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Responsible Business Report 2022/23 Protect our Homes Protect our Future
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Message from our CEO

Axis is a proudly Responsible Business underpinned by Our Values, eight key principles which set out our behaviours and responsibilities.

We are pleased to launch this year’s Responsible Business Report at the end of another financial year that has seen significant growth and success across the business.

The most pleasing aspect of our growth and success is that the vast majority has been achieved with existing clients who value our collaborative approach; certainly our reputation has never been stronger.

We have also secured several long-term contracts that will run for the next ten to fifteen years; we will also be bidding for several more in the upcoming financial year.

It is pleasing to see that social value is responsible for up to 20% of the qualitative scoring on these bids. This is reflecting societal as well as business changes, in terms of what is expected from large corporations who secure such contracts.

This is a pleasing aspect for Axis as we have long-held and firm beliefs that we have to contribute to and support the communities we work in. This is clearly demonstrated by engaging the people who live within them, whist protecting and enhancing the local environment for the benefit of all. None of the above is a fluke, rather it is a result of the hard work and commitment of our people, our greatest asset.

We continue to make significant investment in training and developing our people. From our commitment to have 10% of all employees either as an Apprentice or Trainee, right through to our Leadership and Management training. This year we saw eighty managers undergo a full year’s leadership training, followed by a series of key business challenges to address in groups led by the executive team. This led to a great deal of cross-divisional collaborative working which has been hugely beneficial and sets a benchmark for this year’s group to aspire to.

Our charitable arm, the Axis Foundation, passed the two million pounds mark in terms of donations made to small, local and impactful organisations and individuals. This is something from a personal point of view I am extremely proud of.

We continue to try and find worthy causes and people in the areas we are most active as a business. We are always encouraging our employees to be aware of this and to nominate causes that are important to them.

Our volunteering scheme, whereby each employee is given a day’s paid volunteering, is also gaining traction. It is a worthwhile initiative on so many levels, too many to highlight here.

01 02 03 Integrity, honesty and commitment breeds integrity, honesty and commitment Everybody deserves respect Train and develop people –their growth becomes our growth 04 Embracing diversity will broaden our horizons
From its very beginning over 36 years ago, Axis has been a values-led company with eight founding principles created by John Hayes. AXIS RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS REPORT 2022/23 04 MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO
Our Values

We have made significant investment in the retrofit market which is an area of increasing focus for our clients. We are trained and ready to deliver so many measures that will make a difference to emissions particularly from domestic dwellings.

We are also remaining highly focused on our impact on the environment, particularly vehicle emissions, which remain a challenge with such a scattered workforce. It will be a long journey to an all-electric fleet but one we are happy to embark on.

Our Responsible Business Team continue to do a stellar job in raising awareness and ensuring we are compliant in all that we do. Communicating right across the business has been a key success of the past year, and with the additional support should go from strength to strength.

We are heading in the right direction, but like all companies we have much to work on. This report will show the level of commitment we have in moving forward as a Responsible Business.

I hope you enjoy the read.

05 06 07 08 Harmony, co-operation and openness helps build strong relationships A community we contribute to will welcome and value us Protect our environment –protect our future Commitment to health and safety benefits everyone
None of our success is a fluke, rather it is a result of the hard work and commitment of our people, our greatest asset.

About Axis

Axis provides some of the UK’s largest building owners, landlords and facilities managers with building repairs, maintenance and improvements services. We work in social housing, commercial, heritage and public sectors and make buildings safe and comfortable for their owners (our clients) and their occupants and residents.

In our 36+ year history, Axis has become a highly successful and reputable business employing over 1,000 people and with six offices and multiple sites across the UK.

In our industry we are known as a safe pair of hands. As a values-led, family-run firm, we always remember that our site is someone’s precious property or home.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals have the power to transform the world by 2030, aiming to end poverty and inequality, protect the planet, and ensure everyone has a healthy, prosperous life.


Our Priority Goals

In conjunction with our eight values, we have identified 5 main SDGs that play a fundamental role in steering our development and growth, whilst guiding Axis to be the best Responsible Business it can be.

