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Rehearsals: Monday, January 30, 2012

Report  Absences:  or  703-­‐642-­‐5480

It is  VERY  important  (and  saves  staff  time)  to include  the  musician's  first  and  last  name, orchestra,  instrument,  and  reason  for  absence  with EVERY  report!

AYP  at  Langley  High  School    

7:00 -­‐  8:30  p.m.  Sectionals  (Stravinsky) violins/violas  -­‐  Auditorium cello/bass  -­‐  Chorus  Room   winds  -­‐  103 brass  -­‐  Band  Room  OR  102   percussion  -­‐  at  Kilmer  in  Band  Room 8:45  -­‐  9:30  p.m.  Full  orchestra  in  Auditorium (Stravinsky) -­‐-­‐>  Check  out  photos  from  the  Jan.  14  Baltimore concert  and  the  Jan.  22  GMU  concert/instrument petting  zoo! -­‐-­‐>  Listen  to  sound  clips  for  the  Apr.  15  concert     -­‐-­‐>  Download  the  Apr.  15  concert  flier  and  give  to your  school  music  teacher,  private  music  teacher, family,  friends,  and  neighbors!   AYSO  at  Kilmer  Middle  School 7:00  -­‐  9:30  p.m.  in  cafeteria percussion  -­‐  Band  Room     -­‐-­‐>  Download  bowings  for  Feb.  26  concert     -­‐-­‐>  Download  the  Feb.  26  concert  flier  and  give  to your  school  music  teacher,  private  music  teacher, family,  friends,  and  neighbors!   AYCO  at  Kilmer  Middle  School 7:00  -­‐  9:00  p.m.  in  sectionals   violin  1  -­‐    Chorus  Room   violin  2  -­‐    Orchestra  Room   viola  -­‐    A102 cello  -­‐    A113 bass  -­‐    A104 winds/brass  -­‐  Lecture  Hall     percussion  -­‐    Band  Room   -­‐-­‐>  Download  bowings  for  Feb.  26  concert   -­‐-­‐>  Download  the  Feb.  26  concert  flier  and  give  to your  school  music  teacher,  private  music  teacher, family,  friends,  and  neighbors!   AYSE  at  Langley  High  School   7:00  -­‐  9:00  p.m.  in  hertzler  hall -­‐-­‐>  Looking  for  AYSE  Personnel  Managers  & Librarians!  Please  e-­‐mail  if  you are  interested  in  helping.  Thanks!   -­‐-­‐>  Download  bowings  for  all  concerts  (use  the "shrink  to  fit  page"  feature  when  printing)  -­‐-­‐ BARTOK  ADDED  FOR  MARCH!  BE  SURE  TO  RE-­‐ DOWNLOAD!   -­‐-­‐>  Download  the  March  4  concert  flier  and  give  to

Concert Photos

Do  you  have  photos  from  AYPO  concerts  this  season? Please  share!  AYPO  maintains  a  photo  website  and  it would  be  wonderful  to  include  as  many  photos  as possible  -­‐  candid,  full  orchestra,  solo  musicians  -­‐  any  and all  photos  are  welcomed!   AYP  PARENTS:  photos  from  the  Jan.  14  Baltimore  concert would  be  greatly  appreciated!   Contact  to  share  your  photos (Michelle  will  give  you  a  link  for  easy  uploading).  

Open Rehearsals in February

There  will  be  open  rehearsals  for  each  orchestra  (see details  below)  which  offer  parents  the  opportunity  to  see what  happens  "behind  the  scenes"!  AYPO  will  provide information  about  the  repertoire  being  rehearsed  and  ask that  you  arrive  by  6:45  p.m.  in  order  to  find  a  seat  and  get settled.  Once  the  rehearsal  begins,  it  is  expected  that parents  will  remain  quiet  (no  electronic  devices  allowed) and  respect  the  conductor  by  not  communicating  with other  parents  or  the  musicians.  There  will  be  a  break halfway  through  the  rehearsal.  AYPO  strongly  encourages all  parents  to  attend  and  we  hope  to  see  you  there! (Note:  open  rehearsals  are  only  for  the  parents/guardians of  musicians  performing  in  the  orchestra;  other  family members  such  as  siblings  are  not  allowed  in  the  rehearsal spaces.  Thank  you  for  understanding!).   AYP:  Monday,  February  13,  7:00  -­‐  9:30  p.m.,   Langley  HS,  auditorium   AYSO:  Monday,  February  27,  7:00  -­‐  9:30  p.m.,   Kilmer  MS,  cafeteria   AYCO:  Monday,  February  6,  7:00  -­‐  9:00  p.m.,   Kilmer  MS,  cafeteria   AYSE:  Monday,  February  6,  7:00  -­‐  9:00  p.m.,   Langley  HS,  auditorium  

BARTOK ADDED  FOR  MARCH!  BE  SURE  TO  RE-­‐ DOWNLOAD!   -­‐-­‐>  Download  the  March  4  concert  flier  and  give  to your  school  music  teacher,  private  music  teacher, family,  friends,  and  neighbors!

