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The Illinois Lion, Lioness, Le MD1 e-Magazine (Lite) Vol. 4 - Issue 12, May 2017



From MD1 Council Chair: Lions of Illinois, The District Convention Season is over…..But we DO have the MD-1 Convention in Springfield!! Here is the Spring Off to get us going to the Convention in Chicago!!! “1917-It All Started HERE”!!!!!! Yes right here in Illinois 100 years ago and boy have we gone far since!!!! Celebration and FUN will be the words as we meet and enjoy the fellowship of our fellow Illinois Lions!! Come and enjoy all we have to offer and celebrate here with our Illinois Lions!!!! “…..apart from the veneration due to its sacred name and origin, if anything belonging to it can be apart from that -- as a good time: a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys. And therefore, Uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!" – From Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol Could this quote almost also be about our annual conventions and the work we Lions do? After all Conventions are where we all realize we Lions are really all the same, and that we Lions, and all our Clubs really ARE fellow passengers on a common journey and mission to help our communities and the world. Yes, Celebration of events CAN do us good!!! So let’s celebrate with Illinois Lions of MD1 at Springfield on to Lions Clubs International and the WORLD in Chicago!! It WILL do us GOOD!!!!! 2

“I'm going to tell you the story about the geese which fly 5,000 miles from Canada to France. They fly in V-formation but the second ones don't fly. They're the subs for the first ones. And then the second ones take over - so it's teamwork.” ―Alex Ferguson And with a State full of dedicated Lions, we have a GREAT TEAM who will “Do the Right Thing” as we “Climb Every Mountain”!!!!! Thank you for your time! Thank you for your Service! Thank you for being an Illinois Lion!!!! And remember “1917-It All Started Here”, in Illinois. AND I hope my wife and I get to see you at the MD1 convention in Springfield AND at our WORLD Convention in Chicago!!! Sharing, Fellowship, and of course SERVICE……Yes, we all do have a LOT to rejoice in LIONS! Best Regards, Lion Mark Williams Lions of Illinois “With You in Service”

Editorial: It’s MD1 Convention month again!


Our First Ever Woman President to be Gudrun Yngvadottir will be the International Guest for our forthcoming MD1 Convention to be held this month on May 19, 20 and 21t at the President Abraham Lioncoln Hotel and Conference Center, Springfield, Illinois. You have a golden opportunity to attend Friday evening’s “Friday Night Follies.” Come dressed in 1920 attire, sing along with the “Happy Keenager Kitchen Band,” see an unforgettable magin act, enjoy the “Speakeast Style” hospitality rooms with lions from all over the state and meet a great lion –


our next year’s International President to be Gudrun Yngvadottir! Pose for a photograph and I will place the same on facebook album!! Hurry up and register for MD1 Convention as the deadline is May 5th. Glance through the pages and register for State Convention now. Convention Chair Sharon Peska arranging a memorable 2017 convention to MD1 Lions, Lionesses and Leos. -Dr. Austin D’Souza, PDG Your Magazine Editor

GMT, GLT and GST will be connected and coordinated at the international level by a Global Action Team chairperson and two Global Action Team vice-chairpersons. On behalf of my fellow executive officers, I am proud to announce that PIP Wing-Kun Tam will be the chairperson of this important structure. Let's finish our Lion year strong by continuing to grow and position Lions Clubs International for a successful Centennial year. Look for more information regarding position appointments, job descriptions, tools and resources in the future.

=================================== Fellow Lions,

Dear Lion Leader, It is my pleasure to inform you that the International Board of Directors voted to approve a new Global Volunteer Structure called the Global Action Team during their March meeting. Beginning July 1, we will add a Global Service Team (GST) alongside the Global Membership Team (GMT) and the Global Leadership Team (GLT) structures, to help us to reach our goal of serving 200 million people annually. The Global Action Team highlights the "power of action" needed to achieve our goals. Service is the reason we exist. It is why members join and continue to remain engaged. Adding the GST renews our organization's commitment to service. We are excited about this addition and the opportunities it provides us as the world's leading service organization.


The COUNT DOWN is now at less than 100 days until the 100th annual Lions Clubs Int'l convention in Chicago. Every Week we will now start highlighting some very strategic and important items for all Lions, especially the Lions of Illinois as we complete our convention hosting planning and preparation activities. Critical activities right now include: 1. THE CLOCK The clock is now ticking to the start of the convention on June 30th. 90 days will go by very quickly. 2. REGISTRATION If you not registered for the convention and secured your hotel room, please do so this week. More than 31,000 Lions have completed their registrations. And, we are now spread across 34 hotels downtown with 18 of the booked solid. We expect total registrations and total hotels to









3. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Please consider volunteering for any committee in any time slot. We still need many many volunteers to fill an estimated total of 3,100 shifts of a couple hours each. You do not need to volunteer for a very long time, but we can use every committed volunteer we can get. Consider signing up now online here: 4. CLUB STREET BANNER SPONSORSHIP Please ask your club to consider sponsoring a street banner to hang downtown during the Convention. We will try and get your back to you after the convention. Your club's sponsorship is directly impactful on the MD1 Host Committee budget and your support is VERY MUCH appreciated. See the order form at this link: 5. THE HOURGLASS With the clock ticking and us being 90 days from the start of the convention, there are many things that have registration or ordering deadlines. Waiting too much longer can put your participation in and enjoyment of the convention behind the 8 ball. Please consider wrapping up all of the above this week.

