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Risk Insurance


In the light of current events in Egypt

Course Overview:

Egypt has emerged among countries with the most severe terrorism and political risk levels in the world, according to a Terrorism and Political Violence Map for 2011/2012. Thus, ways to reduce that risk “Risk Reduction”, or at least to pass it to someone else “Risk Transfer “, become important parts of the process of considering investment in Egyptian projects. The lesson for petroleum companies is to be ever-vigilant in the face of these increasing risks and to highly recognize the value of political risk insurance as they look to manage and protect existing business.

Course Objective:

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The principal objective of this seminar is to create awareness about the importance of political risks that may affect the assets/ investment prospects of joint ventures and the services of Insurance companies in overcoming such risks.

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Course Instructor

Mr. Mohamed Abu El Dahab

Mr. Abueldahab holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees of commerce- Insurance branch, Cairo University in 1990 & 1995 consecutively. He was sent to London in training missions in 2004 & 2007 consecutively. He is a senior Insurance certified consultant (E.I.S.A NO.276) and an Insurance advisor of the E.G.P.C Insurance committee since 2003. He works as an Insurance assistant general manager in a large petroleum joint venture company and he was the founder and consultant of the insurance training programs at the Oil & Gas skills since 2006. Mr. Abueldahab has about twenty years of experience in risk management & Insurance and in all facets of insurance-related asset & liability management and Benchmarking scope of cover and indemnity provisions in contracts. He has joined large international energy projects and helped numerous International’s Oil and Gas companies develop successful strategies that have a positive impact on their long-term financial stability such as; Amoco, British Petroleum “BP” ,Vegas, Brinco, Petzed, Dana Gas and Luckoil. He has also advised various banks on energy industry construction projects.


Risk Insurance


Contents: DAY 1 • Learn how to transfer risk through different contract types. • Political risk is not confined to the risk of Riots, Strike, etc…. What is the political risks in details and how to cover it? • Traditional financial tools (traditional insurance), with various constraints and non-traditional financial tools to cover political risks.

DAY 2 • Policy structure: proposal form, schedule, terms and conditions. • Practical analysis and discussion of typical insurers’ terminology. • Setting up a policy: negotiating the terms as a prospective policy holder.

Who Should Attend? • Those who want to cover political risks and enrich their knowledge of how to insure such risk. • Policy Holders – as understanding of the detail of the strengths and limitations of Political insurance may be needed when drawing company’s strategy. • Middle and Top Management.

Course Details: Duration: 2 days

from 27 to 28 May, 2012.

Location: Sky Executive Resort, New Cairo Fees: 1500 LE

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Risk Insurance