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Heartliving Silver Tree Art Shala



Inspiration and healing with stillness BY RAY WHITSON


WHAT THE STAFF HAD TOLD ME IN THE pre-float review was true … I wasn’t floating very long before I realized that there was little-to-no distinction between my body, the water, and the air in the tank. Periodically during the 90-minute float session I had to curl my fingers just to be sure they were still there! I comfortably floated in complete darkness and the only thing I heard was the internal sound of my breathing. With the complete stillness, my thoughts slowed and my brain became more of a consciousness and less of a computer analyzing input from my eyes, ears, nose, and skin. Tranquil … that’s the state I moved into. Everything in the Charlottesville AquaFloat 38 January 2016


facility from the reception area to the serene tank rooms is designed to help you get to that level, effortlessly. Floating in contained tanks has been around since the mid-1950s when neuroscientist Dr. John C. Lilly developed it for research in sensory deprivation. It became commercially popular during the 1970s as a way to reach an “altered state” without drugs, but declined in popularity until breakthroughs in relaxation research and sanitation methods caused a sudden spike in the practice about a decade ago. Reputable research has shown floating addresses mental and Owner Ted O’Neill

exploring spirituality

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Light Works

Complete Spiritual Healing MANASSAS WHEN YOU ENTER THE BUILDING at 9116 Center St. in Manassas you’ll find two sets of stairs, one at the front and the other down a hallway at the rear, with each leading to separate areas of suites. It seems appropriate given the dual missions of Light Works and owner Juli Richardson that this center should occupy space at the top of both stairways.


The mission statement of Light Works is, “Achieving Health through Mind, Body, & Spirit,” which Juli embodies as a complete spiritual healer: a Reiki master teacher and practitioner, a certified psychic medium, and a certified Angel Messenger. Her unassuming manner belies the training and gifts she possesses and offers in her practice and center. 40 July 2016


Suite 208 (at the top of the rear stairs) has a reception area, Reiki treatment room, and very comfortable and embracing space where readings are done. Tastefully decorated, every aspect of these three rooms conveys the most peaceful atmosphere that allows you to relax, even if it’s your first time having a Reiki session or a psychic reading. There are wonderful axioms on the walls that also help put you in the mood of being open and receptive to healing and to any forthcoming information. Juli states on her website that often times Spirit (including angels and departed loved ones) will step forward not only during a reading, but also during a Reiki healing session.

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Aquarian Bookshop Richmond

and excitement. As John puts it, “I fell in love with the Aquarian the first time I walked in and met Lacy. I am still in love with the wonder and magic of the Aquarian. It is a privilege to be part of this creative spiritual community.” The current motto of the shop is “There is always something NEW at the Aquarian!” The shop is always evolving and constantly rotating new and exciting merchandise. This is all possible due to “V,” the Aquarian’s interior designer and store manager. Coming from New York City, V brings his own unique style and creativity to the Aquarian, all the while running a very disciplined business. The Aquarian is known for its selection of crystals,

has been a centerpiece of Richmond’s metaphysical community for over 30 years. Lacy and Jim Holzgrefe opened the shop in 1983. Under their ownership, the Aquarian became Richmond’s “meeting place for the New Age.” Since then, the Aquarian has changed ownership twice and is currently owned by one of America’s premier psychics and the star of Court TV’s “Haunting Evidence,” John J. Oliver. Under John’s direction, the Aquarian Bookshop has evolved into arguably one of the top metaphysical shops anywhere.

42 April 2016


Upon entering the Aquarian, it feels as if you have been transported to another world full of magic, wonder, awareness

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awareness exploring spirituality

(3.45 x 2.35)

exploring spirituality

available only with 3x insertion Spiritual Music VIRGINIA BEACH ORIGINALLY FROM NORFOLK, Dylan Patrick Smith, known by his metaphysical performance name, Deosil, is a performer, composer, audio engineer, metaphysical practitioner, and an open-minded spiritual being who channels his music from a higher realm. Pronounced ‘de-o-sil’ or ‘je-zil,’ Deosil is derived from ancient Celtic and loosely translates as “in the direction of the sun.” He has been practicing the art of healing through sound for over 10 years. With two music degrees in classical piano studies and a background in jazz piano, arrangement, and electronic keyboard programming, Deosil incorporates his musical knowledge and experience in every sound he creates. His own private production 48 July 2016


company, Other Realm Music, was established in 2005, and along with healing and metaphysical CDs, he has also published two solo piano CDs. His fascination with meditation, Buddhist chanting, sound healing, and audio therapy has allowed listeners around the world to be engaged in his signature ethereal sounds. His music has reached as far as Australia, through licensing of specific tracks used for instructional yoga DVDs. Most of his music centers around long, sustained chords with sub frequency undertones that help to balance both hemispheres of the brain. He also has been working on brain wave musical patterns that stimulate and induce states of relaxation. There is always piano

exploring spirituality

Angels Whispering Light


Angel Message Sessions

• guiding you when in need of direction,

• comforting you when in need of support,

• celebrating with you when in times of rejoicing, and

Mother Earth’s Children

• whispering words of love always.

$175 each insertion

Spiritual Aging and Dying

Contact “B” on my webpage at






Margaretta McIlvaine

Energy Practitioner

by filling out the form in the Angel Message Session section by

Your Body Holds the Secret Healing Through Hakomi

Emotional Healing & Self-Transformation Gain clarity and self-confidence Transcend difficult life issues Connect with inner guidance Move towards peace and self-actualization

Phone, skype and in-person sessions available (434) 293 - 9708 More information at

Zenbarn Digital Studio 2d Design & Illustration * * * * * *

Reasonable Rates Quick Turnaround File Conversion Content Creation Digital or Physical Art Call or email to get and estimate or rates

South River Highlands Country Retreat

OCEANSIDE RESIDENCE 12th floor penthouse

401 Atlantic Avenue, Unit 1204

Richmond Hill

on the Atlantic Ocean right on the Boardwalk, in Virginia Beach

dmunds SusieE REALTOR®

Contact Anne: 434 227 8068 Works near Charlottesville, Virginia


RESTAURANTS IN GENERAL NOURISH THE BODY, but there are a select few that also nourish the spirit. Local Roots, at 1314 Grandin Rd. in Roanoke, is one of those. Owner Diane Elliot has channeled her dedication to local, sustainable agriculture into a wonderful dining and learning experience. Not only is every item on Executive Chef Matthew Lintz’s menu inventive, interesting, and (judging from my party’s orders) delicious, but also you can be assured that it is all from local sources and is seasonal, just the way we were meant to eat. As it says on the website, www.localrootsrestaurant. com, “Sun-ripened tomatoes in the summer, hearty root vegetables in the

winter – we serve what is fresh and natural at the peak of its flavor.” This means that the menu is constantly changing and each visit can bring exciting new offerings to choose from. Diane’s son Rives conceived the concept and opened Local Roots Café in December 2007. It took two years of detailed preparation to remodel the site, purchase the equipment, have furniture made locally, and build a network of local farmers. She purchased the restaurant from Rives on March 21, 2009 (intentionally on the Spring Equinox) and eventually moved it to a larger space in a charming area of the city known as Grandin Village. Of note, the location is directly across from the

Good Vibes Wellness

Call (434) 972.9273 or email * Portfolio online at

A Farm-To-Table Restaurant




B E AC H L I V I N G AT I T S B E S T Call or Text: (757) 718-1970

Amazing views from this 2 story Penthouse with 6 balconies! Sunrise and sunsets! Relax and choose your view! Beautifully renovated with open/ light floor plan. Building has been refurbished inside and out with state of the art fitness equipment, pool, parking garage and guest rooms! Offered at $1,095,000

...and more! OCTOBER 2016

take a virtual tour at:

This is not intended as a solicitation for real estate services if you are currently represented by another broker as a seller or buyer. While information is deemed accurate, it is not guaranteed.

2304 Kleen Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Long & Foster was ranked America’s #1 most -trusted residential Realtor © brokerage in 2016 by Lifestory Research. Long & Foster is the #1 real estate firm in Virginia, with over $281 million in 2015 sales for the Charlottesville area.

Larry Barnett, CRB Associate Broker

Service, Expertise, Results (434)960-6038

350 Old Ivy Way, Suite 200 • Charlottesville, Va • 22903 • (434)260-5355

Over 38 years experience helping people buy and sell their homes. 5 Reasons to Consider an

Energy Healer

January 2017




2016 was a very hard year on many levels for many of us. Perhaps the most stunning and disheartening event for many in this country came in early November. The last thing I want to do is to insert politics into this magazine dedicated to understanding, acceptance, and community, but immediately after the Presidential election several of the articles I received for this issue contained comments on the outcome. Rather than have that run throughout this issue, I decided to comment in this letter on behalf of many contributors. This nation and the world were stunned, either positively or negatively, by the results of the election. That full-fledged demagoguery was injected into our political system, our daily life, and so successfully played to fear and hate in a minority of voters (but enough to win) seems surreal. Naked xenophobia, misogyny, racism, bullying, and purposeful lies became part of our society, which has always prided itself to be about decency, equality, religious tolerance, fair play, honor, and truth. This allowed the fringes of the extreme right to come out of the shadows and openly espouse and physically express the hatred that just wasn’t tolerated previously. How can we not be appalled? In addition, as I write this, the final horrors of Aleppo are occurring, the atrocities in South Sudan are growing, the refugee crisis engulfing Europe expands, and more than 1,500 Muslim homes have been burned in Myanmar. That’s just part of what is contributing to a world seemingly gone mad. A time of darkness everywhere we turn. However, after our own election, voters in Italy and Austria turned back extreme right movements. In the Netherlands, an extreme right political leader was convicted of “hate speech.” In our own country, people are taking to the streets to protest complete dissatisfaction with coming policies that don’t reflect the values of the majority of us. So Light is coming forward. If you believe as I do, we have all chosen to be here at this critical moment on the Earth, so now we must not just talk about bringing peace but make it happen. Fear is causing our problems. Those on a spiritual path have a duty to reflect our belief in the truth that “we are all in this together” and work towards rejecting what is clearly wrong. We must speak out and develop actions that peacefully generate the direction in which we want to go. None of this is going to be fixed in just a few years, but today is when we start. We can set the example of reaching out to understand the fears of those that demagoguery seduced. The only way to come back together is to all hear each other and work towards common good … that is how we once did things in this country. Damage will be done across the next four years, but we can hold firm and still be peaceful and respectful as individuals. We can start to change things in just two years, the next election cycle. In the meantime, we can take solace in one of my favorite axioms … Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but Peace within it. On a much lighter note, this issue marks our first anniversary. I am so humbled by and grateful to all of you who have become faithful readers, who have come forward to help in production, and who have supported this magazine with the energy of your advertising dollars. May you know Peace.