Celebrate 100 years of humanitarian service by purchasing a Lions Clubs Centennial Commemorative Coin. This exquisitely crafted, limited-edition, silver dollar coin is produced by the United States Mint and features our founder Melvin Jones. Purchase your Centennial Coin for US$52.95. $10 from each coin is authorized to be paid to Lions Clubs International Foundation to improve the lives of even more people in need. Visit the Centennial Coin webpage for information and order your coin today!

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP CORNER: Jama Wahl Data from LCI indicates that clubs having regular programs have a strong membership with even stronger leadership and service provided to their communities. However, finding interesting and informative programs can be a daunting task. Why not check out these offerings from LCI? With a projector and laptop, these videos can become programs with just a few clicks. Centennial Videos LCI’s Centennial videos honor and celebrate 100 years of Lions Clubs International. Watch and share the stories of the world’s largest service club organization from its founding to today and learn more about how you can participate in our Centennial Celebration.

Please Like and share via FB or email this update and future weekly updates to all the Lions you know. Thank you for helping to make our 100th Int'l Convention special and great!!

Lions Quarterly The Lions Quarterly video magazine shares inspiring stories of how Lions make a difference in communities around the world. LQ is posted in January, April, July and October of each year. Share Lions inspiring stories with your club members and others.

-MD1 Host Committee

PSA Videos




Public service announcements (PSAs) can help raise awareness of Lions service in your community. Provide television and radio PSAs to the public service director or director of community affairs at your local media outlets. Stations can download a broadcast quality MPEG format directly from the website or request a DVD from the Audio Visuals and Events Department. Watch these videos at your next club meeting for a superior program. LCIF Every day, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) works to fulfill our mission: “To support the efforts of Lions clubs and partners in serving communities locally and globally, giving hope and impacting lives through humanitarian service projects and grants.”

Dear Lions and Leos, We're on our way to serving 200 million people per year by 2021—and we'll reach that incredible goal by adding great new ways to serve! We're introducing a new global service framework that builds on our first century of service and our history of serving sight. Our new service framework focuses our efforts on five service areas:vision, hunger, the environment, pediatric cancer and diabetes. It gives Lions and Leos new ways to meet emerging humanitarian needs in their communities and around the world. As always, your club will decide how to best meet your community needs

Since our founding in 1968, we have strived to sustain Lions’ humanitarian service goals through the world, awarding over 13,000 grants totaling more than US$1 billion, in the four key areas of sight, youth, disaster relief and other humanitarian efforts. LCI Forward As we move into the next Century of Service, we need a road map. LCI Forward is the roadmap of the future.

Want to learn more? Watch our inspiring service framework video and visit the service framework webpage today!

-Jama Wahl, MD1 GLT Coordinator



Three Amendments to be Voted on at State Convention -PID Bud Constitution Chair

Wahl, MD-1 and By-Laws

There will be three proposed amendments to vote on during this year’s State Convention. Both, the MD-1 Council of Governors and the MD-1 C&BL Committee have recommended adoption of all three proposed amendments. I will explain briefly each proposed amendment. Proposed Amendment #1 – Supremacy Clause There has been some confusion in recent years as to which document to follow whenever there is a conflict or contradiction between the MD-1 Constitution and By-Laws and the MD-1 Policy Manual. LCI has adopted a Supremacy Clause to outline the hierarchy of its documents and recommends that we cover this issue in ours. This amendment clearly states the LCI Constitution and By-Laws would govern, followed by the MD-1 Constitution and By-Laws, then the MD-1 Policy Manual. Proposed Amendment #2 – Special Meeting Notification We have a provision in our Constitution and ByLaws that outlines the procedure to follow when calling for a Special Meeting of the Council of


Governors. However, the procedure is not clear as to the time frame to follow when calling the meeting and giving notice of the meeting. This amendment clarifies the time frame and proper notice of the Special Meeting. Proposed Amendment #3 – Teleconference Meetings On occasion, State Committees, the Council of Governors, and/or the Executive Committee, have at one time or another, conducted business through a conference call or teleconference call. We even had a provision in our MD-1 Policy Manual that outlined the procedure. However, according to Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, in order to conduct any such teleconference call business, our Constitution and By-Laws must provide a provision to do so. At this time, our Constitution and By-Laws does not. So, the Council of Governors was told to delete the provision in the Policy Manual regarding these types of meetings, until such time our Constitution and By-Laws allows for it. This amendment would give these groups the authorization to conduct business during a Teleconference call. In addition, there have been guidelines prepared to follow for conducting such a meeting, by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee. This amendment would allow us to “legally” do what we were already doing in the past. Without this amendment, there can be no business transacted outside a regular meeting. If you have any questions regarding any of these proposed amendments, please feel free to contact your district C&BL representative, or me.








James H. "Jim" Fenton, 79, of Carlinville, passed away Monday evening, March 27, 2017 at Heritage Health Care in Carlinville, IL. Jim was born on October 4, 1937 to Donald and Mina (Schramm) Fenton in Normal, IL. He graduated from Bloomington Central Catholic High School, received his Bachelor's degree from Illinois State University and his Master's degree from Western Illinois University. Jim married Mary Roosevelt on February 6, 1960 in Wilmington, IL and they recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. Jim was a school teacher, starting his career in Wilmington, IL, then continuing in Carlinville in 1962, retiring in 1995. He continued working for the school district as treasurer for several years afterwards. During his time teaching he was instrumental in starting the Scholastic Bowl Team and he was one of the initial inductees into the Illinois Scholastic Bowl Hall of Fame. He was also an IHSA official for many years, doing football, basketball and baseball. He was a long time member of the Carlinville Public Library Board, Lewis and Clark Library Board, Heartland Library Board and was on the Carlinville Zoning Commission. Jim was a Lions member for 57 years, with 56 years perfect attendance. As a member of the Carlinville Lions Club, he held every office and was president twice. He served as District 1-G Governor in 198081. He attended twenty International Conventions as well as numerous state and district conventions. He served in various cabinet positions including trading pin designer and served nine terms as district cabinet secretary/treasurer. At the State Level, he was state magazine editor for almost fifteen years.


