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Sustainable Production and Consumption

Nudging consumer behavior in online food retail Guiding customers towards climate-smart choices. HIGHLIGHTS • More than 3,000 food items on were matched with climate data, calculated by researchers at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), showing the CO2e per kilogram. • Axfoundation contributed to nudging trials which reduced participating customers’ climate impact from food purchases by 7%, based on average CO2e per order.

Today, food accounts for 25% of our individual climate footprint. At the same time, studies show that through increased knowledge, consumers can half their foodrelated climate impact. So, how can we encourage more sustainable behavior

among consumers? In a pilot project, Axfoundation supported online food retailer’s use of the economic nudge theory to guide customers towards climate-smart choices through a climate labelling at product level.

For Axfoundation, the long-term goal is to stimulate sustainable behavior by contributing to building reliable and easily communicable climate data that can be used by consumers. We hope that, initially, the climate data is shared among the companies within the Axel Johnson Group and then integrated into RISE’s climate database to reach as many actors as possible.

Hanna Skoog, Program Director, Axfoundation