January 2017



exploring spirituality




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My Sound



What Do You Believe?



Your Lucky Stars 2017 - The Astrological Year Ahead






January 2017



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“B” (Beth Carelton)





Light Works


Silver Tree Art Studio BY NICKI PEASLEY






Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah







For The Year Of The Rooster 2017


Dream Characters


Feng Shui


2017: A Time For Change BY KRISTA AND ROB RAHM






Life is Full of Turning Points Becoming more self-aware and enjoying a sense of inner presence makes it easier to navigate these turning points. But sometimes getting there requires a little support. That’s where I can help. As an experienced guide, I’ll encourage you to become more awake to the subtle patterns revealed by your dreams, body symptoms, relationship issues and the things that fascinate or disturb you about life. My guidance is focused, clear and often surprising. And, you’ll learn practical tools to help you navigate the natural cycles of change we all experience. You can depend on me to provide an open space for exploration that is deepened by my life-long experience and professional training in the spiritual, psychological, mind-body and transpersonal realms. Complimentary phone consultation 434.466.8951

Helene V. Ramos MA, Dipl. PW, CHt, RMT

Inquiries from individuals, couples & groups welcomed

Practitioner of Process Oriented Psychology, Reiki and Shamanic Energy Medicine, Certified Hypnotherapist offering Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression, Crafting rituals for life transitions

In-person, phone and Skype sessions • • Skype: heleneramos •

Growing, tending, harvesting, and preserving herbs are our passion. Our herbs are harvested by hand, then our products are made in small batches resulting in an extremely fresh and high quality culinary & medicinal herbal line. Herbal products available online at and at our Market on the Farm Thurs.-Sun. 9-5 (540) 967-1165

Forrest Green Farm Hands-on sustainable living and herbal classes. The herbs in combination with the whole food nutrition that you will learn will provide you with a foundation for healthier living and fulfillment of a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Check our website or Facebook for much more detail about classes.

January 2017




My Sound


love myself because my mom loves me. I am (or strive to be) the person my mom sees. These are my Truths. I do my work—exploring my shadows and doubts, strengthening my container of self—but at the end of the day, I am affirmed by the Light in my mom’s eyes. Now that my mom has crossed over and I can no longer experience that Light in her eyes, I wonder … Who am I without my mom’s vision of me? And how do I love myself without her daily reminders that I am loveable? And then I remember. While I can’t call her on the phone, she is more accessible to me now than ever. I am pregnant with her spirit; she lives in my gut—my intuition—and in my heart. And often, she lives in the gold chair in my family room. I beam her in for coffee and she reminds me that I am good and loveable, while also calling me on my obsessive insanity. Enough of that old story, Honey. Now, tell me about the kids... Just like she’s right there. Twenty years ago, Mom gave me a piece of art with the caption, “You’ve had the power all along.” This came like a prayer after a dark time in my life and it has sustained me through other dark times. Even at my weakest, my mom saw my strength. And now, I find myself in the darkest of times, grieving her loss. More than ever, I need her to tell me I’m powerful ... or at least just fine without her daily phone call 8

January 2017


exploring spirituality

of praise and motivation. I need her voice. And I need to discover what mine sounds like without her to hear it. With a heavy heart, I set out for a retreat at my favorite healing center, Bridge Between the Worlds, in Keswick. I sit down with Maggie McIlvaine, a most gifted alchemist of transformation, and unload the weight of my grief, my fear, and my hope for the next chapter of my life. Brilliant listener that she is, Maggie crystallizes my intention for healing into two parts—discovering how to hold, nurture, and mother myself and learning how to unearth my own power or as she puts it, “dance with my yang.”

Mom is there whispering to my heart, Rest your pretty little head, baby girl. And I feel lighter and freer... On Maggie’s table, my guides immediately tune in to my state of surrender. I am exhausted in body, mind, and spirit. Little by little, Maggie’s hands peel away the energetic layers I’ve had to wear to endure these past months of life without Mom—until she arrives at my core. And there is sweet release. I can feel the pain exiting through my breath, my fingertips, and my crown. Mom is there whispering to my heart, Rest your pretty little head, baby girl. And I feel lighter and freer ... and content in the knowing that grief is a lifelong series of sweet releases like this.

In this raw and vulnerable place, I am open to receive my guides’ message. Through Maggie, they explain that the human race is like a band of musicians. I smile, as I am familiar with this metaphor, having used it in my own quest to make meaning of the world and our ONE human family. My guides help me see that while I’ve sought out to be the drummer in this life, to create big, booming, resounding rhythm, my frequency is really that of the smallest chime. It is quiet and gentle ... and oh so powerful. Maggie is guided to play this instrument over my body and I am immediately brought Home. Yes, that is my sound. That is my voice. That is my power. That is the yang with which I want to dance.

travelled deeply into our merged hearts to discover our shared humanity. Yet, for me, the energetic output the drum requires is not sustainable. It wears me out, in fact. And when depleted and in my sister’s brilliant presence, I can’t find my voice. And worse, I can’t find our divine connection.

Such liberation! I don’t have to be the drum. I don’t want to be the drum. While the louder instruments may overpower my chime, it has an ethereal magic that will break through the noise and be heard by those who want to hear it. I guess that’s what my writing is ... my small and mighty chime.

To my heart Mom whispers, That’s it, Honey ... by honoring your sound, you are learning to love yourself. You really have had the power all along.

Not only does my gentle chime remind me how to “dance with my yang,” it is also a lens into my yin. In the past, I equated spiritual understanding and authentic self-exploration with the deep sounds of, well, the drum. Deeper meant better. The answers were surely hidden in the cave of my soul so I searched obsessively in the darkest corners of my being ... for that which was not there. I used to think that doubt and the perpetual “what if ” would ultimately lead me to the Truth. Instead, it created a toxic fear that kept me attached to my ego— my little self—and lost in a spiral of confusion, far from my Truth. And now, I realize, with profound gratitude, that my gospel lives in the still reverberation of my little chime.

What I’m realizing now is that while our frequencies are different, the message our music carries is very much the same. It’s all about Love, a love derived from our mom. And we can meet each other in the space between the sounds that we make. That’s where grace is. And that is where our mom is—in the rests.

And I am, at once, overwhelmed by her beautiful sound, the one that’s always been there, just sometimes drowned out by my dissonant drumming. She is the harp, of course. Thank you, Guides. Thank you, Maggie. Thank you, Mom. I can hear you now. And forever.


This is not to say that I can’t or won’t play other instruments sometimes. Just like going on vacation, I might visit the violin, the piano, and even the drum. Experiencing the tones and textures of different sounds is opening and allows for more expansive self-discovery. Who knows, perhaps, I might live as the drum one day. But for now, the chime is Home. So what’s with all the fuss around the drum? Well, my big sister is the drum. On the outside, she is bright and bold and can shake things up. On the inside, her wise waters run deep. Who wouldn’t want to be a drum like her? I have always, consciously and unconsciously, sought to be like her. And there have been times that we have drummed together beautifully. We have danced and screamed and celebrated life with abandon. We have

An educator by trade, Nicki Peasley is a student and storyteller of life and a teacher of love, both inside and outside of the classroom. She lives in Richmond with her husband, three children, and their chocolate lab, George Bailey.

January 2017


Virginia Integrative Osteopathy Dr Avtar Moore D.O. provides Gentle Traditional Osteopathic Medicine specific to each patient Exercise and lifestyle programs developed and tailored specifically to your progress for faster healing

 Healing Spirit,, body, & Mind

Dr. Avtar R. Moore D.O.

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we can Provide tools to help you thrive with today’s dynamic changes!

Serving Charlottesville and the Shenandoah Valley

10 January 2017


exploring spirituality

January 2017


experience t he art of intentional creativity Painting Workshops • Art Journaling Classes • Red Thread Sessions Building a Creative Community & Transformative Tribe

Creative Soul Juice with Hobby Parent Artist • Teacher • Coach

Inquire about Fall & Winter workshops, classes & sessions forming now visit &

creative juice for your soul Disclaimer: No experience necessary. Let’s discover your creative bones together.

12 January 2017


exploring spirituality


Connecting with the Earth BY KRISTA AND ROB RAHM

2017: A Time For Change Let’s face it, 2016 was not a great year for many of us. The pace of life reached an intolerable speed and as a result people were often not very considerate of one another. Compound those factors with the election campaigns and it’s likely we all feel somewhat exhausted, stressed out, disgusted, fearful, and perhaps even hopeless. The world cannot continue in this state or the results will be devastating! We live in a time of great change and uncertainty. A journey towards changing what is so out

of balance begins with each of us as individuals. We need to stop blaming others and stop the extreme expressions of anger. Individually, we must all find a way to heal and create a world in which we want to live. Being able to access a feeling of inner peace, no matter how crazy things get outside of us, is the key to harmony in the modern world. We must be stable and grounded. Like trees in the forest, we must be rooted, connected, and stand strong with each other. By learning to recognize our individual needs, we can remain healthy and strong. This all begins with being in sync with our body’s physical and emotional needs as well as being in tune with the earth/Gaia, which provides us with life and all that we need. Traditionally, the New Year is a good time to vow to make changes that will facilitate a healthier and happier you. A healthy, well-nourished body that is not full of toxins does not hold the same anger of its counterpart. Poor food choices, eating on the run, and the quality of that food are all contributions to stress. Begin with making your own body strong and grounded by making your daily diet a top priority. Take time to shop for quality foods and put your energy and intention into creating food that will nourish you and support your entire body.

“I like to envision the whole world as a jigsaw puzzle … If you look at the whole picture, it is overwhelming and terrifying, but if you work on your little part of the jigsaw and know that people all over the world are working on their little bits, that’s what will give you hope.” –Jane Goodall

January 2017


Start simply, with buying a cookbook that focuses on recipes for healthy eating. Begin by making those recipes, generally eating more vegetables, and eating out a lot less.

• Spend time with loved ones in a non-stressful setting.

Self-care is a term that is often looked upon as selfish. However, when we do not take care of ourselves we can be of no use to others. Self-care is not selfish, it is a responsibility that we all have so that we can be the best versions of ourselves and not fall apart to the point that others need to stop and take care of us. Self-care is not about primping and beauty routines; it is giving yourself enough time to rest and have downtime to refuel so that you do not burn out. It is about learning to love yourself and not being over critical of yourself or, worse yet, of others, to make yourself feel better. It is important to create a realistic lifestyle so that you and your family are not overscheduled and constantly frazzled. Learning to attune and respond to you and your family’s needs and desires will help you give back to society. Giving positive energy because you are balanced and living in harmony will offset the negative energy spreading in the world today.

• Spend time outside connecting with nature.

