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October 2017


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It’s September 14th as I write this and I’ve been working on this “animal” issue for weeks now. An incident occurred about 4 a.m. this morning that I want to share. But first here’s some background: On Christmas Eve 2001, I got a female cat that my son named Moonstone. This cat and I bonded instantly— obviously from many lifetimes together. In 2004, I got another female, she was named Stardust. Moonstone and Stardust were as close as sisters, as different as night and day, but very balanced in their personalities. Moonstone, a muted Calico, was the alpha—tough, generally aloof, and would sit almost bent in half —while Stardust was a tortoise-shell longhair, gentle, and a real love-bug. Since the three of us joined together, I’ve been mostly single with a few romantic relationships thrown in, so we were generally our main company and family. We developed an incredibly peaceful co-existence. They didn’t claw furniture, jump up on counters or tables, weren’t loud or problem causing, and we gave each other the space to do our things while always expressing our love for each other. I would call them to go outside where I sat in a rocker on the front porch. There, Stardust would lie near me (like a faithful dog) and Moonstone would take off for her adventures. When it was time to go in, all I had to do was say, “OK, Girls … let’s go in,” and they would come to the door and line up waiting for it to open. Every night, when I turned out the light to go to sleep, I would call out, “Night-night, Girls.” In 2014, Stardust got very ill and within a few days crossed over the day after Thanksgiving. Moonstone and I grieved, then grew even closer. As Moonstone aged, some physical problems developed, and I knew there were times she didn’t feel very well. Still, she seemed determined to stay with me as long as her body held up. After a week-long process, my Moonstone crossed over June 3rd of this year. I miss them both so much. So, this morning, about 4 a.m., I was lying awake, wondering “why?” as there was nothing rolling around my mind. Suddenly, there was solid movement on my bed! It felt like an animal walking quickly to the headboard and then back to the footboard. At first, I wondered if I was dreaming, realized I wasn’t, got frightened for a moment, then quickly turned on the light … there was nothing there. I sat up on the edge of the bed and for some reason called out, “Moonstone?!” From somewhere, I heard a faint cat meow. My heart came into my throat and I began running into every room turning on the lights. Finding nothing, I went back to bed. Later I called my dear friend, Nancy, one of the best psychics I’ve ever known. Without offering any detail, I asked her to tune in to the question, “What was on my bed this morning?” Hesitating for a moment, she replied, “I’m getting, ‘your cat’.” Tears streamed as I finished the conversation. I know it sounds nuts, but Moonstone came to visit to remind me of the love between her, Stardust, and me. It’s been a difficult 12+ months, so this came at a time when I really needed it. They’re still with me! Night-night, Girls. May you know Peace.



October 2017


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october 2017

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October 2017


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Hearing our Silent Friends










Helping Our Animal Friends with Reiki


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Kimberly Thalken


Veterinary Holistic Center BY RAY WHITSON




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October 2017







Rebecca’s Natural Food



The Dance of 5Rhythms BY NICKI PEASLEY



Essential Bliss/Follow Your Bliss BY DENISE LEGG


TIDEWATER Riverview Village Days Open Air Market BY SARAH VAN RIJSEWIJK

October 2017



Little Light of Mine By Nicki Peasley



t’s been a season of ceremonies. Sacred celebrations of marriage, motherhood, and milestone birthdays. Intentional gatherings on the day of new moons, full moons, Beltane, and Solstice. In circles of family, friends, and even fairies, there is nothing I love more than leading a ceremony. It begins with the planning. There is the invitation, the careful selection of the image, the poetry, and the message that reflects the honoree and her rite of passage. There is the cleansing of my house—energetically, herbally, and with the good old-fashioned feather duster. There is the arrangement of the altar with flowers, the four elements, and a little treat for the fairies. There is the preparation for the feast, infusing the edibles with pure devotion. And then the guests arrive, saturating my home with love for the honoree, who is crowned with a wreath of elegant flowers before taking her seat in a circle of her friends, her sisters. She places her feet in a warm bath of lavender and rose petals, easing into this space of receiving. Resting in the energy of those who hold her most dearly, she is ready to celebrate her journey—past, present and future. There are prayers and poems; meditations and mindful movement; gratitude for our ancestors; reverence for the moon and its guidance; acknowledgment of the Divine Feminine within each of us. There is sweet silence. Each member of the circle takes her turn to speak. She lights a candle as she shares the story of her relationship to the crowned one. She offers sage wisdom, profound blessings, and a gift, usually a bead or a stone symbolic of the woman and the rite of passage being celebrated. With each offering, the power of the circle deepens. The space between the individuals disappears … there is a merging as we begin to laugh and cry and breathe in


October 2017


exploring spirituality

unison. The circle becomes one point of awareness. Together, we move outdoors to the fire, where intentions are made when the moon is new and releases declared when it is full. The woman of honor shares the wishes she has written for the future and distributes them amongst us to witness and uphold. By candlelight, we stroll to the neighborhood labyrinth, a circular and patterned path that is used by seekers as a walking meditation. The labyrinth is a metaphor for the hero’s journey to the center of her deepest Self and back out into the world with an expanded understanding of who she is. When we walk the labyrinth collectively, we travel into our tribal soul, deepening our connection, and our appreciation of one another. Before taking the first step, we set our intention, silently or aloud—affirming our sense of Self, asking the question on our hearts, or dedicating our walk to another. As we pass each other on the path, we sense our individuality and our unity, touching hands and smiling, humming a sacred song. In the center, we stand in a circle, our feet planted on the Earth, our candles lighting our true faces. All masks have been shed. In this place of illumination, there may be silence, a song, single words of gratitude, or outright howling at the moon. We join hands as a final reminder of our oneness, our innocence … and then, like children, we skip back out into the world, hungry for the feast that awaits us. Around the table, we give thanks for the ultimate potluck before us. Between decadent bites, there is easeful conversation born of the intimacy shared in ceremony. In our fullness, we find the space to integrate what has

I look in the mirror, call up my consciousness, and allow the mask to dissolve. There I Am. been revealed in us. Some tidy the kitchen with busy hands; others continue to share their hearts with each other; one lingers alone by the fire; all until the evening finds its natural closing and the guests filter back into their lives, carrying the magic of the circle in their hearts. This is my kind of party. This is how I like to celebrate Life. Most of the world, however, has a different idea of a good time. And it’s been my challenge, in this lifetime, to find the spirit of the ceremony in any gathering of humanity. It’s always been there. I just couldn’t see it … until now. The party can be the ultimate stage for human drama. The lead roles are often assumed by our well-meaning egos that love nothing more than guiding us further and further into the dream state. Believing the thoughts in our little minds about ourselves and others. Finding solace in alcohol and small talk to help us deal with the discomfort of our illusory separation. I always approach the festivities with the best intentions. To be present with every human I encounter. To recognize the divinity in each beautiful face. To hold both the Ultimate Truth of our oneness and the relative truth of our unique life circumstances. I flow through the door, open, curious, and awake. But alas, the bungee cord that’s attached to my consciousness snaps me out of this flow before I even make it to the beer cooler. “So, nicki,” a nice human greets me, “what have you been doing these days?” With that, my ego perks up, puts a foot on my consciousness, and says with a sly grin, I’ll take it from here. Then, I hear myself speaking from a place of achievement, spouting off the measurable tasks of my daily life, longing to be seen and appreciated and frustrated by what I perceive as the lack of resonance available to me on this stage of people. Then, disgusted with my little Self, I retreat to the bathroom, my favorite hiding place at the party. I look in the mirror, call up my consciousness, and allow the mask to dissolve. There I Am. I give my Self a spiritual pep talk, a reminder of my original intentions, and then head back out into the dream. Recently, at a dinner party, I did a little soul inquiry in the bathroom. Into the mirror I asked, “What is so

hard about this scene?” And the Universe revealed a hard truth:

You are not in control here, Nicki. There isn’t one perfect circle or one clear agenda. This is where you are being invited to lean in to whatever shape you are part of, whatever conversation is unfolding. This is where you allow yourself to BE in the miracle of each moment, no matter what it offers. This is your work. Well, the Universe gave me a perfect opportunity to do my work at our somewhat annual 4th of July party this year. A wild rumpus of 150 people in our backyard— blaring tunes, a couple kegs, 120 pounds of pig products on the grill, a soul-shaking show of illegal fireworks, and my very happy family of extroverts loving every bit of this action. Early in the night, I escaped the chaos and watched the party from my bedroom window. Fascinated by the many unique expressions of Spirit playing out across this stage, I drank in this messy and beautiful backyard scene. These were my people. Some of whom I knew intimately as fellow seekers of Truth, and others whom I knew only as friendly neighbors. All of these divine humans organically forming circles, creating their own experience of connection. There was no singing bowl to initiate these interactions, no talking stone, no prophetic readings on the nature of Life. It was just people eating barbecue and lighting sparklers. It was just people being together in celebration and in ceremony. I stepped back into my party with a full heart, ready to dance with Life, to enjoy the gift of being in a body, to practice holding my eternal nature along with my unique conditioning. To live this dream lightly while simultaneously waking up from it. Party on. An educator by trade, Nicki Peasley is a student and storyteller of life and a teacher of love, both inside and outside of the classroom. She lives in Richmond with her husband, three children, and their chocolate lab, George Bailey.

