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@Audubon A Digital Magazine for Students by Students Journalism Club Grade 5 Tina Morgan Hannah Luis Mercedes Sophia Callie Jackson N. Chani Jessica P. Rileigh Tatum Dalton Kien Grace Alejandro India Carly Sarah D. Hannah B. Stacey Reagan Guest Contributor: Anastasia

Issue 1 Spring 2012

Audubon Park Elementary School Orlando, Florida

Journalism Club was open to 4th and 5th grade students in the Extended Day Program.

Grade 4 Chloe Bella Katelynn Wesley Drew Chase Kiana Taylor Taryn Faculty Sponsor Alison Hannon!


Extended Day Coordinator Noelle Cox

Photos of students in this magazine covered by OCPS Model Release form on file.

Students conducted and recorded interviews, took photos, composed articles and edited the school magazine.

Welcome Stories are everywhere. Stories are woven into our everyday lives, float around in our daydreams and guide us in our hope for the future. I am so very proud of our Journalism Club students who covered every inch of this campus in search of these stories. Our first digital magazine comes to you as a result of their hard work, interviews, planning, writing, collaborating and creating. They were passionate about finding the story in every nook and cranny of our school. We hope you find @Audubon a reflection of the many people who make our school so special. Please congratulate our writers who put their hearts and souls into this publication. May it inspire you to write and share the stories aliso n. 407 hannon .897 @oc .640 ps.n 0x 430 et 8

that make up your life.

Mrs. Alison Hannon Journalism Club Sponsor

Taking Tennis

Coach Christine Short and the after school Tennis Club at Audubon Park Elementary.

Reporting, interview, photography and article by Sarah D., Tina P. and Callie S.

Have you ever wondered what the kids with the rackets, and flying yellow balls are doing after school? Every Tuesday and Thursday in the fall season, you will find 15 students playing on the basketball court. But they are NOT

playing Basketball. You see, on these 2 afternoons each week, the basketball courts are turned into tennis courts. The teacher who is responsible for making this switch is Coach Short. She played tennis at University of Ohio and started the club at Audubon Park. One of the fun activities tennis club does is the game “Survivor”.

Coach Short created tennis club because she played tennis all her life, and she wants to encourage children to play. The kids who are in this club think it’s a fun sport that has been easy to learn. They sure look like they are having fun doing it!

In the Cafeteria....

Florida Governor Rick Scott A Special Visit to Audubon Park Elementary by Florida’s top leader. by Callie S. and Sophia S. When you think about the first week of school, you might think of new clothes, meeting your teacher, and getting school supplies. Well, you’d probably never think of Florida Governor Rick Scott coming to our school. He visited the very first week of school serving breakfast and lunch to the students at Audubon Park Elementary. Interesting to say he prepared breakfast and lunch and even washed dirty dishes. He said the hardest part of his day was “putting his gloves on.” He was very busy in the cafeteria. The staff led him through the jobs and showed him how to do them. We interviewed Mrs. Herrin, cafeteria manager, and she said “The most interesting part of the day was letting Governor Scott see all the regulations in the cafeteria. He was a good sport and it was fun to see him exploring the cafeteria.” He arrived at the school around 7:00 a.m. and started prepping for the breakfast crowd. After lunch and cleanup were done, he visited Mrs. Hannon and Mr. Thomas. His wife, the first lady of Florida also came. Mrs. Ann Scott visited Mr. Giles, Mrs. Harrar and Mrs. Quinn. The

students of Audubon Park were super lucky to have the governor come to our school.

The Governor uses our iPad to write “Audubon Park is a great school where teachers love to teach and students love to learn.”

Governor Scott gets a lesson on the Promethean in Mr. Thomas’ 3rd grade class.

ry o t rS e v Co


the Murals

Meet Jon Miller


He’s the talented artist behind Audubon Park’s murals. He recently spent some time with Journalists Wesley and Drew and let them in on a few of his secrets. You’ve passed by them, you’ve stopped to stare, you may have even seen them being painted. We’re talking about the Audubon Park murals. You’ll learn about how the murals came to be and about the man who designed them.

Quick Facts Name: Jon Miller Hometown: Ocoee, Florida Number of schools with his murals: 7 Favorite Art Type: Fantasy Favorite thing about his job: Bringing things to life

Jon Miller, the artist behind the murals, started drawing when he was a young boy but didn’t start actually painting until he was 18. When he was a child, he was influenced by the black and white King Kong movies. He loved the black and white sketches. The most difficult thing about doing murals is getting the drawing from a small picture to the massive size of a wall like by the stairs. Sometimes he uses projectors to put the picture on the wall before he draws.

We wondered about the steps needed to make the murals. He told us that he first discusses ideas with his customer (in our case, that’s Mr. Honohan). He then does research about the animal he plans to paint. He brings sketches back for approval. If they are approved, he begins outlining the murals. He uses water based latex paints for the final touches. You see a lot of animals in our murals at school and he said he got the idea from John James Audubon, the famous bird researcher and painter. Each year, the 5th grade classes get to decide which bird they want to dedicate to the school. So far, the birds are the Toucan, the Eagle, the Falcon and the Cardinal. What do you think it will be this year?

What’s the Story? by Katelynn H. & Chase M.

You might be wondering about this mural next to the library What’s the story behind it? This mural was a painted in honor of Mr. Jim English. He was the father of Mrs. Amber Thomas (who works in the office) and the grandfather of Rylie (Kindergarten). Jim English, who passed away in 2010, thought education was very important. Mrs. Thomas said he was always reading something and bought everyone books for gifts. He was generous with his money and donated to many schools (including ours) and colleges. Rylie and Mrs. Thomas must be proud!

His favorite things to draw are fantasy things. One of the most unusual things he has ever painted has been at theme parks, like his most recent work at Islands Of Adventure. “They drained the river of Popeye and Bluto’s Water Ride and used a splatter paint on all the rocks on the ride,” he explained. “I’ve also done some unusual painting in the Cat in the Hat area of Universal.” The idea for murals at our school came when Mr. Honohan worked at Thornebrook Elementary. Mr. Honohan said, “I hired him to paint some murals in the Media Center to begin with. I think his style of art is terrific and really enhances the beauty inside our building. Each year I ask him to add another mural to our walls.” His favorite Audubon Park mural? The largest one by the front stairs. He’s proud of it because it was his first Audubon Park painting and it’s his largest mural ever. He told us that making this huge mural was a challenge but worth it. It helped that the wall was smooth. The school was new when the mural was painted. He had to use big scaffolding to climb on. It was his goal to make the animals look and feel like they were actually moving. When he’s not painting, Jon Miller enjoys going to movies, art

museums and comic book stores to look at the art. When he’s at the movies, he’s not just watching the movie. He’s studying the backgrounds and the scenes for ideas. His mind is always on the lookout for new inspiration and ideas. So there you have the story behind all of Audubon Park Elementary’s famous murals. Jon Miller’s cool paintings definitely make our school rock!

Recording the Interview

Journalists Wesley (left) and Drew (right) interview Jon Miller in front of his largest mural. Interview & Article: Wesley F. and Drew H. Photos: Ms. C. Hill

Which one is YOUR favorite? by Reagan K.

“I like the Toucan mural because it’s tropical.” -Mrs. Spurlin

“I like the mural on the staircase because it has lots of over lapping, it’s very vivid and it has a dramatic sunset.”

“I like the mural in the cafeteria because it glows in the dark.” Dorian H.