Our goal

We are committed to ensuring Axis is a great place to work, providing employees with opportunities to grow and develop their skills and receive a fair wage.

Our goal

Axis is committed to being a diverse and inclusive business that respects the opportunities and the protected characteristics of everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Our goal

We are striving to ensure all products and services are responsibly procured through our supply chain, focusing on minimising waste by introducing new circular economies.

Our goal

Through our social and environmental initiatives, we are committed to enriching the local communities in which we work and their living conditions through our retrofit agenda.

Our goal

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and curbing emissions towards Net Zero by 2050, by building a carbon literate workforce and protecting and enhancing our ecosystems.


Our Three Pillars

As a Responsible Business, and as individuals working at Axis, we focus on our current behaviours – including areas where we can improve – and also set ourselves targets and goals as our strategy for the future.

We identify three pillars that support a successful Responsible Business: our People, our Community and our Environment.

RecruitmentInclusive Learning andDevelopment Training

Our People

33% of employees have been with us over 5 years

10% of our workforce are apprentices and trainees

Wellbeing Engagementand

1660 Site inspections completed


Passport to Work courses completed

Healthand Safety Biodiversity WasteReduction

DiversityEquality, and Inclusion

1,736 Axis volunteering hours in community

68 Causes supported by Community Funds

1,500+ Students engaged with Work Inspiration programme £2m

Donations milestone achieved by Axis Foundation

Work Inspiration

13% Reduction in utility consumption

4 New environmental partners

100% Office waste diverted

£36.5k Donated to environmental projects

Carbon Volunteering
Fundraising Axis Foundation
Procurement Awareness
Community Funds

Our People

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Here we outline our goals and achievements specifically encompassing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Inclusive Recruitment; Wellbeing and Engagement; Training and Development and Health and Safety.

25 Languages spoken 27 Different nationalities

380 People celebrated 5 years’ service


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our longstanding commitment to Many Faces, One Axis ensures that we are an inclusive workplace through the following initiatives.

Free to be Me network

Our people-led, Free to be Me network initiative brings together thoughts and ideas from across the business: our people know they have a voice. We ensure that Axis is a safe space to talk openly and be heard, and to gain insight from underrepresented groups so that we can identify any areas of improvement and progress further as an inclusive organisation.

Induction programme

Our robust induction programme ensures all new starters undertake our e-learning module on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. This clearly sets out our expectations of how important inclusivity is at Axis.

International Women’s Day

We continue to celebrate International Women’s Day, Women in Construction, National Inclusion Week and many more campaigns which bring teams together to share knowledge and experiences whilst encouraging communication, engagement and interaction.



of our employees are women of the UK construction industry are women (Office of National Statistics, March 2022)

Female-led focus group

Embracing diversity will broaden our horizons

Our newly created, female-led focus group, aims to better understand the perceived barriers that discourage women from joining our industry. A key challenge is attracting more females and underrepresented groups. We have gained valuable insight in promoting opportunities and actively encouraging more women to work in the industry; and we have better information to present at school and college events.

Gender Pay Gap

Our gender pay gap reporting is ongoing and we are closing the mean gender pay gap.

2021 Mean 2022 Mean

16.7 12.6


See our latest Gender Pay Gap report here

Future Focus

To develop awareness of disability and neurodiversity and social mobility; to commence ethnicity pay gap and disability pay gap reporting for 2023/2024; and to achieve gender balance across our workforce.

We are proud of the new initiatives such as the coaching programme and the ongoing management and leadership groups we have in place and have developed. This structure embeds better leadership, and our people can come to work at Axis and be their authentic selves.
Maria Northwood Business Support Director

Inclusive Recruitment

We continue to ensure we reach the widest talent pools and aim to employ locally to closely represent the communities where we work.

Opportunities for all

Landed, our recruitment platform, continues to ensure that all opportunities are available to internal and external candidates.

Easier application process

We have reviewed our application process to make it as easy as possible for someone to apply to work at Axis. We have trialled features such as videos to help an applicant demonstrate their knowledge and experience verbally instead of through writing.

