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Audubon Center of the North Woods

Spring/Summer 2017

News from the North Woods

Volume 43, Issue 1

Experience Your Environment

Nature Respite by Bryan Wood, Executive Director It can be really hard to take a break from “normal” daily life. The demands that we and society place on ourselves are seemingly constant and never-ending. The pace at which we are bombarded with information and stimuli can be exhausting. As life continues to speed up, we are expected to keep up, to be on the go, to be “productive” with our time, and to pack as much in as we can. The result can be a drain on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Thank goodness for nature. Nature’s pace is, well, natural. The rhythms of nature are easily absorbed, allowing you to actually see, hear and feel things at speeds that allow for contemplation and retention. For many of us, when we need to rejuvenate, relax and re-center, nature is the clear choice of where we go. Scores of studies tout the cognitive and physiological benefits that nature provides. Many of us internally know and feel this and research proves that nature is indeed therapeutic and restorative. At the Audubon Center of the North Woods, we glimpse every day the positive impacts of nature. We see it in our K-12 students whose smiles stretch from ear to ear when they hold a salamander found under a log, catch a sunfish off the dock, or successfully build a fire in the woods.

These environmental experiences are important and integral to shaping who children become, and children have never been more in need. The challenges and expectations that today’s kids face result in them

spending far less time outdoors than any human generation in history. They are in nature-deficit. Many of them don’t even know it because they have never been in a forest or field, or near a lake, stream or pond. In our K-12 residential program, we visibly see the difference in so many of the 4,000 students that attend annually. Those who have been fortunate to grow up with the outdoors can’t wait to jump off the bus and spend as much time as possible outside. But many who step off the bus have never been on a surface that wasn’t paved and when they arrive, many are timid, even afraid to venture into the woods.

That quickly melts away, however, as they realize nature isn’t anything to be afraid of, but that it is awesome! Our naturalists create a safe and nurturing atmosphere where they can be curious, where they are engaged, and where they can discover. It’s learning in the setting our species evolved with over millennia. By the end of their 3-day stay, the difference is dramatic. Students are happier, more confident and amazed at what they have been missing. They can’t wait to continue exploring back near their home or school, or come back for summer camp. Teachers comment on the positive differences they see that continue in their students long after the field trip concludes. The future of our planet depends on an environmentally literate citizenry. Your financial support and patronage of our programs help build that citizenry and for that we are very grateful.

In This Issue Nature Respite.......................... 1

Summer Camps........................ 5

Estate Planning........................ 2

2017 Events.............................. 6

Thank You................................. 3

High-Quality Charter Schools.... 7

Connections.............................. 4

Wish Lists................................. 7

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News from the North Woods

Estate Planning to Support ACNW by Walt Seibert, Development Coordinator

It is not uncommon for people to want to include in their estate an organization that has been meaningful to them. Here are several ways for you to consider should you be motivated to include ACNW in your estate plan. A gift through your will can be easily made with a codicil. Your attorney will need the following information: Legal Name: Audubon Center of the North Woods Tax Exemption under IRS-501(c)3 IRS I.D. 23-7044164 Address: P.O. Box 530 54165 Audubon Drive Sandstone, Minnesota 55072 Executive Director: Bryan Wood (888) 404-5272

You can specify how you want your gift used, ie, general or specific purposes with the following language:

General Purposes I give and bequeath to Audubon Center of the North Woods, Sandstone, Minnesota, the sum of $ (or the following property , or percent of the rest and residue) to support the general purposes of the Audubon Center of the North Woods.

Restricted Purposes I give and bequeath to Audubon Center of the North Woods, Sandstone, Minnesota, the sum of $ (or the following property , or percent of the rest and residue) to support specifically the program(s) of the Audubon Center of the North Woods. In the event there is no longer need for the funds for the programI(s), the funds may be used for other purposes at the Audubon Center of the North Woods, keeping in mind the original objective.

Spring/Summer 2017

Other assets you may wisely contribute to ACNW U.S. savings bonds: Your heirs will incur income taxes, but bonds you leave to ACNW will pass tax free. Accounts receivable of professionals and business:

Accounts receivable are 100% taxable to a person’s estate or the beneficiary who receives the accounts-unless that beneficiary is a tax-exempt organization, such as ACNW.

