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Audubon Center of the North Woods

Srping/Summer 2018

News from the North Woods

Volume 44, Issue 1

Experience Your Environment

Program and Campus Growth by Bryan Wood, Executive Director

Thanks to funding from the MN Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on MN’s Resources (LCCMR), we were able to translate our K-12 school forms into Spanish, Hmong and Somali to better connect with MN’s increasingly diverse student populations. To help students who can’t afford winter gear, we purchased winter hats, snow pants, boots, mittens, and scarves that we lend out to students in need. In addition, we have considerable scholarship funds to offer to schools not currently attending a residential environmental learning center. By addressing language, physical comfort and financial barriers, we are helping connect more K-12 MN youth to the outdoors for incredible residential experiences. Last fall I wrote about the remarkable generosity of Roger and Ruby Trapp, who donated their 107 acres of farmland to ACNW, which in time we plan to build into our own farm that will educate and feed our program participants. This

spring our campus continues to grow. It is with great joy I announce that with funding secured from the Conservation Partners Legacy (CPL) Grant Program, we have purchased 140 forested acres adjacent to ACNW that will remain forever protected.


It has been quite a 12-month stretch for the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW). Through increased marketing, scholarship funding and great energy from our staff, last school year we grew our K-12 education programs by 20%. This year our K-12 growth continues and we are poised to have our highest student numbers in nine years.


The white area is ACNW original property; green areas are the new property additions

The CPL Grant Program is funded out of the landmark Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment (Legacy Amendment) to the MN Constitution. That 2008 amendment was passed to: protect drinking water sources; to protect, enhance, and restore wetlands, prairies, forests, and fish/ game/wildlife habitat; to preserve arts and cultural heritage; to

support parks and trails; and to protect, enhance, and restore lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater. We acquired the 140 acres through two separate purchases. Located on our eastern boundary, we have added 80 acres of hardwoods that were lovingly owned and cared for by the Formanek family for over 50 years. The opportunity arose when the family was looking to sell the land and excited about the prospect of ACNW purchasing it, with the understanding that it would help in our education efforts and remain wild. The Formaneks generously sold the 80 acres to ACNW for under the appraised value. At the same time, Ronald Oswald was selling his 60 acres of red pines and hardwoods along our southern boundary, and graciously agreed to sell his property to ACNW at a price lower than other offers he received, and below the appraised value. We look forward to being stewards of these beautiful additions to our now 780+ acre campus, connecting children and adults to them through environmental education and outdoor recreation for decades to come. -- continued on page 2 --

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News from the North Woods


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Our deepest gratitude goes out to the Formaneks and Mr. Oswald for their willingness to work with us in preserving these parcels, leaving family legacies of generosity and conservation.

by Walt Seibert, Development Coordinator

Thanks to the generosity of many along with the exceedingly generous response of a few, ACNW has the $25,000 necessary for re-roofing the Dining Hall! Thank you to all of you who made an additional gift for this purpose. A special thank you goes out to the following people for their particularly generous gifts and their roles in making this happen: Past board Member Bill Bixby: Bill secured the shingles at cost and paid for them! Robert and Hazel Clark: Bob and Hazel were recently introduced to ACNW and as Bob so simply and elegantly stated the other day, the reason for their support is the children. Anna Gerenday: Anna has been a consistent supporter of ACNW for years, and made a generous gift above and beyond her annual contribution for the roof project. Lois Gernbacher: Lois was also recently introduced to ACNW and we are very grateful for her recent gift in support of the reroof project. Board Member Richard Glattly: One of Dick’s roles on the board has been to identify and schedule maintenance and remedial physical infrastructure work on the ACNW campus. Dick has been a champion for keeping the board apprised of needed infrastructure work. He also contributed via the IRA Charitable Rollover program. Wayne & Anna Johnson: Longtime supporters and patrons of ACNW programs, Wayne and Anna graciously made a generous special gift towards the roof project.

