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The Illinois Lion & Leo MD1 e-Magazine (Full) Vol. 5 - Issue 4, October 2017

Whole Orion Community participated in Orion Lions Fall Festival which raised $4,500 for Disaster Relief

From MD1 Council Chair: Greetings MD1 Lions! What about this beautiful weather? I hope everyone is enjoying our extended summer! Welcome home Lions from the USA-Canada Leadership Forum! We look forward to you sharing what you’ve learned with the Lions who couldn’t make it to Portland. PCC Fred Peska and his GLT committee have been working to plan an exciting and interesting Lions of Illinois MD-1 Forum. Their goal is to have a session that will appeal to every Lion! This year’s Forum kicks off on Friday night with “Thank you, Volunteers” hospitality, hosted by the 2017 International Convention Host Committee. You must be registered for the Forum to attend. You will be receiving registration forms from your Governor or Cabinet Secretary. The 2017-2018 Peace Poster Contest is in full swing. What a wonderful way to encourage students ages 11-13 to share the “the Future of Peace”. I had the privilege of meeting last year’s winner at the United Nations. What an amazing young woman! I would like to challenge all MD-1 Clubs to choose a Legacy Project and complete it by the end of our Lions year in June, 2018. Please e-mail me to let me know what you are doing. Don’t forget to report your project on MyLCI. Lions Worldwide Week of Service in Sight happens October 9 - 15, 2017… A special worldwide week of service dedicated to ending blindness and visual impairments. What an opportunity to save sight and serve your community. It is a great way to support the Centennial Service Challenge, too.

Organize a vision screening, donate white canes, plan an event to raise money for LCIF or your community Center for Sight, adopt an adult or student who needs eyeglasses, set up recycle boxes and collect eyeglasses or purchase an assistive device for a community member. Contact your LEHP State or District Chairperson for a program on Eye Health. Lions World Sight Day - October 12th A day to unite Lions to improve sight and prevent blindness. International White Cane Safety Day - October 15th Wishing all Lions a productive October serving your communities and the world! The power of we…WE SERVE! -Pamela Graney, MD1 Council Chair

Editorial: Fall is here! We experienced ‘Chicago Weather’ in Illinois with 90+ degrees near the end of September. Now fall is here to stay; leaves will fall from the trees, many annual plants will die and chilly weather will demand us to wear coats to cover. Many businesses in the US are already displaying Christmas trees, ornaments and figurines. Even though we still have to finish Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, it is odd to see Christmas so early – still we have three months for December 25th. I think we lions also use this strategy in bringing new members to our clubs. Start well in advance, push as much as we can and grow our clubs in our communities. Unless we bring some aggression just like these businessmen and women, we will not be able to reach our goal to make our world membership 1.5 million. We bring new members every year and for

Plan a project, promote it, and report it on MyLCI! 2

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

some reason we also lose them a lot in big numbers. One of the reasons for our membership loss is – we do not have proper orientation when we bring new members. Many join just for someone’s obligation and friendship and they leave as they do not find personal interest in staying in lions clubs. We, lion leaders should take more responsibility and get them involved in our service activities so that they can spend their valuable time in lionism to serve their communities.

hour and dollar is serving as many urgent needs as possible. You will determine the success of the Global Action Team and Lions. Your clubs are counting on you. And so am I. Let's do everything in our power to make the Global Action Team a success. Then the world will truly see the Power of Action.

In this fall season, let us make it sure that none of our lions club members are falling away from lionism. -Dr. Austin D’Souza,

International President’s Message Dear Lion, Our Lion year is off to a great start, and I know you are eager to change more lives and achieve our LCI Forward goals. It's going to take great leaders like you to reach our goal of serving 200 million people per year and grow our membership to 1.7 million Lions and Leos. And it's going to take hard work and commitment at all levels of our great association. That's why we developed the Global Action Team. It unifies the three key areas of Lions—leadership, membership and service—to strengthen our clubs, districts and association. It's a bottom-up approach to supporting and encouraging the one thing that unites all Lions: service. As the Global Action Team district chairperson, you will support your clubs by serving as a conduit between clubs and the multiple district. You will ensure that your district's Global Action Team coordinators are collaborating to keep your clubs energized and engaged, and that every member, 3

Looking for a way to start impacting diabetes but don't know where to begin? We've got you covered. Download 25 Diabetes Project Ideas for a list of service projects that can help any club anywhere get started. Plus, you'll earn special Centennial Service Challenge recognition when you report your diabetes service project on MyLCI. Download the project ideas today to get started!