Accounts not needed for heirs’ future security: This could include

life insurance originally purchased when children were young. Just complete a new beneficiary form and name ACNW.

Payable-on death bank accounts one of the easiest ways to keep money out of probate: Simply fill

out a beneficiary form at your bank, provided by the bank, naming the person, persons, or organizations such as ACNW you want to inherit your money at your death.

Complete a Transfer on Death beneficiary form for each of your brokerage accounts: This form

Thank You! On behalf of the clients, Board of Directors, other volunteers and staff, please accept my deepest gratitude for sharing your time and treasure with ACNW. You inspire us to want to do everything possible to meet the ACNW mission.

keeps your securities free of probate which, for even a small estate can be relatively expensive and diminish the value of the estate for your beneficiaries. This provides you with the option of designating some of your investments to ACNW.

Source: Legacy, Courage Kenny Foundation

Thank you ACNW Legacy Society members! Our first ever ACNW Legacy Society luncheon will be held May 16, 11:30-1:30 at Schwyzer Lodge. This is a special day for the Legacy Society’s charter members. Your Legacy Society membership indicates your thoughtful generosity of including ACNW in your estate plans to help ensure the continuation of our environmental education services and activities for school children and others far into the future. The event will include a simple and nutritious lunch, a tour of the campus, a chance to meet members of our board and an informative presentation by a teacher/student family that has been impacted by our work.

Recognized Legacy Society members will receive a mailed invitation in April. You can register in advance by calling us at 888-404-7743 or emailing info@audubon-center.org. Again, thank you very much for your membership in the ACNW Legacy Society.

Please contact us if you want information about Legacy Society membership. www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Spring/Summer 2017

News from the North Woods

Thank You!

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We would like to acknowledge and thank all those individuals and companies who have contributed to the Audubon Center of the North Woods (since our last newsletter). Through your support and patronage, we are able to provide impactful environmental education opportunities for people of all ages.

Donations & Memorials Legacy Society


yy Don & Meg Arnosti yy Kathy Aust yy Richard & Connie Glattly yy Paulette Huddle yy Don Janes & Marilyn Thompson yy Richard Newmark yy Jim & Wilda Obey yy Sam & Diana Rankin yy Mary Ellen Vetter yy Pauline Wahlquist

yy East Central Energy yy Louis & Karen Geislinger yy Genesis Wireless yy Wesley Haut yy Joanne Kendall yy Kristen & James Lindberg yy Roger Parsons yy Gail & Chris Steele yy Tom Torborg, For Anna’s Chickens yy Charles & Catherine VonRueden yy Douglas Wood

Sustainers yy Krista Currie yy Elaine Duvall yy Paulette Huddle yy Ron Iverson & Pam Brumfield yy Brian Larson yy Becky Lourey yy Steve & Susan McNeill yy Lois Norrgard yy Elizabeth Pomper yy Gene & Nancy Pugh yy Kevin & Christine Schneider yy Walt Seibert yy Mary Ellen Vetter yy Timothy Whitfeld yy Bryan Wood

$1000+ yy Don & Meg Arnosti yy Mary & John Bachhuber yy Paul Egeland yy Anna Gerenday yy Richard & Connie Glattly yy Dave & Michele Heupel yy Julie & Brian Holly yy Donald Janes yy Wayne Johnson yy Stan & Susanne Meyer yy Jim & Wilda Obey yy Samuel Rankin yy Don & Barb Shelby yy Terhuly Foundation yy Mary Ellen Vetter yy Della Young

$500-$749 yy William & Sherry Bixby yy Tim & Gayle Devries yy Bill Foss yy Grindstone Lake Association yy David Greenberg & Tami Bauers yy Claudia & Richard Hannah yy Charles & Hope Lea yy Dennis Liebelt yy Tom & Phyllis Mahan yy Pamela Nelson yy James & Donna Peter yy Marilyn Ueland yy Don & Mary Verbick yy Larry Whitaker

