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MAIN LEVEL (2,485 sq. ft.) 73'-0"

#1561 Elberton: Main Level Floor Plan garage 21'6" x 23'6"

covered porch

w kitchen 9'6" x 18'6"

d master bedroom 14' x 18'6"


family room 27'2" x 18'6"


master bath

foyer dn

dining room 12'6" x 16'2" covered porch

entry bedroom/office 13'4" x 11'6"

unfinished attic storage MAIN LEVEL (2,485 sq. ft.) 73'-0"

#1561 Elberton: Main Level Floor Plan

bedroom 14'8" x 14'4"

bedroom 14'2" x 13'4" dn

unfinished attic storage

loft 13'4" x 19'

SECOND LEVEL (983 sq. ft.) bedroom 14'8" x 14'4" bedroom 14'2" x 13'4" dn

#1561 Elberton: Second Level Floor Plan

loft 13'4" x 19'

SECOND LEVEL (983 sq. ft.) . 43

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about you HEALTH

Outstanding Caregivers



stablished in 1951, Arkansas Health Care Association (AHCA) is the state’s largest organization of long-term care providers. The organization represents 93 percent of the licensed long-term care facilities in Arkansas. Its responsibilities are to educate, inform and represent members and member facilities before government agencies, other trade associations and related industries. The AHCA provides training, education and assistance to care facilities across the state, promoting high-quality care for patients and strict professional standards for staff. AHCA also strives to cooperate with the state legislature and state Office of Long Term Care to improve the quality of life in Arkansas nursing homes. Denny Ledford, Administrator, Shiloh Nursing & Rehab Administrator of the Year Denny Ledford has been the administrator of the Shiloh facility for three years; it is this seemingly short time frame that makes his achievements as administrator all the more remarkable. Under his leadership, Shiloh moved from a three-star facility to a five-star facility and gained the Bronze Level National Quality Award in 2013. His superior business skills and high concern for the well being of staff and residents have set the standard for longterm care employees. His coworkers describe him as engaging, knowledgeable and dependable. Family members of Shiloh residents are quick to express their heartfelt gratitude for Ledford’s leadership. Robin Allen, Director of Nursing, Greenhurst Nursing Center Director of Nursing of the Year Robin Allen has served as director of nursing at Greenhurst Nursing Center for 23 years. She is known for going above and beyond what is expected to make sure each of the residents is well taken care of, caring for them as if they were her own family members. Her dedication and leadership abilities create an atmosphere of excellence among the nursing staff, and the residents of Greenhurst appreciate the individual attention and concern they receive from her. Her dedication and genuine love for her work inspires her teammates. The residents can’t get enough of her warm smile and kindhearted nature. Becky Daniels, Nurse, Lakeside Nursing Center Nurse of the Year Becky Daniels has served as the assistant director of nursing at Lakeside Nursing Center since 1994, demonstrating superior knowledge and exceptional performance in her field. She treats Lakeside residents with respect and genuine care, listens to their requests and concerns, and serves on the Quality Assurance Team, Safety Team and Risk Team. She also acts as Treatment Nurse and Infection Preventionist — each role ensures all parts of the facility operate with excellence. A supervisor who is quick to lead by example, Daniels works tirelessly to ensure the quality of the long-term care facility and is certainly deserving of the recognition that comes from this accomplishment. Chris Deangelo, Assistant Activity Director, Greene Acres Nursing Home Team Member of the Year Chris DeAngelo has served as the assistant activity director at Greene Acres Nursing Home for the past four years. He shows genuine care and concern for each of the residents, and makes extra efforts to engage the male residents in activities that interest them, such as dominoes, sports and card games. A certified storm chaser, DeAngelo enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the residents. His cheery disposition, readiness to work hard and dedication to making the facility a fun, engaging place for its residents make him truly worthy of such an outstanding accomplishment. . 89