• Slow down. A few small changes can make a huge difference in your quality of life. • Make a list of all the things you are grateful for and update that list each week. Your gratitude will increase as you make your life less complicated and as you begin to heal and find peace in your everyday life. We need to work in small ways to create our vision of the world in which we want to live. Change begins within each of us. We need to learn to accomplish this peacefully and achieve a level of health and strength that allows us to stand forth and influence others in a positive manner. Let’s make 2017 the year that we get our own lives on a balanced track and share that centered awareness with those around us to make the world a better place.

Krista’s Korner

Stress can show up in our bodies in many forms. Whether it is muscle tension, circling thoughts, insomnia, anxiety, digestive upset, headaches, or even a racing heartbeat, there is usually a traditional herbal remedy to help soothe the reactions and support our bodies in times of stress. At Forrest Green Farm we have formulated some herbal teas to help one deal with the effects of stress. Unwind Tea – Made with lemon balm, catnip, chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender. It is especially good after a stressful day. Enjoy before bed to promote restful sleep. Tulsi Tea (aka Holy Basil) – Made with four kinds of tulsi plants with a lovely unique spice-type flavoring resembling a blend of mint, licorice, and clove. Tulsi is an Ayurvedic herb that is considered an adaptogen herb, which can help strengthen the body’s response to stress and help its ability to cope with anxiety and fight fatigue. Adaptogen herbs get their name because of their unique ability to “adapt” their functioning according to your body’s own specific needs.

Suggestions for self-care: • Unplug! Turn off all electronic devices. Take a break from it all. Rest, read, take a bath, pray, or meditate. • Avoid getting too caught up in the social media trap. It can lead to an egotistic lifestyle or feed fear and/or anger. Ask yourself, are you putting your energy into positive things that enhance your life and others’ around you? Most importantly, you do not need to engage in activities that bring more negativity into the world! • Do not let others’ expectations rule you. You know what your limitations are and what is best for you and your family. 14 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Adapt To Stress Tea – Made with nettle, oat tops, skullcap, tulsi, astragalus, ashwagandha root, and licorice root. An herbal tonic to support adrenal function and help build energy levels, it is best taken over a period of time to help build wellness and vitality in the body. Don’t Worry Be Happy Tea – Made with nettle, anise hyssop, lemon balm, linden leaf & flower, catnip, ginger root, and lemon peel. It is a calming and nutritive tea that is enjoyable for children and adults with a unique sweet anise taste. Nerve Calming Headache Tea – Made with lemon balm, chamomile, feverfew, passionflower, and lavender.

A tea to help soothe, calm, and strengthen the nervous system while easing the pain, tension, and discomfort of a headache. Chill Pill Tonic Kit – made with catnip, skullcap, passionflower, tulsi, lemon balm, lavender, linden flower, and chamomile. Best when taken as a daily tonic, it is formulated with nervine and calming herbs that support the nervous system. Forrest Green Farm products can be purchased at our Market on the Farm or online mail ordering at www. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. Krista and Rob Rahm purchased a farm in Louisa, Virginia, in 1992. After many years of learning to live off of the land, learning and using herbal medicine as their primary health care, and making farming their full-time occupation, the Rahms began a new mission to empower others with the knowledge to achieve Whole Living and supply products and classes to support this purpose. (540) 967-1165


WE COVER THE STATE OF VIRGINIA AND BEYOND BOTH PERSONALLY AND VIRTUALLY WITH PHONE/SKYPE/FACETIME. CONTACT US TODAY! MYRA L. LOVVORN, RN, FNP, AHN PSYCH-K® Instructor/Facilitator Richmond & Eastern USA (804) 814-9655 KIMBERLY KIMBER BRUMBACH Health & Eating Psychology Coach PSYCH-K® Facilitator Fredericksburg Virginia (540) 287-9902 MIKE KANE PSYCH-K® Facilitator Metro Richmond & Counties (804) 241-3412 JENNY SUAREZ M.Ed. Educational Leadership PSYCH-K® Facilitator Arlington & Northern Virginia (804) 382-2976 MICHELE L. KIELTY, Ph.D. Licensed Professional Counselor Professor of Counseling PSYCH-K® Facilitator Charlottesville/Staunton Virginia (540) 849-8830

January 2017


Dreaming WITH

Bobbie Ann


Dream Characters In most of your dreams you will recognize someone you know in your waking life. When analyzing a dream, it’s important to remember that these characters rarely represent the actual people in waking life. Most of the time they reflect a part of yourself, a projection of a character trait or flaw that you don’t recognize in yourself in waking life.

an archetypal pattern of behavior. If you know that your cousin will crack a joke about you being late, it’s because he is a ‘Joker.’ If you know your sister will tell your mother what you did, it’s because your sister is a ‘Tattletale.’ If you know your neighbor will feed the stray cat, it’s because she is a ‘Rescuer.’ You know how these people will react because of their consistent, instinctual, and unconscious behavioral patterns—archetypal patterns.

The trick is to identify that trait or flaw. What specific trait or word comes to mind when you think of this person? Are they a gossip, a liar, a perfectionist, a thief ? What’s their profession or job title—a teller, an accountant, a teacher, a judge? What were they doing the last time you saw them—arguing, telling jokes, acting childish, cleaning up? Consider their name or what they are called. Is there a play on words or reference hidden there? For instance, your neighbor’s name may be Anita—but do people call her Dragonlady or Picklepuss?

There are literally hundreds of archetypal behavior patterns. You can recognize them in myths, fictional novels, movies, and the fairy tales you read to your children. You can probably identify some of these archetypes among those people with whom you regularly interact. Who do you know that that is a(n): Addict, Artist, Beggar, Bully, Coward, Damsel-in-Distress, Gambler, Good Samaritan, Healer, Hermit, Judge, Liar, Lover, Martyr, Prince/Princess, Procrastinator, Rebel, Seeker, Servant, Snoop, Student, Teacher, Thief, Tyrant?

Identifying what they represent is crucial to understanding your dream. Once you see your neighbor as ‘the gossip’ she will probably always play that part in your dreams and will be a projection of your tendency to gossip. Keep in mind, though, that we all have many character traits and flaws and while your neighbor may be a gossip, she may also be a Good Samaritan and so may represent that trait as well. Consider the theme and other dream content to determine which applies. You will probably be able to associate many of the people in your dreams to a specific archetype. An archetype is an original model or prototype, or an ideal example of something. In Jungian psychology, it refers to an instinctual pattern of thought or behavior derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual subconscious. When you know what someone will think, or how they will act or react in a given situation, it is because they follow 16 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Patterns It might be easier to grasp the concept of archetypes if you see them as patterns of behavior or habit. We all have habits, some good and some bad, that we perform unconsciously. If you recognize the behavior or habit then you have identified an archetype. We label people based on their habits and behaviors—we give the archetype a name. Giving the archetype a name is not as important as recognizing the habit or pattern of behavior. So don’t get too caught up in labeling the archetype. In summary, the characters in your dreams are projections of patterns of thought or behavior you fail to see in yourself in your waking life. Identify the pattern of thought or behavior and you have identified an archetype. Once you identify the archetype, review the events of the previous 24–72 hours for a situation where you or someone else behaved similarly and then

ask yourself how you could or should have behaved or reacted differently.

Dreamworking Techniques In a previous column, I suggested using Word Association and Retelling the Dream. There are many more ways of working with your dreams and I will continue to share different techniques. Some will work better for you than others. I suggest you try each technique on several different dreams before determining which you like.

“…the characters in your dreams are projections of patterns of thought or behavior you fail to see in yourself in your waking life.”

Dreams are usually multilayered and can mean several things at once, so you should also consider working on a dream with a few different techniques as each may reveal a different layer of information or insight. For instance, retelling the dream to a friend may reveal a dream is addressing an issue you have with communicating with others and working the same dream using word association may reveal you aren’t listening to your intuition. Both may be true. Freewriting: Another simple technique to try is freewriting. Sit quietly with a pen and paper in hand. Pick a character, symbol or scene from a dream and start writing the first thing that comes to your mind. Don’t stop writing for at least five minutes. Don’t censor what you’re writing. Just write. When you’re done, read over what you’ve written and see if you can link it to the dream or your waking life in some way. Mind Mapping: If you’re not familiar with mind mapping, it’s like a cross between word association and freewriting, and when completed resembles a tree. Start by writing down one dream symbol in the center of a page. Then write words as they come to mind and connect them to the first word by a simple line. These new words are branching off the main word. Next, associate on each of these branched words and add branches and more branches. There is no need to add branches to all the words, just follow your thoughts and branch off as many or as few times as feels right. Do this for at least five minutes. When you’re done, look at all of the words. Do you see any patterns or words repeated? Can any of the “branches” be connected to each other? Does anything strike a chord or create an ah-ha or an uh-oh response? Do this for several different symbols and then compare the mind maps. Are there any similarities? Are the same words, patterns, or themes repeated? Does anything remind you of some aspect of yourself or your waking life? Is there a consistent emotional theme? Consider when and why you feel this way in waking life.

Share your experiences I’ve introduced several ways to work with dreams in this and prior columns. Which techniques have worked for you? How do you work with your dreams? Please share your techniques. Write to me at awareness@bobbieann. net and I may include them in a future column. ‘Til next time … Happy Dreaming! Bobbie Ann Pimm lives in Albemarle County. She is a dream educator and the author of Notes from a Dreamer…on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation, available at (paperback) and (paperback and Kindle). She is also a consultant for and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (www.

January 2017


used. This empathic loving presence is always experienced viscerally and intuitively inside the body, which is the ultimate gatekeeper for what we let in. Moments of genuine attunement with empathic practitioners create the missing and longed-for safety that opens doors into hidden areas of the self. In the lexicon of spirituality, this is the meeting of soul-to-soul, of being deeply seen, that allows the most guarded parts of us, hidden in our unconscious, to emerge and heal.

