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Thursday, August 22, 2013




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Springtown, Texas 76082

Combative teen arrested after striking officer

Springtown Park

By ChrIS AGEE According to protocol, he said he called A San Angelo teen remained in Parker for backup and attempted to diffuse the County jail as of Aug. 21 following re- situation. At that point, Barerra reportedly ports of his involvement in suspicious be- started to walk away. “I told him to stop two different times havior around Springtown. After reportedly instigating an alterca- and he kept going,” Carroll said. “I warned tion with law enforcement, police used him I would pepper spray him.” When Barerra continued to disregard pepper spray to subdue 17-year-old Jorge Carroll’s instruction, the officer made Luis Barerra. Responding SPD officer Frank Carroll good on his promise and sprayed Barerra in the face. said he investigated a At that point, reports number of calls describindicate, Barerra initiing a male knocking on ated a physical altercaresidential doors and tion with Carroll. hiding around the corner “In the midst of that, when occupants came to I got hit twice,” the ofanswer. ficer stated, “once in “He had apparently the chest and once in walked around the back the side of the head.” of a house, through a Carroll said Barfield, and toward anerra has no family or other house,” he said. known connections to “I searched the area and Springtown and cantold one of the residents not speculate why he what the intent was. I was in the area. told him to give me a “At the time, he was call if he heard or saw Jorge Luis Barerra acting real erratic,” anything.” A few minutes later, Carroll explained, Carroll said. “He said he was involved in a the resident reported Barerra was on his motor vehicle accident in this area, but we had no signs or reason to believe he did.” property, sitting on a cattle trailer. According to Parker County reports, “I went to go talk with this guy and pulled up to the driveway,” he recalled. Barerra was arrested Aug. 13 and faces The suspect met him, refusing to answer one count of assaulting a public servant and one count of evading arrest or detenhis questions. “He played it off like he was going to tion. His bond has been set at $10,000 for the first charge and $2,500 for the latter. try to fight me,” Carroll said.

Residents say misleading letter led Chamber recognizes 32 to ruined weekends newest SISD instructors City worker rick Smith (right) and summer helper (and current senior Porcupine hoops player) Caleb Brown stripe the outdoor basketball court at Springtown Park using a stencil. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

By ChrIS AGEE The Springtown Chamber of Commerce dedicated much of its August luncheon to recognizing the school district’s newest instructors. Springtown ISD Superintendent Mike Kelley introduced the principals from each campus, who then announced new staff members from their schools. “I’m excited about this crew,” Kelley said, acknowledging educators can choose to work in any number of districts.

“These teachers aren’t here because they are looking for a job,” he explained. “They are looking for a job here.” New teachers, consisting of both first-time instructors and those relocated from other districts, are replacing many great exiting teachers, Kelley noted. He expressed confidence the new additions will succeed in maintaining an excellent school district for local students.

By ChrIS AGEE Several residents along East 6th Street say they received a vague letter regarding an upcoming yard cleanup at their housing unit. They said the letter appeared to indicate if they did not remove everything from their yards within a few days, manage-

ment would possibly dispose of their belongings. The letter, dated Aug. 15, was from Spring Garden Apartments Executive Director Mike Swan and informed tenants yard maintenance would begin Aug. 19. According to a copy of the letter obPLEASE SEE MISLEADING, PAGE 2A.


Reno council addresses tax flak Mayor admits previous council improperly filed documents By ChrIS AGEE Reno resident Art Johnson attended a recent Reno city council meeting with the intention of speaking during the public comment portion. While state law prohibits council members from responding directly to items not included on the agenda, Mayor Lynda Stokes preemptively addressed his concerns during her opening report. Johnson claimed that, upon attempting to take ad-

vantage of a tax rate freeze for seniors passed by a previous council, he was informed the ordinance was not properly put into effect. Stokes conceded her predecessors did not file certain documents correctly, rendering the freeze unenforceable. She noted the council is currently considering the repercussions of enacting a freeze and explained why she is opposed to passing such an ordinance PLEASE SEE rENO, PAGE 3A.

residents of Spring Garden Apartments say they spend much of last weekend clearing potted plants and decorations from their yards after receiving a “short and sharp” letter from the housing unit’s executive director. Photo by Chris Agee




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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Misleading letter leads to upset tenants n MISLEADING, FROM PAGE ONE.

tained by the Epigraph, Swan did not address the issue of what would be done with items not removed from yards. “If there is anything in your flower bed and/or yard that you would like to keep, please bring them inside your house or put them in the stor-

age building,” he wrote. According to at least three residents, local management could not further elaborate and Swan could not be reached until the morning the cleanup was to begin. “They weren’t available to us for any comments on what we were supposed to do,” one resident said. The tenants, each of whom re-

quested not to be identified by name, said Swan explained Aug. 19 that his letter referred only to broken debris. Since the letter was not specific, they added, many residents took preemptive action to protect their belongings. “The notice was very short and sharp,” a resident stated.

Because of the uncertainty, another tenant explained, “people were out in their yards Saturday and Sunday.” The complex, she said, is occupied by seniors and disabled people who cannot easily move heavy items from their yards. “Some of them were crying,” she said, explaining many had family and friends come over to spend their

weekends moving. Another resident recorded a video of one neighbor’s decorated yard and its subsequent transformation. “Now that yard is bare,” she said. Swan said he had not received any complaints, though a number of residents contend he did. He further indicated the cleanup project was completed Aug. 20.

New SISD teachers welcomed at Chamber luncheon

Teachers (above) set to join the Springtown ISD this year gathered for a group photo following a Chamber of Commerce luncheon organized to welcome them in their new positions. SISD Superintendent Mike Kelley (right) introduces Goshen Creek Elementary School principal Wesley Thomas. Principals from all other campuses followed, recognizing new additions to each school’s staff. Photos by Chris Agee n NEW FROM PAGE ONE.

“There’s a lot of talent in this room,” Kelley said. Springtown High School welcomes the largest number of new teachers with nine added to its staff. The middle school is close behind, adding an above-average seven new teachers this year. Reno and Springtown Elementary each have four new instructors while three are joining the Springtown Intermediate campus and Special Education department. Goshen Creek Elementary is adding two to its teaching staff. Parker County 4-H Agent Kayla Neill provided some information about the program to new teachers, explaining an emphasis on youth development helps reinforce students as they approach adulthood. “Our youth are the next leaders and I see it,” she said. “I know you do, too.” The program reaches 386 students in the county and Neill illustrated the potential unleashed by two specific participants. One became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 by developing a photography busi-

ness and another went on to become an aide to U.S. Rep. Kay Granger. Neill shared a few of the many free youth development programs offered by the local 4-H, which include bullying prevention, emergency preparedness, and an “egg-tochick” program that provides teachers with 24 eggs and an incubator. “It’s 21 days of embryology you can talk to your kids about,” she said. She said staff is always ready to assist instructors and urged new teachers to consider the benefits 4-H offers. “Before you start your year,” she said, “go in with an open mind.” Springtown Education Foundation Chairman and former SISD Board President Tootie Hall presented $200 checks to each of the new teachers on behalf of the foundation. Teachers are often required to purchase supplies for their classrooms with their own money, she explained, and said the checks could be used for whatever purpose their recipients deemed appropriate. “We appreciate you coming to our district,” she said.

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VFW Post 2137, 11875 FM 730 North. At 4 p.m., a chickenfried steak dinner will be served. In addition, 50/50 raffles are A fundraiser to help family members pay for the funeral ex- slated as well as other activities. For more information, call penses of Gabriel Richardson is set for Saturday, Aug. 24 at the 817-444-2912.information, call 817-220-1700.


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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Reno council addresses improperly filed documents Mayor admits previous council improperly filed documents n RENO, FROM PAGE ONE.

via a council vote, favoring making the issue a ballot initiative. “In freezing taxes on one segment, it shifts the tax burden to the other segment, the younger folks,” she said. “The city must use caution in considering a freeze on certain taxpayers’ taxes as it may box the city into a financial corner in coming years.” Another reason Stokes wants to leave the decision to voters amounts to “a conflict of interest,” she explained. “Council also finds itself in the unique position,” she explained, “insomuch as a freeze could go into effect, almost every member of this council would benefit directly from a freeze.” Stokes said she feels a vote would be the most ethical way to handle the debate, explaining she initially ran for mayor because “we were constantly being lied to and we were constantly being misled.” Speaking to Johnson and others in favor of the initiative, she said the council is “giving you a way to put this on the ballot and put it to a vote,”

adding supporters “obviously have people who are willing to work for it.” Johnson, who prepared a packet of information for council and attendees prior to the meeting, requested city leaders approve not only a tax freeze for those over 65 but a homestead exemption of the first 20 percent of property value for seniors and disabled persons. Stokes explained the two issues would require separate petitions, each with its own number of required signatures. During his allotted three minute address near the end of the meeting, he said honoring the previously passed freeze is the fair thing to do. “A prior council here passed – because I was at that meeting – a freeze on taxes for seniors in the city of Reno,” he said. “I don’t know why it wasn’t filed correctly.” He said the reduction in tax revenue would be minimal on the city level, though those breaks could be very helpful to seniors. “You expect these seniors out here on fixed and limited incomes to have to put up with rising water rates, rising

gas prices, rising food prices, car insurance, health insurance, and increased medical costs and then say the reason you can’t consider that for them is because the city can’t find a way to trim their budget,” he opined. Johnson also addressed the fact Tarrant County, not Parker, collects Reno taxes. He said this creates confusion and undue hassle for many citizens. “We’re powerless to do anything about it except come to you Reno resident Art Johnson addressed the city council during a recent meeting all,” he said. “What to share his displeasure with how the city has handled certain tax concerns. I ask council to do is Photo by Chris Agee place it on the agenda addressed his concerns, explaining provide assistance for anyone having to cancel the contract with Tarrant County and let Parker Tarrant County distributes tax rev- difficulties with tax officials in that enue far more efficiently than Parker county as well as those interested in County collect our taxes.” Though council members could not County. advancing petitions to get other tax isrespond to Johnson directly, city staff According to staff, the city will sues on next year’s ballot.

Local author discusses labels, hometown pride By Chris Agee Successful author, business coach, and speaker Carrie Wilkerson travels extensively to share her message. Her home base remains in Springtown, though, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The Springtown High School graduate said she moved extensively as a child in a military family. As an adult, she said she made the wise decision to remain in this community even as her career flourished. “I choose to be in this town,” she said at a recent Chamber of Commerce luncheon. “I choose to be in this ZIP code.” A certified teacher, Wilkerson’s comments coincided with an event welcoming new instructors to the district. “I’ve seen kids at both ends of the spectrum,” she said. “You are among the best of the best.” Transitioning into the focus of her presentation, she urged attendees to ditch the labels others have ascribed to them. From a young age, she explained, individuals pigeonhole others, labeling them as merely a member

of one particular group. succeed, but only in an environment “You are not just a cheerleader,” she conducive to his situation. said. “You’re so many other things.” “He’s thriving,” she said. “He’s Sharing from her perdating a sweet, sonal experience as the sweet girl.” adoptive mother of two A recognized foster children, Wilkerathlete in his son said her family has current school, suffered as a result of Wilkerson said inaccurate or potentially her son has aclimiting labels. complished far Her daughter, a senior more than he at SHS, was believed to ever could in a have learning disabilimore traditional ties at a young age, she environment. explained, but has far Recalling her surpassed projections own experiencby skipping a grade in es as a student, school, serving as Honor Wilkerson said Society president, and Carrie Wilkerson she never stood excelling in extracurout as much as ricular activities. some of her classmates. “She defied every label they put on “I was non-labeled,” she said. “I her,” Wilkerson said. was the forgotten Her adopted son, on the other hand, middle.” was labeled normal and ultimately diIn retrospect, agnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome though, she said and associated learning disabilities. she has learned She said he has also been able to those labels are

Still Waters Retreat Center of Texas Renew, Relax, Eat, Laugh!


Paul and 817-220-2681 Barb Claffey CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT Owners 383 Country Rd., Springtown • Located 6 miles West of Springtown off Agnes Road North (3672)

Springtown 3x5

SCHOOL MENU APR 22 - APR 26 EC through 12th GRADE

BREAKFAST PRICES EC-12th Grade.........$1.50 Reduced ......$.30 Adult ..........$2.00

LUNCH PRICES EC-4th Grade ...... $2.00 5th-12th Grade ..... $2.25 Reduced ..............$0.40 Adult .................... $3.25 Students may prepay for their meals.

EC through 12th GRADE PK - 8th GRADE


Everyday - Various Juices & Cereals, Toast, Milk Variety, Jelly Assortment, Buttermilk Biscuit


Everyday - Choice of one meat, two vegetables, and one grain/bread with milk

MONDAY - Breakfast Bagel WEDNESDAY - Scrambled Eggs, Apple FRIDAY - Breakfast Wrap, Pear Cup

TUESDAY - Tac-Go THURSDAY - Pancakes, Fruit Cocktail Cup

MONDAY - Cheese Pizza, Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, Rosey Applesauce, Wheat Roll, Brown Gravy TUESDAY - Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli, Pinto Beans, Sweet Potato Puffs, Mandarin Oranges, Wheat Roll WEDNESDAY - Steakfingers, Chef Salad, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Wheat Roll THURSDAY - Taco Salad, Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich, Refried Beans, Corn, Strawberries FRIDAY - Cheese Pizza, Hamburger, Broccoli, Baby Carrots, Orange


Everyday - Various Juices & Cereals, Toast, Milk Variety, Jelly Assortment, Buttermilk Biscuit


Everyday - Choice of one meat, two vegetables, and one grain/bread with milk

MONDAY - Breakfast Bagel WEDNESDAY - Scrambled Eggs, Apple FRIDAY - Breakfast Wrap, Pear Cup

TUESDAY - Tac-Go THURSDAY - Pancakes, Fruit Cocktail Cup

MONDAY - Cheese Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, Rosey Applesauce, Pear Cup, Wheat Roll TUESDAY - Salisbury Steak, Chicken Sandwich, Chef Salad, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Mandarin Oranges, Applesauce, Wheat Roll, Brown Gravy WEDNESDAY - Steakfingers, Ck. Fried Steak SW, Chef Salad, Broccoli, Pinto Beans, Garden Salad, Mandarin Oranges, Peach Cup, Wheat Roll, Apple THURSDAY - Taco Salad, Chicken Sandwich, Refried Beans, Corn, Banana, Grapes FRIDAY - Cheese Pizza, Hamburger, Broccoli, Sweet Potato Puffs, Garden Salad, Banana, Orange

This menu is sponsored by ...

*Menus are subject to change.

Azle Dental Care 817-444-1763

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meaningless in light of the unique contributions each individual can make. Wilkerson, an award-winning author who has addressed crowds of thousands, said she has never been confined by how she was labeled – or not labeled – by others. “They never ask me if I was most likely to succeed,” she said. The same disregard of labels can be applied to Springtown, she explained, and offered a number of steps to reclaiming the pride residents should feel for their hometown. It is true, she conceded, that Springtown does not have many of the amenities and features found in larger towns. “What we do have are amazing businesses,” she said. Owners take a special, personal interest in their customers, she explained, introducing her first of five points. “Shop local,” she said, noting “it

may cost you a little more” but local transactions have far-reaching positive effects. Next, she urged residents to “attend local” by supporting Chamber events, sporting events, and musical programs. “We have a top 10 marching band in the state,” she explained. Wilkerson also encouraged attendees to “cheer local” and “worship local” by proudly extolling the attributes of Springtown and gathering with fellow residents within the community’s churches. Finally, she said Springtown residents should “defend local” by rebuking unfounded criticism. “Maybe you need to stand up for us until you believe it yourself,” she said. She concluded each resident should only have one label for Springtown: “mine.”

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Virginia fugitive nabbed in Parker County By Chris Agee A man wanted for numerous sex crime charges was arrested recently in Parker County after eluding authorities in his native state of Virginia. According to local reports, officers with the WeatherfordParker County Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team (FAST) were able to track down Darrell Wayne Delp Sr., 36, of Concord, Va., who was ultimately discovered and arrested on Cattle Baron Drive, just south of Azle. He faces charges out of Campbell County, Va., including two counts of producing child pornography and two counts of rape of a child under the age of 13. Authorities believe he molested a number of children and recorded the assaults. Upon learning he might be in the area, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said his agency immediately began its search. “Our FAST unit promptly began investigating the location of the suspect,” he said. “Due to the serious nature and numerous pending charges, we felt it was imperative to immediately remove Delp from the streets.” Along with U.S. Marshals,

deputies surrounded the area near the Cattle Baron Drive home of Delp’s relative. Fowler said training and preparation resulted in the suspect’s uneventful arrest. “They are quick and efficient,” he said of FAST officers. “They are to be commended for an excellent job in this case and their everyday operations.” As of Aug. 19, Delp remained in the custody of the Parker County Sheriff’s Office without bond for the four Virginia charges and four fugitive warrants. Reports indicate he could face more than seven additional charges currently pending in Virginia.

The Springtown Chamber of Commerce recognized local business owner Renee Brzozowski with a ribbon-cutting ceremony during a recent luncheon. She is a new brand partner of Nerium International, a company specializing in skincare products. Photo by Chris Agee

FBI still hunting down killer’s itinerary

The Springtown Masonic Lodge holds its stated meeting at 7:30 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month. Floor School is every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.

bridge building and much more. They meet every Thursday and Saturday from 9 a.m.- noon. Call 392-7420 for information on projects and meeting places.

Meals on Wheels is in desperate need of Azle area drivers. Volunteers deliver over 3,600 meals each weekday in Tarrant County. That means staffing 205 delivery routes each day and helping at meal sites. For more information call Nedra Cutler, director volunteers for Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County at 817-258-6426 or email her at Meals On Wheels delivers meals Monday-Friday in the Azle area, serving more than 30 clients.

Naturalist-led Nature Hikes are held every Saturday from 10 a.m.-noon at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. Stop in and join a naturalist for a leisurely hike on the trails. Hikes feature current natural history events such as blooming wildflowers, commonly seen insects, birds, and other animals and current projects on the Refuge. Water and appropriate clothing suggested. Fee is $5 with paid admission (members free).

The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge’s Natural Guard helps keep the Nature Center beautiful by volunteering to assist Refuge staff in trail maintenance, brush clearing,

Keyes robbed Azle bank in 2012

Darrell Wayne Delp Sr.


Caring Friends Support Group for those living with bi-polar disorder and depression and their families meets every Thursday from 6-8 p.m. at Pecan Valley MHMR, 1715 Santa Fe Drive in Weatherford. The mission of Caring Friends is to provide hope, help and support to improve the lives of people living with depression and bi-polar disorder and their families. Call 817-565-8547 for more information.

Ribbon Cutting

The Parker County Republican Party meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Strain Community Room at Weatherford College. For more information contact the calendar at The Parker County Republican Women meet the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Doss Heritage and Culture Center. The Bush Legacy Republican Women meet the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Doss Heritage and Culture Center in Weatherford.

