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Sustainable Production and Consumption

Ethical Trading Initiative Sweden Creating a cross-sector platform for improved working conditions in global supply chains. HIGHLIGHTS • ETI Sweden was formed on December 12, 2019 and gathered together companies, trade unions, civil society organizations and the public sector. • 20 member organizations joined ETI Sweden the first two months of 2020.

Responsible trade builds sustainable development for people and society. Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) encourages businesses to act responsibly and promote decent work. Its members are forwardthinking companies, trade unions, NGOs and public actors. Together, they tackle complex challenges of today’s global supply chains, improving the lives of workers worldwide.

ETI first appeared in the UK in 1998, followed by Norway in 2000 and Denmark in 2008. The formation of ETI Sweden in 2019 signified a vigorous joint effort for fair conditions, reduced environmental impact and anti-corruption in world trade and business operations. Axfoundation was one of the driving forces behind the formation of ETI Sweden and one of its founders.

”Axfoundation co-founded ETI Sweden for its transformative change potential. The aim is to push the agenda of responsible supply chain management through broad and strategic collaborations.” Viveka Risberg, Program Director, Axfoundation “Today, traceability and the knowledge about how to prevent, mitigate and manage risks throughout the supply chain is low. Global supply chains, including those of Swedish companies, are rife with human rights violations and poverty. Different actors must collaborate to solve this.” Hanna Nelson, Policy Manager, Oxfam Sweden “Impetus from both trade unions and NGOs are necessary to address the challenges in the agricultural industry regarding for example low salaries and lack of trade union rights. For this reason, ETI is a very valuable initiative.” Hanna Sutherlin, Sustainability Manager, Systembolaget