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@Audubon A Digital Magazine for Students by Students Journalism Club Grade 5

Issue 2 Summer 2012

Tina Morgan Luis Mercedes Sophia Callie Jackson N. Chani Jessica P. Rileigh Tatum Dalton Kien Grace Alejandro India Carly Sarah D. Hannah B. Stacey Reagan

Audubon Park Elementary School Orlando, Florida

Journalism Club was open to 4th and 5th grade students in the Extended Day Program.

Grade 4 Chloe Bella Katelynn Wesley Drew Chase Kiana Taylor Taryn Sienna Ava Faculty Sponsor Alison Hannon!


Extended Day Coordinator Noelle Cox

Photos of students in this magazine covered by OCPS Model Release form on file.

Students conducted and recorded interviews, took photos, composed articles and edited the school magazine.

This graphic created by Sophia S.

Cool Idea: Keep a Summer Journal!


Summer 2012

n byWhether TEACHER you’re gearing up for a trip around the world, hopping over to the coast with the family or just relaxing in your own backyard, the exciting season of summer is upon us. We

you enjoy this special edition of our student magazine, @Audubon, as you plan your e hope accuracy of the foregoing facts. If selected I wil vacation. a American Legion Department Convention and par Our Journalism Club students have gathered some exciting topics to get you thinking the representing Legio aboutYear”, learning something new this summer. the WhetherFlorida it’s diving intoAmerican books, making an icy


treat or creating your own scrapbook, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to check out our new sound feature in the Sunshine State article. Don’t forget to leave your comments on the back cover. Our journalists have enjoyed reading your feedback and suggestions. Keep ‘em coming!


Enjoy your summer!

Alison Hannon Journalism Club Sponsor


Winter: This dolphin had her tail fall off. Read this article to find out how it happened, and how she deals with life and a new tail.




Panama: Panama is the oldest dolphin at the aquarium. She is there because she is deaf and is unable to hunt.





By: Katelynn H.



Hope is the youngest dolphin at the aquarium.

Nicholas is the second oldest

She is there because her mom died early and she is confused about hunting.

dolphin. He saw his mom on the beach trying to get some air and copied her. Dolphins` skin is very sensitive and he got sunburned badly because of that.

If you`re looking for a fun vacation spot that’s not too far away, go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Hospital. It’s the permanent home of Winter, the dolphin. In May, my family and I went to visit Winter and her friends at the aquarium. Winter is the sweetest dolphin you could ever see. In September, this little sweetheart was born. Later that year in December, she got caught in a crab net. She washed onto shore all tangled up. She was found on Mosquito Lagoon (near Cape Canaveral). She was rushed to the Clearwater Aquarium and Hospital. They stopped the bleeding for a while. One day, while she was in the water, her tail got so soggy without any blood, it naturally fell off. The workers thought, “How is she supposed to swim? How can she survive an encounter with a shark?” One of the doctors invented a plastic, temporary tail for her to try out. Unfortunately, the socks for the tail hurt Winter’s skin. She had to go through 17 different tails to find the right fit. Now she lives happily with her friends Panama, Hope, and Nicholas. She is comfortable with her new tail. Besides Winter, Nicholas was my favorite dolphin. I sat in the Splash Zone while he did flips and tricks. He listened to his trainer like there wasn’t any thing else in the world going on. He swam, jumped, and a second later I found myself soaking wet while he was spinning in mid air.

Nicholas is one of the coolest dolphins at the CMA. In this photo, Nick is jumping in the air in a phenomenal show. If you want to learn more about this dolphin and see Winter on a LIVE Webcam, then check out

This is Bailey. People call her the “Bubble Butt” turtle because when she was hit by a boat, her back flippers got removed. Now when she flaps her front flippers, she goes under and her back sticks up.

This is Binny, an Otter that is sleeping. Right after this snapshot, he woke up and started dragging his back legs.

There aren’t just dolphins at the CMA. There are Sea Turtles, stingrays, sharks, otters, and Sea Urchins. There are 2 Nurse Sharks, 4 otters, 4 turtles, 14 touchable Stingrays, and also 16 Sea Urchins. All animals that come to the CMA are claimed to be unreleasable. (Unless their injuries heal and they are able to do the same things as before.) Take Winter, for example. She can’t swim like before, so she is called unreleasable. Before you go on the 2 hour road trip, you can watch the two original movies Dolphin Tail and Winter, the Dolphin that Could.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Hospital 249 Windward Passage

Clearwater, FL 33767

Adults $19.95 Children (ages 3 – 12) $14.95 Seniors(60+) $17.95

Photos and article By Katelynn H.

The Perfect Family Field Trip!

