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Responsible Business Report


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Message from our CEO

Axis is a proudly Responsible Business underpinned by Our Values, eight key principles which set out our behaviours and responsibilities.

I am delighted to launch our 2024 Responsible Business Report, which brings into sharp focus all the incredible work we undertake across so many strands to make us a standout company in our sector.

It has been another hugely successful year for our business with record turnover and profits achieved, alongside a growing forward order book that now stands in excess of £2B. We have secured numerous new contract wins and resecured some of our biggest and longest-term existing contracts, indicating our client's confidence in our abilities and delivery.

As demonstrated in our Employee Engagement Survey, we have a welltrained, highly focused workforce who value working for Axis. Not only did we have positive outcomes, but it was well-supported in terms of participation. Inclusion is extremely important to us as a company and me as the founder, so it was brilliant to see such a huge number of employees responding who believe we promote EDI so strongly.

At Axis, our approach has always been to simply see 'People' and what they offer in terms of abilities and personality. As long as they can do the job to the best of their abilities, all are welcomed and helped to grow. Our people are always our greatest asset. Consequently, we invest so much in their training and development, which has continued at pace over the past year and will continue to do so long into the future. As an industry, we regularly exclude 50% of the population. Therefore, as a company, we are working so hard to increase the number of women we can attract and train, the benefits of which will be innumerable.

Our Community Investment offering has been in place for well over 20 years now and continues to grow from strength to strength. Social value is in relative terms, a fairly new discipline, but one we are well versed in as it has been part of the makeup of this company for as long as I can remember. We have so many of our employees and teams engaged in community activities, which makes me and hopefully them really proud. Our support of Demelza, which again runs for over 20 years, continues to grow and develop in a variety of ways, all of which are hugely positive and much appreciated by the Demelza Team. The Axis Foundation continues to gain traction with employee engagement, a key focus as we work daily in areas where people and organisations can use a little help.

Whilst we are proud of being a responsible business and have been for many years, we also understand that in the modern world, this is what clients and employees quite rightly demand. “ ”

In terms of the Environment, we are very active in the arena of Sustainability and Retrofit and like many, on a journey of both knowledge and action. We are gaining a greater understanding of the impact our activities have, meaning we can start to mitigate them with longterm and meaningful actions. Our Supply Chain partners are on the journey with us now as well, and we are also indebted to partner with organisations helping us on our journey towards Net Zero. We believe training the workforce of the future whilst trying to mitigate our impact on the planet is a huge but worthwhile challenge.

“Whilst we are proud of being a responsible business and have been for many years, we also understand that in the modern world, this is what clients and employees quite rightly demand.” We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our business is seen as a force for good, this has a strong business, as well as an ethical case behind it.

As you will see demonstrated in the following pages, we have made great strides again this year, my thanks go out to all the employees of Axis, along with client organisations and other stakeholders who have made this possible.

Enjoy the read!

John Hayes, CEO, Axis Europe
3 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

About Axis

Axis provides some of the UK’s largest building owners, landlords and facilities managers with building repairs, maintenance and improvements services.

What we do

We work in social housing, commercial, heritage and public sectors and make buildings safe and comfortable for their owners (our clients) and their occupants and residents.

Who we are

In our 37 year history, Axis has become a highly successful and reputable business employing over 1,000 people and with six offices and multiple sites across the UK.

Our values

In our industry we are known as a safe pair of hands. As a values-led, family-run firm, we always remember that our site is someone’s precious property or home.

4 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24
37 Year history 1,000+ People 6 Offices 1,259 Supply chain partners 41 Contract wins 92% Customer satisfaction Axis value 2: Everyone deserves respect Axis value 3: Train and develop people — their growth becomes our growth Axis value 4: Embracing diversity will broaden our horizons Axis value 1: Integrity, honesty and commitment breeds integrity, honesty and commitment Axis value 5: Harmony, co-operation and openness helps build strong relationships Axis value 8: Commitment to health and safety benefits everyone Axis value 7: Protect our environment, protect our future Axis value 6: A community we contribute to, will welcome and value us

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals have the power to transform the world by 2030, aiming to end poverty and inequality, protect the planet, and ensure everyone has a healthy, prosperous life.

In conjunction with our eight values, we have identified 5 main SDGs that play a fundamental role in steering our development and growth, whilst guiding Axis to be the best Responsible Business it can be.

We are committed to ensuring Axis is a great place to work, providing employees with opportunities to grow and develop their skills and receive a fair wage.

Axis is committed to being a diverse and inclusive business that respects the opportunities and the protected characteristics of everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Through our social and environmental initiatives, we are committed to enriching the local communities in which we work and their living conditions through our retrofit agenda.

We are striving to ensure all products and services are responsibly procured through our supply chain, focusing on minimising waste by introducing new circular economies.

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and curbing emissions towards Net Zero by 2050, by building a carbon literate workforce and protecting and enhancing our ecosystems.

5 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Our Three Pillars As a Responsible Business, and as individuals working at Axis, we focus on our current behaviours — including areas where we can improve — and also set ourselves targets and goals as our strategy for the future.

We identify three pillars that support a successful Responsible Business: Our People, Our Community and Our Environment.

• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion • Inclusive Recruitment • Wellbeing and Engagement • Learning and Development • Health and Safety




Axis Foundation

Work Inspiration

Community Funds

Donated to our charity partner, Demelza


Waste Reduction

Carbon Reduction



Causes supported via the Axis Foundation 5 New environmental partners

Invested in funding & in-kind donations

6 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24
95% Employees feel Axis promotes ED&I
hired 48 Mental Health First Aid Champions 50% Increase in volunteering uptake 2,000+ Students engaged with Work Inspiration programme £137,444
2,212 Tonnes CO2e offset 18% Reduction in CO2e emissions per turnover 98.7% Waste diverted from landfill 100% Office energy renewable
Our People Our Community Our Environment
In-person training courses
in site
& trainees

As a responsible business, we believe that people are our greatest asset. By investing in our people, we provide the resources needed to develop their skills to maximise performance, motivation, and capabilities.

The safety and wellbeing of our people is a top priority, as well as creating a truly diverse and inclusive culture, where employees can thrive and be their true selves at work.