Jim loved to read, do trivia events, was an avid stamp and coin collector and above all else, a diehard Cubs fan all his life. Jim is survived by his wife, Mary Fenton of Carlinville, IL; two sons, Eric (Judy) Fenton of Carlinville, IL, and Jeff (Maria) Fenton of Bradley, IL; 4 grandchildren; 3 step grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren; 9 step great grandchildren; 2 step great-great grandchildren, as well as several cousins. Jim was preceded in death by his parents and a great grandson.

HELP PROMOTE LIONS' CENTENNIAL COIN Help us promote the Centennial Coin to your clubs with a special downloadable presentation and flyer. Not only is the coin a great way to celebrate the Centennial, it's a great way to support the life-changing work of LCIF. If you're looking for another way to promote the coin, consider purchasing your own Centennial Commemorative Coin so you can show this beautifully engraved silver dollar to Lions on your club visits. And let clubs know that the coins are a great way to reward hard-working members or say thank you to long-time Lions. Together, we can make the Centennial Coin a success.


COORDINATOR TRAINING: YOUR PATH TO CENTENNIAL SUCCESS Whether you're a new Centennial Coordinator or just want to learn more, check out the recently released online training courseexclusively for coordinators. This course will help you inspire clubs to join in the celebration, as well as report plans, challenges and successes in your area. Get the tools to engage clubs in this once-in-a-lifetime milestone in Lions history today!

There is still time for you to volunteer to help at the 2017 Lions Clubs International Convention. Volunteers are needed for all positions. The committee has a number of areas that Lions are needed for during the convention. Some of the areas do not require you to be registered for the convention, but then you will not be able to attend any portion of the convention at McCormick Place, you will not be able to visit the exhibit hall as well as you will be unable to take advantage of the shuttle bus service that is offered during the convention from convention center to the various hotels.


Not required to register: Anticipated Number Needed Hotel Greeters ………………... 300 BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

Airport and Train/Bus Station ………………………………..… 200 Lions Clubs International …………………………………………. 50 Needs to be registered: Anticipated Number Needed Sergeant-At-Arms ……………….... 250 General areas at the Convention Center ………………….. 250 Interpreters (all languages) ………………………………………. 50 Parade Marshal …………….… 300

duties you will be asked to do during the parade. There a number of different areas that volunteers are needed for, so what we have done in the past may not be the same as this year. The session will help you in preparing to be a Volunteer at this year’s Convention. So, I hope that you can come early and attend this special session. If you cannot make this one, we are working on scheduling another “special meeting” in the early part of June. Date and details are still being worked out. As soon as they are finalized we will let everyone know. Hope to see you in Springfield on May 19th ……

On Friday, May 19, 2017 there will be a Special Meeting of the 2017 Host Committee that will be addressing the Requirements and Duties of a Volunteer. This is at the start of the Lions of Illinois State Convention and is open to all Lions looking for more information. Understandably, there are other meetings happening during that time, so you are welcome to join in at any time during the afternoon.

-Lion Bob Block, PDG MD1 Host Committee, General Chair

The session will be at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel & Conference Center located at 701 East Adam Street in Springfield, IL. The room for this session is the Ballroom Salons A & B, starting at 2:00 pm and finish up by 5:00 pm. This Session will focus on “Being a Volunteer” and “What will be my responsibilities and duties”. There will be general overview of those duties for the various committees and then be followed by an emphasis on the Parade Marshals. Along with the Sergeant-At-Arms / Convention Center Committee the Parade Committee has the largest number needed. With the help of the Lions Clubs International Staff, Paul Purevich from the Chicago Festival Association and the Parade Committee, you will learn what is expected from you as a Parade Marshal and what 12 BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION







Obituary of James Fenton

Four organizations worked together to raise almost $2,000 dollars to benefit Life Network of Southern Illinois. Pictured at the Life Network office in Red Bud (located at the First Baptist Church building) for the check presentation are: Jennifer Roscow of Southwestern Illinois Lutherans for Life, Mark Vogt of Red Bud Lions Club, Director of Life Network Debbie Geist and Loren Harms, representing both Red Bud Lions and the Lutheran Men’s Club. Thrivent Financial donated Action Team seed money for the event. They appreciate the Red Bud Community for supporting their second annual “Spring for Life” Barbecue held on Sunday, March 12, 2017. ------------------------------------------------------------------The New Athens Lions Club made a donation to the Marissa Girls Scout troop for a Powder Pinewood Derby race that was to be held on Saturday April the 8th. The money donated was to pay for five trophies to be awarded to the Girl Scouts. The New Athens Lions Club was listed as a sponsor on those trophies. The Marissa Girls Scouts serve the towns of New Athens, Marissa, St. Libory and Freeburg. The New Athens Lions adopted a camper for this summer's Camp Lions to be held in July 2017 at Camp Manitowa. This donation will allow one child to attend camp and experience fun activities that they normally would not have the chance to do.



