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Dear Brian, | 35

Irene, It was a joy to see you work hard at everything you did, and bring wonderful music to the family. We are so proud of you, and see a bright future ahead of you. May the Lord always lead you to green pastures. With love, Mom, Dad, and Michael

Scott, We are so proud of you and all that you have achieved! We wish you the best on your journey at Stanford University! Love, Dad, Mom, Allison and Jenny

Russell, You make of your life, a work of art. You speak fluently and beautifully, the universal language of music. It is the language that makes us all equal and all one. Music is your life and your destiny. Your vigilant knowing that it is always about the music will guide you throughout your life. I wish for you great joy and success this summer with NYO-USA and throughout your studies at Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music with Professor Milton. Love, Mom 36 |

Katja, Music is your passion and your gift; thank you for sharing the journey with us. It has enriched our lives and we are so very proud of you. Our love and profound thanks to Tsuna Sakamoto, David Strom, Erin Eberly, AYPO, David Basch, and all the music friends and Institute teachers over the years for their support, teaching, love and caring. We look forward to your journey at the Cleveland Institute of Music. All our love, Mama and Papa


We are so proud of you for pursuing your passion! Thank you for bringing more music into our lives. You have such a wonderful experience awaiting you at James Madison University’s School of Music. With Love, | 37 Mom, Dad, Dean and Danielle

Dear Kelsey, The future lies before you

Mom Kai Liam Liesl Kirk

Karissa 38 |


Dearest Madeline: We are so pleased with all you have accomplished as a musician, particularly your enthusiasm to share your talent with others through teaching. But we are so much more proud of the young woman you have become, even in the face of adversity. Your unrelenting desire to give back to those less fortunate, those with disabilities, and even the environment, have inspired your family and others around you to be better people. We love you with all our hearts, Mom, Dad, Emily, and Cameron | 39

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Parents and Music Teachers of AYPO musicians can reserve space for graduating seniors in the final concert program of the season!

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