Board Member Steve McNeill: Steve is the chair of the ACNW Charter School Committee. An architect in his professional life, Steve also provides insightful materials and process leadership in facility projects. Steve’s generosity toward the re-roofing project is greatly appreciated. Stan and Susanne Meyer: Former Road Scholar® participants through the Audubon Center of the North Woods, Stan and Susanne have been longtime supporters and made a generous gift through the IRA Charitable Rollover program Board Member Richard Newmark and wife, Joan: Richard and Joan made two substantial gifts for the reroof, one of which was dedicated as a motivational match to encourage the financial participation of others. John and Patricia Telfer: John’s and Patricia’s involvement with ACNW dates back to Mike Link’s start and they are loyal and dedicated supporters of all ACNW has done and continues to do, fostering environmental education. John and Patricia made a sizeable gift specifically for the re-roof. Marilyn Thompson: Board Member Don Janes’ marital partner, Marilyn, contributed generously to making the re-roof a reality.

Thank you to all of you who contributed towards the new roof on our Dining Hall!

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” Baba Dioum, Senegalese forestry engineer www.audubon-center.org

Spring/Summer 2018

“(Our) family has been a ‘neighbor’ of ACNW since its inception in 1968. We have been good stewards of the property, maintaining the pristine woods and wetlands, and preserving the character present in the 1800s, when Ojibwe families hunted and gathered food in the area. Our father passed his respect and care for the land and wildlife to his children. We all agree (and think that our parents would too) that transferring ownership of these two, 40-acre parcels to the adjoining ACNW is its highest and best use.” Formanek family statement

“I wanted to have the satisfaction that the property would stay undeveloped and that people would be able to enjoy the wooded property like my family and I have for the past 40 years. Being raised in the area gives me a special feeling of being a small part of preserving that area as it has been for so many years and will be for years to come.” Ronald Oswald

A final thank you goes out to each of you, for it is through the Legacy Amendment’s 0.375% sales tax that these purchases were possible. Together, we make a difference for the environment! For more info on ways you can help ACNW, visit the support page on our website at audubon-center.org or call 888-404-7743. 888-404-7743

Spring/Summer 2018

News from the North Woods

Thank You! Legacy Society y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

Ruth Allaman Don & Meg Arnosti Kathy Aust Robert Boelter Crystal Clift Harriet Crosby Mike & Deb Curran Frances Durista Richard & Connie Glattly anonymous Paulette Y. Huddle Don Janes Richard Newmark Lois Norrgard Jim & Wilda Obey Sam & Diana Rankin Jean Roberts Ruth Roberts Marguerite Schwyzer Don & Barbara Shelby Jane Spence Lydia Steensen Marilyn Thompson Ruby & Roger Trapp Mary Ellen Vetter

Sustainers y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

Sheri Bauers Krista Currie Elaine Duvall Paulette Huddle Ron Iverson & Pam Brumfeld Brian Larson Becky Lourey Terri Kempenich Steve & Susan McNeill Lois Norrgard Elizabeth Pomper Gene & Nancy Pugh Chris & Kevin Schneider Walt Seibert Timothy Whitfeld Sylvia Winkelman Bryan Wood

$1000+ y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

John & Mary Bachhuber Robert & Hazel Clark Debra Curran Paul Egeland Richard Flint Lily Beth Frentz Anna Gerenday Lois D Gernbacher Dick Glattly Julie Holly Don Janes Wayne & Anna Johnson Steve & Susan McNeill Stan & Susanne Meyer Pamela Nelson Joan & Richard Newmark Jim & Wilda Obey Renee Potts Lane Sam & Diana Rankin John & Patricia Telfer Terhuly Foundation Sue & Don Van Gorden


We would like to acknowledge and thank all those individuals and companies who have contributed to the Audubon Center of the North Woods (since our last newsletter) as well as the schools who visited us this academic year. Through your support and patronage, we are able to provide impactful environmental education opportunities for people of all ages.

y Mary Ellen Vetter y Young Environmental Consulting Group, LLC/Della Schall Young

$500-$749 y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

Irene Andersen Don & Meg Arnosti Nick Arnosti Shirley & Bill Baxter Lyle Bradley Franklin & Gisela Crosby Harriett M Crosby Bill Foss Joanne Kendall Deb Kubes Charles & Hope Lea Thomas & Phyliis Mahan Barbara Mauzy Jim & Donna Peter Marilyn Ueland Charles & Catherine VonRueden

$250-$499 y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

Sue & Mark Behrends Paul Bulger Sheri & Chris Camper Patricia Cullen Currie, Pangerl & Associates Karen & Louis Geislinger Wesley Haut Michael & Teresa Hejny William & Candace Marx Roger Parsons Roberta Y Reilly Tom Torborg Donald & Mary Verbick Larry Whitaker John Zakelj & Bonnie Watkins