James H. "Jim" Fenton, 79, of Carlinville, passed away Monday evening, March 27, 2017 at Heritage Health Care in Carlinville, IL. Jim was born on October 4, 1937 to Donald and Mina (Schramm) Fenton in Normal, IL. He graduated from Bloomington Central Catholic High School, received his Bachelor's degree from Illinois State University and his Master's degree from Western Illinois University. Jim married Mary Roosevelt on February 6, 1960 in Wilmington, IL and they recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. Jim was a school teacher, starting his career in Wilmington, IL, then continuing in Carlinville in 1962, retiring in 1995. He continued working for the school district as treasurer for several years afterwards. During his time teaching he was instrumental in starting the Scholastic Bowl Team and he was one of the initial inductees into the Illinois Scholastic Bowl Hall of Fame. He was also an IHSA official for many years, doing football, basketball and baseball. He was a long time member of the Carlinville Public Library Board, Lewis and Clark Library Board, Heartland Library Board and was on the Carlinville Zoning Commission. Jim was a Lions member for 57 years, with 56 years perfect attendance. As a member of the Carlinville Lions Club, he held every office and was president twice. He served as District 1-G Governor in 198081. He attended twenty International Conventions as well as numerous state and district conventions. He served in various cabinet positions including trading pin designer and served nine terms as district cabinet secretary/treasurer. At the State Level, he was state magazine editor for almost fifteen years. Jim loved to read, do trivia events, was an avid stamp and coin collector and above all else, a diehard Cubs fan all his life. Jim is survived by his wife, Mary Fenton of Carlinville, IL; two sons, Eric (Judy) Fenton of


Carlinville, IL, and Jeff (Maria) Fenton of Bradley, IL; 4 grandchildren; 3 step grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren; 9 step great grandchildren; 2 step great-great grandchildren, as well as several cousins. Jim was preceded in death by his parents and a great grandson. A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

The Marion Lions Club donated $200 to the Marion Fire Department to use when purchasing fire safety materials for distribution to numerous children. The club made a $250 donation to Lions Clubs International Foundation for diabetes awareness. A $250 donation was made to the Special Olympics for use while conducting this year's event.

WEST FRANKFORT LIONS CLUB New members Sue Forgatch, Gary Pratt, Evin Thomas, Rob Cash and Winston Tim Weaver were voted into the club. The following school board candidates were guest speakers: Amy Durfee, Jon Alexander, Keith Griffith, and W. Campbell Brown during the month of March. Two eyeglass requests were presented and approved by the members. A Motion passed to donate $200.00 to the “Candy Cane Lane� Christmas Decorations. Lion President Jim Summers announced that at the next business meeting new officers will be voted on. The Induction ceremony for the five new members will 17

be held on April 6, 2017. Lion President Jim Summers called for the Members to set a date for the annual Flag Day. Lion President Jim Summers was presented with the Membership Key Award for sponsoring On March 9th, 2017, Stacy and Dale Flanagan visited the Oregon Lions Club to explain the purpose of the newly-formed Lowden Memorial Committee. They shared the contributions made by the late Governor Frank Lowden and why they consuder it important to honor him by erecting a life-size stone monument on the Ogle County Courthouse lawn.

(Lion Rob Arneson, Dale Flangan, Stacy Flanagan and Lions' Club President Seth Anderson)

Frank Lowden served as Governor for the Stare of Illinois from 1917 until 1921, and also served as a distinguished law professor at Northwestern University. Through the generosity of the Lowden family, the people of Illinois can enjoy outdoor recreation in the form of the Lowden Boy Scout Camp and the Lowden Miller State Park. The Illinois State Park on River Road is also dedicated to him. The Oregon Lions held their meat raffle drawing on March 23rd. They wish to thank all those who


purchased a ticket as well as Eickmans in Seward and Super Valu in Oregon for their assistance in providing the meat for the raffle. Tim Leary and Cathy Meador each won half a hog. In addition six people won a $50.00 gift certificate. Twenty-five hams and twenty-five turkeys were also given away in the raffle.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Saelens Park. The hunt will be April 15.

During their meeting on March 23rd, Joe and Pat Slowiak, (See picture above) from the Oregon Lions Club, were each awarded a Silver Centennial pin for their efforts in attracting new members to the club.

Both pictures were from the dinner meeting that the Durand Lions stuffed the eggs used in the 18


consisted of PDG Steve Griffin, Eldorado Lions Club, speaking and demonstrating the club's Optimax eye screener that can detect possible needed referrals to a specialist. PDG Jani Robinson presented a seminar called Putting Fun in Lionism. Lion Retha Eurales and Maggie Williams spoke of

District 1-CS recently held its 41st annual convention with International Director Nicolin Carol Moore and her husband Rudy as guests. ID Moore and her husband reside on the island of Trinidad. ID Moore, in addressing the attendees, spoke about the low number of Lions members under the age of forty and the need to increase membership. This year's format was a change from the usual format by having seminars in the morning rather than a cabinet meeting. The seminars 19

the great success with the Dignity for Darlings spousal service project. The recipients were the Cairo Department of Children and Family Services Office. Shown with some of the collected items are (Left > Right) Lion Maggie Williams chairperson for spouses of MD-1, 1st Lady Lion Retha Eurales 1CS, Lion Ann Terry of DCFS with Supervisor Trina Mayfield. The Dignity for Darlings are Duffel Bags BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

At the March 23rd meeting of the Oregon Lions Club Donna Mann and John Lindhorst gave an informational presentation on the Rockin' River Fest which is to take place on Saturday, June 17th at the Riverfront Area, Route #64 as well as North 2nd Street in Oregon. It is being co-produced by the Oregon Chamber of Commerce and Oregon Together. John and Donna explained the efforts that went into organizing this festival and their hopes for its success in providing fun for the entire family.

for children when placed into the foster care system to have to put their belongings and some comfort items in instead of a trash bag.