Sailing Newsletter • 1234 Main Street • Anytown, State ZIP • 123.456.7890

M a k i n g a

This must take a lot of work, so we asked her a few questions to find out how she does it all. 1. What time do you wake up in the morning to train? 6:00 o’clock in the morning. We drive to RDV and I train for my sports. 2. What were your favorite sports to play when you were little? All of them, but I loved skating and triathlons the most. 3. Who is your hero? My mother, because she encourages me and makes me feel better. 4. When your mother taught you how did you feel? Exited and energetic . Interview and Article by Ava P. Photos courtesy of Taylor

Splash! Boing! Click! Bop! Scratch! Taylor from 4th grade is an amazing athlete queen. Some of the sports that she does may look easy, but they’re hard and this girl can do it all. When Taylor participates in sports, she shows who she really is. When she figure skates she flies in the sky, when she swims she’s fast like an eel, when she dives she points like a pencil, when she does triathlons, she’ll always try her best. Taylor is ten years old and started doing these sports when she was just three years old. Taylor’s supporters are her mom, her sister, Alex (pictured below) and her best friend Natalie. When this girl does her sports she takes it seriously because she hopes that she’ll make it in the Olympics in all sporting categories in the future.

S p l a s h Catch!

5th grader Alex T.

has been fishing for 5 years. His favorite part of fishing is the feeling he gets when a fish takes the bait. By Jackson N.

Meow! Annie, 5th grader, is in The Water Blossoms Of Orlando. She has been dong this for two years. Annie says that the hardest part of synchronized swimming is raising herself above the water. By Jessica P.

Click!, Liam straps on his bike helmet after swimming 150 yards. He can only be competing in one thing, yep, a triathlon. A triathlon is a competition where you swim, bike, then run and try to have the shortest time. Liam only started about a month ago and wasn’t very interested at first. After he began, he soon enjoyed the competitions. He has only been in two competitions because of the short time he has been participating. Liam says his shortest time was 33 minutes. Swimming 150 yards, biking 4 miles, then running one mile. WOW - How does he keep up? By Taryn D.

Splash! Caroline Kelley reels in a big one while it fights with all its power, or at least that’s what is supposed to happen. Caroline is only in 4th grade and competed in a fishing contest recently with against 90 other teams. You would think a kid like her would never have even a single chance. You would be wrong. Caroline came in 4th place in the Junior Angler competition. Overall, Caroline and her father came in 6th place in the team category. Caroline started fishing when she was only three years old and started competing when she was five. By Taryn D.


Looking for something to do this summer? Why don’t you read the NEW Sunshine State Books? RnNOUHNpK29hUFU9 m/ZzFLTmFLeXppSGc9 R0tzM0NvNTZoUmc9 m/L0JjaTVGbWM2a3c9 akRGUTcvbnRxT1k9 UUZRQy9kSHlncXM9

This Art icle is INTERACTIVE! Click on the link below each book to hear a summary of the book. Reviews read by Chloe A. and Kiana D. All reviews from Printable version: OEUxOWIzcTVxclU9 ZG5lM0sxMFMwNDA9 M2RXOFAxcEJndGs9Click. WWtQZlVMV09LMzg9 NGRzeUR5WEFBTms9 R0tzM0NvNTZoUmc9 cVZHajlBU3Z4RFU9. NkhhRW1sM1RSZUU9

. Y3NGKzFzeWZWZlk9


SPECIAL OLYMPICS Did you hear that Audubon Park Elementary had a Annual Olympics with the classes of Mrs. Baumgartner, Ms.O’Grady, Mrs.Wilson, Ms.,Langston and Mrs.Fields? These Kindergarteners practice their throwing kicking, balancing, Jumping and other basic PE skills. At the end of the year these classes with epic kids have their own Olympics. Maybe in a few years they might be running toward the gold, but for now the prizes are a ribbon and a necklace. The program is called “Young Athletes’ Special Olympics.” The program’s purpose is to help those children with special needs to stay healthy. Family members are allowed to come and see their children compete against other classes while the parents cheer on the students. Everyone can get wrapped up in the heat of the moment just for fun. In the future, these little athletes will be going for the GOLD!

Article/Interview By: Luis M.G.

How to Keep

SOARING Over the Summer By India W. and Mercedes

We checked in with Mr. Honohan to see what he wanted kids to learn over the summer. He wants every kid to read at least 20 minutes a day. For math, he suggests Iready and for reading, KidBiz3000. If you don’t do any practice, kids sometimes forget a month of what they already learned! So never stop learning! I-ready: a tutoring math program for kids to practice different levels in math as well as symmetry, multiplication, etc.... KidBiz3000: This is for 3rd -5th graders. Sign on as you always do during the school year.

