Act to inspire & inspire to act 2020

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Getting things done.

Getting things done. We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for change. And we are convinced that companies of all sizes have important roles to play in contributing to the sustainable development of society. Axfoundation uses business as an accelerator of long-term transformative change. Our proximity to the Axel Johnson Group means that we can often start with a pilot project in a company. We then broaden the approach by including relevant partners and providing small-scale solutions with growth power – both within and outside the Group. The starting point is always a practical sustainability challenge. It can be that a best-

The planetary boundaries define the environmental limits within which humanity can safely operate. They mark major existential challenges that countries, companies, communities and citizens must address and act upon. The global sustainable development goals must be achieved by 2030. These wider frameworks are starting points for Axfoundation’s practical and solution-oriented work.

selling food item produced somewhere in Asia has red flags on all sustainability parameters. p.42 Or that a company has a hard time recruiting while thousands of new Swedes have no contacts in the labor market. p.54 Or that a corporation in heavy industry discards tons of used polyester straps, while the fashion world has an ever-increasing demand for recycled polyester. p.30 We are confident that broad collaborations between relevant actors in society can solve complex problems. Our position as an independent and non-profit player, with strong networks in several sectors, enables us to form a bridge between parties who would likely not otherwise cooperate. One example is the founding of the Ethical Trading Initiative Sweden, in which Axfoundation was one of the driving forces for bringing together Swedish companies as well as trade unions, industry associations, civil society and public bodies. p.44 Axfoundation’s work is always knowledge based. Central to our operations is collaboration with researchers and experts. Such as the initiative together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), in which we aim to breed perennial wheat suitable for cultivation in Sweden. p.20 Or our collaboration with RISE to nudge Mat. se’s customers to choose foods with a lower climate impact p.40

Axfoundation is a catalyst that challenges. We want to inspire, share knowledge, spark debate and drive processes both locally and globally. The road ahead is often winding. It takes courage, curiosity and power to bring about real change. Our co-workers’ drive, competence and expertise is our true asset. In some projects we take on the role of project managers, in others we are bridge builders. Sometimes we are the initiators. Regardless, we always have one mission: act to inspire and inspire to act. Maria Smith, Secretary General, Axfoundation