Impact Diabetes this November The fight against diabetes isn't just our new global service focus, it's also a part of the Centennial Service Challenge. The Worldwide Week of Service to Halt Diabetes this November 13-19 is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of diabetes throughout your community. There are so many ways to support your friends and neighbors who have been affected by this global epidemic. Visit the Worldwide Week

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

of Service to Halt Diabetes page to learn more and start planning your service project today!

A quick preview on some of the sessions being planned: The My Lion app – we are working with LCI to provide a presenter who knows all the nuances of this application and who can help Lions become more familiar with its features.

Share Diabetes Resources with Your Clubs Getting good information and resources into the hands of Lions is critical to our success in the fight against diabetes. Here are some great resources to share with your clubs:    

Service Framework Diabetes page 25 Diabetes Project Ideas pamphlet How to Organize a Diabetes Screening Apply for a Core 4 Diabetes Grant

Make sure to talk about diabetes on every club visit this year! Sincerely, Dr. Naresh Aggarwal Your International President

Global Leadership Team:

PCC Fred Peska

My LCI – we need to make sure our service projects are getting reported correctly. This seminar will help all Club Officers become more familiar with this website feature. Our LIF programs and partnerships – what can we expect from our Foundation over the next few years. And for those attending the Forum, we are making some fun plans with the 2017 Host Committee for Hospitality on Friday night! They would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped over the past several years with the 100th International Convention – so the hospitality that night will be on them! You just need to attend and enjoy! Registration for the Forum is required to enter the Hospitality room! So – watch for the registration form, coming your way soon. The Forum is Saturday, November 18th, from 8:30 to 4:00. It will be held at the President Abe Lincoln Hotel in downtown Springfield.

Hello MD-1 Lions: -PCC Fred Peska, MD1 GLT Coordinator The MD-1 Fall Forum is just around the corner! The District GLT Chairs from around the State have been working on the details and planning a Forum you won’t want to miss! The year’s Forum will be focused primarily on service! In following with the International theme of ‘we serve’ along with the ‘power of We’, meaningful service projects throughout our organization is the number one way of recruiting new members. People join a service organization because they want to give back, and be involved in helping those less fortunate, in their communities and around the world. 4

Welcome mobile Lions. We’re proud to send you this first edition of MyLion Connect, a monthly newsletter designed to help you get the most out of the MyLion mobile app. Each issue will be filled with tips, hints, statistics, and inspiration. We encourage your participation and feedback, so we can make MyLion a powerful resource in our mission to change the world.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Lions Continuous Response to Disaster Relief Efforts Dear Lions, Thank you for your most generous donations to LCIF. Just this year, your donations have enabled LCIF to respond to the disasters from Japan to South Asia to the U.S. Gulf Coast, Mexico and several Caribbean islands. Earlier this month, Hurricane Harvey devastated the south central coast of Texas and areas of Louisiana. More recently, Hurricane Irma struck Florida and other areas of the Southeast United States, and laid waste to islands in the western Atlantic and Caribbean Sea. Mexico has been rattled by its strongest earthquake in 100 years. Together, LCIF and Lions are supporting relief efforts for all of these disasters. We have been working directly with Lions in the affected areas to ensure they have what they need to respond in these emergencies, and disaster relief funds have been made available for Lions in all of the affected areas. In turn, Lions are coordinating their efforts with local agencies to determine the greatest need and how Lions can address those needs. Your donations allow LCIF to respond to disasters at the moment they happen, and ensure we can respond when called upon for future emergencies. Together, we are making a significant difference.

September 11th and the Haiti earthquake. Lions know that disaster can affect anyone’s community, whether it’s halfway around the world or right at home. That’s why in the last 10 years, LCIF has provided more than US$100 million for disaster relief programs worldwide. Thanks to the support Lions provide to LCIF on an ongoing basis, Emergency Grants are available to provide for basic immediate needs including food, water, clothing and medicine. We have learned from experience that when a disaster victim receives aid quickly, it provides strength needed to survive the shock and loss and even a little hope for the future. To date, more than 3,000 emergency grants have been awarded. After immediate needs are met, victims of disasters are not forgotten. LCIF remains committed to the important rebuilding of homes and lives that must happen, often long after a disaster occurs. Through Major Catastrophe Grants, LCIF helps with long-term reconstruction projects to help victims begin to return to their lives and regain their independence. At the heart of LCIF’s disaster relief programs are the individuals and families your donations reach.

Disaster Relief Overview LCIF’s commitment to disaster relief goes back to our beginnings, when we awarded our very first grant for flood relief in South Dakota, USA. Whenever and wherever disasters strike, Lions are often among the first to offer aid—and LCIF is right there with them, ready to support their efforts with funding assistance through Lions disaster relief programs.