$100-$249 yy 215 Wabasha Properties, Inc yy Kathy & Mel Aanerud yy Sharon Abelson, yy Nancy Arnosti, yy Baxter Family Foundation yy Michael & Nancy Bennett yy Barbara Blechinger, yy Kathy Borst Jones yy Dorothy Bradford yy Paul Bulger yy Sheri & Chris Camper yy Darlene Carlson yy Peggy & Marty Carlson yy John Cloues yy Kathleen Dedeyn yy Daniel & Jeanne Doty yy Dennis & Debra Duffy yy Paul & Barry Ellinger yy Ronald & Grace Falk yy Cynthia Fay, MD yy Michael & Laurie Fischer yy Peter Fleming yy Tammy Flemming yy Rick Fletcher yy Lois Gernbacher yy Anna May Goyette yy Michael Hejny yy Charles & Nancy Huber yy Tom & Suzanne Inman yy KBEK 95.5FM yy Diane Kiley yy Jane & Brian Kise yy Susan Kostka yy Lois Kunze yy Candace Kyte yy Don & Marlyce Lee yy Sharon & Antoni Lewandowski yy Mark Lex yy Robert & Susan Lininger yy Mike Ling yy Nina Manzi yy Linda Marcotte yy Sylvia Marcotte yy William & Candace Marx yy Jamie McBride yy Deborah & Ronald McCabe yy Laureen & Kevin McCalib yy James McCreary & Gretchen Olson yy Carol Mizuno yy Gary & Patty Mondale

yy Tony Murphy yy Janet & Dave Newberg yy Roger Nieboer yy Lois Norrgard yy Carole Pederson yy JoAnn & George Perdrizet yy Ruth Pfaller yy Roberta Reilly yy Joel & Gail Roberts yy Michelle Rozales yy Diane & Darryl Sannes yy Eric & Jacqulyn Saunders yy Darlene & Glen Scott yy Roy & Margaret Sebald yy Jim & Mary Kay Sloan yy John & Lynn Stevens yy Elaine & Stephen Thrune yy Lynn & Chuck Wallin yy Maxine Wallin yy Franklin & Michelene Wells yy David Williams

$50-99 yy Brett & Diane Arnold yy Allen & Mary Asmus yy James Beaudry yy Lininger Blom Household yy Becky & Tony Bundschuh yy Cascade Lodge yy Donald Davies yy Carolyn & Ron Drude yy Tim & Noreen Farrell yy Barbara Franklin yy Vance Grannis Jr yy Alice Gruber yy Michael Harwell & Jane Denovchek yy Tim Hassler yy Nancy Haugen yy John & Linda Helland yy Miriam & James Henrikson yy Craig & Yvette Hewitt yy Ruth Hiland yy Peter & Gladys Howell yy Betty & Cliff Johnson yy Virginia Kelly yy Lisa Kotasek yy Jill Kufrin yy Gary C & Bettina Larson yy Jon & Laurel Larson yy Elisa Mill yy Charles & Diana Moore yy Steven & Lynda Olson yy Susan Percival yy Mark & Erica Peterson yy Pine County Master Gardeners yy Don & Sue Rogers yy Kathy Rosenow yy Charles & Carol Rowley yy Carolyn Serrano yy Albin & Louise Sterner yy Donald Swanson yy Diane Tessari yy Suzanne Thompson yy Wendy Worner

Friends yy Donna Anderson yy Ross Anderson yy Anonymous yy Archival Services yy Thomas Bottern & Catherine Paper yy Bill & Ann Bruins yy David Chasson yy George & Mary Crambes yy Kate Crowley yy Katie Curtis yy Alanna Dore yy Ted Francis yy Karol Gresser yy Gayle Groebner yy Susan Hankerson yy Sara Hasslen yy Carole Holton yy Jean & Scott Johnson yy Dee Kotaska yy Steven & Marilyn Kozak yy Barbara Krig yy Frances Levings yy Lauren Lindelof-Leith yy Howard & Lynne Markus yy Craig & Laurie Meyer, yy Moose Lake Area Historical Society yy Eric & Megan Nielsen yy Manley E. Olson yy Day Scott yy Beverly & J.S. Sowers yy Emily Stone yy Todd Truby yy Jennette Turner & Jon Rodine yy Barb & Carl Wojahn yy Violet Yahnke

