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Sustainable Production and Consumption

Expansion: Axfoundation and companies tweak the training approach and roll-out. Trainings pick up speed, more buying brands and factories join. The brands and suppliers finance the training themselves while Axfoundation focuses on measuring the results.


workers and managers trained

28 Assessing the result: Raoul Wallenberg Institute assesses the impact of Quizrr program Rights & Responsibilities in China. The report suggests that Quizrr training has contributed to greater awareness and new routines.

factories participating

Assessing the impact: Axfoundation assess the output and outcomes of digital training at 19 factories in China that had been using Quizrr training both for workers and managers. The survey was answered by 1,869 managers and workers and the assessment indicates improved communication between workers and management. Workers and managers report that democratically elected worker representatives are in place thanks to the trainings, and that these representatives can ensure that employees gain influence in their workplace. More than half of the respondents claim these changes occurred after the training. The Axel Johnson companies continue implementing Quizrr as part of their sustainability strategy with the aim of sourcing responsibly and contributing to positive change within their sphere of influence.

2018 Digital training developed: Based on the experience from the digital training pilot in China, the Nordic Initiative supports the development of Quizrr training material for Thai food supply chain actors. The aim is to mitigate unethical recruitment and forced labor.

2019 Training rolled out: In 2019, the training is rolled out in 3 languages on 11 factories in Thailand. Through this pilot, co-funded by the buying companies and Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova, over 2,300 employees and managers test the Quizrr training.


workers and managers trained


factories participating in the pilot

2020 The Nordic Initiative evolves into MOVE: Welcoming organizations and companies from different sectors and different market to join, MOVE aims to empower migrant workers in global supply chains through easily accessible digital training, shared knowledge and constructive dialogue.