Parker County Crime StoPPerS 10 most Wanted List

If you have any information about any crimes please call

Crime StopperS 1-800-942-StoP or 817-599-5555 Crime Stoppers pays up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

As many of you have noticed, the Tabernacle Square parking area is being renovated. This project should be finished before the annual Wild West days in mid September. Beginning this week parking will be available at the west side of the Tabernacle and a walkway will be open across the North side of the Square sidewalk. Thank you for your continued support during this process to make our Square more beautiful with better traffic flow and parking access for everyone. Remember we deliver locally to those who have difficulty getting to our store, and if we can make shopping at our store more convenient during this time, please let us know.

By Mark K. Campbell The FBI Anchorage Division sent a request out nationwide about a criminal that made headlines in Azle. On Feb. 16, 2012 Israel Keyes robbed the National Bank of Texas on Commerce. According to a detailed timeline released by the FBI, that event marked the possible end of what was a multiyear string of murders and criminal activity. Investigators believe that Keyes is responsible for far more than the crimes – including several murders – that he confessed to before

committing suicide last December. Long before he arrived in Azle, Keyes traveled throughout America and internationally as well. The FBI believes his trail of victims and atrocities might be much more detailed and numerous than he admitted. His illicit journey began in the summer of 1997 or ‘98 with a sexual assault of an Oregon teen. He first killed somewhere between July and October of 2001 in Washington, the FBI reported.

Springtown Police Dept.


Monday-Sunday, August 5-18 Accident minor...................................... 3 Assist officer....................................... 44 Alarm.................................................... 6 Criminal mischief.................................. 4 Burglary in progress............................. 1 Burglary investigation........................... 2 Suicide.................................................. 1 Disturbance.......................................... 6 Disturbance domestic........................... 4 Disturbance civil................................... 1 Reckless driver..................................... 3 Meet complaintant.............................. 24 Suspicious person................................ 9 Suspicious vehicle.............................. 12 Shooting............................................... 1 Escort................................................... 2 Theft..................................................... 1 Warrant service.................................... 3 Motorist assist....................................... 4 Meet officer........................................... 1 Investigation....................................... 22 Loose livestock..................................... 3 Phone calls........................................... 1

Prisoner transfer................................. 13 Other..................................................... 9 Request patrol.................................... 90 Vehicle maintenance.......................... 43 Report writing..................................... 61 Parking violation................................... 1 Meet ambulance/CareFl....................... 1 Security check.................................. 771 Animal at large...................................... 1 Traffic stop........................................ 254 Traffic control...................................... 13 Training................................................. 2 911 hang up.......................................... 2 Council packet deliver.......................... 7 Ordinance violation............................... 4 Welfare concern................................... 4 Impound lot......................................... 13 Out of vehicle...................................... 16 Out at Station...................................... 93 Court..................................................... 3 School security..................................... 1 Total.............................................. 1,559

LEGAL PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, BZ ENTERPRISES will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien. Sale will be at 9:00 a.m. September 2, 2013 at 2520 E. Hwy 199, Springtown, TX 76082. Property will be sold to the highest bidder for cash. Property being sold includes contents in space of the tenant listed below, with brief description of contents: ELIZABETH DIANE MILLIMAN Unit B-28 household items, misc. items. LEGAL NOTICE A copy of the 2012 Return of Private Foundation on form 990-PF for the Dreams Scholarship Foundation can be obtained within 180 days of this notice by written request to the Foundation President Trisha McAda, at the following address: P.O. Box 667, Azle, Texas 76098. The telephone number for the Foundation is 817-444-2252.

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at Walnut Creek


North Side of Square

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817-929-1153 • 817-726-6530 Carmen Rogers • Marilyn Cottar

From there, Keyes began criss-crossing the country, often returning to Alaska. The timeline becomes more detailed in 2007 and the FBI has information that Keyes ventured to both coasts – especially Alaska and New York – as well as Canada. On June 8, 2011, he killed a couple in Essex, Vermont. On Feb. 1, 2012, the day before he flew to New Orleans for a cruise, Keyes abducted and murdered an Anchorage woman. The cruise ended Feb. 11 and Keyes left New Orleans for Texas. The FBI believes he committed another homicide in Texas before arriving in Ale-

do Feb. 16. That day, he burned a home and, following the arson, drove to Azle and robbed the Bank of Texas. On Feb. 17, he was back in Anchorage. In March, Keyes was arrested in Lufkin at a traffic stop. Eventually, Keyes hung himself in jail, on Dec. 2, 2012 in Alaska. The FBI wants to fill in the blanks in the timeline, especially, locally, between the bank robbery and the return to Texas that led to his Lufkin arrest. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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T.R.D. Construction, LLC Home Improvement • General Contractor • New Construction Additions Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Architectural Planning and Design Tommy Russell, Sr. 817-444-6505 or 817-291-6364 • Fax: 817-444-2206 P.O. Box 224 • Azle •


Explore Fine Arts Grades K-6 After School - 6 pm (Transportation Available)

at Hilltop Family Church Contact Lisa Baugh 817-721-0510 OR Visit

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sound of Springtown

The Sound of Springtown works on in the summer heat. School begins Monday, Aug. 26 with the first football game following at Argyle Liberty Aug. 30.

Photo by Mark K. Campbell

Hit-and-run driver kills Pelican Bay interim police pedestrian on Hwy. 199 chief implements changes Azle police continue searching for suspect By Chris Agee According to Azle police reports, a pedestrian died after being struck by a passing vehicle in the 1200 block of State Highway 199. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as Donald Buerger, 35, of Azle. The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 17 and Buerger was pronounced dead at the scene. Police received reports of the crash and responded to the location to find a vehicle in the median of the highway and its driver standing nearby. Police said the man was an eyewitness of the collision and indicated the driver responsible nearly struck his vehicle a short

time earlier. The witness described the driver as a white male, but he was not at the scene upon arrival of authorities. According to the witness, the pedestrian was walking in the westbound lanes of 199 and was struck by a vehicle – possibly a pickup truck – heading the same direction. Reports show the Azle Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division and Advanced Accident Investigation Team responded to the scene to conduct further analysis and crash reconstruction. Authorities are pursuing the case against the fleeing driver on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident involving death or serious bodily injury.

BY CHRIS AGEE With city council approval of Jason Farris to serve as interim police chief in Pelican Bay, the department is implementing new policies and procedures designed to remedy previous issues. Farris, a five-year veteran of the department, began his tenure by promising to hold officers to the highest of standards and revoking a prior policy allowing officers to perform commissioned work for other agencies.

In a press release, the department conceded it “has gotten some negative attention lately,” explaining Farris is dedicated to addressing citizen concerns. He is emphasizing education among the ranks, noting most of current officers are receiving college education and continually increasing their knowledge of state laws. “The first general order for my officers is to provide the most professional service to the community,” Farris said.

NEWS DIGEST Project Celebration meets Sept. 9 Project Celebration meets at the Springtown High School cafeteria Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. Parents of SHS seniors are invited to the planning event.

Advances In Medicine Lecture Series

Wound Care Services at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle can help prevent a wound from keeping your life at a standstill. Join Dr. Byron Conner as he discusses personalized wound management and advanced therapies for acute and chronic non-healing wounds. A complimentary lunch will be served. Seating is limited, so please register early.

Wound Care: Healing in the Right Direction. Thursday, August 29, noon–1 p.m. Azle Christian Church 117 Church Street, Azle, TX 76020 Speaker: Byron Conner, MD To register, call 1-877-THR-WELL or visit

Doctors on the medical staff practice independently and are not employees or agents of the hospital. © 2013

THA1320_WoundCare_5.75x10.5.indd 1

8/15/13 12:54 PM

Thursday, August 22, 2013



Springtown, Reno to host blood drive

Math Whiz

Bobby Wayne Brazeal

The first of two upcoming area blood drives is set for Sept. 14 at Hope Lutheran Church in Springtown. Located at 4795 State Highway 199 East, the event will last from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. While walk-ins are welcome, donors can schedule an appointment by visiting and using the sponsor code “Springtown.” Reno Volunteer Fire Department will host a second blood drive one week later, from noon to 5 p.m. Sept. 21.

1956 - 2013

by his father; and brother, Jimmy Thomas. Survivors include his wife, Cindy Brazeal; mother, Pauline Pike; daughter, Sheri Brazeal; grandson, Isaac Cansler; siblings, Roger Brazeal and wife, Melanie, Tammy Young, Tim Brazeal and Mary Thomas; and numerous nieces, nephews and other family. The Springtown Epigraph, Aug. 22, 2013 Edition

Bobby Wayne Brazeal, 56, a loving husband, son, father and brother passed away, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, at home. A memorial service will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 24 at A&M Gardens, 12809 Gantt Road South, Azle. Bobby was born Oct. 26, 1956, in Borger to Edward and Pauline Tedford Brazeal. Bobby was preceded in death

The Carter BloodCare drive will be held at the Reno fire hall, 185 Bybee St. The American Red Cross offers tips for first-time blood donors on its website, including online recommendations for tackling a fear of needles. For a successful donation, the agency urges maintaining a healthy iron level, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy, low fat meal shortly before donating. Participants are also reminded to bring identification with them.

Carlos Franklin Thomas 1934 - 2013

Carlos Franklin Thomas, 79, of Corsicana passed away Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013, in Forestburg. Funeral services were held Wednesday, Aug. 14 at the Mildred Baptist Church in Mildred. Burial was at CampbellElrod Cemetery in Corsicana. Carlos was born on July 26, 1934, in the Jester Community in Navarro County to Wade and Vera (Staggs) Thomas. He married Lola Eva Mosley on Aug. 6, 1954, in Mildred. He attended Tundra Baptist Church where he loved to sing in the choir. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with his family but playing golf three times a week was how he spent his time lately and was excited to score a hole-in-one. Carlos was preceded in death by his parents, Wade and Vera Thomas; wife of 47 years, Lola Eva Thomas; sons, Carlos Franklin Thomas Jr. and Dane Davidson Thomas; and brothers, Wade, Harvey, Windol, Jackie and Ronald Thomas. Survivors include his children, Valerie Riley and husband, Steve

of Forestburg and Gladys Bright and husband, Darin of Bedford; grandchildren, Jacob Riley of Forestburg, Jeff Riley and wife, Maxine of North Richland Hills and Jeremy Riley of San Angelo; great-grandchildren, Christian Riley and Noble Riley; siblings, Larry Thomas, Don Earl Thomas, Beth Allen, Gwen Faulk, Renee Waller and Deene Wadsworth; and numerous nieces, nephews, cherished family and friends and other loved ones. The Springtown Epigraph, Aug. 22, 2013 Edition

Poolville’s Sarah Kelly is a math whiz. At the 1A state qualifier in Azle, she placed in four subjects: second in number sense, calculator, and science and third in math. In San Antonio at the state Math and Science Team Competition, Kelly took third in science, fourth in number sense, ninth in math, and 11th in calculator.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Springtown Park

Rather than discard these cleared trees in Springtown Park and incur the expense of hauling them off, City of Springtown Parks Supervisor Aubrey Rogers repurposed them into natural benches. Five of them are located across the creek from the playground.

Outdoor basketball court gets new stripes at Springtown Park. Photos by Mark K. Campbell

Calendar The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The public can tour the BRIT campus and facility at 1700 University Drive in Fort Worth, shop at Flora, the Gift Store at BRIT; and participate in fun, educational, and informational weekend programs and events. Each Saturday, BRIT research and educational staff members will be on hand to welcome visitors and to answer questions. Visitors will be able to take public or self-

guided tours of the campus; view BRIT’s current exhibit, “Green from the Ground Up”; and participate in botanical and educational events based on the season. For more information call 817-332-4441 or visit www. ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE) is seeking local families to host boys and girls between the ages of 15 to 18 from a variety of countries around the world. Students come with an enthusiasm

to practice their English and experience American culture – food, sports, shopping and more. They will also share their own culture with host families. Host families welcome these students into their family, not as a guest, but as a family member, giving both the students and families a rich cultural experience. In addition, students have pocket money for personal expenses; and full health, accident and liability insurance. Students are academically selected onto program, and host families can choose their

students from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries and personal interests. To become a host family or to find out how to become involved with ASSE in your community, please call 1800-473-0696 or visit www.

background check are required. Training is provided at your convenience and is a simple process. For more information call 1-877-494-2211 and ask for the volunteer coordinator, or call Megan at 1-940-4524828.

IntegraCare Hospice is looking for volunteers in the Springtown/Azle area. If you can listen, touch a hand, converse, laugh and cry, you can make a difference in someone’s life today. Training and

The Azle Narcotics Anonymous group meets Tuesday through Friday from 7-8 p.m. at 328 Main Street, in Pecan Plaza, Suite 6C. NA, which is self-supporting through the contributions of its participants, works to help

members of the community who are seeking recovery from drug addiction find help. For information email CASA (Christians Against Substance Abuse) meets every Monday at 7 p.m. at the Azle Church of Christ, 336 NW Parkway. This 12-step program uses God’s Word to help you escape addiction to drugs, alcohol or whatever. Probationers and parolees welcome. For information, call Chad at 817489-3973.

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the cheeseburger baskets daily for $5.95. All dinners are served with Jorge’s delicious chips and salsa for starters. Our appetizers can’t be beat; chili con queso, Abuelita’s chicken and rice soup, nachos, or Frankie’s sampler gives you a little taste of everything. Our menu offers Especials de la Casa like carne asada, fajitas, Carlos’ tacos, enchiladas to your liking, tamales and flautas. We also have chicken fried steak, ribs, ribeyes and the famous cheeseburger basket for the Texas taste buds. If you want to bring a crowd, the restaurant also offers a private party room. We also accept orders to go and cater large parties. You may contact us at 940-969-2220 to place those orders today. Jorge’s Mexican Restaurant is open seven days a week. Monday-Saturday hours are 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-3pm. To get to Jorge’s; take Highway 51 North to Highway 114 West and straight into downtown Paradise. You will be glad you did. Come taste the best Tex-Mex food in Wise County. Everyone knows Jorge loves his customers and wants to thank ya’ll for your business & support!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Lady Porcupines sweep home opener over Paschal

by mark k campbell A trip to Grandview for a tournament and the first home match kept the Lady Porcupine volleyball team busy. At Grandview, Springtown (5-3) opened with Glen Rose and quickly rolled over the Lady Tigers, 25-17, 25-15. Katelynn Mainord’s 4.5 blocks led as SHS stopped 12 Glen Rose efforts. Ashley Mainord added 2.5 blocks. Next came a slugfest with Leon. The Lady Porcupines won the opener 25-21 then fell in a killer second game, 26-28. In the deciding third game, SHS lost 23-25. Springtown would get another crack at Leon. K. Mainord ruled the nets gain, blocking 7.5 of SHS’ 15. A. Mainord led with eight kills and 11 digs. Next, SHS easily dashed Dallas Life, 25-12, 25-8. Springtown won a battle royale with Brock, 25-20, 24-26, 27-25 with A. Mainord killing 13 balls with 15 digs; Shelbi Meek posted 18 assists and Brooklyn Dauenhauer carded 16. A 30-28, 25-21 win over Groesbeck with A. Mainord killing 17 balls, propelled SHS to the title game. Leon won it, 21-25, 23-25, but coach Leighann Strickland lauded her second place team. “We really came together as one. We had a great weekend.” She praised the leadership of Meek and A. Mainord. Back home on Aug. 20 in the SHS gym opener, the Lady Porcupines steamrolled Fort Worth Paschal, 25-22, 25-21, 25-17. “We were able to keep Paschal on their toes with a faster Brooklyn Dauenhauer serves. Springtown’s “aggres- pace and serving aggressive, Ashton Weaver (13) and Ashley Mainord force a visiting Lady Panther to hit long at sive” serving helped put away Paschal, said SHS coach the coach said. the SHS gym. Springtown swept Paschal, keeping the Lady Porcupines’ No. 9 rating Meek led with 9 kills. Leighann Strickland. Photo by Mark K. Campbell in 3A in Texas secure. Photo by Mark K. Campbell

2nd scrimmage site, time moved Spring practices – and the Byron Nelson High School Frilack thereof – affected Spring- day, Aug. 23. town football. The subvarsities are slated to On the bright side, the Por- begin a 8 a.m. with the varsities cupines get to scrimmage two scrapping around 9:30. foes during two-a-days. The first scrimmage of the The downseason sent side is that the Springtown to second scrimSanger. mage was set Things went for a 4A team about as exthat practiced pected for last spring, an opening so the Frisco scrimmage, HeritageTurner said. Springtown “We did scrimmage some good had to be things and moved back a some bad day. things. We SHS coach started slow Brad Turner on defense wasn’t too The lazy, hazy, crazy days then played happy about of summer will soon give better. In two, that. minute way to serious fall football. 10 “I like to Photo by Mark K. Campbell quarters, we play that secdidn’t allow a ond scrimmage on a Thursday TD,” he said. so we have an extra day to get The SHS offense “moved ready for the opener,” he said. the ball really good” but manAs it is, the Porcupines will aged only two scores, Turner not only face Heritage a day recalled. later but during a different time “There were bright spots. It and at a different gridiron. allowed us to do a lot of evaluThe scrimmage is now set for ation,” he said.

Subvarsity V’ball seasons underway In recent early season volleyball matches, the junior varsity and freshman teams struggled. The JV (0-2) lost to Paschal 25-6, 25-22. Coach Hannah Adams said, “We played a great second game once the nerves passed. We had some exciting rallies and played great defense in the second game.” Kaitlyn Hill led the JV with 8 digs and 3 kills. Abby Terry added 6 digs and

Sydney Farris had 4 assist. The 9th (0-1) opened its season against Argyle and lost 1525, 16-25. Abbi Hatton shone at the net, coach Mallory Daniel said. She added that Ashlee Witt had a strong defensive game. “We did some really great things in the match,” Daniel said, “but we just need to work on the little things. “Overall, the team served well. I was very proud of my girls.”