Our People

Axis value 2: Everyone deserves respect Axis value 3: Train and develop people — their growth becomes our growth Axis value 4: Embracing diversity will broaden our horizons Axis value 8: Commitment to health and safety benefits everyone
7 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


Diversity and Inclusion

The principles of equality and diversity are integral to our identity. Diverse perspectives and experiences make us stronger. We champion inclusivity, respect differences, and promote a culture of equality, where everyone can flourish and contribute their unique talents to our shared success.

Embedded in our DNA, since Axis was born, is this simple message: we are all about people. What you bring to our table — your skillsets, your experience and your abilities — these are the only things that matter here. Regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, we truly are, as our mantra says ‘many faces, one Axis’.

95% Employees feel Axis promotes ED&I (employee engagement survey)

35 Nationalities 25 Languages 33.3% Workforce females
8 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Free to be me

We understand the importance of having a culture where employees can share ideas and implement change. Last year we launched ‘Free to be me’, our people-led initiative that brings together ideas from all areas of the business, providing a voice to underrepresented groups. A success story from this included transforming our prayer and reflection space in our Head Office to make it more inclusive and comfortable for users.

BITC inclusive leaders training

We recognise that inclusive leadership can unlock the potential of individual employees and create a more collaborative and productive workplace. Through our ongoing partnership with BITC, we launched a series of inclusive leaders training for all our senior management.

Delivered by Daniel Mills, ex-footballer and prominent voice in anti-racism campaigns such as Show Racism the Red Card and Kick It Out, the training demonstrated how intersectionality and privilege can shape an individual's experience in the workplace. By removing such barriers, inclusive leaders can get the best out of their teams, and drive productivity and innovation across Axis.

Disability confident

We are Disability Confident committed, which enables us to demonstrate a commitment to having fair processes, not just in terms of recruitment, but also supporting existing employees. To help tackle the underrepresentation in the construction industry, we have built strong relationships with the Job Centre Plus. This has brought collaboration with Disability Employment Advisors, making sure we understand any adjustments needed. Dedicating resources to proactively promote our vacancies to people with disabilities actively influences a more diverse and inclusive practice.

Enhanced family leave

We want employees who choose to have a family to continue their career at Axis: that's why we are committed to helping working parents. In 2023, a review of our family leave policy and pay took place, resulting in enhanced entitlement for eligible employees. We believe this is a step in the right direction to encourage more women into the sector and return to work after maternity leave.

Raising awareness

We work in partnership with external specialists such as The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) to deliver bespoke training to raise awareness and understanding of any barriers to inclusion in the company. ENEI have helped us build a more inclusive workforce by developing practical guides for managers in neurodiverse teams, in addition to a suite of e-learning resources.

To further our understanding, we celebrate and acknowledge a host of national awareness campaigns, including Black History Month, National Inclusion Week and Women in Construction Week. This year, we were delighted to welcome Stuart Myers, born without arms, to deliver an inspirational talk about what can be achieved against the odds.

Gender breakdown Ethnicity breakdown 33.3% Female 66.7% Male 75.8% White 11.1% Black / African / Caribbean / Black British 8.4% Asian / Asian British 3.5% Mixed / Multiple Ethnic Groups 1.3% Other Ethnic Groups 9 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Inclusive Recruitment

Our commitment goes beyond just filling job vacancies; it’s about fostering an environment where every individual’s unique background, talents, and perspectives are not only respected but also celebrated. Inclusive recruitment allows us to have a diverse workforce, which leads to innovation, creativity, and better business.

44 Apprentices & trainees hired 42% Female internal promotions

10 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Inclusive Recruitment

Applicant Tracking System

To improve the inclusivity of our recruitment process, we moved to a new applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows our recruitment team to monitor, track and evaluate data sets to identify any areas of underrepresentation. This contributes to our company goal of increasing the diversity of the workforce.

Customer Service Assessment Centre

Our Customer Service Advisors (CSA) are the first point of call for our clients’ residents, so it is crucial they receive the best quality of service possible. To continually improve our delivery, we introduced the CSA Assessment Centre in October 2023.

Hosted monthly, a team of internal assessors deliver a combination of competency-based interviews, role plays and group scenarios. This is an anonymous recruitment exercise to help hiring managers make less-biased decisions and consequently onboard more diverse candidates in line with our wider recruitment strategy. Since inception, we have successfully placed 19 new starters into CSA roles from a variety of direct recruiting methods including job fairs, and partnerships with L&Q and Job Centre Plus.

Behind the Scenes

Following our ongoing partnership with BITC, we joined their ‘Behind the Scenes’ programme, supporting over 500 Ukrainian refugees facing employment barriers. We delivered a series of engagement sessions to raise awareness of UK workplaces and cultures, promoting Axis and opportunities available in the construction sector. We are continuing to support this initiative, helping to unlock employment opportunities for excluded groups.

Apprentice recruitment

We are always working to shape a diverse and inclusive business which reflects the communities in which we operate. This is a priority when recruiting for new apprentices, and we collaborate with family and friends, clients, and local partners.

Due to the success of our inaugural Family and Friends Event in 2023, we have decided to run the event annually for our key partners. Led by our apprenticeship team, it’s a great opportunity to showcase Axis, our existing apprentices, and vacancies for the coming year. Through a combination of speakers and hands-on demonstrations, we aim to inspire the next generation of the construction workforce.

Apprenticeship levy utilisation rate 120% 80% 20% 100% 40% 0 60% National average Axis Construction apprenticeship achievement rate National average Axis 100% 60% 20% 80% 40% 0 11 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Partners

Wellbeing and Engagement

We believe that employee wellbeing and engagement are essential components of a thriving and successful organisation. That’s why we are committed to creating a workplace environment that prioritises the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our employees.

328 5-year long service awards

48 Mental Health First Aid Champions Perkbox savings £91,000

12 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Wellbeing and Engagement

Wellbeing hub

Utilising our Learning Management System (LMS), we developed a central wellbeing hub for employees to access at anytime, anywhere. Signposted to new employees during their induction, the hub incorporates Axis’ mental health first aid champions, Perkbox EAP, and useful training resources that cover the four pillars of wellbeing: mental, physical, social, and financial.


Our employee benefits platform, Perkbox, gives employees access to over 9,000 perks and benefits, in addition to curated wellbeing content. As part of our membership, employees have free access to Health Assured, an employee assistance programme that is available 24/7, 365 days a year for when employees need an ear to listen or support.