“Reading is the key to success! I would like all students to read at least 20 minutes a day during the summer.” Mr. Honohan The Principal

Cool Treats By Mercedes R.

Mini Ice pops! Do you want simple 1,2,3 step treats? Then get these simple items: Toothpicks, your favorite juice(s), ice tray, freezer, and plastic wrap. First, pour your juice into the tray. Then put the wrap over the tray. After that, you poke in the toothpicks and pop them in the freezer. Wait for them to freeze, take out then eat them. What a cool treat!

APPS TAKE YOUR LEARNING ON THE ROAD Math Board: A great App for for all ages from adding and subtracting to multi-step multiplication and division. It gives you space to work out your problems and different colors of chalk to work with.

StudyBlue: Make flashcards with anything you want to learn. You can make your own flashcards with pictures or download flashcards people already made. Study over breakfast or in the middle of the night (that’s me!)

Spellboard: You can practice your spelling words and practice handwriting with this App. Take all the tricky words you are having trouble with, add them to the App, then practice. You can add pictures to help you and even add your voice to the App. You can also do games with your words.

By Taylor M.

APPS THAT TAKE YOU PLACES Google Earth: Type in your address or where you are planning to visit this summer. Watch it zoom in to the location. Have you wanted to visit Las Vegas or The Great Wall of China? You can do with Google Earth! Lifecards: Design your own postcard. You can add pictures from your vacation off your ipod or iPad, then write a message and send it to your family and friends. There are many different themes and styles. You can even draw on the postcard!

Stuck on Earth: You can take a guided tour anywhere in the world with this App. When you click on a part of the map there are real pictures of what goes on there. There are also TOP 50 photo galleries like TOP 50 Bridges, TOP 50 Castles and the TOP 50 Amusement Parks. Tapose: Make your own Travel Journal! You can choose the style and color of your own journal. Add pictures, your voice and even video clips from your iPad. Your journal will turn into an interactive scrapbook.

Indian   Guides    By Tina P. and Callie S. If you are looking for something fun to do and you enjoy camping with friends and family, there is a program called Indian Guides you might enjoy. Read on to learn more about this fun filled program for boys and girls of all ages.

Indian Guides is a YMCA program where boys and girls of all ages go camping in a group called a tribe. The tribes camp in state parks, springs and on beaches. There are many different tribes such as: Apache, Apalachee, Calusa, Choctaw, Hatchinhu, Kiowa, Osceola. Every month each tribe goes on a camp out together (except during December).

Callie from 5th grade plays a game called “GaGa� which was invented by the Calusa and Appalachee tribes. Most people In Indian Guides sleep in tents but you can also come in campers or pop ups with your family.


There are two types of camp outs tribal and Federation. Tribal camp outs are when just your tribe camps out. Federation camp out is when all the tribes in the EOLA Federation go on a camp out. All the tribes try to teach kids to aim for the Seven Goals. They are listed to the right. You get to meet new people at Indian Guides. Tribe members learn to respect other and the environment. When you meet new people, you get to try new things with each other, like new games. This builds trust and new

1. 2.

friendships. “The thing I like most about the campouts is the food,” explains Callie S.


“Every campout there is another type food like the famous Mr. Palermo’s Chili, delicious Barbecue, and the peach cobbler. We also gather around the campfire and make S’Mores from marshmallows, chocolate and

4. 5.

graham crackers.” 6.

This is the campfire where campers gather around and tell stories. We like to sit and just talk with friends, also.

This is the chief of Indian Guides. His name is Mr. Alan and he organizes the whole campout. He brings activities for all the tribes to do.


To be clean of body and pure of heart. To be friends forever with my Father/Mother/ Son/Daughter. To love the sacred circle of my family. To be attentive while others speak. To love my neighbor as myself. To respect the traditions and beliefs of all people. To seek and preserve the beauty of the great spirit's work in the forest, field and stream.

The New

I P a d CArt Teachers Learn, too!

By Bella D. and Siena D. Photos by Mrs. Norber

There is a new cart in town. It’s a cart full of Apple iPads and they’re ready for kindergarten, first and

Mrs.Norber, Falcon Fund President, presents the brand new iPad cart to kindergarten, first and second grade teachers. Do they look excited or what?

second grade classes. This new cart rolled in during the month of March and the teachers got together in the Media Center to learn more about them. Teachers wrote requests called “grants” for the iPads. The Falcon Fund didn’t buy just one or two, they bought 24 for the teachers to share. The Falcon Fund is made up of parents who raise money to help our school with technology.

Mrs. Hear n and Mrs. Freyer are really getting The cart arrived with a big red into the iPads.

bow on top. This cart charges iPads each night and all the iPads sync all together.