$100-$249 215 Wabasha Properties, Inc Mel & Kathy Aanerud Sharon Abelson Constance Arnosti Nancy Arnosti James Azarski & Nancy Werner Michael & Diane Baldwin Rick & Helga Bauerly Mike & Nancy Bennett Barbara Blechinger Susan Bradford Steohanie Brotzler Becky & Tony Bundschuh Peggy & Marty Carlson Barbara Christensen John & Barbara Cloues Dan & Jeanne Doty Barb Dunn Paul Ellinger Ronald & Grace Falk Michael Fischer Tammy Fleming Rick Fletcher Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa y Anna May Goyette y Richard & Patricia Hapke y John Helland y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

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y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

David & Lisa Holcomb Gladys Howell Charlie & Nancy Huber Ted Jirele Phyllis Kahn Jane & Brian Kise Pamela Kittelson Thomas & Shelly Koithan Candace Kyte Don & Marlyce Lee Antoni & Sharon Lewandowski Mark Lex Jim & Kristen Lindberg Robert Lininger Roxanne Maiers Nina Manzi Deb & Ronald McCabe Chester & Miriam Meyers Bill & Kay Mezzano Carol Mizuno Gary & Patty Mondale Elizabeth Murray Cathy Nelson Roger Nieboer Sharon Olson Laureen Overway Carole J Pederson George & Joann Perdrizet Pine County Master Gardeners William & Naomi Pomper Joel & Gail Roberts Michelle Rozales Eric & Jacqulyn Saunders Glen & Darlene Scott Walt Seibert Carolyn Serrano James Simkins John & Lynn Stevens Carly Sween Diane Tessari Doug Thoraldson Elaine Thrune Paul Vartanian & Joanne Smyth Chip & Michy Wells David Williams Terry Wilton John Wolforth & Ruth Pfaller

$50-$99 y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

James Beaudry Susan Blom Kathy Borst Jones Sue Breska Kathy Carroll Brent & Danielle Christensen John & Kay Delinsky Joel Dunnette Eric & Brenda Eaton Francis Farrell Julie Greenberg Alice Gruber Dakota Harris Nancy Haugen Dave & Cathy Hawkinson Yvette & Craig Hewitt Richard & Beverly Heydinger Ruth Hiland Pat & Bob Johnson Clifford Johnson

y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

David T. Johnson Lisa Kotasek Dee Kotaska Steven Kozak Lois Kunze Carol Mansfield Howard & Lynne Markus Ward Mehlan Fred Nyline Jean & Joanne Oliphant Steve & Lynda Olson Barb & Curt Orstad Kathleen Rosenow Connie Fortin & Roman Rowan Patrick Schifferdecker Troy & Amy Tvedt Mala Ugargol Bryan Wood Wendy Worner

Friends y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

Donna Anderson Ross Anderson Cheryl Austin Joan Betts William & Ann Bruins David Chasson Kathleen Marie Crowley Ruby Delaney Sonja Dewing Drilling Plumbing & Heating Mavis Fisher Brian & Regina Garvey Karol Gresser Gayle Groebner Neal Hayford Trish Hiscock-Austin Dee & Greg Koivisto Gary & Bettina Larson Margaret Merkow Jenna Moon Susan Nelson Sara Neumann & Dan Penny Dan & Mary Nicklay Erin O’Leary Wolfgang Oestrreich Manley Olson Mary Palme Johnathan & Ruth Paradise Daniel Penny Angela Presley Marie Putnam Erik Rigelhof Michael Russell Theron Salmela Penny Selting Gerald Stark Tim & Joyce Tabor Todd Truby Barb Wojahn Violet Yahnke

Memorial In Memory of Janet Beck y Mary Beck In Memory of Jane Abrahansen y Sylvia Marcotte

In Memory of Mary Clark y Jane & Brian Kise y Wayne & Patti Roberts In Memory of Carol Dickenhausen y Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Nathan Ewing y Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Jim Kleven y Minneapolis Audubon Society In Memory of Jenine Larson y Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Mark Ledin y Tammy Ledin In Memory of Fern Mettling y Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Dale M. Nelson y Jo Ann Marks Nelson In Memory of Bradley J Parker y Camelle Parker In Memory of Muriel Peterson y Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Pets that crossed the Rainbow Bridge y Jon & Laurel Larson In Memory of Sue Sadler y Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Jean Sites y Gail & George Krasean In Memory of Jim & Irma Sokolowski y Kathryn & Doug Wood In Memory of Ralph & Ruth Sommer y Mark & Mary Liesch In Memory of Gene Steele y Chris & Gail Steele In Memory of Dorothy Swetz y Robert G. Swetz In Memory of Joe White y John & Linda Hickman y Jay & Patricia Powell y Louise White