Local partnerships

We have built and developed local partnerships across a number of geographical locations to increase engagement with local communities.

Disability Confident

We are proud to be a Disability Confident Committed employer.

Manager training

Our managers have received hands-on, one-to-one training on how to use Landed, screen candidates and shortlist for interview.

Customer Services Advisor assessment centre

With our Head of Customer Service, we implemented a new Customer Services Advisor assessment centre. This incorporates telephone interviews, role play and competency-based interviews to enable both candidate and manager to have a better understanding of the role.

Recruitment Team

Apprentice recruitment process

We commenced our apprentice recruitment early to give more candidates the opportunity to apply. Starting in February 2023 (National Apprenticeship Week) we promoted opportunities on our website and Indeed; to our customers and local agencies as well as at events.

Confident Recruiter training

Throughout 2023, all recruitment managers will undergo Confident Recruiter training, an internal training course delivered face to face and through e-Learning.

Job recruitment

We have attended job and career fairs and recruitment events where we demonstrate first-hand what opportunities and roles are available and give guidance on job applications – and have seen good engagement here.

6,989 People viewed our Vacancies

5,562 People applied to Axis

Future Focus

To recruit from the widest talent pool; to employ more people locally; to gain Disability Confident Committed Employer accreditation to Level 3.

It’s amazing to see how many people we have helped secure employment or start a new career this year. Axis is a great place to work and grow.

Wellbeing and Engagement

We continue our commitment to encourage active and open communication and support our people’s overall wellbeing.

Channels for communication

Our dedicated channel for communication on all matters relating to wellbeing means we are able to engage quickly and directly on new initiatives and resources available.

Targeted surveys

Through targeted surveys we have identified how we can support the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of our employees.

Gold Investors in People

We proudly retained Investors in People Gold standard accreditation.

Occupational Health Provider

The professional services of our Occupational Health Provider help Axis support an individual with any reasonable adjustments in their role.

Engaging with our employees

Our Mental Health First Aiders continue to play a pivotal role in engaging with our employees. Our Employee Assistance Programme offers employees and family members 24/7 confidential advice and guidance.

Hybrid working

We continue to practise a hybrid working model to help our people achieve a work/life balance whilst still delivering outstanding customer service to the communities we support.

Extra holiday

We reviewed our annual leave and gifted those who complete one full year of service their birthday off as a ‘thank you’.


Activation on our online wellbeing platform


Saved by employees on discounts and perks

Future Focus

To review our family friendly policy; introduce Cycle to Work scheme; invite inspirational guest speakers to address employees.

Achieving the Gold Investors
In People accreditation again demonstrates that our people feel valued in all that they do.
Victoria Basham Head

Training and Development

Training is the foundation of how we develop our people to be great at their roles, and help them establish and achieve their career goals.

Health and Safety training

We have focussed on ensuring our Health & Safety training is up to date and that all of our people have completed the relevant training to stay safe at work. This has been a mix of learning through e-learning, classroom-based courses and industry-specific assessments.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We have improved our LMS system to support the business through communication and data with added functionality and visibility.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our new structured and tailored Coaching and Mentoring programme supports the development of our employees and strengthens people’s confidence and capabilities to grow within Axis.

Business Challenges

Newly trained Managers from our Leadership and Development programme were given a specific business challenge aligned to one of our core values. The teams presented their business challenge – and their strategy - to their peers, John Hayes, Chief Executive, the exec team. From this we identified a range of initiatives and activities.

The Leadership and Development programme was an incredible learning experience, not least as it gave us all the opportunity to work with colleagues from across the entire business. My group really enjoyed working on our challenge – and knowing that our suggestions would be heard and acted on gave us great confidence. It was not a box-ticking exercise at all. We can see our recommended changes happening already!

Future Focus


Total courses completed

9,742 e-learning courses completed

620 People at in-person courses

453 Training Plans completed

9,874 Hours classroom training

2,727 Hours e-learning

To broaden how we utilise training to enable career pathways; review what training is available for the right progression and development for our people; to stay ahead of industry trends and ensure that we have the right skills and knowledge in the business to stay competitive; to continue to adopt the recommendations from our Business Challenges as part of our long term strategy.