BITC health & wellbeing training

Whilst recognising that all employees are responsible for fostering wellbeing, we know that managers are crucial role models who have the authority and influence to ensure it is embedded in Axis’ day-to-day operations and culture.

To continuously improve in this area, we partnered with BITC to introduce wellbeing training for our Line Managers. The interactive sessions helped to address the importance of health and wellbeing at work, and how to manage and support teams to develop a more productive, inclusive workplace.

Mental health training and awareness

Over the last year we have partnered with St John’s Ambulance to provide 22 employees with Mental Health First Aid training. We now have a total of 48 MHFA Champions across Axis, helping to encourage people to talk more freely about mental health, reduce stigma, and create a more positive culture.

During Mental Health Awareness Week we were delighted to invite Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn to host a ‘Stranger on the Bridge’ lunch and learn session. Employees heard the inspirational true story of Jonny’s global search to find stranger, Neil, who talked him out of jumping off Waterloo Bridge in 2008.

Wellbeing challenge

In January we launched our annual ‘Walking 9-5' wellbeing challenge, bringing together employees at every fitness level to get healthy and have fun in the process. We were delighted to have 125 participants take 18.9M steps throughout the month, fostering friendly competition among employees.

Wellbeing directly correlates with an improved quality of life. When individuals prioritise their physical and mental health, they are more likely to experience a higher overall satisfaction with life. I think Axis as a company has done such a fantastic job in ensuring people are at the heart of it all and it makes me very proud to be a part of these projects.


Would recommend Axis to a friend (employee engagement survey)

13 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Learning and Development

We understand that learning and development is much more than providing training for the workforce. It is about building a culture of continuous learning, that emphasises the role of coaching, leadership and ownership.

91% RLO's completed passport to work


In-person courses completed

14,400 E-learning courses completed

14 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Learning and Development

LMS progress

Our LMS is the foundation of our training operations. Over the last year, improvements we have made provide greater accessibility through automation and integration. The app provides employees with the opportunity to learn from anywhere at any time: on site, at home or in the office. We have built a brandnew training suite at our Head Office to give employees a suitable learning environment.

Supporting residents with empathy

We recognise that having repairs carried out in your home can be stressful for residents and want to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible. Last year we developed bespoke, in-house training on how to support residents with more empathy. This practical, interactive training enables teams to put themselves in residents’ shoes, helping them communicate more effectively and ensure residents feel listened to and heard. So far, 168 employees have completed the training with attendance from our clients, CCHA, Grainger, and Sanctuary.

Customer Experience Awards

Our new Customer Experience Awards recognise and reward employees who go over and above to positively impact the customer experience in three categories: Call Quality, Productivity and Demonstrating Axis Values.

Coaching and mentoring

In 2023, we provided external coaching development to coaching volunteers to ensure brilliant conversations and meetings with meaning. We plan to further develop this through a complete review and implementation of our new performance management system.

Management development

We recognise that Axis needs leaders who are motivated, resilient, and empathetic. So, we selected 20 first-line Managers and Senior Leaders to participate in The Bute Group’s 3:2 Management and Leadership development programme which provides an opportunity to unlock their own leadership and work together effectively as a team towards success.

Following the programme, we introduced a series of Business Challenge Projects, set by Axis’ Exec Team, to address ongoing challenges that we face as a business. Positive feedback from participants emphasised the value in working collaboratively with managers from other teams to develop new relationships.

Resident Liaison Officers

RLOs are central to the relationship between residents, clients and the wider community. We understand that having a dedicated point of contact helps residents feel safe, secure and heard.

We are always looking at ways to improve the service we deliver: in September, we launched the RLO Passport to Work development programme which consists of e-learning modules and in-person training on important topics such as Empathy, Lone Working, Mental Health, Safeguarding and First Aid.

Furthermore, in partnership with Tpas, leading tenant engagement experts, we delivered a series of development sessions to strengthen the RLO experience and community engagement.

This is the first time the RLOs have had their training in one place. The commitment to training and keeping safe is amazing, and we are all grateful for the focus placed on this. I have never worked in a place that takes development this seriously.

15 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Partners

Health and Safety

Reducing injury and illness whilst promoting wellbeing is a top priority for us. We believe that when we are performing safely, those around us are safer too. It is integral to our culture and one of our core values, ‘OV8: Commitment to health and safety benefits everyone’ — cultivating a healthy and happy workforce.

1,212 Training courses booked


Increase in site inspections

About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 16

Health and Safety

H&S training

Effective training gives people the right tools and information to carry out their role efficiently on their life-long training journey. Investing in training will develop a more efficient and motivated workforce that allows us to better utilise our resources.

To continually improve the safety and wellbeing of our workforce.

• 88% of all roles completed training

• 1,212 training courses booked

• First-time pass rate improved to 86%

SMSTS training

H&S management is crucial to instilling a safe working culture that allows employees to prosper and reduce the risk of injury. To improve the development, we became a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), enabling us to deliver quality in-house training that meets industry standards.

We have tailored the training to emphasize Axis’ values, safety priorities, and unique procedures. This consistency helps in building a unified approach to health and safety across all projects and departments. We have begun delivering certified Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) courses to our workforce.

Site inspections

Conducting regular site inspections allows us to identify potential risks and weaknesses within our health and safety management system. Increasing the number of inspections conducted improves the visibility of all our sites and enables us to implement safer practices through further training and innovation.

After improving the quantity of inspections, we are now looking to improve the quality of the data by developing a standardised site inspection training course.

• Site inspections increased by 495%

• 37% decrease in the number of serious reportable incidents

• 28% increase in the number of near miss incidents reported — indicating employees are becoming more aware of potential hazards and are actively reporting incidents that could have resulted in injuries or damage

• 25% increase in non-reportable incidents — demonstrating an improved reporting culture, enhanced reporting systems, and early warning of potential issues

Exec team site visits

Throughout the year our Exec Team conduct site visits to sense check our values in action. This reiterates the importance of health and safety at Axis, whilst communicating a clear and continuous message to drive positive behaviours.

Health & safety is much more rigorously enforced these days and it is clear that the site we visited demonstrates a strong health & safety ethic. Health & safety is crucial as we want everyone to go home at the end of a day's work safe and well.

“ ” 17 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

At Axis, we are dedicated to contributing to local communities and are passionate about making a positive difference across all the areas in which we work.