October 2017


10 October 2017


exploring spirituality

October 2017


Margaretta McIlvaine Energy Practitioner

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October 2017


Dreaming WITH

Bobbie Ann By BoBBie Ann Pimm

School days Summer is over and school is in session once again. Whether you have kids in school, are going to school yourself, or your school days are far behind you, chances are you have dreamed (or will dream) of being back in school at some point in your life. School and classrooms are among the most common dream themes reported. What does it mean to dream of being back in school? School dreams, like school itself, are all about learning. Your unconscious is sending you back to school to revisit an opportunity to learn something that you missed during the day. When you dream about being in school or in a classroom, think about what is happening in your waking life. What lessons have you learned or need to learn? What basic life lesson have you forgotten that needs to be revisited or reinforced? School dreams may also relate to a memory from that period in your life. What happened during the day to trigger that memory? What grade are you in (in the dream)? Are you behaving in waking life the way you did when you were in that grade? For instance, if you’re in kindergarten in the dream, are you acting childishly in some area of your waking life? If you’re in high school, are you feeling jealous of someone—just like you felt when you were in high school? Are you making the same mistake now (in waking life) that you did back then? Dreams that take place in elementary or primary school are usually dealing with very basic or “elementary” life lessons. Think about what you learned in elementary school— besides the three R’s (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic). It was probably things like cooperation, tolerance, manners, etc. Are you making something difficult in waking life that is really “elementary” or simple? In junior high or middle school we start to get more involved 14 October 2017


exploring spirituality

in socializing and learning good study (work) habits. High school is even more involved when it comes to socializing, dating, accepting responsibility, and setting goals. High school dreams might also deal with our “higher” self and the bigger life lessons or something of high importance. Ask yourself, “Who is teaching me? Who else is in the class? What part of me do they represent? What can I learn from them? Why are they in my dream at this time? What am I learning? How does all this relate to something that is happening now in my waking life?” Have you dreamed of being late for class, forgetting your books, or the location of your classroom or locker? These dreams may be focusing on preparedness in waking life. Or they may only be a result of being anxious or insecure in waking life. Still, you might consider double-checking your agenda in the morning to be sure you know where you are going and are prepared when you get there. Being in a classroom may be a metaphor for having or needing more “class” in waking life. Or, are you “classifying” or judging someone or something incorrectly in waking life? Consider the actions and emotions in the dream. Is the dream focused on what you are doing or saying, or is it more about how you feel and your social interactions? Look for a recent comparable situation in waking life that the dream may be addressing. There are a number of idioms and metaphors related to school and learning that should be considered as well. Ask yourself, “Am I doing something the ‘old school way’? Am I being or treating someone like the ‘Teacher’s Pet’? Am I ‘telling tales out of school’?”

Being sent to the principal’s office If you dream of being sent to the principal’s office, ask yourself, “What am I feeling guilty about in waking life? How am I punishing myself? Do I feel I am being unfairly punished? What ‘principles’ (ethical or moral standards) am

I questioning or dealing with in waking life?”

Taking a test Another very common school-related dream theme is taking a test or an examination. Dreaming of taking a test may be a continuation of your waking life anxiety. Are you feeling insecure about something? Are you preparing for something and worried about not passing muster or meeting someone else’s expectations? The dream may be a rehearsal dream where you are practicing in preparation for an upcoming test in waking life. Common test dreams include being late or unable to find the test area, not having a pen, your pencil continually breaking, a blank exam paper, a test not being on the subject you studied for, and time running out before you are finished. These are all related to waking life anxiety, how well you

School dreams, like school itself, are all about learning.

are prepared, and your fear of failure. The dream may be providing clues as to what you can do to ensure your success in waking life.

Do you pass or fail? Failing a test in a dream may be a result of your waking life insecurity or it may be a warning that you need to prepare more for something. Passing a test, however, may be a sign you know that you are fully prepared with nothing to worry about. It may also be compensating for your fear of failure, trying to boost your confidence. There are several idioms and metaphors relating to taking a test that should be considered. For instance, is someone or something “testing” your patience, knowledge, or determination? Are you dealing with something in waking life that will “stand the test of time”? Are you “testing the waters” of some new product, process, or relationship? Does

something in waking life pass the “acid test” or “litmus test”? Is it time for a physical examination? Is there something in waking life that needs a closer examination or doublechecking?

Cheating on a test If you dream that you are cheating on a test, you should ask yourself, “How am I cheating myself in waking life? How am I not being honest with or true to myself?” Alternately, you may have a guilty conscience about something you did during the day. If you dream that someone is cheating off you, ask yourself, “Do I feel I am being cheated out of something during the day that I feel entitled to? How do I feel someone is taking advantage of me?” Perhaps your unconscious is bringing some wrongdoing to your attention that should be checked or reported in waking life. You may also be projecting your guilt on to someone else.

Relating it all back to waking life As always, dreams about being back at school, taking a test, or cheating on a test are relevant to something that is occurring in your waking life. Review the previous day or two and try to link the theme of learning, testing, being prepared, etc. to something that was emotionally charged or reminded you of something from when you were in school. Keep in mind that the characters in your dreams usually represent different parts of yourself. So that teacher is really a part of you that is teaching you. The student is the part of you that is learning. What life lesson is your school dream addressing? And perhaps, more importantly, are you willing to learn from it and grow?

Request for dreams for interpretation Do you have a particular dream or dream symbol you need help with that you are willing to share? If so, please send it to me at: Be aware that your name and contact info will be kept confidential, but your dream (or parts of it) and any comments or interpretations I offer may be published. ‘Til next time … Happy Dreaming!! Bobbie Ann Pimm lives in Albemarle County. She is a dream educator and the author of Notes from a Dreamer…on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation, available at and (paperback and Kindle). She is also a consultant for and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (

October 2017


Would you like to understand the reasons why you have been doing things the way you have? And how you can do things differently so that you can live your life with Spirit-inspired passion? I’d like to help.

a Jeanne Bruce-Phillips

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16 October 2017


exploring spirituality

Your LuckY StarS By Nick Lasky

Astrology tells you what your lover needs


re you looking for love? Do you have a partner and desire to learn juicy insights about them? Would you like to know if you and your potential mate are compatible?

As someone who sees clients on a regular basis, I can say for sure the most popular questions are ones about relationships and love. Understanding your partner’s and your own astrological “make-up” will give you an inside scoop into what makes each person tick. Astrology can reveal someone’s emotional needs, desires, fears, tendencies, and natural instincts when it comes to relationships. Now, of course, the classic horoscope you read in the newspaper only refers to a person’s Sun sign (commonly known as your “sign”). However there are many other important factors in someone’s astrological chart that provide insight into their love life and relationship needs. For example, someone’s Moon sign is arguably the most critical piece to this astrological love puzzle. The Moon represents

Would you like to know if you and your potential mate are compatible?

someone’s emotions and indicates what a person needs in order to feel safe, nurtured, and comfortable in a relationship. The Moon also indicates how a person is likely to react when things get difficult. Each Moon sign requires something distinct. If you know this, you know how to take care of your partner’s needs. (See the July 2016 issue at for more about moon signs.) Another factor to consider is a person’s rising sign (also called their “ascendant”). This is the sign of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. This sign indicates how others see you and how you like to present yourself outward to the world. Following is information about each of the signs. You can apply it to a person’s Sun, Moon, or rising sign. If you are not sure how to find the Moon or rising sign, you can order a copy of your chart at the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond. In addition to the main characteristics of each type of lover, I list the

October 2017


core needs of each sign. I also describe the “shadow” of each sign, or the negative tendencies each sign has the potential to fall into.

Cancer shadow – A Cancer in their shadow will be overly clingy, needy, and whiny. They will also shut themselves off from others and retreat into their infamous shells.

Aries Aries Lover – Like all fire signs, the Aries lover is passionate, romantic, and full of energy. An Aries likes to take the lead and loves the excitement of the pursuit. The Aries ego tends to be very fragile, though, so they will not like to hear that they’ve done anything wrong or that they have any flaws. Aries Needs – A challenge, excitement, and independence. Aries shadow –An Aries in their shadow will not listen to anyone, will be overly aggressive, and very self-absorbed. They can also lash out viciously due to their intense insecurity.

Leo Leo Lover – A Leo will take you on a wild ride and likes everything in love to be larger than life. Very romantic, dramatic, protective, and loyal. They like to give gifts to their lovers, but remember they usually prefer to be the center of attention. Leo Needs – Praise, attention, approval, passion, to be in charge. Leo shadow – A Leo in their shadow will hide and be scared of being put in the spotlight. They will be overly sensitive to what others think about them. Especially a Leo moon in its shadow can be very emotionally draining to their partner because what is happening to them is the only thing that matters.

TAurus Taurus Lover – Taurus people, ruled by Venus, love everything material and physical about love and relationships. They are extremely sensual and tend to require a lot of sex. As a partner, Taurus is very loyal, straightforward, and reliable. Good luck winning any arguments with one though. Taurus Needs – To touch and be touched, stability, to know what/who belongs to them. Taurus shadow – The shadow of Taurus is immovably stubborn and will not change one bit (out of fear). Taurus is also known for being quite jealous and in the shadow can be overly possessive. GemiNi Gemini Lover – Very funny, excitable, and fun to be around. They like to keep things interesting in a relationship and expect their partner to do so too. They tend to have a tough time allowing themselves to become vulnerable and to open up emotionally. They love spontaneity but are afraid of commitment. Gemini Needs – Mental stimulation, communication, to know EVERYTHING. Gemini shadow – Very scattered, emotionally repressed, and completely unreliable. CANCer Cancer Lover – The Cancer romantic is very sensitive, family-oriented, and affectionate. They would prefer something to the effect of having a nice dinner at home, watching Netflix, and snuggling. You must also learn to read the signs that a Cancer gives you, as they are not always verbally forthcoming. Cancer Needs – To be needed, security, family, to know where home is. 18 October 2017


exploring spirituality

VirGo Virgo Lover – Methodical, reliable, and predictable, the Virgo lover tends to be a little nit-picky. They are the best listeners of the zodiac (except for maybe Libra), provided you talk to them in a calm and rational manner. Sometimes they need to be prodded into a little fun. Virgo Needs – To talk and understand, a routine, respect. Virgo shadow – When a Virgo is in their shadow they can become extremely controlling and consumed by fear of change or the unknown. They can also be workaholics and overwork themselves to the point of missing out on life! LibrA Libra Lover – Libras tend to be very adept socially and are very charming. They like to do everything together, talk for hours and hours, and may put their partner’s needs over their own. Libra Needs – Peace and harmony, relationships, for things to make sense. Libra shadow – Can’t make decisions, stuck only in the world of logic. sCorpio scorpio Lover – You will be forever changed by a relationship with a Scorpio. Scorpios are intensely passionate, probing, mysterious, and deep. Very sexual and alluring, Scorpios have the reputation for being the best lovers. scorpio Needs – Affection, acceptance, reassurance, to go deep scorpio shadow – Scorpios are known for being very jealous but when they feel rejected or vulnerable can become cold and frozen like ice over a deep well. They can also be vengeful and unrelenting.

