Act to inspire & inspire to act 2020

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Sustainable Production and Consumption Improved working and living conditions in global supply chains. Responsible buying practices. Reduced climate and environmental impact from production and consumption. Increased consumer awareness of the social and environmental impact of consumption. Increased transparency and traceability. Axfoundation hosts the Swedish Soy Dialogue with 52 member organizations. Axfoundation contributed to nudging trials lowering the climate impact of consumers’ food purchases at by 7%.

Inclusive Societies Facilitating meetings between new and established Swedes – because meetings lead to networks and networks lead to jobs. Faster integration of foreign-born people into the Swedish labor market. More equal opportunities and conditions.

2,250 farmers and workers in Pakistan, trained in sustainable rice cultivation.

58,000 new and established Swedes have met through ÖppnaDörren since 2015 (10,000 in 2019 alone).

Axfoundation supported rights training of 10,300 factory workers and managers in China and Thailand.

42% have had the chance to meet potential employers through meetings facilitated by their door openers.

We contributed to the formation of ETI Sweden in 2019 to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

38% of those who met an employer have landed a job and 19% have been offered an internship.