Donate to LCIF’s ongoing disaster relief fund. Find out how to apply for an Emergency Grant. Very truly yours,

Working together, LCIF, local Lions and Lions leaders assess the urgent needs and quickly deliver the aid most required by victims. This grassroots model has proven effective in tragedies around the world, such as the Southeast Asia tsunami, 10

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Chancellor Bob Corlew Chairman, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Celebrating Lions' Celebrating You!

100th Anniversary,

It's Going to Be a Banner Year! Our enormous Centennial banner, proudly displaying signatures from our worldwide community of Lions, was a focal point at our recent Centennial convention. We still have one year left to celebrate, so now is the time to organize your club's participation in the Centennial Service Challenge, Membership Awards and Legacy Projects for 2017-18!

Lions' New Service Framework As we begin our second century of service, the Global Action Team (comprised of the Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Service Team (GST) will enable us to expand on our motto, "We Serve." The Global Action Team will take on a new and unified approach to service, membership and leadership development at all levels of the association, with Service central to the team's vision and mission. You will play a key role on our journey to serve 200 million lives per year by 2021. In the coming year, we plan to significantly increase the number of Lions who serve and the number of people we serve. By working together as one team, "The Global Action Team," we can achieve our goal. More information and resources on the Global Action Team and your role are available thru the link below. 11

Dear Club LCIF Coordinator, The new Club LCIF Coordinator position is crucial to the success of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Thank you for volunteering to serve in this important role! Your passion and dedication make you the ideal person for the job. You will be asked to share LCIF stories, provide opportunities for your fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enable LCIF to advance its humanitarian work both locally and globally. You will serve as a bridge between LCIF and the Lions in your club, and we are excited to have you on our team. It is our goal that every Lions club will receive a presentation on LCIF this year so we can grow the number clubs and individuals who support our Foundation. We have designed a new webpagefull of tools and resources to help you engage your club members and support the mission of LCIF. Be sure to add this page to your web browser bookmarks and check back often for exciting new content you can share. Sincerely, LCIF Development Greetings Fellow Lions, As you are probably aware LCI has added Diabetes as a service area related to the Centennial Service Challenge. So during the final year, clubs can complete four or five areas to obtain diamond-level status. Within my own district, I have had clubs ask about potential service projects related to the area of Diabetes. To help provide information, I put together the attached document with potential service projects that LCI suggests.

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

club about LCIF and the opportunities available to you.



Lion Jeff Bathe, Multiple District Centennial Coordinator

Dear Lions, As a leader of this organization, something I want you to know is that Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) stands with Lions. LCIF helps Lions' projects reach more people and benefit more communities. Have you ever thought about if the service project in your community could have reached more people if provided additional resources? Have you ever been involved in a project that you wish could have helped more people? LCIF grants are available to help you do that. Receiving a grant for your service project may seem like an abstract idea, but it is possible to accomplish this for your own community. The donations that LCIF receives go directly to Lions who apply for grants and meet the required criteria.

New Grant Categories:

As the needs of this world continue changing, LCIF must also evolve to provide support to those in need. With these changes come new grant categories. The new categorization will keep the foundation's mission in mind and will encourage Lions and LCIF to focus on more sustainable projects. In addition, a new, very exciting grant is coming soon. Leos will be able to plan and implement their own service projects with assistance from an LCIF grant! You can expect more information on these changes soon. With brand-new options, Lions are now going to be able to impact more people than ever. Still Recruiting Club LCIF Coordinators

Think about the service projects your club is participating in. Can a grant make your projects more impactful to your community or the community you are serving? In addition, think about this the next time you consider giving a donation to LCIF. We have some exciting changes happening to our grants framework, so I hope you will talk with your


The Club LCIF Coordinator is an ambassador for LCIF at the club level. This position is crucial to the

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

promotion of our foundation. This Lion shares LCIF stories, motivates fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enables LCIF to advance its humanitarian work both locally and globally. Club LCIF Coordinators will be equipped with resources that will allow them to champion the goals of the foundation to Lions. This position is truly an exciting role and is of great importance to LCIF. If you would like to serve in this position for your club for the 2017-2018 year, tell your club president today!

Share Your Stories

awarded a US$100,000 grant to support relief and reconstruction in Puerto Rico in the wake of another destructive hurricane. Your Foundation has responded with emergency and major catastrophe grants to allow Lions on scene to provide much-needed supplies. In all cases, LCIF coordinates funding for emergency and major catastrophe grants with local Lions. Lions in the disaster area then work with local government officials and other agencies to ensure the right supplies are getting to areas most in need, without duplication of effort. Since its founding in 1968, LCIF has awarded more than 13,000 grants totaling over US$1 billion. LCIF will continue to work every day to support humanitarian service projects all over the world and give hope to those who need it. In 2015-2016, LCIF awarded over US$9 million in disaster grants, which helped more than 500,000 people around the world.