sAGiTTArius sagittarius Lover – Super fun and excitable. Sagittarians lovers are adventurous, funny, and spontaneous. Good luck pinning one down, though! They are known as the “bachelors of the zodiac.” sagittarius Needs – Freedom, adventure, excitement, communication. sagittarius shadow – Terrified of commitment, irresponsible, and out of control. CApriCorN Capricorn Lover – Dependable, traditional, and disciplined. The Capricorn lover oftentimes likes to dominate the relationship (especially men). You must know that their ambitions will come first. Capricorn Needs – Goals, security, and to know the rules and boundaries in which they can operate. Capricorn shadow – Unable to change, overly pessimistic, and downright boring.

on the inside Aquarians are extremely sensitive and hate being vulnerable. Aquarius Needs – Their ideals, to be appreciated. Aquarius shadow – Completely out of touch with their feelings, emotionally unexpressive. pisCes pisces Lover – The hopeless romantic of the zodiac. Pisces lovers are very compassionate and sensitive. They will understand you better than any other sign (except maybe Scorpio). They are non-linear creatures and tend to live in worlds of extremes. They can be moody and very unclear! pisces Needs – Romance, inspiration, and a positive channel for all of their feelings and energy. pisces shadow – Deceptive, passive aggressive, and a strong urge for addictions. Nick Lasky is a professional astrologer, psychic, and healer at the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond. Nick is the founder of the Society of Awakening Souls, an organization at UVA and the Aquarian Bookshop for students seeking spiritual awakening. Contact Nick at

AquArius Aquarius Lover – Not the most romantic sign of the zodiac. An Aquarian lover tends to be honest and calm, yet may be frightened by their emotions. Don’t let their cool exterior fool you,

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HeartHome HomeCare Carecelebrated celebratedits itsseventh seventh year year in January of Heart of 2017. 2017. In Inaafield fieldsuch suchasaselder eldercare, care,I I cannotafford affordtototurn turnaadeaf deafear earto toaapoor poor work work ethic. ethic. Employees cannot Employeeswho whoput puttheir theirenergy energytogether togetherwith with mine to make a positive change in the lives of our senior clients are respected and rewarded. mine to make a positive change in the lives of our senior clients are respected and rewarded. OUR OUR STORY STORY After an encounter with LOVE on 8/23/04, I sought out my purpose for being on After an encounter with LOVE on 8/23/04, I sought out my purpose for being on the planet for this lifetime. It became clear that I was to work with seniors. In the planet for this lifetime. It became clear that I was to work with seniors. In 2005, I began serving seniors in facilities and privately in their homes. By 2010, 2005, I began serving seniors in facilities and privately in their homes. By 2010, I had more clients than I could handle alone. I knew the Universe was working I had more clients than I could handle alone. I knew the Universe was working on my behalf and would provide the assistance necessary for starting a home on my behalf and would provide the assistance necessary for starting a home care agency. It was thrilling to see everything come together with minimal care agency. It was thrilling to see everything come together with minimal effort on my part. I surrendered to the Divine design and asked for guidance, effort on my part. I surrendered to the and for guidance, provision and a connection to those whoDivine woulddesign be a part ofasked this great plan. provision and a connection to those who would be a part of this great plan.

Heart Home Care is an agency you can trust. I cannot promise there will never be bumps, Heart Home Care is an agency you can trust. I cannot promise there will never be bumps, however, I can promise to smooth the bumps out quickly with Divine solutions. however, I can promise to smooth the bumps out quickly with Divine solutions.

Call today 804-614-6193 and learn more about Heart Home Care CallYou today about Heart Home Care can804-614-6193 also visit us onand the learn web atmore You can also visit us on the web at

20 October 2017


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Connecting with the Earth By Krista and roB rahm

Safe Herbs for Everyday Health of Dogs and Cats


ver the past few years, multiple recalls of pet foods have caused many owners to investigate the qualities that make for more nutritious, healthy, and safe animal foods. We have seen an upsurge in our customers asking what natural remedies and herbs are good for pets. There are now many natural herbal treatments available for animals through Holistic Veterinary practices. For minor problems and daily wellness there are many herbs to improve the care of our animal companions.

In the information below, when offering a bowl of herbal tea to pets, we recommend that you have a bowl of plain water available as well. Tea should not act as a substitute for water.

Healing and helpful herbs for pets Burdock (Arctium lappa) is a mild and safe cooling herb that has incredible blood cleansing capabilities and offers support to the liver, urinary tract, and skin. It can help eliminate toxins that can adversely affect joint health or cause skin issues (dandruff, itchy skin allergies, and hot spot). It is a very nutritive herb and animals are usually very receptive to having it added into their food. The root of burdock can be powdered or made into a tea and stirred into the animal’s food or served in a bowl in addition to their regular drinking water. To make a tea, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of dried burdock root and let steep for 1 hour. Strain out the herb and add to pet food or offer it as a drink for your pet. One caution: burdock is a mild laxative, so if your animal gets loose bowels from the burdock then just cut back on the quantity that you offer to them. Dosage for powdered root in food: 1 teaspoon twice a day for cats and small dogs and 1 tablespoon twice a day for medium to large dogs.

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Nettle (Urtica dioica) is very nutritive as well as being a diuretic offering urinary support, an astringent, and an overall tonic for animals. It is well accepted by dogs and cats. This is a great example of food as medicine for our pets. Crushed dried nettle leaves can be added directly to food. If using dry food, top it with a little water and mix together. It blends in easily if you are using wet food. nettle tea, made with 1 cup of boiling water to 1 tablespoon of herb, is also greatly accepted by animals as a drink alongside their regular water. Cats with urinary issues will often be more than happy to drink some of the nettle tea their owner sets out for them. Dosage if using dried in food: 1 teaspoon twice a day for cats and small dogs and 1 tablespoon twice a day for medium to large dogs. Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) is a classic liver support that can be used for detoxification. It can be used in higher doses for animals receiving cancer treatments, after vaccinations, or after topical tick/flea treatments. It is best to use the seed that has been powdered and sprinkle on food. Daily dosage is ½ teaspoon for cats and small dogs, 1 teaspoon for medium dogs, and 1½ teaspoons for large dogs. Chickweed (Stellaria media) and Plantain (Plantago major) are both easy to find “weeds” in most of Virginia. Chickweed and plantain are energetically cooling herbs. They are superb for skin irritations. Both are nutritive, demulcent (soothing) and can help with gI inflammation. The leaves of both plants can be used fresh, chopped up, and mixed in with the pet’s food. The leaves can also be dried; they will then be available for use in the winter as well. One can also make a tea of one or both of these plants and then serve as the herbs listed above in a water dish or mixed in with the pet’s food. Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is a deep immune tonic that has a balancing effect on the entire body and builds up the immune system. It works especially well in older dogs and cats or those with cancer. Make a decoction of the root by taking 1 ounce of the root, covering it with 1 cup of water, bringing it to a boil, and then reducing to a simmer to cook for 20 minutes. next, strain out the plant material and feed to the animal on food or in a water dish. 22 October 2017


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Dosage is ¼ to ½ cup daily for cats and small dogs and up to 1 cup daily for medium to large dogs.

Simple first aid for our furry friends Lavender Essential Oil is calming, soothing, and can help relieve anxiety in pets. You must dilute the essential oils as they are very strong medicine and pets have a better sense of smell than humans. Dilute the essential oil in water and put into a spray bottle or use an aromatherapy diffuser. We like to spray our Forrest green Farm lavender Mist on a towel and place it in our cat carrier when she is going to see the veterinarian (she gets very stressed out). This spray is also good for dogs that get scared during thunderstorms or for when your pet is traveling. Rose (Rosa rugosa) is cherished for its scent, but the rose petals are also very useful medicinally for healing, cooling, and their astringent value. Rose petals (fresh or dried) can be infused in apple cider vinegar. This mixture is soothing, pain relieving, and antiinflammatory. Just take your rose petals (ones that smell good are best as they contain the most medicine) and place them in a jar and cover with vinegar. let sit for a week or up to 4 weeks to infuse and then strain out the rose plant material. Mix 3 parts rose infused vinegar with 1 part water and place into a spray bottle. Spray on hot spots, skin rashes, sores, and bites to help give your pet relief. The flower essence of rose is especially good for animals recovering from the loss of a loved one and is very safe for them to take internally or have sprayed around them. Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is known as “knit bone” because of its great ability to quickly heal tissues, muscle, tendons, and even bones. It greatly reduces swelling and bruising. Apply chopped up comfrey leaves as a poultice on the afflicted area and wrap with a bandage. Try to allow the poultice to stay on the injury for at least 3 minutes and repeat every few hours. Comfrey can also be added to salves and applied that way. Caution: comfrey is such a quick healer of cells that you need to be sure that there is no significant infection in a wound before using; it can heal the skin so quickly that it would trap the infection. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) helps heal skin fast. It helps regenerate skin and aids in the prevention of scarring. It is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and astringent. It can be used on skin irritations, bites,

scrapes, wounds, burns, abscesses, fungal infections, or as a rinse for eye infections. To use, make an herbal infusion by adding 4 tablespoons of dried calendula flower heads to a quart of boiling water. Allow the herb to steep for 20 minutes and then strain out the plant material. You can then use this tea directly on the afflicted area by soaking a cotton ball and holding it on the area or securing the soaked cotton ball with a bandage for approximately 20 minutes. The calendula tea can also be served as a drink to your animal or placed on their food. Calendula flowers can also be infused in oil and made into a salve to be used on afflicted areas. At Forrest green Farm we began by making herbal remedies for our family and then began to realize the teas, decoctions, flower essences, poultices, and salves could be equally effective, safe, and beneficial in the daily wellness and quality of life of our animals. Our pets are like family and we feel it is important to take good care of them. You can find the dried herbs, powders, sprays, salves, and flower essences at Forrest green Farm’s “Market on The Farm” or by mail order from our website Always check potential interactions between any herb and veterinary medications. Herbs listed here are overwhelmingly safe, but confirmation is always wise. Do not use any herb with a pregnant animal until you verify its safety.