Norris City Lion Daniel Harris was elected as the 1CS district governor for the coming Lions year. 20

Shown in the photo from left to right are: Lions Club President Dr. Seth Anderson, Ms. Donna Mann, Mr. John Lindhorst and Lion Rob Arneson

On Saturday, April 8th several members of the Oregon Lions Club gathered to clean up debris along Route Two north of Oregon.


Those participating from left to right were: Ed Smola, Joanna Cermak, Jim Hoff, Pat Farraday, Don Fuller, Chuck Campell, Bob Arneson, John Tuttle, Grant Afflerbaugh and Jean Hoff (not pictured).

Several Sycamore Lions were recently recognized for their extended time given on behalf of the Lions of Illinois Foundation's 2016 Candy Day Fundraiser. Through their, and many other club members, efforts the Sycamore Lions were able to raise nearly $7700 in early October, 2016. Underwriting donations were solicited from local businesses and Lions accepting donations and awarding candy rolls on the streets and outside the stores of Sycamore. The donations received are used to fund the Sycamore Clubs Sight and Hearing Program and the 13 Programs administered by the LIons of Illinois Foundation." The Lions thank those who continue to support their efforts to assist the sight and hearing impaired. Caption: front row – Lions Tom Moline, John Polinowski, Tim Higham, Barb Schultz Back row – Lions Pete Springmire, Event Chairman Joe Woodward, Jerry Schultz

has a fund raising event going on now that we are hoping can get put into the State eletter. We are selling car flags commemorating the Centennial Celebration. Our hope is to get the word out to as many Lions / Lions clubs as possible. The flags sell for $ 20.00 apiece plus shipping, limited time and quantities available. The flags are highway speed rated and come in yellow or white. Anyone interested can contact the Graylsake Lions Club through our Website, Facebook or email. Grayslake Lions Club



Rockton Lions swear in 8 new members bringing their total to 103. Our Goal this year was 100 members for 100 years.

The “before” photo of the Lombard Lions Club’s Easter Egg Hunt. Doesn’t take long for it to be over!!

On March 19th, Naperville Noon Lions supported the St. Baldrick’s Foundation by 22


the Registration Desk for its event. Individuals also had heads shaved to raise funds for the Foundation. St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and giving survivors long, healthy lives.

Former homeless college student Cayla Mauer (standing) recalls her experiences during the Empty Bowls fundraiser at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove. Mauer, a resident and graduate student at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, keynoted the fundraiser sponsored by the Waubonsee Community College (WCC) Lions Club. She is scheduled to receive her master’s degree in May and her thesis reflects her homeless experience. The Empty Bowls project raised $600 for a food pantry, yet to be named. WCC faculty members donated nine soups that were served in 101 take-home bowls created by WCC ceramics students. The bowls were sold for $5.00 each to fight hunger. Empty Bowls is an international project to fight hunger, personalized by artists and art organizations on a community level.

homelessness to living spaces and need more than four walls in those spaces. The program continues to accept items not only from Sun-City Lions, but the club’s project is now growing into the community by arranging for donation boxes to be placed around town for Huntley residents to more easily donate items and support our veterans. The project is bringing in increased donations through visibility, word of mouth and more area donation boxes. Over 80 car/truck loads of donations have been received and donated since the program’s inception. At a recent Sycamore Lions Club meeting, Lions of IL Foundation Fellow Awards were given to Lions Jerry Schultz and Joe Woodward.

Sun City-Huntley Lion Helen White was selected as one of several area residents to receive the 2017 Northwest Herald’s annual “Everyday Heroes” award. This year’s focus was on assisting veterans. Lion Helen began the club’s Veteran Housing Starter Program in January 2016 which collects donated items for Veterans who are moving from 23


District Governor Lion Maria Andrews recently awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards to four Sycamore Lions for having held membership in Lions Clubs International for 50+ years; from left to right are Virginia “Sis” Hepker, (accepting for Lion Darrold who passed away in January), Gov. Lion Maria Andrews, Lion Bud Wallace, and Lion Dale Stevens. (Missing from the photo is Lion Einer Hillquist.)

Batavia Lion Jeff Cairns, left, was among Batavia Lions Club members who staged the club's 40th Annual Pancake Breakfast in early April. Cairns is a first-year Lion. Free vision screening for youth and adults was held during the breakfast at Shannon Hall in Batavia.

Malta Lions Club President Lion Matt Feuborn (l) and Malta Lion Charter Member Lion Larry Peterson hold the Lions Jim & Joyce Davis Award presented at the District 1-J’s Convention in Itasca for Lion Larry’s 57 years of Lionism.

Lion Erin Almady, (r) Pres. of the Waubonsee Community College Lions Club serves soup to Aurora Noon Lions Club Pres. Lion Michele Needham (l) as part of WCC Lions Club’s fundraiser, Empty Bowls. 24

(Back Row—l to r) Zone Chair Lion Tim Janis, West Chicago Lions Don Volz, Frank Lenertz, (Front Row—l to r) Dona Smith, Cathy Halfpenny, and Lalo Ponce held its first Vision Screening in partnership with the opening of the Currier School Family Wellness Center. Lions provided free pre-screening to over 50 individuals and 15 were referred for


further assessment. An additional screening was conducted at Turner School where 46 individuals were pre-screened and 7 were referred for followup services.