Lions are working hard every day to create change around the world. Some Lions are volunteering their time in schools, some are planting trees, assisting communities after disasters, or spreading the word about safe and effective vaccinations. Whatever your project is, share it with LCIF and all Lions! Stories and pictures not only let everyone know about the good work you are doing, but they inspire others to create projects of their own. Share your stories today!

LCIF relies on donations from compassionate Lions. These donations provide the vast majority of the revenue received by LCIF, making the Foundation a leading humanitarian organization. Lions know their donations matter and that funds entrusted to LCIF will support initiatives that impact communities and change lives. Your donation – whatever the amount – allows the Foundation to respond when called upon, and has a direct impact on the lives of millions of people.

LCIF Awards Major Catastrophe Grant to Lions in Puerto Rico Dear Lions: It is hard to recall a time recently when so many major natural disasters occurred in such a short period of time. Over the past several weeks, natural disasters have struck in several places, with particularly devastating results – flooding in India and Japan, hurricanes in the United States and Caribbean islands, and not one but two earthquakes in Mexico. Most recently, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) 13

Along with your donation, I know you join me in keeping the victims of these most recent natural disasters in your thoughts and prayers. Together we are making a difference. Sincerely, Chancellor Bob Corlew Chairman, Lions Clubs International Foundation

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

in Sycamore to help them through the summer season. The SUMC’s Sycamore Food Pantry serves approx. 150 families a month, the Salem Church’s Food Pantry helps approx. 300 families from Sycamore and surrounding communities a month. The Sycamore Lions are happy to be able to help carry the load for these congregations and thank all those who made these donations possible through their support of club fundraisers.

Waterloo Lions Jared Nobbe, Ken Jackson and Isabel Jackson man the beer stand. Workin' hard!

(From left, First VP Lion Kevin Berry, Liz Ezell, Salem Lutheran Church’s Food Pantry Coordinator, Past President Lion Ryan Genz.)

District Governor, Lion Ron Mueller, our own Past President and long-time member served as the Grand Marshal, along with his granddaughter, Anne Karban. The lead vehicle was driven by Lion Ron's daughter, Lion Sarah Karban.

(From left, Sycamore United Methodist Church Food Pantry workers Barb Tamms, Dick Tamms, Marilyn Ostreicher, Manny Sanner, Larry Thomas and Joel Mauer, Food Pantry Coordinator, Lions First VP Kevin Berry, In-Coming Third VP Tony Sgarlata and Past President Ryan Genz.)

The Sycamore Lions Club recently made club yearend donations of $500 to each of the Food Pantries 14

The club’s Pumpkin Festival Raffle tickets are available. Ask a club member or watch for our ticket booth at various events around the area and at Pumpkin Fest in October or call Lion Jerry at 815997-0598.

The Sycamore Lions Club awarded 1 Career and 4 Volunteer Service Scholarships this past June to graduating seniors in the Class of 2017. Above are members of the Club’s Scholarship Committee and Volunteer Service Scholarship recipients. Pictured from left Lions Bruce Wallace, Bud Wallace, Scholarship winners Kiyas Kousoulas, Trevor McDonald, Hunter Thomas & Jacob Handel, Lion John Toles Committee Chairman. Unavailable for

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

the photo was Katelyn Helmold, this year’s Career Scholarship winner. Earlier in the 2016 -2017 academic school year, the Sycamore Lions presented Michelle Schlieben a scholarship. Michelle returned to school and is in the Kishwaukee College Nursing Program. A total of $4000 in scholarships was awarded by the Sycamore Lions this past school year. The Sycamore Lions Club wishes to thank everyone who graciously donates to their events and fundraisers making their annual scholarships possible. We look forward to your purchase of Raffle Tickets and serving you from our Lions Food Trailer at this year’s Pumpkin Festival, October 25th- 29th.

hearing aids, keys, pop & beer tabs, cell phones, ink cartridges, and Christmas lights that you can send his way.

District 1BK Zone SE2 Chair Gene Ochs was using one of his many “educational games” during the Meet, Greet and Eat held in Milford. Here we see him teaching those in attendance “How to Build a Lion.”

