm, Badminton Danmark 2020: Winning his first ever Denmark Open, Anders Antonsen celebrated his victory against his old friend Rasmus Gemke with a celebration which became a much-talked about topic and which is still one of the most memorable celebration in Odense Idrætshal during the years.



Christinna Pedersen-Joachim Fischer vinder - 2016 – ©Badmintonphoto 2016: In 2016 Joachim Fischer and Christinna Pedersen became the most-winning Danish players in Odense Idrætshal by winning their third title.


Covid-19 - 2020 - ©Allan Høgholm, Badminton Danmark 2020: As the first arena in world history, Odense Idrætshal re-opened the BWF World Tour Super 750 tournaments after the Covid-19 breakout.


Jan Ø. Jørgensen - 2020 - ©Allan Høgholm, Badminton Danmark 2020: Jan Ø. Jørgensen ended his international career in Odense Idrætshal in which he also got the title back in 2010. Ten years later he lost his quarter final against countryman Anders Antonsen.

Rasmus Gemke og fans - 2019 - ©Emil Lyders 2009-2021: Odense Idrætshal has given and still gives a unique experience for fans from around the world to get closer to their idols.


Lee Chong Wei - 2016 - ©Martin Guld, Badminton Danmark 2016: Celebrating Lee Chong Wei’s birthday in 2016 was a great event for fans as well as Lee Chong Wei himself who was surprised and celebrated on his 34th birthday.

Setup - 2019 - ©Allan Høgholm 2009-2021: This year will be the last for the event team to pack the bags in Odense Idrætshal. When the spectators leave the arena, the event team immediately starts to remove the courts. It takes approximately four hours to leave the arena as we got it.


BK Revision Klarer også bogføring

Birthe Kristensen Sakskøbing

Mobil 2859 3173 Lindved Møllevej 14 • 5260 Odense S Mobil 3175 5458 •

Rødegårdsvej 45 • 5000 Odense C • Tlf. 66 12 06 75 Odense & Svendborg


ALTID FULD FABRIKSGARANTI Vi reparerer og servicerer din bil efter bilfabrikkens forskrifter og anvender reservedele, der tilsvarer kvaliteten af bilens originale reservedele.


Halve æg m. mayonnaise, rejer & kaviar Marinerede sild med rå løg & hjemmelavet Karrysalat Kroens sprøde Fiskefileter med remoulade & citron Røget laks m. flødepeberrod & tyttebær Tarteletter m. høns i asparges Sprød Ribbensteg m. rødkål Slagterens Medister m. grønlangkål & brunede kartofler Ris ala mande med lun kirsebærsauce Rugbrød, lyst brød & smør Pris pr. person inkl. Velkomst og kaffe/sødt 528,Pris pr. person inkl. Velkomst, menu, øl, vand, vin ad libitum, kaffe/sødt 798,- ( 7 timers arrangement) Forudbestilling påkrævet - Min. 8 pers.


Marinerede Sild med rå løg, & hjemmelavet karrysalat Æg med rejer, mayonnaise & kaviar Slagterens Medister med grønlangkål & brunede kartofler To slags Oste og Druer Ris ala mande med kirsebærsauce Rugbrød, lyst brød, kiks og smør Pris pr. person i restauranten 228,-

Overgade 23 • 5000 Odense C Tlf. 66 12 14 33 •

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KÆMPE UDVALG I FYR PLANKEGULVE PÅ LAGER 27 x 110 mm 27 x 135 mm 27 x 155 mm 30 x 110 mm 30 x 135 mm 32 x 180 mm


KL Fyrplank Select KL Fyrplank Select KL Fyrplank Select KL Fyrplank Select KL Fyrplank Select KL Fyrplank Select

Alle gulvbrædder er skarpkantede


Københavns Listefabrik Åbningstider for Butik og Showroom: Se aktuelle åbningstider på Rosenkæret 18, 2860 Søborg · Telefon: +45 3927 6090

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