Kilmer MS,  cafeteria   AYSE:  Monday,  February  6,  7:00  -­‐  9:00  p.m.,   Langley  HS,  auditorium    

Chamber Ensemble Program

AYCO/AYSO Student Stage Crew Needed at Kilmer Middle School

Please  note:  food  is  not  provided  in  the  chamber ensemble  program.  Please  eat  dinner  beforehand or  bring  a  bagged  dinner  to  eat  before  orchestra rehearsal. AYSO  and  AYCO  musicians:  meeting  on  Monday, Jan.  30,  6:00  p.m.  at  Kilmer  Middle  School,  Chorus Room.  Please  bring  a  check  for  $50  (program  fee) made  payable  to  AYPO.  Bring  your  name  tags! All  other  applicants:  you  will  receive  an  e-­‐mail update  by  noon  on  Monday,  Jan.  30. Openings  for  the  Following  Musicians: AYP  Cello  (for  flute  w/string  quartet) AYP  Tuba,  Bass  Trombone,  or  Tenor Trombone  (for  brass  quintet)

Brief  Description:  AYSO  and/or  AYCO  students  are needed  to  assist  at  Kilmer  Middle  School  before rehearsals  (and  after,  if  possible).  The  stage  crew  handles the  physical  preparation  at  rehearsals  and  concert  sites and  works  under  the  supervision  of  Stage  Manager  Tomas Primeau.   Pay:  $7.25  per  hour  for  their  work  or  may  choose  to  be awarded  community  service  hours.  In  order  to  work  for pay,  students  must  be  at  least  14  years  old.   Availability:  arrive  at  location  one  hour  prior  to  regular rehearsals  and  two  hours  prior  to  dress  rehearsals  and concerts.   Apply:  contact  the  General  Manager  by  e-­‐mail  or  (703) 642-­‐8052.

               Contact  for  details!

Music Buddies Mentor Training New Mentors:  Mon,  Feb.  13,  5-­‐6:30  p.m. Kilmer  Middle  School,  Chorus  Room [Visit  Mentor  Portal  for  Jan.  9  Handouts] Arrive  5:00  -­‐  5:15  for  pizza  and  drinks.   MANDATORY  for  all  new  mentors.  Must  be present  to  be  a  mentor  in  the  program. Bring:  your  instrument,  a  pencil,  and  your red  mentor  folder. Prepare  to  Discuss:  at  least  three  challenges that  you  are  facing  (download  "Challenges" worksheet  from  Jan.  9)

Returning Mentors:  Mon,  Feb.  27,  5:15-­‐6:30 p.m.,  Langley  HS,  Chorus  Room [Visit    Mentor  Portal  for  Jan.  23  Handouts] Arrive  5:00  -­‐  5:15  for  pizza  and  drinks.     MANDATORY  for  all  returning  mentors. Must  be  present  to  be  a  mentor  in  the program.   Bring:  your  instrument,  a  pencil,  your  red mentor  folder,  and  your  video  project.  

Job Opening: Arts Administration Paid Internship The Intern  will  be  responsible  for  two  main  projects during  his/her  placement  with  AYPO:  assisting  the General  Manager  by  supporting  the  organization's annual  audition  process,  and  assisting  the  Executive Director  with  development  projects.  The  Intern  will also  contribute  to  the  upcoming  concert  season, including  planning  for  a  major  tour  in  June  2013, and  will  participate  in  other  projects  based  on his/her  personal  interests.  An  introduction  to graphic  design,  website  maintenance,  and  HTML coding  will  also  be  provided  if  the  applicant  is interested.  [Eligibility  and  Details]  

Names of Note

Tell us  about  your  musical  accomplishments! From  competitions  to  scholarships,  we  want  to  hear  all about  it!  AYPO  has  a  special  page  on  the  website  that shares  your  accomplishments  (Names  of  Note).  Some  of the  major  competitions  are  even  included  in  the  spring print  edition  of  the  Vivace  Newsletter!  When  submitting information  be  sure  to  include  the  following: First  and  last  name  of  musician: Orchestra: Instrument  (and  title  if  applicable): Competition  name: Other  details: [Submit  Information  for  Names  of  Note]

Merchandise, Grocery Cards MERCHANDISE Be sure  to  buy  your  AYPO  gear  early  before  it's  sold  out! You  can  also  buy  online  or  download  the  order  form today! GROCERY  CARDS Grocery  cards  are  issued  to  AYPO  by  Giant  and  Shoppers Food  Warehouse  and  are  used  like  cash  to  purchase groceries  (i.e.  $100  card  buys  $100  worth  of  groceries). AYPO  earns  5%  of  the  card  amount  purchased.  Simply download  the  order  form  or  contact  us  with  questions. For  Safeway,  simply  register  your  Safeway  card  online  and AYPO  will  receive  3%  back  for  every  purchase.