Bonfield Lions Club Celebrated their 50 th service to their community last month. ------------------------------------------------------------------For all of who were asking “Where’s Lion Rick?,” he is finally back at work at LIF. Lion Rick Tonozzi of the DeKalb Lions Club heads up the recycling department at the State Foundation. Lion Rick was side-lined for a while due to shoulder issues, but he’s back and ready to handle all the glasses, 15

During the Meet, Greet and Eat held in Marseilles, Governor John Joseph (and the rest in attendance)

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

pancakes. They hold their breakfast the second Sunday of each month in the Fall and early Spring. For their August breakfast, the Lions were assisted by the Sulphur Springs Arbor of Gleaner Life Insurance Society. Gleaner, founded in 1894, is a fraternal benefit society whose mission has been to provide financial protection, fraternal benefits and volunteer opportunities. They support charitable organizations such as food pantries, food pantries, schools, and senior centers. The group helped underwrite the cost of supplies for the Gardner Breakfast. were able to meet a Leaderdog hopeful, being raised by Marseilles Lion Joe Kuiper and his family. (photo at right). At the MGE held in Coal City, Clubs discussed what’s been happening, we learned some interesting Lions information (do you know what a ZC is?) and our Governor, 1st Vice Governor and 2nd Vice Governor all were present to share information about local clubs and the District.

Pancakes, sausage and gravy, and eggs cooked to order make up the menu at the Gardner breakfasts. And they bring the food right to your table. -----------------------------------------------------------------Gardner Lions when they are not out serving in their community, the Gardner Lions are serving up 16

Joliet Noon Lions Club installed a new member at one of our regular noon meetings. Welcome Lion Patty Zuccarello. (Picture next page)

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Some Joliet Noon Lions at their display table.


District 1BK Governor John Joseph put on his “Princess Best” for our Joliet Noon Lions night with the Slammers. A great time was had by all, especially the winner of our 50/50 held that evening!

During the Governor’s visit to the Malden Lions Club, DG John Joseph gave President Stephen Rossler the opportunity to hand over the International Membership Chevrons. He is shown here presenting their Secretary, Lion Robert Law, his Chevron marking his 30 years as a member of Lions International.

He Was The Lucky Winner!

Morris Lions Sandy Sowers, Irene Leopold, Larry Johnson, and Joanne Johnson helping as volunteers during the 100th Convention. 17

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Morris Lions cooking dinner for the hearingimpaired at Camp Lions 7-17. Morris Lions came back the next week to serve dinner for the visually impaired.

Morris Lions hosted a Morris Night at the Joliet Slammers in July.

Morris Lion Larry Johnson presented the Grundy County Health Department Nursing Division with a check for $300 to purchase glucometers (glucose testing machines) and test strips to enable the Health Department the ability to do immediate diabetes testing. 18

Morris Lions joined with local Rotary and Kiwanis for a Tri-Club meeting on August 23rd.

The Streator Hardscrabble Lions Club is completing their second installment of school supplies to Streator's Northlawn Junior High School. Teacher's of Northlawn along with other staff members identified items that students in need would be required to have to attain academic success. Supplies, also included personal hygiene items for general classroom needs. A check for $200 was presented to Northlawn's representative, 5th grade teacher Stephanie Flores, to be utilized for any other supplies or services they might need. Some personal hygiene items were donated by Dr. Brendon Graham of the Streator Family Dental and other community persons. This project is in keeping with the club's philosophy of helping the residents of the community in need of eye and hearing care, as well as helping children to succeed. Pictured in photo left to right are: Project co-chairperson, Donna Mikolajczyk; Northlawn 5th grade teacher, Stephanie Flores; and Co-chairperson Karyn Dzurison (not pictured, Principal Gail Russell.)

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Will County Fair Membership Drive/We Serve Mobility Event The Rockdale Lions Club reached out to the Will County Fair board seeking permission to provide a "We Serve Mobility Service" to individuals with mobility issues and / or any individual looking to receive a golf cart ride from the 50+ acre parking lot to the main entry gates. Additionally our goal was to promote Lionism and to seek membership from those people we provided transportation for. The Will County Fair was a 5 day event. 24 hours before the scheduled start time the Will County fair reached out to the Rockdale Lions Club seeking their assistance with filling an open spot within the fair grounds. Somehow some way, Lion Steve, Lion Jolene, and Lion Pat quickly organized several give away items, some tables, a tent, and some chairs.