As a responsible business, community investment is embedded throughout our company and is an integral part of our values and culture.

Through social value we work collaboratively with employees, clients and stakeholders to tackle societal inequalities and improve lives for generations to come.

Our Community

Axis value 6: A community we contribute to, will welcome and value us 18 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


All employees are encouraged to take one volunteering day each year to support our charity, education, and community partners, or to donate their expertise and skills to causes that are personally important to them.

We see volunteering as a commitment that not only brings change and assistance to those in need, but also offers opportunities for personal enrichment and connection. This year we saw a 50% increase in our volunteering uptake, with 32% of the workforce volunteering, supporting a total of 105 causes across 3,522 hours.

360 hours

Education and training

1,215 hours Environmental

727 hours

Vulnerable groups

1,220 hours Events

19 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


Ad-hoc opportunities

Due to the nature of Axis’ work, ad-hoc opportunities are a great way for employees to support a cause in the way that works best for them. Over the years we have developed partnerships to create an A-Z list of opportunities for employees to choose from. Highlights from this year include:

• 161 hours supporting Ambition Aspire achieve with general maintenance at The Arc, delivering Christmas trees, and sorting toys as part of their annual Christmas Appeal

• 105 hours supporting The Royal British Legion with their annual Poppy Appeal

• 259 hours delivering Resident Community Days in partnership with CCHA, Kingston, and Peabody to engage with residents, provide a handyperson service, and carry out an estate clean up

Longer-term opportunities

Over the last year, employees volunteered to become mentors in BITC’s job coaching programme. Formed of six 1-hour sessions, the programme helps to improve the skills, confidence, and career prospects for jobseekers, while also enhancing employee’s own skills and wellbeing.

Legacy projects

Through social value we can create a lasting and sustainable legacy in the communities in which we work. Here are some of the fantastic projects we have supported this year, which showcase the far-reaching benefits of volunteering:

WCC Hallfield Estate Railings Project

Volunteers from Axis and our client, Westminster City Council collaborated to paint the railings surrounding Hallfield Estate. Having worked in the area for the last five years, volunteers generously dedicated a total of 725 hours to the transformation, revitalising the appearance of the estate and fostering a sense of community pride.

Increase this year

Workforce volunteering

Leaside U5’s Kindergarten Transformation

Leaside Kindergarten, a nurturing space for children aged 2 ½ to 5 years old, underwent a garden transformation that enriched learning and play experiences. A team of Apprentices used their volunteering days to embark on a three-day mission to clear hazardous undergrowth, revitalise flowerbeds, install fences, refurbish a playhouse, and craft a mud kitchen.

NHG Wood Lane Refurbishment

In partnership with our client, Notting Hill Genesis and Centrepoint, Axis volunteers and supply chain partners initiated a refurbishment project at a young person’s refuge on Wood Lane. Over two weeks the team completed external restoration and redecoration, internal flooring replacements, and a garden uplift creating a more welcoming and sustainable living space for residents.

20 About Axis Our People Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Community


Our charity partnership

Over the last 20 years we have supported our charity partner, Demelza, to deliver extraordinary care to extraordinary children who are facing serious or life-limiting conditions, throughout Kent, South East London and East Sussex.

Through a series of corporate fundraisers, challenge events, and internal campaigns, we have donated over £1M to Demelza. Our efforts contribute to their overarching vision: to see a world where children and young people with serious or lifelimiting conditions, and their families,

have access to personalised, expert care enabling them to live the best lives they can.

Our partnership goes beyond fundraising, with 48 employees volunteering 341 hours to support the charity this year. Highlights include sorting stock at their charity shops and warehouse, garden refurbishments at the Sittingbourne hospice, and installing outdoor lighting for their Festive Market.


Donated to Demelza


Donated to the Axis Foundation

341 hours

Volunteering for Demelza

We cannot thank Axis enough for the huge support they give us and always with a smile on their faces! Your support over 20 years has been unwavering. You really understand what Demelza is about. Thank you.

Watch video to learn more about our partnership with Demelza
21 About Axis Our People Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Community


Corporate fundraisers

Each year we host two exclusive fundraising events to bring together employees, clients, and supply chain partners. Not only are the events hugely profitable, but they are a great opportunity to socialise, enjoy good food and entertainment, and raise vital funds for a worthy cause.

In July, celebrities and supporters alike teed up at the prestigious London Golf Club, participating in various competitions including Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin. The event raised £26,000 for Demelza and the Axis Foundation.

Our 17th Axis Foundation Charity Ball followed in December and raised over £200,000 which Axis match funded making £400,000+ available for small, local, and impactful causes via the Axis Foundation.

Challenge events

Everyone who works at Axis cherishes our partnership with Demelza. There are no limits to what employees will do for the children’s hospice. This year we had a 5-fold increase in employees taking on a fundraising challenge, with 44 participants completing the London Marathon, Miles in May, Thames Path Challenge, Tough Mudder, and the Royal Parks Half Marathon, raising an incredible £15,500!

I decided to help this great cause as Demelza is close to my family.

My sister was a Demelza nurse for over 10 years so I know first-hand how hard they work and what joy they bring to the children.

Steven Lawrence, Contract Manager and Tough Mudder participant

Internal campaigns

Led by our in-house Community Investment Champions, we incorporated fundraising initiatives into national awareness campaigns including Children’s Hospice Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Christmas Jumper Day. We created healthy competition amongst employees, clients, and our supply chain partners with a quiz night, bake sales, and raffles raising funds and awareness while boosting morale and engagement.

“ ”
22 About Axis Our People Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Community

Axis Foundation

The Axis Foundation is the charitable arm of Axis, created in 2009 to give back to the communities and individuals around whom the company has grown.

Each year Axis donates a percentage of its profits to the Axis Foundation. Combined with money raised through fundraising events throughout the year, the money is then used to support small, local, and impactful projects in the communities we serve.

We believe in giving grants as a long-term hand up, not a short-term handout, to enable the causes we support to become self-sustaining. This year we donated £494,623 to 50 causes!