The Importance of Loving Presence Your Body Holds the Secret BY JOCELYN AUDET

We all gravitate towards kindness. It is the sea in which we want to swim. In our earliest experience as infants, before we knew anything about language, our developing nervous system was deeply affected by the quality of care, kindness, and love that we first encountered. Before verbal communication—or even thought— our body was the interpreter of our experience. If we looked up from the crib and saw a loving face looking back at us, our tiny growing bodies took in that gaze and formed a felt belief of the world as benevolent and attuned to our needs. Neuroscientists speak of this as the harmonizing of “mirror neurons”: a bodily feeling of being seen and understood. It is this initial way we are met by others that forms the foundation on which we build our sense of self. Unfortunately, if we are met by eyes that are not attuned, or even cruel, this colors our felt sense of the world—and what it means to exist—in painful and debilitating ways. Not being met lovingly, or growing up in an environment full of conflict, leaves its mark on us. It darkens the lens we look through in ways we don’t fully realize because the body hides the effects in our unconscious. It is through our body that we understand what is safe and unsafe. We recoil or we expand. We twist away or we reach toward. This is happening in each moment, in every interaction, even though we may be totally unaware of it. There are ways to repair—to give what was not experienced but should have been. Because the body is inherently sensitive, we have a profound somatic impact on each other. In therapy, studies have shown it is the quality of the practitioner’s presence that is the greatest predictor of positive outcome, regardless of the kind of therapy being 18 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Tragically, in this culture, many of us go through our lives not being met and seen in these deeply important ways— sometimes even by family or friends. This is the source of our unease, of our loneliness, and that broad undercurrent of “un-satisfactoriness,” which Buddhism speaks of so eloquently. In this modern world we live in a culture of isolation and thirst for authentic connection. Without loving presence and genuine attunement, the sea we swim in is empty of the basic nourishment we need as human beings. We all need more kindness in our lives. I will leave you with the words of John Welwood, as he describes the beautiful experience of truly being in the body, in mindfulness, and in the presence of love. “Forget about enlightenment” Sit down wherever you are And listen to the wind singing in your veins. Feel the love, the longing, the fear in your bones. Open your heart to who you are, right now, Not who you would like to be, Not the saint you are striving to become, But the being right here before you, inside you, around you. All of you is holy. You are already more and less Than whatever you can know. Breathe out, Touch in, Let go. By John Welwood Editor’s Note: This is a companion article to Jocelyn Audet’s previous work, Your Body Holds the Secret, featured in the October 2016 issue. Contact her at

Jocelyn Pierce Audet is Virginia’s only Certified Hakomi Practitioner, She builds healing partnerships with her clients in which they are deeply held as they approach change. She utilizes skillful means to help calm the mind, ease the heart, and tune into the body’s miraculous inner wisdom. She sees clients in Charlottesville, Staunton, and on phone or Skype and can be reached through


Shala practitioners: Cecily Armstrong, CHHC, AADP • Jocelyn Pierce Audet, CHP • Michelle Goodrich, BHSP • Jane Neldon, CMT • Michele Kielty, PhD, LPC • Sherry Jean Olander, CMT • Helene V. Ramos, MA, Dipl PW, CHt., RMT • Valerie Sargent, CHt • Polly Williams, RM

800 East High Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Visit us on line at

January 2017


What Do You

BELIEVE? The PSYCH-K® Approach



ur beliefs create our reality. Scholars and philosophers have taught this for ages. Saint Augustine wrote, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” Not only have great teachers highlighted the critical importance of the power of our thoughts and beliefs, so have our political and business leaders. Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” And the oft-quoted Henry Ford noted, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” Eleanor Roosevelt urged women, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt urged women, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” These declarations offer wisdom and guidance; yet, does following this advice actually work? Indeed, there are scientific studies that support these famous and inspiring quotes. Many of these studies originate in the medical field (much of the base literature is rooted in medical science due to funding and support). Beginning in 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the effects of words and intentions on the formation of water crystals. The visible effects of prayers, intentions, and words on the crystals is astounding ( english/water-crystal.html). 20 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Many medical studies have indicated the power of belief on physical outcomes. One of the most amazing examples is a 1983 study testing a new chemotherapy drug. Most people are aware that chemotherapy makes patients’ hair fall out, and the subjects knew they were in a chemotherapy drug trial. The researchers were not surprised that 74% of the subjects receiving chemotherapy lost their hair; however, they were shocked to discover 31% of the participants getting a placebo (a salt water solution) also lost their hair. The researchers concluded that the patients receiving the placebo lost their hair because they believed it would fall out! Other studies have drawn similar conclusions, such as in 2002 when doctors at the Baylor College of Medicine performed real knee surgery on some patients and only pretended to do knee surgery on other patients. The patients who had the pretend surgery improved just as much as those who had real surgery. In 2008, a study in the United Kingdom using acupuncture for Irritable Bowel Syndrome showed 44% of participants reported improvement even though fake needles were used and did not pierce the skin. Participants believed they were getting acupuncture and their symptoms improved as a result. In 2013, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported, “The benefit of antidepressant medication compared with placebo may be minimal or nonexistent in patients with mild or moderate symptoms.” In other words, the patients feel better only because they believe they will. The placebo effect (beneficial effect due to belief) is so recognized that since 1970 the Food and Drug Association (FDA) has required all new drugs be tested against a placebo before FDA approval. Depending on the type of illness or disease involved, people in drug trials who receive the placebo improve 35–60% of the time. Belief is powerful. Have you ever had a goal you just could not reach no matter how hard you tried? This could be your beliefs

hard at work. For example, what if you want to lose weight but you have a belief that it is not safe to be too thin; you will have a difficult time losing weight. And even if you do, it will be a constant struggle to keep it off. If there was a magic weight loss pill (there’s not!), and you were guaranteed to lose the weight if you took it every day for 30 days, you still would not take the pill every day. You would forget, or lose the pills—something would always interfere. Why? Because your belief that it is not safe to be too thin will overpower your desire to lose weight. Most of the time these beliefs are subconscious—we’re not even aware that we have them. They are deeply ingrained and can be difficult to uncover and change. Neuroscientists have shown that 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depend on brain activity beyond our conscious awareness, which means the subconscious mind truly shapes who we are, what we think, how we feel, and how we live our lives. To successfully achieve our goals we must have our subconscious in alignment with our conscious desires. How do we align our subconscious and conscious beliefs? First we must recognize our limiting beliefs. Introspection and journaling are useful for this; for example, quiet your mind, ask yourself a question, and listen for your intuition, or write the answer with your non-dominant hand. Another technique is to carefully observe yourself—strong emotions, common thoughts, and consistent actions can be clues to unconscious beliefs. After you’ve uncovered your limiting beliefs, consciously confront their validity and use affirmations and visualizations to help transform them. The challenge is that because the conscious mind processes about 40 bits of information per second while the subconscious processes about 40 million bits of information per second or at least 1 million times faster. It can be tough to

January 2017


PSYCH-K can be done in person at an office, by video conferencing, or over the phone in the comfort and convenience of your home. consciously change subconscious beliefs.

PSYCH-K® Facilitators: Myra L. Lovvorn,

RN, FNP, AHN PSYCH-K® Instructor/Facilitator Richmond & Eastern USA (804) 814-9655

Kimberly Brumbach,

Health & Eating Psychology Coach PSYCH-K® Facilitator Fredericksburg Virginia (540) 287-99

Mike Kane

PSYCH-K Facilitator Metro Richmond & Counties (804) 241-3412

Jenny Suarez

M.Ed.Educational Leadership Psych-K® Facilitator Arlington & Northern Virginia (804) 382-2976

Michele L. Kielty, Ph.D.

Licensed Professional Counselor Professor of Counseling PSYCH-K Facilitator Charlottesville/Staunton Virginia (540) 849-8830 22

PSYCH-K® can uncover and change limiting beliefs. It was developed in 1988 by Robert Williams, who said, “PSYCH-K is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.” Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of Biology of Belief said, “The ‘secret of life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.” PSYCH-K uses muscle testing and processes (called Balances) that facilitate communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This creates belief change by allowing the subconscious to access the information in those areas. Sessions typically last about an hour and often more than one concern can be addressed within a session. Physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual issues can be explored with PSYCH-K. A comforting and considerable advantage of PSYCH-K is the permission and commitment to do the Balances is confirmed from your conscious, subconscious, and your superconscious minds before proceeding. So you always know that what you are Balancing is in alignment with your highest interest. PSYCH-K can be done in person at an office, by video conferencing, or

over the phone in the comfort and convenience of your home. One of the advantages of PSYCH-K is that you can change beliefs without going into lengthy discussions of the past, or dredging up painful memories. You do not even have to know which beliefs are holding you back. The process will help uncover and rewrite limiting beliefs—it’s like updating the software on your personal ‘hard drive.’ Transforming limiting beliefs is essential to accomplishing your goals. So ask yourself: What do you believe? Do you have the relationships you want? Are your finances keeping up with your needs and desires? Is your career

Myra Lovvorn in session.

everything you planned it to be? Are you healthy and happy? What would you have, what could you achieve, who would you be, if you believed? PSYCH-K practitioners (known as Facilitators) meet you where you are in your life and allow your subconscious mind to determine and change those beliefs that are limiting your physical, emotional, or spiritual destiny! Editor’s Note: The authors of this piece are trained PSYCH-K Facilitators.

I would love to help you make your next move into or out of the Charlottesville area. Give me a call and lets put the power of Montague, Miller & Co and Leading RE behind your next move! ~Pam Whorley PA M W HOR L E Y 434.227.2414



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p a m w h o r l e y. m o n t a g u e m i l l e r . c o m

REMOTE FENG SHUI CONSULTATIONS PEGGY CROSS Feng Shui is about you and your life. Have a consultation when: You want to sell your home quickly You are choosing a new home to support your dreams and desires You want to manifest a date or a new spouse Your children are a challenge. You wish to make any life change.

January 2017




The Astrological Year Ahead BY NICK LASKY

2016 was certainly a year for the record books. It was one of the most dramatic, intense, and transformational years in our recent history. So what is written in the stars for 2017? Before I go into what will be happening in 2017, it is important to remind you that throughout 2017 we will still be experiencing the after-effects of the seven PlutoUranus squares that occurred from 2012 to 2015. This intense clash of the young, revolutionary energy (Uranus in Aries) versus the patriarchy and the powers that be (Pluto in Capricorn) will continue to play out for some time. Here are the major events in 2017 to look out for: URANUS OPPOSITE JUPITER: December 2016–March 2017 and September– October 2017 One of the most dynamic aspects that we will feel in 2017 is when rebellious Uranus in Aries opposes expansive

Jupiter in Libra. The exact oppositions will occur first on March 2 and then again on September 28. This energy is volatile and will bring unexpected and swift changes that will create big ripples outward into our global society. We will likely see more rebellions, violence, and uprisings, particularly over religion, justice, and what people fundamentally believe is right and wrong. There will likely be a major focus during these periods on the law, the Supreme Court, and the justice system. Sudden shifts in these areas are likely. In a more positive light, this energy will bring about rapid changes in technology and has the potential to effectively modernize our educational systems. Flashback: On May 17, 2004, the last time Uranus and Jupiter were in close opposition to each other, the first-ever legal gay marriage fully authorized by law took place in the United States in Massachusetts.

Venus in Aries means passions 24 January 2017


exploring spirituality

PLUTO SQUARE JUPITER: January–August 2017

deception, confusion, and problems with substance abuse.

This aspect further reinforces power struggles and clashes in regards to courts, laws, the justice system, and the expansion of equality for all humans. This will be a time when Pluto will reveal things that have been hidden in the shadows and Jupiter will magnify them for the whole world to see. In this energy we will be transforming our collective beliefs about all of these issues, though this transformation won’t come without conflict and resistance. Similar dynamics may play out in our personal relationships, especially regarding fairness and equality.