huge success. Coordinated by Lion Steve of the Rockdale Lions Club, helping out with cart duties and sharing of lionism and handing out of membership applications were Lion Jolene, Lion Pat, and Lion Jim from the Rockdale Lions Club. Also contributing an extraordinary job, not only by donating the use of her golf cart, but also working most every day was Zone Chair Lion Sue Wolf. Extra special shout out to Lions Louise from the Frankfort Lions Club for her 2 days of assistance, and Lions Nelson Collins and Lions Frank Basile of the Beecher Lions Club for their great contribution. And finally, Lion President Noelle, Lion Joe, and Lion Jim of the Shorewood Lions club for their excellent assistance with cart duties and assistance with the tent selling raffle tickets for the Shorewood Lions gun raffle. Over this 5 days event, at the tent location, we passed out over 100 membership applications, also coming in contact with prior Lions looking to possibly re-join a club within their home town. We made contact with young couples from the Manhattan and Elwood areas, as well as Bradley and Earlville looking to join and assist clubs within their home towns. The golf cart mobility portion resulted with providing rides for well over 5000 people, and distributing well over 250 membership applications. The We Serve mobility drive service that was provided by all Lions involved was complemented and received well by all. The Lionism awareness provided to the 25,000+ fair goers was loved by all. The Will County Fair association has requested our return next year and the Rockdale Lions have already secured a place within the fair grounds for an informational booth and hopefully if available, both the hearing and vision screening buses.

Over the entire Will County Fair dates, the Rockdale Lions gave out membership applications, spoke of Lionism awareness, and gave out freebies (t shirts, koozies, and lions). While the Rockdale Lions made space available for any other district club who wished to join in, sadly only the Shorewood Lions and Zone Chair Sue Wolf took advantage of it. The mobility and membership drive that took place on the exterior part of the fairgrounds (parking lot to the main gate) was a 19

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(Previous Column) This might be the year of “THE POWER OF WE”, but in District 1-BK we have “THE POWER OF THREE”. Zone Chair Lewis Bodamer, PDG Pat Gaffney and PCC Mark Williams spent the evening at the Granville Car Show handing out information on being a Lion as part of the work being done to get a new club started in Putnam County.

installing officer. Pictured front row - left to right: PDG Ruth Lyle, Secretary Bob Countryman, President Tracy Muur and Director Keith Hamstra. Back row - left to right: Vice President Darlene Smith, Treasurer Jim Blakemore, and Tail Twister Ken Jansma.

Ready to March. Orion Lions Club members and friends line up at the high school in anticipation of marching in this year's Orion Fall Festival parade.

The Genoa Lions Club has chosen to partner with Walnut Grove Vocational Farm in Kirkland, whose mission is to provide employment training for adults with special needs. The Genoa Lions Club is selling fall Mum plants grown at Walnut Grove as its fall fund raising event. The Genoa Lions Club will use the proceeds raised to provide eyeglasses or hearing aids when a member of the community has been identified as having a sight or a hearing impartment and does not have the financial capability to purchase the needed instruments. The Genoa Lions Club partnership with Walnut Grove Vocational Farm will help both organizations achieve its missions’ to help those in need.

Orion Lions Pride of Lions. Theme for this year's Fall Festival Parade was "Lions Club: 100 Years of Service" and to celebrate, a number of Lion dignitaries from around the state came to Orion to join in the fun. Seated is Steve Boettger, District 1D Governor (Rockford). Standing from left are our own Ray Parrish, District 1-H Governor; Mario Gumino, Lions of Illinois Foundation Director; Kelly Boettger; Karen Kern Gumino, John Joseph Honiotes, District 1-BK Governor (Joliet); Bobbi Honiotes; Steve Bennet; Lori Bennett, District 1-M Governor (Springfield); Patricia Duda, District 1-A Governor (Chicago) and Bob Duda.

Morrison Lions Club members and guests enjoyed dinner at the Forest Inn followed by the installation of officers for 2017-2018. PDG Ruth Lyle was the 20

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

Orion Lions Pride Parade!


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

privileged in our own country, but also are recognized globally as the largest and best humanitarian non-governmental organization in the world. Service is the reason we exist! At this recent convention, Lions members confirmed the need to continue supporting our long tradition of supporting children and build on it by developing new ways to engage youth as volunteers and service leaders in the following five areas of service:

SERVING IN A CHANGING WORLD Why Lions Matter More Than Ever by Lion Sue Sarver The International Lions Clubs 100th Anniversary Celebration was held June 30 - July 4, 2017 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. It was a real privilege to be able to join together with over 33,000 Lions Club members from 211 countries and geographical areas all over the world. We are so proud that students in our own Durand Band marched and played in this impressive parade right down State Street in Chicago. Nearly 20,000 participants from over 200 countries took part in the parade, dressed in their native attire. The Durand Band preceded International 3rd VicePresident Jung Yul Choi and his country of South Korea. The Illinois delegation, as hosts of the entire convention, marched last, having two bands, two floats, and a large number of Illinois Lions. Even after such a long parade, people lined the streets, cheering and thanking the Lions for the things we do. For 100 years, Lions have served, saving the precious gift of sight; feeding struggling families; providing life-saving vaccines to children; and rebuilding communities devastated by disaster. Yes, we serve our own local communities, but we do so much more than that. We serve the under22