Roll out the dough to about ½ inch thick. Cut into slices or use a cookie cutter in the shape of a bone. Place dough on lightly greased cookie sheet or parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Cook for 30 minutes or until firm.

Herbal Wellness Tuna Treats For Cats 1 can tuna, drained 1 cup oat or rice flour 1 large egg 2 teaspoons dried nettle leaf or powder 1 teaspoon dried catnip leaf or powder 1 teaspoon astragalus powder extra virgin olive oil Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Combine the tuna, flour, egg, and herbs in a bowl and mix thoroughly. The mixture should hold together but should not be extremely sticky. If the mixture is too dry and does not hold together, add some extra virgin olive oil to get the proper consistency. Roll the dough with your fingers into very small balls (catsized bites) and place on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Slightly flatten each ball with the back of a spoon. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until the treats are dry and slightly golden. Cool completely and then store in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Krista’s Korner Daily Wellness Homemade Dog Biscuits 2 ½ cups whole wheat flour (substitute oats if your dog is allergic to wheat) 1 teaspoon salt 1 large egg ¼ cup chicken or beef bone broth ¼ cup water 1 teaspoon dried nettle leaf 1 teaspoon astragalus root powder 1 teaspoon burdock root powder ½ teaspoon milk thistle powder Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then thoroughly knead by hand for 3–5 minutes and form into a ball.

Krista and Rob Rahm purchased a farm in Louisa, Virginia, in 1992. After many years of learning to live off of the land, learning and using herbal medicine as their primary health care, and making farming their full-time occupation, the Rahms began a new mission to empower others with the knowledge to achieve Whole Living and supply products and classes to support this purpose. (540) 967-1165 Forrest Green Farm products can be purchased at our Market on the Farm or online mail ordering at http://

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Animal Communic Hearing Our Silent Friends By ELIZABETH BAIN

24 October 2017


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ation M

y previous dog, Dixie, was a bit of a physical mess. She had major hip dysplasia at a young age and, while surgeries on her hips vastly improved her mobility, she was soon struck by food allergies. I switched her to a raw diet and worked to figure out her protein sensitivities. We made quite a bit of progress, but I still felt like I was missing something. So, I asked around and got the name of an animal communicator. At the time, my cat, Laurens, was having some physical issues as well, so in our first session I was seeking information from both Dixie and Laurens regarding their physical health. Jan Spiers, in Gordonsville, works by phone as many animal communicators do. Right from the start I knew that the universe had delivered better than I could have found for myself. Jan’s ability to scan a critter’s body

and give helpful information was spot-on. In just one conversation I got clear on which proteins, vegetables, and herbs were best for both Dixie and Laurens. Laurens was a Maine Coon who found me at a dumpster where someone had left him when he was about 6 months old and he retained a bit of wildness for all of his 15 years. I will never forget the feeling of total connection when Jan described the essence of Laurens, telling me that Laurens knew he was handsome and how he was a complete mama’s boy. This all happened around 13 years ago, but I still remember thinking how amazing and wonderful being an animal communicator must be. Little did I know that Laurens and Dixie would be the teachers and guides leading me to become who I am today—an Intuitive Energy Guide working with all animals. According to statistics for 2016, over half of all American households have pets. That’s a lot of multi-species households! We all know that communication within our own species runs on a continuum from easy to impossible. When you add in another species or two, you’ve just shaken things up quite a bit. All animals communicate—not just with others of the same species, but across the species divide, too. As humans, we rely heavily on language for communication. Other animals communicate in a variety and weDixon often find it By of J. ways Stewart difficult to cross into that territory and understand what is being said without words. Our companion animals use body language, vocalizations, and behavior to get their point across. Depending on the human’s awareness, there are, obviously, varying degrees of understanding. As the number of families made up of different species increases, so, too, does the use of animal communicators. Animal communicators telepathically communicate with other species. Telepathic communication is an energy exchange between beings. If energy is information in motion, communication is exchanging that information on the energetic level (in that space of no words). The boundaries that we experience as physical bodies and our experience of space do not limit our abilities to meet beings for this information trade. People have been telepathically communicating with animals (and even plants) for thousands of years. The worldview of most indigenous peoples is fundamentally different from that of the mainstream culture around us (whether we feel a part of it or not). Most indigenous people view all life as

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Other animals communicate in a variety of ways and we often find it difficult to cross into that territory and understand what is being said without words.

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completely interconnected; many believe that all beings are sentient. Hand in hand with these beliefs is not just the ability to communicate with all beings, but the responsibilities that go with that. Messages from animals are still considered an important method of receiving guidance for and during ceremonies. Spirit or Power Animals are guides with whom individuals have deep, often lifelong, relationships. While it is vitally important to be aware of cultural appropriation, which can often be found in talk of Spirit or Power Animals, respectfully learning from the indigenous peoples is a way of drawing past, present, and future together as we build a new world. All of us are capable of communicating telepathically across species. You might remember being able to as a kid. Do you still communicate with your critters? Do you feel like you’ve lost that ability? Whether you remember communicating with your pets as a kid or not, there are plenty of options for learning how to better communicate with other animals. There are classes only a few hours long and there are programs that last months with in-person, teleconference, and webinar options. Penelope Smith (, who brought us the words “interspecies communication,” has retired from teaching but has trained many others and has a rather large listing of animal communicators by region. Carol Gurney ( offers a variety of class options. And, here in Virginia, Patty Summers ( offers courses either in person, by phone, and by webinar. All of this means you can take some of these classes from the comfort of your own home, sometimes even moving through them at your own pace. People who use animal communicators do so for a variety of reasons. Because there are so many situations where animal communicators can help, they often have areas of specialty. You might call on one when your dog has run off or another if your cat has a strong dislike of visitors. Or, like me, perhaps you want more information on specific physical issues because the traditional western medical approach is not a good fit. Transitions of any sort are perfect for the support of an animal communicator such as a new addition to the household whatever the species; the loss of a family member whatever the species; a major health crisis of family member whatever the species. Whenever something major changes there is a need for clear communication and choosing the services of someone who is skilled at cross-species communication

can help you create a transition that is easier for all involved. Sometimes just letting a companion animal know you have the line open for communication can change everything. How individual communicators work varies: some want or need a picture of the animal before they work; some work in person; most work by phone. Since they are connecting telepathically, physical proximity is not necessary. Just as the areas of specialty differ among animal communicators, so, too, do the ways they receive the information. Information may come through visuals, sounds, or a knowing that translates itself into words. It also can come through kinesthetically (the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints) with the animal communicator feeling the aches, pains, and issues the animal is feeling within her own body, or empathetically with the animal communicator literally feeling the emotions the animal is feeling. As much of our society steps further into a realm where interactions take place via a screen, the ability to acknowledge, connect, and respect other beings gets a short shrift. When we can spend time outside with the insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians that are all around us, we strengthen not just our connection with these beings, but to the web of life itself. Think about your own experiences living and working with other humans. When something changes in a household or office setting, everything goes much more smoothly when everyone has been informed of the changes as soon as possible … translate this to a family made up of different species who don’t all use words and you will find there are plenty of times to call on an animal communicator. Elizabeth Bain, an Intuitive Energy Guide, works with humans and their companion animals via their heart to heart connections to help them open new levels of communication, understanding, and healing. She can often be found birding and walking the foothills and mountains of central Virginia with her border collie Lilly. She can always be found online at, on Facebook at Elizabeth Bain, Intuitive Energy Guide, and on Instagram at intuitive_energy_guide.

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Animal Communicators Elizabeth Bain (434) 249-9786

Juli Richardson Certified Psychic Medium Reiki Master Teacher Animal Communicator Owner of Light Works in Manassas (703) 926-4499 lightworksreikihealing

Elizabeth has been working with people and their companion animals for almost 15 years. Originally trained in body work, from Integral Yoga hatha classes Lilly to Reiki to massage, she studied Elizabeth Baine & for two years with Cyndi Dale, an internationally acclaimed author and intuitive consultant, Juli realized her conwhich is where her work with animals really started emerging. nection with animals at a very young age. Juli Richarso Here is the testimonial from one of her early sessions in interspecies In a house filled with n & Chalali energy work with John, the human, and Alice, the cat: dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, I had two half-sibling indoor cats, each 14 years old. One was fish, chameleons, and with horses nearby, it was hard not forever gregarious and a darling. The other, a female, was always to connect to her furry, feathered, and scaly friends. As an extremely shy and skittish. She disappeared into the basement adult, a special Alaskan Malamute named Chalali adopted whenever a stranger entered the house. She ran when I walked Juli and they developed a very special relationship. It was into the room. I wasn’t allowed to touch, so she hadn’t been to one of tremendous love and many challenges. Looking the vet in twelve years. I was sad but passive about having no back, it’s easy to see that Chalali was one of Juli’s greatest relationship with an animal who shared my home. We were teachers. strangers living side by side. I learned of Elizabeth’s services and called. I know it sounds like an evangelical miracle but the morning after our single telephone session I was lying on the floor rubbing Alice’s tummy. Thereafter she was happier, I was happier. I don’t know if Elizabeth’s skills worked on the cat or on me, but the result was real. If you have an animal or a relationship that needs improvement, I recommend Elizabeth without reservation. This session was pivotal for Elizabeth’s understanding of her purpose: working on the heart-to-heart level supporting all beings in remembering we are one. She starts with the human to awaken her or his awareness to the heart-to-heart connection. Elizabeth’s work shifts your awareness and reception of communication from your companion animals. Often after an initial session there is a noticeable shift on the human’s end of the relationship. In follow-up sessions, Elizabeth is often working more with the energy beyond just the heartto-heart connection to support clarity, alignment, and balance for everyone. All of her sessions are by phone. While she works with multispecies families in a variety of transitions, she works specifically with the transition point of death, offering a session where she connects with and supports your companion animal as she or he exits the physical plane. She also offers occasional classes either in person or by teleconference. 28 October 2017


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At the age of 5, Chalali was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and given less than 3 months to live … but only if she underwent an aggressive leg amputation and chemotherapy. At 185 lbs., that wasn’t an option. Juli opted to treat her holistically instead and contacted Karen Wrigley, a well-known animal communicator in Virginia. Karen did an amazing job and suggested Juli seek guidance from her spirit team and from Chalali for answers about how to proceed with treatment. This was a somewhat foreign concept, but she did just that. Juli was led by Spirit, and Chalali, as they worked together to choose various treatments, including a hands-on practice that she later learned was Reiki. Chalali lived two more years on holistic care only. After Chalali’s passing, Juli went on to develop her intuitive abilities and became a certified psychic medium and Reiki master teacher. It only seemed natural that she would study to become a certified animal Reiki practitioner and animal communicator. Her teachers include Kathleen Lester of Animal Reiki Alliance and Angie Webster. Juli currently sees local clients and teaches classes in her office in Old Town Manassas. She also does remote work with animal friends who live as far away as California. It brings her great joy to be able to connect people to their animal companions in this special way.