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Ladies dominate FW Paschal at home

Springtown hosted 5A Fort Worth Paschal Tuesday, Aug. 20 and defeated the visitors 3-0. Action from the 2013 home opener: (clockwise from left) Shelbi Meek (15) swats a serve; libero Mackensie Martin readies for the Lady Panthers; Abbi Hatton leaps to stop a kill; Kendyl Dean and Martin prepare for a serve; the Lady Porcupines celebrate a point. Photos by Mark K. Campbell




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OPINION Thursday, August 22, 2013

No way we were going to Get Lucky on this vacation


very vacation is filled worked great; I discovered that three with memories, good days later in the trunk. We arrived in Houston at rush hour and bad, but after a while, things began to in the rain on a weekday. You couldn’t get ridiculous on the lat- draw it up worse. We took a chance and picked a toll road which required ter side. a couple of stops to pay We were bound for but we actually moved Galveston for a family vaalong pretty nicely – until cation, squeezing it in beit dumped us out in south fore school begins. Houston where we enLeaving the house, the dured over an hour of power steering began stopped traffic anyway. moaning. It took an hour to At the condo, we discovget out of town with stops ered we were at the rear of for fluid, food, and gatherthe complex; discerning ing up grandchildren. We the difference between the have music themes for vadistant ocean and the sky cations, popular songs of the time like “She Blinded ON YOUR was tough. Of course, that didn’t matter when the rain Me with Science” in 1982 MARK poured. After eight hours and “Waterfalls” in 1995. This time, “Get Lucky” Mark K. Campbell in the cars, we made it to the beach for 93 seconds came on the radio. We were before lightning began striking everynot to be very lucky. Even with the early delays, we where and we retreated. A colossal tropical rainstorm arwere OK time-wise which is vital when traveling to Galveston because rived. I said I’d fetch pizza from a between here and there is the horror place we’d been going to since the of Houston traffic. That time cushion early 1980’s. Driving out of the comlasted until Corsicana when the other plex, a firetruck was parked under the condo overhang and firefighters were car with us untreaded a tire. That took over an hour. We pressed rushing through the downpour toward on. Then, motoring down Interstate 45 a swimming pool that had been struck at 75 miles per hour, our windshield by lightning. The roadways were completely was suddenly struck with a long strip of shiny metal. Quite startling. I didn’t covered with water. “I hope there’s no see anything on the roadway. At the median here,” I thought, trying to nenext gas up, we discovered it had gotiate to the pizza joint. There was a flown off the front of our own vehicle. median. I creamed it with the left front The oldest grandchildren, six and tire, later discovering that the hubcap five, in the backseat began to debate had flown off and floated away to New about the Mario DS game. Then the Orleans, likely. Naturally, things could only get betboy said he needed to throw up. The bride produced a bag – sadly it was ter after day one. Day two opened with clear, so, while it did its job, its con- another mighty storm. But we had a tents was not something I needed to good beach visit – until the super-sensee. At least the patented Zip-Loc sitive five-year-old granddaughter got

stung by a jellyfish that had somehow made it through all the seaweed in the waves. I carried her up the steps, along the seawall, across the busy roadway, to the complex, all the way to the back, up the stairs, and into the condo where meat tenderizer awaited for her and an asthma inhaler for me. That long jaunt reminded me, once again, that life was so much easier at 37 than today’s 57. The capper came with a visit to the Rainforest Café. The angelic 20-month-old granddaughter has already mastered smartphones and was playing Temple Run, a game where you run along ruins in a jungle pursued by angry giant monkeys. She fell asleep playing then woke up after we had been seated in the restaurant – right under four giant, animatronic gorillas who suddenly bolted to life and began screeching madly. Poor Jubilee might be scarred for life. One other thing about the Rainforest Café: It was deafening in there. The three loudest things on earth: 3) jet engine; 2) Who concert; 1) Rainforest Café. It’s hard to eat your $11 hamburger when it’s vibrating around the plate. Still, we had a fine vacation. The treasure hunt was a hit – how did thousands of summer visitors to the beach miss the box hidden against the seawall under jetsam with directions to it found in a message in a bottle scooped up in a bucket out of the ocean?! – and the bike ride along the seawall was fun. Vacations are for memories and it’s the unusual moments you’ll remember. We certainly had a memorable vacation. Still, I wish I had returned home with more car than I started with. Mark K. Campbell is the Epigraph editor and is worried about a Mexican vacation planned for late September.

Can I please have a do-over?


need a do-over on this goal was to be the “Tim Tebow of week.” theater,” was a particularly close That’s what I told God buddy. while I was waiting for AAA Are you getting the picture of why to come unlock my car at the I was ready for a do-over by Thurscafé where I had locked my day? keys inside. That was Thursday. A Sometimes it seems that life hands few minutes earlier I had received a you a heavy load. In those times, text from my son-in-law that he was well-meaning Christians will someon the way to the Emergency Room times remind you that God won’t to have his appendix put more on you than you checked. A few minutes can handle. before that, I had been There’s only one probin my car talking on the lem with that. phone to my son, getting It’s not in the Bible. him auto insurance inThe verse that is often formation. That’s when I misinterpreted that way locked my keys in my car. is 1 Corinthians 10:13: And why was I talking to “And God is faithful; he my son about insurance? will not let you be temptWednesday afternoon ed beyond what you can – My son and daughter bear. But when you are were rear-ended at an intempted, he will also protersection in Amarillo. vide a way out so that you Four cars were involved LIFE MATTERS can stand up under it.” in this chain reaction and That verse doesn’t the person who initiated Gerry Lewis mean that God won’t put it had no insurance. Son’s more on you than you can car was crunched from both direc- bear. It means that you never will tions. Daughter wound up at ER be in a position where you have no with whiplash, but no serious inju- choice but to give into temptation. ries.It is hard enough to know that In fact, the whole point of followyour kids have been in an accident ing Christ is that life is more than six hours away, but this particular we can bear. If it will never be too one was doubly stressful. And why much for us, then we really don’t was it doubly stressful? need Him. The good news is that Tuesday morning – My son called we can “Cast all your anxiety on me devastated because five mem- him because he cares for you.” (1 bers of the Texas musical drama cast Peter 5:7) had been killed in a car wreck MonSo, God’s answer is that we don’t day night (perhaps you have seen get a do-over. But our lives matter the news reports). My son was in the so much to Him that He will carry Texas cast last summer and filled in us through. for three nights this summer while Azle resident Dr. Gerry Lewis – author, blogone of the lead actors was on vacager, church consultant, and leadership coach tion. These people were his friends. – serves as Executive Director of the Harvest Three of them were his classmates Baptist Association headquartered in Decatur. in the theater department at West The opinions expressed in this column are his Texas A&M. One, whose stated own and may not represent the views of HBA.

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More on the Life of Ida Sellers Kile, Part 4


ill Arnold, next oldest of the Arnold boys, was a widower, and the first thing we knew he and Martha were planning to marry. They also went horseback to the preacher’s house to marry and Martha rode Old Charley. She was about fourteen years old. Will put up a tent beside Andy’s house and lived in it while he built him a house. Then Mama, Osey and I lived with them part of the time. “Right after Will and Martha married a bunch of boys came to charivari them. Andy heard them coming and was so mad about it he yelled out to them that he was going to shoot them. Louisa caught hold of him and held him to keep him from getting his gun, but when the boys heard him say he was going to shoot they took off over the hills on their horses with their

buckets and tin pans as fast as they could go. Louisa and Andy had only one room and no floor in their house. “Before Mollie was married and we were living with Louisa, Mollie had a tiny white dog. One day when we were eating the little dog began yelping and carrying on under the table. When we looked to see what was the matter with the dog there was a snake under the table and it had bitten the dog. Mama put kerosene on it and doctored it the best she could and it got all right. “One day Louisa was setting the table to eat and someone spied a big yellow spotted snake crawling along the log just above the table. I do not remember what they did about it. “When Will built his house he built two rooms, but they were separate excepting the roof. One room had a floor, but the other had no floor nor door. He killed a beef and hung it up in the

them for fear the Indians got them and I watched outside for them as long as I could see. We had no glass in our windows only shutters which fastened on the inside. Our doors fastened with a pin. The plum hunters didn’t come until the next afternoon and they had tubs of plums. “The sage brush was as tall as I and when a fire got started it went by leaps and bounds across that sagebrush. One day a fire got started and Mollie’s little calf was out in the sagebrush. The mother of the calf, seeing the blaze, seemed to know her calf was in danger. She ran toward the blaze, her head lowered and lowing. Grandpa Arnold ran out to the calf, picked it up, and ran around the blaze and saved its life. “One day a neighbor, a Mrs. Hill, asked Mama to come over and help her quilt. So one day Mama, Hassey and I started over there. Mama saw

Letters to the Editor policy


Publisher/Advertising Director........ Kim Ware Editor........................ Mark K. Campbell Director of operations... Johnna Bridges Bookkeeper.................Tonya McDowell Office manager............... Shirley Castor Advertising Sales.... Stephanie Cravotta

room that had no floor or door. A piece of tent hung over the door opening. That night we heard the coyotes howling and knew what they were after, so Will HISTORICAL watched the opening HIGHLIGHTS door ready to shoot Laurie Moseley the first coyote that stuck its head around the edge of that tent curtain. But none came, they only howled from a safe distance. “One day the whole outfit, excepting Mama, Hassey and I went up on the Red River to look for plums. When it began to get late we got uneasy about

Advertising Sales...................Josh Hicks Reporter........................ Carla Stutsman Reporter............................... Chris Agee Design, graphics............... Erienne Reed Design, graphics.................Eric Rebosio

Letters to the editor must be signed and include an address and the writer’s phone number. Anonymous letters will not be published, although the name of a letter writer may be withheld under certain circumstances. Letters should be as brief as possible, typewritten and double spaced. Letters endorsing political candidates will be published only as paid advertising. The deadline for letters to the editor is by 5 p.m. Monday. Mail letters to: Springtown Epigraph, P.O. Box 557, Springtown, TX 76082 Email letters to: or through:

something down ahead of us out to one side of the road. It would stick its head up above the sagebrush, then get down out of sight, and each time it stuck its head up it would be closer to us. Finally Mama told us what she saw and said we had better go back home for it might be something that would harm us. So we went back and I ran just as fast as I could, I was so frightened. We never found out what it was. “A short distance from where we lived there was thick timber. One day I was in a little draw near our house and I saw a deer across the draw from me. When I went in the house and told the family about the deer they went to look for it, but it was gone. It had darted back into the timber.” Laurie Moseley is an author, archeologist and historian who lives in Springtown. He is the director of Springtown’s Legends Museum.

109 East First Street • P.O. Box 557 Springtown, TX 76082 • Phone: 817-220-7217

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


County judge reviews packed bad smell meeting


as well as Wise County Judge Bill McElhaney and three Wise County Commissioners. Residents who spoke made valid points about the negative impact caused by the improper dumping of human sludge by Renda Environmental. Renda has a contract with the City of Fort Worth to haul the material from the municipal waste system. With proper application, we are told the application is safe and beneficial to the landowner. If that is true, then the application in this case was not done properly. A TCEQ staff member admitted at the hearing the application was not handled properly. As I have continued to research this issue, I have learned

he Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality (TCEQ) public meeting held August 13 in Springtown was well attended by residents from Parker and Wise Counties. At stake is the future rule making regarding the ability of outside companies to dump municipal waste on rural Texas, without any constraints, or at a minimum, without proper enforcement of the rules when the company violates them. Our citizens are to be commended for their thoughtful participation in the process. Commissioners George Conley, Craig Peacock and Larry Walden were in attendance

HB2996 was introduced in the p a s t Regular Legislative Session that would h a v e m a d e GUEST COLUMN dramatic changes in the Mark Riley process, potentially with the chance for imposing greater harm or more negative impacts. While the legislation added some reporting requirements for the companies, it changed the law from a permit process

to a registration process. Liability insurance minimums were to be reduced. Companies could also dispose of grease trap waste and grit trap waste in addition to the waste now disposed of in rural Texas. Thankfully this ill-conceived piece of legislation was killed on a point of order by State Rep. Geanie Morrison (R) Victoria. I tell folks do not expect the practice to be stopped. The key for those affected is to insist upon rules that are fair to the community, not just one-sided for the companies. We must insist on proper enforcement of the rules. Not selective enforcement. State agencies (specifically TCEQ and the Texas Railroad Commission) are not known for always protecting

the citizens in issues like this. Instead, the benefit of the doubt is given to the alleged violators. As a community, and as Texans, we want what is right, fair and just for all parties. There will be plenty of opposition to any change. At the hearing for HB2996 the companies were in full force. What you can expect to see is the companies might agree to some changes (perhaps similar to those in HB2996) in exchange for what amounts to a more lenient process in the long term, and the ability to change the product. Having watched similar processes in Austin before, it can quickly become a “smoke and mirrors” process. The deadline for submitting written comments on the rule

changes is August 30th. I encourage residents to submit their recommendations. Be specific about how you think the rules should be written and enforced. In addition, when the hearing is held in Austin before the TCEQ Commission, participation by residents is important. The industry, their lobbyists and municipalities will be in attendance fighting any meaningful change. We need to stand together to insure this process does not become worse than it currently is. Mark Riley is a Parker County judge. Reach him at

Abbott explains airline merger opposition


the legal violations appear so overt that it would offend my oath of office not to take action. “The legal action is based on evidence such as internal emails, investor presentations and other comments by top executives of the airlines. Those documents reveal their thinking about how shrinking competition in the airline industry — and, hence the merger — will allow the airlines to pile even more bag fees, ticket change fees and increased fares on customers. American and US Airways compete directly on thousands of heavily traveled routes. The merger would allow the new company to shed that competition and distort the marketplace — while harming competition for nearly 200 Texas routes.” American Airlines, in an Aug. 13 statement, announced plans “to mount a vigorous and strong defense to the U.S. Department of Justice’s effort to block their proposed

ttorneys general of Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia joined in the U.S. Justice Department’s Aug. 13 anti-trust lawsuit intended to block the merger of Fort Worth-headquartered American Airlines and Tempe, Ariz., headquartered US Airways. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, in an Aug. 16 opinion piece first published by the Dallas Morning News, explained why he opposes the merger of the two carriers. Here's an excerpt: “Why in the world would Texas file a legal action challenging the merger of American Airlines with US Airways?” Abbott asked in his opinion piece. He answered his own question this way: “We believe that actions by the airlines and their officials violate antitrust laws. In fact,

of Wildlife and the Center for merger." “We believe that the De- Biological Diversity asks Fish partment of Justice is wrong & Wildlife to reconsider its in its assessment of our merg- June 2012 decision not to list the dunes sagebrush er. Integrating the lizard as an endancomplementary netgered species. works of American In an Aug. 16 and US Airways to agency news rebenefit passengers lease, Combs said is the motivation the lawsuit “could for bringing these have damaging efairlines together. fects on private Blocking this proproperty owners, competitive merger oil and gas producwill deny customers ers and agriculture access to a broader producers, as well airline network that STATE as the broader state gives them more CAPITAL economy” and that choices,” American Airlines stated. HIGHLIGHTS her motion, if accepted, would “enCombs files lizard Ed Sterling sure that no ruling is made without inmotion Comptroller Susan Combs put from those who would be last week announced she filed directly affected by a dunes a motion to intervene in an sagebrush lizard listing under endangered species lawsuit the Endangered Species Act.” The lizard’s range includes brought by environmental groups against the U.S. Fish parts of the Permian Basin, a region that accounts for 57 and Wildlife Service. The lawsuit by Defenders percent of Texas’ total crude

oil production and supports 47,000 oil and gas-related jobs, according to the Texas Railroad Commission. Fish & Wildlife, in a June 13 statement, said, “After a careful analysis of the scientific data and the protections provided by the voluntary conservation efforts, Service biologists determined the lizard is no longer in danger of extinction, nor likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future.” Feral hog grants awarded Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples on Aug. 15 announced the award of two feral hog abatement grants totaling $55,000 to certain Texas counties in an effort to enhance statewide feral hog abatement. Bell County, in partnership with Coryell, Falls, Hamilton and Milam counties, was awarded $25,000 to support abatement efforts and $30,000 was awarded to a partnership

between Caldwell and Hays counties, the agriculture department reported. “The feral hog population has exploded in the last 20 years, costing Texans untold millions of dollars,” Staples said. According to the agency, Texas is home to the largest feral hog population in the United States with nearly 2.6 million of the wild pigs. These voracious, intelligent, wide-ranging mammals cause about $500 million in damage in rural and urban Texas each year, the agency estimated. New laws to take effect Some 659 pieces of legislation passed in the 140-day regular session of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Jan. 8 through May 27, 2013, will take effect as new laws in a few days, on Sept. 1. Veteran state reporter and legislative analyst Ed Sterling is member services director for the Texas Press Association, whose 518 member newspapers have combined circulation of 3.7 million.


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Movie Man

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time trek highlights many black days of history You don’t see a lot of straight up dramas anymore. There was a time when movies with Big Important Themes were churned out in Hollywood, sent out to the sad Midwestern masses that needed some liberal educating. The Butler has a serious whiff of that Old School downtalking – but, dang, it’s pretty good down-talking. About the film Actually, the proper title of The Butler is Lee Daniels’ The Butler, changed because Warner Bros. claimed the former as a copyrighted title – almost 100 years ago. The Butler has the omnipotent Oprah Winfrey behind it and that counts for a lot. The Movie Man is no Oprah hata; she’s turned a generation on to reading and there is no better example of the American Success Story. Another good thing about Oprah is that, at the height of her mighty powers she dared to make an exceptionally daring movie from an exceptionally daring novel, Beloved (1998 Movie Man No. 256, a 6). Oprah can act. She was nominated for an Academy Award her first time out for her trying role as Sethe in The Color Purple. (Sadly, the 1985 movie is most remembered as going 0-for-11 at the Oscars.) Followers of their beloved Oprah didn’t know what to think about the hard R, startling Beloved. It opened to mixed reviews, and word of mouth about how shocking it was killed it in three weeks. It made back less than half its cost back. For the Movie Man, Beloved was one of those rare instances where a movie ended up being much different and better than he expected. He’s seen a lot of movies, but several scenes from the film still pop into his head 15 years later. The good thing about Oprah is her daring to take on unattractive roles. She does it again

in The Butler and she’s mighty good once more. (Not that she can’t be OK in other parts, even as herself in a funny episode of TV’s 30 Rock.) The plot Young Cecil (Forest Whitaker) flees the horror of the cotton fields. But, on his own, he discovers a solo black man finds little solace (or work or food) wandering the South. Starving, he breaks into a business and is caught. With rudimentary houseboy skills, he is taught to work and not be seen in upscale all-white establishments. One day, he catches the eye of the man responsible for hiring the White House staff. As a butler, Whitaker, ever subservient yet understanding that his lot in life has improved tremendously for him and his family – including wife Gloria (Oprah) and two sons, Lewis (David Oyelowo) and Charlie – becomes the most popular butler for seven presidents. But Whitaker’s home life is a mess. Oprah’s a hard drinker who begins to get a wandering eye when Whitaker’s job requires some long hours. And Oyelowo grows up to become a Civil Rights protester, much to the dismay of his parents. The contrast between the

The Butler


Civil Rights battles Starring: Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, David Oyelowo Directed by: Lee Daniels Rated PG-13: language, racial epithets, violence email:

... on a scale of 1-10

Movie Man generational lifestyles is hammered home: Whitaker silently serving while rising several notches in his life and Oyelowo fighting the power and injustice, constantly getting jailed. While Whitaker waits on presidents from Eisenhower to Reagan, Oyelowo grows militant, tries politics, and finally becomes a social activist in the ‘80’s. Eventually, the unbending father sees that his son is not the wayward soul he seems. What works While Oprah’s in fine form again, so is Oyelowo. He’s the real co-star with Whitaker and he’s super. Whitaker, an Oscar winner back in 2006 with The Last

King of Scotland playing Idi Amin, is strong, but this role is a lesser one than Scotland. That one was the role of a lifetime – but as The Butler could get some sort of honors nod. Daniels’ direction is very good. The movie is over two hours long and it’s never boring. (But see What doesn’t work) The movie travels decades and the styles of music and clothing are well realized – especially with the groovy 1970’s clothes. There’s a lot of stunt casting here. Old-timers will wince at Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan. Music fans will enjoy spying Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz.

