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Inclusive Societies

Yrkesdörren HIGHLIGHTS • More than 5,700 new and established Swedes have met through Yrkesdörren since 2015. Over 2,000 people met in 2019 alone. • 77% of participants say they feel more integrated into Swedish society after their meetings through Yrkesdörren. • 83% of participants say they understand the Swedish labor market better. • 51% get an interview with an employer after their meetings. • 35% of those who meet an employer land a job and 19% get an internship.

Yrkesdörren sets up meetings between established Swedes and people who are new to the country and who have experience from the same industry. The purpose is to broaden the participants’ professional networks and thereby contribute to speeding up their integration into the Swedish labor market. They meet

for an hour to talk about their common industry, such as social codes and how to improve their CVs. This way, an informal validation of the competence of the participant is made and the door opener has the opportunity to share suitable contacts. An hour may be all that’s needed to change the course of someone’s life.

Yrkesdörren was a great help, a way of getting feedback, support and the chance to meet people who work at similar organizations to where I wanted to work. I got to learn how it works and what they do. I got a clearer picture of what I want.

Henna, Yrkesdörren participant

Photo: Lo Varg