Malta Lions Club President Lion Matt Feurborn (l) presents Lion Jerry Jordal with a Membership pin for sponsoring two new Lions.

Bartlett Lions Norm and Dave Wetherton portraying “The Blues Brothers” at the club’s Hospitality Room at the District 1-J Convention. 25

Free color photos, like this one, will be taken of attendees at the Aurora Noon Lions Club’s 9th Annual Pancakes with the Easter Bunny at Luigi’s Pizza & Fun Center in Aurora. Tickets were $20.00 for a family.

The South Elgin Leos thanked the South Elgin Lions for giving Leos the money to stay overnight at the BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

1-J Convention so they could go to classes, the Hospitality Rooms, and meet a lot of Lions. The Leos took pictures, talked, danced, did Karaoke, worked out, and went swimming. Also a special Thank You to South Elgin Lion Al Shelton and Mrs. Judy Shelton for taking care of the Leo’s food expense.

SCH Lion Cesar Vega (c) was inducted into the Sun City-Huntley Lions Club at the club’s March Program Meeting by Lion Jim Addington, LIF Trustee.(r) Both Lion Cesar and his sponsor, Lion Jim Harper, (l) received Centennial pins. District 1-J's 2016-2017 Peace Poster Chair Lion Yllena Sinclare (r) with the District 1-J Poster Winner (and the MD-1 Winner) Ashley Yhang from Bloomingdale IL. Ashley's poster is the 26

2nd one down on the display. She has been a budding artist since the age 8 -- What a talented young lady! -- The Chester Lions Club recently served the community by purchasing a large print, easy to see computer keyboard. The keyboard was then donated to the Chester Public Library. This Lions club service project benefits the visually impaired community as it allows those with a visual impairment to better see the keyboard allowing better searching of the Net.

Shown above are Lion Richard Pautler presenting the keyboard to Tammy Grah, Administrative Librarian. According to Lion Bartt Nehrt, president of the Chester Lions Club, “Lions members, among other projects, serve the blind and visually impaired. This is just one example of how we meet our motto of We Serve. Our community's support of our fundraisers allows the club to help fund such projects. You truly help the Chester Lions make a difference in our community.” The Chester Lions Club has 29 members and meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Chester Eagles Club. Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs.


Roses were delivered by club members on Good Friday, April 14th and Saturday, April 15th. The majority of the roses had already been picked by club members when this picture was taken. The picture shows Lion Members Bart Smith in the back and Lion Becki Damhoff selecting roses. Nancy Countryman, Lion Bob Countryman's spouse, is in the back on the left and another helper (unable to identify) are always willing helpers. It does not take long for the members to empty the many boxes and hit the road for deliveries. NEW ATHENS LIONS CLUB had two of its members, IPDG Vickie Luter and Lion Jerry Luter, attend the District 1CS Convention. The New Athens Lions Club sold 10 books of the Sight and Sound tickets. Sight and Sound Sweepstakes is the second largest fund raiser of the LIF. The New Athens Lions Club sponsored an electronic recycling day for the New Athens Community allowing the New Athens Community to bring any electronics that they cannot dispose on their own (such as TV's, Computers, vacuums etc). The items donated were loaded onto trucks full of items. This recycling days continue to be a huge success for the community and the environment. The New Athens Lions Club co-sponsored their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Morrison Lions welcomed two new members at their meeting on April 18th. Lion Rebecca Green, left, sponsored Karla Burn. Lion Jim Blakemore, left sponsored Kelvin Tenboer.

New Athens School. The egg hunt was for any children ages 0 through third grade; 3000 Easter eggs laid in the grass for this event for the 150 egg hunters that attended The eggs were filled by members on the committee with noise putty, 27


stampers, tattoos, stickers, bouncing balls, candy, and bubbles.

First place prize winners in the German Valley Lions Easter Egg Hunt are congratulated by the Easter Bunny. They are, left to right, 0 – 4 year old winner, Kiley Dear; 5 & 6 year old winner, Kinsley Ryia; 7 & 8 year old winner, Cara Pals. Sixty youngsters participated.

German Valley Lions place wrapped candy in plastic Easter Eggs in preparation for its April 15th Easter Egg Hunt.

Maryna Misiewicz, Supervisor of the Stephenson County Veteran’s Assistance Commission, spoke to the German Valley Lions in April. She explained that Veteran’s Assistance is designed to provide needed services to eligible veterans and families who are in need of meeting basic living expenses and/or advocacy services.

There was candy for everyone at the German Valley Lions Easter Egg Hunt. Here, candy buckets are being filled for the event. 28 BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

Pictured is Lion Karen Ranger (left) along with Club President Angela Rodriguez (right), presenting a check for $4000.00 to Streator Unlimited Executive Director John Mallaney (not pictured, Chairperson Beth Cravatta). --------------------------------------------------------------------

These items were donated by German Valley Lions Club members to be given to the homeless veterans in Stephenson County. The collection was made in conjunction with District Governor Pamela Graney’s Centennial Veteran’s Service Project. -------------------------------------------------------------------

The Waterloo Lions Legacy Project included installation of signs at the four highway entrances to Waterloo. Also six benches will be installed throughout the city and along a new walking trail!

The Streator Hardscrabble Lions Club recently concluded a very successful fundraiser, the "Battle of the Bars" held at Carbo's and Cali's in Streator. Several prominent Streator citizens donated their time to act as bartenders. All of the tips that were generated from bar tending are being used to support several local not for profit agencies including Streator Unlimited. Chairperson Beth Cravatta wishes to thank all those who helped make this a very successful event.