We thought we’d ask some of the teachers how they felt about this new cart. Mrs. Hearn said “It was a nice surprise. I checked them out the first week and my students used them during center time. Their favorite app is Stack the States.”

“The iPad


engaging, interesting and the kids want to learn with it.” Mr. Angel, 1st grade teacher

Mrs. Carter said, “Sometimes first graders have a hard time with regrouping. Our students used the App Math Regrouping to help them with that important math skill.” Mr. Angel is told us that when he’s teaching and the kids are confused, he shows them another way with the iPad and that helps them learn better. Mr. Angel has his own iPad, many iPod touches and is getting more iPads next year to use with his class.

Mrs.Carter and Mrs.Smith were one of the first classes to use the iPad cart. As you can tell, the kids are really into the learning. Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Frohlich are looking on. Photo by Mr. Honohan

Kindergarten teachers got together to experiment on the iPads and learned ways to teach their kids new things.

Mrs. Jiron, Mrs. Shanoff, Ms. Vaughn, Ms. Lyons

Summer Olympics 2012 By: Jackson N. and Jessica P. The Summer 2012 Olympics are being held in London, England from July 27th to August 12th.

Summer Sports •Archery •Badminton

•Handball •Judo

In The Spotlight SWIMMING

•Basketball •Modern Pentathlon •Beach Volleyball •Rowing

There will be a total of 950

•Boxing •Canoe/Kayak

•Sailing •Shooting

34 different events, with only

•Cycling •Diving

•Soccer •Swimming

•Equestrian •Fencing

•Synchronized Swimming •Table Tennis

•Field Hockey •Gymnastics

•Taekwondo •Tennis

•Water Polo •Weightlifting

•Track and Field •Triathlon



competitors taking place in 32 competitors taking places in the final competition.

Cycling Track cycling has been part of every Olympic game but one since the first modern games. At the 2012 London Summer Olympics there are 10 gold medals up for grabs.

SUMMER MOVIES By Chase M., Drew H., and Wesley F.

June 8th

The group is back and trying to return to their beloved home in the Big Apple. They have to go through Europe to get back. Also, they go in a disco by going through a circus. They make new friends. This looks funny and exciting!

July 3rd

It’s the same old Spider-Man that you know and love, but with a couple of new faces. For example, Gwen Stacy and Lizard Man appear. What new moves will Spiderman have in this one?

August 3rd Dog Days is a sequel to the first 2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. It is about a kid named Greg. In the summer he has wacky adventures. He gets a dog. It is a continuation of Last Straw and Rodderick Rules. Don’t miss it!

July 13th

Another adventure in the Ice Age! It looks like Scrat will never get his acorn back. As the friends work together, they have to fight pirates and lots of creepy sea monsters.Prepare for a brain freeze.

August 12th A little boy named Norman has to save his town from a curse that has been in the city for many years. He can talk to the dead and his friends are going to help him save the city from the old curse.

August 15th This movie is about a boy named Timothy Green who was born in a box in a garden.Right when his parents saw him they knew he was no ordinary kid. This is a must see movie.

Tips & Tricks

How did you do THAT? I made the cover for our Summer Journalism Magazine. It might look hard but it was really easy with an app called PIXYME. Here are the Steps: 1. Look at the themes 2. Pick one that you like 3. Edit the word or phrase you want (I chose Audubon) 4. Save it in your Photo Library. When we were brainstorming about the cover, we knew it would be about summer, having fun and relaxing during vacation! I made these pictures for the cover because they made me smile. This cover makes me feel interested and want to read more. I think that this is the right cover because it has an eye catching theme!


App Store


App Lesson by Sophia S.

Math Evolve All methods of math in a fun game

Butterfly Brunch Learn about math coordinates

GhostBlasters Multiplication fun and practice

Symmetry Shuffle Puzzles that make you think

Rory’s Story Cubes 9 cubes, 54 images Unlimited stories!

Comic Life Create stories in a comic. Cool picture effects

Word Bingo Learn sight words on different levels Prek - Level 3

Book Creator The #1 iPad Book Creation app. Mrs. Hannon’s favorite

By Taylor M. and Mrs. Hannon

Hickory Divide Division Practice

Scribblenauts Remix Writing, spelling, problem solving

Apps for You

Rocket Math 3 different levels. Launch rockets while practicing facts

Futoba Word Games Mrs. Quinn’s Class loves this one.

Y o u r T u r n Leave your comments and suggestions about our magazine here:

Have a message? Make a picture from words by using the TypeDrawing App. Chi made this one after reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

@AUDUBON Student Magazine: Summer Fun Issue  

Magazine created by Audubon Park 4th and 5th grade Journalism Students.

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