In Memory of: In Memory of Jeff Anderson yy Irene Andersen In Memory of Patricia Auchter yy Sue Breska In Memory of Betty Crosby yy Harriett Crosby In Memory of Stella Godava yy Michael & Karen Longerbone In Memory of Donald Kahn yy Phyllis Kahn In Memory of Rex Lindberg yy Tad Gates yy Paulette Huddle yy Dee Kotaska yy Ralph & Kathy Lick In Memory of Ed Mansfield yy Scott & Mary Lagaard In Memory of John Olson yy Duane & Sarah Altman In Memory of Fred Schaefer yy Linda Marcotte In Memory of Lorraine Larson yy Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Fred Schaefer yy Sylvia Marcotte

In Memory of Bradley Parker yy Camelle Parker In Memory of Bette Sedwick yy Pamela & Steve Neidenfeuhr In Memory of Jean Sites yy Gail & George Krasean In Memory of Gordon Swanson yy Michael & Karen Longerbone In Memory of Joe White yy John & Linda Hickman yy Barry & Patti Larson yy Betsy & Ed Souther yy Louise White In Memory of Mr. Keenan yy Bob & Kathy Wedl In Memory of Judy Vanderventer yy Family & Friends of Judy

Honorary In Honor of Marilyn Thompson yy Ross Breyfogle In Honor of Lee & Dorothy Dybvig yy Nils Dybvig In Honor of Marilyn Thompson yy Susan & Mark Behrends In Honor of Mike Joyce & Jim Corcoran yy Joanne Kendall

Youth Scholarships yy Don Janes yy St. Paul Audubon Society

Grants yy Marvin P Verhulst Foundation yy St. Croix Valley Foundation yy St. Croix River Association

Employer Volunteer Matching yy BNSF Railway Foundation/ Charle VonRueden yy General Mills Foundation/ Linda Marcotte yy Medtronic/Darryl Sannes yy Thompson Reuters/Michele & David Heupel yy Wells Fargo/Diane Arnold

Thrivent “Choice Dollar” Grant Funds yy Angie Gangelhoff yy Dennis Liebelt yy Nancy Liebelt

Wildlife Support/ Sponsor a Wild Critter yy Adrianne & Daniel Hejny yy Jenna Moon yy Sydney Skoglund

In-Kind Donations yy William Bixby yy Debra Curran yy Richard Glattly yy Nancy & Dennis Liebelt yy Paul Olson

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Connections That Make a Difference by Connie Haugen, Program Director

There has been a healthy resistance building in recent weeks to protect our public lands from several looming threats. It’s hard to escape this in the news even if you tried. As I think about the business leaders, organizations, and individuals, including myself and maybe some of you reading this, who are standing up, speaking out, writing letters and making phone calls to protect our public lands and wild places, I can’t help but consider how our relationship with the land developed over our lifetimes and is influencing our action today. Each individual who stands up for wild places must be doing so with a story about how they formed a connection to a natural place. For some, the connection may come from a strong desire to explore the unknown and see new places. It could possibly stem from numerous visits to a single, favorite spot. For others it could come from their love for hunting, fishing, or camping, for still others it may have been a one-time visit to a single place that made a significant impression or impact. In whatever context those stories were written, they have been translated into action as people across the country feel compelled to take a stand for wild places; to protect the land to which they have some connection. It is making a difference, and that is a beautiful thing. I think about how wonderful it is that our education team has the opportunity to help expose so many kids to the wonders of the natural world and help begin, nurture, or finetune those same types of connections. We see kids who cover the spectrum

Spring/Summer 2017

Get Ready for the Chorus! The sounds of nature are not only restorative and relaxing, but are important in our connection to and understanding of the natural world. The ever-growing chorus of spring frogs as they emerge from their winter slumber is one of nature’s most glorious symphonies. Very soon, those familiar sounds of spring will return to our lakes, rivers and wetlands.