Flashback: February 26, 1998, was the last time a solar eclipse happened at this degree of Pisces. Reflect on what major changes happened in your life up to a year after this date in order to get a taste of its effect for you this time.

Reflect back on what was going on during the last two weeks of November 2016, when the first square took place. This will give you a glimpse as to what this energy will bring about both personally and globally. The exact squares in 2017 will be on March 20 and August 4. Flashback: The last time Pluto squared Jupiter was during February and March of 2011. During this time the Egyptian President Mubarak resigned—a defining moment at the beginning of the Arab Spring. In the same month, we had the 2011 energy crisis, which saw oil prices rise by 20% in two weeks due to uncertainty in Libya. Additionally on March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the east of Japan, killing 15,840 people and causing the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis (Pluto rules nuclear power and co-rules over earthquakes). LUNAR ECLIPSE in LEO: February 10, 2017, 7:33 p.m. EST This eclipse will create a grand trine with Uranus, Saturn, and the Moon in the fire signs. A grand trine is when three planets form a perfect equilateral triangle in the heavens, creating an extremely harmonious flow between all three planets. In other words, the fiery, rebellious, and revolutionary energy of Uranus will have an easier time affecting REAL change on the planet (Saturn) and will do so in a dramatic way (Moon in Leo).

VENUS RETROGRADE: March 4–April 15, 2017 (Aries Pisces) Venus will turn retrograde in Aries this spring, a phenomenon that occurs every 1.5 years. When any planet goes retrograde it creates the illusion that the planet is moving backwards in the sky, from the vantage point of the Earth. Astrologically this six-week period indicates a time of turning inward and reflecting upon what and whom we value, our resources, our self-worth, and our relationships. It is a time to slow down and check in with yourself about where you stand in all of your relationships and will highlight what needs to be worked on. One common theme that arises while giving readings during Venus retrograde is many couples feel as if their relationship is falling apart or they begin to question the relationship in a new way. Venus retrograde is NOT a good time to act upon these feelings or impulses. It is better to observe, listen, and contemplate what is truly important to you and what you need to do to move forward. Wait until Venus stations direct—after April 15—to take action and implement the changes you feel are necessary. Venus is not very comfortable in Aries (to her detriment). This can make for a highly intense time when people are too self-absorbed and overly assertive, creating heated exchanges. You may potentially feel socially restless at this time.

SOLAR ECLIPSE in PISCES: February 26, 2017, 9:58AM EST

Venus in Aries means passions will be particularly high as well. Take time to reflect upon what passions you really value and what passions within yourself you have neglected and need to nurture. As she moves back into Pisces she will breathe a sigh of relief and can let her sensual, artistic, and imaginative juices flow.

This partial solar eclipse will be in Pisces and conjunct the planet Neptune, which is associated with Pisces. This will create a super dreamy, imaginative, compassionate, and highly addictive energy that can be used for either profound spiritual awakening or can bring about

From roughly April 1 to April 28 Saturn will be squaring Venus. In conjunction with Venus being retrograde during part of this time, you may experience intense challenges with relationships and finances (especially for women). If this is happening to you, proceed with

will be particularly high ...

January 2017


caution and be very disciplined, patient, and responsible until this energy passes. This aspect is also likely to have a big impact on our world economy at the time. LUNAR ECLIPSE in AQUARIUS: August 7, 2017, 2:11 p.m. EST This lunar eclipse in Aquarius will oppose Mars, creating a highly sensitive and potentially hostile environment. Expect insights or creative solutions to difficult relationships or conflicts you may be experiencing at this time. “THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE” August 21, 2017, 2:30 p.m. EST (LEO) This is the grand astronomical moment in 2017 you’re probably already waiting for. This total solar eclipse will only be visible in the United States, something that is extremely rare. It will be visible in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Astrologically, this eclipse in Leo will bring a profound opportunity for the United States to move forward into a deeper heart-space energy. In very harmonious aspect to Uranus, it will also bring an amazing amount of energy to revolutionary forces and to technological advancement for roughly one year from this date. Flashback: August 21, 1998, was the last time a solar eclipse happened at the 29th degree of Leo. JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO: October 10, 2017 Jupiter will begin his 13-month passage through the sign of Scorpio until November 9, 2018. Jupiter in Scorpio takes his quest for knowledge, purpose, and understanding VERY seriously. During this time the deep waters of Scorpio will direct Jupiter to push us collectively to intensely feel and connect to what our spiritual quest is really about. Jupiter is compelled to open his mouth and in the sign of secrets you can bet a whole lot of them will be coming out during this period. I expect many major releases of information that has been hidden behind closed doors by WikiLeaks or similar sources. All Scorpio themes will be highlighted and discussed in the public during this time. That would be sex, death, corruption, taxes, and our shadow side to name a few. This energy also creates

the desire to expand your personal power and will over others. Be careful of this in your own life and watch for this with world figures. Flashback: The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was 2005–2006. During this time Pluto was demoted to status of “dwarf-planet,” Iran announced it had nuclear technology, and North Korea claimed it had conducted its first-ever nuclear test. SATURN ENTERS CAPRICORN: December 19, 2017 While Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn until March 21, 2020, the patriarchy and powers that be will be very strong. Governments and political regimes could be even more oppressive during this period, yet there will likely be a restructuring and breakdown of governments

Jupiter is compelled to open his mouth and of them will be coming 26 January 2017


exploring spirituality

it does indicate that this will be year in which we must collectively revisit and deal with things from the past. Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn, nudging us to reflect on and revise all of the structures in our lives, including our government, our financial systems, and our personal careers. When Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius on January 8, we are given a burst of fiery energy to act upon what we learned during the retrograde. April 9–May 2 (Taurus Aries) This retrograde will direct our mental focus inward towards our material resources and values while in Taurus. Upon entering Aries this focus will shift towards our self-interests and that which we desire to create August 12–September 5 (Virgo Leo) During this period, Mercury in Virgo will have us revisit matters pertaining to our food supply, the environment, and our health. As Mercury slides back into Leo, our mental energy shifts to reflecting on our own creativity, love, and romance.

2017 in the Signs Aries – This is a year to really focus on and grow your relationships. Be prepared for a major transformation and new beginnings. Explore new avenues for knowledge.

worldwide at the same time. This will be a time period focused on economics, politics, and the organization of society. There will tend to be a more serious attitude in the general public. Flashback: The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was from 1988 to 1991. During this period the Berlin Wall was knocked down and the Cold War was coming to a close, many socialist governments in Eastern Europe were collapsing, the Gulf War was fought, and Congress banned smoking on domestic flights in the U.S. 2017 MERCURY RETROGRADES December 19, 2016–January 8, 2017 (Capricorn Sagittarius) 2017 will begin with Mercury Retrograde. No, this does not mean you should hide under a rock until 2018, but

Taurus – This will be a year to focus on your health and flourish in your work. Major life changes are on the horizon for you. Communication and self-expression are key for you this year. Gemini – This is a year to have a lot of fun, enjoy romance, and really tap into your own creativity. Growth will happen through your relationships. Cancer – Grow your roots and connection to family this year. Be active and channel your passions, otherwise you could become easily overwhelmed and agitated. Leo – Major new beginnings for you this year, especially related to things you are passionate about, your urge to create, and romance. Release the old and embrace transformation.

in the sign of secrets you can bet a whole lot out during this period.

January 2017


Virgo – Focus on growing your material resources and make sure you are living in harmony with what you truly value. This will be a year of rebirth for you.

Aquarius – A great year to travel, embrace different perspectives, and study something new or that you’ve always wanted to learn about. This will be a year of surprises and sudden changes.

Libra – Develop yourself, honor your needs, and grow your relationship with yourself this year. Sudden and unexpected changes are likely, so do not be attached as you are being set up for something better in the future.

Pisces – This will be a major year of rebirth, renewal, and transformation for you. Surrender to the changes. You will be given a profound opportunity to release any unhealthy attachments to the past.

Scorpio – You would do well to focus on your needs and develop your relationship with yourself as well. This will be a year of profound self-expression. Shine your light far and wide.

To follow all my astrological insights on the year visit my Facebook page at and stay up to date!

Sagittarius – This year you are asked to turn deeply inward, heal the past, and connect spiritually. Meditation and other contemplative practices will really help you this year. Capricorn – Expand your networks and circles this year. It will be important to be responsible and disciplined as well; unless you want to carry unnecessary burdens. Find a creative outlet for your emotions.

Nick Lasky is a professional astrologer, psychic, and healer at the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond. Nick is the founder of the Society of Awakening Souls, an organization at UVA and the Aquarian Bookshop for students seeking spiritual awakening. Contact Nick at

Margaretta McIlvaine

Energy Practitioner

Emotional Healing & Self-Transformation Gain clarity and self-confidence Transcend difficult life issues Connect with inner guidance Move towards peace and self-actualization

Phone, skype and in-person sessions available (434) 293 - 9708 More information at 28 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Feng Shui For The Year Of The Rooster


THE NEW YEAR, THE YEAR OF THE ROOSTER, is here and many of us are looking for new direction, meaning, and incentive for our lives with a better sense of well being moving forward. The practice of Feng Shui is an excellent way to achieve these goals.

The challenge of 2017 will be in negotiation with others. The key is diplomacy and tact. The message here, for all of us, is to be good listeners, patient, open-minded, and kind. These traits are crucial for all communication! For the cure, we can start in the home.

The rooster is proud, confident, strong-willed, and cocky (no wonder the origin for this last adjective comes from the rooster!). Roosters hate criticism and they excel in fights.

Softer, more feminine remedies are required. Softer colors, music, plants, light, and flow of objects will ease the intense energy that many of us are feeling. Let’s start with simple and cost-effective solutions.

January 2017


Exterior And Interior Front Entry Remove all dead and decaying plants and replace with living evergreen plantings in urns. A wind chime will also soften the chi, or energy. If the weather allows, repaint the front door. Although red is often recommended in Chinese architecture and represents good fortune, a softer color may promote less anger from entering. If the space allows, place an octangular mirror over the outside door. The octagon shape represents the Bagua map, the ancient symbol and tool that represents the eight directions, elements, and numbers for every individual based upon their birth chart. The mirror will reflect bad energy from entering the front door or main entrance. You can also place a mirror in the entry to enlarge the space. Another remedy is to paint the entry a lighter color. Not only will this visually enlarge the space, but it will provide a more welcoming energy.

“The challenge of 2017 will be in negotiation with others.

The key is diplomacy and tact.”

Always work around the architectural features of a room. For instance arrange the furniture around a fireplace, if one is present in the room. Do not block doorways or windows with furniture. Centralize the color scheme with not more than three colors if at all possible. A costeffective way to introduce color is to paint an accent wall a color that you would like to work with and then introduce some throw pillows and/or an area rug.