Train and develop people –their growth becomes our growth

Health and Safety

We believe that a healthy and safe workplace is the foundation for a successful and sustainable business.

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, and their health and safety is of utmost importance to us. We understand that a safe and healthy workplace not only promotes employee well-being but also contributes to increased productivity, improved morale and reduced costs associated with injuries and illnesses. Axis has been members of the British Safety Council for 15 years.


We gained accreditations ISO 45001, Construction Health and Safety (CHAS), Constructionline.

Leadership in Safety Excellence

The senior management team from our Maintenance Division all undertook the NEBOSH Leadership In Safety Excellence Course. The course looked at all aspects of leading people to achieve an excellent standard of safety and examined how they personally contribute to the success of their teams. They now have all the tools to build a positive H&S culture for all their teams.


Vans fitted with ladder safety device reducing risk of falling from height


Sites registered with Considerate Constructors Scheme


Frontline managers undertook their Passport to Work H&S training (SMSTS, SSSTS, IOSH Managing Safely)


WAH equipment checks completed using our new Microsoft power app inspection form

Commitment to health and safety benefits everyone


LMS courses in Asbestos, Manual Handling, Working at Height and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health completed


of incidents reported via powerapp (vs 69% last year) enabling faster and more effective means of investigating incidents

Future Focus

To examine the result of exposure and noise in the workplace on our operatives, to assess risk and to reduce both, improving mental health for all our employees; to fit all vehicles with ladder safety device.

These initiatives have been achieved by working together with the single aim of creating a safe and supportive working environment for everyone to thrive.
David Newton, Head of Health and Safety
Our new ladder safety device

Our Community

As a Responsible Business we recognise the challenges facing society and want to be part of the solution.

We demonstrate ethical leadership and seek to maximise social value, extending our positive contribution to local communities, our people and throughout Axis’ supply chain.

A community we contribute to will welcome and value


Through Axis’ volunteering programme, all employees are entitled to take one working day (7 hours) each financial year to volunteer for an organisation of their choice. This year was an impressive year for volunteering at Axis, with 20% of the workforce participating in a volunteering day supporting a total of 84 causes across 1,736 hours.



Business in the Community



We were delighted to renew our membership with Business in the Community (BITC) this year, joining a network of business members who are leading the movement to create a fair and sustainable world in which to live and work.

Through BITC’s Skills Exchange programme we have had 26 employees use their skills and time to support local causes.

As an example, we were introduced to The Restart Project, a registered charity and social enterprise that takes laptops that were destined to be e-waste, refurbishes them, then donates them to people in the community without access to tech.

Members of our Performance Management and IT teams joined the charity at their Fixing Factory in Brent to gain IT experience and repair hardware and software.

Future Focus

To improve our volunteering uptake, ensuring 30% of the workforce participate in a volunteering day.

Education & Training Environmental Events Volunteering Vulnerable Groups


Our corporate charity partner Demelza delivers extraordinary care to extraordinary children who are facing serious or life-limiting conditions, throughout Kent, South East London and East Sussex.

Through their specialist nursing and care teams, they provide creative therapies, short breaks, practical and emotional support for families and siblings, and care towards the end of life. This year marks 20 years of our partnership which you can view in our timeline on page 24.

Corporate fundraisers

Every year we host two corporate fundraisers: our Golf Day in July and our Charity Ball in December. These events wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our guests, suppliers, and subcontractors. This year, Axis match-funded the amount raised at the ball resulting in a further £433,278 to be available for small, local, and impactful causes, including Demelza.

Challenge events and internal fundraisers

Our employees raised an additional £13,964 through challenge events and internal fundraising activities, including two skydives, a Mount Kilimanjaro climb, and a cycle ride from London to Paris! Our future focus area for last year was to introduce a series of social fundraising events to help increase employee engagement in a hybrid working environment. Highlights included afternoon teas to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and a charity football match hosted in partnership with our client, Croydon Council.