50 Causes supported

£494,623 Donated

About Axis Our People Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 23 Our Partners Our Environment Our Community

Axis Foundation

Eyes and ears

As the ‘eyes and ears’ of the business, we actively promote the Axis Foundation to employees, clients, and stakeholders to nominate causes that are close to their hearts. We were delighted to receive 25% of successful applications from employees — highlights include:

• Adrian Ruddick, Contract Manager applied on behalf of his friend whose daughter sadly committed suicide at the age of 14. Our donation funded a ‘safe bench’ in Lucy’s memory, sited at a local recreation park with a plaque detailing support organisations that can help. Lucy’s father said, “Your generous donation will literally save a life, maybe more than once. It is too late for Lucy but please do not underestimate the power of what your kind act may achieve.”

• Sandra Chipato, Resident Liaison Officer applied on behalf of a family who lost their son and belongings in a house fire. Our donation funded a new mattress, bed, and tv for them. They said, “Thank you so much for your help and reminding us that all is not lost. Your generosity has given hope and the strength to carry on. Words cannot express how grateful we are.”

• Joseph Hayes, Business Development Manager applied on behalf of a family whose 5-year-old daughter has a rare, inherited childhood neurological disorder. Our donation funded a Mollii suit, Gallileo vibration board, and specialist physiotherapy for Mollie. Mollie’s mother said, “Our little girl deserves the best opportunities and chances in life so thank you so much for helping to make this happen — it really means the world to us.”

Above and beyond

In addition to providing donations, we look to utilise the skills, knowledge, and expertise of Axis employees to extend our support to beneficiaries where we can.

Here are some examples:

Richmond Furniture Scheme

Richmond Furniture Scheme supplies newly housed refugees and disadvantaged people with essential items. They initially applied to the Axis Foundation to donate £5,625 towards the charities Kitchen Starter Kit Programme which provides families with vital items for cooking and dining. Following our donation, a team of Axis Painters redecorated the exterior of the charity’s premises in Twickenham, providing a welcoming and appealing space for its beneficiaries.

The Children’s Book Project

The Children’s Book Project collects new and gently used books and redistributes them free to children and young people growing up in poverty. Our donation of £3,500 funded ten Pop-up Book Huts in London schools — from where children can choose their free books. To further our support, volunteers collected and delivered the book huts to schools, sorted and distributed books at the charities warehouse, and organised a local book drive in our Oldbury office.

Hug-A-Bug World

The Hug-A-Bug World programme promotes positive emotional wellbeing for young people. Our donation of £15,000 provided 1,000 primary school students with books, affirmation hearts, and toys to increase selfconfidence, empathy, and resilience. Our Community Investment Team worked collaboratively with HBW and clients to reach children and families in areas where we work, including Brentwood, Croydon, Kingston, Lewisham, Midlands, and Stratford.

24 About Axis Our People Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Community

Work Inspiration

Construction is one of the largest and fasting growing sectors in the UK, yet there is an undeniable skills shortage that’s been growing for decades. A lack of engagement with young people and an increasingly ageing workforce has a huge part to play in this.

One of the biggest hurdles in bringing young people into construction is the perception of the industry. Through our work inspiration programme, we provide a practical and inspiring insight through work placements, career talks, workshops, mentoring, and apprenticeships.

42 Apprentice jobs created

64 Weeks of meaningful work placements

176 Hours of education workshops in local schools and universities delivered

14 Career fairs attended

2,000+ Students engaged with Work Inspiration programme

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Work Inspiration

Building skills for the future

We are proud to work with educational organisations, community groups, and charities such as Construction Youth Trust, Youthbuild UK, and Fresh Visions, to help young people from diverse backgrounds improve their life chances and build skills for the future.

• Brentwood — Shenfield High School Life Soft Skills & Employability Workshops

Through a combination of group activities and presentations, students are encouraged to start thinking about what they can do in school to develop the skills and attributes needed to succeed in their working life.

• H&F — Construction Taster Day for Care Leavers

Practical demonstrations led by Axis and Kier apprentices allowed participants to gain hands-on experience in painting, plumbing, and electrics, whilst shedding light on future career pathways. Ongoing assistance offers CV/mock interview support, work experience, and apprenticeship opportunities.

• L&Q — The Turlough O’Brien Scholarship Programme

We sponsored two L&Q residents living in financially excluded households, to study for a degree at university and strive for a better future. Our support consists of three annual £6,000 contributions towards the student’s tuition fees, in addition to mentoring sessions with our Projects Managing Director, Joe Ibrahim.


We know how important apprenticeship opportunities are for supporting the next generation of the construction workforce and growth within the industry, that’s why 10% of our workforce are Apprentices. Each year we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week to promote our apprenticeship programme and encourage family and friends, clients, and local partners to apply for our vacancies. We were thrilled to have 42 new apprentices join Axis in September 2023!

Women in Construction

Last year we set up a ‘Women in Construction’ group led by our Operations Director, Sarah Taylor. We are pleased to see the group go from strength to strength, with an increase in participants, the introduction of an ‘Inspiring Women in Construction’ group on LinkedIn, and work experience support for girls’ schools. Moreover, the group supported two key initiatives in a bid to break gender stereotypes and inspire young girls to explore opportunities in the construction industry:

• The Land Collective BGIP programme

In partnership with our supplier, Travis Perkins, we sponsored £3,500 towards The Land Collective’s Black Girls in Property (BGIP) programme. Volunteers from the group supported activities throughout the week, providing 40 year 11 females of black heritage with the skills, knowledge, and network needed to succeed personally and professionally in the sector.

Participating in the BGIP programme was a fantastic experience. Observing the enthusiasm of young women who are actively planning for their future and investing their summer break in events like this, is truly refreshing.

• School 21 Real World Learning Programme

We partnered with neighbouring school, School 21 to participate in their Real World Learning Programme. Over four weeks, 6 year 10 females joined Axis to participate in the programme which brings students and the professional world together in a meaningful way. The group delivered a series of interactive sessions to showcase the different roles available in the industry.

What I have learnt through this programme is there are lots of different pieces to the puzzle and current stereotypes about the industry aren’t going to be present in the future. If you are a female and interested in construction, you would be able to fit in.

School 21 student

“ ”
“ ”
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Community Funds

A key priority for our business is to leave a lasting legacy, aligned with the diverse needs and priorities of each community. This year we invested £185,000 in funding and in-kind donations, supporting 75 causes to drive positive, social, economic and environmental change.