Honorary In Honor of Dick & Connie Glattly y Susan & Delton Clark In Honor of Mike Link & Clarissa Ellis Prudhomme y David Eagan In Honor of Mike Link & Kate Crowley y Paul Vartanian & Joanne Smyth In Honor of Walt Seibert y Rose Adams

Scholarship Minneapolis Audubon Society St. Paul Audubon Society Terri & Joe Adams Don & Meg Arnosti Assured Partners Jerry & Donna Bahls Bix Produce Darryl Booker & Joan Vorderbruggen y Keith Brakke y y y y y y y y

-- continued on page 7 -888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Transitions in Our Wildlife Barn by Jeff Tyson, Wildlife Coordinator

Working with live animals inevitably leads to a time of transition. Dakota, our longtime resident Red-tailed Hawk, came to ACNW in 1993 after spending two years at The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota in treatment for a broken wing. She has seen an estimated quarter million people in education programs in her 24 years teaching at ACNW. Last spring, the arthritis in Dakota’s wings and legs continued to progress and we put her on stronger medication. We are quickly facing the reality that Dakota won’t live forever. A great opportunity presented itself this past winter when we were contacted by the Carolina Raptor Center (CRC). A young Red-tailed Hawk was found on the side of the road in North Carolina emaciated. She was picked up and brought to CRC where it was determined that in addition to being emaciated she was blind in her left eye. It is unknown what caused her to become blind in her left eye, or if that was the cause of her becoming emaciated. Given her youth and inexperience hunting, a lack of depth perception would be a serious hindrance to successful hunting and she was deemed non-releasable. After she arrived it became apparent that she was a very different individual than Dakota in both appearance and behavior. Dakota is very stoic and we often have people ask on programming if she is a real bird because of how still she stands. The new Red-tailed Hawk is quite curious looking around to observe everything, and even nibbling on the long hair of one of our female handlers. Despite both being the same species, Red-tailed Hawks have extremely variable plumages. They typically have a dark brown back with a pale streaked belly. In most Red-tailed Hawks, these streaks are lined up across the belly and when viewed from a distance appears to form a belly band. For years I have had to describe this marking to visitors as Dakota does not have this typical marking. This will no longer be the case with the new hawk as she has all the typical markings.


Spring/Summer 2018

Wildlife & Education Program Wish List Although you can still find our general and big ticket ‘wish list’ on page 7, our wish list for both wildlife and education programs is now found at Amazon.com. Just search for “Audubon Center of the North Woods” under ‘Wish Lists’ on amazon.com. To find our wish lists on amazon.com:

Belly Markings Dakota Carolina

The other physical differences will only be temporary. The new Red-tailed Hawk has a typical juvenile tail that is brown with black bars. She will molt into her adult red tail in the beginning of her second year. Tail Markings Dakota Carolina

The new girl has pale yellow eyes compared to Dakota’s dark brown eyes. Her eyes will grow darker over the first few years of her life.

Eye Color Dakota Carolina

The new Red-tailed Hawk went without a name for the first few weeks as we tried to find something that suited her. We eventually settled on a name that would remind us of Dakota when she passes away. Dakota is named for where she hatched in North Dakota. Since the new hawk hatched in North Carolina, she is named Carolina. We invite you to come out the Audubon Center to meet Carolina and observe the variation between two birds of the same species. If you are interested in booking one of our on or offsite live animal programs, visit our website or email wildlife@audubon-center.org

a) Hover your mouse over ‘Accounts and Lists’ b) Choose ‘Find a List or Registry’ c) Search for Audubon Center of the North Woods.

If you shop on amazon, you can support ACNW simply by using

smile.amazon.com (instead of amazon.com)

A small portion of your purchases are donated to ACNW (at no cost to you)!