Focus To incorporate Axis fundraising initiatives into national awareness campaigns such as Children’s Hospice Week.

A huge thank you to Axis for their ongoing support. Over the years they have taken part in skydives, abseils, running challenges, have hosted balls and golf days, as well as volunteering at our hospices. They are an incredible group of people, and their support means so much to the families we work with.
Lavinia Jarrett, Chief Executive at Demelza

Axis Foundation

The Axis Foundation is the charitable arm of Axis, aiming to provide opportunities and support to people, projects and causes that make a positive, lasting impact on the communities we serve. In July 2022 our donations hit the £2m mark! That’s £2m donated to 270 small, local, and impactful causes in 14 years of giving.



Employee applications to Foundation

We were pleased to see an increase in applications put forward by employees, particularly those who are site-based. As an example, whilst carrying out major works on a West London estate, one of our Site Managers witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of isolation and loss of mobility experienced by a local resident who was severely disabled.

To help alleviate this, the Axis Foundation purchased a power-assisted wheelchair and fitted a new automatic door so that the resident can easily manoeuvre themselves in and out of their flat.

Future Focus

To continue to encourage Axis employees to put forward causes that are important to them.

...built an indoor arena for Centred Horseplay, helping hard-to-reach young people ...bought a special dinghy for Disabled Sailors Association (DSA) so more disabled people can enjoy sailing £10,000...
The resident is obviously thrilled – having the power-assisted wheelchair is just amazing and makes everything so much easier.
...supported Dental Wellness Trust (DWT)’s programme to teach children good oral health ...helped The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust develop a brand new app for cancer patients £10,000... £7,000... ...purchased two hundred heavyweight sleeping bags for Off the Fence’s rough sleepers
Axis Site Manager

Work Inspiration

Through our Work Inspiration programme, we provide a practical and inspiring insight into the world of work through work placements, career talks, workshops, mentoring, and apprenticeships.

This year alone we have partnered with 35 schools, colleges, and universities nationwide to engage with young people. A particular highlight was National Apprenticeship Week in February, where we attended 10 events to promote Axis’ apprenticeship programme and shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses, and the wider economy.


44 Weeks of work placements delivered

Women in Construction


15 Career talks and workshops delivered

When appealing to young females, it’s essential that we consider the importance of representation. Led by Sarah Taylor, Axis’ Operations Director, we set up a ‘Women in Construction’ group formed of 12 female employees in site-based roles.

By sharing stories and celebrating their successes, we aim to promote role models for young girls to feel inspired, and push against gender stereotypes. As an example, to celebrate International Women’s Day we sponsored the ‘She Is Summit’ in partnership with our client, MTVH to help generate ideas to empower girls and women, improve safety, and #embraceequity.

15 Job fairs attended

Future Focus

To explore social media and new technologies to promote our work inspiration opportunities and encourage more young people to join the construction industry.

Students engaged with Work Inspiration programme of our workforce are apprentices and trainees

Community Funds

Through our social value commitments, we change communities for the better. It’s not just about creating projects that have a big impact, but rather working with our clients to understand what is valuable to them, their residents, and the wider community.

By partnering with our clients and supply chain, we have supported 68 causes through funding and in-kind donations of £149,500. Here are just three examples:

Ambition Aspire Achieve £2,000

donation to Newham Christmas Toy Appeal with 15 Axis volunteers helping to sort and pack gifts at the warehouse to ensure 3,300 vulnerable children received toys for Christmas morning.

Kingston Digital Inclusion Project

£5,000 Westminster Forest School £5,000

Cost of living crisis

donation to upskill and empower 100 Kingston residents by giving them equipment, connectivity, skills, and confidence to use online services to improve their lives.

in partnership with Westminster Children’s University, our subcontractors PVD Contractors Ltd installed perimeter fencing for a new forest school in Westminster.