Patty Summers PS Animal Communication (434) 821-3612 psanimal/ Patty has taken her childhood connection with animals and become far more than just a traditional animal communicator. ers & Pan Patty Summ She makes her home here in Virginia, and is known internationally for her work. She has written Talking with the Animals, has been the focus of the video “Reawakening to Animal Communication,” as well as the CD “Communicating with Animals.” She has worked professionally with animals since 1985 in a variety of capacities and began her actual practice as an animal communicator in 1995. She currently provides consultations for animals and their human companions, workshops on animal communication in person, online, and by phone.

Bj Hammond Holistic Animal Bodywork & Therapies (434) 589-5254; (540) 728-1501 (cell) Associated with the Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield Bj started working with animals about 10–12 years ago, mostly with therapeutic massage. That grew into using Reiki Healing Energy, which gradually led to the craft of energetic Animal Communication. She tells this story in her book, Ganny’s Journal; a Tale of Human-Animal Kinship. Bj explains her process as follows: • I debrief the client on the Bj Hammond observable and tangible “facts” of & Kringle the situation I am being asked to address, and ask for a digital photo of their beloved companion.

Here Patty describes the pivotal experience along her journey to • Over two to three days I gently introduce myself energetically becoming an animal communicator: to the animal so that it feels no fear with the process. After around two more days I get the question: “Who are you?” The scariest dog at the Humane Society I was working for Then we begin … at the time, provided the turning point for my becoming an animal communicator. The chow chow, large for his breed, • With the background provided by the animal’s person, had been nicknamed Cujo. He had strength and power and I gently begin a conversation, which leads to the situation was considered to be vicious. at hand. This might be a behavioral issue or a sudden uncharacteristic bout of fear or a different pattern of I was safely behind a barrier when he stared at me, his head interaction with other animals or a family member. lowered just a touch. I heard: “I know you can understand me.” • Often the conversation (or series of conversations) lead back I was dumbfounded. I had just met this dog. How did he to a trauma of which the animal’s person is unaware. This know I could understand him? I hesitated, then told him is almost always true of rescue animals, but can also be true he was correct. I expected him to respond with something of those raised from puppies. (Example: Removed from the profound or enlightening. Instead he said he needed to go birth mother too soon.) outside to pee. • Buried Trauma never leaves the body. It is stored in the “fight I was thoroughly intimidated at the thought of taking him or flight” mechanism of the animal’s body and is called outside, but I knew this was the universe’s way of saying to forward by any outer experience that triggers it. It expresses me, “If you want it, do it.” So I did it. I told him that he was itself through the animal’s adrenal gland, which becomes a scary prospect and he responded: “I will not harm you.” overactive and produces a change in behavioral patterns. I could feel his integrity. I made a deal with him that if he neither bit nor offered to bite me I would take him outside • The goal of the conversation—whether there is buried trauma present or not—is to understand the inner energetic every day. dynamics and recommend a way to re-shape the situation. He kept our bargain and was ultimately adopted. It was my This can often involve bringing healing energy to the animal’s friendship with him that sowed the seed for me to trust my body to restore the body’s rhythm and integration of physical ability. functions, thereby creating emotional change and a calmer response to external stimuli. Whether you’re looking for a class to improve your own animal communication skills or if you just want to know what your • While the process itself has been energetic, the report-out to the client is in human words. cat or dog is up to, keep Patty on your list of folks to check out.

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Helping Our Animal Friends with Reiki By Juli RichaRdson, RMT

The ancient form of energetic healing known as Reiki is regaining popularity these days as more and more are tapping into this loving, holistic, and easy to learn modality. 30 October 2017


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eiki is a beautiful practice of transferring life-giving energy (known as ki, chi, qi, prana, etc.) to the body to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself through relaxation. Reiki helps to bring our bodies back into a state of “ease”—the optimal state for healing. As a holistic modality, Reiki works not only on the body, but also the mind and spirit. But Reiki isn’t just for humans!

Animals are highly sensitive to their surroundings and intuitively understand Reiki Animals respond very well to Reiki as they have an innate understanding of energy. Most animals find Reiki to be

relaxing and may experience the same benefits as humans … effectively addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. (Yes, animals do have Souls!) Why Animal Reiki?

• To treat health issues. As we know, many health issues stem from short- and long-term stress. Animals also experience stress and may demonstrate adverse physical and emotional symptoms as a result. We know that these symptoms are likely indicators of underlying problems within the body that need to be healed. Reiki is great for relieving stress. By promoting relaxation, the ideal conditions for healing to take place are created. Reiki is not only effective on its own, it can also be a wonderful complement to other forms of holistic and conventional treatments. • Gentle and safe. Reiki healing for pets may be done in person or distantly and is a powerful, yet gentle and non-invasive modality. It can be offered just by being in the same room with the animal. Because “hands-

on” is not necessary, it is available in situations where physical contact is not possible. This is especially helpful when dealing with an unapproachable animal, shelter animals, or animals in the wild. • Potential for detecting health issues earlier. Delivering Reiki energy strengthens the bond between human and animal, which often results in a heightened state of intuition. Picking up on subtle changes in health may help to identify and address health problems sooner. (Note: Even with heightened intuition, it is not the role of a practitioner to diagnose unless they are also a licensed veterinarian). • Reiki is intuitive. It’s important to note that Reiki is self-driven. Reiki is intuitive in and of itself—it goes where it is needed. Therefore, no working knowledge of the anatomy is required. You can’t mess it up or do it wrong! It is not possible to “overdo” Reiki, as Reiki itself does no harm. Reiki always heals on some level, even if you don’t see an outward solution to the animal’s problem right away.

October 2017


• Trauma and end-of-life care. Can Reiki help with major health issues, trauma, and end-of-life care? Absolutely. Reiki helps in several ways during a serious illness, with injuries, and in the stages leading up to transition to the other side. Reiki eases anxiety, which is important as all of us have fears around being sick or hurt … and especially around dying. Animals are no exception. Reiki eases pain and physical discomfort and can also ease the side effects associated with many treatments, including chemotherapy. Reiki can lessen the need for pain control and helps to improve the quality of life right up to the very last day. Peace and serenity are often experienced during and after a session, which is a loving gift to give to an animal as they prepare to leave their physical bodies.

• Role of animal communication. With human Reiki, we have the ability to communicate expectations with one another, give permission to receive Reiki, and to talk about symptoms … with words. With our furry, feathered, and scaly friends, we need to rely on nonverbal cues to communicate. A person coming for a Reiki session typically has a general understanding of what is going to take place. Animals, on the other hand, may have no idea why someone has shown up at their home or outdoor space and have no clue as to what is about to go down! This is why a nonverbal introduction is so important. Animals are incredibly intuitive, relying on mostly nonverbal communication (mind images/ thoughts, body language, energetic signals) for their understanding. By sending mental images and thoughts to the animal, we can let the animal know what our intentions are. We are also able to get impressions from the animal as to how they might be feeling or thinking, which can be helpful. This is great way to develop and practice animal communication skills!

Most animals find Reiki to be relaxing and may experience the same benefits as humans …

So how is Animal Reiki different from Human Reiki? • Hand positions & touch. Most Reiki practitioners are taught a set of hand positions that correspond with the human chakra system. During a typical session, practitioners work their way around the body, lightly touching or hovering over the areas where the chakras are located. Although animals also have chakras, there are no set hand positions associated with animal Reiki. Animal Reiki allows the animal to decide whether they even want to be touched. When an animal indicates that they prefer human touch, they will guide the placement of hands by moving their bodies accordingly. However, some animals are extremely sensitive to the energy and prefer receiving Reiki from across the room or from an even greater distance! • Chakras. In humans, we generally speak of the seven main chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown). Animals have an additional chakra, known as the Brachial chakra. This is the main chakra for any animal and is located in the shoulder area, on each side. It is the access channel to the other major chakras and plays an important role in the bond between animals and humans. 32 October 2017


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The essence of Reiki is in its simplicity; Reiki needs only two key ingredients— intention and the animal’s acceptance. This is one reason why anyone can learn it … even children! Interested in learning Animal Reiki or want to become a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner? Contact Juli Richardson at

Juli Richardson is a Certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Messenger, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Animal Communicator, and owner of Light Works, located in Manassas. Contact her at or (703) 926-4499.

northern Virginia

Veterinary Holistic Center sPrinGfieLd By RAy WHITSON

One Of the main tenets in the mOdern spirituality movement is that we’re all in this together, so what’s good for one is good for all. as we return to more holistic methods of treating our own ailments and afflictions, we are now able to extend the “all” to include our beloved animals, too. the Veterinary holistic Center at 7950 Woodruff Ct #1 in springfield is a true leader in this field. Conveniently located near exit 54-a on i-495, it is situated in a warehouse district selected due to its proximity to a major interstate road and the spaciousness that sort of building could offer. the Veterinary holistic Center (VhC) was opened

in september 2015 by dr. Jordan Kocen. dr. marilyn Khoury also practices there on a full-time basis. in addition to these two well-trained and experienced holistic veterinarians, there are other practitioners using the facility on scheduled days to expand the range of modalities offered. it provides essentially the same offerings for our pets as we would want for ourselves — Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbals, massage therapy, homeopathy, chiropractic therapy, reiki, and more. the well-crafted website offers extensive information on the services available The only facility of its type in Northern Virginia