1) Login into Amazon Smile at smile.amazon.com/ using your regular Amazon login info 2) If logging into Amazon Smile for the first time, you will be asked to choose a charity. Search for “Audubon Center of the North Woods” and click “Select”. Note: if you’ve previously used smile.amazon and would like to change your charity to ACNW, you can do so at any time: Simply hover your mouse over the charity you are currently supporting (at top, under the search bar) and choose ‘Change’.

Sponsor a Wild Critter Help support the care of any of our resident education birds and animals through our “Sponsor a Wild Critter” program. Your donation goes towards housing, medical care, food and enrichment items, to help encourage natural behavior in our non-releasable birds and mammals. There are a number of different levels of sponsorship you may choose - $15, $30, $50, $100 or $200 - each with different fulfillment items, ranging from a photo and personal and natural history of the animal you sponsor ($15 level) all the way up to a watercolor print, jess bracelet, personal barn tour, 8x10 photo, and meet & greet with the animal you sponsor ($200 level), For more information, please visit our website at audubon-center.org/wildlife, call us at 888-404-7743 or email wildlife@audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Spring/Summer 2018

News from the North Woods

Environmental Ed for Everyone by Emily Porter, Education Manager

A trip to ACNW is an unforgettable learning experience for many kids; it is often the only time they get to experience hands-on outdoor education in their 13 years as K-12 students. Unfortunately, with increasing pressures around state standards and testing, many schools are cutting back on time that kids spend outdoors by reducing the number of field trips teachers are allowed to take and even cutting recess time. However, ACNW’s education department is working in conjunction with our network of charter schools to expand children’s access to environmental and outdoor education by bringing ACNW-style programming to their every day school experience. This year, ACNW offered its first Professional Development Workshops to in-service classroom teachers around the topics of Environmental Education Curriculum Development and Outdoor Classroom Management. As the Center’s Education Manager, and a former classroom teacher myself, I designed these workshops to give teachers the practical skills that will enable them to teach about environmental issues and to effectively use the outdoors as a space for learning and exploration. Now, teachers will have the tools necessary to build on the unforgettable experiences their students might have at ACNW right in their own classrooms. “Since the training, I have noticed my colleagues sharing more [Environmental Education]-related resources and asking more questions about… how they can incorporate EE in their classroom,” says Kalyn Botzet, an English Teacher at Metro College Prep in Minneapolis. Metro College Prep is in the heart of the city, bordered by highway overpasses, industrial zones, and Target Field, and the teachers there were facing a lot of challenges in www.audubon-center.org

incorporating the environment into their curricula. After a training designed for their school’s specific location and needs, many of Metro’s teachers are talking about how to make studying the environment an everyday part of students’ learning across their academic disciplines. Even schools that have been doing Outdoor and Environmental Education for years have utilized ACNW’s workshops. Science teacher Becky Reinarz, from Voyageurs Expeditionary School in Bemidji, has been bringing students to ACNW for 15 years, but she still wanted a full-day training for herself and her colleagues: “We had a large turn over [of teaching staff] and felt that we all needed more training. Our goal was to make our staff more comfortable with [Environmental Education] and to find more ways to incorporate EE in our seminars.” The teachers at Voyageurs collaborated during their workshop to plan two interdisciplinary projects that focus on the health and environmental impacts of food production. They have continued that work in the weeks following the training and plan to bring their middle school students to a working farm to study sustainable agriculture in May of this year, an outdoor experience that is brand new to the school’s curriculum. It’s becoming increasingly crucial for young people to understand the environment, how it works, and how they impact it. A residential experience at ACNW can have a huge impact on a student’s appreciation for nature, but environmental education doesn’t have to stop there. Giving classroom teachers the skills they need to teach environmental education in their own rooms, whether they are a Science, Math or even an English teacher, is one more way ACNW can further its vision to create a healthy planet where all people live in balance with the Earth.

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Many of our ‘wished for’ items can be found on our Amazon.com wish list. Just search for “Audubon Center of the North Woods” under wish lists on amazon.com.