75 Causes supported

£185,000 Invested in funding and in-kind donations

About Axis Our People Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Community 27

Community Funds

Estuary Community Fund

As part of our social value commitments with our client, Estuary, we set up a community fund for local individuals, community groups, and charities to apply for funding grants of up to £1,000. We supported 8 beneficiaries, including:

• The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain

Our donation enabled a group of thirteen Essex based primary schools to study the ‘Barney and Echo’ Mindfulness Project, helping year 5 and 6 students learn that mental health is just as important as physical health.

• Family Action Food Clubs

Our donation facilitated this initiative at three Family Centres in Southend, helping families who are struggling with rising food costs to eat a healthy diet and tackle health inequalities caused by the cost-of-living crisis.

• Groundwork East Home Grown

Our donation provided 19 Estuary families with access to a free online Family Growing course and grow pack, enabling them to learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables using a variety of online videos, activities, and resources.

Westminster Children’s University

Westminster Children’s University provides children with extracurricular activities to enrich learning and raise aspirations. Our donation of £8,800 contributed to various initiatives to enhance the lives of young learners during the summer holidays. Examples included: a residential adventure to the Isle of Wight, the provision of textile sessions and art resources, and maintenance of a local forest school.

Intergenerational projects

This year we identified a series of intergenerational projects, to bring people of different ages together to reduce social isolation and improve motivation and wellbeing. We were delighted to support our clients’ residents through garden transformations at sheltered schemes, afternoon teas, and Christmas lunches.

RBK — Hugh Herland House Garden Transformation

Volunteers transformed the communal outdoor space through a garden clearance, building and installing raised beds, and planting flowers, benefitting its 60 residents and the broader community.

Festive giving 2023

Campaigns supported £15,000 Funding/in-kind donations

L&Q — Rose Court Garden Transformation

Volunteers completed a garden tidy, painted furniture, and purchased a new parasol for the summer months.

To commemorate the day our team facilitated an afternoon tea for the residents to enjoy.

Volunteering hours

Peabody — Christmas Lunch

Volunteers delivered a Christmas lunch for 42 elderly residents in Hackney. To ensure that no one was left out, takeaway meals were delivered to residents who were unable to make it in person.

28 About Axis Our People Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 Our Community

We understand that we must act now to safeguard our environment for future generations. That is why sustainability and climate action are key pillars in our Responsible Business Strategy.

We will work with our supply chain to increase sustainable products within procurement and align our decarbonisation targets, build a more carbon-literate workforce to ensure best practice and innovation, and continue to upgrade the resilience of the British housing stock.

Our Environment

Axis value 7: Protect our environment, protect our future
29 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


A healthy and thriving biodiversity is a reflection of a prosperous and sustainable community. We are committed to ensuring a positive and long-lasting impact on the biodiversity and local environment everywhere we operate. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and working with our local community to invest in environmental safeguarding is key to ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy it.

1,400+ Trees planted

£23,000 Donations

1,215 hours Volunteering

30 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


Working with nature

Giving back to nature is very rewarding and fulfilling, we donated over 3,522 volunteering hours and £23,000 in funding/in-kind donations, supporting 105 causes including local conservation, planting, community garden installations, and education initiatives.

• Southern housing community Orchard

In partnership with our client Southern Housing and supplier, Travis Perkins, we transformed a Community Orchard in Faversham, Kent. We installed an 800-litre water tank and shelter to provide a sustainable water supply for fruit trees, ensuring their healthy growth and the thriving ecosystem of the orchard.

• H&F pollinating pitstops

Through our supplier, Enva, we donated £2,000 towards Hammersmith & Fulham’s pollinator pitstop initiative. Axis volunteers assisted with planting a diverse range of pollinators to thrive in densely urbanised areas, aligning with their goal to safeguard and enhance biodiverse habitats.

• The visionaries

In partnership with the Axis Foundation, we donated £9,000 towards raised beds and fruit trees to help with the rewilding of Newham’s School 360. Axis volunteers also supported the project, which will serve as a hands-on, learning space fostering environmental consciousness and creating stronger connections to nature.

A tree for each employee

For each employee that completes their first year at Axis, we plant a tree in the Scottish Highlands through our partnership with Ecologi. Since this initiative started, 1406 trees have been planted in Axis’ name, as we grow, so does our forest.

Cool Earth

We are proud to be helping protect endangered rainforests through Planet Mark’s partner Cool Earth — a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation. The protected support goes towards the Asháninka community in Central Peru.

Green campaigns

Throughout the year we mobilise our workforce by periodically celebrating national campaigns that raise awareness for the environment and drive climate action across the country. Together we celebrated The Great British Spring Clean, Earth Day, Recycle Week, National Habitat Day, and National Tree Week.

In celebration of National Tree Week, volunteers from Axis and L&Q collaborated to plant over 350 trees in High Weald. The project was part of a wider aim to increase the tree cover in Kent by 1.5 million trees and improve the biodiversity of the woodlands.

Our global impact

We understand that carbon offsetting is not the solution to combat the climate crisis. However, we believe investing in VCS and Gold Standard certified projects globally to enrich biodiversity and enhance local employment opportunities, whilst striving to decarbonise, is the most sensible and climate-focused solution.

We partnered with One Tribe to offset 2,012 tCO2e emissions to neutralise our Scope 1 emissions by investing in four projects in Africa and Asia. These are a Safe Water Project in Rwanda, Forestry Management Project in China and Wind Energy Facilities in South Africa and India, all of which removes carbon emissions and improves the local economy.

31 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Waste Reduction

Our industry is responsible for a third of all waste generated. Poor waste management leads to over consumption of raw materials, land and water pollution and over-flowing landfills. Managing waste is a critical step in any project to ensure low waste generated and high recycle and diversion rates.


Construction waste was diverted from landfill


Paint cans were recycled

8400 kW Energy was produced

24.3 tonnes

CO2e was avoided

About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 32

Waste Reduction

Office waste

For 2023, we received a Silver Recycling Award from First Mile and ensured nothing was sent to landfill, which meant over 24.3 tonnes of CO2e was avoided and produced almost 4800 Kw of energy.

IT waste

With the growth of the technology industry, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has become a major environmental concern. To alleviate this, we do not allow any of our IT equipment to be discarded but instead, donate it to charities and schools to be given a second life.