October 2017


northern Virginia Dr. Kocen and acupuncture patient

and the fully licensed practitioners involved. as stated on the website, “VhC provides comprehensive, integrative therapies to complement your pet’s current veterinary care.” dr. Kocen’s journey to this practice began in 1986 when, as a traditional veterinarian, he began attending lectures and classes on holistic veterinary medicine and veterinary acupuncture. he began to practice this training where he was then employed and after achieving immediate success he took more classes in veterinary Chinese herbal medicine and homeopathy. By ’93-’94, roughly 90% of his practice was holistic treatments, including acupuncture, all of which developed strictly by word of mouth. in 1995, he established a holistic department in a specialty veterinary practice and eventually had an associate join him due to the growing demand for these treatments. dr. Kocen founded

VhC in 2015 to begin a practice dedicated exclusively to holistic approaches to animal wellness. the only facility of its type in northern Virginia, you will be impressed from the moment you walk through the entrance and are struck by the wonderful energy that permeates the facility. every detail of the décor has thoughtfully been specifically designed and arranged to relax both the animals and their owners. the entry vestibule is a glass-walled room with an extra entry door that precludes any animal from being able to bolt out. the floor is a special material that looks like wood, is easily cleaned, non-skid, and cushioned for the animals’ comfort. there is a small waiting area separated from the main room for nervous or aggressive animals. You will be struck by the openness and light-filled reception/waiting area.

VHC provides comprehensive, integrative therapies to complement your pet’s current veterinary care. 34 October 2017


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other hand, are solid and very thin; you can fit seven to eight of them in a conventional vaccine needle. i recently had my own initial acupuncture session and didn’t feel a single insertion—the results were amazing. Your pet will

a well-stocked pharmacy containing only herbal and homeopathic remedies is conveniently located in the center of the facility. the focus is on the quality of the products. there is a room across from the pharmacy that will soon feature an “underwater treadmill” for physical therapy. a water-filled tub with a treadmill in the bottom will provide buoyancy for post-operative (general veterinary medicine) or older animals and help with their movement.

Dr. Bierly and chiropractic patient

VHC training room

the physical make-up of four-legged animals increases stress on the back with gravity working against them; the underwater treadmill helps negate that effect allowing for more comfortable motion. the back of the facility is a huge 1,600-square-foot training room with a private entrance. Lots of windows make it bright and the openness lends itself to a variety of uses. there are training classes for puppies, agility training classes, seminars, etc., all of which are listed on the VhC website. as acupuncture is a widely accepted treatment in holistic veterinary practices, here is some information that will make you more comfortable with that approach for your pet. What you generally experience to inject substances or withdraw fluids is a hollow needle with a beveled end designed to puncture tissue. acupuncture needles, on the

barely notice the insertions and most of them either nap during the process or just explore the exam room while the needles are in. dr. Kocen says he has noticed that, after a few treatments, the animals (most of them dogs) associate their time at VhC with feeling better and show little-to-no resistance to the visits and the treatments. the overriding appeal of holistic treatments for humans or animals is to stimulate the body’s systems in order to get it involved in doing much of the repair work needed for optimum health. the practitioners at VhC know that healthier pets make for happier owners. they deliver on that daily. You can contact the Veterinary holistic Center at (703) 662-4494 or visit the website at Be sure to review the frequently asked questions area of the website as it’s very informative for first-time patients. Ray Whitson is a 22+ year resident of the Charlottesville area and has been on an evolving spiritual journey during that time. He is a writer and is the publisher of this magazine.

October 2017


northern Virginia

there are six exam rooms, each with a personality of their own as the wall colors follow the Chinese 5 elements Process—metal, earth, fire, wood, and water. Plush armchairs, colorful area rugs, and exam tables that fold up flat against the walls make the exam rooms feel more like your own family room—comforting and relaxing. it is obvious that VhC effectively reflects a true concern for the emotional peace of the animal patients and that it aims to be as pleasant an experience as possible for everyone.

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Light Works

Angels Whispering Light Angel Message Sessions

Juli Richardson

Reiki Master Teacher Certified Psychic Medium

• Life Path, Mediumship & Angel Message Readings • Reiki Energy Healing Sessions • Animal Reiki & Animal Communication • Classes, workshops, & group readings • In person, phone, & Skype sessions available

Contact “B” on my webpage at by filling out the form in the Angel Message Session section

StaceyyourNichole souls symphony”


Psychic Medium and Master Reiki Teacher 703-956-0641



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36 October 2017


exploring spirituality

Call (434) 972.9273 or email

Central Virginia

Photos crEdit sarah cramEr shiElds

Rebecca’s Natural Food cHarlottesville By ElEna KryzhanovsKaya

For my Family, rebecca’s Natural Food, at 1141 emmet st. N., in the barracks road shopping center, has been the bedrock of healthy living in charlottesville. it was decades before i learned that the founder values and empowers his employees and a long time before i recognized that rebecca’s caters to all diets, not just vegetarian or vegan. years before i started stopping in for broth on cold days, i came to rebecca’s because my mom trusted the store. that, to me, was the ultimate endorsement. i realize now that rebecca’s is a community of people, a family, serving the charlottesville community as its friends.

one of many unique things about rebecca’s is that it’s comanaged. if you know anything about small-business in particular or industrial organizational psychology in general, you can imagine that it’s pretty rare for such an arrangement to work. the two people must be team players as well as excellent managers. bill calvani, the Grocery manager, and brandon davis, the Hba & supplement buyer, each excel in their responsibilities and work well enough together to stay for the

Co-Managers Bill Calvani and Brandon Davis

October 2017


Central Virginia

long haul. bill has been at rebecca’s for 16 years and brandon for 21 years. Why did they choose to stay at rebecca’s for so long? What is so special about rebecca’s? the answer may be in the store’s commitment to healthy living without mandating exactly what that looks like for every person. it’s true that rebecca’s attracts people interested in a healthy lifestyle. at the same time, there is freedom in that rebecca’s does not exclude dietary preferences. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or a beef broth fanatic like me, you are welcome. basically, if you like clean food and natural beauty products, you’ll feel right at home. store operations officer Kerian dodson says rebecca’s “sees what customers need and Rebecca’s brand supplements seeks to fit their preferences.” rebecca’s offers access to niche items, and if the store doesn’t have it, rebecca’s is nimble, quickly ordering exactly find a home at the store. because of rebecca’s reputation for what you want. (every morning, i drink a chai green tea that supporting locals, it often gets the first crack at great local my mom ordered at rebecca’s just two months ago.) there products. People trust rebecca’s and appreciate the store. isn’t the corporate red tape one may find in a huge organic in fact, Kerian describes rebecca’s as a family. she says foods chain that slows down automatic ordering. moreover, employees work closely and feel valued, like their talents rebecca’s prefers single-source vendors over distribution are being put to use. she says customers appreciate how warehouses. that means that it likes to work with the people knowledgeable the staff is, and i couldn’t agree more. When making the stuff, instead of the middle man. i interviewed susan dunlap, the Nutritional information the store prides itself in its openness to carrying local, clean specialist, i ended up peppering her with my family’s products. rebecca’s has been local from the beginning, selling healthy eating questions. For half an hour, i sat at the feet dairy, meats, and soaps of a certified health counselor and learned about Weston made in our community. a. Price (“the isaac Newton of nutrition”), ancestral diets, it supports industrious and the importance of fermented foods, organ meats, and community members soaking certain foods overnight, such as oatmeal, brown rice,

Because of Rebecca’s reputation for supporting locals, it often gets the first crack at great local products. Owner Norman Dill

who have something yummy to sell. local entrepreneurs like the bageladies with its tasty low-glycemic bake’mmm bagels or orange dot baking company with its gluten-free major muffins (which rebecca’s sold before gluten-free was cool), 38 October 2017


exploring spirituality

and even almonds. “almonds?” i asked. i imagined soggy almonds until susan told me that she soaks and then spreads them out on a baking sheet and puts them in the oven for 24 hours with just the oven light on. it’s so simple and yet

the more i talked to employees, the more i appreciated the person who brought all of them together. Norman dill founded rebecca’s 30 years ago, naming it after his daughter. He wanted rebecca’s to be a single store, not a chain, a place specializing in natural products. Why? Norman credits his mom for his appreciation of good, clean food. she never allowed junk food inside her home. (Note to self: no more junk food in home … starting tomorrow.)

from all the employees i talked to. they really believe in what they are doing. so much so that they have dedicated their professional lives to it. bill focuses on ancestral, local, and sustainable food. He ties his commitment to the fact that he wanted that kind of food for his three children. and, in feeding charlottesville, bill is getting products that feed his own children well. bill calls rebecca’s a “special place.” employees get to be efficient, productive, and free from cubicle living. He feels like the community gets behind rebecca’s. Norman and his employees have created a culture that feels like a family, not just between the employees, but the greater charlottesville community as well. co-manager brandon davis echoed the sentiment. Having moved to charlottesville after getting her master’s in exercise Physiology and Wellness, she appreciates the autonomy in the choices of products and takes her work very seriously. brandon is a certified health coach, which is a true asset to her customers. she makes sure rebecca’s carries true label products and visits the companies who make them. brandon wants the best for her customers and helps to make a difference in their lives.