Vision - continue to save sight by preserving vision health and serving the blind and visually impaired. Hearing - continue to assist the deaf and those with hearing impairment. Diabetes - work to prevent and control this global epidemic and assist those affected by the disease. Hunger - work to eliminate hunger and alleviate poverty so no child goes to bed hungry. Environment - strive to protect our environment to make our communities and the world a better place for all.

The global service framework gives Lions new opportunities to serve, new ways to unite our members and other service-minded people around

MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

the world, and new ways to ensure that we meet the challenges of our next century of service. The primary purpose of a Lions Club is to serve our own local community as well as supporting service projects throughout the world. And just like the first 100 years, the world is depending on Lions.

Lions Clubs International inquired if a club was doing a service project on September 5 which some visiting lions from Belgium could attend. The Wheaton lions of District 1-J held a vision screening at the Wheaton Library.

District 1A held its first 2018 District Convention Meeting at the Underpass in Schiller Park under the leadership of PCC Steve Anton in September, 2017.


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

District 1A Governor Pat Duda holding a Candy Roll replica during photo session at the Candy Day Jamboree.

Partial crowd at the District 1A 2017 Candy Day Jamboree held in September at the Skyline West Banquet Hall. Many lions from 1A attended this event to support LIF Candy Day in October.

Lion Jama Wahl received International President’s Medal for her hard work for the success of 2017 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Portland. --------------------------------------------------------------------

Hundreds of Lions who attended 2017 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum took part in 2017 Strides Walk for Diabetes.

Your editor Dr. Austin D’Souza, PDG receiving International President’s Appreciation Award during Awards nite at the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum 2017 in Portland, Oregan.


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the passing away of Lion Jennifer Gool. She passed away on Wednesday September 13. Please keep her friend Scott Clark and her family in your thoughts and prayers at this time of loss of their loved one. Lion Jennifer Gool was our District 1CN newsletter editor. She had been battling cancer for a couple of years. If I get more information regarding her, I will pass it on.

On National Night Out early last month, West Chicago Lions Sterling Price, Lori Chassee, John Churillo, and Melissa Birch Ferguson served hot dogs in front of the West Chicago Police Department.

-PCC CS Lydia Ellis

At Bartlett’s National Night Out, Bartlett Lions are ready to cook 4,000 hot dogs for the kids in attendance. (Back Row l to r) Lions Tom Arends, Marty Kerlin, Andy Watson. (Middle Row l to r) Lions RoyEngstrom, Joanne Watson, Ken Kusch, Ray Deyne, George Cooley. (Front Row) Lions Anthony Troyke and Max Troyke.


Algonquin Lions Club hosted its annual Bags Tourney this summer and raised $9,100 to be donated to various projects, including the Ted Spella Education Award and the Algonquin/Lake in the Hills Interfaith Food Pantry. The winners, along with some Algonquin Lions are pictured. Lions from Belgium were visiting Lions Clubs International in early September. They were able to take part in a Pre-Vision Screening held by the Wheaton Lions Club. Eastern Zone Chair Lion John Barsanti is in center of back row. Names of Wheaton Lions in the photo – Lions Bob Rutan,

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Conrad Stoll, Richard Boyle, Dave McLinden, Pat McEvoy, Marty Findling, and John Tagye. Unfortunately, we have no names for the Belgium Lions.

At the close of the 2017 Sandwich Fair, Mallorie Pigott drew the winning tickets for the Sandwich Lions Club annual steer raffle. Pigott and her family from Esmond, Illinois also raised Stitch, the 1200 pound crossbred steer. The steer, plus processing, was won by Adam Arnett of Millington. Second prize of a $200 gift certificate for meat was won by Joe Svik, and Janice Eick won the third prize of a $100 gift certificate.

The Moo-Cluck-Oink Award from the Red, White and BB-Q is presented to Johnny Karesh for doing a fantastic job in assisting the Westmont Lions with their Memorial Day Weekend event at Ty Warner Park.

A new Lion, Brian O’Neill, was inducted into the Algonquin Lions Club by his sponsor, Lion Bill Moore.


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New Member Induction at the Westmont Lions Club in early August. Sponsoring Lion Stella Qualizza is pinning a Lion’s Centennial Membership Pin on new Lion Joann Farley.

