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“Faculty of Engineering” May 2nd ,2012

Outline Challenges in Africa and the Middle East Origin & Mechanisms of Deposition and Formation Damage Predictive Tools & Techniques Environmental & Safety Challenges Monitoring & Analysis

Who Should Attend The intended audience of this workshop is Materials and Production Engineers, Petroleum, Chemical and Civil Engineers, Scale and Asphaltene Specialists, Chemists, Asset Teams Leads and Managers

You are welcome A Welcome Reception on 2 May will be followed by a full day of prompted by informal discussions selected keynote presentations and discussions.

Poster Sessions Professionals are encouraged to prepare and present a poster on a relevant project

Attendance Certificate All attendees will receive an attendance certificate attesting to their participation in the WORKSHOP

Publication A special issue of the Ain Shams Engineering Journal will puplish selected papers “Elsevier” after international peer-review

Workshop Chair

Dr. Ghada Bassioni

Steering Committee


Prof. Dr. Yasser Mostafa


Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Taha


Prof. Dr. Amin El-Kharbotly


Prof. Dr. Gamal El-Khouly Prof. Dr. Adel El-Shabasy


Dr. Tamer Sharara,


Eng. Saad Al-Omani


Eng. Shaker Bolty


Dr. Sally El-Fiky


Dr. Mohamed Amin


Dr. Neveen Ghali Organizing Committee


Ibrahim El-Sherbiny


Alaa Mohsen


Ahmed Abdel Hameed


And ALIENZ members Mohamed Assem


Hazem El-Lithy


Omar Youssri


Mohamed Mohsen


Karim Mounir


Yasmin Alaa


Kholoud Amr


Ahmed Sherif


Amr Mohamed



Mohamed Assem


The Workshop: 08:00 – 08:30 08:30 – 10:00

May 2 nd 2012

Registration and Breakfast Session 1: Challenges in Africa and the Middle East

09:30 - 08:30

Welcome Remarks: Ghada Bassioni Opening Remarks by Prof. Dr. Sherif Hammad, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, ASU Session Chairs Sherif Hammad, Hatem Abdel Latif Taher Abul Yazeid, Mostafa Sabry, Nevin Badra

09:30 - 10:00

Keynote: ‘Past Experience and Future Prospects Ahmed El-Sabbagh, Mohamed El-Sabbagh

10:10 - 10:00 10:10 - 11:40

Poster session and coffee break Session 2: Origin & Mechanisms of Formation Damage Session Chairs Ibrahim Attia, Mohamed Taha, Tamer Abdallah Tamer Sharara, El-Sayed Moussa 1. “Corrosion of oil pipelines” Ibrahim Ghayad 2. “Thermal barrier coating of steel for high temperature applications” Ibrahim El-Araby

12:30 - 11:40 14:00 - 12:30

Lunch Break and Prayers Session 3: Predictive and Engineering Tools Session Chairs: Saeed Abdel Halim, Reda El-Barkouky, Nahed el-Mahallawy, Hussein El-Sayed 1. “Superduplex Stainless Steel” Fady El-Sabbagh 2. “Higly Alloyed Steels” Afaf Hasan 3. Effect of moisture on the vibration damping behavior of nano composites for “ oil field repair applications “ Iman Taha

14:00 - 14:10 14:10 - 15:40

Poster session and coffee break Session 4: Environmental & Safety Challenges Session Chairs Salah Shahin, Rafaa Rashed Saad Al-Omani, Gamal El-Khouly, Salah Gamal, 1. Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in the “ Oil and Gas Industry” Zeinab Morsy 2. Soil Remediation from Petroleum Pollution “Mohamed El-Husseiny” 3. Modern Aspects of utilizing New Technologies and their applications in the Petroleum Industry “ Hani Khattab “

15:40 - 16:00 16:00 - 17:30

Poster session and coffee break

14:00 - 14:10

Poster session and coffee break

Session Chairs Abdel Khalek Hataba, Abdallah El-Marhoumy Amin El-Kharbotly, Ghada Bassioni 1. Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry: Recent Trends “ and Applications” Neveen Ghali 2. “Organic Gas Sensors” Esmat Saad 3. Bulk Materials Cold Repair of Engineering Components in the Oil and Gas Industry using adhesives“ Mohamed Taha

Workshop on Oilfield Chemistry  

Challenges in Africa and the Middle East Origin & Mechanisms of Deposition and Formation Damage Predictive Tools & Techniques Environmental...