Norman grew up in upstate New york and started a grocery store there (which is still in existence). but after Norman got married and had kids, he wanted to move to a quieter place. in 1985, the family moved to charlottesville and Norman opened rebecca’s with his wife in 1987, bringing the best to our community. He found good people to work there. bill and brandon both pointed out that they feel empowered and encouraged by the owner. Norman supports opportunities to learn and grow within the industry, encouraging people to pursue educational opportunities in addition to the excitement of learning on the job. employees attend conferences, three-day herbal trainings, do a lot of research, attend trade shows, talk to reps, and visit companies. bill, the Grocery manager, notes that Norman is “wise” in that he “allows people to operate independently.” i took that to mean Norman doesn’t micromanage. He respects the people in the trenches and empowers them to do their jobs. bill spoke about “right livelihood”—making money doing something you believe in—which is the sense i got

this love for the community is not unique to brandon. i heard it in the voice of bill and susan and Kerian. they care about charlottesville and support the local community in any way they can. rebecca’s endeavors to help co-ops, schools, churches, public agencies, nonprofits, and civic groups through sponsorships and donations. a community of employees caring about the community that supports them. october 2017 marks rebecca’s 30th anniversary. come spend time in a store that wants to encourage us to be the healthiest version of ourselves. and, please, try the broth! contact rebecca’s at (434) 977-1965 or visit Elena Kryzhanovskaya, M.Ed. is a mom of three who has written for HuffPost Blog and impactfulmom. com. This fall, she will be teaching ESL at two Charlottesville City Schools. She hopes also to be a welcoming face for the refugee and the sojourner.

October 2017


Central Virginia

i would never think of it myself. i feel grateful for susan’s wisdom and her generosity in sharing it.

Directory • Central Virginia

Energy Healing for You and Your Companion Animals Elizabeth Bain

Intuitive Energy Guide 434-249-9786

T H E H A KO M I M E T H O D Compassionate Self-Discovery

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• Come alive in ways you never have before! • Let your body’s wisdom guide you to wholeness & healing • Finally work effectively with all aspects of yourself Jocelyn Pierce Audet CHP CRNC 540.290.6138

Hobby Parent • Artist Teacher • Creative Coach 434 996 5563 blog: Intentional Creativitytm Painting & Art Journaling Workshops Social Painting Soirées with a Red Thread Twist!

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exploring spirituality


Photo credit MeghaN McsweeNey PhotograPhy

The Dance of 5Rhythms richMond By Nicki Peasley

Most readers of this Magazine are seekers, explorers of practices that enhance the path to spirit and the journey to truth. We are the yogis, the sitters, the circle makers ... the dancers. and there is no greater dance than the dance of gabrielle roth’s 5rhythmsŽ. imagine this: You walk into a wide-open space, held by soul-stirring music and two amazing teachers whose invitation is simply to arrive in your body. there is a diverse group of students, some of whom greet you with warm smiles, others who are internally engaged, stretching and moving with eyes closed.

as your body warms up, you are launched organically into what is called a Wave, a five-part moving meditation of embodied spirituality. each song is a gateway to a different landscape of movement. You begin with flowing, a feminine surrender to your feet, trusting they will take you where you need to go. from flowing, you transition to staccato, tapping into your warrior energy, your personal boundaries, your heartbeat. there is a masculine focus and intention before you are propelled into chaos. Teachers Samantha Lane and Jeffrey Boynton

October 2017


throughout the Wave, the voice of the teacher becomes part of the music, his or her poetic guidance an invitation to self-exploration. in flowing, you are reminded of your connection to the earth, celebrating the sensation of your feet gliding, sauntering, skipping across the wood floor. in staccato, you are guided further into your body, fanning your inner fire, remembering your exhale and

gabrielle roth, founder of 5rhythms, spent her life moving toward and within truth—the universal kind, as well as what she called the “get down and personal kind, the what’s happening-in-me-right-now kind of truth.” a dancer, actor, director, and shaman, roth embodied the poetry of her words, “energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. a human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. nothing more. nothing less. a dance.” roth’s work proved that when people move to their own innate choreography, they can’t help but dance the stories of their lives and ultimately discover the sacred art of being themselves.

energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. a human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. nothing more. nothing less. a dance. your unique expression of self. in chaos, you are encouraged to find the ease within the madness. to let go and embrace the discord. Lyrical offers a space to recognize your connection to self, other, and this community of dancers. You are prompted to notice your humanness, your relationship with relationships, and to accept whatever is revealed. and in stillness, you are led to sit in your wisdom, to become aware of the parts of your body that are in dialogue, the parts that still need your attention.

Photo credit Meghan McSweeney PhotograPhy


Wild and creative, you are out of your mind, moving faster than thought, like a raging river. exhilarated and inspired, you step into lyrical, reconnected to your patterns and cycles and the form you inhabit. in childlike joy, you then dissolve into stillness, where you experience integration and meet grace.

While the segments of the Wave have distinctive qualities, you can feel aspects of each woven throughout the dance. Like nature, dance is a spiral. and you just might discover your inner warrior during lyrical or your most profound stillness during The author chaos. there is no right or wrong way to dance. there is only curiosity and discovery. this is the ultimate freedom of expression. this is 5rhythms. 42 October 2017


exploring spirituality

roth passed away in 2012, but her spirit lives on in everyone who, in roth’s words, “sweats their prayers” through the 5rhythms, especially those 400 worldwide who have been called to teach. those who pursue this calling live roth’s philosophy both on and off the dance floor. they are committed to helping others remember the wisdom of their bodies and discover the healing power of movement. thanks to certified 5rhythms teachers Jeffrey Boynton and samantha Lane and producer sunae harket of shine integrative, richmond is now part of this global community of dancers. every sunday, anyone with a body and a pulse is invited to explore the possibilities for awareness, healing, and expansion at tUrn rVa, located in scott’s addition. “having worked as a natural health practitioner for 10 years,” sunae shared, “i recognized the importance of movement meditation and felt compelled to bring

where we are. if there’s fear, it can move in this space.”

i sat down with Jeffrey and samantha after a soul-shaking class one sunday. Both spoke of their experience with 5rhythms as a spiritual awakening, a rediscovery of their own language and of each other. they shared the journeys that led them to this practice; Jeffrey grateful for the stepping stones of yoga and meditation, samantha for the choreography-based practice of nia. But it was dancing 5rhythms that brought them home.

Sundays 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Turn RVA, 3105 West Moore St. in Scott’s Addition

“this was what my body was looking for,” Jeffrey shared about his first experience with the Wave. “the openness, the allowance … moving through the embodied sensations brought me to a space of stillness in the mind.” samantha added, “this practice is a way for me to express things that happen in my life that are beyond words. the invitation to reside within your own body is so strong, cultivating self-love and being vulnerable, dancing with your truth and being okay with whatever shows up.”

“in 5rhythms, the truth of the moment becomes a dance,” Jeffrey affirmed, “ranging from distracted and hesitant to ecstatic and connected. it is safe to express all of it here.”

Come danCe with us.

samantha and Jeffrey live and also teach in charlottesville. for more information about 5rhythms classes and workshops, visit or An educator by trade, Nicki Peasley is a student and storyteller of life and a teacher of love, both inside and outside of the classroom. She lives in Richmond with her husband, three children, and their chocolate lab, George Bailey.

samantha and Jeffrey use the tools of 5rhythms in their everyday lives, as well. “i look at everything in the world through this lens, especially parenting,” Jeffrey reflected. “i recognize the fundamental rhythm and energy that is expressing through us individually and collectively as a family. are we flowing or is this staccato? the starting point to any conversation is understanding what is happening in our bodies.” “there is a purity and shadow aspect of each rhythm, on and off the dance floor,” samantha said, “We can feel how the energy is moving, or not, through the body or the situation. By studying and living this philosophy, the maps of 5rhythms, we have the tools for authentic expression.” for many, just the idea of dancing in public can elicit insecurity and discomfort. We have all experienced that little voice of the mind that wants to keep us contained. 5rhythms is the perfect antidote for self-sabotage. it may take some courage to start, but once the body begins to move, it can’t be stopped. When asked what she would say to a self-conscious dancer, samantha shared, “there is no wrong way to move. We are here to be human with one another, to be vulnerable and to give each other permission to be exactly who and

October 2017



something to the richmond community that was missing. i reached out to the nearest 5rhythms community in charlottesville and was fortunate enough to meet Jeffrey and samantha, who were excited to expand to richmond. i set about sourcing venues and within a short period of time, the 5rhythms community was growing at tUrn rVa, a truly beautiful studio space.”

Southwestern Virginia

Essential Bliss/ Follow Your Bliss rOaNOke By Denise Legg

Over the years I have dabbled in aromatherapy. When I feel a tension headache coming on, I feel that nothing beats a drop of peppermint essential oil on my temples to stop it in its tracks. I have also been known to copy recipes for essential oil blends from Pinterest and give them a try, too. New parents have often received my Sleepy Bedtime potion as a baby gift. these adventures in aromatherapy have been conducted in the spirit of 44 October 2017


exploring spirituality

a mad scientist or alchemist with fun as the underlying theme. but, a chance reunion with a fellow yogi made me want to delve deeper. the National association for holistic aromatherapy defines aromatherapy or essential Oil therapy as “the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to Cheryl Murphy (left) and Tammy Ewan (right)

Southwestern Virginia

balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.” Just how do essential oils do this? the fragrances in the oils stimulate nerves in the nose. those nerves send impulses to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. depending on the properties of the oil, the result on the body may be calming or stimulating. the oils are thought to interact with the body’s hormones and enzymes to cause changes. the benefits of aromatherapy are wide and varied with an emphasis placed on increased relaxation and stress relief. It has also been used to help treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions, including burns, infections, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Without a doubt, aromatherapy enhances an individual’s healing. Cheryl Murphy and I had been fellow students in a yoga class. When I ran into her again, I asked her what she was currently doing. since our time in class, she had become a

certified aromatherapist. Cheryl told me that her curiosity in aromatherapy had been piqued when, for Christmas, I passed out homemade spray bottles of an essential oil blend with which to clean our yoga mats. It prompted her to begin investigating the cleaning products she was using at home and replacing them with essential oils. her desire to live a more environmentally friendly life grew. so she bought an essential oils kit, began researching their uses on the Internet and hasn’t looked back since. although aromatherapy is currently an unregulated and unlicensed field, Cheryl decided to seek formal training. she received her initial Certificate in Professional aromatherapy from sedona aromatherapie, a nationally accredited school. In addition to this 250-hour course, she continued her training at stillpoint studies of sedona and became a Certified teacher trainer. Cheryl is currently a regional director for the National association of holistic aromatherapy. In 2015, Cheryl and tammy ewen started essential bliss, which offers handmade aromatherapy products

October 2017


Southwestern Virginia

Each blend is specifically formulated to work with a particular chakra … and specializes in custom blending for client-specific targeted troubled areas. the most popular product is the Essential Bliss Pillow Potion—a blend of essential oils that encourages a restful night’s sleep. essential bliss also has a line of Chakra blends. each blend is specifically formulated to work with a particular chakra and many clients use them during meditation. all recipes for their customized blends are their own and closely guarded secrets. Cheryl and tammy are also available for private consultations and educational workshops.