The ongoing cost of living crisis affects us all, but the impact is disproportionately felt by those who are already struggling to make ends meet. One way in which we have supported our clients is by creating and distributing winter warmth packs full of essential items and information to protect the most vulnerable and elderly during winter. We also supported 14 campaigns over the festive period through funding, in-kind donations, and volunteering by providing food hampers and gifts to those who need it the most.


Supporting 22 causes with Travis Perkins


Supporting 26 causes with City Plumbing

Future Focus

To work with our partners to identify a series of intergenerational projects that we can support through funding, in-kind donations, and volunteering.


A Loving Partnership

In 2023, Axis’ charity partner Demelza celebrates 25 years of delivering extraordinary care to extraordinary children facing serious or life-limiting conditions.

Donations from Axis and the Axis Foundation topped £2m this year too. Our friendship and partnership began 20 years ago. Here is our journey...


Axis Europe founded.

Demelza founded

Axis Foundation donates £48,000 to Demelza.

2012 Axis Foundation donates £40,000 to Demelza.

Axis donates £40,000 to Demelza’s Bricks and Water appeal to create a Hydrotherapy Centre and new bedrooms for patients at Sittingbourne hospice.

Axis donates £39,979 to Demelza’s ‘Adopt a Nurse’ campaign Axis Foundation makes first donation to £6,320 to Demelza.


Axis Foundation is born: mission to support small, local and impactful causes mainly in the area where Axis works.

Axis Foundation donates £50,000 to Demelza.

Axis Foundation donates £75,000 to Demelza.

Axis Foundation wins Demelza’s Special Award: Outstanding LongTerm Supporter 2016. Axis Foundation donates £32,000 to Demelza.


36+ Years Ago 2003-4 Axis Europe and Demelza form charity partnership. Axis donates £14.051 to Demelza. 2005-8 Axis donates £107,368.21 to Demelza. 2011 2013 2009-10 Alan Curbishley becomes first patron of Axis Foundation. Inaugural Axis Foundation Alan Curbishley Celebrity Charity Golf Day raises over £18,000. Cheque presented to Demelza – £53,724.92.
2015 2016 2014

Axis fundraisers’ Tough Mudder challenge raises £4,512.50 for the Axis Foundation and for Demelza.

Axis Foundation wins Demelza’s Bespoke Fundraising Event of the Year Award for Arctic Challenge.


Axis Foundation celebrates donating £1 million to small, local and impactful causes like Demelza.


The Axis Foundation’s Winter Appeal for Demelza raises £75,000 (Axis people, suppliers and subcontractors donated £44,139.46. The Axis Foundation donated an additional £30,860.54).

Axis people fundraise Cycling to Paris (£10,600) and climbing Mount Kilmanjaro (£2,500) for Demelza/Axis Foundation.



Axis Foundation celebrates Decade of Donations.

Axis Foundation Charity Ball raises £150,000 for the small, local and impactful causes the Foundation supports including Demelza.

Axis Foundation celebrates donating £2 million to small, local and impactful causes. Axis presents cheque to Demelza, marking our £2m moment.

16th Axis Foundation Charity Ball raised £215,000. Axis match funds making £430,000 available for small, local and impactful causes including Demelza.


15th Axis Foundation Charity Ball raised £170,000. Axis match funds to make £340,000 available for small, local and impactful causes including Demelza.

Ben Ibrahim, Axis’ Divisional Manager, ran the London Marathon raising £14,600 for Demelza and the Axis Foundation.

Demelza celebrates 25 years of caring 2023

178 hours of volunteering for Demelza by Axis people (2022/3).

Total donated by Axis and Axis Foundation to Demelza is £1,092,665.85!

Second Alan Curbishley Celebrity Charity Golf Day raises £26,000 - Cheque presented to Demelza £70,000. Axis Arctic Challengers raise £10,000 for the Axis Foundation and for Demelza. Axis Foundation wins Corporate Foundation Category in Business Charity Awards sponsored by Third Sector.

Our Environment

At Axis, sustainability is a fundamental ethos that directs our ambition to build a purpose-driven business. It is the cornerstone of our strategy for carbon reduction, an ethical supply chain and environmental protection, whilst developing a resilient Responsible Business.