“I like the Falcon mural because it’s Audubon’s bird with a beautiful sunset in background.” - Mrs.Krogel

“The Puzzle Falcon is my favorite because it’s about Autism Awareness.” - Drew

“I like the mural in the cafeteria because it’s neon.” - Ian

“I like the Falcon because it’s Audubon’s mascot.” - Wesley



Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to become a safety patrol? Well, come along for the ride and meet some friends of mine who are patrols! Have you ever met Mr. Jamie Weiss? If you have then you probably already know that he’s the head of all the safety patrols. That’s not his only job, though. He’s a parent of a 2 year old daughter. He loves to run, cook, and play with his daughter in his spare time, too. He loves his job so much because he likes watching all the patrols grow up to be responsible, young adults


and work their way up in patrol badges. Also, he has to constantly make sure that all the patrols are at their posts and are behaving correctly. Wow! Did you know that there are 32 patrols? If you want to become a future patrol then I suggest that you maintain good grades, make positive behavior decisions, and have fun.

(Top) Reporter and Patrol Tatum H-D (Bottom) Mr. Weiss, Supervisor

Mr. Arnold’s

Re c i p e f o r Success

S u cc es sf u l S tu d en t 1. Eat a good brea kfast every morning to fuel up . 2. Always do your

Who wants tips on being a great student? We checked in with Mr. Arnold and asked him for his top tips and ways to stay OUT of his office! By Dalton M. and Kien N.


3. Listen to your pa rents and teachers. They wan t what is best for you. 4. Show respect.

Mr. Arnold is the D ean at Audubon Park Elem entary. He is in charge of keepin g the peace in the school. He sees kids who are having a hard time behaving and he also helps other kids keep out

of trouble. His othe r job is the Jungle News Crew for morning announcements.

The View from Here

This photo courtesy of Bridget C.

Bridget C. from 5th grade took over the school and became Principal for the Day.


A Day in the Life of Bridget C., Audubon Park Principal-for-the-Day Interview, Photography and Article by Sarah D. and Hannah B.

Bridget C. from the 5th grade had the opportunity to become the Principal for a Day. She won the Silent Auction at Harvest Fest in November. She was very excited about the huge job at Audubon Park. We visited the new principal in her office and asked her these questions: 1. What have you done as Principal so far? “I have to do a lot of paperwork and filing. They’re keeping me very busy today!” 2. There has been a stealing situation with some of the bears in the front lobby. What should we do about it? “I think we should be friendly and ask kids on the announcements if they took it to please return it. We should remind them about doing the right thing.” 3. What are you going to do while you are principal? “I am going to


walk around the school and ask the kids if they like the school and why. It’s important to keep everyone positive.” 4. How are you going to improve the school? “We will make the kids feel safe. That’s very important for a principal to do.”

D i r t B i k e K i d Vroom! There goes

Carson especially favors his sponsor, Jeremiah’s

Carson (a.k.a. “The Dirt

Italian Ice. Their donations help him buy his parts

Bike Kid”) This Audubon

and equipment. His

Park fourth grader has

family takes him to

been competing and

competitions all over

riding dirt bikes since he

Florida and Georgia.

was four years old. His

Carson hopes to be

proud father taught him

competing with his

how to ride. He started

dirt bike for many

so young he needed

more years to come.

training wheels on his dirt bike (but only for 2 days). Since then he has competed in over 15 races. Carson has won 10 trophies, one even bigger than him! He took first place 6 times and hopes to win more. Carson says the most exciting thing is flying past his opponents. He also says the most difficult thing about racing is going trough ruts (or holes). They bounce a rider up in the air and cause unsteadiness.

This is Carson’s racing uniform.He only wears it during races.

Carson likes his KTM bike. It’s fast & powerful just like him!

He is wearing safety gear from his 10 little piggies to his 40,000 hairs. He chose number 24 because his favorite NASCAR racer is Jeff Gordon.

These are the wheels of a dirt bike. They’re always covered in mushy mud. There’s the green frog from Jeremiah’s Italian Ice.

All pictures from Carson.

Interview and Article by: Taryn D. & Chase M.



FA S H I O N & T R E N D S @ A U D U B O N

Feathers, Feathers Everywhere! by Grace T. and Chloe A.

You may have spotted something that is a little strange in a girl’s hair: A FEATHER. This trend of wearing feathers in hair isn’t happening just at Audubon Park, it’s happening almost everywhere! According to Julie Honohan of Magnolia Salon, this feather trend started in California. She also told us that Steven Tyler started this trend. These long, thin accessories

Ese, 1st grade

Liam V., 2nd grade

Alex, 3rd grade

Hair Raising Facts Mohawks and spiky hair have been seen all around the school. We wondered what it

all over your hair. Finally, you need to comb your hair backwards. Jadon a fifth

grader reports,” I’ve spiked takes to make this hairstyle work. Ese, Alex and Liam gave my hair for10 years now. Its an easy style to keep up with.” us some pointers. What you need to spike up your hair is By Morgan M. and Grace T. gel, a comb, and water. First, you have to get all of your hair wet. Then, you have to put gel

Jadon, 5th grade

are made of rooster feathers.They can be found in most salons for 20 dollars.

Feathers of Riley H., grade 4

Cap it Off: Add some style to your outfit adding a cap like Brooke S. did. Fun, cozy and chic to wear anywhere!

Feather of Chloe A., grade 4

The Vibrams: The new running shoe that has a slot for every toe. Just ask India W. ‘’ With these running shoes you think no shoes are on your feet.”

TATIANA’S TOES! Take a look at these cool, funky shoes. When she walks, everyone stares at these sweet shoes.

By India W.

H a i r

H a b i t s

“It takes hard work to look good. I like to add these colorful beads at the bottom of my braids. “

“I pick my headbands to match my mood. This pink bow says HAPPY!”

Vanessa H.

- Paris

“I’ve been wearing them since I’ve been in Pre-K. They are easy to put on and I like the colors of all the headbands.” -

“Headbands are a flashy way to keep your hair back and out of your face.” Lane M.

Payton C.

“This is my funky flower. It’s puffy and made of silk’’ Caroline F.

“This is a black hat hairbow with a heart jewel in the middle. I like it because it’s pretty fancy.”

“I add hair extensions to match my outfit. I have 6 different colors.”

Jayne D.

Chloe M.


“I got this style done at a barber shop. They planned it out then used the razors and shaved out the design.” - Donovan

“I let my brother who is 21 shave this style on me. I had to trust what he would do. I like the designs on the side with the mohawk up top.” - Dominic T.

“It took a lot of time to make this design on my head. I like the way the zigzags go all over.”

Ese -




Taking a Swing at Audubon Park All About the Golf Club by Chase M. and Taryn D. It’s TEE time at Audubon Park Elementary. Approximately 27 Audubon Park students participate in the after-school golf program on Fridays. They learn all the parts of the sport of golf. We interviewed the assistant golf instructor, Mr. Tyler Vest, and learned about the life of this coach. Mr. Vest started golf at 3 years old when his father took him to play. He was very exited the first time he went to play golf. He likes golf because he thinks it’s an interesting sport and keeps you mentally challenged. Plus, it’s a sport you can play most of your life. He liked it so much he decided to teach it. When we asked him about the most difficult part of teaching the golf club, he said “The two hardest things about teaching children golf is to keep them interested and to make sure they pay attention. We are always switching things up to make them into what we’re doing.” Kids in the golf club have been learning things like how to swing. The first swing is the putt. You have probably done putting in miniature golf or you have done all of them on a real golf course. Just a little tap is needed when you’re close to the hole. The second swing is chipping. Chipping is where you bring the club to your knee then swing towards your other knee. It’s like a knee to knee swing. The third is full swing. This is where you bring the club to your shoulder and swing it all the way back. If you have a lot of force, the ball will go far with this swing. You will usually use this swing when you hit the ball off the tee for the first time. The fourth swing is pitching. Pitching is basically chipping but bringing the club up a few inches past your knee before you hit the ball and bringing the club up to your waist after you hit the ball. “Practice, practice, practice” suggests the Mr. Vest, Mr. Hart and Mr. Leeds, the leaders of the club.