Replacing the foyer light, if there is one, with a crystal globe or pendants will increase the chi.

Declutter Declutter as much as possible to open the front entry as well as the entire house. Get rid of the Christmas tree, old magazines, old photos of former friends, etc. I cannot over emphasize the importance of organization! Use old shoeboxes if necessary or egg carton crates, clean the closets out and take the old clothes to the SPCA, Goodwill, or other charity of your choice. Living Areas

Bedrooms Clean out the closets and drawers! You will be amazed by the energy you receive! I call it “Feng Shui Away” and you will feel really good when you accomplish this task. When you walk into the bedroom, you should always view the bed or “look up at the bed.” If you have a window behind the bed, why not cover the window with some soft fabric that matches the bed sheets and coverlet? You can also buy bed sheets and create a pocket to accommodate a rod for curtains. Remember twice the fullness of the fabric looks best, so that the pocket is gathered and the drapery panels look fuller. Need more romance? Paint the wall behind the headboard a soft peach or green to accentuate the heart chakra. Crystals hung in the window will attract love and light. Pictures of flowers, water, and doves will increase the love vibe. 30 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Bathrooms The biggest bang for your buck is painting. Try a soft aqua paint or light blue or green to bring in the element of water or select a color from a new shower curtain. Use an eggshell finish that is more waterproof resistant. Replace your vanity with a higher one. No budget? Paint your vanity white or beige to match your plumbing fixtures and replace your hardware as well as faucets in a chrome or brushed nickel finish. A new mirror or medicine cabinet with a mirror will enlarge the space as will a new lighting fixture. Plants will add energy to the space and they will love the steam! Kitchens No budget for complete remodeling? Paint the cabinets and replace the hardware. Are the upper cabinets in bad condition? The new trend is shelving rather than having upper cabinets at all. New countertops, especially solid surface, will make a huge difference. My best recommendation is new appliances. They will make your life easier and make cooking (and cleaning!) more enjoyable. Dining Although shades of gray for paint color are popular now, I would not suggest that in a dining area as it is not a warm color and does not stimulate the appetite or conversation. Shades of soft coral, peach, yellow, orange, and red work well in these areas. If you have gray walls surrounding the dining area, these colors will complement the warmer tone of the dining area.

meditation music, plants, as well as a fountain will all help you maintain inner peace. Take time to resume peace and calm and approach every situation with family, friends, and associates with patience, love, and understanding, especially yourself and for your home!

Bagua Map Although we cannot always design our home to have the perfect location for all the areas shown in the ancient Chinese Bagua map indicating the eight directions and locations for career, wealth, partnership, health, etc., we can enhance the space we do have. More Balance, Harmony, Love, Health, Partnership, and Wealth can be created with simple solutions to transform your home into a sanctuary! “Wake up!� crows the rooster! For more information call (434) 973-6065 or (434) 9606565, or visit, www.

Meditation Space This year in particular will be a challenge to keep centered and calm. If you do not have a separate area or room, carve a space from your bedroom or living room. Use a folding screen if necessary. Candles,

Marta A. Tice, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) can provide a personalized birth chart to determine your birth numbers and elements in conjunction with your home’s directions as shown on the Bagua map. Interior design, remodeling, construction plans, and project management available. Call (434) 973-6065 or (434) 960-6565, or visit marta@,

January 2017


Bridge Between the Worlds Spiritual Retreat Center Charlottesville,Virginia

Multipurpose Facilities Transformational Classes Relaxing Spa Offerings Private Lodging Available A Serene Venue for Seminars, Personal Retreats and Weddings

Contact us at 32 January 2017


exploring spirituality

(434) 293-9708

Human Design BringTheForth YourSystem Light

We each have a unique design. Find out yours with the Human Design System. This system is able to show us our individual design through a synthesis of bio-mechanics, science, cosmology, and profound esoteric knowledge.

Basicabout Hatha Yoga Classes What will you learn yourself?

* Geared towards beginners & returning practitioners * Offering gentle poses with minimal physical stress * Improve flexibility, posture, strength and balance Experience


the joy of being you

To learn about our Personal Reading Services, please contact Anne-Marie at, Margaretta McIlvaine - Certified Yoga Instructor

Classes at Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center 434 823-1385 Check website for class schedules and workshops (434) 293 - 9708

January 2017


T H E H A KO M I M E T H O D Compassionate Self-Discover y

• Come alive in ways you never have before! • Let your body’s wisdom guide you to wholeness & healing • Finally work effectively with all aspects of yourself Virginia’s only Certified Hakomi Practitioner Charlottesville and Staunton offices Available by Skype & in person

Jocelyn Pierce Audet CHP Self-Awareness & Mindfulness Coaching Mental Health Nutrition 540.290.6138

Angels Whispering Light Angel Message Sessions • guiding you when in need of direction, • comforting you when in need of support, • celebrating with you when in times of rejoicing, and • whispering words of love always.

Contact “B” on my webpage at

34 January 2017


by filling out the form in the Angel Message Session section by

exploring spirituality

Book Review



The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah Richard Bach Delacorte Press, 1977 United States of America First Edition, 144 pages ISBN: 0-440-04318-2 $6.95, Available on Richard Bach is perhaps best known for his first book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which brought him international acclaim. The success of his first book was followed by a period of bewilderment for Bach, which resulted in Illusions, a nearly indescribable work of monumental importance. Illusions is part fairy tale, part handbook for the conscious soul, and part Bach working through his newfound fame. He blends his love of flying vintage planes with his questions about the inner workings of the universe and the result is remarkable. After

explaining his state of mind when writing Illusions, Bach opens the story with a handwritten tale about a messiah who didn’t want the job and simply walked away. He then goes on to describe how his main character, not so coincidently named Richard, comes into contact with a remarkable man named Donald Shimoda. Shimoda turns out to be the reluctant messiah described in the handwritten story that opens the book. Both Richard and Shimoda are barnstormers travelling from town to town, giving plane rides to folks for three dollars a ride. What develops is an amazing relationship. Shimoda, as a “retired” messiah is full of wisdom and miracle-like tricks. Over the course of their friendship, Richard learns much about the workings of the universe, reads the “Messiah’s Handbook” and seems to reconcile his place in the world. He eventually becomes aware that he is being trained to be the next messiah. As the reader progresses through Illusions he is taken on a journey of awakening within himself. The teachings in the “Messiah’s Handbook” are beautiful, wise, and timeless. While Shimoda is an extremely eccentric character, he is a unique teacher that brings out the best in Richard while simultaneously challenging the reader. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Illusions is its ability to reach each reader in his or her place in the universe at the time it is being read. Bach carefully and expertly leaves specific religion out of the entire work, referring to messiahs in general terms as teachers and masters, the universal power, most often thought of as God is simply referred to as the “Is.” While Illusions is a small book, it is also multifaceted and rich leaving the reader both unable to put it down and viscerally affected by its pages. Pia Donovan is a wife, mother, writer, and consultant living in Batesville, Virginia.

Illusions is part fairy tale, part handbook for the conscious soul, and part Bach working through his newfound fame.

January 2017


Each Reiki-infused Infinite Energy pendant is aligned to the vibrational frequency of the crystal singing bowl, and made with the intention of spreading love, light & healing energy. Online Store:

Caity Carleton

Owner, Designer Usui Reiki Practitioner 36 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Central Virginia


ONE OF THE FASCINATING THINGS about watching holistic healing move firmly into the mainstream of Western culture is noticing how some people apply their spiritual paths to their business models. Located at 800 E. High St., Shala in Charlottesville is one such example. Business partners Helene Ramos and Polly Williams are on the cutting edge of how practitioners are developing community amongst themselves in order to offer the highest quality care and assistance to that community. This is the spiritual principle of “we’re all in this together.”

The Partners

The partners of Shala bring accomplished business careers into this endeavor.

Helene Ramos is the managing partner of Shala. A Washington, D.C., native, it was a near-death experience at age 6 that opened her to the beginnings of a spiritual quest. After 25 years in advertising, marketing, and nonprofit management, Helene (pronounced “L-N”) came to Charlottesville and, becoming more attuned to spiritual realms, began sharing the healing gifts she was developing through intuition and continuing educational development. Highly trained and skilled, she combines process-oriented psychology and clear intuition to help clients go into deeper parts of the self. Polly Williams was the managing partner of Shala’s second location in 2012 and is currently serving as the assistant managing partner. A Richmond native,

January 2017


Central Virginia

she had a successful business career in banking and helped women start and succeed in practical small businesses, in addition to executive coaching. Always drawn to the spiritual, she has been an intuitive coach for the past 12 years. Through a combination of unique skills, she helps the client understand what the soul is trying to say, how it wants to grow, and directions to achieve that. She pulls in the softness of one’s own soul, avoiding the laser-like focus of a psychic reading.

The History

In 2008, Helene and a group of other practitioners who were massage, psychology, and spiritually oriented

space had been previously occupied by a Buddhist group and, through chants and meditations, a special character, an energetic quality evolved that deepened the energy of Shala. This energy helped the individuals evolve as their practices grew. With Polly now the managing partner, 2012 saw Shala move from The Glass Building to a slightly more spacious arrangement around the corner from the current East High Street location, to which they moved in May 2015. Initially leasing just the bottom floor, they leapt at the opportunity to add the top floor when it became available as this provided a room large enough for

Shala Practitioners: Cecily Armstrong – Brennan Energy Work, Health Coaching, Nutrition, Women’s Groups, Personal Process and Emotional healing. Jocelyn Pierce Audet – CHP CRNC, Hakomi Practitioner, Body/Mind Integration and Healing, Mental Health Nutrition Coach. Michelle Goodrich – BHSP (Brennan Healing Science Practitioner) and Feminine Power coach; supports women in transition to find stability in the midst of change. Sarah M. Handley – CMT – Therapeutic massage and Thai healing arts. Michele Kielty, PhD – Licensed professional counselor and certified PSYCH-K® practitioner Myra Lovvorn – Nurse Practitioner offering subconscious belief change for financial, physical, or emotional well-being using simple PSYCH-K® Balancing. Jane Neldon – CMT – Therapeutic, Deep Tissue & Oncology Massage Therapy. Sherry Jean Olander – CMT practices massage therapy and offers workshops and one-to-one consultations in Dynamic Emotional Integration®.

were individually leasing or sharing limited space in The Glass Building off the Downtown Mall. On New Year’s Eve of that year, Helene resolved to take a shamanic journey to see what opportunities might lay ahead in 2009. An energy that became known as Shala appeared and that sparked the move to organize the group — something greater would be accomplished by banding these practices together.