Protect our environment –protect our future AXIS RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS REPORT 2022/23 26 OUR ENVIRONMENT


We understand that we need to work in perfect equilibrium with our planet to ensure our future generations can do the same. If we do not behave as custodians of the environment in which we operate, our business will not survive.

One tree for every employee

Axis plants a tree for every employee who completes their first year at Axis, as a sign of appreciation for their hard work. Through Ecologi, who are a B-Corp certified environmental organisation, we have now planted over 1,000 trees in the Scottish Highlands which we are very proud about. As the Axis family grows so will our forest.

Give back to the environment

We encourage employees to give back to the environment and volunteer within their natural surroundings.

Getting involved with biodiversity

Getting involved with biodiversity has tangible benefits on mental health and a long lasting impact that can improve the welfare for local communities.

1000+ Trees planted


Hours spent volunteering in the environment

1 Acre of the Peruvian Rainforest protected

16 Different causes supported

Future Focus

To support more local causes and increase the amount of volunteering.

Ecologi’s Climate Contribution badge acknowledging our first 1,000 trees planted.
It was a great experience, I met a lot of people who were really passionate about saving our environment. I’ve planted 20+ trees.
Maciej Falkiewicz Bid Intern

Waste Reduction

Construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E) is the largest waste producing sector in the UK according DEFRA. It is very clear to see detrimental impact that the generation and disposal of waste is having on our planet: it’s not just a visual eyesore but the way certain waste is broken down, if disposed of incorrectly, can last in our ecosystems for generations.

Enva partnership

Our recycling and material recovery provider, Enva, continues to assists us on our journey to Zero to Landfill and helps us minimise the impact from our waste wherever possible.

Diverting waste from landfill

We have produced over 3,600 tonnes of construction waste and almost 99% of it has been diverted from landfill via Enva.

From analysing our waste we can identify circular economies to prevent the materials from becoming waste in the first place, like reusing wood for community projects, sending all plasterboard to be crushed and converted back into the product and turning FRA doors into wood chips to be burnt for biogas.

Recycling Excellence award

Our green partnership has grown over the past two years: Axis won the Recycling Excellence award in the Enva Love Recycling Awards 2023.

Resident skip days

To celebrate this year’s Great British Spring Clean we delivered resident skip days to some of our clients, to clean up their estates and help them dispose of their waste in an environmentallyfriendly manner: 100% of all waste on each day was diverted from landfill.

Resident skip days

98.9% Recycle rate

5,237 Paint cans recycled


Skip days delivered

5,655 kWh of energy produced from office waste

Future Focus

To be a Zero to Landfill company by 2030.

Enva are very proud to be working with Axis Europe and by providing a waste management model that works for Axis, this has resulted in outstanding improvements relating to recycling and overall sustainability performance.
Mark Gibbard, Key Accounts Manager at Enva

Carbon Reduction

As a national provider of repairs and maintenance services, the purchase of goods and services and operating a fleet of over 500 vehicles makes up 80% of our carbon footprint. This is why Axis has a robust strategy in place to fully electrify our fleet by 2030 and move all our suppliers to renewable energy to reduce our supply chain emissions.

Planet Mark certified business

This year we become a Planet Mark certified business. We join a cohort of forward-thinking organisations who are all driving continuous positive change through their actions, people and reach to meet their sustainability goals.

Emissions by category

Reduce our energy emissions

We introduced a Building Management System (BMS) in our head office with the aim of reducing energy-related emissions by 40%.

Working with Emitwise we accurately identify the sources of our emissions, then build a Net Zero strategy from the data. Emissions by scope

17.8% Scope 1 Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

0.2% Scope 2 Indirect emissions from owned or controlled sources

82% Scope 3 Indirect emissions that occur in the company’s value chain

Future Focus To halve Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030.

