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Founders for generations to come

Founders for generations to come Challenging times are not ahead; we are already living in them. Some say that sustainability issues are piling up and the window of opportunity is shrinking. Others argue that the potential to solve complex global problems has never been greater. I choose to join the latter crowd. No matter which side you are on, the Sustainable Development Goals have provided us with a roadmap for where we need to be by 2030, and planetary boundaries make clear what limits we must respect along the way. How we get there is for us to figure out.

complex once we scratch the surface. Many require systematic shifts which in turn can lead to transformative change in society. Looking back, this has been a successful approach.

I have been a part of the Axfoundation journey since 1993 when the organization was set up by Antonia Ax:son Johnson. It was founded at a time when few knew what the word ‘sustainability’ meant and fewer still understood what businesses had do with it. Regardless, Antonia was at the forefront, talking about the ‘good company’ and that the corporate world has enormous potential to be a positive force for change in society.

I am proud to look back at so many successful projects and summarize the results so far here in our first progress report. We have also taken the time to scrutinize ourselves and evaluate what we could have improved along the way. Nothing is as learning as a mistake, after all. We are happy to share what we have learned.

In the beginning Axfoundation was more of a traditional foundation in that we received proposals and apportioned grants. Over time, we wanted to do more and decided to change our game plan. We identified a number of challenges faced by consumers and businesses and started to work hands on. We brought with us an entrepreneurial approach, built a strong team and joined forces with partners across sectors and markets. Some issues that we take on may seem straight forward at first and only more

Over the past two years, Axfoundation has formed alliances and collaborations with some 225 partners, contributing to positive development in society by exploring new solutions. Using business as an accelerator to drive long-term change, we tackle a wide range of practical sustainability challenges – hands on.

What’s next? Well, I look forward to seeing Axfoundation further increase pace, with a team who are full of innovative ideas and solutions, to drive the transition towards a smarter and more sustainable future. We are passionate about what we do, not only because we can see things evolve, but also because we can contribute to make a change for generations to come. Alexandra Mörner Chairman of the Board Fifth generation of a family of entrepreneurs