General Wish List ‘In-kind’ donations are tax-deductible. n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

Utility trailer Balls (soccer, volleyball, football, etc.) Canoe trailer Industrial-size washer & dryer Firewood Topsoil for lawn rehab Small kid x-country skis & snowshoes Backpacking stoves (MSR) 4-person tents Large mixing bowls and platters Gas pole/limb trimmer Snowmobile, wide-track Bobcat/skidster ATV Rubbermaid bins with lids Gas trimmer Chipper Montreal Voyageur Canoe

n Upright vacumn

If you know a school who could benefit from scholarship assistance, please contact us at schools@audubon-center.org

New Faces at ACNW Merik Haile

Charter School Division Data and Communications Coordinator, is from Saint Louis Park, MN. He graduated from the U of M - Morris in 2014 with a degree in Communication, Media, and Rhetoric. Merik likes to spend his free time reading, traveling, and walking with his dog. He currently lives with his fiancé Samantha and two pets in Robbinsdale.

Freda Kreier

Naturalist Intern, grew up between two mountain chains near Geneva, Switzerland and was instilled with an early appreciation of nature by her parents. Her love for the outdoors led her to study biology at Colorado College where she obtained her bachelors degree in 2017. Freda joined the rest of the intern team in December and has been sharing her passion for all things science-y ever since! 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Spring/Summer 2018


Upcoming Events

Black Hills Tour June 3-10, 2018


April 14 .................................................... Dinner at the Lake May 4-6 .................................... Women’s Wellness Weekend May 13-19............... Road Scholar® “Mississippi River Valley” June 3-9 ................................... Black Hills & Badlands Tour June 16..................................................... Dinner at the Lake June 17-24 ................................. Road Scholar® Lake Superior June 24-29 .................... Rocks, Ropes & Rafts summer camp July 8-13 ................................Ways of Wildlife summer camp July 15-20 .............................Road Scholar® Intergenerational July 22-27 ......................Outdoor Explorations summer camp August 5-12 ............... Road Scholar® BWCA w/ Doug Wood Aug. 26-Sept. 2........... Road Scholar® BWCA w/ Doug Wood Sept. 16-21.......................... Road Scholar® Duluth Adventure Sept. 29 - Oct. 3 ...................Women’s Adventure Spree: SHT October 5-7 ................................Women’s Wellness Weekend

Women’s Adventure Spree Superior Hiking Trail

September 29 - October 3 Experience the rugged beauty of the Superior Hiking Trail. Moderately challenging hikes will be aptly rewarded with gorgeous fall views. Active days will give way to evenings of relaxation, conversation and libations. A women’s-only adventure – participants will be immersed in great scenery, comfy accommodations and supportive camaraderie.

Join Mike Link, founding Director of ACNW, and his wife, Kate Crowley, on an ‘offthe-beaten path’ adventure to South Dakota. Designed for the adventurous traveler who wants to walk the landscape, take time to observe and understand the wildlife and learn the amazing geologic story of this land of contrasts. This tour will focus on the wildlife, geology, and other landforms of these two beautiful and unique locations. Some trip highlights: y Hike among the bison and prairie dogs in Badlands NP y Tour Wind Cave y Explore Custer State Park’s Wildlife Loop y Visit Bear Butte, the site of vision quests, and where Crazy Horse got his name y Visit the Mammoth Site Museum, y View Mt.Rushmore and the Needles, y Visit the Wild Horse Sanctuary at Hot Springs y ...and more!

Visit the CALENDAR OF EVENTS on our website or email info@audubon-center.org for more information

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AudubonCenter

2018 Summer Youth Camps Rocks, Ropes & Rafts

Ways of Wildlife

Outdoor Explorations

for kids entering grades 6-8

for kids entering grades 4-6

for kids entering grades 5-7

Are you ready for a full week of adventure and adrenaline? Experience all the thrills of white water rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, high ropes and more at our beautiful, 640-acre campus. For extra thrills, we will take field trips to parks and rivers near Sandstone as well as to great outdoor destinations in the North Woods. This overnight summer camp is guaranteed to appeal to the adventurer in you!

Spend a wild week learning about caring for rehabilitated animals and exploring the lives of animals in the wild. Get up close and personal with the animals at the Audubon Center and take animal-focused field trips to zoos, aquariums, and more! You can also traverse our high ropes course, try your hand at catching fish, and have time to cool off in Grindstone Lake during this animal-packed adventure.

Spend a wild week learning about caring for rehabilitated animals and exploring the lives of animals in the wild. Get up close and personal with the animals at the Audubon Center and take animal-focused field trips to zoos, aquariums, and more! You can also traverse our high ropes course, try your hand at catching fish, and have time to cool off in Grindstone Lake during this animal-packed adventure.