Stars playing the presidents vary. Robin Williams as Eisenhower is fair, John Cusack not so much as Nixon. The Movie Man liked gutsy Liv Schreiber as LBJ best. Best scene Oyelowo has brought his revolutionary girlfriend to a family dinner. Things run off the rails early with Oprah trying to be the peacemaker. But when Oyelowo dares to insult Whitaker’s profession, Oprah turns on him and his blank of a girlfriend and throws them out in a huff. It’s a great scene. What doesn’t work The Butler really staggers at the end, becoming the preachy liberal movie that so many conservatives were afraid it was. The last 15 minutes could go. There’s a Forrest Gump youare-there funk all about The Butler. The movie is almost like a travelogue through pivotal points in history – that’s fine, but you can click off your fingers what’s coming next. By piling all those monumental points up, the film loses some clout. A stronger focus on a few specifics would’ve worked better. The rating There’s an f-bomb and regu-

Plaza Cinema IV 920 W. Thompson, Decatur


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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones PG-13

R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R R Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters 2D/3D PG Planes 2D/3D PG Elysium R The Smurfs 2 PG Despicable Me 2 PG You’re Next The Butler Jobs Paranoia Kick Ass 2 We’re The Millers

Weatherford Cinema 10 strongly enforces the National M.P.A.A. Rating System. NO ONE UNDER 17 will be admitted into an “R” rated movie without being accompanied by their parent. There are no exceptions to this policy and I.D. WILL BE CHECKED.

For times & info.


Box Office Opens: Sun - Fri 12 pm · Sat Only 9:30 am 1000 Cinema Drive in Hudson Oaks 1 mile West of Lakeshore Drive, off of Fort Worth Highway

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lar scattered language, including racial epithets, with copious smoking and drinking. Factor in some violence and this is a stout PG-13. Summing up The Butler hits the historical high notes and that makes it important for those unfamiliar with the turbulence of those times. It’s greatest benefit is the illustration that Civil Rights and Vietnam had quite an impact on black middle class families, too. Next up You’re Next, even though it’s two years old.



3980 Boat Club Rd Lake Worth SERVING FOOD, BEER & WINE




Fri - Sun: 11:15, 4:45, 10:15 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 4:45, 10:15


Kick Ass 2

(ID Required) R Fri - Sun: 12:15, 2:45, 5:15, 7:50, 10:25 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 2:45, 5:15, 7:50, 10:25

Mortal Instruments


Fri - Sun: 1:15, 4:15, 7:10, 10:05 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 1:15, 4:15, 7:10, 10:05


Fri - Sun: 2:15, 7:45 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 2:15, 7:45


Starts Friday, Aug. 23

Fall Hours Start Sept. 3

Percy Jackson 2D


Starts Wed, AUG. 21

Mortal Instruments


Fri - Sun: 11:00, 1:40, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 1:40, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15

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Lee Daniels The Butler PG-13

Fri - Sun: 11:10, 1:30, 3:55, 6:30, 9:00 Mon - Thurs8/29: 1:30, 3:55, 6:30, 9:00


The Butler



2 Guns


Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters


Coming soon - The Heat and Turbo

Movie Line



Fri - Sun: 11:05, 1:55, 4:45, 7:30, 10:20 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 1:55, 4:45, 7:30, 10:20

We’re the Millers

(ID Required) R Fri - Sun: 11:45, 2:30, 5:05, 7:50, 10:30 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 2:30, 5:05, 7:50, 10:30

You’re Next

(ID Required) R Fri - Sun: 11:20, 1:50, 4:30, 7:15, 10:05 Mon - Thurs 8/29: 1:50, 4:30, 7:15, 10:05




Up To 5 Meg/2 Meg .....$39.95 Up To 10 Meg/2 Meg ...$69.95

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We put our hearts into caring for Gracie. Gracie Galindo-Durham came to the ER at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle experiencing shoulder pain and shortness of breath. Her doctor stayed with this wife and mother past her shift until the diagnosis

“They were very encouraging and very calming.”

was complete. And the staff made sure Gracie and her family were cared for every step of the way. “I really feel like I got special attention. So if they did that for me, I am sure they do

that for everybody.” We love to hear that, Gracie. After all, our goal is to ensure the well-being of every patient in our community by providing competent, compassionate care.

4800 Keller Hicks Rd., Keller TX 76244 · 817-745-3000 · 1-877-THR-WELL

*Rates are subject to change and exclude applicable taxes and fees. Prior to Internet installation, computer is required to have a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed. Customer will be charged a $35 fee if an additional installation visit is required. For optimum performance, the following minimum configuration is recommended for your computer: Windows XP/Mac 10.3 or later version, Processor running at 300 MHz or faster with 1 GB of RAM and 500 MB of available disk space. Internet speeds are not guaranteed and actual Internet downstream and upstream speeds will vary. Internet speed can be affected by the configuration of your computer (CPU speed, RAM, etc.), Internet/network congestion, customer network configuration (wiring, use of routers or other equipment, etc.) and the speed of Web site servers you access. Uninterrupted use of these services is not guaranteed. Phone service not required.

Doctors on the medical staff practice independently and are not employees or agents of the hospital. © 2013

HMA1301-WellBeing5.292x10.5_v1.indd 1

4/9/13 3:31 PM



COMMUNITY Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coach .

races into retirement BY MARK K. CAMPBELL On his final day as a public school teacher May 31, Azle coach/teacher Don Ostermann sent out an email to friends, family, and cohorts. From his young days beginning school until the end of May 2012, he said he had seen 55 first days of school. And he “was a little apprehensive on every one of them.” He added that he’d seen 55 last days of school and “was glad to see every one of them.” He won’t have to worry about those unique days anymore. Ostermann, a track coach respected throughout the area, retired after 39 years of coaching, 33 of them in Azle.

the gold medal. After that last race, a Baylor assistant coach came up to him and said the Bear head coach wanted to talk to him. “I was all ready to go to North Texas,” Ostermann said. “I made a visit to Baylor when they had the Southwest Conference Track and Field Championships there.” Coach O. went to Baylor on an athletic scholarship and competed all four years in Waco. To this day, he remains friends with Robinson, the track coach at Mesquite Poteet, an oval where Ostermann took his Hornets annually for years to compete outside the usual nearby meets. He would keep running ally, completing several through the years.

A pretty fast runner Coach O., as he is affectionately called by all, knew what he was talkThe 2009 district cross country meet was moved to the streets surrounding Azle High School because of coning about when it came to track, espestant rain like this downpour coach Don Ostermann waded through. Photo by Mark K. Campbell cially running. his Bachelor of Science in December Muenster as the high school and ju- competion that contained 5A and 4A He has been there, done that. recreation- 1973 – one year after he married a nior high football, track, and basket- schools only, Ostermann took a team As a Windthorst sophomore in to the Arlington meet. ball coach. marathons Windthorst girl, Cathy. 1967, Ostermann finished fifth in the “I think we were the first non-4A “I made $1,000 coaching – $9,000 Ostermann took his first job in state in the 880-yard dash. school to ever compete in cross counMuenster and quickly found himself my first year,” he chuckled. As a junior, he took second behind At Muenster, the budding sport ty,” he said. immersed in the profession. Early coaching Doug Robinson. Coach O. moved on to Waco Con“I was one of three coaches there,” of cross country sprouted and, deAfter spending a fifth year as a In Austin in 1969, Ostermann beat Robinson in the two lap race to win graduate assistant, Ostermann got he said, adding he spent four years in spite being a 2A school in a regional PLEASE SEE COACH, PAGE 2B.

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PRESERVING AND EXPANDING ACCESS TO CULTURE AND HISTORY a project of the Parker County Library Association PEACH is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act.

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Made Possible With Funding Through Centers For Disease Control And Prevention


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coach retires after 39 years of teaching “It was mostly just taping ankles and knees,” Ostermann said. “You’d get where nally next. “I knew a guy there and I was you were going then start taping. I didn’t interested in getting back to Waco,” he know what coaches did before football said. games; I was taping.” One year in Waco was enough. With Ostermann said he replaced coach Jerry two young children and the crazy hours Hall who had a strong program in place. required for head In Coach O’s coaching track first year in Azle and assisting in ‘80, he led the with football, Osboys cross country termann stepped team to the regionout of coaching al championship. It and returned to happened again in Windthorst – 1984. during the hottest Repeating got summer on retougher as “other cord at the time, schools got serious 1980. about cross coun“I did constructry.” tion and paintStill, Azle won ing,” he said. six district titles “There was lots in a row in the of work because 1990’s. of the Wichita On the oval, OsFalls tornado.” termann carried on But Coach the tradition of the O. was a coach. Hornet Relays. He When he heard never missed in his about an open33 years in Azle ing in Azle, he and Hall had held checked it out. the annual event the previous “sevA longtime Horen or eight years,” For the first time in 9.900 classroom Coach O. said. net Sonny Lang days, Don Ostermann is absent; he reOstermann went Photo by Mark K. Campbell to state his first was the athletic tired last May. director in the year here with Azle ISD in 1980. He hired Ostermann to John Vance and Kelly Taylor. Coach O. be the boys and girls cross country coach would return with other Hornets. The recent resurfacing of the track at and head track coach as well as an assistant Hornet Field is the fifth replacement since in football. “I thought Azle might be a good place to he has been in Azle, he said. stay,” Ostermann said. “My grandparents Coaching kids on my mother’s side had lived in Azle.” Ostermann said his philosophy in coachSo had other aunts and uncles. Aside from coaching, Coach O. per- ing track is not detailed. “They usually figure out in junior high formed another duty for years, one that has gained prominence now but was new at the what they want to do,” he said. “I let time – trainer. He was the official trainer for AISD from the kids decide then let them try others.” 1980-85 and again from 87-91. n COACH, FROM PAGE 1B.

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Chris Opella, MD

He learned early on that speed was not an Azle asset. So Ostermann focused his squads on hurdling, distance, and field events. That tactic brought many district titles to the AHS trophy case through the decades. “Having speed was a plus. We stressed hurdles and mid-distance which allowed us to have some good mile relay teams,” he said. “We could always be competitive.” From his childhood through his coaching career, Ostermann figured he has been to around 500 track meets – 49 seasons worth. He’s won his own share of kudos and directed hundreds of Azle athletes to successes of their own, including a couple of AHS track squads that won back-to-back titles and sent as many as 11 to regional meets to compete. Not to mention, as he noted in that previous email, he has seen 1,000 football games and “no telling how many miles I’ve ridden on a Yellow Dog [school bus].” Retired...kinda There’s no way to keep Coach O. away from an oval. Instead of directing the Hornet Relays, he’ll now volunteer. And he’ll do the same in other sports – like running the clock for football games. “I plan to volunteer coach and help out wherever they need me,” he said. Retiring wasn’t a hard decision, he said. “Once any teacher reaches the point to retire with full benefits – 30 years – you start to think about it. I pushed it to 38.” Certainly, he’ll still be around: “We plan to stay in Azle; it’s home to our kids.” Coach O. added, “It has been a great experience. I’ve enjoyed every day – some more than others – but still I can say I have done what I wanted to do.” That includes helping hundreds of Azle youth excel.

Emergency Calls

Springtown Fire Department Saturday-Friday, August 10-16 Aug. 10 Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16

8:20 p.m................. EMS..........................................................City of Springtown 11:35 p.m................. Utility lines....................................................Springtown area 1:48 a.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 5:08 a.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 10:45 a.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 3:13 p.m................. Mutual aid...............................................Mutual aid La Junta 3:44 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 6:09 p.m................. Lift assist.................................................Mutual aid La Junta 3:28 a.m................. Vehicle accident...........................................Springtown area 10:54 a.m................. EMS..........................................................City of Springtown 8:45 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 3:59 a.m................. Gas/propane leak/investigation....................Springtown area 9:37 a.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 4:41 p.m................. EMS..........................................................City of Springtown 10:40 a.m................. EMS..........................................................City of Springtown 12:22 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 5:14 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 6:13 p.m................. Vehicle unlock...........................................City of Springtown 6:50 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Springtown area 6:42 p.m................. EMS..........................................................City of Springtown

La Junta Volunteer Fire Dept. Saturday-Friday, August 10-16 Aug. 10 Aug. 11 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 16

2:33 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Mutual aid Reno 2:40 p.m................. EMS.............................................................Mutual aid Reno 8:16 p.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 8:41 p.m................. Illegal burn....................................................... La Junta area 9:01 p.m................. Illegal burn....................................................... La Junta area 6:23 a.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 3:07 p.m................. Grass fire.....................................................Mutual aid Reno 5:43 p.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 1:14 p.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 3:13 p.m................. Structure fire................................................Mutual aid Reno 6:09 p.m................. Lift assist.......................................................... La Junta area 1:01 a.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 6:33 a.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 4:28 p.m................. EMS................................................................. La Junta area 11:05 a.m................. Motorist assist..............................................Mutual aid Reno 2:29 p.m................. Vehicle accident................................Mutual aid Silver Creek

Silver Creek Fire Department Saturday-Friday, August 10-16 Aug. 10 Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15

2:31 p.m................. Station coverage..........................................Mutual aid Aledo 3:13 p.m................. Structure fire.............................................. Silver Creek area 8:41 p.m................. EMS........................................................... Silver Creek area 10:24 p.m................. EMS........................................................... Silver Creek area 11:07 a.m................. EMS........................................................... Silver Creek area 4:56 p.m................. Vehicle accident......................................... Silver Creek area 5:14 p.m................. Vehicle accident......................................... Silver Creek area 9:25 p.m................. Vehicle accident......................................... Silver Creek area 10:21 p.m................. Vehicle accident......................................... Silver Creek area 10:27 a.m................. EMS........................................................... Silver Creek area 3:33 p.m................. Grass fire................................................... Silver Creek area

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U S !



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scouts head for adventures Boy Scout Troop 147, sponsored by First United Church of Azle, took off to Colorado for a variety of adventures. For two weeks, campers from Azle, Springtown, Rhome, Paradise, and Saginaw headed to Rye and Colorado Springs. During the first week at San Isabel Ranch in Rye, Scouts earned over 90 merit badges in areas like emergency preparedness, metalwork, cooking, search and rescue, wilderness survival, fly-fishing, shooting, and climbing. Week two in Colorado Springs had Scouts set up a base camp where they ventured forth.

The group visited Garden of the Gods and Bishop’s Castle, toured caves, zip-lined at the Cave of the Winds, and completed a ropes course over a gorge. The ventured to Pikes Peak where the Scouts camped before backpacking down the mountain. Scouts also whitewater rafted. For information on the local Troop, conatct Scout Master Charlie Martin 817-239-0050 or committee chariman Marcey Martin 904-433-2075. The Troop meets each Monday from 7:30-9 p.m. at the church, 200 Church Street.

PARKER COUNTY ARRESTS The following individuals with addresses listed in the Azle or Springtown areas were arrested and booked into the Parker County jail during the week of Aug. 12-17. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 30-year-old Springtown woman Aug. 12 for a Tarrant County charge of cruelty to animals. She was released the following day. A 20-year-old Springtown man was arrested by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies Aug. 12 for no driver’s license when unlicensed, no liability insurance, no driver’s license, and failure to appear. He was released Aug. 15 on $1,815 bond and with fines totaling $1,063. A 38-year-old Springtown man was arrested Aug. 13 by the Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace for driving while license invalid. He was released Aug. 15 after posting $942 bond and paying a $471 fine. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Sunnie William Jordan, 34, of Springtown, Aug. 14 for assault causing bodily injury of a family member. He was released the same day on $2,500 bond. Joel Warren Wallace III, 27, of Springtown, was arrested Aug. 14 for assault causing

bodily injury/family violence – motion to revoke probation. As of Aug. 20, he remained confined without bond. Springtown police arrested a 35-year-old Springtown man Aug. 14 for failure to maintain financial responsibility and failure to appear. He was released Aug. 18 after posting $650 bond and paying a $650 fine. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 21-yearold Springtown woman for no driver’s license and violating a promise to appear. She was released the following day on $618 bond and with fines totaling $427. Jason Wayne Hall, 27, of Springtown, was arrested Aug. 15 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for theft of material less than $20,000 and possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces. As of Aug. 20, he remained confined under a combined $8,250 bond. Department of Public Safety troopers arrested William Lawrence Hewson, 48, of Azle, Aug. 15 for possession of a controlled substance less than one gram and possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces. He was released the following day after posting a combined

Boy Scout Troop 147 based in Azle camped overnight on the side of Pike’s Peak. They are Josh Alen, Phillip Benavides, Zach Bryan, Travis Coe, Mac Foster, Joseph Jolly, Casey Martin, Trebor Mort, Gunnar Motlagh, Christian Nelson, Dylan Penwell, Zach Scuito, David Snook, Jeremy Snook, Colton Unger, Kim Allen, Patrick Bryant, Charlie Martin, Robert Mort, and Angel Unger.

$8,250 bond. Springtown police arrested a 23-year-old Springtown man Aug. 15 for driving while license invalid with previous conviction or suspension. He was released the following day on $750 bond. Raymond Ernest Oxford, 37, of Springtown, was arrested Aug. 15 by Springtown police and faces one count of assault causing bodily injury of a family member. He was released later the same day on $2,500 bond. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested John David Bearden, 45, of Azle, Aug. 16 for assault of a family or household member with previous conviction – commitment. He remained confined without bond as of Aug. 20.

James Cleo Graham, 43, of Springtown, was arrested Aug. 16 by Parker County Sheriff’s deputies for a parole warrant. He remained confined as of Aug. 20 without bond. Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Cameron David Ohara, 27, of Azle, Aug. 17 for conspiracy to possess a controlled substance between 1 and 4 grams – commitment. He remained confined as of Aug. 20 without bond. Springtown police arrested Trent Hunter Whitten, 22, of Springtown, for assault of a family or household member by impeding breathing or circulation and interfering with emergency call. He was released the same day after posting a combined $10,000 bond.