of having already had significant and accomplished outdoor experiences to those who’ve never seen more natural space than the patch of grass behind their schoolyard or a sparrow on sidewalk landscaping. We embrace the entire spectrum. On paper, our job descriptions could be written as simply teaching ecological principles, bird and mammal identification, and outdoor skills. Yet, we know our job is so much more than that. It’s facilitating discovery and initiating wonder. It’s allowing students to ask questions that they’ve never asked before. It’s helping them discover answers to questions they didn’t even realize they were asking in the first place. It’s helping them realize that life on earth is much more than what we, as humans, live every day. Our job is to initiate and nurture a connection to the natural world, hopefully one that is strong enough to take hold, grow roots, and continue to grow long after they leave our Center. A connection that will be strong enough for them to one day, if ever necessary, stand up for public lands and wild places. A connection that one day makes a difference.

Minnesota is home to 14 species of frogs and toads. In our cold climate, they become dormant, hibernating either in aquatic vegetation, under the water, or under leaf litter on the ground. As puddles and ponds begin to fill with snow melt and rain, the chorus begins. The first frogs to start their mating songs (it’s generally the male frogs that ‘call’ to attract females) in Minnesota are: Wood Frogs - Their short chuckle is a harsh racket, racket, racket. A chorus sounds like bunch of quacking ducks. Boreal Chorus Frogs - Their croaks sound a bit like the noise produced when you run your fingers over the teeth of a finetooth comb. Spring Peepers - Their distinctive peeping noise can sound like jingling bells when there are a lot of them around.

Fun Activity for Kids… and Adults! Form a Frog Pond Band Listen to a recording* of the sound each of the frogs below makes. Distribute frog band instruments (below): Chorus Frog - run a finger over a comb Spring Peeper - shake a package of small jingle bells Green Frog - strum a rubber band Bullfrog - blow across a pop bottle After practicing the sounds individually, have everyone play together to create a frog chorus.

* Excellent Resource for Wildlife Sounds There are several online resources to help you learn to identify the sounds of the wild. One of the best, mostinclusive resources is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library, the world’s largest archive of wildlife sound:


www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Spring/Summer 2017

News from the North Woods

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Winter Family Weekend Revisited Though it was supposed to be our annual Winter Family Weekend, mother nature’s decision to bless us with 50 degrees and sunshine made us fondly dub the weekend as our ‘Spring Fever Family Weekend’. We were able to troubleshoot the unusually warm weather and pulled off what we would rate as one of the best family weekends the Center has hosted. The families were all fun and gracious; the kids were enthusiastic and adventurous; our naturalists were rock stars. From our perspective, this year’s Winter Family Weekend will be hard to top. But we’re going to try! Mark your calendars for next year’s event: President’s Weekend February 16-19, 2018. Maybe it will be a true Winter Weekend or maybe it will be another Spring Fever Weekend. Regardless, it WILL be great!

Nature-Focused Summer Camps at ACNW Summer camp can be one of the most magical and unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. Our summer camps all have a focus on wildlife, nature, challenge, and outdoor skills. They enrich a child’s perception of the world and connection with nature, as well as provide a wonderful antidote to the increasingly plugged-in experience of modern indoor life. Give your child the gift of the great outdoors and memories that last a lifetime!

Rocks, Ropes & Rafts – June 25-30 Outdoor Explorations – July 9-14 Ways of Wildlife – July 30-Aug. 4 For kids entering Grades 6-8 $545 before April 1 (Early Bird); $595 after April 1

For kids entering Grades 5-7 $445 before April 1 (Early Bird); $495 after April 1

For kids entering Grades 5-7 $475 before April 1 (Early Bird); $525 after April 1

Are you ready for a full week of adventure and adrenaline? Experience the thrills of white water rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, biking, and more! You will experience our high ropes course, team challenge course, climbing wall, and canoeing. For extra thrills, we will take field trips to parks and rivers near ACNW as well as to outdoor destinations near Duluth. Guaranteed to appeal to the adventurer in you!

There are so many ways to explore the great outdoors! During this camp we will hike in the woods; canoe, fish, and swim in beautiful Grindstone Lake; practice shooting a bow and arrow; climb high on ACNW’s rock wall and high ropes course; learn how to build a fire; construct a survival fort; use a compass for orienteering, and more. It will be a week of new adventures and endless fun!

