Act to inspire & inspire to act 2020

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Getting things done.

This is how we do it Axfoundation’s ambition is to contribute to transformative and positive development in society by exploring new solutions through smart collaborations. We work concretely and practically to bring about long-term change.

Follow up and evaluate What were the results and what effects do we see of the initiative? Can the model spread? Which stakeholders would be interested in broader collaboration?

Communicate and share Axfoundation communicates and influences others to produce a knock-on effect.


4 Identify the 1 challenge The starting point is a local or global sustainability challenge based on a practical problem.


Testing the solution Results-oriented and practically, the solutions are tested in smaller formats, often in pilot projects at a partner company.


2 Situational analysis Axfoundation investigates the possibilities of testing a solution on a smaller scale together with relevant actors and based on the latest research.

Scale up and collaborate A small-scale solution can now be transformed into an industry collaboration, international collaboration or other types of collaboration with companies, researchers, practitioners and public bodies. Axfoundation scales up with the goal of achieving transformative change.

The Swedish legume mince is a typical example of how Axfoundation works. It all started with the problem that we eat too much animal protein in Sweden to stay within planetary boundaries. We gathered food retailers, chefs, farmers and researchers to investigate: Is it possible to find an alternative protein that does not contain soy, to replace the most used meat in Sweden; minced meat? p.14