Above: Session Below: Partners Helene Ramos and Polly Williams

Helene and a few others were the initial principals that took responsibility for the financial direction and administrative management of this group, accepting the responsibility of liability for a larger space to bond the practices. This larger 38 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Helene V. Ramos - MA, Dipl.PW, CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist), RMT – Process Oriented Psychology, MARI Mandala Psychological Assessment, Hypnotherapy, including Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression, Reiki and Shamanic Energy Medicine, crafting rituals for life transitions. Valerie Sargent - CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist), specializing in hypnosis within your Akashic Records; Akashic Record Reader, Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Artist. Elizabeth Van Deventer, PhD – Teaches workshops on communicating with nature as consciousness. Polly Williams – Intuitive Coach and Healer: Using intuition to bring clarity and to find solutions to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual questions. Please visit for individual contact information. (Click on “Welcome to Shala”)

Walking up to 800 E. High St., you’ll first notice the beautiful sign that evokes the healing energies within the building. Upon entering the tastefully decorated foyer, you’ll pick up the energetic presence of Shala … you will be comforted. The practitioners represent a wide range of modalities (see the insert box for a listing), and all are well-trained, skilled, and experienced. They are capable of handling spiritual emergencies and emergences.

Treatment Room

workshops and seminars, which those seeking reasonable rates for such events can lease.

Shala Today

The challenge for holistic practitioners today is that even though their modalities are gaining in general acceptance (as has been true for decades), it is still difficult for individuals to handle the expense and responsibilities of stand-alone practices. Prior to the move to the current location, Helene and Polly formed a business that administers all functions such as banking, leasing, maintenance, etc., freeing all other practitioners from those obligations, while offering

There is a sense of community amongst them, and they offer each other the resource of consultation on particular client needs (with the client’s permission) to solve problems and achieve the best possible results. Those within this group heal each other as well. That is part of their community bond. They co-create the environment of healing energy within the building walls. The energy is Shala. The practitioners are Shala. The clients are Shala.

Ray Whitson is a 20 year resident of the Charlottesville area and has been on an evolving spiritual journey during that time. He is a writer and is the publisher of this magazine.

Zenbarn Digital Studio 2d Design & Illustration * * * * * *

Reasonable Rates Quick Turnaround File Conversion Content Creation Digital or Physical Art Call or email to get and estimate or rates

* Portfolio online at

Contact Anne: 434 227 8068 Works near Charlottesville, Virginia

January 2017


Central Virginia

affordable rates and a comfortable environment that facilitates focus on client needs.

northern Virginia


Light Works

Complete Spiritual Healing MANASSAS WHEN YOU ENTER THE BUILDING at 9116 Center St. in Manassas you’ll find two sets of stairs, one at the front and the other down a hallway at the rear, with each leading to separate areas of suites. It seems appropriate given the dual missions of Light Works and owner Juli Richardson that this center should occupy space at the top of both stairways. The mission statement of Light Works is, “Achieving Health through Mind, Body, & Spirit,” which Juli embodies as a complete spiritual healer: a Reiki master teacher and practitioner, a certified psychic medium, and a certified Angel Messenger. Her unassuming manner belies the training and gifts she possesses and offers in her practice and center. 40 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Suite 208 (at the top of the rear stairs) has a reception area, Reiki treatment room, and very comfortable and embracing space where readings are done. Tastefully decorated, every aspect of these three rooms conveys the most peaceful atmosphere that allows you to relax, even if it’s your first time having a Reiki session or a psychic reading. There are wonderful axioms on the walls that also help put you in the mood of being open and receptive to healing and to any forthcoming information. Juli states on her website that often times Spirit (including angels and departed loved ones) will step forward not only during a reading, but also during a Reiki healing session.

northern Virginia

Here are some of the services Juli offers: • Private Life Path & Coaching – Readings to provide insight and guidance from your angels and spirit guides. • Reiki Treatments – Energy work shown to be effective in treating physical, emotional, and/ Owner Juli Richardson or spiritual issues. • Animal Reiki – Complements other forms of holistic and conventional treatments as animals have an innate understanding of energy. • Animal Communication – Receiving information directly from your pets. (Yes … you’ll be surprised at the accuracy.) • Chakra Reading & Clearing – Problem areas can be identified and work done to clear problem areas. The room at the top of the front stairs is known as the Light WorkShop. This is where classes, workshops, and meditations are held, and also where guest practitioners often conduct other events. Workshops and classes that have been or will be conducted include: • • • • • •

Animal Communication Essential Oils Toning Meditations Mandalas Play Date with Inner Child Meditation with Intention … to Connect with Spirit!

Treatment Room

You can visit Light Works’s website at for a complete listing of all services and prices, as well as upcoming events. In addition, Juli does a monthly newsletter that is on the website and can be sent via e-mail. You can also connect on Facebook at lightworksreikihealing/. To contact Juli directly, call (703) 926-4499 or email

January 2017



SILVER TREE ART STUDIO is located on the second floor of the Lewis Ginter Recreation Center, a historical landmark and a well-loved community gathering space tucked in Richmond’s quaint North Side. At the top of the creaky staircase, I am greeted by my friend Suzanne Vinson, the mystic who has given birth to this creative dwelling for inspirational art and soul care. We sit down at the round table, lit by candles and covered with jars of buttons, spools of yarn, fabric scraps, markers, and paint. In an intentional moment of silence, I drink in my surroundings—an organized anarchy of color and texture, liberated by love. An ordained minister, Suzanne describes herself as a chaplain of the arts. “I create art for daily living—this is my ministry in the 42 January 2017


exploring spirituality

world.” Suzanne distills the essence of life into mixed media canvases, watercolor dreamscapes, calendars, journals, prayer cards, buttons, and tattoos. A conduit of wisdom, Suzanne’s messages are born from conversations, music, and her connection to the natural world. Her mantras translate across a sea of human experiences ... Know what is yours to carry and what is not; Let it go; Live like you’re healed; Breathe; Believe; Ease; Abide. Suzanne creates art as reminders that can be tucked into the nooks and crannies of daily life. “These are soul seeds,” Suzanne explains. “Seeds of love, messages of hope and healing for the giver and the receiver.” Suzanne Vinson



Silver Tree Art Studio

“When we gather at the table, it’s a safe space with a focus on the state of our hearts, bodies, [and] minds,” Suzanne says. “As witnesses to each other, we name what needs to be named, release what needs to be released, and we encounter new life and the possibilities within.” Suzanne’s gatherings include monthly creativity circles of what she calls the “wise tribe,” monthly creative clergy circles, birthday celebrations, and other tribe circles upon request. She hosts groups who want to gather for meaningful conversation, to mark times of transition, to bless a birth, or to reunite after significant time apart. Each circle is different and unfolds organically under Suzanne’s delightful and intuitive guidance. She does not lecture; she reminds and provides the experiences necessary for opening new pathways to the remembering of Self. “When we give ourselves permission for soul care, we find goodness. Pure and simple.” Suzanne begins her circles with breath work, energizing the space with the collective intention to witness self and other. She then taps into the creative flow by inviting her gatherers to build altars representing themselves. There is an intersection of listening and sharing in this process that creates fluidity between participants and expands their capacity to be present with one another. A question then surfaces and a reflection follows, deepening as the gatherers engage in some form of artistic expression— mandalas, spirit dolls, shadow boxes, to name a few. As gatherers create, Suzanne protects the space and integrates stories and poetry to further open participants to healing and remembering. Speaking of her varied gathering experiences, Suzanne says, “I like having relationships that are open enough that we can tap back in whenever the need arises ... we

might meet one time or we might gather every month. In either case, what we experience is complete. We leave more refreshed, more grounded. Somehow, we find what we need, even if we didn’t know what that was coming in. We just have to give ourselves permission to pause and experience it.” For those outside of Richmond, Suzanne invites you to connect with her on A gatherer of stories, she wants to hear yours. You can check out her art on She takes commissions, as well. (I have several pieces of hers that inspire me and my family everyday.)

Silver Tree Art table gathering

Further, Suzanne travels widely to lead retreats for varied groups. Her experience includes working with adult cancer survivors, healthcare staff, musicians, faith-based community groups, and bereavement groups. “My desire is to spread love, hope, courage, and delight in small, generous artful acts, moments, and services. I am showing up with hands ready to move, an open heart, and trust that this whole enterprise makes ripples in this wide world.” Like so many, I feel your ripples, Suzanne—each one a renewing baptism of possibility, of human goodness, of Love. And so it is. An educator by trade, Nicki Peasley is a student and storyteller of life and a teacher of love, both inside and outside of the classroom. She lives in Richmond with her husband, three children, and their chocolate lab, George Bailey.

January 2017



For Suzanne, gathering people around the table is art in its truest form, a creative banquet and dynamic process of exploration, healing, and appreciating—together. Suzanne holds a welcoming, sacred space for gatherers to lay down their burdens and fears and begin to engage in authentic self care. A sensitive and gracious facilitator, Suzanne utilizes guided meditation, visualization, mindful creative practice, poetry, body movement, and storytelling as primary tools to engage both the intellect and the human spirit. Suzanne helps to gently open the heart to empower, encourage, and feed the individual and collective soul.

Southwestern Virginia

Our One Word Roanoke BY DENISE LEGG

A SENSE OF BELONGING IS CRITICAL TO WELL-BEING. In the book Bowling Alone, author Robert Putnam said the greatest social epidemic in American life is loneliness. We need each other. None of us exists in a vacuum. We live in a society that values independence and innovation, but when we dig deeper, we realize that independence and innovation happen within the context of community. Only by thriving within the confines of a supportive community can we develop the strong foundation we need to reach outside those bounds. Taken literally, community usually refers to the city, town, or area in which we live, but community can take many shapes and forms. A community is your support network on a broader scale, your pool of inspiration, the cast of characters that color your life, and your opportunity to serve and encourage others. Some people do find community quite literally in their local community or neighborhood. Other people may find community through a church or religious organization, a local club or organization, the workplace, or simply a group of friends with common interests. One interesting community I was introduced to is called Our One Word. This spiritual community for women was formed in 2014 and continues to be led by Martha Bourlakas. As stated on the Our One Word website, she considers it a hospitable, no-guilt, no-expectation, thinking, feeling shelter for sacred and secular discussion, growth and peace. The intention of this community is spiritual discovery together: revelation through community based on one word. 44 January 2017


exploring spirituality

Each week the group focuses on one significant word and explores how that word has, or has not, been at work in their lives that week. Focusing on just one word, again as the website shares, enables women to move through what is negative and confusing and distill what is hopeful and live-giving. Words are powerful, significant, and transformative. Our One Word focuses on the simplicity and power of these word meanings in our lives. Through the exploration and time spent together, the women will grow and connect in life-changing ways. They will experience the richness of community in their lives. As Martha stated, “My goal for Our One Word is to honor and feed women physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The group just started meeting again after taking a summer hiatus and I decided to attend. The group was small and eclectic—ranging in age from about 22 to 72. Since it was the beginning of a new group, we discussed just how important words are. In small groups of two, we shared our first recollection of being conscious of

We’ve all felt alone at one point or another; it’s a natural part of the human existence. But feeling lonely or alone should be a fleeting experience rather than a permanent one. There are many ways to build community in your life. Start with whatever interests you have and build from there. Join a church or spiritual center, volunteer with a local nonprofit organization, take a class, start a dinner club, sit on the front porch rather than the back porch, etc. A community allows us to feel like we are a part of—rather than apart from—something. Together we can do what none of us can do alone. For more information about Our One Word visit their website at Meetings are held on

One word

Thursday evenings starting at 5:30 p.m. at Evans House, the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. It is a community that is warm and inviting to all women. A Karuna®Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner, Denise has a thriving practice in Southwest Virginia. She is also available for long-distance phone and Skype sessions. You can contact her at or

January 2017


Southwestern Virginia

words. My memories centered on the word “ga-ga.” Even though “ga-ga” isn’t an actual word, when I spoke it out loud I was given a warm bottle of milk tea with sugar. I quickly realized the power of that word! The stories we shared with each other were poignant. The hour passed too quickly and at the end I did feel I was part of an interconnected circle of support. I was part of this community. I left with the word for next week— “mountain,” eager to discover how this word might show up for me.