Lake Report Conservation Level Lake Bridgeport 836.00 Eagle Mountain Lake 649.10 Richland-Chambers Res. 315.00 Cedar Creek Lake 322.00 Lake Arlington 550.00 Lake Benbrook 694.00 Lake Worth 594.00

Current Level 816.67 644.28 306.20 316.22 544.76 687.53 590.65

Current Status -19.33 -4.82 -8.80 -5.78 -5.24 -6.47 -3.35

*Data provided by USGS, August 21

reno PoLiCe DePt.

inveStigationS The following offenses occurred or were reported Aug 11-17 and are being investigated by Reno police. Aug. 11

Aug. 12 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 Aug. 17

1300 block Arvel Circle .................................................... Disturbance 4800 block E. Hwy 199 ..............................................................Alarm 1300 block S. Reno Road ......................................Suspicious person 600 block Miller Road ................................................. Missing person 1600 block E. Reno Road .................................Domestic disturbance 11000 block FM 730 ...............................................................Burglary 11000 block FM 730 ................................................................ Assault 100 block W. Reno Road ................................. Assist fire department 1000 block Forest Oaks Drive.................................Meet complainant 600 block S. Reno Road ......................................... Child custody call 800 block Old Reno Road ...........................................Loose livestock 1400 block Arvel Circle .................................................... Disturbance 11000 block FM 730 ...................................................................Alarm 3900 block Springfield Road ..................................Suspicious vehicle 4800 block E. Hwy 199 .................................................. Assist PCSO 11000 block FM 730 ..........................................................Extra patrol 1500 block Arvel Circle ............................................... Missing person 11000 block FM 730 ...............................................Intoxicated person 600 block E. Browder .........................................................Animal call 1000 block Nelson Road ........................................Suspicious vehicle

If you have information regarding any of the incidents above, please contact the Reno Police Department at 817-221-2500.

Zelphany’s Place New and Used Goods 5050 S. Hwy 199 Springtown


Landscape & Irrigation LI-0011957

8 1 7-91 5 -42 01

Custom Rock W ork

Stone B orders, W all s, Walk ways & Patios

Landsc ape Design & In stall ation

Sprinkler System De sign & Installation

Service & In stallati on of Lake Pump Systems

Since 1971

Welcome Back At Devon, we understand that children need the support of teachers and parents to succeed – as well as their community. That’s why we’re proud to support North Texas schools.

Welcome back. We wish you the best of luck this school year.

Irrigation in Texas is regulated by t he Texas Commis sion on E nvironmental Qu ality, P.O. Box 130 87, Au stin , TX 7 8711-30 87

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Dr. Paul R. Farmer Serving Azle and surrounding communities for over 20 years

MACULAR DEGENERATION Find out if special telescopic or microscopic glasses can help you see better. Pricing starts at $1,900.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

& Azle News The


Springtown Epigraph N


This devotional and directory is made possible by these businesses who encourage all of us to attend worship services.


5207 E. Hwy. 199, LaJunta 817-221-3989 IGLESIA BAUTISTA Nueva Jerusalen 6640 Midway Rd., Springtown C 817-677-2907 HARVEST TIME APOSTOLIC AIR • G Keith Hufsey East INDIAN OAKS PRIMITIVE 1 Block N. FM 2048 in Keeter N I AT 817-433-8220 BAPTIST CHURCH HE TACLB008874C West 3229 Shawnee Trail, Lake Worth ASSEMBLY OF GOD 817-237-8441 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD LAJUNTA BAPTIST 114 Porter Drive, Azle Hwy. 199 in LaJunta 817-237-4903 Since FELLOWSHIP OF LAKE WORTH 817-221-3989 LAKE WORTH BAPTIST 1989 4024 Dakota Trail, Lake Worth 4445 Hodgkins, Lake Worth 817-237-9433 817-237-4163 NEW BEGINNINGS CHURCH LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST 810 Goshen Rd, Springtown Quality Masonry work! • No job too small 6409 FM 730 S., Azle 817-523-4462 BRICK • STONE • GLASS BLOCK 817-444-4311 OUTREACH OF LOVE office: 817-444-2581 cell: 817-233-1126 METROPOLITAN BAPTIST Hwy. 199 W. at FM 2257, Azle 6051 Azle Ave., Fort Worth 817-221-2983 / 817-221-5760 817-237-2201 BAPTIST MIDWAY BAPTIST ASH CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH 4110 E. Hwy. 199, Springtown 300 South Stewart, Azle 817-221-LOVE 817-444-3219 NEW HOPE BAPTIST AGNES INDEPENDENT BAPTIST 782 New Hope Rd., Reno area SECURITY GATE 24 HOUR ACCESS 350 Agnes N., Springtown 817-221-2184 817-523-7271 NORTHWEST BAPTIST S Office next door to BETHEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST T 5500 Boat Club Rd., Lake Worth H 408 S. Ash St., Springtown LIG 817-237-6063 or 817-270-8476 Trinity Commerical Y T 817-220-4238 RI U SILVER CREEK BAPTIST C Contractors SE AZLE AVENUE BAPTIST 730 S. & Veal Station Rd., Azle 2901 Azle Ave., Fort Worth 817-444-2325 817- 626-5556 NEW BEGINNINGS BAPTIST CHURCH BRIAR FIRST BAPTIST 3605 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle West of FM 730 N. at sign, Briar 817-707-2741 817- 444-3484 PLEASANT GROVE BAPTIST BROOKSHIRE BAPTIST 200 Walnut Creek Ave. FM 2048 and CR 4677, Boyd 114 Brookshire Ave., Azle 940-433-5477 after hours 817-237-0892 SPRINGTOWN BAPTIST TEMPLE CALVARY HEIGHTS BAPTIST 201 J. E. Woody Rd., Springtown 817-523-0376 AIR CONDITIONING 1 block off Hwy. 199, east of David’s Patio, UNION BAPTIST CHURCH & HEATING Springtown, 817-221-2241 3451 Sarra Lane, Springtown Serving the Springtown, Azle, Weatherford & Fort Worth Area Since 1970 CENTRAL BAPTIST 817-613-1441 4290 Old Agnes Road - 817-594-5918 WALNUT CREEK BAPTIST CHRISTWAY BAPTIST 220 W. Reno Rd. in Reno 7673 West Hwy. 199, Agnes 817-221-2110 817-220-9133 or 817-220-3581 WEST PARKWAY BAPTIST CLEAR FORK BAPTIST 836 NW Parkway, Azle Corner of FM 730 & Ragle Rd., Weather- 817-444-3752 ford, 817-594-1154 PRIMERA IGLESIA BAUTISTA COTTONWOOD CREEK BAPTIST 301 S. Stewart, Azle 10905 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth 817-523-0074 817-238-8269 817- 237-8113 BIBLE COOLING & HEATING CROSSWAY BAPTIST CHURCH COMMUNITY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP 1355 Northwest Pkwy., Azle Sales · Service · Residential · Commercial 1405 Reynolds Rd., Reno 817-691-0000 817-444-7117 SPRINGTOWN CROSSROADS BAPTIST CHURCH CROSSING FELLOWSHIP Corner of FM 730 South & FM 1886 1177 Southeast Parkway, Azle 817-270-8476 Texas Air Condition Contractor License: TACLA014745E 817-381-5888 · 817-381-5808 EAGLE MOUNTAIN BAPTIST NORTHWEST BIBLE CHURCH 8780 Eagle Mtn. Circle, Azle 5025 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth 817-237-4135 817-624-2111 FAITH BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP SOLID ROCK BIBLE CHURCH 1411 Carter Road, Springtown 591 S. Reno Rd., Springtown 817-220-5828 817-221-3444 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF AZLE CATHOLIC 1017 Boyd Road HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC 817-444-4828 800 Highcrest Dr., Azle FIRST BAPTIST CASTLE HILLS 817-444-3063 401 Beverly Rd., Azle CHRISTIAN 817-237-3891 THE CHURCH AT AZLE FIRST BAPTIST LAKE WORTH 1801 S. Stewart, Azle 700 Charbonneau Tr., 817-444-9973 west side of Effie Morris Elementary 817-237-2624 AZLE CHRISTIAN (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST) FIRST BAPTIST LAKESIDE 8801 Jacksboro Hwy., Lakeside 117 Church St., Azle 817-444-3527 817-237-8113 AZLE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP FIRST BAPTIST BRIAR 35 West Forty Estates., Azle 6 miles N. of Azle on FM 730 817-688-3339 817-444-3484 CENTRAL CHRISTIAN FIRST BAPTIST COTTONDALE 1602 S. Main St., Weatherford 1 block N. of FM 2123, Cottondale Call Johnna to reserve this spot. 817-594-3043 940-433-5539 817-270-3340 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH FIRST BAPTIST PEASTER 4th & Main, Paradise FM 920 in Peaster GREATER VISION FELLOWSHIP 817-596-8805 1801 S. Stewart St., Azle FIRST BAPTIST POOLVILLE 817-825-0485 1 block W. of FM 920, Poolville LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN 817-594-3916 FELLOWSHIP FIRST BAPTIST SPRINGTOWN 404 Main St., Azle 5th & Main Street, Springtown 817-308-2557 817-523-7011 THE ABBEY CHURCH FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST 10400 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle 801 Friendship Rd., 9½ miles S. of 817-238-1404 Springtown off Hwy. 51 S. 817-594-5940 or 817-599-4917 VICTORY CHRISTIAN CENTER 737 Boyd Rd., Azle FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST 817-444-LOVE 5th & Main in Springtown 817-523-5477 WORD OF FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1¼ mi. S. of LaJunta GRACE BAPTIST 817-677-2577 3 miles N. of Springtown on Hwy. 51 across from Radio Tower CHURCH OF CHRIST HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH AZLE CHURCH of CHRIST 3577 FM 51 N., Weatherford 336 NW Parkway 817-564-3946 817-444-3268 HILLTOP FAMILY CHURCH BRIAR CHURCH of CHRIST CLEANERS 1227 Old Cottondale Road, 109 W.N. Woody Rd. Springtown, 817-220-7177 (½ block west of FM 730 N. in Briar) LAJUNTA BAPTIST 817-444-7102 “Serving Azle & The Community

817-283-6911 817-444-0090


RV, Trailer & Boat






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Warehouse full of rolls and remnants “Since 1979”

817-237-7871 8305 Jacksboro Hwy. Fort Worth, TX 76135

MIDWAY CHURCH of CHRIST 6400 Midway Rd. 817-221-2107 NEWSOME MOUND ROAD CHURCH of CHRIST 1460 Newsome Mound Rd. 817-677-3290 NORTHWEST CHURCH of CHRIST 6059 Azle Ave., Fort Worth 817-237-1205 POOLVILLE CHURCH of CHRIST West of FM 920 in Poolville 817-594-4182 SOUTHSIDE CHURCH of CHRIST 130 W. Bradshaw Lane, Springtown 817-221-2799 SPRINGTOWN CHURCH of CHRIST Just west of Hwy. 51 North 817-523-4419 TRI-COUNTY CHURCH of CHRIST 525 Hwy. 199 W., Springtown 817-538-8209

4300 Williams Spring Rd., Fort Worth 1 mile west of 820 on Jacksboro Hwy. JOHN KNOX PRESBYTERIAN 4350 River Oaks Blvd, River Oaks 817-642-9265


Garrett’s ngtown i r p S Drug

“Serving Springtown Since 1977” NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE 817-523-7227 Metro 817-220-7927 “Celebrating 13 years serving Azle area”


11480 FM 730 S 2 miles south of Azle


Se habla espanol Mon.-Fri. 9-5 Sat. 9-3

• New & Used Tires • State Inspections • Roadside Assistance • U-Haul Rentals

Joe Rider

Clarks Precision Machine & Tool

636 Profit St., Azle, Tx

43Years of Quality ISO 9001:2001 Compliant Check us out on our web site

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489 Hwy. 199 Springtown 817-220-2499

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DRY CLEANING & LAUNDRY 828 Boyd Hwy., Suite 110 • Azle, Texas 76020 Located in the 730 Shopping Center

Commercial & Residential

Experienced & Competitive Prices Repair & Installation Landscaping Sod/Hydromulching

Drains Rock & Stonework Landscape Lighting

Family Owned & Operated Since 1989 SENIOR DISCOUNTS • FREE ESTIMATES

817-270-0544 • 817-379-0545 Compliments of

Rural Gas Supply PROPANE

140 W. MAIN ST.


817-444-1052 MIDWAY CHURCH of CHRIST 6400 Midway Road • 817-221-2107 Evangelist: David Reeves Striving to do God’s Will according to God’s Word Come study with us. Sun. Bible Class .......9:30 am Worship Services ....10:30 am Sun. Evening .............5:00 pm Wed. Services ...........7:00 pm

“In business since 1946”

113 Denver Trail • Azle 817-444-3249 Fax 817-444-3275 STUDIO - 1 bath , 350 sq. ft. ONE BEDROOM - 1 bath, 450 sq. ft TWO BEDROOM - 1 bath, 642 sq. ft.



302 Palo Pinto Weatherford 817-594-3888 Front Row (L-R): Anita White, Bob White, Kari Wright and Mark Reynolds Back Row (L-R): Jim Cleaver, Bruce Duncan, Richard Woodman and Jay Morrill

Full Service Funeral Home Cremation Services • Pre-Need Plans Azle • Springtown • Mineral Wells • Weatherford 817-596-4811 •

Free Bible Courses offered (with postage paid both ways)

Call David Reeves at 817-597-5392 and leave a message or write us at 6400 Midway Rd. Springtown, Tx 76082


Our family serving your family since 1908

Propane, Inc.


Phone 817-444-2533 B.J. Clark

Azle Vision Source

1227 Old Cottondale • 817-220-7177

“Caring about what Jesus cares about... You!”


BETTER LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH 3131 E. Hwy 199, Spt 817-677-2300 CORNERSTONE COMMUNITY Specializing in Family Eyecare CHURCH 2233 Hwy 199 East, Springtown Therapeutic Optometrist 817-221-LIFE (5433) FAMILY CHURCH 9 miles S. of Springtown on Hwy. 51 601 B 817-599-7655 NW Pkwy • Azle FOUNTAIN OF FAITH 4397 E. Hwy 199, Springtown 817-304-4739 GRACE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH CHURCH OF GOD ABUNDANT LIFE CHURCH of GOD 2964 W. Hwy 114, Paradise 940-969-2427 4800 East Hwy. 199, Suite 7 Springtown, 817-677-3208 HARVEST FOR CHRIST CHURCH CHURCH OF GOD of LAKESIDE 1108 NW Parkway (Hwy 199), Azle 9500 Confederate Park Rd. (FM 1886) 817-740-5774 817-237-5500 or 817-237-7837 THE HOUSE OF PRAYER EPISCOPAL 1356 Reno Rd., Springtown ST. ANNE’S EPISCOPAL 817-221-2551 6055 Azle Ave., Fort Worth JUBILEE HOUSE 817-237-1888 11210 Hwy. 199 W., Poolville PROVIDENCE REFORMED 817-271-8008 EPISCOPAL 405 Bowie Dr., Weatherford LIBERTY LIGHTHOUSE 817-596-7476 120 S. Main St., Springtown ST. ELISABETH EPISCOPAL 817-523-0222 5910 Black Oak Lane, River Oaks OASIS CHRISTIAN CENTRE 817-739-0504 CHURCH & HEALING SCHOOL Celebrating over 25 years in business GOSPEL 1121 S.E. Parkway, Azle CENTRAL FULL GOSPEL POWERHOUSE OF PRAISE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH 3009 Delaware Tr., Lake Worth AZLE 1649 S.E. Parkway, Azle 817-237-7919 817-319-7364 JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES Rodney Gatlin, D.C. BRANDED CROSS KINGDOM HALL OF JEHOVAH’S COWBOY CHURCH 400 Boyd Court WITNESSES 3282 FM 2048, Boyd 76023 212 Pearson Lane, Azle 817-221-2242 940-636-9158 LUTHERAN SECRET PLACE MINISTRIES GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN 112 Optimist Rd., Springtown (MISSOURI SYNOD) 682-229-1433 1313 SE Parkway, Azle SPRINGTOWN 7TH DAY 817-237-4822 ADVENTIST Party Time Mini Style HOPE LUTHERAN (ELCA) Hwy. 199 4 miles west of Springtown Jackie and Tim Gray 4795 Hwy. 199, Reno GOSPEL GATHERING FELLOWSHIP 682-240-0205 Stagecoach Rides 817-221-HOPE 7315 Silver Creek Rd at Flatrock Rd, Azle Pony Rides METHODIST 817-313-1793 BOYD UNITED METHODIST GOSPEL WAY COWBOY CHURCH FM 730 North in Boyd 420 Jaybird Ln. (FM 2257/ Hwy 199) 940-433-5334 EAGLE MT. UNITED METHODIST Springtown, 817-225-8755 7955 Reed Rd., Azle LIGHTHOUSE HARBOR CHURCH 817-444-0226 1960 Long Circle, Pelican Bay FIRST UNITED METHODIST 817-444-3547 200 Church St., Azle JESUS NAME HOUSE OF PRAYER 817-444-3323 2813 E. Hwy. 199, LIGHTHOUSE FELLOWSHIP third drive past Boyd Feed Store 7200 Robertson Rd., Fort Worth 817-237-2758 817-221-4426 SILVER CREEK NEW LIFE FAMILY FELLOWSHIP UNITED METHODIST 525 W. Hwy. 199, Springtown 2200 Church Rd., Azle 817-523-2045 817-444-1382 NEW LIGHTED WAY FIRST UNITED METHODIST 624 Harbor Dr. Circle, Azle Hwy. 51 N & 3rd Street, Springtown 817-444-1577 817-523-7874 NORTHWEST TEMPLE OF PRAISE GARVIN UNITED METHODIST 3 miles West of Boyd on C.R. 4699 6781 Jacksboro Hwy., Lake Worth POOLVILLE UNITED METHODIST PRECIOUS FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH 1 block W. of FM 920 8601 Hwy. 199 @ Vance Godbey’s (behind Poolville Post Office) SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH 817-599-3601 603 SE Parkway, Azle THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS 817-444-3058 THE HOUSE OF PRAYER (THE MORMONS) 1356 Reno Rd., Springtown THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST 817-221-2551 OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS UNIVERSAL LIGHT OF CHRIST 1010 Timberoaks, Azle 6117 Graham St., Lake Worth 817-237-5075 817-881-3889 PENTECOSTAL REAL FAMILY FELLOWSHIP GRACE CHAPEL 202 Pearson Lane, Azle UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 3508 Shawnee Trail, Lake Worth 817-677-5963 817- 237-4844 SOULS HARBOR IGLESIA CRISTIANA JUDA 11701 Jacksboro Hwy., Azle 1649 S.E. Parkway, Azle 817-726-2065 PRESBYTERIAN WESTERN HARVEST GRACE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN FELLOWSHIP CENTER 606 Mockingbird Lane, Weatherford 6577 Old Springtown Rd., Weatherford 817-594-2744 817-523-2855 or 817-995-9087 ORTHODOX PRESBYTERIAN SHEPHERD’S HEART CHURCH CHURCH OF FORT WORTH 14435 FM 730 N • Azle Meeting at Northwest YMCA 940-577-1954 5315 Boat Club Road, Fort Worth 817-989-9800 WESTERN STAR COWBOY CHURCH CONVENANT ORTHODOX 790 CR 3696 • Springtown PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 817-880-5488




AUTO SERVICE CENTER 1088 E. Hwy 199 Springtown 817-220-5959

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Ad Classifications 1. Air Condition/Heating 2. ......................Antiques 3.................... Appliances 4..........Appliance Repair 5.....................Arts/Crafts 6............. Asphalt Paving 7........................ Auctions 8................ Autos, Trucks 9..... Auto Repair Service 10.........Backhoe Service 11............. Boats, Motors 12...............Bookkeeping 13..................... Business Opportunity 14........ Campers/Trailers 15...................... Carports 16...... Equipment Repair 17............ Carpet Service 18 ......................Catering 19...............Cement Work 20.................Ceramic tile 21................... Child Care 22................... Cosmetics 23...Computers/Services

24................... Electrician 25............... Equipment & Tool Rental 26 ................. Excavating 27............. Exterminating 28 ........ Farm Equipment 29 ...................... Fencing 30 .................... Firewood 31 .............................Free 32 ...................... For Sale 33 .................... Furniture 34.............. Garage Sales 35 .........Garden, Mowing Service 36........................ Hauling 37...............................Hay 38.............Health/Fitness 39 ............... Help Wanted 40 ...Home Improvement 41 ..........House Leveling 42.......... House Cleaning 43.................. Income Tax 44....... Janitorial Service 45................. Job Wanted

001 Air Conditioning/Heating



Appliance Repair

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Trailers & Farm: 1990 20’ Gooseneck Trailer with Reinforced Floor (Used to haul Buffalo), 16’ Bumper Pull Stock Trailer, 16’ Flat Bed Utility Trailer with Ramps, 30’ Dual Axle Steel Bed Flat Bed Gooseneck Trailer, Kubota Tiller, Hay Fork, Head Gate, Squeeze Shoot, Heavy Duty Stock Panels Used for Buffalo approximately 30, Feed Troughs, Saddles, Saddle Rack, Tack, and other Horse Related Items, etc. Furniture: 8’ X 4’ Solid Slate Pool Table, Pool Cues and Holders, Pool Balls, Amazing Ranch Dining Table and Chairs, King Bedroom Set, Roll Top Desk, Coffee Table and End Tables, Beautiful Grandfather Clock, Antique Hutch, Chairs, Lamps, Light Fixtures, Persian Rug, Bunk Beds, Outdoor Furniture, Grill, Smoker, etc. Glass & Collectibles: Lots of Wonderful Glass such as Fenton, Indiana Cobalt Blue, Depression, Wedgewood, Crystal, Fitz & Floyd, Antique Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar, Complete Set of Gold Silver Ware, Antique Clocks, Antique Dolls, Collectible Barbie Dolls, Buffalo Horns, Long Horns, China Sets, and so much more. Art: Chuck Dehaan Print Signed with COA, Other Western Oils and Prints, Dalhart Windberg Print, and more. Box Lots: Over a Hundred Box Lots full of Treasures.