C l a s s

P e t s By Katelynn H.

Choco Golden Striped Tarantula Name: Fluffy (female) Location: Ms. O’Connor’s Science Lab Age: 1 year old Eats: Crickets and Mealworms Worst habit: Nothing. It’s Perfect (according to Ms. O’Connor) What kids do: Touch and scream

American Turtles Name: Rocky (female) Location: Mr. Sullivan’s 4th Grade Room Age: 1 year It eats: Turtle food What kids do: Touch and talk to it

Names: Crush And Squirt Location: Ms.Motzer ’s 2nd grade room Ages: 1 year and 2 months Worst Habit: Makes a Mess W h a t k i d s d o : F e e d a n d Wa t e r

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Name: Precious (female) Mother of Daisy Location: Mrs. Harrar`s 2nd grade classroom Age: 4 years old

Name: Daisy (female) Location: Mrs. Harrar’s 2nd Grade classroom Age: 2 years old Worst habit: Had an “accident” on a teacher What kids do: Feed and water

Tech Talk By Hannah B. Technology is a blast here at Audubon Park Elementary. iPads here, iPods there, Prometheans everywhere! We have it all. A lot of kids and teachers have been using technology for years and are into the newest things. But, what about some of our new subs, teachers and students? This article is for them and anyone who wants to know a little more about what technology we have and what it does.

The Promethean Interactive White Board With this magnificent whiteboard, there are many advantages. For example, the teacher can pull up games and internet sites and the whole class can interact with it. Kids can use Inspire software to make flipcharts. Some of the kids in Mr. Weiss’ class have even been making flipcharts and have been presenting them in other classrooms. This board lets the kids The Governor and 2nd grader Paris using the Promethean.

“Scan Me!”

be the teachers....I mean “masters” of learning.

Have you ever heard someone say that on

Friday? They are talking about our school shirts. This year the shirts have a QR Code on the front and the back. If you scan the front, you can see a cool video about the school, messages from Mr. Honohan and upcoming events. If you scan the back, you can answer the question of the month. As you see to the right, your answers will be posted on this screen in the front lobby.

There’s an APP for that! There are some classrooms with Apple ipods and ipads. Students use these for Apps that h e l p t h e m l e a r n . F o r e x a m p l e , t h e r e ’s a n A p p c a l l e d “ P o p p l e t ” t h a t k i d s c a n b r a i n s t o r m a n d sha re ide a s . T h e r e’s al so a n A pp ca l l ed “ Book Cr eator ” so kids can have the e x per i enc e of making their own books and expressing their ideas. All s t u d e n t s a t A u du b o n co me to th e Wr iting Studio to use iPads. Other classr oom s l i k e Ms.O B rien , M s . Q ui nn ,Mr. A n g e l , Ms. W ilson and M s. T. Hill have ipads for thei r c l as s es too. Kids can also bring their own ipads, ipods and netbooks to class.

Tech Talk by Rileigh H.

5 Minutes with... Mrs. Frohlich Job title: Instructional Technology Teacher Years in Education: 15 years Can’t do without: Her iPhone Wants to try: To be very proficient at both Mac and PC.

Ms.Gilmore’s class, Ms.Thomas’ class, Mrs.Hannon’s Journalism Club and the entire 4th grade are all posting in and out of school on is a safe website that is a social media for kids of all ages. Your teacher(s) can post comments, grade assignments, and even write due dates or upcoming events.For example, Ms.J.Thomas’ reading class is posting opinions about novels, and also are doing polls on whatever is going on in reading class. 4th graders write blogs and take quizzes on Edmodo. Ms.J.Thomas uses because she wanted to make learning more interesting and outside the box. She also uses it so her students can express themselves down a different avenue. ‘I love how the blogging part of resembles “Facebook”. I adore how no one can see your posts unless they have your class code”. - Ms.J.Thomas

Website Suggestions: - sort of like a online powerpoint.

I think it’s fun and a creative way to learn other people’s opinion. It’s easy to turn my work in to the teacher this way. - Jessica P. - like a box that you can put a ton of things in to show evidence, description of events, arguments, etc. educational math, logic

Article By: Rileigh H.

“It’s a fun way to do your homework, and you also get to see your friends’ ideas” - Mercedes R.

P i cLi is a cr eative and cool website that give s y ou b e a u t i f u l i m a g e s t h a t y o u m a t c h u p w i t h y o u r o w n w o r d s . O r, yo u ca n p i c k fr om their var iety of wor ds. PicLits has a good deal of words, they have nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and universals.If you’re wondering what universals are, they are words like a, above, across, those, not, of, we, was, yours, and all punctuation marks are universals. The object is to put the ri g h t w ords in the r ight places to inspir e your self an d c aptur e the essence, story, and meaning of the picture.

How Does Your Garden Grow? We checked in with Mrs. O’Brien to find out just how the Multiage Garden came to be.

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere! Interview, photography and article by Taylor M. and Bella D.

Multi-age teacher Mrs. O’Brien has a wonderful garden that she shares with other classes. It’s called the MultiAge Garden. She teaches children of different ages. Her favorite thing about the garden is that a group of Audubon Park parents not only built it, but donated their time and energy to build it. The Multi-Age volunteer group, led by parents Carrie and Micah Mohanna worked three Saturdays during the summer to set up the sprinkler system, plant the actual plants, dig out the area and put in the mulch. Mrs. O’Brien’s favorite part of the garden is the Butterfly Garden area because it attracts the beautiful butterflies. She explains that whenever the classes sit there, they can have butterflies fluttering around them. Her favorite plants in the garden are the flowering plants because of all the beautiful color. There is a plant in the garden called “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” The first day the flowers are purple, the next day the flowers are white and the last day the flowers are yellow. After all of that, the yellow flowers fall off and it starts all over. If Mrs.O’Brien did not have the garden she would be sad and outside would not be as pretty. On the bright side, on special occasions, like Mrs. O’Brien’s birthday, the class sits outside on the benches.



Interview & photos by Callie S. and Rileigh H.

First Graders are Growing First graders are excited about their new garden. Each day

new seeds. So far, they have grown strawberries, green

delicious” said Devin. Aubry added “Our gardens are

before recess, Ms. McClelland’s class checks on the garden. They water and check on the plants and sometimes they even plant

beens, bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and broccoli. They ate the green beens and cucumbers. “It was juicy and

gorgeous!” They hope that everyone will enjoy and take care of all the gardens at our school.

Harper’s Tips for Care 1. Water! 2. Pull out weeds.



3. Make sure the veggies are ripe and ready before you pick them!


Learn about classes old and new


Ever wonder what’s in the big black cases going in to portable #911? You may have seen odd shaped cases around Audubon Park. Well, this is your lucky day. Read on to find out the sensation of strings. By: Tina P. India W. Stacey F. Audubon Park Elementary is

are so difficult to play,

very lucky to have someone

that the best players in the

teach our students how to

world can play them. The most

play wonderful strings

difficult for Mr. Torchia


were the Flute and the Cello.

Mr. Frank

Torchia teaches our students

Mr. Torchia teaches strings

in portable #911 every

is because HIS teachers

Wednesday and Friday. Mr. Torchia has been

inspired him. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Are

playing strings instruments

there any upcoming events?

ever since he was very young.

The answer is YES. See below

He started with the violin

for the times and dates. Be

then piano then almost every

sure to check out some of

other orchestra instrument.

these sensational students.

There are instruments that

Mercedes R. and Stacey F.

Mr. Torchia is also an expert on helping children when they need it. Here he is helping India with her Bass.

