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Some of the activities we have enjoyed ne of the joys of my life for designing and doing together are: the past several years has been holding Grandmother Camp • Self portraits with words and a face collage. with my granddaughter, • Using drums and rattles at a campfire with Alexis. We have created Red thread ceremony story telling and journeying. journals, held fire ceremonies under a full moon, read books, and told stories under the stars. We’ve also • Journal making with cardboard, found objects, and paste. connected with the Legend of the Red Thread—an ancient • Crafting handmade valentines and leaving them on a walk, giving them out to shopkeepers, friends, people we Chinese belief that states when a child is born invisible red meet in shopping and errands, etc. threads connect the child’s soul to all the people who will play a part in that child’s life and those threads shorten and • Taking a ride on the free trolley around the town, waving and greeting people who board. tighten with each birthday, bringing closer those people who • Naming things she does that spark courage and bravery. are fated to be together. We developed these times together as she has grown older and it has become a passion for me to • Howling at the moon, learning awareness of the moon phases, connection to cycles. find unique ways to connect and create with her. • Making up bedtime stories unique to our family, with The concept of creating one-on-one time with each person having a magical talent. grandchildren, apart from amusement parks, commercial • Grounding, or connecting to the earth with touch, sight, entertainment, movies, and video games, has been a spiritual sound, and taste. quest for me. It has been an intention in spending time • Expressing gratitude for food and gifts of the earth. with them, connecting and guiding them through reading • Seeking heart shapes in nature, unusual gifts of the earth, and discussing books about courage, coming of age, and teaching reverence and nurturing. character development, and giving them an opportunity to • Red Thread ceremony in which we connect following open up about their internal quests, while having purposeful ancient tradition. fun with my family! 30 April 2017


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