Coming Soon: Audition Application for the 2012-2013 Orchestra Season! The audition  application  for  the  2012-­‐2013  orchestra season  will  be  available  in  February  2012.  [Details]

interested. [Eligibility  and  Details]   Send  resume  and  cover  letter  by  April  1,  2012  to:  or  4026  Hummer  Rd, Annandale,  VA  22003.


Full list  of  opportunities  on  our  website  

Competitions /  Scholarships  /  Master  Classes Fairfax  Symphony  Orchestra  Feuer  Memorial  String  Competition:  advanced  string  players  in  grades  7-­‐12  in Northern  Virginia,  offering  valuable  prizes  and  experience  for  talented  young  musicians.  Application  must  be received  by  Monday,  February  6,  2012  at  5:00  p.m.   From  the  Top/Jack  Kent  Cooke  Scholarships:  for  musicians  aged  8-­‐18  who  demonstrate  exceptional  musical achievement  and  financial  need.  Deadlines  to  apply:  December  1,  2011  and  February  1,  2012.  Awards:  up  to $10,000  in  scholarships,  and  performance  on  From  the  Top  radio  show. National  High  School  Honors  Orchestra:  looking  for  high  school  bassoon,  trumpet,  and  trombone  students  to participate  in  event  March  21-­‐24,  2012  in  Atlanta.  Application  form  and  information  on  website. National  Symphony  Orchestra  Young  Soloists'  Competition:  for  high  school  students  in  grades  10  -­‐  12. Deadline  to  apply:  March  2,  2012. U.S.  Army  Orchestra  Young  Artist  Competition:  the  winner  of  the  competition  will  perform  as  soloist  with  The U.S.  Army  Orchestra  in  concert  on  Sunday,  April  15,  2012,  at  a  Washington-­‐area  venue  to  be  determined. Second  Place,  Third  Place,  Finalists  and  Honorable  Mentions  will  be  invited  to  join  The  U.S.  Army  Orchestra  in rehearsing  and  performing  selected  ensemble  numbers  on  the  April  15  concert.  Deadline  for  CD's  and application:  Wednesday,  February  1,  2012.  Final  Round:  Monday,  March  5,  2012  from  7-­‐9  PM  at  Brucker  Hall, Fort  Myer.

Concerts with  Student  Ticket  Offers Jewish  Community  Center  of  Greater  Washington:  the  music  continues!  Be  part  of  our  40th  anniversary season!!  $15  student  tickets  to  hear  pianist  Charlie  Albright,  2009  Young  Concert  Artist  and  2010  Gilmore Young  Artist  winner,  on  Sunday,  February  26,  2012  at  7:30  p.m. National  Symphony  Orchestra  discount  tickets  for  youth  orchestra  members:  $10  to  see  James  Gaffigan conduct  Ingrid  Fliter  playing  Schumann's  Piano  Concerto  tonight,  Friday,  January  20,  8pm  at  the  Kennedy Center.  Mention  offer  number  135910. Virginia  Chamber  Orchestra:  free  for  students  to  attend  "Baroque  to  Jazz"  on  Sunday,  February  19,  4pm  at  the NVCC  Ernst  Cultural  Center.   Washington  Performing  Arts  Society:  offers  $10  student  tickets  for  select  performances  -­‐  new  ones  just added!  Philadelphia  Orchestra,  Stefan  Jackiw,  European  Union  Youth  Orchestra,  Garrick  Ohlsson,  Zakir Hussain  and  the  Masters  of  Percussion.  Check  their  website  for  performance  dates.  Call  (202)  785-­‐WPAS  to reserve  student  tickets,  up  to  two  tickets  per  student  ID.

Regards, Krysta Cihi   General  Manager American  Youth  Philharmonic  Orchestras "Training  the  Creative  Minds  of  the  Future" (703)  642-­‐8052  |  |  

OUR  MISSION:  to  provide  the  highest  quality  musical  experience  that  allows  our  students  to  grow  as  musicians  and individuals,  who  then  contribute  to  our  nation's  cultural  landscape,  as  they  become  future  artistic  and  community  leaders.

        Selected  by  the  2011-­‐2012  Catalogue  for  Philanthropy  as  "one  of  the  best  small  nonprofits  in  the Greater  Washington  Region"

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