Bennett B. and his Violin

5th grade Strings Class

Upcoming Strings Concert

June 2nd Rollins College Annie Russell Theatre

Get Creative! by Alejandro M-G. and Luis M.G

KidZ Art is held every Tuesday after school at Audubon Park. Every week they learn about different forms of art like drawing, coloring, painting. Madisyn J., a fifth grader, said “My favorite part is using the markers and just being creative.” So far her favorite is a koala bear created with colored pencils. Last week she made alligators from New York. Kids in the class have also made a Viking sailboat

Another art class goes on in the Art Room every Thursday. It’s a series of classes from The Petite Palette. Clay class taught by Mrs Mount and Mrs Lifrage lasted 6 weeks. Drawing class


taught by Mr. Ruben Francisco lasted 6 weeks, too. The Clay Class made frogs, masks and vases. The Drawing Class created three basic shapes (square, triangle, circle) and copied pictures of a moving hill with a tall grass background. Then, they drew the picture in their own way. Cooking classes

are going on at the end of the year and taught by Mrs. with markers and robot people with sharpies. Her instructor Miss Theodorson. Art is getting Jen teaches the kids and enjoys YUMMY! art.

Ms. Jenn leads Lauren H. and other students in the Kidz Art program.


Mr Ruben Francisco works with Sophia N. from 5th grade. He is Mrs. Costa’s brother and you can see some of his artwork in her classroom.

Madisyn J. and her Treasure Map

Mrs. Mount, Art Teacher

By Reagan K. and Sarah W. • Name: Ann Mount • Favorite Artist: Matisse • Favorite Color: rainbow • Years as a teacher: 25 • Years at Audubon: 10 Art Apprentice is an after school group of kids who love ART. Besides helping Mrs. Mount clean the art room, they do fun activities like clay pots and weaving. Every Friday after all the arty work, the students get a treat like popcorn. “Ive always loved art” said Mrs. Mount “One of my favorite things I made was a 5 ft. abstract sculpture that was heated until glowing, then put in water to make beautiful colors. It was purple, neon green, sapphire, orange and touch of black.

The Irish Skype Project

A 1st grade class connects with their buddies in Ireland. By Taryn D. First grader Elle went to Ireland, but that’s not all to the story. She was in an extraordinary house swap! A family in Ireland switched houses with her family. When Elle’s family got chosen to switch houses with a family in Ireland, excitement was in the air. For a month Elle enjoyed Ireland and an Irish family enjoyed Orlando. When Elle returned, her class wanted to get connected to the class of the Irish kids from the house swap. The two classes have already exchanged letters in the mail. Each student now has a pen pal from another country! Elle visit

ing Irelan

d last su mmer. “My fa vorite t Irelan d washing about when. ..

...we vis ited Ach ill islan Elle V. d”

The Car ter

ith m S & om o r s s a l C

we but , s r . tte et le via S i l g O d an .” rson write e o p t in g hem xcitin t e e s e ’ s “It ait to w t ’ can

The teachers of both classes (Mrs. Smith/Mrs. Carter from Audubon and the Irish teacher) decided to have the classes SKYPE with each other before the end of the school year. They are making up questions and getting ready to meet each other on the computer. It all started with a trip!

She’s a

Dreamer &

a Doer

By Mercedes R.

Each year a fifth grade student is picked to represent Audubon Park Elementary as the “Disney Dreamer and Doer.” You can probably tell from the title of the award what it’s about. A student is selected because they are a dreamer (good ideas) and a doer (volunteer). Sarah Brown has volunteered for the Salvation Army, been a member of the news crew and the patrols, as well as helped with Walk and Roll each month. Disney selects 400 students from 5 counties. They each receive a Mouse Car (Trophy). This special award is for volunteerism and helping the community. Sarah was in homeroom when her teacher announced that someone in their class won this huge honor. Sarah was ecstatic and feels proud to represent our school. A fancy dinner will be held at Disney and she will receive an award. The main winners will also be announced then. Good luck, Sarah!

Sarah Brown on Par k Elem Disney entary Dream er and Doer 2 012 Audub

Awwww.... Sarah has been an Audubon Park Falcon since Kindergarten.

Volunteering Here she is working at the Salvation Army. She helped prepare Thanksgiving meals.



Audubon Dancers Awarded at Local Dance Expo

By Tina P. and Callie S.

(Orlando) Whizzing, twirling, skipping and leaping...That’s what filled the air at the Dr. Phillips Dance Competition, held at Dr. Phillips High School. Dancers from 15 Orange County schools (elementary to high school) competed in a dancing competition that rocked the house. Under the direction of Mrs. Scott, Performing Arts Teacher and Mrs. Yockel, 3rd grade teacher, our very own Audubon Park Dance Club competed in this dance expo and brought back two awards. Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Yockel report that the success of the dancers was because of their dedication. Many dancers practiced before school and the group practiced in the afternoons.

ALICIA SCOTT: This is her first year at Audubon Park Elementary. She is proud to be a part of the Falcon Family and looks forward to many more dance competitions.

Groovy! Audubon Park Dancers Rating Award: E x c e l l e n t Award: J u d g e s ’ C h o i c e A w a r d you have to bring your creative self. Our dancers were individually wonderful. They were competed and our school did a collectively wonderful. Many of JAZZ routine. The dancers were them had never performed or dressed in 80’s outfits. (Picture competed on such a big stage. lots of bright neon!) The song Some of them never even they performed was “Hey performed in front of an Mickey!” You know the dance audience. They were able to step had to be great if they received out of what was comfortable, in the Judges’ Choice Award for the most perfect way. I applaud them. I would like to thank the Favorite Dance! parents and the dancers for “As you know, dance is a everything they have done.” creative process,” explained Mrs. Scott. “It takes practice and You might be wondering what type of dancing they did at the Expo. Three elementary schools

ELISE W. (GRADE 5) “When I heard we won, I was so excited! All of our hard work after school paid off. We did it!”

THE SCOOP: Journalists Tina P. and Callie S. created questions, conducted interviews and wrote this article with support from the Editorial Manager. They are honored to bring you this up to date news.

“The day at the Expo taught us how to be more creative in our dancing.” - Leanne R. Grade 5 •••

Enjoying the trophies

(L to R)

Mrs. Scott, Leanne R., Mollie G., Mrs.Yockel


Each practice starts with a good stretch.

Ready for Performing!

Besides the competition, the dancers went to mini-workshops all day. They learned about hip-hop, creative movement and body design. “All of the workshops we went to taught us new moves. We were really inspired by the older

The Audubon crew shows off some moves after a workshop.

dancers,” said dancer Catilyn M. “We learned a lot from them.”

Welcoming New Faces to Audubon Park

NEW TO THE NEST Christopher

Christian Student Feature



Meet Emma by Kiana D.

Emma with reporter Kiana D.

A new student to our school this year is Emma A. in first grade. I popped into her classroom one day and got to know her. She is a sweet girl and has many hobbies. Emma has a birth defect called Spina Bifida. It’s caused when the backbone and the spinal canal do not close before birth. This causes children who have it to not be able to walk. They have no feeling in the lower part of the body. This does not mean they cannot get from place to place, however. They can use special equipment such as wheelchairs to help them move

around. Our school participated in raising money for “Walk n Roll” a race in Baldwin Park to raise money for Spina Bifida Research. Emma is a very independent first grader. She finds a way to get things done when she needs to. She loves her friends and is a beautiful, sweet girl with an excellent smile. In her free time, she loves to play with her dolls and other fun toys. If you see her in the hallways, be sure to say HI and welcome her to our school. We are glad she’s at Audubon!


Teachers After 3:00

You say goodbye to your teachers at 3:00. Have you ever wondered what they do once they leave school? By Jessica P. and Mercedes R.