Asphalt Paving

A sphAlt & G rAvel


Seal Coating, Pot Hole Repairs, Crack Filling 817-907-7410 • 817-221-2125 008

Combo (Azle & Springtown)........$8.00

This Auction will include but is not limited to:



Up to 16 words, first insertion:

Trailers * Antiques * Furniture * Farm Equipment * Tools

ABSTEIN’S APPLIANCES. I’m back! All major appliance repair. 817-5285030 or 817-237-3661.

Autos, Trucks

Get rid of those yard cars, as well as good used cars. Arvin 817-9258768. WANTED: Dead, Running or Wrecked Cars. 817-319-4185.

Preview 9-4 Friday, August 23, 2013


Boats, Motors


2001 Procraft Bass Boat, 17’ 2” outboard, 2001 Mercury, 90 HP, Lowrance X97 & LMS-320 GPS Systems, $5,000. 817-888-1179. 16 ft. V-bottom boat with 2004 Johnson 15 HP motor, with trailer and new tires. 361-229-2536.


Campers & Trailers

2004 Anniversary Edition Mustang, exceptionally clean, loaded. A must see. Oh, it’s red! $8,995. Joe 817-905-9095.

Cement Work

Allen Chesney Concrete All Types of Concrete Work Residential - Commercial Foundations, driveways, sand, gravel, demolition, haul-off, retaining walls 817-271-4541

Kiley Chesney Construction Dirt & Concrete Work Driveways • House Slabs • Garages • Add-ons Small Land Clean-ups • Gravel Driveways Kiley Chesney, Owner Springtown, TX • Mobile 817-846-6645

J.A.M. Concrete

FOR SALE: 7’x16’ 2003 Food Trailer w/new snow cone machine, self contained, cold A/C. $8,250 OBO. 817-585-0366.

All Types of Concrete, Building Pads, Driveway, Patios, Walk Jim McKiel 30 yrs. exp.


FABULOUS DEAL! Practically new 2012 24’ FunFinder Travel Trailer, only used only 4 days! Fully Loaded. Includes equalizer hitch & electric tongue jack. Only $19,000. 817-444-3383 after 2PM. Serious inquiries only please.


Child Care

ARK CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER is now enrolling for our accredited preschool, ages 2-5 starting Sept. 3. Also enrolling infants and school-age children, Mon-Fri, 6A-6:30P, 3 meals and 2 snacks. 817-237-3711.




BULLDAWG ELECTRIC CO. All types of electrical services and MH hook-ups. Free Estimates. 817-675-4921 TECL#25253.

Continued next column...




Sand, Dirt & Gravel Qualified Family Business Since 1938

☺ All types materials delivered ☺ Excavation—Final Grade—Demolition We Shape the World to Fit Your Needs! You have a Friend in the Business!

Cliff Hall



Dump Truck Hauling


817-919-3696 Bobcat & Tractor Service

• Lot Clearing • Driveways/Parking Lots • Pasture Mowing


ALL TYPES OF EXCAVATING Tanks • House Pads • Clearing Also .. Sand • Top Soil • Gravel

817-523-7248 • 817-239-6215

TOM'S BOBCAT SERVICE 444-5069 Exterminating



All types fences and metal buildings built and repaired. Portable welding, 817-444-6461. BOBBY’S FENCE. All types, free estimates, over 23 years experience 817-444-3213. RAY’S FENCE CO. Free Estimates, 817-444-2146, raysfencecompany@ KILEY CHESNEY CONSTRUCTION All Types Fences - Tractor Work 817-846-6645



All Types Fencing Installation & Repair, Portable Welding, Free Estimates, Senior Discounts. 817657-4963.

A d v e r t i s i n g Wo r k s ! 031

Wolfe commercial 10 minute tanning bed, works good, just out of room for it, $400/OBO. 817-995-3967.

Interested in buying used bikes and bike parts. Please call 817-233-1126 leave message.


Garage Sales

I PICK UP LEFTOVER YARD SALE ITEMS AND CLEAN OUT GARAGES FOR MERCHANDISE. 682-5839100. TEXAS CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE CLASSES in Azle/ Springtown. or 817757-6507. Multi-Family Yard Sale Friday & Saturday, 8AM, 124 Newsom Mound Road, Azle. Moving Sale Saturday, 8/24; Sunday, 8/25, 10A-? 534 Dunaway Lane, Azle.. 817-444-3967. All furniture must go! Moving Sale Saturday only, 8AM, 3189 E. Hwy 199. Everything must go-a little bit of everything. 4-Family Yard Sale Friday-Saturday, starts at 8AM, 549 Dylan Court, Azle. Multi-Family Yard Sale ThursdaySaturday, 7455 Portwood Road, Briar area. Small, medium & plus size clothes, kitchen items, bedding, curtains, shoes, furniture, knick knacks. Friday-Saturday, 7A-? 309 Thomas Road, Azle. All metal deer stand on wheels, Martin Linx compound bow, 2011 Craftsman riding mower, baby stuff and misc. Huge Multi Family Sale Saturday, 7A-2P, 732 County Road 3696, Springtown. Furniture, clothes, tools, etc.

035 Garden/Mowing Service Tractor, garden, tilling and brush hogging small acreages. Call Floyd at 817-220-6260. RICH TOP SOIL $10-$20 per yard. David 817-300-4350. SEASON SMART TREE SERVICE. Fully insured, trimming, hazard prevention, removal, stump grinding, senior discount. Seth 817-829-9656. Tree trimming, removal, mow, weeding, cleanup, tilling, rake leaves, haul-offs. Free estimates. Kevin 817-363-0010.


Licensed and Insured


For Sale

Licensed Professional Services include Wire & Valve locates, Pipe repair, Head adjust or replace, System Design




NEW AETERTEK DOG TRAINING SHOCK COLLARS FOR SALE, $79 & up. Contact Jason at 817-4541896 for more information or visit Located in Springtown, Texas.

Irrigation Repair

ELECTRICAL SERVICES Springtown, Texas Randy Crocker

Child Care

HIDDEN CREEK STATE REGISTERED HOME CHILDCARE & PRESCHOOL. Excellent setup, classroom & playground. Ages 0-5. View pics on Craigslist. Mrs. Carla holds CDA/Education degree. 817221-3241.

Nobody does it better!


TECL 19419

Licensed home childcare and education provider. Ms. Kathy’s Learning Center 817-444-1808.

2003 Chevy Van, seats 7, auto, 216,000 miles, runs good, $2,500/OBO. 817-716-2072.

PLACE AN AD IN THE CLASSIFIEDS TODAY! 817-270-3340 817-220-7217


Carports and Patio Covers. All steel construction. Off-duty firefighter. 817-925-0922.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, new A/C, 4-wheel drive, leather, loaded, 167K miles, extra clean, $5,500. 817-937-3013. 2009 VW JETTA Diesel. 4 door, leather, sunroof, heated seats, 78K miles, in excellent condition, $12,900. 682-333-6894.


Reach more than 8,000 households with combo advertising in the Azle News and the Springtown Epigraph.


Judy Norred, Auctioneer Lic# 16795 · Phone# 940-577-1733


Most ads require payment in advance, but we do accept VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER by phone.

• Small jobs accepted • Rough landscaping • Jobsite clearing

All items sold as is where is. 10% Buyer’s Premium. Concessions by Café Conversation.

2010 Honda Civic, 37 mpg, great school car, $11,900. Tom 817404-3571.



10:00 AM Saturday, August 24, 2013 404 W. Main St., Azle, TX 76020

Electric stove top; double oven; washer & dryer...and misc. furnishings. 817-929-0503.


69................ Sand/Gravel 70................Septic Tanks 71..... Sewing/Alterations 72.............Sewer Service 73......................TV/Radio 74... Too Late to Classify 75.................. Upholstery 76....... Vacuum Cleaners 77........................ Wanted 78.................Well Drilling 79....................... Welding 80.............. Lots/Acreage 81..................Business & Commercial Property 82.......... Resort Property 83.......... Houses for Sale 84............. Mobile Homes for Rent 85............. Mobile Homes for Sale 86.... Mobile Home/RV Lots 87...........Rent Furnished 88....... Rent Unfurnished 89 .......... Wanted to Rent


TSC HEATING & A/C. Steve Ricketts. 30+ years experience, 2nd opinions, service and installations. TACLA 003575C. 817-929-4756.


46................Legal Notice 47.............. Lost & Found 48 Maintenance/Repairs 49...................... Masonry 50 Mobile Home Service 51................ Motorcycles 52.........................Movers 53.. Musical Instruments 54........... Music Lessons 55.............Miscellaneous 56........................ Notices 57........... Pets, Livestock 58..............Piano Service 59................Pool Service 60................Professional Services 61...................... Personal 62.....................Plumbing 63...............Public Notice 64............... Photography 65........................Printing 66........................Roofing 67.................... Recycling 68........................Storage


AIR WORKS BY SCOTT. A/C & Heating Service and installation, residential & mobile homes, Honest and Fair. TACLB017017E. 817-7248680 Boyd, TX.

Springtown Epigraph THE


Cute Kittens. Some white with rare blue eyes, some black longhair, some gray stripe. 817-523-6572.

STUMP GRINDING Don’t dig it! Grind it! 1 or 100 - We can do it. $65 minimum


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

817-270-3340 - Azle 817-220-7217 - Springtown 035

Garden/Mowing Service

Best Prices in Town!

FREE E stimat es Estimat stimates

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

• Clean Up • Mowing • Edging • Weedeating •Rake & Bag Leaves • Tree Trimming

NOW OFFERING: Brush Hog Services

Pete Garcia • Joe Garcia


Lic. #4346 & #6537

Commercial & Residential Sprinkler Installation & Repair Landscaping & Design · Drainage Rock & Stonework · Landscape Lighting Sod & Hydromulching Family Owned & Operated Since 1989 Experienced & Competitive Prices


817-270-0544 • 817-379-0545

Chad's Tree Service



Trimming • Removals - Stump Grinding Systemic Feeding • Brush Chipping • Cable Bracing

817-221-2201 • 817-246-5943 Insured for your protection

Firefighter Tractor


Tree Service

All work is done by off duty professional firefighters

Tree Removal & Trimming · Brush Hog · Box Blade Front Loader · Tiller · Truck & Trailer for Hauling

Jon Reed, Owner Call, Text 817-291-3955 or Email

Campfire Lawn & Garden Trees trimmed-removed Full lawn care & haul-offs

Insured • Azle since 1962 Compare Prices

No Job Too Small A.W. Teater

Terms Available

All major credit cards accepted

817-444-0861 817-690-4011 cell

Landscape Dependable and Reliable Online Account Sprinklers Management Lawn Care

Best Lawn Guarantee in Town

We’re Hiring!

• Sod • Stone Work • Flower Beds • Fencing • Clean Up • Trees


LI 19046

K&R Lawn Service Free Estimates, Competitive Rates, Lawn Maintenance, Raking, Hedge/Shrub Trimming, Scrap Metal Haul-Off

Call Kevin at 682-229-6400 036


Unwanted debris removed at a reasonable rate. Call Tom 817-4488578. Haul off brush, junk and trash; also do lawn care. Free estimates. Call Johnny 682-583-9100.



Fertilized Coastal Hay For Sale Round Bales - Will Deliver Springtown/Azle Area 940-389-1936 Fresh-cut square bales, second cutting, in barn, $8. 817-523-4262.


Help Wanted

LVN & CNA needed for Lake Worth Nursing Home. Contact Jon 817319-9073. Business is Booming! Now interviewing servers. Apply in person, Shinola’s Texas Cafe, Springtown.

Serving the Metroplex Since 1975 Family Owned • FREE ESTIMATES • INSURED SPRING DISCOUNT 10% OFF Residential • CommeRCial tRee Removal • topping pRuning • Feeding

817- 220-1141 817-444-9574


Help Wanted

NOW HIRING: 2 Openings at group homes located in Azle. 1 parttime & 1 full-time position. Both positions require working weekends. Must have clean criminal & driving records. Training will be provided. Please text or call 817-443-2494, Monday-Friday, 9A-5P. One experienced Telemarketer needed early AM hours, smoking okay. Call Mrs. Wright 817-6775134. Bartender needed. Apply in person at Honky Tonk Woman, 11509 FM 730 N., Azle. 817-444-6569. Full-time & part-time hourly positions in fast paced souvenier gift shop in Fort Worth Stockyards. Sales experience preferred, high school diploma required, no felonies. Contact Cara at The General Store 817-625-4061 or email resume:

Continued next column...



Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday Help Wanted

SPRINGTOWN ISD SUBSTITUTE ORIENTATION Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013 Springtown ISD Administration Offices 301 East 5th Street, 8:30 a.m. New applicants should complete an online application at prior to attending the orientation. Please bring your driver’s license, social security card, voided check and transcript to the orientation. All subs are required to pass a criminal history background check. (The individual pays the fees for this at time of fingerprint submission, not at the orientation). You will be given information at the orientation on submitting fingerprints for this background check, costs involved and scheduling an appointment. Anyone interested in substituting for SISD for the 2013-2014 school year must attend a substitute orientation. It is unknown at this time if or when another orientation may be held. Stylist (preferably with Clientele) needed at La Bella Salon in Springtown. Contact Kirstie 817629-7435. HUFFMAN IRRIGATION & LANDSCAPE NOW HIRING TECHNICIANS in Azle, Springtown & Metroplex area. Experience a plus Bilingual a plus Salary based on experience. 817-270-0544 or 817-379-0545 or email resume to HAIR STYLIST. Providing enthusiastic and fun atmosphere. Commission or Booth. 817-6583946, leave message. WELDER/FITTERS WANTED. Growing Fort Worth Manufacturing Co. seeking talented Welder/Fitters with experience on STICK, TIG & FLUX CORE. Apply and Test in person Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM @ NU ENERGY SERVICES, 7470 Winbrook Drive, Benbrook, TX 76126. 817-249-1440. MAINSTREAM (group home for adults with developmental disabilities) is hiring part-time Direct Contact Staff for 17 hour weekday shifts (2nd & 3rd shift) or 24 hour weekend shifts, paid training. Starting pay is minimum wage. Good potential for full-time employment. Call Sandra or Carole at 817-270-2747, Monday-Friday, 9AM-3PM. LAWN/LANDSCAPE CREW LEADER, Immediate Openings. Good working environment with competitive wages. Must be cleancut, honest, professional, valid DL and SS# and a clean record. Lawn care or landscape crew leadership experience required. Irrigation experience a plus. Bilingual a plus. W-2 job, not 1099. Call CLASSIC GREEN 817-479-9503 or service@ LANDSCAPE CREW, Immediate Openings. Lawn Care/Landscape Company offering good working environment with competitive wages. Must be clean-cut, honest, professional, valid DL, SS# and a clean record. Lawn maintenance or landscape experience preferred. Irrigation experience a plus. W-2 job, not 1099. Call CLASSIC GREEN 817-479-9503 or service@ Diamond Food Markets is looking for Data Entry Clerk for pricing department. Grocery experience preferred, Monday-Friday, 6A-3P. Apply at 150 Industrial, Suite 210, Azle. Located in Compass Bank, second floor. NURSES UNLIMITED, INC. is seeking enthusiastic ATTENDANTS to assist clients in the home with personal care, meal prep and light housekeeping. Part-time. EOE. Call 1-800-891-3940. Auto Mechanic needed with driver’s license and tools. Apply in person at Garcia Tire and Automotive, 11480 FM 730 S., Azle. Driver needed for pneumatic sand hauling, paid health insurance, safety bonus, vacation pay, CDL-A, pass drug, physical & MVR. For more details call 940-433-2519; 817996-9786. Part-time House Cleaners, will train. 817-602-1696. DRIVERS: Need Hometime, Miles? Sign-On Bonus! Dedicated Home Weekly! Rd Trip Runs! CDL-A, 1 year OTR. MTS. Recruiting: 800-7480192. Office/Clerical Help needed for construction company. Must be experienced with computers. Call 817-444-5371.

PLACE AN AD IN THE CLASSIFIEDS TODAY! 817-270-3340 817-220-7217


Help Wanted

040 Home Improvement

LOOK Vinyl Siding: Insulated Replacement


Windows: Complete Remodeling Lowest Prices: Best Material Free Estimates: Since 1963 817-991-6815

P L U S...