We began working with the charity, Business2Schools, that donate unwanted office furniture and tech equipment to local schools to help improve the infrastructure. As a result, we donated a laser jet printer to St Paul’s Primary School in Walworth.

Furthermore, volunteers from our IT team utilised their skills supporting The Restart Project, a charity dedicated to promoting the right to repair and reuse electronics preventing WEEE waste and giving things a new lease of life.

Recycle rate

To maintain a high diversion rate, we only work with waste companies that meet our high expectations and recycle rates, to ensure that everything possible is recovered. Working with our waste broker Enva, we produced over 3700 tonnes of construction last year and 98.7% of that was diverted from landfill by only using Enva assured providers.

Paint cans

In partnership with our suppliers, Dulux and Crown, we bought and returned 2734 paint cans through takeback schemes with the providers. This is part of our strategy to ensure no paint cans end up as waste, taking our total amount of recycled cans to 69 thousand since we began recording in 2009.

Going one step further, any useable paint that we no longer require is donated to Community Repaint. An organisation that collects leftover paint and redistributes it to benefit individuals, communities and charities in need.

Onsite Waste Progress

• On-site recovery increased by 1%

• 3785 tonnes generated

• Zero to Landfill by 2030

• Hit 99% diversion rate

Skip days

Throughout the year we facilitate Skip Days for our clients to help residents declutter their homes, clean up their estate, and subsequently, improve their wellbeing. Including the Great British Spring Clean in March, we delivered 8 skips to 7 clients, removing over 16 tonnes of waste, all of which was diverted from landfill.

95.8% Offsite Recovery 1.29% Landfill 2.95% Onsite Recovery 33 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Carbon Reduction

One of the most pressing issues we are all currently facing is the climate crisis and curbing our emissions to achieve Net Zero by 2050. In order to see tangible change, we must reduce our emissions from our business operations, supply chain and the materials we buy, through collaboration, training and innovation.

69% Gas emission reduction 20% Direct Scope 1 & 2 emission reduction 18% Reduction in CO2e emissions per turnover 34 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Carbon Reduction

Carbon emissions in 2023/24


Scope 1 emissions
are the direct emissions produced from running our vehicles and heating our buildings.
These are the indirect emissions produced from the generation of electricity for lighting and cooling our buildings.
These emissions are more difficult. This is all the indirect emissions produced throughout our value chain. From buying products from our suppliers to business travel and employee commuting and everything in between. 69.4% 9,302 tCO2e (Scope 3) Purchased Goods and Services 3% 399 tCO2e (Scope 3) Capital Goods 14.1% 1,896 tCO2e (Scope 1) Mobile Combustion 6.9% 925 tCO2e (Scope 3) Fuel and Energy Related Services 5.2% 696 tCO2e (Scope 3) Employee Commuting 35 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24
Scope 2 emissions
Scope 3 emissions

Carbon Reduction

Reduction progression

We have reduced our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 20% since our 2019/20 baselines, putting us ahead of our target of 50% reduction by 2030. This is a pivotal step towards achieving our Net Zero target by 2050 through energy efficiency and electrification.

Fuel for thought

We are working with our subcontractors to replace diesel for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in our generators and welfare cabins across all our sites. This low carbon, low emission fossil fuel alternative produces 90% less CO2 when burnt. It’s a lot safer due to its non-toxic, odourless, and readily biodegradable packaging which consequently improves our environmental impact and wellbeing.

In addition, we introduced solar panelled welfare cabins to remove any emissions associated with onsite welfare by utilising renewable energy. Going solar saves on average 3,493 litres of diesel per cabin a year, and by rolling these across all our sites it will prevent tonnes of CO2e from being produced.

Energy reduction

Since implementing a Building Management System (BMS) to improve the efficiency of energy consumption, we have seen a reduction of 69% of gas and 53% of energy usage in our offices.

Cycle to work scheme

To improve employee commuting, wellbeing, and environmental impact, we launched our first cycle to work scheme to encourage employees to commute to work via bike instead of driving or public transport.


• PAS 2060

We became PAS 2060 certified, an internationally recognised verification that demonstrates our commitment to decarbonisation, offsetting and our journey to Net Zero. We are very proud to be part of an established cohort of organisations all striving to reduce our emissions year on year.

• Planet Mark

We achieved our 2nd year of Planet Mark certification and saw a massive 18% reduction in CO2e emissions per turnover. To see continued reduction and maintain certification we will: increase the efficiency of our buildings, ramp up our electrification of fleet, enhance onsite generation, and improve employee commuting processes.

The road to electrification

Since we calculated our 2019 baseline, the operation of our fleet accounts for roughly 10% of our annual footprint and 20% of our overall consumption. In the last year we have begun installing EV chargers in our head offices and introducing electric vans onto our fleet. This is just the beginning; we intend to have a fully electric fleet by the year 2030. Electric vehicles will be rolled out across our fleet as the infrastructure and charging capacity progressively improves.


• New energy-efficient heating systems Axis’ Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Design Team installed a new energy-efficient heating system for The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. The system uses Air Source Heat Pumps instead of existing gas boilers and Water Source Heat pumps to produce heating and hot water for the entire block. The team installed new doors and windows to improve the impact of heat loss and air tightness. The new system will not only reduce CO2 emissions by 18% but will also increase the thermal efficiency of the building with solar panels, cutting the annual running costs by 50%!

• Pilot retrofit conversion and refurbishment

A new refurbishment project for Westminster City Council, included the installation of PV panels, ventilation, infra-red central heating systems, double glazing and insulation on a Victorian property. We created a home that is not only comfortable and spacious but will be economical and sustainable for the residents. The works will improve the EPC to a C rating.

This project has gone fantastically. We have really worked well together, from the retrofit assessment deciding what works we need to do complete the best sustainability measures — to the actual installation which I was incredibly impressed by.

36 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


A company can only act responsibly, if everyone working for it is acting responsibly too. Changing behaviour can be a lot more impactful than changing a process. Which is why it is crucial to provide the right training and work with the best partners to ensure environmental awareness is engrained within our culture.

37 SEATS trained 5 New environmental partners 10% Reduction in
37 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS)

This year, we rolled out SEATS to our Site Managers and Supervisors to upskill our operational teams. The training will enable our teams to identify, control and minimise the environmental impacts of their work and where possible identify environmental improvement opportunities. So far, we have upskilled 37 site personnel, aiming to have all our Site Supervisors and Managers trained by the end of the year.