Presenting Aurora Evening Lions Club’s newest member, Lion Nicole Matia, (l) sponsored by Lion Lynn Miller (c) and inducted by Zone Chair-person Lion Renee Reeder!

On Labor Day, the Naperville Noon Lions Club Annual Summer Raffle closed with the drawing of winning tickets on September 5th. On hand to draw the winning tickets was Liz Spencer, Exec. Dir. Of NCTV-17. Over 4,500 tickets were sold and approximately $23,000 was raised to support the

club’s vision & hearing program. (l to r) Lion Ken Strugalla, Raffle Chairman, Liz Spencer, NCTV-17, and Club Pres. Lion Linda Strugalla.


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Two kindergarten-age boys meet up at Waterman Lions Club’s Back-To-School, end of summer picnic. Lots of kids ARE ready for school to start!

Thirty-two members and 14 prospective member/guests attended the Sun City-Huntley Lions Club Annual Picnic at the Fountains Pavilion in Sun City. The club provided the chicken and members brought appetizers, side dishes and desserts assigned by last names. The weather was a little chilly, but the food was delicious and the camaraderie was very relaxing.

Bartlett Lions Club held its annual Lions Day Dash 5K-10K on Sunday, September 10th.

Bartlett Lions Joanne and Andy Watson made new friends from England at the LCI Chicago Convention.

Sun City-Huntley Lions Jim Graves, Joan Graves, and PDG Lion Bob Fowler enjoy a night out at the Kane County Cougars game in mid-August.

Aurora Noon Lions Club is lucky enough to have a meeting mid-day (its regular day and time) and on Monday, September 11, 2017, they were supplied with the appropriate eyewear for viewing the solar eclipse. Here, Lions Paul Buddy, Dick Schindel, and 28

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Don Davids were among the Lions Club members who viewed the solar eclipse at Luigi’s Pizza parking lot. ------------------------------------------------------------------Naperville Noon Lions Club has a new member! New Lion Dick Lehman (c), sponsored by Lion Bob

Thank you to Elburn Lion Tom Mahan for building the new “little library” lending library for the Elburn Lions Club.

Lions University Bachelors graduates at the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. II Vice Governor from 1J Jerome Perez, JoeVinyard and Kathy Dieker Bachelors.

Hull, (l) is welcomed by Club President Lion Linda Strugalla.

On a very hot Friday afternoon - Four Morrison Lions walked in the Morrison Homecoming Parade. A decision was made to not wear the Lion's costume. Pictured left to right: Keith Hamstra, Jim Blakemore, Tracy Muur (often The Lion) and Bob Countryman. ------------------------------------------------------------------District 1-J is proud to have two graduates of Lions University: 2VDG Jerome Perez received his Bachelor's Degree, and State Parliamentarian John Barsanti received his Doctorate's Degree at the 29

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USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum on Saturday evening, September 23, 2017. Congratulations Lions Jerome and John! Congratulations to two members of the Waterloo Lions Club, who have received their Bachelor's Degree in Lionism while attending the USA/Canada International Lions Forum. in Portland, Oregon.


Lion Mario Gumino, PDG, Executive Director of LIF presents Lion Luanne Ragland with a progressive nd Foundation Fellow (2 ) for the top sales in the state for Sight & Sound tickets.

PDG Bob Block, Seminar Moderator

Valentine and Lions Mo Ritzel PDG and Dale Haudrich, 1st VP We'd like to welcome new members Lion Steve and Lion Ron Bodenstab

PDG Ken Horn, Moderator


MD1 Lions & Leos e-Magazine

District 1A Governor, Moderator

Lion Merilee, Presenter

Your Editor PDG Dr. Austin D’Souza, Moderator PDG Ralph Zarada, Moderator

PDG Mario Gumino, Moderator PID Bud Wahl, Special Recognition

Lion John Barsati, Presenter


Dr.e-Magazine Austin D’Souza, PDG Presenter MD1 Lions & Leos

gong and gavel to newly elected president Vishnu Mahant.

District 1A Governor Pat Duda inducted 8 new members to Chicago Filipino American Lions Club in September.

Chicago Filipino American Lions Club Officers posing with Governor Pat Duda during their 2017 Governor’s Nite.


Immediate Past President of Chicago Filipino American Lions Club, Yoly Zolita handing over the


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October 2017 MD1 State of Illinois Magazine  

October 2017 MD1 State of Illinois Magazine for the Month of October, 2017. Edited & Published by Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG for Lions and Leo...

October 2017 MD1 State of Illinois Magazine  

October 2017 MD1 State of Illinois Magazine for the Month of October, 2017. Edited & Published by Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG for Lions and Leo...