Spend the week learning about caring for captive animals and exploring the lives of animals in the wild. You will have the chance to get up close and personal with the animals at the Audubon Center as well as take a number of wildlife-focused field trips. In addition to our time with animals we’ll also traverse the high ropes course and have time to cool off in Grindstone Lake.

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Spring/Summer 2017


2017 Calendar of Events at ACNW TENTATIVE - dates are subject to change ebrochure April 8..........................................Dinner at the Lake with Amy Freeman, “A Year in the Wilderness” May 5-7........................................Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend May 7-13.......................................Road Scholar® Spring in the Mississippi River Valley: Birds and Wildflowers May 20 & 21..................................Volunteer Work Days June 2-4........................................Volunteer Work Weekend June 11-16......................................Road Scholar® Migration Mysteries: Birds, Wolves & North Country Settlers June 17..........................................Dinner at the Lake - topic tbd June 18-25.....................................Road Scholar® A Hiking Discovery of Lake Superior’s Upper Peninsula June 25-30....................................Rock, Ropes & Rafting youth camp July 7-9.........................................Volunteer Work Weekend July 9-14.......................................Outdoor Explorations youth camp July 23-29.....................................Road Scholar® A Hiking Discovery of Lake Superior’s North Shore July 30-Aug. 4..............................Ways of Wildlife youth camp August 6-13..................................Road Scholar® MN’s Boundary Waters: The Spirit of the Canoe Country September 3-8.............................Road Scholar® Migration Mysteries: Birds, Wolves & North Country Settlers September 8-10...........................Volunteer Work Weekend September 10-17..........................Road Scholar® MN’s Boundary Waters: The Spirit of the Canoe Country September 24-October 1.............Road Scholar® A Hiking Discovery of Lake Superior’s South Shore October 6-8.................................Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend October 14...................................Dinner at the Lake December 31................................New Year’s Eve at the Lake

Visit our Calendar of Events for details - audubon-center.org/calendar

Volunteer Work Day and Weekends Enjoy a summer weekend at ACNW at no charge in exchange for providing volunteer help on a variety of service projects on the Center’s grounds and buildings. Ages 12 years and up only please. Service projects you might be helping with include weeding, invasive species removal, painting, beautification of Center grounds, fixing fences, general organizing, etc. Upon arrival, you’ll be able to choose from the list of various ‘chores’ and we’ll assign work crews and shifts. There will be free time built in for you to enjoy hiking on our 7 miles of trails, get out on beautiful Grindstone Lake in a canoe, go swimming or fishing, or just soak up the nature here at the Center. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Space is limited To register: Call 888-404-7743 or Email info@audubon-center.org

• May 20 & 21 - Volunteer Work Days (no lodging) • June 2-4 - Volunteer Work Weekend • July 7-9 - Volunteer Work Weekend • September 8-10 - Volunteer Work Weekend Bring old clothes (or coverups) that you don’t mind getting dirty (or even paint splattered), including long pants and sturdy shoes (required) and water bottles, as well as appropriate clothing for outside weather conditions (work will go on rain or shine). We can supply work gloves or feel free to bring your own.

Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/AudubonCenter www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Spring/Summer 2017

News from the North Woods

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High-Quality Charter Schools by David Greenberg, Director of Charter School Authorizing

The Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW) is pleased to announce that seven charter schools authorized by ACNW were identified as “High-Quality Charter Schools.” The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) recently named 32 top-performing charter schools, including seven authorized by ACNW, that are eligible to apply for grants from Minnesota’s Federal Charter Schools Program Grant Project to expand or replicate their education model. ACNW-authorized schools that were identified as a “High-Quality Charter School” include: • Best Academy (Minneapolis, MN) • Discovery Woods Montessori School (Brainerd, MN) • East Range Academy of Technology and Science (Eveleth, MN) • Harvest Preparatory School (Minneapolis, MN) • Higher Ground Academy (Saint Paul, MN) • New Discoveries Montessori Academy (Hutchinson, MN) • Noble Academy (Brooklyn Center, MN) All charter schools were evaluated by MDE using a framework that includes multiple measures of schools’ academic, operational, and financial performance. Schools designated as “high-quality charter schools” have increased student achievement and student success as measured by statewide assessments over the past three years, and have met organizational and financial standards. Last year two schools authorized by ACNW achieved this status, so we are very pleased in this increase. A huge congratulations to these seven schools! ACNW began sponsoring charter schools in 2003 in order to further our mission and expand educational programming. In response to statutory change in 2009, ACNW renewed our commitment to charter schools and became an approved charter school authorizer in 2010. Since that time, ACNW has grown to become the largest authorizer of charter schools in MN with 34 authorized schools. Schools authorized by ACNW have an environmental education program designed to increase students’ ability to work individually and collectively to improve the health of the natural environment. .