Annie Collins, Dietary Manager, Pleasant Manor Nursing Home Dietary Team Member of the Year For some people, cooking comes naturally. For Annie Collins, cooking is a natural talent and a great passion. It’s one that she delights in sharing with the residents of Pleasant Manor. For 10 years, Collins has served as dietary manger and is known for her extraordinarily good, “home-style” cooking. She takes the time to visit with residents and listens to their comments and wishes, always with a smile. Collins also enjoys giving cooking classes to the residents and mentors the younger dietary staff. She sets the standard of excellence in the dietary field. Eulene Mcculley, CNA, Peachtree Mena Assisted Living CNA of the Year Eulene McCulley has been at Peachtree since 2011. She shows high levels of initiative and leadership as well as thoughtful, professional patient care. Originally part of the dietary team, she missed working directly with the residents and moved into her current position later that year. McCulley is a team player and is always ready to lend a hand to coworkers and residents alike. Because of her superior work, McCulley is often asked to train new employees. The residents of Peachtree recently named her the Employee of the Month because of her hard work and kind demeanor. They always look forward to her arrival. Heather Manley, CNA, Rich Mountain Nursing & Rehab CNA of the Year Heather Manley has been an employee of Rich Mountain for eight years, and is known by her peers and the center’s residents for her caring, hardworking nature. She continuously seeks ways to better the service provided to the residents, taking the initiative to improve even the smallest details so residents are treated with dignity and courtesy. One of her greatest endeavors was the establishment of a “shower team” for the residents; this provides consistency among the staff and allows residents to choose their own shower times. Always wearing a smile, Manley takes great pride in doing her work with excellence as well as honoring the residents at her facility. Daniel Jaques, CNA, Belle Meade Nursing & Rehab CNA of the Year Nurses rely on having CNAs who are reliable, trustworthy and respectful to the facility’s residents. Daniel Jaques fits this description perfectly. Jaques has been a CNA at Belle Meade for two years and takes joy in serving the residents with excellence; he trains new employees and seeks out areas of potential innovation. He loves to promote quality of life for the residents, taking the time to talk with them and listening to their requests. It is clear Jaques thoroughly loves his job. Even on his days off, he enjoys bringing his children to volunteer and spend time with Belle Meade’s residents. The residents eagerly look forward these visits. Jerri Walton, CNA, Highlands of Heber Springs CNA of the Year Jerri Walton has been a CNA at the Highlands for almost two years and continuously demonstrates excellence and initiative in her work. She’s willing to do more than is required to make sure the residents are cared for. Her dedication to detail ensures the residents are taken care of with utmost concern and consideration. Her peers know her as a reliable team player, always ready to lend a hand to help wherever she can. She values consistency, proficiency and sincerity, and these values are displayed in her work. Maryland Williams, CNA, Arkansas Nursing & Rehab CNA of the Year Maryland Williams has been a CNA at Arkansas Nursing & Rehab for more than 21 years. She is known for caring not only for the residents, but also for her fellow CNAs. Williams enjoys mentoring the new hires, and takes advantage of any moment to assist or encourage her peers. Williams is greatly dedicated to the residents of Arkansas Nursing and Rehab; residents and staff look forward to seeing her cheerful smile each day. The residents in her care know they can come to her with any concern, and Williams listens and ensures that each concern is properly resolved. 90 . JANUARY 2015

Peggy Peters, Environmental Supervisor, Crawford Health & Rehab Environmental Team Member of the Year Always ready to serve with a smile, Peggy Peters has been the environmental supervisor of Crawford Health & Rehab for nearly seven years and consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her to make sure the facility is a safe, enjoyable place for its residents, staff and visitors. Her training in safety and disaster plans makes her team feel prepared for any situation. In addition, she heads up the Alzheimer’s Fundraising Team, which has raised $20,000 over the past few years. Peters is known for her willingness to help and takes great pride in knowing the residents of Crawford Health & Rehab are comfortable and content.

The Court House Singers, Volunteers, Oakdale Nursing Facility Volunteer Group of the Year The Court House Singers have faithfully volunteered at Oakdale Nursing Facility for three years. A band consisting of six members, they sing gospel, country, bluegrass and “old time” rock and roll. They are a crowd favorite with the residents of Oakdale, coming weekly to sing, dance and visit, bringing high energy and fun entertainment the residents thoroughly enjoy.

Boyce Guffy, Volunteer, Lindley Health & Rehab Adult Volunteer of the Year Boyce Guffy has been a faithful volunteer at Lindley Health & Rehab for more than 25 years. He comes twice a week to sing, host Bible study, play instruments and visit with Lindley’s residents. In a wheelchair himself, he understands the specific needs and restrictions of the residents and takes joy in encouraging each of them. He is much loved by the residents, who eagerly await his arrival each Sunday and Thursday.

Destiny Crouse, Volunteer, Greene Acres Nursing Home Youth Volunteer of the Year Thirteen-year-old Destiny Crouse is a faithful volunteer at Greene Acres Nursing Home, and the residents look forward to seeing her. Staff and residents alike appreciate Crouse’s bubbly personality and eagerness to serve wherever she can. Despite her young age, she understands the limitations of the residents and interacts with them in ways they enjoy. She assists in therapy sessions, plays bingo, works puzzles and genuinely enjoys conversing with her friends at Greene Acres.

Princess Lucy Star, Volunteer, Cabot Health and Rehabilitation Center Special Volunteer of the Year Princess Lucy Star has been a favorite of the residents of Cabot Health and Rehabilitation Center for nearly two years. She’s a little dog that makes a giant difference! Her warm and gentle nature, as well as specialized training as a therapy dog, brings joy to the residents, who love playing with her and watching her do tricks. Lucy Star, along with owners Susan and Jonathan Walker, visit the facility each Friday to make their rounds and say hello.

For more information about AHCA, call (501) 374-4422 or log onto . 91

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In this month’s issue, you’ll meet several individuals who work to improve the lives of others; some through their careers involving childre...

AY January 2015  

In this month’s issue, you’ll meet several individuals who work to improve the lives of others; some through their careers involving childre...