Fuel and Energy Employee Commuting Purchased Electricity Upstream Lease Capital Goods Stationary Combustion Waste Generated Fugitive Emissions Other 1 April 2019 to 30 Sept 2022 1.5% 6.9% 7.1% 30.0% 50.2% ABOUT AXIS OUR COMMUNITY OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR PARTNERS 29 CARBON REDUCTION
Purchased Goods and Services Mobile Combustion


For Axis to be a Responsible Business, every member of the company needs to behave in line with our ambition and our 8 core values. So, we ensure all employees are aware of their environmental impact and responsibilities.

Energy efficiency workshops

We delivered Energy Efficiency Workshops to our clients and their residents to help reduce their energy bills (particularly given the current cost of living crisis) and also to reduce their associated emissions as part of our Sustainability Agenda.

Eco-driving solutions

Through driver training and eco-driving awareness, we reduced our overall idle time by 5% despite our fleet growing by 14%. This is just a small step in reducing the impact of our fleet before we go electric. By getting FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accredited we hope to further improve on this statistic.

Helping children learn about their environment

Equipping children to learn hands-on about the natural environment, the Axis Foundation donated these bee suits to Hands of Hope, a charity offering children and young people hands-on, practical learning about the natural world around them.

138 Hours spent on sustainability training videos

422 Courses were completed


Fewer litres of fuel consumed


Donated across 5 local initiatives

Axis Foundation helps raise awareness

Through the Axis Foundation, we have supported and invested over £21,000 across five local initiatives that aim to raise awareness through activities within our environment.

Future Focus

To develop a more carbon literate workforce through in-house training.



Ensuring we procure all our products responsibly will have positive impacts across the whole supply chain and reduce the embodied carbon within.

Emitwise partnership

Working with Emitwise we have identified that over 50% of our carbon footprint emanates from our purchased goods and supply chain.

Eco-friendly pens and paint

All our pens are 100% biodegradable made from sugar cane and all our paintbrushes are 100% carbon neutral and ecofriendly.

New climate action pledge

We recently became part of the Sustainable City Charter launched by Westminster City Council. This charter is an innovative business-led climate action pledge to reach the government’s Net Zero goal.

Ethical products

We continue to eliminate all energy intensive products and only procure ethical eco-friendly products.

Environmentally-friendly products

We know, that in order for us to be a Responsible Business and meet our Net Zero targets, we must replace our most carbon intensive products with more environmentallyfriendly ones.

Payment terms

We ensure that all our suppliers are paid on time to maintain high satisfaction.


Subcontractors paid in under 60 days


Subcontractors paid in under 30 days

Future Focus


reduce 20% of purchased goods and supply chain emissions by 2028.
I am proud to be part of this new strategy and to ensure all materials we procure are ethical as well as supporting local business and communities.
Joe Ibrahim, MD Projects

Axis Net Zero Roadmap

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, scientists warned that average global temperatures should not be allowed to rise more than 2.0˚C, but ideally below 1.5˚C. To achieve this, we need human generated carbon dioxide to reduce by 45% by 2030 and reach Net Zero by 2050.

To reach the goal of Net Zero by 2050, we first need to understand where to start.

In 2019/20, we produced 5532 tCO2e, these are the steps we must take to eliminate them.

Install a Building Management System to reduce utility emissions by 40%

Gain FORS accreditation

15% electric fleet

All Axis buildings to be powered by renewables

Move all Tier 1 suppliers to renewable energy

100% deforestation free in supply chains

Deliver carbon literacy training to workforce

By 2025, 10% overall reduction


Net zero journey

Business as usual

2019 2022 2025
2022/23 32 AXIS NET ZERO

This means that companies can claim to be Net Zero once they have reached a 90% carbon emissions reduction and neutralised any residual Greenhouse Gases emissions released into the atmosphere. This should be achieved by 2050. How we get to Net Zero is not easy, it requires new technologies, innovative industrial changes, a culture shift and transparent carbon data.

100% electric fleet Move all suppliers to renewables

Become carbon neutral Set Science Based Targets (SBTs)

Zero to landfill waste

Remove most carbon intensive products from supply chain

By 2030, 50% reduction of scope

1 and 2 emissions. Eliminating 950 tCO2e 2030

Axis becomes Net Zero by 2050



Our Responsible Business Partners

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