The Sycamore Lions again contributed toward the Easter Sunday Meals on Wheels delivery. Shown presented their check for $750 to Ron Mullen, Volunteer Services Coordinator, are Lions Dave Finney, Pete Springmire, Joe Woodward, Ed Kuhn BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

and Chuck Bergsmith. The Lions then delivered many of the meals in DeKalb and Sycamore. Youth engagement is a cornerstone of our service framework. To accomplish our ambitious goals, we must serve more people in more ways than ever before. And that means partnering with young people and engaging these future leaders of Lions clubs and our communities.

On Earth Day, April 22nd, the Sycamore Lions performed their 22nd Annual Great Western Trail Clean-Up. 40 garbage bags of trash were gathered by the Lions and their helpers. Once completed, the DeKalb County Forest Preserve picked up and disposed of the trash. 12 members, one honorary member and 5 other Lion family members completed the job by noon. Pictured: in front Honorary Lion Liam Berry, in back from left Lions Tony Sgarlata, Chuck Bergsmith, Duane Schoeder, Bill Gulke, Jerry Schultz, Pete Springmire, Joe Woodward, Ed Kuhn, Kevin Berry. Missing from photo are Lions Chuck Christensen, Ryan Genz, Aaron Gerdes and other Lion family member helpers. The Lions welcome help on this annual clean-up. Watch the papers next Spring for the date of the clean-up. And please, deposit all trash in the proper containers!

In support of our goal of serving 200 million people per year by 2021, we recently unveiled our new global service framework. This service framework focuses the efforts of Lions and Leos into five signature service areas to help identify and address emerging humanitarian needs around the world. 30

Every district, club and Lion has the opportunity to help mentor and guide these young leaders of our community by engaging them in service and giving them a voice in Lions. Young people are so important to the growth and success of your district and our association that the board of directors created an ad hoc committee to support and expand our youth engagement. Our new global service framework is sure to generate a lot of excitement and questions. When you're speaking with clubs about the framework, be sure to stress the importance of youth engagement and encourage Lions to give young people a meaningful role in their clubs by engaging them as partners in service. Inspiring the next generation of volunteers is more than an opportunity. It's our responsibility. Very truly yours, Chancellor Bob Corlew Your International President

We are in the final quarter of your term as governor. You still have an opportunity to earn


your District Governor Membership Award, but there isn't much time left. Here are some tips to make sure you earn recognition: Charter at least one club. This is the key to earning recognition, so work with your district team to get at least one new club chartered by the end of your term. Make inviting new members a priority. Remind your clubs that new members are the key to healthy clubs and the key to earning their own Centennial Awards. Visit the awards page for more information and keep growing your district!

Important Reminders Earlier this month, select former members were invited to join a new membership program called the International Centennial Lions Club. During this program, members will be encouraged to serve their community and connect with other available clubs. Contact for more information. Share the new Global Service Framework page and special videowith clubs on your next visit. The Centennial Commemorative Coin is on sale now! Supplies are limited, so encourage your Lions to buy one today and own a piece of Lions history. Diabetes will be announced as LCI's new global service focus at our Centennial convention in Chicago.

TAMPICO LION MEMBER DAVID BECK HONORED BY LIONS INTERNATIONAL At the April 24th, 2017 meeting Tampico Lion President Gary Johnson presented Lion David Beck an International Centennial Membership Pin for signing up Lion Keith Marcum and Lion Marcum celebrated 1 year membership during the Lions Centennial Year. Tampico Lions Club of Tampico, IL was also honor by the Illinois Department of Transportation for Two Decades, 20 years, of Service for road pick-up one mile North of Tampico by cleaning up both sides of State Highway 172 several times a year and disposing the garbage in the orange bags providing by the IL Department of Transportation. According to District 2 AAH (Adopt-A-Highway) Coordinator Kem Tressel several millions of dollars are saved each year by organizations and individuals for volunteering for road pick up. Tampico Lions Club meets on the 2nd & 4th Monday of the month at 7pm and on break during summer months of July & August and only meets on the 2nd Monday in November and December. The club is always looking for new members so please feel free to attend a meal/meeting as our guest if interested in the Tampico Community Building.



(Picture L-R: Lion President Gary Johnson, Lion David Beck, and Lion Keith Marcum)

teachers. Each student received a medal amid the applause of the 60 people that attended. Superintendent Burgess introduced Mrs. Lucca from Davenport, who was standing in for Principal Wills, to introduce the 1st grade recipient, Adrian Guadalupe Leon. Kingston Elementary principal Stefanie Hill, introduced second grader, Deanna SaldanaFitzgerald and the third grade recipient Kathryn Fredrickson. Genoa Elementary Principal John Francis, introduced the fourth grade winner, Brandon Wolcott and fifth grader, Bella Rieff. G-K Middle School Assistant Principal butcher, standing in for Principal Angelo Lekkas, presented the sixth grade Citizen of the Year medal to Ruby Mulvaney. Keion Miracle was the 7th grade recipient, and Kayla Peters was the eighth grade medal winner.