Mr. Reese is a 5th grade teacher and also an assistant baseball coach at Rollins College. This is his first year at Audubon Park and his second year teaching. He is a 5th grade Science teacher. He made 3 terrariums with flowers, a rose bush, and grass seeds. His students really enjoy his fun way of teaching. He lets them play science Jeopardy and makes things interesting. But what does he do after school? Let the pictures be your hint. Mr. Reese played college baseball for Rollins then he moved on to the Pros. He played for the Richmond Roosters, theTraverse City Beach Bums and the Gary Southshore Railcats! With all that baseball background, you will not be surprised to hear that he has been the Assistant Coach for the Rollins Baseball Team for 9 years.

Mr. Reese played professional baseball for 6 years. These days you can still find him on the baseball field after 3:00. He’s the Assistant Coach for the Baseball team at Rollins College.

Ms. C.Hill works at Barre 54 after school. Barre 54 is a low impact work out class that concentrates on core resistance and strengthening the body. It is a cross between Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet.

This is Ms. C.Hill before three o’clock, but after three o’clock let’s just say she gets a little more sweaty! By Chloe A.

Ms. Hill says her favorite thing about Barre 54 is that she can see people get stronger and have more confidence in themselves. She also loves having the opportunity to workout and stay in shape. She said, “It’s the cutting edge of workouts” and she truly believes in its success. She works on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but sometimes works extra hours. If you know someone who would be interested in this workout class, Barre 54 is located in Winter Park on Hannibal Street.

New to the Nest

Teacher Feature by Bella D. and Taylor M.


The New Mathematic Wizard

4th graders have been introduced to a new math teacher named Ms. Donohue. She is a great new math teacher and brings joy, fun and loves teaching new things every day. If she had to name a few wonderful things about Audubon Park she would say “There are too many wonderful things to list, but I would choose how friendly and helpful the students and staff are.” If you ask her how she feels about her students, she explains how they never fail to make her laugh and make every day brighter! This is her first year teaching. Before she was at Audubon, she was at University of Central Florida studying to be a teacher. Her classroom is a portable. She tells us that she doesn’t like the long walk, but she sure does like having her own little learning house!

New to the Nest

Teacher Feature by: Chloe, Kiana, &Katelynn

Ms. Shanoff Once a Falcon always a Falcon

Most of you know Ms. Shanoff as an everyday normal kindergarten teacher. Well, what most of you don’t know is that she was once a falcon just like you and me. In the old Audubon there weren’t nearly as many students as there are today. When she enrolled she was only in first grade. Try to imagine one of your grown-up teachers as a little first-grader. Ms. Shanoff remembers PE with Mrs. Scheufler and her best friend’s teacher, Ms. Genovese. In her free time, she loves to read books, eat ice cream and dance with her baby daughter.

“I got older and smarter but not taller.” -Ms. Shanoff

Her favorite thing about Audubon Park Elementary is the people. She keeps in touch with her friends from elementary school by seeing them at special events or keeping in touch with them online.

ces a l P w s, Ne

ace New F

Meet Althea Jackson, Assistant Principal Interview by Sarah D. and Carly M.

Article by Sarah D.

Mrs. Althea Jackson is our new Assistant Principal and the Journalism Club visited her in the office to get the scoop and welcome her to Audubon Park Elementary. She has worked for OCPS for 32 years in three different schools. Last year, Mrs. Jackson was at Lawton Chiles Elementary. “My favorite part of the day is sitting in a classroom and seeing what the students are learning,” she said. We asked Mrs. Jackson how things have changed over the years and she told us that when she was a kid they did not have a lot of technology. She had a record player, but no computer. In her spare time she likes to read, rest and especially play with and enjoy her grandchildren.

Mrs. Jackson relaxes in her office during the interview. She is happy to be at Audubon Park Elementary.

Mr . D o l f i

He’s not a new face, but he’s in a new place. How has Mr. Dolfi’s position changed this year? Interview and article by Grace T. Photo by Jessica P.

You may think you know Mr. Dolfi, but do you really? This is Mr. Dolfi’s 6th year at Audubon Park Elementary and he has had several different jobs from 2nd grade teacher to 5th grade teacher to Curriculum Teacher to (drumroll, please) Assistant Principal. As the new Assistant Principal this year, Mr. Dolfi said he feels honored and happy. He is always on the go and you can see him in practically every location at school. In the mornings he’s at car duty and then buzzing around to classrooms all day. “My favorite part of my job is helping others at school,” he told us. “I like to see our students and teachers be successful.”

Mrs. Yockel, 3rd grade teacher

Cool ! a e d I By Tina


Say What?! Angry Birds @Audubon? This just in. Angry birds have been spotted in the 3rd grade hallway! Before anyone panics, don’t worry. The Journalism Crew has the scoop. It was a 3rd grade writing project! Mrs. Yockel took the fun of writing and Angry Birds and made something extraordinary. The kids L, O, V, E, D, loved it! They made their own breed of Angry Birds. Each 3rd grader wrote a letter warning the pigs why they should fear the new Angry Birds in town and their super powers. They also created 3-D versions of their Angry Bird. For example, some were made of tennis balls, styrofoam balls and much more. You can see them displayed in Mrs. Yockel’s room.

! s u n o B


“Take me to your leader!”

! s a e d I Cool d Kiana D. e A. an

By Chlo

Robots Ruling the Class? This may look like a robot, but this is Mr. Giles’ Science Center. In every drawer there is a different type of science activity. Mr. Giles built this amazing storage closet to store all of his classes science activities. He was looking for a creative way to organize them all. For example, in one drawer there might be magnets. Or maybe you want to learn more about animals. Well then, you would match up the animals to their habitats. It’s a cool way to stay organized!

B is for Biography Project by Mrs. Whelan’s Class

We spotted these cool “people projects” for Black History Month by Mrs. Whelan’s third grade class. They put a lot of work into making and reporting on each famous person!

QR Kids How does Ms. T. Hill show off her Student of the Week? Well, she creates a QR code and writes all about her Student of the Week. Students passing by can read what makes this student stand out. If you were a teacher, what would you do to show off your star students?

g n i Giv ubon d u A @

By India W. This article is about how our school and the Student Ambassadors give back to others. Maybe this article will inspire you to join the group when you are in 4th or 5th grade.

Here at Audubon we give to other people. All year long we are involved in activities that help other families. Led by our school guidance counselor, Mrs. Michelle Johnson, our Student Ambassadors have been on a mission this year to help others. Mrs. Johnson created this group to help our school become a better and safer place to be. The Student Ambassadors have paired up with the local Veterans’ Hospital. The goal is to brighten up their day and help them enjoy life. Here are some projects they planned: Veterans Day: Delivered cards and cheer to the hospital Christmas: Made ornaments and gave them out Valentine’s Day: Made cards and attached candy to deliver Spring: Made flowers out of magazines The Student Ambassadors also deliver High 5 Food Packs to classrooms every other Wednesday. The members think that Mrs. Johnson is the key to making all of this happen. Because of her and the love she shows to others, the students and families at Audubon Park are lucky and grateful.

Anastasia’s Advice I’m Anastasia and I like to solve problems. Have a dispute? An issue? I’m on it. Here are some recent questions that have come in from fellow Falcons. Dear Anastasia, My dad lost his job and I don’t want him to feel bad. What should I do? - Caring Kid Dear Caring Kid, You should talk to him! It isn’t good to avoid problems. If you talk it through, you will feel better. Plus, if you talk about it, he will know how much you care and that will definitely make him feel better. - A

Dear Anastasia, I feel lost in math class. I’m afraid to say anything to my teacher. Signed, Sally Subtraction Dear Sally Subtraction, You may need to face your fear on this one. It’s one of those things you probably can’t face alone. Don’t be embarrassed. Lots of kids get tutoring and help from others. Your teacher is there to help you. -A Dear Anastasia, My friend emailed me something that is inappropriate. What should I do? Confused Dear Confused, You should definitely tell a trusted adult right away. Going from there, you need to talk to your friend about this behavior. Tell them that you do not like their action. Think about it. A real friend would not send you something like that. - A

Wednesday, May 9th 5:00 -7:00 p.m.