✔Be Part of a Growing Sales Team ✔Commission ✔Bonus Opportunities ✔5-Day Work Week ✔ Paid Holidays &Vacation ✔ Sales Experience a Plus; Will Train


Custom Homes BRIAN HENSLEY 817.229.7668


Chapman Carpentry Off-Duty Firefighter Professional & Dependable

Apply by Email to Or In Person to a Sales Manager at CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAM Equal Opportunity Employer

500 North US 287 in DECATUR


Wise Regional Health System

exterior & interior remodeling, patio covers, drywall repairs

Class A CDL Drivers with 2 years experience

Affiliated with Baylor Health Care System

817-946-6787 817-444-4198

Oilfield/Environmental Construction Transportation

For all of our available job opportunities, visit

Paid Weekly, Insurance, Aflac, Paid Vacations and much more

Steve Feltman Painting

Call Daniel 1-800-448-6323

A Not-For-Profit Hospital • EOE Decatur, TX • Job Line: 940-626-2525

Trucking Company 040 Home Improvement


WORKHORSE HANDYMAN SERVICES. Bathrooms, kitchens, roofing, remodels, mobile home repair and roof repair. Quality at a reasonable rate. 817-874-6109.

“Class A” Flat Bed Drivers and Frac Sand Haulers. 2 years of verifiable driving exp. $500 BONUS after 90 days, plus Benefits.

• Interior & Exterior • Bed • Commercial Residential • Texture • Tape • Seal & texture • Sheetrock repair/replace • Remove old wallpaper/seal & texture • Pole fence painting • Pressure washing Cabinetry/Wood Work/Staining

Call 817-800-9591 Steve 817-677-3130

Devin’s Handyman Service • Carpentry • Cement • Rock • Granite • Tile • Painting • Siding

817-444-7711 • 817-444-7774

040 Home Improvement Home Repair & Improvement. Solar screens installed, free estimates, reasonable rates, 25 years experience 817-681-7287.

• Insulation SUMMER • Kitchen/ SPECIAL Bath 20% OFF • Roof & with Gutters this ad! • Powerwashing • Decks

Call Devin at 817-341-6748

Before you buy vinyl siding or windows, call Jimmy for a free estimate 817-444-5270; 817-2967567.

Sebastian Enterprises

Keith Hays Construction Company. All types cement work, carpentry, roofing and metal buildings. 817220-7201


NEWFANGLED CLEANING. OldFashioned Cleaning DONE BY OWNER ONLY! Residential, cleanouts, move-ins & make-ready. 25+ years experience. Call or text Beth 817-361-2182 for more information.


817-239-9571 817-237-9571

WILLIE SIMON TILE & WOOD. Shower, Tub Surround & Backsplashes. 817-366-4555.

Professionally minded, detailoriented, enthusiastically motivated person, 9 years experience. Will Clean House, prepare for visitor or organize. Jody Clark 817-726-1084.


Let my 40 years of experience work for you. Integrity and quality work at affordable prices. BOBBY MCWILLIAMS PAINTING 817-8216377.


Many Happy Local Customers Since 1978

PAINTING, REMODELING, CARPENTRY. Home Improvement Special: $100 off any job of $1,000 or more. Painting, carpentry, sheetrock, storage buildings, porch covers, decks. 36 years experience. Call Bill Rosser now for a Free Estimate. 817-374-2566; 866-3743559.

House Cleaning Continued next page...

J ohn K idd P ain ting 817-406-4023

Exterior Painting Free Estimates

Home repairs, bobcat services, mowing, tractor mowing. No job too big or too small. 682-229-9145.


DEVIN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Carpentry, cement, rock, granite, tile, painting, siding, insulation, kitchen/ bath, roof/gutters, powerwashing, decks. SUMMER SPECIAL: 20% Off w/this Ad! 817-341-6748.

House Cleaning

Sell It In The Classifieds!

House Cleaning


GREEN Cleaning

Residential & Commercial

• All Natural & Safe Products • Family Owned & Operated • Fully Insured & Bonded • Free Confidential Estimate

BUDDY’S HANDYMAN SERVICE. Painting, kitchens, bathrooms, carpentry, sheetrock, tile, granite, floors, additions, decks and more. 817-694-7103.



1 TXism: “____ as hen’s teeth” 5 TXism: “beats anything I ____ saw” 6 TX Willie’s 1985 benefit: Farm ___ _ 7 TX Swayze film: “Red ____” (‘84) 8 TXism: “give __ _ rest!” (shut up) 9 disorderly crowd 12 TXism: “all over but the shouting” 17 TX Nolan Ryan had __ _____ clause in last Ranger contract 19 Fiesta Texas’ “Iron Rattler” was ______ before steel 21 TXism: “fast as _______ lightning” 22 this Tubb was the “Texas Troubadour” 23 take away the six-shooter 28 “____ in Peace” 29 TXism for “pond” 30 TXism: “call __ _ ___” (quit) 31 Denton’s Ann Sheridan was the “_____ Girl” 35 TX phrase in the Texas Crossword 36 TXism: “too big for ___ ________” 42 early TX cattleman “_______” Pierce 44 former Aquarena Springs had “_____ the Diving Pig” 46 estate inheritor 47 can do

49 “truth” so. of the border 50 this Lanham was 23rd gov. of TX (init.) 51 TX computer maker 52 Colo. ski destination 53 west TX climate 54 Ripley’s “Believe __ __ Not” 55 TXism: “shoots ____’ eye bullets” (good shot) 57 Kristin was __’_ mistress on series “Dallas” 23









5 6

by Charley & Guy Orbison


Copyright 2013 by Orbison Bros.









16 20



34 39

38 44





15 this Barbara was TX Hagman’s “Jeannie” 16 office furniture item 18 UT dropout Pat Hingle film: “Norma ___” 20 Cleveland OC Norv who was Cowboy OC in ‘91-’93 (init.) 23 __boll, TX 24 global manufacturing co. based in U.S. 25 jazz instrument of TX Ornette Coleman 26 TXism: “limp as _ ____ rag” 27 skin eruptions 32 TXism: “got knocked down a peg __ two”



41 45



47 50













1 TXism: “you’re _______ __ ____” (thinking alike) 2 one description of TX Howard Hughes 3 in Bowie Co. on 67 4 a pen name for TX Sandra Brown: ____ St. Claire 9 transit in Dallas or Houston 10 “Tallahatchie Bridge” song of 1967 11 TX Farrah film: “The Burning ___” 12 female sheep 13 no. Waco suburb 14 actor Drake in film “Son of Belle Starr”





58 “Grand ___ Opry” 59 TXism: “red ___” (liquor)



56 57 58 59

33 former Cowboy “Playmaker” (init.) 34 JFK’s boat __ 109 36 _ _ Bissinger wrote “Friday Night Lights” about TX football 37 TX Trini’s “If _ ___ _ Hammer”

38 cavalry swords 39 a Marx brother 40 TX Martha Hyer ‘65 film: “The Sons of Katie _____” 41 “spic ‘n ____” 43 TX legendary pitcher Nolan (init.) 45 many TXns ride this motorcycle (abbr.) 48 TXism: “long in the tooth” 49 Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson in 1994? 56 TX Tanya’s “Can _ ___ You Tonight?”



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

817-270-3340 - Azle 817-220-7217 - Springtown 042

House Cleaning

Your Cleaning Service Professional Cleaning since 1989 Phone hours: Mon thru Fri 7 am - 1 pm: 817-237-9848 PLEASE LEAVE VOICE MAIL our pros may be out chasing fairy dust


Pool Service

Pool service at an affordable price from friendly people you can count on!! GANNON SWIMMING POOL SERVICE 817-230-3838.



GFA/GRAHAM PLUMBING CO. “The Solution To All Your Plumbing Needs”


Backgrounds Checked We furnish Tools & Chemicals

Hospitality Guarantee “Your Way”

One time - Monthly - Bi-Weekly - Weekly, or as needed

You’ll love the care you get!


Masonry Azle, TX ,L.L.C.


commercial • residential

Landscape Designs, Patios, Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls, Mailboxes Free All Types Stone & Brick Work New Construction • Remodels Estimates

Cell 817-308-6512 Home 817-444-3806 email

CommercialResidential Serving Springtown, Azle, Boyd, Weatherford Area



Plumbing Repairs

Water Heaters Faucets

Since 1989

Slab Leaks

JAMES WOOD MASONRY. INC. Quality Masonry work! • No job too small



817-444-2581 cell:817-233-1126


817-444-3054 M10078

Motorcycles 066



Innerspace Storage Hwy 199, Springtown. Now renting all unit sizes, 24-hour access. 817-6774050. EAGLE RESORTS NOW OFFERING STORAGE for BOATS, RVS, ETC & Consignments Welcome $40-$50 per month Call 817-237-2527 or 817-504-9332 for more information. BOAT STORAGE: 12x24 ft. Stalls. Metal building. Each Unit has lockable double doors, includes electricity. Close to Pelican Bay boat launch. Only $42.50/mo. 817-4441234.




081 Business & Commercial

084 Mobile Homes For Rent 2-2 MH, very nice, 111-A E. Bradshaw Road, Springtown, $750/ mo. $600 security deposit. 817-2204095.


REDWOOD VILLAGE SUITE B AVAILABLE SEPT. 1ST. 900 sf, 2 executive offices with reception area, kitchenette, 2 covered parking spaces. Dumpster provided and water bill paid. Month-to-Month okay, $850/mo. 817-360-3627.


30’x40’ metal shop, has 2 offices, large work area and half bath. Available September 1st. 817-4445956.

Driveway gravel, top soil, septic rock, tandem dump trucks. Grady Mansell 817-713-7495.

BEST DEAL Dozer and Tractor Work (sizes ¼ inch up to 2 feet)


Jerry W. Mitchell


AZCO Self Storage

Quality Family Business Since 1938

RV, Boat or Trailer Spaces Available

$20. per month 1st Month Free! 

Office 11400 FM 730 N. Azle

LeasiNg s to r ag e UNits WEST SIDE STORAGE 817-220-5813 817-239-1670

STORAGE UNITS 1350 Liberty School Road

(817)221-2681 We go the extra mile to ensure you get more for your $. On House Pads, Driveways, Lot Clearing & Tractor Work, Etc.




U.S. Army Retired-but not tired! Careful moving-Cheap. Call Big Jim @ 817-237-5151.


Music Lessons

Piano Lessons $50 per month 405-919-4484.






Last Puzzle Solution M A S S S A B E R S



E N D E D WOO D E N E R N E S T T A N K M P H I T C H E S R A L P H V E R D A D A S P E N I T O R I N S E E S-1129

Find your new 4-legged friend in the Pets/Livestock Section of the Classifieds today! 057

ROOFING & METAL BUILDINGS 817-220-1794 817-304-4224 Tired of always replacing your roof? Call us for a metal roof quote.


We’ll be here after the storm.



  

817-270-3340 817-220-7217

Insurance Claim Specialists  




   

Commercial • Residential FREE ESTIMATES • FULLY INSURED Repairs • New Construction 28 Years in Azle

Fabrication and erection of quality metal buildings at reasonable prices, any size - any design Office

Due to health problems, need to sell miniature horses. 817-253-1292.

Carolyn’s Critter Sitter Pet Sitting Specialist Local References


Menix Pet Lodge

Climate Controlled Kennels Dog Runs, Large Yard


Certified PREFERRED CONTRACTOR State Applicator # 106

Commercial & Residential • Roofing • Windows • Attic Insulation • Painting

712 N. MaiN • SpriNgtowN


Fax 817-237-0904

Mark Cozart 817-233-6668

Jeremy Cozart 817-237-2028

owner Rodney Vick 817-220-3044 fax 817-523-7639 cell 817-253-1614





Metal Building Specialist

067 Recycling

Roll Off Container Service

Buying Cars & Trucks

We buy cars & Trucks Copper • Aluminum • CAns 191 Monticello Dr. • Springtown

Red River Horseshoeing

Check out our email


Houses for Sale

NEW HOME UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 130 Golfer’s Way, Azle. Golfer’s dream home, backs up to driving range, 3-3 w/bonus room above garage, wood flooring, granite counters, shade trees in back yard, quiet dead-end street. SELECT YOUR FINISHING TOUCHES NOW! Call Tim 817-360-3627. Home Builder Since 1991.

FSBO: 3-2 house w/4 car carport on 6.5 acres, pool, shop, barn. On FM 730 N., Azle. By appointment only. 817-965-2156; 817-444-3054.

084 Mobile Homes for Rent Units starting at $450/mo., trash service paid. 817-221-3112; 817235-2284. 2006, 2-2, 16x56 mobile home, stamped & colored patio, sidewalks & driveway with carport, small storage shed, No Pets, $800/mo. water/trash included, $800 deposit. 6 miles north of Azle off 730, Boyd address. 940-433-5542. 2-1 SW on 5 acres, room for 2 horses, $800/mo. 817-676-4684. 3 BR 1 BA, $525/mo. plus electric, $500 deposit, AISD, CH/A, no pets, references. 817-744-7874; 817-5012238. PROFESSIONALLY REMODELED 3-2 W/OPTION TO BUY. 6 miles south of Springtown on FM 51, $550/mo. $300 deposit, trash/water service provided. Will work with Social Security. 682-551-0424; 682559-1512. 2 BR 2 BA mobile home on Jackson Trail, AISD, $750/mo. plus deposit, pets welcome. 817-874-6109. 3-2 DW, Azle ISD, no pets, $750/mo. $350 deposit. 817-360-9318.



• Weld Ups/ Bolt Ups • Pipe Fencing • Concrete • Horse Barns • All Types Fencing • Metal Roofs

Compare Pricing NO JOB TOO SMALL

Nice 5-3 DW, 3,000 sf with 800 sf storage area, on 2.5 acres in Wise County, Paradise ISD, close to 114/51 intersection (Stonegate Drive). Available Sept. 1st. Bring your riding lawnmower. $1,000/mo. $800 deposit. 304-646-3072; 682551-0424; 682-559-1512. VERY NICE 35 FT. RV FOR RENT at Texas Star RV Park Inc. 14504 FM 730 N., Azle 817-946-4862 Pelican Bay: 1524 Partridge, 1-1, S&R, CH/WU, $295/mo. $200 deposit. Owner/Broker 817-9889954. 2-1 between Springtown & Weatherford on FM 51. $480/mo. $300 deposit. 682-551-0424; 682559-1512.


Metal Building Erectors

• Pre-engineered Weld-up • Barns/Shops • Arenas/Hangars • Fencing

1220 E. Hwy. 199 • Springtown


Dauenhauer Contractors, Inc.

Metal Buildings · Pre-Engineered · Shops / Barns Arenas / Churches · Aircraft Hangars


Version 2

Advertising Works! 081 Business/Commercial 40x70 insulated building with office and bath on Hwy 199, $750/mo. 817-629-8214. 40x50 building for rent 3 miles west of Springtown 817-713-7495.

817-983-1435 817-983-1435

30 Years Experience & Certified Steve Sewell 940-366-1485



Will pay top dollar for grazing and hay leases. Call 940-389-1936.

Circle Y Saddle, 15” seat, $750; 20” Magnavox TV, $50. 682-229-8647.



HORSE BOARDING: Individual pasture and stalls, hay furnished, $140/mo. 817-789-0137.




6 Months ... $150 817-246-4646


Our Business is Metal Buildings - And We’re Good!

5x10 $30/month 2000 Harley Sportster, red/white/ blue, 10,000 miles, $8,000 817228-2255.

Well Drilling

Need a quality water well at a fair price? Also pump sales and installation. Kelvin’s Pump and Well Service, 817-221-4300.



INVESTORS: 3-2-2 brick, needs work. 817-444-2136.

CALL Cliff Hall


N ow

Drains Cleaned


Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday

Great building for Lease, industrial area in Azle. The building is 12,000 sq. ft., bathrooms and office area with heat and A/C. Majority of the 12,000 sq. ft. is shop, concrete floor, loading dock, big overhead door, plenty of parking space. For information call 817-360-3627. Great building for lease in industrial area in Azle. Building is 2,400 sq. ft. (1,200 office/1,200 shop), has bathrooms, A/C and heat and plenty of parking. Great building for any business. All bills paid $1,300/mo. For information call 817-360-3627.

PELICAN BAY: 1513 LARK COURT, 3-2, $525/$300 deposit; 1324 PELICAN CIRCLE, 2-1, $425/$300 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-246-4646. Hablamos Espanol.

MIDWAY MOBILE HOME PARK SPECIAL JULY DEPOSIT RATES on 2 or 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. Also RV lots, RV rentals & mobile home lots for rent.

817-221-2002 085 Mobile Homes for Sale MOBILE HOME INSURANCE K&P HOMES, INC. 817-677-3446 COZY 2-2 MH WITH PORCH. Perfect for lake house. Call us today 817-717-6564, RBI 33937. NEW MANUFACTURED HOMES. 575 Credit and up, EZ Financing. 817-717-3025, RBI 33937. STOP LOOKING AT UGLY RENTALS. OWN YOUR OWN HOME TODAY! 3-2 under $50K. 817-7176062, RBI 33937. OILFIELD & GAS HOUSING. 7 bedrooms & 7 baths. 817-717-6421, RBI 33937.

USED HOME SUPER CENTER 14 x 46 Fleetwood 2/1 STK5411


28 x 40 Fleetwood 3/2 STK0963


28 x 64 Palm Harbor 3/2 STK4069


32 x 72 Oakwood 4/2 STK0003


NEW HOMES 2014 MODELS 14 x 66 Champion 3/2 STK0347


32x58 Champion 3/2 STK2003


32x68 Champion 4/2 STK1658


K&P Homes, Inc. 817-677-3446 4272 E. Hwy 199 • Springtown Lic# 35875

086 Mobile Home/RV Lots PELICAN BAY: Mobile Home Lots for rent: 1405 PELICAN DRIVE, $185/mo. $50 deposit; 1708 GALE DRIVE, $155/mo. $50 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-2464646. Hablamos Español.

086 Mobile Home/RV Lots

Pecan Acres RV Park Inc. 12667 FM 730 South • 1 mile south of Azle

RV Spaces by Day, Week or Month We now have Pull-Throughs! • • • • •

Large Shaded Lots Nice & Clean Electric, Water & Sewer included Laundry Room & Shower Facilities Wi-Fi

817-846-8190 Call for Rates - 817-291-4679


Texas Star RV Park Inc.

14504 FM 730 N. • 6 miles North of Azle • Large Lots RV Spaces by • Nice & Clean Day, Week or Month 30 amp - $325/mo. Laundry Facilities 50 amp - $350/mo. - Free Internet (Electric, Water & Sewer included)

Building for rent, suitable for storage, etc. 30’x100’, $400/mo. 817-229-3817. Commercial Leasing: 328 W. Main Street, Azle. Suites starting at $.90 per sq. ft. 817-235-2284; 817-2213112.

Continued next column...

817-946-4862 Mobile Home/RV Lots Continued next page...