June 24-29


July 8-13

July 22-27


Spring/Summer 2018

News from the North Woods

Charter School Authorizer Update by David Greenberg, Director of Charter School Authorizing

ACNW authorizes 34 operating and 2 pre-operational public charter schools serving over 9,000 students across Minnesota. These schools help their students and communities develop a commitment and connection to the environment through experiential learning. In addition, ACNW strives to ensure that schools achieve great academic outcomes for students while effectively managing the public resources they are entrusted with. We are pleased to share that 11 ACNW authorized schools (listed below) were recently identified as “High-Quality Charter Schools” by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). These schools are eligible to apply for a federal grant to expand or replicate in order to serve more students in their communities. In 2017, seven ACNW authorized schools were identified. Nearly a third of ACNW authorized charter schools made the list and more than a fourth of all HQCS are authorized by ACNW. Overall 40 charter schools (representing 24% of the 165 operational schools) were identified as “high-quality.” ACNW-authorized charter schools that made the 2018 MDE ‘High Quality Charter Schools’ list y y y y y y y y y y y

AFSA High School – Vadnais Heights Discovery Woods School – Brainerd East Range Academy of Technology and Science – Eveleth Great Expectations –Grand Marais Higher Ground Academy – St. Paul La Crescent Montessori & STEM School – La Crescent New Discoveries Montessori Academy – Hutchinson Noble Academy – Brooklyn Park North Lake Academy – Forest Lake Riverway Learning Community – Winona Swan River Montessori Charter School – Monticello

As an authorizer, ACNW does not manage the charter schools we authorize; instead, our role is to oversee and evaluate. Through our Charter School Division (www.auduboncharterschools.org) in Minneapolis, we set shared expectations for performance with our authorized schools, monitor that performance, conduct annual evaluations, and provide feedback to schools. We are proud to see that more schools are earning this positive designation from MDE, and we are hopeful that through our authorizing work, ACNW can continue to support improved academic outcomes for students throughout Minnesota while they develop environmental literacy skills to support a healthy planet where all people live in balance with the Earth.

Page 7 -- Thank You continued from page 3 -Scholarships continued y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

Peter Carlsen Colleen Cooper Elaine Duvall Bob & Linda Forte Karen & Louis Geislinger Gary Goldsmith Laudie & Dick Hannah Richard & Patricia Hapke Thomas Haynes & Liz Durham Bob & Marce Hemming Kathy & George Horbacz Paulette Huddle Don Janes Dee Kotaska Deb & Joe Kubes Curt & Peggy Letnes Charles & Marjorie Levine Nancy & Dennis Liebelt Barbara Lindeke Steve & Susan McNeill Elaine & Terry Miller Mark Myles Richard & Joan Newmark John & Brenda Perrault Betsy & Jim Peters Sam & Diana Rankin Walt Seibert Don & Barb Shelby Robert & Barbara Stevens Karen Svien Sysco Minnesota, Inc. Robert & Pat Tammen Marilyn Thompson Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Fdn Ruby & Roger Trapp Kay Tuvenson Mary Ellen Vetter

Grants y Lockwood & Darlene Carlson y Bruce Holcomb & Caroline Vernon y LCCMR

Employer/Volunteer Matching y y y y y y y

3M Foundation/Don Janes Boston Scientific/Paul Bulger Thomson Reuters/Deb Kubes UnitedHealth Group/Thomas Koithan Wells Fargo/Tammy Fleming Wells Fargo/Erik Rigelhof Wells Fargo/Stephanie Brotzler

In-Kind y y y y y y y y

Debra Curran Ducts and Cleats Dick Glattly Bob Herr & Gayle Sward Dee Kotaska Mike Link Sam Rankin Mary Thorvig

Wildlife Support/Sponsor a Wild Critter y y y y

Laura Carlson Mike & Becky Frazier Montessori School of Duluth Pine Gardeners

Thrivent “Choice Dollar” Grant Funds y y y y y


Antoinette Liebelt Dennis Liebelt Nancy Liebelt Steven Martin Ruby & Roger Trapp


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The Audubon Center of the North Woods is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.

 Please make my donation anonymous.

The Audubon Center of the North Woods is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.





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News from the North Woods - Spring/Summer 2018  

The twice yearly print newsletter of the Audubon Center of the North Woods

News from the North Woods - Spring/Summer 2018  

The twice yearly print newsletter of the Audubon Center of the North Woods


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