Arts @Audubon

On May 9th, the amazing art of Audubon Park kids will flood the cafeteria. On that night, all art made in Ms. Mount’s class will be framed and on the cafeteria’s walls! The art of many kids will hang, framed and looking beautiful. It will be a


If you made a painting, drawing, or even picture for the art show, it will definitely hang proud for all to see! Bring your whole family!

By Taryn

There will be other fun things too. . See Artists in action!

. Meet a Computer Animator!

. Make a cool paper mushroom!

. Art Craft with Mr. Foster!

. Weavers!

. Meet Jon Miller!

. Origami! .

lorem ipsum dolor met set nunc parum Ms.quam Jackson with a tone


. Mr. Torchia in concert! . Food trucks!

poem! You can buy your art work in a beautiful mat and frame. $25 Cash, check or credit card

The Boy Scout

Adventure by Chani G. What’s the rap on Cub Scouts? Cub Scouts is a group that prepares young boys for Boy Scouts which is a group that started in London, England. The scouts came to America in 1910. Cub Scouts is for boys who are 7-10 years old. Cub Scouts are divided into 5 ranks: Tigers,Wolves, Bears, Weblows1 and Weblows2. If you don’t know what Weblows means, it means “will be loyal scouts.”

Cub scout handshake: Index and middle finger on the inside of the November 16, 2011 Volume VII person’s hand you’re shaking.

3 fingers is the BOY SCOUT sign.

A. January is our Scout Derby and the kids just love it! It’s where we make model cars, put them on a hill-like structure and race them.

2 fingers is the CUB SCOUT sign. Salute: 2 fingers on forehead

Mr. Matthew, Leader of Cub Scout Den #7 Q. How long have you been in the scouts? A. About 7 years. Q. What is a popular event for the Cub Scouts?

Q.What are your feelings for Cub Scouts? A. Cub Scouts is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Scout Derby by Mercedes R. Congratulations, to Nikolai! First grader Nikolai B. was in the Cub Scout Derby at Fashion Square Mall. He did not do this alone. His dad painted the car. He put the accessories on and thought of the color. He won a trophy! (He’s on the left with Maddie’s brother, Philip).

Bright Spot: Bicycle Blessings By Jessica P. and Mercedes R. Interview by Drew H. and Katelynn H Twice a year Audubon Park Elementary teams up with a group called Bicycle Blessings from a local church to collect used bikes. Ms. Cervi organizes the big collection each year so we stopped in to ask her a few questions about how it works. Ms. Cervi said, “The volunteers from Bicycle Blessings collect bikes and fix them up. They give them to kids and adults who need bikes to get around. We are lucky to have their help, too. They have donated 20 bikes back to students at our school this year.” “I gave my white, blue and pink bike away. It was way too small plus I wanted to help others have a ride.” - Callie S.

“It made me feel like I was the Giving Tree. I wasn’t using it anymore and it made me feel great to share it with someone else.” Eli F.

“The bike was a 2 wheeler, pink, with tassels on the handles. I gave it away because it was too small for me. I went on a lot of bike rides on it.” - Brooke L. This school year, Audubon Park

“ The bike was gray and black. I gave it away because I had an old bike in the garage and my mom got an e-mail about the program. I thought it was a great idea. When I gave my bike away, it felt like I just donated 1 million dollars.” Ellis F.

Elementary kids have donated 90 bikes!

What’s Cooking? Photos, Interview and Article by Rileigh H. What: Culinary Arts Club When: Monday and Tuesday Where: Learning Cottage When most kids are loading the buses or walking home, you can find 20 of our Audubon Park students being trained to make their own healthy snacks. Mrs. Theodorson is the head chef and each week these students learn recipes and create healthy foods.

These students are working on the food pyramid and making ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches.

Presenting Chef Theodorson and her chefs-in-training. They created Chex Mix as a healthy treat. The group also created their own potholders to use at home.

The Culinary Cooking Class runs for 6 weeks and is sponsored by the Petite Palette Art Program.

What’s involved: Reading: read recipes Math: measure foods All the healthy snack recipes that they created will be in their own recipe book to keep forever.

Writing: create their recipe books

Art: decorate books

Best Part: They get to EAT everything they make!

My SOLDIER Our Hero H O N O R I NG AU D U B O N FA M I L I E S W H O S E R V E B Y R I L E I G H H . z



While students are going about their everyday business at school, we must remember those who put their life on the line and that is what this article is about.

A Soldier and an Uncle B r e y o n’s Wo r l d Communication Tips

Fifth grader Breyon’s father is currently serving in Afghanistan. He is stationed out of Ft. Pierce, Florida. Breyon communicates with him on the computer. The military gives the families a special and secure website so they can see and talk to each other. Breyon says this makes him feel connected to his dad when he is away.

Ryan Richardson, uncle of 5th grader Rileigh and 3rd grader Zachary is currently serving in the U.S Army. In the past he has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times. Ryan’s current status is a Sergeant First Class. He has three daughters, Hannah, Emma, and Alex, and lives in Arizona. Ryan serves in the Army and also trains soldiers to be in the Army. Ryan Richardson, U.S. Army

Tell Us! Do you have a relative in the armed forces? Submit your information to this link: You never know, maybe your hero might end up in the next @Audubon magazine!



MEET FRANK CUSON Frank Cuson is the cousin of 5th grader Sebastian. Frank has been deployed to Iraq several times. He has no kids but two sisters. He has been serving in the Canadian Air Force for over 20 years and is currently a pilot. He is currently living in Montreal, Canada. When we asked

Sebastian about how he feels about his uncle he stated “I don’t get to see him a lot, but we have a blast when he comes down to Florida.”

Michael Junod U.S. Army Michael Junod is the uncle of 5th grader Parker and 1st grader Bennett. Michael is a Colonel in the Army. He has been serving for 4 years, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Colonel Junod lives in Georgia with his wife two kids, Amelia, and Sarah. When asked about his uncle, Parker says, “When he comes to visit he brings our favorite candy, Twizzlers. Uncle Michael serves his country proudly. I am proud of him, too.”





P R E S E N T S!

D I S A B I L I T Y ROTAT I O N S Seeing the Ability in Disabilities


Have you ever wondered how people with disabilities feel?

physical impairments, and dyslexia.

topic then presented them to the third grade classes. This

Well, Mrs.Kaiser’s and Ms. Giffin’s 4th grade gifted classes taught 3rd grade classes about what disabilities are and let kids experience different disabilities

The students rotated to different stations to learn about 12 different disabilities. These 4th grade kids researched disabilities for the last month. They teamed

showed the 3rd grade students everything about disabilities. The 4th graders used their own words to ensure that the 3rd grade students understood.

such as visual impairments,

up and typed reports on each




The 2012 Rotations: Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Communication Disorders, Visual, Hearing, Physical, and Learning Impairments.

“One of the main things our students learned is how much everyone is alike more than different. “ - Ms. Giffin, teacher Most of the stations had activities for the 3rd graders to really experience what it is like to have a disability. For example, the Physical Impairments rotation had a wheelchair ride. Students had to try to maneuver around a small area. During the Down’s Syndrome rotation, students had to put two marshmallows in their mouths and try to talk and answer questions. Another rotation the 3rd graders enjoyed was the Dyslexia rotation. Students had to look in a mirror and try to complete a maze without looking at their own paper. Have you ever tried to write without looking? It’s not easy. The 3rd graders were surprised at how hard all of these activities were. They might have looked easy but they ended up being difficult when they actually tried them. Mrs. Haratine created the boards and helped the students understand each disability. This program happens every year at Audubon Park Elementary.