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

817-270-3340 - Azle 817-220-7217 - Springtown 086 Mobile Home/RV Lots RV space only, 1 fenced acre, 3 unfenced acres, runs along creek for fishing and wading. Electrical, water, sewage & gas hook-ups. 1.5 miles east of Springtown, $250/mo. 817536-7713; 817-713-3200.

RV PaRk Live Oak RV Park

12450 FM 730 N. Azle

Includes Electric, Water and Trash FREE WIFI 817-300-2928 088


SPRINGTOWN APARTMENTS, 624 East 3rd Street. 2 bedroom 1 bath, clean, new carpet, $600/mo. includes water, trash service & basic cable, $500 deposit. 817-875-8406. 2 & 3 bedrooms, 2 bath duplexes, 1 car garage, fenced backyard, all appliances, all brick, great location. Stewart Bend Duplex Homes in Azle. 817-444-2362. www.stewartbend. com. New Construction! Silver Creek Estates, 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex homes in Azle, Texas for rent. 817739-6889. 1612 Newsom Mound Road, Springtown. 2-1, totally remodeled, tile floors, gas range, above stove microwave, dishwasher, fridge w/ice maker, pet friendly, trash service & yard work included, $750/mo. $750 deposit. 817-902-5142. 3-2 duplex, Springtown ISD, Windy Creek, no pets, $695/mo. $350 deposit. 817-360-9318.


Tiny Houses & RV’s FOR RENT - 2 LO C AT I O N S -

AZEL RV PARK 5 MI. W. AZLE ON 199 817-677-2160

HERITAGE RV PARK 5 MI. S. ON FM 730 817-444-3760

Storage Buildings - Mail Service Permanent RVers Welcomed - Wi-Fi Available 088

Rent Unfurnished

Georgeous 3-2-2 Lease. $1,100/ mo. $1,000 deposit, new appliances, beautiful home. Available September 1st. 817-237-9690 or 817-291-7862. Very nice 3-2-2 Lease, no pets, non smoking, $1,100/mo. $1,000 deposit. 817-237-9690 or 817-2917862. 2 BR home in Lakeside area, no pets, $650/mo. plus deposit. 817237-2218. 3-2 duplex, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, W/D connections, Springtown ISD, $675/mo. $500 deposit. 817-480-4244. Azle ISD, 3-2 Duplex, references checked, pets restricted, $700/mo. $500 deposit. 817-909-5160.


3189 Hwy 199 E., Springtown. 3-2-2 house on 1/3 acre, $850/mo. $850 deposit. Available 9/1/13. 817-5056774.


AZLE: 409 Alameda, 3-2, $850/mo. $500 deposit. 817-304-4808 or 817454-9755.

APARTMENT 700 JARVIS • AZLE 817-444-1712

1 & 2 Bedroom Unfurnished Rent based on income. TDD:

800-735-2989 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

PELICAN BAY: 1576 REEF, 3-2-1, $695/$400 deposit; 1836 CORAL ROAD, 3-1-1, $625/$400 deposit; 1852 CORAL ROAD, 2-2, $595/$400 deposit; 1508 CORAL CUT-OFF, 2-1-1, $545/$400 deposit. Gene Thompson & Associates, 817-2464646. Hablamos Espanol.

Find a home in the classifieds today!

AZLEWOOD APARTMENTS 1021 Timberoaks Drive • Azle, Texas 76020

817-444-6122 Next to Walnut Creek Elementary School *Granite Counters* *Built-In Microwave Ovens* *Free Basic Cable Refrigerators* *Dishwashers* *Plenty of Closets*

*Individual Heat and Air Conditioning* *Solar Screens* *Laundry Center* *Pool* *On site management and maintenance staff*

One bedroom flats - $575 plus water and electric One bedroom studios - $630 plus electric (includes water) Usual security deposit equals one month’s rent Ask about availability of two bedroom apartments

WATERWOOD APARTMENTS 500 E. 7th St · Springtown, TX 76082

Call Today! 817-523-4308 Rental assistance available with some units

* Energy efficient appliances * Playground

Mobile Home/RV Lots


Rent Unfurnished

4-plex, 2-2, Azlewood, $695/$400 security deposit, WBFP, walk-in closets, box windows, large kitchen w/pantry, 1,100 sq. ft. 817-3603039.

Deadline: 5:00 PM Monday


Starting at $431

Duplex Homes For Lease 2 & 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bath • 1 Car Garage Stewart Bend Court, off South Stewart Street close to Cross Timbers Golf Course in Azle

(817) 444-2362


Rent Unfurnished

3-1-1 brick home, very nice, fenced yard with deck and shed, AISD, close to EML, $900/mo. $1,350 deposit. 817-919-6129.

Crestwood Apar tment Homes Apartment 525 Commerce St. 817-444-0030 Mon-Sat 9-6 • Sun 1-4 1, 2 & 3 Large Bedroom Floor Apartments Plans



?? RepRInt Can I Get A

In a word,YES! If there’s a photograph in the Azle News or the Springtown Epigraph that you’d like a copy of, wE cAN do thAt! once you place your order, a highquality print in a wide range of sizes and finishes can be in your hands within a few business days –


It has to be a photograph that we took!

So... 1) Note the date 2) Call or come by, and 3) Get a frame ready!

Pool • Water paid

From $565/mo.

Azle News The

PUBLISHER’S NOTICE All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD tollfree at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1800-927-9275.

321 West Main St, Azle


Springtown Epigraph The

109 E. 1st, Springtown




Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make the Switch to DISH Today and Save Up To 50%


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All offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification. **Savings applies to AT120, AT120+, AT200, and AT250 with HD programming, 2 year agreement and credit qualification. Discount applied to first year of service in form of online and promotional credits plus free HD for Life which is a $10/mo credit.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

511 W. MAIN ST. • AZLE 817-444-2555 Each office is independently owned and operated.



1528 Chaparral Lane - Fabulous 3-2-2 doublewide with so much to offer. Newly upgraded with lake views!!! 110 Willow Ct. - LAND!!! 1.35 acres located on a cul-de-sac with other houses on the street. 1960 Reynolds Dr. - WonderfulD piece of acreage with beautiful PEN ING 3-2 brick home. 1829 Adams Lane - Almost 2 acres! Nice ING3 bedroom home with ND PEand oversized detached garage separate workshop. 1008 Rosebud - Beautiful original wood ! floors in living room, 2-1 SOLD with built-in shelves. 1049 Ferndale - Shows like a model!! 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, 2-car ING EN garage. Huge corner lotPwith 8 ft.D fence. 224 Gordon Dr. - You found it!! This home has great landscaping G feel larger than tax with workshop shed inP theEbackyard. NDIN3-1-1 records show. 708 Wood Ln. - Great neighborhood!!G Large lot, 4-2-2 home PENDIN built in 2005. 1317 Glenwood Dr. - Beautiful 3-2-2 home with formal dining and study. Open LA. 900 E. Reno Rd. - Unique property sits on 2.3 acres. Duplex with 2-1 bedroom apartments. 920 N Stewart St. - UPDATED!! 4-2 with pool & patio on corner D! OLwell. Sown lot. Mature oak trees and its

8826 Sandcastle Ct. - Great opportunity!! Live in one side and rent the other. Lots of upgrades!! 8844 Crosswind - 2,870 sq. ft. home with 4-3-2. WBFP, wood floors, 2 master suites, rear entry garage. 521 Clew - Lakefront LUXURY 5-5.5-3 waterfront home on Eagle Mountain Lake. Azle ISD. 9951 Boat Club Rd. - Unique 3,000 sq. ft. executive home. Situated on almost 2 acres with 200 ft. of waterfront.


Century 21 Alliance Properties has several commercial properties for your business needs. For a complete and up-to-date detailed list of our commercial listings, please call the office or check out our website!

609 Raley Ct. - Great open pasture with 6.85 acres. Nice 3-2 singlewide sits back far on the property.

POOLVILLE & SURROUNDING AREAS 135 Heritage Parkway - Great 2 acres plus house has it all. Split bedrooms and master split from others. 1640 Salado Trl. - Stunning 5 bedroom home with 3 baths in prestigious Silverstone Ranch. 110 Smokehouse - Beautiful and versatile. 4-2-2 has attractive D!with tall cabinets. WBFP SO arches, kitchen in the center of L home in living area. 202 Threatt - 2 tracts close to 5 acres. Custom 4 bedroom, 3 bath home has all the room you need. Covered porches and more. 500 Stirling - Lovely choice home with 3-2-2 in Rhome. 370 Greathouse Village - 4-3.5-2 Custom Built Townhouse in Decatur with lots of upgrades. Wood floors, beautiful staircase.

Real Estate

· 817-444-5330 FEATURED HOMES

112-A E. Main St. Azle

513 Oak Hill

4 Bedroom, L-R: Gena Grauman,2Tim Riddle, Gilda Brawley Bath, Approx. Jackson, Shane Grauman, Marsha Hardin, 2,800 Sq. Karen Ft. Fuller, Kelly Dildy, Evelyn OnMark Over Faulkner, Donahew, RobertAn HardAcre. and also Half Linda Sharp. $152,000

901 Emily Trail

Owner L-R: Gena Grauman, Tim Riddle, Gilda Brawley Financing Jackson, Shane Grauman, Marsha Hardin, Karen Available. 3-2-2 Fuller, Kelly Dildy, Evelyn On A Half Acre Faulkner, Mark Donahew, Robert Hard Lot. and also Corner Linda Sharp. $115,000

See All Of Our Listings Online At

Jimmy Dickens 817-929-3481

Beth Dickens 817-929-3185

Deborah Cottongame 817-999-9026

Cally Winstead 817-688-9856

Debi Leewright 940-389-6077

Michele Holmes 817-723-9580

Stephanie Griffin 817-454-1320

Jeral Tipton 817-771-5944

Frank Henderson 817-229-3287

Kassie Chadwell 817-253-8952

Check Out Our Website At: Home Maintenance Tip: REPAIR ANY CRACKED OR PEELING PAINT. A good paint job makes your home look nice, while providing a protective barrier from the elements. Touch-up painting is easy to do and inexpensive.

Marie Pigg

1341 S.E. PARKWAY HWY. 199 at Shoreline Dr. AZLE


817-237-3338 1-800-708-5220


$850 - 1-1 House - Nice and clean. $900 - 2-2-1 Duplex. $900 - 2-1.5-1 Carport with 2 Living Areas. House, Springtown. $1,200 - 3-2-2 House. $1,500 - 2-2.5-2 Water Front on Eagle Mountain Lake.

Dana Bryant/realtor 817-613-7189

3-2.5 on 5.1 ACreS. RV/boat parking. stable/barn and storage. $225,000 2-1 BriCk, in town, close to schools. Covered porch, deck and storage bldg. $80,000 5-2 Dw on 20 ACreS, nice coastal pasture for your animals or bale for hay. $109,900 3-2 lArge olDer home, great subdivision on corner lot. 2-car garage, 1-car carport. Large covered back porch, great for entertaining! $169,900 3-2 BriCk on 3.69 ACreS. RV carport, detached garage with 20x20 shop, 2 storage buildings. Lots of deer, heavily wooded. $195,000 4-2 on 2.39 ACreS. 10x40 loafing shed. Garage enclosed to be game room, detached 2-car garage. $224,900

CommerCiAl rentAlS! Springtown Shopping Center 1,500 sq.ft


$850 deposit

Azle pkwy Center - neAr Azle hoSpitAl 1,980 sq.ft.


$950 deposit

17 ACreS with 3-1 frame house in Wise County. $129,900 13.38 ACreS with 2 separate apartments. 30x50 garage converted to party/dance hall! Great for entertaining! 20x30 workshop. $249,900

lAnD 34.02 ACreS, working water well, 2 ponds, fenced and cross-fenced with pens for loading cattle. $280,500 FlAt open lot in secluded subdivision. Well, septic and electric in place. FHA foundation in place for mobile. $14,900 10.10 ACreS, Poolville ISD, heavily wooded, secluded area. $59,900 16.91 ACreS, Boonesville. Texas Vet Loans Available. $105,500 0.610 ACreS older subdivision. $6,750 1 ACre restricted lot on cul-de-sac. $18,500 1.26 ACreS on restricted cul-de-sac. $21,500 13 ACreS, WILDLIFE EXEMPTION! $110,500 4.510 ACreS with water, septic and electric, ready for your home and animals! Slidell ISD. $42,500

Want To Sell Your Boat, Auto, RV Or Other Vehicle?


COMMERCIAL RENTAL $1,000 - 30x40 with 14 foot doors was used as a brewery

FoR SALE RESIDENTIAL ______________________________________________________

The Bryants Co. 817-220-2021


$89,900 - 2-2-1 Brick small older house that has a brick add-on with dining/ breakfast and WBFP. $124,900 - 3-2-2 Brick on Approx. 1 Acre with fresh paint, new carpet, separate shower in Master Bath, built-ins, fenced and more. $139,900 - 4-2-2 Brick Home. Gently used. Four bedroom home built in 2003. Reduced! $140,000 - 2-1-1 Brick on 7 Acres. Cute home includes 2 barns, tack room and 1 car detached garage. Boyd! $159,900 - 3-2-2 with 2 Living Areas. Lovely home on large and nicely treed lot. Big closets, fresh paint inside and out, WBFP and more. Lakeside! Reduced! $169,900 - 4-2.5-2 Brick Home. Beautifully rehabbed with new carpet, paint and more. Very clean and nice floor plan. Fort Worth. $169.900 - 2-2-1 Wonderful Home on 5 Beautiful Acres. Lots of updates. Come enjoy peaceful country living. $199,900 - 3-3-2 Brick in Lakeside. Great custom home in a great location. Lots of extras in construction. Reduced! $220,000 - 2-2.5-2 Brick on Eagle Mtn. Lake. Enjoy lake living in this home with boat lift for easy lake access. $242,400 - 4-2 on Approx. 1 Acre. Pretty ranch style home in upscale La Cantera but not part of the addition so NO HOA. Must see! Reduced! $249,900 - 3-2.5-2 Tasteful & Spacious Home in Upscale Neighborhood, not far from lake, great views, media room, WBFP, and lots more to offer. Fort Worth. $269,900 - 4-3-4 On 1 Acre. This great home has lots to offer including granite countertops, huge closets, garden tub, game room and salt water pool. Must see! Reduced! $279,000 - 3-2-2 Brick, Approx. 68.82 Acres. Ranch/Farm. Sandy loam, new 6 slick wire fence most way around, corral and good well. Callahan County. Reduced! COMMERCIAL & INVESTMENT _______________________________________

$79,900 - Potential for Shop/Warehouse outside of city limits. Property has been used as a cabinet shop. 4 rental units with 2 currently rented. Reduced! $175,000 - Small house, small metal building and over 250 ft of frontage on Hwy 199 service road, just west of Azle Furniture Company. $225,000 - Approx. 2.77 acres, fronts Jacksboro Hwy. Main St, Azle. Approx. 28x40 warehouse with office.



& Your ad

gets a border, picture and runs for 3 months!

Open To Private Party and Dealer Vehicle Ads - Autos RV's, Tractors, Campers, etc.

Azle News The

817-270-3340 321 W. Main St. Azle

LOTS AND ACREAGE (LAND ONLY) _________________________________________

TexSCAN Week of August 18, 2013 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY GUARANTEED INCOME for your retirement. Avoid market risk & get guaranteed income in retirement! Call for a free copy of our safe money guide plus annuity quotes from A-Rated companies. 1-800-349-0643 BOOTH SPACE AVAILABLE for artists, crafters, specialty store owners. The Little Fox Marketplace on Historic Square, Center, Texas. 1-936-590-4422 or thelittlefoxmarket@ LOOMIX FEED supplements is seeking Dealers. Motivated individuals with cattle knowledge and community ties. Contact Bethany at 1-800-870-0356/ to find out if there is a dealership opportunity in your area.

DRIVERS ATTENTION DEDICATED and regional drivers. Averitt offers excellent benefits and hometime. CDL-A required 1-888-362-8608. Recent grads with a CDL-A, paid training. Apply online at, EOE EXPERIENCED FLATBED DRIVERS Regional opportunties now open with plenty of freight and great pay. 1-800-277-0212 or DRIVERS - IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Regional and OTR experienced drivers and owners operators. Competitive pay scale. Students welcome, deBoer Transportation. 1-800-825-8511,

OWNER OPERATORS NEEDED for Watkins. 100% O/O reefer fleet paid, reefer fuel and all miles. Paid CDL-A call 1-888377-7537 or visit

218 ACRES, West Texas, east of Sanderson. Deer, dove, quail. Rolling brush country with easy access. Owner financed or TX Vet, $295/acre. 1-210-734-4009. PAID CDL Training! No experience needed. Stevens Transport will sponsor ACREAGE REPO with septic tank, pool, the cost of your CDL training. Earn up pier, ramp. Owner finance. Granbury to $40K first year and $70K third year. 1-210-422-3013 Excellent benefits, 1-888-726-4130, www. AFFORDABLE RESORT LIVING on Lake EOE Fork. RV and manufactured housing OK!

$12,500 - 4 residential lots at $12,500 each, in Castle Hills. $15,000 - Double lot at end of cul-de-sac ready for you, mobile or house in Pelican Bay. $15,000 - 2 residential lots at $15,000 each, in Castle Hills. $18,000 - Approx. 1 Acre lot ready for that new home to be built. Springtown. $22,000 - Lovely wooded lot in Timberlake Estates. $30,000 - Large Lot and big trees, Lake view. $145,375 - Approx. 11.63 Acres with large oak trees and pretty coastal field. Would make an attractive building site. $269,900 - 18 Acres. Coastal field with hilltop view. Currently with AG Tax Exemption. MOBILE HOME LOTS in Pelican Bay for sale or lease, call Bill.


109 East First St. Springtown

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PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE OTR driv- Guaranteed financing with 10% down. ers APU equipped, pre-pass, EZ-pass, Lots starting as low as $6900. Call Josh, passenger policy. 2012 and newer equip- 1-903-878-7265 ment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport STEEL BUILDINGS 1-800-528-7825 STEEL BUILDINGS Perfect for homes and EXCHANGE STUDENTS shelters. Lowest prices, make offer and low HOST AN EXCHANGE Student! Families monthly payment on remaining cancelled provide a bed, meals and caring environment. orders 20x24, 25x30, 30x44, 35x60. Call Students come from Germany, Mongolia, Shaleigh at 1-800-991-9251. France, Brazil. Call for more info: 1-800-941VACATION 3738/ WEEKEND GETAWAY available on Lake TECHNICAL TRAINING Fork, Lake Livingston or Lake Medina. AIRLINE CAREERS begin here. Become Rooms fully furnished! Gated community an Aviation Maintenance Technician. FAA with clubhouse, swimming pool and boat approved training.Financial aid if qualified. ramps. Call for more information: 1-903-878Housing available, job placement assis- 7265, 1-936-377-3235 or 1-830-460-8354 tance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Dallas:1-800-475-4102 or Houston: 1-800-743-1392 $

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The Springtown Epigraph  

August 22, 2013 issue of The Springtown Epigraph published in Springtown, Texas

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