Support ACNW with your online purchases! For amazon.com shoppers, make your purchases at smile.amazon.com instead and a portion will be donated (at no cost to you) to the non-profit you choose. Also, ACNW is listed under the causes supported by iGive.com. Sign up at iGive.com, select Audubon Center of the North Woods as your cause, and download the free iGive button. Then any time you shop online at any of 1,700+ Stores, like Walmart, JC Penney, Office Depot, Staples, Expedia, Groupon, Nordstrom, Dell, Macy’s and many others, ACNW will receive a percentage. You don’t have to think about it - the button will recognize that you are shopping through iGive - and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Many of our ‘wished for’ items can be found on our smile.Amazon.com wish list – search “Audubon Center of the North Woods” under wish lists to see other needed items.

General Wish List We are in need of the items below. Remember, your ‘inkind’ donations are tax-deductible.

n utility trailer n wide-track snowmobile for trail grooming n balls (soccer, volleyball, football, etc.) n wall and easel chalkboard n canoe trailer n cordless and electric tools (saws, drills, etc.) n industrial-size washer & dryer n firewood n topsoil for lawn rehab n cross country skis & snowshoes for youth n backpacking stoves (MSR) n 4-person tents n ice machine n large mixing bowls and platters n table lamps n spade shovels n bobcat/skidster n ATV n rubbermaid bins with lids n wheelbarrows n Montreal Voyageur Canoe n Voyageur costume items

Wildlife Barn Wish List To assist us in the care of our educational animals. Rope comes on 100’ or 600’ spools, donations should be in whole spools. Raptor food is special ordered; the cash donation will go towards food purchases.

n ¼” , ½”, and ¾” Manila Rope (Available from Amazon.com wish list)

n Raptor food for a month $150 n Parrot/dog toys (new or gently used) n Potted evergreen trees (less than 3’ tall) n Gift cards to Petco or Petsmart

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Audubon Center of the North Woods Experience Your Environment P.O. Box 530, Sandstone, MN 55072 Phone: 888-404-7743 or 320-245-2648 Fax: 320-245-5272

If you would like to view this newsletter online instead, please send an email to info@audubon-center.org and we will add you to our enewsletter list

Email: info@audubon-center.org

Visit us online! audubon-center.org News from the North Woods Volume 43, Issue 1—Spring/Summer 2017 Bryan Wood, Executive Director Laurie Fenner, editing/layout Published twice yearly by Audubon Center of the North Woods Mail, call or email us your inquiries and ideas. Printed with soy-based inks on paper containing 100% post-consumer waste, 100% carbon neutral and made with 100% renewable green energy.


To instill a connection and commitment to the environment in people of all communities through experiential learning.

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 Please make my donation anonymous.

The Audubon Center of the North Woods is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.



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 Add me to your enewsletter list (provide email above) ACNW does not address sell or share your information  Send me information on how to include ACNW in my will  Add me to your enewsletter list (provide email address above) Ask your employer if they have matching gift program to leverage your donation  Send me information onahow to include ACNW in my will Please go to audubon-center.org or call 888-404-7743 more information or toyour contribute online Ask your employer if they have a matching giftfor program to leverage donation Please go to audubon-center.org or call 888-404-7743 for more information or to contribute online


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Spring/Summer 2017 newsletter  

Online version of our twice-yearly print newsletter

Spring/Summer 2017 newsletter  

Online version of our twice-yearly print newsletter