Eco-driving awareness

Alongside electrifying our fleet to reduce our environmental impact, changing the way we drive can also help eradicate unnecessary emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Last year we completed the third instalment of the Driver Of The Year (DOTY) campaign, which is a yearlong competition measuring performance, highlighting inefficiencies and rewarding the best drivers.

The competition saw an increase in fuel efficiency and 10% reduction in idle time, with the goal to reduce fuel consumption and improve the safety and awareness of all our drivers.

Partnering on climate change

We know that achieving our climate goals and inspiring change is not done alone. Over the last year we have joined a host of business and client led partnerships, to come together and share expertise to combat the climate crisis.

Cost of living

The cost-of-living crisis has had an impact on the lives of a lot of people and as a result, we are offering our clients practical knowledge and advice to improve the energy efficiency of residents' homes. This year we partnered with Green Doctors to help residents access advice and support with reducing household energy bills. On top of that, we created an energy saving booklet to distribute to clients, offering a range of free practical and easy tips to save money and reduce energy consumption at home.

Empowering young minds

During work of installing a new school playground in Islington Borough, we delivered two workshops to instil the value of environmental responsibility and sustainability. The workshop was delivered to the school council with a focus on recycling and an emphasis on the significance of protecting the environment.

Carbon literacy training

We’ve begun our journey of delivering Carbon Literacy Training to our employees, through our partnership with Planet Mark. The training raises awareness and practical knowledge on sustainability, climate change, and our carbon footprint. Employees are given the tools and confidence to take meaningful action against climate change.

Retrofit training

To meet the legal UK target Net Zero by 2050, 27 million homes need to be retrofitted in the next 27 years. Whilst funding is a key factor, the availability of skilled labour and upskilling the existing market is the most pertinent barrier in meeting the retrofit objective.

To address the skills gap, we have a growing retrofit team and certified supply chain under the PAS 2035 framework. We now have a competent team of Retrofit Advisors, Assessors and Coordinators to assess and manage our retrofitting projects to ensure we are meeting the highest standards. The type of retrofit works we have carried out are;

• Internal and External Wall Insulation (EWI and IWI)

• Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps

• Hydrogen Ready Boilers

• Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

• Solar PV and Solar Thermals

38 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


80% of our carbon footprint are Scope 3 emissions and 85% of that is generated from the procurement process. Understanding the impact this has on the environment is one of the biggest challenges businesses are facing.

That’s why we engage with our suppliers about how they can manage, measure, and reduce their emissions and how we can work together to improve our impact on the climate. 10% Emission reduction through supplier engagement

Office energy renewable 99.45% Invoices paid
100% 39 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24


Sustainable energy procurement

This year, to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, we partnered with Sustainable Energy First, a sustainable energy consultancy to broker only renewable forms of energy to power our buildings. Since partnering, we have signed a new Green Gas Contract, which injects the same amount of biomethane we consume back into the grid, making the gas consumption carbon neutral.

Furthermore, all our electricity has been Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certified since 2018, assuring that our Scope 2 are carbon neutral by investing in geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, and hydrogen power.

Environmentally friendly products

We introduced environmentally friendly, organic, and toxin-free period products to all offices through the B-Corp certified, Grace & Green.

Responsible procurement

We recognise the value of our supply chain partners, and our ethical responsibility to provide support where it is most required. We reinforced our commitment to paying suppliers on time with 99.45% of invoices being paid within 60 days and 48.42% of invoices being paid within 30 days.

Supply chain scope 3 project

Tackling indirect Scope 3 emissions is one of the most difficult challenges facing a business when it comes to decarbonisation and meeting Net Zero targets. It requires whole scale collaboration and accessible information and data which is often very difficult to acquire. Our Scope 3 emissions account for over 80% of our total annual footprint and this is growing as our business grows.

To increase the transparency of carbon data within our supply chain, we teamed up with Emitwise to be one of the first to utilise their new platform ProcureWise. We involved 35 of our key suppliers and subcontractors who represented over 80% of our supply chain emissions. We collected their procurement data for Emitwise to calculate their carbon footprint, which saw our emissions reduce by 10% by improving data quality.

Going forward, we plan to increase the pool of supply chain members involved and continue our reduction and journey towards Net-Zero.

The Emitwise programme is impressive, I will work on a company Carbon Reduction Plan using the information generated through Emitwise as a ‘baseline’.It is interesting to note that we have been given a snapshot of how we compare to other Axis suppliers per industry.

Russell Trew, Roofing and Refurbishment Contractor
Scope 3 emissions by category >1% Upstream Transportation and Distribution 6.1% Employee Commuting 81% Purchased Goods and Services 8.1% Fuel and Energy Related Services 3.5% Capital Goods >1% Business Travel >1% Upstream Leased Assets >1% Waste Generated 40 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Net Zero Roadmap

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, scientists warned that average global temperatures should not be allowed to rise more than 2.0˚C, but ideally below 1.5˚C. To achieve this, we need human generated carbon dioxide to reduce by 45% by 2030 and reach Net Zero by 2050.

To reach the goal of Net Zero by 2050, we first need to understand where to start. In 2019/20, we produced 5532 tCO2e, these are the steps we must take to eliminate them.

This means that companies can claim to be Net Zero once they have reached a 90% carbon emissions reduction and neutralised any residual Greenhouse Gases emissions released into the atmosphere. This should be achieved by 2050. How we get to Net Zero is not easy, it requires new technologies, innovative industrial changes, a culture shift and transparent carbon data.



2019 2022 2025 2030 2050
Net Zero by 2050
overall reduction
By 2030, 50% reduction of scope 1 and 2 emissions. Eliminating
tCO2e By 2025,
Remove most carbon intensive products from supply chain 100% electric fleet Become carbon neutral Zero to landfill waste Set Science Based Targets (SBTs) Move all suppliers to renewables Install a Building Management System to reduce utility emissions by 40% Deliver carbon literacy training to workforce Gain FORS accreditation 15% electric fleet All Axis buildings to be powered by renewables Move all Tier 1 suppliers to renewable energy 15% electric fleet 100% deforestation free in supply chains Key Net zero journey Business as usual 41 About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24

Our Responsible Business Partners

About Axis Our People Our Community Our Environment Our Partners Axis Responsible Business Report 2023/24 42

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