The Sign Language Group


Editorial Allowance Or No Allowance? Editorial Manager, Jackson N. Should kids get allowance or not? Here’s my opinion. I absolutely think Yes! Kids work hard. We deserve to be paid. We don’t ask too much or give too little. We should get an allowance because we need practice for when we’re adults. We need to know what work feels like and the reward of being paid for good work. Although I am all for allowances, parents should remember not to allow their kids to beg for these small payments. I have selected other points of view from 5th graders. FOR: “I think it’s good because it gives children chances to be wise with their money and learn how their parents have to work for money. I think that children should work for their allowance correctly by washing cars or mowing lawns and not spend it on toys and candy right away.” - Gaby R. AGAINST: “I think that kids should not get allowances because kids have nothing to use it for. Why would we need to use money? If we actually need something our parents would most likely get the item for us. Plus, if kids do their chores on a daily basis, the parents would probably give them a reward every two weeks. It’s not like we have a car we need to buy. Therefore, what’s the point of allowances?”

- Kissimee C. IN THE MIDDLE: “I’m in the middle because I think kids that do the dishes or vacuum around the house, they deserve money. But if they do something like say they like your jacket or just give you an opinion about your

clothes then the kid doesn't deserve money. Also, you could just give them the allowance to buy things with the parent's money instead of actually just giving the money.” Chris N.

FOR: “I think kids should get an allowance. It will help get things done around the house, so your home can be clean. I think we should get money for doing chores. But not like getting your mom her coat or handing your dad his wallet. I think kids should get money for doing the dishes, or vacuuming the carpet, and other kinds of chores. I also think kids should get a specific a m o u n t o f m o n e y p e r w e e k n o t p e r d a y, because then the parents would lose a lot of money and couldn’t pay for other things. Also, days kids don't want to do a chore, but still do a lot of other c h o r e s , k i d s s t i l l g e t t h e m o n e y. . . j u s t n o t a s m u c h m o n e y ” . H a n n a h P.

g n i r p S k a e r B h c t a M ’ n x i M

Spring break means time to pack your bags and hit the beach! It also brings lots of fun for students and teachers with a week of no school. Can you match the teacher to the Spring Break Adventure? (Answers on the back cover)

by Taylor M. and Bella D.

1. I floated in the middle of the ocean (on a cruise ship) over Spring Break.

Costa Young

2. I wore Mickey Mouse ears and danced with Cinderella. 3. I left the country and visited with friends in France. 4. I changed diapers while visiting my toddler niece.


5. I set sail on my own boat. 6. I relaxed on a white, sandy beach.


7. I blew my whistle at Rollins College. Potoka




y F.

Can lemons get you apples? Find out how these twins plan to make it happen.

“We raised the money and will be purchasing them soon.”

You may have seen these twins lurking in the hallways, or hanging out at Extended Day, but you might NOT know that they are.....BUSINESSMEN! As a matter of fact, over the summer, they raised $220 with 112 customers at a Lemonade Stand they created in front of their house. Now, you are probably wondering how they made so much money. Well, they made that money by creating something delicious to sell...lemonade. They needed a fundraising idea that would earn them enough money for either I-POD 4th generation or an IPAD. These things have been on their wish lists for a while so they decided to make a plan to get them! They also hired about 10 employees, including many friends from Audubon Park Elementary. Lemonade squeezed to perfection with a pinch of lime. Some people even came back to have another cup of their DELICIOUS lemonade. It was only 25 cents to get refreshed! As their motto says, “The more lemonade you drink, the happier you’ll be!”

Luis Morales-Giorgi

“When you want something that is expensive, you don’t always have to ask your parents for it. Think of other ideas like how you can raise the money on your own.” - Alejandro Morales-Giorgi

Kids Run The

Show By: Jackson N.

Right here in our own Audubon Park Elementary we have a trained crew of 5th graders running your morning news LIVE to 1,200 kids. I’m willing to show you the inside view. It takes ten 5th graders and one Mr. Arnold (the boss) to air Jungle News at 8:45 sharp every day of the week and it’s not easy! A new crew is chosen each half of the year. Kids learn to manage cameras, microphones, teleprompters, switchboards, Mac computers and the pressure of being seen by so many faces. The most rewarding part of being on News Crew is going back and watching yourself on the big screen. Mr. Arnold, the leader of News Crew, created his very own free iPad app enabling you to watch the Jungle News wherever you go. The app is accessible through the Audubon Park Elementary website. The most challenging part of News Crew is not messing up live. Look below to see some images of the technology we use. This MAC lets the crew choose the backgrounds used in the show.

This sound board lets the crew switch up the microphones and control the volume.

Jungle News Rules! These switchboards control which cameras are live.

Check out the news each day by going to Click on the MORNING NEWS and watch the show!

COOKING CORNER With Chloe A. and Morgan M. Let’s Eat!





W H AT ’ S C O O K I N G ?

s k c a n S althy


Ants on a Log What you Need: celery

peanut butter / cream cheese


F R U I T P A R F As InTa c k s

ity Fun and Fru

This is a great healthy snack for after school. It’s made with yogurt & fruit. Parfait is just another word for thick yogurt.

What you need Vanilla yogurt Mixed Fruit (strawberries, bananas, and berries) Honey Chocolate chips (optional) Tall glass Tablespoon

Fruit Smoothie What you need to: fruit (any kind will do)

H ea lth y S n a c k s Fruit parfait is a great snack for after school! It’s healthy, mouth watering, and fruity. Plus it’s easy to make.

Add peanut butter OR cream cheese to celery. Then add raisins on top. You’ll have a wonderful scene of ants on a log.

Steps 1. Fill

your glass about halfway with yogurt

2. Fill the rest of your glass with mixed fruit

milk ice Put it in a blender and then pour out and drink.

3. Drizzle honey on top and use a tablespoon to mix everything together

Cheese and Crackers

4. Add a handful of chocolate chip for a finishing touch and dig in!

cheese (any kind)

What you need

crackers (any kind) Cut the cheese into squares and put on crackers. You can also add some lunch meat and have a wonderful mini sandwich!

New in the Cafeteria...Photos By: Callie S. Article By: Tatum H.D


Bringing FRESH to School

We took a peek in some lunch boxes at Audubon Park Elementary.

The cafeteria is working

with farmers to bring healthy choices. We are one of five schools to be trying out the new food system. Come along and take a look! As you can see, we have salads being presented at our school for lunch now.

Here’s a sneak peek on what the new and improved salad looks like. They set out the salad bar every Thursday and Friday in the lunchroom. It’s easy. All you have to do is grab a plastic pack with salad in it and you can pick three side items to go in you salad. They are carrots, tomatoes, or cucumbers.

what’s for....

By Tatum H-D.

This is the full SALAD. All of these foods are grown on a farm and shipped fresh to our school! Farmers work hard to grow us healthy food but now it’s your turn to make the right decision and chose the healthy lifestyle!

The Cafeteria staff at

Audubon Park is committed to healthy food choices for our students. We hope you will try some of the new items on the salad bar.” Jana Smith

100 Calorie Packs

Victoria S., 5th Grade

Blueberries! Ben B. 5th Grade

These are the medal winners for the Science Olympiad. This group won Mystery Powders and Pentathlon.

Audubon Park Brings Home the Gold!