Cheryl, who loves all aspects of aromatherapy and jewelry design, says the combination of the two is especially fulfilling. When asked what she enjoys the most, she responded, “I would have to say that what I enjoy most is having the privilege of working with the earth’s elements in the form of essential oils, gemstones, and crystals on a daily basis and turning these natural treasures into something that is both healing and beautiful.” Essential Bliss Pillow Potion

Cheryl also creates unique aromatherapy bracelets. before becoming an aromatherapist, she was making swarovski crystal bracelets. Over time she began exploring the use of semi-precious gemstones, crystals, inspirational charms and their energetic meanings in her bracelets. recently, she merged her Follow your bliss bracelets with aromatherapy by adding a lava bead that acts as a diffuser of an essential oil. Now clients not only have a unique, mindfully handcrafted bracelet or mala featuring semi-precious gemstones and charms, but also a traveling diffuser of a healing essential oil.

For more information you can contact Cheryl Murphy at (540) 309-8927 or support@ you can also check out her bracelets at A Karuna®Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner, Denise has a thriving practice in Southwest Virginia. She is also available for long-distance phone and Skype sessions. You can contact her at or

AromAtherApy BrAcelet Workshop The Blending of Essential Oils and Mindfully Created Gemstone Jewelry • Workshop/Single Bracelet/Custom Blend: $85

November 23, 2017 1:00 - 3:30 P.M.

46 October 2017


• Workshop/Double Wrap Bracelet/Custom Blend: $120 For more information contact: Cheryl at (540) 309-8927 or

exploring spirituality


Riverview Village Days Open Air Market NORFOLK


A ColleCtion of CreAtors I moved to Norfolk about six months ago. For several months, I was struggling to find something to help me feel grounded, to find a place where I fit in, to meet the people in my community, and to embrace the creativity I have and find in others. I found all of that several weeks ago when I set up a tent to read Tarot cards at the Riverview Village Days Open Air Market in Norfolk— next to the Virginia Zoo, on Granby Street. Riverview Village Days takes place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every second and fourth Sunday from April through December. It is hosted by The Village Mermaid—a cool and eclectic antique shop located nearby at 3900 Granby St.

One of the great things about this event is that the admission to vendors is completely and utterly FREE. This is what is so appealing to all of the amazing, local, creative souls and what brings people from all over the Hampton Roads area to participate. At Riverview Village Days you will be greeted by many gifted local food vendors. There is an incredible little stand selling homemade Kombucha. There are people selling fresh homegrown fruits and veggies, local dairy products, fresh meat, and poultry. There are fresh pastries, local honey, snacks, and even homemade popsicles. The food vendors are truly creative and take immense pride in the products they sell to you to feed your family.

October 2017



At 11 a.m., “pop-up yoga” takes place on a reserved section of soft grass, so bring your mat and take some time to unwind. The session is led by a local yoga teacher who will help you reconnect. Walking down the rows of tents you will see nothing but creative talent. There are several unique jewelers, artists of all kinds with photography, paintings, and digital media prints for sale. There is a tent selling beautiful stones, quartz and amethyst among many others. There are glass artists and artisans with custom wreaths to adorn your front door. There are gifts for everyone and anyone ... even a local chiropractic office giving free posture adjustments! The most important part of Riverview Village Days is the obvious talent and passion that goes into each artist’s work. There are no two people selling or doing the same thing. Everyone is complementary to one other. Most vendors work full time for a living but have hobbies that bring them joy. These folks have taken their hobbies to the next level. When you walk around you aren’t just shopping, you are seeing passion, energy, and creativity. The artisan vendors are doing what they love and are here to share it with you. There is a strong sense of community there. David Oliver is the creator of the event and the co-owner, along with Tom Kirsch,

When you walk around you aren’t just shopping, you are seeing passion, energy, and creativity. Pop-up yoga

of The Village Mermaid Antique Shop. David is happily there marching up and down the aisles of the market from 8 a.m. until break down around 4 p.m. He is proud of his vendors, knowing that it’s all of them bringing folks out. He knows that even though he’s the person coordinating Riverview Village Days, it’s the collection of creators that make this market what it is. David is pleased to note that each week the market expands and serves more vendors and more customers. In early September, they had one of the largest markets yet—“going past that big oak tree” he says to me as he points out a large, old oak. “We haven’t seen it go down that far before. This is VERY exciting!” 48 October 2017


exploring spirituality

For me, this market has opened up a profound door of acceptance and support. I set up my tent with a handmade chalk sandwich board advertising “$10 Tarot!” People who sit at my table get an insightful six-card spread with an optional conclusion card. It took some courage to put my skill out there to the public ... but I was beside myself, feeling the encouragement and acceptance of the people who took the time to sit and learn about the cards they pulled. I have met so many wonderful people and have found the support from the community that I now live in and love. Riverview Village Days will be open through December and is a perfect place to find unique and one-of-a kind holiday gifts for anyone on your shopping list. When you go to a market

It means so much. It’s what brings people together.

If you are looking for something fun and different to do on a comfortable fall afternoon, I encourage you to drive to Norfolk and wander around the Riverview Village Days Open Air Market. Take the time to meet with these amazing vendors and artists. Take the time to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful foliage, and the gorgeous old oak trees. Take the time to enjoy a fresh baked brownie or to do some holiday shopping for your loved ones. Take the time to appreciate this strong community of creators. And if you have something to offer this amazing market, come join us! Like Riverview Village Days Open Air Market on Facebook:

The author’s Tarot tent

Sarah van Rijsewijk is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Healer, and Tarot Advisor living in Norfolk. She helps clients from all walks of life begin creating their dreams—just by activating their own powerful emotions. Call (518) 928-8682 today for your free consultation!

October 2017



like this you feel good knowing you are supporting all of these awesome locals. There is nothing more fulfilling than to create something—whether it’s a cookie, a candle, a piece of jewelry, an eggplant, or even a Tarot reading, and to give that something back to the community.

Psychic Profile Name: Kimberly Thalken Location: Richmond & Los Angeles, Calif. Contact Information: (310) 503-0622 Hours: Mon – Fri 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Phone/Skype/In-person) Rate: $50/15-minute reading $85/30-minute reading $150/60-minute reading (Please see website for rates of other services) Experience: Kimberly had a successful business career. One day while meditating, she suddenly began hearing her Guides talking to her, explaining situations in her life as well as those of friends and family. This was followed immediately by picking up the thoughts and feelings of loved ones who had crossed over. It soon became obvious that she was to pursue this gift as her life’s work, and she subsequently sought the training that has established her as an internationally recognized, tested and certified Psychic-Medium, Energy Healer, and Hypnotherapist. She established Love First® as her spiritual practice, offering her work on both the East and West Coasts. She is an author and co-hosts a spiritual radio show. Her website www. has complete information on her experience and impressive practice. Review: Kimberly offers a very unique and informative psychic reading, using no divination tools such as cards, relying only on her sharp psychic abilities. She accesses information

50 October 2017


exploring spirituality

from her Guides and your Guides. During my reading she did something that I haven’t experienced before—directly contacting my Soul to find where I am on the path I am to work on in this lifetime. What comes through is not only profound but also resonates as real truth. As a matter of fact, in my case some real hard truths came through and I found I had to be very open to receiving the information. As soon as I made that shift in acceptance, the words I heard took on even greater meaning. It became clear that the guidance was indeed meant to help me achieve greater success on this life path. As with most intuitive readings, Kimberly offered some general information she received initially, but was able to zero in on the guidance once I started asking questions. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. Before your session with her, think about what you want to understand about your life or the events you are experiencing or have experienced. May I suggest that you not ask something like, “Will I find a new job?” Instead ask, “What sort of work would I find satisfying and fulfilling?” Keep in mind that you’re likely to get the answer from your own Soul and you just might be surprised by what you are actually trying to manifest in this lifetime. She answers predictive questions, but I found her to be very accurate on assessments of life issues and adjusted my own questions towards that information. There wasn’t a single question I asked about which she wasn’t able to bring forth detailed information/guidance. Some of the different areas we covered tied together in ways I hadn’t considered previously. For me, she connected issues on relationships and finances and intentions, which gave me a whole new way to view what I do and why I do it. She is very gifted and her range of services and abilities will make you want to explore other processes of clarity with her.

Bridge Between the Worlds Spiritual Retreat Center Charlottesville,Virginia

Multipurpose Facilities Transformational Classes Relaxing Spa Offerings Private Lodging Available A Serene Venue for Seminars, Personal Retreats and Weddings

Contact us at

(434) 293-9708

October 2017







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This is


He's the d's. t Ellwoo '. a r e g a er man 'farm n i t n e u He's fl


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an organic She's been d farmer in the Richmon area for more than 20 years. It all started in her backyard ga rden and has grow n into a 10 -acre USDA Certifie d Orga fami ly fa nic r m. S a fr h iend e's be en of E sinc l l woo e th d's e be ginn ing.


the cat

meet more of our friends at 4 N . T H O M P S O N S T R E E T | R I C H M O N D, V I RG I N I A | 8 0 4 -3 5 9 -75 2 5

Profile for Awareness Exploring Spirituality

Awareness Exploring Spirituality October 2017 issue  

Animal Communication | Animal Reiki | Veterninary Holistic Center | Rebecca's Natural Foods | Essential Bliss/Follow Your Bliss | 5Rhythms ....

Awareness Exploring Spirituality October 2017 issue  

Animal Communication | Animal Reiki | Veterninary Holistic Center | Rebecca's Natural Foods | Essential Bliss/Follow Your Bliss | 5Rhythms ....