DRIVING TO THE TIDEWATER AREA is good medicine for the soul. Even tangled in the chaos of Interstate-64 traffic, my body senses that I am traveling toward the ocean and it lightens with every mile. This month, I stopped short of the water to visit the working space of Cynthia Bischoff, gifted healer and creator of Heartliving, a program-turned-movement in the Tidewater area. The building itself, located in a Norfolk strip mall, is unassuming, but what happens inside is truly magical. Cynthia began her career as a highly successful business consultant and well-renowned trainer and coach in the field of business communications. In 1997, her life changed while on a trip to Bosnia. There she had vision of an old crone, wearing a dark cloak. From the opening in the crone’s cloak, Cynthia saw a multilayered heart from which people were leaping. The people 46 January 2017


exploring spirituality

were of all nationalities and emotions—old, young, angry, joyful, and all leaping from the old woman’s heart. It was this incredibly powerful image of the heart that inspired Cynthia to shift her focus from the world of business to the world of spirit. Intuitively, Cynthia knew it was her destiny to assist individuals in finding deeper meaning, purpose, and balance in their everyday lives. She became certified in numerous healing modalities including Hypnotherapy, Bio-energy, Shamanic Studies, and Medical Intuition. After extensive training in the U.S., Japan, and South America, she re-emerged with a unique curriculum, grounded in both business and intuitive principles. In 1998, Cynthia developed the first Heartliving program and has since guided thousands of men and Cynthia Bischoff

Heartliving includes both individual and group offerings. Cynthia’s clients (ranging from adolescents to senior citizens) benefit from individual coaching sessions designed to help them implement new skills, look at life issues, evaluate behaviors, and move forward by setting personal and professional goals. She also offers a variety of body work with treatments based in the perspective of energy medicine.

Having experienced Cynthia’s shamanic work and hypnotherapy firsthand, I can testify to her gift of transformative healing. She has the intuitive ability to connect deeply with the soul and channel the Divine to shed light on one’s evolution. Cynthia shares, “We are like a pearl necklace. Each pearl is a lifetime in which we learn more about the human condition. Each lifetime is a spiral and as we move through the journey we have repeated opportunities for what we need to master, heal, or let go of.”

In the energetic view of health, the body works dynamically with the mind and spirit.

In the energetic view of health, the body works dynamically with the mind and spirit. Disease is a reflection of imbalance not only in the physical body, but also in the consciousness of our cumulative existence. If the body and the psyche are one, then working with the physical form is a powerful way to encounter the root of our imbalance. Cynthia works with the modalities of acupressure, breath work, Reiki, and shamanic treatment, as well as with the practice of hypnotherapy as a means to unlock the communication between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Cynthia shares her expansive wisdom through her Heartliving seminars offered in her office and at hotels around the world. These are intensive individual and collective experiences that cover topics ranging from body mind awareness, issues of balance, self-love, energy banking, to passion and purpose. Cynthia provides the space for lecture, practice, and sharing experiences with other like-minded participants.

In Cynthia’s words, “Your body is an energy tool of your soul and an out-picturing of your mind. In Japanese culture they say the body is the palace, the heart is the emperor, and the organs all report to the heart.”

“It’s about understanding our desires, needs, and abilities. Where they come together is the best version of self,” Cynthia reflects. “At the end of the life you won’t be asked if you were some great figure like Moses, you will

Heartliving Reiki graduates

January 2017



women through an evolutionary process toward greater life consciousness and a deeper understanding of themselves. Cynthia’s original vision of the crone continues to guide her work, both nationally and internationally, as she offers a variety of opportunities to create greater life balance through the intelligence of the heart.


be asked if you had become the best version of yourself.” For those Hearts that just can’t get enough, there is also the WISE (Women In Soulful Endeavors) Book Club. In an informal setting, Cynthia gives seekers the opportunity to collectively explore books like, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed and Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott. A true healer, Cynthia also empowers her students to heal themselves and others. She offers shamanic studies certification and Reiki certification through master teacher level. Cynthia’s work has been recognized and honored outside of the spiritual community, as well. She received the Women in Business Achievement Award from the Virginian Pilot in 2013 and has recently been invited to partner with a cardiology group in Tidewater to raise consciousness about the heart’s role in healing. She says, “Western doctors know the physical and mechanical aspects of the heart. And they are now recognizing the need to honor the spiritual and emotional aspects of the heart, as well—to see the heart as a minibrain with cellular memory that needs attention. There is a merging of East and West that is happening, a merging of the Universe.”

48 January 2017


exploring spirituality

On a personal note, my mom was a graduate of several of Cynthia’s Heartliving programs, as well as her Reiki certification class. It was these experiences that opened Mom’s eyes and heart to her potential to affect change in the world, which she did. Further, through her awareness and action, she inspired my sister and me in our endeavors. The number of lives Cynthia has impacted is immeasurable ... the heart just keeps giving. “Several years into my work, I had a magical moment when I became aware that I had initiated a movement that I was leading but also co-creating,” Cynthia says. “I was being led, constantly surrendering to divine awareness.” Indeed, for Cynthia, and all those on an awakening path, awareness lives in the heart. For more information, visit And for daily videos and inspiration, you can connect with Cynthia on Facebook An educator by trade, Nicki Peasley is a student and storyteller of life and a teacher of love, both inside and outside of the classroom. She lives in Richmond with her husband, three children, and their chocolate lab, George Bailey.

Mother Earth Mysticism Deep Spirit, Deep Connection

Contemporary Shamanism With Rachel Mann, PhD In locations around Virginia For more information go to: or email

Learn more YOGA RETREAT details at!

January 2017


Psychic Profile Name: “B” (Beth Carelton) Location: Woodbridge Contact Information: (508) 944-4181 Hours: Daytime and evening (Phone, Skype, and personal sessions) Rate: $50/hour Experience: Twenty-six years ago “B” was lying in bed, a brain tumor threatening this young mother. She said a prayer, “Is anyone out there that can help me?” Two beautiful angels appeared at the foot of her bed and asked, “Would you be willing to help others?” She agreed and that launched her on her incredible career. In 2006, she studied under Karen Paolino Correia and became a Certified Angel Messenger, learning how to take information received from people’s angels and pass it forward. In 2009, she became an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®. She has devoted herself to helping as many people as she can and has an international clientele. Review: “B” offers a very unique session. She has the ability to connect her angels with the angels of the people receiving the information in the Angel Message session. This is not the typical “psychic reading” as she is not predicting the future, but is instead helping people be

50 January 2017


exploring spirituality

fully in the present moment in order to figure out what needs to be done to move forward in their desire or need. She helps people tap into their own Higher Self with help from their own angels. It is developing the coping skills and abilities to rise above problems and situations. She strongly urges development of affirmations and you will find many of those on her website. She uses a variety of card decks to facilitate the reception of the information you ask for. “B” opens the session in her soft and comforting voice with a request for her angels to connect with your angels. She will first pull from her cards to reflect what your angels have to say to you; I found the information that came forward to be timely and completely on target. I also had the distinct impression that “They” had been watching me. She then asks for your questions. In my case, I found the session offered great advice on what I asked, sometimes moving me to my own answers. I avoided questions that actually required a prediction, simply phrasing the question carefully avoided that situation. She ended the session with a recap of what we covered. The rate for the session is as reasonable as you will find and is indicative of “B’s” vow to help as many people as she can. Great information comes through and this was a wonderful experience. Please visit her website at www.angelswhisperinglight. com to see the services and workshops she offers.

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January 2017



Heartstone Lodge & Retreat

South River Highlands Country Retreat

1800 sq ft Rustic Oak Room with large wood burning stone fireplace 65ft grapevine pergola + fire 1800 sq ftcovered Rustic Oak Room withpitlarge wood burning stone fireplace Fabulous views on 250 65ft acres grapevine covered pergola + fire pit modern day labyrinth & sculptures with 360 degree mountaintop view full catering kitchen Overnight accommodations: 5 log cabins + 3 studios + 2 private suites historic, rustic, modernized log cabins - fully outfitted

modern day labyrinth & sculptures with 360-degree mountaintop view

Tucked away in the rolling farmlands of the Shenandoah Valley+of2Virginia, only+42miles fromrooms the heart+ofloft studios guest Overnight accommodations: 5 log cabins historic downtown Lexington, good restaurants, shops and 3 universities, this Virginia treasure offers a retreat from the hectic pace of modern day lifestyles.

Tucked away in the rolling farmlands of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, only 4 miles from

Sit a loved one in the evening under the 65 foot grapevine covered pergola it's twinkling lights thewith heart of historic downtown Lexington, good restaurants, shops andwith 3 universities, this and you may momentarily think ayou are inspace California Tuscany's wine country. The distant haunting call of a Virginia treasure offers retreat likeornone-other. coyote to it's mate, summer fireflies flickering like stars in the night sky, the milky way, the calming sound of the perfect place for water fountainhaunting on the fishcall pond lend themselves to asummer peaceful,fireflies quiet & relaxing time... thestars The distant of-aallcoyote to its mate, flickering like in the anight special event, workshop, weekend away, garden, personal the retreat or for asound gathering of water good friends. sky, the milky way,athe meditation calming of the fountain on the

fish pond - all lend themselves to a relaxing time or a perfect event/wedding venue.

CONTACT US at 540.463.2593 540.463.2593

Awareness Exploring Spirituality January 2017  

2017 Astrological Year Ahead | Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

Awareness Exploring Spirituality January 2017  

2017 Astrological Year Ahead | Feng Shui Tips for the New Year