The Genoa Lions Club hosted twelve recipients of the Genoa Kingston Schools Citizen of the Year Award on Wednesday, April 19. Dinner was also provided to all attendees and was prepared and served prior to the award ceremony by the Masonic Lodge. Genoa-Kingston School District Superintendent Joe Burgess welcomed the students, parents, and Lions for his final Citizen of the Year Ceremony, he will be retiring at the end of the year. Each of the district’s principals introduced the students from their school, reading a short letter of recommendation prepared by one of the student’s 32

Genoa-Kingston High School Principal Brett McPherson, introduced and congratulated the following winners: 9th grade – Olivia Simmons (who came straight from G-K High Softball) 10th grade – Hunter Zweifel 11th grade – Mitchell Halat 12th grade – Grace Villella

Medals of achievement were awarded by Lion Vice President Jerry Helland amidst the applause of the guests and Lion’s Club members. Kristie Mulso of the Genoa-Kingston School District coordinated the events leading up to the award night and was instrumental in making sure the students and parents knew when and where to be for the Award Ceremony. Special thanks go to the Masonic Temple and the fine folks that prepared the meal and to Lion Secretary VanDerHeyden for making the arrangements with the school district and BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

acquiring the medals. And a special thank you to Lion Gene Bradford for working with the Masonic Temple to make the evening a success. The Genoa Lions Club is happy to sponsor this event each year. Pictured: Front row (l. to r.) Brandon Wolcott, Adrian Guadalupe Leon, Ruby Mulvaney, Kayla Peters, Keion Miracle, Bella Rieff, Katrhryn Fredrickson, Deanna Saldanz-Fitzgerald Back row:( r.) Mitchell Halat, Grace Villella, Hunter Zweifel, Olivia Simmons Freshman Olivia Simmons flanked by her parents Chet & Karen Simmons with Vice President Jerry Helland of the Genoa Lions.

special thanks to the folks at “Everything Floral” in downtown Genoa. Pictured in the front of “Everything Floral” in Genoa are some of the Genoa Lions that delivered flowers on Saturday, April 16th and the owner, Debbie Heiman and her helper in the back row. (front row) Debbie Heiman, Annie VanDerHeyden, Lion Deb Gentry (middle row l. to r.) President Dale Pelley, Lion Bill Holdridge, Lion Gene Bradford, Lion Jim Wilson, Lion Chad Pacey, Lion Todd Merritt Lion Rene’ VanDerHeyden (not pictured) took the photograph Many Genoa Lions purchased and delivered carnations this week, and some of them were at Lions Corner Park spreading mulch when this photo was taken on Saturday morning; so a special thank you goes out to those hard working Genoa Lions.

Genoa Park District Playground Spring Spruce-Up Saturday April 29th, Paul Bafia, Executive Director of the Genoa Park District hosted the annual Park Volunteer Day. He invited the Genoa Lions and other community members to spruce-up the various playgrounds in Genoa. Of course, the Lions started at 8:30 a.m. with Lions Corner Park on the corner of Madison and Walnut, spreading brand new wood chips (ASTM, A.D.A. certified) under all of the playground equipment. The wood chips are there to absorb the impact from a fall and to keep mud and weeds away from the play area, and need yearly augmentation or replacement. In past years, weeds and unwanted scrub trees have been removed on Spruce-Up day but not this wet and rainy Saturday. The Genoa Park District provided a luncheon at the Park District Building next to Chamberlain pool at noon, however; many of their fellow Lions were busy delivering Carnations for our annual fundraiser.

The Genoa Lions delivered over 240 dozen carnations to local residents this past weekend. The flowers were purchased, wholesale from “Everything Floral” in Genoa. Lion Gene Bradford worked diligently with his fellow Lions especially Lions Dreska and Pacey to sell the flowers and with Debbie Heiman the owner of “Everything Floral” to ensure beautiful bouquets for Friday and Saturday. Each bouquet was sold for $10 with the profits being ear-marked for student scholarships and other charitable contributions. Special accolades to Lion Gene Bradford for organizing this fundraiser and selling over 50 dozen himself. Thanks to all the Lions and others that purchased flowers with 33 BE A PART OF CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION

The following Lions participated in the Park sprucing on April 29th. Lion Rene’ VanDerHeyden had his daughter Annie VanDerHeyden take these action photographs. Lion (Park Dist. Exec. Dir.) Paul Bafia, Genoa Lion first Vice President Jerry Helland, Jim Sanford, Mike Dreska and his son James, Mike Ross, and past president Bob Becker. Lion Paul Bafia (Exec. Director of Genoa Park District) supporting a shovel advises lion Mike Ross on wheelbarrow techniques during the spruce up of Lions Corner park. Lion Mike Dreska, in his fashionable green boots raking mulch at Lions Corner Park.

Genoa Lions vice president Jerry Helland raking mulch with Lion Mike Ross wheeling around with chips in a wheelbarrow during Park Spruce-Up at Lions Corner Park.

Lions Jim Sanford hard at work with his feed shovel moving mulch at Lions Corner Park.



Congratulations to the newest Streator Hardscrabble Lion, Laura Bradley. She was sponsored by her sister, Donna Mikolajczyk and inducted by her brother, PID Bud Wahl.





MD1 State Monthly e-Magazine Edited & Published by Dr. Austin D’Souza, PDG for Lions, Lionesses and Leos of Illinois. e-Mail Address: Mail your articles, pictures and news items to above e-mail address.

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MD1 State Full e-Magazine for the Month of May, 2017  

Lions of Illinois Monthly e-Magazine for the Month of May, 2017. Edited and Published by Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG for Lions, Lionesses and L...

MD1 State Full e-Magazine for the Month of May, 2017  

Lions of Illinois Monthly e-Magazine for the Month of May, 2017. Edited and Published by Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG for Lions, Lionesses and L...