Josh and Akiko

By Katelynn H. Audubon Park Elementary competed in The Science Olympiad on March 10th. It was held at UCF and 46 schools competed in this event. It was a chance for schools to get together and have a competition based all on Science. There were 12 events and you can read about them all below this article. This year was exciting because this was the first time Audubon Park Elementary won gold medals. The team was led by Teri O`Connor (science teacher) and BillieJo Yockel ( 3rd grade teacher). Ms. O’Connor reported, “The students worked so hard this year. We had an experi-MENTAL time!” We also interviewed team member Mitchell R. The 4th grader told us “The hardest part to me was building. Also, preparing for all the events and getting to the rooms in the building on time was hard. We had to be ready in a certain time and place, but we did it.” Science Olympiad Competition Events by Tina P. & Hannah B. 1. Clay Boats: Make a boat & try to get the most grams before it sinks 2. Don’t Bug Me: Identify insects and describe them 3. Egg Drop: Build a device that will prevent an egg from breaking 4. Mystery Powders: Identify different white household powders and crystals 5. Pentathlon: A relay race. To get to the next challenge you must answer a science question 6. Picture This: Draw clues and find the science term/concept. 7. Rock Hound: Identify various rocks and minerals 8. Starry, Starry Night: Identify planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies in the universe 9. Straw Tower: Build the tallest, strongest tower 10.Tennis Ball Catapult: Build a device that will launch a tennis ball 11.Water Rocket: Launch a 2- liter plastic water bottle for the longest time

Mrs. Vaughn checks out the Kinder-GARDEN.

2012 Science Olympiad Team (not pictured: Rileigh H.,Cara C.,Akiko P., Alex T)

Look what she found!

Superhero Time! The 5th grade got COOL Superhero shirts this year. On Friday, April 20th they had a Science Superhero Day and rotated between science experiments and games the whole day. This prepared them for the FCAT Science exam.

Mrs. Yockel and her HUGE CABBAGES -From the 3rd Grade Garden What happens when a science teacher writes her wishes down for Lowe’s? $4,000 happens. By Sophia Our Science Guru, Ms. O’Connor won $4,000 to help with the gardens at our school. She wrote a long grant and explained how we would use the money. This program will support buying benches, bird houses, bird baths, gloves, tools, and plants. Ms. O’Connor also told us that the Green Team at Audubon Park will paint pavers to decorate the garden area. Way to go, Ms. O’Connor for winning big cash! Look for new and cool changes to the garden area by the car loop and thank Ms. O’Connor next time you see her.

TEACHER OF THE YEAR And the Teacher of the Year is...... Mrs. DeRita Jiron! This Kindergarten teacher graduated from Carson- Newman College. She has been a teacher for 18 years. Her favorite part about the job is to watch the kids grow up and working with them. When she is not in the class room she can be found hanging out with her friends and family. You might even see her singing and dancing to her favorite songs!

By Tina P. Classified Employee of the Year You may see her in the office in the morning or in the afternoon. Do you know who it is? Thats right! Ms. Rhea Smith. She is this year’s Employee of the Year! She’s been at Audubon Park for 5 years. The wackiest thing that has ever happened to her is when a kid came in late and said he got lost on his way to school when he walked to school every day the same route. Her job is to do attendance, registrations and the schedules for kids so they go to the right classes. Her favorite part about the job is see the students and to see how she can help them in any way. You may be wondering what she does when not in the office. She likes to read and do fun things with her daughter.

Meet the

Red Hot Chili Teachers Interview & Article by: Tatum H.D & Carly .M. Photos Courtesy of the R.H.C. Teachers You might know them as teacher pros, but did you know that they are also experts at making chili? We are talking about the following teachers: Mrs. Durkin, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Pacha, Mr. Honohan, & Mr. Angel. The Orlando Chili Cook Off was held in Baldwin Park on Saturday, March 4th, 2012. They got together on Sunday, a week before the cook off and ordered all of the ingredients from Publix. They planned their recipe to prepare for this event. You had to have 7 1/2 gallons of chili to enter the contest. Our Audubon Park team made 20 gallons of chili. They also wowed the crowd with their lime green outfits and tent that they designed last year. Ms. Durkin told us the outfits got a lot of compliments from the crowd. Mrs. Durkin, who we interviewed for this article said, “Our biggest challenge was to keep the tent down on that extremely windy day.” Another challenge was although they made 20 gallons of chili, they ran out too soon because they filled the cups too high. “Even though we didn’t win an award, it was a fun day!” exclaimed Mr. Angel.

Cold.Creamy. Delish! Most popular flavor: Chocolate Most popular topping: Rainbow Sprinkles

Partner in Education Spotlight

Most popular spoon color: Pink It’s almost summer and it sure gets hot here in Florida. If your body can’t take the heat and you’re looking for a cold, sweet treat look no further than Delish Frogen Yozurt (and yes, it is really spelled like that).

by Katelynn H. & Wesley F.

It’s located on New Broad Street in Baldwin Park across the street from Orlando Metro Gym and between Paddy Murphy’s

and O’ Boy’s Bar-B-Que. It is owned by Steve Danaher. He began Delish in 2010 to bring healthy and low fat choices to Baldwin Park. We decided to check out what happens behind the scenes at this popular hangout. Many Audubon Park students go to Delish with their friends and family. You might see them sitting outside on the patio after school. Some walk or ride their bikes for dessert after dinner and some even bring their dogs and enjoy the a cool treat down by the Lake Baldwin. Ms. Truly Barrett, a Delish employee, explained the process of how it all works. First, you might be surprised to learn that they have a total of 60 toppings. They rotate 14 flavors every week. That means there’s always something new for you to try!

We took a tour of the huge machines that are located behind the main wall. Ms. Barrett showed us how they’re loaded and how important it is to use the right measurements. The toppings are kept in tight, sealed containers to keep them fresh. Decorations: You can add your own art to the DELISH walls. We spotted this sign by Kinzer, a 4th grader at our school.

T H E P E R F E C T T R E AT .

Behind the Scenes @Delish Steps for Something DELISH: 1. Grab a small sample cup and try out some new flavors. 2. Choose a flavor that you like and grab a pink or green cup. 3. Pull the lever and swirl the creamy dream into your cup. 4. Next, toppings! First, there is a fresh fruit bar. It includes kiwi, cherries, pineapple and bananas and many other healthy

When you walk into Delish you see neon colorful swirls and even lights that flash back and forth. Photo by Wesley

items. The toppings on the wall include treats like cereal, candy, mini marshmallows, and gummy bears. 5. Weigh and Pay

Dalton weighs his yogurt and is ready to pay the cashier. We learned that on T h u r s d a y s , Audubon Park kids get 20% off!

Bella finds her way into the frozen yogurt freezer Ms. Barrett refills the fruit to keep it fresh and looking good.

to check out where the mixes are stored. Brrrr!


If you’re in a hurry, you can get DELISH to go! Wesley even tried a Banana Baby.


eli D t a ou

See y

m m u S h this

C A N ’ T B E B E AT.


Au d u b o n Pa rk Jo u r n a l i s m C l u b 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2


Alejandro Reagan



Callie Dalton



Kien h Hanna Sophia






Bella Taylor



Au d u b o n Pa rk Jo u r n a l i s m C l u b 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2


Drew Tina



Wesley India

Luis n n y l e t a K

Taryn Rileigh


It’s Showtime, Falcons! What a way to end the year! It’s SHOWTIME for all Audubon Park Falcons. Mark your Calendar to appear in the Performing Arts show of the year at Rollins College. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to performance time. Parents: If you are able to assist, please contact

K- 9:30 st

1 - 11:00 2nd – 1:00 3rd – 3:00 Dance Club - 4:45

, Saturday June 2nd ssell u R e i n n A Theater ollege C s n i l l o R

4th – 5:00 Strings - Opening for 5th grade

5th – 6:30

Sponsored by:

Multi-Age Classes Quinn performs with 1st grade Theodorson performs with 2nd grade OʼBrien performs with 3rd grade



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